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Loretta Lynch Sabotaged Trump With These Unbelievable Comments

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  1. Hannah says:

    I hope they investigate Ms. Lynch.

    1. Linda says:

      She came in with scandal!

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    Not to worry about Ms. Lynch! As my mama taught me “consider the source”.
    Also my dad told me, “just listen son and let a person talk and after a while everybody would know whether they’re telling the truth or not.” All we have to do is wait??

    1. Lasher says:

      Wait, hell, it is self-evident that all the Obama gang are inept, ignorant, sycophants of the Communist Party, USA who deserve long prison sentences.

      1. kodster says:

        ALL Democrats are Communists, today. Thirty years ago, they started their conversion to hard-core Communists. Today, they’re being flat out open about it.

    2. Chandler says:

      To bad they did not learn that the truth is always easier to tell than a lie. You can’t keep a lie straight but you can the truth.

  3. Betty says:

    this from a person who evidently does not know what the LAW is as she always fasiled to uphold it when she was AG

    1. Chandler says:

      She knows it alright, just does not intend to follow it as did Yates !!

      1. Jim says:

        That is what leftwing anti-US scumbags do

  4. barbarakelly says:

    When it comes to the dems—–that party is not what it used to be 20yrs ago . they have become more destructive and dominating.— just like the radical muslims that want us to believe just like them—- how is that for a comparison. I don’t see any difference. They want to dominate us to their socialist ideas. Sorry but I’m going to be fighting them every way I can. They are out to change this country and I’m not biting. This is why we are having trouble getting our Devoes vote for our childrens education. —–get the picture. when you stop and think and get the insite of what they are trying to do –then it becomes very clear. and we had 8yrs of bo to start pushing this. As I said before we was the Trojan Horse allowed into our country and now you see the results. START FIGHTING FOR YOURSELVES AND ;YOUR CHILDREN.!!! TO STOP THIS FROM GETTING EVEN WORSE FOR ALL OF US.!!!!

    1. JST says:

      Petulant CHILDREN, constantly having a Temper Tantrum!

      1. Richard says:

        And in the 2018 election they will lose MORE Senate seats and MORE governorships. The democrats never learn but they sure know how to cry and stomp their feet.

        1. Chandler says:

          They will if the voting legal citizens push out the crooked Dems left in office in there individual States. Go for the gold FREEDOM

        2. Buzz Mitchell says:

          Such a shame they can’t accept they are wrong. At least they help the economy by buying so much crying towels.

    2. Linda says:

      Buy the video or the book or if you have Amazon Prime it’s available for free or it was available (?) Enemy Within by Trevor Landau It reveals just how much the Communist Party has infiltrated our gov.! Pretty scary!!! https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwimi6TmvPLRAhUERCYKHdPCCVIQtwIIMzAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DWMTmaTdZZNA&usg=AFQjCNFLpj8kL183ECfksIBFkvey1aFWAA

    3. Chandler says:

      You are spot on and it is past time we the legal citizens of this free country show our support to Donald Trump our President.
      God bless Trump his family and all true Americans. Not the pretend ones like Obama.
      Thank the Dems for this mess.

      1. Buzz Mitchell says:

        yes God bless Trump and give him strength to hold up against the ill informed minority.

        1. Chandler says:

          Thanks for the response to my post. May God bless trump and the people that support this man that has given up so much for the Country he loves.

        2. nicholsda says:

          And with the way the left is rioting, “Praise God and pass the ammunition” may come back into style.

          1. Chandler says:

            Hay there now that is a great idea, keep up the fight it is time that the Patriots win this fight for Country and the legal citizens.

    4. Buzz Mitchell says:

      Ya know people should advise others to watch the film Hillary’s America to understand the democratic party’s history. Very interesting, verifiable and what most democrats don’t realize about their history

    5. Big Iron says:

      Trump is NOT a Republican; he’s an American first and foremost. Both the Republicans and the Democrats parties ARE minions of the corrupt international cabals also known as the PTB/NWO who are the enemies of the people and America. Both the Republicans and the Democrats are working for the same evil people not the American people or the people of the world; it is time that they are purged of their evil!.

    6. kodster says:

      They are ALL Communists. Period.

  5. Betty says:

    Failed excuse typing mistake

  6. I'm The Boss says:

    Done deal. Dems should be called the done party. Lynch is done, the Obamas AG is done, Obama’s done and Michelle “the man” is done.

    1. texas1 says:

      You mean Michael not Michelle

      1. Chandler says:

        Yep or so the gay’s have said, more than once.

        1. Libs R Loons says:

          We have Obama on Youtube accidentally saying “Michael” instead of “Michelle”.

          1. Chandler says:

            Wow !!!
            No surprise that it did not get attention, when a court makes new law to benefit the few then what is next.

    2. drbhelthi says:

      Will (s)he revert to masculinity ?
      Or, seek out another LGBT homo type?

        1. Libs R Loons says:

          Well, by LGBT standards Hillary’s not a woman, so…..

          1. Chandler says:

            Got to love standards !!

          2. Libs R Loons says:

            There was a lesbian activist who yelled “Now we have someone in the WH that WE can f**k”, talking about Hillary as First (cough!) Lady

          3. Chandler says:

            I remember something about that but then again deny, deny, deny it always works.

      1. Chandler says:

        Who really cares what happens to the phony Obama’s and there so called children.

    3. Linda says:

      Schumer is done also, and the Clinton News Network of reporting is done!

      1. Chandler says:

        Never say never it could turn around and bite you. They have said more than once that the that the Clinton’s and Schumer were done.

  7. Mary Stanley says:

    These people make me want to vomit! They did all they could to try to destroy the country while they were running things and now they can’t shut up and let the grown up. They just can’t do enough damage.

  8. ONLYJB1 says:

    She needs to be indicted for treason and espionage! All her wealth frozen and investigated for pay off amounts. So fitting, a criminal that was allowed to be the head of the JUSTICE department. Things they gonna be changing!

    1. Kenneth says:

      Not just Lynch, It could be an interesting 4 yr term should our PRESIDENT decide to have a LOT of Obama bureaucrats audited. Them, their spouses, all their living relatives, with feds going through all connected assets and where those assets came from. Could even check out all the rest of elected congress. Maybe come up with mountains of indictments.

      1. Chandler says:

        Wow what a great idea justice for all, you think ?

      2. Big Iron says:

        There are only so many hours in a day and Trump has his hands filled with too much “real” work to worry about the squawkings of some self-important twat. She’ll have her day!

        1. kodster says:

          True. We’re on the verge of WWIII (thanks to Iran’s testing of an ICBM they fired at a Saudi Arabian warship, and their alliance with Russia and Syria… Gog-Magog War), as well as civil war here in our own domestic affairs (you think the riots at UC Berkeley aren’t going to spread to other locations, you’ve got something coming that will shock you… I’m seeing deja vu… California wanting to secede from the nation… what happened at the beginning of the American Civil War in the 1850s?)… All ‘Biblical’ prophecies about to be fulfilled. Jesus is about to call His Bride up, and the Day of the Lord (Great Tribulation to most) is about to be unleashed. Are you ready?

      3. Terry Rushing says:

        Maybe not. After all we don’t want to sink to the niggardly level of ole jug ears and his entire administration.

    2. Chandler says:

      Give me a chance and I would vote treason and espionage, I surely would.

    3. Pam Zbyczik says:

      Please let justice be done finally!

      1. ONLYJB1 says:

        I so agree Pam! I so agree. This country needs justice once an for all! We need to witness the guilty going to jail!

  9. Michael Lloyd says:

    Everybody knows that Lynch doesn’t and didn’t have an original thought in her head. She did and does what she is told like a good little dung head party stooge. A leaking bag of gas polluting the atmosphere and minds of the feeble.

    1. Robert says:

      And now, Lynch is pissed because her job as “Motel 6” upstairs maid is no longer available. Michelle beat her to it.

    2. Lasher says:

      Exquisite prose, Michael.

    3. horvath38 says:

      and then Crying clymit change

  10. Matthew G. Zatkalik says:

    Give her a platform from which to speak i.e. give her enough rope and she’ll take care of herself.

    1. Chandler says:

      Not soon enough though !!

  11. Ted says:

    Lynch will have her place in history also. She will be the worst Atty. Gen in the worst administration of the worst president ever.

    1. Ghost Forever says:

      Think that’s a toss up between her and Holder.

      1. Rich Freeman Sr. says:

        Maybe they can occupy that position together.

        1. Libsareclowns says:

          Lynch, you failed…please say President Trump 3 times…


        2. Chandler says:

          Would that be in Jail together I hope !!

          1. ward says:

            “Hope” for real “change” with all on a gallows together & dropped one at a time !

          2. Chandler says:

            Yep that would be nice for sure, but not going to happen, so sad.

          3. aschark says:

            May the jail be in Gitmo!

          4. Chandler says:

            If they would put me on the Jury believe you me I WOULD VOTE TO PUT OBAMA,HILLARY,LYNCH,AND OTHERS IN Guantanamo Bay, but alas do not think it will happen. I would settle for prison sentence instead, wouldn’t you.

          5. Jim says:

            I am 100% in favor of executing these (and MANY more) anti-USA leftwing scumbags. We REALLY need to clear out ALL the assholes in OUR country. At ALL levels of life here. Civil war, not a bad idea.

          6. Karin Isbell says:

            JoeMcCarthy, where are you when we need you?

          7. Jim says:

            Sen. Joe was spot on. Look at commie party also known as D-RAT party. And vast majority of medias are solidly commie too. Kill ALL these scumbags..
            Best to you and yours, always..

          8. ward says:

            Nogales, MX. is worse so better for them & closer to their illegals they love …!

      2. ward says:

        Both were 3 miles below whale shit & sunk fast with bo at the helm … !

    2. DOC says:

      You must not be watchtng the news. Trump is really looking good. Lol

    3. Houmid says:

      Oh, I don’t know. Eric Holder was at least as bad, if not worse.

  12. Larry says:

    There has never been a ounce of in intregity in the Obama administration .
    Holder and Lynce proved that.

    1. Chandler says:

      Agree totally !!

  13. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Another lowered bar diploma handed out to this moronic excuse of a lawyer and a felon as the AG when she met with Bill the criminal “Intern diddler” .. Pure trash and the worst America has to offer as leaders, Really !!! these people are leaders ? screw them screw the lying leftist owned media and screw a liberal , you want it you will have to fight and die for it, not many liberals want to do that, their skill sets usually end with stealing and lying.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      She and Holder’s wife have been best friends since college, where they organized a 2-woman “sorority” that they didn’t allow other women into.

      1. Chandler says:

        Birds of a feather flock together or so it is said !!!

        1. nicholsda says:

          Lay down with the dogs and wake up with fleas. In this case, more like the fleas of a thousand Camels is what infested our gov’t.

          1. Chandler says:

            Like the way you think !!!

    2. Chandler says:

      Well said there, I agree totally.

  14. mpdMD1965 says:

    The Jackass dumbocraps worshipped a melanotic stool. Anyone putting any value on comments made by a melanotic stool should be interpreted in context. Dumbocraps are steeped in stool so they feel completely at home with a melanotic stool in office of President. Dumbocraps will be dumbocraps ad infinitum.

  15. chuck708 says:

    Why did Lynch meet with Bill Clinton during the Hillary Treason investigation? What role did Lynch have and also Yates have in the determination of no charges against Hillary? If these two are not investigated and Disbarred and thrown in Jail there is no law in America.

  16. SouthernPatriot says:

    Legally stupid Lynch and Holder presided over Obama’s blatant unconstitutional actions concerning immigration which was unanimously slapped down by the SCOTUS, even the extreme leftists on the court. These two sycophants of Obama also presided over this continuous violation of his presidential oath and the Separation of Powers Act in the U.S. Constitution. So much for Holder and Lynch upholding their own oath to protect, obey, and enforce the U.S. Constitution.

  17. Bernie Lounds says:

    She was just appointed by Obama because she is a Muslim.

  18. Bob__B says:

    Loretta Lynch wouldn’t know “fierce intellect, unshakable integrity and deep commitment to the rule of law”
    if they bit her in the ass. This is the woman who interfered with a criminal investigation to assure her buddy Bill Clinton, who had appointed her to several positions, that his wife was going to walk. No doubt she was promised either the Justice Department or a Supreme Court appointment had the country been so stupid as to elect Hillary. “Thank God and Greyhound she’s gone,” now she and her old boss need to STFU.

  19. Robert says:

    Don’t go to sleep yet, folks, Hillary, Soros, Obama STILL are scheming a way to wrest the President’s office from Donald. Trump. How do scum like these three, and others, grow in this wonderful Republic.??

  20. oldk says:

    What is there to be surprised at here? Lynch’s tenure in the department of justice was highlighted by her making the department of justice political and serving ideology instead of the law. When Lynch took office she pledged to serve the law, so her credibility is nil. These are the creatures that emerge when the swamp is being drained. Some of them are viscous because hidden in a swamp is the only habitat in which they can survive.

  21. paulferschke says:

    This from a spineless political hack who let obummer run roughshod over the constitution and the rule of law throughout her short time as AG as well as her predecessor Eric Holder

    1. Chandler says:

      There must be term limits for all personell in the Government. No person deserves a job for life, NO ONE.



    1. Chandler says:

      Not soon enough, they are just getting started I am afraid !!



    1. Chandler says:

      Not going to happen I am afraid.

  24. John Redman says:

    “Some Democrats were outraged when Trump fired Yates.” I offer another take on this quite different. ‘Some Democrats ACTED outraged when Trump fired Yates.’ It is all political theater, yes? It is time to make their lives miserable. Let them commit actual suicide for the good of humanity as they just committed political suicide. There’s not a one among them I would cry for.

    1. Buzz Mitchell says:

      Yep, but Trump wants to try to unite our people. We should respect his wishes. It is only because the liberals read the wrong articles and believe them. Warped media with an agenda is the problem. We need to help educate the ignorant minority.

  25. rjet43 says:

    yates is a traitor same with lynch bitch!!

  26. renkentom says:

    The snake who left the white house and continues to show up when he is not wanted needs to find some easy golf course where he should cheat his way around and start bragging how good he is as a golfer. He certainly can’t’ say he was a good president. I’m afraid we will be hearing from this poor excuse of a politician for years to come.

  27. Howard Barnett says:

    Now is the time for Trump to get rid of any of the dregs from the last administration because it is now apparent that they do not have the intelligence to understand the Constitution and the oath that they took when they took office.

  28. JST says:

    President Trump needs to get rid of all the OBOZO appointees and Get rid of any OBOZO sympathizers as well.

    Part of draining the Swamp in Washington.

    If you are working for the government in no matter what capacity, you need to be loyal too and support the President of the United States! If you can’t do that, then GTFO and find another job.

  29. JS says:

    Isn’t Lynch the AG who had a private meeting with Bill Clinton for 45 minutes and allegedly they only talked about their Grand Children. Who would believe this outrageous lies. Give me a break – She must think that the People are just plain dumb.

  30. Tennman39 says:

    Lynch talks about courage as if she had constrained herself to the rule of law. She was one to talk, she met Bill on the tarmac of Phoenix Airport, even though he and his wife were under the investigation of the FBI, this was against all normal and illegal laws. She says it was a mere mistake, then shortly after she relegates the decision to prosecute Hillary to FBI Director Comey, knowing that that decision cannot be made by the FBI. Of course she refused to recuse herself from the case also. ????

  31. Jmanjo says:

    We already knew that Loretta Lynch was a shrew! Should have never been approved for AG. Just another big mistake in the Obama administration. Gonna take a lot to get over that eight years of BS. Like we all thought, she did something really wrong on that airport tarmac with old Bill and she will pay for it some day!

  32. Libs R Loons says:

    Loretta Lynch’s biggest accomplishment was keeping her scandals off the media radar when Obama appointed her.
    She is best friends with Holder’s wife since college, is great friends with Al Charlatan, and was responsible for forcing section 8 housing into nice middle-class neighborhoods.

  33. elmcqueen3 says:

    And where was Loretta Lynch when that female justice of the peace in Kentucky refused to sign a marriage license between two homosexuals…she didn’t get fired…she ended up doing jail time for refusing to sign her name to their certificate of marriage…Ya all see how Democrats believe fair is fair.

  34. Francisco Sperandeo says:

    Cannot Wait until Jeff Sessions with his quiet looking self gets in and starts digging through the dirt! How many BONES do you think he will find buried???

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      I predict that when Jeff Sessions takes office, democrats all over DC will be buying properties in non-extradition countries, assuming they haven’t already.

    2. HopeChgHA says:

      I fervently hope that there will arrests, convictions and IMPRISONMENTS — of Hillary, of Yates, of hired protestors that incite and perform violence like at Berkley. And that would be 49% to give them their due, and 51% to discourage those who would follow their example, which has been going on and on since Holder ran the Department of INjustice. This shredding of our Constitution and our nation has to cease! May Mr. Sessions be promptly approved; we need to get back to the Rule of Law and a Supreme Court that doesn’t essentially legislate!

      1. Francisco Sperandeo says:

        I whole heartedly agree! There are so many that need to acrptual,y face charges!

  35. M. D'Souza says:

    Silly Yates a courageous leader??? That’s what was wrong with Loretta Lynch’s discernment as the Attorney General. After all, she was recommended by the Rev. Al Sharptongue for the attn.gen. position. Why are these Obama appointees sabotaging Pres. Trump’s executive order re. Muslim refugees?…
    There are 57 Islamic nations around the world. Trump excluded refugees from 7 Islamic nations from entering into the US without proper vetting. That would leave 50 Islamic nations that could absorb their own people. Why are they dumping these discards of the Islamic nations upon us?

  36. texas1 says:

    Trump should clean house and fire anybody who does not follow his plan for governing the country. Starting with the 900 officials at the State department who signed an anti-Trump letter.

    1. Bill says:

      Texas1, Oregon agrees it time to fire any federal employees for insubordination. Keep the good ones and replace the rest with the many homeless veterans the Obozo administration crapped on. The swamp needs draining and the sooner the better!

  37. shamu9 says:

    Mama Fook that Byotch! Lo-Ratta Lynch!

  38. Lorraine E says:

    It is incredible that loretta lynch has not been prosecuted for having a Secret Meeting in her private jet with billy clinton “to discuss their grand children” or perhaps most likely to figure out how obama’s chief of the injustice dept could protect crooked hillary from prosecution in exchange for a seat on the supreme court.

  39. Bill says:

    Loretta the witch lynch was a joke/is a joke and a disgusting AG, but what would you expect from the commie lib. Thank god we have rid the country of this pathetic bunch. Now we have to clean up the mess the demoRATS have made, but we now have the right people in play.

    1. Chandler says:

      Bad bad joke !!!

  40. rrkeng says:

    You allowed Obama to get by with any disastrous deed as AG. Please go away for you are an incompetent buffoon!

  41. Ah nutz says:

    more nonsense from the garbage can.

  42. jonrmoore says:

    I struggle to tell how good it feels to get up in the morning and confirm that Loretta Lynch OR Eric Holder can no longer victimize white people anymore! She especially was plain nasty not to mention ugly. Holder was simply a black racist. He is a black cancer everywhere he shows up.

  43. Jerry says:

    Loretto Lynch said herself to defend the Constitution and the people of the United States of America the Constitution gives the president this authority. Maybe we can deport Loretta Lynch too, along with Obama.

  44. Anne Latella says:

    Loretta Lynch does not have a mind of her own. She was a sheep and did everything Obama wanted her to do. Therefore, she was not very intelligent and her remarks regarding Yates are not only not intelligent. they are downright stupid!

  45. lescaldwell says:

    Three Afro Americans have done the most harm to race relations than anyone in the world!. They are Obama, Lynch, and Holder. If I were an Afro American, I would really be upset with them.

  46. drbhelthi says:

    Convicting a few of the seditionists will slow the treason considerably.

  47. got my licence says:

    I believe that Lynch is a Muslim. I suspect Obama of being a Muslim by his actions. So what else would good Muslims say about enforcing vetting from terrorist Muslim countries.

    1. Chandler says:

      There was a rumor that Obama had a Muslim Prayer room in our White House, with Prayer rugs and Qurans,now how’s that for a eye opener in what was going on in our White House.

      1. Libs R Loons says:

        Of course he did, and he was the first POTUS to celebrate Ramadan in our WH.

  48. tjmorgan says:

    Time to open an investigation into the illegal activities of Loretta. Maybe she and Hillary can share a cell.

    1. Chandler says:

      Way past time !!
      Just my opinion that is.

  49. John T. Koszalka says:

    Amen she is gone. She needs another secret meeting with Bill Clinton to talk about there grandchildren, and golf. More BS from THE LIAR’S, AND CHIEF CLUB. They have all sold there souls, this is what they do to join the club.

  50. Charlie Fitzpatrick says:

    Lynch is a corrupt whore.

  51. Clara says:

    That’s the Democrat mantra, “If you can’t win, then mutiny.” Those who can’t be fired must be impeached.

    1. Chandler says:

      Well said Clara,well said !!!

    2. nicholsda says:

      We need to bring back waterboarding. Not for the foreign terrorist but for the domestic variety. Or at least a form of the dunk tank. Ask a question and get a bad answer, into the cold water they go. Do it enough times and they will squeal on their bosses.

  52. Chandler says:

    Lynch is nothing but trash, she needs to loose her license and never practice law again, and so should Obama.
    Lynch and Obama are like birds of feather, one or the other lies and the other will swear to it.
    That is what is wrong with this out of control Democrat party of Communism for that is where the far far left leans.
    They have Dems. that out and out say that they are Socialist or Progressive or Communist.
    You tell me what is the difference between a Socialist or Progressive and a Communist little to none i believe.

    1. woodworker says:

      Obama doesn’t have a license any more. He and Michelle surrendered them voluntarily to avoid prosecution many years ago.

      1. Libs R Loons says:

        He was caught lying on his applications, and she was caught in massive health insurance fraud.

        1. Chandler says:

          That’s not all the Democrat party of Communist were hiding from the American Legal Citizens.
          There is a whole lot more still missing about this Phony Family that was in our White House.
          Thank the Demorats !!

      2. Chandler says:

        Well there is justice of the lower kind. Obama was not eligible to run let alone be President. He had his records sealed by a federal judge before he got into the White House. What a joke on America they also came up with a phony birth record. It was truly phony.

        1. Libs R Loons says:

          The federal judge happened to be the HHS Obama appointee Kathleen Sebelius’ husband. He and a couple of law firms orchestrated the removal of all the digital records belonging to Obama and Michelle from the public record, but they FORGOT about all the old microfilm and microfiche records in basement storage.
          Youtube “Dreams From My REAL Father: A story of Reds and deception”, a documentary that showed all the evidence of Obama’s REAL upbringing with interviews, documents, and records that missed the purge.

          1. Chandler says:

            Yes but still hidden by the Democrats and others.

  53. Peter Levakis says:

    The political mafia known as the Democratic party keep protecting their own. If she resists spending like Johnny Depp, she should never have to work another day again in her life. Of course there are many liberal companies that would hire in an instant.

  54. toothii says:

    Yes, this coming from a person who broke just about every rule in the book with a secret meeting with Bill Clinton shortly before the FBI was to announce their findings. It has been clear from the very beginning that the Obama White House and the DOJ were in HRC’s back pocket. Lynch should have been impeached. The entire Obama crew were corrupt and now that we have someone who is trying to do the right thing to help protect Americans and bring some sense to our out of control immigration system, these very same people are claiming the higher ground? OUTRAGEOUS

  55. ernst says:

    Loretta Lynch at the Department of Justice was a political appointee, in fact as well as in function. The entire Obama administration was more about politics than about law. The only use of law was to cover up political misdeeds. It is no surprise that Loretta Lynch continues her political activity at the expense of lawful government function.

  56. Libs R Loons says:

    More noise from the woman who refused to file charges of any kind against Obama, even when the FBI had all the evidence it needed, but issued a decree that “climate change deniers” can be arrested and held without trial.

  57. Proud American says:

    Insubordination is still insubordination. Doing so publicly makes the case for dismissal easier, since there is abundant proof of the action occurring. Get rid of them ASAP

  58. Linda says:

    Where’s the part about how she, Yates apologized and said she was sorry and would comply if offered the chance or something like that!

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      If she really HAD done that, the MSM would have been all over it.

  59. Richard Hennessy says:

    Why would anyone pay any attention to Lynch? She was just Obama’s hired hand.

  60. Linda Schulte says:

    Lynch and Holder both refused to uphold the law of the constitution. Both are so corrupt.

    1. Chandler says:

      spot on I think !!

  61. Maggietish says:

    Yates refused to do her job and uphold the laws of this nation so of course she should have been fired. It’s absolutely ludicrous that Loretta Lynch should pass any type of statement judging Donald Trump when she consistently broke the law as Attorney General under the Obama administration. Lest we forget when she had that inappropriate meeting with Bill Clinton while Hillary was under investigation and then suddenly Hillary was not indicted or prosecuted for her emails as she should’ve been. There were numerous other decisions and lack of action that Loretto Lynch made in which she showed that she was attorney general in name only and allowed the politicians to dictate her decisions which were mostly traitorous to the United States. if anything, Loretta Lynch should be investigated for all the corruption that she allowed as Attorney General even in the Justice Department. That’s her history and that’s what people remember about her.

    1. Chandler says:

      Nice post Maggietish really !!!

    2. nicholsda says:

      Comey is still on so watch for him to squeal soon. And when he does, it will go all the way to the top.

  62. Chandler says:

    Lynch it is past time for you to shut your lying deceiving mouth.
    You are only trying to cause more discontent, your just angry person like most Democrats that lost.
    Obama was the worst President he even beat Carter the non person.
    You lynch also as some have said are a equal looser for the worst Atty. Gen in our history to include Holder. What a Treo to draw together the worst of the worst people to be in government.
    You Lynch are a total waist of time, and a slime !!

  63. Libs R Loons says:

    Remember, folks, that Gitmo is still open despite Obama freeing most of the muslim terrorists in it.
    I vote we send Lynch, Obama, the Clintons, et al there ASAP.
    Plenty of room in Obama’s 300+ FEMA prisons for the Soros-paid rioters, too.

  64. 1bud2 says:

    When will Loretta Lynch & co conspirator Eric Holder, be investigated for monies from
    HSBC and other money laundering big banks that they extorted, gave a portion to Treasury, & the rest to their DemoCRAP operatives….follow the millions and put them under the jail!

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      The more we connect the dots, the more we’re finding that the entire Obama administration was all about fleecing the taxpayers while figuratively putting us in chains.

  65. Mike says:

    Actually, it was just the opposite, what Yates did was subverting the rule of law, especially since the EO was already vetted by the DOJ lawyers. It was perfectly legal, she knew it buy chose not to work with the President. She should have simply resigned if what was being done conflicted with her PERSONAL beliefs, instead she chose to make it political. As for Lynch, she has no ground to stand on especially since she met with Bill Clinton when his wife was under DOJ investigation in direct conflict which was unethical legal behavior. She should have been disbarred and removed from office but the Obama administration has a history of unlawful behavior, that’s why Obama appointed AG’s that would NOT question his motives and allowed him to consistently break the law. Time will catch up to them, Obama, Lynch and Holder who did break Federal law that is punishable by prison. PERIOD.

  66. TPS12 says:

    Didn’t do their job while they were there now trying to justify themselves for being losers.

  67. Dmdjaj says:

    Lynch was and is a disgusting disgraceful person whose ideology blurs her vision! To me, A unqualified individual who got the job because of her skin color not her brains.

  68. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    Her and Bill Clinton on a guarded aircraft, ALONE, and nobody has spoken a peep about how ridiculous that fact seems to be. They did it!

  69. Del says:

    We can only hope charges will be brought against Lynch and Yates and all other’s that are part of the Obama Corrupt Administration…

  70. justinwachin says:

    President Trump sent a clear message of what awaits those who try to undermine him. This should come as no surprise. If the president had failed to take a swift and tough action against his acting attorney general others would have disregarded his other orders. We now have a strong leader in the White House. The days of spineless, mushy leadership is over.

  71. albany le says:

    obozo and Loretta the witch are both sub-species and not worth the time it takes to type this. My opinion and I stand by it.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      I second that!

  72. D.T. says:

    Loretta Lynch will go down in history as the most dishonest AG in the history of the United States. A secret meeting with the husband of a suspected criminal under investigation shows her dishonest demeanor and very poor judgement. She thought no one was looking and she would get richer quicker but let’s see where this crooked person is in a few years. What a dishonest person and shame on you Lynch!

  73. Libs R Loons says:

    Throughout the tenure of the Obama administration, he reverted to the sins of government racism from the democrat Jim Crowe era of the 1960s.
    He did it by bringing all the federal agencies to bear against white Americans, and any other race of people who openly disagree with him.
    By telling the republicans that “I won, so YOU can sit in back”, he did a recap of what was said to Rosa Parks by a bus driver and sparked MLKs peaceful civil right movement.
    Fathom the irony…..

  74. horvath38 says:

    Trump need to arest this Socialist commis and trow them in Gitmo fur sure

  75. Micah Chastain says:

    Loretta Lynch needs to keep her dumb mouth shut. She obviously doesn’t know what transpired prior to Yates outlandish actions. Trump sent the order to the DOJ when he was preparing it, to be certain that he was within his legal rights to do it, and that the order was appropriate. The DOJ staff UNDER YATES reviewed the order and sent it back to Trump indicating it was legal and within his authority, and appropriate. it was AFTER that, that Yates made her ridiculous comment, and anybody that doesn’t understand that is an idiot. Lynch needs to stay out of government business – she is NO LONGER IN OFFICE, and instead is working to help the CALEXIT activities. I hope she stays in California when they exit, and I hope that their exit is successful, since they have already established an embassy in Moscow. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  76. Lying Lynch is as corrupt as HiLIARy and she will go down in time as well for obstruction, and the more she opens her lying mouth, the more motivation President will have to go after her too, LOCK THEM ALL UP

  77. David says:

    Dear Loretta, the racist lawbreaker, Shove it up your ASS ! You ARE OUT !

  78. Timothy Dayton says:

    It does not surprise that anyone who worked for Obama is capable of being two-faced about anything. Lynch met with Bill Clinton and she should have been fired for serious lack of judgement. That continues with this issue.

  79. Randy Overly says:

    Coming from a women who had to plea the 5th to keep her from incriminating herself because of her crooked back door dealings with the Clintons. Lynch your in NO position to talk ethics to anyone! “Scum bag!”

  80. Maria says:

    I hope she is in Trump’s black list due for investigation, she is a dispicable being, trouble maker. She’ll get hers alright.

  81. Bill Payne says:

    Lynch & Yates are both irresponsible public servants of this nation. Lynch will go down in history as the worse AG in our country’s existence. Yates is a pitiful excuse for an AG. She should be prosecuted for refusing to do her job & she has no integrity, no loyalty & no brains. Man what a dim witted person!

    1. nicholsda says:

      But she won’t go down as the first AG to be held in contempt of Congress. Time to get the jets ready for prisoner transfers to GITMO. 0bama signed the Patriot Act with the new provision that a US citizen could be held incommunicado for an indefinite period of time so it is time to see if they like that law.

  82. Greg Scollard says:

    “Drain the Swamp” means that these people are ALL prosecuted and face prison time (or worse) depending upon their crimes. This includes Lynch, Obama,the Clintons’, Soros,…

  83. Bettye Speed says:

    Obviously those two have a lofty view of their influence and popularity, especially Lynch, who is known for her “gaffes”. What they have shown is they have absolutely no sense of propriety in any sense of the word, but considering who and what they are, who can expect either of them to show appropriate “class”?

  84. Arrow says:

    Both Holder and Lynch tried to destroy this Country and they managed, with Obama, to incite racism to a level not seen in 50 years. The really sad part of this is they did nothing for African Americans. They did not improve their job possibilities and even allowed jobs to be shipped offshore. In fact they did nothing positive, but did manage to worsen the tension between police and African Americans and convince them that any white person was their enemy. We have managed to get rid of the worst President in our history and his treasonous allies. Now, they are all trying to poison the well. I hope Trump employs the Nuclear Option in the Senate and stops the village idiots on the Democrat side of the aisle from trying to stop Trump as he tries to keep this ship from sinking. Right now we are floundering because the world sees us as weak, not trust worthy, as not standing up for our friends and giving in to our enemies. If Trump didn’t do something to protect us from radical Islamic terrorists and something terrible happened, the radical leftist terrorists would be marching in the streets, forgetting, conveniently, that Obama let the immigrants into this country. I’m kind of glad I’m as old as I am, because I don’t want to continue to live in a country that has been ravished by the radical Democratic left. Obama had a failed Presidency, as did most of his Cabinet appointees.

  85. Ann Stow says:

    Please Jeff Sessions, issue a warrant for her arrest! Meeting with Bill Clinton, while investigating his wife has to be illegal! Please, tell me he can do that!!!

  86. DeAnna Burns says:

    Would love it if I NEVER heard another word out of that traitors mouth!

  87. ter334 says:

    It is Vendetta Lynch! Now proven. As far as Yates is concerned. If she was in the military and refused to obey an order in a war her last stand would be before a firing squad. She claimed T’s EO was unconstitutional. Per the Constitution the only people authorized to determine something is Constitutional or not is the SC. And in fact that is pretty much their only job, to defend the rights of the citizens from govt overreach. And to amend the Constitution to say give citizens more “rights” or take them away can only be done by the legislative process described in the Constitution. The SC can’t give anyone more rights. Not the right to have an abortion, not the right for same sex marriages. The only rights we have are listed in the BOR. There is really no reason why appointment as a SC justice has to be a lawyer. After all the Constitution is not based on legal precedent or lessr laws. It is based on what is written in the document so anybody that can read, even assuming dims can read, could be a SC. The SC need not be a royalty position, reserved for lawyers and lawyers alone. There should be no separate but equal branch of govt for lawyers alone. The people that wrote this document were not all lawyers.

  88. BendOverForMore says:

    Any democrat federal employee who doesn’t want to do their job and feels it “necessary” to speak their mind should be ready to find new employment. How many of us would stay employed if we told our boss, “I don’t think that’s the right thing to do and I won’t do it”? I just wish the people in charge would honestly weed out then liberal snowflakes in their midst and fire them.

  89. springslook says:

    She has a lot of gall when she herself lacks integrity after the things she pulled. Her posturing during this time is very ill-advised! Go home!

  90. Alan Hastings says:

    There are blacks and there are black NIGGERS The latter is just what Lynch is Just like the one that appointed her and his transsexual mate.

  91. ward says:

    This so called AG appointed by bo is a traitor against justice & the U.S.A. & has to be indicted with bo, hilary & all abuse of power criminals supporting bo’s injustice to destroy the U.S. internally with treason !

  92. 1josephg1 says:

    Get that witch in court. She has broken the law and needs to be held accountable along with the foreign exchange student and others.

  93. Rj Stoker says:

    Lynch was a useful tool and is now yesterday’s news, as well as Yates. They were given one job to do and defend the Constitution and the laws of the USA. Both women abject failures including former AG Holder. Yuck!!!

  94. Peter Joffe says:

    Lynch has been lynching US citizens since she was first appointed and, of course recently tried to get Hillary off the hook for her security crimes. As with Obama it is good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  95. Daniel Mount says:

    These Political Terrorists should be all round up and put in prison for the rest of their shitty lives. Starting with Barack Obama then Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. What these evil people are doing should be charged with High Treason.

  96. Irwin C Gemlich says:

    Time to impeach ms. lynch. She has worked for! she has earned it! She deserves it! Couldn’t happen to a better liberal dolt!

    1. tanksolot says:

      You mean prosecute

  97. Lynch’s comment needs to explain her 30 minute meeting with Bill Clinton during the presidential campaign.
    Bill said both talked about golf and grandkids: She does not play golf and has no grand children.

  98. lucifer says:

    What we have here is another black activist guided by the promoter of Chicago’s Allies with the objective of protesting and disrupting the Trump Administration. The country is well aware of all these folks. Thank You.

  99. kathy diamond says:


  100. John Savell says:

    How could Lynch recognize integrity? She has never had it and the oaf she follows never had it. There was no courage in refusing to follow a lawful order. It was Yates’ way of throwing a tantrum like the stupid snowflakes. She was just following the orders of the central computer like the battle droid she is. Lynch still needs to be indicted, as do Obama, Hillary, and Holder.

  101. Hotnike says:

    Lynch, You truly are a bitch!!!!!

  102. brian egan says:

    Ok Loretta, go back to working at the Waffle House in Brooklyn. You were a hypocrit, and an embarrassment to the American people

  103. Brenda says:

    This from Lynch, that made it a habit to agree with all of Obama’s overstepping and circumventing the Constitution and has a total lack of integrirty herself.

  104. Jim O'Connor says:

    She’s no different from the rest of the whiny snowflake liberals who cry and throw tantrums when they don’t get their way. She and her cronies are what’s wrong with this political system.

  105. kodster says:

    This is why Newt Gingrich advised the true Republicans in Congress… best thing they can do to help Donald Trump is to do away with the civil service commission for federal employees. Because then he can REALLY drain the swamp, because he can fire those that have been dead wood and obstructionists in ALL of the bureaucratic agencies. That would shrink down our overburdening government as well… and save us millions, if not trillions, in tax payer dollars. Fire those that refuse to do their jobs!

    1. annefarrelly says:

      Trump can fire all the Dem appointees immediately. Then, his cabinet heads can fire the deadweight in their agencies in a severe downsizing.

  106. Mike W says:

    Loretta Lynch is right where she should be – out of a job – the woman has all the integrity of a Rollecks watch.

  107. Bruce Rowley says:

    Lynch should be careful and shut her pie hole. Because of Slick Willie, Killery and Obama she should be under investigation by the Trump administration for illegal activities bordering on treason.

  108. Jim says:

    Lynch is a total left wing scumbag, bigoted racist. That is what you get when al Sharpton “handpicks” and advices the fraud muslim who should have already been executed for treason and sedition.obola and ALL his appointees need to be DEAD. Except Hagel and Gen. P.

  109. AnAmericanRight says:

    Lynch and Yates are just blimps on Trump’s radar. Trump could care less about the two insignificant bleeps. Trump is still standing and they are gone. End of story. Trump is People’s President. Go Trump.

  110. William M Durham says:

    other than snowflakes who listens to old useless bitches

  111. CompUser says:

    “… praised now-fired acting Attorney General Sally Yates for her “unshakable integrity” in refusing to defend President Donald Trump’s executive order putting a pause on travel FROM TERROR RIDDEN COUNTRIES .”

    OK all you brainwashed Democrats and RINOs out there. Read that out loud to yourselves (especially the last four words), think about it for a second, think about what’s going on in Europe with the “refugees”, and then ask yourselves exactly how it makes any sense whatsoever to think that putting a temporary halt on travel into the United States FROM TERROR RIDDEN COUNTRIES is a bad thing. Forget about what you read in the papers or hear on the news (either liberal or conservative news). Just think and decide for yourselves. Oh and set aside your lefty, feel good thoughts about “this is a country of immigrants”, because it hasn’t been a country of immigrants, or at least no more so than any other country, for about 200 years. Of course there still are immigrants, but they’re a very small percentage of the population. Anyway, I digress. You’re either a fool and aren’t capable of logical thought, or you just don’t care about the country you live in, if you agree with Sally Yates and Loretta Lynch on this. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS. IT’S ABOUT NATIONAL SECURITY. OUR SECURITY!

    And the wall along the Mexican border is also not about politics, no matter what the Democrat and RINO zombies want you to believe. IT’S ALSO ABOUT NATIONAL SECURITY.

  112. AngB says:

    Apparently she got permission from Obama before she said anything. Worthless PUPPET! She should keep her mouth shut. (Angela)

  113. JohnB says:

    Integrity..bull crap…she meets Bad Boy Bill Clinton on the tarmac setting up a situation where she would have to recuse herself and getting Hillary to say Lynch would be kept on. These were the most corrupt Justice personnel in history!!!

  114. bikerdogred1 says:

    Just another ghetto black who showed her true worth!

  115. Ironmike4610 says:

    Lynch, Loretta Lynch! Lynch, Loretta Lynch! Lynch, Loretta Lynch! etc. etc. etc.

  116. Ted says:

    Out of sight out of mind, I forgot about Holder probably because I’ve been trying so hard. Holder was as bad as Lynch they were both Obama’s favorites.

  117. crockett says:

    Perfect name for this Bitch , Lynch . Get her ass taken out of commision , she means nothing to the people of the U.S.A . Ship her to Kenya so they can have stew to feed their people , https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1e3b966fe2b2a1208323f74d9c8dafb3ac17ec815093cb23f4d86ee795f5ba9.jpg

  118. Pete says:

    Firing of a political appointee like Yates is the easy way. If you are a bureaucrat that betrays your oath of office, criminal charges are an effective method. I sincerely doubt many have the financial where with all to go to that extreme. Reassignment to the backside of nowhere is effective for lesser offenses.

  119. Larry says:

    This goofball will never have a legacy because she failed to follow the rule of law: ie Obummas lawless actions, and H Clintons continued lawlessness, and robbing of the American people by both of these crooks

  120. will rodgers says:

    She needs to be prosecuted for her illegal meeting with Clinton, and the many other illegal policies she carried out against the interests of America

  121. Kathleen3 says:

    In a just world Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder would be prohibited from speaking publicly from their cells in a federal prison.

  122. desert fox says:

    In many eyes, just another black muslim bitch trying to undermine the country. The worst person to ever hold a government position along with Holder and the rest of obamadamawama’s hand picked destroyers. America is tired of your demoncratic crap so take it and shove it.

  123. Bishop351 says:

    Lynch proves her incompetence again. Still useless.

  124. annefarrelly says:

    No one said it was going to be easy to drain the D.C. Swamp. Trump should form a commission to help speed up the job.

  125. Mike with the Silver Star says:

    lynch is anti-american, just like Obama….of course she is going to try to discredit president Trump, she’s all about injustice…

  126. william says:

    Lynch betrayed the citizens of US by putting her head in sand

  127. Paul Bouffard says:


  128. David McCool says:

    She knows nothing about leadership…

  129. ted j says:

    Sally Yates is a commie pig, who hates America..

  130. Dennis B Anderson says:

    She will be the hypothetical AG who took 1/2 hour to say nothing. The last 8 years Rod Serling would have had alot of writing material for THE TWI – LIGHT ZONE!

  131. pepie says:

    who cares what she says except news people, which will lie to make them look good. look at whats happen around the world and our news media doesn’t tell us any thing. i have lost my feeling for any of them. Obozo Obozo who cares.why show us what he’s doing .i only want to know when he breaks his next that;s all

  132. richard says:

    This constant harassment will NEVER cease. I don’t know how he gets anything done and I suppose that is the point. They are doing their best to make our country fail – they don’t care.

  133. 8gary8 says:

    Few should doubt, in attempting to delegitimize Trump, progressives marginalize themselves! Obama, Lynch, Holder, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Murray are all political sedition, political, terrorist!

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