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Loretta Lynch Stunned Everyone With What She Said About The Election

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  1. ONTIME says:

    Lynch should be the subject of the Clinton investigation for obstruction and dereliction of duty as a public appointee she made the most out of abuse of office by protecting a Fraud in the WH…..

    1. Fedup says:

      She should be under investigation for her failure to do the job she took a sworn oath to do, she refusal to go after sanctuary states/cities. The officials in these cities and states are guilty of aiding and abetting criminal illegal aliens and should be prosecuted for violating federal immigration laws. It shouldn’t matter what obama wanted she doesn’t answer to him.

      1. Anvil6 says:

        Unfortunately, Lynch is VERY beholden to both Clinton (Bill), for appointing her to her very FIRST Federal post (United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York), as well as to Obama for appointing her as AG Eric Holder’s replacement.

        It is likely that Bill Clinton PROMISED Lynch a continuation of her AG position in a Hillary administration during their private half-hour “chance meeting” aboard AG Lynch’s private jet on the tarmac of Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona – and Lynch is terrified that SOMEONE COULD reveal that bribe.

        1. Jim says:

          Thought civilians weren’t allowed on the tarmac, interesting!

      2. Jim says:

        “It shouldn’t matter what obama wanted she doesn’t answer to him.” Unfortunately, for the last eight years the AG has.

    2. williaml says:

      She is a very smart woman.
      She knows better than to stir up anything against Trump, all she has to do is nothing and let the incoming AG come down on Clinton.
      She has removed herself out of the loop for reasons not known but are about to come out.

    3. teamsbill says:

      She should have stepped down after meeting with Bill Clinton the deal was made

      1. Dave Nettles says:

        I’m not sure it was a deal. I think Bill told her all about how things were in Arkansas.

          1. teamsbill says:

            She should be investigated if Comey is being investigsted

          2. nicholsda says:

            She is tied in to it.

        1. apprin says:

          The public will never know how things REALLY were in Arkansas.

  2. coolit10 says:

    She is trying to get out clean, just like a turd followed by gas.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      The DOJ intestine, especially the colon, requires a series of coffee enemas. A massive dose of castor oil on the mouth end would also assist to rid the system of its parasites.

    2. Robert Brumley says:

      You mean gas followed by turd.

      1. Richard Lawrence says:

        ‘Gas followed by turd’ … that would be the ABomination followed by the Hildebeast !!!

  3. Larry Lawless says:

    maybe she wants a life after Obama and just may still have her soul, also she may fear being investigated herself.

  4. drbhelthi says:

    Perhaps Ms. Lynch has been reminded of the US DOJ charter recently, in a very definitive manner. Pursuing the charter of the US DOJ is the job of the US AG. Pursuing the subterfuge that the Bush-CIA has ordered since about 1950, the Bush-CIA-MOSSAD since about 1970, and the Bush-Saudi Carlyle Group since prior to the formal date of its establishment, does not fall within the JD of the US AG.
    Hopefully, action is underway to prevent DOJ records from being sent to the burn section.

    1. Robert Stevens says:

      You are an “Idiot” and know nothing about the “Garbage” You are throwing out there !!
      I think You spent too much time with those Alien’s who abducted You !!!

      1. drbhelthi says:

        Where is evidence that you thought ?
        Your response reflects a dog that has been hit.

    2. Libs R Loons says:

      I suspect that the only DOJ records that are “sent to the burn section” will be destroyed BY the corrupt DOJ itself the same way the shred-fest of documents that implicated Hillary was done in the basement of the State Department.

  5. bmoc says:

    Lynch is afraid that any investigation into the election will expose herself and the entire Obama Administration to prosecution for the crimes they’ve committed. No doubt the Russians hacked into some of our systems – we do the same – but an investigation would extinguish any reason the protesters would have to delegitimize Trump as our desired President. Far leftists, such as Blumenthal, just cannot accept the truth about the illegalities committed by their fellow travelers. They all live in their left-wing fantasy land.

    1. Jersey_Prophet says:

      SO true! The maxim libs fear the most is, “Be careful what you investigate. It may end up revealing what YOU are hiding!”

  6. Normie G says:

    All the liberals (Facists) wants to delegitimize Trump. He isn’t the one they should be angry with. The media lulled them into complacency, telling them what they wanted to hear with their fake polls so their feelings wouldn’t get hurt. Well, looks like it backfired. Pay attention next election and trust only yourself and maybe you might be on the winning side. Well, not the next election, see you in * (EIGHT) years! Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!

  7. Semprasectum says:

    At 12:01 on January 20, Lynch should be arrested by the FBI and charged with Treason, dereliction of duty, abuse of power and crimes against the United States… …

    1. Miriam Farnum says:

      12:00 PM… (noon) on Jan. 20, 2017…… Good-bye obama, Hello TRUMP!!!!!

      1. HALO101st says:

        Hello President Trump!

      2. Herculesx Blade says:

        5 Days and Counting,Come On President Trump! Lets Show Them What Tough Is!

    2. savetheusa2 says:

      By whom? Comey who is just as guilty of she because he failed to see the harm Clinton’s recklessness has done? Clinton should have been indicted and she should have been held to a higher standard than even you or I because she knew better and was Secretary of State!

      1. have_gun_will_travel says:

        Comey will also be a “civilian,” come January 20th!

        1. nicholsda says:

          Only if he resigns, is impeached, or is fired by Trump. Trump may keep him on long enough to get Lynch and the one above her.

          1. have_gun_will_travel says:

            I would be SHOCKED if Trump keeps him. I don’t think he has it in him to go after Lynch. After all, he had MORE than enough on Clinton, and did NOTHING!

          2. William Haburne says:

            TRUMP can only fire Lynch…not Comey. He either has to be impeached or resign. His office is a ten year term independent of the President. that IS DONE FOR EXACTLY THE REASONS EVERYBODY SAYS FIRE HIM.

          3. nicholsda says:

            False. As has already been proven, the FBI Director can be fired. W.J. the impeached Clinton fired William Sessions in 1993.

          4. William Haburne says:

            Thanks….I had forgot all about that and how it went down.. I stand corrected. I honestly thought that was the purpose of the 10 year term. In That REGARD a President TRUMP can send COMEY packing when he has used him up for political purposes.

          5. nicholsda says:

            There has to be good grounds to do it such as an ethics violation. So it is a little more difficult to do but the FBI IG has laid the groundwork already for Trump if he wanted to follow thru. Now if 0bama could act on it quickly, he actually would be saving Trump the effort. Another case where the Dems might shoot themselves in the foot like Reid did.

          6. nicholsda says:

            Keep him around long enough to go after those who told him not to go after Clinton. I don’t buy that he did not go after her on his own. Either the threat was that Clinton would have him sacked if he did and she won or that he would be fired by 0bama if he did. And he would lose his protection from HRC if he was out of office.

          7. PATRICIA MEAD says:

            What we are expecting is one man against an army of many. Trump is no good to us if he is dead.

          8. KatieOh says:

            Lets remember folks, Trump is smart. HE doesn’t want Obummer to pardon Hillary beforeTrump can get her!

    3. PATRICIA MEAD says:

      As well as all her gang of conspirators. Too good to be true because they will be investigated and tried by themselves

  8. tundrafox says:

    I want to see the investigation of clinton the evidence is there and I want obama investigated for treason and his birth certificate fraud that is worth 10 years in prison. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8c60640ef9471f5d93efab06811d510b977ab86241525dca89afaaea74afde2f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/566c3ab05662bdd72174edc424cf1412807a01f49dda3a3b92281a5bd63a6070.jpg

    1. horvath38 says:

      Wath duya meen 10-yrs Obama commited Crime agest America he need’s to be in Gitmo for rest of his Live With all Crriminal Democrat and Republican Politisins oh let not forget Corabted Criminal CLINTONS

      1. tundrafox says:

        That is just the time for the fraudulent birth certificate, then there is treason but he will have a hard time leaving the USA, Libya has a worldwide warrant out on both obama and hillary for war crimes in the murders of 60,000 civilians. Do they still behead people there for these types of crimes, I sure hope so. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8a1aa3aab581bcc6281cd8078c620703a1cf7d663fb93e99967e693d7c6b02ac.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b6d3dd01a1f55fc3cafb4f416197b40e1c1853a2818f8e4813500f73ad9c6613.jpg

    2. Herculesx Blade says:

      You need to put an Arrow thru the Head on that Stamp!

  9. willr3 says:

    It is so clear that Lynch is guilty of criminal activity by meeting with Bill Clinton during a Clinton foundation investigation. If she doesn’t have to answer to that, then we have nojustice, and the elites are all above the law

    1. Fortuneless says:

      It’s time to waterboard that witch.

      1. nicholsda says:

        Keel hauling would be better. Just make sure there are plenty of barnacles.

      2. rottenrollin says:

        ONLY after we waterboard Eric Holder.

        1. Jim says:

          Actually I think these 2 and both of obola’s SOS and heads of DHS and obola should be executed for treason sedition and MANY other intentional crimes committed against OUR country.
          Then “clean out” both houses of Congress and then clean up /out obolas appointees and EXTERMINATE all muslim brotherhood types
          and related types…

  10. Robert Stevens says:

    It sure seems that many within the “Establishment” of both Parties are terrified of just what may be revealed to the American People by an Outsider becoming POTUS !!!

    1. Fedup says:

      Why do you think they (both parties) are so intent on keeping Trump from becoming our next president. He doesn’t owe anyone anything like all of these politicians do.

    2. There is only one party which is shitting bricks, the liberal liar party.

  11. Libs R Loons says:

    Loretta Lynch = Female Holder-clone, best friend of Holder’s wife since college, GOOD friend of Al Charlatan, and the only qualifications she had for AG was the ability to keep her scandals off the media radar.

  12. David Stewart says:

    Yep, the pirate ship of state is sinking; the rat’s are abandoning ship.

  13. dcwc16 says:

    Similar to opening an IG investigation into the FBI and DOJ in the last few days. If the politicized DOJ and FBI can initiate an investigation using insiders they can control the extent and direction of the investigation.In the end the next Administration should appoint multiple Special Prosecutors to run simultaneous investigations. Remember Lynch was the one who met with Clinton on the tarmac; It was Lynch who placed Comey in a situation to handle the E-Mail problem and is why the FBI did not use customary procedures.

    1. Fedup says:

      First one to cooperate gets the deal.

  14. Hotnike says:

    Lynch is just trying to save her ASS now that Trump will appoint someone who is honest and the Dept. of IN-Justice will again be the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE!!!!

  15. Jersey_Prophet says:

    Fear not, lovers of True Justice! After Jan 20, the obama Admin cockroaches will cease their campaign to destroy President Trump. At the moment the clock strikes High Noon, the investigators will be able to open investigations on the cockroaches at the whim of the president. They won’t DARE call for investigations, knowing they themselves will suddenly become the investigated! The sun is setting on the corrupt running the wheels of justice.

  16. james mcninch says:

    you may be right, but who’s to say that she lynch was lying about meeting clinton on the plane, who’s to say nothing was said, only her, I for one don’t believe she was telling the truth, no witnesses,no recordings, nothing written down, has anyone really looked into why both planes ,just happen to at the same airport at the same time, ???, so,her defense is there were no witnesses.. and do you really think b clinton would go against her??. as for the fbi director she told him what not to do,again ,no witnesses no recordings. and with everything going on with her in the head of the line, didn’t do her duty to justice, don’t forget her boss at the time…

  17. justinwachin says:

    I’m not sure what the attorney general would accomplish by appointing a special prosecutor. The chance of Russia extraditing anyone for tampering with U.S. elections would be nonexistent.

    If a special prosecutor was hired to investigate this he/she might find this was nothing more than another conspiracy theory. The theory will do better the less it is investigated.

  18. Robert Brumley says:

    They would be investigating their own crimes. 3 million illegals and 4 million dead people votes. That’s why Lynch said no.

  19. desert fox says:

    Wait till she out of office and then charge her and the rest of the administration from the top down. These muslims should all be in jail.

  20. granny says:

    Why am I not surprised in what Lynch stated. She was appointed by Ob because she is as corrupt as the whole Ob regime. I heard today that Ob and Biden sent their signatures to Mars. I hope they are planning to follow soon.

  21. GATORLAND says:

    I did not know a person under investigation by the Feds could run for presidency until case resolved?

  22. savetheusa2 says:

    I can’t see a video here.

  23. olddawg1 says:

    Who came up with the title of this article? Is anyone in the world really “stunned” that Lynch would say anything different? Please God, just let me make it through the next week, and then let’s get all of these criminals out of D.C.!

  24. geneww1938 says:

    There is a big difference between ardent practitioners of various religions. Every practicing Islamist must be subjugated to the Koran and Sharia Law … That clearly means that Islamic’s must annihilate (by whatever means and however long it takes), reject (not obey) any set of laws (our country’s Constitution, laws and the legislative and enforcement systems) and all non-Islamic entities not subjugated as they are.
    To do so, all forms of lying, cheating, subterfuge, breaking of contracts, deception, murder, killings, terrorism and any anti-Biblical means that brings honor and glory to Allah (Satan) are praiseworthy to all Islamist. Hence Obama (a not so covert Muslim) and his peers will never critique or condemn those actions unless it is a form of deception to pretend they are offended while inwardly rejoicing and supporting such actions.
    Simply put, while many may deny it, every Islamist is a warrior and at war (to some degree) with every non-Islamist. For $$ Billions of dollars $$, Obama and the covert elitist (USA shadow government controlling our legislators and politicians via illicit lobbyist) do not care (or are just unaware of) what happens to our country or individuals if they can profit and they are protected.
    Please note that there is a huge difference between a non practiced faith inherited by birth into such a lineage and a person who is an ardent practitioner.

  25. bj veteran says:

    I think we can all agree that this administration has been anything but honest, even though Obama said this would be the most transparent admin. in the history of the USA. The way I see this is another deception by the democrats to change the focus of the American people from the new administration and to just add a lot of problems to the new Trump administration, diverting the Congress from the items that Trump ran on and bog everything down with a new investigation to further trash the incoming President Trump. We know how much the MSM loves Obama, so be very aware, because the media will do all they can to help the Obamas portray themselves and all their supporters, of how great they were. I think it would be best if the new administration concentrated on the vital issues, (draining the swamp) and not to get embroiled in this issue because it will just tie congress down while vital issues are pushed aside. If this is pushed to the forefront of business, the Dims will say that the new administration is all about punishing Clinton. She can wait, for a while anyway.

  26. hoosier46 says:

    Would someone please explain what the moral difference is between Russia hacking the DNC and HRC emails and Obama interfering with he Canadian and Israeli elections?

  27. pawanna says:

    We know what they want to do to Trump – shame on them – feckless leaders for the last 8 yrs….. I want to know what happened on the airplane between Bill Clinton and this crooked POS….. and the connection between the Clinton Foundation and the Russians …… probably will never know…… sad – It took me over 50 yrs of life to really think what crooked people could be elected to represent us…… go in a pauper and come out 4yrs later millionaires…how does that work?

  28. Lying Lynch is the one I want to see investigated, and Sessions will be the one to expose all these liberal liars who have corrupted the country with one fraud after another, one cover up after another. DISGUSTING

  29. William says:

    January 20, Loretta Lynch is going to be soooooooo Sad!

    1. Guest2 says:

      No, I think she will be relieved – she’ll fade away and hope to never be heard from again.

  30. Jim McGann says:

    The announcement that the Justice IG will conduct a Review of the FBI satisfies their need to delegitimize President- elect Trump. The Head of the IG is a Democrat political appointee that worked for both Clintons. Think it’ll be free of politics? NOT

    1. nicholsda says:

      And in 7 days, that person is jobless.

  31. Patriot159 says:

    I’m looking forward to the Dept. of IN-justice being the Dept. of Justice once again. Both she and Holder…nothing but political hacks. Remember Obama promised the “Most transparent administration ever”? Most of the DOJ time was spent covering up or hiding illegal and corrupt goings on.

  32. Original Anna says:

    These people didn’t build their careers on doing their judicial jobs so why expect Lynch as the head of investigation to investigate those who gave her the job.

  33. Nikita63 says:

    There will be no such investigation as long as it can backfire on Loretta Lynch and since she has been the AG since Eric Holder was forced to resign for FAILURE TO ANSWER CONGRESSIONAL QUESTIONING OVER FAST AND FURIOUS AND BEING FOUND IN CONTEMPT, She appears to be as guilty of potential complicity and collusion with Bill Clinton prior to the DNC and then the election. One hand washes the other and both are utterly filthy. The investigation if held would likely implicate key people in various departments and federal agencies and THAT would be the last thing the democrats need or want; they are just too stupid to realize the difference; or how angry in FACT Americans of all stripes are at the abuses of these past eight years. period.We never had answers as to the qualifications and credentials of the outgoing president and for the Democrats to then demand ethics questioning when Trump is NOT a career politician but won an
    election the whole country KNEW was rigged against him BEFORE the allegations of hacking from Russia or anywhere else shows how totally corrupt and power hungry these swamp slime serpents are. period., Any evidence discovered would likely end any speculation about an Obama Legacy and he would be forever vilified as he deserves for his incompetence….AND WORSE! Thanks to this Administration ; Religious freedom, the institution of marriage border security, a sense of moral conscience, responsibility and accountability for one’s actions the readiness of our military and the racism and divisive policies have taken solidarity and UNITY from our society and impoverished millions. It is not a legacy, it is a Pharoah’s curse.

  34. CommonSense4America says:

    I’m sure that there will be ‘office pools’ betting on who will be indicted,,,OR,,,when will Obama pardon Hillary. There is money to be made here.

    1. Jim says:

      You can’t pardon until after charges are filed. King Barry will be gon by then.

      1. CommonSense4America says:

        Sorry,,,not correct.

      2. CommonSense4America says:

        I should have been more clear. Your statement is not correct.

  35. tmradius says:

    The word ‘delegitimize’ is used freely in the news, implying that the users are going to “undo” his election. I know of nothing in our legal system that can make a Federal election null and void. In thinking about it, however, I ask how could the Democrats nullify the election? If they walk out on the House during a session, would any legislation be possible? Or would the Republicans be able to pass anything willy nilly knowing that the Democrats have defaulted? Impeachment is really unlikely without Republican help. If all the Democrats marched into Trump’s office and issued a vote of no confidence, it would be meaningless without the Republicans. Ours is not that kind of Government. Could somebody try to get the Supreme Court to declare the election unconstitutional? No, that is not the function of the SCOTUS. Knowing this President (Obama), however, I think he might believe that he is so powerful that he could unilaterally declare a state of emergency and also declare that the election is null and void. But could he make it stick? No. The Republican Congress would not allow it. So, why in hell all the fuss by all by the Democrats and others to undo the Trump Presidency? It ain’t gonna happen, you stupid jackasses. Get over it. We will have President Trump, like it or not. Go Trump!

    1. Jim says:

      “The Republican Congress would not allow it.” They have allowed quite as bit in the last eight years. When you have no [email protected]!!$ or ovaries the current potus can do anything and has done just about anything he wanted.

  36. jpt308 says:

    Not long ago Obama had several operatives physically in place in Israel funded with over $350,000 in American tax payer dollars to prop up the opposition party running against Benjamin Netanyahu. A physical and obvious attempt to influence an ally’s “Israel” elections. Again Israel is an ally! Is it just me or is Obama and the DNC banking on the fact that Americans didn’t know or simply forgot of how Obamas minions tried very hard to influence the election in Israel because the opposition party just happened to be a more liberal and appealing party for Obama to work with if it was voted into power. It’s mis-direction folks, while the attention has been turned to Russia we haven’t heard much about the progress in ISIS. Also I heard The German Chancellor wasn’t very happy with her Obama phone. Everybody hacks, everybody snoops, but not everybody flew passenger jets into the twin towers nor the pentagon. ISIS is here and we had best not lose sight of the immediate threat here at home.

  37. jpt308 says:

    Perhaps Clintons server wasn’t a mistake. What if it was a way for her to provide sensitive information to her new Clinton Foundation friends, while maintaining a level of Plausible deniability? It’s easy to say it was a terrible mistake, that looking back she wouldn’t have done it. That might make her sound like she made a really dumb decision but I’m going to bet my bottom dollar she is much smarter and far more calculated than that. Oh and when it comes to passwords not even a 5th grader would use the word password. Another door left wide open, you just have to wonder why.

  38. Ray says:

    I hope she doesn’t do anything. That way Sessions can also get a Special Prosecutor to go after Holder and Lerner for their Contempt of Congress charges. Might as well put Lynch in there to for her conduct and unethical behavior as the AG in a ongoing case before the FBI and her office.

  39. ernst says:

    The extent to which Donald Trump has deligitimized the US “news” media is amazing. And it is absolutely appropriate. It is also not surprising that they are even more hostile to Trump. I have not before been a fan of Twittter, and now I love it.

  40. CompletelyOutsane says:

    Where is the stunning announcement Lynch made? I didn’t hear any answers at all. I heard govspeak BS.

  41. Ethel Weiss says:

    Lynch and Holder should be locked up with most of the CBC and Obama….almost every one is a criminal.

  42. lucifer says:

    Dog face lynch, is a black woman, holder a black man, obuungoo a half baked african muslime, and none of them have any class for their positions in government. The almost eight years of dishonesty and lies, and lots of scandals and corruptions, and for many in the press is all fine? Thank You.

    1. golding4 says:

      Well, you are their leader, you are the chief of all liars and you also rule the democrat party now……you…like to claim to be satan, makes you guilty before God and you will be going to the same place as these guilty politicians.

  43. parthenon1 says:

    How can anyone counsel, president or “Joe Blow the bottle maker make the election turnout differently ”WE THE PEOPLE SPOKE AND TRUMP WILL BE PRESIDENT !”

  44. Rick D. says:

    I haven’t heard much from Lynch about her grandkids. That was what she and Bill Clinton talked about when they met at tarmac, right? LMAO!!

  45. suerobb says:

    So what..the Russians hack the DNC…. what does that have to do with the truth of the emails, the private server, the blame on a video and the basket of deplorable comments?

  46. rjm3390 says:

    She can’t make a decision until she checks with Obama and Bill Clinton. I just hope she doesn’t have anymore tarmac meeting with political figures where she finds out how to screw America again.

  47. Ironmike4610 says:

    Lynch, Lynch

  48. Arch Stanton says:

    And the Dems were all piss and vinegar about Trump not accepting the results!

  49. Herculesx Blade says:

    Wait,she will get what she Deserves and it’s Not The Supreme Court appointment billy boy the molester aka Rapist promised her on the Tarmac,she will never be in Government again with all her Free Education Paid for with My Damn Tax Dollars and what does it get us,As Hateful,Spiteful Prejudice Fool,Who Cares only about herself and NEVER had the Whole of America at Heart, More like her own Agenda to go higher for her own cause,Drop Dead ,We Don’t Need You and Don’t Care ,Or we do as much as you do for us ZERO!

  50. Bayside GolfClub says:

    There need to be an investigation. But it needs to be an investigation of 2012 !

  51. cunning says:

    This is just another reason why the democrats lost. The American people have had enough of the lies.
    “A NATION STATE’S ATTEMPTS TO INVOLVE THEMSELVES IN OUR ELECTORAL SYSTEM IS SOMETHING WE TAKE VERY, VERY SERIOUSLY”…Like the democrat Obama admin, has not been involved in spending millions in trying to involve themselves in other countries elections, including Russia.
    the people voted to put Trump in office not the Russian Gov. As usual the Democrats think we the people are all stupid.

  52. J. Ernst says:

    There’s a very good chance that Lynch is herself, eliminating “emails”, memo’s and sensitive communiques from her servers and drivers as I type this. I’m sure she and Comey are communicating/coordinating THEIR exit strategies!!!
    Let Snowden open THOSE FILES for all of U.S. to see.
    THAT would be another nail in the Barry Oh-fck-wit administration’s coffin.
    I hope Chi-town is ready for his LOOONG stay…in perpetuity.
    Lynch should retire to……say Soros’s executive board with all the other fraud mongers and socialist-communists he employs.

  53. Peter J says:

    Lynch embodies everything that liberals strive to be… deceitful, dishonest, corrupt… and adept at using lies, smoke and mirrors to blind the ignorant, low information and brainwashed voters. Lynch, like so many of her cronies is little more than a waste of human flesh.

  54. Jim says:

    She, holder ,obola, the entire CBC, ALL MB operatives obola appointed or glossed over, ALL the Clintons , shumer, Pelosi, reid, durbin, boxer, Feinstein and almost ALL of d-RATS in office (appointees too) and ALL rinos ..should be EXECUTED. Period. And both of obolas head of DHS..

  55. M. D'Souza says:

    One was worse than the other in the BO’s administration. A fraud always keeps bigger frauds than himself to do his bidding. That’s what has been going on for the past 8 years. All these career politician better take the cue from the democrats who are not attending Pres. Trump’s Inauguration ceremony. There you have it — the start of the cleansing of the swamp in Washington DC.

  56. Houmid says:

    Some of Trump’s associates had investments in Russia, but I don’t know if they still do, or what level of management they have over them. If they’re just members of a mutual fund with Russian investments, I don’t see that as a show-stopping conflict of interest. Now if they sponsored regulations, laws, and sanctions that greatly increased the value of those investments without equal or better value to the rest of our country, well, that’s a horse of a different color.

  57. Lying Lynch should be the one being investigated, POS liar.

  58. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    remember that comment godless, marxist, cake boy Obammy made about the bitter clingers who hang on to their guns and religion……well sure seems the regressive worms have turned lol.President Trump…..has a nice ring to it!

  59. nicholsda says:

    As of last night, Pompeo ( CIA 66-32 ) is in. So likely Sessions is next. Or after Tillerson. Tillerson is up for full Senate vote.

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