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Michelle Obama Just Dropped A Big Hint About Her Future

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  1. davesnrakleberger says:

    she (it) doesn’t have any kids. They were born of Dr. Anita Blanchard and her hubby, Mr. Nisbet. Wonder how much Soros paid for that hoax?

    Also, what evidence is there to support she has ever told the truth about anything?

    1. johnh says:

      You are correct about that. We have not seen any thing about the rented kids since barry left office.
      It is a proven fact that the back door can’t produce kids, just turds.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        I did see that the girls were with them on one of their luxury vacations. Since people were making comments about that, I guess they decided to take photos. Normally, you don’t see them included!

        1. DIANNA GOULD says:

          No they use them just for show, besides, that oldest daughter is busy partying, doing drugs and acting like a spoiled brat

          1. Annie says:

            That’s the reason she’s not starting Harvard this Fall! What a bunch of frauds!

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            All the wonderful ‘advantages’ of growing up in the White House?? In my opinion, Melania is doing the ‘right thing’ in keeping Barron away from that place!! She wants the ‘best’ for her son and staying away from the ‘predators’ of children, she’s being a great parent!! Washington and the White House is no place for ‘kids’!

        2. Lucia Gibson says:

          I wonder what’s to become of the two girls tricked by own parents while still babes.I bet they cried and missed their mom. Early pictures shown when very little carried serious looking expressions, appeared different from other kids, far from ‘vibrating’ with joy, kids of that age do. Everything about their lives has been extraordinary. Mom has a man’s body, wears a wig for going out, that dad calls Michael. Lots of heavy intrigues and spite in the household, see pictures of dad kissing other women, Plus our home is the White House.The mind boggles!

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            With the intrigue and pressures that abound in the White House, I’d think it would be extremely difficult to raise children there. Any pretense of ‘normality’ there, is just that–‘pretense’!! I believe Melania to be very wise in trying to protect her son from all that, although she’s been criticized as being ‘over protective’!! No, she’s a very ‘smart’ Mom and knows it’s harmful to expose him to people who have no hesitation in attacking children-because they dislike the parents!! Children over-hear a great many conversations they probably shouldn’t. They lack the maturity to discern what is true and what is just spiteful lying. Just to see Barron’s reaction to that horrible woman on TV–appearing to hold his father’s severed head!! The trauma that must have caused for that little boy!! We can’t shield our children from cruel people totally, no matter how hard we try. However, keeping him out of the White House and away from the mainstream–is a good start!! Those who victimize little children for any reason, should be deeply ashamed of themselves! Including the media!!

      2. eddie47 says:

        So many despicable comments without even a hint of sanity.

        1. denny langton says:

          Hey Eddie your a dumb fuck

        2. Annie says:

          Too bad, eddie47! If you don’t like them, go onto your hag Hillary & Obummer’s websites!

    2. Barbara Paolucci says:


    3. Darlene F. Donston says:

      I read where they went to Morocco and adopted them! D

    4. ARVIN says:

      NO TELLING HOW MUCH HE PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      SHE, HER MUSLIM HUSBAND(?), THE FEMALE DOG THAT LOST IN 2016 WOULDN’T KNOW THE TRUTH IF IT BIT THEM ON THEIR DONKEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. drbhelthi says:

    Of course! The owners of the MSM, who own 96% of all western world media, will continue to fund her subterfuge. As long as “Michaelle” continues the racist, subculture activity that tends to cause Americans to polarize, Black vs White, and erode the “stick together” affinity of genuine Americans, the owners of the MSM will sponsor her – or him – or it. “He” also provides support for the LGBT subterfuge, a basic function of the MSM propaganda. Who are the owners of the MSM ? Don´t be surprised_ http://loveforlife.com.au/content/08/02/21/video-picture-diagram-six-ashkenazim-jewish-companies-own-96-worlds-media

  3. capa760 says:

    America needs to get back on the Presidential Elections RIGHT TRACK of U.S. Liberty and Freedom.
    FIRST-The candidates documents for qualifying for the offices need to be researched for authenticity
    by The U.S. Judicial Staff and The members of the Federal Elections Committee. No more DNC/RNC
    acts of shoving a foreign Communist, Atheist, anti-American into any U.S. protected position of TREASON, and to be highly monitored by FEC controls and VOIDED when the Precincts are
    falsifying the ballots.

  4. Fedup says:

    I thought maybe she/he would be going back to playing football.

    1. Annie says:

      And turning his name back to Michael!

    2. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

      They won’t let ‘It’ play, because it now has tits.

      1. Jeronimo Dan says:

        Yeah, but “IT” still uses a urinal.

        1. George Reed says:

          Now that is fuuuuny.

      2. jimmy9522 says:

        Not enough to count.

      3. George Reed says:

        Now that’s a good one .

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      He/she is too ‘old’ for that now. Besides they’d need to install ‘transgender’ locker rooms!!

    4. George Reed says:

      Make a good receiver maybe .

    5. Darlene F. Donston says:


    6. rick meek says:

      I noticed obozo wasn’t wearing his wedding ring while he was out trying to overthrow trump…..

      1. DIANNA GOULD says:

        Thats right and I understand she is with her own kind the transgenders, when she isnt putting on a show with Obama. she doesnt even like him anymore

        1. Annie says:

          And Bozo Obummer is with his gay friends!

      2. Annie says:

        It must have been during Ramadan..they’re not permitted to wear jewelry for the month. Bozo Obummer is a muslim!

  5. Kenneth Fichtl says:

    Both of her daughters are out of the home and would not be a factor if she ran.

    1. Annie says:

      The girls are back with their biological parents now!

  6. roache5456 says:


  7. Julia says:


    1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

      Only when a meteor strikes them. Preferably with the whole dnc and the lame stream media all in one building.

    2. badass says:

      they belong to a zoo….fill of gorillas; maxine waters, al green, john L…..

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Sooo-what do you have against gorillas? They’re pretty ‘decent’ animals!!

        1. badass says:

          yes, you’re right about gorillas but when a human beings turned to animals then they’re evil and vicious.

    3. George Reed says:

      NOOOOOOO…………………………..! Guess their is always hope though.

      1. Doris Will says:

        Obama also bought Thomson Correction in Illinois, they planned to put Gitmo guests there. Perhaps they’ll be taking up residence there, they call it the BIG HOUSE don’t they.

    4. DIANNA GOULD says:


      1. Annie says:

        He didn’t buy it…it had to be bought by George Soros…the puppet master! Obummer is one of his puppets!

  8. Rob Anthonisen says:

    HA HA no one could beat Trump……especially Mrs Obama!

    1. Lucia Gibson says:

      Now begins to sound suspicious, Manchelle sudden change of heart to run for the election??!! could it be they, Soro and the rest, have a plan up their sleeve to get the Obs back into the W.H?

  9. Anna says:

    So she can continue to destroy America like her husband but the sad part, there would be some deranged people who’d for her.

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      It is harder for such total fakes to get elected now….We are working on stopping the crooked voted that elected them and the fraud…Without those they had no chance ever….Two of the worst Negroes ever born…..Let us put them out of their misery soon.

  10. Why would ANYONE in their right frame of mind, put this POS in the White House?

    1. Annie says:

      There’s a lot of morons out there! Crybaby snowflakes! Manchelle isn’t going to run…the only thing he should be ‘running’ is from the FBI! Should be in prison with Obummer!

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      Why did any put them in before….No sense to it.

  11. vinny says:

    Her running for president. I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. We don’t need ANOTHER NIGGER!!!

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      I predict that they have made the N word a very popular word for that race now…Too bad as there are some that do not deserve that word…but so many do.

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      Sadly that word is what accurately describes them and so many of their race…Makes is so unfair for the good blacks.

  12. Pauline Kasper says:

    Unfortunately, there will be people who will be dumb enough to vote for her! I think that we have had enough of the Obumas!

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Black skin will cause some to make foolish choices. It ought not to be so…Obama built that prejudice.

      1. Pauline Kasper says:

        I agree with you, MaryAnn33! I think that was why everyone voted for her husband!

      2. Mike W says:

        Anyone who did not vote for Obama just because he appears to be black was called a racist. Anyone who did vote for him just because he appears to be black was called “enlightened”. What a bunch of B.S. – He is half white and it was his white half that they say – qualified him to be president. To be honest we don’t even really know who he is. The real Obama family in Kenya would like to see a DNA/paternity test as they no longer believe that stye are related. The very first time I saw Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s photo it was pretty obvious that that is not his daddy – Maybe Frank Marshall Davis – or – Muhammed Sabuh. But he looks absolutely nothing like Obama. I think Obama Sr. was duped into thinking he was the father and that’s why they divorced so quickly, as soon as he realized – “hey that ain’t my kid.”

      3. Annie says:

        Bozo Obummer would never acknowledge the white side of his family!

        1. MARYANN33 says:

          Obama totally hates himself, both sides…He lives in his delusion.

  13. Delores Scholin Swanson says:

    She can never run for President as she/he is a fony. Her/ his name is Michelle/Michael. She/he lost their law license. So NO she/he will never be President. Both she/he and Obummer belong in prison as they have lied, stole fro social security. Their children are not theirs as they were borrowed and George Soros paid for that amongst lots of other cheating things they all did. Killary is among them also.

    1. Mike W says:

      I thought this article was reporting she/he was having his/her wee wee snipped off like Bruce.

      1. MARYANN33 says:

        Bruce is still a man…less of one but a man…..Stop the foolish choice of sex…God made it for them at birth….One nation UNDER GOD. So needed.

      2. Debra(bogene) says:

        lol,, but then who would take care of obama?

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      I would so like them in prison until we deal out their punishment after trial….They cannot get anything but death, but the means of death needs determining.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says:

        The suffering lets longer with a life (no parole) sentence.

        1. nicholsda says:

          But that means we taxpayers would have to foot their bills. Trial, found guilty of Treason or Sedition, firing squad or rope. And put it on TV so that the others who commit the same crimes know what they will face.

  14. Bayside GolfClub says:

    That would be like nominating the wife of a failed lightweight division b0xer to get in the ring with Ali in his prime..

  15. desert fox says:

    I hope “it” does!!!! More insurance for the success of the Trump Administration if they survive the biased attacks of the “little girls” in the media. I have a bad feeling that the continued attacks on President Trump will get him and his family killed. Back off ass holes!

    By the way, the poll just released on The President’s approval rating is more fake news. I had A CALL FROM A TV STATION asking me if I had voted for Trump and did I think he was doing a good job, and when I said yes, they disconnected. So much for honest news.

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      The rude sons of bitches doing phone sales hang up just as soon as they figure they won’t get their way with you.

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      goes to prove the ‘truth’ of the matter, doesn’t it? If they were ‘smart’, they would have ‘played along’ instead of hanging up and proving how biased they are. But then, no one ever accused them of being ‘smart’!!

    3. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

      That actually happened to me too, but they didn’t hang up on me, they said “So do you want to buy some solar instead?”

    4. Lucia Gibson says:

      We all understand why we have elections, designed to show what the majority of the population wants feels it right for this moment in time, with a winner and a loser. France most recent, Britain,Germany coming up soon with the country in turmoil, poor things to be pitied. But we can guarantee who ever wins will not get hounded to death, it just happens to be what the majority feels right at this moment and time.It’s accepted because we approve of democracy created by the civilized West, to prevent precisely what is going on here in America. Why is that? does America no longer believe in democracy?

  16. MARYANN33 says:

    Mr Michelle is so hated by America, Obama must go to Gitmo soon and she must disappear from society altogether…We must have relief from this horrid chapter of our Countries life.

    1. Annie says:

      Wanted to say, that picture really makes ‘her’ look more manly! That’s because he is!

      1. MARYANN33 says:

        He is coming out more and more with his short cut hair and balding front…We need to be spared the agony of them walking free in our streets.

    2. Lucia Gibson says:

      Mr Michelle: We’re a couple of convicts, want to run for the next election 20/20, will you vote us in?’ Farce, meant to make people laugh, reminder of a demented rogue who’s being marched out a store handcuffed for shoplifting, inquires ‘any vacancies? I want to apply for a job’

    3. Lucia Gibson says:

      These people wouldn’t be where they are if they didn’t have nerve of the devil. Manchelle, asked gently to be prudence, keep out of sight, give the country a chance to recover, not a day passed, in front of camera…rhinoceros skin!

  17. Annie says:

    I thought it would be a ‘coming-out party’…finally going to tell the truth…she’s a he! Then going back to Michael! Did you ever see the video where Obummer calls Michelle, “Michael”, in front of a large crowd & he never caught himself either! They’re both frauds! Their so-called marriage is a sham & the girls aren’t theirs either!

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      They have ruined the lives of those girls…No future for them in this country…We loathe and despise the family.

    2. KDC says:

      Right up BO’s alley, so to speak.

  18. Al says:

    Michelle wouldn’t have a snow ball in hell chance of winning an election for POTUS so it’s a good thing she has no interest in running for anything. This country has had enough of the Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s.

    1. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    2. ARVIN says:


  19. Jacky says:

    more distractions to keep people from uniting behind Trump

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Our Congress and Senate are little better than those two…They are battling Trump and We the People so they won’t have to pay for all there payoffs and crimes in office…But we must prosecute almost all of them before this is over…Who will God choose after Trump’s two terms?????

      1. Jacky says:

        In the bible God allow evil kings to rule to chastise the people for disobedience –we were a nation that honored God –now we have allowed the non Christian people to take God out of government , prayer out of our schools, abortion to be legalized and same sex perversion of marriage (only defined in the bible) –as a covenant between a man –a woman and God—these I am sure he is not happy with–it is time for revival and a return to GOD

  20. leviathan says:

    If she does there are just as many of her ethnic group that will once again vote color not character.With the move on in America to eliminate the “white devils” it is likely she could win.As far as “Christian” blacks, many churches follow liberation theology,and still see Al Sharpton as a “reverend.”

  21. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    I think ‘It’ should dig a DEEP hole and jump in and make sure she takes her hubby with her. That way we will get rid of 2 of the biggest POS that were ever in the White House!! Also she did NOTHING good for our children. She made sure her kids ate MUCH better food than she forced our kids to eat.

    1. KDC says:

      That’s the socialist way!

  22. Rosech Levy says:

    Micheal, shut up and live whatever is left of your injected hormones will allow. You are not important and never will be anything more than what you are, a very ugly and nasty transgender, with a very sad taste in clothing and styles.

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Horrible taste and no fashion sense at all.

    2. Annie says:

      You have the first name right…”Michael”!

      1. eddie47 says:

        Most sites I visit are rather normal unlike this bizarre and wicked one. Okay ARNIE …?

  23. gooojooo1 says:

    she would be a good choice in 2020 President Trump would be a shoe in, no competition.

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      He will never be a good choice for anything but Gitmo for traitors. She openly hated our White House…Probably because it was WHITE….I like WHITE more and more since they came along.

  24. Jim Strong says:

    She has a better chance of going six feet under, than living again in the White House.

  25. Al says:

    Please shrink the social media links and icons on the left so they don’t cover the article’s text.


    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      Someone woke up and moved them to the bottom.

  26. Al says:

    She said she hates the USA and is ashamed of the USA. Then she got in the WH and changed her mind so she says. Get lost Michelle.

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      Obama also said, ‘he hates the USA.” Remember? That’s why he did the things he did, against us. They are not Americans.

  27. Richard Bagenstose says:

    i dare you to run you freaken moron, put up with your freaken phony kenyan husband for 8 years won’t put up with 3 days of your sorry black a** , kkk is looking better every day, not into supremacy in any way but they are and time to show them they ain’t better then anyone else , you know we can eliminate your security pretty fast and your next, get a life scum, 4 /1 i’ve had it with these clowns

  28. Roy Barber says:

    I see that TRAITOR in prison with her husband for all there TREASONOUS acts against AMERICA.

    1. Lucia Gibson says:

      They’re both equally guilty.The day he won the election, did Manchelle not know he was carrying a false B’Certificate etc? Was she not his accomplice right through to the end?

  29. rrkeng says:

    Oh Please…….You and Barack have caused enough problems. Just go away!

  30. Reverend1 says:

    Sorry Mr. Michelle Obama but no more nigs in our White House. One Piece Of Shit was enough to last a life time.

  31. FL_Stingray says:

    I thought she was gonna be Harambe’s mate

  32. 1937shirley says:

    Do all Americans a favor and just disappear and take Bare-Rock with you

  33. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Would be kind of a slap in the face to Hillary, she didn’t just let one Black guy beat her out of being president, she let two Black guy’s beat her out of the presidency!

    1. KDC says:

      Lol, I wasn’t expecting that!

  34. jimmy9522 says:

    The democrats are really desperate for candidates aren’t they?

    1. nicholsda says:

      What else can they do. Nobody likes any of the ones who are in office already in the House or Senate and HilLIARy won’t last another election cycle. And Bernie can’t save them from themselves.

  35. KDC says:

    Well, thank the Lord! I can’t even imagine listening or seeing THAT for four years. Besides, exactly what experience does “she” have? Besides spending billions of our tax dollars for her luxurious vacations and such. All the Obama’s need to take a trip to Dubai or some place and live there.
    Bye, see ya!

  36. Robert E. Klippel says:

    These people never go away.

  37. pepie says:

    hahahahahahah will she or he be called mike or ??? hahahahahaha

  38. takeitbacknow42012 says:

    God help us! A nightmare for sure, 8 years was 8 years more than we wanted to begin with.

  39. RONALD WIEDER says:

    I hurt from laughing! She accomplished nothing as the supposed first lady ! She’d make a good New Orleans street hooker !

  40. George E. LeFebvre says:

    Her future should include deportation to her husbands Homeland of Kenya or, she could join her mate in GITMO

  41. joeinz says:

    I don’t know what to think of the possible Michelle/Michael thing . . . but I certainly would not be shocked to learn, either way ! One thing would sway my thought, though . . . photos of Mrs. Obama while pregnant . . . with EITHER of her children. I’ve seen none ! I’m just sayin’ . . . .

  42. Blindhorse says:

    She’ll wait until the kids are out of college in 8 years. Then, with nothing to do and fame fading fast we’ll see if she was bittnen by the fame bug enough to come back for more. If she could polish her act she’d be a contender in a party that doesn’t have a deep bench. Former first lady, A woman AND black ? The trifecta of political correctness. The down side is that everyone knows she’s an elitist [email protected]#$^ch. We’ve proven we’re not racist with electing hubby so maybe in 8 years she won’t have the same clout.

    1. Eguth3 says:

      She has absolutely no experience and is a failed lawyer who license was pulled, This would be her husbands third term masquerading as Michelle’s first term.

      1. Blindhorse says:

        You underestamate the voters. They put a first term senator whos work experience was as a “Commuity Organizer” in the White House for 8 years with white guilt and Black solidarity. What makes you think they won’t think it’ll work again with someone that’s Black and a Woman?!

  43. Eguth3 says:

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. We just got rid of her husband, his entire corrupt administration and their entitled, elitist behinds and their primadonna daughters. Why in God’s name would anyone want 2.0 just knowing what they did for 8 years. It would be no doubt about it, Obama’s third term and he is so delusional he still believes he’s President. I’m imaging the corruption that would be put in place during the election process. It’s a NO for me, but also f no.

    1. Palma Menno Rice says:

      Ask the Hollywood Elites! They Love the Obamas. None of them are Very Bright.

  44. Anti ObamaHolder says:

    I have to wonder why Mr Michael Obama aka Michelle who married Barack Husein Obama a natural Muslim terrorist who was born in Nigeria to a terrorist father and a white woman which is why his skin is light have to keep themselves in public knowing that they are known liars and criminals and homosexuals, and those two girls are obviously adopted and whoever made that possible has the IQ of a rubber snake. Barack and Michael both belong in federal prison housed with skinheads so they can be repaid for the hell they put this nation through with the racial hate speeches which encourages violence against whites and police.

    1. Annie says:

      They’re George Soros’ puppets..that’s why they’re still around! Should be in prison!

  45. doug says:

    Her future should be visiting Barry in prison .

    1. nicholsda says:

      Only while awaiting the final sentence.

  46. Choff C says:

    OMG, This is [email protected]#*&*g Hilarious…Really….LOL, There goes the neighborhood again,,,hahahaha

  47. juan robledo says:

    She looks like a male

    1. Joseph Carrilho says:

      And an angry one at that.

  48. wharfrat says:

    The Democrats are the enemy of the American people,Mechelle says her life has been making sure children are fed well, she failed at that when she tried to feed school children food they didn’t want and wasted millions of taxpayer Dollars in the process, we have watched her and her worthless husband try to destroy America and she thinks she’ll breeze into the White House, well she is dead wrong,we don’t want her and she will fail.

  49. prost3tictongu3 says:

    I am really looking forward to reading the Obama’s obituaries. Can’t happen soon enough.

    1. Annie says:

      The Clintons & George Soros’, too!

  50. Fred Farnan says:

    we had the dog and pony show, never again!

  51. Donna Cassidy says:

    tell shim to do go on , and being embarrassed and losing by a mile again. it will be fun to watch again. Shim (michelle) is a disgusting side show for Obammy…

  52. mad max says:

    This woman, Or I think she is, Hates America and American people. Why don’t her and muslim her tribe move on and go to Kenya. OH power and money.

  53. richard says:

    I hope they are that stupid. They never disappoint me.

  54. Annie says:

    Another picture I can print out & put it on the bottom of my parakeet’s cage! They pooped on us so he can poop on him!

  55. 2117fbs says:

    She does not have any experience that would qualify her to be president. Of course, Barak didn’t eaither and you see how that turned out. Michelle just needs to go away or keep traveling the world which would keep her out of the US. She needs to take Barak with her. We have suffered enough from the two of them. Wonder how much food went into the school cafeterias while her menus were served to the kids who would not eat what was served.

  56. Annie says:

    Here’s Michelle:

    M iserable
    I rrelevant
    C riminal
    E gotistical
    L iar
    L oony
    E vil

    O bnoxious
    B oastful
    A rrogant
    M ale
    A nti-American

    1. Debra(bogene) says:

      Well Said.

  57. quelque chose says:

    Dear American Electorate,
    For the love of God, JUST SAY NO!!!!
    One disaster in twelve years is one too many, esp. from the same family!
    Besides, our kids just got their school lunches back!

  58. Richard Wittauer says:

    OH NO,
    The country wouldn’t with stand to people by that name in office for the length time to full fill the time in office of Prresident.

  59. Bob Nettles says:

    No way he/she would get my vote. I think they should take him/her and the husband and ship them to Kenya and then sink the ship that was used to get them there.

  60. Barbara Paolucci says:

    Michael Robinson a/k/a Michelle Obama is not a woman. He still pees standing up! I wish people would stop referring to it as a woman. That’s an insult to all real women. This tour it’s on was here in NYC at Temple Emanuel and the fee for a picture with it was over $850.00. Why a Temple would have this thing there at all is troubling.

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      Is the PEE STANDING UP thing why Obama pushed so hard for no gender separation in public and school rest rooms? To keep Michael out of legal trouble.

  61. vinny says:


  62. Maggiemae says:

    Oh dear God….please help us. Hitlery would have been bad enough to endure even for one minute. I could NOT take one second of Michael/Moochelle…whatever it goes by these days. The pathetic thing is….the DEMONcrats would love it….the final take down of our America. I keep saying the Democrats seriously need a new name. There is NOTHING democratic about anything they do or say. Just watch Chucky or Piglosi for a minute and you’ll see. Gestapo would be more fitting.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I think they’ve got a ‘new name’! You’ll soon be hearing about it!! Designed by the ‘Shadow Government’ of Obama and the Clinton’s, supported by the likes of Elizabeth Warren and her ‘ilk’–gathering the hoards of the ‘mind-less’, known as the ‘Resistance Party’!! If they Dems fall–they are ready to ‘step into’ their place. Their agenda is to destroy Pres Trump’s presidency and, eventually,The USA! The Gestapo and the Mafia look like a ‘boy scout’ meeting in comparison!! These are the ‘children’ of Satan, make no mistake about it!!

      1. Maggiemae says:

        Exactly what worries me. Chucky boy and Piglosi, add Warrat and you’ve got quite the mixture for hell here on earth. I like the new title ‘Shadow Government and think I’ll use that from now. The O’s ‘shadow government’ is at the helm of it all. He couldn’t finish his plans of total destruction so the ‘shadow government’ he created will finish the job…..UNLESS MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TOTAL ROT WE HAVE OUT THERE.

  63. myfordtruck says:

    her kids went to private school so what would she know about school choice except what private schools and her lunch programs caused a lot of waste

  64. Gail Wasden says:

    If this is just a “conversation.” does she still charge the premium price for her appearance?

  65. badass says:

    no matter what, we don’t need any other gorillas to govern this great country, one is enough.

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      Or a one-time linebacker from Oregon State.

  66. ECwashr says:

    Moooochelle is just like her hubby, a total DISGRACE and national embarrassment!! There is only one way she could win, the same way her criminal hubby won in 2012, VOTER FRAUD!!!

  67. Moe Phillips says:

    ah, she’s just a coon…..

  68. Darlene F. Donston says:

    I was thinking while reading that, that maybe the Devil had already told her she was going straight to H*** when she kicked the bucket!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Yeah, but he promised ‘it’ 74 ‘virgins’ when ‘it’ got there!! Of course, you can always believe the ‘word’ of the Devil!!

  69. Joseph F. Riggi says:

    We can’t afford to have an Obama in the White House. They already spent over $100,000,000 on their vacations over the past 8 years of our taxpayers money.

  70. Thinkingman2025 says:

    Anyone who would vote for her is dumber than a rock. That denigrates rocks.

    1. nicholsda says:

      There were plenty of dumb rocks voting in 2008 and 2012.

      1. Thinkingman2025 says:

        Plus a whole lot of illegals, criminals, and the dead. Demon-rats are the kings of voter fraud, which is why they oppose voter ID tooth and nail.

  71. Gene says:

    The clintons and the obummers need to go away, nobody cares what they think anymore

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      We’d better care!! They aren’t just ‘thinking’—they are ‘acting’ and their ‘actions’ are extremely dangerous. We even have some ‘big-time’ Tech companies funneling money into their efforts to over-throw our government!!

  72. ter334 says:

    Obama ruined being black for any future black candidate for president. Hence forth and forever more all will have to heed what MLK said. Judge them as potential office holders not by the color of their skin but by their character.

    And for that matter HRC may have done the same for women. Voting for a woman just because she is a woman is just as sexist as voting for a man because he is a man. Can women hack it as president? But likely not all because not all men have been competent, for the people and not the party, racist, globalist, etc. There are a lot of snake oil type things pols try to sell people to get elected. For people to vote for them because they look good in a business suit or a ladies pant suit.

  73. BUILD BABY BUILD!!! says:

    Doesn’t football have enough gender bending athletes?

  74. jreg9304 says:

    Michael’s so called bull-hit run will screech to a grinding halt, before it even get started.. America has heard enough of the freakish name Obammy!!!!

  75. ter334 says:

    Consider what is required for a person to be a muslim? For man you have to beat or ‘honor” kill your wife/daughter, behead Christians just for being Christian, blow yourself up as a suicide bomber if a real dedicated muslim, etc.. And yell akbar allalh as you do these things. For a woman you will have to be a sex slave, and love being the property of a man. And to stay barefoot and pregnant. If this appeals to anyone ISIS and Iran, etc. are taking applications. And these muslims are prowling the world, especially the west looking for victims. Oops, “converts”! But they are not biased. They want to convert Russia, China and all points East and in S America. And some of our pols and judges have embraced with zeal what it takes to be a muslim. A pity actually that some abandon the Way, the Truth and the Life for political and/or personal financial gain. IMO the road to hell is paved with islam intentions!

  76. tCotUS says:

    Who gives a rat rear what Mtchell is going to do …

  77. Monica says:

    No way is she going to be president She is a traitor and got disbarred as an attorney. She still thinks she and her husband are going to be King and Queen. She forced our children to eat the garbage she threw in the trash.

  78. Jeff T. says:

    I’m sure she’s considering it – she most likely misses the attention of fawning lemmings and the luxury of having all her travel and a huge staff paid for by us. Plus, if you recall….she hates America! Who could make a better candidate for the Democratic party?

  79. C Michaels says:

    When does the big ‘reveal’ occur ? That she is really a he.

  80. Alleged Comment says:

    Are you kidding me?? Did you see what the Negress’s wife has done to this country for 8 years? All of them illegal and incompetent? And the sodomite was never arrested for this, nor his handlers.

    Please don’t make fun of Negroes anymore. It’s getting a bit tiring and you just end up annoying the Negroes.

  81. Donna M Rogers says:

    God I hope not. She is a useless and Barack Obama was. Democrats would probably love for her to run. Had enough of the Obamas for the last 8 years.

  82. erleebird says:

    Oh darm! I thought she had decided to go to live in Indonesia!

  83. Stever says:

    There is no cure for the political cancer called obamaosis, it attaches itself to weak brains and harbors in the schools, that teach how that cancer will benefit them. Moochella, will turn her followers, into the rotted food that she wished upon them in schools.

  84. Joe Overlease says:

    I looking forward to see her on the next episode of Cops, She meets the requirements, loud mouth, unemployed, Black, No ID, a criminal and has no respect for the Law God or Country. Book em Danno!

  85. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Oh good a Muslim Half Black, that actually became president and now a monkey. A real honest to goodness monkey. It’s got to be nominated first.

  86. Robert A Oziomek says:

    Her big ass won’t fit into the chair. Her and her husband have done more than enough damage.

  87. Deplorable Lanie says:

    Why in the world would she run for President? What kind of background does she have and how would she be anymore qualified than her idiot husband? Someone needs to explain to me how being First Lady qualifies you to be President?

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Should it be said… Because she/he is *_____________.

      *Fill in the blank with the word most appropriate to complete the sentence..

  88. rick meek says:

    At this rate – there won’t be a US…….

    Folks – DC – rinos or disgustocrats – DON’T HAVE A CLUE AS TO FREE MARKETS OR HEALTH INSURANCE……Obozo threw BILLIONS into the market – like CLEAN ENERGY companies —–THEY TOOK IT AND WENT BANKRUPT………Hospitals – Insurance companies have made billions since 08…Politicians made millions (Warren) offa stocks – bonds and kick backs – DC makes 170K a year but everyone of them is worth MILLIONS …….

    1. C Michaels says:

      Agree with most of your points. However i know for a fact health insurance companies, save the non-profit Blue Crosses, All lost money since Obamacare. Which is why giant UnitedHealthcare pulled out of the obongocare market for 2017 and won’t come back for 2018. They lost an estimated $500 million on obongocare policies in 2016. Also several long standing health insurers went totally out of business, like Assurant, which had been in business as Time Ins. Co. since 1898. Aetna, another giant, also pulled out of most of their previous markets since they also lost boo-coo money.

      The obama/demtard idea was to drive all the health insurers out of the market, leaving only the Blues, who would then turn into a Gov’t agency. Since they administer a lot of the other gov’t health insurance programs now, like Medicaid and Medicare.

  89. ARVIN says:


  90. mary says:

    Can’t she just ride off into the sunset?

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Is that why there is a total eclipse on August 21, 2017?

  91. Pattie Kelly says:

    It’s clear that Obama thinks he’s still the president by all his tail following our President and well Michelle why should she do anything else but campaign in the swing states and TRY to make a difference in 2020. This is typical Obama bull crap. Even though Obama is an EX-President he can not give up that power. And I predicted he wouldn’t leave gracefully like all the other ex-presidents before him. Heck Jimmy Carter spent his life after a being a president to building homes for Habitat for Humanity. I respect him for that. See that is what ex-presidents should do. Be EX-PRESIDENTS. Obama doesn’t know how he thinks he’s a KING.

  92. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    Oh please do! Now that Trump has taught Republicans how to treat and campaign against Democrats, this will be a lot of fun. The first Obama got thru unvetted but no more, especially from another Obama. We need to know a lot of details that the MSM won’t look into but we will. Such as exact status of sex and sexual deviances. Law licenses. Adoption details. Sources of money. A lot of ideological questions. Independence of “husband”. I’m looking forward to this!

  93. Albedamned! says:

    She should keep running and don’t stop. Run right into the morons that will vote for her.

  94. Dennis Anderson says:

    Will it be like Selena Williams playing male or female foot ball? Why do they even write this crap isnt your hind sight 20 – 2020

  95. Nina Ferguson says:

    And here I had hoped we were through with the Obama clan. Well, we can always hope.

    1. cowboy541 says:

      just like being done with the Clinton clan.

  96. bearone7777 says:

    Yeah that would be great—-We get a little ways out of the dam hole her so–called HUSBAND?? But us in, and she comes in and finishes off the so–called “REPUBLIC”!!!

  97. cowboy541 says:

    I personally like to see her in front ot a group of her per’s facing the possible crimes that she has committed (Stealing from the USA TAX payers on all of her “vacations”

  98. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Please check her groin area first before allowing this homo to run for anything political. amen

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Unless she runs for the border–

  99. NancyNurse says:

    In 1993 Michelle decided to give up her law license, otherwise she would have been indicted for insurance fraud. Michelle Obama “voluntarily surrendered” her Illinois law license in 1993 after a Federal Judge gave her the choice between surrendering her
    license or standing trial for Insurance fraud. I have doubts whether she wants to remain in politics, but only Michelle can answer this question.

  100. Low Cover says:

    sHe can run for transgender sl*t of the year.

  101. Robert Walters says:

    Once we tie the Clinton Foundation and the Obama Foundation to the Deep State Traitor George Soras and get the Obama papers from his not yet built library. They might all be in jail for treason. She can start a second career in Syria as a Muslim wife when they flee from justice. LOL. AMERICA FIRST ! Get It ?

  102. DIANNA GOULD says:

    You mean Michele Obama HE not a SHE thinking about running for President, not in a million years – I would want a DNA test on her and a physical to prove she is a transgender, NO WAY will she be president. She lies as much as Obama did

  103. crockett says:

    Are you kidding me ? Michael needs to just divorce obozo and take all he has then she /he would be happy.

  104. jesse says:

    God forbid that race-baiting, anti-American leftist put the finishing touches on our republic! We barely survived the reign of his destroyer-in-chief husband, time will tell if we did, but another 8 years of a radical and it’s over!!

  105. jim jones says:

    What a coincidence, the guy who fixed my refrigerator isn’t running for president either!

  106. rimshoes says:

    She/He needs to go back to that tribe in South America.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      South America or South Africa?

  107. Calvin Harwick says:

    CHRIST;Another mutton head wanta be????????

  108. WilliamHarrington says:

    She should be listed as ‘ex-first lady’ since a REAL First Lady with class is now in residence in the WH.

  109. NoCoincidences says:

    Make no mistake, (if) that thing decides to ‘run’ for President, it will not be her calling the shots. It will be her double puppeteers- Jarret and 0bozo- under the direction of Soros, to finish what 0bozo started…

  110. ter334 says:

    HRC proved one thing. No longer does the democrat party .puppet propaganda machine call the shots in elections. Whom ever runs will have to bring their A game of openness, honesty, a desire to be a public servant working for the country and not the party. By default most ds are not qualified. O and HRC have ruined it for blacks and women as candidates. Not all blacks and women are like these two but they started the blame game of calling others names–like hating women, are homophiles, are racist, and are infidels, I(f you are against their view they have a “N” type word for you to put you in your place, But we all know their place, out of office, and will vote to make it happen!. We shall overcome!

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