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John Mccain’s Stunning Act Of Betrayal Has Left Trump Supporters Furious

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  1. MIKE MAIDA says:


    1. Frank says:

      Kelly Ward was RIGHT —- He should have died

  2. 1937shirley says:

    He’s no friend of America. Please step down Mr. McCain, now before you do any more damage to or beloved country.

  3. Hanschen says:

    He’s a traitor to America. Hero my foot.

    1. badass says:

      are you talking about he is a hero my asssss?

    2. Simon Ghanime says:

      Not only that, he is a war criminal

      1. bunky doodle says:

        songbird of the hanoi hilton for a reason. sqealer rat

      2. George Holcomb says:


      3. jreg9304 says:

        AHH,,, let the poor slob rest in peace or in pieces. Heck they already removed parts of his noggin!!!

    3. Frank says:

      Pilot who knowingly bombed civilians according to many sources … derelict in duty on Forrestal debacle. War hero According to fake news narrative. More likely just another blackmailed bribed coward loyal to bathhouse Barry Obama.

      1. Richard Anthony says:

        Good call

      2. walter77777 says:

        Today is the fiftieth anniversary of the Forrestal disaster, a fire in which 134 men died. John McCain has been accused of starting the fire by “wet starting” his engine to scare heck out of the guy in the plane behind his. He was never returned to the Forrestal because it was certain that someone would try to kill him. He was shot down a few months after the fire.

        This is the story of McCain’s bad side, and after he dies I am certain he will hear about what he did from the souls of the men who died on the Forrestal, but it took much courage to vote as he did realizing that his vote would prevent AHCA from replacing the far more generous ACA. this redeems him to a large extent in my book.

        1. will says:

          He also caved after being tortured, got special treatment as a result. Not a hero at all.

          1. Apolloone says:

            I was a member of the U.S Navy during the time “Song Bird” McCain was a member, never knew him personally though. That “special treatment” you mentioned got him that nickname, just one of many, I’m sure that characterizes the self-proclaimed Maverick.

          2. will says:

            I did not know that. Thanks

          3. Honorary says:

            As a matter of fact, McCain had never been tortured at all. The North Vietnam dare not to torture the “prisoner of war” because Ho Chi Minh was well graduated from France and he just keep American soldiers in good condition for trade back the prisoners and he did respect the “rule of war”. I read about him from the history books – all he wanted was : let Vietnam be independence from France as the West and France promised when he helped the Allies fought with Japan during the WWII.

          4. Anthony Marzullo says:


          5. klsparrow says:

            Most if not all of his injuries were from when he crashed. There is a reason he was called songbird. Google the other people that were also prisoners and they don’t say much if anything about this man. He got special treatment because Admiral John Sidney McCain Jr was head of CINCPAC all forces in Vietnam 1968-1972 that got him special treatment also got him out of previous trouble like the Forrestal bull shit

          6. Apolloone says:

            That “reason” isn’t something patriotic Americans would be proud of, especially an American Veteran, and more specifically an American POW.

          7. klsparrow says:

            If it had not been for Admiral John Sidney McCain Jr who was head of CINCPAC all forces in vetnam 68-72 this POS most likley would have been charged and kicked out of the Navy for the Forrestal Crap where 134 sailors died. He was remove from the ship never to serve on it again. Most say it was because they were afraid the someone would kill him. This man has sucked off this BS all his life.

          8. jcmarlton says:

            he got special treatment because his father was a navy admiral.

          9. Joseph Carrilho says:

            He was / is a SNITCH – just like his employer Sore Ass Soros.

          10. DAV says:

            Could McCain be a source for many of the dangerous leaks?

          11. Carol Hyndman says:

            I would not be surprised.

          12. MissouriMule says:

            He was definitely responsible for that dossier that came out about Trump in a Russian hotel room with hookers peeing on the bed that Obama supposedly slept in.

          13. Bob Leslie says:

            He was never tortured. All of his injuries were caused from his crash. He was and is a lousy Traitor to our Country!

          14. walter77777 says:

            McCain certainly was not an excellent A-4 pilot, but he got himself shot down on a bombing run on a place with lots of AA fire. This showed bravery. Trump’s comment about preferring pilots who where not taken prisoner was beneath contempt in my book.

          15. Ed Shick says:

            When a POW , you only give Name Rank and serial #

        2. PatriotGal says:

          walter, that is so sad to read. But with his ego, I wouldn’t doubt it. He never looks ahead to figure out consequences. In a way, I wish they had returned him thin – we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now on OWEbamaTAX. Maybe we wouldn’t have had OWEbama as POTUS, either.

        3. Ron says:

          YGBFSM! Redeems him? You stupid or what? You sound like Jim Comey. Criticize the man, and then turn around, in the next sentence, and exonerate him. Your hypocracy is only exceeded by your Liberalism. It doesn’t take “courage” to vote as he did.

          1. Patricia Eddy says:

            McCain was just pulling a power act and spitting at Trump as he thinks he is so much better. Sorry for his cancer, but a fact is a fact.

          2. disqus_3aTBp1bNOs says:

            I do not feel l sorry for him. God’s mercy always runs out on evil people. McCain is liar. No hero.

          3. Old and Infirmed says:

            Maybe his cancer is a punishment from the Lord. Hope it hurts.

          4. walter77777 says:

            Old and infirmed: My goodness! Cancer is a disease which hits the good and the bad. My dear wife (Of Blessed Memory!) died of breast cancer at fifty-four. My poor mother died of breast cancer at fifty-seven after a long period of hellish pain. The All-Powerful does not work as you might want him to work.

          5. Billy Wages says:

            I’m not sorry about the traitor’s cancer.

          6. DAV says:

            Spot on.

          7. tiaraboo says:

            Congress is totally EXEMPT from Obamacare. They get to keep the doctors and healthcare plans that they liked. They want NO PART of Obamacare! Shame!

        4. elizabethmcfarland says:

          Well I tell you what, YOU can pay for my dental work, my optical appointments, my albuterol inhaler, and oh yes, the mortgage payments I am now behind on because of his, obamas, hillarys, and all the other treachery by their accomplices that was put in as heads of government departments so they could steal from us and your beloved so called “health care” is nothing more than a murder dictate for us that work our butts off even at almost 66 years old! I and millions others are FED UP with having illegals, muslims, and DEADBEATS live off our taxes, my insurance went sky high when this fiasco was passed, my deductible went from $500.00 to over $3000.00 immediately. The only ones this is generous to are the very ones that DO NOT NEED it or are UNWILLING to work and pay for their own health coverage and care. I watched drs pull treatment from my mother to let her die due to this garbage shit, and if it takes my death I will fight these satanistic demons and get them OUT OF OFFICE, one way or another!! It did not take courage for him to lie to the American people, he was yelling repeal it when obamuslim was in office AND ONLY because he does not like OUR President (like all the rest that said they wanted it repealed and then turned around and voted it down), they only called for its repeal when obamuslim was in office because they knew two things, 1st of all obamuslim would veto it, and two it would make the citizens believe they really cared about it dragging us into bankruptcy, which the only thing they care about is the money they get from soros to disrupt our country and OUR President that is trying his best to do what is right for the LEGAL, FULL tax paying citizens that have kept this country and way too many foreign ones up all these years. That idiot mccain is a dyed in the wool, evil traitor and has been all his life, and that is a fact!!

          1. badass says:

            this guy is a dirty Ahole.

          2. cowgirl20 says:

            Very well said Elizabeth. McCain is a RINO for sure, sometimes I think he is more liberal than some of the liberal idiots. He should have been fired a long time ago. I don’t know what is wrong with Arizonans, they must be braindead to keep voting for that piece of garbage. Good luck to you and your family.

          3. elizabethmcfarland says:

            Thank you, do not really have family, parents deceased, only one sister disabled due to too much drs “wonderful advice and too many medications” so I am a single, elderly woman that if things to do not change at the SSA, I will be out of a home and without a car in October. Not going to live on the street, so once again the liberals/illegal obamuslim strikes to destroy instead of protect! Pray the Lord moves the SSA to pay me what is owed so I can keep my home and car, but I will be working until lunch the day I am buried due to the damage the liberals and obamuslim have caused.

          4. james.m.heller says:

            I did vote for him over the years, but not to late, I could see a change, he liked the pat on the head by the democrats

          5. MissouriMule says:

            I would be more than happy to send money to any contender to John McCains’ seat when it comes up for reelection! If the cancer doesn’t do him in beforehand.

          6. james.m.heller says:

            His replacement will be appointed by our Governor, any one is better they wrong way McCain. Thanks for the comment

          7. old sarge says:

            Not all but enough to get the A-hole in the senate. Must have had a large influx on california’s. Did not capitalize because they don’t deserve to be so.

          8. Carol Hyndman says:

            I used to live in Arizona but have not for some time now (left in ’78).

          9. cowgirl20 says:

            I lived in AZ for 2 years, that’s all I could take of the heat……must have been all the RINO and liberal hot air.

          10. Randy Nielson says:

            Thank you Elizabeth… you rock!

          11. james.m.heller says:

            You didn’t leave anything out I could not have said it better my self. I am from Arizona and ashamed of mccain, proud to say he did not get my vote. However he did have many of our citizens fooled, but no more. It will be up to our Governor to appoint some one there will be a fight, we will win!!

          12. Jim says:

            James, this old bastard will never draw one check of his retirement. That is what is sad about it.No job would mean that much to me.

          13. Apolloone says:

            During McLame’s phony campaign at a town-hall meeting for president he told the world that Obama would make a great president, at another town-hall meeting he said “Obama is a nice guy I know him” I used the words phony campaign because neither McCain nor Romney wanted to win, Romney came out really great but a short time later acted as if some force had turned him in the opposite direction.

          14. MissouriMule says:

            It was Romney’s outline for healthcare in Massachusetts they used to outline Obamacare. I also believe he didn’t truly want to win the election either. Think he was always in bed with Obama, just like McCain.

          15. MissouriMule says:

            Did you see John McCain celebrating with Diane Feinstein and Chuck Shumer after his vote the other night? Both he and Jeff Flake need to go, along with many others in the GOP. These people are worse than just RINOs, they are traitors to their own party.

            This, however, is not the first sign McCain has shown us he is a true traitor either now, is it? I say John McCain was also a traitor to his country while laid up at the Hanoi Hilton. You know what they say: Fool me once shame on you…

        5. Dennis Baer says:

          Walt, ole’ buddy, you’re a liar. The fact is that a Zuni missile engine lit off on a miswired pylon on another aircraft and started the fire. The shortage of modern bombs caused the Navy to start to use up the remaining stocks of WW 2 500 pounders loaded with Composition B, which degrades with time and is sensitive to shock and heat. The old bombs tended to go off easily when heated, which spread the disaster from the ready line down into the ship.
          McCain is 80 years old, and he knows he’s not likely to live longer. There’s nothing that anyone can do to him anymore that wasn’t already done to him in the Hanoi Hilton, nothing that Cheeto Jesus can offer him, nothing that the RNC or the DNC could offer that will change his life in any way. McCain knows he’s going to be accounting for his actions before the Throne of God before too long and he’s going to do what’s right. There’s nothing you, or anyone else can do about it. The fact that you and the denizens of this site are pissed off at a man trying to do the right thing should tell you something…………..but it probably won’t.

          1. will says:

            You are wrong because he campaigned against Obamacare. HE is a two faced lying A Hole

          2. Billy Wages says:

            There’s nothing about the Throne of God that frightens a Godly man. What is McCain
            trying to make amends for? Maybe it was for bombing innocent children. Does he
            think that his traitorous vote won’t hurt children?

        6. Anthony Marzullo says:

          He is no hero. Should have kept him in his cage in Nam.

        7. Brad Tipton says:

          It was under a Republican President that he was returned to the U.S.

          1. MissouriMule says:

            And Nixon pardoned him.

        8. ARVIN says:

          not only are you stupid, you must be A COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!

        9. Brian Bell says:

          You can’t “wet start” an A 4, which is what McCain flew off the Forrestal, because it does not have an afterburner. The fire was caused by a missile accidentally fired by an
          F4 parked nearby. McCain’s plane caught fire and he was almost killed escaping from
          his burning plane and the ensuing bomb blasts set off by the fire.

        10. ARVIN says:


        11. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          I will forgive a man from horrible crimes if he votes to give me better welfare. I don’t see a lick of courage anywhere in that!

        12. james.m.heller says:

          You are correct!!

        13. DAV says:

          I thought a rocket fired off from another aircraft staring the disaster. Did you see McCain walk down the wing of his fighter and jump over flames to escape?

        14. ganderdavis says:

          Courage ????? You seem to have zero clue when you put that word with the name John McCain. IMHO he has always been two faced and when ever he could he would do what was right for him. Sad to say the people in Arizona that voted this POS back in are a day late and a dollar short when it came to really thinking before putting it back in. McCain was a chicken shit in Vietnam and he still is a chicken shit today. McCain IMHO can rot in hell when he goes.

        15. Carol Hyndman says:

          Too bad they did not send him back.

        16. C.T. Dixon says:

          The fire on the US Forrestal was caused by a misfire of a Zuni rocket installed on a F-4 Phantom which then struck an A-4 Skyhwak on the other side of the flight deck dislodging its external fuel tank which ruptured and the leaking fuel ignited causing the fire. MCain was in no way responsible for the fire.

      3. Rose Ribitzki says:

        And soro’s puppet !!

      4. jreg9304 says:

        Yup, Old Barry had a lot of traitors, cowards and liars at his complete command to run rampant , as you all can see the results today…

      5. JohnB says:

        Eerily similar to brain tumor -infected Teddie Kennedy who gave us the America destroyer Obama. Also Kerry-like Vietnam hero???

        1. Jim says:

          John, both of thess dudes should have been one of the ones that stayed in their wars over there.

        2. Robert A Oziomek says:

          So many “heroes ” so little truth.

          1. Honorary says:

            Osama Bin Ladin was also a hero for the Muslim terrorists too. yikes!.

    4. jreg9304 says:

      the only hero he is, is too himself! in his fantasy world.

    5. Jim Wagenmann says:

      Hero my ass. Once a traitor always a traitor. Two suicides in NY are his fault and the fault of his two bimbos.

    6. Robert Bolen says:

      I’ve always called Mccain the manchurian candidate.

      1. Scosh says:

        Also, Songbird when he was on the Plantation in Vietnam. He has always rode on the coat tails of his Father and Grandfather full Admirals. The people that support him has not done their homework. Tons of information out there.

      2. Old and Infirmed says:

        I have felt the same way. I wonder who is directing him.

    7. klsparrow says:

      McCain was heard laughing w Dems and remarked, “Lets see Donald make America great again now”

      1. james.m.heller says:

        President Trump had it right when he said he isn’t a hero, hero’s find a way to excel, mccain was happy to set in the Hanoi Hilton for the rest of the war all my the hero’s flew and fought every day and thanked God they could. mccain is not even a hasbeen.

    8. jreg9304 says:

      You know how Brain cancer victims are. Way way out there!!

    9. JohnB says:

      One of the Keating five that ended up causing elderly grandmothers to lose all their money in Keating’s bank. And the leaders of the Royal Senate covered for him.
      Also, how did he end up in a cushy Hanoi hotel room-as a crew member I was only allowed to give rank, name, and service number.. Just saying!

    10. old sarge says:

      I agree with you. There is no difference between him and Hanoi jane. (I did not capitalize because it would show some respect). McCain was a rat fink in the POW camp and was also responsible for the deaths on the carrier. It was him that launched the missile while on deck. As a retired military loath this jackass.

    11. twojakes says:


      1. Hanschen says:

        You don’t know a thing about me or what I’ve done, but we know what McCain has done. His record speaks for itself.

  4. JBruman says:

    Recall election on McCain … RINO and always has been a RINO ….

  5. disqus_tm3Srzuxt7 says:

    McCain is a traitor in every snse of the word!

    1. badass says:

      the dark hell is waiting for him……..

  6. John Desanctis says:

    Ettu McCain

  7. oat21 says:

    McCain is disgusting, it must have been an Obama supporter or democrat performing brain surgery on him before he came back. He should be recalled and thrown out.

    1. badass says:

      he was brainwashed by Vietnam communist at years ago.

      1. Frank says:

        Good theory but this guy McCain appears to be a willing participant

      2. elizabethmcfarland says:

        He was already a traitor before he went to Viet Nam, they did not have to brain wash him, I think his momma dropped the baby in the toilet and flushed the real baby down and kept the after birth!

        1. badass says:

          we were fooled by this guy for so many years….RINO.

        2. cowgirl20 says:

          Hahaha, good one, and so true.

    2. Simon Ghanime says:

      He is An Obama supporter, remember when one lady told him, Obama is a Muslim, his answer was, no mam, and took the microphone of her hands

      1. Frank says:

        Good theory. It’s obvious he was nominated to be zero competition for the incompetent homosexual Obama.

  8. Ron haymaker says:

    Sad when brain cancer eats your common sense away!

    1. Francie26 says:

      Not to mention the trust others place in you and your common human decency.

    2. cowgirl20 says:

      I don’t think he’s ever had any common sense.

  9. JC says:

    It’s time for you to retire McCain—you have done all the damage to the R party that you could—retire now or be known as a traitor to the R party

  10. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Just another America hater doing the best to destroy this country like his best friend obama did before departing. God is calling this idiot home soon and Arizona can then elect a true patriot, not a fraud like McCain… amen

    1. Janet Hall says:

      He’ll never see the gates of heaven IMO

  11. Richard West says:

    I hope John McCain has a horrifying, painful death. I have never liked that piece of crap. May his cancer blossom into something so big, he is dwarfed by the size of his tumor. RIH (Rest In Hell) John McCain.

  12. Stewart Fish says:

    lets hope that tumor grows real fast

  13. Gregory Brown says:

    McCain Lied! He could care less about the middle class that pay outrageous health care premiums with $12,000 deductibles. It’s like having no health care at al! He gets his health care for free! Thanks to those he just knifed the back. Here’s an idea John, If government health care is so good, get you cancer treated at your local VA hospital! That way you can reap the rewards for what you have done to upgrade those facilities.

    1. will says:

      He is out of his mind, reminds me of former conservative Barry Goldwater who also lost his mind and went total lib.

    2. james.m.heller says:

      You got it right, you must have gotten treatment at a VA hospital/clinic

  14. flashprism says:

    I am willing and able to provide my first political donation for the recall of this evil, low life, SOB. If AZ starts a recall I will send my donation for the removal of this bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. badass says:

      me too, $100 bucks.

      1. eddyjames says:

        Save your money for Trump’s re-election, McCain will be dead in a few months.

  15. George E. LeFebvre says:

    McCain is a senile old outdated politician working in cahoots with the Dumbocrats to prevent the chances of fixing the Odumbo /Pelousi Care Nightmare. Never thought of him being a hero since he got himself into the POW camp, as I understand it, by disobeying orders. He probably met with Hanoi Jane while she was visiting North Vietnam they obviously think alike.. He certainly proved that he’s a traitor to his party. Republicans should send him to the Dumbocratic side of the senate seating. Hopefully the idiots who voted for him in Arizona are feeling the regret for being so stupid.

  16. DonRS says:

    John McCain, the LIFELONG SCREW-OFF gets his jollies off on being the “maverick”, Actually, he has proven, for every organization with which he has been associated, a TRAITOR and disrupter: Naval Academy; Navy flight training; service as a Navy Pilot, contributing to the chaos aboard the carrier, the U.S.S. Forrestal, where a live bomb from his aircraft was fired ON DECK, as others fought the fire and many DIED, while “Hero” McCain ran and hid below decks; and then his makeover as a “Hero” for being shot down over Vietnam, being a POW, refusing early release, only to capitulate to his captors! Then he was the “least bad” “Republican” choice to run for President in 2008 – a VERY BAD JUDGEMENT call by the poobah’s that actually made that foolish decision. McCain’s candidacy was made only slightly less of a DISASTER candidate due to the energy, wit, smarts and talent of Sarah Palin!

    Yes, once again, McCain demonstrates what an anti-hero, BUM he truly is! He fits perfectly in the company of DIM BULBS like Susan Colins and the ever crooked List Murkowski!

  17. Samianne says:

    Please, Arizona, recall John McCain!!

  18. cathylovesyou says:

    I don’t think the skinny bill is good but MCCain is a traitor to the Republican party and has been all along. He gets attention being a jerk. Hope he beats his cancer, as he did suffer enough.

    1. bttrap says:

      your the only one that thinks that according to all the posts

      1. cathylovesyou says:

        I don’t know according to what I read on the post Mccain doesn’t have any supporters, maybe Schumer likes him

  19. Richard Anthony says:

    Time for the Arizona voters to feed him some of his own crap and turn their back on him. Legacy adjustment is in order.

  20. mary says:

    It is time for him to retire and spend time with his family. He is no friend to the republicans.

  21. jreg9304 says:

    Die already McCain, you old Demonic, delusional, lucid, moronic, back,stabbing, Slobbish, Cancerous Crone, Climb in your grave and pass away in agony!!!!!!!

  22. unbelievable, must be brain dead

  23. silver fox says:

    traitor always was vote him out this guy has no shame let him kick rocks

  24. Jim Yanacek says:

    I think he just wanted to stick it to Trump because of Trump’s previous comments about him. So Obummercare lives on because of two cu*ts and a pussy.

    1. KDC says:

      Nah, he’s a globalist progressive.

  25. charlie says:

    once a traitor ALWAYS A TRAITOR. He must be removed. wake up voters and get rid of this rinorat.

    1. badass says:

      DON’T WORRY. the devil will take his life….very soon.

  26. xingqin says:

    McCain is a traitor to his party to our country and to himself. This jealous good for nothing bastard rode the hero status for years when his own stupidity caused him to be captured in Viet Naum. He betrayed his buddies and yet was made to look like a hero. He had high hopes of becoming a great leader like his father and grandfather but he was in reality just too stupid. He ran for President and many of the votes received were votes for Sarah Palin. He was a flip flopper who would sell out his own mother for a vote As a Senator he has gone against his own party on major issues and he tried to crusify Edward Snowden for having the guts and foresight to expose the dirty dealings made by the government against American citizens. McCain is a senile old loser who sits on his brain, what little is left of it. He hates Donald Trump because he see’s in him what he would like to have been and he knows that Trump like many Americans now see through his hero gift and the truth is coming out. John has a brain cancer but still wants to try and screw Trump at the risk of his own soul. Now would be a good time for you John, to get out of politics and quit selling out your country. It would be a good time for you to drop to your knees and pray to God for forgiveness for the screw ups you have made that has caused loss of life for many good Americans. A good time to repent because your days are numbered and their is a penalty for unforgiven sins. You have very little worth left and your hero days are over—To stay and continue to with your stupidity will not buy you attaboys.

    1. KDC says:

      Couldn’t have said it better. Especially about Edward Snowden. I pray they pardon that kid. He did us all a big favor. When I think back, he was one of the first to open the doors to all the corruption. Of course, they tried to put the blame on him, but we know better.

    2. cowgirl20 says:

      Very well said.

    3. Janet Hall says:

      Great post!!! Right on the money!!

    4. Donaldo says:

      And he ran his campaign on repealing Obamacare. What a lying loser.

      1. badass says:

        can we call him a liar?

  27. will says:

    They should have voted while he was in Arizona and it would have passed with help of Pence

  28. crockett says:

    What did you expect from McCain to be truthful ? He won’t change , he has never changed in all these years .
    A skunk and rat mix .

    1. SGirl says:

      Once a traitor…always a traitor! He couldn’t maintain his grandfather & father’s exemplary military status so, he gave up a long time ago! He loves attention, no matter what kind!

      1. crockett says:

        Right on Sgirl , he duz love to make promises he never keeps . Another stab in the Presidents back from a Rino

  29. rf396 says:

    Lets be honest here McStain is a
    disgraceful POS but this isnt about HIM. HE is just the one taking the
    fall for Mitch and the rest of the Boys. Notice they WAITED till he got
    back to pull this vote? It was all planned let HIM be the bad guy. He’s
    Sick so the blowback will be minimized plus he isnt going to run again
    and he’ll be dead anyway. No this isnt just about HIM he’s the
    distraction nothing more.

      1. rf396 says:

        Thanks KDC its just so obvious though isnt it? Get the guy who isnt running ever again, has SOME protection because he’s old and sick and of course a “hero”, make HIM the fall guy and the rest of the rats run back to their districts and say Hey “I” was a yes vote send me back and I will be again and of course people WILL fall for it. With FEW exceptions they ALL want this to stay and morph into single payer. People need to understand repubs are NOT incompetent they are COMPLICIT in the destruction of this country. As long as people keep thinking just vote for the next guy is going to work its going to be lather, rinse, repeat with these clowns.

        1. KDC says:

          You are exactly right! It’s one of Alinsky’s rules…to control healthcare.

  30. CombatBoots says:

    Betrayed Again!! The sympathy for his medical condition set us all up for his swansong act. He is not even conservative or honest enough to be called a RINO.

    1. KDC says:

      Pfft! It didn’t invoke any sympathy from me. He’s a globalist fake!

  31. usn says:

    Mc Cain was put in the position that he was looking for his whole life, the hub of the wheel not a spoke. he took full advantage of it with his vote, he has always looked to be a deciding vote. It’s a shame that it came on something that hurts the country and not help it. It’s a shame someone can be so power hungry.

    1. KDC says:

      Power hungry? Most of them are arrogant, power hungry, self serving creeps.

  32. Rhesa says:

    Take away his senatorship & put him in the mountains of Arizona where he can’t be found. He is no Republican. He might as well join the demos & leave his place open for a true Republican.

    1. KDC says:

      He joined the Dems long ago.

  33. rennyangel2 says:

    McCain gets “good” press from WaPoo and the Slimes for being a “maverick” and should have learned long since that those rags hate him except to use him ag. the right. I have called and emailed his office daily with not nice remarks. You should to the same so these people realize we hate it: you can get any sen. homepage online and the Capitol phone is 202-224-3121.

  34. Gary Foster says:

    Vote that bastard out he is a POS

  35. Mick Fischer says:

    The Editorial Columnist’s in today edition of the KC Star are praising John McShame!

    1. bttrap says:

      good I’m running out of training paper for my dog

  36. Adrian Miles says:

    What should the American People expect from professional politician…collins, murkowski, mccain..ask Yourself what have they done?…can You put Your hands on it?..does it have a address?…do it leave a factory floor everyday?…do it employ People?…do it pay taxes?..can You look it up in a phone book?…has it cured anybody?…there’s and any other professional politician has nothing to show for it only a tax return showing they got x amount of “tax payer,” no wrong word, “stakeholder “money per year…President Bush 43 owned a baseball team something You could cheer about, President Reagan something You could applaud…President Trump You can put Your hands on a Hotel, Golf course, Office building, a High Rise apartment…only thing these politician can do is make back room deals to the dismay of the People who send them there!!!…anybody care to comment please feel free to do so…P.S. don’t forget to register and Vote (more important then ever to do so) in the Election cycle of 2017…thank You

  37. Raul Meruelo says:


  38. He’s no war hero. He’s a Manchurian candidate to help bring this country down. Damn you John McCain.

  39. David Gearhart says:

    McCain hated Bush and blocked him as an enemy to the point that kerry offered him the democrat vice president slot. He hates Trump as well and is blocking him as well. McCain is for McCain not for the republicans or the people.

  40. Dan Straw says:

    How many hidden bank accounts does he have that just got a boost ???

    1. bttrap says:

      we need to ask soros for that answer

  41. Lorraine E says:

    I find it impossible to believe that even one conservative in Arizona has ever voted for RINO mccain. Bet if the votes were recounted it would be proven that his reelection was rigged and that there was a massive amount of fraud. RINO mccain is not a conservative and he is not a republican. He is a far left socialist and not a friend of the American people.

  42. Janis says:

    He is a dead man walking and he is doing vengence against President Trump. He does not even care about his constituents. Before he dies someone should be investigating his role in the phony Russian dossier. It is kind of funny that he is the one it was “sent to” and then he turned it over to the FBI. He is in that group of Republican Never Trumpers and they are just as crazy as the Dems about President Trump’s victory. Bet you he pulled the lever for Hillary.

  43. Moe says:

    He unfortunately is senile.

  44. KDC says:

    Look, if the”media worships him”, you know he’s a traitor to the party. He’s a RINO, a fake. He’s probably a plant so he can do the things we are seeing. He was all HOT AIR when BO was in office. Just a show. I’m not speculating, he proved it here.
    He’s an “illuminated” beast anyways. A globalist, so why would he back Pres.Trump? Get him OUT of office!

  45. Bruce Von Sprecken says:

    That traitor McCain is a lying stinking Democommie like his brothers and sisters in the Democommie Party! He should be recalled by his voters as should the other six traitor Rino’s.

  46. Moe says:

    I feel like after supporting him most of my life, he turned upon me? My childhood hero wants to help the pathological liar that tried to destroy our nation for socialism, Obama.

  47. buffalobob826 says:

    Start a investigation on McCain and the other two so called republicans. The states they represent needs to recall theses asses. Also do a full investigation of the DNC servers.

  48. Sam Hale says:

    Maverick my behind, more like Pee Wee Herman!!!!

  49. Bud William says:

    It is past time to wallow in John’s past. It is time to hold John responsible for today. John you are nothing but a “has been senator”. Just a loud mouth Rhino who has been able to pull the wool over the eyes of the voters in your state.

  50. Arnold Young says:

    useless traitor, Instead of getting elected to the senate to screw us all one last time!

  51. Beverly Murphy says:

    SOB will be dead within the year so what the hell does he care about the voters and their needs. The man has a major flaw in his thinking apparatus and he’s up there making decisions for millions?!?! And he won’t be around to see the mess he’s left.
    Don’t get your knickers in a twist about being cruel to a sick man. I won’t be around either, so gloves are off re the traitor not one twitch of sympathy, he’s all the nasty words one can manage.

    1. KDC says:

      Beverly, God bless you.

      1. Beverly Murphy says:

        … all KDC. Seeking some kind of normalcy in this topsy turvey, evil world. Asylum being over run by the inmates(Clintons, schemer, Pelisi, Ryan, McCain. I’d love an opinion on
        Brain dead “hero” from Sara Palin.
        Step up Miss Sarah?

    2. Janet Hall says:

      When he does kick the bucket, can you imagine all the pomp and circumstance that is going to be? Ugh!

  52. Cal says:

    It’s time for McCain to be put out to pasture with the Clintons and Obamas.

  53. bunky doodle says:

    mccain screwed the gop but even more he screwed us all in arizona. last yr 116% premium increase with aca, this coming year even higher. he didnt honor the voters of arizona, as we will pay the price with higher premiums over and over and over. aca has been terrible for arizona voters. may mccain RIP and we get a senator that actually will support the citizens of arizona

    1. KDC says:

      And because of Arizona voting him in, we ALL are paying the penalty. It’s NOT just about Arizona, is it.

  54. ECwashr says:

    McCain is a DISGRACE and so are all the others!! They will be remembered for stabbing us all in the back!!

  55. Lou J Apa says:

    Outrageous and shameful to not support the GOP party line and The POTUS! Times for Mr. Mc. to retire and rest after his surgery, which may have affected his ability to reason well?….sad!!

  56. Lee says:

    If I was a voter in Arizona, I would start a petition to have a recall election. John McCain needs to be removed from office and now!

  57. badass says:

    Folks, please remember this guy if he’s not retire himself, let’s vote him out. simply because he’s a traitor to American people.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      He was just reelected. He has 5 1/2 years left OR when he dies whichever comes sooner.

      1. bttrap says:

        I vote he dies first

  58. SouthernPatriot says:

    McCain betrayed his own citizens in Arizona where ObamaDoesn’tCare has soared in cost recently. Many are paying the penalty to the IRS because they no longer can afford ACA premiums. These are voters in Arizona and other states. ACA does not affect me, nor my businesses, except that even if you are not on ACA your insurance was affected by it. However, when ACA collapses all will remember the traitors who did nothing to stop it. John McCain will be at the top of their list.

  59. William Landrum says:

    He’s in Soros pocket

  60. MarcJ says:

    Let me remember what I
    know about Senator McCain – the losing RINO in the election of 2008 to the
    winner Marxist Muslim half-breed from Kenya B. Hussein Obama, previously a
    street agitator for the ACORN thugs:

    He was a son of the notable Navy Admiral in the WW2; as such he
    was accepted in the Naval Academy in spite of his low grades from high school;
    that in my book is called nepotism;

    In the academy he was at the bottom of the graduating class (well-
    #75 out of the class of 76) but passed due to his Admiral father; the school director
    directed his future bosses not to let McCain place a foot on any submarine –
    and so he passed his time in service scheduling time-offs for the marines in

    While in training he jumped and parachuted from 4 – FOUR –
    training planes for unknown reasons thus destroying those planes; apparently he
    got confused by the knobs and levers and panel lights;

    In Vietnam when his plane attracted North Vietnamese communist
    fire he abandoned the completely untouched war plane and parachuted into the
    enemy hands;

    The communists wanted to trade his name to Americans for
    substantial rewards – but McCain refused – that was his only true patriotic

    It’s not clear whether the taped confession McCain gave to his
    captors to avoid further torture has played a role in his postwar behavior in
    the Senate. That confession was played endlessly over the loudspeaker systems
    at all the communist prisons of captured US soldiers —to try to break down
    other prisoners—and was broadcast over Hanoi’s state radio. Reportedly, he
    confessed to being a war criminal who had bombed civilian targets and murdered
    innocent children. The Pentagon has a copy of that confession but will not release it. Also, no
    outsider I know of has ever seen a non-redacted copy of the debriefing of
    McCain when he returned from captivity, which is classified but could be made
    public by McCain.

    In Congress McCain was known as a watcher of wind indicator and so
    voted Republican as often as Democrat;

    In the elections of 2008 he was just an incoherent moderate RINO
    trying to please everybody – and was swept by the Chicago vote fraud machine.

    Since then he has shown
    himself a low-IQ bloviating gasbag with no political program of his own except
    in voting 50-50 with his Republican colleagues. Just like that other low-IQ
    bloviating gasbag John Hanoi Kerry he just improvises his politics as the wind
    blows on any particular day. WAR HERO – hell no! McCain is the chairman of the
    Veterans Committee, and those criminal Veteran Administration scandals remain
    unaddressed. Just like Trump – I prefer our soldiers who did not surrender for
    no apparent reason. But at least he did not malign our soldiers like that
    traitor Hanoi Kerry did – after spending only 8 weeks patrolling the Mekong
    Delta while avoiding the enemy.

  61. A patriot says:

    lets hope betrayer McCain’s conditions force him to retire sooon to get rid of this traitor to the country.

  62. figmo says:

    If the Republicans want to continue in the majority and the White House after future elections they must weed out the traitors such a McCain, Graham, etc. The best way to do this is to support conservative candidates to run against the traitors in the primaries. Trump should campaign for the conservative candidates against the rinos as well as for those running against the dems in the general elections.

  63. tommorofski says:

    Our President is 100% correct. Let McCain’s beloved Obamacare implode. Sad day for ALL hard working tax paying American citizens.

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      I believed from the outset that implosion is probably the only way anything can
      be fixed, if we even need government’s presence in Healthcare in the first
      place. Anything in which government gets involved, gets destroyed.

  64. Lawrence says:

    The Manchurian Candidate must suffer!

  65. Ron says:

    McCain knows he won’t be around for another term, so what did he have to lose? Nothing. He simply exposed the truth. He is a back-stabbing, closet Democrat and always has been. Just ask the guys he shared a room with at the Hanoi Hilton. Trump was right again. He’s no war hero, nor is he a hero of any sort. He’s just a sell-out, a disgrace to the Republican Party! He’s right up there in stature with Teddy Kennedy. They get away with murder…….literally….in Kennedy’s case.

  66. George Holcomb says:

    Term limits should be place for all, he no hero ,never has been! Term Limits all the way 100%. We are not the dumasses that put him in, we got no control over his state. But we all got to surfer on account of him,Term Limits,is the way to correct this. Has anybody check his state votes, to make sure that there no stealing of votes? After all I just can’t believe that the voters of his state is that dum.

    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      As mentioned before, Illegal voters. Ca and Az probably have the highest %
      of illegal alien voters of all states due to proximity to Mexico.

  67. William Glass says:

    This is a serious question for any actual lawyer out there. CAN a duly elected Senator be recalled? What options ARE available to the patriots in the State of Arizona to remove this traitor NOW ( the brain cancer will take to long)?

  68. Marie Jones says:

    With brain cancer and surgery is he competent mentally a where he should be evaluated by independent doctors for his mental acuity. In any other job you would have to do that.

  69. AttMore says:

    I see why,mcstain is sick,he’s full of the devil……..

  70. jerry1944 says:

    He made it back just to make sure obaambocare wasnt repealed This nut dem and i do mean dem is all for oabmbocare He might patch it but he sure want repeal it The same goes for a few more up there With ppl like him on your side you dont need enemy s And just think they get to see how much they can raise the dept and our taxes next

  71. Gabby Ward says:

    John McCain is running true to form. He will be remembered for what he does best nothing but sticking the knife to the American people.

  72. John Milhous says:

    I served PROUDLY, with HONOR, as a Combat Veteran in Vietnam, 1970 to 1071. And, if I could gather ALL of the folks together who served with me in my unit in Vietnam, I would NOT be surprised to discover that “at least” 80% of them would say, AS I DO, that McCain is a lying, POS, MUTHAF’ING, DAMNED TRAITOR! McCain has turned his back, on more than one occasion, on Veterans! I am sorry that he has that tumor. But, that SOB needs to just shut up and stay home, FOREVER!!!

  73. Bill Chandler says:

    This sorry piece of crap has been worst than the old senile Harry Reed. With any luck he will go off into the sun sit.He is a traitor to this country and as far as being a hero to who/. Must be the sociaLIST-COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT BROKE PARTY

  74. Kim LaMela says:

    When is someone going to run and win against this man, We thank him for his Service but Retirement would serve us better now.

  75. RichFromShowMe says:

    Now that he’s been exposed as the liar he really is, after promising the great majority of Arizona voters multiple times he would vote to kill obambacare . . . McLame shows his true colors, as usual!

    His excuse is AZ Governor Ducey wanted him to kill the repeal because, as always, McLame blames someone else for his problems and around 90% of his campaign contributions come from “other” than Arizona citizens . . . . could it be the health care insurance industry got to McLame?

    1. bttrap says:

      health care insurance industry and george soros

  76. samw says:

    John McCain hero of Hanoi, speaker for the democrats and globalists. He isn’t the only traitor in office. There were fifty one socialists still there.

  77. joe s says:

    It’s always been all about him, he would better off as a democrap.

  78. game50 says:

    McCain is nothing but a rino and Trader and an old fart that should retire because he’s literally out of his mind. He’s no hero he’s song Like a Bird to save his own ass in plain English .. He. did his troupe members in … he’s an evil old man that’s what he is.

  79. elizabethmcfarland says:

    I do not think furious is the word that covers his treachery, nor the treachery of the other so called republicans. They are all traitors to US and OUR country and I can think of several ideas that I would love to make happen to them, forcibly removing them from office and deporting them is my first choice, the second one is not near as nice, as dropping them all in the middle of Iran with no way out sounds like a good second choice, the third, well, that has to do with a lot of prayer like David did in olden days to remove his enemies and that did not turn out well at all for Davids’ enemies, as I recall, and the Lord delivered them into the hand of David. If people think God does not listen and will not still deliver evil into the hands of those they are perpetrating evilness against, well I know for a fact it works as I watched my mother pray for a person that was very evil to be removed, and even though it was a while before it happened, it did occur. Could very well be God would move faster on this one, as it affects millions of people and the one momma prayed about only affected a small number, but the person of evilness needed to be removed from even that small number of peoples lives and he was.

  80. Mc Cain is like Hillary he blames everyone else for his loss of the Presidency but it was his own fault for not calling out what Obama was. So he blames the republican party and he did do one thing and that was serve our country but you cannot keep living off that when you screw the citizens of this country by voting against a bill that Obama put on the books through his lies and bribing two democrat senators. Mc Cain should resign.

  81. valinmpls says:

    Well – now I know for SURE that John McCain is a “Progressive” – he may as well go join the Democratic Party right now – because everything he stands for is in the Democratic Platform anyway!! Guess he doesn’t want the Republicans to be winners anymore – I will sure NEVER vote for him for ANYTHING again! NO WAY! He is a disgrace to the Republican Party!!

  82. Richard Bagenstose says:

    maybe now trump won’t be so egore to praise mccain , should have left his sorry two time a** in veitnam as a senator he is useless

  83. Ohio Lady says:

    Maybe or maybe not he was a hero many years ago.. he sneakily proved himself to be a traitor to his party .. is that is still his party , in fact. I have had no respect for him in recent years and have less , if any , now. Retire Already !!

    1. bttrap says:

      he was only a hero to the prison guards in viet nam that’s how he got the name songbird

  84. Mary says:

    Well, John McCain has been a traitor for years, even to the point of Treason to our country, then begged President Trump to forgive him and not go against him. Since, President Trump was a God Sent to save America, god has a strange way of the way things happen so I feel maybe that’s the reason for John McCain’s problems, so maybe he earned his health problems, I felt sorry for him but now I feel he earned them, can’t feel sorry for him now. He did exactly what Obama did just before he was dumped, caused misery for our next President so be it, I’m sure President Trump will succeed around his hatefulness, So John go home now and rest but not in peace, this will get you one way or another , so you made the Democrats happy so I guess that makes you content, hope you aren’t able to come back to your chair in the Senate position. You’ll get yours.

  85. Richard Hennessy says:

    John McCain, the savior of McCainCare (which he has adopted as his own), is a betrayer.

  86. Pat Wells says:

    McCain is a puppet for Soros and the left, a liberal, He hides behind his POW status yet no one has yet every heard of so much as one POW that has ever had one good thing to say about him. A RINO from the ground up. His career was paved by his Admiral Daddy, and his puppet master is George Soros. The people of Arizona have been fools to continuously reelect him. If they want a socialist then elect one, oh, i forgot, they did., He threw the election for Obama and has done everything in his power to promote Obama’s agenda since.

    1. bttrap says:

      I like that (puppetmaster is george soros)

  87. Robert F says:

    Never did believe or trust him and he has lived down to my expectations.

  88. Brad Fisher says:

    He’s a mess. The devil in sheep’s clothing and nothing but a Communist democrat.

  89. Anthony Marzullo says:

    John McCain has proved himself over and over and turncoat. I don’t wish anyone bad feelings but he should have stayed in the hospital. What a back stabbing son of a b#@ch he is. Doesn’t give a damn about our country or it’s people. And the stupid people keep voting him in.

  90. Susan P says:

    McCain needs to be immediately removed from his Senate seat for medical reasons. Just say his brain tumor has scrambled his brains and be done with this TRAITOR once and for all.

  91. Apolloone says:

    Ladies and gentlemen please welcome our special guest here at the Hanoi Hilton, welcome “Song Bird” McCain

    1. bttrap says:

      him and jane fonda made a good team of idiots that should of been tried for treason

  92. Lexus 500 says:

    It’s mean to say… But I hope his brain cancer takes him!

    1. bttrap says:

      it will his brain is out of order proven by his vote

  93. Dave says:

    Should be no surprise to anyone!

  94. rockyndallas says:

    McCain is a little man in every sense of the word. He is way past his expiration date and needs to be recalled by the citizens of Arizona. He is seeking revenge on the President for things said in the campaign. America and its citizens evidently mean nothing to him. Arizona should be ashamed to be represented by this malevolent fool.

  95. dennis cheever says:

    I would not be surprised to learn that McCain has a huge increase in his personal net worth this past week. He is a crook.

    1. bttrap says:

      I wonder how much soros gave him or his family

  96. Palmer says:

    I’ve had enough of this jerk, the stupid people of Arizona just reelected him to 6 more unproductive and painful years . Stupid move.

    1. bttrap says:

      he won’t live that long his brain gave out years ago way to go songbird

  97. Joel Rubin says:

    McCain is suffering from a cancerous brain tumor. Is there a chance this tumor is causing him to make irrational decisions? I watched him in a Senate subcommittee. His questioning seemed vague, confused and he repeated himself. I actually thought he may have had a stroke.
    If there is a mere chance he is unfit mentally to hold the office he should be replaced by the governor of AZ or by the Senate.
    Just my opinion….

    1. Susan P says:

      The cancer is causing him to sound irrational and should be used to remove him immediately. But, that does not change the fact that he has been a turncoat for his entire career in the Senate. This is just the most recent incident in a long line of obstructions that have not benefited the people he is supposed to represent.

  98. Steve Flowers says:

    Just how dumb were we, the Republicans slating him to run for president and I was dumb enough to vote for him! Goodbye John!

  99. cowgirl20 says:

    Oh he’s a piece of garbage. I’m sorry that he has cancer, but he really needed to be fired long ago. I don’t know why those stupid Arizonans keep voting for his sorry behind. They need to fire him now, but I guess Arizona is more liberal, they are braindead just like McCain.

  100. Einar_Petersen says:

    Why is anyone so surprised… he did the same to the other “prisoners” in Viet Nam.

  101. BeeCubed says:

    McCain is just another rino traitor, like so many democrats and rinos, who should be tried for treason and then jailed. Better yet, jail him first and then try him!

  102. vinny says:


  103. jim jones says:

    McCain did the right thing, Trump better get the message, “DIPLOMACY”, This is America, not Trump enterprises where what YOU say goes!

    1. Irate Californian says:

      Reflect on the last administrations “DIPLOMACY” so you can truly see why we are in this situation. Scru your thoughts of Trump enterprises. Start thinking with your mind not your back end.

  104. Richard Daugherty says:

    This is one evil man. Thankfully his time is at hand . We will have one less criminal Globalist.

  105. Lee Smith says:

    Too bad Arizona voted him back in in the last election. He really needs to retire.

  106. disqus_3aTBp1bNOs says:

    He calls himself a Maverick odd ball is more appropriate and he thinks it makes him look smart. Because of health issues, he should resign.

  107. Rose Ribitzki says:

    Who’s hero is he ?… not America’s, by any means ! .. A full-pledged traitor he is & has been since the ’70s … ruled by Satan !!

    1. Apolloone says:

      Ruled by Satan” that might be true considering that some “Skull and Bones” members have come to his defense in his war with our new president, not to mention several liberal rags that call themselves news people also defending him against “Those Mean old Conservatives” In the “Book of Daniel” during the angel’s explanation to Daniel of things to come; part of that explanation included that dark spiritual forces could get control over man’s government, this would explain the longevity of those in what’s now called the “Swamp” this invisible thing has had many names: FBI’s J Edgar Hoover called it a “Monster” he declared that; “this entity is so monstrous that Americans would not believe that it exists” during his presidency Woodrow Wilson believed this invisible evil presence existed, JFK spoke about it, referring to it as a conspiracy, a secret society which was repugnant to him and he was not going to be anyone’s puppet. JFK’s brother Bobby when speaking to the heads at the CIA: said this “I know you guys did it, but I cant prove it” long pause, and said “Not Yet” just maybe if he hadn’t uttered those last two words “not yet” he would have gotten that proof. It’s gets more interesting because JFK’s son who was killed in a plane crash that supposedly crashed due to his negligence but his close friends aren’t buying the official report, according to close friends he was doing what uncle Bobby wanted to do, he was looking into the men who led the CIA in those days, Skull and Bones member Bush senior was on that list, Skull and Bones member Bush junior called McCain at the hospital and shortly after he shared his thoughts on McCain; according to Bush junior’s remarks on McCain’s character it seemed to me that Bush junior was describing McCain as both a Mother Teresa and a General Macarthur combined in one package.

  108. klsparrow says:

    McCain was heard laughing w Dems and remarked, “Lets see Donald make America great again now” Here is what some call a hero. A person that wants America to fail. he thinks it is funny that people have to pay premiums they cannot afford and have deductibles 13K+. All the while he get a 75% subsidies to pay for his premiums. The health care Congress get is the gold standard what the people get is pure crap.

  109. rick meek says:

    Well – It’s McCains’ turn – Doctors going to stab him in the head and radiate the worthless POS……Sorry Folks – I haven’t had sympathy for him or Hanoi Jane since 68…..

    1. jreg9304 says:

      McCain is getting nuked and not even aware if it. I think it’s rather hilarious to be honest!!!!LOLOL

    2. jreg9304 says:

      OH yeah ,, her father Henry lightly shunned her till he died. Don;t know too much about her rebellious brother peter. he became a sort of recluse when his pop passed.

  110. Wes says:

    He was a traitor in Viet Nam. He is still a traitor in America. Great numbers of us in Arizona are ashamed of this man. His legacy is dirt. We will never forget how he has stabbed us in the back. When he leaves this life, we will not honor him or grieve his parting.

  111. Ken Moyle says:

    It has seemed as though for the past decade or so all McCain has had only one goal in Congress…. screw Republicans (and by extension, the American people).

    1. jreg9304 says:

      That is very true. He actually feels that as being a POW, America did not do enough for him after his so called maybe fictional release From captivity. As a senator and a Rhino too boot, he has been really putting the screws to the American people!!!!

  112. timothyf7 says:

    McCain lacks the mental faculties to continue in his current position. Arizona should recall him!

  113. 1Texas says:

    Just another bitter loser as was so obvious when he was confronted with ” elections have consequences” when he lost his Presidental run..Nothing to be proud of here..

  114. CharlieZ says:

    I will be contributing to someone who primaries him in his next election.

  115. pappy450 says:

    I guess he knows he is “on his way out” SO as you can see, his “true colors” are showing through.
    The democommies, DNC and Soros “bought and paid” for him, and it seemed even though the actual facts were there, his so-called “hero” status kept getting him reelected time after time.

  116. Dalton Griffin says:

    We will be better off when he is no longer a Senator. He is a good example why we need Term Limits.

  117. jcmarlton says:

    How ironic that mccain has a tumor surgically removed from above his eye and then we are told he has brain cancer and will have chemo and radiation to prolong his life when the drs give him maybe 15mos of life. if he had obamacare they would tell him, ” go directly to end of life counseling, you are too old to get these expensive drugs, when your life is already over with this cancer.” that is obamacare. end of life counseling for seniors, disabled, and anyone with incurable diseases to prolong their lives. What does he care, we pay for their elite healthcare and they all get the best. Now we need to demand the same insurance he and the rest of these politicians have at the same small cost they pay. McCain is a snake in the grass and always has been, he is one evil sob and a war criminal–he is no hero. He squeeled like a pig to the vietcong when he was captured and once they all found out who is father was, he was treated with kid gloves. His father was a navy admiral and I wonder if old johnny boy learned this treason from his father. Look it up. He wont be around much longer and the bastard needs to resign and give up his seat to a living senator.

  118. Alleged Comment says:

    Awww c’mon.

    You know the man is not qualified to lead. Not after what happened in Vietnam and probably the “Forrestal” incident. You stabbed your own self in the back when you elected this UNFIT moron.

    Now its come back to HAUNT YOU.

    This phony hero is a MANCHURIAN candidate having been broken by the Vietcong. He is psychologically UNFIT and will TURN on you at anytime. Like NOW for instance.

    1. JohnB says:

      Here is a link that asserts his fortune was ill-gotten through his purported mob relationship of his father-in-law.

      1. Alleged Comment says:

        Looks like McLame is much more a traitor than I thought. We have SO MUCH of them up there. How could this be???

  119. JohnB says:

    This is just another case of a brain tumor affecting decisions by Senate Royals; Ted Kennedy had a brain tumor and he was directly responsible for (and I believe to appease his Chappaquiddick bridge drowning) pushing for Obama to be the first black president which practically caused the destruction of America.

  120. Gardener8 says:

    We should have all expected this of Mr. McCain. This behavior has been his stock in trade. It’s
    why the media and Democrats love him when he’s not running for office, but just backstabbing
    his superiors.

  121. ARVIN says:

    john mccain, THE NEW BENEDICT ARNOLD

  122. Go Home says:

    RINO’s John McCain (R-AZ), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Susan Collins (R-ME) did their usual by conspiring with their partners the Democrats before the vote for the repeal of ObamaCare.

    McCain was seen talking with Chuck Schumer (the Democrat leader of stupid) just before the vote. You have to ask, “What did Chuck Schumer promise McCain for his “No” vote”? This is why we need “Term Limits”. It seems that the longer these politicians are in office the greedier they become.

    If the Republicans want to continue in the majority in the Senate, House and the WH, after future elections, they must weed out all of the traitors. The best way for them to do this, is to support real conservative Republican candidates to run against the RINO traitors in the primaries. Trump should campaign for all of the real conservative Republican candidates against the incumbent RINO’s as well as for those Democrats running in the general elections.

    1. JohnB says:

      President Trump’s voter inquiry team should immediatedly check how many illegals voted for McCain because Arizona citizens could not have reelected this imbecile, they are not that unAmerican. Also, check how many dead voted for him.

  123. Kurt Hanssen says:

    He stabbed his fellow soldiers in the back as well, he was a traitor to them, to this country, and now to his party, he sold out to Soros but look at him now, sure looks like God take care of it’s own.

  124. AnAmericanRight says:

    The biggest battle McCain has ever had was having surgeons remove his lips from Obama’s ass after Obama left office. McCain only serves himself. Not the State of Arizona or the American public. I’m sure McCain’s bath house lover Obama is proud of McCain.

  125. JohnB says:

    This is a problem when 3 of 52 Republican senators can’t work for the good of America just to spite the president; and this is the flaw in the original founders constitution–a million or so citizens from a state that should only have 1 senator totally causing communism to help take over our country!

  126. Carson Tyler says:

    I am sorry to hear 500 Trump supporters are upset. How can anyone say McCain is a traitor who served his country with honors. He did what he was ordered. It appears some of Trump did not serve our country and yet they can spew garbage like they know what they are talking about. Doctors are making decisions for the politicians and those I trust. If they say the Trump plan is wrong then I will agree with them. You can be assured Trump has no concern for the little people. He only wants to change the to have it called Trumpcare.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      With honors? He snitched out his fellow prisoners. There is ZERO honor in being a SNITCH.
      He is also NOT a hero; more of a fuuk up who had a daddy that would bail his sorry ass out.

  127. 1PierreMontagne1 says:

    John McCain has enjoyed a career of entitlement and mistreatment of the surviving families of missing American soldiers.
    He would not resign so he is being removed – finally

  128. Jaron Gant Joyner says:

    OBamacare-Has never been any Good-And the American people were Lied to about it from the Begining.McCain-and others are Liars and two yrs.Ago voted against OBamacare-Didn’t want it.But now-Because. Of their Dislike-For TRUMP-They don’t care if the American people end-up getting Hurt-And OBamacare will end on its own-But Possibly-Money spent-Lost.When did John McCain join theDemocratic Party???

  129. Gene A Daniel says:

    MCCAIN IS A DEMOCRAT SOB AND HE LET HIS PARTY DOWN. I would bet he is getting death threats from from deranged idiots out there. He is one of the reasons that nothing is getting done for the citizens in regards to health care. He needs to just go away for he is useless in his job. what a traitor.

  130. Karin Isbell says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong: Didn’t he ditch his first wife upon his return from Vietnam, in “gratitude” for standing up and supporting him throughout his trials?

  131. Original Anna says:

    Wait a minute. It says if the bill passed it would have set up a conference committee with the house where a repeal would have a chance to pass. Why in the world should McCain not go for this committee especially if republicans are all on the committee. He really needs to give a better explanation for his vote, does he want the committee to solve the healthcare repeal problem or does he want democrats making decisions in future attempts at repeal or a new healthcare like keeping planned parenthood receiving billions of taxpayer money to kill babies in the healthcare bill. What is his explanation, if he can’t give a good one to republicans than he need not come back, he should not run for re-election.

  132. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    John McCain, with his phony Caesar-like theatrics showed all of America and American Historians that his whole life is just as fraudulent as Barack Obama’s. He failed numerous times to gain higher office, supported foreign military groups in Syria in ways totally inappropriate for a US Senator in attempts to gain notoriety. He defeated several attempts to gain further knowledge of POW/MIA sightings and search expeditions. He somehow managed to not get convicted during the LincolnWood S&L crisis where he took large sums of bribe money.

    John McCain is not a true hero of America, but did manage to show us The Swamp in memorable terms.

  133. Len Tippett says:

    This bastard would outrun Chuck Shumer to get in front of a TV camera. McCain is so pathetic if I was forced to vote for him or Obama again, I would vote for Obama. If this does not tell you what a sorry ass I think he is, I am at a loss to come up with appropriate words.

  134. Eguth3 says:

    I really hope the people in Arizona impeach his sorry ass for a number of reasons. First, he’s not listening to his constituency. Since most “conservative” Republicans in the state of Arizona support President Trump by about 75% for vs 25% against. Second, John’s been blocking Trumps policies, executive orders and Presidential appointees, as Donald Trump tries to reverse Obama damaging regulations, policies and insanity. John has made his hatred for Trump very well know and very personal, it’s not political, it’s personal. He ran in 2016 on a Republican platform but votes with the Democrats more than the Republicans, which means he’s voting against what his constituency wants. Third, there are both recall and impeachment petitions online for his removal. I’m not saying just a few but A LOT and enough signatures that the current Governor could have him removed and appoint his replacement as he/she fills out McCain final term. It’s been done before in Arizona and could happen again. I doubt the 2008 election would’ve had the same outcome had McCain been elected President instead. Both liberals and one being a very radical one and the other an illegal resident. But, this what happen when we have no term limits in place, we’re stuck with a dud that we can get rid of.

  135. Ray Price says:

    McLean was a war hero. Served his country well. Congress too. Then does a Benedict Arnold thumbs down on the health care vote. What a stupid ass dumb fuking move to not support your party. He should be replaced immediately.

  136. ter334 says:

    He, like others, has to be defeated at elections. Like O and HRC were. Maybe iif the GOP was more political minded they would talk about what their plans and hope are. T is alone if engaging the dems on the political front? Obamacarte is a form of segregation that gives rights to the uninsured that insured don’t have or participate in. Like racial seregation which also was democrat party segregation. Typical democrat politics. Same as handing out patronage to the poor because they are poor. ‘ Why don’t the poor get taxed and give to the working taxpayers? Neither practice i supported in the Constitution. Bring free means you have to look out for yourself and not be a ward of the state.

  137. Jesus Nieto says:

    I wouldn’t ever have imagined that there were so many ignorant, mentally challenged, totally devoid of any kind of spirituality and simply cruel people on one comment section. But then you’re probably Trump supporters, and he’s the epitome of all of the characteristics I just mentioned. May the Creator have mercy on your souls.

  138. tiaraboo says:

    If the cancer doesn’t get him, His shame should. McCain have some guts for the first time in your despicable life. Do something HEROIC for the good Americans people that you fkucked over. Jump to your death at the Grand Canyon. TRAITOR!

  139. Irvan says:

    That SON_OF_A_BITCH needs to be done away with……..LITERALLY!

  140. Roy Veteto says:

    what is really sick about this is that not long before this he got medical treatment . he cast the deciding vote in the recent health care vote. there are many who can’t afford to receive right now . if i lived in arizona i would vote for satan before casting a vote for mccain

  141. Sherry Greenlaw says:

    McCain knew exactly what he was doing all the time he was headed there to vote and boy do the Republican’s need a back bone and start fighting back and take control of the house like they are suppose to have and stop trying to appease the Democrats because they never have or will do it for the Republican’s

  142. AL ELLIS says:

    I’ve said all along McCain is a Demorat in Republican clothing. All Republicans should cold shoulder him until he either leaves Congress or dies.

  143. AL ELLIS says:

    Mc Cain is like nothing but a used up, old trash bag, wrinkled up on the outside, filthy on the inside and no longer useful.

  144. John M says:

    Can you spell RINO?

  145. Andrew Kent Jaussi says:

    McCain did this to get back at Trump. He alone should bear the responsibility for his betrayal. He should be recalled immediately. Have a good day.

  146. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    As for stabbing one in the back anyone care to tell him his time is comming??
    What goes around comes around.

  147. patriot2015 says:

    i BELIEVE that MC Cain`s brain cancer is screwing up his mind, take my advice John,Is get the hell out and let a younger person take over YOUR TIME HAS COME DON`T DIE ON THE SENATE FLOOR

  148. Richard L. Simoneau says:

    John McCain is a prime example of “drain the swamp” bottomfeeding scumbag that lives off the American people, this should end his career, if the cancer doesn’t, and then he can live off his wife.

  149. Pyara Chauhan says:

    McCain’s assertion that he could not be sure that Health Care Repeal Bill would necessarily go into conference is a lame excuse invented after the firestorm caused by his totally unexpected vote against the Bill. The fact is that he betrayed not only the Republican Party but also the entire nation by this action.

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      Agree, but I don’t think it was unexpected at all, by those that control things. This was all carefully orchestrated by them to use the sympathy generated by McCain’s sudden illness and flying back to DC just to vote, so that a lot of people wouldn’t criticize him. If he didn’t do it, then they would have had the 3rd woman Senator, Capito-Moore from West Virginia, do it. McCain probably volunteered to kill it, since he is now the MSM’s golden boy again and he hates Trump to boot. So no victory is allowed for the President.

  150. Robert A Oziomek says:

    John McCain is the poster boy for term limits. He’s senile and a traitor. His POW status is not what he wants us to think. He’s played that card long enough.

    1. Arizona Don says:

      Of course you are correct he is the poster boy. However, the legislative branch will never restrict itself. The only way term limits will ever get passed is an article five convention of states. Unfortunately I do not see that coming anytime soon.

  151. Fed Up says:

    So who is surprised? He’s going to die soon and die in disgrace. The Republicrats are exposing themselves quite obviously. Makes it easier for our President Trump to “Drain the Swamp” by watching them get voted out along with the most egregious of the Dumbocrats, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer and Sanders. Next step, indict, convict and incarcerate the Clintons, Obama, Wasserman -shulz and the rest of the criminal DNC gang and America will be a better place.

  152. Honorary says:

    An old Chinese sage- Sun Tzu, once said: “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will won and lose one; if you do not know your enemies, nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.”
    President Trump knew who are his enemies, and himself, – he will be doing well as always. Unfortunately, McCain claimed to have “brain cancer” ahead of the anti-vote to get sympathize and prevented himself for being criticized about his “unconscious and moral compass” – no one dare to say anything. But we all know that McCain has no brain to start with. A traitor-McCain, and the shoe fits. Judas will be so proud to meet him in hell.

  153. Melvin Bennett says:

    This was all carefully orchestrated by McConnell and the other worthless RINOS. They had no intention of repealing obamacare cause these vermin are gutless. McCain was used since they figured he would draw the least attacks, since he just had this quick brain tumor thing. Wrong, I don’t care what’s wrong with him, he’s another pos vermin. Oh and they also don’t want President Trump to sign any meaningful bills, since I’m sure most of the vermin won’t be supporting him come 2020.

  154. Ed Davis says:

    He was a traitor in Vietnam in the Hanoi Hilton and he’s still a traitor today! The “fake news” main stream media has made him into a “war hero” because he’s their “top Democrat” who runs as a Republican!
    The idiot broke his arm when he crashed his plane! It had nothing to do with torture!

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      Crashed his plane on a stunt maneuver that resulted in the worst Aircraft Carrier fire in Naval history and resulting in almost 200 deaths and another 200 wounded aboard the USS Forestal.
      Anyone else would have been court-martialed for that stunt. But Daddy was the Admiral of the South Pacific Fleet.

      1. Arizona Don says:

        If his intention was to vote no I have no idea why he flew back to DC if “not” for publicity. After all the same thing could have been accomplished by not going. Furthermore, in that case he would not have made the headlines.

        It is obvious both major political parties have been infiltrated by communists. The difference is the democratic party has been infiltrated to a much higher degree then the republican party. There may be obvious reasons for that. However, there are those among the republican party as well who want obama’s fundamental transformation completed. I have thought for some time now McCain was among the ranks of those who do. McCain appeared to hand the election to Obama in 08. He would never criticize obama about anything even hiding his records. The other RINO’s are just not as direct or open about it. That is also becoming more and more obvious daily. Especially during the healthcare debacle.

        Perhaps McCain was getting revenge for Trump saying what many of us who are veterans already know. Being captured in VN did not make him a hero. McCain could screw up a one car funeral when he was in the military. We had a special name for guys like him.

        In the final analysis however, it appears McCain sees himself as a hero. Somewhat like obama sees himself as an intelligent leader.

  155. Pyara Chauhan says:

    Good analysis. If you are right, and I think you are, what recourse do we have? The question is: Who is on our side? Obviously Trump is ruffling a lot more feathers than any one could imagine. So far the deep state has been successful in stalling Trump’s agenda. But Trump has more backbone than all these cowards put together. He is also more resourseful. I hope he goes through with his plan to cancel their health plan and give them a taste of Obama Care they are pushing for America.

  156. bp 58 says:

    yeah mccain is a real piece of shit…term limits will help stop these traitors also we need a good hanging let 4 or 5 swing and the others maybe not the demorats but it might help the others to see the light..

  157. mannasage says:

    McCain voted for 7 years to repeal Obamacare, & then voted against the repeal when it counted. He’s as bad as Chuck Schumer & Nancy Pelosi. You’re a Traitor Sen. McCain, may God have mercy on your soul.

  158. Ed Shick says:

    One of his best friends is Chuck Schumer , Must I say any more!

    1. Arizona Don says:

      Your correct. Nothing more is needed. I saw this kind of crap coming when he was reelected. We should have elected Kelli Ward. She is the one I voted for.

  159. Gary Foster says:

    What a sack of dog shit

  160. John Savell says:

    Of course they couldn’t convince him to vote yes, he is bought and paid for by George Soros.

  161. Maggie Cadden says:

    They were stupid fools to delay the vote for him to recover from his surgery. He has a long history of betrayal of the republican party. They always called him a maverick, but I thought he was a liberal democrat masquarading as a republican.

  162. timothyf7 says:

    McCain no longer has the mental capacity to perform his job. This was evidenced in his rambling, bumbling questioning a few weeks ago. He was incoherent and then all but fell asleep. He should be recalled immediately and a special election set up in Arizona for his replacement. #RecallMcCain

  163. Jack says:

    I know most of you on this forum do not like McCain for his mean disposition, and I can’t say I blame you, if he was a songbird in Hanoi prison he deserves your comments, but I just can’t bring myself to condemn him to misery that is about to hit him. Why do I say that well it’s because my wife had Inoperable brain cancer, and she was sick for 4 years and she finally went into a coma and died. So what is in store for McCain is terrible he is about to start like my wife into taking seizures that one lasted almost a whole day, I used to have to hold her until it subsided, then she lost the use of her legs and became bed ridden for the last two years. I know how bad this condition is so I have to have sympathy on him and mostly his family for the ordeal they are about to experience. Chemo and Radiation only tend to spread the cancer to other parts of the body. So if you want to criticize him do it about his record, and don’t wish him dead because it doesn’t make you look good in the eyes of God.

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