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Michelle Obama Just Dropped A Huge Hint About Her Future

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  1. Doug says:

    I’m voting now and the vote is no.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      I’ll Do better than that, “NEVER”.

  2. E.T. says:

    Prison would be a good idea.

  3. bless us all says:

    a primary debate between michelle and oprah will be interesting to say the least.

    1. E.T. says:

      You mean primate debate . I am certain you were just being polite. ???.

    2. rottenrollin says:

      Don’t forget Hiawatha !!!

      1. bless us all says:

        Pocahontas–now thats worth some popcorn and a beer of entertainment.

    3. Ross Blankert says:

      Oprah will promise everybody new cars made by General Motors. Michael will promise that all companies have transgender bathrooms. They will make the rainbow colors on the White House permanent so it will be the rainbow house.

  4. Bayside GolfClub says:

    In other news: A washed up. 5th rate boxer’s wife is going to fight for the heavyweight title in Las Vegas sometime in the next 3 years.. Still seeking venue…

  5. TPS12 says:

    Time to make some money on the speech tour.

    1. fempatriot says:

      The Obamas didn’t get rich enough while he was in power for 8 years? How sad.

  6. Robert F says:

    Doesn’t the vermin ever stop inhabiting the swamp? Come t think of it, let the live in the swamp…….

  7. Richard Bagenstose says:

    if she runs for any office i am joining a terrorist group , because our government has gone to hell, as you know the obomas consider patriots terrorists, i put up with the kenyan freak for 8 years i’ll be dammed if i will put up with his useless fat a** transvestite of a wife

    1. J. Ernst says:

      heh heh ha Hhah The freak/circus show continues…the cia and mossad are STILL having a field day supporting and banking with the soros’s of the world AGAINST U.S. with these reprobates and perverts. Lenin is laughing at U.S.

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        personaly i think if she would get elected it would be time to do like the french did ,i think it was the french , anyways burn d.c. down to the ground , with all the scum in it. i’m an old man so i don’t care i will join the patriots to do it, i have the shits of these a** holes in d.c. , trying to dictate our lives for us

        1. Ross Blankert says:

          Amen. But they are like cockroaches, they run from the light and spread like a disease. They are hard to kill and it would take an army to surround the city and kill anything that tried to come out of it. I apologise to cockroaches everywhere. Cockroaches have more class than the scumbags in Washington DC

          1. James Brooks says:

            Except TRUMP.

      2. James Brooks says:

        Well Trump will leave office in 8 yrs and be remembered as the best and finest Pres in History he has only been in office 3 months and done more good than any pres in history.

    2. VET says:

      I am with you all the way on that in fact if any SS Democrat ever gets into our White House you can be sure that our Military will be helping us also.I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and was wounded and i was fighting the wrong War the real War is right here in our own country and the enemies are right here within our own Government.Just look what one of them did to our country for the last 8 freaking years living in Hell.

      1. Ross Blankert says:

        Ditto. It should be a rule that only military people can run for office. Someone who got a honorable discharge without having to have it upgraded for treasonous acts like John Kerry.

      2. While Barack was destroying America where was Michelle over the 8 years, was she not at the White House? If so, how could she have been so oblivious what he was up to, all of the 73 crimes? They seemed very much as-one in agreement when pointing out how the White House was built by the slaves…that sounded attempted accusation. Hard to understand despite of all the brutish discoveries one after the other about Barack, Michelle appears to be unfazed and without hesitation appearing, more often than usual, in face of the public, not a thought about how badly most of the people may be feeling about their country having been pulled apart. It’s regrettable, no prudence nor respect has been shown towards this country’s love for others and it’s generosity, and the love of God.

    3. James Brooks says:

      Ya a Man Wife.

    4. Al says:

      Remember when she hated America?

    5. Peter says:

      It’s not a transvestite, it’s transgender! The term “wife” can only be used for a woman and that ain’t no woman!

    6. VET says:

      That was a beautiful comment Richard i would be right along with you joining a Terrorist group,i know a lot of people mostly are in the Military i served in Vietnam as a Combat Infantryman and was wounded but doing O.K.and all of them i talk to said that the Military would go against a crooked Government that we had for 8 years which they call TYRANNY against the people of America which Obama was doing to this country.And it almost got so bad that the Democrats were talking about a COUP against anyone that was a Republican after President Trump won over that crooked pathetic liar that had commented Treason on her Illegal Server to give Top Secrets to the ARABS that were supporting the Terrorist and had the balls to run for President that she was sure to win but she was shook that the RED States went BLUE,she should be in a Federal Prison along with her other half for commenting Treason against our country why aren’t they investigating Trump for the crimes were commented by the Obama administration they should be the ones that they are looking for they are the ones that tried like hell to bring down our country those are the Traitors that should be on trial in a Federal Court and sent to a Federal Prison for life and it should be down in GITMO along with their other friends that were in cahoots with them.

  8. granny_forUSA says:

    Who let that primate out of her cage…………hubby in Tahiti and cohabiting with the Tahitian primates….

    1. Peter says:

      Funny granny funny!!

  9. WilliamHarrington says:

    Official dog catcher would be good.

  10. CaptTurbo says:

    Maybe she/he/it could enter and win a largest penis contest?

    1. Ross Blankert says:

      Nope Anthony Weiner has that one hands down.

      1. CaptTurbo says:

        What’s in a name? I’d bet money that Moochie the Moose has a bigger tool than him.

        1. Ross Blankert says:

          Now how do we get them to a penis judging contest and get that in the mainstream media? I would watch and cheer on the winner or the weiner. Whatever. They are sick bastards and I wish they would all move to Thailand or Viet Nam or China or Beirut. Anywhere but the USA or Panama. I don’t want them here either. I am pretty sure that Panama would not accept Barry because he has a criminal record and pretty sure Michelle does too. She did steal from an insurance company and lost her licence to practice law.

          1. CaptTurbo says:

            We can invite Lorraina Bobbit to be the judge.

          2. Ross Blankert says:

            You are really funny CaptTurbo. Make Michelle or Michael eat his own penis. That would be better than prison.

          3. You only know she has a dingle-dangle because she has declared it, wrote it on a large piece of paper to confirm to all and sundry.

          4. Ross Blankert – How did you find information how Michelle lost her License?! Is that true? It is said Barack lost his in 2008, though he denies it.

          5. Ross Blankert says:

            The items are based on facts and are public record. Neither Barrack or Michael can practice law. Barrack agreed not to practice law because his education documents and other documents were all fraudulent. Michael was working at an insurance company and defrauded them. She he lost her his license to practice in Illinois.

        2. Peter says:

          Of the two of them, she’s the only one with a penis! He’s a p*ssy.

    2. James Brooks says:

      And husband SUCKER.

    3. Peter says:

      That would make barry proud!

  11. alpambuena says:

    I guess her fat ass-black militant-rev white progressive moron will be with us for the next millnium…….while she was the first lady….us stupid tax payers paid over 1.2 billion per year to keep her in style.

    1. Peter says:

      That’s first “transgender”. Get it right 😉

  12. cowboytex says:

    go back to the jungle where you belong

  13. Robert Brumley says:

    Hope she does run. It will ensure Trump another victory and ensure no liberals in office again.

    1. Thomas D Harrell says:

      Ha ha yeah I thought about that too. Maybe the Dems are that stupid.

      1. Hey you says:

        The dems may be stupid but there are a lot of them and thus a lot of stupid votes.

        1. rottenrollin says:

          Those morons stick together and they fight nastier, too.

          We need to step up hard.

      2. Ross Blankert says:

        The Democrats are sure that those who are voting Democrat are stupid and hence does not listen to them any longer. They did not want Hillary but they tried to put her in there anyway.

    2. Dell says:

      I think by the time Trump finishes his first term I don’t believe he will have
      Any trouble getting elected for a second term. Especially when they
      See how much he has done for our country this term.

      1. James Brooks says:

        Right on DELL.

  14. Countrysunrise says:

    As I recall at one time she said she wasn’t proud to be an American until Barack became President. I doubt if she’s proud now!! All she would want are the perks – not the job itself!! She would make a terrible President, and would make the divide deeper between the Black and White races – turning it into a chasm that might not EVER be able to be mended!!! Most White people don’t want that, and I’m sure that most Black people don’t want that, either. So put her out of your minds, and she’ll go away!! No more Dynasties!!

    1. dfinch says:

      She got a taste of the good life didn’t she?

    2. rottenrollin says:

      The Obama’s……….THE GREAT DIVIDERS…….

      1. James Brooks says:

        The Great QUEERS.

    3. Peter says:

      Dynasties are for sports only.

  15. Eve Wiegert says:

    Who cares?

  16. Moe says:

    I just heard MOOchelle is going to be the CEO of a new porta pottie busy. She will do great as she is full of sh!t.

    1. Ross Blankert says:

      Keep it away from portable potties. They are cleaner than the corrupt Obamas.

    2. Peter says:

      I heard the seat part, not the cover, has mooch’s face on it. To make it a pleasure again to p*op. That’s nice!

  17. I second E.T. below. This country has NO PLACE for another obuma! That would be like having the HNIC back…times two! Never going to happen!

    1. Ludicrous thought, wouldn’t it be a laugh, if not tragic, suddenly the Obamas are back in residence!? pacing up and down the rose garden….

  18. David in Michigan says:

    I find Mrs. Obama to be less charismatic than Mrs. Clinton.

    1. Thomas D Harrell says:


    2. rottenrollin says:

      You shouldn’t put the word “charisma” in a sentence with either one of these suck-a-longs.

  19. marco a. poshar says:

    Gitmo is Waiting ,,,,,,,,,

  20. Michael Davis says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! There is no way in cold Hell this woman would make a good POTUS. She and her husband should NEVER be allowed anywhere NEAR the White House or any other position of authority in this country.

    1. Hey you says:

      How’s that democracy thing working out?

      1. rottenrollin says:


        1. Hey you says:

          That’s what it says in small print, somewhere, here!

    2. Ross Blankert says:

      Sad but true Michael. I always felt that folks should be moral and ethical and Christian and retired military with a clean record and a real birth certificate and be able to pass E verify to get a job before they can run for president. This eliminates most attorneys and a host of others who can not prove who they are much less where they were born. A plumber or electrician or engineer would be better than an attorney. You would be a better president than most of these folks.

    3. The West will not trust them least of all with a job of responsibility and honored in Arab countries for betraying America, but that could be short lived all it takes is a fanatical Muslim to do them both harm because of their sexual orientation, they will never feel safe where Muslims are. Karma?

  21. parthenon1 says:

    Michelle do the nation a favor and dont run you most likely cannot win and all you will do is throw the US
    into another illegal surveillance plan and if any of the Snow Flake Media is still operating you will make their Fake News generating system into a tizzy. Your husband did us no favors by trying to get the US into the New World Order or UN control. .. cant do it as long as the millions of us have and wont give up any weapons.

  22. Bishop351 says:

    Almost as nasty as Hillary and just above Warren. Her school lunch program was well received?

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      What wasn’t vomited up got thrown in the lunchroom garbage cans.
      That said, it would have been a LOT cheaper for Michael- I mean- “Michelle” to kill the kids’ appetites by simply hanging posters of he/rself in all the school lunchrooms.

  23. Dick says:

    My guess, is that “Big Mike’s” future lies in mud wrestling.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Considering that s/he’ll get he/r butt kicked on the football field at he/r age, that’s more likely.

  24. Darlene F. Donston says:

    LOL Such a Joke as she has even lost her Law License years ago for criminal doings. She is just as FAKE as her SO-CALLED husband. Just a Transy called Michelle instead of Michael. We have SUNK LOW ENOUGH IN THIS COUNTRY and it is time to get RID OF THIS STINKING SWAMP WE HAVE HAD FOR 8 LONG YEARS! GOD BLESS TRUMP AND MAY HE WIN ANOTHER 4 YEARS which it will take to get out of this Horrible mess the Obama’s put us in throughout the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thomas D Harrell says:

      Lost for defrauding an insurance company

      1. Darlene F. Donston says:

        I remember reading that now! SO, in my book she is a CRIMINAL, already! I am ALSO wondering why “some” First Ladies like Killary and Michael think they are qualified to run for President after JUST BEING FIRST LADIES???? I think Laura Bush was Smarter and had more Common Sense than either one of those 2 that I just mentioned. But Law Degrees really don’t make you any smarter than someone that doesn’t have one, does it???? LOL

  25. Fortuneless says:

    We don’t need another dumb Marxist homosexual Nigger. We already had one and look how screwed up he left the country.

  26. ROB says:

    Exactly what has she done to make this world a better place? Huh?

    1. Peter says:

      No one has listed a “concrete” accomplishment. Waste taxpayer money, yes!

  27. Messenger says:

    “The page says the former first lady transformed the position and
    became a “role model, champion, and inspiration for women, families, and
    young people across America and around the world.”…fake news and lies at the same time, not even one example of her invisible accomplishments.

  28. oldk says:

    that is probably what the dems think. all you need for qualifications are to sleep with the president and tell kids what to eat. she probably would not be much worse than barry.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Well, she’s even more of a RACIST than Barry was.
      Until his handlers told him to stop saying it in public, he always called Michael- I mean- “Michelle” My bitter half” because s/he was always spouting off about white people.

  29. Peter Osborne says:

    She is less qualified to be president than was former Pres. B. H. Obama. She should just walk away from politics for the sake of the Nation and her party.

  30. Stephen says:

    Well if she did run and somehow actually won, she’d be the first female President and Black at that. Now wouldn’t that just chap Hillary’s ass.

    1. rottenrollin says:

      It would chap AMerica’s ass.

    2. Libs R Loons says:

      Especially since it was the Mooch and Valerie Jarrett who nicknamed Hillary “Hildebeast”.

  31. jimmy9522 says:

    Don’t even joke about stupid stuff like that.

  32. jimmy9522 says:

    Problem is that dumbass liberal democrats would vote for her.

  33. deacon lunchbox says:

    not likely, “he” can’t even do a consistent job of painting on his eyebrows.

  34. elkhunt says:

    MAGILLA KONG MOOCHELL IS A ANTI AMERICAN LYING RACIST FOOL—–AND THOSE ARE HIS GOOD POINTS https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2dd0b5234aeb00f9cffe25739a66abffe254698e03659429a9735248c45b550a.jpg

  35. ter334 says:

    T is the beginning of the end for the D party. The voters have turned the R word to them. Rejecting O and H and what they stand for. Sharia law for one thing. Nov 2015 is the D’s last stand. They just don’t resonate with, have empathy with we the people because they do not have a sense of being Americans about them. They are more like communists then communists since they only support the party instead of the Constitution. They want this country to have only one party, their party. It doesn’t matter what T says, they are against it. And have taken politics to a new and never experienced low! It is so partisan, so negative, so un-American!

  36. Sandra Pecorino says:

    Send her and her husband to prison for the crimes of treason they both committed against our country

  37. VET says:

    If she ran for anything that as to be Illegal in Government the only thing she would win would be President of all the Sanctuary Cities she would never win if she tried to become President,is she blind or just plain Stupid didn’t she see or heard what happen with a friend TOP SECRET(Killary) will if she does run to be a Democrat President they would be about 37 RED states next at less she will get some of the states that Killary won that is why i said she should run to be the President of all the Sanctuary Cities that was the only States that crook Killary ever won.So if she wants to look like a damn fool go for it.

  38. Hey you says:

    I think I’ll leave the country.

  39. Jim Bishop says:

    I never believed negative things about black folks but Obama and Black Lives Matter has almost caused me to become a certified racist. I know that there are bad white people and I know there are bad people of other races, but black people seem to defend their race no matter what kind of evidence is offered.

  40. Bob332 says:

    Shi**********. I thought she was going to reveal her tranny status. Oh well maybe next time!

  41. rottenrollin says:

    I’d apply to Moochell the same bumper sticker as for HagHillary:

    Life’s a Bitch………DON’T ELECT ONE !!!

  42. bytheway4 says:

    Tell me what does she know other than what her writer does for her. I know…. she can take about all the vacations that she went on about every other month,She can take about the 24 people that work just for her, she can talk about how she screwed the school lunches for the children that were all thrown in the garbage while she and the rented girls ate lobster and nothing but the beat, .Oh so much more , Will she /he tell us about her/his operations?

  43. Arnold Young says:

    Why can’t this poor wretched excuse for a woman just go away? If what she did to our kids lunch program si any example of what she would do in office heaven help us!

  44. jim jones says:

    Gotta admit, da gorilla did try to make America a blacker place

  45. Billy says:

    Thought it was going to say Micheal was going to finish his sex change orientation….. first transgender never been a First Lady and never will be a woman! He doesn’t have any ovaries or filopian tubes for bearing children!!!!!

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      No doubt, but he got every tranny surgery there was except the removal of the male bits between his legs.

      1. Peter says:

        We’ve seen the pictures. Is Ellen the digenerate dating mooch yet.

        1. Libs R Loons says:

          I saw it, too, where s/he wore those white pants and he/r weiner stuck out s/he poked her hips forward.

  46. J. Ernst says:

    I hope she/it DOES run for an office. THEN….ALL of its perversions and fraudulent credentials will be exposed over and over.

  47. FL_Stingray says:

    I bet she cannot even spell architecture

  48. John says:

    Really? Another woman whose only qualification for President is having slept with a President? Why don’t they run Monica Lewinsky?

  49. WillyPs says:

    Barack will be happy to pass on the torch… of the worst president ever!

  50. Mr. Patriot says:

    Just what we need another RACIST PIG in there! Her College paper that was hidden for years was based on how she hated white people. She’s definitely not tracking with MLK that’s for damn sure! There’s a lesson to be learned —> You can take the ‘pig’ out of the pen but you can’t take the pen out of the ‘pig’.

  51. Ross Blankert says:

    I just want some one to prove to me that Michelle is really an transgender man as I suspect. I believe that information has been supressed many times as this would make the left go nuts. They don’t want something to be true so therefore you are a racist. Transgenderism is not a race. Truth is truth no matter how many times you say it is not so. Yelling over people and not letting them speak does not make you right. I actually would be happy to see this stupid freak run for the Democrats as it would lose.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Search “Michael Lavaghn Robinson”….the given name before he left college football, got transgender surgery, and became “Michelle” in time to enroll at Princeton.
      S/he played linebacker for the Oregon Beavers, and complained in the locker room about “being a woman trapped in a man’s body.
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/819975d6f6f05a9708926808a618b0109a2fdd9d7a5d18302c3781c280e800b8.jpg .

      1. Peter says:

        There it is, the wiener!

      2. VET says:

        Looking at that photo you put on your comment that is a wiener bulging out of her dress,i am going to print a copy of this to show to these Moron SS Democrat voters in my neighborhood that never believed she was a man now i have the proof with this photo you sent.THANK YOU Libs R Loons

        1. Libs R Loons says:

          Here’s another, and if you search youtube for the https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4db2b2ab509656d1953ab7c820ae7d3fd390597e019e849b4215237fb032c845.jpg First (cough!) “Lady” dancing on the Ellen Show wearing white pants, watch that and see it poking out every time s/he pushed he/r hips outward.

  52. James Brooks says:

    I guess Michelle could run for pres and Hiltery could run for Vice. I would love to see the results.LOL

    1. Peter says:

      I wouldn’t! You want another 20 trillion added to the government’s debt. You think our great country is in the sh**ter now, you wait. No, don’t wait, keep them out!

  53. 2mules says:

    Memo to the writer: A first “lady”(?), has already run for a third Obama term and she LOST!!!

  54. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    what is she going to talk about……how to build transgender bathrooms lol!

    1. Peter says:

      How to use a transgender bathroom. Just sit already so you don’t make a mess!

  55. Wambli525 says:

    LOL …. please don’t forget school menus providing and food that children would not eat.
    Obviously the person that wrote that page is connected to the DNC

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      I agree, and what would have been a cheaper way for the Mooch to starve school kids was hanging posters of herself in every school lunchroom in the country to kill their appetites.

  56. Sonny says:

    I want to know if Michelle will take a public physical examination to show the world that she is actually a woman! The Obama legacy is nothing but a pack of lies, and for once and for all will all these deceiving members of her family put this question to rest! I for one am so sick of the Obama lies, I can’t stand it. His phony birth certificate, S.S. numbers, school records, law firm history, their fake children, etc. etc. the list is endless, has got to stop! When will somebody in the F#*+ing media and Washington DC assholes, stand up for the truth? They are all a disgrace to this country!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. way2confused says:

    The Obama masters have demanded she run.

  58. way2confused says:

    If she decides to run, we need to demand a DNA test to see what sex she really is.

  59. Maggietish says:

    The only thing Michelle Obama did when she was in the White House was assist her husband in trying to divide this country and breed racism. She was an expert at spending taxpayers’ money on the numerous lavish exorbitant vacations she took with her family and others, wearing designer dresses, having a staff of approximately 20 when every other First Ladiy had 4, giving lavish parties at the White House that were not connected with the presidency to all of her friends all paid by taxpayers. I’m sure she’s going through culture shock right now because she has to pay for her own expenses and can’t keep on believing the American taxpayers.

  60. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    I would NOT vote for thjis POS either. CHELSEA would get my vote before I would vote for her and you know I would never vote for Chelsea. Would you vote for EITHER one of these??

  61. Tony says:

    Right. Just what we need. Another incompetent America hater in the White House. Gimme a break!

  62. Peter says:

    Oh, I thought her message was that she/he/it was finally going to have the penis removed.

  63. John McPherson says:

    Damn, I heard she was going to be a Playboy centerfold. I was looking forward to that. It would show for sure if she is male or female!! ;-))

  64. Bigmanuger says:

    Ivan just see it now, A Moochell run for president. What would her platform be: Free Moochell phones, free healthcare for everyone except white people, they would get a tax increase to pay for everyone else. The platform would also include opening the borders to anyone and everyone ( except white people from places like the U.K., Europe, Australia), those people would have to pay An immigration fee to the Moochell foundation for living like oh people. Her platform would also detail how the military would be cut back to the same level as that of Figi. She would then explain how all public schools would begin teaching Muslam and Koran studies to all grades starting in preschool. Christian teachings would of course be banned as would prayers or even wearing of Christian clothing or crosses. Muslam chanting would be broadcast from government run loud speakers on every street corner, every tv and radio station would also be required to play the daily chanting know as call to prayer. Police scuads would patrol during the time of prayer and arrest any infidels not participating in the call to moan. Immigrants from all over the
    world will be given free housing in communities across the land the Moochell and her federal police determined needed more Diversity. Of course along with free government run housing would be free food cards. Immigrants would be issued the food cards for a period of up to 25 years to make sure no one of them were without an meal. Stores selling food would need to apply for permits to sell food. They would b requiedto not only meet Moochell s healthy food requirements but also provide ethnic foods so as to please the needs of the diverse community.
    Yes it will be a grade thing when Her Highness , Moochell Ovomit becomes POTUS.

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