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Judge Reveals Obama’s Role In Conspiracy To Spy On Trump

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  1. J. Ernst says:

    It ain’t rocket science here folks. If you have the likes of Comey as FBI director, the likes of globalist/communist Barry oh-fck-wit ohbama WILL CONTINUE to “be” as a spokesperson, a funded provocateur, AND deeply entrenched in the DC activities; aka the Federal Government…with all its fraudulent activities.

    1. reggie says:

      And soros at the helm.

  2. way2confused says:

    And as we speak, Obama is in French Polynesia with who knows who plotting the demise of this country while on foreign soil. Can we spell T R E A S O N boys and girls?

    1. Buford says:

      The French love to start wars and run away, leaving them for others to finish. He knows where his help lies.

      1. elmcqueen3 says:

        We have not forgotten why the US was suckered into the Vietnam war…the French couldn’t win their war against the viet cong…they asked the US to join forces as there was no way the French were going to win that war by themselves…When the US entered the fray the French packed up and went home leaving us to fight their bloody war all by our lonesome…The US military industrial complex was in seventh heaven as were the war hawks in our government… Lady bird Johnson and her constructionist cleaned up big time with financial contracts in South Vietnam…Robert McNamara continued to proceed with the war allowing countless US soldiers to die even though he knew the war was long since over and could not be won…President Johnson played the fool to the very end.

        1. Ron Long says:

          A few corrections to your story, first off the French were defeated at Diem Bien Foo in 1954, the French asked the US to intercede in the war but President Eisenhower refused. After the French were driven out, Viet Nam was thrown into turmoil. Ho Chi Min, allied with the Russians for support as the Chinese Communists were mortal enemies. The forces under Ho Chi Min invaded South Viet Nam. The UN interceded and brokered a peace by dividing Viet Nam into two countries. The DMZ was established as a divider. The South Vietnamese government asked the US government for arms and training, in 1962, under Kennedy an advisory force was established and a few Americans were dispatched to train the South Vietnamese. In 1964 US war ships were fired on by North Vietnamese forces in the Gulf of Tonkin incident. President Johnson escalated the situation and ordered in troops to actively oppose the NVA. That is the true story of how the US became involved in the conflict. In the ensuing years additional forces were provided by South Korea and Australia. As to your assertion that we could never win the war I say this, General Giap, commander of North Vietnamese forces, in his memoirs stated that the North was ready to sue for peace after TET in 1968 as they were badly beaten but once civil unrest broke out in the US against the war they concluded that America was tired of the war and divided. Walter Cronkite’s report saying that we could not win became the fodder for defeat. American and South Vietnamese totally eviscerated every force that North Viet Nam threw at them. I wish to add that every time I see someone wearing a peace symbol I want to rip out their throats, because they lost faith with our armed forces 50,000 more of by brothers we killed prior to the end of the war. If you are going to comment about history, learn about it prior to saying anything and not regurgitating what some liberal teacher following the indoctrination of Common Core told you, there are books in libraries all over America, do your self a favor and read some of them.

          1. Mike W says:

            One thing I would add Ron is that before he was assassinated JFK was planning on pulling all the troops out of Vietnam.

          2. MARY4RP says:

            Right! The “they” didn’t like a “no unnecessary war” stance. It is the “they” who are our mortal enemies for war to them is like raw meat to a panther. “They” live
            here in plain sight. JFK RIP.

          3. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

            Correct, but Johnson needed to make his buddies at Dow Chemical rich by making Napalm.

          4. SL Brow says:

            Not to mention we were within 5 kilometers from the Norths stronghold in Cambodia….
            Nixon put out the order to cease advance and pull back.We were one day away from the victory no one said we could win. 3 presidents no backbone to win. American people as you said,
            turned their back on military.

          5. Mike W says:

            Nixon get’s the blame for the war but it was really all on LBJ. The Democrats always seem to spin it to where they are not to blame.

          6. Chi Sam says:


            If your brain concludes that the simple, common word ‘gets’ is a contraction of some sort, what do you figure the omitted letter(s) might possibly be?

            You cannot possibly think it stands for ‘get is’.

          7. richardwfaith says:

            From the standpoint of grammar or syntax, no argument; however, personally I would cut Mike W a little slack, just in case he entered his post on an i-phone. I HATE touch screens. They make me feel like a BIG pianist trying to play the tiny keys of an accordion (almost impossible to hit just one at a time). To make it all even worse, the i-phone “geniuses” did away with the sideways mode of texting and replaced it with the USELESS “stylus” mode. Yukkkkk!

          8. Chi Sam says:

            I only taunt him only because he attacked me on another post out of silly knee-jerk zealotry. I’ve read many of his posts, and he clearly is not a stupid or incompetent man.

            He is, however, a bit of a sociopathic as****e.

          9. Dave Robbins says:

            I taunt him only because or I only taunt him. If you are going to correct someone’s English be sure you use it properly.

          10. Chi Sam says:

            Yes, you are correct. I will edit my inept error.

          11. Jae Ashley Stewart says:

            Dave, you are wrong here. You are changing his meaning. Chi does not “only taunt him”; Chi taunts him “only because.”

            It’s the same difference as “a black cup of coffee” and “a cup of black coffee.”

            And, Chi, you’re no better. You didn’t even understand that Dave was wrong. It would have been better if you hadn’t started this petty attack in the first place, as I stated above in my comment to you!

          12. Dave Robbins says:

            He corrected it before you read it but thanks for the comment.

          13. Chi Sam says:

            I like you. You’re tough…but in a sexy way.

          14. Chi Sam says:

            If you do not know above from below…you really ought not be yammering about what others do not understand.

            That’s pretty basic.

            (That may just be the most beautiful name I have ever heard. It’s like ‘black-exotic’…without the stigma of STD’s.)

          15. reggie says:

            Get it?

          16. Jae Ashley Stewart says:

            Chi Sam, are you really so completely oblivious to the importance of the subject matter that all you can contribute is a petty complaint about a superfluous apostrophe? Get a life!

          17. Chi Sam says:

            No, of course not. It’s silly and absurd to even contemplate that I might be.

          18. richardwfaith says:

            Before obamA came along, I considered EL Bee-Jay (Don’t the Mexicans call him that? LOL) to be the most corrupt President in all of American history. Then, obamA came along.

          19. Doris Will says:

            I’ll give you an Amen on that! We have been lied to so much, it’s hard to believe anybody.

          20. Richard Faith says:

            EL Bee-Jay could have been bilL klintoN, on second thought!

          21. BURTON HUGHES says:

            Johnson was called that on our news broadcasts. He was also called the Bull Pusher.

            A joke of the time. It is a pity why L B J can’t go deer hunting , even though he is president of the USA. How is that? HIS RIFLE IS LOCKED UP IN THE COURT HOUSE IN DALLAS. Many held him in contempt.

          22. Dave Nettles says:

            Something to look at: Years ago I heard a rumor that 2 weeks before he was assassinated, JFK issued a executive order instructing the FED to quite printing US money putting it back in the hands of Treasury. The story continues that the 1st thing LBJ did was suspend that order. Any truth?

          23. k9maiden says:

            Nixon got the blame for everything because the leftist media hated him so they went out of their way to build up the story about Watergate. He shouldn’t have lied about the break in, HOWEVER, now we had an ineligible POTUS who not only blatantly lied time and again, to our faces, especially about the attack in Benghazi that was a result of a movie, when he knew exactly what happened. It was a gun running deal gone wrong. Yet, the media didn’t question the Regime at all did they? That was much worse than Nixon ever did, Americans were killed and BO and Hillary lied about it, then turned around and apologized to the savages for a movie they KNEW was not the cause of the attack. Nixon, unlike BO, was an American, he was a natural born citizen, and he opened the Gateway for China and he also ended the Viet Nam War, so he was nothing like this evil, Arab/Muslim/Communist/ Kenyan who set out to destroy every aspect of this country from day one, and the Marxist Media covered for him. We need a revolt, millions upon millions of the silent majority coming out in droves and telling the Marxist Media to go to HELL they will no longer listen to them. But then, we did have something of that magnitude when President Trump was elected despite the lies of the Marxist Media, them campaigning for the Whore of ISLAM, the Islamic countries pouring millions into Killary’s Campaign, the Soros billions making sure the voting machines from his own company registered Killary only in some precincts, the dead rising to vote, and millions of illegals and Muslims going to the polls to vote in the monstrous bitch. God walked with us Nov. 8th, and Donald Trump has already improved our country in just two months, just think what he could do if the Communist/Anarchist, Soros, BO and Clintons would stop trying to sabotage him and let him get down to the business of making America Great Again.

          24. richardwfaith says:

            Amen! Your comment deserves many more upvotes!

          25. God indeed walked with US(A) … on NOV 8th, and from that day onward. Just look at how our new POTUS has performed since then, and how the savages in MSM and Soros / Obama shills have attacked him. But their arrows all miss the mark. Why? Because God has heard and answered the prayers of we the people.

          26. Jörn Boost says:

            You mean, IN A NEUTRAL COUNTRY?
            (like Hitler in Poland?)

          27. SL Brow says:

            Cambodia was hardly neutral. They let the North mass and organize within the borders. After reading some of your posts you refer as you are a citizen. If America is like Hitler maybe you should consider a small island off the coast of Greece. We out spent Russia. (Reagan).

          28. BURTON HUGHES says:

            Pol Pot murdered about half of his country men, the wealthy and the educated. The Vietnamese invaded his country to put an end to the slaughter. It is hard to imagine that the situation would be so bad that Vietnam would go in on a mission of mercy, but that is what happened.

          29. mikeman says:

            Nixon could have won the war, but the rats in Congress undermined him. How many democrats were on the side of North Vietnam, China and the Soviet Union, we many never know.
            Suffice to say, those who served there should be highly commended despite questionable political leadership.

          30. George Suveges says:

            I am with you Brother.

          31. Robert Alberini says:

            Ron, what a great update to the American people. I hope more will read this post. So enlightening. I was in and out before Vet Nam got hot, and didn’t follow it that closely. I did know that the North was about to go belly up, until the fake news media got involved. Even back then they were telling lies about the conflict in Nam. And those fools wearing the Peace insignia still sicken me today. They are OK with our military keeping us safe, but couldn’t give a damn about our military and the outcome of the war on terror, as long as it doesn’t affect them.

          32. MARY4RP says:

            Your take that this was a do-it-yourself war to benefit the military-industrial complex is accurate, in that it should never have been! When the MSM finally showed the blood, there was a loud outcry. A tragic hoax! Lyndon Johnson made up the story of the US battleship being fired upon. The Admiral assigned to it was surprised to learn the story! There is a giant unmasking story here, so I urge you to do even more research. My brother=in-law was chosen for the first “Advisory” group when a general said he would not go into that hornet’s nest without a 6’3″ Green Beret Paratrooper accompanying him. My older sister’s husband, “Bubba” came up on the ancient computer of that day. They traveled on a tiny white aircraft with a American flag painted on the fuselage. Years later, “Bubba” was called to show up for the war as a special officer. The tiny plane looked very familiar, so he scraped the white paint off at the rear. Sure enough, it was the same plane he rode in as an “Advisor”! After all of that, he lost a leg in Texas when an auto hit him as he was assisting victims of an auto wreck. So much is not known as the government doesn’t take embarrassment well.

          33. seahawk10 says:

            You are correct sir. General Giap later stated that after the Tet offensive and with almost 2 NVA garrisons destroyed, that the Arvn’s and the U.S. troops “broke their back” We decisively destroyed the NVA and the Viet Cong in 90% of the battles and firefights. We could have easily leveled Hanoi and Hai Phong from the air, by carpet bombing them day and night, but we played by stupid rules of conduct. And we were worried that Red China and the Soviets would escalate the war further.Ho Chi Minh was our ally in WWII as he along with the Viet Minh fought under the OSS against Japanese troops in Indochina. The damn French had ruled the country since the 1500’s and all Ho Chi Minh wanted was their own autonomy and independence from the French/. In fact he admired our system of government and had copied almost verbatim a declaration of Independence based on ours. However unlike the British giving up former colonies after WWII and granting them their independence the French refused to give up their rubber plantations and their autocratic rule in Indo China. The bastard French had a traveling guillotine that they ran around the country beheading any Viet Minh or Vietnamese that defied their rule.That coupled with Mao Tseng ousting Chiang Chek in China and Stalin dividing Berlin and invading other eastern European countries made for the “wise men” Harry S. Truman’s foreign policy advisors to issue a resounding no to Vietnamese independence. We then subsidized the Frogs from 1946 until their defeat in 1954 at Diem Bin Foo. JFK also screwed up later by ordering and condoning a military coup of the two brothers President Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu. This led to more corrupt military generals overseeing the ARVN until the we pulled out in April of 1975. We played games with Kissinger being thew good cop and Nixon the bad cop. We should have sone as General Curtis L:emay said and carpet bombed them from the DMZ north and then paved it and turned it into a parking lot. We owned the seas and the skies, the NVA or NVR were crack, disciplined troops but we had to play by idiotic LBJ.’s and McNamara’s rules, we would bomb and then let off. If you are going to engage in war then one must do a “scorched earth” policy as we did in WWII. Our troops were back then and still are the best, elite fighting forces in the world. I am PROUD of our past miltary troops and our current troops and they need our support. I served from 1972 to 1976 in the USAF as a military police dog handler in Thailand at U-Tapao from late 1973 to 1974. I have many relatives that served in all branches enlisted and as officers in Vietnam and going back to the Spanish American War. Idiotic politicians like LBJ and others screw up world peace, they then order war and interfere making it impossible for our troops to fight and do their job. As the late, great B.T. Colins stated “The purpose of the military is to KILL and BREAK THINGS”. They are not damn social workers as idiotic Obama and Carter and LBJ and GW Bush to some extent forced them to do along with hindering them from doing their jobs with useless rules of engagement.

          34. nicholsda says:

            You are a little off in your time line. Truman is the one who first arranged for advisors to go in and they did under Ike. But yes, it was the Dems that got us into it and they did not want a win, just to keep the war going so both Johnsons could make money. That company that the left knocks Cheney about is the same company the Lady Bird was making money off of. Brown-Root ring a bell?

          35. Anvil6 says:

            Actually, one of the companies was SeaLand, owned by Lady Bird Johnson. That was the “Conex Containers” that EVERYTHING shipped by sea used. Some of them were even used to make cells for “LBJ” – Long Bhin Jail – which held US GI’s awaiting trial/convicted of offenses in RVN.

          36. nicholsda says:

            Also stock in DuPont, which made gunpowder. No matter how you look at it, that is what started getting LBJ worried and why he didn’t run again. The wolves were at the door.

          37. Ron Long says:

            Let us not forget the ever popular Agent Orange.

          38. nicholsda says:

            Can’t forget that. BIL suffers from its impact after two tours in Vietnam.

          39. Richard StJohn says:

            I regret to inform you that the signals traffic has been declassified and that it conclusively proves one thing about the Gulf of Tonkin incident: It never happened. It was the justification for the massive troop build up. But the story itself was a total line of bullshit.

          40. Doris Will says:

            Ever since WWII we have too much congressional oversight! We have Generals, not as many as we used to, but have the best one, put him in charge, and and leave the war to the military. And remember it is a war, we do not have to give the enemy Miranda Rights on the battlefield.

          41. Mike W says:

            I have always said the same thing. These a**hole politicians start wars and then try to manage them from the safety of their air conditioned guarded offices. Let the military handle military matters and keep the politico’s the hell out of the way. Things will get done a whole lot quicker.

          42. Doris Will says:

            With resounding victory

          43. Chi Sam says:

            Does your brain ever wonder why it believes the plural of Clinton is Clinton’s…yet it somehow knew not to write war’s, office’s, matter’s, and thing’s?

          44. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

            One slight mistake “rather then being on routine patrol Aug.2, the U.S. destroyer Maddox was actually engaged in aggressive-intelligence gathering maneuvers — in sync with coordinated attacks on North Vietnam by the South Vietnamese and the Laotian air force.
            But Johnson ordered U.S. bombers to “retaliate” for a North Vietnamese torpedo attack that never happened.
            Prior to the U.S. air strikes, top officials in Washington had reason to doubt that any Aug. 4 attack by North Vietnam had occurred. Cables from the U.S. task force commander in the Tonkin Gulf, John J. Herrick, referred to “freak weather effects.” “almost total darkness” and an “overeager sonarman” who “was hearing ship’s own propeller beat.”
            One of the Navy pilots flying overhead that night was squadron commander James Stockdale, who gained fame later as a POW and then Ross Perot’s vice presidential candidate. “I had the best seat in the house to watch that event,” recalled Stockdale a few years ago. “and our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets — there were no PT boats there…. There was nothing but black water and American fire power.
            In 1965, Lyndon Johnson commented: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.”
            The reality as I see it when we are told Remember The fill in the blank, Alamo, Maine, weapons of mass destruction, it is a call to go to war even though the real reason is a lie.

          45. Dave Robbins says:

            As a Viet Nam vet I would have preferred General Westmoreland’s idea to make a parking lot out of North Viet Nam. If the military had been in charge instead of the politicians it would have been a short war that America would have won easily without all the casualties. If we were going to fight a war it should have been to win it not for political reasons. The young liberals in America when coming home were disgusting. 1969-1970 and out.

          46. Beenthere43 says:

            We think alike brother! RVN69

          47. PatriotGal says:

            Dave, you sound like my uncle who was with Patton in WWII and he wanted to march right through and flatten Russia…but DC said, NO! Amazing how Patton “died” this side of being “iced out”.

          48. Susan says:

            Very nicely written and thank you for taking the time to inform so many who think they know the facts. I am with you on the peace symbol.

          49. Kim LaMela says:

            Well Look at the Crazy Ignorant Liberals we have, They want our own Borders to Stay wide open, and they have Succeeded in Stalling our President from the Extreme Vetting Process from the Middle East War Zones. Not To Mention we Our Military is Squeezing ISIS out of their Own Country, They wanted to Kill Americans Before that ,What do you think they will want to do now? They are going to Waltz right in with these Un-Vetted Refugees and or our open border. And We are going to have These Terrorist Recruit Home Grown Terrorist Killing Americans for years To Come. I hope Normal Americans Remember what these Liberals are Doing to our Country.

          50. DollyT says:

            thank you for telling it straight!

          51. VET says:

            You are so right with your comment i served in Vietnam in1968 i was in the Infantry (RECON) and was wounded and one thing RON it was over 60,000 soldiers that were killed not 50,000.

          52. Ron Long says:

            Thanks for the service brother, the number I was referring to was after TET and not the total loses. My numbers may be off but I do know that fewer would have been killed if it had not been for the peacenicks protesting the war, we who served were committed to victory, The war would have ended in 1968.

          53. klngonwarr says:

            Well played Ron, well played

          54. John DeLaFrance says:

            L.BJ. Did not want the war to end. He was a major stockholder in a company supplying uniforms to South Vietnams military.

          55. Linda says:

            And we know what Chronkite was! The Fake News of the 60’s another darling! It was probably a gold mine for the powers that be for drug running! Just like Benghazi was for gun running!

        2. Random Citizen says:

          You’re right. JFK found his approach wasn’t working and so issued NSAM 263 in October 1963, ordering the phased withdrawal of all U.S. advisors by December 1964. About to be exposed for corruption, a desperate LBJ connived with the MIC to murder JFK and seize power. He then gave the generals and the defense industry the war they wanted. JFK was pronounced dead at 1 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22, 1963. By the next Close of Business, U.S. policy in Vietnam was completely reversed, laying the basis for the Escalation that followed the staged Tonkin Gulf Incident. The war was never intended to be short. It was dragged out in order to maximize profits. I believe Ladybird made $100,000 on Bell Helicopter stock alone.

        3. Vicki M says:

          My cousin, an Air Force fighter pilot, (retired,deceased) from The 2nd, Vietnam and Korean wars, told me that Vietnam was THE MOST frustrating experience of his life because the government would not allow them to fight to WIN the war…just keep fighting. He could not talk about it or he would have had his pension removed.

        4. Frankiedoodle says:

          And I wonder how could those evil demonic a holes look themselves in the mirror. I guess when you choose to throw your conscience out the window and
          follow satan, you’ll do anything. I know the ugly bird and her darling husband, & McNamara, have since passed, but I wonder if now they think it was worth it.
          They were responsible for the lives of thousands of our American soldiers, caused so much disruption and sadness to so many families
          and not to mention the soldiers that were maimed for life. They’re
          dealing with a much Higher Power now.

      2. richardwfaith says:

        The last little (four-letter!) word in your post recapitulates the entire HISTORY of obamA!

    2. Mike W says:

      Polynesia Indonesia one thing is for sure – more and more is coming out to prove he sure isn’t from Kenya. That was all a part of the lie – the lie that just won’t go away. He has ignored his Kenyan family since getting elected. Now that he is out of office where is Michelle and the kids? He is traveling around all by himself. When in California he stayed with his gay buddies and Michelle/Michael left in a hurry all pissed off at Barry. She got on Richard Branson’s private jet and headed to Branson’s private island retreat. Now out of office he doesn’t need them anymore either?
      There are reports that the kids were borrowed from friends, I don’t know but Obama is as crooked as crooked can get. The below link is an interview with his half brother in Kenya.


      1. way2confused says:

        I always wanted to do a DNA test on the kids to see if they are really his.

        1. Mike W says:

          I always thought that the presidents DNA, finger prints retinal scan etc would be kept on file for identification purposes. Maybe I’m wrong, but at this point, I don’t think anyone believes that Obama Sr. was his biological father. I always thought that his father was Frank Marshall Davis – like his half brother said there are many similarities – certainly a lot more than with Sr. or his brother. But after seeing the SUBUD video I am not so sure. At first I thought that picture of SUBUD could have been photo shopped into that video but I went to the SUBUD website and they have the same picture. No matter what it’s extremely hard to believe that Barrack Hussein Obama Jr. is who he claims to be. Maybe if they can get his records unsealed all will be clear.

        2. reggie says:

          See the address just above.

      2. Whatzrname says:

        Rumors before they left wh was they were headed for divorce (if they are even married to begin with) and the kids were rent-a-kid. Moochelle a time or two couldn’t remember anniversary date or b/d’s of kids. What woman forgets those? Everything about them are fake- did the lamestream media investigate any of it? The plural ss#’s, why both surrendered their law degrees, obama’s interference with israel’s election while feigning horror in possibility of russia interferring with our election, benghazi lies, and on and on. No, of course not. But they’re stumbling all over themselves to reveal 2 pages of trump’s tax form from years ago.
        It’s really sad that we no longer have a trustworthy media.

        1. Mike W says:

          His half brother Malik says he was best man and had photos of the wedding. I saw Michelle on a talk show and a little girl asked her when they were married – she could not even come up with the decade – Made me wonder if she has problems or if she was drugged – as you said who forgets. I would not put a damned thing past the impostor Obama JR. or whatever the hell his name is.

          1. reggie says:

            Barry Soetoro. Adopted son of Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. Barry is a Muslim Indonesian citizen. They do not recognize dual citizenship. He obviously did not file the correct paperwork, so it’s a moot point where he was born, or who his birth father is.

          2. richardwfaith says:

            You may well be technically correct (who knows?); however, If I were a judge trying obamA for treason, I’d be PREPARED for him to try to avoid the “maximum penalty” by saying “Your honor, the charges against me cannot stand, on the basis that I’m not a natural-born citizen”. My reply would be, “Sorry, kid, we heard you the FIRST time. You were born in Hawaii! Jury is hereby directed to proceed with sentencing.”

          3. reggie says:

            Good point. This whole thing is getting beyond reason. Never realized how many brainwashed, brain dead people are in the US. When imams are allowed to ‘preach’ in NYC, calling for a takeover, and the police do nothing…

      3. reggie says:

        I had read that they came from Morocco… This is one article, close the spaces to search
        www . ini-world-report . org /2014 /08 /08/ where-are-obamas-daughters-baby-pics-and-birth-records/

        1. Mike W says:

          I’ve read reports about a guy named Nesbitt and his wife Dr. Blanchard who may be the real parents. They were always around the Obama’s – Nesbitt even pictured aboard Air Force One on many occasions – what was his job in the cabinet? Has anyone seen the girls since Obama left office? There is a link below about whether or not Michelle is a man – there are many images they present that are medical in nature and I am not a doctor so I don’t know if they are true – but if they are medically correct there is absolutely no way Michelle ever gave birth. In my own little world I have only looked at the hands of every male and female I know and so far what is said in this video about hands is proving true.


          1. Chi Sam says:

            When was the last time you had an actual purpose in our society?

          2. Mike W says:

            I going to put this so even you will be able to understand it F**k Off Troll.

          3. Chi Sam says:

            You need not talk down to me in order that I understand you, and I have given no hints whatsoever that you do.

            You merely use an off-the-shelf reply due to an inability to properly craft a clever response to another adult.

          4. Mike W says:

            All you do is troll these pages and put in useless comments=. I see you can dish it out but can’t take it. Anytime anywhere punk.

          5. Chi Sam says:

            Yet another off-the-shelf retort.

            Let me guess, stupid…life-long machine operator, store clerk, or utility man in whatever company your smarter, more capable brother ran.

          6. Mike W says:

            Let me guess – 9 -10 year old fat kid with low self esteem and no friends locked away in your room with a keyboard?

          7. Chi Sam says:

            You are wrong on all five counts. That is not surprising, given that you present yourself as more of knee-jerk zealot than a thinking person.

            I answered your question,,,now you tell me what sort of ‘any illegal or high-school dropout could master my job in three weeks’ tasks you have performed for society during the course of your ‘career’.

            I work with dumb factory workers and can readily spot one.

          8. Mike W says:

            Who cares.

          9. Chi Sam says:

            What a silly, impertinent remark.

            We both care. Clearly I care, or I would not have asked twice, stupid. I believe I have your number, and I suspect this ‘vocation’ of yours is a way of lending pertinence to an otherwise impertinent man. Were you to honestly admit what sorts of jobs you have held, I likely would be proven correct in my assessment of you.

            You obviously care, or you would have answered an extremely easy question. That you refuse to suggests I am right.

            As a man, we all ‘care’ how we are judged by other men. You (rightly) deduce that I would only look further down upon you if I knew for certain what sorts of largely impertinent roles you have played in our society.

            I do believe, however, that whatever dead-end jobs you have held were more useful to our society than is this current task of yours.

    3. Al says:

      He’s just continuing his jihad against the United States only not from the WH now. He’s a muslim. enemy

      1. George Suveges says:

        I knew that all along he was a no good bastard.

    4. George Suveges says:

      I say yes. Tar and fether this communist no good bastard already.

    5. Censored_WND says:

      let o-bam-ma show his REAL passport before returning to these Great United States of America. Just Sayin’ and I am not talking about the one that was created for him while he was Da’ potus, talking about the other one.

    6. pevans1 says:

      I’ll bet there is a golf course there too…. FORE!

      1. way2confused says:

        He is apparently in Tahiti and there are golf courses there. And WHO is paying for his food and lodging? My guess is we are. And an interesting note, there is no extradition agreement with French Polynesia. What treasonous act is Obama plotting and who is he plotting it with?

    7. http://www.clip60.com/watch/france-refuses-fbi-request-to-interview-obama-over-drug-bust.GuSQniLTABM.html Refer to this link which gives information regarding Obama escaping from the FBI concerning a huge cocaine drug bust (4.2 tons with a street value over $1Billion) using his ship, Lady Michelle. I hope that it’s true although I haven’t seen anything yet in the main stream media on it. To see more on this do an online search for “Obama in hiding after drug bust”.

      1. way2confused says:

        And, if true, you never will see it on main stream media

    8. BURTON HUGHES says:

      Over the weekend Obama was running from a drug bust of the fishing ship , the Michelle. He was running from one place to another and islands like a RAT going from one trash pile to another to hide.The Michelle was dead in international waters after the US Navy disabled it’s electrical system.

      This was on line.

  3. Mike W says:

    I can’t wait until someone knocks that smug look off of that pricks face. If you haven’t seen this video you should watch it.


  4. Steven Coy says:


    1. Al says:

      Thanks for your service.

    2. Chi Sam says:

      The rooms they tapped were not new, stupid. They were built many years ago.

        1. Chi Sam says:

          Do you also spell ‘newsrooms’ with two words…one being wrong?

  5. Carolkitfox says:

    Why would anyone think Ovomit would do anything illegally?”??? Because he thinks he is GOD and does things all the time that are illegal. He should face treason charges on more than one thing he pulled. Now we hear he met with Judge in Hawaii who stoped illegally the ban on imigration. Dirty rotten pig is all Ovomit is or ever was.

  6. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:


  7. Bayside GolfClub says:

    I’m totally good with “the firing squad’. Anything less is to be an accomplice and to beg for more of the same..

  8. Lewis says:

    Hell we all know that Clinton and Obama’s cartels is involved in any and everything illegal .Anything that will destroy America.

  9. Ron says:

    The last three presidents before Trump worked for crooked ANTI AMERICAN Jews in Hollywood,Wall Street and Federal Reserve . Bush Clinton and Obama should be put on trial and charge with treason. WAKE UP USA!

    READ ABOUT ISRAEL ATTACK ON THE USS LIBERTY. Below is part of the story. Treason was committed against our people and country.

    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts – PaulCraigRoberts.org
    Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 › the-isr…
    Jul 26, 2016 – The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations

    The air attack failed to sink the Liberty. About 30 minutes into the attack three torpedo boats appeared flying the Star of David. The Israeli boats were not on a rescue mission. They attacked the Liberty with cannon, machineguns and torpedoes. One torpedo struck the Liberty mid-ship, instantly killing 25 Americans while flooding the lower decks. The Israeli torpedo boats destroyed the life rafts the Liberty launched when the crew prepared to abandon ship, sending the message there would be no survivors.

    1. Random Citizen says:

      The USS Liberty was ine of the first victims of the Deep State. Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty was a false flag operation conducted with the full knowledge and approval of Lyndon Johnson for the purpose of justifying U.S. intervention on Israel’s side in the Six Day War. The attack was supposed to be blamed on the Egyptians, but the crew of the Liberty foiled his plans by surviving the attack. Johnson prevented the defense of the Liberty, saying he didn’t want to embarrass an ally. Johnson ruthlessly used false flags throughout his tenure: pinning his assassination of JFK on Lee Oswald, the Tonkin Gulf Incident on Hanoi, his murder of Martin Luther King on James Earl Ray, and his murder of Bobby Kennedy on Sirhan Sirhan. God bless our USS Liberty survivors! May they keep speaking out.

    2. MARY4RP says:

      Accurate! Time should not be wasted on the symptoms but searching
      out the CAUSE. It is the massive ZIIONISTS PLAN to rule our country and the world, via their Banksters Wake up, America!

  10. Richard Bagenstose says:

    i still want to know why the fbi ain’t investigating the deep state

    1. Mike W says:

      The FBI might be – they just don’t want Comey to know – he is a part of it.

    2. MARY4RP says:

      Because being so infiltrated with the Deep State, they ARE THEMSELVES the Deep State. The swamp has too many critters to clear it up in a day. Our country and President Trump need our prayers..

      1. Libs R Loons says:

        Excellent, Mary…and you beat me to it!

    3. richardwfaith says:

      Same damned reason why cops hardly ever get speeding tickets!

  11. Random Citizen says:

    I suggested when this story first broke that one of our Five Eyes partners (i.e., the Brits) may have intercepted communications from Trump Tower and shared them with the Obama administration through liaison channels. In fact, I believe I did so on this forum. That gives Obama and even “our” government deniability.

    In fact, the USG probably has recordings of every phone conversation from the Trump team with Russian officials. It definitely has access to all emails. And yet it has nothing showing collusion between the two sides.

    The mainstream news media would have us believe the story here is that Trump is a paranoid falsely accusing Obama of spying on him. The real story is that the MSM is actively trying to undercut the President of the United States through a whisper campaign of lies and innuendo.

    And the ultimate issue is that the USG routinely spies on all Americans. It does so because it seeks to rule and control us, for and in behalf of a cabal that seized power in 1963 and still permeates the government.

    1. MARY4RP says:


    2. NoCoincidences says:

      “The mainstream news media would have us believe the story here is that
      Trump is a paranoid falsely accusing Obama of spying on him.”
      The reader repeaters continue to drive the paranoia talking point in order to convince the foolish sheep of 0bama and demonrat cultists, and repugnicans alike, to impeach President Trump via the twenty-fifth Amendment.

      The traitors are pulling out all of the stops and the kitchen and bathroom sinks to throw at President Trump. The question being overlooked, or swept under the pile of dead bodies, is- What is so world-ending important to cause all those people to go to the extent they have gone, and are still going, to get rid of President Trump?

      President Trump should investigate EVERY last corner of 0bongo’s life and proceed as needed to dismantle it.

      1. Richard Faith says:

        What put the election of Trump over the top is the fact that many of us voters have come to understand that the paradigm of “Democrat vs Republican” has been a manufactured falsehood for decades, because the Globalist CABAL, by OWNING OUTRIGHT “both” of the part”ieS”, has created a ONE-PARTY system for us to suffer under. Accordingly, said election (to those of us who understand) became a referendum against said Globalist CABAL. The current concerted effort on the part of “both” “sides” of the (NONEXISTENT) SO-CALLED “aisle” to take Trump down serves as damning evidence that the foregoing is true.

  12. Ross Blankert says:

    traitors seem to reside in the Democratic Party. That is what is left of it.

  13. Bob says:

    I don’t doubt for a minute that Obama did everything possible to spy on Trump. But, he did it on the down low. He didn’t want to leave any trails. After the job the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and other intelligence agencies did hiding the evidence on Hillary and her emails, it is not to far of stretch to believe they would not do it for Obama without a FISA Warrent.

  14. horseridingplains says:

    Well Shepherd Smith of Fox better get the memo cause he says there is no proof bama did anything—maybe he should change channels cause he is as fake tv personality as it gets(certainly not a journalist) – he is a no Trump person and I personally am getting sick of the deep state and the potential coup that is going on–Trump needs to kick A and take names later–
    regarding the ban- BS to 9th circuit- Trump is well within constitutional rights to ban whoever- simply ignore the ban and increase ICE, border patrol anything–do we not remember that bama issued a ban and earlier there were bans on people coming due to medical reasons.
    Enough of the crap –get the obaamacites out of the WH and out of the assigned positions- even left open is better than the people who are there and interested in a coup
    And Ryan and McConnell need to start to remember that millions of Americans voted for Trump and need to stop slow balling the political processes which Trump wants- they are as 2 faced as they come- heard Ryan may have secret alliance with Shumer- Ryan needs to remember that Wisconsin went for Trump[

  15. lolastaples says:

    I think it was Obama’s people who did spy on our now President Trump.

  16. gene smiith says:

    Well I am not surprised. Thus far there had been nothing said by Trump that even though outrageous at the time he said it, didn’t turn out to be true eventually…..Here, it would seem, is another example.
    BRAVO President TRUMP youhave risen above your clumsy adversaries.

  17. b j says:

    all the hate spewed forth in these comments just makes me even more aggravated…we can do nothing to this scumbag except complain…. we have no representation anywhere….he and the fugly thang still breathe air of freedom and we the peons will pay for all the wonderful life he and the thang had…..our great grandchildren will be paying for all the damage he has caused and that smug faced shthed has thumbed his nose at America forever

    1. Richard Faith says:

      You ARE talking about obamA, right?

  18. richardwfaith says:

    It cannot be repeated ENOUGH that the MONEY TRAIN that FINANCES obamA’s mayhem is the soro$$$$$$ expre$$. Here is a clip of my personal advice for President Trump:
    Personally, I would advise against using the SO-CALLED “legal” approach to getting rid of soro$$$$$$ and hi$ $on$, because the fact that an insignificant fraction of soro$$$$$$’s wealth is sufficient to
    BUY OUTRIGHT an entire LEGION of judges and LOY-YIZZ GUARANTEES a BOTCHED TRIAL with the OUTCOME being that soro$$$$$$ WALKS! IMO a far less risky method is to scout out a foreign nation that WANTS soro$$$$$$ badly enough to draw up arrest warrants for soro$$$$$$ AND hi$ $on$, and then we should PROMPTLY EXTRADITE said perps.

    Some have said that we “cannot” extradite to a country with whom we don’t have an “extradition treaty”.
    To this, I say, “BULL DURHAM! All such a treaty DOES is to make extradition MANDATORY ON DEMAND; on the other hand, what RELEVANCY can a MANDATE have in a case of MUTUAL AGREEMENT?” Furthermore, just in case I’m WRONG about the latter, Y’ know WHAT? Once soro$$$$$$
    AND $on$ are eliminated, the entire question becomes MOOT and ACADEMIC!

    It is widely believed that Russia has an active “Wanted Dead or Alive” arrest warrant extant for soro$$$$$$, although $nope$ vehemently DENIE$ the latter. (A denial on the part of $nope$ tends only to make me believe it ALL THE MORE!) MY QUESTION: WHO in the deepest pits of Hell could think that we Americans are SO naïve as to “write it off as a mere coincidence” that it is ALSO widely believed that
    $nope$ get$ a lot of $$$$$$ from soro$$$$$$?

    It is also widely believed that soro$$$$$$ is wanted in his own homeland: Hungary.

    One important point remains:

    When and IF soro$$$$$$ AND $on$ are extradited, the investment funds that they manage are quite likely to plummet in value to ZERO overnight. Knowing that my idea might actually CATCH ON, anyone invested in such funds IMO is well advised to DUMP THEM IMMEDIATELY, while they STILL have SOME value.

  19. William M Durham says:

    What do you expect from common trash who thinks he is King no an elected President, a complex common in all black [so called ] leaders, they all want absolute power and to rule like a king

  20. Gary Hull says:

    Only problem with this is same old excuse: Deny, Deny, Deny, It was the other guy! What difference does it mean if under oath, they lie all the time knowing they will get away with it. I am totally sick of our legal system, they have their own agenda and it does’t include we the people. Gary

  21. LarryMH47 says:

    Looks like the Rothschild Family is still hoping their ‘golden boy’ will return to the White House. THAT’S NOT HOW OUR SYSTEM WORKS YOU DUNG BEETLES!

  22. disqus_tpc8waQI76 says:

    The brits have denied this so the plot thickens there priminister saying it never happen so we’re do you go from here judge Napolitano I so want you to nail that shit bag

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Do you really think the Brits would admit it?

    2. NoCoincidences says:

      The british intelligence communitty is just as bought and sold as the U.S. ‘intelligence’ community. They inform the prime minister about as much as ours inform President Trump. She isn’t very well liked in her home country, why would they tell her anything? Not to mention, those that did participate probably have targets on their backs if they ever speak up. And, with 0bongo’s many tentacles it would be a death sentence..

      0bongo is a little vengeful baby that has even more evil people encouraging and covering him snce his beginnings.. No one should put it past 0bongo when it comes to any criminal activities involving all of the bullsh*t claims his media lackeys throw at President Trump…

  23. Ron says:

    Shame on FBI CIA and SS if Russia was hacking our computers. “WHO’S SMARTER”? Folks your children and grandchildrens future and safety are in danger. We have a very ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST GOV. We are is serious trouble.



  24. Gerald A. Reason says:

    Unfortunately, this will NOT stop the socialist movement from trying to destroy Trump. If the bureaucrats that have been inserted into the various government agencies, under Obama’s administration, are not culled out and removed from their positions, Trump will be fighting a losing battle with the media and the socialists (progressives as they now call themselves — we use to call them, wrongfully, Communists but even Soviet Communism was simply pure socialism). If we can ever get an honest investigation of this, I am sure some would go to jail. (Perhaps even the media’s choice, Obama and Clinton.)

  25. Plew Buster says:

    I said when the IDIOTS of America voted Obama in for his first term it was the begin of the end of America a terrorist Musilum plant was not good for America

  26. geneww1938 says:

    First Google & read “64 Ways Obama is Sabotaging Trump” and “Color Revolution”.
    This is a deadly war against President Trump as his administration tries to rip our country out of the Neocon’s [Shadow government-NWO-Bilderberg] evil grips and as WikiLeaks is simultaneously and independently exposing the Deep State Neocons.
    Neocons pay 10,000 Euros [$11,000] to each invader into Europe (over 70% young males) with promises of young blondes starving to have their children for Allah … Those same Neocon agents are supporting these ghetto resettlements into USA and fighting the border walls, stripping government power, Obamacare repeal, conservative appointments, restoring the Constitution, and strengthening USA as an independent country.

  27. GB2179 says:

    Get Him and prosecute him once and for all……..

  28. Danni Smith says:

    Obama didn’t have to order it-all he had to do was send it down the lines of Jarrett and lynch, and it was a done deal. Of course he wanted it done and the members of his salon got it done.

  29. jim jones says:

    Asked under oath, what a joke. Taking an oath means nothing to these slimy assholes, that black bastard reneged on his oath of office.

  30. k9maiden says:

    Just heard on my local news where the NYPD wants to be reimbursed for protecting Trump and his family because he is in KEY LARGO and Melania because she is still in NY. Can you imagine if they did the same to BO when he did nothing but golf and spend one and a half billion on lavish vacations? We really do have to clean the swamp of the liberal/Communist and give red blooded, patriotic Americans their jobs. The news lady, after hearing how much the Secret Service and NYPD costs for protecting Trump said “Boy, that’s really expensive” IDIOTS, all of them, I’m sick of hearing one side even on local news.

  31. irked says:

    Mr.Napolitano: Isn’t this treason?

  32. William Meekins says:

    I still can’t understand why Obama and Hillary aren’t arrested yet. What’s going on? Obama is doing just what they did in Russia when they elected that other president. Putin was running his shadow government there too. Obama is running a shadow government here. Why does our people’s government allow this?

  33. BURTON HUGHES says:

    You failed to mention that Lady Bird

    owned half of Brown and Root who had the construction concessions. The French forces had no support after France fell to Hitler.

  34. JWPerlsen says:

    Even if Obama is found to have broken the law nothing will come of it. Obama has the left, the news media and George Soros on his side and he is stirring the pot as we speak. No matter how outraged we become over this issue the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. either do NOT want to do anything or are AFRAID to do anything because they want the swamp to remain. The only way to drain the swamp is to FIRE each and every appointee made by Obama and get rid of ALL those that are sympathetic to his views. It may be too late for this to happen no matter what we want. Look at all the problems our POTUS is having with the judges. It hurts me to see what the left has done to our great nation.

  35. Timothy Dayton says:

    We keep getting these fund raising calls from Obama for what purpose? To obstruct Donald Trump. Where were the people to obstruct Obama, I would have given some money for that. However, Repubs and Bush did not engage in that sort of dirty politics. They accpted the will of the voters and moved on. That is the difference between conservatives and DEMs, Obama supporters and libs in general, they don’t move on. Keep this in mind for the future!!!

  36. NancyG54 says:

    Fox has suspended him temporarily for lying. On Monday, the leaders of both the FBI and NSA testified under oath that there is NO evidence of any Obama wire tapping nor illegal outreach to Brits. FAKE NEWS is the product of Steve Bannons Breitbart and his friends in Russia. Americans deserve better than this distortion of facts. Unpatriot FAKE NEWS…

  37. Angee says:

    Here’s proof that Obama used a fake Birth Certificate to claim he was a USA Citizen. He committed the biggest fraud in the History of the USA…in addition to the “He/She wife” and daughters without proof they are his real children. All the information has remained a secret (?). Obama should be put in prison for life and all the benefits he got as President, should be taken back. The USA is covering up the scandal, but we the people know the facts. Take a look at the documents introduced by this Detective and AZ Sheriff Arpaio.

  38. Walter Flatt says:





    IF NOT,








  39. Barbara Lewis says:

    I have no doubt that it didn’t happen this way. I fully believe Obama to be guilty of treason and being so very sneaky and an Islamist to the very end. Then on top of that his pick for president next didn’t check out either, she got beat. And now nobody wants to back President Trump. You people get what you deserve, it’s just a shame others have to pay the penalty also.

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