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Michelle Obama Made a Statement About Trump That Left Everyone Speechless

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  1. flasawdust says:

    She is bottom of the barrel SCUM.

    1. birdman says:

      to call her a bitch is a insult to a dog

      1. John Somers says:

        THANK YOU !!!!!!

    2. Bob Marcum says:

      Don’t forget to pile opra freewind, in the same layer with her; and, while you’re at-it, include the biggest crook in the private world ( soros ).

  2. drbhelthi says:

    Amazing how ones wishes and female hormones affect a male body.
    Why should the mouthings of a male transvestite, in a sodomy relationship with another male, be important?

    There is some evidence that Sodom and Gomorrah were real events.

    1. Shaymamma8 says:

      Wow, Michelle Obama looks more like a woman than Trumpf’s manwife. I am just shocked at the amount of people who are looking forward to the first ho in the white house. Wow!!!

      1. bovestrian says:

        I sense a black person commenting here.

      2. mossycoves says:

        Shameful comment. Confess YO sins Mama Sahy

    2. Jeri Schroeder says:

      I dislike the Obamas intensely but saying things like your comment makes conservatives look as witless a BLM.

        1. Betty Anthony says:

          You are proving his point, dear.

    3. Kathryn Grant says:

      To say those things is pure evil. As much as I dislike her, you have no facts on the matter. Until you do, that is a disgusting comment to make. Yes, I’ve seen the pics too, but I also know how to use photoshop. Until someone can prove it, the less those types of things are said, the better. It just makes us all look crazy.

      1. John Somers says:

        THANK YOU so much Kathryn, I may not like what they combined did to America and I may also believe that his pension should be revoked I don’t wish any evil on either of them. They made their bed now they have to lie in it.

      2. drbhelthi says:

        You obviously do not understand the meaning of “pure evil”.
        Nor does my comment reflect either you or “us all”.

        Your comment, “I´m sorry, but she´s a pig”, reflects hypocrisy, thus narcissistic religiosity.

        Your hypocrisy is evil.

        1. Kathryn Grant says:

          Still waiting to see some facts from a credible source.

  3. rsgonner says:

    Can’t get rid of these ungrateful people soon enough.

    1. Kathryn Grant says:

      Amen! Although my health insurance will never recover!

      1. John E Strom Jr. says:

        Kathryn, soon you’ll be able to shop anywhere in the country for health insurance! THAT is called competition – a word the trendy liberal left hates.

        1. Kathryn Grant says:

          Um, no I won’t. I am retired and my insurance comes from my former employer.

    2. Bob Marcum says:

      people ? wrong word; slime is more appropriate.

  4. Ezra Autajay says:

    With a statement like that from Michelle Obama all that she is doing is the one who is dviding OUR Country with hatred and the bullying of those who did not vote her Democratic party.

  5. OrlandoRican says:

    She’s just laying out the roadwork for what she’ll be doing after she leave the WH. She knows that the only way to stay relevant to use race as a factor. She figures that it works great for Jackson and Sharpton, so why not for her.

    1. mossycoves says:

      Precisely. They have purchased a house in So Cal. Likely she will run for Congress. Easier to win there just like Hillary did in New York. Then after serving a term or two will run for president of the USA being not only the first woman to be president, but the first Black woman to hold a prominent office. Good Luck with that

      1. Southerngirl says:

        Oh no. Trump is going to be a GREAT President. He will bring jobs back to OUR country and he will HELP the “RACIAL DIVISION” that Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama have pushed and pushed since the 1st day they went into OUR White House. The Democratic Party will NOT have another Democratic president until they get together and start being HONEST to ALL the American people on how and WHY they lost this election. And it’s pretty simple. There are some Democrats that have already come out and spoke their truth. Hillary Clinton is to blame. She thinks these stars and singers know how WE THE PEOPLE feel. They are RICH. Filthy rich. They know NOTHING about how it feels to NOT have jobs. Among so many other things. She NEVER even gave the REAL people the time of day. It was the African Americans and the stars and singers. And the majority of African Americans did NOT vote for her. They stayed home. And there were more than what were predicted that voted for Trump. All of them have been saying for the longest that Obama has NEVER helped his people that were in the inner cities. People from his hometown of Chicago have said that he doesn’t even come to visit there. So they knew Hillary Clinton would be the same or worse. BOTTOM LINE!!!!!

      2. John E Strom Jr. says:

        …..AND Michelle [Moochella] will get her ass kicked by whomever runs against her.

        Ivanka Trump for President 2024. Now SHE has brains, not to mention she’s gorgeous and doesn’t suffer fools.

    2. nicholsda says:

      Sharpton if he is smart will follow through on his threat to leave if Trump was elected. He owes taxes and in Jan, a new law signed by 0bama goes into affect. It allows the DOS to cancel passports of those who owe over $50K.

  6. Mark V says:

    Having to now pay herself for the lavish vacas she is used to is enough to give her no hope.

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

      She lived high off us poor people so how does she say she has no hope. ITS US POOR WHO SAW NO HOPE UNDER THIS ADMINISTRATION OF OBAMA AND HIS AGENDA TO DESTROY AMERICA.

      1. Betty Anthony says:

        We3ll, they’ll get plenty of retirement for the rest of his life as a past President.

    2. flasawdust says:

      They will get $400,000 per year from us and if they do like Bill and Hitlery they will also get 100% of living expenses on top of that.

    3. mossycoves says:

      Not only the lavish vacations, but they now own plush housing & living accommodations in DC, So Cal, and HI. They still have the modest house in Chicago.
      How is it that someone who was a community organizer just a few years back, then served a President at a salary of $450K per year, pretend to own 3 luxury homes?

      1. John E Strom Jr. says:

        You can bet they stole plenty for their “retirement” and will be paid handsomely by the Jeff Bezos’ owned Washington Post to attack Trump.

        BOYCOTT the Washington Post AND Amazon. Don’t give that bald headed PO trash a dime.

      2. Mark V says:

        His name is George Soros, probably paid Obamas tuition at Harvard, funding O’s new shadow gov’t to protect his legacy.

      3. Jessie Martin Foster Sr. says:

        Mossy coves you left out Florida
        They have a house there to !

      4. bytheway4 says:

        mossy, you forgot he bought a home in Saudi Arabia. ( with more of our money. )

  7. GeorgeKocan says:

    Democrats have no shame! Her days of living large off the taxpayer are coming to a close. No more bloated staff, no more junkets to Africa and other places. Boo, hoo!

  8. desert fox says:

    Well, sweetheart, we will finally have a lady with class back in the White House. We have never been so disgusted with any administration before this one. We will be able to put the lampshades back on the lights. You’ve lived off of the American People for eight years and we want our money back. Since you can’t stand America, we would be glad to get you out of our beautiful country with rosie o’donnell and the others who threatened to leave the country if PRESIDENT TROMP won. At least bathhouse barry will be able to wear your drags now. (but he would have to have them taken in)!!!! And I still want to know who killed the choirboy from rev. wrong’s church!

    1. John Somers says:

      Hell, I’ll even rent the Frontend Loader to help them pack and rent the truck to take their crap MINUS of course what belongs to the AMERICAL people to the boat headed for Africa.

      1. Bob Marcum says:

        Just sell them on the slavery market. Maybe, we can at least, get some money back, for them.

  9. Carl says:

    Michelle Obama is trash.

  10. What planet is she from? As Guliana said about Obama,” he’s not one of us.” She’s in the same boat!

  11. Paul Whitley says:

    I have never been as proud of America as when Hillary and the Obamas were defeated – it has restored my confidence and the road to recovery is now open.
    As far as is concerned, who listens to her?

    1. John Somers says:

      Her husband or else he don’t get any and we all know he’s whipped in that department.

      1. bytheway4 says:

        John, obama is gay but Michael ( fake michelle ) still has his penis. They don’t even sleep in the same room.

  12. Kathryn Grant says:

    I’m sorry, but she’s a pig. That’s what I feel whenever I have the misfortune to hear her voice. I’ve never been one for calling names, but the truth is the truth. I don’t know which person I detest more, Michelle or Hilary.

    1. Debby says:

      Insult to pigs. Lol

      1. Kathryn Grant says:

        LOL, you’re right! Pigs are cuter and have more class! I apologize to all the little piglets!

        1. John Somers says:

          Plus the FACT that pigs are smarter.

          1. harpo49 says:

            and smell better

        2. Donald Evans says:

          And she isn’t a she. Michelle/Michael. Michael LaVaun Robinson.

          1. Charles P says:

            And SHE IS NOT A “FIRST LADY”!!!!!!!!

          2. kaw says:

            She’s the first trans-gender.

          3. granny says:

            First Queen?

          4. harpo49 says:

            drag queen

          5. granny says:

            Yep. This big deal about her/him saying that there is no hope now….is a joke. She/he has no hope because she/he can’t live high on the backs of good, hard working Americans. It will be interesting to see what happens to the happy couple when BO no longer needs her.

          6. Danni Smith says:

            divorce, within one year, my square on the pool.

          7. David in MA says:

            after Obama flees to Indonesia to escape justice.

          8. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Qatar. Clinton too. She already transferred billions to that tiny place last year.

          9. David in MA says:

            Where’s Qatar?

          10. Eleanor Cummings says:

            You know what? I never looked it up. Hold that thought.

            Got it- now we both know. 🙂

            Qatar, officially the State of Qatar, is a sovereign country located in Western Asia, occupying the small Qatar Peninsula on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. Its sole land border is with Saudi Arabia to the south, with the rest of its territory surrounded by the Persian Gulf. An arm of the Persian Gulf separates Qatar from the nearby island country of Bahrain.

          11. David in MA says:

            A full blown muslim country, any woman who goes there is a fool……. If Clinton banked big bucks there it will finance ISIS.

          12. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Of course. I may still have it on file, I hope. She became Muslim in when she was SOS, though it didn’t say if Bill did at that time. HE’S sure keeping a low profile, isn’t he??

          13. David in MA says:

            If she transferred funds it would also be that slick is low profile because he is also transferring funds, I expect when the whole thing blows up, due to the Trump invest, the clintons, obama’s and a bunch of others will flee to Qatar, Indonesia or some other place which has no extradition treaty with America to avoid prosecution, but muslim countries? Seems like a self induced death sentence.

          14. Harvey says:

            THE bozos STOLE billions of dollars from the USA, like THE Clintons. They all belong in PRISON for fraud and corruption and inciting violence and hatred against the LEGAL CITIZENS of America and TREASON! They are all hooked on drugs and pals with many Muslims WHO wish to make America a Muslim Country!

          15. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Harvey, you’re getting close to more of the truth. But there’s a heck of a lot the people don’t even have the faintest glimmer about, nor will th,ey until they stop listening to the corrupt MSM.

          16. Jeronimo Dan says:

            Being Pals with Muslim’s is because he is a Muslim, he just can’t take the chance of going into the Middle East, due to lack of security, he being a queer, could find himself standing on the ledge of a tall building, about to be pushed to his death! Oh happy day…

          17. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Oh, but the Obama’s will CONTINUE to live high on the hog until they dance at the end of a gallows rope, both of them, along with all three of the traitorous Clintons.

          18. David in MA says:

            They are called She-Males, dress like a woman but still carry the spigot.

          19. Jeronimo Dan says:

            Obama, told one of his male lover’s, Michael is hung like a small pony. That’s the only thing that keeps him hanging around.

          20. old codger says:

            Yeah, it looks like she WAS dragged through the streets!

          21. bovestrian says:

            Married to Bareback Obutcher.

          22. Jeronimo Dan says:

            They did say, he was a pretty good high school football player, before he traded his uniform in for a dress.

            And by the way has anyone ever seen a photo of Michael while he was pregnant? No…well, I’ll be dang.

          23. 1937shirley says:

            Could be!

        3. Howleyesque says:

          Yep right you are ladies, ALL either of those two amount too is yet one MORE lying, hypocritical MAGGOT!

      2. Mac says:

        Your truth is well spoken!

    2. joe says:

      and Piglosi, and Eliz Warren, and Wasserman, and Donna Brazile and etc, etc, etc

      1. Leo says:

        Joe, I don’t think you like women. I believe we call that “homosexual”!!!

        1. phil62 says:

          No dude – you need to do some research before making your statement. He has a clear point on every name he entered. There are a lot of women I don’t like and there are a lot of men and all these mentioned in this article in fit. I guarantee you that I am not a homo. Maybe you need to look in the mirror.

          1. Tracy Smith says:

            Exactly ?

        2. Steve Rath says:

          Leo, he didn’t reference any “women”.

          1. Bob Marcum says:

            That’s right. He only referenced sows.

        3. Bob Marcum says:

          No, Leo; Joe just doesn’t like these particular women; and, he’s right on target, with so many more millions of citizens, just like him.

        4. boldly says:

          Not we “you”?

        5. Merle Dickey says:

          I think he was talking about the women we have in politics that need to be removed .There are some of them as well as some of the men too .

      2. John E Strom Jr. says:

        The swamp IS deep with lots of sows wallowing in it. Pull the plug and let the draining begin.

        1. nicholsda says:

          I think filling the swamp with gators would be better. Gets rid of two problems. Gets rid of the Dem idiots and the Rinos. And we’d have them there to clean up the EPA and other Depts.

          1. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Excellent suggestion! Let’s start with the two RINOs, Lindsey Graham and John “War Hero” McCain. I hope the gators can stomach them. 😉

          2. nicholsda says:

            If you’ve seen what I’ve seen gators munch on, they would have no problems with those two. After McCain, I think Kerry would be a good second course.

          3. John E Strom Jr. says:

            Au contraire! Before John Kerry is munched and crunched upon on we should consider Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, James Comey and John Brennan. A Christmas gift from America to the world – and the alligator family. 🙂

          4. harpo49 says:

            how could you forget al sharpton jesse jackson

          5. Howleyesque says:

            Or… LYNCH!

          6. stephen1337 says:

            ….and don’t forget that great American “patriot”, harry the rat, reid” . Apologies to all rats everywhere…..kerry is the traitor to us Vietnam vets who will not forget him trashing us before congress. Odd, I don’t member anyone telling us he was our spokesman who proceeded to tell anyone who would listen about the atrocities we all committed. …how many names on “THE WALL” did kerry help put in their graves??….truly a maggot and “war hero.”

          7. nicholsda says:

            Reid might make them sick. He would be like a Bufo marinus. They can only stand one bite before they turn up their noses at them. Leaves a bad taste in their mouths, which pretty much describes Reid.

          8. Dick says:

            Don’t forget Paul Rino Ryan.

          9. John E Strom Jr. says:

            AND Mitch McConnell. So many RINOs so little time! But we’ll happily make time. 🙂

          10. John Somers says:

            ONLY one thing don’t send the Odumbos here, don’t want to make the Gators sick you know.
            BAD meat

          11. harpo49 says:

            why because of the aids

          12. old codger says:

            I don’t know to whom to credit this as this is how I received it, the author was stripped off!! War hero my A S S !

            John McCain’s Dirty Little Secret


            McCain’s ISIS Ties Are Too Numerous For America


            John McCain Responds to Staged ISIS Beheading Video


            McCain and the POW cover-up The ‘war hero’ candidate
            buried information about POWs left behind in Vietnam


            John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s


          13. Eleanor Cummings says:

            Paul Ryan and McConnell too.

          14. John Somers says:

            Works real well here in Louisiana !

          15. nicholsda says:

            Problem here in Florida is if they hit the surface of the Everglades too fast, the gators would miss out on the meal. That was proven when we lost an airliner in the Everglades West of MIA.

        2. Arrowof Light says:

          round up the sows and send them to the slaughter house.

        3. Howleyesque says:

          And ALL in the employ of? Soros and the Saudi’s! Swamp? More like CESSPOOL!

        4. harpo49 says:

          and then haul them off to the landfill

        5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

          I pray that our PRESIDENT TRUMP can drain all of these people that have done harm to our people and our country out and see that they never hold office again in our government.

      1. Kathryn Grant says:

        I don’t know what President Obama is…but he’s not a real man.

        1. yatesracing says:


        2. Bob Marcum says:

          He’s SCUM. He takes credit for killing his cousin ( Bin Ladan ).
          Theynwould have worked well, together, had he not betrayed O.B.L,
          for political reasons. They were cut from the same cloth.

    3. Leo says:

      Kathryn, wonder what you think of Melania, your soon to be First Lady? The nude model, the mail order bride, the barely-English speaking accessory who her husband is leaving back in NY? As opposed to Michelle, a woman with a law degree, articulate, a good mother, no drama, concerned about good nutrition. What exactly is your dislike based on? Racism, stupidity, or were you porcine princess at the state fair &think pig’s a complement ?

      1. John E Strom Jr. says:

        Leo, Melania Trump has class, speaks several languages and is gorgeous. SHE is a lady, Michelle is a pretender, an ape in heels with lipstick. Only a liberal would take shots at Melania.

        1. Bob Marcum says:


      2. Fedup says:

        A lot of good a law degree does her when she and obama were disbarred. She maybe could get a job somewhere through affirmative action. As far as Melania is concerned at least she’s a “real woman”. leo take some advice. Don’t leave your mother’s basement and step out into the real world and see what’s going on, it would scare you to death.

        1. nicholsda says:

          0bazo committed a felony when he filled out his bar application. It asks for AKAs and he did not list any. Hey Barrack, Barry is an AKA!

      3. phil62 says:

        She is a MAN = not a mother. The kids are not even theirs. She is low life just like her pos tranny lover.

        1. Kathryn Grant says:

          Oh stop it. You look so ignorant when you say this stuff. Back it up with a credible source or leave that talk elsewhere.

          1. Charles P says:

            IT WaS ALL PLANNED ON LIVE TV, FROM CHICAGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            I SAW IT!

            One man objected and threatened to RAT THEM ALL OUT, if they did not give them two girls.

          2. phil62 says:

            Do Your Research! Don’t take my word for it. All you have to do is type “the daughters of Obama” or all the reports and proof of “Michelle is really a man”. Those are “CREDIBLE SOURCES”. “IGNORANCE” is not knowing the truth. STUPIDITY is knowing the truth but refusing to believe it because it does not fit into your preferred regard for the facts and the person. There are also NUMEROUS articles proofing that Obama was, is and always will be a homosexual. With all of the open actions of the GAY’s in this day and time why do you find it so difficult to believe that the Obama’s are gay just because he is gay? Who was the person that ordered OUR Whitehouse to be flooded with night lights of the GAY flag?? THAT in itself was an INTERNATIONAL INSULT to the vast majority of Americans. Only a gay person would do something like that.

          3. shamu9 says:

            Women don’t have Adam’s Apples! Moochie has a Large one. There are Photos of her Junk Showing through her pant suit Drawers too! All over the net!

          4. COMPU-TRON says:

            You’re a real class act, Bozo.

          5. shamu9 says:

            Ask anyone from Chicago’s Gay Community about “Bath-House Barry”! The only reason to be a Dem is Govt $$ Welfare.$$ How much is your Tribe Knocking Down??

      4. Are you full of Sh**, or is it my imagination? How do you know that sow has a law degree? That being said, she is a pig!

        1. nicholsda says:

          Had a law degree. Seems she had some legal problems and lost it.

        2. shamu9 says:

          Because the Georgi Soros “Rex Judarum” Owned Media Told us she had a law degree!

      5. Joan Barnett says:

        She is a disgrace to this country, Obama spread more racism than any one else

      6. Bob Marcum says:

        Leo; I finally realized what you are. You are one of a multitude of ignorant liberals, who never had the benefit of a decent upbringing. You have my pity, for your misfortune of ignorance.

      7. Jakked Up says:

        Only a liberal would be so racist as to speak as you about immigrants to this country. My wife is a Brazilian citizen and now working on dual citizenship. You Leo, are the liberal trash that should be leaving this great country due to being a racist pig.

      8. Arrowof Light says:

        michael or moochelle or whatever it’s name is now, had to give up her law license in Illinois or be prosecuted for questionable/illegal things sghe while a lawyer. Now THERE’s Class. Same scummy class as killary.

      9. Kathryn Grant says:

        I don’t care for her arrogance. Like her husband she is a racialist and a liar too. She along with the President has set race relations back 50 years. She has no class..none. Compare First Lady Laura Bush’ s conduct when leaving the White House. She gave no nasty interviews about the Obamas, and even defended Michelle, saying kindly “She didn’t mean it”, when Michelle made her “First time I’m proud of my country” remark. While we are at it, compare conservatives behavior when President Obama was elected to the way liberals are acting. We were every bit as devastated as they are now. Riots and death threats to the electors? Really?

      10. desert fox says:


      11. porkexpress says:

        Leo, why don’t you try eating the good nutritious food she is forcing the school kids to eat. They hate it and there is not enough carbs or protein to keep a child active. Why doesn’t she go down to the communities that Obama was an organizer and tell them to change their eating habits.

      12. John Somers says:

        PLEASE get your head out of the sand !!
        I would MUCH rather have a First Lady like Melania.
        FIRST of all She IS a LADY not like the POS who’s there now, thank GOD.

      13. shamu9 says:

        Moochie isn’t a Mother! S-he’s a Man. Those girls are actors!

    4. cpbcop says:

      Kathryn…..my sentiments exactly! You could not have pinned a better response.

    5. SherryMac1956 says:

      Don’t be sorry a bit. Yep! Put lipstick on a pig…still a pig.

    6. Lori Shaw says:

      Kathryn Grant – True, true, but you left out that she has no class….just another rude and crude Democrat. I look at it this way, she has no class and Obama is an arse. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

    7. WatchDog says:

      Quit talking sheat about my pigs, its hurtful

    8. jscarano7 says:

      yeah””’one stinks an one smells

    9. dude says:

      I dislike them both but for myself I will say I hate hillary more

    10. John Somers says:

      DON’T be sorry for saying millions of us are thinking !!!
      I agree with you

    11. harpo49 says:

      it’s a toss up ain’t it

    12. J A says:

      Pigs are smart, this baboon isn’t…or rather an ape in heels.

    13. Floria says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth…I would love to see both Michelle and HK locked in a room together forever……we could pay to go see them and throw snacks to them…..it would be so worth the money…at any price…I can’t wait for these people to be gone…..

    14. old codger says:

      I think you meant Mikey or HellBitchery! Mooch is reputed heavily to be Mikey with very, very small male attributes!!

    15. Phillip says:

      Your comment is horrible. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      Don’t take my word for it, instead go ask your pastor/minister if calling anyone a pig is appropriate.

    16. ernldo says:

      I hate them both to the maximum

    17. Rodger K. Shull says:

      well for me, it is even stephen, 150% for both, both are DISGUSTING. If there was a NOBLE PIECE PRIZE for DISGUSTING, they would have to share it

    18. Rodger K. Shull says:

      I have the same feeling for both of them, it is a EQUAL 150% they are tied for 1st place, an pelosi is in 2nd an waters is in 3rd an warren in 4th, LOSERS ALL OF THEM

  13. Janet says:

    Never have liked her and her joy in spending taxpayer funds for lavish vacations and destroying the lunch menus to a point where even hungry kids can’t eat what is served is joyfully coming to an end. She has worked hard to assist Obama in creating tension among the races that had calmed since MLK and encouraged racial violence along with the murders a numerous law enforcement officers. And, she has made a disgraceful fool of herself appearing on TV programs…the dignity of the position of First Lady was lost on her.
    2017 should bring real Class back to the White House and make it a place to once again be proud of. Obama may have run on a promise of hope, but I am constantly wondering who benefitted from his “hope”…illegals, the government assistance dependent, terrorists? It sure has not been the taxpayer, the seniors, those who had decent health insurance that was affordable before Obamacare, or the security of America.

    1. joe says:

      Getting free shit from those of us who work for a living is part of her culture…………..she thinks she’s entitled…….

      1. John Somers says:

        She is entitled. She’s entitled to be put behind bars for accessory after the fact, she’s also entitled to be charged with being an ENEMY of the State.

    2. John Somers says:

      Let’s just wait and see what they STEAL from the White House and the charge them with Grand Theft, there’s the first part of getting the BEHIND bars.

      1. NanaSez says:

        Was there anything left after the Clinton’s cleaned it out?

        1. Bob Marcum says:

          It has been said, that, sh was forced to give it back.
          But; she left the Ft. Knox treasures for obuma.

      2. Bob Marcum says:

        They don’t need to steal from the white house. They’ve already stolen this nation’s gold,
        from Ft. Knox; or, have you all forgotten about the mysterious cargo plane loads, which
        left Ft. Knox, headed for Africa, in 2011-2012? We need an inventory of the vault n Ft. Knox
        ( and a full accounting, for everything that’s left there, since obuma took office).

    3. Mary Ann says:

      Awesome writing Janet. I back every word you said. Mrs. Obama will not be miss . I only wish she could have train her husband to keep his shoes off the people furniture in the people White House. It’s show how they grew up ! No class at all. Other thing why don’t they go and live in Chicago where they started from. Are they too scared to live there ? Their friend the mayor turn a nice city into other Detroit. Or maybe they should go back to Kanya, Philippines or Hawaii where ever Mrs. Obama can feel like a true LIEING person. Also I hope she will tell her husband Obama to pay back the $$$$$ money he took from Social Security before they leave for good. Hello President TRUMP !??

      1. Rob says:

        You are awesome!! Could not have said it better myself! I am sick of all of these crying heart Liberals who think it was all not fair that Trump won. I personally think someone who has not served our Military should not serve as President, but in this case, I am willing to make an exception. We need a good strong person to take on the Morons who have been running things.

      2. bytheway4 says:

        Mary Ann, obama went to the Philippines, not long ago and telling them how to run their country, he was kicked out and was told never, ever to come back.

  14. joe says:

    These people set our great Nation back 60 years…………….what a terrible, terrible mistake it was to elect this POS and to put his racist wife in the White House.

    1. John Somers says:

      remember, WE did NOT elect him the cemetery vote and those serving 5 to 10 years for voter fraud did. There were also a lot of folks who took mooshell’s advice to VOTE EARLY and VOTE OFTEN.

  15. bovestrian says:

    There’s a reason SOME black people are called niggers. Unfortunately she is one of them.

    1. Kathryn Grant says:

      You may feel it ok to say that now, but it’s not right even if some black people still persist in calling each other that. Don’t give anyone an excuse to play the race card. They do it enough when there is no reason. Don’t give them one!

  16. tundrafox says:

    michael obama, still is a liar as he still pretends to a woman with a bulge in his skirt. We are all tired of the lies this administration has perpetrated on us over the last 8 years and the biggest insult to America was his plan to tear apart the Constitution and use it for toilet paper. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/566c3ab05662bdd72174edc424cf1412807a01f49dda3a3b92281a5bd63a6070.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/31aca5e2d07694bcd5f8d6d9be04ac7e1acebe7a991538d6edb91aadf5e36069.jpg

    1. bytheway4 says:

      tundrafox, A friend sent me toilet paper just like that, I keep it out in the open, a few people asked me for a few sheets.I had people take pictures of it. I don’t dare use it , I’m afraid that I might get a disease from that devil face.

      1. tundrafox says:

        Sorry, I was afraid of the ink coming off the paper and sticking to me permanently, I don’t think my lady would appreciate that. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/566c3ab05662bdd72174edc424cf1412807a01f49dda3a3b92281a5bd63a6070.jpg

  17. Reiner says:

    There are two ways leaders show itself, they lead and those who do the work will be praised; the other way is to solicitate for praise by making others small. Good parents do the first, and some of the political elite, incl. the current White House occupiers prefer the later behavior. Glad it is over soon!

  18. Debby says:

    IDIOT!!!! Wahhhhh wahhhh wahhhhhh

  19. Mike Tanco says:

    These statements by her just show you how brain washed the woman is and blind she is to reality. This country is not better off now than it was 8 years ago. Her husband has spent more money than all previous Presidents combined and the economy is in need of an overhaul. Millions of people are out of work and on government assistance while he spends $3.6 million to play golf with Tiger Wood.
    Michelle Obama has been on an 8 year vacation and it appears she is sorry for it to come to an end. She’s wrong about our hope though. Many of us had hoped her husband would never serve two full terms.

  20. Radman414 says:

    Inane comments seem to run in the Obama family: President Obama recently remarked “Almost every country on Earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than it was eight years ago.” What a load of unadulterated “Bravo Sierra” (i.e., a big lie that even the liberal elites can’t “swallow”). Colonel Oliver North lays out the factors that absolutely and completely refute Obama’s inane statement:


  21. Jacob Bagnell says:

    She can stick it up her fat ass!

  22. oldk says:

    Well, In a way Michelle and barrack were right. She said that Barrack told the country it would be all right and since we have elected Donald Trump Barrack is being proven true.

  23. TPS12 says:

    Will be rid of you soon please gather you and your ilk and move to cuba.

  24. Linda Contois says:

    Mr. Trump is way to diplomatic to say anything. But I am not….Mr. & Mrs. Obama and all three Clintons have done almost everything to steal the WH from Mr. Trump.
    Mr. Trump is a true businessman, he will make this Country a MAJOR POWER AGAIN, not the laughing stock that OBAMA has.
    The ONE THING that I will give Mrs. Obama credit for is getting the kids in schools to think about eating better. With that said, she definitely needs to choose better TOLE MODELS for her kids….half naked Beyoncé,
    certainly isn’t a good choice.
    Also may want to have another talk to Maya about smoking pot.

    1. melissasmom says:

      From what I saw of my granddaughter’s school lunches when this school lunch attack first started, it is no wonder kids are now thinking about eating better. Somehow, the school has recently improved its food choices, and I am proud of that.

  25. mossycoves says:

    This woman is either totally delusional, totally out of touch with reality or is really simply just “STUPID”

  26. Gary Asti says:

    What do you expect from a low life piece of ugly unable to properly dress piece of trash?? Hell she can’t even put her shoes on without help
    Damn woman (I think a woman) go away

  27. Charles R Donahue says:

    Not surprised at all since she was so much a part of the concept of BLM and the plan to force Islam on America. When a faith(?) is developed in the way the Obamas was in Chicago, what can we expect???

  28. Bob says:

    Moochelle, yep now she can go back to not being proud of her country, poor thing can’t go to Africa on our money any more…..never been so happy to see “those people” leave, now we can go back to calling it the Whitehouse after it’s fumigated.

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      I’ll pay their ONE WAY ticket to Africa – IF they promise to NEVER return. And happy to do it.

  29. John E Strom Jr. says:

    Michelle Obama truly IS an ape in heels. Whomever came up with that hit the nail on the head. My nickname for her husband, Barack Hussein, is Bambi. Good riddance to these to fakes.

  30. Fedup says:

    She’s just mad because she will have to pay for her vacations instead of the taxpayers picking up the tab. Just think, because of her husband she/he can use whatever restroom he/she wants to. The country will no longer be ruled by racists.

  31. lbokarius says:

    This bitch just has shown Americans and the whole world what obama family represented of themselves always. Shame on all of us, Americans, that this couple was in White House for 8 years

  32. JLin says:

    Hey Kathryn, the Obamas will be talking about you at dinner in the White House tonight unless they have already escaped to Hawaii on another taxpayer financed “vacation.” They will classify you as a “racist” since you had the gall to simply disagree with them. Half a joke. I certainly agree with you. The last 8 years have been a nightmare. I have over 50 years in the health insurance business and Barry managed to totally destroy not only my business and those of my friendly local competitors but he also totally destroyed the paternalistic ways that small business employers handled their employees historically. Employers have never been the enemy. I have been exceedingly proud of our employer clients in the ways that they have stood up and covered for and subsidized their employees. Obama offhandedly, well, with Michelle’s help and help from people like Hillary Clinton, people who never handled employees on a daily basis, never handled payrolls for people who formed their daytime families, who nevertheless tore apart the finances of the middle class and the upper lower class with their incredibly poorly thought out ObamaCare format and pricing.

    Here’s hoping for a complete reconstruction of government and how government works. It could not have come at a better time.

  33. JLin says:

    He got elected by the never thinking, gimme me my ObamaPhone, bunch that simply wants more from government.

  34. peter Pirzadeh says:

    Michelle is in the same category of sore losers as Clintons and their cohorts. I have heard her being eloquent in using concepts and metaphors that actually makes sense, but only when she is describing something on behalf of her husband, specific groups or even liberal ideologues. But quite curiously she becomes quite numb in using the same wisdom when the opposition scores so definitively!!! That puts the dishonesty barometer right up where Hillary’s is. The difference is that Michelle and her husband are out of the office by default whereas Hillary lost as a direct relationship to her deceitful conduct all around. I think Michelle needs to look in the mirror and have talk one on one to figure out whether she has the same standard regardless of wins or loses.

  35. Henryk says:

    More sour grapes from the Obama’s and some very gracious speech from Trump himself. Now who sounds more presidential, Obama’s drivel or Trump, I vote Trump, again

  36. James Mullendore says:


  37. phil62 says:

    First: she is NOT a SHE, she is a transvestite and the EX president asshole is nothing but another queer. The only people he helped was his fellow homosexuals. Just ask the other ex pres. jerk Bush and his tranny wife. Go to hell Obama along with the Clintons.

  38. 4USA2 says:

    Michelle Obama is making as many TV appearances as she possibly can and saying the country now has no hope, BECAUSE, for starters, Sheriff Joe has found ABSOLUTE PROOF that the Obama birth certificate posted on the White House website is a FAKE. I think the Obama’s are bracing for more questions to come from this ABSOLUTE PROOF of a FAKE. Keep in mind, the first person to bring up the birth certificate issue was Michelle Obama in her speech at the Democrat convention when she said she had told her daughters once they left the white House, not to listen to anything anybody said about their father’s birth certificate or where he was born. She knew right then and there, if Hillary got elected, the “never ending questions about where Obama was REALLY BORN” would be squelched….but if Trump won, the rumor already was out that Sheriff Joe had THE ABSOLUTE PROOF and Michelle knew Obama’s birth place issue was never going to go away. By Absolute proof, we’ve just recently seen the evidence of A REAL HAWAIIAN birth certificate that belongs to another person, is the IDENTICAL one USED to make up some of the LAYERS of Obama’s FAKE one. Identical means photo shopping took info from the REAL person’s certificate and moved it to Obama’s fake one to the ABSOLUTE EXACT letter and even the slant and there is even a “smudge” of ink that was moved during the layering process! Watch the latest presentation by Sheriff Joe and his deputies for yourselves. It’s now on the internet!

    And everybody who is rolling their eyes that this is still ongoing … Keep in mind that it was Barack Obama who started the questions of where he was born by his bio on the jacket of one of the books he allegedly wrote…. the bio said the author, that’s Obama, was born in Kenya. Anyone who has ever written a book knows that the bio is either written BY THE AUTHOR him or herself, or the author’s AGENT WRITES THE BIO AND IT IS APPROVED by the Author before it ever goes to print on the book jacket. That bio is what caused the Clintons, on her first effort to get the Democrat nomination, to start questioning where Obama was born and thus began the word, “birther”.

    All that said, now Michelle Obama wants to try and destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency by saying “we’ve lost all hope” but the really truth is… OUR COUNTRY FINALLY HAS SOME HOPE BACK AGAIN that we will see some prosperity, and people will have jobs again, and all the whinnies wanting freebees will stop whining and start giving their lives some purpose and values to go out and make something of themselves. We also have hope that our borders will get secured and ISIS will stop coming into our country and our $20 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT that Obama ran up, will start to go down before our country is in over it’s head. We all should DEMAND THAT CONGRESS investigate the NEW EVIDENCE of Obama’s FAKE birth certificate because furnishing FAKE ID to this country, when running for the highest office there is, is a CRIME!

  39. John Centonze says:

    I’m sure she is right! B.O. gave hope to ISIS, other terrorist groups, sexual deviants, ILLEGAL immigrants and a multitude of other undesirables, Thanks for nothing from taxpayers, real Americans and people who have any morals!

  40. Joseph Carrilho says:

    Just Think –

    If Trump wins the election it’ll be the first time in history that a billionaire moved into public housing vacated by a black family!

    Another First

    1. melissasmom says:

      Love your sense of humor..

    2. Jessie Martin Foster Sr. says:

      Great one liner Joseph ! Love it 🙂

  41. Alan Walker says:

    After watching barry’s behavior and posture both nationally and internationally as potus, I believe he has proven himself to be and has absolutely earned the title of the first and hopefully the last “islamic sleeper cell president” of our great United States of America!

  42. Bernie Lounds says:

    Boy is she the paper person for stupidity.Most people are celebrating Trumps win. Just to idiot she is married to and she herself isn’t..They just can’t bring themselves to realize that America doesn’t want them in the white house or our politics anymore.

  43. Linda L Misch says:

    she needs to shut her ape gorilla face up her and her Husband ruined this country I’ll be so damn glad to see them gone won’t have to look at her ugly ape face ever again

  44. dude says:

    if you’re listening to that he/she and believe that obama was ok president or that he hasn’t caused most all the crap that’s going across the nation or you believe he’s done anything for this country besides trying to divide americans against one another then you’re part of the problem and that’s why TRUMP is president and he’s not going to put up with this crap

  45. MATTEROFFACT says:

    The saddest thing is she does not understand the fabric of America was built on the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ ,she, and her husband are complete anti-Christ. Not understanding or appreciating the simplest of any concept of why or how our country became in a very short time the GREATEST nation ever and will again be great in spite of Obama’s attempts to destroy her.

  46. MATTEROFFACT says:


  47. bj veteran says:

    I have news for this woman or any other person, if you put your trust (hope) in anyone other that God then you are lost in a life of looking. My mom told me at a young age to expect this best from a person but do not be disappointed if you do not get it. I expect better from D. Trump but I also will not be disappointed if he can’t deliver, after all, he is but human.Man is cursed with flaws ie. greed, jealousy, envy, strife and out and out hate, which takes away from who we are created to be. God does not have these traits, thereby, put your trust(hope) in God

    1. melissasmom says:

      Amen. Our faith may be on the weak side, but His power is Everlasting.

  48. RockyMountainBeerMan says:

    I have hope, we have hope, so your statement is false.

    Well, unless you are talking about just your fellow tranny, homosexual, tri-gender freaks and then, yes, you have no hope.

  49. Wildeagleone says:

    Now that the Obama’s are just about to leave my life and life of all my family and friends, i FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE HER HUSBAND TOOK OFFICE I can finally relax and take a deep breath of HOPE for the future, and know that America has been saved

  50. Fredrick Hiner says:

    The only hopeless are those who voted for Obama/Clinton Cartel

  51. GB2179 says:

    BYE BYE! Don’t let the White House door hit you in your ass. Someone needs to take Inventory of all the possessions in the house before they leave, Bill and Hillary took probably anything of value anyway.
    Hillary used all the curtains to make her pant suits as everyone could see during the campaign.

  52. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    had to hand in her law license……..minutes before they took it away……so she could claim she was not disbarred.total bann, not 7 year punishment, done in IL. on the down low slim shady tranny……. just like Joan Rivers said before she died. (killed?) is she going back to her “Jesse Hire” $350K no show job at Chicago Hospital….should be in jail for theft of service!

  53. Roy Garrard says:

    Who cares what that ugly heffer has to say…she is on her way home…let her go then sterilize the WH and forget she was ever there !!!!!!!

    1. Mike W says:

      I wonder how many vacations she will take and how many friends she will take with her now that she’ll be paying for it?

  54. Mike W says:

    I hope this disbarred lawyer moves to Kenya or Iran, maybe she will love it there. We sure as hell don’t need her around here.

  55. I do not know what the author meant by “Use her position”! She has no position! She has no place in anything! She should STFU! Jackie Kennedy had one job during jack’s presidency, she gave very nice and gracious tours of the our White House to news people such as Edward R Morrow and the like. Mooshell should have never been in our White House to begin with!

  56. Jessie Martin Foster Sr. says:

    I choose to putty the morons , they are so
    Ignorant as to what they are saying .
    They will be brain dead by next election
    They will then be Terrorist by any Definition And by Law !

  57. BakkenBill says:

    Ms ‘Little Barry O, is a wee bit ‘Uppity’ it sounds. Her husbands failings are complete. No Hillary to carry the torch, lighting our way straight to Socialist Hell.
    Of course, the bastard will try to sign enough executive orders to bog President Trump down in “the swamp” for most of his presidency.
    But either way, that ISIS loving nonchristian SOB will be OUT of our whitehouse in just a few weeks!
    As for ‘Moochelle’… he/she can’t be a pig. Muslims aren’t allowed pork.

  58. Steve Rath says:

    “Ape in heels” is just upset that she will not be mooching world jaunts at the taxpayers expense for her family and momma! Glad to get this primate and her clueless POS hubby out of the White house.

  59. Dragon says:

    Fascinating that she should look at her husband as a “parent calming a child” when he consistently has acted like a spoiled brat, and one with no class at that. Once he is off a teleprompter, he can’t even speak English intelligibly.

  60. Dragon says:

    Odd that she sees her husband as a parent calming a child when most of time he acts like a spoiled brat and one with no class at that. He can’t even speak English intelligibly when he off a teleprompter.

  61. Rob says:

    What do you expect? She is married to the Biggest lying hypocritical P.O.S. that has ever set foot in the White House. Made promises, and then retracted almost everything he said, or did. He is a pathological liar. He believes his own lies. She is no different. They are a perfect match made in HELL. They will not be out of the White House soon enough. Thank God HilLiary did NOT win!!

    All of the crying heart LIBERALS need to grow up!!

    Trump is just taking the High road. It is respectable. Keep your freinds close, keep your enemies closer.

  62. Kathleen Brannigan Carter says:

    Michelle is trying to race bite again. When is this woman going to learn to shut her mouth! In public the first lady is to show class, not what amass she is!

  63. josephle2k says:

    That was one big-ass-mistake America…

  64. kassa1 says:

    The two losers in our White House were there for one reason to create division as that’s the way communism takes over not by unification but by division. These both should be hanged by the military ,for what they have done to this country, and Michelle so ethical she lost her loss Law license to practice law. Both hate America the culture and the white people. However I did not see them do anything for the black people except use them like a dirty dish rag

  65. Wayne says:

    Michelle Obama is a crook! She lost her license to practice law because of fraud two months before the election in 2008! The Obama’s have no credibility after the last eight years of misery they presided over!
    Obama’s policies were roundly rejected with the election of Trump!
    Electoral college is the only thing matters and his electoral count is an unprecedented mandate
    for a conservative change that he is bringing with his choices to run departments!
    No politician should ever win the White House again since they know nothing of economics !
    I would like to see that our elected officials incomes are that of the median income of the constituencies they represent. That would be a true Democratic Republic !

  66. Alan Walker says:

    After watching barry’s behavior and posture both nationally and internationally as potus, I believe he has proven himself to be and has absolutely earned the title of the first and hopefully the last “islamic sleeper cell president” of our great United States of America!

  67. Bob Marcum says:

    I don’t care what she says, so long ass she says it from somewhere besides the U.S. She meeds to get-the-hell-out of our country. That pig-bitch and her pig-spouse have run this nation into the dirt.
    They need to ride shitlery’s backbone all the way to hell, and not back. Of course; they’re welcome to
    take the bushes with them. We could use the change of scenery.
    She is the most arrogant, self centered piece of shit ( comparable, only to shitlery ), the white house has
    ever had to endure. I can only look forward to Mr. & Mrs. Trump putting some class, back into the white
    and international respect, back into the presidency. This nation is in dire need of President Trump’s services and the same of his gorgeous family.

  68. Jakked Up says:

    Is this article about Michelle “all of this for the flag” Obama? Why are articles being published about her? She was nothing but a freeloader before, and still nothing. Only now, we are stuck with providing for her for the rest of her life. Ugh… We will never be free…

  69. ANGELA6 says:

    Thank goodness. The swamp will be drained. This woman lives in la la land. Get out in the real world and see the disaster your husband has made A black man who could have been like Martin Luther King and unite all the races, but instead he became one of the panthers.

  70. JJM123 says:

    Her words may be misconstrued; but then again, how much divisiveness have they created?
    “Having a grownup in the White House who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, ‘Hey it’s going to be OK,’” she said.” That’s OK if you’re trying to reassure a bunch of children. As a grownup on main-street, I want more than just WORDS.

  71. gotcha1 says:

    Anything Michele Obama has to say matters very little to me. She comes across as an uppity, spoiled little brat that has had her passifier taken away. What a cry baby. She can go back to hating America for all I care and move her hateful self back to Kenya.

  72. luckystrike57 says:

    The “Hope & Change ” in the last eight years I have seen hasn’t worked for me and my family. When I seen Obama on TV, I normally turned the channel.

  73. Cora Bird says:

    She is an embarrassment to the White House and this country and an obvious racist who hates whites. Good riddance both of them after January 20, 2017. And, she has a really big butt!

  74. Arrowof Light says:

    The “wife” of barack obummer can’t even figure out which bathroom to use !!! Her opinions are irrelevant

  75. Arrowof Light says:

    Michael, moochelle, or whatever it’s name is this week, has lost all hope of future jet-setting vacations that she has enjoyed at taxpayer’s expense for the last 8 years.

  76. Mary says:

    Michelle is not only a fraud, but disrespectful to the new, intelligent President-Elect Trump.

    Sour grapes make for bad wine – or, should I say whining.

  77. Mark Lahti says:

    She is what she is. A south side Chicago ghetto escapee. She will never get it. By it I mean the common sense, intelligent, “grown up”, mentality. When you grow up “oppressed” and truly believe in that view, you will never get the ghetto out of your world view. She was never happy with her ‘America” until her hubby get into the WH. Now that she is on her way out, she is back to not being happy again. If you read her comments from the interview, I didn’t see it as I never watch Oprah, she never comments on any objectives achieved, no accomplishments, no real “progress”. All she talks about is hope. Again, with the liberal talking points with no substance. Just talk with pie in sky inspirations. It is the liberal, progressive method. If you don’t come up with real substantive objectives you can never be held to account for any failures. Then it allows you (as in her husband) to stand in front of a microphone and lie your pants off about success that is never really there. Oh well, I rant on. God bless you all and a very merry Christmas to all of you and yours.

  78. Patriotic American says:

    What else could you expect from the X first Man Lady, He should be run out of D.C. for being the worst 1st lady,in history. Hillary and Obama 4 Prison.

  79. EC Lewis says:

    Michelle Obama is a racist, which is something I don’t often say. Her happiness has been predicated by race and she touts her divisiveness as if it were a medal pinned to her chest. It must be difficult, on the other hand, to be married to a bi-sexual who won’t come out of the closet, who haunted gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago, and who is apparently is so in love with himself that he’s an embarrassment for that love as well as the blatant lies and stupidity that come from his mouth. No terrorist attacks in America under his watch? Really? The Obama’s have smoked one too many tokes and done enough lines of coke that they give moron a new set of poster boys and girls. Sad to say, they believe their own hype, spread it like a cancer, and think all Americans are stupid enough to buy their crap. Obviously, the Obama’s and Clinton’s have underestimated American citizens.

  80. DontMessWithAmerica says:

    She liked the line, “When they go low we go high,” that she borrowed from someone but she really has no concept of high. Culturally deprived, educated through affirmative action, given a degree because of her color, but then losing her right to practice law which would have had to come through incompetence or dishonesty, she is a grubby grabber. If Trump makes good on his promise to drain the swamp, Obama will have to be indicted and tried for Treason plus a long list of crimes against the state. At that point she’ll need hope because she might actually need to go out to work like honest folks who know the difference between high and low.

  81. kabulgeorge says:

    Poor Hillary is heavily medicated and hiding under her bed! As far as POSFLOTUS, she and all her kind are traitors and should be sent to GITMO. Her and Oprah can tape there next special from Camp X-Ray. Barry, Michelle, enjoy your taxpayer-funded Hawaiian vacation. It will be your last!

  82. The_Frog_Prince says:

    All one needs to do is take a brief look at this racist’s past to realize how ungrateful she is. For 8 years she has sucked up our tax payer dollars to suit her needs, not the needs of this nation.

  83. Disgusted in America says:

    Basically Michelle Obama and her husband are classless people. Worst people in the white house ever. Can’t wait until her and her husband are out and we have the Hope & Change we really need in this country. Like Jobs, lower taxes, better education for our kids, no more common core. This Obomacare crap is gone. I spend more money out of my pocket for medical care than I ever have. I miss the old days when if I paid for good insurance I got good insurance.

  84. will says:

    The mooselle olama is a liar just like her counter part hellery clilton.

  85. james baxter says:


  86. granny says:

    When Michelle said “When they go low we go high” I laughed and said “When they go low you get high!’

  87. barbarakelly says:


  88. jug says:

    Sick, sick, well I was gonna say woman, but that wouldn’t be right!
    Sick, who knows, whatever!
    It, maybe?
    Oh those damned PC pronouns!

  89. TAM44 says:

    The obama’s has been the worst foursome to ever enter the white house and the most disrespectful as well. They act like we owe the ingrates something, we don’t owe them anything especially respect. I have never hater anyone more that the obama’s, the clinton’s are scumbags too. I will be glad when these ungrateful piece of human waste are out of the white house.

  90. Charles P says:

    I AM hopeful.
    Obama stabbed the PTB’s in the back, many times!

  91. IluvmyUSA says:

    Why expect any less from Michelle?

  92. Roger says:

    Donald Trump has all the solutions! Hillary Clinton nary a clue!
    Donald Trump, the man that didn’t need to be President!
    Donald Trump, the man that America needed to be President!
    Trump-Pence, the dream team of and for the American people!
    Making America safer, stronger and greater than ever before!
    Donald Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!

    1. Roger says:

      Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop Donald Trump, the Democrats couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the lying liberal media couldn’t stop him, the thug protesters hired by the Democrats to disrupt his rallies couldn’t stop him, so why are so many idiots wasting their time? Donald Trump overcame adversity never seen before in the history of an American Presidential election and no one is going to stop him! I truly believe that Donald Trump will be the GREATEST President that America has ever had!

  93. MARK FREDERICK says:

    MAOchelle should keep her loud mouth shut, I wonder what she is going to say when Barack is found to be born in Kenya and that everything he has done as RESIDENT is a lie, him and George Soros should both be charged with treason along with everyone that promoted his lie. He and the QUEEN BIT*H kilLIARy have run this country in the ground. I can’t wait to see her and billyboy go to prison. kilLIARy didn’t kill the four Americans in Benghazi but she is guilty as sin for not providing extra security that could have prevented their deaths and then ordered our service members on the ground that could have saved them STAND DOWN when they tried to rescue them. kilLIARy and oBOZO then tried to cover it up by saying it was because of a stupid film. They both should be charged with TREASON for supplying these terrorists with weapons, Ammunition, support, Logistics and training during a time of War and they are as guilty as sin for that, the Rosenberg’s were executed for less than what these two traitors have done and they should be held accountable because of it. I would love to be in their firing squad when they are found guilty!!!!

  94. Michael Lloyd says:

    Michelle Obama has never been a lady. First, last or anywhere in between. Angry? Yes. Nasty? Yes. Racist? Yes. Lady? NO!

  95. Howleyesque says:

    And per usual;… IT’s WRONG! We AMERICAN’S are in fact feeling VERY hopeful! After eight years of leftist oppression that nearly resulted in losing our Constitution, BOR AND OUR NATION! What THIS election has been is a LONG AWAITED CHRISTMAS PRESENT TO US!

  96. phil62 says:

    Tranny, you are just as damned stupid and HATEFUL as your uselelss homo hubby. I hope you are more than just right about you and your kind losing hope; I sincerely HOPE you lose everything. When we get rid of hateful people like you, your back-stabbing friend Oprah and the other race-baiters then we can get back to what it was before you people came on the scene. WE ARE NOT the ones spreading the filth and hate – YOU ARE!

  97. bovestrian says:

    Hey ugly one, you people don’t know the meaning of high…..unless you are referring to drugs. Oh, no, I’m not a racist, I’m a realist.

  98. Jim McGann says:

    She has no idea of reality! I had NO HOPE with Obama as President. He will be judged by history as the worst President ever! I wish he would leave Washington rather than join the Main Street media in criticizing every move President Trump makes. Hillary lost because she was advertised as Obama’s third term.

  99. Michael Lloyd says:

    Speechless? Don’t think so. There was a chorus of boos and F Yous.

  100. MarcJ says:

    When B. Hussein Obama was “elected” senator by the Chicago vote fraud machine, his wife was appointed as the Executive VP at that Chicago University in “charge of community relations”. Need I say more? At the salary of $325,000 for the 9-month year.

  101. pawanna says:

    advice from whom – Obama – LOL LOL LOL – the worst president in the history of the US…… yea – NO….

  102. harpo49 says:

    this country has had NO HOPE for the eight years your racist gay communist muslim a hole husband as been in office you fat ugly brown cow

  103. VoteThemOut says:

    Michael you are no longer relevant…Don’t let the door hit you in obama’s butt!!

  104. michael a says:

    Funny I haven’t seen killary around is she hiding somewhere? How about Billyboy oh that’s right he went to some island to mess with little girls…obama and whole bunch need to go live in gitmo with keys thrown in ocean and forget about them.

  105. Myoldglory says:

    Kathryn youre so right but pigs can take a bath, this low life POS will always stink to high Heaven. Besides she’s no lady, or haven’t you heard. And another thing she’s got it all wrong. Now is what it feels like to have Hope. Trump has given us hope more than than Ohomo could ever give us and even before he enters the WH. I don’t think there will be another Black POTUS in another 200 years thanks to Ohomo.

  106. luvzforplay says:

    Michelle or Mike as he is known when not in “drag” doesn’t even know if it is male or female , So not knowing what sex you are does not speak too highly of it’s intelligence . But then that whole bunch managed to make fools of America and her laws , Hopfully Mr. Trump will take steps to insure these treasonous antics will never be attempted again !!

  107. Holly says:

    No hope? I’m jubilant Trump won

  108. Mr Washy says:

    NCAA. The obamas have No Class At All.

  109. midogman says:

    doesn’t she know carrying around all that hate is gonna burn her up.

  110. Donna Meadows Hope says:

    I wish we could exile all of those criminals to Iraq!

  111. SoundMind says:

    Obama trafficked in DIVISION as most community agitators do. Both Hope and Unity took a dive in his administration. Worst president ever!

  112. CaliRose55 says:

    He Obama did give us hope. FALSE HOPE! We KEPT hoping and hoping and hoping that things would get better but they only got worse! That calming she’s talking about was him saying what people wanted to hear, appeasing Americans, doing nothing about Isis, basically just collecting his paycheck. That “change” he campaigned on was having a president who did nothing for the people. Lou is Farakhan called him out for doing nothing when they helped him get elected then the rest of America can’t be wrong.
    Here’s what he even said about hillary
    So all of us can’t be wrong.

  113. pete0097 says:

    I was at the Trump rally in Melbourne Saturday night and after a rousing introduction by 2 black women and a great prayer of praise by a black preacher, he is really uniting the country. The rest of the country probably didn’t see that part, nor the introduction by our county sheriff or female mayor. All gave him high praise and admiration. The left cannot stand it. They are having a cow. There were a few protesters and 9000 supporters.

  114. daneagle says:

    the main reason I dislike him/her yes she is a man and her/him husband is a fag,,,,,,,,its been all over the about his exploits ,,,,,,,,,,

  115. Countrysunrise says:

    It’s funny that she would do an interview with Oprah, when she threw her out of the White House, 8 years ago, after she worked so hard to get Obama elected, saying she was a fat pig, and she didn’t want someone like her hanging around the White House!! lol That’s a real “Thank You,” if you ask me!! Then she has the nerve to go on her show and do an interview?? If I had been Oprah, I would have left her hanging!! Moochelle isn’t that darn important to have on your show!! That woman is a witch, and gives racist speeches to schools and colleges!! She helps to keep the racial divide alive!! She goes low alright!!

  116. Donna Costa says:

    Michelle O. & Killary are just disgusting bitches!!

  117. Joseph Schlag says:

    It just show that the former President and first lady have no class. It further shows that they never cared for the United States Of America. No other President in the history of our country has ever tried to undermine the incoming president like Obama is doing. He is not just hoping Trump will fail, he is trying to make sure he does.

  118. Harvey says:

    Who cares about the gorilla man/woman Michael/Michelle obozo or what she says or does! PRESIDENT TRUMP is CORRECT and Michael/,Michelle is irrelevant!

  119. Matthew V. Brown says:

    The reason I feel rather hopeless is because the Obamas (and their ilk) will not just go away. They keep staying around like an uninvited houseguest who refuses to leave, and continues to raid the refrigerator.

  120. I think it’s all the female hormone injections that have rendered him irrational.

  121. Nosnikta says:

    Obama the dope-smoking grown-up teenager

  122. David in MA says:

    The terrible part of things like this is, they actually believe what they are saying even when the facts show different.
    Communist agenda, I ask people to google the Communist Manifesto and the UN Agenda 21, then look around at America, Obama is another cog in this defeat America plan.

  123. mary ann says:

    Hey Michelle, I finally do have hope.

  124. Louis says:

    Your full of it tranny bit*h…your husband was the worst thing that happened to this country, your both a disaster

  125. Artemis says:

    Maybe she’s a liberal Brain Surgeon in disguise and “simply” gave herself a brain transplant?

  126. Arielle says:

    This woman has always hated White people, and America. I have no interest in anything that she says, because I don’t respect her.

  127. Red Steiner says:

    Go to Kenya then Michelle, we don’t want not do we need someone like you in America. Take Little Barry with you.

  128. Gary Nobles says:

    She has never been high so all she knows is low. That is one reason she is a racist.

  129. mrp15 says:

    Michelle is a jealous miserable person who can never live up to the class act of Melania Trump and she knows it. Pride in our country was diminished during her husband’s two terms in office, and finally it is being restored under the leadership of President Trump. Michelle doesn’t know what it means to go high because she has always gone low. Her entire life is a living scam because her marriage to Barack was arranged to give him the credibility he needed to run for president following his homosexual life in Chicago.

  130. Shayne Jenkins says:

    Instead of ‘there, there, it’s going to be OK…”, I’d rather hear “What happened?” or “How did you do that?” because that’s the first step to getting something fixed. NOT coddling and throwing free stuff at the pain…

  131. The_Christian says:

    Those who love America and its people can once again have hope.` Those who hate America and its people have little to hope for. Michelle if you and family can find a better nation to reside in I would suggest you move there and perhaps you will realize the hope you seek. Character assignation is not becoming of you or anyone else.

  132. tjmorgan says:

    What a disgusting person she turned out to be. The “HOPE” finally came true, she’s gone along with here lying conniving husband. I just wish they and the Clintons would totally disappear forever.

  133. yatesracing says:


  134. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    Michelle Obama is delusional.

  135. shamu9 says:

    She’s got a ‘BIG One’, Adams Apple. Tranny Byotch!

  136. georgeii says:

    Michael as Barak called it 2 times in front of the joint chiefs saying the story Joan Rivers said before she was murdered was true. Joan said she was a Tyranny and Obama was gay. 2 weeks later Joan was murdered . So he has his legacy as the first gay president. Now we have a real 1st lady whose butt is not 45 inches wide

  137. Low Cover says:

    Michelle can eat sh*t and dy.

  138. Joseph Techiera says:

    She said when Trump got elected know we feel no hope she’s a freaking bigot and doesn’t know the meaning of Hope besides she’s a he

  139. george briar says:

    Poor confused Moochie still can’t decide if she’s a man or a woman. If she wants to do something admirable she should man up and come out of the closet and declare herself her true gender. lets face it Barry was really the FLOTUS not mike. Those two coons were nothing but a pair of assholes this country didn’t need and should just STFU and go away.

  140. Houmid says:

    Barack was a calming voice for the nation?
    Obviously Michelle is either had a complete schizophrenic break with reality, or she’s taking some major league illegal drugs.

  141. david says:

    Just yer normal deluded,dishonest, Democratic idiot!

  142. cp123 says:

    We are more hopeful than for the past 10 years. Michelle hates Americans of all colors. She can only see Michelle.

  143. mrp15 says:

    Before you open your mouth, Michelle, why don’t you tell the American people why you and your husband both has to surrender you licenses to practice law? Phony birth certificate, sealed records, etc., etc., have always been protected by the MSM. If the full truth about you and Barack Hussein ever surfaced, you would have to hide your faces in shame.

  144. Joe Sam says:

    when this person took the WH i said that we have a child in a mans body but no pres. i was right all he did was set us back 32 yrs or more ,now people can not deal with reality because he gave them false hope .this child stole americas hope because he was a liar and a thief .OLD VET

  145. ny2223jv says:

    Whz uppp Moooshelle aint nobody cares what you think

    1. maddiemae says:

      I saw the actual film of this, this picture is photo-shopped. I wish I could let it stand, but we have to be on the accurate side when we share things or we will become what the dems and liberals have become and God help us if we ever come close to being like them.

  146. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Trump is a whole lot better, having a real man in the Oval Office than a Muslim Queer, married to a Tranny with two adopted Daughters and doing his level best to bring down this nation within his given eight years of office.

    The two frauds were able to spent $100,000,000.00 dollars on vacations in eight years, that in its self should be some kind of record!

  147. Bob Hunt says:

    I have much hope, I hope you crazy democrats leave the President alone long enough for him to get the job done!

  148. mpdMD1965 says:

    Each word uttered by Ms Obama leaves everyone speechless, surprised someone of her lack of common sense is allowed out of sites where her mouth may be monitored. Thank heavens for Fast Forward and erase buttons.

  149. Ron says:

    What else could a Muslim say about Trump.

  150. Camille Gilliam says:

    Barack did nothing for this country, he just helped himself. The man is a pathological liar, he really never tells the truth. He spent so much of our money going to play golf, and to parties, I’d like to know when he ever worked. Michelle has no right to say anything about anyone,.

  151. Elizabeth Davis says:

    She may think hope but I have none because people like her is trying to divide this country

  152. georgeii says:

    Michael as Obama calls you go sat down you ugly old hag and put on your trousers so we will know you are a tranny

  153. Junkki says:

    Just have to laugh. She is simply clueless. Does she realize how many parties were going on the day they took off in the helicopter from the White House as they announced Former President Obama leaving the White House grounds for the final time?…

  154. maddiemae says:

    I have such a hard time wondering how those two can see their way to get in front of cameras and news reporters. They have devastated our country, bled money from it. have abused their positions and let America become a whimpering simpering submissive among the world powers.

    How possibly do they have the nerve to even be seen in public? They have disgraced us. empowered terrorists, and given away America’s money to nations that live to see the US die. It just stinks that they are accepted by the very ones they have taken advantage of.

    It stinks even more that those of us that have paid the bills or will pay the bills for their wastefulness have to tolerate it. It’s the middle and lower class that they have poisoned from giving away and wasting our money to causing children to gag on the food forced on them by a woman who is touted by many to not even be a woman. Under her desk they found a small frdge filled with rotting fried chicken and other goodies she thought were good for her but not good enough for our children.

    The Obamas and the Clintons are not nice people, they do not care for the average person, they do not care about anyone beneath their station – a station that is said to be high, but I think it is so low that the majority of God fearing people hope to never join in its corruption and stench.

    I just don’t understand how they live on in “glory” while hard working people live, work hard, and die for this country. They will never be able to buy a huge mansion or even be in one, but they will be forced to pay for it with their tax dollars. It’s just not right!

  155. Kim Swartz says:

    She’s a he and he’s a home and the kids are from opra,s orfanage

  156. 1937shirley says:

    She and He should just fly away to some Muslim land here they can be adored … or beheaded … whatever Radical Muslims decide is their fate.

  157. Joyce White says:

    YOUR HUSBAND RIPPED THIS COUNTRY APART! He promised to bring America to the level of the rest of the world. What he failed to mention was the world he was talking about was the 3rd world. He promised the minorities a better life. Which he never made good on. All he gave them was hate and discontent, He sent his minions to stir up trouble in every community that he could. Furthermore, he laid the blame for the huge mess he created, on the Republicans. While the Republicans are certainly not saints, you can see that they have done more for minorities than the Democrats. If you doubt that, CHECK IT OUT

  158. marco a. poshar says:

    Moochela Obama is beyond help , Racist to the hilt and ungrateful POS,,,,,,,,,,

  159. El Dano says:

    Michelle Hussein is a RACIST, ANTI AMERICA trailer Trash Maggot that should never be quoted, she is right though for her there is no hope,

  160. mary ann says:

    HEY MICHELLE MOOCHER, NOW WE DO HAVE HOPE. You and your illegal President husband left our great President Trump with the biggest mess. He will fix it because he is a TRUE AMERICAN patriot.

  161. Maria castro says:

    She is desperate, especially because is Trump and beautiful Melania, no matter what make up artists she used or how many wigs she wore, she still looked like Chubaka.

  162. Moe says:

    The Former President Act 2012 passed by democrats for their King. It gave the Obama’s 1.5 million dollars for vacations after he left office annually. Think about it, they are estimated to have 240 million with much over seas, he enter office with less than 200,000 in personal wealth and made 400,000 a year salary? The democratic congress Congress gave him and her free vacations for life at our expense? The north of them belong in a jail,cell not on endless vacations. Honestly, what a rat.

  163. Rodger K. Shull says:

    well, I,am shocked an speechless, WHAT THE HELL is she still doing, she is history 8 yrs of bad history, she still trying for that sympathy MEME time. GO AWAY LOSER, an take the other LOSER with you,

  164. Red Steiner says:

    I wasn’t aware that Michelle could talk and after reading her comments to another America Hater. Opra Winfrey I’m not she has the power or reason with which to guide her speech.

  165. ExGOP says:

    Imagine Republicans complaining about divisiveness!!!!!!!! Amazing chutzpah. Trump and the Republicans are waging open class warfare and you are complaining that OBAMA was divisive????

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