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Leaked video shows Michelle Obama doing something shocking

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  1. RONALD WIEDER says:

    She’s just a do-nothing cow

    1. badass says:

      are you talking about pig?

    2. granny_forUSA says:


      1. Force Recon says:

        Fliege Scheisse !!!!!

    3. Jim says:

      Ronald,,you just settled it. Her ass is as big as you say, a cow.Not good for him or her.

  2. smithleeroy21 says:

    Is Michelle black or white? She/He has hair like a white person(will not say woman for obvious reasons).. He/She has facial shape and tone of a white person. She/He claims to be black.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      Not sure, but “it’s” husband is both!

    2. irene says:

      She probably wears a “wig” like maxine waters does.

      1. SofiesVoice says:

        With all the millions she has been able to steal you’d think maxine waters would buy a better looking wig. Hers really looks like a rug.

          1. SofiesVoice says:

            I can’t decide…..which is the uglier?….her face or the wig? Maybe the wig wouldn’t look so ugly on a different face…Nah, nope….

        1. She is using all her money on house payments!

        2. Verna Stupski says:


      2. Darlene F. Donston says:


      3. Jim says:

        Irene,Ole Maxine stole James Brown,s wig and will not return it.This bitch needs more than a wig.

        1. irene says:

          “I feel good” (James Brown song) But she sure Doesn’t look good. even with James Brown GOD AWFUL wig!! LOL!

    3. Bruce Walters says:

      Michael Lavaughn Robinson was born a black male. You can see it in his bone structure, the way he walks and carries himself. Feel free to enter that name in your search engine and let the results speak for themselves

      1. Debra(bogene) says:

        I did that when obama was first running for president. And every time i told somebody, they had to look it up too. I noticed he/she looked and moved like a man, when i first seen him/her.

    4. Anybody can change their hair. Anyone with straight hair can get a perm. A person with curly hair can use a straightening product. Plus there are wigs available for any style you could possibly want. Also anyone can change their voice. American’s can learn to speak like they were raised in England. Aussies can train their voices to make you think they grew up in Texas. Michelle can make you believe whatever she wants you too.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Good try!! However, you can only ‘fool’ some of the people some of the time–can’t fool all of the people ‘all’ of the time! Time’s up!!

    5. Verna Stupski says:

      MOOCHELLE ALSO HAS CHIN WHISKERS & mustache thicker than mine.Everyone has seen it without it’s wig on,it’s hair[real] is very short,with a sheer net covering it up.

    6. Dulcie A. Covington says:

      lots of wigs

    7. Lindsay Paolillo says:

      She/He is black and wears wigs.

  3. John Centonze says:

    I can’t stand the Obamas but what is the point of this article. I just have to say: “So what!”

    1. Gen11American says:

      I’m with you on that. That horrid woman can party till the world ends with whomever she wants! I just don’t care to hear about it, read about it, have rabid newshounds mention it, or to use those parties to promote Mrs O’s initiatives. Since she’s no longer First Lady (Thank God!) we don’t even want to hear what initiatives she’s still promoting because she and her husband are both anti-American traitors!

      1. Force Recon says:

        She’s a He Michael la Vaughn Robinson (Øb☭m☭ bin Lyin mentioned that at least twice in speeches)
        Michelle Obama IS “Michael LaVaughn Robinson” Shockingly Barry Calls His Wife Michael Not Michelle

        Øb☭m☭ bin Lyin ADMITS his “wife” Michelle is a transsexual man named Michael Admiral Mike Muller looks confused

  4. Poke says:


  5. David Linton says:

    Wonder if the video was shot before or after they all smoked a bowl?

  6. granny_forUSA says:


    1. Sandra Roberts says:

      Stop Insulting Critters PLEASE it is true she looks like the backside of one of the primates but they can’t help that and it’s cruelty to animals to compare them as they are far more intelligent honest and loving then her

  7. Brad Tipton says:

    When are they going to leak the video of Moochell peeing in a urinal while standing and facing it ?
    Or a picture of the jock strap IT wore while playing linebacker at Oregon U.?

    1. bbenhamid says:

      He/she has probably a bigger Johnson than Barry Soetoro.

    2. Bruce Walters says:

      There are numerous photos of Moochie when his junk slipped out of the binding and is clearly visible showing through his clothing.

  8. Ron haymaker says:

    Where’s the shocking part?

  9. Betty says:


  10. Sandra Roberts says:

    I may detest the Obamas beyond all reason but I am capable of carrying on a conversation or debate with out lowering myself in the Process. What she looks like is irrelevant, her/he sex is irrelevant, a.nd please do not insult bovine or swine by comparing them to her it is cruel

    1. dude says:

      i agree insulting animals calling michealle that and referring him to as a her is even more sickening… what even more sickening you’all elected a muslim foreigner queer as president twice and the first (it) is a trannie now that to me is as about as you can get… thk GOD! we’ve corrected that and finely got a president with some morals and balls to back it up …more than what obama had but the first (it) did

      1. Sandra Roberts says:

        I a not now nor have I ever been a Libatard so I had nothing to do with his being elected in point of fact I lobbied against him in both elections unfortunately there seems to be a inordinate amount of people in this country who are voting for Democrats from the grave, stolen and assumed names or capable of finding a way to vote in several districts. This just proves how bereft of morals the Liberals truly are if the can’t win fairly they cheat.Then they are also cowards looking for a safe place when the loose. Bunch of crying little snot nosed brats in need of a good butt whooping

        1. CATSPATRICIA says:

          Dear God, another priceless post. –you are on a roll.

          1. Sandra Roberts says:

            Glad I could give you a smile 🙂

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          Actually it’ highly debatable that Obama ‘legally’ won the second term election!! Keep in mind, the Soros produced and installed ‘election machines’ were first used in 2008!! We were so happy to have them thinking they would save time counting votes and the results would be available much faster. We also were led to believe it would stop voting fraud!! Little did we know until this past election how easily they could be ‘programmed’ to switch a vote from one party to the other. Some alert voters actually observed this happening when they entered a vote for the Republican party and ‘saw’ it being registered as a
          Democratic vote!! When they reported it to the people running the voting booths, they were told it was a ‘glitch’ and would be ‘fixed’!! Well, it certainly ‘was’!! I’ll concede that he was legally voted in the ‘first’ time. People were impressed by his demeanor and the idea of having a first ‘black’ president! However, after his term proved to be disappointing–I was amazed he was ‘voted in’ to serve a second time!! It was so ‘close’, several states were asked for a ‘second count’!! It was VERY close in Florida and they refused to comply!! Considering the ‘fixed vote’ machines–it is highly likely his second term was as ‘illegal’ as he is!!

          1. Sandra Roberts says:

            He was Never Legally elected ! Even in the first the fact they used intimidation at the polls there was ram pent voter fraud in the election they may not have had the polling machines rigged but the rest sure as hell was

    2. CATSPATRICIA says:

      Ms, Sandra–I laughed till I was sick. Your post is priceless.

  11. gary says:

    oh wow, a video of people at a party. OMG, outrageous. And where again is that video for us to see?

  12. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    So is she going to make a bid for congress or the presidency?

  13. starliteblonde says:

    This isn’t shocking. Everyone already knews this. Just more proof. They divided the country because of their racism and anti law/cop hatred. Another reason why Democrats lost the election.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Then, Obama had the nerve to try to ‘shame’ the black community in Florida into voting for Hillary!! “It will be a personal insult to me and my ‘legacy’ to not vote for Hillary”!! Well, your ‘legacy’ is a farce–consider yourself ‘insulted’!! Shame on you for your ‘bullying tactics’!!

  14. 4USA2 says:

    Beyonce made a video of herself bent over, wiggling her butt while singing “Lick my Pussy, Kiss my Pussy”. Not familiar with that song but those are some of the words and the video is on U-Tube so it’s not too difficult to find. Oh, oh, the horrid “pussy” word! Why do so many liberals have such a “double standard”? One person says it and the Earth is doomed; another sings the word and shakes her butt around and she’s considered “famous”???? Beyonce apparently thinks that “butt shaking action” and song are OKAY for our children to see and listen to so do you think she will bend over and wiggle it and sing the song for her children? Maybe that’s the bedtime song for the new twins? Oh, and if her children ever NEED a policeman’s help …. well gee, maybe she’ll wish she hadn’t been such a disgrace when she bad-mouthed our police men and women in her Super Bowl half time show a couple years ago. Beyonce is disgusting! Muchelle fits in with her very well. Maybe Beyonce can teach her the butt wiggle and all the words to the pussy song?

  15. Robert Zraick says:

    I actually worked with Beyonce at the start of her career. She did a song number on Circus of the Stars and I was one of the clown performers in that number. I had not heard of her before that. She was young, pretty and talented She performed “I like your smile”.
    Time , of course, changes all things. She is no longer young, not so beautiful as then, and her politics are ugly. I enjoyed the experience then, but I think she should have stuck to singing.

  16. icemancold says:

    Michael. Michelle, Moochie is was nothing more than dressed up GHETTO TRASH.!!

  17. Annie says:

    Ol’ Manchelle…got caught again! The First Tranny Man/Lady in the White House!

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      You know Annie,I somehow get the feeling you don’t like the Obama’s & the Clinton’s LOL!

  18. Bruce Walters says:

    “Leaked video” Where’s the video?

  19. Ima1492 says:

    I want to see Mike (I mean Mooochelle, the White House Yeti) pee standing up.

  20. jong says:

    Not a big surprise. Trash of a feather is in the sewer together.

  21. uhptony says:

    Michelle is one of the ugliest mothers O have ever seen.

  22. vinny says:

    What do you expect. NIGGERS don’t have any class. THEY ARE ANIMALS!!!

  23. Alleged Comment says:

    Michelle who?

  24. Nina Ferguson says:

    Don’t you remember the “horrible way that she complained” about the tape from 11 years ago that was released before the election? She went on and on about “I ‘ve never heard words like that in my life, it was just awful and so bad”. ( I am paraphrasing) But she does love her Beyonce’s nasty lyrics doesn’t she?

  25. Fortuneless says:

    Just a no count N!$$er just like Beyoncé and JayZ.

  26. TPS12 says:

    Shocking, who do you think they hang out with, Poor people?

  27. Paul Omlor says:

    News flash to these immoral turds, there is no such thing as african Americans, American blacks are either Americans or they are not.

  28. lilacangel says:

    Who’s the birth mother of her children if she is not a woman?

  29. JIM WILBOURN says:

    ARE YOU SURE “SHE” IS A “COW’???????????????????

    1. Verna Stupski says:

      A COW’S ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. game50 says:

    S/he is a Transgender. ..also known as Obama husband. ..Not his wife.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      I am a conservative,,,very conservative. You people are just a very special kind of stupid.

      1. game50 says:

        Commonsense 4America: Please check YouTube and put in Obama calling Michelle…Michael. ..enough said…

        1. CommonSense4America says:


          1. game50 says:

            Commonsense 4America: Why don’t you use some commonsense and just check it out and get a life and leave me out of it too.

  31. Monica says:

    I do not care about her looks but I do care that she and her husband believe they are King and Queen of this country. They both need to stop acting like they are still in charge of this country. They both are showboats and total narcissists.

  32. deacon lunchbox says:

    i thought the video would be Moocheller “shaking it off” at urinal, LOL

  33. LANI says:

    I dont c a video????
    AND please dont insult the poor innocent cows by calling Mooooochelle one. ?

  34. 1josephg1 says:

    birds of a feather.

  35. Raymond Levy says:

    WHO GIVES A RATS ASS ABOUT THAT OBAMA BITCH ! she has no class ,you seen her at the inauguration of president trump, with that look on her face, you know the one, where she looks like she gust ate the dog shit that she force our kids to eat in their school lunches……………………………………

  36. Fedup says:

    I hear michael is in talks with one of the NFL teams about him/her coming out of retirement.

  37. Mary Clouse says:

    Michelle Obama came from the Ghetto,so what to you expect?
    remember you take the girl out of the ghetto{etc}.The Obama’s hate Cops
    they already made comments to the public,on how the cops should learn
    how to speak Ebonics to get along with blacks,wellllll not in so many words,
    but you get the jest.

  38. Michael Davis says:

    I thought sure they were say “she” (it) got caught whipping out it’s penis.

  39. jim jones says:

    As long as people like that exist the word nigger will get plenty of use!

  40. ReaperHD says:

    Thought maybe they caught Michael scratching her Kahoonies.

  41. Joyce White says:

    If you are going to mention a “leaked video”, SHOW IT We only have your word that such a thing existed. That is very much like a liberal campaign to discredit someone. with hints, sly innuendos and outright lies. I don’t doubt for one minute that there is such a video floating around somewhere, but until we see it, it ain’t the truth It is that kind of crap that is causing Trump so much trouble.. If you can’t back it up, don’t say it.

  42. Dudley Hill says:

    birds of a feather, flock together!!

  43. Maria castro says:

    That is the kind of garbage our children are taught to admire.

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