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Megyn Kelly Just Got Fired From One Major Position

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  1. Bill Chandler says:

    Megyn Kellywas a smart mouth on Fox, and they paid her big bucks until her head got to big. Got fired and went to NBC the worst network of all. She is getting just what she deserves. Someone needs to tell her she is no man killer that she thinks she is. Just another Blond.

    1. sharon says:

      Finally, someone said exactly what I had been saying for over a year. I NEVER thought Megyn Kelly was good looking, as she had a “Jay Leno” chin, lizard-type eyes, and very thin lips (my observation and opinion). However, she was IMO, a good interviewer, this despite her error with Trump. I thought her “Kelly Files” program on Fox was a very good one and she did a good job on balance -taking idiots like Wasserman-Schultz, Ezekial Emanuel, criminals like Bil Ayers, ex.congressman Wiener, and others, to task. She also did well with the victims of Bill and Hillary Clinton (Kathleen Wiley, parents of the slain heroes in the Benghazi gun running mess). That being said, she apparently started to lose confidence as she began to play more on her “supposed attractiveness), dressing to draw attention to herself, rather than her ability to do the job. So sad!

      1. eharer1 says:

        When Megyn Kelly’s “Kelly Files” first began to air, I honestly must admit that I found her manner of dress to be shocking, or at least inappropriate, considering the circumstances. I mean,come on! A married woman and proud mother of three young children attempting to do serious TV journalism dressed in such a provocative manner? I’m no prude, but it seems to me that either she or SOMEONE at FNC wasn’t thinking straight on that one.

    2. Rebecca Landrum says:

      Bleached too!

    3. Bud says:

      She wasn’t fired from FNC. They offered here a multi-million $ renewal contract.

  2. jong says:

    Kelly is nothing but, a skank who loves the camera. Next job for her is senior citizen porno

    1. Tom Rodarte says:

      Yes, if there ever was such a thing, Kelly would be the #1 Limelight whore.

      1. jong says:

        Maybe her next show will be with bj billy. Filmed of course in his bed. 🙂

        1. Tom Rodarte says:

          Actually, she has more class than Bill, but that is not saying much since anyone has more class than Billy

    2. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      Next stop for Megyn — adult films.

    3. rex ames says:

      Have you ever been around someone who trying act cool who is not cool and never will be, or be the center piece of the room. You are either a cool person or your not. Its an Ora that someone naturally carries with them. If you are cool, its a natural gift your blessed with. Megyn will never be cool.

  3. J. R. Alexander says:

    I’ve watched Kelly twice to see what all the chatter was about. I will no longer watch her since she’s against MY Constitutional Rights to own and carry a gun. I predict she’ll soon be only a footnote in history.

    1. Al says:

      Agreed. I’m keeping my guns.

      1. Force Recon says:

        I wouldn’t like to see anyone try and take mine because the ensuing actions won’t be a thing of beauty to witness

        1. Peter Smith says:

          Of course, “the thing of beauty” might have a completely different meaning based on which end of the gun they are beholding. LOL.

          1. magno et malo lupo says:

            I don’t believe I left any ambiguity anywhere in my post But appreciate your comment none the less as what you said is entirely correct!!!

          2. Steven McIntosh says:

            His comment wasn’t toward you, it was for Force Recon!

          3. tomopines says:

            Megyn “she’s all that” Kelly is just trying to draw attention to herself….probably because no one is particularly paying any attention to her new show, let alone the whole fake news network of NBC. So what does one do?…..interview someone controversial, of course. Glad she’s gone from FNC! This too shall pass.

          4. Peter Smith says:

            Not sure what lead to this response but I do agree with what you’ve posted.

          5. tomopines says:

            This story got so many responses! My response didn’t really have anything to do with your post other than it was near the top, which is where I wanted mine to be as well. I did watch Megyn’s show last night though. Boring. Here’s an exciting show idea! How about Alex Jones and Chris Mathews team up for a nightly debate show on current events. It could be the funniest thing since the first season of Saturday Night Live.

          6. Peter Smith says:

            Gotcha. To be honest, I stopped watching Megyn when she started going downhill at FOXNews. I found MOST of her reporting bland at best. Then she showed her true colors when Trump won the GOP nomination.
            I’d like to Ben Shapiro or Judge Jeanine go against Chris Mathews. Or perhaps Hannity?

        2. Al says:

          Thanks for serving. Semper Fi.. USN here.

          1. magno et malo lupo says:

            I Thank you for your service as well

            libertatem liberam non solvit mea et dues
            Libertas inaestimabilis res est
            Celer Silens Mortalis

          2. DWB says:

            Thank you for serving. USN here also 69-73.

          3. Al says:

            Avast and Ahoy shipmate. 61-65 U.S.S.J/K Taussig DE 1030. God Bless.

          4. xjcv8jag says:

            To Force Recon and all those blessed ” Jarheads ” that kept us safe. I salute you and honor you.
            Jake USN 65-72 ADR 2 HS2 on the Hornet and 3 years on our Lady CVA 62 Independence
            I worked the cats and met a great bunch of Marine pilots.

        3. Norm says:

          I wish to thank you for your support of the American way of life. Without heros like you where would we be?

          1. magno et malo lupo says:

            Thank you but I don’t consider myself a hero I am merely a legal immigrant who had the desire to become a naturalized American Citizen who is a fiscal conservative and constitutionalist and more importantly a PATRIOT!!!

          2. John Carney says:

            Thank you for your Patriotism

          3. magno et malo lupo says:

            Again I thank you for your appreciation

          4. Rebecca Landrum says:

            Bravo, very well said.

          5. magno et malo lupo says:

            I truly appreciate your gratitude

          6. william surratt says:


          7. Bud says:

            Did anyone say that?

          8. Force Recon says:

            I used the incorrect log on info when responding and if you hovered your cursor or read my profile prior to responding (actually screaming) you would have known that I am in fact a Former Lt.Col USMC- a Professional Mechanical Electrical and Structural Engineer-Fiscal Conservative and Constitutionalist and 100% patriotic

            One doesn’t need to be a Marine to make a difference the only requirement is being truly patriotic and the willingness to back it up!!!

            libertatem liberam non solvit mea et dues
            Libertas inaestimabilis res est
            Celer Silens Mortalis

          9. DarkEyes says:

            Forgive me my rudeness, Force Recon, but fo/tor whom is your Semper Fidelis?

          10. Force Recon says:

            If you need to ask then you are hopelessly lost!!

          11. Audry Marsalis says:

            In that case you are a hero. Thank you for your service and your desire to become an American Citizen. Thank you for your patriotism. In today’s climate many people think conservatives and constitutionalist are “racist” and anti-immigrationist. This is so not true. We are totally for legal immigration and naturalized American Citizenship. Diversity is what makes us a great people.

          12. magno et malo lupo says:

            I thank you for your kind sentiment however the real heroes never came home. It is to them I pay homage and the reason I am active in veterans organizations and support all that I am able

            I am sorry I misled you I am a Naturalized” Citizen of the United States.

        4. Ken Le Bow says:

          Well said Devil Dog!…..I’m a Devil Doc myself.

          1. magno et malo lupo says:

            Thank you fellow Teufelhund

            libertatem liberam non solvit mea et dues
            Libertas inaestimabilis res est
            Celer Silens Mortalis

        5. Curt James says:

          Semper Fi. And a Recon? Wow! AF F105 pilot. 500KIAS keeps me safe.
          Bumper sticker I saw: “Coming for mine? Better bring yours.”

          1. Force Recon says:

            Yes This is classified but my teams had extracted and often repatriated you “Thud” drivers in the north my most gratifying assignment

            If I were to offer up a bumper sticker it would read “Coming for mine better pack a lunch and bring an army”

        6. william surratt says:


    2. Lorax says:

      I doubt she will even rate a footnote, except for her status as “victim” to a Trump rant.

    3. tmk6190 says:

      She still has blood coming out her eyes, her and her buddy Hillary!

      1. Gen11American says:

        Radical feminists stick together no matter how much degrading scandal and corruption exists.

    4. Rebecca Landrum says:

      The sooner the better. She is nothing but another HRC, just better looking. She cares NOTHING for anyone except herself. I stopped watching her thr night of the debate when she attacked President Trump the way she did. It was ugly, vile and totally out of line. She is vicious!

    5. william surratt says:


  4. Maria castro says:

    I knew she would turn to be a sensationalist. She is getting old and being full of herself has been trying too hard to get a hit. I am afraid she might end up getting a hit in his back posterior.

    1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

      To me, she has ALWAYS been a breathless, sensationalist reporter. Looks only go so far.

  5. 1937shirley says:

    Its about time someone caught up with the real Megyn Kelly. I wouldn’t support any organization she’d lend her support to.

  6. Dennis Wenner says:

    This statement is what gives me a problem “SANDY HOOK PROMISE CANNOT SUPPORT THE DECISION BY MEGYN OR NBC TO GIVE ANY FORM OF VOICE OR PLATFORM TO ALEX JONES.”. Whatever happened to free speech in this country?

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      Bingo, like I said let’s get to the bottom of this SH fraud NOW and this to bed for good. Americans have been scammed in the name of gun control.

    2. rex ames says:

      Free speech in this country means you agree with your financial sponcers. Just ask all the folks that lost their jobs.

  7. jim says:

    serves her right both her and NBC

  8. jackhy says:

    Megyn Kelly is going down a strange one way road to oblivion after leaving Fox news. He unfavorable opinion of Pres. Trump and her anti-gun stance should fit nicely with NBC and the other Liberal fake news media, but somehow she seems to rankle the higher ups by opening her mouth before her brain is in gear!

    1. johnh says:

      I feel sorry for her husband and kids. She might be a little hard to live with right now.

      1. jackhy says:

        don’t feel sorry for her. the millions she has been paid will be comforting for her bruised ego!

      2. Rebecca Landrum says:

        Are you kidding, her kind are next to impossible to live with, in her mind she is (Mrs. God) and the whole world had better pay homage or else. Actually she is just an intelligent slut.

  9. Tom Rodarte says:

    I do not know a lot about Jone’s position on the Sandy Hook, but I do know one thing. No one attacks the actual information and his version of the facts, that he uses to come up with his conclusions. How do I know this? Well, I have not seen it in any of the attacks against him. Not just here, but elsewhere.

    Since it is now a controversy, and since I am a open minded self-deciding thinker, I will look deeply into what Jones is talking about. I will review the information and facts that he presents, and I will make a educated decision. I will also look beyond him and do some of my own research. I will look at both sides. When I am done, and I conclude that Sandy Hook was a fake, then only conservatives would even consider my conclusions, and maybe do their own research. Now if I conclude that Jones is a fake, and the information he used is a fake, then the Liberals will pat me on the back, and totally agree with me. Absolutely no research on their own.

    1. Louise Donaldson says:

      I believe it was all fake. They wanted our guns & were doing what ever they could to make people believe that guns should be taken from us. There have been other false flags.

  10. Grim Fandango says:

    All of this is 100% contrived nonsense. Two scripted and fake enemies battling it out to distract us from the real problems that are destroying our nation. Alex Jones has been a tool of the deep state for years now, used to make real truth-tellers look like nut jobs.

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      Nice try, just the opposite, go away troll.

      1. Grim Fandango says:

        I had been a fan of Jones since 1998 – back when he was doing great work. I learned a lot from him, I have most of his videos, I even met him at Ground Zero on the 5th anniversary. I have old pod casts of his show back when the only sponsor was Berkey water filters.

        So I was pretty devastated when he drifted to the dark side. I tried to make excuses for various incidents, tried to hang in there, because I respected him so much. But the sad truth is, he has been co-opted. Maybe they threatened him and his family? Maybe they just found his magic number. But regardless, he now is a gate keeper, a steam valve, and a poison pill dispenser. He still gives us some good stuff, but when it really matters, he does their bidding, and poisons the well, heads us off a cliff.

        Do I still sound like a troll to you?

  11. vinny says:

    NBC should can that BITCH ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

  12. eharer1 says:

    The way she went after Donald Trump as the FIRST questioner and one of the moderators of the FIRST debate with ALL of the Republican contenders for the Presidential nomination was THE miscalculation of a LIFETIME. I REALLY used to enjoy her presence on FNC because she IS intelligent and a hard-hitting but, IMO, a fair-minded journalist (or USED to be). Whatever it was that possessed her to start out with a personal attack on Trump’s ALLEGED character flaws is a great mystery to me.

    1. jameister says:

      will be a mystery to many others as well. It was like no one told her not to pull on super mans cape, dont piss in the wind, and don’t take the mask off the old lone ranger, and don’t mess around with the Don… just a lapse of judgement? or a calculated move for publicity that backfired? or orders from someone ? sad to witness… but worse yet was the back and forth after…

    2. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      I disliked her greatly for how she treated Trump then

    3. Wambli525 says:

      Well said on Kellys first debate question on Trump … that was the start of biased gotcha questions that didn’t quite pan out for her. Further, In researching Kellys question, the women Kelly quoted later stated she never experienced what Trump supposedly said and that trump treated her with respect. That said, Kelly used falsified news, and did this knowingly. possible reasons include ratings and tearing Trump down. Kelly is a non entity

    4. Ron haymaker says:

      I agree about you said. And Trump is a little rough around the edges,but he speaks his mind. People aren’t use to honesty, it blows their minds! I guess a lot of people would rather be lied to. That is what we have had for the last 8 years. I say GOD bless president Trump & the USA!!!

      1. Doris Will says:

        could not care less about Megyn Kelly, I used to like her afternoon show the night time show she seemed to be on the attack all of the time to Republicans.

  13. Jeannie says:

    Megyn kelly is getting her come upins…..She was queen of everything at Fox. Then she had to get too big for her britches. As hostess of one of the debates she tried to take Trump down with her GOTCHA questions….She failed miserably.. Then she started supporting the left wing…..Then she thought she would do better with another network. So she left Fox…THEN HER CAREER STARTED FALLING….Hope she gets knocked off her high horse even more.

    1. IMSweetOlBob says:

      I think she is trying to be a clone of “Cute Little Katie Couric” whose claim to fame had nothing to do with her brain power but a lot to do with her butt. And etc.

  14. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    I feel TERRIBLE for the SH deaths. BUT, what they are overtly doing is IGNORING the FACT that MORE gun control laws would NOT have averted this tragedy! I don’t know the answer to this question: How many gun control laws are ON THE BOOKS already? Dozens? Scores? Hundreds? Thousands? I honestly don’t know. But I DO know that there ARE quite a LOT of gun control laws! So, how many do they need? MILLIONS? And will they avert another tragedy like SH? My answer is NO! Unless they can preempt some crazy shooter by reading his/her mind with ESP, and either barring this individual, OR jailing this individual, which would put America more in line with COMMUNIST China, then NOTHING they do will avert more tragedies like this! NOTHING!

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      I can’t feel TERRIBLE for something that never happened.

      1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

        All I can say is WOW! Ok. You, too, believe what you want to believe. I won’t argue with you.

    2. johnh says:

      Mikal Gastpipe, go on line and research the Sandy Hook shooting for your self. It was a stages event. They want our guns. and will do anything to try and get them.

      1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

        All I can say is WOW! Ok. You believe what you want to believe. I won’t argue with you.

    3. tinker1 says:

      They want a law to take the 2nd Amendment away! That is is why bho gave the UN our gun rights!

  15. wildman21 says:

    Say what you want, she is still smokin hot. Boing!

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      As I stated, next step Adult films.

  16. chuckie2u says:

    Could not have happened to a nicer person. Just goes to show you liberals have no tolerance for any opinion but their own. Next they will carry their hatred to the streets .

  17. Len Tippett says:

    As I have stated before, Megan is a very attractive and smart lady. Someone does need to explain to her the difference between being smart and being a smart ass. I would never trust her as I believe she would say anything, do anything, and step on anybody to advance her career. In the interview she did with Howard Stern, she came across as a pathetic slut.

    1. tinker1 says:

      that’s what happens when you sell out your soul for a price!

  18. MikeC says:

    All companies jumping ship are showing their colors as enemies of the American people and of the Constitution. We now see their private agendas clearly. Boycott them…

    1. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

      These very corporations are in bed with the Deep State you can bet on it.

  19. probuiltenterprises says:

    agree or disagree with her , since when do we pick and choose what we can discus, who we interview, what narrative can be aired? WTF folks. So if she doesn’t follow your standard she should be fired? I think your all a bunch of hypocritical pussy’s. You just want to hear your side of the story ONLY. So go look into a mirror and talk to yourself. I’d prefer to hear both sides good or bad.

  20. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    This is how the news get misinterpreted.

  21. Informed & Concerned Citizen says:

    I want a “Sandy Hook Promise” from my President to finally get to the bottom of this SCAM that was perpetrated on the American people and their corrupt justice dept and force these “crisis actors” to refund the millions of dollars that were given to them and given to the town and ARREST anyone and everyone who was involved in any way in this OP to decieve the American people for political gain to try to take our gun rights. We must put an end to these fake false flag events in the future. The American people are tired of being CHUMPED!!! It’s time for this bull sh*t to end.

  22. RichFromShowMe says:

    As Megyn bounces downward to MS-LSD, madcow’s licking her lips . . . her bookend is almost there. They should make the dynamic duo 🙂

  23. johnh says:

    If Megan Kelly did her own research, he would see that Sandy Hook was a staged event. Alex Jones is right.

  24. Margaret Heller says:

    Megan Kelly is too big for her britches. She was a closet Libtard almost to the end of the recent campaign where she jumped Fox and went to NBC and said she was a Hillary supporter. She didn’t care about Jones; she just wanted to bash Trump again. It’ll only be a short time before she implodes and will be looking for work again.

  25. lrr1 says:

    Kelly is trying to be something, she is not. She wants so badly to outshine the other females at NBC. She wants everyone to notice and talk about Kelly. I don’t think that will happen, especially in the way she’s wanting. Doesn’t appear to be. I stopped watching her at Fox and have not watched or seen or since. I don’t care for her.

  26. Garry Isaacs says:

    Megyn Kelly will go into oblivion. That is what happens to people who are without conviction, who eagerly and egotistically sell their souls for pottage.

  27. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    She is a world class phony! I quit watching anything to do with her when she sabatogied President Trump,during the debate!! She can fall flat on her face and it will make me VERY HAPPY and good lord willing she is well on her way!! YAHOO!!!

  28. ray Maurer says:

    It is really unfortunate, and possibly another move by the libs to prevent “middle America” from seeing Alex Jones – a good, active, impressive conservative. I will look him up, and see how to get his newscasts every day: Another way to overcome liberal “censorship!”

  29. Well how much did Ails pay her to retire and then to to work for
    NBC? $10 million? $20 million? The other girls took their millions from Fox and retired. Kelly is still working and goofballs are angry with her. Stop whining! I never watched her any way and do not now but these whiners are craxy.

  30. Donna Cassidy says:

    just more BS from the flakes…if you don’t believe in what they think,say, do and live your wrong and should be banned…WHAT self center ignorant people they are..WE have a right to our own choices and guns are one of them..THE killing at Sandy Hooks was horrific and the flakes run in and start yapping like wild coyotes about “gun control” …even before asking and trying to help all the victims families and all..THEY are so ignorant that they only can think of one thing at a time…
    IF just one person there had a gun the nightmare would of started and ended with my tops two people down. That is the narrow mindedness of the liberal flakes…they can’t see the broader picture..THE gun that took the lives was carried by a maniac….nut case…scum….and the horror started..BUT the person who would of had the gun to protect the children would of dropped the scum and it would of been over with.
    I quit trying to discuss the logic of all of it to the flakey libs because no matter what is fact and True…is a lie to them UNLESS its how they feel and want it to be…

  31. lin says:

    I do not agree with her stance on guns nor do I agree with Jones. That said both she and he have the RIGHT to free speech and I oppose the attempts to take away that right from anyone.

  32. The duck says:

    Well it is refreshing to see a split in the confiscation cult. They can have my gun by taking it from my cold dead hands and then they’ll have to pry it off.
    Nice job Kelly, you’ll go down in infamy.

  33. samw says:

    Megan Kelly tried to do a hit piece on someone that was wise enough to record the entire interview (AJ) and she got caught.

  34. wapitihunter says:

    That’s what happens when two loaders get together.

  35. SeanM62 says:

    Alex Jones is a cancer spreading outright lies and inciting violence. He already has a voice so having him appear on a major TV network is just unnecessary to protect his constitutional right to speech.

    1. William Glass says:

      Have you ever listen’d to Alex Jones? As far as “a cancer spreading outright lies and inciting violence” what about the MSM, Hollywood elite, Democratic Party, Entertainment media? These have been spewing vicious lies and HAVE incited “actual” violence (ie: the attack on the congressmen last week) . Congressman Scalise was almost ASSASSINATED!!! He will take a long time to recover. It was a “liberal” who pulled the trigger! You stress that Alex Jones should have his ” constitutional right ” of free speech not protected. 1. Who the hell gave you that authority? 2. If you start taking away constitutional rights from those you disagree with, then you will soon have no rights at all. 3. Your comment was brainless, seditious, and totally without merit. In closing I wish you a nice day, you brainless, air headed twit.

  36. Oldmonkey says:

    Before I retired, being older and a quasi-management underling, it was
    necessary for me to dye my hair, be clean shaven, keeping my hair
    cropped, making the thin spots in my hair less noticeable to remain
    credible and employed..

    All of the prominent FOX girls necessarily have to as
    smart as the men, and dressed appropriately for age. Judge Jeanine looks
    great and is well dressed for her age. My niece a Silicon Valley
    executive dresses business attractive, and will be obligated to until
    she retires.

    While on FOX, I never heard Kelly say anything about
    the Second Amendment. Her saying something against it being her current
    employer hates guns and liberty, is not surprising. I liked Kelley’s
    aggressive approach on Fox, with the likes of Bill Ayers, her attack on Trump a timely wake-up
    call to EVERYTHING that followed. Unlike Tucker who makes most lefty
    guests look like ignorant imbeciles, he doesn’t make as good an
    argument for “Center Right” as UK Guardian does for “Left of Center.”
    Other than gun control, and transgender issues, I do read their
    newspaper. It’s well written, and anyone who doesn’t challenge their own
    views occasionally, Brainwashed.

    Presently I’m reading
    Tombstone by Zhang Jisheng about the 45 million Chinese Mao starved to
    death between 1958 – 1962. Communism and to a lesser extent National
    Socialism, prone to Crimes Against Humanity, by their “True Believers.” In the US, they are called “Democrats”

  37. Raymond Miller says:

    It sounds like the little witch (with a B) was going to try to turn it into a hit job on Trump. She really is a POS.

  38. Joseph F Kubik says:

    Maybe she should stay with glam photo shoots while she still can. She’s got two strikes already, almost without trying. Sounds like she has a career consultant who gets a commission. But her explanation of what she’s selling is really on the edge, like a Hoover salesman selling vacuum cleaners in Siberia.

  39. ter334 says:

    Megone Kelly seems to be working her way out of a job? The Clinton-Obama-Clinton, and establishment PC form of govt instead using the Constitution as the law of the land is crumbling, crumbling, crumbling! Our govt is just not a DIY form of govt like they have in Islam, dictators and socialism.

    1. Mary Xiques says:

      The sad thing is: Megyn goes on~ NBC and other networks seem to thrive on her type of
      “sensational news”~

      1. ter334 says:

        That kinky journalism may be ending?

  40. Gen11American says:

    If Megny Kelly hadn’t been fired from that anti-gun gig, she’d have made herself a pariah for hosting it! Anyone with a brain realizes the anti-gun movement is being funded by Billionaire Globalist Michael Bloomberg and Billionaire Globalist Fascist George Soros, and their motives are totally EVIL! They both know the American people must be disarmed before One World Tyranny can be instigated, and all but the top 1% enslaved! Do we need to keep guns out of the hands of children? Of course! Do we need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals? Of course we do! Should guns be kept out of the hands of murderous nutcases like the Leftist Bernie Sanders supporter who opened fire on Republicans last week? Absolutely! Do we need to keep guns out of the hands of illegal aliens who have been welcomed with open arms for decades by the Democrats? You betcha! This idea that the rights enumerated in the US Constitution apply to illegal invaders, or that dangerous African and Middle Eastern dullards Obama flooded in should be armed IS POSITIVELY INSANE! The right to keep and bear arms should only apply to responsible, law-abiding, pro-American US CITIZENS!

  41. wharfrat says:

    She has lost her way.

  42. Geo. Donaldson Jr. says:

    Sandy Hook, just another group of liberals from the North East using the loss of life to push their agenda, very little to do with the criminal act of someone who does not represent any reasonable point of view. What next, hunting knifes, bow and arrows? Stop attacking the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, and start looking at criminals and their acts.

  43. Fortuneless says:

    Come an get em….I pity the first sob that tries….

  44. icemancold says:

    My OPINION is this SANDY HOOK NEVER HAPPENED !! It was all staged in an attempt to further HUSSEIN OBAMA’S GUN GRAB. Tell me why the building was demolished within two weeks destroying all evidence that would prove or disprove the incident ? How did the alleged shooter place the so called assault rifle in the trunk of the car after he was dead ?. why is the COLUMBINE SCHOOL still standing and holding classes and Sandy hook was demolished ?THIS IS JUST A HUSSEIN OBAMA ORCHESTRATED ATTEMPT TO TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS TO SELF DEFENSE THAT IS STILL CONTINUING AFTER HUSSEIN OBAMA IS NO LONGER POYUS.!! ONE OTHER ITEM HOW MUCH IS SOROS,HUSSEIN OBAMA,THE BRADY ANTI GUN GROUP AND OTHER ANTI GUN GROUPS PAYING THE PEOPLE OF THIS SHAM TO CONTINUE IT ??

    1. ter334 says:

      I think you are misguided. SH did happen and a number of innocent children were killed in this evil act. Maybe someone deliberately or not influenced the shooter to do this? How do muslims, the only people in the world who willingly blow themselves up, get their youth to do this to themselves? Motives, or using Comey’s word, intent, are known only to the perpetrator and to God. Celebrities tell us we should support BLM, we should hate Trump, we should roll over and blindly accept immigrants, and turn in our guns to Obama. And if you don’t you are an infidel. We all are subject to an endless barrage of conflicting idea of what we should do or not do. And what pols claim they will do for us so they can get elected. What they should be saying is how they will obey the laws that are applicable to their office and how they will work to change things to better serve all the people that elected them. Not just special interests groups such as women who seem to think they need more rights, the uninsured, some blacks that seem to think that if someone disagrees with them they are racists. The Constitution is the law that regulates the political activity of politicians and judges, they don’t like it so they spend far too much time trying to work around the speed limits placed on their political activities.

      1. icemancold says:

        ter334!! Show me the proof ! The victims being removed from building, the blood on the floors, walls etc. with out proof I have a hard time believing this. The building was demolished too quick destroying any and all evidence that this did or did not happen. There were not even photographs taken again NO PROOF.!!

  45. ter334 says:

    IMO racism/discrimination is a sin, unless of course a govt institutionalize’s it like they did in the south, in South Africa and is done in islam. When a govt starts telling you what you have to believe, be it can’t drink liquor, have to buy govt approved health insurance, that you have to pray 5 times a day, a woman and doctor can legally kill an unborn human but claim the death penalty is immoral it makes you a subject instead of being a citizen. I discriminate against everybody in the world except those I let live with me. And everybody discriminates against me. I don’t have the right to demand I can stay at your house when and for how long I want, so why do the pols and judges seem to think immigrants have rights to invade, not have permission to enter, a nation? Obama and his judges should sponsor muslims and be responsible for their actions, not the public, the taxpayers. The D party and O have corrupted the idea of civil rights, And the D Party was responsible for slavery and segregation. The GOP may not have done much for the blacks but they didn’t do anything to them like the D party did.

    Subject: UK Invasion Watch

    >> How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:

    >> Mayor of London … MUSLIM

    >> Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM
    of Leeds … MUSLIM
    of Blackburn … MUSLIM
    >> Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM
    >> Mayor of Oxford … MUSLIM
    >> Mayor of Luton … MUSLIM
    >> Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM
    >> Mayor of Rochdale … MUSLIM
    >> Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques
    >> Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts
    >> Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils
    >> Muslims-Only No-Go Areas Across The UK
    >> Muslim Women … 78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    >> Muslim Men … 63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing
    >> Muslim Families … 6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing
    >> … and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!
    >> All this achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population!

  46. Wendi Dell says:

    Jones is an ass without a doubt. I personally find him ill informed and delusional. However, he does have a following and he does influence how many think about think. Ms. Kelly is doing her job as an unbiased journalist (very rare these days). Ignoring the people with ideas and opinions that are different from ours hasn’t stopped them. Maybe listening and trying to understand how they got there will help to open their eyes and mind. Whether we like him or not, the jackass is news.

  47. David says:

    While Alex Jones has remained on the fringe of far right, conservative voice, I continue to listen to him and have done so for almost 30 years. I remember so many times, back in the early 90’s, when he made what, at the time, were deemed outrages accusations, only later to be proven true. I can’t find any record of Mr. Jones saying either one of these occasions, Sandy Hook or Aurora, were hoaxes. He did, however, say that a closer look at the cause and coverage of these events merited a skeptical eye. I don’t see anything wrong with Mr. Jones suggestions that we use scrutiny when evaluating such occurrences and the way the main stream media uses them. Although both Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones are both what I would consider “shock jocks”, I have concluded that Mr. Jones is more concerned with protecting our Constitutional Rights while Ms. Kelly is more interested in promoting her own financial coffers.

  48. Victor Gillings says:

    I was taught by my father to never discuss politics, religion and women in public. C’mon guys, get the bile and poison out of your mouths and try to become a man, or even a proud American. You are disgusting

  49. Al says:

    Kelly is the one that doesn’t deserve any air time. Don’t worry about Alex as he doesn’t need the mainstream media exposure to be heard. Mainstream media has nothing to offer anymore. It’s like the choir singing to the choir. My guess is that’s why mainstream viewership is declining and alternative media is growing by leaps and bounds.

  50. Al says:

    For the real news go to or

  51. A patriot says:

    get this bitch off the air, she is biased and is a good leftist bimbo

  52. Dan Daley says:

    I will not buy any product or service that is advertised on Megyn Kelly’s show.

  53. Clare Goldsberry says:

    Let’s hope that she soon fades into the sunset!! I used to like her when she was on FNC but when her true colors began showing, I was disappointed in her. She need to get a job at a law firm and step aside as a true journalist!!

  54. Daniel Spickard says:

    As you can see by now the liberal media is taking a beating for what they have done! The CEO of CNN just got a tongue lashing from it’s parent company Time Warner, and was told to either become independent or get fired! Megyn Kelly gave false news and now she’s getting a tongue lashing from her sponsors! Keep up the work conservatives! We will win and get rid of all the bias news!

  55. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Like who really cares if she is out of work, she has made 3 million a year , so she should have so saved up, she is a TV TABLOIDIST

  56. Bud says:

    a nonprofit gun violence prevention group founded by family members of some of the Sandy Hook shooting victims,

    Are those people unaware that “gun violence” dropped precipitously over a period of a couple of decades or more while gun ownership mushroomed?

  57. ganderdavis says:

    She has a right to her opinion and she also has a right to keep it to herself. The last part is the one i always want her to use.

  58. daledor says:

    Remember all is fair and good to socialist liberals as long as you agree with them – else you are a hatemonger. Kelly is obviously controlled and she jumped out of her ‘masters’ wishes when she interviewed Alex Jones.

  59. michele klemetson says:

    Kelly never has her facts straight very poor reporting it docent surprise me that she’s screwed up again I don’t think they have her on because shes exceptionally smart if you know what I mean.

  60. JC Hoot says:

    Just another slobbering mouthpiece trying to make a name for herself and not doing to well at it

  61. Gerald A. Reason says:

    If any interview is aired, it should NOT be edited to reflect the biases of the interviewer. I am definitely NOT a fan of Jones BUT, I would not listen to the interview for a different reason. First, it is being edited for the purpose of showing him as a “numskull who has no feelings for anyone.” and therefore, being labeled as a “Trump Supporter” and one whom Trump has quoted in the past, is making it seem like Trump is guilty by association (a favorite trick of media, except when it is used on them). Why not aire the entire interview and listen to his comments on why he said what he said? He may be dead wrong (I believe his take on the issue is totally wrong) but he still deserves to have his side aired as well. Then the people can make up their own minds, based on both side’s input (not one side’s slanted and bias account). This wold then be an INFORMED decision but when editing is done to put the interviewee in as bad a light as possible, any decision people reach will be based on propaganda techniques used by the media. when the media starts to be honest and not blatantly bias in their reporting, maybe people will again believe in them and hold them to a higher esteem than Congress and lawyers

  62. ExGOP says:

    This is crazy. Even though she showed him up as a nitwit, they don’t even want that.

  63. JOHN STEEL says:

    its rare to find beauty and brains in a women , Kelly is a perfect5 examble.

  64. maquignon says:

    Megyn Kelly is a has-been!!!

  65. desert fox says:

    The position she lost was flat on her back!

  66. DarkEyes says:

    Mrs. Kelly, how about appeal for a russian citizenship. And when you have it, leave the “land of the Free” and start a normal life in your branch in Russia. You will learn a lot overthere IMO. You will notice that even in Russia there are living real people. People, who leave the rest of world in peace as long as you (generally speaking) leave them in peace as well. What a beautiful life and what a beautiful world.
    Try it? Do it!

  67. Pamela Sue Therrien says:

    The truth of her was bound to come about when she left Fox. She was so full of herself.

  68. Arielle says:

    Because this man supported Donald Trump in the 2016 election, does NOT mean that he has “Ties to Him”. I would have never even THOUGHT of giving his ridiculous, untrue comments a TV interview. The people that lost children in this massacre had to have been very upset with this interview, and I think that the Gun Control group were RIGHT to fire Megyn from this position !

  69. Arielle says:

    Oh by the way, I believe very strongly in the Constitution, and the right to bear arms.

  70. way2confused says:

    She killed her golden goose that was her Fox News job to go to the fake news NBC. While most thought she was a conservative, I knew better. Hopefully she will soon lose her NBC gig and maybe she’ll get lucky enough to get a job in a Fargo ND local station doing the weather

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