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With One Ruling, A Federal Judge Left Millions Of Liberals Furious

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  1. Peter Fedorenko says:


  2. John Trenter says:

    Finally a judge with a sane mind and at least some moral compass, not like the freaks before him out west like the Ninth Court of Appeals with their 80% loss before SCOTUS or the freaky AG Becerra in bed with the whore PP.

    1. bttrap says:

      now we need to work on getting rid of the idiots in the ninth court

      1. John Trenter says:

        I do think in the next couple years that court will be realigned so it will not be so top-heavy with the population. All the courts God willing will tilt to more conservative in the next few years. This has been perhaps our greatest national threat, a bloated and out of check and balance judiciary. If we can all work to move this back to the Constitutional goal we will have a better chance of survival as a nation! Most (not all of course) of these judges at all levels are very power-oriented and wicked and liars to boot!

        1. bttrap says:

          maybe term limits will get rid of the bad one even tho it takes time we waited 8years to get rid of a bad president we can wait another few years to get the bad judges out of court

          1. kibitzer3 says:

            Let it never be forgotten, and especially by conservatives, of all people, that Obama was not just a “bad” president, he was an illegitimate president, for not meeting the eligibility requirement of needing to be a ‘natural born’ citizen. The definition of which is a person “born in the country, of parents who are citizens” thereof. And that eligibility requirement for that particular office STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

            If the American people won’t stand for the rule of law – that is, the Constitution – in this matter, they are hopelessly compromised in trying to stand for it in any other matter.

          2. nwjohnson says:

            His mother was a citizen.
            One parent is all that is required. This horse was flogged to death in the ’08 campaign.

          3. nicholsda says:

            Please read again the laws. It says “citizens” not citizen. He fails that requirement as his father was not a US citizen. And if you really want to dig into the laws, his mother could not pass citizenship to him as she was under age and did not meet the 5 year rule when he was born. So while it was hashed out on the internet in 2008, it never was in the courts as the court’s liberal judges kept ruling that a voter did not have standing to challenge it in court. Which is dead wrong as the citizens were affected by his election.

          4. George M Melby says:

            Oh wellll…. lolol.

          5. kibitzer3 says:

            Fact. The definition of a ‘natural born’ citizen is as I wrote it. It comes from the definitive tome of the day on such nation-building matters, E. de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’. (Book One, Ch. XIX, Sect. 212. Look it up It’s right there on the Internet. No legalistic mumbo jumbo mystery.)

            Fact. If there is any doubt as to the constitutional Framers being aware of this definition when they included it in their contract as an eligibility requirement for that particular federal office: Benjamin Franklin, their elder and much respected mentor, and who was sitting right there amongst them as a delegate himself to those proceedings, is known to have had 3 copies of the de Vattel tome in his possession, and highly admired them, as per historical correspondence.

            Fact. Alexander Hamilton, in his role as a delegate to those self-same proceedings himself, made a proposal that the president need only be, quote, “born a Citizen” – and his proposal was SPECIFICALLY TURNED DOWN, in favor of the more stringent category of citizen, of needing to be a ‘natural born’ citizen, i.e., born in the country of citizen parents.

            As a matter of further interest, and to indicate the non-partisan nature of the objection in this matter, Ted Cruz has tried to claim that he is eligible for the office based on the Naturalization Act of 1790; but has failed to note that that Act was repealed by a later Naturalization Act ON THIS VERY ISSUE, of its being misleading in its wording – and that Act of Repeal was signed off on by no less constitutional authorities than James Madison, then a Congressman, and George Washington, then as president.

            And an Act of Congress wouldn’t be sufficient ANYWAY to change the eligibility requirement itself. That can only be changed by a constitutional amendment. Which both current major political parties in fact have tried to do (and thus acknowledging the matter), when, between them, they tried a total of 8 times, between 2003 and ’08 alone, to get just such an amendment starting through Congress – proposals all of which had this specific issue as their common denominator – and they failed EACH TIME even to get their proposals out of committee, such was the sensitivity around this issue. So, what did they subsequently do? It’s obvious what they did: They colluded, in an attempt to slip this hijack by an inattentive public, a public content to assume that ‘they’ knew what they were doing on the issue. They sure did. They were committing a crime. And will have to face justice on their attempt to demolish the Constitution.

            Just as the Usurper will have to face charges as well, now including fraud, perjury, and treason. And when found guilty on at the very least the matter of his ineligibility, all of the legislation that he illegally signed into law, and all of the E.O.’s and P.D.’s that he issued, and all of the appointments that he made – including to the SCOTUS, and inferior courts – go with him. Into the trash bin. As we engage in a major cleanup of ALL of the corruption in the federal government.

            Game, set, and match.

          6. Jade Kauffman says:

            Are you still beating that drum? Goodness. He was born in Hawaii. Get over it.

          7. kibitzer3 says:

            I can only conclude that you can’t read. That, or are just a troll. So nothing more need be said.

          8. George M Melby says:

            Wow!!! The people on this site are way out wacky! President Obama is one of the top Presidents of all time for our country. I see you are all Trumpanzee followers, eh?? Sad, sad, so very sad.


          9. Laurie Rogers says:

            You are the one who is delusional. Obummer ran our country into the ground. Hope you wake up/grow up someday.

          10. (Robbee67) says:

            No way he dug us out from Bush. Idiot

          11. (Robbee67) says:

            Moron. President Obama was Legit. Cruz was born in Canada. Rubio, Miami parents in Cuba. trump is so jealous of Pres Obama because he will never be the man President Obama is. trump is ruining this country. The treasury is not his personal piggy bank. And then there’s the swamp, he’s only created a cesspool. WORST president ever. He’s FAKE.

      2. WilliamHarrington says:

        Don’t forget that there was some talk about breaking up the 9th circuit and creating 2 or 3 more circuits because the 9th is so big.

        1. bttrap says:

          as long as it’s broken up I don’t care those judges are like rats in a box sooner or later they turn on each other

      3. Jerry Menikheim says:

        Federal Judges can be impeached. I think it’s been done only once in early 1800.

        1. bttrap says:

          lets try it again with these morons

          1. George M Melby says:

            Wow!! You people ARE toxic!

          2. (Robbee67) says:

            It’s the trump effect. brainwashed idiots.

        2. nicholsda says:

          I know of one judge who was. And then the idiots in Broward and Palm Beach elected him to Congress. He was the sixth Federal Judge to be so removed. 1988 Alsee Hastings was removed from the court.

      4. George M Melby says:

        More than likely, that won’t be possible under your jurisdiction! Cry those tears of remorse, lolol.

        1. bttrap says:

          just have to wait for term limits, these are tears of joy we still kept that democrap out of office and got rid of the moron that was in office

    2. gobrien says:

      Isn’t this is the same Judge who initially ruled against the 2nd travel ban which sent it to the 9th Circus (after the Seattle ruled against the 1st ban)? I think he realizes he got spanked by the SC and don’t want to push it further to protect his own career. 9th Circus doesn’t care — SC has overturned them so many time it’s a way of life for them.

  3. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    thank you judge

    1. grnjllybn says:

      Way to go, Judge Watson!! Thank you.

  4. littlesmoke says:

    Are you getting the feeling that “The worm is turning”?

  5. desert fox says:

    Here is a judge that is not liberally crazy like most of the demoncratic appointed judges.

  6. Richard Wittauer says:

    I’m showing my thought on this.
    Whoopie,Whoopie, All Right, Far Out, Good Work Judge, and last but not least. THANK YOU JUDGE.

  7. kassa1 says:

    First of these judges in this country will more power than they should as they are not judging on the rule of law they’re judging or creating laws on their own, Hiwai being a good example of that !

  8. jreg9304 says:

    We all look for that rainbow after it rains. This is a double rainbow. not speaking of riddles, but, everything Trump promised will come too pass…………………………………….

  9. wboehmer says:

    Travel ban, schmavel ban . . .
    What we need is something to get the muslims’ attention and motivate them to put their house in order.
    That’s something only a muslim ban will do.

  10. gobrien says:

    We need to send more Muslim ‘refugees’ to Hawaii. Less than 1% of their population is Muslim. They would love it there! Weather is great, 8 beautiful islands to choose from, pig roasts on the beautiful beaches — I could go on. But we must make Hawaii certify, they will not buy them one way tickets to the mainland like they did their homeless population.

    1. WilliamHarrington says:

      I think we should isolate them on an island like we did the lepers on Mauritai but I think we should use Bikini Atoll instead.

      1. gobrien says:

        LOL — Can you imagine the effect 10K-20K refugees would have on tourism in Hawaii?

        1. lovefelines says:

          Which raises the question of how many Muslim refugees the Obama administration placed in Hawaii compared to the number in other states.

          1. gobrien says:

            Exactly! When this Hawaiian judge first made that ruling, I started googling. When I learned Hawaii’s population was less than 1% I wondered how they even had standing. I posted on a Hawaiian newspaper site that all unvetted refugees should ask to be sent to Hawaii because of the wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, the judge was welcoming them, etc. I warned them not to let them send them to Detroit or Minneapolis. Needless to say — those who responded to my comment were not happy. One even asked if it was a joke. I assured her it wasn’t and suggested Hawaii should take about 20K illegal Hispanics.

        2. WilliamHarrington says:

          You have an evil, twisted mind, I LOVE IT>

          1. gobrien says:

            LOL — I’ve been called a lot of things but evil & twisted is a first. Guess I need to update my resume.

      2. Joseph Carrilho says:


    2. ter334 says:

      Or the DDs, deplorable democrats, did for blacks with one way bus tickets north. Segregation was a DD practice in the south. Racial segregation while in islam they practice religious segregation

  11. travis690 says:

    Well, this time the judge saw the error of his ways from the previous decision. He admitted that he didn’t have the power to write a ruling that would overrule a ruling issued by the US Supreme Court.

  12. Mike W says:

    The lunatic fringe has had their way for quite a while now – but the pendulum is starting to swing the other way again. Normally the pendulum would swing less and less in each direction until it settles in the middle – but with the way the left wing loons have been behaving I think it is going to get slammed mighty damned hard in the other direction this time.

  13. Betty says:

    obama/s classmate and best friend is it any wonder he rules against Trump

  14. Betty4440 says:

    WELL ALL ANY ON NEEDS TO DO IS READ THE LAW THAT WAS PASSED 6/27/1952. AND SEE WHAT THAT LAW SAYS. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cc40f4ba47fb750080db98b3593d404c924650b47b3c90fe8c32aaf90d302027.jpg

    1. Gen11American says:

      Thank you for providing that! Now Americans who don’t want our country overrun with Muslims should copy and paste the above on the Facebook pages of their own US Senators and US Reps to remind those “servants of the people” what their primary duties in Congress are! Their primary duty is protecting this country from our enemies, foreign and domestic, and protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States! It is NOT their job to aid and abet the Muslim and illegal alien invasion of our country, and neither is it their job to fulfill the globalist agenda of George Soros even if he’s providing $millions in political contributions to members of Congress is hopes of achieving his goal of disarming the American people and destroying our sovereignty as an independent nation!

      1. (Robbee67) says:

        You were once an alien.

        1. Gen11American says:

          What makes you conclude that? Because I’m so much smarter than the average human? Actually, the explanation for that anomaly is that I had two really smart parents who insisted I be as smart as I could be despite being born female!

          1. (Robbee67) says:

            Unless you are Native American than your an alien.

    2. Jerry Menikheim says:

      I don’t think very many of us knew of this law. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    3. Jade Kauffman says:

      And can you find the proof that all Muslims are terrorists? Of course not. This is a pogrom. Tar an entire race with the brush belonging to only a few, and then you can kill them all, just like Hitler did. Do you ever think about what you’re saying? Of do you think the Holocaust was just propaganda?

      1. lovefelines says:

        Muslims aren’t a race. The quote refers to the national and societal principles and values of US that are not shared by adherents to Islamic law and societal values.

        1. Jade Kauffman says:

          We are not a Christian nation. We are not a white nation. I know it’s hard to forget that when you’re a white Christian, but not everyone of a different color or faith is terrorist. More often than not, white Christians are, like the guy who punishes 19 kids when something goes wrong.

          1. DJ Qu8ke says:

            Palestinians invoke the name of Allah while celebrating the savage
            slaughter of a Jewish family at their dinner table. Apologists like to say
            that people who kill in the name of Islam “aren’t Muslim.” So, what
            about the people who praise and encourage killing in the name of Islam?


      2. Cole Johnson says:

        23% of 1.5 billion muslims are extremists! 181 million terrorists! Over 32,000 terrorist attacks by islam since 9/11! ROFL So! You like playing russian roulette? Wanna play russian roulette? You have a better chance than with muslims!

        1. Jade Kauffman says:

          Prove it

      3. James Molter says:

        Just like in Korea and Viet Nam How do you tell them apart you’ Do you think they carry around signs.I have 4 grandsons and 15 Foster Children if something gets Broken and none of them admit they did it NO i will have to punish all of them I guess you think thats wrong look at our youth today they carry Guns to school and kill innocent Teachers and Students I guess you think thats alright

        1. Jade Kauffman says:

          You’re being quite illogical. You punish 19 children for something done wrong. That just makes you a child abuser. It doesn’t make me someone who approves of abused children like yours taking guns to school and shooting everyone in sight.

    4. nwjohnson says:

      What about those Christians who treat the Bible like the Muslims treat the Koran?

      1. Tony B says:

        America is a Christian nation founded on christian teachings and consequently is what the constitution protects. Praise be to our lord and savior. Many are deceived into thinking the Holy Bible teaches bad behavior, however those who think that have not thoroughly read and understand it’s teachings. Parts taken out of context to suit personal agendas is the problem: not so with the Koran.

      2. Cole Johnson says:

        nwjohnson: ROFL!!! Never go full retard!

      3. Cole Johnson says:

        Where? Never saw, met or read about one! Where are these extremist bible readers?

        1. nwjohnson says:

          Check out the Reconstructionists and those who want a Government that is based on the Ten Commandments. Their agenda is scary. Don’t Let Them Out Of The Mirrors!Embrace Your Inner OgreNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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      4. Joseph Carrilho says:

        Another stupid troll.
        Christians are not wanting to overthrow America – Muslims are.

        1. nwjohnson says:

          Sorry Jojo, Close but no cigar. Do your homework before you spout off.
          I NEVER said that the Christians wanted to overthrow America. That’s an invention of YOUR fertile brain. I said that groups like the Reconstructionists ( or De-Constructionists as they are sometimes called) want to change America from a Democracy to a Theocracy of sorts. They do not advocate violent overthrow, but rather, using the vote to gain control and then slowly changing the rules, much as Obama tried to do.

    5. Phoebe Isley says:

      BRAVO Betty4440 well done!!!!!!!!! Agree

    6. Mary Sekera says:

      I’ve seen this several times already; and, for the life of me, I don’t understand why this LAW hasn’t been enforced. Who is supposed to actually enforce this LAW? Is it Congress or the President? By it not being enforced, ALL of us Americans are being put in grave danger. I don’t know who to write to about this. I am 73 and have had my fill of this already. How can these so-called “judges” ignore this LAW?

      1. (Robbee67) says:

        Because it’s FAKE NEWS like 45.

  15. Too many judges ‘legislate’ from the bench- something they should NOT be doing. It probably doesn’t matter what this judge said/rules as some higher court will no doubt over-turn it. 90% liberal.progressive cancers ( oops- I meant JUDGES..)

    1. Jade Kauffman says:

      It’s called case law. Look it up. “something they should NOT be doing” is simply inaccurate.

      1. lovefelines says:

        It should be. However, the Hawaiian judge who issued the initial stay didn’t cite even ONE legal argument, but went on his “feelings” about things Trump had said during the election campaign. Obviously, that’s the reason his decision didn’t have a prayer of being supported higher up the legal chain.

      2. It’s my understanding that that colloquialism is derived from people who will interject their own opinion into what the law states. Unfortunately sometimes the law is not completely clear about things so a judge will have to interpret the laws.
        The issue lies in the fact of precedence. Instead of a judge looking at the present laws, they will add into the mix what other cases have brought about. This can cause laws to be interpreted differently than their original intentions. Because a liberal/progressive Judge states men should now be allowed in Ladies rooms- does not make it RIGHT.

  16. Monica says:

    Finally an American who recognizes the power of the President looking out for our best interests in this country.

  17. Tins17 says:

    He not only took the oath of our constitution but he honored it as well.

  18. Daniel Lee says:

    Finally, the constitution speaks for itself!

  19. capa760 says:

    Hooray! A Judge who finally read the Public Law 414, passed in 1952 by the Democrat
    Congress and the Democrat President Harry Truman. We had to question why the Judges did
    NOT Research the very present U.S. Public Laws’ for an American agreement on a non-religious reasoning for this travel ban, during the very volatile World, Neanderthal aggressive bands of murderers attacking the very civilized communities of non-aggressive citizens must be STOPPED. Civilization must survive.

  20. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Same guy who knows he is about a heartbeat away from being impeached if he continued to screw around and act like he was elected President. Hawaii is a liberal strong hold bought and paid for using Republican working class tax dollars when it first became a state. I think it was a grave mistake to make it a state in the first place since it was all set up by democrats in power during that time, you now see how corrupt it is just like every thing they touch. They want badly to make Puerto Rico a state so they can use that crap hole as another voting base after handing out more working class Republican money to accomplish their scheme. You have to keep one eye open with these assholes because if it was left up to them there wouldn’t be a white person left to vote . Screw a liberal

    1. Jade Kauffman says:

      Hawaii is a liberal strong hold bought and paid for using Republican working class tax dollars when it first became a state.
      I think it was a grave mistake to make it a state in the first place since it was all set up by democrats in power during that time

      Both copied from your post. Which is to blame? The Republicans or the Democrats. It seems I’m sorry to say that one must choose now.

      1. Cole Johnson says:

        Democrats are to blame! In fact! If you ban democrats, there would be no more mass shootings!

        1. Jade Kauffman says:

          That’s a little indefensible. Can you prove that a democrat committed every mass shooting?

  21. chucklc says:

    Good for him and he is to be applauded. What gets lost here is the fact that this Liberal wacko judge from all places Hawaii is constantly making noise. How many Illegals are thriving in Hawaii. Does he have them working in his home, are they vacationing in the most expensive area of the country? What the Hell gives with this clown?

  22. Jade Kauffman says:

    Gosh, I’m so proud of a president who screams until he’s hoarse about a judge doing his job. But then, he’s the same way about any form of media that doesn’t represent him the way he wants to be represented. He is a child who has his greedy finger on the nuclear button. Good-bye America. Those of you who put that mentally ill child in the white house will fall with all the rest of us. Well done.

  23. Jade Kauffman says:

    By the way, the title is wrong. Millions of liberals don’t even know this decision was made, and even though I know, I’m not furious. Rhetoric aimed at forging fury in the United States.

    1. lovefelines says:

      You’re saying millions of liberals don’t keep informed on a subject that is being highly debated and has a strong national security aspect? No wonder there’s so much ignorance on public display in the various “protest” rallies!

      1. Jade Kauffman says:

        I’m saying overreaching is a great way to promote anger and debate. Millions of liberals, millions of conservatives … if this is all you have to think about in a day, you need a hobby.

  24. Susan Lindauer says:

    It’s an outrage that any foreigner demands an automatic right to take residency in the United States. Trump should fight back against the Supreme Court family exceptions. Many an Islamic son has been committed to jihad even if parents or wives don’t support it. Each individual must be subject to extreme vetting. Nobody has the right to demand that we sacrifice OUR National Security.

    1. Jade Kauffman says:

      What about his wife?

  25. Ellen says:

    God bless the judge. At least there is one more that are for our country and the legal Americans. And not a PUSHOVER.

  26. Common sense is blown up every day by Liberals. They will never stop. Expect them to make fools of themselves until they die. Expect it and reject it.

  27. ter334 says:

    In reality muslims don’t even have a sense of nationality. They do not think of themselves as Iranian, Saudi or whatever but are muslims. And islam, the “religion” to which muslims and only muslims belong is not a country. Sharia law is the koran coded into law and IMO allah is a mythical god, like the god of war, etc. of old. The caliphate is the OWG idea and the caliph will be the king or ayatollah of the world. To be a muslim country you have to have sharia law as the law of the land. Which they are doing in Turkey. Imposing sharia law and islam on that country. Terrorism is a political act, violent in some cases. It is not a military action even though islam has political tactics and strategies like armies have to conquest those they wish to subjugate. There are no rights and no freedoms in islam.

    1. nwjohnson says:

      Turkey has been Muslim since the Ottoman Turks took over and overthrew the Byzantine Emperor.. The Turks just have not been as “observant” as groups such as ISIS would like. What they are trying to do is make Sharia Law the law of the land and make the “unobservant” Turks observe it totally.

  28. Palmer says:

    The Constitution states that “The President can stop anyone from entering the US” . He or She doesn’t have to show cause. Period. He could stop everyone tomorrow if he wanted to and there isn’t anything anyone could do about it. Just check for yourself. Learn something!

  29. Laurie Rogers says:

    MR. TRUMP?!?! Uh, excuse me but someone needs to correct the buffoon at NYT that it is now PRESIDENT TRUMP NOT MR.!!!!

    1. Jade Kauffman says:

      He’s not my president. He didn’t take that office legitimately, and I’m free to call him whatever I want.

    2. George M Melby says:

      Excuse ME, but you’re damn lucky we call the orange-haired ass, Mr.! He should better be known as pRESIDENT A$$Ho*E!!

  30. Marge D. Hoskins says:

    HAWAII’S JUDGE (best buddies w/’barryHusseinO’ Is A Liberal Retard That DOES NOT Respect The Laws Of The USA…

  31. Jeronimo Dan says:

    One small problem, Judge Watson and Obama are high school buddies…go figure?

  32. jong says:

    Its about time that a judge rule by the rule of law rather than politics. The ninth has become a “nothing court” in that no matter what the cause it will judge by emotion rather than by law making law meaningless. Which is exactly what liberals want for the chaos they will bring. The problem of course comes in that they will not win.

  33. William Glass says:

    Well how about that! Pres. Trump (and the Movement for Freedom known as the “Trump Train”) score another victory. Trump said we might get tired of “winning” ( I don’t think so ). May God grant wisdom to Pres.Trump in order for him (and the USA) to keep on “winning”.

  34. Maggie Cadden says:

    Send all the muslim refugees to hawaii since they want them so much

  35. Richard Wythe says:

    I’m not a violent person…but if just one and the people that comes in the country as a result of this judge’s terrible decision is found to be involved in ANY terror attack..he should be tarred and feathered.

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