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Megyn Kelly’s Career Just Suffered This Massive Setback

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  1. Margaret Heller says:

    Another “celebrity” who got too big for her britches.

    1. astrojohn says:

      Oooo, sounds sexist…

      1. Blindhorse says:

        Under garment?

  2. Al says:

    Goodbye Megyn. Won’t miss ya.

  3. jwnobles1 says:

    Bad move Megyn, Fox was real good to you.

    1. astrojohn says:

      Waaaay too good – she should NEVER have had her own program.

  4. Poke says:

    Liberals will never accept her down home attributes. She played the girl next door routine to a ‘T’.
    The Libs are too high class for that corny MO.

    1. Willard Weems says:

      Liberals would not understand class if it bit them in the A$$. But lyou are right on the second part, she will not be excepted by Liberals because she worked for Fox.

    2. Mark Plenn says:

      The only high Liberals have is being on Dope!

  5. Shawn Sapp says:

    Soon she will fade into history.

  6. Ray Anton says:

    The success at FOX went to her. She was to self centered to realize at least half of her followiing was due to O’Reilly’s Factor hour right before her!!

  7. Donno says:

    Megyn put her eggs in the wrong basket. She tried to side with the celebridiots instead of her old Fox audiences. The minute she went against Trump she shot herself in the foot. I will never watch her again unless she is on Howard Stern again and she pumps up her “killer B’s”.

    1. mpdMD1965 says:

      The last sentence in the response preceding mine says it all. This is an example of what happens when one depends on only the mindset of the big boob lovers. Megyn has zero talent. She does not even qualify for being a “talking head”. Her claim to fame is “boob showing” She otherwise qualifies for being referred to as just another female airhead with zero talent who relys on prominent boobs and the braindead state of fantasizing males who can do no better than watch sad females like Megyn strut her pathetic “wares”. Doubt anyone will even notice she was replaced
      if her replacement is blessed with a bit of common sense.

  8. Ron Myers says:

    NBC is blaming Megyn for their “downfall.” She may not be the “super Star”, she was with Fox, but NBC lacks the shows that would”Boost” their ratings. They only have 2 or 3 “Good shows” during the week, at “Prime time,” that are “worth watching,”AND……. With their “Trump Bashing”, all the time, doesn’t help matters any. Megyn, has ‘”made” enough money to retire early, which may be her “Out.”

  9. REALESCH says:

    Ever since Megyn Kelly had her tete a tete with the Donald during the GOP primary “debates” she’s been on a slide down to the pits of hell in ratings. Her best TV days are behind her and she needs to evaluate her losses then decide how soon she can RETIRE!

  10. Peter Osborne says:

    Ms. Kelly blew it big time. And the Earth still revolves.

    1. Annie says:

      I stopped watching her a long time ago!

      1. Wendy Mantooth says:

        Me too..cannot stand the stuck up b**ch.

  11. Willard Weems says:

    She now understands why you don’t soil your bed!! Tough, now she has to sleep in it. LOL

  12. travis690 says:

    I don’t know where her career is headed. Her viewers from Fox News won’t even watch the National Barack Channel, and the NBC viewers won’t give her a chance to succeed. I would guess her career is over.

  13. cathylovesyou says:

    I am a Fox Fan, but I didn’t really watch Kelly, I know she was a Democrat and had some problem that lingered for years. She was leaving Fox she didn’t have to pile on,after she stayed all those years with Roger at the Helm. She is Pretty but too hard for my taste, very smart, and did the job for Fox. Just like Greta who I liked very much I only viewed her one time. Real Fox fans can’t be swayed to NBC, they lie, they are unfair and O’Reilly could have swayed us but not Meygan without the opening act on the right station. Good Luck Kelly, you will be fine.

  14. Steve Flowers says:


  15. Ed says:

    She signed a giant contract with NBC. She wins no matter what.

  16. PascoArt2 says:

    Megyn has outFoxed herself and burned all her bridges and there is no one left who is willing to rescue Megyn from herself, even if they could.

  17. Donna Harris says:

    Everyone has a level of honesty and integrity. Some are full and some are empty. Megan Kelly failed the test. She was empty. A pretty face does not make one competent and honorable in reporting. Reminds me of a quote from a movie… “They had no honor and God was watching”.

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      She is a licensed attorney! They are trained to make money from human misery. That’s why there are so many that want to get into politics. Only there can one make money causing misery (laws) and even more money by moderating that misery (law amendments).

  18. ter334 says:

    The establishment thinks T is a revolutionary out to get them so they have mobilized all their forces, the DDs, RINOs, celebs, sports people, Obama, the media to get him before he gets them. They are paranoid and think he is a lone wolf and can’t believe we the people have rejected them after all the wondrous things they have done to America.. Yes, to America, not for America but for themselves, for the establishment, for the party. One giant step backward they have done to us is to hang a 20 trillion dollar national debt millstone around our necks. Another is to be more concerned with immigrants than American citizens and have resurrected the old liquor prohibition. Only they, the DDs, did it with health care by prohibiting people from taking care of their own health care needs the best they can afford and mandating only govt approved health care ins. And then with scorn and contempt they accused us of white privilege, and entitlements. When in fact if I have any of these things they were given to me by the govt in an attempt to buy my vote with patronage!

  19. PascoArt2 says:

    As a lawyer Kelly won’t even be able to find honest work after she is drummed out of the news media business.

  20. Nutmeg Man says:

    Megyn is a classic case of the grass NOT being greener on the other side. I generally liked her while she was at Fox News, but she had the benefit of following O’Reilly as far as ratings go. And she has certainly been a disaster since leaving Fox for one the biggest fake/false news entities anywhere.

  21. oglet says:

    No, Kelly will most likely not be able to turn around the poor ratings of her show on NBC. She failed to realize, as did NBC, and the entire Democrat Party, that her popularity on FOX was a result of the popularity of conservatism. She probably thought that bashing Trump would be a successful path to take, but just like the Dems, history has proven that idea scores very low on the reality meter. She will discover just how intolerant the liberals are when compared to the real tolerance of conservatives.

    1. BarryStern says:

      Until the Republican primary debate she co-hosted, I thought she was a pretty good journalist — provocative but “fair and balanced.” Now with Joe Scarborough going off the rails, she has a great opportunity to occupy the intellectual space Joe and Mika once did. Simply, she could reinvent herself as a journalist who goes deep to uncover and display facts that helps her audience become more educated on the issues of the day. Use lots of simple charts to display relevant facts and trends. Bring on guests who are experts on different sides of an issue and don’t need talking points to help viewers understand. Whether NBC wants an intellectually honest journalist is open to question, but this is the only path for Megyn to restore her brand.

  22. KDC says:

    Didn’t read the article because I’m sick of hearing about Megan Kelly after about a year! Who cares?

  23. Pattie Kelly says:

    Megyn when you ratted on Rogers Allies and your encounter 10 years ago on the Dr. Phil show then you lost your credibility. At the cost of your job you ratted out your former boss just to make book sales that I think flopped. So now Karma is a bitch.

  24. betty thompson says:

    she thinks he is to bg for anyone will she found out no ore Kelly for my family and friends KEEP HER NBC NO ONE WANTS HER

  25. Maggiemae says:

    Seriously….does anyone give a hoot about this HAS BEEN? She made her bed!!!!!!!

  26. Eddie says:

    The Titanic has never been raised either !

  27. John Warden says:

    I liked her on FOX and thought she would eventually be bigger than O’Reilly, then she went off on Trump thinking it would make liberals like her. It didn’t work and she turned most Conservatives against her and as we see the liberals don’t and never will like her. It’s a long fall from the top to NBC and I don’t think she will ever recover. Oh well she brought it on herself…………

  28. wharfrat says:

    Megyns first mistake was going to one of the worse Networks in America= NBC,they are anti American and every Channel is corrupt,and lies about everything they talk about.she should have talked to O’REILLY, he is already on the Internet and is planning a new Network to compete with Fox.she would have been on top sooner than she will with the corrupt NBC.

  29. Robert Zraick says:

    A leftist bimbo with delusions of grandeur. She is just not as good as she thinks she is.

  30. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

    It is past time for Megyn Kelly to go home and become a mother. OH she already is one and that’s only half a word. LOL

  31. Marguerite Morley says:

    She lost a lot of Trump supporters when she bashed him and never was liked because of that and her holier than thou attitude!!Should stay home and write a book no one will buy!!;-(

  32. ReaperHD says:

    Sure do hope they didn’t guarantee kelly any money if she fails.

  33. jc1776 says:

    Megyn Kelly was only watched, as her show followed Bill O Reilly’s. There was nothing spectacular about her show, her presence, her attacks on the left. Nothing good came following t her attack on Trump . That feud with Trump, has only embittered the Fox conservative audience. Kelly is not interesting, she is shrill, loud and more like an attack poodle, than a serious news anchor. Her own show? Maybe in her own basement/attic, but NOT ON TELEVISION!!

  34. Blindhorse says:

    It’s the Katie Couric Effect all over again. The Fox organization fed her edgy material and let her go at it with an opinonated tilt. NBC (and She) wanted a more mass audience. She lost her edge and allowed the NBC Producers to make the show “60 Minutes” Lite. I truly don’t think the NBC audience held any grudge about her time at Fox and I don’t think the NBC audience is all that much more Liberal. O’Reilly may have helped but she had her own following after a few months. For her part, she’s always been very confident of her looks to carry the day. (not without reason). The Radio personality “Imus in the Morning” said in an interview from her early days “… Megyn Kelly = “I’m Hot, you’re not””. She and her agents were too greedy to respect the old wise cliche, “different horses for different courses”.

  35. Palmer says:

    She Blew it. She got a Big Head and no longer was the Megan I knew. Stabbing Trump in the back was the last straw. She is nothing to me.

  36. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    She deserves everything that she’s getting. Ya wanna play ya gotta pay. And she is getting her justice. ???. Bu bye to a very conceited thing.

  37. ED Ballantine says:

    Sweet !!

  38. Alleged Comment says:

    Megyn who?

  39. Original Anna says:

    Part of the problem is NBC itself. They are run by a homosexual and the network’s hate for Trump has my relatives and I so fed up it isn’t funny. I am tired of the baloney these media people pull on Trump because they glorified Obama who is responsible for millions of Christians being removed from their homes and thousands slaughtered in the middle east while Obama forked over money to ISIS directly and through other groups to get to ISIS. Trump has been responsible for none of this and so he gets the hate crap from the media. ABC seems to be overtaking NBC in this baloney. They heap love on cheap trick so called journalists and comedians looking for attention and blame Trump for the cheap trick journalists and comedians for starting the crap. Also, why are the republicans on the side of the cheap trick journalists and comedian trouble makers and not behind and standing up for Trump answering the creeps backs. Where is their backbone. Oh, I forgot, the republicans are secret democrats and have no backbone, balls neither.

    1. noah jonas says:

      Why do you think Obama hired Susan Rice? It was not her expertise at anything, but because she is married to ABC News director, Ian Cameron. Lying basturds.

      1. Original Anna says:

        Really, well I didn’t know who she was married to, nice to have someone in the right place to get you a job. Thanks, Noah. Nice to meet you.

  40. Noris Jimenez says:

    Do not care what she does, won’t watch her again

    1. noah jonas says:

      She will probably wind up on CBSN or some other low ranked Liberal nutty news with someone like Left Matt Viser or anyone else as sorry as her like those ABC Prima donnas.

  41. Clay Williams says:

    Megyn bllew when she went up Against Trump….he had the election in his pocket before he even announced his running..She is a Two Faced Lying overrated “journalist…who got what she deserved.

  42. Maria castro says:

    Who cares?

  43. Raymond Miller says:

    Ah, poor little B-itch. To bad, hope it never gets on track.

  44. 1Texas says:

    Her own self inflicted attitude, demeanor, and self importance has been her downfall.

  45. Carl Schattke says:

    I used to like her reporting and analysis a lot, but then she went after Roger Ailes and Donald Trump in a way i did not think was fair to them. she’s done a total nose dive since then and seems to have zero credibility now. She strikes me as a sellout now.

  46. drbhelthi says:

    One wonders if all the demeaning comments about Mrs. Kelly reflect the envy of the owners of the comments? The consistency of the hateful comments forms a pattern, similar to the hateful comments about president Trump. Both sets of comments follow the DNC pattern of defamation. Which pattern follows that of the pattern of defamation used by the MOSSAD against Dr. Ron Paul, a few year back. Yet, NBC is one of the companies owned by the elite families that own the six mega-companies that control 96% of all western world media.
    Does the apparent two different stances within the elite families, that own all the major networks, suggest a split within the elite family group? Which, would of course, suggest that some of the group have managed to climb “out of the box” of familial propaganda beliefs. Which beliefs are based on fairy-tales, anyway.

  47. jim jones says:

    Once you make your bed, jump in. Who besides Kelly gives a damn?

  48. Michael Zerbee says:

    I have always said the move from Fox News would be unwise for her, and a lose for Fox as well. She deserved the fame she garnered at Fox and of course her following O’Reilly did a lot to bolster her career, but she was a bonafide talent on her own. Her dust up with Trump was not on called for or planned. She simply asked him to clarify and defend his willingness to be less than a gentleman dealing with women who attacked him for what ever reason. It was not an out of no where question, and Donald Trump should have been better prepared to answer it. Her tenacity in questioning President Obama sat well with the Fox News audience, but will not bode well for her new liberal based audience at NBC. A big mistake has been made on her part as well as the news organizations.

  49. JC Hoot says:

    Fake news audiences would never accept her serve her right anyway

  50. bp 58 says:

    hey Megyn you cant even give that shit away anymore you wore out old dog..

  51. Osamabeenscrewed says:

    She really got put in her place and looked like a fool when Newt Gingrich was on one of her last FOX NEWS programs being interviewed by her and she brought up the subject of sex in reference to Donald Trump. Gingrich accused her of being too preoccupied with sex instead of asking questions of substance. You could tell he caught her off guard by daring to question her priorities. She looked confused and flustered. She also looked pissed off by his audacity to question her subject matter. She did not know that she was better off at FOX. She blew it and her head got too big for her own good. I predict that her career will continue to flounder at NBC. She and FOX will miss Bill O’Reilly.

  52. LJJ1937 says:

    She really blow it. Dumb move……….

  53. Bill Chandler says:

    Megyn kelly had the biggest head on the tube. She made a major mistake by getting into it with Trump. The next mistake was going to NBC(Nasty Broadcasting Crap.That’s alright she made a ton why at Fox and NBC was so stupid they are going to lose millions on her.

  54. George Derby says:

    Megan grew to believe she was really something special during her days at Fox. Reality is it takes a TEAM to achieve the kind of greatness she thought she had achieved. Taking on our now President of the United States, Donald Trump, during and well after the debates was testimony to what she thought of herself. I lost all respect for her subsequent to that obvious judgement error. As for her departure from FOX, she had every right to move on however I believe she should have done it with a little class. Hoped she had a little of that in her but obviously not.

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