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Loretta Lynch Made This Frightening Move Before Leaving Office

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  1. Lasher says:

    Loretta Lynch tokin’ and sayin’ “Lawdy, Massa Clinton, dis here be some damn goot shit.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7aec65e97ada0bd8bc206b6688b6d756a1188b6623c5cc7639f570f51ef8762.jpg

  2. chuck708 says:

    Lynch along with Obama belong behind bars at Gitmo.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      It is very likely that they qualify for other arrangements. which are rather short-lived.

      1. Dave Nettles says:

        As I said above.

    2. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says:

      That would be the perfect place for them along with Hillary and Bill and Pelosi and Maxine Waters and Diane Feinstein to mention just a few. Oh yes I forgot John McCain and John Kerry.

      1. Dave Nettles says:

        Traitors, the lot.

    3. Dave Nettles says:

      Hanging from a yardarm sounds better, then they can’t ever get loose.

    4. Fortuneless says:

      Obama belongs in a grave..

    5. john says:

      Hillary and Mccain and Paul Ryan Soro’s too.You can hand pick the rest.

  3. drbhelthi says:

    Both Holder and Lynch should be investigated and adjudicated, IAW the oaths they took and applicable sections of the U.S. Constitution.

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      Clinton violated the oath of SOS and look what “didn’t” happen to her, though.

  4. joe moore says:

    the bitch better watch her back.she played with fire and might just get burned by it. low class /no class broad.

  5. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Can this and other such orders, if uncovered, be undone?

  6. dcwc16 says:

    Not done in a vacuum, Rush today was talking about the underground government that wants Trump gone and their power uninterrupted. The members of the underground Government are from all political parties and ideologies working in the background to undo American values and indeed our Constitution. Lets not be foolish enough to limit this story to Obama and Lynch.

    1. sherri palmer says:

      Obama and his administration will continue to push their agenda to take over our country! somebody make our day….

        1. bytheway4 says:

          BOC you are the dumbest person here, you are being used by Soros and Obama, to get their NWO , once they get it, they will laugh at you and you will thrown under the bus like everyone else, Do you hate America that much.? Haven’t you noticed that not one person agrees with you? you’re brainless.

      1. Susan Meyer says:

        Why in God’s name would ANYONE want Obama and/or his cronies back in our government? You do know Obama wants a One World Order where we will all be controlled by one government that will be Communist. Our Constitution and Our Freedom will be gone. WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD EVEN CONSIDER SUCH A THING. DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ASKING FOR? IF NOT, YOU HAD BETTER DO SOME RESEARCH. Somebody please step up and tell us “conservatives” and tell us WHY YOU WANT THIS?

        1. sherri palmer says:

          …..ever see a Clint Eastwood movie, and he says “make my day”? that is what I meant…in case you haven’t , it means” c’mon, I dare you!; I wish you would…!”

  7. Very curious, when things like this are done is there no accountable authority? we see and hear about information on a regular basis where some government dick has done something that is essentially illegal and were it one of us, instead of one of them, we would be in jail. When will common sense ever be applied to the operation of government.

    1. David Gearhart says:

      Only the democrats are not accountable. Insanity, lies and deceptions are normal for them.

  8. irish1919 says:

    Well Sessions just put it back the way it was and prosecute her

    1. jimshaw54 says:

      But the information will already be out of the bag. Perhaps YOUR information.

  9. jlcham says:

    So why isn’t she in JAIL?????

    1. bytheway4 says:

      jlcham, because her daughter married Soros’s nephew. his money is keeping her and Obama etc out of prison. Soros bought them all out, GREED came before America and the American people.

  10. JST says:

    What amazes me is these people are nothing but the FACE OF EVIL!
    Wonder why there is RACISM in the US and the World? Take a good look at all the people involved in these Criminal Acts.
    Unfortunately, these people are ABOVE THE LAW and will never be prosecuted or jailed.
    They all make me SICK!

    1. Roger_T73 says:

      It makes all of us SICK.

    2. jimshaw54 says:

      It isn’t the color of their skin but the color of their hearts that counts. Don’t tar Ben Carson with the same brush as Obama.

      1. JST says:

        When I said these people, I wasn’t referring to skin color. I was referring to the Evil in all these politicians hearts and souls, although I don’t think they have souls.

        These are children of Satan and people who are only out for themselves!

        And by the way, Ben Carson is a very good and decent American, we need more like him to help heal the racial divide in America!

        1. BOC says:

          Ben Carson is a lost Soul!

      2. Cheryl Detar says:

        AND the, “Content of THEIR character.”

        1. BOC says:

          A narcissist’s character is flawed. We’ve witnessed this the past 36 days.

          1. LadyLoneStar says:

            You failed to mention the narcissist we just got rid of…..eight years of me, me, me, I, I, I….

          2. BOC says:

            This is the first one we ever had. Why do you think we were screaming for congress to amend the qualification rule for POTUS to require a psychological test be given to all final campaign candidates from now on.

            Because we failed to act, look at the big mess we’re experiencing now; five weeks into the job.

          3. bytheway4 says:

            BOC, Trump just saved you fat butt from the NWO, I don’t think you even know what it entails , do you, ask your “God ” Obama , he wants it desperately , you are such an idiot it’s unbelievably.

          4. BOC says:

            Stop drinking “Moonshine”.

      3. BOC says:

        We would never tarnish 44 with the same brush.

        1. bytheway4 says:

          BOC, who are you referring to? We haven’t had a president in the past 8 years, Obama is an illegal muslim, couldn’t be a president. Wake up.

          1. BOC says:

            Under the influence.

          2. BOC says:


    3. BOC says:

      Yep! This would be the Trump administration alright.

  11. Chris Smith says:

    Hang em high!

  12. barbarakelly says:


    1. sherri palmer says:

      Obama said our” Constitution is nothing but a piece of parchment”…and I say he is nothing but a POS!

      1. Roger_T73 says:

        Well said and quite accurate!!!

        1. BOC says:

          The Blind leading the Blind.

      2. Lasher says:

        Sherri, Sherri baby, can you come out tonight????

        1. BOC says:

          The Russian sympathizers in the white house. will be coming out soon. Genius Priebus let Bannon put him out to dry, by having him broach the FBI on their Russian ‘pressure-cooker,’ major violation. But hey, at least they are consistent, Kelly Conway.

          1. Lasher says:

            Better to have Russian sympathizers in the White House than Israeli Jewish spies all over the government. When is the last time Russians attacked one of out unarmed communications ships like the USS Liberty and tried to sink her? Americans are so ignorant of the Zionists’ perfidy toward America it’s pathetic.

          2. jimshaw54 says:

            I would rather have what we currently have in the White House than the former tenant that did his best to destroy.

          3. BOC says:

            That’s because you don’t know any better.

          4. bytheway4 says:

            BOC, what makes you think that you know better! Really you don’t know anything, but you are showing every one how much you hate America. Obama admitted himself he would never take the side of America if every. He has admitted that he is a muslim and that he was born in Kenya. Don’t answer my comment because you are deaf, dumb and blind.

      3. BOC says:

        Good thing you’re in the minority.

    2. LadyLoneStar says:

      You might wanna add his contempt for all Americans…except maybe the elitists. (It always amused me how he hated white people yet he, himself, is half white….does he have self hate, too? LoL)

    3. BOC says:

      44 has already left the building and the American people miss him.

        1. BOC says:

          Last week in NYC, Trump neighborhood. Large population in the streets begging for a speech and cheering for POTUS 44.

          1. ABO says:

            No surprise there. NYC does after all support a large population of idiots. Guess they all came out for their hero.

          2. BOC says:

            No! They all came out to plead with 44 to come back, or at least speak, so that they can hear a dose of sanity. Thirty days of Narcissism has taken it’s toll on the American population.

      1. Cole Johnson says:

        boc; ROFLMAO!! Yeah the entire prison population misses ovomit and big mike! LOL! The American people missed them being in prison also! But, it’s not too late to put your criminal heroes in prison! ” Yes we can” !!! LOL!!!

        1. BOC says:

          Get a hold of yourself!

          1. ABO says:

            I suspect you’ve got a hold of yourself on a regular basis. You really should try to cut back a little. getting a bit too obvious.

          2. Lasher says:


      2. Lasher says:

        Like a cancer survivor misses his cancer.

      3. bytheway4 says:

        BOC, how can they miss him, he was out golfing , vacationing , or on a pretent business trip when he went to Hollywood or with his gay friend , mr. Love, the dog trainer. He spent every penny of ours as fast he could.

        1. BOC says:

          stop posting, you’re clogging up the works.

  13. ny2223jv says:

    Put the whole Obozo administration on trial for T R E A S O N then apply the proper sentence.

      1. keepon says:

        ABsoLUTELY !! SEDITION. Don’t leave out SOROS, Move On, Clapper, Brennan, Organizing for Action, Lynch/Holder, aided by the so-called MSM using its vested power of the press to fuel the flames of ANARCHY.

        If truly worried about the rise of SOCIALISM in this Nation: Why are THEY wiping their feet on Our Constitution? Why are THEY BUYING PROTESTORs by way of the DNC and O’s old re-election COMMUNITY ORGANIZERs?

        These are NOT Trump’s people organizing these anti-Trump campaigns now are they?

        Wake up America ! You BEAT this OBAMA INSURGENT COUPs, now put them in their final resting place for the sake of ALL our Children !

          1. Cole Johnson says:

            boc: Yeah, your’e convoluted, self loathing, hateful and immature posts are the laugh of the planet! Don’t stop posting your petty and immature lies! LOL! This is great entertainment laughing at you and you ignorant BS! We use your name as a joke, something you leave behind in a toilet and plain old stupidity! ROFLMAO!!! Love watching you snowflakes melting down! This is funny stuff troll! Please let us continue to laugh at your expense! Please! LOL! LOL!

          2. BOC says:

            Stop posting if you don’t have anything to say.

          3. Cole Johnson says:

            I am not your dog! So do not give me orders fascist! I realize that fascists like you only believe in the first amendment when people agree with your lies! When they don’t, you throw a tantrum like a teenage drama queen! You go girl!!!

          4. BOC says:

            You’re taking up space and time.

          5. Cole Johnson says:

            Yes you are a waste of time and space! Why is it when a man has sex with every woman he meets he is called a stud! And when a woman has sex with every man she meets, she is called BOC’s mom! LOL!

          6. BOC says:

            Okay, so you’re a juvenile!

          7. BOC says:

            You should call your president out in this way. Even though it has been proven true but you elected him anyway.

          8. Cole Johnson says:

            boc: What does your mom being a slut has to do with Trump being elected president of the USA for the next 8 years! Other than you continually sniveling and whining like a hillary riding a cotton pony! ROFLMAO!! You are boring! if you want any more cum backs from me, you will have to scrape it off your moms teeth! bye loser! You bore me! LOL!

      2. BOC says:

        You didn’t hear a thing.

        1. john says:

          You’re right i read it.But i did hear your gurl screaming in my bedroom other day when she sit on my stick.. ; )

          1. BOC says:

            I guess this is what to expect when there’s nothing to say. Very juvenile, indeed.

          2. Lasher says:

            John, you’re black, aren’t you?

    1. pevans1 says:

      Agreed…. Firing Squad!

      1. Gary Purcell says:

        Amen to that. Then go down the list: Clinton, Lynch and every one of the two-faced ass holes that were involved!!!

        1. BOC says:

          Clean-up your language.

          1. Lasher says:

            Are your sensitivities being abused, BOC? Poor baby!

      2. BOC says:

        New Yorkers disagree.

      3. BOC says:

        Bring your checkbook, like everyone else.

    2. Steve Clark says:

      very simple, do as the French did, then dump the trash in the ocean for the sharks.

  14. SouthernPatriot says:

    There must be some Republicans in Congress or Judicial Watch or some group which can bring a lawsuit against Obama’s/Lynch’s order, just as a suit was brought against Obama for his violation of the U.S. Immigration laws and the U.S. Supreme Court slapped down Obama, voting unanimously(even the leftist justices!) to overturn Obama’s order.

    1. jimshaw54 says:

      But will it be too late, and is it already too late? Have they already distributed our information among many organizations, some of which might not have our best interests at heart and we would not like them to have our personal information. I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t have done so in the last days of the Obama administration.

      1. LadyLoneStar says:

        I’m sure they have…..for the entire eight years (or longer). They are on a mission to destroy Americans and sale our country to the highest bidder. (Hate to rain on your parade Jim, but they didn’t wait until the last days of the 0 admin….they’ve been selling us out from the beginning….we are just now hearing about it.)

        1. jimshaw54 says:

          You didn’t rain on my parade. I am sure they distributed this information well before Obama left office. Once Hillary lost I am sure Obama and his minions did as much damage as possible, and they certainly had enough time to do so. After the election I often thought about what Obama would be doing during those two months he had before he had to leave office and hoped he wouldn’t do anymore damage — but I didn’t hold my breath that he would be honest and upright.

          1. LadyLoneStar says:

            Right because his track record speaks volumes on his honesty and integrity! You are right as rain. Thanks Jim….have a blessed day.

          2. BOC says:

            44’s time in office was impeccable!

          3. LadyLoneStar says:

            Your spelling is off…..that should be “impeachable”.

          4. BOC says:

            Stop dreaming! Wake up from your nightmare.

          5. ABO says:

            Impeccably ridiculous. Doesn’t surprise me that you’re impressed.

          6. BOC says:

            Doesn’t surprise me that you are not. Thank goodness there are only a few of you from off-the grid.

          7. Susan Meyer says:

            Again, tell us how? So many scandals, they could fill a book.

          8. BOC says:

            That was ‘W’ Bush!

        2. BOC says:

          Cowboy mentality at work here. The ‘Lone’ star effect.

          1. LadyLoneStar says:

            I’d rather have a cowboy mentality than a libturd effect that you’ve got.

          2. BOC says:

            I just said that. What was it you didn’t understand.

      2. David S. McQueen says:

        I hope Sessions (our new, honest Attorney General) directs the FBI to investigate Lynch, Obama and Clinton.

        1. BOC says:

          Sessions is on the same island as Kelly Conway.

          1. Lasher says:

            Kellyanne Conway?

          2. BOC says:

            Yeah, her too.

          3. BOC says:

            That’s the one. They took the leash off of her and she stumbled again yesterday regarding the infamous wiretap conspiracy.

          4. Susan Meyer says:

            If you are going to post something, give us some reasons why you want Obama back in our WH? All you are doing is making fun of conservatives’ rational and true comments. So let’s hear your reasons for loving the idea of our country becoming a Communist country (which has been proven time and time again to fail). Come on “big boy”, make a list of why you want this. Otherwise, SHUT UP!!!

          5. bytheway4 says:

            BOC is being paid by Soros and is trying real hard to earn the few dollars that the murderer, Soros is paying her/him.

      3. David Gearhart says:

        They haven’t finished. That is why the democrats are fighting Trumps transition. They are still doing their socialist anti America criminal activities.

        1. BOC says:

          What Trump is doing borders on criminal. The Russian Probe will not be going away. Republicans calling for a Independent investigation.

          1. David Gearhart says:

            Is borders on criminal the best you can do? Obama and his socialist administration were an organized crime wave for 8 years. His criminal domestic terrorist are still rioting, assaulting and killing. If the DOJ hadn’t been a part of the problem, RIOC charges would have been filed on Obama and his enemies of the state.

          2. Lasher says:

            Trump has indicated to me and all you who have thought it through, that he is the biggest Jew-stooge President we have ever had. Even the sell-out, opportunist, old whore, Hillary couldn’t match him in sucking up to the Zionist Jew traitors of the NWO enemies of the world. The Golden Boy has shown just what his intentions are exactly the way Obama did when he told Joe the Plumber that a little income redistribution might not be bad for our country. Why don’t people listen to these treacherous instruments of infiltration, usurpation, and power acquisition who come to us with greasy smiles on their traitorous faces each election time? They are only too happy to do their dirty work on a slowed-down schedule as long as we idiot goyim continue to not let them down on election day. If the day should come when this slowed-down pace of conquest ever becomes non-beneficial to their long range plans, there will undoubtedly be a hastened revolution that will involve much more death and destruction than is presently in the workings. These Zionists have been plotting and planning each move they are making decades, even centuries, ahead of each chess move being made in this “game” of theirs to topple the entire world in their favor. The ultimate result of all this double-dealing, deception, and deviousness is the final take-over of the power of all sovereign countries’ and the emplacement of the Jewish Zionists of the world as our final masters. It shouldn’t take much more imagination to envision the denouement of this tragic situation – a world forever ruled by the iron fist of International, Rothschildean, forced labor, Judean tyranny and oppression of all non-Jewish people.

          3. Lasher says:

            Exactly. The only reply possible to my information, and the piece de resistance of the whole gamut of Zionist last words

          4. Susan Meyer says:

            What is it about lashers post do you not agree with? Come on, we need to know why you feel the way you do.

          5. Susan Meyer says:

            Do you know why? In order to find out that Obama and/or his minions are trying their best to bring Trump down. Go back to bed and keep dreaming your communist dreams because it is not going to happen.

      4. BOC says:

        “Have they already distributed our information?”
        What intelligent information we’re you capable of putting together?

        1. jimshaw54 says:

          The “our” is plural and used to indicate people living in this country, but no specific people. Either you are trying to be a smart a–s, not intelligent, or think you are “cute” with your senseless remarks.

          1. BOC says:

            Only you, don’t know for sure.

    2. ny2223jv says:

      That would upset the natives

      1. BOC says:

        The Indians have been upset for some time now, most recently Dakota Pipeline.

    3. BOC says:

      Tea Party mentality at work here!

      1. David Gearhart says:

        Yes, equality and justice for all. To include the so called liberal being arrested for their on going crime wave. Is that the Tea Party mentality that you are referring to?

  15. cathylovesyou says:

    Lynch, Holders Cousin and Bill Clinton’s confidant is totally un-America just like her Boss. All part I think of the present Obama Gang, and organization but together by Barry Baby to help undo the Republican Party and well as continue to destroy America. Could be wrong?????????????

  16. C.Henry says:

    Just another part of the Obozo legacy , Treason !! time to fill Gitmo …………………………….

    1. Roger_T73 says:

      Soooooooo many demon-CRAPs committed Treason, Gitmo isn’t big enough.

      1. LadyLoneStar says:

        We can put the over-flow in with the criminal aliens….general pop!

  17. Linda Boss says:

    So…the big question is, why hasn’t she been arrested and put behind bars ???

    1. Denise Robinette Myers says:

      Right! Why do we keep hearing about their crimes against our country and yet NO ACTION is taken against them?!! Why??? Can anyone answer that for me?

      1. EnochWas says:

        Half the time they are exaggerating. But if it is serious…then If nothing is done they are all guilty.

        1. BOC says:

          Where’s the logic here?

      2. Cheryl Detar says:

        It’s a new administration. Not all obozo’s traitor are out, yet. Nor all the new ones in. Give them time. It WILL happen.

        1. BOC says:

          Don’t hold your breath!

      3. BOC says:

        No, they can’t because there is no crime to prosecute.

    2. LadyLoneStar says:

      We all need to contact our congresspeople and ask them.

      1. BOC says:

        They are all tied up or hiding in their home districts, haven’t you been watching the news lately?

        1. LadyLoneStar says:

          I don’t watch Fake News, it’s not that entertaining and it certainly isn’t informative.

          It does, however, shine a light on why your comments are what they are, though. You liberal trolls are all alike.

          1. BOC says:

            ‘Tunnel-vision’ is a serious disease. So how does pumping additional money into the military helping you?

    3. BOC says:

      For what, doing her job. At least she’s did what was required, can say the same about Trump.

      1. LadyLoneStar says:

        All the Unconstitutional crap she tried isn’t even close to “doing her job”.

  18. Allen says:

    Let’s find out what the NSA has on her, Obama,clintons,Reid’s,pelosi etc.

      1. Lasher says:

        Are you Roger Clinton?

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      Like the information we got from Clinton’s illegal servers?

    2. BOC says:

      I think this is what they are saying about team Trump.

  19. havegunwilltravel says:

    Men of zeal with good intentions had nothing to do with this. This was solely the work of evil minded rulers.

    1. LadyLoneStar says:


      1. havegunwilltravel says:

        Yup, wannabes. The American people still rule.

  20. Dave Nettles says:

    From what I know the CIA is the #1 place. A case in point, that goes clear back to Nixon is Phillip A Thompson, a CIA op who was convicted in 2008 of murdering Betty Cloer in 1970. But theres more, dig up his picture on Google, then dig up the composite of Zodiac, yep, they sure look like the same person, with the years added. The rest of the story is that PAT, or some associates, may have had a hand in the death of CIA agent Alan May, and his British spy friend, Ian Stuart Spiro. This could even go to the ONS murders, via Maverick airlines. From what I can see PAT was likely a double agent right from the start, probably working for post revolution Iran. So all this isn’t new, it’s just now coming out in the open. PS: PAT ISN’T the ONS.

  21. amazingoly says:

    If what she allegedly did was illegal, Sessions should haul her in for questions and Trump must void her order.

  22. Ken Murrell says:

    Let’s face the facts America. We the people nearly lost our government by allowing unqualified personnel to be trusted in departments of government way out of their league.

    1. noBS says:

      Maybe they weren’t so much “unqualified” as they were “untrustworthy”. I believe that they were operating under the direction of someone much higher up the food chain. Maybe they didn’t get their marching orders straight from the top — probably not — but I’m convinced that “someone” with a lot of clout (perhaps Soros, or maybe the international finance community, etc.) was pulling their strings

  23. William says:

    100% of these law breakers, Beginning with Loretta Lynch, need to be arrested and placed in PRISON!

  24. oncemorearound says:

    Eight years of these bilge rats and it’s just the tip of the iceberg of what will surface.

  25. karolh says:

    Funny thing no one said anything about a possible way to change what has been done or that it can not be changed. It has always been my understanding, if ANYTHING is done against our Constitution, it does not stand. It is invalid. Unless the Constitution itself is changed, anything that is not Constitutional is not valid. Therefore, Congress or the President can stop NSA and take possession of those records or have them wiped out. I think We The People need to petition President Trump to check into this and take care of it immediately. No one has the right to go against our Constitutional rights.

  26. sherri palmer says:

    They did it to promote their communist agenda….why are they not being held accountable for having done this…sick of the leftist and their ‘above everyone else’ actions!

  27. cp123 says:

    Millions support Trump. Let us know Mr. President when it’s time for us to come out in force and march in every state.

  28. Barbara Hinke says:

    Solution::: Just reverse he secret order………….

  29. Michael Lloyd says:

    If Lynch did it then Sessions should undo it.

  30. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

    I second ny2223jv. They need to be prosecuted and our freedoms restored, including the deletion of all information illegally gotten.

  31. My country says:

    It seems we will years down the road before the horrible truths of what Obama and his administration did ! He is still trying to cause havoc in America ! And if there is a war his sorry behind will be first to go along with Soros and the Clinton’s and onward to Washington !

  32. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Muslim traitor ordered the NSA to collude its blackmailing CLASSIFIED data to 16 other agencies BEFORE applying any privacy laws.
    This was done just 17 days before he left!
    This was signed off by clapper last December 2016!!
    This was signed off by lynch in January 2017!!!

    Thus making it impossible to track CLASSIFIED leaks and
    to create a SHADOW government to
    overthrow President Trump and the government of the United States of America!!!

    This order MUST be rescinded immediately!!!
    AND muslim traitor, clapper, lynch, et. al.
    MUST be tried for treason against the government of the United States of America!!!

  33. ronniecanoli says:

    Barry Soetoro AKA BHO… & his racist entourage .. just want to get even with WHITEY. That is what propelled him, & his two black POS AG’s… They gave FREEDOM’S to their black THUG’S along with the help of hildeberry, & soros to go on a SEEK & DESTROY MISSION , without , ” CONSEQUENCES “…THEY EMBRACED THEIR FERAL BEHAVIOR ,& gave them SELF SATISFACTION . THANK GOD that WE as a NATION remained RESILIENT ,& endured the TREACHEROUS EIGHT LONG YEARS of these RACIST POS MF’er’s… ,but we are a long way’s off to get US(A) back on the RIGHT TRACK , NO THANKS to all those lefty-progressive OBSTRUCTIONISTS…which those CRY-BABIES are still trying to BITCH & MOAN, PROTEST ,about the NEW ADMINISTRATION.. because all their BENNIES will be coming to a FINAL HALT… In conclusion, when are all those that hate PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP going to leave ???? Not one has ,because they know the only place on this EARTH that tolerates these scumbags, is right here in the GOOD OLD U.S.of A… GOD BLESS AMERICA… ” AMERICA ” LOVE IT , or LEAVE IT..

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      I agree with your comment….however, you “liked” your own comment, really? SMH

  34. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    And why can’t this work of Satan be reversed, and soon? There have been so many treasonous acts committed by the primaries in the Obama administration, you must assume this whole 8 years was a conspiracy of treason. As such, those people should be imprisoned and executed appropriately for their crimes. It’s NOT just politics, it’s crime.

  35. Epeefencer says:

    This is Treason, plain and simple. Time to arrest, prosecute and execute anyone who was involved.

  36. avram26 says:

    This is a day of realization that had to come eventually, when we, as a nation, would finally wake up to a common enemy – who is not that person of another color, or even party. Divide and conquer has always been a successful war strategy for victory. Our foolish enemy has always been those whose vapid heathen agendas always excludes a recognition of God and His provident protection of nations – as if they’re in charge. By our collective indolence in not keeping faith in God with knowledge, keeping and honoring the Sabbath, and applying those guides to our lives, hating our brothers/sisters, no longer even ‘talking’ to God, we have allowed the real enemy to gain a position over us to steal, kill, and destroy. This is not about ‘religion’ – it is about Life. It is a spiritual battle we fight, but faith in God is also an action. It is unity in action for our freedoms. We must come together in ‘solidarity’ of purpose, recognize that we are Gods ‘foot soldiers’ with a mission to save this great nation, and engage the enemy in HIS stronghold. Each of us, being aware of satans’ agenda, must prepare for the coming storm, of which we were forewarned. See you on the battlefield, Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, wearing the ‘Shield’ of the Living God. Shalom and Amen.

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      Amen Brother! See ya there (here) God bless.

  37. Mary says:

    I wish someone would look at this site, posted on October 20, 2016; it may solve a lot of problems – if it is true:


  38. Mojo says:

    Can Lynch be lynched?

  39. Timothy Dayton says:

    The Obama Administration per his own assessment was the most open and fair administration in modern times. Right. His Constitutional Law Degree must have had a major in how to bypass, avoid or break the Constitution.

  40. Lorraine E says:

    loretta lynch was appointed by BHO to the position of head of his injustice dept because they both had the same agenda. They both hated us, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our Republic.
    Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are heros because they disclosed just how rotten our government is. They should both receive Peace Prizes for placing their lives in danger to inform us how bad our government has become. Of course the vile corporate media is going to slander and libel them and call them trailers for revealing the TRUTH about how dangerous our government has become for those of us who love God, our country, our Constitution and our freedoms. Certainly most Americans would want to be informed about actions taken by our government which are not in our best interest. It’s not supposed to be that way because they are our tax paid public servants.

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      You are sooooooo right……and public “servants” is what they need to be reminded they are “supposed” to be!

  41. James Pearce says:

    This is aprosecutable offense. There is nothing stopping in bringing this batch to justice. I can’t imagine there beinging any reason for her to not have to answer for her crimes.

  42. Alan404 says:

    Can the newly elected president “undo” this crap. If he can, what is he waiting for, if he can’t, why.

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      Have you asked your congresspeople?

      1. Alan404 says:

        Does overturning this stunt require action from The Congress or will executive action serve?

        1. LadyLoneStar says:

          Alan, ask your congresspeople…tell THEM you want POTUS to do something.

  43. John Gault says:

    Business as usual

  44. ruru101 says:

    The question is, can it be reversed? This is part of the leaks. We need to demand that it be reversed, how do we go about it?

  45. Roger_T73 says:

    Drain The F*cking Swamp!!!
    Put all the crap back where it came from – the demon-CRAP ‘leadership”.

  46. Angie Crowell says:

    Hanging post

  47. chinooksalmon says:

    Nice work, Loretta. You are indeed a traitor and criminal to the max. Way to betray the safety of true Americans who fought and died for your freedoms. Are you prepared to betray your boss, Obama, and tell the truth about his instructions and motives?

  48. Dave says:

    Back in august of 1974, when the left brought down Nixon’s resignation, the left has been very confident, that the could do it again.They are both striving to delegitimize Trumps win, and to paint him as insane, to use the 25th amendment against him to remove him.The media, has portrayed him, as “the new Hitler” If 1/1000th whats being said and done to Trump, had been done to prince barry, there would have been hell to pay over it.You would have seen prince o, have mass arrests and convictions.And the media, would have praised him for doing it.

  49. EnochWas says:

    So? Just reverse it. You cannot tell me with a Republican House, Senate, and President they can’t do it. NOT buying that!

  50. michael a says:

    set up high validated scope of a 50 calibre smack dab in between obozo eyes, no more threats probably stir up muslims already in america losing their king just might come out of hiding boom boom one at a time til all muslims are no more.

  51. Bishop351 says:

    Lynch, Clinton(s), Johnson, McCarthy, and that sniveling Josh Earnest should be locked up next to the Obama’s. All Liars and Frauds. And don’t forget Pelosi, Shumer, Kerry, and Reid. Be sure to take their Pens and Phones….

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      Good starting point but your list is entirely too short!

  52. LadyLoneStar says:

    When do the trials begin? Because if Joe Public did unconstitutional stuff he would NEVER see the light of day and/or his family would NEVER hear or see him again.

    If our Constitution means nothing we are a lawless nation. Without laws, without borders what are we?

  53. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    I believe Obama was here to make America fall and he just about did that. That is the reason DONALD TRUMP is our President its not time for AMERICA to fall. So it is time for us our people to wake up to what has been going on in this world that we live in today.

  54. MysticDrkBear says:

    More of the Obama and Hilary Corruptibles Treason! The whole of Obama’s Cabinet and Staff from start to Finish need to be Detained at GITMO, untill they can be Fully VETTED! All Money, Income, Pensions Banks should be locked. Than a Complete! Cavity Investigation should be Done! After it is over All Crimes should be Exposed! To the Public show all will see just how Corruptibles Operate, how deep their tentacles go. And All of those who are behind the scene brought forward and exposed! Then the Firing squad for all Tresonist!

  55. Joe Buckstrap says:

    I don’t think that this is quite accurate. The Obama regime did in fact pass the illegally collected NSA data on all Americans to 13 other police state agencies, including the CIA. However, this was not a unilateral decision by Loretta Lynch. It was one of Obama’s Executive Orders in the waning days of his extremely destructive regime.

  56. MysticDrkBear says:

    We should start calling on all of the Fake, Fake news ABC,CBS,FOX,NBC,MSNBC, and the rest of the Corrupt Alphabet Media and Demand they to DO their best at real investigative Journalism and Report the Truth! Call everyday, Fax, Email, Comments, ect. until we hear the truth. And then watch the cover up they come up with! The Real News Can expose the Corruption with the Truth!

  57. Tinka says:

    One would think that if all of these demo-rats like socialism so much, they would move to a country that is socialist or communist. There are many of them out there for sure..example- Mr. Soros!!!.People come to our country to flee danger in their countries and as soon as they get here they want to change it to be more like the country they came from. Does this make any sense to anyone? This Country was built on the Constitution and it is a sin how the demo-rats are trying to destroy it all from within. Trump is our President, act like adults and work together to keep this Country Great!!

  58. Charles P says:

    And NOW you KNOW why you can NEVER ALLOW A LIST (registry) OF GUN OWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  59. Lillian Newcomb says:

    so what can be done to negate this terrible crime perpetrated on the unsuspecting American people???????

  60. Joseph F Idell says:

    President Trump must take action to correct the horrendous breach of trust taken by former AG Loretta Lynch and, if possible, press criminal charges against her and all other parties. It is time to make some examples for the last eight years of lawlessness by the Obama administration.

  61. fordfool says:

    Yes, frightening…if U look backwards, was there ANYTHING devised thru / by / for YoBama that was STRAIGHT, and CONSTITUTIONAL?
    I wondr what today’s people would do, compare Aaron Burr and YoBama?
    Endangering Our Country,Turning Ur back on Ur Country is the same today as in 1780…better said, what would 1780 America have done–surely-not made new “laws” to fit their needs…

  62. David Gearhart says:

    Since Obama cleared out Gismo, there is now room for him and his radicals that say that we are the enemy. Which actually makes them the enemy.

  63. ny2223jv says:

    Where is Madame DuFarge when you need her?

    1. Lasher says:

      Knitting, of course.

  64. barbarakelly says:

    What Bush sr. and Clinton , Bush jr , and BO did was we almost lost our country. –Because we didn’t see what they were doing behind the scenes. and slowly implementing . It wasn’t till the 2nd term of bo that we were waking up and seeing the disaster that we were heading into. They almost got away with it. But on top of that the media was also behind the effort. It is what they called the cabal and it wasn’t just us but the whole world. They are a SATANIC GROUP and right now some are running for their shelters. I hope they are buried in them. And on top of that we have the Pedo gate— and lot of our dems are in volved in this and Trump and now our good guys are rounding them up. They will be gone /O/ I don’t know if we find out but just knowing that our children can be safe again is good for me. And more then likely a few of you know who they are. Until we know from the Gov. we keep fighting so we can put them into the ground. Those people are sick — they have killed children and babies. 2 of them are the Pedesto brothers., bill and hillary. This is why you aren’t hearing it in the news—- the media gang, cnn and the lot. Right now Google is trying to silence the good guys, Alex Jones and Natrual News with Adam. on You tube. So start fighting them– Google. Make them feel our wrath!

  65. BOC says:

    The Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

    The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. This is a National Security issue that needed to be addressed.

  66. BOC says:

    44 is busy collecting money for his library. He was in NEW YORK, around the corner from Trump Towers picking up 700K yesterday.

  67. BOC says:

    Former President, Obama would never act the way this President has and get away with it. This guy is a total narcissist and psychiatrist’s need not explore his behavior any further. He is a high risk to this country and its people.

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