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Fox News Has A Major Big Problem On Their Hands

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  1. Talikka says:

    Isn’t this what the new leadership at Fox News wanted? To let MSNBC become number 1…

    1. Roger says:

      MSNBC is number one like Hillary was leading now President Trump 95% to 5% in the polls two weeks before the election! Idiots make polls and idiots believe polls!

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Hillary couldn’t lead a canine to water………she only knows how to lead herself to her alcoholic cabinet, for some more 10:00AM breakfast drinks…………BOOZE….

        1. Jim says:

          Granny, just study her mouth and face, she has had too many women in her life.The things she believes in and says are the sames things all homos are saying and doing.

    2. depressionbaby says:

      To me it’s really sad that you can’t say “Number 1 with a Bullet!” like Billboard used to do; but I voted for Trump and will vote for him again. I really believe that many people; including me occasionally; watch Rachel to get a sense of how unhinged the Democrats are.

      1. 1937shirley says:

        But I refuse to watch the bimbo Maddow sick cow no matter what.

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        ME TOO……….Liberals/Dems have such low standards and equally low IQ minds……

  2. chief1937 says:

    Fox has no one to blame but themselves and should they continue down the same path they will most likely destroy themselves.

    1. JRT12 says:

      I listen to the ones who the FOX LIBTARD IDIOTS, fired, but I DEFINITELY will NEVER lower my self to listen to the PC TRASH and CRAP of anything nbc!!!

    2. Leigh says:

      Fox, you brought the lower ratings on yourself. You now have inserted unpopular shows. The Five sucks as well as the Gutfield show.I use to watch from 8-11 every night. Now I watch Hannity, and Judge Jeanine and Watters at times. Get that racist Juan Williams off FOX, this man is disgusting. If the sun was shinning he would disagree and say it was raining.

      1. maxx says:

        Williams is what we call “a token” and he is sure good at it. I love it when Laura Ingram takes him on and really shuts him up.

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          DOWN with MSNBC the lying traitor network of the USA…………..

        2. Johnstoirvin says:

          I’m sure Williams is paid to be contrary, regardless of the subject.

          1. Jim Horn says:

            Him and the bushy mustached guy

          2. sunandfun says:

            Very possible.

      2. Ron Myers says:

        Leigh, Boy, you hit the nail “right on the head”, I couldn’t agree with you more.
        Also get rid of Bob Beckel. Since he is “Back on the show” and at a later time, I find something else to watch instead of “the five.” I don’t care much for Watters, “I’m Watters, and this is MY world. Yea!. sure. But he sure brings out the “Stupidity” from a lot of people on , especially college students. Waste of money to keep some of them in school.

      3. Skin&Bones says:

        Yeah, Juan is nauseating..racist at the nearly highest level.
        The other stooges; Maxine Waters, John Lewis and Al Sharpton– are bottled up at the very top of racism.
        I actually turn off Fox once Juan Williams enters the picture.
        What colossal mistake ol Fox has brought upon itself. Wow!!

        1. sunandfun says:

          I think that the new jerks in charge of FOX news are being paid by SOROS to RUIN the once GREAT FOX news.

      4. Marilyn says:

        Bob Beckel needs to go, too. He is repulsive and obnoxious.

        1. rick meek says:

          He also smells and can’t climb a flight of stairs without breathing hard….

          1. sunandfun says:

            YEH RIGHT,,,,,,,,,,,,NOT!

        2. Leigh says:

          With his slurred speech sounds like he is back hitting the bottle, he is repulsive.

      5. Tony Rowell says:

        and don’t forget Sheppard Smith, he don’t know what he believes or likes unless some tells him to

        1. Jim says:

          When you are a queer you don,t k now what to do. His mouth is turning more gay all the time plus that little jerk in his get a long.

        2. Pat Robertson says:

          Smith is supposed to be giving the news..; instead we have to listen to his believes..; a commentator not a reporter

          Very annoying.. so much so I turn off his show thes days

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            so do i

      6. Clarence Gerald Griffin says:

        Got that right!! lol (about Williams); bob too!!

    3. jackhy says:

      chief: Maybe you haven’t thought enough about what we would face if there were only “FAKE” news media to deliver their biased, non objective views. I believe they are bent on destroying or discrediting Fox news, their only competitor over the air ways. They team up with the Liberal leftist print media also, in lock step with the Democrat philosophy!

      1. sunandfun says:

        That would explain why they got rid of the people that all viewers watched FOX news for in the first place.

      2. JC Hoot says:

        The fake news shows goals is to create a coup to turn this country into a country like Venezuela!

    4. bunky doodle says:

      no rupert’s sons will destroy fox…..

      1. 1937shirley says:

        And it sure seems like Ruppie Pop is going to let them destroy it along with his bimbo daughters-in-law.

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:


      2. granny_forUSA says:

        We the people will destroy rupert’s sons……………

      3. buzzer7 says:

        Those two are deff to the left! They will ruin Fox!

      4. Jim Horn says:

        The Murdoch boys and their sidekick/handler Alwaleed bin Talal.

    5. pudge1 says:

      I understand Murdoch boys’ wives are responsible, Is this true?

    6. sunandfun says:

      Just like what is happening to our great country. Prepare for a new revolution in this country!

    7. DollyT says:

      Just like the Democratic Party. Destroying themselves!

  3. dwittman says:

    Since O’reilly isn’t on I only listen to Hannity. I don’t listen to MSNBC I manily listen to One American News.

  4. Al DiVito says:

    Fox News is fast becoming another part of the useless MSM. We, the public will never know the validity of the accusations against Ailes and O’Reilly. The recent accusations against Sean Hannity appear to be following a pattern. MSM, the Democrats and some Republicans refuse to even give Trump a chance. Those in the Senate and Congress are simply wasting tax dollars trying to block everything.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Actually I despise DEMS/LIBERALS but find that local channel FOX, is nothing but a talk show about meaningless mindless local stories that have nothing to do with the STATE…..They talk about their families, their dogs, & their kids…………WHO CARES……….When you want News & whats happening in your state you don’t want to listen to yuk……….

      1. Clarence Gerald Griffin says:

        Dont know what fox channel you’re listening to, but the one we watch discusses and addresses ALL SIDES of the news. Can’t stand much listening to liberal people, but they’re given equal air time. Definitely fair and balanced news, in addition to talk shows.

  5. Jeannie says:

    I only watch Hannity now. I watch the five once in a while but get aggravated with beckle. He seems to be slurring his words making me wonder. williams never has much to say that is worth while. the “specialists” is just a bunch of people talking over each other, as is carlson. I do not watch msnbc or cnn. I just watch regular tv.

    1. Russ Baker says:

      Jeannie, you are spot-on in my opinion! “The Five’ has been ruined by the likes of Juan Williams and Bob Beckle, “The Specialist” is a misnomer, the title should have been “Those who argue with the most crude interruptions”, an unruly bunch at best, with each talking over the other. Carlson is good at what he does but he’s trying to convince Progressive Liberals of their wrongs, and that ain’t going to happen.
      Hannity uses the absolute same talking points over, and over, but he does have enough good sense to realize others see and know this. Fox is going to regret a lot of their current line-up, as they’ve been going down hill for some time now….Getting rid of Sheppard Smith would be a great way to start off on a new foot, IMHO.

      1. 1937shirley says:

        Boy are you spot on!

    2. rex ames says:

      I guess I don’t understand how things work. Did Bill O’Reilly really do what they said, or was it all manufactured to get him out. If so the network should have stuck with him because of great raitings which translates to big money. Besides he did have a great show. As for Williams, why would you want someone there who does not want Trump to be successful. That basturd needs to go. As for the Gutfield show, he is a joke and fox news needs real people, not a comedian. I guess that’s the fare and balanced part that O’Rielly talks about, even the dumb asses have a say !!
      For sure know matter what it cost, I would bring O’Rielly back. Shove it right up their liberal asses.

    3. 1937shirley says:

      No such thing as regular TV that has any honest to goodness real news. ABC (Disney), NBC (MSNBC), CBS. All of them in the pockets of the libs.

      1. Jeannie says:

        Shirley, I am not talking about News…I am talking about shows like NCIA and things like that in place of FOX. I used to watch FOX from 1 PM to when I went to bed.. Can’t stand sheppie baby so I did not watch the noon hour. But now, I watch Brett Bair, Hannity, Judge Jeanine, andonce in a while watters….that’s about it.

        1. Jim says:

          How about Lou Dobbs, he is a good person and honest.

  6. In warfare, firings should not occur until a replacement is identified. We are in political warfare at the moment. If that identity is not fist accomplished, The CEO has just created his newest problem and the countdown to failure has just begun. .

  7. BOB ALLENBY says:

    fox only has them selves to blame for firing those two. O’rielly WAS THE BEST AND SHOULD BE BROUGHT BACK NO MATTER WHAT

  8. maxx says:

    Their not ” saboteurs” they are the brothers Murdock who are both NWO operatives like their old man. They just want to join the other useless members of the MSM. The one that should be run out of town is Chris Wallace. He is as much of a conservative as Meghan Kelly was, who once admitted she was shocked to receive a job offer from Fox because she was a flaming liberal. Wallace acts more like Glen Beck everyday. I stopped watching his Sunday program unless someone else takes his place.

  9. Maggietish says:

    Fucks me their biggest mistake when they gave into pressure and Got rid of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. This article is obviously more fake news. It just boggles the mind that these biased corrupt liberal progressive news media believe that the American people are going to believe this trash and anything they say at this point. No one in their right mind who has any kind of patriotism and loyalty to this country would watch MSNBC and CNN. They are anti-American networks who insanely believe that they tell the American people what we should think and they believe that we’re going to do that. For those who don’t watch Fox news any longer there certainly not going to change the channel to CNN or MSNBC ever.

  10. Bill Philo says:

    I wish the Trump boys would buy/build a cable news station so we could get the TRUTH. Hire Hannity 1st!!! Get O’reilley and the fox n friends hosts then let the rest of fox finish their slide into the gutter with the rest of the media. I don’t agree with everything Trump says BUT he takes ALOT of crap daily for our sake-the least we can do is be loyal to him.

    1. 1937shirley says:

      Love Trump but love Hannity too. We need a new conservative network real fast to keep Fox, CNN and NSNBC from dragging us further into the mud of fake, harmful liberal news.

  11. toothii says:

    One only needs to understand that the Murdoch sons are running things now at Fox. Both are liberals and one had his wife work on the HRC campaign. Yes, part of the prob was brought on by themselves, however NONE of it was proven in a court of law to be true. We’ve reached a point in this country that innocent until proven guilty is no longer the norm. Add to that the declared war by the left on the right and much of what has happened is self-explanatory. To be sure, some of the same nonsense goes on at all networks, but they haven’t been targeted like Fox has been.

  12. A_patriot says:

    I try to take in Meghen Kelly’s The Story. Sometimes I’ll watch Tucker Carlson, whom I really like, but that’s too much in an evening. I don’t sleep well and I use TV as a means to help me unwind. I stopped liking or even listening to O’Reilly quite some time ago. His ego got way out of hand, for me. I listen more to talk radio. Start my day with Fox & Friends, then get the day started.


    1. granny_forUSA says:

      You can always interpret that as them trying to lure the perverts to their channel……Think they pick those women up from a local street that lure their customers to the curb……..they are hired for that channels perversion……….

  14. Moe says:

    Eventually, there will be only left wing propaganda news, no choice but the left wing democratic people’s socialist party’s news. All people with common sense must be silenced. They the Democratic Party and their controlled media will decide what is truth, we will be fed lies like now not daily, but for a life time. Make believe news and Obama style cover ups continued by the news outlets. When the nation collapses from bankruptcy and the people we gave power to turn into rioters and looters attacking the innocent, the wealthy leftwing rich will be first to get open a plan out of here. Remember these left wing wealthier supporters are shitting all over the place by controlling the media, expecting not to have to walk through their shit like the rest of us do. This isn’t freedom, this isn’t law and decency the democrats are preaching, decency would if been the honesty to expose the corruptions well know as fact under Obama. To control us they need to control medical care, the media, and disarm us. Their the masked anarchist armed with clubs can be their shock troops when we beg for common sense leadership.

  15. wharfrat says:

    Murdoch and his sons are killing off Fox with their crazy firing of Bill O’Reilly, they are trying to convince viewers that Global Warming is real and they are losing viewers and Bill is starting up a new network and will put the Murdochs out of business,it’s a shame because there are great people working at Fox who don’t deserve to be treated like a bunch of dummies,maybe Bill will hire them,

  16. fordfool says:

    yeah, maybe……but in all good conscience, can Maddow even like HERSELF? I thnk it was Thumper who said “..if U cant say something nice, dont say anything at all.
    Go Rachel, read some nursery-stories.. it may help U focus better. Pitiful, just pitiful..

  17. jimmy9522 says:

    I don’t believe a word of it. There is no way people are going to watch MESSNBC.

    1. Gene says:

      Especially with rachel madcow

  18. bunky doodle says:

    hannity on radio i listen daily. oan tv yes. with mark lavine…good. … newmax yes. fox no. rupert murdoch’s sons are effectively destorying fox cable news…’s time has passed.

  19. Lazer says:

    I started watching Bill O on FOX not because of FOX but because as politics became mainstream gossip and opinions, Bill appeared to try to stick to the facts. He also did a lot of good things promoting his great books wherein the profits went to Charity – how many leftist give all of their profits to help others? Not one. However, I do believe that FOX needed new fresh faces that would appeal to the powder puff non-stable younger set who never become adults or take responsibility except to demonstrate for that which they know little to nothing about and eject violence and damage on innocent others that have absolutely nothing to do with the US leftist self imposed drama that taxpayers have to endure until they do something about it – which they are not. At least FOX did promote Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters who share our values while appealing to the younger set that has not been totally corrupted by FAKE news demonstrative and obstructive leftists who are sending this country into bankruptcy by their acts alone. Not one of them can tell you why we keep increasing welfare and subsidies while threatening social security throughout each year – nor do they have an answer as to how to pay for it – working citizens taxes is how they do it as the government does zip to create income – they are worse than bank robbers and murders – perhaps FOX, through Tucker Carlson and Jessie Watters, can reach out to a few of the mindless children we are producing.

  20. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    Rumor is that O’Reilly is partnering up with other big money people to start a new network.

    I hope they put it on ROKU At a ‘reasonable’ ($4.99 per month) and sell limited advertising.

    Nearly everybody has HIGH SPEED Internet (4 mps minimum 10 or better preferred) and ROKU as well as Amazon Firestick will make it available.

    All I have now is 2 ROKU and a Firestick.

    Who needs the broadcast crap?

  21. david goodman says:

    fairly new tv show One America News.not bad.O’reilly needs to take over and make America great

    1. Gene says:

      O’reilly would be a great addition to OAN, their rating’s would soar

  22. Joanne says:

    Wow, like this is a big shock, what did they expect?

  23. granny_forUSA says:

    Poor Comey, the traitor of the FBI……..Even the FBI has turned on him……….what a shame……….

    MSNBC is the traitor channel of the USA along with some others………and only the illegals & mooslum, and the traitor liberals are the ones that switched…………Comey is a USA traitor because he helped the other traitor (hildabeast) with her cover ups of lying and corruption…………

    HURRAH, Comey the traitor is GONE, & soon HC & BO will be in prison, right next to Comey……….

  24. CommonSense4America says:

    I have to admit that I have reduced my viewing of Fox News. Partly because of O’Reilly and partly because they are starting to lean too far left. The other reason is everyone keeps talking over each other and I can’t hear anyone. It’s my one man boycott.

  25. downs1 says:

    Fox News made some epic mistakes and they will pay for them dearly. The new leadership at Fox is clearly not the old! These two men haven’t the smarts nor the testosterone to carry on in their father’s place! Liberal foolishness will scuttle Fox . . . from the inside! Truth is being replaced with political “Fake News” and propaganda on the last station that had at least a semblance of truth! Just one more piece of evidence that this once great nation is going down!

  26. GRAMPA says:

    What can you expect when the new generation takes control of a business. it isnt the first time I have seen this. the new generation had everything handed to them and expects that everything should be as they say it should. not needing to work for what they got have no idea what it takes to build a relationship with a customer. the listeners and readers are the customers. the left has these young progressive minds that fall into the trap well it took many years to get fox on top and only weeks to set it on the decline to ruin. the removal of two of the mainstays are gone Greta and bill. True they may not have been easy to listen to but you knew they had the news close to the truth. when they didn’t they came back with a correction. while Trucker has some talent he isnt as polished and cannot deliver the news. he uses only interviews and needs some different points that are more entertaining. his interviews are on old news and people want current events. a up and coming will be Watters. he takes it to people and that is entertaining and lets people see what the common man thinks. his position on the five is also well placed for he has the facts and isnt afraid to deliver them.


  27. Barbara says:


  28. Maria castro says:

    What people are getting tired of the sos….There are no news…collusion, over and over….Maybe the snowflakes are the ones watching, they are insecured insects and need to be reassured they are peeing in the right tree. The “good boy/girl” syndrome. Remember they are conditioned like Pavlov dogs.

  29. Mike W says:

    The left wants President Trump OUT, They want O’Reilly OUT, They want Assange DEAD, They want the guys who “illegally” taped and exposed Planned Parenthood in prison or worse. Everyone who has been a problem for the Clintons have wound up dead. Over 107 body bags. When will the left wing loons, meth-heads, crackheads, heroin addicts etc learn they are being lead around by the nose? When they are done with Clinton – maybe we can see what is in all of those records Obama had sealed – the left wants the TRUTH – Let’s give them both barrels.

  30. Kathy says:

    Fox is DONE..lets start with Gretchen, Greta, Maria the former weather gal, O’Reilly and the list goes one misses Miss Queen Kelly, Tucker can’t manage all of it, The 5 sickens me, Outnumbered is the same all the time..nothing new, Williams and Bectle are jokes, Shepherd Smith is disgusting who always thinks he is cute, bottom line is since the sons have taken over there now is no conservative news channels..all are probably in debted to the liberals one way or another..but we have the upper hand…just don’t watch TV news…we don’t and we don’t feel like we’ve missed anything but fake news..CNN (otherwise communist news network) MSNBC…a joke with jokesters as moderators and so it goes…we prefer our options of turning off the set and do some reading…better for the mind anyway. Or watch reruns that are lighthearted and make you laugh. Fox was the last good news channel and as O’Reilly told us they were always on top of the ratings…NO MORE.

  31. buzzer7 says:

    I hate that show that replaced the Five. Bolling is still good but Kat and Eboni are annoying. Moving the Five to 9pm was a mistake. I can’t get into banter at that time of the evening. Without. O’Reilly at 8pm Fox stopped being ” Fox”! Carlson at 9 was great, and Sean at 10pm, also. Juan Williams was tough enough to take at 5 Pm. He’s mind numbing at 9pm!

  32. Dan Menard says:

    I agree that Fox News unwisely placed itself in a world of hurt with its faithful viewers, but closing down the News Network is not a good solution and would play into the hands of the liberals agenda. Bad decisions were made whose ultimate and negative consequences have yet to fully materialize. Foolish decisions hardly does justice to the ill connived decisions made.
    If a “house cleaning” is still to come, it should start with the instigators who did this to their loyal followers and staff. Truth is hard to find in any venue and even more so in the news. Commentators, like O’Reilly, daily fight an uphill battle choosing not to run with the general pack. It has made him and the network enemies, which would and should be seen as victories for both. If a judgement is to come to the news commentator it should be on their failure to not do their job correctly. Their private lives are their own business. There are few angels in this world and fewer others who have the right or divinity to chastise them!

  33. Barb McFadden says:

    I wouldn’t watch msnbc or cnn if they were the last 2 channels left on TV. But, Fox is destroying itself. I keep hearing about a new conservative news channel that may start up. If it does, Fox is definitely done! I already can’t stand to watch The Five. Kimberly is the only one on there that has any sense. Jessie and Greg are okay but the others are awful!

    1. Camille Gilliam says:

      Dana is good too! Juan Wiiiams and Bob Beckle are awful, their arguments don’t even make sense.

  34. Daniel Graves says:

    The replacements on FOX simply do not have the experience needed. Carlson and O’ Riley were a great loss. The other broadcasters are weak too. There is no news on Fox now. Just political comments. The sexual harassment lobby is making a lot of money for the women. There does not need to be proof, just the accusation seems to be enough. These women get more money in a form of blackmail than they do for their tallent.

  35. MIKE6080 says:

    fox wanted to be the next cnn so you see where it got them

  36. bobs33hotrod says:

    TOO Bad for FOX News. I was a long time watcher Now I only watch HANNITY, JUDGE JEANEENE, ad LOU DOBS.. I wish the three would go to or start another Conservative News Channel..
    BOBBY ~!~

    1. pudge1 says:

      It’s coming Bob. Just hold on for a while. OAN is good.

  37. Floyd Sloan says:


  38. Silver Eagle says:

    I have removed every aspect of Fox from my computers. I now watch “One America.Com.( channel 116 on Frontier/verizon) Be on the lookout for Bill Oreillys list of companies who deserted him. They wont get a nickel of my money…..

  39. boardfence says:

    What’s happing to Fox is the same thing that happens to any business. When children that are not near qualified to run a business, and they got there by daddy’s say so. So sad.

  40. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    We’ve seen the campaigns are crooked, elections are crooked, most politicians are crooked, news media is crooked, polls are crooked and I’m sure viewer counts are crooked.

  41. rick meek says:

    Time to take their scalps – Huh…..

  42. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    I predicted this. But it was like shooting fish in a barrel. That said, Tucker Carlson is a fine host, and continually shows how Fascist and crazy the liberal left is. But he has an almost impossible task…filling King O’Reilly’s slot. If I were ANY Conservative in Fox, I would be getting my resume ready, and jump the sinking Fox ship as early as possible!

  43. cathylovesyou says:

    Fox made the first mistake giving into the Communist Party when they fired Beck. I always have liked Tucker Carlson but his quest that he takes on are so dumb and to watch him debate them is frustrating to me as well as him. I watch more movies, the Communist channels and their viewers yuk, Maddow is Mad, O’Donnell must have had a sorry childhood he makes me sick even when he was on the McCloughlin show. Brian Williams is Dan Rathers son both ego’s suck the lies right out of them

  44. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    If you watch MSNBC, &/or CNN, all you get is FAKE news! If FOX keeps getting rid of their main stay hosts, they can pretty much give up & become another fake news peddler.

  45. Wambli525 says:

    The USA is now dominated by Left Wing news outlets broadcasting hate, discontent and propaganda. The republic as we know it may be doomed and democrat politicians are all to blame.

  46. Jim Horn says:

    FOX is bowing to bad publicity and it’s leadership and management is sinking this once great organization.

  47. Gen11American says:

    If American viewers think MSNBC and Rachel Maddow are reliable sources to get their news, then things are infinitely worse than I thought! The fact is, they are both two of the worst news sources on air anywhere!

  48. bill14729 . says:

    MSNBC NEVER, Ha, Ha, That’s a line Of BS

  49. Jay Crossbow says:

    When one takes into account that there are over 330,000,000 million people in America and these shows are getting 2.8 million total viewers, it’s less than 1% of the population. Who cares about these corporate globalist shills on any of these dinosaur tv networks.

  50. Oren Player says:

    I stopped watching national news a long time ago. Got tired of watching the so-called news that I knew was a lie. Instead, I watch the local news just to see how many of the female announcers are knocked up. Seems to go with the season. Then I tune in to the cartoons.

  51. Jay Crossbow says:

    And what’s even more funny is the sheep think they’re ‘informed’ watching these globalist corporate sponsored misinformation and disinformation propaganda shows.

  52. Ragcat24 says:

    It isn’t only the loss of O’Reilly. It seems that Fox, as of late, is often buying into the Liberal ‘think’ in their reporting in their news. Unsubstantiated articles from the NY Times and Washington Post are given credence almost as fact and are reported over and over again instead of REAL news. And the reporters seem to have lost the command of the English language [esp. Cavuto]—stutters, lost places in their sentences, etc. Get it together Fox. You cannot just live on reputation. You have to stay fresh, new, and professional. And talking over the guests is OK to an extent [yeah, we all know about ‘talking points’], but when it becomes the whole show [as ‘Tucker’ oft’ becomes] the off button is near by. Oh, how many Fox reporters ARE actually Liberals? It seems like their bias is starting to show—though not quite as strongly as MSNBC or CNN—-Yet!

  53. jong says:

    Sort of a false premise. MSNBC is a yellow rag of a news station. And they are bringing people mainly through lies. When the lies become apparent even to the idiots they will flee.

  54. jesse says:

    I don’t buy it, I can’t imagine that that many people would be gullible enough to watch a bunch of obsessive leftists, suffering from acute delusional disorder, peddle propaganda for their luciferian handlers. The global power-brokers that are pullin the strings behind the non-stop barrage of attacks on Trump, that took out O’Reilly, that whacked out Seth Rich, that manipulated the polls during the prez election and Brexit, are at it again, nothing is at it seems! It’s all part of the larger scale allusion designed to undermine Trump, to undermine Nationalism, Conservatism and liberty globally!!

  55. tiaraboo says:

    But at this point even my dog knows that msnbc is FAKE NEWS!

  56. tiaraboo says:

    The decent thing Fox has is Tucker and Judge Janine.

  57. Timothyf7 says:

    Fox should re-hire O’Reilly, if he would consider even coming back. Maybe when he settles his case, they can cme to a compromise.

  58. John R Fleming says:

    Hannity, Oreilly, Megan Kelly never were independent talents. Theyb are onl;y creatures of the corporate system.I quit Fox after the Megan Kelley ambush of Trump. I couldnt pick Tucker Carlson out of a lineup- Who else were you talking about?

  59. alpambuena says:

    so far will only watch fox…..but even if fox was not there…would never watch cnn or any of these commie propaganda news shows….

  60. fedupyes says:

    MSNBC is more like MSLSD I think.

  61. Alan Hale says:

    So why do you watch Fox News instead of all the fine conservatives on Fox Business Channel? I turned off Bill o’Reilly when he would soft pedal Obama as not trying to destroy America when actually Obama was put in by Soros’s shadow government and either O’Reilly was too stupid to realize it or he was also paid by Soros. O’Reilly also did not support the 2nd amendment. His views on drugs were archaic. I am 78 and am a solid conservative-O’Reilly was a big city boy and was no conservative, Maria Bartiromo, Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs are great conservatives.

  62. William R says:


  63. Pat Robertson says:

    The ousting of O’Reilly the beginning of FOX becoming more ‘liberals’ under the gaze of
    Rupert’s sons & daughter in law!

    I recall Rupert stating the reason for FOX was to have a balance of views

    Now this phylosophy being eroded… The end of FOx if allowed to continue

  64. DollyT says:

    I listen to Hannity and NewsMax on the internet.

  65. David in MA says:

    There are those in America who conduct themselves as these people have and it will contribute greatly to the destruction of America, to those people who are a part of this movement I remind them of an old saying: Be Careful What You Ask For, You just Might Get It.

    (and you will not like it when you do)

  66. Robert E. Herbst says:

    Real Big Bunch of B.S. !!!!!

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