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How The Polls Missed Hillary Clinton’s Defeat

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  1. Timothy Dayton says:

    It is amazing that Obama voters who went for Trump are lumped in with the rest of the racist hater deplorables.

    1. Ragcat24 says:

      It is amazing that those with no true understanding of others see their own deep seated hatreds and place them in other people instead.

      1. tarheel says:

        It is amazing there are those who cannot seem to understand why Americans would not want Hillary as their president after all the lies, email scandal, not answering the proverbial 2 am call from Bengazi, the controversy with the Clinton foundation which the FBI has 4 different teams looking into, not to mention the horrible way she treats secret service and staff with her volcanic temper. There are those that Just blindly follow the witch and call everybody else “haters”.

      2. Timothy Dayton says:

        I am sure you have that true understanding. Don’t care what you think or who you hate I made an observation that is quite true. People who voted for Obama and now voted for Trump are despised as racist haters by the Hilary people. I did not vote for Obama, he was wholly unqualified, so I don’t have that problem.

  2. Ragcat24 says:

    The last time there was such a large Electoral College disparity between large and small populace states did not go so smoothly [if this can be called so] A man called ‘Abe’ Lincoln was not even on the ballot in 10 southern states and this was a huge part of the reason for the start of the American Civil War. All 10 of those states were the first to leave the Union.

  3. Byron Hall says:

    Trump was in the lead or close the entire race! Why is it that the media does not want to admit their complicity in this shame! Hillary did not have a chance so the media spiked every poll they could control. It is known that between 9 and 36% more democrats were polled to get the desired results. They figured if the public always saw her as the winner we could be brainwashed. But not only were her dismal rally turnouts a clue as well as her being soft balled by every mainstream press agency but she had no agenda! Her speeches were political talking points and not even good ones! She spoke to illegal aliens and told real Americans to kiss her ass! And on the way to FAILED candidacy she toke several innocent lives for no reason! It’s time to put this lady and her family away for good! They have sucked the blood of the American people and given NOTHING back for long enough!

    1. Howleyesque says:

      They were ATTEMPTING an age old PLOY, and TRYING to sell us the idea that “resistance is futile”! What the dolts DIDN’T take into account is that … ONLY THEIR OWN CULT MEMBERS BOUGHT INTO THEIR LIE! At no time did it or HAS IT sunk in that THE MAJORITY OF US ARE NOT BRAIN WASHED and NO LONGER BELIEVE THEM! Otherwise, they wouldn’t be wasting their time with the NEXT “big lie” about “FAKE NEWS!” Which is? Nothing more than a BOGUS attempt at an end run around THE 1ST AMENDMENT!

  4. drbhelthi says:

    The polls were conducted by the subsidiaries of the Western World news media, 96% of which are controlled by six companies, owned by jewish families, per_ http://tapnewswire(.)com/2015/10/six-jewish-companies-control-96-of-the-worlds-media/ These companies continue to support the subversive program of the super-rich, jewish elite that support Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein and other of their puppetry.

    Their polls were fraudulently contrived so as to influence voters, not to reflect accurate information.

    The narcissistic religiosity of this political organization, that hides behind a fairy-tale religion, continues to be demonstrated by parasites sponging off Americans in the USA, but which parasites pledge 1st allegiance to a foreign, fairy-tale entity.

  5. Michael M. James says:

    I prayed and hoped that Trunp could pull off his upset because, similarly to Reagan’s late win over Carter, enough Americans decided that we did not want to stomach another 4 years of having the rats (as in DemocRATS) in control tormenting our country and corrupting our constitution. I praise the LORD that the current homosexual in power will be gone next month and that his lesbian follower will not be President ever. Hooray for morality!

  6. Mitch Rapp says:

    It’s pretty damn simple. Americans with brains decided they didn’t want an unindicted criminal, and her rapist/probable pedophile husband, in the White House.

  7. Don says:

    The poles missed it due to OVER SAMPLING slanted to democrats.

  8. Howleyesque says:

    LOL Do you think it just MIGHT have had ANYTHING to do with the outcome DESIRED by the propaganda machine? The SAME propaganda machine that just like R2 Dumb2 WIN (even using a stacked deck!) FAILED to realize that the ONLY fools who still BELIEVE them are the leftist stooges? Or that all they DID accomplish with their “resistance is futile” message was to… MOTIVATE US while DE motivating the brain washed BOOBS who DID buy into their LIE? Why ELSE would the cultists BE so shell shocked when the TRUTH became known?

  9. bustech says:

    Of course they forgot to ask more dead people how they were voting, that and most of the illegal alien voters couldn’t find the polls!

  10. jong says:

    The reality of it is that she did not come across as human and in order to win ole jug ears would have had to have been a decent President. Which is obvious that he was not.

  11. Trump was elected by the silent majority who kept their choice to themselves. I know many many people who voted for Trump and never talked about it but had made up their minds and it was not in the last few weeks. I was right out front with my choice of Trump, wearing his bracelets and pins, bumper sticker on my car, signs on my street but others just voted!

  12. Alleged Comment says:

    They didn’t miss anything. They were just LYING to you.

  13. meine Meinung says:

    Hillary could have won if Kaepernick had gone to the polls.

  14. Jan says:

    the democrats cheated so much they thought they had it in the bag, They just did not cheat enough, personally I would have voted for a dog catcher before I would have voted for Hillary, The more I read about Hilary and the Clinton clan I do not see how our government even allowed Bill to run for president Way back when he was govonor they were both crooked and all get out, running drugs you name it and they had their fingers in it and were already being investigated, everyone that would have testified coveniently up dead within a few days before testifying, suicide, plane crashes, murder, all within days of testifying and it is still happening. Police, secret service everyone was and still is covering for them if not they know they will be next Clinton said he smoke one marijuana cigarette but did not in hale, Shoot he was on Heroin.

  15. Jeronimo Dan says:

    The main thing is, the criminal didn’t get in the White House!

  16. ARJAY says:

    The polls were NOT wrong, they were REPORTED WRONG (fake news)!!

    The media wanted hitlery to win so bad, that they created (reported) the polls that hitlery would/could NOT lose and that there was NO WAY that Trump could EVER win!

    The media was HOPING to DISCOURAGE Trump supporters to NOT BOTHER to vote because there was NO WAY on earth that he could/would win!

    What they ended up doing instead was to give the hitlery supporters a FAKE SECURITY that she would win therefore MANY of the hitlery supporters DIDN’T BOTHER TO VOTE (while the Trump supporters DID VOTE)!

    Now the precious little snowflakes that DIDN’T BOTHER TO VOTE want a DO OVER!!!!

    Soooooooooooo, you hitlery supporters SHOULD HAVE VOTED ANYWAY (oh, my one vote won’t make a difference)!!!!

    That’s whit I think happened.

  17. TexanForever says:

    Anyone who has taken a course in statistics and polling methods knows that results can be skewed any way your paying client wants them to come out. Many factors can influence the results one way or another. An objective scientist wants valid data and tries hard to eliminate factors that might result in false data.

    But most political polls are far from objective and strive to produce data that will please their clients. On the other hand, the social media aggregate reflects the true feelings of the public.

    It was pretty evident before the election that poll results weren’t in sync with social media. I went with the comments I was seeing on the net rather than the poll conclusions and won a steak dinner from my friends on election night. They were convinced Trump hadn’t a chance but were elated to prepare a great rib-eye steak for me. We had a great party.

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