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Jeff Sessions Learned His Fate In One Phone Call

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  1. John Kane says:

    I believe Sessions is doing the job he was put in the D.O.J. for to the best of his ability He is going after sanctuary city’s and that alone is great to see.

    1. Tony Rowell says:

      more would have about clinton if trump had not said he was going to leave her alone, because her family had been through enough

      1. zizi Newton says:

        That’s right. Sessions is following the president’s agenda exactly. The president did say that he would not go after the Clintons.

        1. Tony Rowell says:

          exacty,,, so he should not be POed about it

      2. Mark Plenn says:

        She cared for no one so, why care about the Harpy.

        1. Tony Rowell says:

          yes I totally agree

      3. Deborah Pratt says:

        As with many things Pres Trump says–there was a lot more to the story than that. For one thing–for the President to ‘go after’ a former candidate is a ‘diplomatic’ ‘NO, NO’!! It appears to be simply ‘vindictive’. That could affect the support he needs for his agendas in Congress, etc. Since then, it appears, he has enough to deal with considering the number of RINO’s in his party!! At this point in time, I understand this is being handled appropriately—by others in the DOJ!! A particular committee is working on ‘how’ to handle the misconducts committed by Hillary and Obama and ‘how’ to do this legally and correctly!! Considering the complexity of these cases and the fact that the ‘defendants’ can hire the ‘best’ defense–it is important to leave ‘no stone un-turned’!! We don’t want them ‘getting off’ on some dumb ‘technicality’!! This has not been put aside or ‘forgotten’. It is simply on a ‘back burner’ and being ‘worked on’!!

        1. Tony Rowell says:

          I agree and I am willing to wait

  2. Ken Lowder says:

    Mcmasters is the one who really needs to go.

    1. Cindy Nash says:

      Trump is the one who needs to go. He’s a fraud, a traitor and a liar.

      1. Elena Bowman says:

        YOU are the one who needs to go. YOU are a fraud, a traitor and a liar.

      2. big KAhuna says:

        Topical libturd still bleeding from the ass whipping last Nov. Speaks volumes of what a low life you really are – you Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.
        The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

        1. Marty says:

          Federal court just ruled the voter fraud commission can proceed as planned. I’m sure this really pissed of the libs.

          1. big KAhuna says:


            Thanks for the info- So glad.
            I have heard over 5 mil illegal votes have already been identified and it’s going to get much bigger before it’s over. Many will Question whether Obama actually won ( must be checked on also we have a right to know). This means that Trump also won the popular vote.The Dems are so corrupt- we must never trust them again.

          2. Marty says:

            KAhuna, the demonrats of today are a complete 180 of the Democrats of decades ago. They are now hard core socialists and communists and most even admit it. Unfortunately, with the public schools today, the kids are brainwashed to believe in this crap. They realize they cannot win the elections without voter fraud and illegal aliens.
            That’s why they are so against voter ID laws. This crap about minorities won’t be able to vote is complete and utter BS. Hopefully, when the results from the voter fraud commission come in, it will be the beginning of voter ID laws throughout the country.

          3. big KAhuna says:

            Yes I know. Our school system is a big part of the problem – especially when I hear that over 75% of the professors are flaming Socialist liberals ( many hippies from the 60 s). Our academic Standing with the rest of the world is the worst in my life time ( see our rankings below).
            Govt run education has failed us.
            The amount of Liberal teachers far outway Conservatives. I would love to see Christian based Constitutionalist teachers – tea party types running our schools at the state levels. The ACLU must be redifined with restraints.
            Education has fallen from within the top 5 in education to 47th in Math, Science, and Reading – no wonder so many companies want to import talent from outside the US.


          4. Marty says:

            Yup, and if we can find some way to get past the RINO’s and the demonrats, I think Trump could do wonders in getting our country back on track. Today RINO Paul Ryan came out against the proposed RAISE act, saying he wanted more immigration, not less. Gimme a break.

          5. big KAhuna says:

            After 8 yrs of turning the zoo over to the monkeys- America was barely on life support when Trump got elected. We now have the upper hand yet If a convention of states is the only means to remove many in congress – then we must pursue that avenue. It will take indictments of the top corrupt democratic people to get us back on track. A strong message must be handed out. Top politicians are not above our laws.
            Term limits must be persued. Here is what many want:

            1. Hillary: in prison!

            2. Put “GOD” back in America !!!

            3. Borders: Closed!

            4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else .

            5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW!

            6. Language: English only!

            7. Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

            8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!

            9. Freebies: NONE to Non-Citizens!

            10. Budget: Balance the damn thing!

            11. Foreign Countries: Stop giving them our money! Charge them for our help! We need it here.

            12. Fix the TAX CODE!

            And most of all.


            14. Prosecute Obama for crimes against Americans and our constitution and Sorros for Sedition/Treason

          6. Marty says:

            We certainly need term limits. Agree with all 14 of the bullet points!

          7. zizi Newton says:

            That is what we need.

          8. Mark Plenn says:

            No pensions, cause they’ll only be in office for two terms. TERM LIMITS ARE THE ANSWER!

          9. zizi Newton says:

            Now the RINOs. the Dems and the MSM are colluding in blocking Trump’s every step of the way in his carrying out of his agenda. And they are doing everything they can trying to bring the Trump administration down. I hope I can do something. But what can I do?

          10. Marty says:

            All you or any of us can do is flood Congress with emails, letters and phone calls. I’ve talked with one of my Senators about it and he told me this action really helps. Remember,even the stinking RINO’s want to get re-elected. No, they don’t really read or listen to us, but their aids do and definitely communicate our concerns to their bosses.

          11. Mark Plenn says:

            Ain’t that a bitch!

          1. big KAhuna says:

            Thanks Mark
            Have you noticed how these Liberal Trolls are stuck on Stupid! Scary bunch- so shallow.

        2. Doug says:

          All pertinent thoughts. Only change Muslim immigration to INVASION!

      3. Annie says:

        You’ve just proved what a crybaby snowflake you are! Go buy yourself more tissues! Thank God, hag Hillary, “The Liar”, wasn’t elected! She’s the fraud, traitor & liar! Wake up! You also proved to everyone that ‘liberalism is a mental disorder’!

        1. pamlois says:

          Add murder to that list.

        2. SofiesVoice says:

          Yes, Cindy Nash, you are a whiney mental case along with your sister snowflakes….still wearing your pussy hat which confirms what a loser you are? And don’t get too close to Hitlery and billyboy or you may end up on “THAT” list…….

        3. zizi Newton says:

          Hillary’s lies and behaviors are shocking. Breachbit acid washing her email server, hammering her electronic devices, turning over her blackburry without sim card in it, getting 145 million $$ kickback from Russia by authorizing sale of 20% of our uranium to Russia, getting Bill Clinton huge speaking fee from Russia, selling government favors to foreign country leaders, telling the bank industry that what she told the public would not affect the banks’ agenda and benefits because she had a public persona and one for the banks, causing many deaths to people who were going to testify against her….etc. etc. These are only some of the things that would have landed anyone to jail. But her incredible evil power keeps her intact. It is beyond me that those blind, brain-damaged people can not see what she is. Sad, real sad!!!

          1. Mark Plenn says:

            Hillary makes Al CaPONE SEEM LIKE A NICE GUY.

          2. Tony Rowell says:

            perfect example of someone who needs to be put in front of a firing squad

        4. Deborah Pratt says:

          Cindy appears to be very ‘young’!! The young tend to listen to the opinions of ‘other’ youths rather than going through the ‘work’ of gathering their own ‘facts’ and making their own decisions. Not a ‘good’ working system!! Remember, too, that we have many ‘liberal’ professors in their colleges teaching this ‘baloney’!! Our ‘youth’ are being victimized by them–big time! It isn’t that these kids are ‘stupid’—they are naive and vulnerable to the ‘mouthy’ and ‘ignorant’ who act ‘superior’!! This is where ‘Adults’ need to step in and offer ‘facts’. Adults need to ‘fight back’ at the sources of their ‘mis-information’! Not ‘attack’ the young for being misguided!! Our colleges need a thorough ‘cleansing’ just like the White House!!

      4. squeeze127 says:

        Another lemming! Trump is a successful business man, your Barry and Hillary never had a job that they had to live off of! There’s your fraud, traitor, and liars for you!

        1. Jean overly says:


          1. squeeze127 says:

            Don’t forget to include all those RINO Republicans too! Actually you could find 95% of Congress guilty of that!

          2. Mark Plenn says:

            TERM LIMITS IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!

          3. Gary_L_Thompson says:

            The RINOs are just Democrats hiding behind the Republican name, in order to sabotage any attempt for the electorate to lash back at their oppression.

          4. zizi Newton says:

            Obama, Hillery, Obama woman, Bill Clinton are all parasites of the people and our country.

      5. Annie says:

        Here’s the description of Trump:

        T ruthful
        R esponsible
        U nifying
        M ilitary-lover
        P resident of the United States…Thank God!

        Here’s Hillary:

        H ateful
        I rrelevant
        L iar
        L ooney
        A rrogant
        R uthless
        Y okel

        1. Jean overly says:


      6. Cliff Lindsay says:

        CINDY, if bullcorn was music you my dear would be a whole brass band

      7. KDC says:

        Open your eyes, your not in La, La Land anymore! How is he any of those things? He’s transparent.

      8. whattabunchacrap says:

        They’ve all been traitors since Lincoln..

      9. C. LeSaint says:

        That would be the liberal democrats who are frauds, traitors and liars that need to be banished from the United States!!

        1. Mark Plenn says:

          Most criminals in Nazi Germany were socialists.

      10. Larry says:

        Another Clinton Whore!

      11. Ed Shick says:

        Cindy are you still in College? You are due to Wake up !

        1. Mark Plenn says:

          once the bad dope wears off.

      12. jemnet says:

        I assume that you were A-OK with Obama, an illegal alien, a socialist, a Muslim, an anti police person, an anti-American person, a promoter of racial unrest, a user of someone else’s social security number, having a fraudulent counterfeit birth certificate, plus being a traitor, a fraud, and a liar.

      13. lar318 says:

        Please, accept the fact, i waited for obuma 8 years…..and he was he worst thing that happened to America. Yes, I am Cuban and love Trump!

        1. zizi Newton says:

          I was in the dark age for eight years. Thought it would never end. I began to see sunlight when he was out. But now I know he is not out. He is presiding the deep state and shadow government scheming to destroy our new administration, our new hope.

          1. Mark Plenn says:

            Why would Barry Soetoro chose to move just a few blocks from the White House, I think he’s planning a coo

          2. big KAhuna says:

            This is why Session must be engaged to indict those promoting Sedition/Treason
            ( Sorros/Obama) – still waiting for indictments?? Fire Mueller & He must go big or go home. Our patience is running thin

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            This is not ‘unknown’ and is being closely watched by the FBI and CIA!! The ‘deep state’ has existed for a long time now and had planned to ‘move’ (when) Hillary got elected. First big ‘bump’ in the road–she failed to get elected!! Next ‘pot hole’ was Pres Trump himself!! Not one of ‘their people’!! Soros and a couple of our big ‘tech’ firms fund these organizations. The funding needs to be curtailed, most importantly. Considering the failures of the ‘Community Organizer’, we can hope Obama continues his ‘track record’ for the ‘shadow government’. What really concerns me is that, through Michele, they are ‘attacking’ our youngsters through their schools!! Sharia Law is being insidiously taught without the knowledge or consent of their parents!! School Boards need to be held responsible, when this is found to be the case, and jobs need to be ‘lost’!! This is subversion of the most despicable kind. We need to be aware and alert to it. Yes, check ‘your’ child’s school!!

      14. Old Salt says:

        I just love you childish socialists, you’re like little parrots sitting on a perch…”He’s a fraud…BARRACK…he’s a traitor…BARRACK…he’s a liar BARRACK…KOO, koo” You can’t articulate one of your accusations with anything of substance, except to chatter like a dumb bird. See if you can answer…how he’s a traitor, traitor to whom? Or a liar…what specific lie did he tell…who has he defrauded? You can’t…because you really don’t know and worse yet, you don’t know how to think for yourself, in order to make a determination…all you know is the country has problems and somebody told you…TRUMP DID IT, so you hate him for it. Here’s a thought, the country’s always had problems…who’d you blame before Trump came along?

      15. The Bobster says:

        STFU, pink pussy hatted troll!

      16. Annie says:

        Hey, Cindy…here’s my description of Barack for you, too….

        B ully
        A nti-American
        R uthless
        A rrogant
        C riminal
        K enyan

        O bnoxious
        B i-racial
        A gitator
        M uslim
        A nti-Christ

        1. zizi Newton says:

          I admire your wisdom.

          1. Annie says:

            Thank you very much! Here’s my description of Hillary:

            H ateful
            I rrelevant
            L iar
            L ooney
            A rrogant
            R uthless
            Y okel

            C riminal
            L oathsome
            I rritating
            N otorious
            T wo-faced
            O bnoxious

      17. bunky doodle says:


        1. zizi Newton says:

          Don’t wish for that. Cindy Nash’s bleachbit acid washed brain, her blindness, her stupidity have taken away her ability to see, to hear, to think.

      18. bunky doodle says:

        you lost. get used to it

      19. Frank says:

        You think open borders will work well for you Cindy Nash ?

      20. ter334 says:

        Please explain in detail what makes you say this.

        1. zizi Newton says:

          I know what made her say those things. Her bleachbit acid washed brain, her blindness, her stupidity. She has no ability to see, to hear, to think.

      21. CommonSense4America says:

        Bite me!!

      22. zizi Newton says:

        You want to swim in the swamp? Go ahead. No one is stopping you. Don’t shit all over this page.

      23. Susan Meyer says:

        Cindy – In what way do you think Trump is a fraud, a traitor, and a liar? Oh, I forgot, the MSM told you so. What a dummy I am.

      24. Mark Plenn says:

        Cindy wake up and buy better Dope!

      25. Deborah Pratt says:

        OOOH, Cindy!! You need to stop listening to the opinions of your ‘liberal’ friends and go get some serious research done. Then, using your ‘own mind’, make your decisions. Everything you just accused Pres Trump of–suits Hillary to a ‘T’!!! Go–get ‘educated’!!

      26. Ken Lowder says:

        Sorry, were all out of that whine. Try again in four years. Just dont expect it to be hillbilly of DWS. They will be in jail, where they belong troll

    2. Rodger K. Shull says:

      he is the onje that needs to be fired an barred from the oval office, an investigated, along with mueller an both put in the slammer, they are traitors,

    3. bunky doodle says:


  3. libertybells2 says:

    I trust Sessions. He’s not a RINO and will prove himself more than up to the job. Wish he would go back and say he changed his mind abour recusing and get rid of Bronstein and Mueller. They are not playing fair as it is. So Sessions would be in his right to change his ”recusal’ status.

    1. bunky doodle says:

      CHANGE IT.

      1. zizi Newton says:

        Same question. Can he reverse his recusal?

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          I’m not positive but, I believe he can!

    2. zizi Newton says:

      Can he unrecuse himself? I have been hoping for that.

      1. Gary_L_Thompson says:

        That does not make any sense. Would you rather have Sessions wasting his time on this Russian probe, which was just made up out of thin air by Hillary to explain away her loss, and maintained as a distraction despite lack of any evidence–or would you have him investigating Hillary and leaks? (And frankly, if Trump’s concerns are limited to that–the former can largely be blamed on Trump himself for stupidly breaking his campaign pledge to prosecute Hillary by taking a let-bygones-be-bygones stance, despite his rallies continuing to loudly demand it–the president has his priorities badly skewed. As the Democrats have so blatantly demonstrated since Election Day–and the RINOs also more surreptitiously behind the scenes, visible only to the undeluded and the alert–these people need to be thrust out of power, and kept out of it permanently if this nation is not to turn into another Third Reich or Soviet Union. If Trump doesn’t destroy the lefty globalist establishment, all those accomplishments he’s boasting about are merely castles in beach sand waiting to be swept away by the tide, even more thoroughly than Calvin Coolidge’s and Ronald Reagan’s were once the establishment was allowed back in control. And the only means he has of penetrating the delusion holding the millennials, the decent people still remaining in the Democrat rank-and-file, and the public at large in thrall is to prosecute EVERYTHING the establishment has been doing to the limit, to get rid of the two-tier justice system for once and for all, so the all the breadth and depth of the murderous corruption is bared for all to see.)

        Rather than reverse Sessions’ recusal, it would make much more sense to boomerang the issue on the Democrats, press them on why THEY never recuse themselves on any issue at any level. The best way to deal with Mueller is to appoint a special prosecutor investigating HIM. The special prosecutor law is crystal clear about forbidding any conflict-of-interest, so Comey’s mentor has become a criminal right out of the gate by taking this case without recusing himself, and compounded the law-breaking by assembling a staff similarly compromised. That alone is sufficient reason to warrant investigation, and I think we have every reason for confidence that any such investigation is going to unearth much more criminal activity. We have had a continuing pattern of allegations of accusations against Trump inevitably exposing Democrat culpability (classic example of demands for a voting recount in Michigan instead exposing many votes invalidated by election fraud), and so when Mueller pursues his grand-jury investigation he is going to inevitably uncover Democratic criminality (already, the very DMC claiming to have been hacked by Russia to sabotage Hillary’s campaign has been refusing to allow investigators access to the supposedly hacked files, and then the Democrats have just refused to have the Senate Judiciary Committee grill Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort on the Russia probe because they wanted to protect Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson from having to testify). If special prosecutor Ken Starr had no choice but to turn over the evidence of Bill Clinton’s perjury to Congress, then Mueller is under the same legal obligation not to hide or destroy any evidence of law-breaking he comes across. And since he’ll likely continue his current lawless course while conducting his investigation, Mueller should have his actions brought to light and made to account for them. For the past few years, many average Americans have been denied justice in the courts or oppressed by legislation backed by special interests, because the Democrats have been mocking with impunity the requirement for judges and officials to recuse themselves whenever they have a conflict-of-interest. Putting Mueller and his cohorts behind bars might finally put a chill on these corrupt practices.

        1. Arthur L. Miller says:

          Excellent summation Gary!!!

    3. dude says:

      I agree I wish he would to or at least fire mueller

  4. Charles thompson says:

    Just curious… how did you know about the phone call? Anonymous sources? A leak?

  5. SouthernPatriot says:

    AG Jeff Sessions is carrying forth President Trump’s programs and policies. He is investigating leaks. He is challenging sanctuary cities and will start imposing grant denials if the policies do not in line with federal law. He is prosecuting MS-13 members and sending some back to El Salvador and others into federal prison. He is doing more in the first few months than all Holder and Lynch did to help America.

    1. Marty says:

      I don’t believe holder and wynch ever did anything to help America. Total crooks, both of them.

        1. Mark Plenn says:

          The lowest of the slime in the swamp!

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            trash would be more fitting

  6. John T. Koszalka says:

    The Attorney General will do the job that has to be done. I can not wait till he starts going after the entire gang of liars in the Obama Administration.

  7. Albert L Biele says:

    Great News!!!!

  8. nodo says:

    It seems Sessions made a mistake. Rosenstein, however, is a questionable character at the very least. Perhaps he is the one who should be wondering about job security.

    1. squeeze127 says:

      How did he ever get to appoint Mueller? Is this Rosenstein guy an Obama leftover?

      1. nicholsda says:

        Yes he is. But more correctly, a leftunder. And needs left under the rock he crawled out from under.

        1. squeeze127 says:

          I like that leftunder part!

      2. Vote for Truth says:

        Yes, he is a Democrat!!

    2. Vote for Truth says:

      Rosenstein is a Democrat in case you didn’t know that!!

  9. A patriot says:

    may trump send Mueller to GITMO or hell

    1. Annie says:

      Hag Hillary, Billy Boy, John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett, Loretta Lynch, Obummer & most of all…George Soros all need to be in prison NOW!

      1. nicholsda says:

        George Soros needs to be a gift either to Russia or Hungary. Both of which would put him out of our misery.

  10. margie says:

    Sessions should change his mind about recusing himself and fire Rosenstein who set it up by getting Trump to fire Comey.

  11. KDC says:

    “Trump believed Sessions never should have recused himself”… And I don’t either. I admit at the time I didn’t really know what was going on, but it is a questionable move which caused that bone head, Mueller to take over. Now we need to see McMasters go.

  12. SofiesVoice says:

    So happy that Sessions is keeping his job. Thank you Kelly. Now, let Sessions do his job as he has been doing, in the arenas that need the most attention at the moment…..doing his job excellently, I might add. And he is a true supporter of President Trump…..not wishy washy….true supporter since the campaign.

  13. LANI says:

    Sessions is doing superb job! We definitly need him as AG!!! Keep it up Sessions! 👏 Go get’em!!!!

  14. BF39 says:

    That’s Great. I really like AG Sessios

  15. Edie Tibuni says:

    Great decision by Kelly, and I’m sure POTUS backs him up 100%. Let’s keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

    1. zizi Newton says:

      Yes, for this, I should thank General Kelly.

  16. thecelt1 says:

    I just hope this over with Sessions. I haven’t followed this so called difficulty with the Russians, Trump and
    Sessions. I believe that Sessions is NOT a RINO. To me, Sessions is a Patriot, Strong American and a
    Warrior for the United States.

    1. zizi Newton says:

      Session is a loyal, honest, capable man. He has done a great job as AG. And he is the president’s best cabinet member. Thank God that he is not to be fired.

  17. bunky doodle says:

    sessons reclused himself from russia matters and hillary matters……and trump still hired him? sessions is the deep state personified…..or stupid a door knob. all he wants to do is bust illegals and druggies. meanwhile trump fries and cooked hillary skies

    1. Arcturus6 says:

      While I share your frustration over the entire Russian issue and the criminal Clinton, I do not think of Sessions as a “deep state operative.” I just think he would have been much better off as DHS Secretary.

    2. dfinch says:

      That’s not true. Sessions had already gone through the Senate approval and was sworn in. Then he recused himself. He hasn’t recused from anything regarding H Clinton.

  18. Richard Bagenstose says:

    sessions needs to kick the doj into high gear, and reinvestigate all of obomas and lynches phony investigations

  19. Arcturus6 says:

    At the beginning I wanted to see Jeff Sessions appointed as DHS Secretary or remain in the Senate. Mind you, I have nothing but respect for General Kelly but I think he should have been named Chief of Staff
    in the beginning. However I would want him to remain as AG unless he indicated a willingness to go to DHS. Personally, I consider this job as serious and important as that of AG.

  20. Old Salt says:

    Anything Trump had said about Sessions was the result of the relentless and savage lying from the left…Trump is Captain but Kelly is stabilizing the helm…it’s going to get better as this moves forward. What I saw in Sessions was a faithful servant who understood what was going on and I anticipate his going after the stinkers in our government with a fervor. No president in history has had to endure this onslaught from every direction at the same time. None of the candidates could have stood up to this like Trump has and it’s driving the globalists insane.

  21. Ed Shick says:

    I think one of the best men that Trump appointed is Jeff Sessions ,It takes time but he is working at the many things that went wrong when Valerie Jarrott was President Obama’s Adviser

  22. Lois Batchelor says:

    I like Sessions. He is a good man in a good position.

  23. Old Salt says:

    What I don’t understand about Mueller being in there, is how it happened…a felonious use of classified information was used as an impetus to appoint a special prosecutor…isn’t that “fruit of the poisoned tree”, much the same as inadmissible evidence in a court of law for the very same reason?

  24. Charles Wolfe jr says:

    Jeff Sessions will do a great job !

  25. Franklin Archambault says:

    So when is sessions going to bring charges up on Billy the Willy for treason among other things

  26. William M Durham says:

    Just being a normal American who has questions, how can anyone be appointed a special investigator on a case that has one of his best friends and a working colleague . I have been shown and told that it is against the law, unlawful , to be appointed a special investigator into a matter where you are the friend and working colleague. So if it is unlawful what is going on? I know that in this day and time that it seems that no one, not Congress,or anyone else thinks the law s on this Nation mean a damn thing, but some time, somewhere this shit has got to stop or the American people will tale the law into their own hands and solve the problem once and for all. All our damn worthless as hell Congressmen/women profess to be law abiding and upholding, but when and where do they do so. It would really serve justice if a group of fed up.pissed off Americans took the law into their won hands and started eliminating any and all of our so called Congressmen/women who are breaking the law or just feeling too damn big for it. As a 20 year military Vet who fought for my Nation for 4 plus years in Vietnam I never could have imagined myself to say that if the enemies of this Nation ever strike us I hope and pray it lands directly on a full insession Congress. Clean out all the trash at one time., But this is only the BS of a frustrated 68 year old crippled soldier who once thought that he fought for and defended the damn best,most honest Nation in the world. Sadly as I grow older I understand that I have been mistaken, as the law of the land is not equal or fair, but only for the rich and those in power. Maybe God will equal things out for all of us real soon. There has to be at least one damn honest politician left in America.

    1. Jack W Read says:

      I feel just like you, sir—a WW2 Normandy Invasion D-day vet who at 95 is sorry to have spent over 5 yrs of my young life defending a nation that has come this low– trouble is about Congress in session, there would be a few decent, God fearing men and women who would go down with the traitors and rhinos—keep praying God will see fit to save our nation–if too far down sins path, He will do what it Right in the end—cheers

  27. Linda says:

    Sessions needs to start recommending a special prosecutor on Hillary, Comey and Lynch. It is long past time to get these people in the courtroom and prosecute them. They are the worst of the worst criminals.

  28. disgustedvet says:

    Hopefully this vote of confidence will stimulate the Attorney General into pursuing the real criminals in our Government . The Clinton cartel and half of the Obama administration.

  29. Clay Williams says:

    I am really pissed with the people of USA…we spent eight long years under an Illegal No good …Dictatorial Thug and the majority of our citiicens thought the sun rose in his Kenyan ass every day!Now we had a campaign an election and ELECTED Trump as our choice. Get Over it America and thank GOD Hillary the Witch was NOT elected.
    Any new Admin. needs time and may change personnel several times before getting it right…Trump was NOT a politician and has Done VERY WELL. Now because the Whiney assed Libs can’l accept de=feat and want to Impeach….we DO NOT GO TO BAT for HIM…Wake up assholes before we destroy ourselves!

  30. The Bobster says:

    Fire the (((Stein))) instead.

  31. Stuart Mastroianna says:

    Sessions did the honorable and proper thing when he recused himself from the Russian investigation. Unfortunately, neither Rosenstein nor Mueller are honorable men, as both should have also recused themselves from that same investigation.

    1. NancyNurse says:

      Yes, you are correct. Both Rosenstein and Mueller have to be fired, especially Mueller. There wasn’t any excuse for Mueller not to have recused himself immediately from this “witch hunt” with his close ties to Comey. Why didn’t Mueller do so from the very start? Comey is another rat in deep collusion with the Clintons, so Mueller’s association with him is highly questionable then and now.

  32. Andrew Kent Jaussi says:

    I believe that Rosenstein deliberately persuaded Sessions to recuse himself so he could recommend that Comey be fired. it was a set up from the beginning. Now Rosenstein could use that excuse to hire Mueller. This is an attempted coup against Trump. It is time that Congress get off their duffs and fire Mueller. Trump needs to fire Rosenstein.

  33. Chris Dube says:

    Now that his job is safe, and this “probe” is far outside the original parameters, I thi k Sessions should unrecuse himself and put an end to this foolishness.

  34. Robert Earl says:

    If AG Sessions had been more like the last three AG’s, he would not have recused himself from the Russian election meddling. Thank goodness he is not like them. I am glad his job is safe.

  35. dan says:

    President Trump REALLY needs the steady leadership of the Marines. Should find a couple more. Recall Gulf War I kicking Sadam out of Kuwait. Gen. Schwartzkop asked if only Marine Generalscould follow orders? The incident is in his book.

  36. Frank H. Deery says:

    Glad to hear that DOJ Sessions is on the job to stay.

  37. ter334 says:

    Everyone is going to lose interest in the russian chasing of the wind by the demon-crats as they look and look for something to make a case out of and it just in’t there. Mule-er will eventually have to put up or shut up. What are they going to do when he says no credible evidence has been found. He is just another Obamaite thrown under the bus by Obama seeking to preserve his legacy? O seems to me to be a very self seeking person that will throw anyone or manipulate anyone for personal gain or protection. We are talking about a high level legal process to impeach a president. Somebodies hatred or vendetta will just not hold water in a court. They are going to start looking silly as they run around in circles trying to catch their tail. How can they find something that is not there? The demon-crats do seem to be full of their own ability to solve issues and use their political acumen and skills to overcome others! They should be investigating O’s credentials, background and actions as faux president?

  38. Nikita63 says:

    Sessions’ whole political career and record shows him to be far more a Constitutionalist than either of the two sorry excuses under the Obama Administration who obfuscated investigations and ignored compliance with established protocols and procedures, often violating them as those who made the laws seem to feel they can break them with IMPUNITY AND, UNDER THE WRETCHED OBAMA REGIME THAT WAS SO. NO LONGER IS IT SO AND THOUGH IT BE POLITICALLY INCORRECT TO SAY SO, FOR NOW BUT NOT MUCH LONGER: THANK GOD FOR THAT!

  39. Pat Wells says:

    I guess Sessions is the man but to be honest i haven’t seen a damn thing yet that has impressed me. Clinton is still walking around, the Clinton foundation is still ”just around the corner”, NO ONE is in jail and it’s still “”Yea, we are going after the Leakers”. Yea, will maybe in the next life right after the RINO/established Republicans get Obama Care,Tax reform, to the bottom of Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal exposed and all the other hot air promises they made over the last six years out of the way, but i for one am not holding my breath. I would be satisfied if someone could just pry McCains nose out of Schumer’s ass. The whole GOP rode in on President Trump’s coat tails, they got the senate, the house and the executive office and they all run around like they are afraid of their own shadow while everyone watches Muller’s DNC lead witch hunt at the beck and call of idiots like Maxine Waters, Schumer and any other left wing douche bag that wants in on the show, Its a Sad day for America.

  40. big KAhuna says:

    He must do more to take down the corruption and drain the swamp! We need a very strong offense and many indictments. Casper milk and toast won’t get it done.
    We need A Grand Jury and jail sentences for Sorros, OBama, Clintons, Rice, Brown, Immanuel etc etc. he must fire Mueler and stop the witch hunt, Action is the only way to get the Dems on the run!

  41. zizi Newton says:

    This news brings me relief and happiness. I think Sessions is a great AG. Firing him will be a great mistake. See, despite being “hurt” by the President’s tweets, he continues to do his job superbly. Who in the cabinet is like him? I tweeted to the president begging him not to let Sessions go.

  42. crockett says:

    Go getem Jeff , obozo, Soros, the clintons !

  43. Cynthia C Chang says:

    If AG Sessions did not have anything to do with the Russian collusion accusation at all (which he himself of course would know) by this time that there is nothing substantial with the Russian thing, then the AG should remove himself from being recused and take charge of the office he was selected for. It is about time to stop being politically correct and behaving like a gentleman. This is a vicious world we are all in. Gentleness and proper decorum have been thrown out by the other party a long time age. They have stopped following the rules.It will be delusional to expect them to come back to decency and proper decorum.

  44. jim jones says:

    He is a sheep and will march in lock step; so he stays. If you don’t kiss Trump ass you are a “RINO” I’ve got news for you, I’ll take a RINO any damned time, they are people who THINK and vote for the PEOPLE, they are LEADERS, not followers!

  45. GyMack says:

    He needs to get hot on prosecuting Obama and all of his minions. As a tax payer, the cost of prosecuting them is well worth it.
    Am wondering why Trump allowed Obama’s thugs to remain on the Government Payroll. Why is McMasters still employed? Courts Martial that fookstick and give him an OTH Separation.
    Trump is allowing the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies to destroy evidence needed to take everyone down. 😡

  46. BEAVAJGART7V says:

    Thank you, Lord. We need Jeff Sessions.

  47. Lindy says:

    I guess Sessions needed that kick in the rear from Trump to move on issues that are important to the people of this country. Day one he should have been focused on the leaks. Now he is finally taking action on Obama’s slush fund. I want to see a full investigation of Obama, his staff into the illegal surveillance and wiretaps of our Senators and Supreme Court Justices. There were so many illegal activities that went on in the Obama administration, the democratic party, and they all need attention. It’s time to appoint a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton and her pay for play and the Clinton foundation. It will take time to unravel all the corruption that went on over the last 8 years but to ignore it would be a kick in the head to the American people. Oh and don’t forget Maxine Waters paying her daughter hundreds of thousands of dollars to stuff envelopes.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Right along with Hillary paying her daughter outrageous income for—‘what’?? Heading a ‘false’ charity?? I’m sure Sessions is regretting the decision he had made to recluse himself. However, it takes time to realize the ‘climate’ change happening in Washington. A lot of people still fear the influence of the Clintons and the ‘deep state’!! People are still ‘committing suicide’—and others may still fear the ‘same’ happening to them. The corruption has not stopped. The ‘clean up’ has just started and having a rough time of it–naturally. Those who have profited by it for so long, naturally, resent their ‘gravy train’ being derailed!! Huge reasons for ‘replacement’ of Obama’s people and uncovering the ‘corrupt’ ones. I understand appointment of a ‘special prosecutor’ is underway. Not only to examine Hillary’s actions but those of Obama, as well.

      1. Lindy says:

        Even though Sessions recused himself from the investigation, he does have the power to meet with Mueller and ask him just where this investigation is leading and what crimes, if any has he uncovered. He does have the power to set limits on his investigation which seems to be going off the grid and leading away from Russia and more towards finding out what the Trump family is worth. Mueller, who is violating federal law and should step down because of his friendship with Comey, it seems that only one Republican, Trent Franks is calling for this. The GOP establishment, McConnell, Ryan, Graham, McCain, Flake, Collins, and a few others are ignoring this violation of this federal law and refuse to call attention to this. These are the RINO’s in the party who worked with Obama for 8 years. Is it any surprise that they are working against Trump and the American people today?

  48. Gary Gillson says:


  49. Anthony Cardone says:

    Not satisfied. Investigating leaks is not enough. We need an attorney general that can investigate freely, Obama, The Clinton’s,Susan Rice, the two attorney generals from the past administration. Fire Mueller. Is not an honest independent council. and many Obama operative people that remain in all government agencies.

  50. Anthony Cardone says:

    I want him to be replace as soon as possible!!!!

  51. Sam Hale says:

    The Clinton machine will rise again if they are not held accountable for their actions!

    1. Gary_L_Thompson says:

      That should have any decent hard-working American who loves his country spending sleepless nights at that prospect.

  52. 2richard1 says:

    He’s a good man we need him.

  53. Paula Martinez says:

    I like Sessions, he seemed tough, to me, but going through what he did, and saying he would not quit, and continued his quest, plus his strength now makes him a better man. He is a conservative.

  54. Ranger says:

    Jeff Sessions needs to do his job – this so called special council of hillary’s people has gone on too long with nothing and now sessions underling says they can continue the witch hunt.
    Jeff they have gone passed the Russian investigation which was their scope and what so foolishly recused yourself from but even so you NOW could do your job and fire everyone and call this witch hunt off and you could go after the real criminal and pay to play clinton and her minions.

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