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Michelle Obama got Caught Red Handed Telling This Huge Lie

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  1. Jjb54 says:

    So let me get this ‘right’, if I can?

    Mrs. Obama was shopping at Target when she is/was 1st Lady? Seriously? R U Kidding me?

    Oh, this wasn’t when she was 1st Lady? Then prey tell when was it and I quote:

    Really? Wow, and the Secret Service was not there to protect her? They allowed her to “.. just go out and do shopping?? .. ” – “incognito” … ya, right ….

    . o O ( Sigh )

    1. RAY FRYER says:

      Between her and Obozo you can`t pick out the biggest liar. C`mon Friday !

      1. Centurian says:

        THIS WILL BE THE BIGGEST TGIF IN A LONG TIME. Sorry for shouting, but that is what I’m feeling right now.

    2. Bob Conger says:

      Really, you want someone to PREY tell? Another really bright Trumpet!

      1. Jjb54 says:

        Oh, really?

        Wow, it is obvious you did not bother to read my post, just do what you folks do on “auto pilot” – Throw out insults. Yup …

        1. Bob Conger says:

          Oh it is easy to see you have trouble reading what you wrote! The word is pray not prey
          See I did read your post.

          1. RoseBrownlee says:


          2. conservative since 1962 says:

            I realize that you have to YELL so that the dummy will hear you but it does grate on the ears of some of the rest of us!

          3. Jjb54 says:

            … wow, that’s the best shot you have? A typo … seriously, that is your ‘best shot’?

            Remember that the next time you have a typo … just remember, and some how I have no small feeling Karma is going to hit you sooner than later.

            Wow, really … nit pick on a typo … wow, just wow.

          4. reggie says:

            Da poor widdle bobbie, he need da chanse two sho dat he done got dat edjumakashon.

          5. Jim Greaves says:

            Wut a maroon u r

      2. Merle Dickey says:

        You are a typical indoctrinated person . Many people make a small typing mistake and push the comment before they read it .No one is perfect, and you are really far from it . Grow up or get off , all you do is make insulting remarks .

        1. John Branca says:

          Bob does seem to be a jerk, no doubt… but it would be helpful if more on our side took a little time to spellcheck… or something.

          1. Merle Dickey says:

            If it were a comment filled with mistakes I would agree ,but he is making a big deal over one word . Now he has me being petty LOL

          2. Jjb54 says:

            .. Merle, that is the best Bob had. He had to ‘attack’ one word and it was indeed a typo … but again, that was the ‘best’ he had … That tells A LOT about him … a whole lot.

          3. Merle Dickey says:

            Yes it does

          4. Jjb54 says:

            John, typo’s happen … and yes, I do my best to try and catch them. But sometimes my fingers do not keep up with my thoughts.

            But again – if that is Bob’s best shot … attack a typo … well …wow, just wow.

          5. Jim Greaves says:

            y shud aye doo wut u sa?

      3. Jim says:

        Take a break. Get off your knees and use some mouthwash.

        1. Jim Greaves says:

          Bob Conger 2 bizzy smell cheeking.

      4. Jim Greaves says:

        One CAN “prey” on a “tell” – it’s called gambling.

    3. EL says:

      And they even allowed someone to approach her.

      1. reggie says:

        Did I tell you about the bridge I’d like to sell?

    4. reggie says:

      Careful, the stupidity of the comments s/he made becomes abundant clear if you’re not a lib. Besides, it’s against the BlM movement to ask a taller person to reach for something too high. That’s putting people in their place you know, soooo racist against tall people. Maybe the new word is tall-ist.

      1. Centurian says:

        As a 5.9 guy I’m offended. I might need a safe space, if I were a snowflake. Never mind that I was a paramedic, rescue tech, flight medic, SWAT medic and LEO, firefighter, LT, Captain, and Deputy Fire Chief. I still feel offended. How much should the government owe me for this? Not one damned dime! I chose my path and I will deal with the results. Needless to say the O’s and C’s are not on my Christmas card list, not that any of those heathens would care.

        1. reggie says:

          I think you ‘done good’ sir, thanks for it all. No criteria yet for tall-ist or short-list yet. I’m on the Trump-ist list and very proud of it. Lol, have a good one.

      2. Jim Greaves says:

        “short challenged woman helped by gigantic man” at Target, while SS agents look off in other directions for angry white males…

        1. reggie says:

          Hoping they’d take ‘it’ away. I saw those $20 bills in their hands to give out, but soros was paying by the week.

    5. Jim says:

      Hey, she had to “fit a narrative” as always…

    6. Houmid says:

      I agree. There should have been enough agents around here that the other shopper would never have gotten close enough to even say hi. And why ask her when there were half a dozen nice big guys in suits to ask instead? Unless their hands were full with guns and walkie-talkies?

    7. Centurian says:

      Yep 5 guys in sunglasses with lumps under the only suits in the Target and nobody knew? Maybe Target shoppers are worse than Walmart shoppers?

      1. Jim Greaves says:

        Have you actually SEEN some of the customers at Target? Swarthy and stupid, some of them. Would not be hard for SS to bland into that milieu.

  2. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Did MO ever consider that it wasn’t racism at al? Rather it was a genuine hatred of and bias against tall women.

    1. Richard says:

      On average, men are usually taller than women.

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        LOL Good one!

      1. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

        Beats me! Your guess is as good as mine.

      2. reggie says:

        Depends on how the wind blows he/r skirt. Careful which statements you make, look what happened to Joan Rivers.

    2. reggie says:

      What? She finds racism in a loaf of white bread and a sack of wheat flour.

  3. Hotnike says:

    It is crap like this which makes people think of the word ‘ni**er’!

    1. RoeBar says:

      That word in my old Webster’s says, No Class, Low Class, Lying Scumbag of the World Dirt Bag…

      It Fit’s Him to the Tee……!!!!

    2. reggie says:

      And I got thrown off for saying something similar. A snowflake must have seen it and complained.

  4. RoeBar says:

    Have no fear..!!!

    This disgusting Trash will be taken out to the Dumpster at approximately 12:01 EST Friday Jan. 20th, 2017….!!!

    Never to be seen again except when the Communist Muslim Racist Convention Convenes.

    Then this Affirmative Action on Steroids Test is Finished once and for all. We have found out Who the Racist are, Why they are Racist and now we can move on to the Important agenda, It’s Called Making America Great Again.

    That means Job’s, Income, Prosperity, A New Home and No Mo Obama and his Care. We will be eating Stake again not the Hot Dogs He wanted U.S. to eat..!!!

    Looking back Obama gave a lot of Change and No Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow.

    He did give the People a Obama-Phone, A EBT Card and Unemployment Lines…

    That’s his Presidency for the whole 8 years…..!!!

    1. Bob Conger says:

      Really, you want to eat Stake. Perhaps you should spend your Money On some Education!

      1. Edward Byron Crasper says:

        Oh my! He wants to eat a wooden stake? How bizarre!
        I hope you do get some education, Bob!

        1. Bob Conger says:

          Read the comment from Roe Bar above. I know it is hard for guys like you to remember what is being referred to so take some notes.

          1. USAFMedicVet says:

            Quit being such a jerk!

          2. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

            That would be impossible, USAFMedicVet.
            bob conger is a demoncrap cultist and must attack conservatives.

        2. desert fox says:

          as a demoncrat he’ll eat anything……

      2. EL says:

        Stake? What’s that?

        1. Edward Byron Crasper says:

          A stake is a stick or post pointed at one end for driving into the ground as a boundary mark, part of a fence, support for a plant, etc. I think Bob Conger meant steak but didn’t have the education to get the word right. No big thing.

          1. Okie Roadhog says:

            Or maybe Bob’s spell check checked in and he did not notice the change?

          2. reggie says:

            Spell check suckz.

          3. arron Grottolo says:

            Happens to me often.

          4. RevGregory says:

            Spell check does not correct morons Grammar

          5. Bill says:

            Edward, nice post and most likely is what happened, butt heads love to attack an innocent mistake.

          6. conservative since 1962 says:

            Or it could be a “correction” by a stubborn spell checker!
            My iPad insists that derailed railroad cars are “retailed” not “rerailed” when put back on the track!

          7. Bill Bruck says:

            All of you criticizing Bob Conger are nitwits! He was responding to the initial comment by RoeBar who first used the word “stake”. It seems as though, at the very least, you folks need some help with your reading comprehension. It would therefore be a logical conclusion that it is you who need some further education. The problem is, you can’t fix stupid.

      3. RoeBar says:

        You got to watch that iPhone, it will get you every time…. Steak….!!!

        1. Kathleen Pedersen says:

          I’d rather have a Nathan’s Hot Dog!

      4. Centurian says:

        Why would anyone want to eat a piece of wood placed in the ground. I hate auto correct, so I sort of understand, but Stake instead of Steak? Of course it could prove helpful in ending the vampire residents of the WH. Not trying to be the grammar police, just noticing the interesting relationship to ending some of this. Speaking of edumacation. My teachers would have crucified me for that one.

        1. Donna Costa says:

          It wasn’t Mr. Conger’s spelling error; he was referring to a previous remark that mis-spelled that word.
          Why don’t you people pay attention.

        2. RevGregory says:

          Dang I can sell wood stakes instead of beef from the ranch to liberals ? Hell Ya !

      5. jobird says:

        What in the world would we do without the “word police?”

        1. Jim Greaves says:

          New group: Anti-First-Amendment and Spell-checkers – AFASC – not quite “half black” but close

        2. Kathleen Pedersen says:

          they seem to have nothing better to do. with their time. makes ’em feel superior.

        3. 1Clara2 says:

          Continue to demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge of the English language.

      6. Jim Greaves says:

        If one is a beaver….

      7. RevGregory says:

        I believe it is STEAK that we eat and Stake to kill liberals and vampires.

      8. Birds of Fire says:

        Blog post edited on an iPhone with “autocomplete” turned on. LOL!

      9. desert fox says:

        STEAK ash whole…you’re the one that needs some education.

    2. USAFMedicVet says:

      Really? That’s the pinned comment? ..about “Job’s” and “eating stake”?
      The myriad of nonsensical, exaggerated statements sound more racist and objectionable than those of Michelle Obama! It certainly doesn’t bode well for readers, myself included, of Great American Daily

      1. Jim Greaves says:

        Could be referring to Barry’s woodie…

    3. Merle Dickey says:

      But folks ,remember he and she have said they are going to be close to make stinks when ever they don’t like something .. Be patient with this new administration, Obama has been doing things to make it more difficult for them to do the things WE want !! I would love for them to find enough on Obama to force him to leave the country or else ! LIke Syria where he has caused a situation where many innocent peoepl have been killed .

      1. Jim Greaves says:

        They MUST be the ones supplying the stink bombs then! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMTkedIUX8U

        1. RevGregory says:

          Those were funny thanks.

      2. daneagle says:

        BROTHER you have nailed it so good with such FEW words,,,,,,please keep posting,,,,,it makes us feel good because we know what a basturd obummer is and now he devotes his time to mess with our new president,,,,,,,,,EJECT HIM from AMERICA,,,,,,,,he has been our worst enemy !!!!!!!!!

    4. reggie says:

      He did what his owner told him to do. soros not only owned him, but hell-ery, and a lot of congress. Even snotty kasich accepted $700,000 from soros’ war chest.

      1. Merle Dickey says:

        Does any one know who let him move into Hawaii?I hope he isn’t a legal citizen . Money talks you know .He has been thrown out of a couple of countries . Sorry, I can’t remember which ones they were . I am sure Israel was one .

        1. reggie says:

          Russia has an international warrant for soros’ arrest, because of his currency manipulation that crashed the ruble. In the early 90s, he crashed the Pound Sterling, made about $1 billion. I don’t know if he’s a US citizen or not, but he was born in Hungary. They have kicked all of his organizations out, the Czech Republic and Poland are working towards that as well. He fronted the money for the Ukraine situation. The pro Russian president was overthrown, and the mess still is continuing. obama’s grandmother was a bank executive at the Bank of Hawaii, because of her connections he was able to go to Punahou school. He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian Muslim. By their law, it automatically made him an Indonesian Muslim. Indonesia does not have dual citizenship. To my knowledge, he never fulfilled the paper requirements to reinstate his status as a natural born citizen.

          1. Merle Dickey says:

            Thank you so much .

    5. NanaSez says:

      So happy to watch the pre Inaugural celebrations for OUR new President Elect Donald J. Trump!!! So refreshing!!! Happy Inaugural Mr President and family. May God bless, protect and keep you safe!!!

  5. mpdMD1965 says:

    Why on earth would anyone care what Michelle or any obama say about any subject . Because of their skin color and fear of offending everyone walks on tetherhooks. I choose to call it like it is. Ms BO is a know nothing do nothing space occupying lesion everyone caters to because of Black Angst. I am immune to black angst because I respect all people of all skin color and nationality if their actions indicate they are worthy. Ms obama is not on that list. Like her husband she initiates activity which favors anything unAmerican.
    God Bless America under the leadership of a real American and his gorgeous spouse. What a breath of fresh air.

    1. reggie says:

      Following alinsky’s rules for radicals – the more you tell a lie, the more people begin to believe it. I’m beginning to believe I’m a racist. Been told so many, many times via the media. Now, I just have to learn how to act like one. Guess I’d better tell the Black friends first.

  6. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    I bet the entire story both versions are a LIE. No one with eyes could forget the searing pain of see Michelle Obammy up close given just how much it hurts through the TV.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      I can’t see her secret service people ( which she treats like sh==) letting anyone to get close to her .

      1. reggie says:

        There’s an equal chance that s/he’d go into a Target and my chance of being invited to the Black House.

  7. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    There is also the FACT that the Obammy’s haven’t shopped in a Target given the money they have. I know she did not do so while the MORON she married was infesting the White House and wasting Tax dollars or wearing designer clothing so when would she ever stoop so low as to shop where Americans do??? She would not and so I say the whole story is a LIE like everything else about the Obammy’s.

    1. RoseBrownlee says:


      1. John Branca says:

        This is what I will believe until I am proven wrong. After all, I’ve not once accidentally referred to my wife as “Michael”.

        1. reggie says:

          There are pictures of he/r in a dress with the wind blowing. Strange things in strange places for a woman. We all know what happened to Joan
          www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=j_4RoESHplw, the you tube pix are all nicely washed, dried and put away.

      2. Bob Conger says:

        Why are you shouting in all your comments??????

  8. Kathy says:

    This person has so much and yet continues to grumble and complain. I think there is no pleasing this individual and that the discontent will continue. It is not a skin color problem but one of the heart.

    1. reggie says:

      Excellent observation and synopsis.

  9. Bernie Lounds says:

    SDhe is just a racial black liar like her husband and Lewis.

    1. Karin Isbell says:

      You forgot Al Sharpton and “Reverend” Wright.

      1. reggie says:

        And you can call me King Reggie – snark, snark.

  10. Lara McCulloch says:

    What a bunch of bollocks! Mrs. O never elaborated on her Target experience as you would have us believe. And it’s a historical fact the White House was built using slave labor so what’s wrong with stating that? Only the ignorant and possibly those still in denial would be offended. Pathetic! Those who are racist in their hearts, whether or not they openly admit it, and that’s far too many, fuel their hatred with article such as these and feel validated in their bigotry. These poor, sad, misguided souls take whatever trash The Great (White) American prints as gospel truth without once questioning or confirming it and all because they WANT to believe it.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      Poor little brain washed you . And I heard several years ago about the Target trip which I knew at the time it was a lie because secret service would not have let anyone , even a short little white woman, to get close to her !! Why don’t you read about what China thought of her when she and her entourage went over there .

  11. SouthernPatriot says:

    If you even buy the scenario, setting, or anything in this fantasy tale told by Michelle “Lunch room nutritionist” Obama, you need to check if you are not demented. Only demented Democrats can believe this tale of Michelle.

  12. irksome51 says:

    I am delighted the obama pair will get what they so richly deserve . . . irrelevance.

    1. John Branca says:

      Let’s hope. There are millions of mind-numbed minions who will continue to prop them up, especially Hollywood. obama will not go quietly into that good night.

  13. Richard says:

    With chin down I can’t see the Adam’s apple under that man smile.

  14. Richard says:

    THREE more days.

  15. gerald Hughes says:

    Sooo, the chimp was caught lying, again?
    Anyone surprised?

  16. bovestrian says:

    This lying witch can’t even go to the crapper without a slew of Secret Service agents in tow. Give me a break!!!

    1. reggie says:

      Yikes, what an awful picture popped into my mind. No wonder the poor Secret Service guys have been caught drunk a few times. I’d have to stay drunk to do that job.

  17. bovestrian says:

    OK, I can’t sit on this any longer. Michelle, you are lying fucking cunt!!!

  18. My country says:

    Wait until people really see he/for what it is ! Michael played basketball in school ! Some the photos when they mess up and give it a tight dress thing shows through ! You will see soon Big mouth will be gone and let’s hope forever !

  19. Low Cover says:

    No First Lady goes shopping at a store. Secret Service wouldn’t allow it. Obamalie

  20. Low Cover says:

    And little old and young Black ladies have asked me to take stuff down for them. No race came up liberals KR Thank you mister White Man. LOL

  21. roboteq says:

    Hmmm, just like I have had attempted robberies by Black thugs because they assumed because I am a White guy, I must be rich. I say “attempted” robberies because when these Black thugs realized how broke I was, they all pitched in a few bucks so I could afford to take a bus out of their neighborhood and get something to eat. Yes; this is a parody, but it is still more likely to have occurred than what Michelle Obama claims.

  22. JL Brown Jr says:

    Oh my god, just because she was not recognized that must mean the short lady is racist, if they can’t blame it on something that is truly racist, they will make it up. Here’s a new twist the First Lady is racist because she sat in rev wright church for 20 yrs listening to him spout hate. And never said anything to rev wright, because it might offend him!

  23. Bruce Walters says:

    Moochie is one of those people really need to pay attention to. Her stories change with the wind, and they all seem to rely on how she has been the victim of racism and bigotry. Her lies and stories out her as the bigot, but she changes the roles to suit her mood. The whole country is glad this transvestite and her gay husband will be gone in a matter of days. Who is she going to accuse of racism when she no longer has people listening.

  24. Old_Conservative says:

    Gosh, won’t it be nice to have an American in the White House (our house, I might add). This shameful 8 year period the Communist Democrats foisted on America in the name of “hope and change” should teach us all to ignore what they say and pay real attention to what they do! Had everyone looked at Obama’s real record before electing him we would have been 8 years better off! Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    1. reggie says:

      Yup – hope to destroy the country, change into a muslim/sharia legal system and the elimination of real patriots. We didn’t ask the right questions.

  25. jrldev says:

    Sad but true. The Obamas have proven to be worst representative of the African America nation to ever held a high political office. The very left liberal wing of the Democratic Party saw to it that he was their candidate 8+ years ago to represent the party in the presidential election. By selecting him they in essence took to ruin the Party future as well as the future political and public office service of many better capable African American people who were superior in qualifications without carrying hateful opinins of our country.. True historians will be hard to cover-over their abuse of power they had use while in office.
    For all practical purposes their party is no longer the party for all the people. It is now at the most-extreme left when comparing it to the extreme right of the Republican party. Both party are guilty of extremism views but the Democrats have taken over the lead in dividing the country into racial antagonistic views.

    1. USAFMedicVet says:

      jrldev – What you say about the Obamas is quite true. Elected by ALL the people, to hold the most powerful positions in the World, they still cried Racist and tried, often succeeding in bitterly dividing Americans along nonexistent racial lines. There’s no doubt they did great damage to the Democrat Party. However, it’s unlikely, I hope, that they damaged the future of other black leaders. People are long past looking at ethnicity or gender or anything other than qualifications and purpose to LEAD! Black, Republican US Senator Tim Scott, of my home state of SC, is called every manner of vile, despicable name by the so-called tolerant LEFT! He takes it in stride with a healthy dose of humor and gets re-elected in this stereotypical ‘Racist Deep South’! His future looks very bright and SC is fortunate to have him represent us in Washington!

  26. arthur M. alex says:




  27. ConsGram says:

    MOO told Fallon not to be afraid of what’s to come. More code talk for the anarchist.

  28. granny says:

    First I doubt Michael ever shopped in a Target. Second he is tall and I’ve asked tall customers to assist me getting something from a high shelf if I couldn’t find a clerk. Mexican, black or white, they didn’t seem to be offended. Third, I have come to believe, from all the stories that he/she isn’t a woman. Both the Obamas are dispicable and false. I wish the media and others would stop paying any attention to them. Might I add that Trump said he would “DRAIN THE SWAMP”, It appears he doesn’t have to as, I heard this morning on the news, that 49 Democrats are not going to the inaugeration (hope I spelled it right). It is draining itself. I’m tickled about that. I hope they stay away from the ball afterwards also. I’ve never know a Democrat to pass up a free deal. Sorry, but I’m fed up with all the protests and whining.

    1. reggie says:

      OMG, you’re another tall-ist. You hate tall people. I need a cookie and some play dough.

      1. granny says:

        Sorry Reggie, I don’t hate anyone.
        The word hate is not in my vocabulary. Look in the mirror while you are playing with play dough and eating your cookie.

  29. M60A1 says:

    Think of how satisfying the act of taking a shit must be for her.

  30. Statesman Patriot says:

    Good Riddance!
    Barack and Michelle, don’t let the proverbial door smack you in the ass as you exit!!

  31. Jakked Up says:

    Michelle, “all of this for the flag” Obama is still in the news? Oh brother…

  32. reggie says:

    She conveniently forgets that the first slave owner in the US was a black man. His name was Anthony Johnson. She also conveniently forgot that there were white slaves owned by blacks. Can be researched in the 1860s census.

  33. ernst says:

    The “no-scandal” Obama administration cannot leave soon enough.
    Fast and furious – selling guns to criminals
    Lois Lerner – using the IRS for political discrimination
    Obamacare – giving multimillion dollar contract to incompetent Canadian company through Michelle Obama college friend
    Obamacare – lying about the bill provisions to get it passed
    Obamacare – used to bully religious medical providers in violation of separation of Church and State
    Obamacare – illegally delaying the rollout provisions for election timing gain
    Iran nuclear deal – guarantees Iran will get nukes
    Israel at UN – arranges UN vote for anti-settlement resolution
    Syria – Obama/Clinton finance, arm and train rebels who go on to kill and displace millions in Syria
    ISIS – Obama/Clinton arm and train Syrians who immediately fight for ISIS
    Ukraine – Obama/Clinton arrange revolution displacing elected government then blames Russia and institutes sanctions when Russia moves to protect abused ethnic Russians
    BLM – Obama supports false racist police violence narratives that lead to police assassinations
    Benghazi – Obama/Clinton fail to protect embassy personnel and lie about the attack
    Veretans Administration – fake wait lists and inadequate care
    Economic growth – Lies beyond count about the (not) growing economy and (not) low unemployment
    Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch – prosecuted no Obama administration official for wrongdoing

    And the list could go on and on. The Obamas are lying, crooked, sleazy, corrupt politicians who have damaged the fabric of the US.

  34. Rich Olmsted says:

    She uggers!! Buh bye forever.

  35. Charles P says:

    (Yes, that is why Target is hated by the “turn America into a dictatorship crowd”!!!!!!!)

  36. Volarekathy99 says:

    I think this was just a simple case of a very short person asking a taller person for some help. I have been asked by shorter people to help them reach things off high shelves myself. Michelle should not have let it morph into a racist comment.

  37. Jim says:

    Her and obola just prove old saying “birds of a feather, flock together”..
    And same can be said of d-RAT party and its supporters..
    Sickening one and all..

  38. John Savell says:

    Michael Obama has been lying the whole time about being a woman (just kididing about that, though it is a very intriguing theory). I am sure she made up the whole story from the beginning, since a) the Obamas haven’t helped anyone that didn’t give a whole lot to them first, b) the Obamas would definitely not help a white person, c) how could anyone not know who she is with 8 or 10 Secret Service around her at all times?

  39. Centurian says:

    To quote a black man with more integrity, “Can’t we all just get along?”-Rodney King.

  40. whatitism says:

    I don’t guess the dumb racist short white woman noticed all the secret service surrounding Chewbacca

  41. Jim Greaves says:

    What a bunch of bull. WHEN did Michelle EVER go ANYWHERE without a HUGE cadre of SS? And “no one” in Target noticed? Also, why Target? Doesn’t she shop around, like Barry does?

  42. justinwachin says:

    Michelle and Barack Obama squandered a great opportunity to end racial strife in our country. Instead they found new ways to stoke the problems. How sad.

  43. fbair1 says:

    Poor Michelle having to wake up everyday in a house built by slaves…… What she needs to do is wake up in a house in the ghetto that her husband promised to change but didn’t……

  44. Greg Edwards says:

    this woman has all year long be racist to white America’s. Claiming the problem with America is the white’s who been running this country for the last 100 year’s. slaves, no you had your chance to changing thing.

  45. chuck708 says:

    Michele Who??????

  46. drbhelthi says:

    “Mickelle” Obama. I wonder who writes her/his speeches? Will the owners of the western world media pay the person for the continued jargon that reflects the Black subculture ? The first book by Taleeb Starkes seems to increasingly apply to the Obama pair more recently. “The Un-Civil War: BLACKS vs NIG*ERS:
    Confronting the Subculture Within the African-American Community,” May 4, 2013. The Obama pair continue to pollute the reputation of Black patriots, increasingly worse. It will be interesting to learn if they stole more White House property than the Clinton Crime Duo.

  47. RevGregory says:

    This is all old news now. Trump is President. Get ready for Hillary to be hanged with Obama following her. As for Michael Robinson the tranny is due a prison sentence.

  48. ny2223jv says:

    Gone Hopefully forever

  49. Jake says:

    It is very sad that our first African-American President will be judged in history as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, disruptive and divisive President ever. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather than the content of his character.

  50. arthur M. alex says:

    It;s Michael Obama-silly.

    Can;t you see her three piece set bulging at her crotch!


  51. daneagle says:

    There is a guy on line he is colored and I like his truthfulness however at 79 my ears are not good so its hard to follow his gravely voice,,,,,,,,,the reason why I love this guy IS that he is dead center because some white ass or black needs kicking he tells it right,,,,,,,,,,,I would be damn glad to call him my bro,,,,,,:)

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