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Megyn Kelly Might Not Recover From This Life-Altering News

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  1. John T. Koszalka says:

    Megan is getting a lesson in real life. WOW!!! BEING Arrogant, and Rude don’t work with the FOLKS.

    1. Annie says:

      I always thought she figured she was the reincarnation of “Marilyn Monroe”! Wrong!

    2. Simon Ghanime says:

      Hey Johnny, leave the kids alone

    3. moi2u says:

      Which is why Faux News, in generally, is on it’s way out–nearly All of their line-up is Arrogant and Rude. I call it The Trump Affect.

      1. TAM44 says:

        Oh, another cry baby liberal snowflake piece of obama squeeze.

  2. jackhy says:

    I don’t wish bad luck on many celebs and that applies to Megyn, but maybe Trump was right in saying she is a light weight and over her head in the industry. Too bad, she’s a good looker, pun intended!

    1. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

      good looker…..after how many beers?

  3. ileana2953 says:

    There goes… God humbles the proud!

    1. moi2u says:

      Guess he hasn’t gotten around to you, yet, huh?

      1. ileana2953 says:

        Well… moi2u, Only the truth shall set us free. Megan Kelly forgot to be partial reporting the news. She went where no woman has gone before taking it personal to make herself notice, (LOL) Now she is paying the price and in the long run many following her tactics will also fall. And to answer your question, You guess right, God has not gotten to me yet because I fear him and I know how much he dislikes pride.

  4. cyh045 says:


  5. Tim Gard says:

    After the “fake news” fiasco is done, she will be in the company of many other “pretty news faces” like dead cattle after a forest fire. Then they can have “remember when” parties, and toast comrades who have committed suicide.

  6. Robert Marshall says:

    Good riddance!
    Never liked her, will not miss her.

  7. Megan has a perfectly legitimate style. Problem is that she backed political figures that were defeated through no fault of her own. And the turmoil emerging after that political upset swept her about. She might have hunkered down while the dust settled, but instead she tried to beat the odds and lost. If I were her, I’d lay low, choose minor jobs carefully and wait for the next opportunity which will be mid 2018. Then she will draw new crowds; but not right now.

    1. Robert Zraick says:

      You are as out of touch with reality as she is.

  8. monongahela says:

    She is getting paid back for something when your not real it will catch up to you sooner or later.

  9. dude says:

    well my thought’s is I hope that dumb bimbo never get back on t.v and she never was a good reporter even when she was with fox …if fox takes her back they will rank with nbc and the rest they’re lucky they dumped her when they did nbc needs to do the same and quick

  10. terry lmoore says:

    o, like were going to feel sorry for her.surely HC gave her a heafty income that iam sure the tax payers paid out. cry me a river megan. and once i looked up to you .untill your ugly stunt took i cant stand your smerk you walk around will get wiped off after you see your done on tv. good bye find another job.

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      She’ll go back to being a high value celebrity lawyer; everybody recognizes her face and she’ll probably make a billion dollars from it. Life ain’t fair and some tords float!

  11. Fed Up says:

    No sympathy from me. She staked her whole career on backing the wrong horse and LOST…just like Killory and the rest off the Socialist Dumocrats. At least she can apply for one of the Guaranteed pay jobs now that the Dumocrats are pushing. I’m sure Bill C will be happy to give her a job!!

  12. pudge1 says:

    I’m sorry Megyn, you don’t do it for me. You look like you might have B.O.

  13. Melvin Bennett says:

    Pasty faced Me OB/GYN got well paid to put a dent into FNN. Libs watch lesbo Mancow instead of Pasty Face.

  14. Melvin Bennett says:

    Being Eye Candy in between O’Reilly and Hannity and she dressed like a ‘call girl’ and FNN had that ‘see-thru’ plastic desk, showed her off, like she was sitting in a window in the Red Light District of Amsterdam.

    1. moi2u says:

      Guess you didn’t know that the criteria for being a top Faux New’s personality for women was that they dress provocatively and show off their legs…and other natural endowments if they have them. I was surprised when even Judge Jeanine began doing the more sexy look. Initially, I thought it was all about her goo-goo eyes for The Don, but soon found out it was actually a requirement that the Faux News women be eye-candy for their many male viewers.

  15. Dave says:

    DON’T MESS WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP! Bad things can happen to you.
    President Trump now has is only news station.

  16. Wes says:

    Megyn Kelly and Trump supporters are both on a train. The difference is that those of us that love our President are on a bullet train and its “Making America Great Again” at a hundred miles an hour, while the loser so-called journalist is on a train wreck and it’s going nowhere.

  17. John Milhous says:

    Megyn Kelly isn’t even the equivalent to a pimple on a REAL Reporter’s ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Duane says:

    Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. And Rachael Maddow needs to be next!

  19. Brenda Sinclair says:

    hey megan when you choose wisely to go with the truth and not fake news and stand by truth when you reported about president trump, you know megan truth always wins out look at hannity!! he is not afraid to stand up for truth. those who speak lies, believes lies are the children of satan/allah the father of all lies. you chose lies and satan over God and truth, never too late to choose truth, try truth it lasts forever

    1. moi2u says:

      Hannity was once all about the truth…until, of course, like so many others at Faux News, he became The Don’s lapdog. DJT ruins everyone and everything he touches, whether staunch supporter or not, js. Hannity will go the way of the dodo once The Don is done with him and is out of the Oval office, js.

    2. moi2u says:

      Nice Meme. BTW, you’ve chosen lies…at least to believe them if you believe the perpetually and pathological lying DJT is truthful and isn’t in the devil’s corner. In truth, you know Nothing about the men you worship. Too bad it’s folks like you who are convincing more and more would-be Christians to become atheists, with your smug waywardness, js. You may be sincere in your belief, but the truly Sad thing is that you’ve chosen to be and to remain deluded and believe deception after deception when the actual Truth is right there in front of your nose.

  20. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    blood everywhere from this bimbo!

  21. xeriscapelady says:

    Good riddance Megyn. I was amazed how evil she turned out to be, as when I met her almost 6 years ago I thought she was precious. She had me fooled OR changed totally. Either way, I am glad she is gone from FOX. I will never forget that night she showed her true colors & I was shocked. I could never respect her again how she treated Pres. TRUMP.

  22. Robert Zraick says:

    She just thought she was better than she was in reality. Her very first moments at the start of the campaign debates, were unfair and vicious attacks on Trump. They were totally unfair and she did it only because she thought that Trump would be not popular enough to win.

    Trump was a novice to politics at that time but he wanted a fair chance and fair treatment. I mean right out of the box, she tried to destroy him. Everyone saw it, except for Kelly. Kelly’s own personal politics should never have been a factor but they were.

    Love Trump, hate Trump, it doesn’t matter. She did this to herself. She arrogantly thought she was reaching for the brass ring, but fell flat on her face.

    Her personal opinion of herself was not reality. Once you become poison, no one wants you.

  23. BOB says:


  24. Doug says:

    “Pretty is, as pretty does” and her looks have turned her into a guamplin (one of my Dad’s favorite made-up words). She should be told that McDonald’s is hiring on the night shift.

    1. moi2u says:

      Bet you’d love it if she came to work with you on the night shift at Micky-D’s, lol

  25. ReaperHD says:

    Kelly sucked when she was at FOX and she sucks no matter where she works.

  26. Mary Sandra Florek says:

    Megyn is learning that when youvattsck

  27. Deddier says:

    It’s too bad as she does have talent, but it seems to have been misguided.

  28. douglas says:

    great to get rid of her. she was always, all about me, and her personal feelings always got in the way. a very vindictive person. I feel sorry for husband and kids. by the way: her lip implants are horrible..

  29. She had 2.71 million viewers????? WHO ARE THESE IDIOTS????

  30. ltc444 says:

    Megan until now, always had the top producers and staff. She found out that she did not have the stuff necessary to operate with the JV team. She showed to the world that she is a cute perky minimal talent.

  31. chief1937 says:

    Seems she is getting just what she deserves.Have not been a fan sense she was so bias against our president during the debates. Her arrogance was more than I could take she deserves whatever is assigned for her.

  32. Kim LaMela says:

    She Counted on Liberals to Propel her into the Future, and as we have Witnessed Liberalism can’t work in our Future, a Lesson they are beginning learn the Hard way.

  33. Pattie Kelly says:

    She killed her career when she went on the Dr. Phil show and made accusations that happened 10 years ago by Roger Ailes and never did anything about them and then trying to promote her new book. She was still employed by FOX news. Real brains Megyn to go on national TV and trash your employer. Great Idea….NOT!

  34. freeeme says:

    Awwww, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person!!

  35. moi2u says:

    ..and to think, Megyn doesn’t have Big Daddy Don to step in and save her by buying controlling interest in her show like he did the flailing Breitbart publication (under Steve Bannon after Andrew’s suspicious death) at the outset of his presidential campaign–which has been his propaganda arm ever since–along with online rags like this. DJT’s next business enterprise before he announced his campaign was to set up his own media empire which is, initially, why he went looking for rags that had recently been successful but were beginning to financially tank, like Breitbart, when Bannon, quite literally, like a gift-horse, fell into his lap. Interesting how they’ve managed to keep that dirty little secret under wraps all this time. Anyhow, They’ve been each other’s lapdogs ever since. The irony is that Andrew Breitbart never liked DJT, so I’m sure he in no way is RIP if he’s seen what’s happened. Breitbart & the many DJT idiotic lapdogs at Faux News…both have proven to be not a bad score for The Don in his quest for media empire.

  36. TAM44 says:

    megyn kelly thinks she’s God’s gift to man. NOT. Cannot stand that liberal piece of obama squeeze.

  37. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    Yeah…ya wanna play ya gotta pay!!! She deserves everything that she reaped. No respect for her.

  38. Steve says:

    Another talking v bead down the drain. Too bad, so sad.

  39. Rich Saylor says:

    Well, think of Edward Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters, and of course Charlie Rose. Think of how they handled the news and their guests. Then think of how Ms. Kelly reports the news, and how she interviews her guests. Any comparison?

  40. Joseph Techiera says:

    Shes an idiot she should just stick to her cosmetic line and stay off the air.

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