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Jeff Sessions Made A Bombshell Announcement About His Future Plans

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  1. Mark Peters says:

    Time to flush out these narcissist people who have been employed by the working class.
    It’s illegal to leak classified info, their actions show how full of themselves they are!
    Good job Sessions!

  2. Richard S. says:

    They say patience is a virtue, but my virtue is wearing thin. It’s time to bring charges to those who have done wrong and start the prosecution procedures.

    1. wjeretidwell says:

      Amen to that. Either we are a nation of laws or of men and a nation of laws is what we always were until the Democrats held power so long they thought they owned to government buildings and they do have the civil service that operates the system. That needs to be broken up or the swamp (sewer) will never be drained. I am not a bible scholar but a preacher’s son and heard it regularly when he read this passage. In the end days there will be people who say they are Jews who are not Jews. Defined: In the last days of our country there are people wh say they are Republicans who are not republicans, but RINO’s. DRAIN THAT SWAMP, DRAIN IT SO THE SWAMP CREATURES HAVE NO PLACE TO HIDE.

      1. jreg9304 says:

        Excellent comment, very well defined!

      2. Mister Vice says:

        And pour salt over every slug living there!

        1. Elizabeth Davis says:

          just give then lots of beer Rope) and they will drown themselves, Try it on Slugs and then you will believe

      3. big KAhuna says:

        Excellent comments. My patience is also running thin with Sessions.
        By now I expected our AG would have began indictments ( Grand Jury) against the Source of the treason/Sedition and coup attempts– Socialist George Sorros, Obamas corruption and illegal wire taps etc, Clinton’s money laundering, covert affairs etc etc. indicting Sorros collapses the corrupt Democratic Party platform. Leading this charge to take down these corrupt officials is a must and why he hasn’t set this up before now is mindbogling?? I thought he had more brass?? Maybe wrong guy- TBD?

        1. Pamela Sue Therrien says:

          Jeff Sessions is a fine man and honestly humble fair and very honest . He is also quiet even when he is talking to you, his laugh is real deep yet it too is fairly quiet in comparison to most. When he is working with you or for you it is done right, exact and very well. You are then informed it is complete without fanfare or expectation of any kind no matter who you are . That is the man Jeff Sessions from my experience.

          1. big KAhuna says:

            I’m sure he has many qualities.
            However taking down the big Dem players is not happening??
            He also isn’t kicking but with Sanctuary states . His inaction fuels the Dems fire. Where is the offense??

        2. advocacybz says:

          Problem with Sessions is while he has some Trump loyalty he has a much longer track record of DC loyalty to Senators like Graham and McCain who are anti-Trump leaders.

    2. Mike W says:

      The problem is that the criminals have the luxury of investigating themselves – or having people in place on their payroll to investigate them.

    3. SouthernPatriot says:

      I agree. However, there must be a proven case against the leakers which cannot be dismissed by a leftist judge that Obama appointed. Soros and other wealthy leftists will undoubtedly send money to help defend these Obama leakers to use every trick they can use to embarrass the Trump Administration and claim freedom of press, freedom of expression/speech, etc. Leakers are so very hard to prosecute especially if they are entrenched in the bureaucracy since they all will vouch for one another and the MSM will not allow the trail to be traced from their end, and judges will protect them and their “freedom of the press,” I understand the desire to be very thorough, cross every “t” and dot every “i.”

    4. vetteguy08 says:

      We keep reading about all the laws broken by President Trump’s enemies. So far nothing has been done to stop them. Lets see if something actually happens this time before we get too excited.

  3. KDC says:

    I’m going to cheer when some of these “king pins” meet their demise! That’s what I’m waiting for. It’s easy getting the little guy. I want these BIG crooks incarcerated.

    1. Robert Uda says:

      Start with Kingpin Obungler. He should reap the fate of the Ceaucescus of Romania, i.e., firing squad.

      1. HandmaidenKaren says:

        I hope they take away his American citizenship and send him back to Africa where he was born.

        1. Mister Vice says:

          Kenya called already…they don’t want him either!

        2. chief1937 says:

          Has it ever been proven he is an American citizen?

          1. conservative since 1962 says:

            Not beyond a reasonable doubt!

          2. Donald Evans says:

            Was tried with forged birth certificate, The left ate it up. The right knew better.

        3. Rose Ribitzki says:

          Was he ever a citizen ?

      2. Janelle says:

        Fire ant hill…….

      3. Mister Vice says:

        I dunno…the way Gaddafi met his end was fairly apropos…

        Maybe we could get a replay…?

      4. Carol Hyndman says:

        Unfortunately, as an ex-president ( I refuse to capitalize the title in Obama’s case) I fear Obama is off limits, but everybody else, including Michelle, are fair game.

  4. Ron haymaker says:

    Need a professional plumber to fix all these leaks!

  5. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

    When a crime is committed there is always some evidence left behind. So, where is the evidence? If the FBI has evidence of a crime, why don’t they indict the criminals? Something very bad is going on that is gumming up the works. Serious crime deserves serious consequences. Or, do we live in a post-criminal environment where crime has been eliminated? I don’t think so!

    1. JBruman says:

      The FBI has been in on a lot of it .. same goes for the CIA and NSA … the leaders of these great institutions have been and may still be Deep State operatives.

      1. Not_Easily_Impressed says:

        If these agencies can’t police themselves or refuse to do the job they should be doing, the individuals responsible need to be fired. So, who’s job is that? If it is the DOJ, they need to get busy and clean house.

  6. Daniel Graves says:

    Trump should be patient with Sessions. Sessions will get the job done. He has so many cases to push. It will take time to root out the Democratic terrorists in the Administration. These people are putting the country at risk. It shows that they are just for themselves and not our country.

    1. jeannemartin says:

      Keep Sessions and let him do the work of an AG! He is loyal and an asset to Trump! Give him a chance to prove himself! He won’t let Trump down!! ???

      1. Ed Shick says:

        After Holder and Lynch it is good to have a true American as our AG.

      2. drbhelthi says:

        Neat. I think it is wonderful that AG Sessions is conducting the AG affairs as a professional and not as an Obama pimp, such as Holder and Lynch and his appointees to the FBI.
        Since he recused himself from the Russian fairy tale investigation, he is free to conduct the AG duties without being castigated as a henchman of president Trump. Recusing himself was the appropriate action to take, and is already paying off, which president Trump will notice shortly. Had he not recused himself, he would have been included with president Trump in the fairy-tale charges that are traced to the owners of the MSM.

  7. uhptony says:

    I think all of this complaining about Jeff Sessions is part of a greater plan by Trump to smoke out some people that should be fired or charged with treason and Jeff ain’t one of them.

    1. Robert Uda says:

      Trump is always five moves ahead of everyone else. That’s why he holds the Trump Card.

      1. Carol Hyndman says:

        Agreed. I have always felt President Trump knows how to hold his play until he has a full house.

    2. HandmaidenKaren says:

      I agree with you uhptony!

  8. James Phillips says:

    Go get them all and prosecute them to fullest extent of the law with no chance of parole.

    1. jreg9304 says:

      Totally up to the Prosecuter and i hope they assign Trey Gowdy. He’d make sure the job is done!

      1. conservative since 1962 says:

        If Trey Gowdy wasn’t so needed where he is that would be ideal! However where do we find his replacement in Congress?

  9. Kenneth Jones says:

    Well, it’s about time! Go get ’em, Mr Attorney General!

    1. jreg9304 says:

      Yes, now he is gaining my respect. though, we will see if he follows thru or backs down. we shall see!

  10. Jjb54 says:

    This is funny. Trump is using Tweets to “own the MSM”. They think he is dumb, when it comes to political inside “politics”, but I always felt he knows a lot more than most think. He’s fine with that, and plays the MSM at their own game and rules.

    In the end, a lot of people are going to go, “WTF? How did he know? How did he get this done?”

    It’s called, in Pres. Trump’s term: “The Art of the Deal.”

    He knows what’s going on, before he even walks into the room. He knows the players and so on. I would NOT be surprised at all, IF Jeff Session’s is in on it as well. Have everyone “focus here”, while the real work is going on “behind the scenes”. 🙂

    I’m not going to be surprised at all, if over the next 2 – 4 months, some MAJOR NEWS is going to be “breaking” and it won’t be Fake News. The “Swamp Creatures” are going to be … well, left “high and dry”, wondering “What just happened? How did we get played by President Trump?”

    1. sickovitall says:

      I said the exact same thing!!! Sessions is in on this little scheme and that will smoke out the true scum in DC! Wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Bob says:

    The Swamp is gonna get DRAINED starting with the CLINTONS

    1. Ed Shick says:

      I would trust Putin more than Obama or Hillary , at least George Soros would Not control Putin , The swamp is getting to smell very Bad !

  12. Dudley Hill says:

    Why is Hilary not in jail????

    1. BeeCubed says:

      And, to keep her company: her disgusting husband, Mr. Obama, Pelosi, Reed, Schumer, McCain, and a whole bunch of other traitors!

    2. Mister Vice says:

      And Bill also! Just for an extra measure of cruelty let’s put them both into the same cell!!!

  13. Jim Kellely says:

    About time! All energy has been focused on the BS “Russian Collosion”! A waste. Who cares? From Onammy down, all are a bunch of crooks and “colluders”! Prosecute!

  14. jreg9304 says:

    Just like Richard S. expressed, patience is a grand virtue. these Rat bas–rds will be rooted out and dealt with appropriately. America has been around for well over 200 years and this is the first time in our short history that this type shenanigans have taken place. Great for Jeff Sessions and greater for America!!! These trouble makers will be put away for a long time.

  15. Brad Tipton says:

    Trump and Sessions are not stupid. They just might be making a show of things to get the Deep State to become bolder, sloppy, make mistakes and hang themselves. And so many Demorats will go with them.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      I agree with you, Brad. Sessions has seen it all when it comes to governmental workings and has always stood on the side of justice for all. And, President Trump knows how the optics of situations plays out. He has learned to actually use the media’s tactics to his advantage much to their dismay and confusion.


      1. Brad Tipton says:

        You said that so eloquently. I see you as a good thinker and excellent wordsmith.

        1. NoCoincidences says:

          Thanks Brad. I tend to analyze situations with some forethought and logical hopefulness. If that makes any sense.

      2. MacIndy says:

        Agree, it even has the democrats backing Sessions, which when he lays the hammer down, they will not be able to say he is Trumps puppet. I believe it to be a tactical move on their part. Bust the MSM in the chops. AND the Liberals of Satan… 🙂

    2. Miya Hammons says:

      Totally agree!!!!

    3. johnh says:

      Give the Deep State swamp members enough rope and they will hang them self’s. They will start squealing like pigs just to try and save them self’s. We should give all of them a free one way trip to Gitmo.

  16. Ed Shick says:

    Sessions is a very good man , If Trump and him Disagree it should be in Private , Trump should take time to get rid of all of Obama’s Muslims and Communists ! Then appoint some more great people That are conservative

  17. jackhy says:

    The “leaks” investigation is heavily tied to Obama hold overs still in office as well as possible Republican traitors, but of equal importance is what we are doing with the Hillary and Comey investigations on the “back burner”? Let’s not forget the Meuller?Russian nonsense that is wasting money and time finding out nothing!

    1. SGirl says:

      Oh the fake newsers are doing a Russian Salad Dressing inventory at the White House…got to have Russian proof in there somewhere!!!

  18. Mary Sandra Florek says:

    I think it is time to destroy the leakers and the deep state like we are doing to Islamic Terriorism. People need to see these criminal politicians charged for their crimes. They have gotten off for too long

    1. pemaddin says:

      When he puts a few of them in jail this will stop. They truly believe that they are above the law. Go get em Mr Sessions.

  19. Bill Meeker says:

    Okay … so “the bombshell” is that six months into this Administration Jeff Sessions decided he needed to initiate investigations into illegal leaks of classified information? I quite like AG Sessions and enjoyed hearing he is going after MS-13 and others but by now I expected to hear of the first indictments of “leakers” and not simply an announcement that investigations are just now started.

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      The delay has been to keep the “leakers” complacent so that when indictments are handed down, their only response will be a big “UH OHH”.

  20. John M says:

    Whoo Hoo! Finally!

  21. Patrick Murphy says:

    Jeff should have been all over this from the start and he has been goofing off.No wonder he got his butt chewed.You should not need to be told how to do the job.You should not need to be told how to clean your own house of leakers.Jeff just what did you expect?You have not lived up to the hype of how great you thought you were.Get with it or get lost.

  22. Laure Barone says:

    The SWAMP will not go away without an immense fight! Trump needs our help! Things are going to get worse, and we must be prepared to do what we can to drain the sewer and fight for AMERICA!

  23. dranalog says:

    Sounds to me like Trump persuaded Sessions to go after the people that need to be prosecuted. Could not happen soon enough.

  24. Cleavis Nowell says:

    Republicans have moved far too slow to weed out holdovers from the islamophile Obama regime and remove them.

  25. RichFromShowMe says:

    About time . . . Sessions will uncover the Leakers and acquaint them with Federal Crimes and their Enforcement.

    I expect to see a bunch of obamba’s holdovers bail out and move to a country that doesn’t extradite to the USA 🙂

    Draining the Swamp may become a Larry, Curly and Moe show as each Leaker blames the other ones to save his/her hide . . . . eventually pointing to the nexus of the crimes; i.e., obamba and “the witch”.

  26. JimZimmerman says:

    So basically what you are reporting is that someone close to the AG has leaked the fact that people are now going to be prosecuted for leaking information. We are in the fuking Twilight Zone.

  27. I like Jeff Sessions, but I think it is time that he shows us what he has been doing for the last 6 months. Either do something or resign and let someone else do the job!

  28. ECwashr says:

    Probably lead directly to Hussien Obama..

  29. Roy Tubbs says:

    We have been praying for the real leakers be exposed and brought to justice. Our God does hear and answer the prayers of the righteous. May all the Glory be His.

  30. Michael Hamilton says:

    It’s about damn time!

  31. John Milhous says:

    Due to the FACT that the Demodouches are “stones”less, the other FACT that we now have a POTUS who does have some seriously BIG “STONES” has the Demodouches’ “stones” shriveled all the way back to where their heads are = HEADUPTHEIRASSITIS!!!

  32. Bruce F Buwalda says:

    terminate their employment and prosecute them if they violated national security!

    1. John Milhous says:


  33. JC says:

    When I see the leakers brought up on charges and put in jail —then we will know that these investigations will continue and bear fruit

  34. Leslie Bryant says:

    There are a lot of investigations with independent counsels called for. Those include (1) Susan Rice and the demasking of individuals from the Trump wiretapping; (2) Killary and the extent of her pay for play schemes while Secretary of State; (3) Killary and the missing $85M of Department of State money; (4) Killary’s misuse of the Clinton Foundation as a 501c non profit for funding the Clinton Crime Syndicate Family versus supposed health projects; (5) Benghazi and Killary/Odumbo actions or inactions; (6) Loretta Lynch and the Clinton email/illegal server investigation shenanigans; (7) Loretta Lynch and the Bill Clinton on the tarmac conversation; (8) Killary relations with Russia and the sale of US uranium to Russia; (9) Bills speaking fees in Russia and where that money went; (10) Eric Holder and his lying to Congress; (11) the whole IRS Scandal starting with Odumbo directives and Lerners actions. I’m having to stop writing because this list will probably take 4 years to complete. That said the GOP promises much but seldom delivers so don’t expect much on this list being done!!

  35. GARY ZIERK says:


  36. davegrille says:

    It will be interesting to see if Sessions follows through.

  37. rick meek says:

    See – a little waming of the old a** and GET’ER DONE HAPPENS…….

  38. Kent VanderSchuit says:

    It’s about freaking time!!!

  39. kybob says:

    Let ’em know what a good old boy from Alabama can do!!!

  40. Don says:

    I say it is about TIME!!!!!!!!

  41. fordfool says:

    those with the evidence of corruption w/ sensitive-classified-Secret info- should be handled in the way TREASON is handled….this also will include the negligence of the prior Admin,including wiping a computer w/ a cloth….or transfer our $$ blood money to Iran in unmarked plane at midnight…Fast & Furious guns fo’ owa frenz in mexico… When danger is NOT scented & dealt with,its TREASON.

  42. John T. Koszalka says:

    God Bless You Mr. Attorney General. I know we have a blockage in the sewer, and the cesspool is full. I believe you are going to be the ROTO ROUTER to clean this mess up. It’s full of DEMO-RATS, and RINO’S that have only served themselves.

  43. John P says:

    It is about time! We need to Get Rid of the Deep State! From Obama to The Clinton’s to James Comey and Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice to the Journalists that printed the Leaks from the washington post and ny times and cnnn , etc. to Mueller and Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein,and some otrher Dems that eccouirage or pulling the strings behind the lines!

  44. TPS12 says:

    Time to hear something on debbie washer the dnc and the Pakistani brothers as well.

  45. barnjoer says:

    The Demwits are acting like Sport rotten little kids because they did not get their way. To bad get over it & do what you are getting paid for. Take care of the citizens of this Country!!!!

  46. allmhuran says:

    Investigating illegal leaks is all well and good, but we’re being thrown a bone. Look back at the President’s first two critical Tweets of Jeff Session’s last week. He was criticizing the Attorney General for not investigating Hillary Clinton. This is what he wants first. This is what his base wants. Investigating leaks is not a bombshell. It’s the job of the Attorney General. It should be done in tandem with investigating Clinton. Remember: the case for Clinton was made by FBI Director Comey who dropped the ball saying their was criminal activity but no intent. The work has been done already on Hillary Clinton. Trump should keep right after Sessions until he does something about this. Don’t be fooled by any more bones the Justice Department throws out.

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      Is it not difficult to have criminal activity without any intention to act on it?

      1. allmhuran says:

        Madam. Comey’s contention was that Hillary Clinton broke the law but did not mean it. Did you listen to his televised oral report he gave to the nation last summer? He pointed out one by one all the laws that she broke. At the end he said that he didn’t think it was intentional. Most of the nation was stunned That’s not how American justice works. It’s like telling a traffic police officer you were speeding but it wasn’t intentional and expect not to get a citation, Perhaps I misunderstood your comment.

  47. Judith Nowak says:

    We the People want JUSTICE!!! I know the lousy news that comes out of the liberal left says we are not going to support our President because of Obamacare but the Democrats made it and let them lay in it. They are liars, cheats, and not American! When Obamacare sinks, and it will, Republicans (RINOS) and Democrats can only look in the mirror and see what a lousy job they did.. IF the 2 parties were in the same insurance program as WE THE PEOPLE you would see the change immediately and the sinking of Obamacare. Well fellow Americans remember all that is going on when 2018 comes and it is our time to vote again. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

  48. The duck says:

    Sounds like Obama’s Shadow Government had better start packing their bags and migrating to Kenya. Seesions has his hand on the plug that drains the swamp.

  49. Jake Strait says:

    Let us hope that they aren’t fired but are arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.

  50. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Good for Sessions hang in there Mr Sessions

  51. gdhdcx says:

    A lot of these leaks are felonies and no one is being punished for it . This reminds me of the IRS scandals, and the slimy Clinton crime family. Damn it, Try them and put them in jail.

  52. MacIndy says:

    Well, my faith has been pretty weak with any sort of problems being solved. It’s like the comedy skit of “Who’s On First”. Everything is still stirred up because Trump, who is not a political insider”, is doing things according to the constitution and is contrary to the Liberals and RINO’s, who are all for the New World Order. I begin to have a little faith… then bang, it gets hit in the head by a giant boulder. The scene changes again. The media controls the narrative and the fight gets sidelined once again. Righteousness will be when they quit stalling on Clinton’s illegal activities and all that were involved. Obama’s illegal wire tapping (semantics). To really get to the Pizzagate problem. Find out why H. Clinton and the Obama administration gave away 20% of our uranium to Russia that can be used against us. (The worst collusion in history). When they start with these felonious crimes, then my faith will start to be restored in a government that is “For the People” not the government!!!

  53. Eddie says:

    When it comes to promises of delegating justice to those in government who warrant and deserve it I can’t help but recall the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. I’ve heard these innuendos so many times I don’t even bother to give it a second thought. All in all it’s just smoke and mirrors. When I see a gallows being built or a government official in shackles and handcuffs, MAYBE then I’ll pay attention. But until then I pay zero attention when somebody cries WOLF !

  54. Eguth3 says:

    Arrest them, try them and put them behind bars is easy to say but harder to do in reality. The corruption is so deep that they are more people on their payroll NOT investigating them than true investigators. The liberals have taken over the asylum and the corrupt inmates are controlling that system in both our legal and government systems. Justice isn’t blind just deaf and dumb. If we want justice, real, truthful justice we have to drain the swamp first because that’s how deep it goes.

  55. Pattie Kelly says:

    It’s about time. And let’s not bring them “in” but put them in jail for the term allowed 10 years plus any fines. No special deals, etc. Our President doesn’t even have his full cabinet yet. Gee when Barry O was president at this point his cabinet was full. Well he was a Democrat and everyone knows they are “special”..NOT!!!

  56. Charly Autumn says:

    Prosecute the leakers to the full extent of the law!

  57. Dave Nettles says:

    This whole Russiagate scandal has come from leaks of misconstrued information. The actual Russiagate is the Clinton’s receiving billions into their foundation from Russia. When Putin says he supported Hillary, Believe it, this whole story is about how to twist the facts, the Democrats run the school of fact leak & twist.

  58. Kika68 says:

    Its about f…ing time!!

  59. Robert Walters says:

    I support President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions together they can Drain The Swamp, identify the Deep State Treasonous players and arrest and charge the traitors but,
    Please stop the White House in fighting, it’s none of our business and STOP THE TWEETS, let your communications people release the information allowing you to do you job. MAKING AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN.
    And destroying the Dem/Lib lying, corrupt party of traitors.

  60. Tim Harris says:

    It’s about time they started fighting back against the lies and distortions from the resistance movement.

  61. Deplorable Lanie says:

    OK, but let’s see some action not just words, but real prosecutions with real consequences!

  62. ONLYJB1 says:

    Standing by. Hopefully justice will finally be served!

  63. Linda H, crystal lake, il says:

    Woohoo!! I never doubted sessions. If anyone was paying close attention to all the DISTRACTIONS, ha ha. BAM BAM cannot wait to see who it is!! he’s a keeper trump, but I’d bet you knew that weeks ago!!

  64. Nikita63 says:

    There is little real doubt that the Democratic National Committee, Both AG’s under Obama and most of his
    followers are so crooked that they walk ,talk, and act like sidewinding rattlesnakes and ARE EVERY BUT AS VENOMOUS AND DANGEROUS TO OUR CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW THEY SO WIDELY HAVE DISDAINED OPENLY, SINCE THE BLEAKEST DAY IN OUR HISTORY, 2 NOVEMBER 2008 AND THE BEGINNING OF A REIGN OF TOTAL INCOMPETENCE, FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY, AND DELIBERATE SECURITY BREACHES AND CORRUPTION UNPARALLELED IN OUR TIME. All of those in any way suspected of these crimes should be indicted, charged and held responsible and accountable for their performances, then if found guilty, punished to the FULLEST EXTENT of the Constitution and Rule of Law they have so disdained , ignored and tried to obliterate!

  65. Lorraine E says:

    Long way to go to eliminate the former ineligible to be president, bho’s, moles and supporters who are hell bent on destroying the Trump administration. They promised to prevent President Trump from keeping his promises to the American people for the next four years and they are going to do everything in their power to keep that promise.

  66. Levy Broussard says:

    the dame leaks are in the fucking white house they want to blame some one else but we all no where the leaks are in the w/h but all you trump supports have fun for 4years after that there will be no mpr dt in the w/h ha-ha-ha

  67. 1josephg1 says:

    Please keep praying for Mr. Trump. If the Lord our God is with him then nothing will stop him. God’s will be done.

  68. David VanBockel says:

    A fierce and retributive punishment ought to be meted out to all of these anti-American leakers.

  69. AL ELLIS says:

    Its also time to bring names to bear of the Rinos that aren’t supporting our President that we legally elected. If they cannot support our President, then they are also not supporting us and “we carry the big stick”. Republicans now have the majority in Congress but that can change in a moment, they better get things done now before they can’t. Sometimes I wonder if that’s their design, do nothing so they can’t ever be blamed for things. ???? Politicians had better start waking up because we the people sure have.

  70. RuFus92 says:

    If this comes about and ends with dozens of these un-Americans in jail, I’ll vote for Trump and Pence till hell freezes over. Pray that Hillary and Obama get same treatment.

  71. Steve Terrill says:

    Funny, my jaw didn’t “drop” one cm. Its what he is supposed to do! Its what Trump is mad about, the inaction. Another sensationalist headline with no substance. Take me off your mailing list

  72. advocacybz says:

    The shift is coming. Trump as a non-politician needed a learning curve in which he relied upon some mainline political operatives which proved that he couldn’t trust the political mainstream, he did however need the education and Preibus and crew were able to provide the realities of DC culture. Now Trump can create the new paradigm without the narrative of being clueless to how DC works. Because of his non-political background He shouldn’t be measured by the norm of first 100 days, it is more like first 365!

  73. advocacybz says:

    Trump’s biggest obstacle is the anti-Trump faction in the GOP. He has to isolate these players like Graham and McCain and find moderate Dems like Manchin to fill those seats. If he can get 4-5 Dem moderates and 46-47 Repubs he has his consolidation for his platform. He has to recognize that there are 4-5 Republicans who are trying to sabotage him, once he reaches across the aisle he will expose Graham, McCain, Collins and the other NO Gopers. These are moderate Dems in GOP clothing. The best way to overcome them is to go direct to moderate Dems and expose them if they continue to resist the platform.

  74. crockett says:

    Sessions means what he say’s , give him room to get it done . obozo and the clinton’s are next in line for prosecution ……

  75. jack says:

    It is past time to get rid of the obama rats that are hurting our country . These communist party who are hell bent on making American into another communist state needs to be exposed and charged with treason and tried and if found guilty placed before a firing squad on live TV And Put to ” Death ” and this includes the Socialist Clintons !!!

  76. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    the way I see it is that Sessions is taking to long to get the snowball rolling down hill……ex FBI Mueller already has his hit squad in place. forget the MS13 nonsense for the time being and go after a Whale….Pelosi, Sorros, Feinstein, Schumer, Holder, Lynch, Clinton’s , Obammy & Mike, Rice, Powers,Gorelick, Brennen, any or all of the criminals above,…….Sessions needs a big scalp to gain street ced!

  77. Fed Up says:

    These traitorous people need to be publicly exposed, removed from their post or office, indicted convicted and dealt the harshest penalties allowed under the law. They are a disgrace to themselves and the country. I agree totally with Richard S below.

  78. BillB says:

    About time to drain the swamp!

  79. Elizabeth Voelker says:

    The Democrats dont know the meaning of being afraid! They think whatever they do is perfectly legal and have always been completely vindicated for their crimes! The whole investigation needs to turn into digging through the hundreds of deaths involving witnesses and people scheduled to testify against the Clinton’s and DNC! It seems so convenient to drop dead just before you are scheduled to testify!!! As far as Russia is concerned the Dems are the ones involved and Russia even funded their efforts! How does that make Trump the bad guy??? Wake up America!

  80. RockinOn says:

    As with Chess, strategic moves, requires forethought and planning to thwart the enemy’s advance, with the Deep State, Trump is moving his pieces to take charge, sometimes pieces are sacrificed for the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy! Hopefully Trump maintains his major pieces to defeat the Deep State, Dumbocraps, and Liberal MSM, before sacrificing to many important personnel to carry out the Agenda desired by the American People, who are ready for this country to return back to the Conservative values once observed. Most Schools used to pray before the “Pledge to Allegiance” now they refrain from mentioning God or Country ! Time for the one True God to be 1st in this country, God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit, not something dreamed up by some violent Muslime Pedophile like Mohammed, Satanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other pagan religion created by man !
    The 10 Commandments should still be the Law of the Land in America !

    Our Country Needs Jesus Christ, in these most important Days, which are numbered !

  81. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    Let the AG do his job. Between He and Kelly, I’m sure we can get this train on the right track. Someone needs to do something about BO and get him out of here. He is doing his best to get the muslims in power and take over the USA, He sure needs to be stopped.

  82. mhardin says:

    Check out We have to prove to President Trump we have his back…then he can destroy the “deep state” and their NWO masters.

  83. Bill Chandler says:

    I only hope that President Trump will let this man do his job. I think he needs to talk to him and get all this crap behing both of them. It would be a grave Mistake for his to fire Sessions. He has been a great supporter of his and he has been around long enough to know all the crooks in Washington.

  84. Monica says:

    I am just thinking it will be just the same old “shame and blame” and nothing changes and no one is prosecuted. The only way to get this game changed is with TERM LIMITS and get the “age old criminals” out of office. The president has a 2 term limit so why should they not have the same. I want their votes counted by hand and verified. If the minions have no one to report to then it will stop. It is disturbing that these people cannot even “age out of Congress.”

  85. L VIVIANO says:

    JAIL TIME for the leakers..

  86. Harry J Schaubel says:

    As the one buzzard said to the other “Patience my ass! I wanna kill something!”
    And the time to start killing the leaks has long since passed. EVERY one of them who is caught needs to be tried for Treason and imprisoned!
    It’s been 8 months now and PRESIDENT Trump has had to deal with this BS for far too long. Let’s start with the Traitor McCain and his leaking of phone calls between PRESIDENT Trump and Foreign Heads of State.
    Let’s also try him for Collusion during and after the Election with Russian and other operatives in his attempt to bring down the PRESIDENT for saying he’s Not a Hero. He’s NOT. He was called Songbird while in the POW camp for a reason, and the ONLY reason he isn’t in prison now is because of a Blanket Pardon Nixon issued to ALL POW’s when they were released. The process had already started to try him for treason and collaborating with the enemy when the Pardon was issued. Why do you think his Military records, other than his medals and decorations, were sealed? And what about his asking Russia for donations for HIS Presidential Campaign? But I guess RINO’s & Dems both have the same “Exclusions”.
    Oh yes. Campaigns on the promise to repeal Obamacare and when he had the chance to be a Hero to the Country, he showed his true RINO colors and broke his promise. But that’s normal. Until PRESIDENT Trump, it seems campaign promises were just whispers on the wind.
    After him let’s flush out EVERY bit of the slime clinging to the floors that was appointed by Obama or supports him. Then the Hillary Snowflakes.
    A little bit of diligence in looking under the carpets and behind the commodes should reveal them all.

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