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Is Donald Trump About To Deliver The Final Nail In ObamaCare’s Coffin?

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  1. Timothy Dayton says:

    Serious reform r outright replacement of the ACA is urgently needed. We can do better and it is good to hear that is mission #1. However, Immigration Reform needs to be addressed early on as well so that that issue is out of the Democrats hands and it becomes a non-issue for the next round of elections. The Dems promised reform of that issue but it is too useful to them for continued electioneering and mining of votes.

  2. Vassiliki says:

    People keep insisting that Trump does not have any experience, which he doesn’t. BUt they fail to mention that Obama as well did not have any experience other than a 1 term junior senator. Trump has built an empire and experience in making and negotiating deals as well as knowing important people around the globe. Obama was hanging out in Chicago’s bathhouses doing the dirty and snorting the snow up his nose. I would say there is no comparison and we see the end results today of his 8 year destructive reign.

    1. Calvin Tininenko says:

      On the money!

  3. Fusionman says:

    i hope that Clinton has now made trump so mad by stapling herself to the recount in 3 states that he follows thru on the FBI investigation and escorts her personally to Rikers, full presidential limo and entourage to boot. being that is the only time she will ride in the Presidential limo, why not let her go out with a bang. or rather ‘IN” with a bang. already wearing the nice Orange jumpsuit and flip flops too!!! oh how i YEARN for the day i see her dressed in prison clad! i would LOVE to be a fly on the wall in the white house right now, watching Obuttface the oval occupier sit there and cry because he knows President Trump is going to erase his legacy! and there is NOTHING he can do about it.

    1. R1050 says:

      I agree with most of what you wrote and it would be nice to see Hillary Clinton escorted to RIkers. However, Trump has already said he does not want to harm the Clintons. I believe Trump will leave it up to the DOJ to take care of this problem. I am hopeful Senator Sessions will take care of this problem, first by firing Comey because he is incompetent, and second, by following though on a thorough investigation of the emals as they relate to the Espionage Act and conducting a thorough investigation of the Clinton Foundation. There has to be many avenues to find criminal activity there.

      1. Fusionman says:

        that was BEFORE she decided to tack on to the recount. he said during his campaign several times she would go to jail. then after he “surprisingly” won. she knows he can damage her, and yet she decides to act typical clintonesque by going back on what she said. there by pissing him off. so that pretty much throws anything he said before out the old proverbial window. i think she royally screwed up by going along with the re-count. but a clinton will be a clinton. they lie, cheat, steal, and if they cant get the results they want that way, they strongarm. i think she was attempting to flex that sagging old lady muscle flab, and now its back fired. he has a literal TRUCKLOAD of charges he could bring against her, and she knows it. she even said that if she lost the election they would all have nooses around their necks. it makes no sense to me why she did it, but im glad she did. now we could all very well see her being escorted to Rikers island. all i can do is sit here and HOPE he does. and i hope he goes after obama as well. you dont mess with people who have money, they can get stuff done no matter the cost. he spent millions uncovering obamas background and exposing his fake birth certificate, and as time goes on, i think he will find and expose even more now that he has the power to do it at his finger tips. money and power is what makes this country operate….he now has both!

  4. Alleged Comment says:

    Dumb negro care. To Negroes everything should be free. Your white man medical care, your land, all your stuff because the negro and the left think you stole it. LOL!!!

    So laffable, the childish immature thinking of the left. And besides like TB said, they had over 200 years to copy us and they never did.

    Stupid harsh people deserve stupid harsh leaders and they’ll nail you every time for it. They can copy US but hey won’t. Hubris, envy, jealousy will prevent that.

    Something the sodomite negro and the left harbor.

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