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Hillary Clinton Made The Most Ridiculous Excuse For Why She Lost The Election

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  1. sharon says:

    This woman is like a cockroach, you think you’ve gotten rid of them, but they keep coming back!,

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      She just doesn’t get it, does she?

      1. Mike W says:

        Most alcoholics and drug addicts live in denial.

        1. zizi Newton says:

          and psychopaths

          1. Stephen says:

            She is a sociopath, not necessarily a psychopath. Although sociopaths do become psychopaths in my experiences Was married to one long time ago.

          2. Kenneth Freed says:

            And here I thought I was the only one for all these years to have been married to a psychopath and a sociopath!

        2. mpdMD1965 says:

          happy at least someone has properly labled the brain dead shrew that is Hillary Rotten Clinton.

      2. Tom24 says:

        Kenneth , she won’t let it go , due to the fact that she owes tons of favors for all the hundreds of millions of dollars her big time backers pumped into her campaign. They want to know how she could have lost a rigged election , even with all the illegal aliens , felons and dead people across america voting for her.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Remembering the time during the campaign during a speech when she (yelled) ‘so—WHY aren’t I 50 points ‘ahead’??” She didn’t ‘get it’ then, and she’s still trying to wrap her brain around the fact that she lost, now!
          You’re absolutely right!! With all the cheating, lying, conniving, bolstered by the press and Barack, himself, and she still—(wait for it)—LOST!!!! LOL

          1. Tom24 says:

            Deborah , I really can’t think of why any intelligent person would ever think of voting for her , with her long history of one scandal after another , she is the establishment , she can’t relate to the average hardworking american , and she wanted to continue Obumma’s failed policies , just to name a few of her flaws , but the list could go on and on . And why in the world would anyone want Bill C . the skirt chaser in the whitehouse again.

          2. Robert Walters says:

            I love that term: SHE LOST ! Hahahahaha. I just wish that the Liberal Democrates could get over it and put our great nation first, AMERICA FIRST.
            She will never accept she lost, just put her in the nut house. The rest of her party had better wake up to,before its over or the entire Democratic Party or they will be gone as well. Six straight losses and counting with more elections coming. Due your duty people, Vote, VOTE EVERY DEM IN OFFICE OUT. VOTE FOR AMERICA FIRST. Send the message : AMERICA FIRST, WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND “AMERICA FIRST”
            GET IT ? VOTE

      3. Ann says:

        You are so right, she just doesn’t get it!!

    2. mary ann says:

      I’m cracking up. Your so right.

    3. doctorivy says:

      She’s LIKE a cockroach, only ickier.

      1. doctorivy says:

        And less popular.

        1. mpdMD1965 says:

          only she fails to read her own failings. She resides in the land of Delusion.

      2. Nastyoldone says:

        A cockroach is better looking.

        1. mpdMD1965 says:

          most definitely more useful than Rotten Clinton

    4. Michael Kurty says:

      A great comparison ! Wish I had thought of it.

    5. mpdMD1965 says:

      only if anyone is braindead enough to do other than flush her reelection bid down a feces full john.

    6. Ron haymaker says:

      You shouldn’t compare her to a cockroach. Cockroaches are a higher form of life!

  2. Mike W says:

    Hillary is doing what she did while campaigning – she is going to blame everything and everybody until she hits on something she thinks her supporters like and may believe.


    1. Arlene Peters says:

      You forgot, her followers believe ANYTHING that the evil woman says… They are like rats following the “pied piper”.. right to the sewer.

      1. Mike W says:

        There is another article out today where she is saying “stupid people” cost her the election. I guess she is right all the “stupid people” and “deplorables” voted for President Trump. All the geniuses hoping for that $15/hr minimum wage voted for her.

        1. Arlene Peters says:

          You have that very wrong.. “WE THE PEOPLE” voted for President Trump… We were the only ones who saw through killery’s lies, stealing, and dirty tricks that you “morons” never saw or even see now… Follow the “piper” to the sewer, just like the rest of the evil woman’s followers….

          1. Tom24 says:

            Arlene , I think Mike was just being sarcastic , he is calling her voters geniuses , that think they are going to get a $ 15 dollar an hour min. wage if the POS hillary got elected.

          2. Arlene Peters says:

            Oh boy… I guess I read wrong… thanks for letting me know Tom

  3. RONALD WIEDER says:

    Whew – glad she lost; she deserved to !

    1. zizi Newton says:

      Just imaging if she had won!!!!! Ouch.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Just the ‘thought’ of that makes me cringe!!!

    2. Annie says:

      There is a God!

  4. Rick D. says:

    WOW!! HRC’s mental health has definitely deteriorated! This sad wench is so delusional that she’s “biting the hand that feeds her” by blaming the media. That’s the most preposterous statement I’ve ever heard since the media did everything in their power to have her elected. Fortunately, enough sensible voters recognized her for what she truly is……a despicable and deplorable unfit candidate.

    1. Kenneth Jones says:

      This what happens when one blames everyone but himself for failure to win. Why Hillary Rodham Clinton even bothers to open her mouth to say anything beyond “pass the potatoes, please” is beyond all reason and logic.

      1. Linda Shelton says:

        I doubt that please is in her vocabulary.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          It is when it’s in the statement–‘Please Me!!’ LOL

      2. Janis says:

        She has become totally unhinged. Case in Point, she refers to voters who voted for third party candidates as “crazy”. Well, I guess that is better than “deplorable” and “irredeemable”. Perhaps that needle her handler always has at the ready that was seen during her campaign speeches is actually Narcan, because she is beginning to sound like someone on some kind of drugs.

        1. Annie says:

          Don’t forget…she already stated that she dealt with the loss of the election with “Chardonnay”…I’m sure it was many, many glasses of it! She’s a total drunk! Thank God, she wasn’t elected! She needs to be in prison with Obummer!

    2. Linda Shelton says:

      She is blaming right wing media, whoever they are. I don’t know of any off the top of my head, certainly not the main stream media.

      1. Bud says:

        It’s just more of her “vast right wing conspiracy” nonsense.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        Yeah, Linda!! That was a ‘new one’ to me too!! Where were they during the campaigns when the ‘left wing’ media were bashing the H*ck out of Trump???

    3. zizi Newton says:

      Exactly !!!!

    4. DMJo says:

      I hope she keeps alienating those that support her, because they will cease to support her with these kind of assertions.

    5. gracebydesign says:

      It is ironic that she blames the media. That is “biting the hand that feeds you”!

  5. John Keatts says:

    she is so far off the mark, way out in left field.

    1. Janelle says:

      John, she isn’t even in the park!

  6. jackhy says:

    Hellary’s claim of the Right’s “advocacy” press causing her to lose the election! A new word, generic in meaning–advocacy is not a bad word like their “biased Leftist” press is. Look up “advocacy” and it can mean “what someone supports or believes in” . What’s wrong with that? Hellary lost because she is what the Clinton’s are–crooked, selfish, lying, socialist people. Her loss was not due to the Russians, Wikileak, Comey, Sanders, voter fraud, Obama failures, campaign goofs, or any other external blame sources! Hellary is just a plain old LOSER!

    1. zizi Newton says:

      Bravo !!!!!

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      She lost because Trump had the nerve to accuse her of what she is and what she has done!! He brought her sordid past to the public’s attention and she wasn’t ready for that!! One layer of lies after another—exposed to the bright light of day!!

    3. John Beam says:

      HER “advocacy media” is also losing–viewers and their freaking minds. Nothing else matters in the world to them, besides their propagating the hope that there’s SOMETHING out there that they can use to destroy Donald Trump. I only hope that they keep hemorrhaging so much of their audience and finances that not even creeps like George Soros have enough capital to keep them afloat.

  7. rottenrollin says:

    We don’t care WHY you lost, Hillary.

    We’re just relieved you did.


    1. ARVIN says:

      AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. zizi Newton says:

      Great. If I were her I would have buried myself in the sand.

      1. Annie says:

        She thinks she’s still relevant! When will these rotten Clintons just go away?!

  8. sobelle says:

    This woman is a disheveled, babbling blob who is a two time loser. Anyone with a brain who has lost the Presidential election twice should be smart enough to figure out she was not wanted.

  9. R. T. says:

    Is that the same press that put her on a pedestal ???????

  10. Janelle says:

    Why does she find it useful to keep reminding everyone that she lost? Seems counterproductive to me.

  11. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Did I hear her right? She’s blaming Macaroni? Was Yankie Doodle leading them when they went to town? Riding on a pony?

  12. doctorivy says:

    So, vast right wing conspiracy. Got it.

  13. Bayside GolfClub says:

    She says her secret intelligence server was no big deal, hidden from even the CIA while doing secret deals like uranium-1.. If it was no big deal, why was it hidden in a bathroom in Colorado, relaying to her deep state computer in her closet in NY..? THAT.. Could not possibly be “a mistake”. It was an extremely elaborate SCHEME, that took extremely elaborate precautionary measure to keep SECRET, AND HIDDEN..
    Get this investigation into full gear..

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      It was stunning to hear what she thought was of ‘no consequence’! Her mis-handling of ‘secret’ information, her Russian connections, the ‘lost’ information she ‘accidentally’, on purpose, deleted, and–most of all (AT this point, what difference does it make?) Benghazi and the pour souls lost there!!

  14. ARVIN says:

    IF ANYONE IS HARMED BY THE NEWS MEDIA, IT IS THE REPUBLICANS NOT THE DEMOCRATS,YOU FEMALE DOG IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. John Keatts says:

    This woman is dangerous. Very Much So.

  16. RichFromShowMe says:

    At least she hasn’t blamed (yet) her dog for eating the clinton-family-hit-list . . . . Did her new one start in the “R” range. ?

    1. doctorivy says:

      Obama ate her dog.

  17. John Keatts says:

    I expect her daughter to be just as dangerous as the mother.

    1. doctorivy says:

      You’re referring to Web Hubbell’s clone, I assume.

      1. zizi Newton says:

        Amazing she was not raped by Bill Clinton.

        1. wac4761 says:

          What makes anyone think he didn’t have it first??hell bet he didn’t have to rape it either!!!!!

        2. David in MA says:

          how do you know she wasn’t,,,,,,,,, and liked it!

    2. Arlene Peters says:

      Totally agree..

    3. Janelle says:

      Chelsea isn’t any more likable than her mother.

    4. Deborah Pratt says:

      Mainly because Chelsea is under her mother’s tutelage. The girl, frankly, isn’t all that bright.

  18. Roger Peabody says:

    The last sentence was the only comment necessary in proving that Hilary alone was responsible for her loss. Perhaps the worst candidate in presidential political history.

    1. doctorivy says:

      Got that right. Pat Paulsen was the second coming of George Washington in comparison to this evil witch.

      1. zizi Newton says:

        Did Pat Paulsen run?

  19. Arlene Peters says:

    She has truly lost her mind… What a bunch of crap comes out every time she opens he big lying mouth… She belongs in a nursing home with very rigid rules so she cannot run amok… She is an extremely dangerous person… Someone should let her know once and for all that she lost the election because “NO ONE” wanted her in our White House again…

  20. mickeymike2 says:

    Hillary lost because she was and is a terrible candidate. Didn’t even care what secrets she jeopardized by using un-secured servers, cell phones, etc.

  21. richard black says:

    do cockroaches live under rocks like SNAKES ????

  22. Jeff Varnell says:

    She’s actually right, it was the media. If they hadn’t rammed her down our throats 24/7, we might have not hated seeing her quite as much.

  23. C.T. Dixon says:

    How could whoever wrote this article write it with a straight face when it contradicts itself. First it says that “never before in American politics was the media establishment united behind a candidate.” then 2 sentencess later say that Trump’s negative media coverage was 77% compared to 64% negative media coverage for Hillary. 64% negative coverage does not sound like a media united behind a candidate.

    1. dandlac says:

      You are deliriously in denial. Are you trying to tell me with a straight face that CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS and many more of the TV and print media like NY Times and Washington Post were completely in bed with and colluding with her? Seriously? These fake news outlets didnt have any negative coverage of the Criminal Clinton. You are taking those statistics completely out of context and you know it -but you dont really care to truly state the facts, do you? Just the utterly misleading talking points.

  24. Nastyoldone says:

    It’s time for the demoRATS to shut her up. Between her, pigLOUSY and maxiWAT, it’s hard to tell which one is more senile. Talk about crazy liberals, all they care about is THEMSELVES. NONE of them make any
    sense. We could put McStain with them.

  25. Albert L Biele says:

    It appears that Hilary is in conflict with her own statements, but that is not the case; in these one-women, there are multiple personalities, each personality not being familiar with the others. She doesn’t see herself as a liar, because each of her personalities have never been introduced to one-another. She should never have been the presidential nominee, and obviously, should have never been cleared for confidential/top secret information, as exemplified by the use of her private server. Obama knew, but gave her a pass, as did Comey!!

  26. heyrakes says:

    She not exactlyblaming the media. She is really blaming “fairness” . In other words she is blaming honesty. They told her story and used reason with Trump

  27. ReaperHD says:

    I sure hope people aren’t paying this CRIMINAL THIEF to talk at their event.

  28. John T Koszalka says:

    Here we have the PATHETIC QUEEN OF LIES, & WHINING. What dribble continues to come out of her mouth. Lets all take a look at the people who are paying her to speak this dribble. It appears they all come from the same club. This very EVIL person sold her soul a long time ago, and in so many ways JUSTICE is in play. Get a very big bus ready there are going to be a lot of bodies thrown under.

  29. David McAllister says:

    I guess she never heard of CNN (Clinton News Network), or MSNBC, or (insert every other bent-to-the-left news agency).

  30. Grumpy Old Fart says:

    The media? The same media that was so in the tank for Hillary that they were in collusion with the DNC and the Hillary campaign to subvert the election and hand it to Hillary? That media?

  31. zizi Newton says:

    She is pathetically out of her mind.

  32. ShooterTutor says:

    The allegations stuck to her because they were true. Anyone with a brain could see what the her media was trying to do to Trump and it backfired on them bigtime. The same thing is going on now; it’s still backfiring and they are still just as clueless. I’m lovin’ seeing this!

  33. Michael says:

    The HILDA BEAST is a total loonytoon! Her and the CLINTON CARTEL all need to be locked up for the rest of their worthless lives, either in a prison of the rubber room hospital!!

  34. Robert Walters says:

    I can’t wait for the Russian investigation to be over with. President Trump has one promise to keep, PUT THAT BITCH IN JAIL. We need the new FBI Director to open an investigation on Hillary, the Clinton Foundation and then turn there attention toward Obama. Drain the SWAMP and fill the jails.

  35. Steve Flowers says:


  36. Janis says:

    What’s next? Her grandkids didn’t get out and campaign for her?

  37. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Dementia is the answer, the sooner this turd croaks the better off the Nation will be, I will dance a jig the day her and that draft dodging POS she is married too both fall face down and take one last gasp. Then onto Hanoi Jane and that traitor POS Kerry, it will be a night of dancing once again. Hopefully this kenyan POS will be in prison for espionage against American citizens and all those turds in intelligence are also charged with high crimes. It is illegal and they still did it, hang all these bastards and protect your constitutional rights and demand to your state representatives they follow the letter of the law and prosecute these people or they themselves face prosecution for malfeasance and failure to uphold there oaths of office, they are responsible under the law and they are not doing their jobs and haven’t been for decades and decades.

  38. Et-Angel Moon says:

    “Clinton lost because she was the establishment candidate who was running for the third term of Barack Obama.”…and anyone else who runs on the side of that former Muslim president will also lose –“read my lips”. The fact is she lost because the real American Patriots woke-up to her lying and corruption, and because Americans want “One nation under God” not under one Muslim government of the NWO’ s funest future.

  39. Et-Angel Moon says:

    Obviously, this woman don’t believe in “Karma”…you know, “reap what you sow”. She has no cure, that’s why no psychologist wants to take her case.

    1. John Beam says:

      She will truly “reap what she’s sown” when a warrant for her arrest is drafted, she’s held for arraignment without bond, tried for the dozens of criminal activities she’s delved into, found guilty, and tossed into a penitentiary (Perhaps Fort Leavenworth) for the rest of her miserable live. The same goes for her disgusting excuse for a husband.

  40. Margaret Heller says:

    As long as she breathes, she will not admit her fallacies let alone how she ran a lousy campaign. Poor Bill. He has to listen to her rant and rave why she lost the election. She should have listened to him–he won the presidency twice. She failed twice.

  41. bub says:

    The left ALWAYS blames their opposition with the left’s own crimes. It’s one of their many diabolical tactics. They, like ALL of their Comrades in Crime (eg: muslimes, RINOs, et al), use any and every means possible to accomplish their goals, lies, murder, thievery, trickery, misrepresentation, slander, obfuscation, false denial, false accusation, mayhem, pure evil.

    The only real solution to the problem of the left’s mental illness is experimental brain surgery.

  42. Pauline Kasper says:

    The only person who is responsible for her loss in the election is KilLAIRy! She ran a lousy campaign, promising to continue the Obumanation’s failed policies.

    1. Deby says:

      And was directly responsible for the 4 + deaths in Benghazi-any other person would be in Gitmo doing time by now.

  43. David in MA says:

    Why is she standing at a UN microphone?

  44. VINNY BARONE says:

    Hillary Dillary Rodman Clinton…in English translates into corrupt deceitful murdering nimrod who committed REASON as well should be tried-fined- hung by the neck and delivered to her master to burn in hell!

  45. Duane says:

    There are some things even a cockroach would not do!

  46. Tom says:

    Go away you old bat!

  47. gobrien says:

    Attention ALL Liberals — The NYT is why Hillary lost. They also reported phony poll numbers. Time to boycott and shut the NYT down. What’s the date for the march/riot in front of their building? Next on the list needs to be the DNC.

  48. Deby says:

    This corrupt, egotistical,sorryexcuseforawoman needs to STHU!! For real, Shut up killary-you are over-finished -kaput–Finally. So go be the worst possible grandma you can be-oops already doing that -forgot.

  49. jong says:

    She is truly insane. The press was her BFF for the entire campaign. First they gave Trump when running against Republicans a lot of good press for the simple fact that they believed that he was the easy prey. And then when Trump got the nomination they turned on him and reported anything about the hildebeast like she was a savior. I can hardly wait for her next excuse most probably with foaming at the mouth and jittering around like St, Vitus dance.

  50. Bud says:

    “I never saw them do that for me.”

    They didn’t need to do that for you, sweetness. The liberal media itself did that job and didn’t need to pretend to ask for nice things to be said about you by their readers.

  51. Rodger K. Shull says:

    hillary ” GONE BANANAS ” clinton.

  52. Annie says:

    The only time this hag, liar Hillary will keep her ugly mouth shut is if someone would put a piece of duct tape on it! Please do it now! She’s a waste of oxygen anyway! Go away, you no good liar & fraud!

  53. Mike W says:

    Maybe now the DNC will stop covering for her. She has managed to blame everyone including all of those on her side. If they all start talking and revealing what they really know Hillary will be getting some new orange jumpsuits.

  54. Jorge Rivas says:

    Sounds like she’s badly in need of counseling or psychiatric help. She needs a lot of prayers. As Spock would say, her statements are “illogical and unworthy of refutation.”

  55. John Beam says:

    Hillary lost because she was assured by her party that they would “deliver the votes” in the states she needed to win, so she ignored campaigning in them. When Jill Stein wanted a recount in specific states, it was found that in Michigan, some precincts reported more votes for Hillary than there were actual BALLOTS CAST. Before they stopped the recount in Michigan, Donald Trump was actually GAINING votes against the Clinton harpy.

    Hillary lost because the country hasn’t turned bat-crap-retard enough to want her and her excessively delusional followers running the country. If it weren’t for fraud, she wouldn’t have come close to getting nearly as many votes as she did.

  56. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    With all the favors she owes and money that was poured into her campaign I’m really surprised she’s coming out of hiding. In fact I’m really surprised she’s still living….

  57. Wambli525 says:

    Every time H Clinton speaks, she proves she is delusional. God smiled on the USA when Clinton lost the election.

  58. icemancold says:

    well what else would be expected from a mentally deficient alcoholic ?

  59. Thomas Lee Fugate says:

    Hillary has never realized that normal Americans do not like her. She is the ex-wife/ex-girlfriend that you hate. she is the teacher that you wanted to kill. She is not likable. Even without all of the illegal, or at least very questionable, activities people do not trust her.

  60. Gary No says:

    You suck, you lost, not once but twice, first to a blackie, then to a tv idiot with no experience. Get the message you’re not wanted period.

  61. Alleged Comment says:

    I said it a thousands time but I’ll say it again. This monstrous piece of RUBBISH must never be your leader in any capacity up there.

    Just like Nancy Pilausy and a couple of other Demoncrap women are just RUBBISH.

    Yahuah sends you women and children (think Negro Sodomite, Macron or Trudeau) when you sin. But it sure looks like to me Hillaryous will run again in 2020 and she will blame you for it. Hillaryous….

  62. Janice Sattler says:

    The people don’t want her, she just can’t seem to get it

  63. Junior Sampals says:

    Hillary Clinton lost the election because of one very important reason, she is Hillary Clinton.

  64. fordfool says:

    …..and,what kind of policies does SHE and the whole DNC promote?
    Have they initiated any possibility of REDUCING Govt? Are they pro-American, Pro Militar for the safety of America? (that includes those in Benghazi…oh yeah…them…)
    So then step back from that Narcissistic image in the pool, yep….THATS who lost the election
    It wasn’t the dog who ate the homework maa’m… Americans are tired…SICK and tired of lies, e-mail neglect, destruction thereof.,, loss of world respect & safety from abroad… & blaming others…the answer is in. NOW, read the homework. Sorry…….I find tthis lack of cognizance remarkable…
    it all boils down to credibility…Pres Trump is a man of integrity and strength of character..has had enuf respect to warrant (based on these issues) yet maintains a degree of World respect as one with CHARACTER to lead, and , an achiever, has respect & the demeanor of leadership which NO ONE in the Dem camp has…….no one..
    ..yet they still assume some “voters were swayed..”: That’s what facts will show

  65. Gary Hull says:

    So called liberals? This woman is psychotic now and always has been. She has failed at everything she was in charge of and the death toll surrounding the Clinton’s continues to grow. Wake up people before she puts you in real danger. Gary

  66. MIKE says:

    It isn’t just this one psycho that is scary. It is the fact that all the voters, legal, illegal, and dead would put her in the high office of our country. This woman has a dossier with over eighty suspicious deaths on it, including SIX deaths from just last summer, which of course, includes SETH RICH.
    Now that’s scary.

  67. Kristy McCallister says:

    Wish this cockroach would just crawl into a hole forever!

  68. FL_Stingray says:

    This head case could have been POTUS

  69. JC Hoot says:

    That’s par for her course as she has become a ridiculous excuse for a person much less anything else!

  70. gracebydesign says:

    She can spin like a top! It is the left who has promoted their agenda. She needs to look to her heart and to her mouth. Her mouth will lie when the truth would suffice. That indicates a spiritual problem.

  71. Ron haymaker says:

    The only way “KILLARY” could have won the popular vote was dead people voting and live people voting 2 or 3 times.Believe it or not this happened in Vigo county in,-“Terre Haute” in the sixties.They got names off of tombstones.Oh and by the way it was DEMS that did it! How shocking!

  72. Rudolph Russo says:

    I wonder if the reason she seems so unhinged I s because of possible pressure from her Benefactors who lost a lot of money supporting her with no R.O.I ?

  73. Rudolph Russo says:

    How does Soros earn his money? He supposedly is pouring money on to these Protests etc. Not sure what his motive is except it appears like he is trying to disrupt our goverent. I wonder if was a Hillary backer.

  74. Rudolph Russo says:

    Perhaps Obama Clinton Pelosi Shumer and Scheff are all puppets to the big money people. They need their Financial Support going forward. Hmmmm do think??

  75. Rudolph Russo says:

    Perhaps Obama Clinton Pelosi Shumer and Scheff are all puppets to the big money people. They need their Financial Support going forward. Hmmmm do

  76. Rudolph Russo says:

    Perhaps Obama Clinton Pelosi Shumer and Scheff are all puppets to the big money people. They need their Financial Support going forward. Hmmmm do you think ??

  77. Rudolph Russo says:

    Perhaps Obama Clinton Pelosi Shumer and Scheff are all puppets to the big money people. They need their Financial Support going forward. Hmmmm do you nk ??

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