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The FBI Director Revealed A Secret That Was The Worst News Of Loretta Lynch’s Life

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  1. Russell says:

    YES big time, appoint a special counsel to investigate Lynch’s misconduct.

    1. l penn says:

      These DEMORATS and RINOS are too busy WASTING OUR MILLIONS to perpetuate the LIES and CRAP of their going after Trump, to go after the TRUE GUILTY!!!!!

      1. Mike Burkett says:

        It’s like every seditious act perpetrated by Obama, Clinton and the DNC has been re-directed toward Trump. The DNC should pick up the tab for all these spurious investigations into Trump and independent investigations should be initiated for the real crimes committed by traitors in the Obama administration and the DNC.

        1. “projection” on a grand scale!

        2. Jorge Rivas says:

          Isn’t there a law against frivolous lawsuits & investigations? We have some laws against that here in Texas. There is no direct evidence that Trump had any collusion or obstruction yet they go on with investigations. The waste of taxpayers money for frivolous cases should be a misappropriation of funds to say the least.

          1. John Otradovec says:

            Republican congress might as well stay home and stay drunk

          2. Ed Shick says:

            I did not think there was any Republican that could Out drink Nancy Pelosi !

      2. Daniel Spickard says:

        I say tell them either do the job the people put them in there to do or get removed!

      3. jreg9304 says:

        This time around the Demorats, are getting caught left and right with their proverbial britches at their ankle’s. They are in total anguish and trying like all get out to make Trump look as bad as they are.. Not gonna happen. Their finger pointing has all but been accomplished, but , it’s pointing right back at them and their corrupt charade will soon come to an end..

        1. Force Recon says:

          No not as bad as they are WORSE than they are on a par with their lord and master Satan himself!!!!!!

      4. John Otradovec says:

        We need to put a lock on the Treasury door and do an audit for the last Obama years to find out where the $9 trillion went. Obama worth $400k going in, came out worth over $40 million.None of Republicans seem to be sober during this period.

  2. JoePaul says:

    We need commissions to investigate the Obama administration and Hillary, Bill, and their master SOROS etc.

    1. Daniel Spickard says:

      We’ll have to put security on them! You know what happens to people that get in Clinton’s way! They end up dead, every last one of them! The first thing the government has to do is to lock the Whole Clinton family up without any contact to the outside world, so they can’t put a hit out on who ever comes forward!

      1. Gin says:

        What is the number of her BLACK BAGS now == 60?

    2. Force Recon says:

      György Schwartz, AKA György Soros Born August 12, 1930
      George Soros born György Schwartz on August 12 1930)
      I’m Going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate.
      George Soros The most evil man on the planet

      I’m Going to bring down the United States by funding Black Hate Groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The Black community is the easiest to manipulate

        1. magno et malo lupo says:

          I have more than likely since long before you were born

    3. Gin says:

      I agree and hope and pray they go after all OBAMA’s Administration along with Soros and his money to Hillory, Bill and OBAMA!

  3. Richard Bagenstose says:

    oboma lynch, comey , learner, are all tied to the clintons to take down 1 you must take down them all, if they try i see a lot of people dying missteriously , they are cold hearted bastards and will do what ever needs to be done to protect them selves

    1. gooojooo1 says:

      no lynch obama, comey , learner,

    2. Mike Burkett says:

      The latest being DNC-insider Seth Rich.

  4. theescotsman says:

    Start with Bill and Hillary. Next is Lynch and Comey followed by the head of every alphabet agency.

    1. Fedup says:

      Don’t forget the head racist Holder.

      1. theescotsman says:

        You are correct ! PLUS ADD SOROS !

    2. Mike Burkett says:

      Don’t forget Obama, he masterminded the whole criminal enterprise against ‘We, the people…’.

      1. Ed Shick says:

        He is still a Russian Puppet , His chief Adviser is Valerie Jarrott and still is as he buys another Home in Washington worth 8.1Million , Dam Good for an Acorn agent that learned all about Voter Fraud !

    3. cp123 says:

      They will leave the country in a flash. Already planned.

      1. Cheryl Detar says:

        Exactly. The Clinton’s and the obozo’s transferred, much of their wealth to a country that has NO extradition policy.

      2. Ed Shick says:

        They must get out before Russia uses Nuclear on America , Thanks to Hillary for selling 20% of our Uranium to them ,

    4. Kathryn Ross says:

      Theescotsman, Did you not forget The Leader of The Pack? The Wannabe Dictator, groomed specifically to be the Leader of the New World Civilization!! Most of who would not have American values or ways…… Lock all of them up for the crimes they have Committed against Humanity.

  5. jimmy9522 says:

    The whole liberal democrat party is a crime syndicate.

    1. Rodger K. Shull says:


    2. John Otradovec says:

      In Horowitz’s book he describes how the Democraps were taken over by G.Soros and the Communist party.

      1. Ed Shick says:

        Even Nikita Khrushev told you that at the UN in 1959 , They will change us to Communist and never fire a Shot!

    3. Chiefbuck says:

      The liberal democrats used taxpayer money to buy votes and varied the schemes in order to get away with all of it. Several groups were involved including unions, the various frauds involving national defense, health care programs and the public school systems including colleges. Liberal politicians always got a slice of the money pie. No doubt the GOP kiddies got their hands in as well. Clinton and Obama were probably the worst of the lot but the democrat party since the days of Boss Tweed was thoroughly corrupt. Much of this is hidden because the main stream media is democrat controlled as is the history provided. Occasionally even the democrats miss something like the unaccounted for $9 billion missing this past cycle.

    4. Richard Sabaski says:

      We sure agree on that

  6. Mojo says:

    We need an special investgation of the special Inverstigations

    1. Mike Burkett says:

      Mueller and Comey are ‘boho’ buddies and Mueller’s refusal to step down is all the proof I need that he is part of Obama’s dark-government. Mueller needs firing but have the a republican replacement-investigator, with integrity ready to replace Mueller, if required. Funny how the alleged Obstruction of Justice occurred 6 months ago and Comey only brought it up when he was fired and the Russian-Collusion case collapsed. The DNC should pay for all spurious investigations.

      1. Mojo says:

        Hi Mike,
        We know there was NO Collusion by Trump
        We know Comey was a “LEAKER”.

        Now they want to try “Obstruction” by Trump,
        which will lead Obstruction by Lynch/Clinton/Comey.

        Mueller has his hands full,
        Lets give him a chance.

        Then we can have an
        investigation” of the Investigator

        1. Debbie Hogan Tate says:

          Mueller is a traitor in bed with Comey and the rest. Look who he is putting on that special counsel. Everyone of them are Hillary supporters!

          1. Mojo says:

            Let’s “HOPE” that Mueller lives up to his fine reputation as being FAIR.
            OOPS, I used the word “HOPE” and the Dems will say that’s the same as an ORDER to obstruct.

          2. frankspeak says:

            mueller’s relationship with comey will invalidate anything he finds critical of trump…can’t understand why this wasn’t foreseen….

          3. Mojo says:

            So far all Mueller has done is hire 13 attorneys with plans to hire more,
            Maybe this is a way to insure employment and create jobs for lawyers.

            “A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.”
            (Albert Einstiern)

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      The Special Investigator needs to be Investigated himself! Robert Mueller….It is a conflict of interest… He is James Comey’s Long Time Friend……He should recuse himself… it is illegal. He should remove himself ASAP!

      1. Mojo says:

        Hi Katheryn,
        Sadly it’s not illegal, but could be a “conflict of interest” and poor judgement if he doesn’t “recuse” himself.
        On the other hand, what if he plays it straight and finds himself in a position of having to clear the President, BUT go after Clinton.Lynch/Comey.
        That will be the “test” of his character.

        1. David in MA says:

          You nailed it, but only if he stays neutral.

          1. Mojo says:

            Hi David,
            1.) Seems to me that Comey “confessed” under oath, that he conspired or COLLUDED with Columbian Law Professor (Richmond), to “LEAK” certain information to the “press”, with the INTENT to get a special prosecutor appointed that would bring down the President.
            2.) Comey also “testified , under oath, that AG Loretta Lynch, “ordered” him to RE_NAME the Clinton email “investigation” as a ‘MATTER’ so as NOT to influence the public against Hillary.
            Waiting to hear what the Columbia Law Professor will say under oath.
            Waiting to hear what Loretta Lynch will say under oath.
            Where is Gulliani when we need him?…(Think RICO)

          2. David in MA says:

            Comey is a slime ball but not a stupid slime ball, he has set in motion an invest which will have many people testifying and the rats will start to squeal on each other, maybe this is Comey’s way to bring out, not so much on Trump, but what involvement Clinton, Obama, Lynch, et al have been associated with. And, Comey walks away still alive.

          3. Mojo says:

            Hi Dave,
            Interesting theory and much will likely happen, but he miscalculated his own importance

          4. David in MA says:

            I read the other day online that Gulliani may have done something to compromise his standing as a stand up guy…. You read anything like this?

          5. Mojo says:

            Negative, haven’t heard or seen that rumor, but the “left” will certainly spread that story with relish.

  7. Russell says:

    Lets go for the whole ball of what ever comes to mind.

  8. Gary says:

    The spineless Rhino Repubes will never do it. Don’t hold your breath, folks. It’s a nice dream though.

  9. icemancold says:

    Well nothing will be done due to the fact that LYNCH is BLACK and was an OBAMA appointee and to CHARGE her as HUSSEIN OBAMA would say would be RACIST.!!

  10. Joel Goodman says:


  11. Robert Chow says:

    all finger pointing at one big snake head, ex-usurper black monkey. lynch only gain is licking his boot but this black monkey gain would be third term POTUS to further his dictatorship join heir with his terrorist brotherhood with CIA muslim brennen

    1. drbhelthi says:

      The foreign alien, Barrak Hussein Obama, is one of the major stooges of the string-pullers, who, similar to George H. W. Bush, have an elaborate system that enables them to hide in the shadows. They are the owners of the swamp that is located throughout the entire western world. They sponsored the attempted coup by Clinton, Obama, DNC with CIA & MOSSAD support. They currently sponsor the defamation and harrassment campaign against president Trump, family and political entourage.
      They perked their pimps in the congressional system, enabling the foreign alien, Barrak Hussein Obama, to be declared eligible for POTUS. A two-term occupant of the POTUS slot for whom neither verifiable certificate of birth, nor evidence of US citizenship, nor even his real name has been published.
      Hopefully a CIA or MOSSAD agent will leak the job location and duties of the foreign alien, Obama, prior to his being transferred to Chicago. That would reveal to many subculture folk, both Blacks and Whites, that they have been seriously misled, and continue to be played for stupid fools, which they are not. They have been misled by the subculture propaganda that the string-pullers have sponsored throughout the swamp in the US and the swamp in the European Union. The swamp in the European Union is dictated by German chancellor, Angela Merkel, the “dear friend” of the foreign alien, Barrak Husein Obama. Merkel sponsors the foreign alien invasion ot Europe by illegal aliens from the Mid-East and Africa.

  12. Daniel Simmerer says:

    Yes, imediately.

    1. grnjllybn says:

      and please do something about the filthy lying “main stream media”.
      they are as much an enemy to the United States of America as any
      subversive communist sympathizer.

  13. bobs33hotrod says:

    Hang them all on Charges of Corruption and High Treason. All these Lying Bastards need to go to Prison A.S.A.P. Drain the Swamps President Trump. NOW.
    BOBBY ~!~

    1. Mike Burkett says:

      Prison. Do we really want to give them that standard of living (prisons have health clubs, spas, cable and limited wifi). Let’s send to Gitmo (admittedly, another country club), let the muslims take care of them.

      1. bobs33hotrod says:

        Hey Mike B, Well said. You are right GITMO or Muslims can have them.YOU ROCK
        BOBBY ~!~

  14. Kenneth Jones says:

    Clearly, it is time to appoint a Special Counsel in Lynch’s case. By all indications, it appears that she violated the law.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      Hopefully, AG Sessions and staff will soon begin to use the information already available to convict the leaders of the Obama, racist lawlessness and their sponsor-collaborators in the CIA and FBI.

  15. GianniP says:

    Of course he should demand a special counsel. A good offense can overwhelm a bad defense.
    Let the games begin !

  16. Rosa Eakin says:

    while we are being lead around by our noises–and fake news media-on what is going on about president trump and this investigation ..junk… Hillary Clinton—-is getting further away into the darkness..and forgotten
    about…i hope on one else has forgotten this… after all she is the main reason for all of this………
    [email protected]

  17. Roy says:

    Absolutely! and not only her, but Obama and his connection with the Russians and his allusion to the fact that things would change when he gets in office.
    the entire Clinton email should be properly investigated as a criminal act with intent to cover her correspondence by using private servers. This put Americans at risk.

  18. P Hendricks says:

    Lock her up! Investigate Hill-Billy and lock them up too! It’s time Obama was investigated and locked up, too. That should be enough to keep the DOJ and FBI busy so the fake Russia thing goes away!

  19. autrypma says:

    To JoePaul below…you are totally correct, we need to DEMAND the investigations. Get Congress to quit sitting on their hands and help Trump also. The Liberal Democrats are doing nothing to help him, only hinder. Listen up you Liberals,
    GET A LIFE. Hillary lost, TRUMP WON, He is the better person. Help him, quit trying to impeach him…stupid thought…

    1. Mike Burkett says:

      Sorry to inform you but the ruling-elite professional-politicians of both parties want Trump gone. Hang tough Trump, your constituency stands behind you.

    2. Janelle says:

      A sizable number of Republicans simply want to maintain the status quo in D.C. This scares them as much as the left. Dang, what a bunch of cowards.

  20. Dwayne Reese says:


  21. Jeffrey Revers says:


  22. Mr. M says:

    Mr. Trump is the best President we have ever had!
    Go get em Mr. Trump!

    1. GreatWarVet says:

      Since Truman, He didn’t take any of their crap. (democrat or republican)

  23. FL_Stingray says:

    Yet all we hear about from MSM news is the Russian nonsense

  24. Galloper says:

    its up to Trump….he knows what to do .

  25. Marty Williams says:

    I am fed up with politicans interfering with the LAW and getting away with it. Prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law, please. What Happened to Lady Justice? Our system is broken. Broken by those elected into office and by those appointed. I hope and pray that blind justice will return restoring justice for all. This brokenness has filtered down to state and city levels. It seems those in a position to fix what is broken are out to lunch. We are headed towards a civil war.

    1. Mike Burkett says:

      Pluto once wrote ‘In order to achieve utopia, you must remove all lawyers.’ Not exact words but the intent is there. Is there and ruling-elite professional-politicians that were not ambulance-chasing lawyers. Send a pit-bull to clean out the swamp, Go Trump.

  26. Jjb54 says:

    This is why, the Left & Right in power HATE Trump. He will NOT stand up for the games any more. They want him gone, so their dirty deeds stay hidden and more, the MSM played a part in the lies and cover-ups. If the truth come out, please! The Political House of Cards FALL!

    1. Mike Burkett says:

      That would complete the revolution started November ‘ 16. Remember the intent of the fore-fathers behind our 2nd Constitutional Right to ‘Own and Bear Arms’. The fore-fathers gave us a democracy but only as long as ‘We, the people…’ can hold it.

  27. A patriot says:

    put corrupt democrats and corrupt fbi chief on trial for obstruction of justice

    1. grnjllybn says:


  28. Gerry Kenney says:

    We definitely need to investigate the Clintons, Loretta Lynch and Soros and many more.

  29. Miyako says:

    I Said This All Along..The ‘MEDIA in America is Far Left’ as Is The Democrat Party… They Will Protect All Minorities And Illegal Aliens and Make Patriots And Conservative People As Nazis And Xenophobes. As is in most Countries….Control The Media and Spoon feed The rest With Lies And unTruths. The New World Order…is right Around the Corner.

    1. Mike Burkett says:

      Wait just one minute, the results of the 2016 election should give you hope that ‘We, the people…’ are finally waking up to ‘The New World Order’, ‘Climate Change’ and other democrap foreign-aid programs simply being wealth re-distribution on a national basis. As it stands now with Trump’s leadership, the ruling-elite professional politicians (democraps and rinos) are being exposed by these very programs thru Trump’s Tweets (bypassing the crooked MSM).

  30. Uncle Milty says:

    I’ll bet you after this witch hunt is over that Trump goes after the whole bunch of the Obama administration.

  31. Raymond Miller says:

    We need a massive investigation into the whole Demon-Crat mess. Trump needs to dump Mueller and appoint someone to investigate ALL of it. Once again it is the Demon-Crats doing what they accuse Republicans of doing. Mueller’s job is to create proof where none exists, so they can get rid of Trump.

  32. Paula Martinez says:

    We do need a

  33. Dennis Cavallo says:

    They have enough evidence from numerous sources why investigate again just charge them all and go to trial Start with the peons they will stat ratting on their superiors.Then build a gallows near the Washington Monument and publicly hang them all for treason. They should have never stopped public hangings.They leave a lasting impression on those who witness them.They are a deterrent

  34. cp123 says:

    Investigate lynch and she will lead you directly to the Clintons and Obama, if she lives.

  35. Pattie Kelly says:

    Yes he does need to have a private investigation into Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton plus her foundation and private email server and all the phones she had and lap tops that were destroyed and UNDER OATH. Plus Bill Clinton for accepting money from foreign nationals in turn for giving speeches. Because if our President is going to be drug thru the mud for something that did not happen tell me what gives them a free pass besides their names and political affiliation?

  36. IluvmyUSA says:

    Yeah, yeah, they’ve got all the evidence they need for a conviction for these criminals but they waste time chasing vapors. Now we have donors of criminals investigating honest and innocent men. Where and when does the buffoonery end? And why are the Republicans standing around jingling pocket change while this nonsense goes on knowing they’ve got work to get done before time for the next budget in September.

  37. Perry Perno says:


  38. Lee Zebold says:

    There is so much corruption on the Hillary side of the “ledger”. She and those around her traditionally get away with everything. The system is corrupted. If there is a window of opportunity to pierce this veil, a Lynch investigation would be a good first step….and long overdue. As a Veteran, I am sickened over Benghazi. There is much to be uncovered.

  39. Daniel Spickard says:

    Something that needs to be put in the 27th amendment is to put in a clause for re-call elections! If the person you put in congress doesn’t do as the people ask, then they should be re-called by the same people that put them there!

  40. crockett says:

    All the commies should be under investigation . Too many former obozo people have gotten away with too many things . Time to pay for crimes while they covered for obozo and cllintons . GITMO for ALL ! !

  41. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    Yes. But I hope these people will not be on the take like everyone else is for Soros has lot’s of money to spend otherwise he might be brought up on charges too.

  42. Rodger K. Shull says:

    lynch can thank old pervie billy boy, for her predicament , talk of grandkids an golf, BULL SH$IT . Put pervie billy boy in jail for obstruction of justice.

  43. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Nothing will be done, I am so tired of all the dog and pony show, these people mentioned are all criminals and should be in a federal prison, we know and anyone that still has a functional brain knows it. We want Justice not more news stories telling us something we all knew already, we’re not idiots like the liberals and progressive socialist bastards so get on with it and charge these people and stop wasting our money and time on these hearings. We want special prosecutors to nail these people to the wall and let the administration get on with cleaning up the swamp. If if don’t happen then there is going to be hell to pay for these socialist bastards who think they are above the law and actually commit high treason and sedition. A state militia in their front yard might be in the future if our congress and senate fail us when they all already know who is guilty and who is not guilty. They better take a crash course in the Constitution and understand they are failing big time in fulfilling their duties and upholding their oaths.

  44. bikarb says:

    We have had countless investigations where damning evidence was discovered but hidden. It is time to stop investigating and prosecute these perpetrators. I await the current AG to press forward and clean up the messes. These false starts are costing American taxpayers billions of dollars.

  45. Ms Edie says:

    There covering the fact they have all been smuggling Heroin into the Country and Poisoning our People.. that’s why the war has gone on so long.. the New New World Carlel..

  46. vinny says:

    They always say they have shit on the NIGGER and the LIBERALS and nothing’s done. I think people are tired of reading about the SAME SHIT!!!

  47. Bill says:

    The rats are abandoning the demmie ship or are they pigs squealing, either way I truly hope they nail the Clinton/Obozo corruption chain.

  48. Lindy says:

    Comey is accusing others of misconduct while trying to make himself look like a victim. The man admitted to leaking information of private conversations between himself and the President which makes him suspect in all the other leaks that were coming from the FBI. Then he violated the laws which state that if anyone tries to interfere, or impede an investigation he was to report it directly to the DOJ, in either case he could have went to Congress and he did not. Comey who now says he deleted the memos from his computer, and does not have a copy, which is hard to believe having been in law enforcement his whole career is looking to Mueller, his longtime friend, to sway the investigation away from him and towards Trump and others. The entire Obama administration, the DOJ, the FBI, all need to be investigated for their corruption of trying to rig the Presidential election and for covering up crimes of the Clinton cartel.

  49. Babsan says:

    Trump needs to form a commission to investigate the real CRIMINALS incl.the DNC.They run a Mafia style Crime syndicate
    that puts the Mafiosos to shame

  50. Larry Cowden says:

    By now, this Nation should have had enough of the corrupt, thieving, lying, murdering regime of the Obamaas and his group of thugs and whores. It should by now be a permanent reminder to all grass roots voters of what happens when DumbAssoCrats are elected to office at every level from WH down to page boy! They have invalidated their rights to ever hold offices again. They threaten the Administration with violence at every level of society. From university and college campuses coast to coast, the common citizen assaulting any and every Trump supporter, defiance of and refusing to obey Federal laws and open sedition. Maybe it’s really time to forcefully remove every damn liberal and DumbAssoCrat in the government, including those people hired by them and send them walking.
    Allow for new elections, but no previous polecat may ever run for office.

  51. Melody Reed says:

    Just think of how dirty that swamp really is. I am so disgusted with our bureaucracy and government officials. It is just too darn big, too corrupt, and too self-righteous!

  52. havegunwilltravel says:

    Long past the time to take the gloves off.
    Appointment of a special prosecuter to fully investigate fast and furious would be a good place to start. Lots of evidence and lots of witnesses to criminal misconduct by members of the obama administration there. Then one for the irs scandal. Then one for hillarys email scandal. On down the list. Bury them under investigations that will put them on defence. Hold them accountable for what they have done. Put the msm on full time spin cycle. Time to go all out mr president. Its what we elected you to do.

  53. John Dudley says:

    YES, Investigate Lynch. Then lock her up. Then investigate Lois Lerner and lock her up too. Then Investigate Holder and lock him up too. Then do the same to Obama. If we don’t start putting people in prison the crimes will continue. It’s time to drain the swamp.

  54. i think when the truth about the “meeting on the tarmac” comes out,the very least that will happen is that the Left will finally be forced to admit collusion between the AG and Hillary’s campaign,which won’t be a big surprise to many of us; what comes out of it from a legal perspective(prosecution for Hillary or Loretta) may be another matter;i’d like to see it but many in power positions might not

  55. Fred says:

    It’s time to bring out the long knives and get busy! All of these treasonous bastards need to stand before a firing squad.

  56. justanagent says:

    I remember when a botched burglary and a clumsy cover up was called a “constitutional crisis”. While Nixon did orchestrate the cover up for which he was justly held accountable, it was established that he did not order nor did he have any knowledge of the burglary until after the fact. No one even bothered to ask what the Watergate burglars were looking for in those files…strange. In retrospect the burglary seems like more of a political prank than a crime. The real scandal consisted of the lies and illegal activity surrounding the cover up. When compared to the Clinton email scandal, bribery, corruption and high level obstruction of justice on the part of Clinton, Lynch and Comey the whole Watergate affair now looks like a relatively minor “matter”.

  57. jong says:

    Lynch should be poked and prodded until she rolls over on even bigger game. Ole jug ears and the hildebeast and many others. She should be allow some years off IF both of them go to prison. And of course no retirement fund and at least ten years. Which beats twenty.

  58. 1Texas says:

    Jeff Sessions is the one to involve a special prosecutor and put the corruption that has been in place for the last 8 years and included Obama, Hillary, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, and Soros who is the real detriment to any country he has been in as a resident or citizen.

  59. Spgfld Tom says:

    Loretta Lynch better look both ways before crossing the street……….you know what happens when you cross the Clintons.

  60. rick meek says:

    We need special counsel to investigate – obozo – rice – clinton – schumer – durbin – pelosi – warren – wasserman shultz – holder – and a few other players……Haven’t Ya’ll heard the latest —– PUTIN has offered comey sanctuary considering him another snowden….A guy named montgomery has filed suit against comey and implicated mueller in the domestic spying program that revealed over 600 million docs of generated material…..

  61. stevor says:

    lynch has to worry about getting a “mysterious accident” since it involves shilary

  62. Bud William says:

    Donald Trump please STFU. You are one loose lipped President. Learn to keep quiet once in a while and stop running off at the mouth. Keep it up and you are going to lose. I voted for you
    and I was sure you could possibly become the Greatest President of all time. You need to stop giving the enemy ammunition to cut you down.

  63. bob deschenes says:

    Obama bill Hillary and soros should have commissions to investigate also lynch. no one wants to step on these toes fearing they will get put on a hit list.

  64. Duuuuuuuh says:

    Simply find out what Trey Gowdy needs and wants (including ALL legal authority/powers needed) to get to the truth, give it to him and then step back and leave him the hell alone to get the job of investigating done.
    THEN, ACT upon his findings instead of just sitting around doing nothing as has been done repeatedly in the past.
    Stop letting them get away with it and hold them accountable.

  65. pudge1 says:

    I want to know where Turtle McConnell is hiding and why he hasn’t made a big stink by supporting his Pres. He sure as hell hasn’t been involved in legislation that we’ve heard about.

  66. Duuuuuuuh says:

    How many times have you gotten an email saying ,”BREAKING – Joe Schmo, the Liberal Democratic candidate, supported by the Clinton Crime Syndicate caught screwing elephants”?
    YET they’re NEVER arrested or prosecuted for Elephant Porking?
    always Just a bunch of talk with NO

  67. bob says:

    When is something going to be done about the Clinton, Obama treasonous seditious communist Muslim loving cabal. We need action and those treasonous bastards in jail or executed for treason

  68. Dennis Anderson says:

    Commissions / petitions/ more meetings / but no trials, its about time to pull the guns Ive had enough of this bull $cheieit nothing gets done. We cant even close our god dhambed borders?? No one has been held accountable, and no one has gone to jail

  69. Caro Line says:

    I appreciate that truths are finally coming out, thank you! Yes she should be investigated! The lies, fake news, and cove-ups all contributes to the hostile environment that fuels criminal acts against republicans.

    It is soooo un-Americanan to want to do harm to the President and the republicans.

    I am very concerned about the fact that Mueller is appointing just democrats to the special council. I think if Trump demands an investigation into all this, that he will get more left sided democrats presiding over it.

    I think Trump, Pence and team will do fine and will thump some gourds.

    Thank you Vice President Pence for commenting on The Herman Cain
    Show last week, that was awesome. It was an answer to my prayer that you know of him and perhaps get that type radio show to become a TV news broadcast.

    You are bringing out the truth and draining the swamp, fantastic work!

  70. Timothy Dayton says:

    The Dems keep pushing garbage about Trump so yes investigate Lynch and while they’re at it investigate Pelosi’s insider trading since they are unhapppy with Trump’s business arrangements. Time to call out all the hypocrites and clean up Congress, in other words DRAIN THE FRIGGIN’ SWAMP.

  71. help_us_survive_this says:

    Time to investigate the former administration – everyone from Obama down. The criminal charges found should be immediately forwarded. The trails need to be followed up and down. WE the people deserve better than what we got. The media needs to be investigated and charges forwarded not to mention an ammendment to the onstitution to curtail their lying and fake news. Time to pay up. Drain the swamp!

  72. Howard Pugh says:

    Yes he should.

  73. Dale Smith says:

    Absolutely! The collusion that grew out of the gang of 4 (Obama, Hillery, Lynch and Bill) help to dirty up the swamp. Trump and company needs to go on Offense, appoint a council and get started on telling the country just how rotten the Obama years were. I think we are tired of being on the defense all the time.


  74. George says:

    Yes, he should and one also to investigate Obama’s actions in all this “matter.”

  75. Linda Smith says:

    Dear Republican Congressmen and Senators,

    What are you doing? Why are you not prosecuting and going after via an investigation into this? That is one of many.

    Loretta Lynch directed Comey to change the name of the HILLARY investigation to a matter to match the POLITICAL NARRATIVE. This is an obstruction of justice by the Attorney General under Obama. Now that is collusion and warrants an investigation into Comey’s coverup, investigate Lynch and Obama. Obama weaponized these departments and we are seeing the outcome.

    Why do you pretend to support traditional American values and DO NOTHING. Why do you let the corrupt democrats run the country and set the continuous socialist agenda? WHY DO YOU DO NOTHING?

  76. Ron Sheppard says:

    Anyone that plays chess knows a good offense is the very best defense. They have been tearing into Trump since the start. He’s been on defense the entire time. Indict Hillary . Expose Obama legally and prosecute him . Let it be known investigations of questionable politicians is underway. Put each one of them on defense. They must have something to hide. Find it. Follow the money. When they pop off ,investigate them. Get them busy saving their own necks. Step up. Then Trump can focus on what we put him in there to do. Draining the Swamp must take precedence over everything. Jeff Sessions should heed these comments and help his President. He must do better.

  77. David VanBockel says:

    Investigate AG Lynch, without a doubt.

  78. AL ELLIS says:

    I agree, a special investigator for the entire Obama administration, Bill Clinton and Soros must be done. Why hasn’t anything even started on all of that? Include Chelsea and Podesta in the investigation too. We also need a special investigator for Comey and Lynch. That whole administration is a mess. Also I’d like to see an investigation as to who is making up all this stuff about Trump, I’d like to see whomever it is in court Trump has a Constitutional right to confront his accusers.

  79. Duane says:

    Lynch and Susan Rice must be prosecuted.

  80. jesse says:

    Americans are demanding a grand jury be impaneled! Did the hack comey make and keep notes from those meetings? Of course not, he’s a bagman for the left!

  81. Glenda Trull Kee says:

    I agree that there should be a special council appointed to investigate both Lynch and Rice as well as the Obama’s and the Clintons and don’t forget Soros. AND ANY OF THE OTHERS WHO HAVE COMMITTED TREASON AND PUT AMERICANS LIVES AT STAKE WITH THEIR UNDERHANDED EVIL.

  82. Lee says:

    The political affiliation of these people should make no difference, If what has been done is a crime of high caliber, they should be an investigation and If found guilty they should be sentenced to an appropriate punishment.

  83. Gary Hull says:

    What are we waiting for? The democrats have already completed many insurrections and illegal activities in the last year alone. Why aren’t you demanding special investigations into these matters. WHY? Gary

  84. Palmer says:

    They need to investigate Lynch, Learner, Holder for Fast and Furious, Clinton ,of course, Podesta, Wasserman-Shultz for starters.

  85. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    I wonder if any democrats will be around soon?
    They lose at every effort they attempt.

  86. walt morris says:

    how is it that valerie jarrett is never mentioned here. she has been our country’s defacto president for 8 years. she is a radical communist who has run our country while obama has done nothing useful. the only thing that he has done is play golf and go to fund raisers and play with his” boy friends”. there are two books that should be required reading–clinton cash and the corruption chronicles. anyone who reads these books will be pushing the death penalty against the traitors described in those books.

  87. David says:

    Short of Hillary & Bill Clinton, & George Sorose I cant think of anyone more in need of procecution than Loretta Lynch!

  88. tugger76 says:

    What the American people should know by now is the fact no investigation will ever,ever bring down any politician as long as they are investigating themselves .I believe a pool of lawyers should be taken from around the United States, and names should be drawn on National TV as to which lawyer(s) are going to perform the duty to investigate any wrong doing. Do I believe this could happen ? Yes, it could, but no it won’t happen unless the people who support the Liberal Socialist movement in the US wake up to the fact they are being used, big time.

  89. Dexter L. Wilson says:

    Remember and repeat this link for every news outlet

  90. John Savell says:

    Lynch should definitely be investigated, but Clinton should be investigated again, and correctly this time. Bubba should be investigated for his obstruction of justice, going to the AG to get her to pull the plug on the investigation into his wife. And Obama should be investigated for his involvement in this whole thing, as well as the many many other illegal things he did while in office.
    Funny that there is no evidence Trump or his people did anything wrong, just accusations, and a Special Counsel was appointed, yet there is all kinds of evidence these people did lots of illegal things, and a Special Counsel has yet to be appointed.

  91. l_tecolote says:

    ABSOLUTELY !! No doubt about it !!

  92. Randy H Eldredge says:

    Guilty, guilty, guilty! Obamination Administration was criminal and fake from the Kenyan imposter on down!

  93. Denise Garceau says:

    The Obama Adminstration needs to be investigated for all the harm they have done to our nation,

  94. frankspeak says:

    it’s hard to ascribe sinister intent to loretta lynch…unlike her bosses…rather, she comes across as a manipulated schmuck who was in way beyond her depth….

  95. Mojo says:

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    Call The Maf iosa (843 624 4672) for free estimates

  96. Valkyrie ? Conservative says:

    There’s enough so called Investigations. Now there needs to be PROSECUTION!

  97. maquignon says:

    Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, James Comey and Barack Obama all must be investigated

  98. ward says:

    There has been many acts in bo’s 8 year regime of illegal & abuse of power E.O’s in the bo administration of crony supporters for the destruction of Constitutional Laws & U.S. Citizens Freedom & Rights … ! The ordered Benghazi murders and the so called killing of bin lauden by bo’s command was the proof of deceit and lies … ! There has to be indictments & prosecution for high treason against bo, hilary & all their cronies !

  99. Betty says:

    The next questions are: How high is Loretta going to sing?; And how precarious is that house of cards and everyone involved in it?

  100. travis690 says:

    If this is true (which I don’t see the chance that it isn’t), then we have a clear case of obstruction within the Justice (sic) Department. And this is more serious than any claim that has been directed against President Trump yet.

    The nation has endured a horrid record of Attorneys General under the Obama regime that anything that runs counter to their activities can only be an improvement. We had six years of active complicity by Eric Holder participating in criminal acts while in office (Fast and Furious, anyone?). And then we have Loretta Lynch strong-arming the Director of the FBI. THIS was a clear case of obstruction!

    I am still waiting for the professional anti-Trump crowd to talk about this criminal activity by Lynch. But I guess I’ll just have to go about my normal activities while waiting for them to act.

  101. Donald Lindsey says:

    America need honest people to do the investigation not democratic socialists anti-Americans.

  102. Kika68 says:

    absolutely investigate Lynch. She is as bad as hitlery. they should all go to prison

  103. Dolly says:

    Yes, complete investigations! From Obummer all the way down. They are all guilty!!!

  104. Florenca Mcdowell says:

    Hell YES BO Admn. were nothing but CRIMINALS INCLUDING LYNN Put them in jail

  105. Florenca Mcdowell says:

    time to either lock up or take Soros Citizen ship away keep him out of country or jail him

  106. crockett says:

    Hangem High !

  107. Shannon Kappel says:

    “I do not recall” 47 times during her questioning on just 2 matters that pertained to killary and her e-mails and meeting with slick Willy. How many times you think she wont recall now? I dont condone rats or the like, but someone within that gaggle of thieves and killers is a weak link; bug a phone, a house, a car. Youll get your intell. Put someone at the NSA just to find their communications, case closed then. They did to Trump.

  108. Jack says:

    Absolutely. She should be held accountable for her treasonous acts!

  109. Dick says:

    So when are they going to through her in the slammer?????????????

  110. Kirk Kahler says:

    under Obama the white house was a den of corruption and there needs to be an investigation in to all of them ! but since there is a double standard that the left has makes me wander what will ever come out of one other than mass money being spent ! we are seeing every week just how corrupt team Obama was and still is so why are these bad actors still walking free ? double standards that’s why ! what pisses me off is that if any one else would have done 100th of this type of corruption they would be in jail so fast so once again I ask why are they walking free ? Obama/Clinton/MSM have shown America that they are bully’s, liars, corrupt, anti-American, pimps of fake news, two faced , traitors and only care about them self’s there power and money !

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