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John McCain May Be On The Verge Of This Awful Announcement

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  1. dennis cheever says:

    The only good McCain is a gone McCain. Anyway it happens is OK.

    1. lionel says:

      Good “Historic” Statement. Anyway is fine with me also. Hope he’s conscious to see it coming

      1. granny_forUSA says:


        1. jreg9304 says:

          Absolutely correct !!!!! During Interagation as a POW, I guarantee that he broke down under duress. A Traitor then and a Traitor now!

          1. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

            I thought he broke down not under duress but out of “collaborating” in exchange for goodies.

          2. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Bull’s eye!!

          3. Donald H Sullivan says:

            True. He not only gave them information, but made propaganda tapes for them in exchange for medical treatment for the wounds he suffered when parachuting, and other special treatment. He was known as “The Songbird.”

          4. John Redman says:

            I’m, on the other hand, certain that it was the lure (bribe) of access to Hanoi hookers that tempted McCain to defect. He has never “returned”, after all. Ditching his loyal but invalid wife and marrying the rich bitch that financed their houses and political “career” is only further evidence of his treason. He was never tortured, is what I’m saying, to make those tapes.

          5. Jeronimo Dan says:

            He was never tortured, he received his injuries from bailing out of his plane. While in the Hanoi Hilton, he was known to the other prisoner’s as “Song Bird”.

          6. mlmaston says:

            The Vietnamese, I hear, treated that fucking traitor as an honored guest…. while his brother’s in arms suffered.

            Fuck Him.

          7. daniel wright says:

            That’s why he volunteered to stay and offer others the chance to go home first. He looked like a hero sacrificing for his brothers in arms while being treated like a king for betraying his country. He took advantage of the good will of the American people.

          8. 2mules says:

            People like you are not even worthy of licking the sweat off his balls.

          9. Cheryl Detar says:

            Good name….2 asses.

          10. daniel wright says:

            Speak for yourself jackass.

          11. Millard Huff says:

            And you are a commie POS moron.

          12. Frank W Brown says:

            I wouldn’t give him the sweat off my balls if he was dying of thirst, PERIOD!

          13. 2mules says:

            Hey chowderbrain, you don’t know squat about anything. I can guarantee that pucky snot noses like you could not endure as much as a second of what he went through. I may disagree with what he just did but AssHoles like you do not have the balls to be able to denigrate men like John McCain or ANY Veteran for that matter. Now, you village queen, go back down your hole and lick your own butt again.

          14. Cheryl Detar says:

            You really got a thing for “balls” and “asses.”

          15. VN VET says:

            I agree with your comments, where do you think that he got his name “2 mules ” ,from ?

          16. Sherry says:

            Good question as mules don’t even have balls! ALL mules are naturally neutered; they are a hybrid between a Male donkey and a Mare horse! Thank God, they cannot REPRODUCE!!! Seems 2mules has a problem because he has NO BALLS and is jealous because WE DO! THANK GOD, He (it) cannot reproduce anything, he is sterile and has no male hormones, thus, he is a WEENY!

          17. Millard Huff says:

            2mules is a Queer commie.

          18. Dorothy Lacey says:

            What is wrong with you?!! :Leave the ladies alone…This idiot only goes where the wind blows…He is not a war hero!!He is a traitor but maybe these are the type you go for. So sad for you.

          19. old sarge says:

            Who paid for the planes he crashed during training? It is stated that the bomb that went off on the carrier was on his aircraft waiting for take off. Oh we are the ones that paid for the planes he crashed.

          20. Sherry Greenlaw says:

            Hi old Sarge, what he did was called a wet-burn that caused the bomb to be dropped on deck and exploded and killed 134 soldiers and when he crashed, when bailing out he broke both arms and one leg and when the enemy got to him and brought him to the prisoner camp they men who was there with him said he was singing like a bird , and that is how he got the name “SONGBIRD” and I watched the videos the men that served with him made and when Nixon pardoned him and gave him a metal for being wounded.

          21. disabledgranny says:

            Do you really think standing up for this POS TRAITOR is a good thing? Well it is NOT! mccain is and always will be a DISGRACE to AMERICA! GOD is sending him to HELL where he belongs! He will be going very soon! He needs to be releaved of duty now! He has a brain tumor! That should disqualify him from being in Government at any level! His brain is not right so how can he be trusted? He cant!
            Hurry up and die already you dirty traitor! The earth will be a better place when he draws his final breath! Thank GOD for mccain’s brain tumor! Thank you GOD!

          22. Frank W Brown says:

            Truth sometimes hurts, the truth is mcBlame is an asswipe of the first degree, PERIOD!

          23. margie says:

            What did Nixon pardon him for?

          24. Dorothy Lacey says:


          25. roger says:

            songbird mccain

        2. dude says:

          well I don’t wish chemo on anyone but I hate McCain and i hope that traitor gets throne out of politics one way or the other he’s betrade the military ,the u.s.a. and the American taxpayer he’s as dirty as they come …and they call that piece of trash a hero what a joke …he wears that stuff like a metal that’s all the media talks about p.o.w….they don’t talk about him giving up the good so he could get special treatment will the guy’s that where there with him got tortured he’s not a hero he’s more of a self centered traitor

          1. Dorothy Lacey says:


          2. Sherry says:

            John won’t get thrown out; just as Shumer and all of those of his same ilk won’t! BTW: The medal he received was the purple heart for his injuries, NOT the Medal of Honor, as a lot of folks were saying! He was never considered a hero until he threw his hat in the GOP ring for the Presidency. THANK GOD HE FAILED!!! As you noticed during his run; he never took or answered any questions about his “service” in the Navy. Wonder why…….

        3. drbhelthi says:

          “Wet-Start Johnny” will do anything that gives him attention and gratifies his narcissistic psychopathy. His wet-start on the USS Forrestal, July 29, 1967, set off a rocket that started chain explosions and a fire that killed 134 American sailors and wounded even more. Had he been punished appropriately he would have been disqualified for a seat in congress. Nor would he have traveled to Syria in Feb. 2017 – at taxpayer expense – to consult with ISIS leaders. .
          One wonders if the MSM-alleged tumor is a fairy-tale by the same elite choreographers who staged Hillary´s fairy-tale illnesses, hoping to gain sympathy. Rarely is there an honest whistle-blower among elite insiders, who would reveal the truth. Hundreds of genuine heros have died of cancer since Viet Nam, too many alone with no sympathy, while McCain, the human slug, is surrounded with sympathy; fraudulently.

          1. Eleanor Cummings says:

            I have no feeling of sympathy nor pity for this thing who passes himself off as a man. I’ve seen what chemo does to people. Think Songbird McCain is up to it? I hope it drags out and drags out in just a tiny bit of retaliation for the heartache ad hardships this disgusting piece of whale dung has brought to so any people.

          2. Millard Huff says:

            Everyone here should know by now that there are still POW’S in Vietnam that McCain stop the government from going back to nam and returning all POW’s,back to America.

          3. Alan Nevling says:

            Greetings, drbhelthi, old sarge, et al.
            Had songbird McCain’s Admiral daddy not shielded him from the appropriate military justice and punishment, he would never have wound up being a “prisoner of war”, nor passed info on to Hanoi Jane that he knew would bring North Vietnamese wrath down on his brothers in arms. I have no doubt that the 134 dead sailors and however many were wounded there were because of his incompetent piloting skills, would have preferred that his military “career” had been terminated with that day’s disastrous event.

          4. Jean Wojcik says:

            Its a shame that those 134 dead sailors family’s did not Sue John McCain for killing their sons, husbands for wrongful deaths, I would have and if some of their family’s are still alive they should sue him today.

          5. drbhelthi says:

            YES ! No doubt many are still alive and should take action. One hundred thirty-four dead and another 150 injured due to one rich kid showing off with an A-4 on an aircraft carrier.

          6. Sherry says:

            I’m willing to bet his Admiral Daddy died in horrific shame and realized, too late, the damage he did to this country because of the total lack of discipline he placed upon his worthless son! HE KNEW THAT HIS OWN SON WAS A SCREW-UP AND A TOTAL DISGRACE TO THE MILITARY!

          7. drbhelthi says:

            I personally wonder if his A4 were hit, or if he decided to ditch before he were hit and rendered unable to ditch.
            His incompetence was again shown by his failure to eject properly and the bodily damage he incurred. He continues to behave as a spoiled brat whose rich parents failed to properly rear him.
            Americans continue to suffer from his psychopathy.

          8. VN VET says:

            I agree with your post and your comments. Think about this,ALL of the other P.O.W.’s that were in the same POW camp,at the same time and in huts very close to Mc Cain’s,can not all be wrong in their views of Mc Cain and Mc Cain being the only one being truthful, would you not agree ? And them just calling Mc Cain a “Songbird”,is just a very polite way of saying what he was really being accused of ? Knowing fellow servicemen and women, i believe that in reality and if the truth were really known, he was referred to by a lot worse names, by the other P.O.W’s?

          9. drbhelthi says:

            Yes. In my opinion he deserves the insults that veterans continue to bestow on this “human slug”.

            The “voting machine” in Arizona must be fine-tuned by the elite, in order to continue to re-elect this insult to humanity to congress. Of course, he is only one of hundreds of treasonist slugs that Judaism has snuck into the US government, especially congress.

          10. Jean Wojcik says:

            You forgot that his Father and Grandfather were both Admirals in the Navy, that’s how he got away with all his traitorous and murderous ways.

          11. drbhelthi says:

            Yes. Thank you !

          12. Sherry says:

            You noticed the “standing ovation” he received when he showed up to vote were only the Demoncraps and a few RINOS! They already knew he was going to side with them! Total dirt bag, that idiot!

          13. Millard Huff says:

            Right you are. I have “CML” that’s blood cancer from agent orange while I was in Vietnam.

          14. drbhelthi says:

            Read up on a cure, from the online publications by Ty Bollinger. Cleaning up the blood is required and is not offered by “Oncology”. “Oncology” only offers death and continued suffering at the cost of many thousands. You do not need either.
            “World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17” offers useful information. Apricot seeds are available from amazon, and cheap. All the info that degrades apricot seeds is fraudulent. “Graviola” also works, just be sure you are getting genuine Graviola.

        4. mlmaston says:

          Actually, and I know this may be evil of me…. but so be it, I hope the Chemo-therapy, and/or Radiation therapy has no effect on his cancer.

          1. Ron says:

            I hope it spreads and grows faster!

          2. Eleanor Cummings says:

            I’m with you. I detest the very thought of this person!!

          3. Danni Smith says:

            can’t ^. But find no fault with you

          4. drbhelthi says:

            The truth about his historical treason is showing up on the internet and rather frequently.
            The available MSM info suggests to me that the published info about his “brain tumor and surgery” is a fairy-tale by the MSM, intended to gain the sympathy of Christians and distract from the facts on the internet.

        5. Patricia Schurz says:

          SHAME ON YOU! Although I dislike John McCain immensly, I believe he is at the very least a rino, and a traitor to this country, I think that he is guilty of stolen valor as he is not A HERO; I am not part of your ‘all’ that would wish this painful death on anyone, even Mr. McCain. This is exactly what is going wrong with America. When we disagree, we resort to physical harm and even death.. Let’s just be civil and call it what it is and agree to disagree.

          1. Dorothy Lacey says:


          2. VN VET says:

            I agree with your post and your comments, i could not or would not wish cancer or its treatments on to anyone. I lost my family to cancer,but in different forms and i seen first hand how it can effect the person and also how it effects the entire family. I my self have had cancer and had to go thru (5 months of) radiation treatments. I have been in remission for almost a year now and so far, i am doing wonderful and i thank the good “LORD” each and every day. So no, i would not wish that on my worse enemy.

          3. Sherry says:

            God Bless you, sir! Thank you for the righteous response to these people who wish death and pain on entire families! I would rather they all PRAY for John McCain to be converted and change his evil ways! We are told to PRAY for our enemies, that they might be changed and in so doing, be saved!

          4. VN VET says:

            thank you very much for your kind comments and may “God” bless you,your family and ALL of the other posters and ALL of the other millions of American citizens both civilian and military. Having said that, I dislike John Mc Cain very much,he is a very,very sorry excuse for a politician and not much of a man either. But at the same time i do not wish him any type of ill harm, especially the kind that could or would place any type of a heavy burden on his family. Meaning, that his family should not have to bear any type of a burden or held responsible for anything else that John Mc Cain has done or brought on himself by all of the very terrible things that he has done.

          5. Sherry says:

            God bless you! What has happened to the Conservatives civility? I so agree with you!!! Thank you!

          6. drbhelthi says:

            Nope, that is not what is wrong with the USofA.
            Elite, rich kids such as “Wet-start” McCain and their elite parents have led to the degenerate swamp that president Trump wants to drain.

      2. jreg9304 says:

        Yaayhoo on that! Him and his hero BS is just that. He might be a Veteran, but is now, in my book, has dishonored his Country once again and that is an absolute shame. Let him die, eye’s wide and conscious!!

        1. dasbunker says:

          Had to be pardoned by Nixon for his “Tokyo Rose” statement from captivity,
          John McCaine. He is nothing but a liberal RHINO. And an American traitor.

          1. Ron haymaker says:

            I was already disappointed in Nixon,now by what you said I am even more disappointed!

          2. 1pepperman says:

            Just a traitor stopped being American long time ago

    2. ARVIN says:


    3. CHARLES S says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Hopefully soon, very very Soon!

    4. Del Austin says:

      no one should be allowed to switch parties after being elected—period—they should have to wait for the next election. But in the case of McCain I now believe he has been left all along

      1. VN VET says:

        I believe that for once, that he just might be showing his true colors and letting the general public seeing him for what he really is ? A man (human),that has always spoken with a forked tongue and you can not believe either one because both forks are evil and both forks will lie in a heart beat.

      2. Sherry says:

        ASK SARAH ABOUT THAT! She thought she could change him and soon realized he was just using her to become POTUS!

    5. daniel wright says:

      Schumer would then be majority leader if he could lure McCain and the other rinos to switch. Is that what you want?

      1. noBS says:

        It’s what Schumer wants. I don’t believe anyone commenting wants that, but it’s the point that the author of the article was making –> that it could happen!!!

        1. daniel wright says:

          God forbid.

    6. daniel wright says:

      Maybe the cancer will do the job for us,but I won’t count my chickens.

      1. drbhelthi says:

        The MSM-published info suggests that the “brain tumor” and alleged, related surgery are fairy-tales choreographed by the same MSM stooges that choreographed the alleged illnesses of Hillary Clinton. All is devised to gain the sympathy of Christian Gentiles. Who, too often permit their sympathy to override their intelligence.

    7. ADRoberts says:

      Everyone dies. He is closer to death and facing God for his evil actions than most.
      And just like most elite, he actually believes that he is making things better by obeying the ONE WORLD ORDER guys.

    8. Frank W Brown says:

      The sooner the better!

  2. Doug says:

    I doesn’t make any difference what he says he is it’s the vote that counts.

  3. lionel says:

    Son’s a bitches. I bet they do. Already vote like them, They have lied about everything.

  4. Tony Duncan says:

    time for him to retire.

    1. PJ Thompson says:


      1. Evelyn Thompson says:

        I know hes too old and now have brain cancer, He and his family is like the bad grass never died

  5. Allan says:

    John McCain needs to go back to Arizona and live out the remainder of his days in retirement. The sorry bastard is a loser, and he hides behind the fact that he was a prisoner of war. He gives not a wit for the hard working American, regardless of whether the person is a decent conservative or liberal.

    1. Mario Ruffino says:

      Was John McCain the ONLY prisoner of war we had, the way the press plays him up you would think he was the only US Soldier captured by the enemy.

      1. granny_forUSA says:


      2. pappy450 says:

        He made it back because he “sang like a bird” (according to his fellow POW’s) and told the enemy everything they wanted to hear, otherwise I don’t think he would have been kept alive.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          He also recorded over 30 propaganda ads for the VC.

          1. pappy450 says:

            I had also read that…THAT is why I could NEVER understand why he was EVER considered a “war hero” and worshiped like A GOD.

          2. justicewon1 says:

            It was Nixon that pardoned him. Big mistake.

          3. daniel wright says:

            When was he charged?

          4. noBS says:

            Snopes (which I don’t believe on anything involving politics) says that the Nixon pardon story is “false”. But their (Snopes’) arguments aren’t exactly clear. But before I believe either side of the “Nixon pardoned McCain” story, I want better evidence. I DO believe the former POWs who said that McCain betrayed them. I’m just not sure whether he was ever charged with anything or if Nixon ever pardoned him (for anything).

          5. Gin says:

            I would like to see the evidence also as I have never heard that one about Nixon pardoning him and I it was kept quiet because of his Dad & Grand Daddy! The Media did not want embarace them! I think he went in a hole for a while and the next thing was ,he deserted his Sick wife to become his x-wife, when she was ill!??? Like a snake in the grass!!

          6. VN VET says:

            Has anyone ever stopped and thought that maybe,just maybe Nixon was pressured in to doing what he did, by pardoning Mc Cain ? I think we all know just how politics works, especially behind closed doors and in back rooms? Oh well, just like everything else that goes on in Washington D C,the public will never know, at least while Mc Cain is still alive ?

          7. Sherry says:

            Ever notice that the more things “change” the more we notice that nothing has changed??? Everything remains the same: Corruption abounds and Integrity has “left the building”! Politics is just the American wants and will wrapped up in a blanket of LIES!!

          8. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Daddy and granddaddy were admirals in the navy and had the pull to get Nixon to pardon him.

        2. Jeronimo Dan says:

          That was his nick-name among his fellow prisoner’s…”SONG BIRD”.

      3. jreg9304 says:

        I have a real good buddy that was a POW. He spent 4 years in them mud holes. He was all messed up for a long time after he came home. I was there for a year and it was a living hell. I made it home and him 3 yrs later. McCain i bet gave in under duress. It seems that he didn’t have the signs of PTSD. That tells me that he caved under pressure and received better treatment than the ones that held it together. Shame on him and let him die in agony from his condition.

        1. CHARLES S says:

          Thank You for your service, jreg9304. May God bless you and all your days ahead of you.
          Glad you made it back.

        2. Dave says:

          He wasnt put in a rat cage. Like most of our boys. He wasnt even under fed from my understanding. That tells me,he was telling whatever he knew. TRAITOR THEN TRAITOR NOW. McConnell needs to go too.

      4. VN VET says:

        Very good point and well taken.

    2. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

      And when it comes to not giving “a wit for the hard working American…”, John McCain, unfortunately, does not stand alone among our politicians. He’s got lots and lots of company!

      1. granny_forUSA says:



        1. pappy450 says:

          YES…. and guess WHO will be “paying” for his “treatment”? YEP, “WE THE TAXPAYERS” He sure as HELL won’t be using OSCUMBAG CARE!
          He is “exempt” thanks to the MOOSLIME FRAUD.

          1. Ron says:

            Yes, he will. Trump is going to take away the Obama exemption that he gave Congressmen and their staff. Then the SHTF!

          2. pappy450 says:

            I cannot say that President TRUMP read my message, but I tweeted him a few days ago and asked him to “consider” pulling the subsidies that congress people receive for their “employees” (because they “claim” they are a “small business”) and making THEM have to use OSCUMBAG CARE like we are FORCED to, and a day or so later, I read he IS considering doing just that. Rock on MR. PRESIDENT!

          3. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Oh, they’ll leave in a ”grandfather” clause to allow Songbird his chemo.

          4. Dorothy Lacey says:

            Then let him have it! Chemo is for the strong…This dude is a nasty old man and, God willing, he will get his. Hide and watch. Don”t get me wrong…I will pray for his soul but not much do I expect…Even God will turn his back on evil..

        2. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

          No one deserves cancer and no one deserves going through chemo; however, he definitely does not deserve the respect of Republicans and Conservatives.

          1. Jeronimo Dan says:

            A little chemo is nothing, for what is in store for the SOB, when he meets the Devil in a short while.

          2. Eleanor Cummings says:

            I think God has had enough of this person’s treasonous actions!

          3. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            Although I am now and, for a very long time, have been extremely disappointed in John McCain’s tenure in office, and although I am angry that Arizonans have continued to reelect him term after term, his turncoat actions and votes are not treasonous. As far as your statement about God having enough of his treasonous actions, that is for God, not you, to judge. Do you think you are somehow wise enough to know God’s intent concerning John McCain. Your statement is on a par with the statements of wacko Libs. The man is dying, for God’s sake. Let him die in peace and let God be the judge of his life.

          4. Eleanor Cummings says:

            You were so quick to jump on my comment you didn’t read it close enough. I said ”think” (which I am allowed to do)! I did not say ”is”, making a positive judgment of what GOD thinks. You are so self righteous, ma’am, that you jump in to show what a ”good” person you are, WHILE JUDGING ME AND OTHERS ON THIS PAGE! You say his actions are not treasonous, which shows your own ignorance of the facts. Go online and research this piece of ”humanity” called John McCain! I am not a mealy mouthed hypocrite! Not too long ago this ”man”, to me, was a hero. But then, I HAD to set out to prove all the allegations about him false. What a bad, rude awakening!! They are true!! I despise the man and what he stands for, and his actions detrimental to America and Americans. I have no sympathy or pity for him, just for the victims of his actions. So don’t YOU presume to tell me and others on this page how we should think and feel about a TRAITOR!! And I STILL THINK God has had enough of his treasonous actions!! Yes, I’ll be one of the American patriots flying my flag full mast when he dies!!

          5. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

            Wow! Whoa! You have some serious anger and hate issues. What ever happened to “Hate the sin, not the sinner.” Hatred usually has a much more deleterious effect on the hater than it does on the hated. You need to get past that. I don’t like McCain’s politics, or his dishonesty, but I don’t hate the man. I don’t even know him, nor do you and by the definition of treason, his acts are not treasonous. If I were you, I’d worry more about my own salvation and about how God was going to judge me than about how He was going to judge John McCain. BTW, I’m done. You can have the last word, as I’m sure you will.

    3. Evelyn Thompson says:

      McCain just whant to pay back the Americans for not elected him President. This is his pay back to Americans, Hes very cozy with the Clinton foundation, lets put him under investigation he whants to eliminate Republicans. Republicans need to be vigilant and protect themselves from McCain

      1. granny_forUSA says:


    4. GeneP54 says:

      He needs to go and stay with his VC buddies that he loved so much. Let’s see how they treat him.

      1. Willard Weems says:

        Thanks for the information, I will go online and check it out, yes I actually am an Army Retiree!

        1. GeneP54 says:

          Thank you for your service. I hope that we can keep the country that you fought to give us.

        2. Nance1949 says:

          I was a Naval wife for 10 years and 2 of my sons went into the military along with my dad and one brother. Though I was the wife our life was controlled by the Navy.

          1. Willard Weems says:

            While it does not make it right, the Navy is no different than the Army, the dependents are controlled by a large degree from their unconditional control of the service member. The Service Branch determines who goes where and when and if the spouse can accompany the member or join him/her later if at all. During my service I became married at the half way point and out of the 10 years remaining, I was a geographical bachelor for 3 years, my understanding is the Navy is even worse! Thank you, and thank your husband for his service.

        3. Nance1949 says:

          Thank you Willard for your service. My now ex husband was on nuclear subs and we never had any communication between us for 3.5 months at a time. It was a hard life at times, but I wouldn’t trade it..

    5. jreg9304 says:

      That old Geezer, When he ran for Prez back then, was to seek power any way that he could. Just like Clinton, He was showing his true colors, that of a Traitor. If the chemo don’t kill him the cancer will..

    6. Del Austin says:

      to all —- as a Nam Vet that is 100% service connected disabled — I once looked up to mccain–before I had the full story—I do not believe he is the hero–he makes out himself to be

      1. VN VET says:

        Thank you for your service for your country, as a Korea and VN vet,i to am a100% DAV,i have a messed up head,spine that does not want to work right,have had numerous operations on both feet,both shoulders and a few other broken body parts that refuse to work at times.But each morning i get up and thank “God” for letting me make it thru another day. I look back now and think about,just how lucky that i am, to have even made it back and still in one piece. The hardest part is remembering all of the friends and their families,that were not so lucky.
        I would just like to wish everyone everywhere (especially all military families) a very nice day where ever you may be.

    7. mlmaston says:

      He doesn’t even deserve that…. to live out the remainder of his days in retirement. He should suffer in guilt for the remainder of his life.

    8. srw says:

      believe he actually spends more time in Fla

  6. Willard Weems says:

    If these RINO’S bolt to the Democrats, they will have ended their political careers. Yes, it would hurt, the GOP until the 2018 Elections, because it will force the GOP to actually unite in fact and not words!! I appreciate and respect senator McCain for one reason and one reason only, he served in the Military and received an Honorable Discharge. Having Said that, I know of nothing he has done to deserve respect for!!

    1. bobbywho says:

      I remember news that day him getting off the plane arriving back in the states. He should have been arrested right there for treason.

      1. Willard Weems says:

        I am 65 and all I have heard is rumors, I served from 1970 – 1992 with a 18 month break. I assume you were a POW at the same location/time as McCain, I only know that he received an Honorable Discharge, for that he has my respect until it is proven that he colluded with the enemy. I am not saying you are being untruthful, I am saying I have no reason to be believe the rumors! I don’t like the way he has lied in the last 8 when he was for repealing O’bamaCare and then votes to allow it to remain! RHINO and liar is what I know him to be!

        1. GeneP54 says:

          You can go online and easily find the records. He was captured because he disobeyed order and flew into enemy territory. After he was captured, he recorded over 30 propaganda ads for the VC.

          If you’re military, you should know that the very first rule of capture is to do everything that you can to escape. He not only didn’t do that, he said that he wouldn’t leave until the other POWs were freed. Really? Like that was ever going to happen, and he knew it would never happen. He Admiral daddy took care of things for him.

          He’s traitor on these points and so much more. It’s all easy to find.

        2. Truth goes 100 MPH says:

          While you are at it, look up the Keating 5 John Boy loves $$$$$$

        3. bobbywho says:

          I give my mom heck for naming me Bobby, I am a woman and not a vet altho I thank you for your service and skills. I just can’t imagine what you guys went through. Men who served with McCain have come forward with their knowledge. I have lost some friends from school then 1960’s. Too young.

          1. Willard Weems says:

            i GOOGLED John McCain and Keating 5, It would appear that McCain has lied about many things I was unaware of, what can I say, i was wrong!

          2. bobbywho says:

            That’s ok, alot of people aren’t aware. You are standing up for your fellow military brother and that’s honorable. Have a good evening.

          3. xjcv8jag says:

            Bobbywho. interesting monicur. I like it.
            Your comment means a lot to those of us that were there. I lost a lot of my friends , that is the ones that did not run to Canada. But worse than that there were 139 sailors that died because of ” Wet Start Johnny “. If I was on board the Forestall I would dead thanks to my job put me in the same place those men were in when Wet Start caused the explosion. There is a lot more to Song Bird than he wants any one to know about.
            I am disabled from that war but I made it home and am proud to have served our country.
            Please always remember those who did not make home may they rest in peace. as they are the real heroes.

          4. bobbywho says:

            Thank you sir for your service and skills. I’m sorry you came home with a disability. I had guy friends also that came home from VN as drug abusers. They said it was
            available everywhere. I know of two that passed away from that and not war. Well, I guess that is a war in itself. Very sad. Like you say, may they all RIP.

    2. Evelyn Thompson says:

      He was not the only man in the military we have more real heroes thant him

    3. Eleanor Cummings says:

      Go online and check him out. All the details (well most of them) can be found above in the comments of those who know because they researched the coward.

  7. Daniel Bonacum says:

    Hopefully his brain cancer corrects the issue and removes him , regardless of the party.

  8. Nina Ferguson says:

    What would their constituents think about this betrayal? Could they file for a recall for their broken promises? Though with McCain, he has lied about so much, that they wouldn’t know what to think. I still want to know what it was that McCain wanted hidden in the Vietnam files. He was the prime mover in having this information hidden for a long term, so it really makes me wonder what was in the files.

    1. PJ Thompson says:


  9. Marty says:

    Pretty scary, but I wouldn’t put it past these dirt bags. Yea, it would probably cost them their next election, but McCain and Murkosky just got reelected last year so they have 5 1/2 years to go. Unfortunately for McCain, he most probably won’t live too much longer. We can only hope the good folks of AZ will elect a real conservative like Kelly Ward to replace the traitor.

  10. Richard Hennessy says:

    If the Democrats gain control of the Senate, they won’t have it for long. They will probably find that these RINOs won’t be dependable as Democrats any more than as Republicans. It would be interesting to see what Democrats would do about Obamacare (McCainCare) if they had the Senate, but less than 60.

    1. cdansreau says:

      like the GOP Democrats have opposing members i believe called blue dog democrats. The democrats have strict control over their members. It might be that maybe about 5-10% of these democrats might switch parties to the GOP. I suggest they look at the three GOP traitors and see if they can induce a more conservative agenda by replacing them. I think we can induce switching before the next election and then get rid of the traitors.

      1. Evelyn Thompson says:

        Can we the people take them out or they are there forever?

    2. Evelyn Thompson says:

      Why McCaine dont apply for Obamacare, to see if he have the treatment that he have, that happened to Kennedy, he died with best insurance and never paid a single penny. Too much for an honorable military that dont care about anybodyelse


    johnny mack is all you can find evil and diabolical, he, i believe is best when left un-bathed for weeks on end, he has been an annus fester, and worse. . . .

  12. Steve Flowers says:

    The DEMOC—-RATS do not trust him! His wishy-washy attitude is not wanted, he is just like HILLARY, can’t be trusted, they are in the game for themselves! In n other words it is…..HURRAY FOR ME and THE HELL WITH YOU!

    1. deerflyguy says:

      McCain is a modern day Benedict Arnold!
      He has morphed from being an undeserving “hero” to a hated disgrace by his party, and the majority of his nation!

  13. 1_NKEN17 says:

    McCain probably won’t be around long and Collins sounds more fragile every time she is interviewed.

  14. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Recall mccain immediately. Those that voted for him neither voted for his antics, nor a democrat.
    Macain’s only option to avoid this is to become a demcorat thus making a demcorat his replacement. A kind of insulator. Recall him. The people were lied to about his stance on this major issue. Provable by his campaign ads, and then his disgusting antics mocking his campaign stance.

  15. Lexus 500 says:

    McCain needs to go back to Arizona, do his treatments, and keep his mouth shut.

  16. Chuck says:

    The “Rhino Three”; good riddance.

  17. George E. LeFebvre says:

    The day that McCain croaks, my American Flag will be flown High. He doesn’t deserve to have the Flag Flown at half Staff which is done for Real Americans which is NOT A DESCRIPTION OF HIM.

    1. IKCIV says:

      I guess I am naive, or was. McCain is a disgrace. I don’t wish him pain, but he is going to be accountable for his turncoat behavior, either by our good Government. Trump, or by God. Mccain you are a coward, a wishy washy rat and I am going to tell you, you do not matter any more. Cowards like you are all over the dems, God help you before it is too late for you. How dare you call yourself an American.

    2. nicholsda says:

      Today Trump honored a true Vietnam hero. An Army medic who saved at least 10 wounded soldiers in a 48 hour period while himself being wounded three different times by RPG and rifle fire. Who when ordered out by the officer in charge refused as he felt he was still needed. And save a few others. And attacked an emplacement where the RPGs were coming from with a grenade. 48 years later he received the CMH.

    3. Ron says:

      My flag will be flown twice as high when that day comes……soon, I hope!

  18. Dan says:

    John McCain switched parties years ago. Does anyone remember the terrible campaign he ran for President of the United States?

    1. Queenbikeusa says:

      He forget about GOD!!!!!

      1. Eleanor Cummings says:

        But God hasn’t forgotten him and his evil.

  19. Joe Moore says:

    he is a pos and always has been. he ain’t no war hero but he is a rino. i wish they could recall him and get a new senator that backs his party and i mean republican party.

    1. Evelyn Thompson says:

      Can we the people do something to take him out of the GOP, Hes a transvesty sometimes republican sometimes democrat

      1. John Redman says:

        ALWAYS a commie, never a conservative (except conserving his wealth) but, being a demoncrap is the same thing, yes?

  20. Brenda Sinclair says:

    with cancer the great betrayal is john mccain betraying himself, instead doing what is right in Gods eyes turning his life around before he meets God in death, looks like he has betrayed himself right on into hell eternity, god gave him that last chance to do something good and right for the americans he respresented, he chose to betray america once again i have no pity for him now

    1. bobbywho says:

      I saw a documentary few years back about American soldiers still in Viet Nam. I recall some govt people, who I don’t remember, went there to check this out finding nothing. The reason they went there was because a satellite over VN showed numbers on roof tops, on the ground and vocal witnesses in Nam saying there are prisoners still there. I heard some chose to stay there. The numbers seen were soldiers numbers, what are they called?..and when they checked those numbers to their lists, they were assigned to the missing in action. VN people saying they kept moving the prisoners on trains from one location to another to avoid finding them. After ‘we’ went there to check this out finding nothing, haven’t heard anything about them but maybe someone else has. I don’t have connections to the military to know but I’d love to know.

      1. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

        Their serial numbers as Military ID. When captured all you’re allowed to reveal to the enemy is your name, rank and serial number. (If memory servces from reading books and movies. I’m a Canadian.)

        1. bobbywho says:

          Thanx, memory fart here. lol

        2. RG ODOM says:

          AHMED F HOSNY
          $10,000,000 AND LET HIM GO

          1. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

            Unfortunately enough Canadian assholes voted for the Liberals and Trudeau (because he had nice hair, they said) to give the Liberals and Tudeau an ABSOLUTE majority. He can go spreading millions as foreign aid to Despots and Dictators trying to buy himself a UN Seat and depriving real Canadian patriots of basic needs. A Veteran gets maybe $1200/month max while a bloody Refugee with four wives and 20+ kids gets $300,000.00/year. Trudeay will travel all over the Country attending Gay Pride Parades where he prances in his pink shirt and multicoloured socks with the LGBTQRXZWPT groups but will not visit areas destroyed by Forest Fires. I voted Conservative and so did many others but the young votes were promised legalized Marijuana.

      2. Willard Weems says:

        I, also would love to know, As a retired Army man, I believe that it was a case of politicians covering up the facts to avoid the backlash of leaving our soldiers behind. The country had grown tired of the War and demonstrators (mostly college age) were protesting the war. More over, the Vietnam era Vet was treated like a 3rd class citizen when returning home. I am proud to have served, but mostly I am proud of our Vietnam Vets who served during a time of turmoil land hardship. My eternal thanks goes out to them, especially those who gave their all.

    2. Gin says:

      Other POW’s with him named him Song Bird McCain for ratting on them so he would not be tortured, but all the others got it and told about! The press did not report that??? Also Good John Kerry was his Buddy blocking the Investigation & Recovery of Viet Nam POWs! Other Buddy ,Lindsey Graham (SC) needs to be be voted out of office also as a turncoat! SC voters are too smart to keep him, the turncoat trouble maker also with his secret wisperings in McCains ear. Now with McCain ill what will he do??? Poor Baby!!!!!!!

      1. IKCIV says:

        Brenda you are so right, You have named the ones guilty for betraying all of us.

  21. SouthernPatriot says:

    John McCain is a traitor the many citizens in Arizona who experienced a huge rise in their healthcare premiums and many could not pay them. Instead, they had to pay the IRS a large fine. The Democrats cheered John and the leftist anti-Tump and anti-American TV networks: CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC all commended John, which is what he wanted.

  22. gene smiith says:

    Once a traitor always a traitor.
    Hs reputation preceded him into politics but the HERO B/S outshined it.
    What a pity the our President should be hel;d hostage by this aged douchebag….further proof of the absolute necessity of TERM LIMITS.

  23. UofHPaul says:

    Uh? I thought the three had already switched sides and vote Democrat? (See healthcare bill).

    1. Eleanor Cummings says:

      They sure did.

  24. CaptTurbo says:

    I think the democrats deserve these sorry RINO bastards. Conservatives certainly don’t.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Do you know why they didn’t vote for the health care bill or are you just angry that they didn’t blindly follow Trump?

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        Yes Gene, because they are self serving, freedom loathing, America hating little trolls just like you.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          I love this country more than you can imagine. I’m also a staunch Constitutional Conservative, but I don’t believe in passing a healthcare bill just because it’s put in front of them.

          So the answer to my question from you is ‘no’. Got it.

          1. CaptTurbo says:

            Any constitutional Conservative knows that government has no business being involved in health care so a repeal vote was a no brainer. Speaking of no brainers … you come along. lol

          2. GeneP54 says:

            That very true! I don’t believe that healthcare is a right. But they didn’t vote for a complete repeal, which is what they promised, so now all of you who have been yelling ‘complete repeal’ are upset because someone voted against the ‘skinny’ version. Make up your mind! And you call ME a no brainer? LOL Rich!

          3. GeneP54 says:

            What? No fast retort about how stupid I am now that you’ve stopped and thought about it? lol Who, again, doesn’t have a brain? Who isn’t the Constitutional Conservative?
            Bet you can’t apologize that fast.

          4. CaptTurbo says:

            You need no help proving yourself to be an idiot.

          5. GeneP54 says:

            lol How? Because I can think for myself and don’t have to be led by an article? Because I don’t fall in line with everyone else.. I actually THINK?

          6. Bob says:

            so your telling us you support the OBOZO CARE you fuckin IDIOT join the DEMS ASSHOLE

          7. Bob says:

            sounds like you love OBOZO and Friends Get LOST

          8. GeneP54 says:

            Bob, didn’t you want a full repeal of obamacare? so you have Congress who offers what they call a ‘skinny’ version of it, and you’re upset with the 3 people who didn’t vote for it. Now think about that… if you can. You should be yelling about how all of the OTHERS betrayed us by putting a ‘skinny’ bill out there instead of bashing the 3 who stopped it. But keep calling ME names. LOL you’re funny. Mentally slow… but funny.

      2. Bob says:

        drop dead you liberal ASSHOLE

        1. GeneP54 says:

          lol I’m FAR from liberal. I’m a Constitutional Conservative and if you’d ever read any comment that I’ve ever written, you’d know that.
          I take it that YOU believe that since they didn’t ‘fall in line’ like Trump ordered, then they don’t even deserve to be heard. Now, THAT is liberal ideology. Congrats!

          1. CaptTurbo says:

            You may or may not be a liberal but they certainly have the asshole part right.

          2. GeneP54 says:

            lol Why? Because I proved you wrong? Because my reasoning proves that I’m a Constitutional Conservative? What part, specifically, makes me an asshole?

          3. bttrap says:

            that’s easy ALL OF YOU

          4. GeneP54 says:

            All of me what? What did I say?

    2. Bob says:

      I agree let them have them nothin but traitors anyway he won’t be here much longer

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        Unless we get “lucky” and he finds Jimmy Carter’s doctor.

        1. GeneP54 says:

          Jimmy didn’t have a glioblastoma.

  25. LLJINTL says:

    Everyone needs to unite in prayer that the evil left will implode, their speech reduced to drooling babble, unless a coherent thought can be thunk, then try reasoning withem, but I think we can see they simply are not capable of rational thought. The Demonrats are madder than when Republicans took away their slaves. Also pray that the sheeple will catch a clue. Read, research, understand what America is about.

  26. polly says:

    A sad old man who should be thinking about where he will spend eternity. He needs to repent and ask God and the people for forgivness. That is his choice.

  27. Gary Schoeller says:

    Any senator that runs for president should first have to give up his seat and should never be able to run for ANY office again.that would stop all the revenge crap. Changing parties should require giving up the seat and the state to have a special election to allow people to vote for who they want in office.

  28. Fed Up says:

    Perfect example of how pond scum always rises to the surface! Cancer can’t take him fast enough.

  29. Bob says:

    McCain gotta go fuckin traitor

  30. GeneP54 says:

    Do you all know why Susan Collins, and Lisa Murkowski didn’t vote for the healthcare bill? I see. Well, maybe you should read a bit about that before you call them the traitors. You’re playing into the hands that the Dems. want. Keep it up! You’ll get us kicked out of the majority in 2018!
    McCain won’t be changing parties. The type of cancer that he has is aggressive and it won’t be long before he will have to step down.

  31. Evelyn Thompson says:

    McCain hates the American people since they dinnt vote for him, He is very close to the Clintons and is tapping from the Clinton foundation, why he wants so much money, well his mother still alive so he will be 200 years old when he retire. Republicans should be able to fired a Republican that is cozy cozy with a party that hates the Americans. Mr President put McCain under investigation, for fraude you are going to find a lot

  32. Rose Ribitzki says:

    OMG ! … look @ that picture ! … pure EVIL DEMON !
    Karma’s hand is extending, … the days of this traitor’s life is numbered.

    1. KDC says:

      Then he’ll face his Maker and die again.

  33. Vectormanic says:

    I don’t watch FOX while Meghan McCain Is on, she must be miserable to work with. Her dad sucks, yes the brain tumour must have shown up during a colonoscopy…

  34. uhptony says:

    McCain = brain cancer = dead. Can’t happen soon enough. I just want to know where they plant him so I can go piss on his grave.

  35. Jean Wojcik says:


  36. granny_forUSA says:


    1. KDC says:

      My sister had that in Aug. and was deceased by mid November.

      1. GeneP54 says:

        I’m very sorry for your loss. It’s a horrible disease.

        1. KDC says:

          Thank you for that.

  37. jreg9304 says:

    McCain, has overstepped the bounds on too many occasion’s. He needs to throw in his towel and resign from the Senate. Heck, he is not far from putting both legs in the grave. At 80 yrs. of age he is just about dust when it comes to making any solid decisions. Impeach or fire the old fart already, he’ll be brain dead soon enough!!!

  38. mary says:

    If it isn’t illegal to change parties except during a re election it should be.

    1. KDC says:

      My thought too, Mary.

  39. Richard Schmidt says:

    Switching parties would betray allegiance to his constituency. We would have been right about RINOs with such tangible evidence. The very idea of such a possibility is WDC Swamp Politics.
    The people of AZ will reflect a real conservative to replace him very soon.

    1. KDC says:

      I sure hope AZ wakes up!

  40. Richard Frick says:

    Impeach and hang the Benedict Arnold.he is not mentally capabe of making a decision with his alysheimers in its late stage and a brain tumor in the pea that has replaced his brain. He is a traitor, liar, malcontent and totally useless entity

  41. KDC says:

    These turncoats are already part off the Deep State. This is their last straw to overturn this president. They should not be allowed to do this until their terms are up. And if this is the case, people in their states need to WAKE UP! It really is laughable how the Libs spin what Pres.Trump is doing by saying “DAMAGE TO THE PARTY – AND TO THE COUNTRY?” Pres.Trump may be damaging their party, but it’s an out and out lie to say he’s damaging the country. Any fool can see that! Just a thought…curious how he said,” damage to the party”. Are both parties just one, now? Sure looks like it to me.

  42. Mary says:

    I almost felt sorry for him but no more, God knew what he was doing to get him out of the Senate seat since Donald J Trump was God Sent to save America and I can see why America was failing so bad, John McCain was always there to vote no on everything that would have been good for America, well he will have to answer for his hate when he gets there in the right place, but I doubt it. I do not wish him well, sorry but that’s the way I feel about him.

  43. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    If any of them do that then there should be a recall vote in their states period! McCain needs to resign anyway he is a walking dead man!

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Wait. Didn’t you want a full repeal of o’care? But you’re upset with the 3 who stopped the ‘skinny’ version, instead of all of the others who voted FOR it?

  44. David DeRossett says:

    The worst case scenario is for the three to switch parties, as the article stated. So, I believe that will happen, in view of the current cesspool that is Washington, DC. Since before Abraham Lincoln was president the Ulluminati, international subversive world movement, has had an iron-clad hold on Washington. Very few elected officials in Washington care anything for our nation or its people. In spite of Trump’s herculean efforts to turn that around, that’s the way things are and evidently its the way they will remain. Getting rid of Trump and setting up a police state is their goal, and evidently all the rest of us who voted for Trump can do is watch it all happen.

  45. Dennis Smith says:

    He needs to retire and live out what left of his life and get out of politics.He sold out the working class of people in this country

  46. kathy says:


  47. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    Let’s start a recall effort in Arizona he should resign but he will have to drug out of the Senate, so much for his being a hero!
    I bet the real Hero’s in his family (Father&Grand Father) are spinning in their grave! He was a piss poor student at the academy he only graduated because of his father’s WWII recor!

  48. Buck Stearns says:

    If he is stupid or sick enough to do this, then he will have assured the end of the Democrat Party as we know it. They will get the blame for everything bad that has happened since the last election, as they rightfully should, & those on the right will rise up in fury. Bring it on, Senator!

  49. FL_Stingray says:

    He is a grade A scumbag

  50. GeneP54 says:

    lol Oh my gosh! You all are so funny! You’re just yelling ‘traitor’ because some article told you to?? THINK!!!
    Everyone has been clamoring for a total repeal of o’care, but when a ‘skinny’ version is offered, you’re upset with the 3 who stopped it and NOT the rest who voted FOR it?? Make up your minds!

    And because I pointed this out, I’M the liberal?? LOL Funny. Wow. You ARE easily led… just like Dems. love.

  51. pappy450 says:

    As far as I am concerned, McCain IS already a DEMOCOMMIE. (always has been) Just “played’ the “HERO” card in an attempt to fool the people from Arizona into keeping him in power. I have a feeling THOSE days are OVER.

  52. xingqin says:

    Being a traitor is nothing new to McCain and he claims to be a conservative but most know the traitor is a liberal. The best thing McCain can do would be to retire and the second best would be to die. His brain is all screwed up but can not blame Cancer for that. He is a traitor to his party, to our country, to himself. He would sell his own mother to anyone for a vote or pat on the back. He is a very jealous man who could not stand up to Obama and he see’s Trump as the real hero that he was never able to be. He needs to be on his knees, praying to God for forgiveness for the wrong he has done others but Satan has him under his spell and he will soon die as a disgrace to human kind and he will then have the opportunity to try and explain his stupidity.

  53. donaldbreaux says:

    McCain time to get what’s left of your brain Fried with chemo and radiation.Justice served!

  54. Rhesa says:

    No, if it get any worse we can all go INDEPENDENT & do away with the Republican party. There are enough
    good people who would run on an Independent ticket just to get a party in that will work FOR THE PEOPLE. We pay them to do a job and they are not doing it. It would just show both parties who is in charge. McCain said he broke down. At first he said he didn’t and then he came clean & said that they did break him.

  55. Robert Vu says:

    He was a traitor then and now. Americans (congress) are so naive when dealing with communist regimes. Viet Cong then, and N. korean now!
    Viet Cong let you live if only if you cooperated and sold out your colleagues. If McCain survived the prison time, he must sell his soul already then.

  56. ladyluck says:

    This McCain is a rotten snake. He sold out while in Navy. He sold out his 1st wife. Man has a history of being a fake phony fraud. He is disgusting.

  57. Nance1949 says:

    That scenario would be excellent as I love all 3 of those GOP and to stick it to TRUMP would be a prayer answered. We have the absolute WORSE Pres in the White House, since we had a Pres.

    1. bttrap says:

      another cry baby crying because hitlery didn’t make it

      1. Nance1949 says:

        I was NOT for Hilary…I voted for the one for our climate can’t remember her name. Nancy Landers

  58. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    Very probable from McCain, who is a more twisted narcissistic than Obama, especially after Trump ridiculed his POW stature.

  59. MSG Leo says:

    He’s been acting like a jackass so he might as well be with the party of jackasses.

  60. HarryInAZ says:

    McCain is still in the Senate by virtue of the Hensley beer baron millions he married into, enabling him to outspend his far more qualified primary election opponents. May be some Soros money in there too. We would be much better off today if J.D. Hayworth had beaten him in the 2010 Arizona GOP primary.

  61. Susan Lindauer says:

    You know, two can play that game! The GOP should aggressively recruit Senator Manchin of West Virginia to switch parties. Manchin’s up for re-election in 2018 and West Virginia supports Trump by a whopping 60% in last week’s Gallup Poll of States.

    As for the others, Alaska would never tolerate Murkowski switching parties to the GOP. That’s not going to happen. And McCain would severely damage his legacy at the end of his career.

  62. ADBDAB says:

    McCain I wouldn’t trust as far as I could see him. Too many times he went against the Republicans. That’s the reason he had to get his butt back to Washington. He May not be around long enough to do much damage as the Lord controls that. He’s still jealous that a non-politician beat him out of the Oval Office.

  63. Richard Bagenstose says:

    who cares , seems the senate is being run by the democrats anyways

  64. Pat Wells says:

    McCain switch parties? Who would notice? He has been a RINO from day one.

  65. CHARLES S says:

    I long for the day when I will see both of Songbird McCain’s feet in the grave. Won’t miss that pathetic mentally deranged moron. May that day come SOON, real Soon.

  66. Town Crier says:

    McPAIN has been a PITA, (Pain In The “Afterburner”), since he was a POW, giving classified info to the enemy. The other prisoners called him “Songbird”!

  67. Debbie says:

    I would not put it past any of them you have a lot of never Trumpers out their and they will do anything they can to put a stop to his agenda which happens to be what the American People voted for

  68. CurlyJ555 says:

    Wetstart, Canary

  69. PBHayes says:

    McCain will likely be dead in about 6 months and the Arizona Governor will finally be able to appoint someone who cares about American’s and this nation. McCain is not only sick with brain cancer he has been sick morally his entire life.

    1. CHARLES S says:

      Hopefully SOONER!!

  70. Lindy says:

    If that occurred then it would be up to the states that elected these people to recall them immediately.

  71. jeanette says:

    mr songbird is still being a traitor to his country, as well as his President.

  72. oncemorearound says:

    We owe it all to “Charlie”. If “Charlie” would have done their job, no Traitor McCain.

  73. flasawdust says:

    Using this logic why are there ANY democrats left after OWEbozo spent 8 years destroying the America he HATES. There is no possible way that Trump’s 4 or 8 years can divide Americans as badly as they were split under OWEbozo’s term as POTUS.

  74. flasawdust says:

    McCain has shown his true hand and should lose the next time he needs to be re-elected.

  75. Almos Berry says:

    Even if they get a dozen to switch, it will only be good until the next election when they will lose even more and will be the minority again

  76. flasawdust says:

    We have got to remember that it was because McCain was worthless is why we had to put up with the worst President ever for 8 years. Had he been a good politician he would have won in 2008 and America wouldn’t be so far down the sewer hole.

  77. Ron Long says:

    Arizona needs to immediately hold a special election to recall McCain due to lack of physical ability to perform the duties of office and replace him.

  78. Janet says:

    While I would never wish cancer on anyone, I do know that we will not be dealing with McCain’s lack of loyalty to his constituents and his party. And any other Republican or Conservative that chooses to vote with the Democrats or Liberals as a means of undermining our duly elected President should take a hard look at why Trump was elected and what their constituents are feeling and thinking as they will not be re-elected if they do not support of smaller government and taking back America from 8 years of a very destructive government. The choice is not whether you like or dislike Trump, but whether you believe in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, and the American people or you believe in One World Order, Socialism, Communism, government control of your life (unless you are wealthy), and disregard the worth of the American people. The choice is yours, but I do not believe the results will be to your liking as the American people fought hard for their freedom and they are not about to give it up now so that you can get rich off their hard work. I hate the thought, but I do believe that it is not going to take a lot more before Americans across the nation begin preparing for a civil war and it won’t be pretty and will leave us vulnerable to terrorists and the like while trying to right our country. Patriotism is stronger than it has been in a long time thanks to Obama and the Clintons and Soros and people like John McCain so it is only a matter of time.

  79. I took a lot of flak for saying that McCain needed to go, and if that was via cancer then so be it. the harm he has done to America far outweighs it. Now I see a lot of people being not so nice about his ‘condition’. I guess they just needed a reminder of the suffering he has caused.

  80. Jim Jordan says:

    The sooner he is history the better for the country. He has always been a person with little character, check out what really happened in 1967 on the Forestall when McCain caused a major problem that resulted in the deaths of US sailors. He is one demented and bitter individual.
    Lets hope his health forces him out of the Senate the sooner the better,

  81. AngB says:

    THIS should be grounds for EXPULSION! People voted for him (unfortunately) because he ran on REPUBLICAN TICKET! IF he and those OTHER RINOS announces they are switching parties they MUST BE REMOVED!

  82. william wigle says:

    I am am 83 year old Korean trustvet. My grand father was a Democrat, my father was a Democrat. I was a Democrat, and I even voted for Obama the first time that he ran for president. But after I seen what he and Hellery was like, I voted independent, because I didn’t like the Republican party,and I wanted the best man I could help to be elected. But when Mr. Trump started to talk
    Abour the things that were wrong with this country, that no one was saying any thing about, I started listening. It was then I desided, that is the man that man that I’m going to give a million dollars worth of advertisement to. ALL GOOD. And after what I’ve seen of the actions of the Democratic party after this last election, I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat now if they were running for garbage collector, and no one was running against them. And any officials in office now should remember that the people who voted Mr. Trump in, can vote your out. So if you don’t want to back our President, you will when it comes election time. I am an independent, who backs our president, and. Our constitution.

  83. Danny freiberger says:

    This back stabbing son of a bitch ran on nixing obama care then sticks it to the people who voted for him what a TRUE PATRIOT YOU SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS SHIT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH LIKE OBAMA GO AHEAD AND LAUGH YOU PIECE OF SHIT VOTE THEM OUT

  84. jtintx2 says:

    Arizona will retaliate by replacing him!!!!!!!

  85. Gerald A. Reason says:

    As a conservative, I have never trusted Senator McCain. Having read of the types of propaganda the prisoners of war, in Vietnam, were subjected to, it is impossible for them to not be affected by it. Then, to listen to Senator McCain’s stands on different issues, even before his run for the White House, it was obvious that, at least subconsciously, his thinking had been skewed by something, — I cannot believe that it was not his time in the Prison camps of N. Vietnam. Does this make him any less of a Patriot? NO! Does it make him a Communist? NO! What it does, is make him much more liberal than I would prefer to see in the White House and much more liberal than I would prefer in the Senate. One thing I would like to know is, does the tumor he has affecting his thinking, as well? As a person, I like Mc Cane. As a politician, I do not believe that what he has shown he stands for is best for this nation.

  86. stadalberts says:

    Nothing but a damned traitor! Also, what a lot of people do not realize was that while he was in captivity, his Father worked to get him treated better all around, while other prisoners suffered and died!

  87. sharon says:

    If he does switch parties then everything he’s ever said about supporting the military was and is a lie!! The Democratic Party is now a Marxist one comprised of BLM hooligans, communists, and military/cop hating, Muslim terrorist,baby killing lovers. McCain, once upon a time Never supported any of this nonsense, was a very good military, Communist hating patriot. Hopefully, whatever time he has left, he will remain so.

  88. Lyn Schmidt says:

    Yes, let him die eyes wide open……no prayers for you traitor!

  89. jackhy says:

    McCain is a hypocritical traitor!

  90. fordfool says:

    With McCains recent attitudes in the Senate nothng he says / does, surprises me..and it shouldn’t you
    By the fruits of his work shall you know him. Personally, I never felt prouder than when I wore the Colors. Its a pity othrs don’t feel that way. but, Im still tho, Hoooooha !

  91. Jeronimo Dan says:

    McCain has been a Democrat his whole career, but he’s also been a liar his whole career. McCain finally coming clean and start telling the truth of just who he is, before the Devil hands him the shovel and shows him the brimstone he’ll be scooping for eternity, might be his way of saving his soul, but it’s to little to late, John.

    What ever he does, he’ll be no loss to either party and certainly not the American People.

  92. John Milhous says:

    I’m not going to beat around the bush………….I hope McCain DIES VERY SOON!!!

  93. Marvin Zeichner says:

    They call him a hero? He’s a rat!

  94. LLuke47 says:

    When McCain was working with ted (Olds 98) kennedy I knew he was a traitor to Rep’s.. I hate he has little time left because of the cancer but it didn’t change his traitorous ways

  95. Francis Kaspar says:

    Mc Cain has been a no-Trumper from the beginning. Why should we be surprised that he would be ready to sink the entire Republican Party to satisfy this Juvenile get even strategy on his part.

  96. lfowler1 says:

    McCain hasn’t been a Republican for years. I think he is the original RINO.
    Sorry he has cancer, but he is a cancer to the party.

  97. mlmaston says:

    I really don’t like to wish I’ll feelings on anyone…. That’s not the way I was bought up. But if anybody deserves whatever ‘fate’ has in store for him….. it’s John (Songbird, Wet Start Johnny) McCain. If he dies from his brain cancer…. I won’t be mourning him.

  98. Bill Chandler says:

    With any luck, McCain won’t have time to switch parties, even though he already has when it comes to his votes. The good Lord is paying this piece of shit back for all the bad things he has done. He has always been a worthless piece of shit and that won’t change because he is sick. That may be a lie too since you can’t believe one word he saids.

    1. jerry1944 says:

      Hate to talk ill of a person in his condition but in this case i think you are right

  99. americansforall says:

    This has been bounced around for a cple of yrs……same with Lyin’ Ryan…….there is plenty to uncover that would force this POS to resign from the Senate… addition to grilling him and Grahamnesty about that ” mission ” to Egypt they undertook to try to force the Egyptian military to include the MB in the new govt….

  100. srw says:

    Mccan is just like Hillary….. Blames everybody but themselves for not winning the presidency. They both hate conservatives…. Both are nasty temperaments… seem to hate more than anytthing else.

  101. Bill says:

    Arizona, impeach the traitor McCain!

  102. Peggy Oakey-Myers says:

    McCain has been a very sneaky guy; acting more like a Democrat. God is still waiting for him!

  103. xjcv8jag says:

    After reading through these comments I find that the majority find offensive his claim to the POW status he lives off of. I have researched his record and the nickname ” Song Bird ” is well deserved

    But the part of his history that gets me upset is the ” Wet Start Johnny ” nickname he got before his show off flight that he crashed. I am a Navy vet from the Nam era. I worked on the flight deck of a carrier launching planes. My ship was the Independence CVA 62 . If I had been on the Forestall I would be DEAD as I worked in the same area where the explosion and fire happened. Due to his childish show off behavior he killed 139 sailors. He was shuttled off the ship as soon as the fire was out for his safety and to keep the incident he caused quiet. Remember his father was an Admiral.
    This guy has been a disaster since the he graduated from the academy 5th from the bottom . of the class. You can find info on his history on google on Forestall Disaster.
    I hope he rots in ” H E double hockey sticks !!!”

    1. jerry1944 says:

      WOW and airdell from those yrs also squadron RVAH 7 bIG E Do you remember what we got paid pre month without combat pay . As i recall some where around 175 a month heheheh Where did you find all this info I was reading a book that was suppose to he maybe a biografy and it did sounds like a lot of lies from what i remember

  104. Bob says:

    Let Hillary make them disappear

  105. jerry1944 says:

    he already is a dem but just wore the R for votes . But it had to be desm that vote him in are they dont have any real rep in Az just nuts like mc cain . I am wondering if that kid of his will run as dem like they are . ARE lie and say she is a conservative like he is But all are really dems but if they turn to dems this time We have Pres Trump to veto those nuts ..

  106. Ron says:

    Wait til it is found out that McCain is the one who hired Steele, to release the dossier on Trump.

  107. ruth says:

    I think he should have a psych evaluation…such a petty, vindictive nasty person

  108. Ken/FL says:

    McCain will do what ever he needs to stop Trump as retaliation for Trump saying he wasn’t a real hero. McCain is a vindictive, childish, spoiled brat; far from being the statesman he claims to be.

  109. B.a. Geezer says:

    What’s new about this? Only the party name is different. McCain was a POW , but far from a hero.

  110. oldk says:

    That switch would put them all in the Benedict Arnold but it would also greatly energize the GOP for the next elections. People just don’t like being lied to and stolen from.

  111. oldk says:

    Can the people of a state impeach a senator who baits and switches on them?

  112. Phyllis Schultz says:

    He is bitter and angry and hates President Trump so he will do whatever it takes to take down the President. In doing so he has and is continuing to betray the American people. HE’S ALREADY A DEMOCRAP!

  113. Linda says:

    John McCain and Jane Fonda are two peas in a pod. They are both traitors and need to get out of our country.

  114. justicewon1 says:

    McCain is not fit to be a senator, let alone a POW. He is vicious and mean as they come. The only thing important to him is destroying those that haven’t anything nice to say about him. Self-centered man. And to know he called his wife, Cindy, the c word, is beyond comprehension.

    1. daniel wright says:

      Correction: He isn’t fit to be an American.

  115. Dulcie A. Covington says:

    They were voted in as Republicans,if they switch THROW THEM ALL OUT

  116. Alexander Akbrut says:

    Terrible traitor.

  117. Richard Frick says:

    He is going to announce that he has dung for brains.

  118. Alleged Comment says:

    THIS white negro is not a Maverick, but a Manchurian.

    The Vietcongo BROKE the WHITE NEGRO!! He is mentally UNSTABLE. Needs to be with his wife curdled in front of the fire place.

    Yet, you saw fit that this white negro be made a leader. Now he has STABBED you in the back. Nearly all Demoncraps are mentally unstable.

    Don’t you KNOW THAT???

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Curdled??? Yuck.

  119. CommonSense4America says:

    John McCain is where he is because of the coat tails of his father and grandfather. Both navy admirals and highly respected. John McCain also has a son in the navy and ‘jumping ship’ (pun intended) could, and most likely would, harm the son’s progression in the navy and possible future political endeavorers.

  120. Arizona Wolf says:

    Chemo will kill him.

  121. margie says:

    i don’t think McCain should be allowed to continue as a senator as he is not in his right mind from the cancer.

    Isn’t there a rule to allow him to be out? His seat would be filled with a special election

  122. Len Tippett says:

    It is not necessary for any of these RINO’s to officially change parties for conservatives to realize they are Liberal Democrats. They made this decision long ago, unfortunately the idiots who continue to vote for them are to ignorant to see through them.

  123. bj veteran says:

    John McCain doesn’t have to switch parties as he already helps the Dims by opposing the R,s on any thing they try to pass thru the Senate. The Three senators opposing the health bill, as I see it, are already Democrats wearing a Republican label. This is like buying a product because you see a USA label only to realize that it was only an American idea, but the product was actually made in China.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Because they stopped the travesty that was the bill that delayed doing anything until after the 2018 elections? I’m more upset with the ones who voted FOR it. They said they were going to repeal it. This was no repeal.

  124. richard black says:

    i really hate to say it.. but McClown just needs to go on !!!

  125. stoth says:

    it has been a toss-up rather it would be Graham or McCain who moved first. Now there are four goats.

  126. figmo says:

    I recently googled McCain and the USS Forrestal. In 1967 the Forrestal was sitting off Viet Nam when explosions and fires killed over 130 men. The vague explanation is that somehow a rocket fired from one of the planes on board. “War hero” McCain was sitting in one of the planes on one of the decks when this happened. One theory is that McCain “wet started” his engine as a prank against one of the other pilots and this caused the inferno with fire and ordinance exploding. In any event, McCain immediately left the ship for some “R and R” and visited his daddy who was an admiral in charge of operations in Europe. Nothing like a little political influence. Anyway McCain was granted a transfer to another carrier and was shot down and spent 5+ years at the Hanoi Hilton. Was a proper investigation ever done of this major loss of lives and property or was it glossed over to protect McCain? If he was the cause of this disaster and can live with himself it says a lot about his character. If the liberals have the real facts it might explain why McCain is their lap dog. Do the Arizona voters know about this disaster?

    1. GeneP54 says:

      Read about his ‘capture’ as a POW. It’ll make you sick.

  127. chief1937 says:

    Switching parties especially to the democratic party could be devastating to those who are thinking about it. Just remember democrats were rejected in the last election and one could be assuring their demise by switching. Just a thought.

  128. Deplorable Lanie says:

    I am sickened by McCain and the things he has done.. Including selling out his fellow soldiers in the war, and they way he has voted has made it easy for me to believe that he betrayed his troops because he has continually betrayed his constituents on a regular basis. Turning DemocRAT??? He already is a DemocRAT!

  129. samw says:

    Just today I told someone he behaves so much like a democrat, he needs to admit it.

  130. Ohio Lady says:

    He should have retired eons ago.. I wish he had . He’s a “coaster ” senator who has hung on with his bitter and caustic, elderly tongue for , what it seems like, centuries !!!

  131. Robert Marshall says:

    I personally don’t think he is or ever was a war hero. Just because you get caught does not make you a hero. I am a vet myself and I have no respect for McCain. He has been a Democrap for years and he just showed his true color for all to see. He should have been gone years again. He is a gutless and now we know a mindless POS.

    1. cowboy541 says:

      Robert YOU arw so right, I was in NAM in 69 and 70 for 14 ib the USMC, to me mcLain IS not a hero amd fon what i have read JOHN gpt a lot of spcial thing that the outher POM’s did not get. JUST BECAUCE OF DAD’s status.

      1. GeneP54 says:

        And the fact that he sold out to the VC.

  132. Willard Larson says:

    He probably needed a little a little extra retirement money considering the poot they receivgovernment pension

  133. william wigle says:

    I am an 83 year old Korean vet with cancer. I think, I was Born a Democrat, my father, and my. Grand father were Democrats. Why I even voted for Obama the first time he ran. But, after his first term, the way Obama, and hillery acted. I would not vote for either one, even if they were running for dog catcher, and no was running against them.And the way the Democratic party has acted. Since the last election, they should remember that the people that voted Mr. Trump in, can vote them out.

  134. JC Hoot says:

    This guy has never been a Republican bounce him out

  135. Machete Eddie says:

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying !! These useless career politicians are all in it for themselves.
    They could care less about the country. This knda adds credibility to McCain getting in bed with the North Vietnamese. He just disrespected his family. I wonder how his daughter will be able to face her friends on
    the TV show every morning OUT NUMBERED?

  136. If it happens it happens. A little over a year from now the midterm elections will be upon us and I beleieve we’ll have even more republican senators and congressman and women. I can wait.

  137. Monica says:

    McCain had to have special transport from the hospital to make his vote. He has a diagnosis of brain tumor. In any other world he would be barred from voting anything. I think this is a joke. I am sure he will “miraculously be recovered” from his brain tumor which sounded like just a blood clot in his eye. TERM LIMITS. Out with these guys. They have been in too long. The president has 2 term limits and they should not be any better than the president of the USA. No wonder they think they have all the time in the world because they do. I want to count the votes when they come up for election again. There is the real voter fraud.

    1. GeneP54 says:

      He has a glioblastoma.

  138. Richard Daugherty says:

    Is he a dead man walking??

  139. noBS says:

    There’s always the hope that AZ would recall him if he pulls a party switch. They voted for him based on his campaign promises (supposedly) AS A CONSERVATIVE, and if he switches parties, they’d have every reason for a recall.

  140. Rodney Welch says:

    I am going to coin a new term … CINO. Conservative in name only. I am a conservative, but am ashamed of the hate and indecency shown by many of you on forums like this. Stop it man. The liberals are already thinking conservatives are haters. You aren’t going to win any hearts and minds with talk like this.

  141. donnie mixonsr says:

    I know several Medal of Honor Recipients and 3 POW’s from Vietnam and all of them sorta fades into the back ground unless called to visit with friends. One in particular is a RVN POW by the name of Ronald Ridgeway a Marine who went to my high school but younger than me. I was a service for the VFW and he was A service for the Texas Veterans. Ron just wan ted to be a regular guy and not looked upon as a HERO although he will always be in my book. To Ron and all the POW’s and MOH we as Americans thank you America really cares for you guys except the poser John McCain he is a true American traitor if he makes the move. He has not done it yet but if he does he will know how America feels about him and his State should have a new vote they voted Republican and did not want a Democrat;

  142. James Higginbotham says:


  143. David VanBockel says:

    A interesting conjecture about changing loyalties of Senator McCain,
    but the pathology suggests that he has run out of time.

  144. Charles Sroka says:


    1. GeneP54 says:

      Then why do you think that those who voted FOR this was doing what they said they would do? It wasn’t a repeal. But you’re (and others) are upset at the ones who stopped it, not the ones who voted FOR it.
      Yep. He’s a traitor..and has been since he was in Viet Nam. I’ve never respected him, I never will.

  145. Richard Anthony says:

    He sold his soul long ago

  146. BigBearOdie says:

    McCrap is a traitor, through and through. He trained the enemy pilots as a POW and sold out this country to save his sorry ass. The true patriot POW’s didn’t live more than 5 weeks and never came home. McCrap had no problems staying alive for over 5 years.

    1. Red Steiner says:

      Yes and he even gained weight as a POW.

  147. Mary Clouse says:

    Here’s how I see it ,yeah maybe Biden did sway McCain to vote no,
    but let’s face it McCain got his last revenge on Trump.The old
    curmudgeon is going to die anyway,so that (nay) vote was his last
    ha rah ,and Biden probably said you want to F**k Trump
    here is your last chance,but he also F**K*d his own party,as we
    knew he would, a RHINO at heart.

  148. Al says:

    “An honest public servant can’t become rich in politics.” — Harry Truman Gee, I guess McCain didn’t get the memo

  149. ReaperHD says:

    Like I’ve said he’s a waste of good American Skin.

  150. jim jones says:

    Fools call leaders RINO, because they have the balls to state their true beliefs and not march in lock step with some asshole’s lame ideas, I want a RINO representing me, God Bless free thinkers with courage!

  151. BillB says:

    Arizona voters need to do a recall and fire him NOW!

  152. A patriot says:

    too bad if McCain’s health problem made him retire from the senate _too soon isn’t soon enough

  153. RuFus92 says:

    John “Manchurian Candidate” McCain has been and is a disgrace to any of the principles of the Constitution and the oath of office he took. His lies he told to get elected and then betrayal of his constituent’s puts him in the Benedict Arnold class of traitors.. He needs to go and soon.

  154. Won’t make any difference. These RINOS are just that. They run on the GOP ticket but are really DEMS already. Cannot believe they keep getting elected.

  155. richard harris says:

    john McCain is weak .if his dad was still here he kit his ass all the way home

  156. Agnes Diamond says:

    get rid of the rhinos when the time comes up as a Republican the party should not accept them someone has to convince the Republican party to shoo them out

  157. randolph.poole says:

    McCain is a disaster! He needs to go.

  158. VictorLandry says:

    Just remember who won last November. Do you think people would reelect a turncoat? If you think people are furious now, wait until you see how they would treat a traitor. Those two, up for reelection, are going to really have fun next election. We have a royally pi**ed off electorate.

  159. Michael Skaggs says:

    Arizona Governor Evan Mecham was right all along about John McCain.

  160. Bruce A. Frank says:

    There should be a law that if a Senator or Representative changes parties after being elected as a member of the opposition part, there should be an instant recall. Then a temp appointed by the State’s governor and a short lead time election scheduled. The traitor could run ONLY as a member of the party to which he just switched. Should be made a state law RIGHT NOW!!!

  161. William M Durham says:

    McCain was never and would never be considered an American hero since he was in fact a traitor to his nation and his fellow Veterans in capacity, Even him claiming to be a Vietnam vet makes makes me puke. he was shot down on his very first mission in a war zone because he did not know what the hell he was doing, just trying to make a political name for himself. He used his daddys position to gain favorable treatment at the hands of his captors and they will never let him forget it. His conduct made his father a true American warrior puke. He bears a grudge against the Republican party because he lost the election like the dumbass he was. The sooner he disappears the better. Trump needs to can the daughter also, she will be a big problem real soon.

  162. Teancum20 says:

    At least John Kerry had the guts to admit he was a traitor to his country when he returned from Vietnam and mouthed off to Congress. McCain has been hiding behind his self-made heroism to cover up his stupidity and lack of moral turpitude. He dumped his first wife for a younger blonde stooge. He lost a perfectly good airplane in Vietnam and a hex be on the North Vietnamese who saved him from the local villagers who wanted to kill him. Now he is hiding behind cancer. He has no problem voting against the repeal of Obamacare because he has the best of the best medical coverage. :You and I certainly don’t. I had one of my best friends just die from brain cancer. He didn’t get a treatment or whatever and then return to coaching, which was his profession. They may even have a cure for cancer when a politician is diagnosed with it. I am just saying. . . He will not switch to the democrat party because that would be the first honest thing the SOB ever did!! I was in Vietnam in 1965. I saw real heros. Those heros are my friends. John McCain is no hero.

  163. 615GEJ1 says:

    McCain would have been a fine liberal Republocrat president if he had won in ’08. He is but weeks to months from his grave and has accepted much he did not earn, such as the wealth of his “father-in-law” when he married into the money. His most disgusting treachery was to his former wives, certainly the sick/disabled one he kicked to the curb to court Cindy (mostly her money)!

  164. Floyd_Lloyd says:

    You can only ride on the reputation of being a “war hero” for so long, until you tarnish your legacy so badly that people wish your brain tumor would do its job already.

  165. tryscavage says:

    Let them go. They know that they will never be re-elected anyway.

  166. CCblogging says:

    I have wondered why the Arizona voters keep sending that scumbag to DC. Voter Fraud?

  167. ADRoberts says:

    Look at the evidence. All of these vote with the Democrats. Their voting record is terrible. Really it would make no difference if they changed parties since McConnell is no different than a Democrat either.
    Maybe it would be what it takes to REMOVE these slimey people from office.

  168. Gary Hull says:

    The biggest thing to remember is he is completely dishonest and a fraud. He has continually said one thing and then did the complete opposite. I believe speculation that he was brain washed while POW and has been working for the communist party ever since is true. Turn over a rock and you will find John McCain. Gary

  169. Kathleen Lutman says:

    They’ve already switched party’s….through their rotten action’s…….& betrayal’s……….

  170. thumper says:

    I say the state;s should recall .l them all they did not live up to there promise .

  171. travis690 says:

    John McCain is an example of someone who should be impeached, not the President.

  172. springslook says:

    Creepy, small, little Napoleon!

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