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Hillary Clinton’s Legal Troubles Just Got Even Worse

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  1. AmericanMuse says:

    This is nonsense! The purveyors of this putrid rubbish should be castigated.

    1. JamesB says:

      I agree!! Based on the information I’ve seen, Hillary *should* be castigated (or worse) for purveying her putrid rubbish!

      1. No name nut case says:


  2. totherightofatilla says:

    One of my fondest wishes is to see the “Hildabeast” decked out her bright orange jumpsuit making license
    plates.She deserves to forfeit her sorry life but, I’ll settle for the alternative. The Clinton legacy should be totally wipied out! Enough said!

    1. S0me0ne_Different says:

      not just her, but everyone complicit in this scheme

    2. nicholsda says:

      License plates, phooey. She should be out on the rock pile.

  3. MKFlyboy says:

    I hope Chaffetz is serious because these issues must be pursued, despite her election loss. The extent of her crimes and betrayal of the public trust must be exposed conclusively and comprehensively so that this woman is never even considered for any public office again. She knew exactly what she was doing, and her unsecured private server was an obvious attempt to prevent any public scrutiny into her self-aggrandizing enterprises with complete disregard for the national security consequences.

    1. S0me0ne_Different says:

      What difference, at this point, does it make? KEK

      1. old codger says:

        The difference IS she should not be walking around free! Had ANYONE else done half of what the w(B)itch did they’d be locked up for life PLUS life!

    2. Rick says:

      Lock her and Bill up in Leavenworth.

  4. clifton says:

    dumb republicans wasting taxpayers money and blame the working man for our debts

    1. DrHarley says:

      Dumb Republicans have the house, senate and the White House. So I guess on the intellect ladder the democrats must be somewhere lower. Name calling is the crutch of the uneducated. But being a liberal I guess that is to be expected.

      1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

        What the Democrats did during the last eight years is a hideous example of their ineptitude and dereliction to the duty they accepted when they swore on a Bible to protect the Constitution and the American people. They have shown their interests lie in their own self-promotion with no intention of helping the American people. I would be happy if they never, ever win another election. Most of them are liars and cheats, hell-bent on killing babies in the womb! Just awful people that the rest of us have to share the planet with. And the Republican RINO’s are no different either! Many of them have joined the same nefarious club. That is why we needed someone with no connection to the inside-the-beltway-crowd to clean up the swamp! Go President Trump!!

      2. No name nut case says:

        Well, Republicans may be “dumb” as you stated, but they are smart enough to catch a Democrat CRIMINAL!! We are also smart enough to vote out the CRIMINALS!!

      3. davidsunkle says:


    2. TroyGale says:

      Well clifton, I presume you’ve never been in the military.
      There are secrets which we don’t want our enemies, or friends in some cases to know.
      We keep this data where it is safe, and remains a secret shared with only those needing to know.
      Putting that information where it can be stolen, even stolen without us knowing is a crime, putting it where it can be stolen, but wasn’t is a crime. Get it? It’s a crime. Hillary did that, and worse. Now, if your brother, father, or sister were killed because of this info being leaked or stolen, would you be upset? Would you?
      If you say No, you are a liar, or you are a Partisan hack. Hillary should be brought up on charges, and dam the expense, this is about our National Security! This is about my Government’s poor decision to knowingly allow this to happen. Obama knew, and did…NOTHING!

      1. Sidney Rohrbach says:

        You are an idiot. If there are no headings to a document indicating that it is classified, then the document is unclassified by definition and according to regulations. Even if a paragraph within said document has a (c), as was mentioned for for emails, if the document has no classification headings, then the document is considered to be unclassified and the paragraph notations had not been removed or the document headings were for some reason not included as they should have been, in which case whoever sent those emails is at fault, not the recipient. And, I say ‘idiot’, because if indeed you were in the military, as you insinuated that you may have been, then you would know these things that you accuse Clifton of not knowing because you ‘presume’ that he had never been in the military. Do your own homework, numbskull.

        1. TroyGale says:

          No, you are the idiot…
          The law broken was that she placed the documents on a private unsecured server.
          Headings be darned…she broke the law when she used a private unsecured server for our Nation’s business.

          1. Sidney Rohrbach says:

            You are truly stupid – all previous Secretaries of State had done the same. I know for a fact (and not an ‘alternative fact’ either, that she did was not against the law. Again, dummy, do your homework.

          2. TroyGale says:

            Yes, doubling down I see.
            You don’t justify a criminal act because others have done it.
            That is just blind partisan stupidity…

          3. Butch Sons says:

            If it was not against the law as you say, then why does congress have charges against her? Where do you stupid people come from.

          4. Libs R Loons says:

            Are you REALLY that dumb or just pretend to be???

          5. Donito says:

            “all previous Secretaries of State” had not done the same thing. The technology had not advanced far enough for all of them to do the same. You should apologize to the ones that you have besmirched with your slanderous comments. Apologize now!

        2. TroyGale says:

          Oh, and Sidney, it is the responsibility of the person handling the documentation to know it’s classification. It is certain that Hillary knew she was out of line with her private server, and it is just as certain that you will never acknowledge her wrong doing.
          Oh, and I know this because I’ve held Secret and Top Secret Clearances during my 8 years in the Navy. I also know this because in the past year a Sailor did something much less damaging than what Hillary did, he’s gonna do time, and a fine.

        3. Danny Norris says:

          your are the idiot . As a person with the authority to deem something classified her excuse of I DId not know is not acceptable

        4. Libs R Loons says:

          Hillary ordered that all the classification markings be removed before anyone sent her emails so she could feebly use that very argument if she got caught.

        5. Donito says:

          ???? …you are as dumb as clifton

        6. Abby701 says:

          Not when the data is being created. Also, being in politics as long as she has and being SOS would deem she knew security. Otherwise , why as she elected for said post? Also sending msgs to another unsecured computer or leaving her maid handle security documents – any 10 year old would know this,

      2. voncile fullwood says:

        Oh! Yea,Obama did he kept sending taxpayer’s money to aid the enemy.while Trump was being sworn in he was transferring 221.million dollars to Palestine and he also should brought back and a orange jumpsuit on him,and Troy we have a few of Obama’s tail wipers that thinks neither one has ever done any wrong guess they went to sleep for eight years while their were aiding the enemy with our money,and during the Benghazi she let four of our Americans die yelling for help and both were aiding Syria with guns and ammo and the Ambassador Chris knew to much so they had him killed because he was about to expose them of what they were doing.so if Hillary is not convicted don’t see why Snowden can’t be pardon him and Julian Assange of Wikileaks only was telling the people what was going on from the government and the crookedness that was going on but wanted Snowden for leaking documents.I’m wondering if they did not kill Assange because he has not given out anything on Wikileaks since he exposed the election and on a video he said they were trying to kill him and said if anything happened to him for these documents be released I know one in Wikileaks was killed maybe they got to all of them for Julia is not in the UK anymore said on these documents was enough to put Hillary and Obama in jail

        1. No name nut case says:

          MAN! That was one long run-on sentence!

          1. Abby701 says:

            Yea, but you get the message.

    3. notalib says:

      Clifton, being both a partisan hack and really really uninformed, or stupid, is one thing. But to condone what Hillary did is even lower. She cared not for this country, the people or the men and women in uniform. She cared only for her power she could accumulate. She is a very evil person along with the equally evil horn dog husband of her! Strip her of her money and power and throw her in jail.

    4. Donito says:

      clifton is that you, hey clifton. Man you are as dumb as ever, haven’t changed a bit.

  5. Geepa says:

    There are a lot of people in jail that wish their crime would ‘just go away’ like The Beast. Just because she lost the election doesn’t mean she gets off free for the crimes she did. Please Mr Chaffetz, continue with the investigation. If she did wrong, she should pay. If she didn’t then say so. Thanks.

  6. Rodzzz says:

    Justice finally…….

    1. No name nut case says:

      We can hope, but politicians always seem to weasel their way out of criminal activities that you and I would get 30 years in Maximum security! We need to stay after our representatives to be SURE that they stay after her! I wish they would do the same with Bill! I’m sure that he isn’t innocent.

    2. betty thompson says:

      sure hope so put them all away Soros with all his money also he is nothing but behind most of the crimes yep I met a gal who said she got $1000.00 to campaign for Hillary but did not vote for her or even like her Soros give your money to a good charity or some church you are just a LAUGH

      1. Rodzzz says:

        We have to start taking names so we’ll know who the real enemies of the United States are. Soros for sure is at the top. And what about Hillary selling away the country for millions If we don’t get Soros, Europe or other countries will. The majority of the democratic party, the Hollywood trash, the so-called-journalist who put out fake news, the low-life people who take advantage of the free-speech to riot, burn the flag and destroy property. These are not Americans. If we don’t do something, we won’t have country. This is not the America I knew.

        1. old codger says:

          I hear ya and trust me “I Feel Your Pain”!!

  7. Danang says:

    Orange JUMPSuit would really look good on her!

    1. No name nut case says:

      Are you kidding me? She doesn’t look good in anything….other than prison! Lol!

    2. TexanForever says:

      Do they make thunder-thighs shaped jumpsuits?

    3. S0me0ne_Different says:

      ha! I think a chain gang would be preferable to the carrot patch. But she’d probably have her army of lawyers or paid off doctors say she couldn’t due to “health reasons”. Even just one day of visible, honest labor might actually be a death sentence.

    4. Rick says:

      So would a hangman’s noose.

      1. old codger says:

        I’ll drink to that and because of blood thinners I’m not supposed to drink!

    5. old codger says:

      Jumpsuit looks good, yes, her F’ugly!

  8. ter334 says:

    Equal rights for women. If found guilty, then punishment according to the law will send the appropriate message that loose servers sink political ships! Eve and now HRC have found out that a person’s sex is not a free ride to the Garden.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Not just “loose servers sink political ships” but that she is a criminal! She has a criminal mind and she does her best to carry it out!

      1. S0me0ne_Different says:

        Accomplice after the fact to manslaughter in Benghazi is what to me, is the most reprehensible of her alleged crimes..

        1. betty thompson says:

          I agree letting 4 men get killed is terible

        2. becompassionate says:

          Maybe Gitmo is the place for her?

          1. Richard gary Gould says:


    2. S0me0ne_Different says:

      At least Eve shared. Hillbot was going to keep it all for herself.

  9. Rodger K. Shull says:

    I would love to see all 3 of them locked up, an their good buddy from the white house , make room for 4, an maybe more would be GOOD FOR ME

  10. bob cratchette says:

    still won’t believe it will happen till she is in jail.

    1. No name nut case says:

      I am skeptical, too. Politicians tend to protect each other. Maybe the ones who cover for her should go to prison, too!

      1. old codger says:

        AMEN!! Up to and including ole elephant ears Bath house Barry!

  11. Eugene Itnyre says:

    Who was it that recently stated that “nobody is above the law!”. Yes it was Hillary. I would think that includes herself. People in high positions should be setting higher standards, so if she is guilty of any of these charges the penalty should be more extreme because of her status, to show that even the wealthy must follow the rules. Not to mention that the extreme nature of jeopardizing the nations security has an influence on the entire nation.

    1. No name nut case says:

      She was playing Russian Roulette with OUR lives and OUR security! She deserves LIFE unless it could be the death penalty. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing and just thought that she is so much more intelligent that no one would catch on! Oppsies!

    2. S0me0ne_Different says:

      Completely agree. Abuse of power in this manner should be subject to mandatory minimum sentences. If it’s good for the peasants…

  12. bob cratchette says:

    for some odd reason trump left comey in charge of the fbi so i would not hold my breath on this one.

  13. Apple153 says:

    OMG ! CNN reported this

  14. disqus_rEWjgfyzIp says:

    You folks do know she will run for queen of cell block B if they put her away. Any one that opposes her will most likely commit suicide in the shower room. Mean while if people actually do their job I see now less then 40 years for her ( basically a death sentence ) which I am sure a lot of people will have a going away party for her and hollywood will be up in arms and rainbows again.

    1. No name nut case says:

      I think Holly-weird needs to be investigated too! After all they are her largest group of supporters and they are extremely vocal!

      1. betty thompson says:

        I agree they are all on dope so that only make them dopies I really think George Collney should be put away with hillary

    2. Donito says:

      I had been thinking they should send her to Gitmo and she would become the mayor. Within six months the place would be falling apart and the prisoners would be killing each other. She’d love it.

  15. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    This is partially what’s wrong with the Democrats right now. Between the Clintons and Soros, they own the Party, but now the Clintons are consumed with shredding evidence, coaching witnesses, hiding people and arranging foreign sanctuaries. Without Bill, the fools are in the streets and the MSM is on autopilot following the agenda. The cult is collapsing and the Kool-aid will soon be rolled out for some real fun and games; just like Jim Jones.

  16. FirstShirt says:

    I have been disappointed so many times in past hoping for justice to prevail when it comes to politicians and their criminal endeavors that I am skeptical of Clinton facing charges. Perhaps with a better POTUS than in past things will change. We’ll see. . .

    1. Mike W says:

      There is corruption on both sides of the aisle and the establishment elitist in D.C. have protected one another – they are all afraid of President Trump exposing them for what they are.

      1. tugger76 says:

        @Mike W —- You hit the nail on the head my friend.

      2. Abby701 says:

        Drain the swamp!!!! Term limits for Congress representatives. Watch out for the RINOs. They’ll stab you in the back,

        1. FirstShirt says:

          Sadly, to enact Term Limits would require an Act of Congress. Of course, those elected criminals will never pass that Legislation.

          1. old codger says:

            Your probably correct BUT if I were President Trump I’d take it to the people either on twitter or a Fire Side chat and make them look like the @$$HOLES they are and let the “We The People” DEMAND THEY PASS IT or they’re “FIRED”!

  17. Mike W says:

    If all of the crimes the corrupt Clinton’s were party to were to be exposed and proven in court, their supporters would die of shame – if they had any decency in the first place.

    1. Donito says:

      True. But they don’t.

  18. TexanForever says:

    The beast has been breaking laws all her life with impunity. She’s not just a simple habitual criminal, but an organized crime syndicate criminal because of her “foundations.” Add to that her top secret security breaches that endangered the nation and her allowing an ambassador and several good Seals to perish, and she is a self centered murderess.

  19. Brenda Harrell says:

    Lock her up!

  20. Bayside GolfClub says:

    This criminal puppet of the muslim brotherhood was intent on destroying what obama hadn’t got to.. She belongs in Prison for innumerable reasons..

  21. Nikita63 says:

    She should be thoroughly investigated and if she is found to be guilty of the TREASON along with her fractious husband of dealing with enemies , securing untold millions from them in return for Political favors undermining even further than Obama our constitution and Rule of Law, she and he should be exterminated as the vermin they are. period . In this day and age, their performances seem to me worse than that of the Rosenbergs who WERE executed when I was about 8 years old for making data on our nukes available to the Russians,

    1. Abby701 says:

      Their monies confiscated (including the gold they have stored away) and used to pay down the
      national debt. Go after the Obamas too and use their money the same way,

      1. Nikita63 says:


  22. I'm The Boss says:

    Since when were the words unlawful and illegal redefined? You and I still have to stop at stop signs and pay taxes don’t we? So since Hillary and Obama redefined unlawful and illegal does that mean we no longer have to? Don’t count on anything happening to either Obama or Clinton. If congress abided by the law both would have already been arrested and imprisoned for treason. This is all hyperbole.

  23. hoosier46 says:

    To the democrats: it seems that top secret information on a private (questionably secure) computer system is OK as long as a Democrat is the has control but when someone hacks into an unsecured campaign email account it is time to declare war. Does this make sense to you?

  24. John Savell says:

    I read about an investigation NY local police were doing on Hillary involving child sex trafficking, drugs, and some other things I can’t remember. The article said according to the police, if the FBI doesn’t pursue a case against her, they were going to bring her up on charges. Some of the evidence included things found on Weiner’s computer. Has anyone heard or read anything else about that?

  25. GRAMPA says:

    Klinton is a start. Government has for too long enjoyed separate standards and the exemption of prosecution. it will not be enough to say they are now equal. we must have standards set for infractions at all levels. the maxim as jail time and loss of any and all retirement benefits. penalties must include baring them from any contact to any government member that directly represents the citizen. they may not work for any company that services any representative or government agency. Public notice posted upon conviction. it is time we know who these people are by name and face.

  26. Lorraine E says:

    Has everyone forgotten about the four Americans who hillary’s state dept allowed to be murdered? They all knew about the four Americans and allowed them to be murdered. Why? Because the state dept was committing a crime transferring weapons from Libya to Syria? Refusing to help four Americans who were calling for calling for help has to be the crime of the century.

  27. Gary Gillson says:

    The extent of her crimes and betrayal of the public trust must be exposed conclusively and comprehensively so that this woman is never even considered for any public office again.

  28. 1936benz says:

    If its up to Congress, Schrillery will NEVER be indicted – she and Billy-Bob have too much dirt on everyone inside the beltway – and elsewhere. They have built an entire career and livelihood around criminal enterprises and corruption, and have protected their actions with blackmail and shakedowns. When a new up-and-coming Senator comes to town, they immediately start collecting dirt on him/her. If there isn’t any to collect, they shovel some into the newbee’s life. It’s amazing how much mileage they can get from a $1,000-an-hour, Washington, D.C. hooker unleashed on the new, fresh-faced, naive politician during an innocuous-appearing “cocktail party”. And besides the honey-trap, there’s always drugs or some other vice (and everyone has one or two, and the longer they’ve been in Washington, the deeper the excrement they’re in). If they don’t have dirt on someone, then they have dirt on his/her boss and mentor, who very quickly gives them a trip to the woodshed should they stray from the house rules. This goes for Repubs as well as Dems, and for everyone in leadership positions in every department – it’s not simply out of incompetence (although there’s a lot of that, too) that the Republicans haven’t raised hell about the lack of an indictment, and any investigation is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, a dog-and-pony show for public consumption. All of this is also one reason EVERYONE up there is terrified of Donald Trump – and that is why the Republicans who have come out in support of him are at the state level, while the power-brokers in Washington are running scared, and are looking for any way out of this mess, even if means giving Satan incarnate – Schrillery – a “Get-Out-of-Jail-Free” pass.

  29. PM says:

    I don’t like to see anyone “hounded” but what Clinton did was very serious, lesser crimes and oversight have sent good men to prison and she owes a debt to the American citizens.

    1. betty thompson says:

      I agree Chelsey is also guilty lock her up if I was her husband I would run away but then again maybe He is also guilty

  30. Ross Blankert says:

    Hillary for prison. Lock her and her corrupt perverted husband up for all the corrupt dealings with the Clinton Foundation. As Chelsey knows all about this and receives a million dollar a year paycheck from the Clinton Foundation, she could be locked up too.

  31. Donna Davidson says:

    Some of Clinton Foundation’s offices are closing, supposedly due to donors no longer having access to the White House, but what if it is beginning move to close down the Foundation, so that if a lawsuit is initiated, the Foundation can no longer be accountable. You can be sure the Clinton’s have everything arranged to ensure that if the Foundation becomes bankrupt, no one can go after them personally. Chelsea is reported to have her home up for sale as well. This may all be a strategy to hide assets from any potential lawsuit. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Dem’s delay approval of an Atty General in order to give the Clinton’s time to hide assets.

    1. YJ77 says:

      Good analysis. I expect that there are several hundred millions being circuitously routed to several Senators’ campaign funds. If the money can be followed and said Senators can be caught up in campaign fund violations; maybe we can have new elections for those vacated seats in 2018.

  32. disqus_3aTBp1bNOs says:

    If the Democrats think they got their butts kicked in the last election, just wait two years when a number of Senators are up for re-election and they will get it bigger and better then. People are tired of their BS and proved it by electing Trump. The Democrats elected him by carrying Obama’s water.

  33. marmo43 says:

    No one is above the law. NO ONE!! The Clintons closed down their global initiative foundation. Probably because donations subsided after she lost the election. The pay for play wasn’t working anymore. Big donations from countries wanting favors?? She broke the law and should be in jail. Martha Stewart lied and had to spend time in jail. Hillary Clinton is no better. She lied multiple times and still running around free. Just a double standard that needs to be corrected.

  34. Semprasectum says:

    Chaffetz is a fraud. . . he yaps his gums but he will never do more than that.

  35. Larry Kelley says:

    The whole Clinton family needs to be locked up including the son in law who for some reason is closing down his hedge fund program and returning money to whomever it belongs to, Hum, What’s he trying to hide??

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