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Megyn Kelly Made A Controversial Announcement That No One Expected

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  1. temporary guest says:

    “So to breathe life into her show, Kelly is turning to guests whom media critics will hate, but will generate headlines.”

    If I were a former FOX news anchor moving to more liberal NBC and wanting my career to flourish, I think I’d give some long, hard thought to what King Solomon said, and decide whose companion I wanted to be: Solomon ~ “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” … that one works for women, too.

    If “turning to guests whom media critics will hate” means well spoken, articulate conservative guests, it’ll work, provided she has the good sense to let them talk and limit any disagreements with them that she may have to honest dialog … no cheap shots. What she needs is guests who will draw a bigger audience than she can herself and the good sense to let them outshine her for a while. If she can do that, her new show will shine. If she can’t do that … she won’t get the ratings.

    “The wise man is the one who surrounds himself with men wiser than himself” ~ Unknown … but this one works for women, too.

    1. Thomas Gor says:

      Your point is well taken. But, I need to point out that she is running with fools. And she is incapable of allowing her guests to shine brighter then herself. Kelly started off that way at Fox. But, her ego has gotten well too inflated to allow her guests to look better then herself. That has been the downfall of her career and I for one hasn’t seen any change in that attitude.

      1. temporary guest says:

        From what I’ve heard, she’s taken a pretty good whipping lately. Any one can learn from a big enough mistake. But I wouldn’t know if her attitude has changed, or not. I haven’t watched cable television in, I’d have to guess, over 10 years now .. since I concluded that the only things on it were what I’ve already seen and what I don’t want to see and that the reason Grandpa called it “The Boob Tube” is that if you watch enough of it, it’ll turn you into a boob.

        1. Thomas Gor says:

          I no longer use cable neither. But, I do keep up with Fox. And though some of their changes have not been all that good, they are still Mountains and Mo-hills over CNN, MSNBC, and any of the major networks. And I don’t think you’ll ever see a majority of the stuff there on any of those “other” networks. If you choose to ignore it, well, that’s your loss. But there are plenty of other news outlets on the internet that can provide more accurate info then the left wing media.

          1. No name nut case says:

            The main differences between Fox News on cable and the national network news channels is that Fox is primarily a political forum, the national network news is nothing more than a forum for leftists to bad mouth the right and blame them for everything negative which happens. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t have cable, so all they get is indoctrination with “right bad,” “left good.” They don’t have the input to help them realize that the left is communist.

          2. badbob85037 says:

            All anyone has to do to know the Left are Communist is to read “The Goals of Communism” read into Congress in 1963. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see there is no difference to what the goals of the democrats are today. But this nation has more than it’s share of stupid.

          3. mogul264 says:

            Back in the ’40s, I believe, the Communist Party said they didn’t have to do any more in the US for their cause, because the Democrat Party has now incorporated all their aims in the party planks, under the guise of ‘progressive-ism’! Communist, Socialist, Progressive, Democrat….. all just various manifestations of the same insane crap. They never saw a dollar, obtained from others. taxes. etc, they couldn’t spend, and then demand more! They only fail when they run out of other peoples’ money!

      2. imcookie1 says:

        she is an arrogant, conceited and extremely full of herself, and actually she’s not all that.

          1. imcookie1 says:

            jealous of what, a conceited, ego maniac ? Hell no. Why is it when someone expresses their true feelings about someone else, the first word out of someones mouth is JEALOUS. I never liked her and never will, she has a very arrogant way about her, and that’s that.

          2. badbob85037 says:

            I didn’t think jealous. I though that was a pretty fair description of her. After all her just changing networks shows she is only in it for the money.

    2. Chester Knowles says:

      .I can see y looour not the sharpest tool in the shed. You want to be American but act like a Socialist. You are the only one who’s right and no one has the right to say anything in the own right to speak. Hypocrite.

      1. temporary guest says:

        LOL .. you remind me of my former mother in law. And you spell like her, too. You need to back off the Bacardi.

        I don’t waste much time on little moron jokes like yourself. You’re blocked.

  2. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    This fool has to do something to try and stop her slide into obscurity so she will do anything to keep
    Her name infront of America!
    It will do
    No good she is finished!

  3. Donald N. Mei says:

    Alex Jones, a repulsive hack. Amazing.

    1. John Redman says:

      Repulsive to you, I accept that. His ‘style’ is loud and abrasive, yes. However, the record demonstrates a large number of Crisis Actors at a closed school and more stupid anomalies in the behavior of the actors and the response crew that there is no doubt that Sandy Hook was/is a giant fraud meant to turn people against gun ownership. 9/11, likewise a government (and not Saudi) false flag. ‘Cell phone calls from 35,000 feet. No debris in PA. Building 7 collapse in its footprint with no cause. On and on, folks. Your government is the same POS that planned Operation Northwoods. What Kissinger said about military personnel goes double for civilians. So, go ahead, vote and pay tribute to criminals, your soul is damned.

      1. Azreal says:

        I’ve lived in Connecticut for 27 years. It was a false flag operation. The whole town was in on it. Do some research amd look at mortgage payments disappearing. And the fact that the little girl in. The red dress was in a photoshoot with obama hours later. Also the “evil AR- 15” that was said to be used….was in the trunk the whole time. People reported seeing people running into the woods. And the news had to modify some footage. Funny you have a guy casually painting a wall at a crime scene where more than 2 dozen people just got massacred… seems a little low on the priority list. Also Adam Lanza’s death certificate was signed the day before in New Hampshire. Pretty funny how an autistic kid that’s never used a gun before manages to get into a school that was closed and kill 26 people with dead on accuracy with a pistol. As for orlando…. haha. That’s a whole different story.

        1. John Redman says:

          I have lived all over CT for many years, Groton to Old Lyme to Lyme to Clinton and before that Ledyard and Gales Ferry. Liked it but never go back because of the current political climate. I’m in New Hampshire and can JUST abide that.

        2. badbob85037 says:

          If the idiots believe 9/11 they will believe anything.

    2. Mark Mitchell says:

      A repulsive hack with 60-70 million viewers/listeners a WEEK.. I don’t agree with everything he says but people can’t stand that 75% comes true… more viewers than all three main news outlets combined alot of weeks… it’s just sad that this tranny will chop up his interview to make him look crazy.. just like the last clip of the tease.. but if they keep it in the story and represent alex truly, he will site where you can go and view, in government and scientific papers… I dare anyone to actually check out the things he talks about, he always sites sources! If you do go look you will see how lazy we are, the corruption is out there for everyone to research themselves but they dont.

  4. Azreal says:

    First of all, fuck Megyn Kelly. Second of all Alex Jones is no conservative lol. It’s easy to take his rants out of context and make him look crazy, but he’s actually a really smart and chill guy.

    Sandy Hook was a hoax.

    1. John Redman says:

      See my reply to Donald N. Mei.

  5. johnh says:

    Sandy Hook was a stages event. Check all of the information and pictures on the net and see for your self. School was not up to the current ADA code for that time.

    1. Bud says:

      Every building which had already been constructed was “not up to the current ADA code for that time.”

      1. Force Recon says:

        Try telling all that to a one dimensional regressive hypocritical politically correct socialist lieberal Demorrhoid!!! they are the true KEFTS of the nation and not too proud to admit to it

    2. Azreal says:

      I’ve lived in CT for 27 years. It was fucking staged. It’s crazy that people buy that story.

      1. Donald N. Mei says:

        You’re the one who is crazy.

      2. badbob85037 says:

        Thank you.

  6. rick meek says:


  7. 48jerry says:

    she looks like a dyke

    1. mpdMD1965 says:

      If it quacks,walks,looks like a duck my money say she is.

    2. Ollie Octopus says:

      I’ve been saying that ever since she got the dyke haircut. I will not watch her.

    3. Mark Claxton says:

      No she doesn’t. She looks like a fine lady. Too much emphasis on the superficial.

    4. MsC says:

      I am no Megyn fan I can assure you, but short hair doesn’t make anyone a dyke. I have never had hair longer than shoulder length, because I just look much better and younger with short hair. Someone told me today they figured I was in my late forties or early 50’s and I am 64 years old. They couldn’t believe it, but it sure made me feel good if only it were reality. I would take 15 or 20 extra years.I don’t particularly like Megyn’s haircut, but I guess she does.


    1. Force Recon says:

      Beauty is but skin deep but ugliness goes clear to the bone and one’s attitude emanates from deep inside the bones Case in point I present HRC!!! Need I say more?

      1. No name nut case says:

        HRC has never been pretty! Well….maybe for a short period of time when she was in high school, but after that she went down hill in a hurry!

        1. Force Recon says:

          HRC’s soul and persona are so UGLY she would make a freight train take a dirt road. If you could somehow manage to amass all the plastic surgeons of the world they still couldn’t make her look marginally homely

        2. mogul264 says:

          Her inner personality is what mars her appearance….evil ALWAYS shows through, in the end!

    2. she should not have cut her hair and hardened her image,blew it when she went after Trump

  9. never mind Megyn i’m not sure Alex should do the interview-some of the stuff he comes up with really isn’t suitable for mainstream TV-he has a penchant for conspiracy theories-i view him as entertainment only(so i guess an NBC interview might be the exact right place after all!)

    1. Randy Wood says:

      Very well put Michael! She is a self-centered freak show! That’s exactly why NBC wanted her! Hopefully she’ll drag NBC down the hole with her! What a phenomenal waste of money! It’s pretty funny if you ask anyone with common sense! Any followers she had are like a calmer group of Jerry Springer devotees! LOL ?

      1. as they say at NBC”Stay tuned!(please?)”

    2. No name nut case says:

      I used to think the same thing about Alex Jones. But I listened to him over a period of time and he does make some really good points. He brings up some things that I hadn’t considered or even thought about. But you are right in that sometimes he is a little out there. Lol!

      1. yeah “9/11 was an inside job”puts him in Rosie territory;”Aurora and Sandy Hook were hoaxes” come on Alex! but he is like a blind pig he gets a truffle every now and again i will give you that!

  10. Randy Wood says:

    I think she didn’t bring any followers from Fox News to speak of! The viewers at Fox are on the whole, much more intelligent than the foul mouthed intolerant left that dwell in the gutters at NBC, MSNBC, CNN & ABC! They wasted their money on her!

    1. Woody Baker says:

      Spot on comment Randy! The MSM will NEVER stop trying to tear down our POTUS. But, he’s a tough guy & won’t bend. FYI I never watch any news except FOX.

      1. Tom says:

        Jeah, if you want fake news watch MSM, if you want the truth watch Fox News.

    2. Ollie C. Mandrell says:

      she is suppose to make 20 mil a year with her new show

    3. No name nut case says:

      Amen brother!

    4. mpdMD1965 says:

      Most eloquently summarized.!!!

  11. Janet says:

    I won’t be watching anything that she does, so I honestly don’t care!

    1. Israel Kills AMERICANS says:

      What do you watch ? A bunch of fake shows? Black losers? FILTH AND VIOLENCE? JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE KILLING USA.

      1. No name nut case says:

        Why did you put this skank on here? She is the bottom of the morals barrel!

    2. i understand what you mean but there is the train wreck factor

  12. IMSweetOlBob says:

    I don’t care WHO she interviews ! NBC is not anywhere on any of my dials. Buncha liars and tape changing Anus Clones ! Wouldn’t watch or listen to ANY of their tripe, Megyn Kelly or not !


    She shouldda stayed home with her kids.

  14. jong says:

    Her other shows have turned out to be large duds with even repeats being far out watched. She is a skank with a diva personality that HAS to be in front of a camera. Her next job will be MILF porno.

  15. Thinkingman2025 says:

    I saw the controversial video on Alex Jones’s channel. Yes, he has an abrasive voice and hard to listen to for a long time, but he is also right – the NBC video was edited to make him seem like a troglodyte. Do not believe what MS. Kelley says is derogatory about him, because it just isn’t true.

  16. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    She killed her career and doesn’t even realize what she has done. Maybe she should talk about all the felonies committed by the kenyan and especially the spying on a political opponent with clear intent to harm or embarrass him and his associates. You see we want real news and a real news person , she don’t cut those qualifications. As Paul Harvey would say And that’s the rest of the story !

    1. No name nut case says:

      I understood that she quit Fox because Murdock sexually molested her. If that is true, I’d quit, too. Being sexually molested is not a fun thing to experience, especially if it is one’s employer or boss!

    2. Amen she knows not what she does-got a little too full of herself in my opinion

  17. Joel Goodman says:


  18. William Glass says:

    She will do a “hatchet” job on Alex. This will not deter his fans. It will probably increase his fan base because she is giving him larger platform. Infowars will probably show the entire interview so you will be able to see the “cut & paste” job NBC will use for broadcast. NBC (Nothing But Crap)

  19. David VanBockel says:

    Stick a fork in Ms. Kelly; she was done-for when she left Fox.

  20. sharank251 says:

    has nayone else had enough of this fake news broadcaster?

  21. Mary Clouse says:

    Well…I mean after all one must look at the previous Administration and their
    culpability in setting up the Trump,with spies for Obama,and leakers
    out the wazoo,including the top {FBI} agent {COMEY}..What the
    hell ! I believe the unholy (4)Obama,Holder, Reid and Polosi are all
    capable of anything,after these last (8)yrs. Conspiracies have been
    known to have some truth to them,and Jones is not alone in
    his conspiracy theory on Sandy Hook.Hey some awful bad
    people were running this Country then,remember the Fast&Furious
    scandal,just because they were kids,don’t toss the baby out with
    the bath water.Benghazi (4) the (6)Navy Seals)???”jus sayin”

  22. aldoro says:

    Wish she would get lost. She’s a suckass dumbocrat.

  23. TC says:

    She wants that huge following so bad……
    She should do Porn Movies…..
    That’s about all she’s worth!

  24. So Roger A groped her and then they paid her $5 million?

  25. tmradius says:

    Birds of a feather …… remember that?

  26. badbob85037 says:

    Sandy Hook is, was, and will always be a false flag, Obama’s last attempt to disarm us. Forget all the evidence and just look at any interview of the supposed parents of the ‘victims’ You would think they had won the lottery not lost a child. With every bleeding heart sending cash to these people made them all rich over night. I personally got a good laugh from the woman who must be a GTV (Government Television) star that played in other GTV blockbusters as 9/11 and the Boston Bombing. Yep since 9/11 I have come to think America will believe anything they are told no matter how it goes against the grains of science and nature.

    When you have criminals as Waters, who couldn’t pass an FBI security clearance and McCain who keep getting re-elected when good people who honor and obey the Constitution run against them shows the extent of stupidity and ignorance of this nation. If we just changed the requirement to vote from age to IQ it would save us from a bloody revolution to extract these people from the gene pool.

    If you want to believe for the first time in history, not one but 3 skyscrapers fell straight down into their own foot print. or two clowns who didn’t know have in their possession or knowledge the information to build a sophisticated time bomb, or someone who never was pulled off a massacre at some closed down grammar school your in luck. I have some beach front property with boating docks and sandy beaches in Arizona I’m selling at bargain prices.

  27. badbob85037 says:

    Am I the only one who sees it? FOX is not some shinning light of liberty. They are the other side. They give the other side of the small problems while everything really important neither side speak a word about.. To find the truth you need to search it out, not trust someone to tell it to you.

  28. Al says:

    What I think is, that no one cares what Kelly has to say anymore. She’s been exposed as an unprincipled political operative for the left. I won’t be watching anything she has anything to do with. Good looks can take a person only so far, after that it takes good character and honesty neither of which Kelly is known for having.

  29. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Hahaha…I hope her show is the biggest FLOP ever. I haven’t respected her since the way she treated Trump during the campaigns. She is just way into herself. Also, hope nbc loses with her on board & if so, it serves them right.

  30. Ancient Mariner says:

    Big media and many powers that be are scared to death of people like Jones. He may be a ridiculous a-hole at times but more often than not he is spot on.

  31. Carol says:

    Ms. Megyn’s a MESS She should just GO AWAY!!!

  32. Red Steiner says:

    I like your legs Megyn, but their effect is spoiled by your mouth.

  33. Dan Mercuri says:

    I wouldn’t watch her show no matter who she had on it

  34. ld says:

    sorry Meghan , you blew it at fox . had you played with a full deck you could have been #1 star. all you had to do was get behind our pres. elect .I do not feel a bit sorry for you .I hope you learned a valuable lesson /

  35. mpdMD1965 says:

    Megan Kelly is a USED TO WAS before she ever became an IS.

  36. rick meek says:

    Lady —— STFU…..

  37. Vincent Marcantelli says:

    For the love of GOD, I’m getting so very tired of both the Russian election crap and Megan Kelly, hell, she’s over rated, over paid, and under talented. So what if she stays goes or takes a vacation…..who cares?

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