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Loretta Lynch Just Made Some Very Frightening Comments

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  1. Jj Doodah says:

    That’s Not the Deal she Made with Bill in the back of the Plane…….

  2. Arcturus6 says:

    She was nothing more than a female version of Eric Holder and a political hack of the worst kind. Her comments are inflammatory and conducive to advocating violence, sedition and revolution.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Ahhhh,,,I see she fooled you too. That WAS Eric Holder in drag.

    2. crustyone says:

      The only difference is a pair.

      1. jakex_iii says:

        R U sure? Which one?

        1. noah jonas says:

          Holder didn’t have a pair, but he was on the down-low with Barack.

      2. Peter says:

        Neither have a pair!

        1. Richard Gieser says:

          Sure they do. And they are located between Michaels legs. As seen in more than one public photo, how else can you have an erection?

  3. Lee Strabel says:

    Satans wife speaks

  4. GR Arnold says:

    This corrupt and wretched bitch has no idea whatsoever what our Founding Fathers were all about. As far as I am concerned she and all those like her can go straight to hell and burn there for enternity.

    1. Evan says:

      If the IDIOT doesn’t wise up, I expect she will do exactly that along with
      the rest of the evil DemoCraps!

  5. Euclid22 says:

    Loretta Lynch was born in Iran and with her family is a Sunni Muslim. She lives under Sharia law and as such must be stoned to death and her body eaten by wild hogs. This will send her on the way to Paradise with the rest of the ISIL people.

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      Since when did Greensboro, North Carolina become part of Iran? And when did the Baptist Church become an offshoot of Islam, considering that her father was a Baptist Minister. What alternate relaity are you from, becuase you need to return since they are missing an idiot.

      1. SGirl says:

        He is thinking of Valerie Jarrett.

        1. Evan says:

          He must be, because this HAG is from Greensboro, NC!

          1. maxx says:

            She and James Comey were co-workers at the same D.C. law firm before getting into their previous jobs. Another woman that was real close to Hildabeast, Cheryl Mills also worked at that same firm. Coincidence? Not likely.

      2. Bev says:

        Well, don’t confuse her with anything Baptist!

      3. crustyone says:

        Even Wikipedia gave the correct, factual information on her birthplace. C.T. Dixon, you are correct!

      4. nicholsda says:

        Probably since 0b0z0 sent refugees there.

    2. nicholsda says:

      A better idea would be coat her in bacon fat.

  6. Bob Mac says:

    Charge them with their crimes. We have the Title 18 statutes, and if the US is unwilling, the states where the violence occurred can always charge those who instigated it.

  7. Ralph says:

    She ought to be charged with insurrection and possibly treason.

  8. PM says:

    A good hunter will always go for the head and the body will rot.

  9. drbhelthi says:

    An investigation of her activities in support of “Black Power” organizations in the US and ISIS-ISIL while occupying the AG position is in order.

  10. C.T. Dixon says:

    What a load of fear mongering masculine bovine fecal material. What she was obviously alluding to talking about blood and deaths was the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s when protesters were regularly assaulted and beaten by both civilians and law enforcement in the Southern States, and some were even lynched such as Emmet Till and a church was bombed – the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham killing 4 young girls. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

  11. Richard Bagenstose says:

    isn’t it illegal to instigate riots , why do oboma ,hillary and these left wing rejects keep getting away with it

    1. Evan says:

      Because President Trump does NOTHING about it! I am some what
      disappointed in President Trump! He needs to stand his ground and do
      exactly what he said he was going to do if elected!

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        i agree, instead of tweeting about it , he should have sessions open investigations into the acusations they are throwing at him, that will shut them up and make them run and hide in their safe spaces, as long as you don’t fight fire with fire they will keep up the attacks

        1. maxx says:

          Start rounding up the suspects. There is lots of room at Gitmo now.

          1. noah jonas says:

            Let’s fill it up.

          2. 094870 says:

            We will have to make some changes first.

          3. nicholsda says:

            And you can troll them across the Florida Straits while heading there. Be sure to take the long way around to Gitmo and there still would be plenty of room there. 😉

      2. dennodog says:

        He’ll do it when the time is right. He can be a vindictive s.o.b. if he want’s to be and I’m sure
        these democrat morons haven’t a clue of who they’re dealing with. You don’t become the top of the food chain in NYC by being a pussy. Don’t be surprised if obama REALLY was born in Kenya, after all.

        1. Arrowof Light says:

          Everything about obummer was and is a lie……. When they had a class reunion at columbia college; Nobody recalled that he was ever there.. . .. . . .. . The Hawaii county clerk who fabricated his birth certificate now sleeps with the fishes…………..
          Has anyone EVER seen a single infant picture of the obummer’s children ???
          If it walks and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck . . . . . And, . . . http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2016/11/undeniable-photographic-evidence-that-martin-nesbitt-and-dr-anita-blanchard-nesbitt-are-the-true-parents-of-sasha-and-malia-obama-3445352.html

          1. Granny Filec says:

            Maybe bozo shoots blanks like billy clinton stated he did……..Maybe they were both castrated….

          2. Richard Gieser says:

            When Barry is pumping fudge into Michael why would it matter if they were blanks or not. And Michael never needed to get pregnant to adopt two girls.

          3. Granny Filec says:

            Gee sorry DICK…….it was a reply to Arrow…….Maybe that is why I used the word “MAYBE”……….Sorry you do not appreciate granny humor……

          4. 094870 says:

            That one way to put it. (sleeping with the fish).

        2. SGirl says:

          We shall see what we shall see…I don’t think his African grandmother would lie about being at his birth in Kenya…Kenya authorities have supposedly released his Kenyan birth certificate and he was born a year earlier than what his Hawaiian birth certificate states…so, stay tuned.

          1. Granny Filec says:

            I also looked up bozo’s mother’s bio……….It stated that his mother’s grandmother was black…………..bozo stated on my video (2001) that he was born in KENYA……..while he was doing the woman’s league in Chicago while campaigning for Senator….

          2. Granny Filec says:

            You are right about that………..

        3. Granny Filec says:

          He was, & I am going to re-send the Video to our POTUS where clearly in 2001 while he was campaigning for SENATOR he stated loud and clear…….”I WAS BORN IN KENYA”…….I always kept it because at the time I was wondering how the other politicians were going to take a stance against him, and use the Constitution where it clearly states that any political office has to be filled with a USA born legal citizen……

          1. Morena_nic says:

            i have never seen the video you mentioned….interesting

          2. SGirl says:

            Me either, pls link it here

          3. Granny Filec says:

            Read previous comment about that……….

          4. Teresa says:

            hope this works, it is on WND.com (WorldNetDaily.com) under loretta lynch

          5. Morena_nic says:

            I meant the one our collegue said he has of Obama when running for the Senate and himselft confirming he was from Kenya

            CONFIDENTIAL: This message, including its contents and attachments, if any, are confidential. If you are not the named recipient, please notify us and immediately delete. You may not disseminate, distribute or forward this e-mail message or disclose its contents to anybody else.

          6. Granny Filec says:

            The other one…………going to You Tube and typing in Michele Obama speaking in Kenya worked well, and its almost what I had on moochelle…

          7. Granny Filec says:

            Tried putting the website on AOL comment section………They would not allow it to be posted…….Have seen many people put access to websites and they accepted it…..will try again tho………..


          8. Granny Filec says:

            Tried putting the website on AOL comment section………They would not allow it to be posted…….Have seen many people put access to websites and they accepted it…..will try again tho………..

            Ok….tried it and they put “There was internal server error while processing your request”………..

          9. SGirl says:

            Not surprising ?None of the links work…imagine that!

          10. Richard Gieser says:

            Granny, you need to get creative in how you type the link on these comment sections. I’m thinking these are computer programs censoring, not humans with common sense for reading comprehension.

          11. Granny Filec says:

            Funny when I was using yahoo…..never had that problem……Seems to work all right on Facebook and Twitter……..Creative was having the video to begin with……and sending same to some that would use it………..Some did, and it cost their daily life of having to deal with bozo and his vengeance…….

          12. nicholsda says:

            Let’s see if it posts here. 🙂

        4. Michael Davis says:

          Go to YouTube and search for Michelle Obama speaking in Kenya. She actually says she’s proud to be back in the country of her husband’s birth!!

        5. noah jonas says:

          100% correct.

        6. 094870 says:

          I don’t doubt it one bit.

        7. David says:

          dennodog++Trump sometimes reminds me of Patton. He was ridiculed the same way Trump is now by the Left, even by fellow GOP. Both stood their ground. I laugh when Patton was asked why he used the language he used. Patton said he wanted to put it in a way they wont forget. What a general; what a president.

        8. Robert Pollard says:

          LOL. Just tell us how you really feel. 🙂 I completely concur. He’s trying to jump start the economy first but woe to those who are screwing him when he gives them his full attention. If I’m reading him right…

      3. Granny Filec says:

        President Trump has done more than bozo did in 8 years……..If our POTUS had some piece & quiet from the corrupt and evil politicians, a lot more could be accomplished…….Never knew how much our corrupt and dirty polictians hated the USA and the legal citizens in it….

      4. 094870 says:

        I agree 1000%. If he can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. RIGHT?

      5. David says:

        Evan++You really don’t believe Trump is doing what he promised? He is getting all this flack and you say he is doing nothing? Have you notice, lately, all the criticism Trump is getting for doing NOTHING?

      6. Morena_nic says:

        Give him time. He does not even have his entire cabinet in. Not possible to reverse 100+ years of FORCED SOCIALISM in 1 or 2 month. He will reverse most of the damage but it is up to US to reverse ALL. Stay involved and active because evil will not stop on its own. The battle between good and evil will continue at least during our life time. We must stand with our President and HELP him. He is a good guy and true PATRIOT.

    2. Jerry Dodds says:

      Trump needs to understand it is a war they have declared. He, so far, is not going after this people. It is sedition and inviting people to riot. And Senate Dems posted it? Trump needs action not tweets. Unfortunately there will be violence which is what BO wants. Maybe Trump is trying to buy time, but BO will soon be a heads on contender and the martial law. I was surprised it did not happen in Dec of 2016. Trump supporters need to wake up too. These people are evil. They want Pense in office. Hope I am wrong, but unfortunately evil has declared war.

      1. Bev says:

        I wish you were wrong, but I think you are correct. BO is thinking he’s going to start a coupe right here in the US. The military is on Trumps side though, they will be squashed!

        1. 2behonest says:

          Semper FI many, many war time battle proven Vets out here

          1. dennodog says:

            ” Crispy critters. Many, many of them. Begin”

          2. alpcats says:

            Light em up…

          3. Howleyesque says:

            OOORAH BROTHER!

          4. Arrowof Light says:

            And a LOT of well-armed, pissed-off, patriotic red necks

          5. sutherncon says:

            You got it brother.

          6. 094870 says:

            and well trained ones out there as well.

          7. squeeze127 says:

            That’s why us vets were labeled as “terrorists” by the last administration!

          8. hoya says:

            Any one of us who loves our country and despised PUKR treasonous Obama was a terrorist in his book since the REAL TERRORISTS were his friends!

          9. 094870 says:

            You mean the OLD admin. righ?

          10. Morena_nic says:

            that is right….thanks for the reminder

          11. roger dodger says:

            I hoped for 8 years the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites would start shooting

          12. gerald Hughes says:

            Yep, former marine, my last 2 years in the Corps were spent as marksman ship instructor on the weapons range at Quantico, Va.
            Personally, I hope the liberal scum start tomorrow, I can’t think of anything I would like better than a legal excuse to shoot at the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites.

          13. 094870 says:

            I still have my expert badge.

          14. John Somers says:

            So do I.

          15. 094870 says:

            What is your 20?

          16. David says:

            What concerns me about Democrats is the question , is there a possible connection with Islamic Radicals. Obama has demonstrated a protectiveness of Islam and Isis. The DNC has elements strongly Islamic.This to me does not look well with the comments of Loretta Lynch. Such a comments from her as “blood in the streets” from a former AG sounds Treasonous to me. I feel she is dangerous.

          17. Jerry Dixon says:

            David, I may have had some questions before, but now things are different. First they need to get here, that will be no easy task. Plus Obama and his cronies lack the testicle’s to be so stupid.

          18. David says:

            Jerry Dixon++I agree there are some logistics. I hope what Trump is doing now with the bans on Terrorist-Supporting countries is putting a snip on the flow into America. But, what we have here is an almost 50-50 split in our country. 50% either don’t get it or are totally into Obama’s treason; 50% either get it or are just waking-up to what is going on. There is a plus or minus on both sides that can tilt the balance either way. I believe we do have an advantage because Leftists have attempted coups in our country before and failed. So, we can know their modus operandi because they have done this before. OMG, they actually write manuals on “How to overturn the government”. Leftists are so surreal.
            What is encouraging is that Washington had worse odds than we have now.The colonials, now, are my inspiration.

          19. Morena_nic says:

            Agree. In my opinion, at minimum 30% of the half are useful idiots who have been added to their column by calling on their human compassion deceiptfully ….useful idiots are in with the evil forces because they DO NOT UNDERSTAND that violating basic human rights can never be justify in the name of ANYTHING as the common good OR ANYONE including GOD. These armies of useful fools or idiots believe they are battling for the common good without realizing that they are violating the most basic human right which we are born with FREE WILL that to force anyone into government mandated social programs is a flagrant violation of our right to freedom of association and the right to make decisions for ourselves or have choices. A word the liberals and left misuse to mean prematurely ending the life of their own unborn. That the government has no role to force us into giving of our time or labor or funds. To force us into acting a certain way is tyrannical or dictatorial and a violation of our individual rights. That charity can only be charity if it is on a VOLUNTEER basis otherwise is EXTORTION or ROBBERY. The communist killed over 200,000,000 people ALL IN THE NAME OF THE COMMON GOOD!!!

          20. Morena_nic says:

            The role of the government is to protect our rights as enumerated in our Constitution, keep peace, enforce our laws and defend our nation of foreign or local enemies. Organized charity is not a governmental job but belongs in the private sector. This is where things have gone wrong and tyrannical government in America has sneaked in

          21. Morena_nic says:

            All of those on the left are free to raise funds to finance their causes and to bring the sick, the poor, the homeless or refugees into their own HOMES. No one is stopping them to be charitable or do good instead of wasting their energies to resist what??? They are sooo misguided!!! And do not even realize that they are in the wrong side of human rights. Genocide, mass murder, torture, starvation and the worse human rights violations take place whenever group right takes precedent over individual rights. This is factual and historical. Learn!!

          22. Missy12524 . says:

            They will get someone else to do their dirty work! That’s what people like them do!

          23. Pete Lohmer says:

            Where is the law when it is obviously needed ? Problem is half Republican Congress are

          24. 094870 says:

            The other half ? able.

          25. Morena_nic says:

            yes they fear the left wing media

          26. John Somers says:

            THEY are ALL VERY DANGEROUS !! OBOZO is now prosecutable so no need to even think impeachment. ARREST him Clinton and Lynch. Charge them with TREASON or Sedition and put their asses away.

          27. 094870 says:

            Just keep your power dry and watch your 6.

          28. Morena_nic says:

            there is one and many books have been written about it. David Horowitz and Ann Coutler both wrote about this partnership between the left and radical muslisms. The American left were also supporters of Hitler and Stalin, both socialists and leftists in their times but the left turned on Hitler when he attacked the mother land of communism, Russia. Hitler and Stalin also partnered with the muslim broherhood. Obama very found of it as well.

          29. roger dodger says:

            Don’t really care, we know what the answer is, for the sand fleas and the liberal dem bloodsuckers, why are we waiting?

          30. 094870 says:

            My last qualifying score was 286 out of 300, how does that sound to you?

          31. Joe Peterson says:

            I agree as a old Marine the military tought me very well on how to kill. also rifle EXPERT and a range officer I am more than willing to get started. I hate LIBERALS COMMIES.

          32. Morena_nic says:

            liberals commies are the worse violators of human right and oppressors

          33. roger dodger says:

            Hear, hear, my problem is in understanding why we have waited for so long.

          34. nicholsda says:

            Now tell us how you really feel. 🙂 If they are going to do it, do it now so we can get it over with while we can still get a little joy out of it.

          35. roger dodger says:

            I hoped for 8 years, the liberal scum would try, with all of the people keeping track we should have names and addresses on all of the liberal blooduckers

          36. 094870 says:

            You can say that again.

        2. maxx says:

          And Trump supports need to go the extra mile and join the fight in whatever form is needed. I am conservative by choice, not by birth.

          1. Granny Filec says:

            We senior citizens are ready…….Once we President Trump supporters are unleashed tho, there will be a very frightened BO & HC and the liberals will to have to start buying some depends……..Once we start, we will never STOP….

          2. 094870 says:

            Don’t they already have them?

          3. John Somers says:

            OH, WE will stop because there will not be a single one of them left. Then we can all have a few beers and swap war stories.

        3. crustyone says:

          The ones being squashed will not be our military but those who are inciting violence within the United States.

          1. noah jonas says:

            Which are mostly Democrat Left wing Liberals.

          2. hoya says:

            Don’t underestimate the turncoats like McCain, Lindsey Graham and some more….

          3. John Somers says:

            Eliminate those who think the same as the Traitor and the wussie.

          4. nicholsda says:

            Friendly fire will take care of them. 😉

          5. 094870 says:

            Do you know what you call a basement filled with liberals? A winy cellar.

          6. nicholsda says:

            And here I thought it was a whine cellar. 😉

          7. David says:

            noah jonas+The Democrat Party got infiltrated by Socialist & Communists. That’s Right!! Check you American History. Around 1900, many of these elements and Progressives made there appearances and attempts at taking over our government. They did not succeed then. Again, at FDR’s presidency, a coup was attempted to overthrow FDR. However, Roosevelt was aware what was happening. We were at war with Germany & Japan. Somehow, he was able subdue the attempt. Now, we have the Leftists making the same coup attempt on Trump.
            Their purpose has always been to overthrow and take over the government. Again, I refer you to read our American history during the 1900’s. That seems to demonstarte the Leftist blueprint.

          8. John Somers says:

            The last I read was that there were 32 card carrying active members of the Communist Party in Congress.

          9. John Somers says:

            I think that the Military is going to have a LOT of help too.

        4. JohnQ1177 says:

          Lynch, Clinton and other left winged people will be the first targets if there
          is a civil war or coupe.

          1. Granny Filec says:

            Plus………..the liberals will be covered in red…………..

          2. Reverend1 says:

            I’m locked, loaded, and ready to take aim.

          3. 094870 says:

            When they start it they will be hiding underground.

          4. Richard Gieser says:

            Either they will eventually come out or they will stay down there forever. So for them it’s sooner or later.

          5. John Somers says:

            GOOD, all in closed quarters. Makes the job easier

          6. John Somers says:

            Don’t forget Pisslosi, Schumer, McCain, Graham, Watson and by all means Wasserman Shultz.

          7. Missy12524 . says:

            Some do support a “coup” to take our rights away!

        5. Rick3 says:

          These pussified libertird traitors have no idea what wrath they will heap upon themselves. I have no problem taking enemy traitors out.
          (Nam ’70-’71 USN HM2 (Navy medic) MACV II Corps/Quang Duc/Duc Lap
          Br. Star/P.Heart/ArComm/NavComm/CombatAct CAR/Navy Xpert Rifle/Navy Xpert Pistol & Ta DA Good Conduct)

          1. 094870 says:

            Proud of you brother. Hang in there. Our time will come.

          2. Rick3 says:

            At 68, I’m running out of time. 🙂 Proud of those who serve and proud of the way America now treats vets. Can’t say it was the same attitude in 1971 when I DEROS’d

          3. nicholsda says:

            I’m not far behind you.Thursday I turn 62. If they are going to start something it would be nice to still be able to fight back. Oh wait, that’s what all that ammo is for. 🙂 Need to get the scope mount for the NM M1A ordered.

            Too sore to fight, too old to run, so that why I carry a loaded gun. Or sometimes a pair of consecutive numbered ones. 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0933fcffb8fe884e2bfb1f055154890a7db8211c4236b0736eb3f89035f4f5a9.jpg

          4. Rick3 says:

            NICE!! Wish I could afford one of those babies. I could shoot some groups with one of those. I have one accurized AR with a Leupold VX scope but my accuracy drops dramatically after 150-175 yards unless I use a 70 gr match load to stay on the ‘line’.
            Hang in their Bro. These coprolite-eating left wing freaks are cowards, traitors and more importantly anti-gun & unarmed. Patriots prevail – WINNING!!!

          5. nicholsda says:

            Better grab one now if you can. They are only going up in price and by the end of the year the CMP may not have anymore.

          6. crockett says:

            Hollow points guys; we need to stop them ,not slow them down . This is AMERICA not VietNam . AR , Marlin 336 Rossi 44 magnum , Marlin 44 mag , Henry Mag , 2 9 mm autos .Ruger revolver ,shotguns galore . Ammo for all in hollow point except shotguns #5 shot .Was brought up to make first shot count , head shot preferred .

          7. nicholsda says:

            No need for the good stuff. The MilSurp .30-06 in M2 ball, M2 AP, or M2 API will do just fine. Or if you are worried, soft points work too. That is what would be coming out of the bolt actions while the M1s would be getting Greek surplus or US gov’t surplus if I got down that low in the ammo pile. Plus there are several thousand rounds of .30 Carbine in FMJ, tracer, and SP for closer in.

          8. crockett says:

            You’re right Nick ; I’ve seen what soft point 44 mags do to stacked pallets . Nothing left but splinters.

          9. Robert Zraick says:

            Very soon.

          10. nicholsda says:

            There is only one thing I have against Navy Corpsmen. They have needles that get used, a lot. Roll up your sleeves and drop your pants. 4 shot record books full and I was only a dependent. 🙂

            On top of all those who were active duty military there are a lot of us former dependents that also are armed and ready. And many of us were trained by those in and have military grade firearms. Do we have to wait till 500 yards or can we start at 1000? 😉

            Thanks for your service Rick3.

          11. Rick3 says:

            Yea, sorry about that needle shit. Take some comfort in the fact that in Hospital Corps A School we learned by giving each other injections and starting IVs – creates a lot of empathy for the patient, I guarantee ya. And thanks for yours too. We vets are still brothers/sisters who will stand together in the face of the enemy. Nice knowing that.

          12. David says:

            nicholsda++I fired my first short at 1000 yards, boot camp, usmc. That was most exciting. Proud to be a marine. Once, always.

          13. John Somers says:

            Just like a lot of US, I took an OATH in 1950 to protect this Country, I may be 74 but That OATH has NO expiration date on it and I can still hit exactly what I aim at.

        6. William Braudis says:

          As a President once said, ” My Army is much larger than yours “

        7. 094870 says:

          Keep your power dry and your 6 covered.

        8. Morena_nic says:

          leftists must be defeated…..free or die….no meaning to life is the government controls your every action…already we all feel like robots: you must think this and do this….nanny state

        9. Bluebirdblue says:

          Bev – It already IS a coup d’etat. Obama started it before he left office. He would have called it off if Killary had won but he was told to be prepared for a Trump win. I hope all those responsible, including Obama, end up doing life in prison.

      2. Donald says:

        your right, The Democrats are evil.

        1. Bluebirdblue says:

          And getting worse every day. It reminds me of the book, “Lord of the Flies” where the violence escalates and civility completely disappears.

          1. nicholsda says:

            Their violence will end when the shooting back starts. Then they will go to their safe spaces and cry some more. If they live.

      3. Nikita63 says:

        And, everyone of the Veterans but for those leftist ones in Vote Vets .org will support the President because he is the president and I and most vets served to PRESERVE the Constitution and Rule of Law; Not destroy it! I was a combat vet with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in 1968-1969 in Vietnam. I am ready to fight the leftists today as I did in Vietnam and again when I came home as then too, they were destroying us: FROM WITHIN!

        1. SGirl says:

          Thank you for your service, Sir.

          1. Nikita63 says:

            And it is appreciated when given by those who appreciate it. The rest do not matter and NEVER have. The lice who claim to be what they are NOT will naysay any HONORABLY serving Veterans and dishonor and belittle them; Those dolts are called a number of epithets: Democrats, progressives,lunatics; I just call them Worthless DOLTS!

        2. 094870 says:

          I was there in 1967. An extractor. (8 mos). Got out in ’68. Then got back in 1986 to go for my 20, got out in 2001. Wow I made it.

          1. Nikita63 says:

            Congratulations on your successful exit! I assume it was in one piece. I am in one piece but have some fairly severe problems that did not even Show until 38 years after Vietnam Service from Agent Orange; the “gift,” that keeps on giving and often kills without anyone ever knowing why! Kind of like all politicians who never do their Jobs if it involves living up to their Constitutional oaths to do so!

      4. Morena_nic says:

        you are right about the forces of evil represented by all leftists. They are called the left because it is the symbol of NEGATIVE….NEGATIVE FORCES….ALWAYS WORKING TO TO SLAVE PEOPLE ….THE RIGHT ALWAYS WORKING TO FREE PEOPLE AND THEREFORE THE RIGHTOUS VS THE FORCES OF EVIL

      5. noah jonas says:

        Jerry, I agree with one exception. I doubt they want Pence or any other Republican to replace Trump. What the want is Dictator Obama.

      6. John Somers says:

        To coin a phrase, if it be war let it start here. Louisiana would be a good place, we have LOTS of hungry Gators here.

      7. Elaine Morris says:

        *​​Statute of limitations under 18 U.S.C. §798 is only 25 years.* *So if AG
        Lynch does not prosecute Hillary the next AG, or the next AG, or the next​ AG,…could prosecute Hillary and snare Obama in the indictment. *

      8. Elaine Morris says:

        By their own actions, they are committing Treason against a sitting POTUS!

      9. 094870 says:

        How do you know that he as we text is not setting up something right now to eliminate the problem? You don’t.

    3. Doc says:

      Because they’re democrats.

      1. noah jonas says:

        And it seems Democrats have gone totally berserk, thinking they can dominate everybody. Can you imagine Chucky Schemer and Pelosi thinking they know what’s best for the American people?

    4. jackcandobutwont says:

      you know why!!! they are liberals, enlightened, smarter than WE THE PEOPLE, and know what is best for their citizens!!! ha ha ha

    5. Kim LaMela says:

      Way Too many Liberals in Office That’s Why. But not For Long Even us Real Democrats are sick of these Low Life Liberals, We Voted for Trump and Will back him no matter what they do. We are keeping our Party Cards so we can Vote Against these Un-American Idiots, who are doing everything they can to bring down our Country. Many of them Don’t even know why they are Protesting, Others are Illegal Aliens, and many are being paid to create Chaos. Our Democratic Leaders are just Desperate they know if TRUMP does what he said it will be decades of lost power, Rightfully so. They are Selling out and have sold out our Country. Time for them to go. Our Country Must come first.

      1. 094870 says:

        Thank you very much KIM. We nee4d more like you to start speaking up against the evil in the W.H.

    6. Sara Ouzts says:

      They are in power so they think what they think is “the law!”

    7. John Somers says:

      It certainly is. It’s called Inciting to Riot PLUS if they’re arrested and charged with FELONY RIOTING the penalty just happens to be a $25,000.00 fine or up to 10 years imprisonment. Just ask the 209 that were indited in D.C. at the inauguration.

    8. Anthony says:

      because that’s all they are good for, Trump already have accomplish more is this time then Obama did in 8 years

    9. Because congress are weak wimps who will not stand up and many are bought by special interest , both red and blue, sickening and criminal !


    10. Karin Isbell says:

      –because God bides His time. In the final analysis they won’t get away with it.

  12. Terry Smith says:

    Not surprising. Lynch never was an Attorney General. She was just an Obama puppet put in place to control and politicize the DOJ. Anyone that has any doubt she was just doing the presidents bidding during the Hillary email investigations is stupid. Making these statements inviting people to break the law now is just a glimpse into her nature with part of the political veil lifted. Does anyone think she would hesitate to wire tap Trump towers?

  13. donaldbreaux says:

    Hey loretta hitch lynch gearing up for your daddy Soros May Day ? of course you face wont be visible now will it? That is because you guys are ll cowards.

    1. crustyone says:

      If Soros goes many will follow him out of the country. It’s time that he should be gone.

  14. Evan says:

    This woman, and I am being very generous with that statement, is a complete IDIOT!
    Deport her sorry ass! She does not deserve to live in this country! Another sorry n………!

  15. Fortuneless says:

    Another extremist Marxist, who needs to be hung for treason . along with Obama and Holder. Dang radical N!&&ers.

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      Do you even know what treason is defined as you racist POS, it is people like you and your pals that are part of the “deplorables”

  16. bovestrian says:

    Loretta, you liberals lost the election. It’s the liberals who have rioted, assaulted Trump supporters. As usual, you are a clueless, insecure liberal.

  17. SouthernPatriot says:

    If Loretta’s call does increase violence and anarchy, there will eventually be a “call to action” if law enforcement is overwhelmed.

  18. Dennis Broussard Sr. says:

    She needs to go to jail and I hope in probes to come on wire tapping and lying she will be charged and be an accessary to all of Obama’s crimes and Hillery’s and Bill’s. Everyone knows she’s a lying ass liberal lawyer to begin with. Hope she burn’s in the end as she should.

  19. Robert says:

    Loretta Lynch is a hood-rat, nothing more, nothing less! If anyone was fooled by her, then they need to wake up! I knew that if that treasonous bastard, obama picked her, she was dirty, filthy trash! Obama is dirty, filthy trash! There is nothing about those people that is good for America, they are liars, cheaters, and treasonous! They are no better than a crack head! I heard what that lick said and I only wish that her, obama, Holder, and Soros, would get out there on the streets with the other hood-rats that they employ to spread chaos! I would pimp slap that bitch, and kick Obamas ass, Holder, and Soros too!

  20. Robert says:

    Trump is aware that these hood-rats are after him, but every time he does something to fight back, every sleazy left wing congressional democrat goes on MSM and spreads lies! I say we just declare war and get it over with!

  21. Robert says:

    Loretta Lynch met Bill Clinton on that plane, they got their stories straight and there was no mention of grandchildren, only the illegal shit we thought all along! African American politicians for the majority, are worthless hood-rats!

    1. maxx says:

      That is a perfect description of Oblowhard; a hood rat.

  22. DT says:

    This women is not good for any country. Her puppets are control via their back sides. This women has odor all over hands.

    1. 2behonest says:

      Can’t wipe her own ass.

      1. Robert Pollard says:

        Maybe she did. Maybe that’s why she “has odor all over hands.” 🙂

  23. Connie Eggen says:

    She is FORMER not current and has no say so at all. She is an Obama crony and not a leader today. These people come out with treasonous statements and should be placed in custody.

    1. Intelligal says:

      Exactly-So, America-where the “F” is Justice????

    2. Peter says:

      Right! She’s gone. Who cares about holder in drag!

  24. rrkeng says:

    Every single judge in the courts were put there by Obama and Loretta Lynch has seen that all the FISA courts are Liberal. They are really pushing their agenda and the mindless snowflakes who have been indoctrinated will follow marching orders. What do people have to be afraid of???? Trump is not a boogey man! These people are continuing their plot to destroy America!

  25. Michael Bennett says:

    What about my rights not to be attacked for every ideal I have that doesn’t agree with their agenda? Gotta love the double standard !!!

  26. Robert says:

    As an American born citizen, I demand that these filthy nasty hood rats be arrested and charged with treason and killed in a public venue! Send a message to the world that we don’t take any shit from anyone against our homeland!

    1. Peter says:

      I like your idea!!

  27. Robert says:

    You want to see rogue nations straighten up? Then stop being passivists and kick ass!

  28. ReaperHD says:

    Yeah Lynch and may it be your BLOOD and DEATH on the STREET SCUMBAG. You want a Civil War you and your ILK from the TOP of your PARTY to the BOTTOM may get more than you wish for running your NIGGROID MOUTH.

    1. Peter says:

      Patriots are locked and loaded!

  29. oat21 says:


  30. Don’t have to say who is who in this old movie clip. Blue states have no gun factories left so they resort to bats and spears. One day, a fight like this will happen and the blood in the streets will be theirs. https://youtu.be/1csr0dxalpI

  31. Merle Dickey says:

    This radical muslim cow better be careful who’s buttons she pushes .

  32. Flockodogs says:

    Loretta Lynch should be arrested for attempting to incite violence. She should also have the living daylights beat out of her just on general principles.

    1. nicholsda says:

      She looks like she already has. Or is that Michelle? I get them confused. Do both for good measure.

  33. 2behonest says:

    Democrats are Fu—-g with the bull you think and obviously believe that your bullsgit is going to be tolerated for long? You pepper spray an old man send in helmeted black hooded thugs to beat on people that don’t fight back. Well scum bags you are calling down a mighty reckoning trust me your sorry asses will be settled with>

  34. maxx says:

    Too bad Lynch has no clue whatsoever as to what ideals our Founders Fathers intended and the past 8 years are a perfect example of what they tried to guard against when they wrote the Constitution. Communists like Lynch belong in prison or deported to some other country where communism is welcome.

  35. Morena_nic says:

    and the left continues to promote slavery while Trump is trying to free us from the chain of government regulations and high taxation so our children can be freer and have a better future with more choices including the most vital right of a choice in Education. For the past 100 years our rights have been under attacked by FORCED SOCIALISM…if medicare, social security or obamacare are sooo good by are we being FORCED TO PARTICIPATE??? All government social programs MUST BE BY CHOICE NOT FORCE. Free people have the right to choose not to be imposed!!

    1. SGirl says:

      AND do not forget that the people (both sides of the aisle) voted (opted) themselves out!!! And if you continue to reelect these criminals back in office…you deserve what you get…I haven’t voted for a lifetime incumbent in over 20 years…I give them 2 terms (if they deserve it) and I vote in new blood!!

  36. Daniel Mount says:

    Loretta Lynch just made a threatening comment too in-sighting mass riots and mass killings for that she should be arrested for in-sighting violence all across America with Blacks.

    1. Peter says:

      What pull does this “b” still have? There’s got to be a crime that she is guilty of. D. Trump, get off your a** and do something!

  37. dennodog says:

    That little “get together” with peroni bill clinton reeks of illegality. Any attorneys out there that may advise us? I don’t think that comey or the FBI will do anything. Are there any other options?

  38. Donald says:

    Lynch should be jailed!!!

  39. Mike W says:

    I would ask the former phony attorney general exactly which one of our rights is under attack?

    1. Howleyesque says:

      Yeah the better part being that said hypocrite was at the fore front of the ACTUAL assault on the Constitution!

      1. Mike W says:

        Yes the Constitution that she swore to uphold and defend. Show’s you exactly what her word is worth.

  40. Howleyesque says:

    Yep IF more riots ensue… SHE NEEDS TO BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED, not only for incitement BUT additionally, PERSONALLY held accountable for ANY violence that DOES OCCUR!

  41. Big C says:

    Why do they NEVER get thrown in jail !!!

  42. Donald says:

    Wake up America, The left is trying to destroy America. It started with Obama. He is a Muslim terrorist out to ruin America. All the left is concerned about is getting reelected.They are anti America, anti Christian, and pro Islam terrorist.They are for the illegals to get them to vote them back in office. That is so they can continue to destroy America.

  43. bikarb says:

    There have been so many investigations but nothing done to stop this madness. The rioters are daring the authorities to do something but they don’t. Why not?

  44. Andrew Cohen says:

    These let wings loonies need to go to jail.

  45. mad max says:

    America needs to remove its sickness and send them to prison. Even if a 1/3 of the US would be incarcerated. Why do liberals want to destroy America and what she stands for? America has supported bottom feeders long enough, welfare and illegals need to be removed off the working people. Liberals are becoming a joke and an embarrassment to America.

    1. Peter says:

      Becoming? They are a joke!

  46. elmcqueen3 says:

    Let em “bleed” and let em “die”…they won’t get any sympathy from me.

  47. Allan Scott says:

    Recommending Insurrection? Sure sounds like it! Ya know, billions of dollars in government spending are lost every year due to inadequate controls (computer software, untrained staff and…) including plain old negligence by the people that run these programs. Perhaps some of this “ghost” money could be funneled to some creative minds to take care of people like Lynch.

  48. Intelligal says:

    This is exactly what Obama, Lynch and liberal rats want-race wars, hate and violence-so, where is Justice now America?? Where the “F” has justice been, America? They best not mess with the Patriots any longer, as we are getting sick of this and may start preparing-so, look out you bunch of thugs-Veterans, police and military-we need your help now, as we have lunatics now in politics causing “America’s blood to be shed- so where is Justice anyway??? Rioters need to be locked up-period!!

  49. Darrell G. Walton says:

    The pigme wench should be arrested for a proclamation of war, anarchy, and treason against our Constitutional Republic!

    1. SGirl says:

      She sold her soul so therefore she will have to defend her God until the day she dies UNLESS she gets herself right with GOD.

  50. tCotUS says:

    I guess the super stupid beach Lynchazz hasn’t figured yet..The Military likes Trump, the Police like Trump,
    & Millions of Armed Conservatives/Patriots like Trump…Are Libs really that stupid??

    1. Peter says:

      The answer to your last question is yes!

  51. Lee Dutra says:

    It’s all being choreographed by “The Puppet Master”, but President Trump is smart enough to not respond the way he is expected to. He won’t play into their hands, but when he responds it will complete and decisive. This I believe.

  52. Nikita63 says:

    Loretta Lynch should be arrested for attempted Sedition and if verified as it would be if we were still a nation ruled by LAW, she would be fined substantially and imprisoned for not more than 20 years as called for in the U.S. Code, Chapt, 18, sect. 2384. She is but one of many such rotters attempting to overthrow Trump simply because Middle America, having had enough of oppression, denial of religious freedom and having their right to dissent opposed by the Obama Administration’s policies and practices, total rule by Executive Order and the CRIMINAL bypassing of Congress voted for A CHANGE is such abusive policies in SPITE of the evidence the DNC and Administration tried to rig the election. She is nothing more than a Holder Clone and though he was forced to resign for being in Contempt of Congress over his unstated role in the Fast and Furious scandal that killed Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, HE HAS NEVER BEEN PUNISHED BY LAW, AND , NEITHER WILL SHE BE, NO MATTER HOW MUCH FILTH AND SUBVERSION SHE TRIES TO PROMOTE! Trump is trying to restore America but it is truly ironic so many so-called Americans who are anything BUT, are working to subvert him . It is not only seditious; IT IS TREASONOUS AND SHOULD BE ADJUDGED AND TREATED AS SUCH!

  53. hipocampelofantocame says:

    Loretta Lynch is a self-serving politician and that’s all she is.

  54. preacher0063 says:

    Well if that’s what they want all I can say is bring it on.

    1. Robert says:

      No, we’ll take it to them!

  55. Granny Filec says:

    Lynch needs to be trampled on………

  56. Ironmike4610 says:

    You can bet Lynch’s sorry ass won’t be on the front lines!

  57. MarcJ says:

    The faces of American racist Marxists: Obama, Holder
    and Lynch. All 3 confirmed liars, criminal racists, murder cover-up specialists,
    and overall just the impeachable slime and scum of this once free society. Just
    look at their “determined faces”; they will not be bothered by us “the
    far-right cretins of low education and with unschooled primitive instincts”. And
    let us not forget those Supreme Court racist justices Kagan and Sotomayor
    joining their counterpart Ginsberg. They know best! The only race it is now
    legally permitted to discriminate against is the white race males. And then there are those laws “emanating from the penumbras of the constitution”. One of those penumbras gave us recently the
    homosexual “marriages” thus joining another penumbra giving the right to
    taxpayer-paid abortions.

  58. noah jonas says:

    These these backstabbing Liberal Democrats are really pushing this way too far, and heads will roll before its over. Their aim is to get Obama admitted to the UN so that he can get the ball rolling for a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, and he wants to be King Of The World, when he’s not even qualified to be King of his upstairs bathroom. Now, this coming from our second most crooked AG in history, and of course Eric Holder holds the title of number one, and both were appointed by Barack Hussein Obama.

  59. Peter says:

    I’ve been out of the loop for a while so does she still work at White House? Wasn’t she was one of obummers boys. Isn’t it a crime to instigate violence? Why are we even talking about this turd?

  60. noah jonas says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP.. I fear that Obama is already building up his forces for an illegal takeover of our country, so please don’t wait any longer to bring in the TROOPS. TROOPS should be stationed around his home in DC, which he could use as a command post. He already has Valerie Jarrett living with him, and ABC News has hired Jarrett’s daughter. I’m sure you can stop the hate by Loretta Lynch and other Liberal Democrats.

  61. William M Durham says:

    This worthless bitch was obama’s pull toy after she blew her way into office, if obama said go right she went right, left she went left and sit on her dead ass she did all the time, the most worthless appointee of the obama administration and there were many, if she want violence let her have it but make damn sure she is standing in the front row, not hiding and yelling for things to happen

  62. hoya says:

    Bet Obama is FUMING by being exposed by pres. Trump but Unable to respond himself therefore he sends his surrogates to incite riots same way he did during his tragic for our country presidency ….

  63. Bluebirdblue says:

    President Trump needs to recognize that America is in the throes of anarchy. He needs to deal with it as such before the Left gets even further out of control.

  64. Rhesa says:

    Loretta is not a Christian. She can’t think like that and be a follower of Jesus. Jesus would not talk like that.
    Trump is your president & we are to respect the office even if we don’t like the guy. The Bible says that you
    should do as the government says. Read it in the Bible. & do what GOD says……10 commandments….read Them

  65. Edward Steele says:

    Why does this not surprise me, coming from the Obama camp. Loretta Lynch should be held responsible for inciting riots and the injuries associated with them, and I mean financially.

  66. phil62 says:

    EVERYTHING about this is totally ILLEGAL. She should be arrested for instigating riots and MURDER. If these people want an actual war then DECLARE war and we can get it on, BUT these FOOLS will lose the war; they are so far outnumbered it is pathetic. The entire Democratic party needs to be absolved “DESTROYED” totally. If decent America loving people had said something this asinine then CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and NBC would be calling for martial law against all Conservatives and Christians. I have never seen this much hatred since the war between the Serbs and Croats. If you have any type of weapon you better start carrying it WHEREVER you go. Self defense is a bitch people.

  67. Wambli525 says:

    Lynch uses the Founding Fathers as an example to incite demonstrations. She states “our rights are being assailed, trampled and rolled back”. Just what rights is Trump doing away with??? Lynch is playing a chapter from Saul Alinsky’s (communist agitator) rule book.
    B Obama, another self-proclaimed Communist , his minions and the democrat party are owned by Geo Soros former NAZI operative who disposed of incarcerated Jews possessions in Hungary and claimed it was “the best time of his life”.
    II U R a democrat please understand who your leaders are and learn what socialism (and eventually communism) will do for your future. The democrat party is no longer the political party it was. It has left you and you have yet to understand the implications. (PS”: Globalism is the new word for Communism)

  68. sutherncon says:

    What these fools don’t realize is that when they are no longer useful, they will also become expendable.

    1. nicholsda says:

      They can always be used as bullet catchers.

  69. Sara Ouzts says:

    Loretta Lynch is kind of crazy, I think!

  70. Sojourner says:

    There will be another shellacking next election. Vote Democraps out.

  71. John says:

    If YOU are not part of the solution, YOU are part of the problem. Dumbocrats were the ONLY PEOPLE that owned slaves. There were 4,000,000 slaves and ALL were owned by Dumbocrats. All the KKK was used by Dumbo’s and most KKK were Dumbo’s to keep the black man suppressed. Look at any of the 10 major cities in America that are owned by Dumbo’s with no Repubic’s in power. Look at how the same conditions the slaves were given, the people in the inner cities are in the same mold today. Only a small number can get out of the paradigm and yet, the Dumbo’s claim they are helping those people. Look at the billions of dollars spent on this problem and what has changed in the last 50 years? NOTHING.

    Loretta Lynch was the attorney for the Clinton’s in Whitewater case. She is a very corrupt, ugly, slob that should be put in jail for what she has done to America on so many levels. I’m anxious to see how she answers the questions regarding how she was involved with wiretapping Trump and the Repubics during the election process.

  72. Jerry Dixon says:

    As a former DOJ and a Lawyer she isn’t very smart, Just another dumb black / Vietnamese that feels they are above the laws. Obama isn’t there any more to protect you.You are calling for unrest, rioting, violence and in sighting both physical and boldly harm. I hope DOJ Sessions files charges against you and all those other blacks that feel they are above the law, also all the democrats that support your unjust call to violence. Did you ever hear there is a new sheriff in town I hope he burns your A$$. Another muslim supporter or perhaps a muslim there are a lot of muslims in southeast Asia.

  73. barbarakelly says:

    I don’t care if she was an AG, I have no respect for her. and if she says anything out of line –some action should be used against her. and with what is being uncovered shows her in the wrong well –again some action should be done.!!!!!!!!

  74. Gary Rose says:

    The left needs to remember the Right has all the guns…

  75. Larry Cowden says:

    Lynch was always and continues to be the violent racist black bitch she was in office. Nothing changed. She still looks to promote race war and destruction of the government.

  76. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    Lorreta Lynch should be disbarred, and placing her on charges for her verbal actions, which will create illegal actions on her against Pres. Trump and his followers.

  77. Richard Gieser says:

    Conservatives with guns and the military are on President Trump’s side. Loser snowflakes with tears and pepper spray are on Lynch’s side.

  78. Richard Gieser says:

    I am not a well practiced shooter. How many lib targets will it take to sharpen my skills?

  79. Richard Gieser says:

    If it start’s before November 2018, the dems will not have much of a voting base left.

  80. scrubbie says:

    I hope the anti-Trump protestors are truly willing to die on the streets for their moronic causes because if they are on my street, approaching my house or man-handling my kids or grandchildren I will shoot them, because I can be just as intolerant as they are. Is that the blood Lynch was talking about? And is she willing to join them and have some of her blood shed as well?

  81. Aslan Heart says:

    Inciting riot is a felony.

  82. Chuck says:

    Outside of her psychiatrist and pharmacist does anyone know what the hell Loretta Lynch is talking about? Specifically what rights and whose are being trampled on?

  83. James Pearce says:

    Let the games begin. If violence is what they want let’s give them what they want. We need to cull out the trash and riff raft in our country.

  84. Robert Zraick says:

    The country has almost been ruined by criminal in government, followed by the most brainwashed screwed up zombies in history.

    Lynch is one of them, meeting in secret with another one, Bill Clinton, about how to save another one Hillary Clinton, all with the full support of another criminal, Obama.

    The criminal mentality is ingrained in the “progressives” who actually believe that not getting convicted is the same as not committing the crime.

    This is not business as usual. This the what causes civil wars and revolutions. This is a battle which we must win or we will be the U.S. in name only.

  85. cathylovesyou says:

    Lynch is the bad seed relative dishonest Holder, all in with the black left movement to help Obama’s goal of destroying America. It is all so obvious about all of them and nothing happens. Crooks are smart at what they do. Ask me where to get a gun, I say a gun shop, ask me where to get mary, I say go to a black or hispanic neighborhood. Ask me how to catch a leftist politico, I say don’t ask a Republican. Too Naive.

  86. Elizabeth Davis says:

    No people are afraid of people like her not Trump.

  87. jaymack47 says:

    make there wish come true.

  88. crockett says:

    Loretta lynch her and the rest of the unhappy demoratic libtards are gonna start shit once again and one of these times there will be death in the streets for the left wing nut jobs . This kind of thing has got to be stopped by the military getting involved . This is a call for all patriots to act to protect our Country from being attacked by thugs called on by an X-president ; if he should even be called that after what he has did to try and destroy The U.S Of A . The asse’s that were in DC under oblamo are still in DC and trying to destroy our elected President Trump and Vice President Pence by following oblamo and telling about it to oblamo . They are still on his payroll and G.soros payroll . The swamp is still polluted and has yet to be cleaned and until then the scum will continue to float to the surface to smell up the WH .

  89. kunling says:

    Let Lynch be the first to be arrested!! Sedition and anarchy are jailable offenses.

  90. Dennis says:

    What do you expect from a moron-appointed moron? Responsible thinking? That’s too funny!

  91. MARK FREDERICK says:

    oBONZO, LOWretta Lynch, Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson and any others that speak out about violence and breaking laws should be arrested and charged with Treason. I say if oBOZO or anyone else is trying to run a shadow government or in anyway try to run a Coup they should be charged with TREASON because that’s what it is and if any groups or group tries to form an army of any type against our Constitution they should be charged and if found guilty by a Jury of their peers they should be placed in prison or in some cases people like Lynch, oBONZO, Sharpton, Waters, Soros that form groups to Riot or do any damage to businesses, buildings, or attack our law enforcement people they should be executed and do so outside the realms of the First Amendment they must pay with their life. oBOZO and his 30,000 protest groups paid by him and George Soros they lose everything from their freedom, money and the right to be a citizen of our country!!!!

  92. William Braudis says:

    Americans, the time is very near that democraps blood must run in the gutters. An attack on the protesters by using Lynches suggestions is a great idea coming from an alley cat. I am surprised that she has not put on her short, shorts,
    knee high boots and got back to her real job. May we hear from the AK’s

  93. Robert Pollard says:

    I wonder what non-sense she would spout if it was brought to her door???

  94. Whatzrname says:

    And soros is paying for all of it.

  95. barbarakelly says:

    As far as I’m concerned about lynch————she needs to be investigated also. She did things that are against what a AG is suppose to do. and the fact that she eve talked to bill is a disgrace to her position. She should have closed the door on Bill.

  96. Cimmie Depriest says:

    Lock her up for inciting violence. She has been outside the law since she met Billy boy on the tarmac last summer. Probably still on Obama s payroll.

  97. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Well she will not work any were in the government NOW !!!! unless it is under a demo-crapper dictatorship. an yes she should be jailed for her remarks. President Trump. when are you going to shut these people down, an start with soros an then his puppet an then jarret an lynch an holder, sharpton, johnson. an many others, cut of the snake heads

  98. Missy12524 . says:

    This from a woman who met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac to champion for a Hillary election! Of course, she is all for the leftist agenda! She needs to go NOW! She is also an enemy within! Obama sure started something when he put such bad people like her on the inside! Just more of his agenda to ruin our country, and divide us! What a mess to clean up!

  99. JWPerlsen says:

    She’s a big part of the problem. Our POTUS needs to appoint Trey Gowdy to go after all of the people instigating the unrest and promoting disobedience for the law. This would include Obama, both Clintons, Loretta Lynch and any other intellegence personnel up to and including Jim Comey and Senator McCain and Paul Ryan. All of this BS needs to stop. The POTUS can’t fight all these battles by himself.

  100. Dorothy Kettle says:

    The audacity of this is that everything she says about Trump is untrue about him, but spot on about the left-wing groups seeking to destroy him!

  101. alpcats says:

    I don’t know how to tell you libtards but the right has the most weapons and the best trained in their use, in other words, bring it on dumba$$3$…

  102. Maggietish says:

    Loretta Lynch was the attorney general of the United States of America and proved her corruption and loyalty to politicians as opposed to any loyalty to the American people and the United States. This woman took an oath of office, gave her word and swore, that she would uphold the Constitution of the laws of this land but instead she broke the law more times than anybody can count. Now she is passing comments trying to incite riots and violence throughout the nation, seriously? She should’ve been thrown out of office the minute that she met with Bill Clinton in that inappropriate meeting while his wife was being investigated and then suddenly the head of the FBI decided not to indict and prosecute Hillary Clinton when all the evidence was there against her and she certainly should’ve been indicted, prosecuted and thrown in jail. The American people all know that so why didn’t Loretta Lynch. Loretta Lynch will rue the day that she is inciting war among Americans because that’s just what it is. She better buckle up her day of reckoning is coming.

  103. mh5 says:


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