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John McCain Revealed One Of The Major Players In The New World Order

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  1. sunandfun says:

    Democraps are trying to get rid of President Trump because he is doing what we elected him to do and they don’t like it.
    First they need to have mental exams done on the group (Democrat Socialist)
    who are trying to forward this joke. If they can pass a mental exam and present
    any proof other than he has scared the hell out of the party of corruption and
    anti American sentiment they can present their finding to a panel of Congressional
    oversight for review to see if there are merits to their argument.
    But considering that they elected Obama twice and tried tot elect Hildabeast
    I strongly suspect that they are all our of their frigging minds and should be
    replace by homeless people who are much more intelligent and understanding
    of world conditions. Many of their actions as a political party have had the
    Nation wondering who they are representing and if they are mentality capable
    of doing any thing. There is a reason they lost the last election even with
    the corruption in the voting that is being exposed with Criminal Illegal Aliens,
    dead people and people voting multiple times to try and sway the election
    they still could not change the results. TRUMP was elected by the people
    and by American Citizens. He is Our President and will continue to be so
    and do what the American People elected him to do.

    1. RockinOn says:

      McCain needs to resign the Repugnican party and join the Dumocraps, cuz he sounds just like ’em!

  2. xingqin says:

    McCain is a liberal socialist Communist who is all for the world order which will strip Americans of their Constitutional rights, will allow foreigners to dictate to the USA, will take away our guns, and will ruin our country totally. McCain the hero pilot who was shot down and captured by the enemy has suffered brain damage and is willing to sell our country down the tubes. He has committed treason against the GOP and the people who helped the idiot icon to get back into office. McCain is jealous of Trump because he has done what many said was the impossible and what John McCain did not have a ghost of a chance of doing. He not wants to try to upset the apple cart and bring Trump down. Perhaps, John, you should open the Bible, if you have one, and if you check real carefully you will learn that the reason that Trump won the election was because many protestant churches prayed had people praying to God to bless this Country again, and He did. It was not because of the many excuses Hillary has used and Russia had nothing to do with it. John if you have any faith, you need to get on your knees and pray to God for forgiveness and pray for Trump to be the leader he has set out to be.

    1. sunandfun says:

      Thank you for pointing all that out!

    2. Centurian says:

      You left out the torture he was subjected to while selling out other prisoners and becoming the true Manchurian Candidate. He spent a lot of time on his knees, being forcefully recruited into socialism and communism.

      1. Kristine Johnson says:

        OK, I can take just so much, but ignorance–NO! McCain did NOT sell out the other prisoners. You need to do your research and state facts. What you just said is garbage, even if I don’t like McCain.

        1. Rosech Levy says:

          Sorry, Kristine, but the facts are out there and from the prisoners of war who were with him. Wake up and smell the coffee and get truly informed. All I have stated above are facts and well based.

          1. Donito says:

            Wonder why his fellow POWs nicknamed him “Songbird” McCain?

          2. Bob Trahan says:

            You beat me to it but it might be hard to convince this woman because like McCain she might be a Rino.

        2. Centurian says:

          Do some more research of your own. Some others who served time in the Hanoi Hilton would differ with your opinion. Both sides of that issue contain opinions and suppositions. Whether he sold them out or was tortured, matters little to the issue of his fitness to serve in a position of power. He is still likely a Manchurian Candidate and was a less than competent pilot that crashed several planes claiming engine failure, while the investigations showed that not to be the case in several incidents. He was protected and promoted because his father was an Admiral, not necessarily because he deserved it. I don’t believe the hype that he started the fire on the Forrestal, but I do believe that his agreeing to carry bigger bombs, manufactured long before the incident, than the airplane was designed to carry may have contributed to the carnage. Legislatively and politically he is a disaster. He is the opitimy of what is wrong with much of Washington today. We may agree on more than you think we do.

        3. hoya says:

          YOU RESEARCH! It is people like you who are willing to accept this garbage man s a senator

      2. Holy Joe says:

        I suspect that whilst in Viet Cong captivity, quite possible they beat upon his head too frequently and that finally what little brain he has left has beconme totally addled with Communistic One Worlder Political Kumbayahisms, He has little concepts of reality it would seem. Surely there is a good assisted living facility that would take him in ? He no longer qualifies to remain inthe Senate.

        1. hoya says:

          Hadn’t been from the start!

        2. Doris Will says:

          No one has mentioned McCain taking the fake dossier to the FBI. There also was another fake report that McCain passed on. Don’t forget The Shadow Government. Anybody know the definition of sedition?

      3. hoya says:

        Torture could be OVERSTATED! Apparently he broke his arms falling out of the airplane! I wouldn’t believe ANYTHNG McCain tells about ANYTHING! Something is very Fishy about his Vietnam Tale!!!! POW who were ere paint a totally different picture of the events! NONE says a nice word about him! NONE!!!

    3. Kristine Johnson says:

      We tried to get rid of McCain this election cycle–the problem? Too many uninformed voters and McCain has the money! We can’t stand McCain here in Arizona.

      1. Sam C Smith says:

        Soros paid to get that idiot reelected

        1. Arizona Don says:

          I’ve heard such a rumor however, I have seen no proof of any kind. Until I do I will hold back on my opinion on that.

          1. Bob Trahan says:

            You really need to pay attention to what’s going on. I bet you don’t believe Soros is behind all these protest either. right?

          2. Arizona Don says:

            No there is absolute proof soros is behind the so called demonstrations that almost always turn into riots. Why he has not been arrested and thrown in prison is the real question.

          3. Bob Trahan says:

            Sorry Don but Soros has promised to make these things happen. There is a vid out there with him saying he would do all this. So I beg to differ. He is spearheading this along with other elites plus Hillary and for sure Obama. One world order is what they want but we will fight those filthy rich assholes.

          4. Arizona Don says:

            So what is it we differ about. All I ever said was I did not see any proof John songbird McCain took money from soros. That was and is the truth I have not. He may have I just do not know that for sure. Look McCain is a no good sob as far as I concerned. However, many of the problems and disagreements caused today are because people jump to conclusions and do not even care about truth or proof. Furthermore, I am very aware of soros’s intentions toward the US. He quite frankly should be in prison!

            Why are we, actually I’m not, disagreeing about anything. soros is a crook and McCain has out lived, in the Senate at least, his usefulness and should be replaced which I tried to do by voting for Dr Kelly Ward last November!

          5. Bob Trahan says:

            I probably misunderstood something you said but thanks for explaining what you meant. But if I had to bet that McCain is on the take with Soros then I would bet everything on that. Paul Ryan also I know for sure. One world Order is what they want and working with Soros to get that done. That’s my belief because I don’t put anything past Soros or Hillary or Obama. Again those are my thoughts and I think it’s close to being right.

          6. Arizona Don says:

            See I told you we did not disagree I would bet the same thing. All I said was, if you read the first post, I have seen no proof so I will not make a decision on that for now. How did I manage to get attacked by so many people for wanting to see proof before I made such an accusation? I would think that should be expected!

            I do not know how I could have missed this information you speak of because I saw nothing on Ryan or Rubio either. However I do not trust Paul Ryan any farther then I can throw him. I also think Rubio was co-opted by McCain and Flake right after he was elected. By the way Flake our other Senator here in Arizona is exactly that a flake also! Seems to me Ryan and McConnell are dragging their feet. But I do not have to make their decisions and I also admit I do not know everything or even anything about their jobs.

          7. Bob Trahan says:

            Some of the stuff I read is hard to believe but yet when it’s heard straight from the horses mouth then I believe it. Don I’m up at 3am every morning reading and trying to make sure that what I’m reading is not fake. Can’t trust some of these sites. The only thing left to do is stay alert and keep them lock and loaded. May God Bless us all.

          8. Arizona Don says:

            Well I’m up usually everyday by four. I too do a lot of research. I contend it is my obligation to verify truth before posting something. I was not always that way but I learned my lesson the hard way. My theory is if we who are conservative just post anything sooner rather then later it is all fake news. These progressive communistic so called democrats are out to throw so much fake news out there no one can tell the difference.

            If we conservatives keep out heads I personally think conservatives can hold the executive branch for not eight years but 16. Mike Pence is a very good man. Furthermore, I think that is the reason the democrats are so panicked. They see an unfavorable future. They should! They deserve it.

          9. Bob Trahan says:

            You’re very right in what you said. I like Pense and I think he will be an asset to help keep Trump heading in the right way. I just can’t understand why whey Obama was going against our constitution no one did anything about it. But now the want to hang Trump with the constitution with every move he makes. You are right about dems. They are panicking. I have a neighbor who was a school teacher in Brownsville that told me one screaming at me telling me he know I voted for Trump and called Trump Hitler. I had never mentioned anything political to this guy. He started bad mouthing my American Flag and said they would come arrest me. I just couldn’t believe this guy. I asked him if he was ever in the military and he said no. I told him then to shut his mouth and that I fought for my country and I plan on keeping it running the right way. He got quiet and I left.

          10. reggie says:

            Problem is that it’s not just the wacked out, this has been carefully planned for years. The elites go way back, the rothchilds, carnegie, rockefeller, these are the people who control the fed. The rothchilds got wealthier during wars. They had their own spy organizations that were better than governments, so they knew which way to switch their money. This is one of many articles that has not been scrubbed yet.
            threeworldwars (dot) com/world-war-1/ww1.htm Fools like hiliary and bozo will never be part of the elites, they’re useful idiot at a higher level, that’s all

          11. Bob Trahan says:

            Thank you Reggie for all this information. Some I knew about but a lot new and important things in there.

          12. reggie says:

            Gave these to AZ Don, there are multiple articles, the one goes back to 2008
            arizonadailyindependent (dot) com/2015/10/13/mccain-and-soros/
            wnd (dot) com/2008/02/56177/

          13. reggie says:

            Two of many articles, you have to decide if it’s ‘proof’ enough, note the dates.
            arizonadailyindependent (dot) com/2015/10/13/mccain-and-soros/
            wnd (dot) com/2008/02/56177/

          14. Arizona Don says:

            Sure that is the address it took me no where? Dead end!

          15. reggie says:

            I’m on the bad list and have had so many posts deleted it’s not even funny. Sorry – close the spaces, remove (dot) and put in the dot. FB hates my research and removes it, disqus blocks me from putting article information in it, so I have to play games. Yet, they allow others. Guess I step on toes, too hard. Try that and you should get the article. If not get back to me. Thanx

          16. Arizona Don says:

            OK. I somewhat suspected what you did there. Many times they will monitor it if an address is included in the post. Breitbart has me banned completely or they did and I have no idea why. But I’m not gonna lose any sleep over it.

          17. reggie says:

            $$$$$$$$$$$$ is the answer.

          18. Arizona Don says:

            Absolutely correct!

          19. hoya says:

            Those weren’t RUMORS- but a facts and several names were listed who took money from Soros, including Rubio!!!
            Mc Caine is not a conservative and never was. .Notice liberals NEVER ATTACK him- that is because he is a snitch for them in repugnican party and more useful to stay this way and voting with them!

          20. granny_forUSA says:

            Only the simple minded can be bought……..They never think they will be caught……Shows there are not too many brains in the GOP nor the DEM politicians camp……….

          21. amillionto1 says:

            McCain’s snitches causes the loss of 70 more pilots. That’s why his military records are sealed until after he dies…Just like Obama’s borth and college records, Giuliani’s 9-11 records, and JFK’s assassination (75 years). Thanks CIA, FBI, et. al.

          22. Brad Fisher says:

            In other words a useful liberal idiot to the liberals on the left or the new world order.

          23. Arizona Don says:

            Look I’m not in any way sticking up for John McCain I totally dislike him. I only said I have seen no proof soros gave him funding. That is the facts.

            I actually left the republican party and became a conservative independent because the republican party here in Arizona backed him in 10 and I have always donated to the local republican party.

            I have seen first hand proof of his actions when a POW.

            He was a pilot I was a pilot. He is a disabled veteran I am a disabled veteran (never shot down). That is where the similarities END! He is considered a hero due to his capture not that his service in any way was heroic.

            You want an example of a hero Audie Murphy! WWII Perhaps you should look him up and then get the movie To Hell and Back! Have a nice day!

          24. Arizona Don says:

            Look I saw no facts, no proof, so to me they were rumors. All I said was I would not make any accusations until I saw proof. If more people did exactly that there would be a hell of a lot of less fake news in the world. Now you can condemn me for that if you want. Quite frankly I could give a damn what you think. Maybe you should read many of my other posts before you jump to conclusions about what I said. Have a nice day.

          25. granny_forUSA says:

            Actually it was stated correctly……..McCain actually stated that he received a monetary gift from SOROS……..

          26. Arizona Don says:

            All I am saying is I did not see the proof he got a donation form george soros. That is it. One of the problems in today’s society is everyone considers something true as soon as they hear it. Most of the accusation about President Trump today being spread around by the main stream media are not true and no one even bothers to find out the truth. All I said is I have seen no proof of that. Got proof show me. Most of the problems the democrats cause today are based on lies.

            I actually left the republican party and became a member of the conservative independent party because the local republican party threw support behind McCain in 2010. I had donated to it and I did not want my money going to McCain so I left. I do admit I voted for him for president but look at the choice we all had. This time around I supported Dr Kelly Ward. Who lost in the primary.

            Perhaps before you criticize me you should check some of my other posts regarding John McCain. Have a nice day!

        2. granny_forUSA says:

          You are correct, it seems that someone let it slip that Soros lined McCains pockets along with some other GOP politicians…….Seems like Soros KNOWS who the weak and simple minded politicians are…….He can buy them with a $20 dollar bill….

        3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          As a matter of fact, Nazi George Soros gave money to Senators John McCain, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio and Speaker Paul Ryan.

          1. ItsJo says:

            True post Grandpa….The ‘four money-hungry Rino’s you mention, ALSO took Money From BIG BUSINESS in the ‘H1B’ law, as they SOLD their votes For BB, which wanted Foreign Workers OVER American Workers.”……McCain “Collected over $100,000 from Big Business and the others took money “to SELL their Votes AGAINST Americans.”

            Also, I learned last year, that “McCain got $ 1MILLION DOLLARS FROM Saudi Arabia….WHY? Perhaps because they wanted him to try to STOP Donald Trump from being POTUS, as they(& McCain)Wanted Hillary to win….as “SHE would keep their ‘politico club of Elitists and Globalists going, so they could continue to “Make Millions from Lobbyists/Big Business/Euro Nations & M.E. Countries that have BEEN giving to Hillary, to KEEP THEIR GRAVY TRAIN GOING AND TO AMASS THEIR OWN POLITICAL FORTUNES…..AND Screw OVER the American Citizens and this Republic”

            McCain is one of the WORST offenders, and HE HATES TRUMP, and Trump should “Call him OUT”…..time for that traitor to America to GO!

          2. Brad Fisher says:

            Really, this should be publicized if you can back it up.

          3. mowmtn says:

            McCain was in a Vietnam prison and his dad was a powerful admiral and the enemy offered to let him go because of it. but McCain refused to go and wanted to stay with outher Americans who were also prisoners. Don’t you think for one minute that McCain was Mistreated being the son of that Admiral..

          4. jamrpb says:

            The other POWs said many timesz that McCain got preferencial treatment over them…that’s why he was never released….THATS FACT , NOT BS !!

          5. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

            McShame’s nickname in the Hanoi Hilton was SONGBIRD! he also killed 134 sailors on the USS Forestall and almost sunk the aircraft carrier by pushing the fire bomb rack button in his cockpit before takeoff, the 500 pound bomb went sliding down the deck and exploded next to other parked Phantom F4’s and their bomb racks went off. at navel academy he was 882 out of class of 889…..a real mental midget this RINO is. read the book “An Enormous Crime” its on amazon books. Ross Perot hates him to the core? Ross Perot almost got the POW’s released 5 years before Nixon did….but Bush 1 screwed up the deal. what other POW’s said to Ross Perot about McShame will shock you.

          6. Paul Whitley says:

            You are completely wrong regarding the Forrestal disaster. McCain was not the cause of the fires and explosions on the flight deck. If you would simply go to youtube, you can see the entire footage, and then you will know what happened.
            Don’t try to BS everyone by trying to make it McCain’s fault. It was not. You are a sadly misinformed idiot. Try reading the full report by Naval Investigators.
            I am tired of people who are ignorant of the facts drawing conclusions, and then trying to pass them off as factual. Your ignorance can be cured by education, but you will take stupid to the grave with you.
            I am not fan of the senator, but I will say this – he put his flight suit on and flew missions from our flight deck. I will never question his courage as a Naval Aviator.

          7. Barbaracvm says:

            One tape McCain made for the Vietnam government surfaced recently. —
            sounds a lot like a PSA.
            Knowing how McCain has repeatedly stalled helping the POWs families trying to find what happened to their loved one; it leaves one to wonder how many secret POW camps there were. How many camps had played his PSA tapes or did he visit to encourage cooperation with the NVA. McCain keeping his secrets

          8. atchafa says:

            Mc Cain broke both arms and 1 leg when he ejected from Jet! The Gooks didn’t break McCain’s arm and cripple it!

          9. reggie says:


          10. parkslopedog says:

            Calling Asians Gooks is like Hillary calling Trump supporters Deplorables, only worse. I’m on your side on this, but please be civil. Thank you.

          11. reggie says:

            … and they’re still waiting for information that he had Congress block. Songbird for the VC, but not enough decency to allow the REAL heroes access to information that they’re entitled to.

          12. Frederick Kithcart says:

            His POW mates called him “songbird” for a reason

          13. Southerngirl says:

            You are DEFINITELY right. It’s a known FACT that John McCain was treated like the Admiral his Dad was as compared to the way OUR other POW’S were treated. His OWN daughter on FOX news DOESN’T agree with a majority of things her OWN Dad says about Donald Trump. WHY??? Because she made the statement that Donald Trump is doing EVERYTHING he promised he would do during his campaign. So it was wrong for ANYONE to go after OUR President because he’s doing just what WE THE PEOPLE wanted him do. BOTTOM LINE!!!!!

          14. reggie says:

            …and grand daddy was an Admiral too. Songbird was an asset to Viet Nam. Ask him why he had Congress block information that Viet Vets and their families are entitled to.

          15. John Somers says:

            He stayed with them so he could sell them out just like Hanoi Jane !!!

          16. 1555 says:

            Being in captivity prevented him form having to serve some more, could that be the case why he wanted to stay ?

          17. Elena Bowman says:

            He wasn’t mistreated. It wasn’t just his father that was and Admiral so was his Grandfather. The Vietcong treated him with respect because of them. The other American Prisoners called him a “SONG BIRD” for a reason. Stop calling him a hero, he wasn’t..he betrayed his fellow prisoners just like he is betraying our country now.

          18. Jerry Dixon says:

            The facts are that McCain was torture quit extensively. He was marched through the streets and was beaten just like many others endured. When they found his father was an Admiral the tortured lightened up, because the North Vietnamese didn’t want McCains father to see what they had done to his son. Shortly after that McCain was approached with the prospect of being able to go home. McCain stated that if all the others that came before him were released he would go and forget the others after him. The NVA General declined to do this and at that time McCain returned to torture.

          19. k9maiden says:

            I would love to see President Trump clean the swamp! After the liberals along with Soros, stop throwing their hissy fits, and realize Trump is our President and he is here to stay, maybe then PRESIDENT TRUMP can do something about these traitors, along with Soros! Putin has a hit out for Soros, I wish he would take out his evil family along with Soros. These people are pure evil, they are atheist, and they are Communist. Soros, a war criminal, made all his money turning in his own people!

          20. ItsJo says:

            Actually Evil Soros was only a young boy, when he turned in his OWN Jewish people to the Nazi’s for money in them allowing him to sell their furniture, etc. He Made his money as a “Hedge Fund Dealer, who BET on the collapse of a nations’ monetary system….he pushed.” FACTUAL ARTICLE online, and this one that he’s tried to DO to America for OVER 40 Years:

            Read it here: A.I.M.(Accuracy in Media) 1/16/2008 by Cliff Kincaid:
            “SOROS BETS ON U.S. ECONOMIC COLLAPSE” (and HIS Puppet Obama obliged Soros’ Orders, and tried to do Exactly that…..collapse our Middle Class-

            This is WHY Donald Trump ran for POTUS, as he KNEW America was in danger of “Another Puppet to take over where Obama left off-Hillary, Soros’ Second Puppet, with “Globalist/Elitist plans wherein THEY ARE OUR RULERS, as Obama IGNORED our Constitution/Bill of Rights in protecting American Citizens FROM RULERS.

            There are More articles about Soros AND Obama at “A.I.M. Archives”……Including the one on WHO Obama’s REAL Father is……it was Communist, Frank Marshall Davis and you can see the resemblance to HIM, that also shows Obama, Sr………….YOU, can judge what Barack has Been hiding all these years, as when HE was born-Communists were STILL taboo!

          21. reggie says:

            obozo is not a US citizen, even if he was born in Hawaii, which I doubt. He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. Indonesia law forbids dual citizenship, the adoption made him an Indonesian. Muslim law forbids anyone from leaving the “faith”. He had a certain number of years to reject the Indonesian citizenship and re-establish his US citizenship. He never did. Unfortunately, it’s the same situation with Cruz. He was born in Canada before dual citizenship, and had so many years to declare his US citizenship since apparently his mother did not after his birth. He did not until a few years ago, tooooo late. Rubio’s parents were legal residents, not citizens, when he was born. These, and similar situations need to be clarified by the Supreme Court to remove any doubts about presidential eligibilities.

          22. Holy Joe says:

            Prior to the 2008 election, Obama’s mother was shown in a press Photograph romping in the waters off Malindi/Mombasa with her so called bigamous Luo ‘Husband’. She was wearing a one piece black swimsuit, and unless she had a Gymnast’s weight training ball tucked inside of it, she was in her terminal month of pregnancy, Also in the picture were several others of the African Tribal Luo Family of her adulterous

            This photograph was taken in Kenya shortly before the birth of the to be ‘Moslem Neo Mahdi of America’. In those days when the comparatively short range Boeing 707’s and DH-Comets were the sole major airliners, neither one of their operators would have accepted such a late term pregnant woman to fly half way around the world, in any direction for the Coming of the ‘To Be anointed One’ in Hawaii. Regardles of this fact, the citizenship of the new Mahdi would have been that of Kenya Luo the same as his de facto father. He was not born an American and he should never have been accepted as one – simply because he never ever qualified as one.

          23. John Somers says:

            All he has to do is just what Putin did. Issue an Arrest Warrant for Soros and put a stop to all the leftist Donations

          24. 1555 says:

            Time for McCain to retire, as he is one of the nastiest people around. Bitter man.

          25. Elena Bowman says:

            Arrest him for TREASON. He was no war hero, he was a songbird and caused many of his fellow prisoners to suffer under the hands of the Vietcong. They never touched him. He broke his arms when he crashed his plane after refusing to obey orders. No one else on the mission got hurt just wise-ass John McCain the traitor and ‘SONGBIRD”.

          26. Brad Fisher says:

            So there you have it.. I assume you are giving us the background on the Breitbart site.

          27. reggie says:

            Plus $700,000 to ka-sick (spelling error on purpose). The little semantics game: Soros didn’t actually give the money to ka-sick, he gave it to his organizations to give it to the ka-sicko.

          28. Tony Rowell says:

            don’t forget McConnell, bush, obama, clinton and lynch

          29. xrider says:

            Anybody he can buy he will

        4. 1555 says:

          That explains it. Gotta start educating voters now, to circumvent McCain from keeping his job next time.

      2. Arizona Don says:

        You’re 100% correct. I do not know how he won the primary even. However, it is obvious way to many people don’t pay attention and that is what keeps bad people like McCain in office.

        1. james.m.heller says:

          Remember when he said ” Build the dang wall” wasn’t he running for something when he said what he said, why did he get away from being the scrappy person he use to be? just old age? I don’t think he can help Arizona or wants to help Arizona we know who is pulling his string. Would all agree he needs to retire!!

          1. Sharo says:

            Mccain has been flip flopping for years on the important issues. This is just more of the same. People tend to forgive him because he was a POW. Well, I have an Uncle who was also a POW and he would never have come off the way McCain has. He is NOT a friend of the Republic! He has been courting the NWO for many years although more subtly in the past.

          2. Peter says:

            It’s from all that brainwashing as a POW. I’m not making an excuse for how he thinks. He needs to go away! Just another RINO!

          3. granny_forUSA says:

            The other POW’s that were in the same camp, said he sang like a canary…….McCain even stated that he “CANNOT STAND PAIN”……………Just consider him as nothing but a big BSer and a wuss………..

          4. Arizona Don says:

            He made a statement here in Arizona one time that the VC broke his will. Sounded like an excuse to me which he quickly seemed to reverse.

          5. reggie says:

            Amazing. I guess brainwashing consists of having them look at him cross-eyed. How he can live with himself is amazing to me.

          6. Joe says:

            POW-Powerfully, Oustandingly, Weak!!!
            In his case. Tweety,tweet, tweet!

          7. Arizona Don says:

            McCain is an excellent example of the peter principle. He is now advanced to the point of his uselessness.

          8. reggie says:

            Always was. He followed daddy/grand daddy’s coat tails.

          9. Arizona Don says:

            They bailed his butt out on several occasions I understand.

          10. reggie says:

            That’s what I understand as well. I had read somewhere that he never would have gotten into flight school on his own, he was just not that good.

          11. Arizona Don says:

            Flight schools are not easy flying is very unnatural however, it comes to some much easier then others. But nothing in life is if it is worth acquiring. I know I went to one my self and I am a retired pilot. I also hear, but do not know this for sure because I have never been able to check it out, he messed up more then one airplane. If true he would have to have an Admiral father to continue. Or some one to pull strings for him. In the military that will usually bust someone out of the academy. Especially if it is pilot error. Not so much if mechanical but even that can if correct procedures were no followed.

            A good friend of my busted out for breaking left instead of right.

          12. reggie says:

            songbird mc cain is for no one but himself. Nasty non-man has sealed Viet Nam records so other Vets and families don’t have the true story.

          13. hoya says:

            He always STUNK as a senator! ALWAYS!

          14. granny_forUSA says:

            So did BOjangles…….

          15. Brad Fisher says:

            And he still stinks just like the Bushes.

          16. Arizona Don says:

            Well for one the NDAA if you know what that is.

          17. reggie says:

            He stinks as a human being, I don’t think he’s actually one.

          18. Bill Smith says:

            JOHN McCain has never helped anyone except himself!

          19. granny_forUSA says:

            He has lied as much as hildabeast and BOjangles ………..

          20. Arizona Don says:

            I remember very well. He was, along with Ted Kennedy, proposing comprehensive immigration reform and everyone was telling him, and Bush, not unless the wall is built “first.” His statement, if my memory is correct, was “Ok, ok I get it build the wall first.” Congress passed the law for the wall and Bush signed it. Problem is when obama was sworn into office he somehow stopped it. No one seemed to care at that time because the democrats were in charge.

        2. Lela Madera says:

          Uninformed voters will vote on name recognition, not on the quality of the candidate, because they are, well, uninformed.

          1. Sharo says:

            You got that right Lela! That’s how big government lover jerry brown got back in as governor of our pathetic liberal state. Born and raised Californian, I beg you all to pray for a purging of our state. It can be done. It will be a big job, but if people like you communicate with Californians as much as possible to help set them right, it will be a great blessing! Way past time for the “silent majority” to speak up. Been doing it for years, but need more help!

          2. Marine68 says:

            That and the stupidity of the California Libtard voters.

          3. Arizona Don says:

            You mean moonbeam brown?

          4. granny_forUSA says:

            That would be the uneducated illegals/mooslums & the liberals that are nothing but sheep………

          5. Arizona Don says:

            Sadly you are correct again.

        3. hoya says:

          Could be like Kennedys in MA he has a strong hold on the state , special interests groups and some intimidators…we all know of his WILD temper….Hope he croaks before the next re-election period….

        4. granny_forUSA says:

          Without the illegal/mooslum vote he will never be elected again…..

          1. Arizona Don says:

            I do not think there are that many muslims here in Arizona. At least I have not seen them if there are. However, McCain should not have ran for office for the last 18 years.

      3. FramerMCB says:

        Another good example/reason of why the 17th amendment needs to be repealed and Senators return to being appointed by their individual State’s governments. Senators were never meant to be elected by our founding fathers – only representatives were to be elected by the populace. That way, if a senator was not keeping their states’ interest at heart they could be recalled/removed from office by their states’ government.

      4. james.m.heller says:

        I wouldn’t have believed it two/three years ago but now I can see him slipping he is under control or Soros.

        1. reggie says:

          Note the date
          wnd (dot) com/2008/02/56177/

      5. maxx says:

        Does AZ have “voter ID law”? That could help with fraud. It sure helped in my state, finally. We flipped from a blue state to a red state after over 20 years. However , I though that I saw that like two weeks before the election McCain was over 10 points behind Ward. Historically, when a turnaround like that takes place it is caused by crossover voting and as a prime Rino the democRats would have every reason to vote for him and keep him in place.

      6. hoya says:

        This SLIMY PUKE who looks like a ghost will never stop ranting everyone about Vietnam and his “HEROISM” …in spite of the fact that The Veterans describe a totally different picture of what transpired there.. There was a reason he was there for 5 years and than FORGOT about the once he left behind!!!!
        Mc Shame is a DISHONORABLE man who will sell anything and everyone as long as it benefits him! Yes, we are mad at Arizona that you keep reelecting him instead of finding a conservative to defeat this pile of manure!

        1. dennis johnson says:

          I’m with you buddie. McCain was never a “Hero”. I served in Viet Nam and it pisses me off that some of my fellow Marines were all shot to Hell and KIA and they would be the first to say that they weren’t Heros. When someone puts his life on the line for another, He/She is a Hero. Getting shot down and being a prisoner and spilling your guts to the enemy rates more like a “Criminal offense”. There is plenty of Viet Nam POW’s that have the real story on this Puke.

      7. Bill Smith says:

        You can recall the sorry ass lying sucker(SongBird)

        1. Kristine Johnson says:

          Yeah that would be nice.

          Kristine Sent from my iPhone

      8. granny_forUSA says:

        SORRY KRIS………seems there were too many illegals voting in Arizona……..They will be gone soon………

        1. Kristine Johnson says:


          Kristine Sent from my iPhone

      9. Lloyd L Jones says:

        Illegal voters

      10. chevyll says:

        Than why did the voters put the ass back into office. Geez.

      11. BuddyBoy53 says:

        Election fraud and Soros got McBrain re-elected and Arpaio out thrown out.
        Follow the fraud and the money. People don’t “elect” treasonous Presidents, treasonous Senators or anyone else trying to destroy the nation.

      12. k9maiden says:

        I wondered about that Kristine. I cannot remember the name of the R running against him, I can picture him, but would know the name the minute I heard it. I was hoping he would win against McCain. My parents were staunch Republicans, and disliked McCain immensely.

      13. reggie says:

        Songbird mccain married her for looks and money. Hid a lot of info about Viet Nam as part of his ‘duties’ in Congress. Dumped his first wife because she was in a horrible accident and “no longer beautiful”. He’s a shallow, pathetic little boy.

      14. Tony Rowell says:

        correct he got money from Soros

      15. Elena Bowman says:

        Recall him…asap.

    4. brbg says:

      It wasn’t just Protestants who were praying that Hillary would not get control of this country. We Catholics had novenas, rosary crusades etc for the intention of Trump winning instead.

      1. Dave Nettles says:

        Being a pretty bold preacher and not one to believe in ecumenism, BUT, being this election united every Christian in America to pray for deliverance. Because of this, and the fact that God isn’t a respecter of persons, I challenge you Catholics to join with us to pray for a real, book of Acts kind of Holy Ghost Revival. Let’s see just what God can REALLY do.

        1. hoya says:

          GOD helps those Who Help Themselves!!!!!

          1. Donito says:

            Actually that old cliche was never accurate. God helps those who acknowledge Him and ask for His help.

        2. pattioh says:

          Amen to that! Truly believing God is anointing Pres Trump to change political leaders and maybe some preachers as well. In turn this is the time for Christians of every faith to step up and speak out

      2. Peter says:

        At our Catholic Church in San Diego, we were praying for Hitlery not to become our next president. Who says the power of prayer doesn’t work.

        1. Daniel Penney says:

          Many millions of us were as well. Amen!!

        2. Donito says:

          Who were you praying to?

    5. Dave Nettles says:

      It was even more of a miracle then that, this article tells what happened:

      It was direct, divine intervention, and the NYT graph proves it.Those, like McCain, who are against America, aren’t only against America, but also against God.

    6. james.m.heller says:

      Very nicely put,

    7. Highland26 says:

      He’s no hero. He’s a traitor at best.

    8. Brad Fisher says:

      Thanks. I couldn’t have said it any better.

    9. reggie says:

      With all due respects, he was NOT a hero. Songbird mc cain sang like a canary. He had special privileges because his father and grandfather were Navy Admirals. He should never have been a pilot. In Congress, he blocked Viet Nam vets and their families from learning information they were/are entitled to.

    10. John Somers says:

      They are right about one thing, McCain WOULD sell out his Party just like he sold out the P.O.W.’s he was with in Nam.
      Make NO mistake about that fact.

    11. Southerngirl says:

      AMEN xingqin. I don’t think ANYONE could have put it any better than you did. Some of these Liberal snowflakes definitely NEED to read your post.


    12. 1555 says:

      Mc Cain was on TV late at night before he ran for a president. He talked about how we need endless wars in Middle East. My hair was standing up from what I was hearing from a former military person !
      He said we need to stay there FOR DECADES . McCain did not win against Obama because he is a boring speaker. I agree with xingqin that McCain needs to pray for forgivness. Now.

  3. Fed Up With Politicians says:

    McCain needs to retire if he can’t keep his mouth shut!!!

        1. Lela Madera says:

          Ooooooooooo, good one!

        2. Peter says:

          Good one, I laughed for about a minute.

    1. pappy450 says:

      Hell no…Let him keep flapping his lips and maybe these idiots that LOVE him SOOO much will see just what they are defending. and YES he need to “retire” the sooner the better. RECALL TIME!

      1. NoCoincidences says:

        The people already know what type of scum he is. They didn’t vote for his old gimp-armed as, there was a lot of ‘funny business’ during his re-election with questionable donors that weren’t all republican ones.

        1. pappy450 says:

          You can bet that SOROS money was behind his “reelection” and that “funny business” and “questionable donors” you were referring to.

          1. NoCoincidences says:

            Exactly! They are about the same age, too. They both are traitors to their people. Maybe they have matching ailments. Two similarities is enough to convict those twins of satan…

    1. sunandfun says:

      A Wonderful reality cartoon that shows exactly what the media is doing.

  4. Jed Graham says:

    Hold on lets be clear about what is going on. Trump represents the American people. Those in congress on both side of the isle hate
    Trump because he is a threat to their payoffs. Yes they are all getting paid off by American Enemies. So wake up America before we become the new Iran. You woman out there that think Trump has a woman problem, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait till your wonderful muslim moves in next door and then starts raping you and your daughters because you don’t cover your head etc. Are you still going to put the welcome matt out for these people that hate us and want to kill us, but tell us how great we are? Just how stupid are you?
    As for the media, well they all need a pay check and they follow orders. In 1983 there was 50 companies that owned the media and now there are only 6. So 6 big corporations are trying to control how we think and what we know. You best read 1984 by George Orwell.

  5. oncemorearound says:

    If “Charley” would have done his job we wouldn’t have this worthless lowlife to deal with. War hero… I think not. The war heros were the boys on the ground in the paddys and swamps day after day and the ones listed on the Wall. Not some pampered Admiral’s boy.

    1. HOFFHACK says:



      1. ter334 says:

        This sounds worse then Swift Boat Kerry’s VN escapades!

        1. HOFFHACK says:

          Much worse! His father covered it up

  6. George Carden says:

    Let’s see… do I understand this thing correctly?

    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U.S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bafi Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
    The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      Nice job – I copied this to share.

    2. ter334 says:

      They also behead Christians because they are Christian, want to annihilate israel, kill their daughters to protect their “honor”, etc. and call themselves peaceful? IMO islam is the mother of all socialism. If islam is so peaceful, why do they want to invade nations that are mostly filled with infidels? To teach us a lesson and subjugate us for not being muslim?

      1. Kristine Johnson says:

        and, the Muslims fought on the side of the Nazis.

        1. ter334 says:

          They were/are all socialists. And communists as well. Even Blarney claimed to be a socialist and the dem party has one foot in socialism and are trying to pull their other foot out of the political muck into being the plain old SPA. Socialist Party of America.

          1. Lela Madera says:

            The democrat party is favoring a moslem for their next chairman. Keith Ellison converted to islam years ago and has been rubbing elbows with the Muslim Brotherhood, the baddest of the bad. There’s more, but this is enough information to make the democrats reconsider just who it is they’re supporting.

    3. Peter says:

      I think I see a pattern here.

  7. HOFFHACK says:

    John McCain is no Hero! Yes he got shot down, and yes he was a POW, but things that he did before that would have gotten any one else “WHO WAS NOT THE SON OF A SITTING ADMIRAL, AND THE GRANDSON OF AN ADMIRAL DRUMMED OUT OF THE NAVE IN DISGRACE!” He would have never gotten shot down if he had followed orders and was not “Hot Dogging” at too low an altitude. And he pulled a stunt called “WET STARTING” his Skyhawk on the USS Forrestal, to scare the Pilot behind him, which shoots out a huge flame, and “WHICH COOKED A MISSILE OFF OF HIS WING AND STARTED A FIRE AND DAMAGED THE SHIP AND NEARLY 300 SAILORS WERE KILLED OR SEVERELY BURNED!” He was immediately transferred to another Carrier. the USS Oriskany, which is the carrier he failed to return too! Most of his injuries happened when he improperly ejected from his plane! And he got the nick name “SONG BIRD” from the other prisoners because he would tell them anything they wanted to know! USN 69-76

    1. Rheta Ganger says:

      Check to see how much George Soros gave to his campaign..That
      tells it all.

  8. ter334 says:

    IMO the New World Order is the caliphate to be ruled by the caliph. This idea likely is not new since WWII, but is just Satan’s idea of the Kingdom of Man, never ruled by a woman. It has it’s origins in islam and did not just pop up after WWII. Presumably FDR once said nothing in politics ever just happens. Political events are someone’s plan. They are not like lightning strikes. Which appear as random but occur because of the buildup of electric charge under some weather conditions. Where they strike is random. Political acts occur because of the buildup of human interactions with each other. As I see it the tension between the two factions of islam, sunnis and shiites, is a power struggle over who will be the boss, the caliph, when the caliphate is established. They both agree that the caliphate is needed to fulfill the dream of Mo with sharia law to be the universal law for their kingdom of man!

  9. Bolt says:

    John McCain is flat out lying again. Truth is the enemy of the NWO. The MSM would make proud all of those Soviets who combined to make TASS/Pravda/Izvestia so successful. Why do you think that Radio Free Europe was so important to people trapped behind the Iron Curtain? That risked their very lives to make the radio transmissions.

    No, not on your life is a Free Press integral to the NWO. Truth is what MSM says it is: “It is our job to tell people what to think.”

    So, once again, if John McCain said it, it must be wrong.

    1. ter334 says:

      If press is free, not owned, then reporters report the news and their opinions are published on the opinion page so citizens can make up their own minds. Currently we have opinionators reading the news instead of reporters just reporting it. All reporters are dim-ocrats to keep their job. There is more news time reporting what the protesters are doing saying then given T to say what he is planning. That was the case for Bush II but O walked on water per the media. Even though he used to make important announcements when he was overseas leaving others here to take the tepid negative response that was reported. Plus info about our military operations all came through the WH where it could be whitewashed, massaged to make O look like he was doing something. News isn’t the fake output from DC when O was acting as pres. His whole admin seems to have been a fake American govt?

      1. Bolt says:

        Dear ter,
        Many years ago, when I was in the Middle East, we used to enjoy listening to BBC “read the news.” Those days are over.

  10. Terri Sturgill says:

    One of the very basic reasons that Pres Trump won the election is that we wanted OUT OF NWO. Obama is “all in” against America as we have always existed as well. One more thing to remember, the Democrats reveal their agenda EVERY MOVE THEY MAKE. How? They have a bad habit of accusing the conservatives of every step THEY are making. It’s a ruse to make you believe that they’re looking out for you on those scores, but the truth is it is their program. Keep your eyes & ears open at all times.

  11. ter334 says:

    There needs to be an investigation into who/what funds mosques and muslims? Do they pass the plate 5 times per day or is money from foreign govts “imported” to operate the mosque and pay subsidies to newly arrived “undocumented refugees” until they can get on the democratic party govt run plantation and live off the taxpayers? It is against the law for the govt to establish a state religion. Surely this means no foreign govt can establish their state religion here.

  12. 2ThinkN_Do2 says:

    McCain is why Obama won the first term; and the others thought Hillary was a shoe-in when Trump rode the platform to the Republican nomination. They didn’t count on people actually wanting change, something McCain was not about, but whether you support them or not, Trump is, about change. The apple cart has been rotting from the bottom up for decade upon decade, it’s time to empty it and start fresh.

  13. Tome says:

    I still not certain what is this new world Order. I used to hear one world order which was always to me people wanting to take us and every one else down. I know Johnson pushed it, Nixon pushed it, Carter , Bush Sr. and Blow job Clinton. Bush Jr. then Obama came along just wanting to take us all down for the Muslims. I do not remember them saying we would be better of with one Government as they are saying now. I can’t see how this could work with Muslims wanting to kill us and most of the rest wanting the food.

  14. Rosech Levy says:

    Wow! the traitor McCain actually said something of value and truth? Incredible. AZ needs to recall this mentally disturbed (and very obviously from when he was in Vietnam and talked to our enemies about the other prisoners of war, and then crashed two planes, and then caused the death of more than 100 on a carrier because of his ridiculous ego which we are noting more and more as he wants to be right up front MSM and anywhere else spilling nonsense and denigrating our President. To me, he doesn’t even understand the word “security” when he keeps breaking it. Sorry, McCain you are well past your sell by date, an old and braindead man of 80. Recall him, please, AZ, so your state will once again have some credibility!

  15. asadamerican says:

    McCaine is a waste of breath and if he thinks he will be a part of ” the new world order” , he is wrong. That group of the super rich and powerful have been around for more than 150 years controlling people and all of the countries. Do not understand really, other than total narcissistic power and control, what will be the good of having most of the world living as third world people suffer through right now. People have become so lazy and have lost all sense of pride and honor in themselves and their own countries. They seem to think the world owes them a wonderful life and they should not have to do anything to help themselves. A bunch of puppets/ dummies. Look at how schools gives “participation” awards to everyone, while not really acknowledging the real winners who have worked hard for themselves or giving the losers the incentive to do better. So sad, what a waste of life.

  16. Marvin Zeichner says:

    John McCain definitely has brain damage!

  17. drbhelthi says:

    It is amazing how “the system” has covered for the psychopathy of John McCain, beginning with his destruction of aircraft during his aviator training. McCain already had the nickname “Johnny wet-start”
    prior to the Forrestal event, in which 134 US Navy sailors were killed and a similar number were maimed and injured. New York Times reporter, R. W. Apple. Jr., reported on July 31, 1967, that Captain John K. Beling, the Forrestal’s commanding officer, stated: “for some unknown reason, a plane parked near the carrier’s island, midway up the 1,045 foot flight deck, experienced an ‘extreme wet start.’ “A thick tongue of flame lashed backward from the parked jet, igniting a missile on one of the dozen or so planes parked
    near the fantail – -.” “The rocket ‘shot across the deck,’ Captain Beling said, ‘and by a quirk of fate smashed into a fuel tank under a plane on the port side.’ ”The plane struck by the missile was McCain’s A-4 Skyhawk, a fitting ´quirk of fate´ since it was McCain’s ´wet start´ that triggered the firing of the missile that hit his jet in the first place.” (R.W.Apple, Jr.) A thorough discussion of factual reports is published at: =Johnny-Wet-Start-Gets-A-Pa-by-Richard-Volaar-080904-278.html

    McCains aviation career is characterized by the summary: “Aside from any questions about his Forrestal actions, McCain had, in his short Navy career, crashed two planes and flown a third into power lines in Spain because of, as he put it, “daredevil clowning.”

    Had McCain´s father and grandfather not been Navy admirals, his spoiled-brat history would read very differently. His history of captivity in Viet Nam, and subsequently as a politician, continues to display the psychopathy that is associated with a fighter-jet-pilot who wilfully engages in a “wet start” as a form of “showing off”.

    Had this man received the punishment he deserved, he would not be in a position to continue to make “wet starts” with his mouth. The voters of Arizona who continue to re-elect him seem to be as brain-washed as those of California, who continue to re-elect their same, congress-criminals.

  18. William M Durham says:

    McCain is a brain dead ass. who lost his mind in a VietNamese prison, so I feel sorry for him, but damn he needs to shut up and go die in peace. He will do anything to get in the news.

  19. Lela Madera says:

    I think McCain lost his manhood while he was a captive in Nam, in spite of his refusing to leave until all American POWs were released, which is commendable. But I don’t think the prison was as hard on him as it was on others. Special treatment?

  20. Bob Trahan says:

    If they want a One World Order then they need to find another planet.

  21. Ddenney1 says:

    Sovereignty!!! I believe at the tower of Babel proved what GOD’s idea of one world order MADE BY MAN is worth!!! NEVER a Mclame fan and his DAUGHTER MEGHAN doesn’t fall far from the tree!!! I think it’s time for John “SONG BIRED” McCain needs to retire OR quit pretending he is conservative!!

  22. Joe says:

    John McCain. He is working against his oath to office by trying to derail elections an trying to dethrone trump. A United States Senator is obligated to stand behind his president. He may disagree, but don’t commit treason. Looks to me like trump has our safety and our country as his agenda. Trump gets things done. Everyone should take the ride with him, and We will all benefit that way. I did not like obama at all. I did not whine and moan and destroy property when he was elected. I gave him a chance. His views and American views are not a match. I expect you liberals to do the same. After 4, if Trump is not proven himself, the next election could be yours. In my opinion, we were so close to new world government (and it wasn’t ours). We were about to have everyone’s bank account drained to pay for it. Better hope Trumps turns that spickitt off.

  23. 1937shirley says:

    McCain is a threat to America’s freedom. Time to retire him from any government position where he can do us harm. He lives on in politics because of his POW interment. Sorry for his injuries but enough is enough now and he is doing irreparable harm to America and we the people cannot have that now. Retire now John!

  24. lorenz genovich says:

    PTSD has the insidious trait of destroying the sense of discernment, main ingredient of wisdom. It seems to have afflicted McCain in a considerable manner. I don’t think he even knows anymore up from down and neither he realizes that is being manipulated. A hero turned into an old fool. How sad!

  25. scorpian says:

    Someone needs to stop this bastard! Now’s the time to recall him! Schumer is so happy he won his election that’s his buddy along with Graham. I urge the GOP to take him down.

  26. scorpian says:

    McCain is damaged goods and should be brought home in chains for Treason! He’s a Clear and Present Danger to the United States! Here’s what veteran’s think of him.

    Since Mr. Trump expressed his opinion, there is now a whole group of Vietnam veterans who have come forward with statements that highly question the Senator’s preferential treatment as the son and grandson of Navy admirals, and his loyalty to his country while in captivity. Some even place him in the Jane Fonda category. Among the allegations are:

    1. John McCain was a below average student, getting into the Naval Academy due to his father’s and grandfather’s influence and naval careers. Both were admirals. McCain was a boozing, smoking, womanizing party animal, graduating fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis.

    2. John McCain’s arms were broken not from being tortured by the North Vietnamese, as he has claimed, but when he improperly ejected from his plane over North Vietnam. According to his fellow prisoners, he was never tortured by the North Vietnamese.

    3. John McCain’s nickname among his North Vietnamese captors was “Songbird,” as he was eager to tell them anything they wanted to hear to avoid torture. It is claimed that he made 32 propaganda videos for the North Vietnamese in which he blamed the United States for targeting schools, temples, orphanages, and hospitals. McCain has admitted to making one propaganda video.
    And from a US Navy Aviator who served with McCain: “His “shoot down” was self-induced, as he DISOBEYED ORDERS and flew well below the ‘floor,’ getting himself shot down. There were several other jets on that particular mission and he was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders.”
    But if you think these opinions of Senator McCain are somewhat negative, try this one by Theodore Shoebat, Communications Director for Rescue Christians, an organization that is on the ground in Muslim lands, rescuing Christians from persecution, and the author of two books, For God or For Tyranny and In Satan’s Footsteps: The Source and Interconnections of all Evil


  27. scorpian says:

    Since Mr. Trump expressed his opinion, there is now a whole group of Vietnam veterans who have come forward with statements that highly question the Senator’s preferential treatment as the son and grandson of Navy admirals, and his loyalty to his country while in captivity. Some even place him in the Jane Fonda category. Among the allegations are:
    1. John McCain was a below average student, getting into the Naval Academy due to his father’s and grandfather’s influence and naval careers. Both were admirals. McCain was a boozing, smoking, womanizing party animal, graduating fifth from the bottom of his class at Annapolis.
    2. John McCain’s arms were broken not from being tortured by the North Vietnamese, as he has claimed, but when he improperly ejected from his plane over North Vietnam. According to his fellow prisoners, he was never tortured by the North Vietnamese.
    3. John McCain’s nickname among his North Vietnamese captors was “Songbird,” as he was eager to tell them anything they wanted to hear to avoid torture. It is claimed that he made 32 propaganda videos for the North Vietnamese in which he blamed the United States for targeting schools, temples, orphanages, and hospitals. McCain has admitted to making one propaganda video.
    And from a US Navy Aviator who served with McCain: “His “shoot down” was self-induced, as he DISOBEYED ORDERS and flew well below the ‘floor,’ getting himself shot down. There were several other jets on that particular mission and he was the only one shot down, because the others obeyed their orders.”
    But if you think these opinions of Senator McCain are somewhat negative, try this one by Theodore Shoebat, Communications Director for Rescue Christians, an organization that is on the ground in Muslim lands, rescuing Christians from persecution, and the author of two books, For God or For Tyranny and In Satan’s Footsteps: The Source and Interconnections of all Evil

  28. Richard I Ellis says:


  29. phil62 says:

    All that needs to be said; McCain is a traitor and needs to be deported back to Viet Nam.

  30. toothii says:

    John McCain has long since outlived his usefulness to the GOP and to the American people, although I don’t doubt for one second that there are those who want this new world order, or more specifically they want things as they are and not what Pres. Trump wants to see happen.The elites in politics, regardless of party, want to continue the old ways 1. job security, 2. a move towards globalism and socialism and 3. a strong federal gov’t with citizens dependent upon same for literally everything.The people who voted for Trump are opposed to all of this and that’s way there is such a split in this country and why the invectives have risen to almost dangerous levels.

    1. Bill says:

      Toothii, well stated, the Good versus evil. We will win at any and all cost!

      1. toothii says:

        I fear what that cost may be! When I joined the USAF, I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. That oath doesn’t become null and void when one leaves active duty. The Dems seem to be going ultra left and the leading candidate for the DNC chair is talking impeachment at any cost. They have shown that they don’t need truth behind them…to them the ends justify the means. I’m just glad that we have: the Constitution and the words of Washington and Jefferson on our side, not to mention more guns!

        1. Bill says:

          Toothii, amen, you got it right! Take care!

  31. Don Keith says:

    ”John McCain, is a nut. he needs to go to AIZ. and get the hell out of Congress.”

  32. Dodie1990 says:

    Trump has as many Republican “politicians” who hate him as Democrat ones. He is the only man in recent times to stand up to everyone and try to protect America. He knows that the U.N., is very anti-American and wishes to harm us as does the open borders policy of his predecessors. Hope he lives long enough to change things. And McCain is a very sore loser and a small petty bitter old man.

  33. granny_forUSA says:


  34. Chuck Stevens says:

    The long term affects of the torture that McCain endures is now surfacing and he is being directed to subverts U.S. interests, ala the movie: “The Manchurian Candidate.”

  35. Marine68 says:

    I have been saying it for years in conversation and on the Net, McCain was turned at the Hanoi Hilton.

  36. Mynickelsworth says:

    The US needs to get out of the position of world police man. Stop trying to control every flair up in the world. We have problems of our own. We have a federal Government that is almost totally Unconstitutional. Congress is the only law making arm of the Federal Government, their limits are total government limits for laws.

    Article I, Section 8 lists all the areas that are constitutional for Congress to make laws but most of the Federal Government is outside that list.

    You will not find Health, healthcare, health insurance, Education, Housing, Urban Development, Labor, Agriculture, Energy, Transportation, Environmental controls of any sort, not authority to make laws controlling medical drugs, what foods are to be, or How Doctors are to treat patients.

    Many will say that these are necessary but let me give you an example of what it leads to. The FDA, Food and Drug Admin., was set up to make sure food was heathy and properly processed, to regulate the Medical Drug Companies to make sure that their drugs were effective in treating the health problem involved, to make sure it was safe to use, i.e. not cause more health problems. Today the food producers and put anything they want in the food and in any amount the wish, the FDA doesn’t care. The FDA is now paid Several Million Dollars annually which means that their allegiance is to the drug companies, not the public health.
    Also the FDA along with the Agriculture Department have managed to give one company control of most of our food which now contains insectides and weed killers. What we don’t eat directly as in Corn, Sugar Beets (only two big examples), but the same things are fed to cattle and hogs which are consumed by the people. They also authorize the use of growth hormones, and no one know what else, to be feed to the food sources which, when eaten effects the body process of the people. Their Drugs, taken as prescribed, killed over 106,000 people in 2014 but the FDA did nothing, no drugs removed from use, not even a warning label.

    BTW, based on the way things are going, Congress is leading the way, is that the new world order will be total Islamic Control and Shariah Laws. All approved the Congress for fear of being called biased.
    OH Yes, The hospitals, even the non-profit ones, are now bent on becoming big profit centers instead to healing people. Things are so bad that a new death certificate entry is being used. It is in greek or latin so we can’t understand what is says but it really means ‘killed by the Doctor’. It is now, I believe, number 3 or 4 on the killing list, oh, sorry that is cause of death list.

  37. My country says:

    John McCain was no hero and was called songbird by his fellow officers because he gave info to the enemy that caused the deaths of many pilots and soldiers ! Nixon pardoned him! He sold out America a long time ago ! And the idiot himself wrote the book on calling females worse names than Trump ! Those of us who remember one of the reasons he divorced his first wife was he was abusive and like to call her a whore and a cunt . Especially while he was on the campaign trail in public! There’s nothing great about this man ! Before the one world order takes affect someone will make sure that those that have committed treason against America will not see peace !

  38. Daniel Penney says:

    There will never be a “new world order”. Once again they have awakened the sleeping giant!, that is America! Even my liberal friends see it now.

  39. dprato says:

    This email was
    sent to the RNC with regards to the ongoing campaign by John McCain to
    undermine President Trump’s agenda. While it may not have anything to
    do with this article, it is important, if you agree to send these
    sentiments to the RNC, White House, and your representatives in Congress
    who are Republicans. Also, go independent so the RNC understands that
    without us they have no party and we are not going to tolerate more of
    this nonsense from establishment Republicans like John McCain. They
    either get on board or shut up.

    Since you folks
    have not been able to reign in John McCain who is an absolute disgrace
    and a glaring example of establishment Republicanism, I am notifying you
    that I am going to start a Nationwide Campaign to have President Trump
    supporters leave the Republican Party in protest, make no donations to
    Republican politicians and encourage President Trump to go Independent
    in 2020 if he can’t get the support of the Republican Party.
    Apparently, John McCain doesn’t respect the will of the the people who
    voted for President Trump as did many establishment Republicans.
    President Trump is trying to Make America Great Again and he doesn’t
    need petty politicians like John McCain trying to grandstand and follow
    the Democratic and George Soros agendas. A total disgrace. This note
    is being sent to President Trump.

    1. J. Ernst says:

      dprato….I wish it could BE that simple. But since I have “seen” NOTHING of the “independent Party” that amounts to ANYTHING OTHER THAN to “offer” alternatives of the SAME THING (except be UNDERFUNDED) at the polls, I will avail myself to writing my FORMER Republican Party’s “officials” as to how perverse and idiotic they have become as UNIPARTY (demorat’s & rino’s) officials and provocateurs.
      And to all of the pervs that have CO-OPTED “grass roots-AMERICAN” sentiments for their OWN NEW BUSINESS MODEL’S, I say, “You are ALL EASILY IDENTIFIED by WHO YOU ARE and NOT what allegedly comes out of your PIE-HOLES as conservative-speak OR as a REAL/VIABLE alternative to the LEGAL Parties!!! Just like when Bronco Billy-Bob Clinton; the serial rapist, used to do by speaking with a forked tongue as a closet conservative, HE TOO was easily vetted for being what he was. LIAR, CHEAT, THIEF….R A P I S T, socialist/communist! So are the McCain’s of this world.
      BTW…in FL, the “independent party” has been rendered VOID because they couldn’t PROVE their financial viability let alone survive an AUDIT as to their financial EXISTENCE!!!
      After all dprato, ALL political Parties ARE PRIVATE CORPORATIONS!!! ….
      EXCEPT the UNIPARTY. Which is the UNREGISTERED, UNLICENSED, TOTALLY UNACCOUNTABLE or VIABLE PARTY that exists AND is HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT! And has been growing, since GHW BUSH, to its dominant size today; in BOTH HOUSES and the SUPREME COURT along with the Federal District Courts!!!
      So this “NEW IDEA” that the “independent party” could be the next winning party for the presidency is but ANOTHER ruse for the “alternative” ideas NOW promoted by the……wait for it……NEWSERTAINMENT/POLITBUREAU, that WE, the People, have watched fall ON THEIR FACES in the past EIGHT MONTHS to date!!!!
      MORE SMOKE & MIRRORS for the minions and sheeple under the guise of “free speech” and POLLSTERS PAID to SKEW the numbers and inevitably the sentiments of the populace!!!

      1. dprato says:

        I may have confused you with two items. First when I said go independent I only meant that and not an affiliation with any party. Second when I mentioned President Trump going third party I had no “name” in mind for it and of course the hope would be that it would be a party that would draw from Republicans, Democrats and Independents that are more Middle of the Road than far right or left. It would just be nice to see people work together for the good of the Country and not for themselves and what they can do for just their own interests. I guess I am dreaming. LOL

        1. J. Ernst says:

          I hold NO CONFUSION as to what you posted. At 61 years of age I have “seen” and heard enough of “happy talk” and combined sentiments as to how We, the People, should “come together” as a nation.
          The constitution was created for INTELLIGENT/EDUCATED peoples to have a common “ideal”, borders and lawful pursuits…and a government that would protect these commonalities.
          Human nature being what it is, can be EASILY demonstrated individually with grace, diplomacy, friendships, etc… YET, when FDR created the “New Deals” and programs, OUR pubik skool system NEGATES the HISTORICAL fact that these programs were created with DEBT by BORROWING the monies for said programs from the Federal Reserve…NOT from taxes collected NOR from the U.S. Treasury! Never mind how the previous president Wilson sent our young men “over there” for monarchies AND Wall Streeters Sheiv and Warberg to “destroy the HUN”. DEBT embellished action to help create munitions manufacturers, ship builders, AND to send UNEMPLOYED YOUNG MEN to support a NEEDLESS WAR!!!
          The Korean War was created and supported to REBUILD JAPAN’S infrastructure and use material created and “left over” from WW II. The UN Security Counsel IMPLORED that the Chinese would NOT DO ANYTHING to assist N. Korea after we had kicked their asses waaay to the north of the now famous 38th parallel. Then president Truman and HIS congress left OUR MEN stranded with poor clothing, equipment, and a strategy to do ANYTHING other than hold the line! Gen. Macarthur was told to stand down, and we were slaughtered to the south of the 38th and regained up to the 38th thanks to Macarthur’s brilliance and convincing arguments to land at Inchon. The conclusion; Macarthur was stripped of his command, We, the People lost precious lives for______________a capitalist S. Korea (no problem with me), a 50+ year stand off, AND….the blueprint for VIET NAM!!!
          So whenever I “hear” the newsertainment industry ply their trade and business models and investments: GAY RIGHTS, BLM, RACIAL DIVIDE, ANTI-GUN rhetoric, ANTI-AMERICAN pursuits through the ANTI-AMERICAN COURT SYSTEM, OPEN BORDERS for “Citizens of the World”, acceptance of and KOWTOWING to muslim sentiments AND communist ideals, I can EASILY draw the line and say, “Thus far and no farther!” I can SENSE when I am in the presence of an AMERICAN -VS- ameriKans.
          MY understanding of U.S. history goes to what the banksters have GUIDED U.S. to DO as educated AND uneducated peoples. It has been horrendous and perverse with gaps of seaming prosperity…for awhile then………..________________________you fill in the blank.

  40. J. Ernst says:

    HAH HA LMAO!!!
    What “kind” of “news service” produces such BULLSHIT!!???
    McCain (Keating Scandal), Songbird, RINO (UNIPARTY official of DECADES) and on and on…”KNOWS” something that We, the People should know about HIS CADRE!!???
    LAUGHABLE at best.
    The newsertainment business is desperate to “divulge” ANYTHING at this point….OTHER THAN HOW WE, THE PEOPLE have a REAL PRESIDENT….AGAIN….but not since Ronnie left the White House.

  41. From supposed hero to zero, he is a traitor, an enemy of America in plan site.

  42. alexandra says:

    I sent a message to McCain. I said this is not about YOU, this is about the American people, whom YOU SERVE. Now get on board with Trump and the Republican party and stop your BS. By the way, what the heck were you and Lindsey Graham doing in the Ukraine? There’s a video.

  43. Donna Morken says:

    Mr. McCain will sell out America just like he did the prisoners in vietnam. He is nothing but a RINO dirt bag. Always has been a democrat even had to lie and say he was a republican in order to win an election. If you don’t believe me look up all the bills he has ever put up they were always with a liberal democrat. Like Trump said during he was not a hero he was a traitor.

  44. Rap Scallion says:

    Time for John to retired and draw a pension that is more than the average person who works makes in a lifetime! He will go down as one who returned from the POW Camp a worse person than before he went…….He is no Republican and no war hero in my eyes!

  45. Daniel Spickard says:

    This is why it is important for very American to get with your state legislators to get the 27th amendment passed through as many states as we can! We only need a total of 35 states to ratify it and send it to Donald Trump to sign and it becomes law! This amendment puts term limits on all of congress ( 3 terms in the house, and 2 terms in the senate)! It also says that no one in congress can retire from that office, congress has to buy their own insurance just like the rest of us, and can not lobby for up to 7 years after leaving office!

  46. eda719 says:

    McCain is a globalist just like his buddy Obama. Globalists pollute both parties. Their ideology is that all the nations of the world need to unite under one common government with one common military. This would help eradicate the chance of a nuclear holocaust. This sounds all well and good until a tyrant like Adolph Hitler would become the leader of the world, I believe the Bible addresses this man who is known as the Anti-Christ. The biggest obstacle standing in the way of globalism is a strong United States, that is why Obama instituted so many policies that weakened the United States so that we would be willing to give up our national sovereignty.

  47. Dave says:

    Over the past 100 years, the republicans have put many wretched rhino candidates up, against the democrat contender , None were as wretched as Little john was.There must have been millions who simply sat that election out,in disdain.

  48. Gammi2Anna says:

    McCain is an angry old politician that should have retired years ago. He will do everything in his power to disrupt and make critical accusations against the President that was elected by Americans who are fed up with the paper-mache’ RINO’s who would lie to Jesus in order to get recognition/attention. There is no place for old fossils like McCain, Graham, McConnell and several the others who refuse to retire. Just in case anyone feels my statement is derogatory to a man that served in our military and was a POW, I do not feel that McCain serving in the Viet Nam conflict or being a POW gives him any special privileges to be antagonistic and anti-American now that things did not go his way. After Trump won the nomination, McCain and his fellow clowns made no secret of their support for Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency. As for being a POW, that does not make him a hero in my mind, just a survivor. Many of my classmates and friends gave their life in that war and never had the privilege of returning home as a survivor. These guys are, in my opinion, the real Hero’s.

  49. Clare Goldsberry says:

    When will a really strong Republican step up to the plate and run against McCain??? Is there no one here in the State of Arizona that will push this man out? I’ve already written him (several times, actually) telling him how ashamed I am that he is my Senator and urging him to retire. He needs to keep his mouth shut! I told him I’d not be voting for him ever again — if someone here isn’t brave enough to run against him, I’ll just not vote for the first time in my life!

  50. purplewings says:

    If Trump wanted the New World Order, all he had to do was let Hillary win and it was on. No. It is certainly NOT Donald Trump but I do believe it is McCain since he signed on with Obama & Hillary to receive money from George Soros…….and that’s where the NWO starts.

  51. John Savell says:

    Why doesn’t the Republican Party kick McCain out or trade him him for a less liberal Democrat? There aren’t many, but I think there are a few Democrats less liberal than McCain.
    Americans don’t want the New World Order. We like being Americans, not part of some bigger global community run by someone who could care less about America. We already had that for the last 8 years and look where it got us.

  52. SandraJ says:

    We smart conservatives had this figured out long ago. Still hoping the democrats will catch up. Please, AZ, vote McCain out!

  53. Nanny says:

    McCain is a sell out.

  54. Libs R Loons says:

    Just a reminder about John McCain’s REAL war record…..feel free to coy and repost:

    There was more than one crash of Navy planes that were piloted by John
    McCain. McCain has claimed in his autobiography that a couple of the accidents were caused by engine failure.
    But an official investigation by the Naval Aviation Safety Center makes clear that the first accident, in March 1960, was caused exclusively by pilot error.

    In his Navy career, McCain was involved in no less than 5 major mishaps
    or crashes. In 1967, He barely escaped with his life after a missile exploded aboard an aircraft carrier, the USS Forrestal, in July of that
    year, killing 134 of his fellow crew members.
    In October, McCain was shot down over Vietnam by a surface-to-air missile. The U.S. Navy stands firm that no blame was attached to the now presidential hopeful, and McCain was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on his return from Vietnam and cited for his “superb airmanship” in the abortive raid on
    the power plant in Hanoi that ended with his capture and imprisonment by the North Vietnamese.

    The circumstance in question happened while McCain was still in flight
    school in Corpus Christy Texas. The official Navy report into the Corpus Christi accident on March 12, 1960, concludes that the AD-6 Skyraider trainer crashed because McCain failed to “maintain airspeed above the stall speed.” It attributed the accident to “the preoccupation of the pilot coupled with a power setting too low to maintain level flight.” The single-engine prop plane sank to the bottom of Corpus Christi Bay.
    McCain was rescued by a helicopter after swimming to the

    Funny, that his “war hero” mantra just crashed and burned!

  55. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    McCain’s fellow prisoners in Viet Nam know exactly how dirty and treacherous happens to be. He and
    Ryan appear to be working together to get rid of Pres. Trump. USA needs to wake-up and get rid of the
    trash in Washington, NOW!!!!!

  56. Michael Lloyd says:

    “Every hero becomes a bore at last.” Emerson. Appropriate for McCain.

  57. reggie says:

    Finally, it’s out, been saying that Trump is fighting all of them for a long time. mc cain is no f’n hero, never was never will be. Anti-American garbage. Songbird – go sing in Russia, or Syria, or someplace else.

  58. ArmyMP6975 says:

    McCain is a socialist who sold out to communist George Soros years ago. He is a disgrace to his exclusive club – the US Senate. Now at 80 years of age, he has nothing to prevent him from outlandish remarks and comments. His last six year term. Perfect example for term limits. The national debt has increased from 1.1Trillion when he took office in 1982 to $20Trillion today – good job McCain!

  59. melissasmom says:

    I have a fabulous intelligent Christian man who does my yard work (I am an older lady who just can not do it, not a hot shot show off). We often have deep religious or political or even health food conversations when his work is done.My point being is that he told me McCain was trouble, years ago. How did he see this and I didn’t? I followed political “news” carefully. Wow, was I mislead. My only saving grace on this was, I saw through Obama, 1st time. and he didn’t. Pray for Trump. A lot. For his protection and guidance

  60. kassa1 says:

    McCain should be hanged by the people of AZ or atleast their national guard or Militias, As this is treason and he should be as any civil servant who does such HANGEDas an example to those who cross we the people and especially for all who Died for this great nation!

  61. Old and Infirmed says:

    I think McCain was indoctrinated when he was in the prison camp. And maybe even now someone is controlling his thoughts and actions. He has been acting strange against America and I can’t believe that a true Republican would not even help the duly elected president. Something is wrong somewhere and that goes over to the other Republicans that oppose Trump. Are they all being controlled?

  62. jim jones says:

    I’m for the world order that protects my environment!

  63. parthenon1 says:

    McCain you need to be in a museum along with the obsolete F4!

  64. Steven B Piersma says:


  65. tarheel61 says:

    McCain , Soros ,Ryan and company have made targets of themselves. They are trying to push this NWO down our throats. They think we can’t think for ourselves, we need f**ked up people like them to think for us. They will always be InControl. I don’t go for it. You have do just about enough damage to America and it’s People.

  66. gene1 says:

    He is supposed to represent Arizona, then why didn’t he do anything about the problems veterans there, were having with the local Veterans Administration (VA)…I have never heard of him taking a stand on illegals..who does he represent?

  67. whitecatman says:

    McCain is a traitor as well as a Communist /Socialist. He betrayed our country with the Viet Cong for better treatment. Ask other prisoners of war. He betrayed his own political party. He betrayed himself.
    I forget, Is he a Democrat playing a Republican, or Republican playing a Democrat?
    Limit all politicians to 10 years in office, couldn’t hurt.

  68. t0066jh says:

    If John McCain is one of the Major Players, then the New World Order is pathetically weak. Just ask yourself, what clout does McCain have anywhere? not financial, not charismatic, not highly regarded with a great following. Nothing. He spouts a tough military stance every 4.5 years when he needs to get re-elected and people buy it. Then he and his buddy Lindsey try to reach across the aisle and all they accomplish is getting their lunch handed to them.

    1. Bolt says:

      Dear t066jh,

      He struggles mightily to remain relevant and simply fumbles the ball every time. He wreaks mayhem wherever he goes. I have no clue how anyone can stand to be in the same room with McCain, Lindsey, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi. Watters, Cummings, … I guess I could go with many, many more, but you get my drip.

      Poor Sarah Palin.

  69. Jerry Dixon says:

    McCain is hell bent on destroying Trump’s presidency, McCain really can not accept the fact he is not president. He tries every step of the way to discredit Trump and thinks he should provide his policy’s on anything dealing with the Military Operations. McCain thinks he knows more than even the General’s that have served in combat and have lead large numbers of soldiers something McCain has never done. Granted McCain endured a lot as a Prisoner of War . He was awarded many awards and promotions, that is how the Military recognizes your accomplishments. There has been a great deal of men and women that have been Prisoners of War. They have been beaten, tortured in ways many can not believe, some have succumbed an broke there silence. There is no shame in that. Women were raped and beaten and under went terrible acts by the enemy unthinkable treatment. I do not know this because I was there, I was in Vietnam but never placed in those situations. McCain received many awards for his time as a Prisoner of War. Several of them I was under the impression they were only awarded for engaging the enemy on ground combat. One of the awards was listed as being awarded for close combat with the enemy and being in ground fighting .McCain was shot down and broke his leg and both arms, As far as I know the weapon a pilots carried was a 45 cal pistol. There is no way a person with two broken arms or just injuries of his arms, after ejecting from a jet plane could engage the enemy, it would be very hard to un holster his pistol. Especially if the enemy fished him out of the water, I think it would be fair to say it be impossible in his condition.

    I only speak from what I have been told by former Prisoners of War, there families and from the National League of Families for POW’s * MIA’s. I used to be the POW*MIA person for several Veterans Organizations, I raised money for the League of Families through different events. I have talk to the families and a few former POW’s at different events held in Washington DC. Most of them were very humble people others didn’t talk to much about what they went through, Many of them did not receive the recognition that McCain did or the awards. I guess being the son of an Admiral has its advantages. I have great respect for these men and women and what they endured some for many years. McCain is known because of his father the Admiral, When the North Vietnamese found out his father was an Admiral. They wanted to release him before other POW’s he declined. The reason I am writing this comment is to point out that McCain was not and is not the man he was then. He criticized the president for what he called a flubbed mission a few weeks ago. Yet there are those that feel different. McCain said it was not a successful mission there was an Aircraft Destroyed, One seal was killed and many civilians were killed or wounded. Well when McCain was known as a party guy, he dated an exotic dancer, He was not assigned to an elite unit, He had 23 missions in Vietnan, He crashed 4 plans not counting the one shot down and became a POW. He thinks all those bombs he dropped over North Vietnam ,hit only the enemy The North Vietnam Army, American’s were killed and women & Children also bombs from thousands of feet in the air are not very selective on who they kill or wound. As I said before there were and still are many heroes, Remember to thank them for there service, and respect them for there sacrifices to this great nation.

    There are a great deal of Heroes from the Vietnam War. The great heroes are the ones that sacrificed there lives and are remember on a granite wall in Washington DC . All who served in Vietnam should be remembered for there sacrifice. May God grant them all peace here on earth and at the right hand of GOD , Welcome home my Brothers

  70. Jerry Dixon says:

    The Democrats all of them lead by Schumuer, {S} and the Republicans, McCain and Graham. dislike the fact they were beaten by a wealthy businessman and they are trying to undermine whatever the president says or does . The two biggest critics are Schumure {D} and McCain {R}, at this time McCain should have a {D} not an {R} beside his name, He is and has been what they call a Rhino. McCain is not liking the fact a person like Trump was elected and he wasn’t elected years ago. Graham has the same feelings except Trump defeated him the last election. McCain is hell bent on destroying Trump’s presidency, McCain really can not accept the fact he is not president. He tries every step of the way to discredit Trump and thinks he should provide his policy’s on anything dealing with the Military Operations even the General’s that have served in combat and have lead large numbers of soldiers something McCain never did. Granted McCain endured a lot as a Prisoner of War . He was awarded many awards and promotions, that is how the Military recognizes your accomplishments. There has been a great deal of men and women that have been Prisoners of War. They have been beaten, tortured in ways many can not believe, some have succumbed an broke there silence. There is no shame in that. Women were raped and beaten and under went terrible acts by the enemy unthinkable treatment. I do not know this because I was there, I was in Vietnam but never placed in

  71. tiaraboo says:

    Fkuck you McCain TRAITOR! We the good people say “NO” to your evil World Order agenda. We happen to cherish our FREEDOM. Take your vile, and wicked plan and shove it up your arse… We the good, hard working ,FREE people despise Global Elite Pedophiles. You are anti-God, anti-family and anti-anything pure.You want to do something good for humanity? Jump in front of a train! Agape praise Almighty God Yahweh, You can’t get here soon enough to destroy the Global Elite Satanists!

  72. Random Citizen says:

    So many kind remarks in this discussion in praise of Sen. McCain. (Sarcasm.) Let me just say that I certainly agree with him on one thing, which is that I hate the media, too. We don’t need today’s lying press. We need one that tells the truth. If it had just done that following the JFK assassination, our country wouldn’t be in half the trouble it is. And Trump never would have needed to run for office, because we already would have had decent leadership.

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