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Fox News Got This Warning About Megyn Kelly

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  1. kodster says:

    One of the reasons why I never watched Megyn Kelly’s prime-time show much. Especially when she started having guests like Michael Moore, etc., on her show. Her TRUE colors came out.

  2. sunandfun says:

    It appears that you can’t trust anyone anymore. O’Reilly had the right idea about if you had problems with someone or a company that you work for and is paying you a lot of money, talk to the one in charge or quit and move on to another company. I’ve never had A PROBLEM WITH MY EMPLOYER and have moved on to another employer just to improve my income.

    1. maxx says:

      Sadly, companies have found it more economically efficient to cave in to these air whores, both female and male than to fight. I can’t say I ever liked Ailes but I still doubt very much he sexually harassed or assaulted anybody. Especially the two bimbos. that took him out. Then O’Reilly. And of course the latest Sean Hannity. Anybody see a pattern here? Since the woman related to the Hannity accusation has actually stepped forward and denied the story, why isn’t the media that is pushing it being handled appropriately?

      1. Leon Pollock says:

        Their are many more “AIR WHORES” that need to be released from the daily bombardment of the air waves in America !!

  3. Ima D. Plorable says:

    ME-GAIN Kelly lost me when she attacked Trump non-stop in the first debate. I was like, what the…!!! What a freakin’ TROLL she is!!

    1. AZ Nancy #MAGA says:

      That’s when she lost me as well and at the time I wasn’t a Trump supporter and I thought she crossed the line.

      1. Ima D. Plorable says:

        I wasn’t a Trump supporter at that time either and, like you, thought she crossed the line again and again that night. I was surprised but figured she was just showing her true colors or looking to make a bigger name for herself!

        1. Janelle says:

          I think there were many far more important topics to discuss than a remark he made 13 years earlier. The tone and her expression also made her look ridiculous.

    2. StopTheJews says:

      Fake News Trump like the attack by Kelly. I think it turn him on. FAKE NEWS TRUMP NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT AMERICA AND NOT THE BILLIONAIRE CRIMINALS HE WANTS TO GIVE A HUGE TAX BREAK TO. SCUMBAG JEWS LIKE QUEER ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CRIST DISNEY DO NOT NEED A TAX BREAK. Disney recently fired 250 Americans and replace them with 250 scumbags from India after Disney made the Americans train these losers.





      1. Harley Andes Sr. says:

        Too bad you aren’t educated enough to speak properly. Then I might pay some attention to the shit you spout. Nah, I lied. What you say is ridiculous and yes, you are an IMA Deplorable!

        1. StopTheJews says:

          You are a phony and a coward. Stick up for the people in our military peckerface. I can speak very clear. KISS MY WHITE AMERICAN BUTT. But first brush your teeth and gargle.

      2. Bob M says:

        You are what is wrong with America ;((((

        1. StopTheJews says:

          Bob go to Gay Days at Jewish WALT DISNEY THEME PARKS this year and put your lips up in curlers. The Disney Jews will love you for this.

          1. Bob M says:

            You are really a sick person.

      3. Tom Schuckman says:

        Number One: I bet I know what you look like and ready to put money on it. 2. You’d better read Genesis 12: 3, before you curse Israel any more !! 3. If your I.Q. was just 2 points higher — you could be a potato ! Have a great day!

      4. taxx says:

        You may like kelley and you may have class, a lot of it although all very low. Your rant about tax cuts for the rich makes no sense. That is if you knew what you were talking about. Although there are across the board tax cuts for everyone, the tax exemptions for the very rich are being taken away. Even Trump will pay more in taxes without the write offs.

      5. Gary Parker says:

        Nazi boy, and I suppose the holocaust didn’t really happen.

      6. lin says:

        You are not A Deplorable-you are just deplorable. Disney is not the only company to use those tactics and President Trump is working on improving a system abused by Democrat supporters like Zuckenburg.

  4. geneww1938 says:

    There are very few things more vicious than a power hunger women with her mind made up and believe they are the smartest at everything.
    They make excellent project managers if employees are expendable.

    1. maxx says:

      And look at how the media covered up for Slick Willy. The guy was a whore hound while still in college and all through his days in Arkansas where the Arkansas State Police covered for him. But one better not be a conservative because the media will make your life a living hell. Something definitely needs to be done about the MSM. Time that they be held financially accountable for every story that is found to be fake or riddled with lies. Fine them and put them out of business.

  5. ter334 says:

    The appropriate term might be she is toxic? Are the conservatives trying to take her down? a Kelly for an O’Reilly? Politics is for adults who don’t get their feelings hurt or wear them on their sleeve.

    1. glen thompson says:

      No need for the conservative to take her down. She will do that herself. The woman is poison. It won’t take long for NBC to realize its mistake.

  6. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    She will eventually be gone and forgotten like all liberals. There has been a large host of liberal women chewed up and spat out in liberal media. Just look at how many were let go even when they were liked by the audiences. Even old Al Roker was screwed around and thrown under the bus, he wasn’t liberal enough for them I guess. Only the extreme behind lickers were retained and even elevated in some cases but they soon all just got old and forgotten. So many were caught lying and playing politics rather than being journalist and doing their jobs.

  7. usn says:

    Why do you people keep her in the news, every site you go to you have to look at her mug.

    1. grouchyroan says:

      and she is not someone i want to see daily, has that face you just feel the need to slap but then realize that’s what she wants

  8. bunky doodle says:

    may she rest in peace at nbc. they are pissed at her. will she ever appear. hope not

    1. maxx says:

      Oh, she will probably leave with another very large settlement because NBC will be afraid to fire her. She will accuse someone there with sexual something or other.

  9. Mary L. Terry says:

    When Kelly asked that first question for Mr. Trump to answer, I knew she was totally LIBERAL, and said at the time that she should not have been allowed to continue. When they let her keep the garbage up, I knew it was useless to ever watch the debates! It had nothing to do with politics and was a total disgrace to FOX NEWS. They should have put a stop to it STAT!. But the golden girl of FOX won her battle, and with it began the destruction of FOX, which was the only CONSERVATIVE STATION ON AIR. That soon flunked and became the worst LIBERAL STATION ON AIR!

    1. Doris Will says:

      I questioned the reason Kelly chose to champion Rosie O”Donnell at the time she was on the view she was outrageous with obnoxious remarks about anything not Liberal. More of a playground bully, always nasty. I agreed with Trump’s opinion of her. Then she made a big deal of going to Trump Tower to meet with Donald, and saying they were on good terms. Not too long after that she made the charges about Roger Ailes. I think Ailes ordered her to go and mend fences with Trump, and that’s why she made the charges against Ailes, with the full approval of Murdoch and sons, and the beginning of Fox’s conversion to the liberal side of the aisle. After that the sexual assault accusations began with O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and now it’s Jessie Watters turn on the chopping block. now what an amazing four conservatives accused of the same thing in 5 months. I think they are having casting calls for these “victims.” Hannity’s accuser has already admitted to lying. All this to satisfy the Murdoch offspring. dropping from the top of the news ratings to the bottom of the heap on the liberal side.

    2. maxx says:

      Kelly even made a comment during an interview at one time that she was shocked to get an offer from Fox because of her liberal ideology. She was never ever anything but a liberal scank.

  10. gene smiith says:

    She took lessons from the master, President TRUMP, then Candidate TRUMP, she knew that only by doing the outrageous things that she wound up doing, would she keep her snoot in the news and on the front pages of every Newspaper….so she followed the lead of the leader of self promotion and the results were superb, well superb for her.

  11. kassa1 says:

    Rodger got what he deserved for not listening, to Steve Bannon.

  12. Bernie Lounds says:

    I just figured from day one she was nothing but a political whore and if you didn’t bed her she would find other ways to screw you.

  13. Ruth Hammons says:

    I used to like M Kelly but progressively she became a snippy antagonist that has the same vinegar posture of the left and their ill again anything good. She sank her own boat and will be so sorry she has joined with the evil side, the dark side, the side that belongs to Sorors and the evil that is all corruption in this nation and the Democrats and sadly some ignorant Republicans! She is one more traiot to our nation, real news and the truth!

  14. maxx says:

    I am sure I am far from being alone on this but I sure am really sick and tired of seeing her plastic face all over the internet. Her 15 seconds are over. Who wants to see her anymore? Gretchen Carlson; the same thing but she seems to have the sense to take her ill gotten gains and go away.

  15. ROM says:

    I feel bad for the media group that gets stuck with her, she is by far the worst of the media I had seen in the 2015-2016 debates.
    She was showing her true colors in the way she handled herself during the first debate, and turned many people that were truly undecided at the beginning of that debate toward Trump and the republicans.
    Its so sad to see the death of good journalism in the United States, we used to have the best in the world now its a bunch of over educated men and women attempting to show what they learned in college, or should I say what they didn’t learn in college.

  16. CrustyOldGeezer says:

    “Megyn Kapernick”?

    Contract ran out and NOBODY wants her? of him.

  17. Dondh says:

    Megan Kelly was way off base at the debate with Fox being the moderators when right off the bat, she asked a loaded question. It could very well be that some Liberal was paying her off to be an agitator during her part of the questioning! I don’t think there’s any question about it! She was out to get Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. I am so glad that that woman is gone from Fox! And thank God President Trump is now our president because it would have been a disaster with that bold-faced liar and known criminal, Hillary Clinton. She would have continued the many disastrous policies of that illegal and incompetent former president, Barack Hussein Obama! One thing I would like to see before they repeal Obamacare is remove Obama from the title. He’s far from worthy to has his name attached to anything except illegal alien and crook! Increasing the national debt more than any other president is criminal as far as I’m concerned is one of the worst things this guy did! President Trump is doing his best to get America back on track. But those bozo Democrats and a few Rhino Republicans are doing their best to railroad President Trump in anything he has and will do. The problem with these poor suckers is that they just can’t get over the rightful fact that their candidate lost in the last election! Get over it, President Trump is our President. Either join up and try to help or maybe its time for you to resign your positions in Congress and go home a soak your head in some Epson Salts!

  18. mary murphy says:

    I saw as picture of Megan Kelly from a few years back, and in it, she was wearing a Hillary campaign button–put me immediately “on my guard for future Conservative betrayal.

  19. pianobill says:

    Thank Goodness, she is not on FOX anymore

  20. Jeannie says:

    I used to watch Megyn…but after that first debate, I saw her plan. I quit watching her…She got so full of herself. Her ego was showing big time…She turned out to be a real live she devil.

  21. Eleanor Tatro says:


  22. downs1 says:

    Often times, people are not who you think they are! So sad, but at times people can be extremely destructive to one another . . . and to themselves! It is distressing when you find you can no longer trust people, especially those who are in the media, the ones who you trust to speak the truth! And the ones you trust to lead the nation! The “establishment” hates Trump, because he doesn’t follow their rules! It would seem that he is under attack because he thinks outside the bucket and tells the truth, which makes it necessary for the “Left” to destroy him in order for them to push their diabolical agenda which will ultimately destroy this country. Sadly, it would appear that Megyn Kelly was part of this “movement” to systematically destroy Trump!

  23. Richard Frick says:

    Kelly is more poisonous than a Cobra and more vicious than a school of Piranha. She thinks she is the Queen of the Jungle and she is only a pimple on the pr..k of progress.

  24. George Bernard Vieto says:

    Old saying is “Faces you see, souls you don’t.”

  25. Chuck says:

    Megyn Kelly? Heck Maw. Ain’t she the one doin’ the wether on Cajun News down in Swampville? I heer she lives in her autymobil, out back o’ the stashin’. Still looks purty good in that there burlap sack she bought for $1.50 at Cheep Joe’s Discount House. How them there mighty(?) has fallin.

  26. Nutmeg Man says:

    I used to really like Kelly, but she turned into an egotistical turncoat. Nothing really new in national TV, but she truly flaunted her position. I really dislike phonies, and she certainly turned into one, which means should fit in well at biased NBC.

  27. Blindhorse says:

    I’m in that business and I can tell you that you can’t underestimate how self promoting and centered these people are. Their first and last thought is how can I benefit. Kelly is smart, fast and drop dead good looking and she knows it. She had reached the top of what Fox could do for her hosting the debate. I’m sure her “team” of agent/ publicist / managers strategized that the only bigger place that she could go was one of the three networks but they are all liberal and she’s identified as the Queen of Fox. How does she get some kind of liberal street cred. ? Bust Trump’s cojones at the debate !! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what she did. One year later, wow, she has a deal on the Today show. Surprise Surprise Surprise.

    1. katiekay2 says:

      When it was made public that she was leaving Fox I think very few knew where she was going. After it became public there were some rumors about who she would be replacing. She was promised the early spot and on Sunday. People were really hurt when they found out the new kid on the block would be replacing some people who had been there for years. I’m sure people get use to a news anchor and it’s hard to adjust to the one who replaces him. I think the problem will be when Megan shows up with a spendy hair style and designer clothes like she was doing on Fox. After watching other women as anchors at Fox, Megan was way over the top.

    2. glen thompson says:

      Sorry, but I must to disagree on that drop dead good looks part. Her head is way too big for her body. It sometimes looks she is about to topple over. She is so skinny she look anorexic. And that natural deep brunette hair dyed blond? Just plain too much. Especially those black roots. And the way she struts like a rooster. Certainly nothing feminine there. And then there is the way she dresses. Please. Way too much skin for a woman approaching fifty. Obviously someone needs to tell her she is no longer “perky”. If you get my drift. And another disturbing factor: her feet are too big.

  28. Cheryl says:

    Megan Kelley is nothing but a bully, I remember her goating then Donald Trump threw the intire debate. I even wonder now if her claim about sexual abuse by Bill O’Reilly was even true just saying.

  29. Rob Thomson says:

    I gained a lot of respect by the way Megyn Kelly exposed the gropenfuehrer as the misogynistic bigot he is. All the Trumpanzees can’t stand having their deity being exposed for the P O S he is. Too bad.

  30. Mike Gilliam says:

    I would say that Megyn Kelly belongs in a strip club but that would be insulting to strippers all across America.

  31. taxx says:

    FOX has been making some serious mistakes and is losing conservative viewers. Conservatives made FOX number 1. This is something the top fox people do not understand. We conservatives do not need fox. We get our news from other sources such as talk radio and the drudgereport as well as other conservative sites. If fox continues on it’s liberal they will have to compete with abcnbccbsmsnbccnnpbs for their viewership. Firing O’Reilly while he was on vacation was a very low class way to end a very long and successful relationship. Moving the 5 to 9 PM is another major mistake. They kept the rude and abrasive bob beckel on which turned many of us off the show. Now it’s back to where it was when kelley had the 9 slot. I always switched channels and recorded Hannity every night! Luckily another conservative network will emerge and know fox out of the batters cage for conservative viewers. Hopefully Hannity will join the new network when the time comes. This is what happens when you let your kids take over the business.

    1. glen thompson says:

      After 20 years as a faithful Fox News viewer I turned it off the day of O’Reilly’s wrongful departure. Never to return. I still watch Charles and Lou on Fox Business. Combining that with One America News on channel 347 Directv, and that’s all I need to keep abreast of what is happening. Surprising how I don’t even miss Fox News.

  32. oncemorearound says:

    Ugly on the outside, ugly on the inside. Just like Saddle Bags Hitllary.

  33. cathylovesyou says:

    Kelly was very lucky especially a Democrat on Fox News. She has many problems it seems from her own mouth. Never really cared for maybe I was seeing something in her and now it is all out. I know Kelly is a married name which always puzzled me she won’t take her new husbands name. A bad actor.

  34. lrr1 says:

    I’m so sick of seeing Megyn Kelly. Everytime I turn on my computer to start reading, she pops up. Do you suppose she is paying to have herself in every ones face. I could care less about her or anything she is doing.

  35. budo says:

    All about the money$$$$

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