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Michelle Obama Got Away With This Serious Ethics Violation

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  1. Frank Dill says:

    violated a federal ethics law prohibiting federal employees from using their public office to make endorsements of products.
    Is the position of first lady considered to be a federal employee?

    1. Ronda Janell Wintheiser says:

      No. She complained about that, didn’t she? That she didn’t get paid. 🙂

      1. way2confused says:

        yes she did. I’m sure she wanted the taxpayers to pay her the $325k she was “earning” at a Chicago hospital–you know, the job she never had to show up for.

      2. drbhelthi says:

        Of course, the married partner of the occupant of the POTUS slot is not a paid position.
        From the insider information provided by Joan Rivers, one wonders if “Michelle” Obama were providing a service for which (s)he thought payment was required ?

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          Is bending over a paid service……….

          1. Peter says:

            It has to be for bending over. If you tried from the front, his (Michele, Michael, moochele, whatever it is called) wiener would get in the way.

      3. bmoc says:

        The government supplied her with FREE VACATIONS and FREE ROOM AND BOARD for eight years. If that wasn’t being a paid employee, I want my money back!

      4. bytheway4 says:

        Ronda, Obama gave her $10,000 a month cause he said she works hard, he meant that she works hard at where she is going on her next vacation, you know that once a month vacation.

    2. bmoc says:

      Of course! Her mother was being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by the government to be her children’s nanny. Doesn’t that indicate an employee/employer relationship, or was Michelle just skimming taxpayer money off the top?

      1. LadyLoneStar says:

        You aren’t really “asking” a question here….are you? Of course they skimmed A LOT of money off the top….in the middle and all around.

  2. Ronda Janell Wintheiser says:

    Michelle Obama was not a government employee.

    1. Janettamc says:

      But her husband was..

      1. Ronda Janell Wintheiser says:

        BUT SHE WASN’T.

        Good grief.

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        He was allowed to use Air Force 1……..but she was not ENTITLED to use it just for herself and her daughters……..WHICH she did……

      3. Ronda Janell Wintheiser says:

        You are missing the point. Since she wasn’t a government employee, the ethics rules for government employees don’t apply to her as they do apply to Kellyanne Conway.

        1. perungromovnik says:

          get a hell out of here you dirty stupid bitch! nobody ask and nobody care for your opinions here! drop dead! and drop dead Michel, drop dead Obama and drop dead Killary Clinton! THANKS GOD you DEMONRATS are HISTORY! GONE FOR EVER!

          1. Chi Sam says:

            It’s ‘Michelle’. You’re too stupid and incompetent to even copy a word that is right in front of you without making two mistakes in just one name.

            You do very poor work. You’re not a good man.

    2. dennodog says:

      OK.She wasn’t a “government employee” but she was the recipient of a multi million dollar,government paid, allotment for her “non government employee” expenses.

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        However, using Air Force 1 for herself and her daughters were not hers to use……..It was designed for the benefit of the POTUS & the 1st Lady TOGETHER……They also used it for their daughters grad present for her and the classmates to travel to Mexico……along with the Secret Service (22) to accompany them……..They could have used the helicopter as it holds 80 people and uses less fuel.

        1. Chi Sam says:

          Only an idiot would even contemplate that Marine One can accommodate 80 people. Think…you imbecile.

          1. perungromovnik says:

            suck my dick you moron! …ooooh, I just got it! it is you Michel Obama hiding behind of this chi sam “nick”? correct? …ha ha ha, I got you! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you fu….ing bitch!

          2. Chi Sam says:

            The name you are thinking of, is “Michelle”.

            Clearly U.S. politics is not your strong suit…perhaps you should stick to simply asking strange men for oral sex, as you did that part correct.

        2. Peter says:

          Yeah, how did they get away with that (3 non government employees getting to use their own separate plane)? It’s good to the be queen/king/?

          1. bytheway4 says:

            they always had the dog flown separately to Hawaii and on their thousands of vacation, golfing etc.

    3. Libs R Loons says:

      Being paid $350,000 annually as an “advisor” to Obama disputes your post.

    4. granny_forUSA says:

      Moochelle was a big fat “0”………….

    5. bytheway4 says:

      yes she was, who was paying for all 23,or 23 servants that taught her how to eat, how to walk, how to dress, who had to fix those wigs that we paid for, she/he still can’t walk in high heels.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        “who was paying for all 23,or 23 servants”

        Does that make sense to your brain? Do not grasp the simple concept of ‘or’, and that the very word ‘or’ requires two dissimilar objects to compare?

        How ’bout an example…see if this seems perfectly normal to your brain.

        Hello…Would you like a cup of coffee, or a cup of coffee?

        1. perungromovnik says:

          drop dead Michel …you are discovered and everybody HATE YOU and YOUR HUSBAND! the only who care for you are criminals, muslimonkeys and other animals who are against UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and against all World! thanks to GOD YOU ARE GONE! ZERO! DONE! DROP DEAD!

          1. Chi Sam says:

            Hey stupid…

            You just read the name “Michelle”, literally seconds before posting. You seem to be a very incapable man.

            Do you do some things well?

  3. Houmid says:

    Is Kellyanne Conway a federal employee, or is she being personally paid by Donald Trump? Makes a big difference. And comparison to Michelle Obama is deceitful, disingenuous, and dishonest; she wasn’t a government employee.

  4. peter Pirzadeh says:

    That is exactly and precisely why the media is in the tank with the American people. The corruption and bias of the media is so stark that no one, but no one can easily ignore it. They lie, they misrepresent, they fabricate and they spread fake news. To me they are worse than slime in the gutter. That filth can be used for fertilizers, I don’t know about the other.

    1. way2confused says:

      And they keep coming out with more and more ridiculous stories that are proven untrue within minutes. But the uninformed liberal loons only read headlines–never the entire story. And the media excels at burying facts way down in the articles afteer they make the false assertions–if ever.

      1. drbhelthi says:

        Obviously, you are not a one bit confused !

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          “A ONE BIT CONFUSED”…….The English Class must have not been your forte’….

          1. Chi Sam says:

            You make more than your share of mistakes, you incompetent mouth-running jerk.

    2. drbhelthi says:

      To discover he owners of 96% of the media of the entire western world, search the Internet with the phrase, tapnewswire 96

      1. Roger says:

        Wow six Jewish companies!

        1. LadyLoneStar says:

          They are “Jewish” like liberals are “Demonrats”, if you get my point.

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        Since your last comment, I would not waste any time on looking……..

  5. way2confused says:

    The more the media rails against Trump. the more Americans refuse to believe them. The media is currently polling at a 14% approva rating while Rasmussen last week had Trump at 55% approval. Of course, the media only reported the ew Poll that had Trump at 38% because it falls in line with their wrong headed thinking.

    1. Elizabeth Davis says:

      Poles are stupid They can be can be changed any way some one wants them

      1. Fig Newton says:

        Polls not poles that women dance on. . .my gosh!!! Or the north and south poles.

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          We that are educated knew what she meant…..Some people are good with Math, and some are good at spelling……..It just takes a little brain power to figure it out but then we know how hard that is for liberals.

          1. Chi Sam says:

            Says the mouth-running as****e that thinks the plural word Queens is a contraction of some sort.

            You’re an arrogant twerp.

          2. daneagle says:

            mind your mouth little sh==e or your next,,,,,,,,,,

          3. Chi Sam says:

            That would, of course, be “you’re next”. You’re (see how easy?) a rather stupid man.

          4. ajareins says:

            Yes and your name calling is a definite sign of a higher IQ. Higher than what I don’t know. Maybe a monkey…then again maybe not

          5. Chi Sam says:

            Monkeys are incapable of writing, so that’s a very poor analogy. You’re not a quick-witted man.

        2. Lee O. Welter says:

          Copernicus and Chopin were smart Poles.

          1. Peter says:

            Yes, very smart

        3. Elizabeth Davis says:

          Sorry I know the difference just went with the thought.

        4. Peter says:

          I like when the girls get upside down on the poles. But I don’t want to go all the way to the north or south poles to see girls on the poles. I bet it would be pretty nippy there!

        5. dennodog says:

          “Poles” are people,too. lol

          1. Max Buny says:

            I dated a polish girl in HS. Pretty girl,. but that was before her mustache filled out.

      2. dennodog says:

        Poles are what bath house barry used to ride on.

        1. kassa1 says:

          Not just buried but the Democrats like the Clintons

      3. daneagle says:

        Thats very true just go to states that are red or white or blue and get the poles that they really want

      4. PATRICIA MEAD says:

        Such as Hillary Clinton will be president in 2017. Rigged poll or just plain indoctrination to help her win.

      5. PM says:

        Poles aren’t any more stupid than other nationalities, I’ve seen some really stupid Democrats of all races in recent years that should be put out to pasture. As for the polls, they are slanted in favor of liberals because they originate with liberals. I don’t believe the results of polls because they are biased nor do I believe the media. It will be many years for the media to recover from the trash they’ve tried to feed us.

  6. AZ Nancy #MAGA says:

    That is one evil woman.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      Joan Rivers provided insider information that disputes the “woman” element of your response.
      For openly publicizing the information, she was allegedly murdered via the anesthetist during surgery. Of course, it was only one of those “unfortunate accidents” – – -.

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        That would not surprise me one iota……….

  7. Fedup says:

    They also overlooked the fact that moochele orchestrated the deal where she had a Canadian tech company fix the roll out of obamacare when they first tried to figure out how to make it work. The kicker here was that one of moochele’s sorority sisters held a high position with the company in Canada. If that’s not a conflict I don’t know what is.

    1. Elizabeth Davis says:

      That is corredt

    2. M60A1 says:

      That is a forgotten fact for sure.

  8. Bill says:

    Moochele, just go away, nobody but libturds care what you say, plus your hands are much dirtied over Obozo care and your Canadian friend. You are a despicable person and Americas are not interested in your hate!

  9. jemb says:

    To begin with, I don’t know that Kellyann is actually a federal employee. She has a business of her own and just she may just be a contractor paid by Donald Trump himself. Oh, and what about Michelle boasting about how she shopped at Target for her clothing…..

    1. Joan Davenport says:

      she also talked a lot about J.Crew (for her clothes)

    2. granny_forUSA says:

      She was also caught at Wal-Mart……..Wonder how many Dairy Queen’s did she sneak out for…

      1. jemb says:

        In the back seat of a Federally owned Limo…

      2. Chi Sam says:

        The name of the most well-known chain in the world, is ‘Walmart’, stupid…and the simple plural ‘Queens’ is not some sort of contraction.

        1. ajareins says:

          Wow what a ‘mouth’ you have. What are you a grammar teacher? Who cares about her spelling that’s not the point

  10. Mary Eleanor Urso says:

    I was no fan of the Obamas, but this is a stretch. Michelle was not an employee, per se, of the Federal Government and, as to her fashion sense??? I don’t think so. I almost fell off my chair when someone compared her fashion style to that of Jacqueline Kennedy. I always thought she dressed horribly except for one time in her public life. She looked fairly presentable on the day of Trump’s inauguration. That may have been because I was not totally objective on that day. I was so happy to see her and her husband go, a gunny sack would have looked beautiful on her that day.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      I thought she looked like “MOTHER HUBBARD”, and looked like she dressed “GHETTO”, for the occasion.

      The media also stated that “JUNE” (honey boo boo’s mommy) is looking HOT after she lost weight……Which only proves……..the media are BLIND, DEAF, & DUMB……

  11. parthenon1 says:

    Michelle O is Marie Le Bough reincarnated!

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      The Mooch was formerly named Michael Lavaughn Robinson before his transgender surgeries.

      1. Peter says:

        Yes, we know. Old news!

    2. granny_forUSA says:

      GOOD ONE……….

  12. bmoc says:

    And yet it was OK for Obama to force all Americans to to buy his crappy health insurance, for the “benefit” of the insurance companies. Why is it always OK for the left to do things, but not for the right?

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      Because they are getting in front of the issue….instead of always running to catch up.

      I want the GOP (the honest part) to come out first and let the demonrats do some catching up for a change, don’t you?

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        OBAMACARE was crappy………It was designed to help the mooslums & illegals, then the USA poor were also helped……However, many found out it was too expensive, and the other Insurance Companies had to raise their rates to compensate..then WE THE PEOPLE had to pay more for ours……….

        1. LadyLoneStar says:

          Your “reply” should have been on bmoc where you commented that “WE THE PEOPLE have finally become fully awake”….I submit to you that WE THE PEOPLE (most of us) have been fully awake, screaming at the top of our lungs for EIGHT LOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG years! WE THE PEOPLE (most of us) KNEW NOTHING about 0bama and NO ONE even tried to vet him BEFORE hiring him to SERVE as POTUS. He made a mockery of that office, our country, our heritage AND We The People.

          But your reply on my name, though completely off topic, I would also like to submit to you something to think about….we “call” it 0bamacare, but I would like you to consider this…..that monstrosity couldn’t possibly have been “created” (concocted) in the short time they rushed it through…..remember Hillarycare? Yeah! There isn’t ANYTHING “health care” about it. Simply put it was a power/control/money grab. (all three or take your pick).

          Back to THIS article’s topic….the demonrats are going to continue to piecemeal everything little thing we say, everything little thing we do, everything ounce of air we breath. They HATE us, they want to destroy everything we stand for and seem to stop at nothing to get their way. Their juvenile tantrum needs to stop. They lost the election, they need to get over it and move on.

          Why are you “liking” your own comment? Lame.

    2. granny_forUSA says:

      That is why WE THE PEOPLE have finally become fully awake…….We do not follow the Pied Piper anymore………..We now have a great POTUS, and the demorats are still crying and whining……Be so glad when the mooslums, liberals, & illegals are gone, then the polls will be in the POTUS’s favor……….

  13. kbmiller says:

    I’d say she is a big pile of #2.

  14. Crystal says:

    We all notice what’s good for the Liberal Goose is not and does not apply to the Conservative Gander… But then again, that’s how hypocrites work.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Liberal Gooses’s that burn, loot, riot, kill and destroy buildings and vehicles need to be put in prison…….Then they can visit with BO & HC…….Hypocrites are the ones that are whining, crying, and destroying & those would be the liberals……..because their lying alcoholic killing pant suit LOST.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        The plural of goose, is ‘geese’, stupid. And either way, the apostrophe has no purpose but to illustrate your mild incompetence.

        Yet you’re not a liberal…so it appears you are wrong again, stupid.

  15. Landshark says:

    Demoncrap Motto,: Do as I say, not as I do.

  16. oncemorearound says:

    These botom feeders are gone quit showing pictures of Mick-chelle.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      The picture made me lose my breakfast. Ghastly sight, just like moochelle…..

  17. TJH41 says:

    The Darlings of the Major News Media have always Kissed up to their hero’s, and always will. Get over it already..

  18. jack says:

    Did you not get it ! The first Tyranny and his male husband do not operate as normal people do ! They are Socialist Elitist who do not play by the same rules as we do ! George Sore Ass made that possible !

    1. Chi Sam says:

      The word ‘tyranny’ means cruel, oppressive rule. I’ll bet you mean ‘tranny’, which refers to a transsexual.

      You’re an incompetent man, Jack.

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Thats just semantics…………

        Incompetent is what Liberals are………..

        1. Chi Sam says:

          Incompetency is not limited to liberals. What a remarkably stupid thing to say.

        2. Chi Sam says:

          You’re defending some mouth-running dummy that cannot discern Sharia Law from the Sahara Desert.

          You want him? You claim him. He doesn’t represent me or the Conservatives I know.

    2. Chi Sam says:

      Tranny, stupid. My God, you must have been an inept man your entire life.

  19. ABBAsFernando says:

    Fascists think they are above the LAW. Laws are meant to control ones enemies. Hence the double standard of accusing others of doing what they do. Every fascist liberal must be investigated and watched closely.

    Fascists must be held fully accountable to the Law just like the rest of us. The enemy within is a clear and present danger to Freedom and Liberty. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c16c6e0d74f92aafb0285d0a3334373b6c732979f04fbb45c4a4128025bd3ef5.jpg

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      LIBERALS/ILLEGALS/MOOSLUMS are not above the law and have become our enemies which OBAMA never tried to control……..The enemy within will be sent back to their own countries and that is when we will have Freedom/Liberty………..

      1. ABBAsFernando says:

        The LAW must be enforced to the full extent for liberals and Muslims. Sharia Law is not compatible with the United States Constitution. Treason to allow Sharia Law to exist in America.

        Vlad the impaler knew how to control Muslims. So terrified Muslims they chose to bypass this nation.

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1df6f42f8c0746c212f08318f0ccdfea2c46fc458f8faad1c9ab770a3f1dd6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8b315dec79349ba6ef36a315aaaccba653206877f1ed84856bffd83b5c9fe9f.jpg

  20. Ronald Olson says:

    Michelle had no seat of power during the Obama administration although she thought that she did. She also shouldn’t have had any say-so over the school lunch programs but somehow she did.

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      Notice however, she only visited black schools……….those were the only liberals that would listen to her fanatics….

    2. Peter says:

      Yes mooch had power. If barry didn’t do what “it” said, it would do that “butt to mouth” thing to him.

  21. Jim McGann says:

    Pot calling kettle black. No pun intended!

  22. Mike says:

    Its not just the designers, both Obama’s give a big plug to two different restaurants on tv, Its the same thing, they used their status to highlight these two restaurants and increase their sales. I am sure that they violated the ethics rules and not a word about it from the Dems. Why is that, hypocrisy, that’s why.

  23. CBUJAN says:

    When Democrats do something wrong it is ignored by the lying media but when a republican does the same thing it is a catastrophe and you never here the end of it.

    1. LadyLoneStar says:

      True….like we never heard the end of it’s “Bush’s fault”. (They are still using that one)

  24. pete0097 says:

    What about Micheels personal staff of 20 something on OUR payroll. No other first lady (including Hill) had more than 3

    1. granny_forUSA says:

      This is an googled email that contains a list of 22 staff members under First Lady Michelle Obama along with their salaries. The email alleges that “There has never been anyone in the White House at any time that has created such an army of staffers whose sole duties are the facilitation of the First Lady’s social life.” It also says that former First Lady Hillary Clinton had three, Jackie Kennedy had one and Laura Bush only had one staff member.

      1. Chi Sam says:

        A Google, dimwit…not “an Googled”. So much for your kooky idea that only liberals are incompetent.

        You express yourself like a dumb shine.

        1. Peter says:

          Chi, relax! She’s a granny. Mooch is a tranny.

          1. Chi Sam says:

            Do rhyming words create some special neural connection for you, like Pavlov’s dogs being triggered by bells?

            Are you expecting to now be fed?

        2. bytheway4 says:

          Chi Sam, please be quiet, You and your spelling, this isn’t a class room. get lost

          1. Chi Sam says:

            What is the purpose of your reply?

            Are you so arrogant, that you believe a stranger on the Internet will be swayed by a nondescript entity with a semi-clever screen name?

            Did it make you feel superior to the poster you believe needs your benevolence?

            Do you simply seize every opportunity to run your mouth?

            People do things for all manner of reasons…but I doubt your intention was to get me to call you an incompetent stooge for not knowing the simple word ‘classroom’.

            Either way…my money says that brief reply is a snapshot of your entire adult life.

  25. TPS12 says:

    Same old bias reporting, never find anything bad that dems do but always on the repubs.

  26. kassa1 says:

    She did not lose her law license because she was an honorable person, and you have to be a real lowlife to lose your license from the bar as they were across the organization anyway it should be dealt with in anyway.

    1. Peter says:

      She lost her license?

      1. kassa1 says:

        Yes she lost her license but I don’t know what for or don’t remember what for

  27. perungromovnik says:

    Michel Obama is male not female, look at her face and her body, and this lady was ruling the country? her behavior and her lies are incredible, she and her husband has destroy EVERYTHING what was build by generations in USA, especially American image and American DREAM! There is no freedom anymore in America, their 8 years of ruling were the best ONLY for criminals! How many mass killing during their ruling happen? how many people become poor? how many people has lost their homes? and what they promised when swear to bring bright future to us? How many wars they start around the world? and that is one of the reasons why America lost credibility and why everybody hate us! You can not travel anymore world wide and with proud show american passport because somebody can kill you just because he has suffer from “spreading obama democracy” around the world! I am a shame because of them!

    1. bytheway4 says:

      perungromovnik, you are 100% right on every thing you commented on.

  28. jim jones says:

    The increase in profits was due to allowing clothing to be bought with food stamps, wasn’t it?

  29. LadyLoneStar says:

    Because we are well aware (like eight looooonnnnnnggggg years aware) of the “fact” that the Obamas can do no wrong. (unless you wanna be labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe something or other.)

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      Well actually, the 0bamas can, and have, done plenty wrong, or rather, criminal acts during their abhorrent occupation of the White House. Who was going to call them out on all of their crimes? Republicans? Like you typed: “unless you wanna be labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe something or other.” They should have charged, investigated, and followed through with their Congressional duties of impeachment, because the republicans were publicly scorned and branded every derogatory epithet that they were afraid of being labeled to begin with..

      1. LadyLoneStar says:

        Yes, and did you notice my comment being laced with sarcasm?

        1. NoCoincidences says:

          I sure did notice your sarcastic wit, and I appreciate you for it. You inspired me add my comment to compliment your own.

  30. Fig Newton says:

    Mooshell fat butt manboy is a hateful, anti-American dude who is a wretched, rotten thing.

  31. granny_forUSA says:

    Those imbeciles are condemning everything they can with anyone on the POTUS staff…….Even criticized Ivanka for wearing her own clothing line…….When moochelle had her clothes made via OMAR THE TENT MAKER everyone thought she looked great……….but she always looked like that brown stuff you flush down the toilet…….

  32. wernerpd says:

    Standards of ethical conduct of government employees (5 CFR Sec. 2635) is normally the governing regulation for paid federal employees. Since FLOTUS is not paid, one would presume that she is not bound by those regulations. Oddly enough, there is legal precedent that says otherwise and amazingly that precedent was set during Clinton’s presidency… http://www.nytimes.com/1993/06/23/us/court-rules-that-first-lady-is-de-facto-federal-official.html

  33. Pegasus says:

    Megyn kelly is a drug addict!

  34. Robert Stone says:

    Same old story, they can do it but others can not. I guess that is because they are so special.

    1. Peter says:

      Special like Jerry’s kids!

  35. Donna Morken says:

    the only problem was if Michelle wore anything I can’t imagine anyone else wanting to.

    1. Peter says:

      Only other transvestites could wear what “it” wore. It’s proven that “it” has a man’s proportions. I’ve seen the pictures of mooches bulge. During its 8 year stay, couldn’t “it” get rid of its bulge? Maybe with all the money “it” made, the little “dingaling” will go away and thus no more unsightly bulge.

  36. M. D'Souza says:

    The Fake Media picks on whatever the Conservatives say, while they give the Liberal Democrats a free pass. The media gloated over Michelle Obama as a fashion icon, & said that from her outfits one could know where she was going. Her dresses & designers were ‘marketed’ ad lib. But whatever Melania, Ivanka, even Sarah Palin (they called her a fashion diva) were an eyesore to the liberal Fake Media.

  37. Jmanjo says:

    Biased media cooperation is what the Obamas thrive on and they should be held responsible too!

  38. thefounderwswereright says:

    It’s no secret that the media is blind to there communist leaders .

  39. Charles P says:



    1. Peter says:

      To show how the clothes can be worn by a man and that you can’t see the wiener in public

    2. Peter says:

      I think most male liberals think they themselves are pretty!

  40. John Savell says:

    This author should know that liberal and progressive are two different words for hypocrite. Kellyanne made an off-hand comment as a response to a major clothing store making a political statement by denying consumers access to a brand owned by someone related to a political opponent. She wasn’t “using her position” to promote anyone. She was saying, basically, if they want to be jerks show them and go buy Ivanka’s product somewhere else. That is not a violation. the dems as usually are being petty and stupid.

  41. Jenkuis Star says:

    People need to stop calling it the media/ the press and start calling fake news what it is: George Soros and Satan (Baraq Obama) Inc.

  42. mh5 says:

    I JUST HOPE THAT “EVERYTIME” THE KellyAnn comment is BLABBED THAT ms obama’s GARBAGE IS ALSO TALKED ABOUT ALSO!! whether THEY the demoncrats ie.. democrats cause they do NOTHING GOOD FOR THE FAMILY. the REPs do that muc.

  43. J. Ernst says:

    Demorat’s & Rino’s are the UNIPARTY. Moochelle and his/her charges are what they are TRUE ANTI-American peoples….aka the UNIPARTY; the doppelganger of the old Soviet style government. They are NOT constitutionally ethical. Never were, NEVER WILL BE! We can only HOPE that Barry’s “presidential library” will be DEFUNDED! The last eight years have been an absolute take-over of OUR FORMER representation government.

  44. Harvey_Steele says:

    I do not think that Michele Soetoro held a federal position, but a made up first lady post. Although her mother, daughters were given the post of senior advisors so they could access free travel, hotels, meals, land transportation.
    Michele may have been appointed a senior advisor, a government post.

  45. Not A Farmer says:

    How about the sale of President Obama’s book while in office? or Michelle’s advertising for Target. She even had cameras rolling once showing her shopping in Target.

  46. PM says:

    Obama and his sou=ouse did anything they pleased and no one complained or even murmured a peep. However, Trump won the White House legally and fair and suddenly the Democrats and media are turning over stones to look for something they can pin on them.
    For everything they may suggest that Trump or his team is guilty of, Obama and his wife did the same without any action taken good or bad. I think there is a double standard here, one for the Democrats and one for the Republicans orchestrated primarily by the Democratic leadership and media.

    1. perungromovnik says:

      DEMONRATS think that they can full around all America with their DEMONRATIC mas media – such as CNN…they do not get that NOBODY believe even ONE WORD published by such media! When CNN say “good morning” you should go and check through windows and you will see outside is dark like in hell!

  47. Jerry Dixon says:

    Why isn’t it a violation for politicians to solicit funds for re election. From the Capitol building or the floor of the senate or congress?

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