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Loretta Lynch Left Behind This Mess For Trump To Clean Up

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  1. suz says:

    It sounds like a Gov. take over at the Federal level leaving the states with their hands tied.

    1. CharlieM says:

      That was Obozo’s original intent. A National Police Force.

      1. sunandfun says:

        Better known as, “OBOZZOS SCUM patrol” !

        1. Honorary says:

          Barack Obama: The world’s most vile creature, supported and praised the despicable thugs “Black Lives Matter”,- a vile evil hate group for their “outstanding work”, they are same evil, murders inspiring lie about our brave men and women in blue.

          1. Chandler says:

            Amen to that Honorary amen to that !!

      2. nicholsda says:

        His comment was that he would have a better force than our military and he came pretty darn close to doing it. Hillary would have finished the job.

    2. Chandler says:

      Been going on for 8 years now, no surprise to anyone.

    1. VN VET says:

      While I do agree with your comments that ALL humans have their own problems and personal problems (because we are just that, humans). Please, please do not try and tell any of the American citizens, politicians, backer’s and supporter’s of Netanyahu and Israel. Because they will ALL tell you very quickly that Netanyahu and Israel are all 1000% more pure, squeaky clean, sinless and faultless than any other nationality or country in the whole world. Well maybe, just maybe that in their eyes and mind that is ALL that they see. I was always told that that everyone had to saved and forgiven for their own sins, but I guess that rule does not apply to Netanyahu and Israel since they are already born and raised squeaky clean and sin free.

  2. S. Segal says:

    President Trump, hopefully, has fired this idiot. He needs to weed out all Left-Wing Liberals in the Justice Department and replace them with employees who will run this country in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. I am so tired of hearing how law enforcement has be denigrated by Obama and his devious appointees. With the exception a very small minority of law enforcement personnel, law enforcement personnel on a whole protect and serve the entire public in accordance with all laws and department policies. I retired from law enforcement after close to 36 years and I know that cops are put under a microscope way too many times leading to unnecessary injury and murder to those officers who are afraid to use force when it is necessary.

    1. Kevin says:

      Its already a done deal (Lynch is gone). Loretta Lynch was Obama’s AG. Trump’s new AG is Jeff Sessions.

      1. VN VET says:

        Oh by the way, when did or does Sessions get sworn into office, in order to relieve Lynch of her AG duties ?

        1. Kevin says:

          Well, I have to “update” my earlier post. I remember seeing Sessions’ confirmation hearings quite a few days ago, so I thought it was “any time now” – but I heard yesterday that the democrats are stonewalling and he has not yet been confirmed (as of 1/25/2017). But, the democrats do not have the votes to stop him, so I believe its just a matter of time – maybe days? Hopefully very soon!

      2. Cecil Highsmith says:

        I’m so glad they are gone!

  3. bmoc says:

    Thank God that Obama’s racist and politically motivated regime is now out of office. Things can now return to normal. I hope the lies and deceptions perpetrated by Obama’s entire cabal will never be repeated, but there are still elements of that far-left corruption that remain in Washington. We still need to drain the swamp. Remember these anti-American actions in future elections so we don’t repeat this debilitating Obama era.

    1. rex ames says:

      Well the result was record murders in Chicago.. The police just backed off when a call came in. Don’t blame them, because no matter what, black lives matter steps in and spins it so the cops get the blame and then loose their jobs. I’d just let em shoot each other too! Just call the under taker.
      Probably saved millions in tax dollars for us. Instead of to many blacks in prison, then there will be to many in the ground. We can’t win, its always whities fault. Don’t blame the cops one bit, its not there fault that people break the law.
      Don’t do the crime, then don’t do the time.

    2. Linda Shelton says:

      As well as the fact that he appointed many members of his “hands” to be in departments so President Trump can’t get rid of then for 4 years.This is a mess.

      1. nicholsda says:

        Firings can be done and others can be put in. Just because they were appointed to those positions does not mean they are there for good. Congress can override anything the ex-President did in the next 50+ days.

        1. Chandler says:

          I am not as sure as you because we have several Republicans with two faces, and they do not want Trump to succeed.

          1. nicholsda says:

            Yes, there is that problem like McStain in the Senate.

          2. Chandler says:

            In fact it it is the gang of 8 led by McCain that are under cover Democratic. They the Republicans in the gang of 8 usually vote in lock step with the Democratic Party of Socialist,Progressive, Communist party of America.
            It is far past time that we the legal citizens get in line and support President Trump in the Senate and the House by telling them you support President Trump or we will remove you from your overpaid jobs with over indulging medical and benefits.
            We also must be in the streets saying same and rebutting the Democrat and there puppets.
            But in fact we must also force the Politicians into term limits of no more than 8 years for the Senate and 4 years for the House.
            It is ridiculous that the politicians have jobs for life, I truly believe that No one deserves a job for life no one.
            Our founding fathers said as much by saying enter the government serve the country then get out, and go back to the jobs you had before your service in the American Government.
            Just one person’s opinion

          3. nicholsda says:

            I don’t disagree with you. Susan Collins & Babs Merkowski both vote with the Dems way too often. Term limits, 2 in the Senate and 3 in the House and they accept the same care as they foist off on Medicare patients while in and nothing when out of office. No money and no benefits. Failure to show up for a session or vote without excusal in advance ( Have to cover those required to be gone for continuation requirements ) results in the pay getting dinged.

      2. Chandler says:

        No it is criminal what was done and the Democrat Party of the far far left Communist as well as the Courts, are just as much the fault as Obama,Clinton’s, McCain, and the gang of eight as well as the main street media and the so called Hollywood elite, music entertainers and Sores. and Republican Party.
        President Trump needs help from the legal citizens that voted him in all of us.
        The only ones out demonstrating and making noise is the illegals from around the world and the Communist , that are in America as well as allot not all Muslims.
        There goal is to turn America into Communism/ Muslim Country with a dictator to
        take our Freedoms and Constitution from us.
        They are after this country to make it a world country with a few dictators in charge to bring us in line.
        That is what is happening in our Country right now and it is only going to get worse, I promise you,
        if we all do not stand up and say in one voice no more, and show we are serious it is over and our FREEDOM WILL BE GONE.
        That is my opinion

    3. Daniel from TN says:

      Things will eventually get back to normal. However, the first order of business for Trump is damage control of the damage done to the country by obama and the Liberals.

    4. Chandler says:

      The sad thing is that the Democrat, Party of Socialist,Progressives that is = to the Communist party of America.
      They no longer have the same values as they did when the Democrat party was formed in the beginning.
      The Democrat party is filled up with Communist that have infiltrated the Party over the years.
      We the people have fought communism our entire existence as a Country, yet here we are with one of the main parties that are so far left that they have become full blown Communist and that is the so called Democrat Party.
      1. How sad is that, the Democrats have managed to open our borders to the worlds illegals with out proper vetting.
      2. Our Judges for the most part are political and ruling with there party lines and not going by the laws.
      3. Obama was allowed to not only change laws but make laws, yet the courts did nothing for they were of the same party line.
      4. We have the R.I.N.O. like McCain, he votes against his party, and with the Democrats behind closed doors, allot of the time. McCain appears to have a gang of 8 followers that do the same thing.
      5. Obama Clinton’s and the gang of 8 are in the background tearing this country apart for THERE OWN GAIN BOTH IN STATURE AKA, POWER, AND MONEY.
      6. The only people rising up to protest are the ILLEGALS, and paid demonstrators
      7. Where the HE** are the legal citizens that voted Donald Trump in for President not demonstrating?
      8.Why are they not doing something, but sitting back like mutes and letting this crap go on and on with out demonstrating, and speaking out loudly.
      And supporting President Trump, are they waiting for his Presidency to fail ?
      Just my opinion !!!

  4. barbarakelly says:


    1. sunandfun says:

      Soros needs to be shipped to Israel to PAY for what HE did to the JEWs with Hitler! What a SCUMBAG of human flesh!

      1. VN VET says:

        I guess that by sending Soros to Israel would be just one more less off of the list of the billion’s and billion’s and billion’s and billion’s and billion’s and billion’s that has said some thing bad about Netanyahu and Israel. I seem to keep forgetting that (1) the whole world is ALWAYS WRONG and that Netanyahu and Israel are just the opposite, they both ( Netanyahu and Israel) are always 1000% correct and NEVER wrong.(2) it sure is strange how Netanyahu and Israel has never, never, never, never, never, ever committed one(just one) sin in their entire life and the life of the country. I have found out one thing if nothing else, I am 80+years old and for all of those years I was taught that there was only ONE person that was ever on this earth that was perfect, or so I was told. Now I am finding out that Netanyahu and Israel are / were supposed to be just as pure, squeaky clean and sinless as Christ. For example, just ask the American government, the politicians in Washington DC, the backers, supporter’s and a very large percentage of the American public and they will all tell you or anyone else that just happens to ask, just how perfect, squeaky clean, pure and even sinless that Netanyahu and Israel is. Is also making Netanyahu and Israel out to be the victims in each and every case.
        Can any of you other poster’s, please explain just why it is the American taxpayer’s #1 job and #1obligation (1) to support (line their pockets) Netanyahu and Israel before the American citizens are even considered ? (2) why is it America’s #1 responsibility to even help and to completely support Netanyahu and Israel in the first place ? Can anyone name any other country or countries that the American government contributes and support’s like they do to Netanyahu and Israel or that they even come close to the amounts that is sent to Israel each and every month? As for being America’s so called ally or even a so called friend, just STOP the flow of money, aid and ALL of the military help and equipment that is being sent to Israel each and every month and I give 2-3 months and your so called ally and your so called friends will be walking away and looking for another SUGAR DADDY and maybe even more money if they can possible find it. Just like everyone else, Netanyahu and Israel are in it just for the money and what ever else that they can get, there are no exceptions to the rules where Netanyahu and Israel are concerned . (3) Just one QUESTION: Why can’t Netanyahu and the Israel government along with Japan and some of these other countries that the American taxpayers are and have been backing and supporting for decades and more decades get off of their lazy a$$$ and start standing on their own 2 feet for once and stop standing in America’s Welfare and Food Stamp’s lines each and every month with their hands outs looking for their monthly hand outs?

  5. SouthernPatriot says:

    Under the Department of Energy, Obama took over energy in the states, “war on coal” put Appalachia out of work and many now “ghost towns.” The Department of Agriculture took over family farms and farmers by not allowing them to use the water they collected in their own ponds they dug on their own property. The Department of Education commandeered local education through “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core” and Obama’s order for all elementary school girls to allow boys and men into their restrooms.

    Obama’s power grab brought federal power to a new height. May God enable Trump to undo all Obama did.

    1. sunandfun says:

      AMEN to your factual statement.

    2. Chandler says:

      Obama was warning with everyone and everything except with the Communist and Muslims. And his A** Kissers. Just one person’s opinion !!

  6. chuck708 says:

    Lynch along with Obama should be locked up for Crimes Against America. Both of them are RACISTS, like 90% of the Democrats in Congress.

    1. horvath38 says:

      Scumbag Hollder Fast and Fewerys and other Crimes

    2. Kevin says:

      …as the Wikileaks emails from Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz (and others) proves. Their “bad language” (and getting caught using it) is why they lost their jobs.

    3. VN VET says:

      While I do agree with your comments, Locking them up would not even be a chip off of the tip of the ice berg, now would it ?

    4. Chandler says:

      Yes they should along time ago.

  7. Fedup says:

    This racist broad should be prosecuted for not doing the job she took a sworn oath to do, She is not supposed to be taking orders from obama, she is supposed to be enforcing all of the laws to protect all of the legal citizens not just pick and choose the ones obama wanted enforced.

    1. VN VET says:

      Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry true.

  8. Honorary says:

    After eight years in office, to leave no doubt whatsoever, Obama’s real job to destroy America’s Moral & ethical Foundations. The traitor rots the soul of a nation, he worked secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city. If Obama weren’t eventually exposed, prosecuted and impeached, America should apologize to Benedict Arnold.

    1. Kevin says:

      “When the righteous thrive, the people rejoice; when the wicked rule, the people groan” – Proverbs 29:2 (NIV)

    2. VN VET says:

      Maybe you need to refraze your comments “If Obama weren’t eventually exposed, prosecuted and impeached, America should apologize to Benedict Arnold”. To read, if OBAMA is not eventually prosecuted for being exposed for what all he has already done, to America and its citizens. Then all of America (its citizens and its politicians) should apologize to Benedict Arnold and all of his family on the very front page of all of the Western media outlets, including TV and the internet, agree or disagree ?

      1. Honorary says:

        Thanks. Now..please read the new paraphrases of my comment from VN VET. Thank for your services, I dislike all war, but..then some times you have to make war to stop war. Amen.

  9. Libs R Loons says:

    Trump’s first order of business towards taking care of this and many problems is to fire Loretta Lynch.

  10. Joseph Carrilho says:

    That is one ugly woman.

  11. Bayside GolfClub says:

    “Stop or I I’ll shoot” needs a comeback !

  12. Original Anna says:

    It’s sound as if Obama was setting up the communist system of gov’t control of the police force and militaries from the top to the bottom with no in between state or city or town police control that doesn’t answer to the capital and not to their own police captain. You are also guilty until you prove yourself innocent which is hard to do when in jail with no visitors allowed because under communism relatives did not know what happened to their arrested relative and usually found out where they were from the prison after conviction in Russia’s gulag system.

  13. donaldbreaux says:

    Not surprising Not many of Obama’s Administrations had any Integrity especiallyThe Justice Dept and Lynch her self could not do her job letting people who should of been charged with treason go. What sore losers they really turned out to be !

  14. Bernie Lounds says:

    Yes if you want to see real Obama law enforcement just look at his hometown of Chicago.Murder Capitol Of America.

  15. Tony bellotte says:

    Where are the women marching to protest this damage to our law enforcement agencies by a traitor president and cabinet.

  16. John Savell says:

    How convenient. You are racist, but didn’t even know it, because it is subconscious. What about the Obamas who are blatantly racist, and it is not subconscious in the least.

  17. geneww1938 says:

    Glad those Satanic jihadist are out of the White House but they still remain as well paid puppets for Soros to destroy every visage of out Constitution.
    Thank God for We the People supporting our last ditch effort to salvage this great nation.

  18. Gizmo says:

    Rescend any policies that Obama’s administration implemented!

  19. MichTex “michtx92” 92 says:

    I guess its time to do something ole barry thought would not happen and that’s kickin’ ass and taking names.

  20. 1tinknocker says:

    I might not be understanding the whole process, but now that Trump is in charge of the Federal government, couldn’t he just erase the previous administrations controls and replace them with his own, or even no controls? He could even give the police departments that don’t seem to be getting help from their own communities and politicians an extra level of support. Since these politicians were so eager to give the control of their police over to obama, I’m sure they would be just as willing to give Trump the same powers.

  21. Countrysunrise says:

    President Trump very well knew what Obama was up to, while he was in office, however I think he’s just now finding out the magnitude of the damage he caused!! Thank God he fought as hard as he did to get elected to be President!! I know I fought for him too, and got people turned to his way of thinking!!

  22. It’s nice to know that Obama and his racist militia are no longer able to carry out their plans to destroy the United States as we knew it. Both Obama and Lynch, two of the most racist pieces of dung our government has had in recent years, have proven once again it’s these black citizens who are the most racist. Thank God they are out of office.

  23. jim jones says:

    Yeah, I’m glad to see osama’s racist shit being tackled, but I am sure as hell not not happy that we now have an asshole who thinks he is the KING. Imposing GAG orders. Who the fuck does he think he is; if we can’t talk about it something is very, very wrong.

    1. old codger says:

      “IF” you’re talking about Ovomit, I agree! “IF” you’re talking about PRESIDENT Trump, stick a sock in your mouth and crawl back under your rock!!

      1. Chandler says:

        I see that you are still alive and kicking A**, good to see you have not changed always true Blue and a Patriot.

        1. old codger says:

          HOLY CRAPOLA! Where have you been?? Very glad to see you back!! Several people have asked where is Chandler and all I could answer is I don’t have a clue!!
          WELCOME BACK, GOOD TO HAVE YOU BACK!! One more for the “True Blue Patriots”!! Hip, Hip Hooray!!!
          Does it sound like I’m glad your back?? LOL!

          1. Chandler says:

            Thank you old codger I missed you to, Along with some of the others.
            It seamed that most of the ones on the Tea Party site that were Patriots quit posting. And I had things to do so I just decided to get to work. Anyway It sure is good to know you are still around. Take care keep up what you do best ( TALK IN DEFENSE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HER LEGAL PATRIOTS. WE BLEED RED WHITE AND BLUE ).

          2. old codger says:

            Wow! It took from 5:30 AM til just now to reply to you! Site must have had trouble!!

          3. Chandler says:

            You know how it is ,sometimes things happen, Stay safe.

          4. Chandler says:

            That’s ok I know how things happen, stay safe my friend.

      2. Chandler says:

        Could not agree with you more Old Codger, only thing I would change is sock, but then again you are far more polite than I have ever been, always have.
        God save President Trump from the A-hole Brain dead Liberals.
        Keep up the fight for if the Democrats the party of Socialist,Progressives AKA Communist Party wins the Country and our freedoms will be gone. Just my thought

        1. old codger says:

          Agreed! I pray to God Almighty that it doesn’t come down to a 2nd Civil War but if it does my oath of enlistment DID NOT have an expiration date attached! I may not have any long guns but my .40 cal. with JHP’s make a very impressive hole!! LOL!
          What the hell are these LibTURDS, DumboCRAPZ drinking/ Smoking???

  24. MSG Leo says:

    We can now get back to enforcing all of the laws, not only the ones you agree with that day.

  25. Kathleen3 says:

    Taking over this White House is analogous to taking possession of a condemned home that must be gutted and then rebuilt.

    Unfortunately, the Obama-Jarrett-Holder-Lynch tentacles that spread under the White House and into most states throughout the U.S. will take years before they are completely removed.

  26. Joe Veteran says:

    Prosecute her for treason, and after her time is served behind bars, have her deported back to the country she loves so much (Iran).

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