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Michelle Obama’s Attack On White People Will Make You Sick

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  1. dude says:

    just seeing that [email protected]# with out him/her opening it’s mouth makes me sick

    1. Janet Hall says:

      He’s getting uglier by the day.

      1. dude says:

        that’s not true he can’t get any uglier than he is now a live

    2. Annie says:

      He’s getting manlier looking every day! Maybe he should be proud to have been “The First Tranny” wife of the 44th president! Gosh, wish we could erase them both out of history!

  2. mark k. says:

    I’m surprised she had something good to say about Americans (at the end). That’s new.

    1. polly says:

      She is evil.Pray for the enemy

      1. mark k. says:

        You’re right on both counts, Polly.

  3. RONALD WIEDER says:

    Back in the Old Days she’d be called do-nothin black trash.

  4. dunfoo1 . says:

    Michael Obama is like a turd that won’t go away, I don’t understand why some people still call him Michelle.

    1. Scosh says:

      He needs to go to Kenya with Obunghole/Ohomo and never to be heard from again. News flash, we now have machines to pick cotton, so send them back to Kenya.

      1. Jeronimo Dan says:

        Scosh, your kind of like the old boy that looked around and said,
        “Damn, we should have picked our own cotton”.

        1. Raiderwolf says:

          Well, in hindsight, if Obama’s ancestors ever picked cotton, which they never did because his dad was a Kenyan Socialist, anything is better than having that socialist as President of our country.

          1. crockett says:

            Not socialist , a damn mussie and radical at that . That POS stole money that was the peoples and it should be paid back with interest lots of interest ………….

          2. Red Steiner says:

            AIG and GM love Obama.

          3. Raiderwolf says:

            Not socialist , a damn mussie and radical at that .

            Oh, he is a socialist alright. The Democrat party is the dominant Socialist party in the United States. You need not look any further than the Democrat’s fawning over the Socialists of Cuba to know that.

            Column: The left’s love affair with Fidel Castro

            In a statement following the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, President Barack Obama spoke of “the countless ways in which (Castro) altered the course of individual lives, families and of the Cuban nation.”

            That’s an understatement as the thousands who have risked their lives over the years to escape from Cuba have testified.

            The president added: “History will record and judge the enormous impact of this singular figure on the people and world around him.”

            Why wait on history? We can judge him now.

            For six decades the left has lauded Castro as a secular savior, seeing only what they wanted to see and reporting only what the Cuban government wanted them to report.


          4. Red Steiner says:

            The cemetery crow didn’t seem to know that when they voted.

        2. Maria castro says:

          Some did on the land granted by their slave owners and most succeeded

        3. bkordelski says:

          I NEVER owned a Slave, and HE damned sure NEVER picked any Cotton, Nuff said about that Race-Baiting Clan.

          1. Red Steiner says:

            He, his mate and his staff set race relations back to the early 1950’s.

          2. dangkids says:

            Exactly, and not one black living today has ever been a slave, nor picked cotton.

        4. Chi Sam says:

          Odd, that the word you’re is beyond your ability.

          1. grnjllybn says:

            It’s one thing to correct another person’s mistake;
            but you did not have to be so insulting about it.

          2. Red Steiner says:

            He’s just a Dim, we have all been making allowances for them for nearly a century.

          3. Sharo says:

            You know, you people and your racist remarks are what helps to fuel racism. God created us all, and we come come from one common ancestor. We are “all” one blood. God’s word confirms that! We are all brothers and sisters whether “you” like it or not. I know all about the beginning of the slave trade and how the Africans and others sold their own into slavery and allowed them to be brought to the U.S. to be used as servants for “rich white folk,” but…. the white folk are the ones in many cases that mistreated and abused yes

          4. Sharo says:

            and even murdered some. I for one am ashamed that my own race would be involved in such evil. We are all equal in the “eyes” of the Lord, and one day we will stand before him and give account for our thoughts, actions, and speech. And many will say, “woe is me, I am undone.”

          5. suerobb says:

            Did you ever own a slave to mistreat? If not , you are taking some other’s burden on your shoulders. It was legal and accepted at the time. After all their own people sold them. Really dangerous work was done by poor rednecks whites because slaves were too valuable. Whipping slaves was the last resort because the scars left told of their rebellious nature( not that I blamed them) and made them worthless. No all slaves were mistreated by there slave owners. I have relatives who came here indentured. While they eventually work off the debt for their freedom, it was much like slavery.
            It was 160 years ago and if the blacks stopped whining about it, went to school , studied and developed work ethics, and manners, they would succeed. Most of all they need to value they black life like they demand we do.

          6. Chi Sam says:

            I knew what my options were.

          7. Red Steiner says:

            If he meant you’re he would have written it. What is your point?

        5. rick davis says:

          Them black folks don’t buy new pill bottles no more, because they won’t pick the cotton under the seal.

        1. sandraleesmith46 says:

          That’s okay; his citizenship is Indonesian anyway, so let them have the lot of them.

          1. Richard Gieser says:

            Sorry they were late for the tsunami.

        2. dangkids says:

          This is why the REAL AFRICANS HATE BLACKS IN AMERICA!! They are lazy, they get free handouts and they use the RELENTLESS RACE CARD. REAL African families are a strong family unit. They say the American blacks have no idea what it is like to live everyday in a REAL struggle just to survive.

      2. Art Tafil says:

        I saw a bumper sticker in Mississippi that read, If I’d have known they’d be so much trouble, I’d of picked my own damn cotton”.

        1. Chi Sam says:

          I’ll bet it said ‘have’, stupid.

          1. Red Steiner says:

            Either is correct stupid!!

      3. Red Steiner says:

        They will probably go back to Indonesia. Cannibalism is still practiced there.

    2. Vince says:

      How true you just can not pour enough water in that toilet to get him down.

    3. Brad Tipton says:

      Michael should have stuck to playing football for Oregon State. Then “made the grade” and wealth in the NFL.

      1. Robert A Oziomek says:

        Which locker room would Michael use?

        1. Brad Tipton says:

          Well, Michael still has a penis and his birth certificate says male, so we conservatives would have to say “the men’s locker room”, urinal and all.

    4. Robert A Oziomek says:

      Michael fits him (her) better.

    5. tCotUS says:

      This is what black racist beeches do.
      Mitch Obozo should go for more hormone shots. l can see “its” 5 o’clock shadow.

    6. pevans1 says:

      Moochella! And he/she/it HATE WHITEY!

      1. Davey says:

        Woolybooger to the bone

    7. jreg9304 says:

      Don’t you mean flush, like in down the tubes.

  5. Stephen Korup says:

    She is just a Race card Playing Scum bag who had the Best Welfare money given to her that her Husband could let her spend, she should be Ashamed for the amount of money she wasted on her MANY Vacations and useless trips on the Peoples expense. She should keep her mouth Closed and Go away , For Good the Ignorant Bitch.

    1. Maria castro says:

      You forgot her court of 24, her private plane, she traveled separately from the Spider Monkey, the dog’s private plane and helicopter, and mama’s expenses

      1. SGirl says:

        And the daughters all took friends with them.

        1. Maria castro says:

          It was so much abuse I forgot about the offspring.

          1. Jim says:

            Maria,those are recant a kids from South America,They seem about as brain dead as he she is

        2. Vicki Campbell says:

          Don’t forget the 2nd plane to carry their dog alone.

          1. Robert A Oziomek says:

            Don’t talk about Barry that way.

          2. Donald Evans says:

            Ah c’mon. Let’s not insult the poor dog. He had no choice in who picked him.

        3. game50 says:

          SGirl: the girls are friend of Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Obama. ..when he was the head of Acorn ( an anti-government group). The Obama family was a fake just like Michael (Michelle) & Barry (Obama) was…better know as the gay couple in the W.H..

      2. granny_forUSA says:


        1. Maria castro says:

          Granny look it up in google. I used to own one in Cuba, they have a little head and long skinny legs, they are the sweetest monkeys, no reference to Obama and very smart. It broke my heart when my father was forced to cage him, he made him a big cage but he was used to have the run of the house. Unfortunately he bit my sister and used to go and visit the neighbors. He became kind of a problem. I loved him

      3. Robert A Oziomek says:

        And grandma drew a pension for “babysitting “.

        1. MissouriMule says:

          $169,000 a year for the rest of her life. They got her classified as a government worker, eligible to draw a pension. That’s amazing since she was babysitting her own grandchildren. Just like niggers ththough, always got a hustle.

          1. FloridaBoyee says:

            WOW! Did not know that!! That is disgusting!! But, if they can find a way , they sure find the gov’t loopholes!

          2. Robert A Oziomek says:

            They always know how to play the race card and work the system. The kids will probably draw a pension for keeping an eye on grandma.

          3. Vincent Marcantelli says:

            And just think…….All of those Black Folks in thus country who voted for that bunch, and the folks that did the voting, just what did they get, (smile)……not much, but for sure they got an all for lot of, BS and other lies, they got stories, about how bad the white man was sticking it to the Black man, and to make it seem so much more Racist, Obama and crew would “toss in the Brown and Red man” again to make it more urgent. Obama, if you read these print outs, and if you don’t. I do hope that someone informs you about them, just so you get the information first hand……But, allow me to inform you of something……..I’m so very glad that your gone, and remember these few words, if you ever run for anything other then a bus, you can rest assured…..YOU WILL NEVER GET MY VOTE, you never got mine years ago, and you should not hold your breath thinking you’ll ever get it! Your, not really a politico, your really a crook, in the clothing of a politico…….SHAME ON YOU!

        2. suerobb says:

          No she did not. That is fake news

      4. suerobb says:

        I did resent us paying for their babysitter momma in law.

    2. SGirl says:

      They think it was their pay back for having black skin!

      1. Stephen Korup says:

        You’re So Right and they still think we owe them More ?

    3. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


    4. crockett says:

      He damit not she HE is a cross-dresser she ,takes it up the rear stairs……..and slides down on the banisters …………..whew take it deep michael ………. bet those two could lay a hell of a bigass log in the toilet , wouldn’t be able to use a plunger on those babies .. chain saw ……

    5. Gary Belich says:


  6. Joan Britt says:

    Jealousy is when people want what they cannot have…Michelle simply has to look in a mirror and she will know why she is jealous

    1. edlorens says:

      Plus her skin color is not the reason…

      1. Maria castro says:

        That is her excuse to herself. She is too stupid to realize she has alienated some blacks and some whites.

        1. WilliamHarrington says:

          Not just some,many.

      2. Darlene Strand says:

        Its not all on the outside of her, cause of her evil fkn face, but its the person she is on the inside. She is totally fkd up!!!! Evilness shows thru loud and clear!!!

    2. Jim Strong says:

      And ugly as a rat.

      1. Lynn Barrenger says:

        You owe the Rats an apology!!

  7. Jeronimo Dan says:

    I was disappointed when they left, as I always wanted to pet that orange haired Orangutan they kept up stairs and took on trips to see after the kids. Maybe someday?

  8. Thanh Nguyen says:

    We was respected you as the 1st lady at that time. But lately we are not due to what you said and what you are doing since you left the White House. Please try to stop what you are doing now to gain back the RESPECTED. THANKS. GOOD LUCK MEM. ALSO YOUR HUSBAND, MR Obama

  9. Palmer says:

    She’s rich, used to be the first lady, grew up not needy. Quit your belly aching. There are American, Veterans living in the street, Boo Hoo. Michelle.

    1. Deddier says:

      When she was in the white house, she and he set out to “get whitey” and they raped us financially. Trips, golfing trips, taking 100’s of family/friends on trips on our dime and this creature, he/she still believes white people are out to get them. Who the hell does she/he think put them in office – it wasn’t their black people it was whitey whom they despise. White people put them in and still they hate us?!

      1. Stephen Korup says:

        Well Said

  10. icemancold says:

    Well what more could be expected from MICHAEL/MICHELLE OBAMA ?

  11. Joel Goodman says:


  12. davesnrakleberger says:

    that stupid racist America hating bitch has never done a day’s work in its life. We don’t hate it because it is black, we hate it because it hates America along with it’s faggot spouse.

    1. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:

      RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!

  13. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    What…she’s black!!??? I never realized that. Skin color has had absolutely NOTHING to do with why people didn’t like her or her husband!! Being an American hating, dividing, and flaming globalist did however, play a BIG PART!!!

    1. Doris Will says:

      She certainly isn’t a good friend, she tossed Oprah Winfrey aside and spoke poorly about her after she got into the White House. Oprah really worked hard on Barry’s campaign.

  14. vil says:


  15. Derek McGowan says:

    Michelle needs to take a long hard review of the things she said before her husband took office. She did not care for America. I understand that the awful racist slurs that are directed at her and her husband must of hurt. No one should have to endure that. However, her husband then sought to drive a wedge between the white and black communities by playing the race game at Ferguson etc. Race relations in this nation were deeply hurt by the Obama’s. Support for Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers etc did nothing but harm.

  16. Christine says:

    I see you for what you are. You complain constantly & your a RACIST!

  17. zizi Newton says:

    She cannot deny that she has an ugly gorilla face. Many black women are very beautiful. She is just ugly.

    1. Jim Strong says:

      Not just ugly, but ugly as hell.

  18. gene smiith says:

    How about showing us some pictures of “Michelle” Pregnant>>>>> Yes, part of the sealed records no doubt you say? Who is ashamed to show their pregnancy pictures or the pictures of their Babies? Oh I see, The Orphanage didn’t give them to you…I see.
    PHONY from the get-go.

    1. Annie says:

      Because the 2 girls were ‘borrowed’ while the evil Obummer was running for the presidency & while they were in the White House! What a bunch of frauds!

      1. gene smiith says:

        you betcha Annie

    2. Jeanne Knudsen says:

      thanks , I had forgotten, we NEVER saw any baby pictures…..

      1. gene smiith says:

        Yes….and unlikely you will. Sealed records you know?

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          Don’t know why Obummy can’t produce FAKE baby pictures—-He can produce FAKE birth certificates!

          1. rick davis says:

            What I really don’t understand is that Obozo’s BC says he was born in Hawaii, but there is no record of Stanley Ann Dunham giving birth or even have been admitted in a hospital in Hawaii.

          2. Ron haymaker says:

            The BC is a fake. According to what I read Obummy’s mother was in Kenya & tried to fly to Hawaii. They wouldn’t let her board the plane because she was too far along. She had the baby in Kenya & flew to Hawaii later.Go type up “Obama birth”

    3. Mikki Orton says:

      records are probably in the Library that hasn’t been built

      1. gene smiith says:

        I’m certain there are some records that will never see the light of day, if left to the Obamas’.
        Hopefully someone will find a way

    4. FAITH47 says:


      1. gene smiith says:

        YES Faith and precisely why, when I wrote my comment, I put her name in Quotation marks because I don’t for a single minute beiieve she is a woman.

    5. FloridaBoyee says:

      THAT ill NEVER happen!! Come on, Oprah, you threw them in the limelight and got them on tv and made them American’s “perfect couple”! Oprah could find these things out, if she wanted to!

      1. rick davis says:

        Oprah attended Jeremia Wrights church too!

  19. Mike W says:

    She likes to play the race card. She was offended – now she knows how the black people at the hospital she worked for felt. When she worked for a university hospital in Chicago her salary was tripled and she received a new post when Barry whoever the hell he really is was elected senator. Her new post – getting low income black people out of that hospital as quickly as she could and into a facility much better “suited’ for them. I guess they thought it would look racist if they had a white person doing that.

  20. John Finn says:

    This tranny openly shows how racist she is. Well she is not longer the !st lady and all I can say for her is that a pile of ape shit looks a hell of a lot better than she does.

  21. edlorens says:

    The 1st time I liked Michelle it was in 2008 around the election time. The last time I liked her it was about the same time. Afterward she exposed herself as a racist, manipulator, mooch with the gender bender controversy that I do not want or need in already crazy world that we live in.

  22. jackhy says:

    Michele shows her true color(s) — pun intended– when she plays the race card. It’s a sign of weakness and lack of intelligence and confidence. It’s also easy to be bombastic and flashy (in her way). She has always been an under achiever who tries to compensate for her lack of abilities with being bitchy.

  23. GODBlessRealAmerica!!! says:

    Shes a Racist Liberal Moron! She s disgusting Like Obama a disgrace!

  24. Wilda George says:

    Things said about her were true. We are so fortunate as a nation that she and her husband are out of the White House. If only we could get rid of them completely, we would be even more fortunate.

  25. R. T. says:

    And this racist wants your vote for president in 2020 if she decides to run !!!!

  26. Chris Kuitert says:

    You “people?” are truly deplorable.

  27. marco a. poshar says:

    Is not the skin , is racist mentality , dear lady,,,,,,,,,

    1. Ron haymaker says:


      1. marco a. poshar says:


  28. Ron haymaker says:

    She/he makes me sick period!!!!!!

  29. Annie says:

    Manchelle can only complain about her race so that he can stay relevant in the news! Who cares what this idiot has to say! We’re over the rotten Obummers! Stop the publicity with him, Barry & the evil Clintons!

    1. PaulaScott says:

      And yet here you are.

      1. Annie says:

        So are you! I just wanted to see what this rotten pinhead had to say again! You must be a crybaby snowflake!

        1. PaulaScott says:

          Pull up your pants you pervert.

          1. Annie says:

            You shouldn’t talk about yourself like that! Did I hurt your snowflake feelings?! Poor baby…go buy yourself more tissues!

          2. PaulaScott says:

            Hahahahahahahaha!!!! This is the best you have?

            Beat it, loser. Though I’m pretty sure you’ll be back for more smack down from me.

          3. Ron haymaker says:

            Somebody left the TROLL bridge down again!

  30. Raiderwolf says:

    That she was co-tyrant with her Socialist America-hating husband had nothing to do with it. Nah!

  31. edlorens says:

    The 1st time I liked Michelle it was around election of 2008. The last time I liked her it was about the same time.
    Soon after moving to the WH she exposed herself as a horrible racist, mooch and manipulator. Plus there is so much icky gender bender controversy around her that I don’t want or need to deal with in already crazy world.


  32. JOHN STEEL says:

    She is full of human waste. “TRY HARD FOR THIS COUNTRY? Where, when, how, ? By spending more money then she is worth? She will always be ugly. She will all ways be black, We are tired of paying for that.
    She was very lucky. She did nothing to earn her “title” She did nothing while she had it.

  33. kathy says:

    you and your husband really cause some of this yourself….you really did not show that the white race and middle class really mattered , U let your own people down , and the minute U opened your mouth and said that for the first time in your life you were proud of your country….when your husband was elected …that was a red flag for many Americans, and your husband really topped it off when he went around apologizing to other countries for America…..people really saw you both as racist except to the white class that had something to offer You….and very phony

  34. den mick says:

    isnt it funny, the ones complaining about the race problems in this country are in the same family as the one who tried to stir it up the most. if you dont like here, leave!!!!!!!!!!! remember the all of this for a damn flag michelle. you and your worst president of all time, you know, the one with the muslim name husband should have never been in the white house. what a disgraceful legacy he leaves. remember, if you like your dr you may keep him, if you like your insurance, you may keep it. what a liar he is, and evidently you were ok with his lies. shame on you both. the best thing of his presidency and you as first lady, was that two bigger liars werent there. you know, bill and hilary. .

    1. Jeanne Knudsen says:

      BUT now they are following in the clintons path they started a obama ‘ Foundation’

      1. den mick says:

        i just wish all of the dem progressives would just fall off the face of the planet. i dont know where and how they were raised, but they didnt live here in the us. how can people go to school here and turn out like they did. the colleges they attended had alot to do with the way they think and what they think. that is one of the biggest problems with this country. colleges are for an education, not a brainwashing, which is exactly what happens. just like how some people think socialism is the way to go, wrong, just like merkel said, socialism is fine till they run out of other peoples money. just because they werent allowed and taught to think for them selves. they try to shove their beliefs down our throats. im one who says to hell with that. you see people like johnny depp and other supposedly important people wearing t shirts with dictators pictures on them. how ignorant can they be. how stupid. i no longer support anyone who opposes the american culture and way of life. i do not pay to watch your movies, i dont buy or listen to your music. you dont like it here, please leave. go and live in one of your hero dictators countries and see how it is first hand. go to venezuela and then you will see how good we have it here.

    2. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


  35. Maggie Cadden says:

    All the first ladies get attacked by the people who do not like the president. Even Pres Truman’s daughter was attacked because she played the piano.

    1. Annie says:

      Ok, you sound like a snowflake.

  36. Grumpy Old Fart says:

    The people in this country are universally good and kind and honest and decent.

    …except for Republicans, who are all terrorists, hostage takers, suicide bombers, kidnappers and arsonists according to her husband.

  37. Karen says:

    Boy when she goes low, she drags the bottom of the swamp. How many whites have been hurt by reverse discrimination? She’s a PIG!

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      I like the APE IN HEELS remark someone made!

  38. Maria castro says:

    Is not because she is black that most people dont like her, she is a drama queen, it seems she forgot whe was our detrimental 1st lady for the last 8 unfortunate years. She is primetively ugly, no charisma and no class. She should be grateful she was First, lady?

  39. Ron haymaker says:

    Oh we see what you are—A MAN IN WOMEN’S CLOTHING!!!!

  40. Daniel Graves says:

    I have heard rumors that she is not a woman at all. I don’t know if that is true but the girls she pretends are hers belong to a Doctor in DC. The whole family seems to be a fake. Obama was born in Kenya and is an illegal alien became President. Sounds like this black couple did alright in a white society.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      Type up Michael Laverne Robinson & while your at it Type up Barry Sortorro

    2. grnjllybn says:

      Yes Daniel — they did better than alright in the
      white society that she spits on.
      The Obongos disgraced our country!
      Good riddance to islamic rubbish!!

  41. RDB says:

    She is the racists and presented little class. Her attitude brought on all the comments she didn’t like.

  42. will says:

    Michelle is really Michael Robinson. I wish he and Obama, actually fathered by Frank Marshal
    Davis would come out of the closet

  43. SGirl says:

    It is ok for her to be racist!!! I could care less what color skin she has…she still was not lady like, in my opinion. And those school lunch programs weren’t food that I would serve to my dogs…even they would walk away from it!

  44. GEARJAMMER409 says:

    She was the worst first lady the White house ever had. She thought that she was IT. She was no more than a puppet the Obama used to make him look right with Society. Then she had the nerve to make our kids eat the so called trash of food that she decided to change while her kids at quality food. She was the biggest joke that ever hit this country.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      It was the worst first TRANNY!!!

  45. SouthernPatriot says:

    Michelle the lunchroom nutritionist, forced on the government school children a completely new menu that they did not like, nor would they even take a plate. School cafeteria managers reported how many meals were not taken and how many were thrown away with little to nothing being eaten, and recommended going back to the meal menu they had before her interference. Most all school cafeterias changed back quickly enough to save them huge money.

    Michelle who never was proud of “her” country until her husband was elected president. Thank God we have the antidote to Obama in President Donald J. Trump. I hope all of Obama’s legacy is annihilated during the 8 years Donald Trump is president.

  46. ROB says:

    Now I wonder if ya’ll are as concerned at the things said about the Trump ladies.

  47. Deplorable Lanie says:

    If this is such a hurtful place to live, why doesn’t she go somewhere else? If the current administration bothers her so much she is free to live elsewhere! And my problems with her had nothing to do with the color of her skin and everything to do with what came out of her mouth. And everything BHO did. She felt self-entitled and spent taxpayer money like it was just for her. A staff of, what was it, 24? Melania only has a staff of 4! And she is making quite a good impression in Europe (unlike Michelle or Michael or whatever his/her name is).

    1. Skyhawk says:

      Michael never learned any protocol, or developed any manners with affirmative action.

  48. ROB says:

    Now I wonder if ya’ll are as concerned at the things said about the Trump ladies.
    Yeah that’s what I thought

  49. Monica says:

    I guess it is a good thing Obama’s mother and family are not around to embarrass Michelle by being White. One of the interesting things about Barack Obama is that he is appealed to the black voters of America as a black man, yet he was raised by a single mother and her parents, all of whom were white.

    (Before you correct me that the politically correct term is “African-American,” allow me to point out that all black people in America are not necessarily from a direct African heritage.)

    1. Skyhawk says:

      In Africa they are known as Negros

  50. jzandensky says:

    Is Wookie bad?

  51. grin-n-barrett says:

    Honestly, at this point, who cares what she has to say? They are, thank the powers that be, out of the white house. Now we need to move on and recover from their assault on this nation. We need to stop giving them press. That is what they want. The more outrageous they get, the more press the get. Ignore them and maybe they will go away? I hope!

    1. edlorens says:

      Yap! We already advanced them with over $65 millions in the books deals.

      1. grin-n-barrett says:

        Exactly, and keeping the name in the arena so baby Clinton can push to get into politics and finish what Obama and Mama started. We need them to go quietly into the deep never to be heard from again, if at all humanly possible. Unless of course it is for criminal charges!

    2. Stever says:

      Hey grin, the country will be tied to that excrement, just like we have been with, the Kennedy’s, the Clintonians and for some reason, they are given a pass on all their indiscretions. Just remember, the obama offspring, the clinton offspring the Bush offspring, it never ends with this trash.

      1. grin-n-barrett says:

        I agree! We need to remember but we need to stop giving them what they want, free publicity to hawk their books and make them money and keep them in the public eye so they keep name recognition. We don’t want another one of them in the white house, ever again. We can’t survive more of the same.

  52. edlorens says:

    Michelle is an opportunist.racist and the user who would use the race card for her advantage. How do you think she get to Harvard? Many would be grateful for such an opportunity…but to her we will always be in debt to her.

  53. john says:

    Mikey the tranny Headhunter and Broccoli Barry the faggot cannibal !

  54. edlorens says:

    In spite of all the opportunities: education, status, connection, money etc that our country gave her -deep inside Michelle is VERY ANGRY unable to crawl away from her far away past.
    Forever she dwells and build on that her great, great, great grandmother was a slave…but never that her great, great,great grandfather was a slave owner. WHAT A BIGOTRY

  55. Lynne says:

    She is the worst racist ever. She only has one card , the race card , in her deck.

  56. Disqus says:

    Had it not been for those “terrible white racists” her husband would not have been President. Guess she misses all the free vacations.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      That & a lot of illegal immigrants & dead people!

      1. Skyhawk says:

        And Pelosi fraudulently certifying him as being eligible. Since he came here as a foreign student and overstayed his visa, like many have done, when did he become a citizen?

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          I know, I just heard about that the other. I wasn’t shocked though.

        2. grnjllybn says:

          When did he become a citizen, you ask? NEVER !!!

  57. granny_forUSA says:


  58. Joe Overlease says:

    The Obama’s have done more to hurt the progress in race relations in fifty years. We should be looking at and working on All American Relations. This is America, we do have a lot of Americans that are feeling left out today thanks to these racist pigs. Americans build things.. we lead the world.. time to get it together folks and dismiss these un-American Race baiter’s. Let’s move forward.

  59. Dulcie A. Covington says:

    Most of us KNEW she was a racist, eight years ago, the rest didn’t bother to read her thesis
    hey michelle you hate white people so much ,stop wearing you WHITE WOMANS style WIGS
    We all saw your nappy hair when you forgot to put on the wig,

  60. RichFromShowMe says:

    If Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooochelle didn’t have Racism to talk about she would be silent.

  61. Fortuneless says:

    Typical transvestite nigger

  62. MJL says:

    Still using the race card that they worked real hard ,yea at screwing the United States up and bring in all their Muslim asshole buddies. The Kenyan Coon and the Silver Back in Heals Michael the Ape .

  63. Yukon36 says:

    Will never forget Joan Rivers comment “Everybody knows she (Michelle) is a Tranny” as she was ascending some outside stairs.

    1. NancyNurse says:

      I never will forget the Joan Rivers’ comments: Barack is “gay” and Michelle/Michael is a “tranny.” It really makes a lot of sense now, but I wonder if this is the reason Joan Rivers was murdered when she was undergoing a routine endoscopy in a private out-patient facility? Remember: Joan was privy to insider info in Hollywood and insider info in the Beltway. Joan was known as being an honest, intelligent comedian, speaking candidly was a plus, which I always admired. Apparently, Joan became a liability, revealing too many hidden secrets about the Obamas. Apparently, Joan was considered a direct threat to the DNC/Soros/Clintons trio, so she had to be eliminated. How tragic and sad for Joan’s life to end without being thoroughly investigated. How many were paid off to keep quiet about the real truth behind Joan Rivers’ death? I and many others still miss her walking on this Earth!

  64. Pat Wells says:

    Guess i was wrong, i though there for a while i was the only one that didn’t miss the bitch.

  65. Maggietish says:

    Michelle Obama has always been a racist. She never had any trouble spending exorbitant amounts of white taxpayers’ money when she was in the White House. She only wore designer clothing, she had more staff than any other first lady. Most of them had 4 staff members and she had 20. She and her husband and family took exorbitant luxurious vacations all on the taxpayers dime which at last report was over $200 million. She gave lavish parties all of the expense of the American taxpayers many of whom were white. She’s a bigot and a race baiter. When President Obama was elected he could have done and been so much more but he chose to play the race game along with his wife and they tried to divide the country along with breeding hatred against police officers, our military and white people. His legacy is that more people are now on every government giveaway programs than in the history of the United States of America; minorities are still living in abject property; The national debt climbed over $20 trillion; he put America in more jeopardy with his open border policy; we had more Islamic attacks on our shores than ever before; more Americans were slaughtered in the United States by Islamic terrorists since 911; he chose to become the enemy of Israel and supported everything Islamic even terrorists and extremists; he made the agreement with Iran and gave billions of dollars to them thereby enabling them to create nuclear weapons to be used against us; he didn’t defend the American men on one of our ships who were attacked and captured by Iran when he should have; Obviously the policy/pledge of the United States that we leave no Man behind was something that President Obama chose to ignore and not to honor; he along with Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice were complicit in the slaughter of four Americans in Benghazi and then lied for weeks to the American public, and the world, saying the attack was due to a film when Hillary Clinton’s emails prove that they knew it was terrorist attack from the beginning–Help was 30 minutes away and these 4,Americans lives could’ve been saved but the stand down decision was made and those 4 Americans were abandoned and that’s part of President Obama’s legacy. Michelle Obama has no right to talk about and criticize white people and she should take her hatemongering, race baiting and racism somewhere else.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Still playing the ‘liberal’ game—their failures are always the ‘other guys fault’!! Whenever possible–throw in the ‘race card’!
      Granted, mean-spirited comments have been made toward the Obamas but, the Liberals have hardly ‘held back’ when being ‘hateful’ toward Pres Trump!! Race aside—it isn’t needed to fault Barack or Michele!! There is endless ‘other ammunition’ to throw at both of them and all of it legitimate!!

      1. Jeanne Knudsen says:

        true, any grief they get is from their own doings

  66. Tommy Goodwin says:


  67. clearmind says:

    Funny how Hussein said back in his first attempt to become a dictator
    .that America was 90%over racism….now look at what he has done, stupid leftists

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Well, he certainly ‘fixed’ that little ‘problem’, didn’t he?? He revived the ‘race haters’ all over again!!

  68. johnnywoods says:

    As usual, Moochie shows that she is “low rent, no class”. Go away you anti-American swine.

  69. NancyNurse says:

    Michelle/Michael and Barack/Barry have to keep the money rolling in by remaining in public life, not service. The primary reasons: Both cannot practice as lawyers because both have surrendered their law licenses in Illinois. Barry fraudulently filled out his bar exam application in Illinois when a background check revealed his checkered past as “Barry Sorento/Soetoro.” Michelle/Michael voluntary retired her law license when a federal judge gave her the ultimatum of voluntarily surrendering her law license in 1993 or be indicted for insurance fraud. It’s a policy in the State of Illinois that when a lawyer surrenders his/her license, all pending criminal charges are dropped, becoming void.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Well, that didn’t change their ability to continue practicing their ‘criminal tendencies’, did it? They just expanded them to a whole ‘new’ level of crime!!

  70. None Of The Above says:

    I will say the same thing I said about Hitlery a turd is a turd no matter how much you polish it or how much you dress it up it will always be a turd and she is definitely one ugly turd… she says that this country isn’t falling apart well she is right it isn’t not that you or your worthless turd husband had anything to do with that for 8 years you and he tried your best to tear this country apart and failed you and he were and always will be worthless trash I hope that you and he will end up being locked up then deported to what ever country will take you

  71. thecelt1 says:

    The Last Lady MooBama has got get her Racist butt out of the country she hates. The great black Pile of Poop
    had better vacate the country he hates ASAP! These two Obamas are the most Corrupt, Lying, America
    Haters ever to pollute our United States of America.

  72. charles becker says:

    Mooshell is the biggest racist in America, next to Ostupid.

  73. charles becker says:

    When? will someone de-end these people?

  74. Ron says:

    Mike shood keep his big lips shut and come clean that he’s a man.??

  75. Richard Bagenstose says:

    her and her chimp better stick to instigating the ignorant blacks ,the irs should seize their millions and make them move into the projects in chicago

  76. Skyhawk says:

    Michael was never known to be too smart. He could play football pretty well while in High School but then he regressed back to his ancestors level.

  77. yennikcm says:

    Michael, is a POS scumbag

  78. Robert Zraick says:

    It great that she thinks our country will learn from its mistakes, because the Obama administration was the biggest mistake of all. Obama and Michelle are racists. That is at the core of their thinking and their actions.
    I remember thinking that it was about time we had a black president. I was hopeful that it would be a step forward. I only prayed that he wouldn’t turn out to be a racist.
    The entire eight years of Obama racism makes me sick and angry, and I feel very bad for the black people of our country because he set them back several decades.

  79. 4Pip says:

    Her claim to have worked hard for the country just doesn’t sit well. Those two were always on vacation,sometimes going for three weeks at one time.She never worked but she has always complained about having to be there. I can’t understand her,she hasn’t anything to gripe about but she has done so for 8 years.Now she is still at it,she should try being grateful for her many blessings.

  80. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


  81. Joe says:

    This is what Democrats do.
    Play the card. Race Gender Rich/Poor….
    Then you have being black
    Then you have being a woman.
    With the press in their pockets, fahgettaboutit.

  82. sandraleesmith46 says:

    Never occurred to him that HE might be responsible for the comments directed his way due to his own outrageous and disgusting behaviors, of course.

  83. GR Arnold says:

    She is a pathetic racist atrocity. In her case the only cuts that hurt are those that are most truthful and I was ashamed of her since day #1.

  84. doug says:

    Boy oh Boy! Let me cry alittle, get a life Michelle and you and babrack go to Iran I’m sure you’ll get respect there!

  85. Priam Figs says:

    Sorry I can not name one Democrat that will admit its their POLITICS that make them hated .No they all claim its external and someone else’s fault that they are not liked. Aint your skin color lady its your vile disdain for your fellow Americans and the things you say about others that don’t agree with your Liberal views . Maybe one day these you will grow up and become truly Liberated and be able to live and let live. Play in the kitchen and things tend to get hot you moron.

  86. Mark says:

    I would have voted for Sheriff Clark if he would have run for president this last time, and hes black, does that make me racist cause I am white. To me skin color has NOTHING to do with it, but your character, honor, and integrity DOES, and all I seen in that group was a bunch who wanted to destroy our country. But the Obumers and the Killery,,,NO WAY, they did more damage in the last few years that I dont know if we can recover in 20 years, they did just what they intended to do. And the so called first lady and her lunch program, and everything she tried to do was nothing but FAILURE. Her and her Muslim family did nothing but destroy and weaken the country and take lavish vacations. I HOPE SHERIFF CLARK RUNS NEXT TIME, by then you libs will have thought up a way to tell me I’m still a racist.

  87. Alleged Comment says:

    SORRY, but you HATED our country first.

    In any other country you would not have this privileged life. Instead of you and monkey face being grateful, you TURNED on US in the WORST WAY.

    I still say you and your husband should be in prison. Quite possibly the sodomite should be hanged.

  88. rockthebenz says:

    When you come from a ghetto background it is hard to develop two things you can’t buy; style & class. Oh, yeah, the other thing is, she is an ugly bitch!!!!

  89. LLC says:

    I travel the NYC subways daily and every time I see a Black person reading a book, I look to see the title of the book is. For over 5 years, I can accurately report that 2 out of every 3 books were about Blackness in some manner, shape or form. They are obsessed with their race and/or color of their skin! Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if 2/3 of the White, Red, Yellow or Brown people only read about their own race? Nothing new would be invented or improved. No wonder they are SO narrow minded!

  90. Truth goes 100 MPH says:

    I still remember the quip” All this over a f….. flag” We didn’t forget you wouldn’t put your hand over your heart during the playing of the National Anthem.

  91. Robert A Oziomek says:

    This country is bleeding too because of the dumb ass decisions by her dickweed husband. Don’t be such a martyer.

  92. Countrysunrise says:

    She is a big mouth FORMER first lady, and always WILL BE a big mouth!! The Obama’s spent 8 years playing the race card. This is why nobody invited them over for a game of cards, and why nobody would DARE try to prosecute Barack. All HELL would break loose!! As for staying in Politics, that would explain part of their behavior. They got a house 2 miles from the White House. They put a wall (really??) around their property. They asked Valerie Jarrett to come and live with them, which is a bit odd. Almost like a mini White House!! They don’t realize how much damage they’ve caused to this Country in 8 years – YET. People are starting to look through records, and information is slowly seeping out. Barack might be in handcuffs yet, and he deserves to lose his pension and healthcare!!

  93. irene says:

    You know, that “race card” thing is getting so OLD! Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world, michelle was first (thing?), maxine waters lives in a mansion, COUNTLESS sports figures & entertainers live better than most, etc! I could go on & on! What’s their problem????Their ancestors were LUCKY to be brought to the U.S.! They lived better here than they did in the congo!! They were given jobs, a place to live, food in their stomach, etc. They were TOTALLY taken care of! However, it appears that they were obviously not as civilized & resented how they were treated as this country had & has different customs which they’ve adopted & live like or better than most whites!! They intermarry,have education available to them, own businesses, etc!! If they haven’t done well,it’s because they’re still nursing the fact that their ancestors were slaves & uncivilized. That’s over now! Get a grip!!

  94. Gay Phillips says:

    Is it a whole lot easier to blame everything on skin color than to discuss the issues of the Obama administration.

  95. Gen11American says:

    How ironic and pathetic that Michelle Obama claimed to be hurt by racism when both she and her husband were so rabidly anti-White, they sat listening to Reverend Wright’s anti-White incendiary sermons to 20 years, and they spent all 8 years of Obama presidency concocting transference of wealth schemes from the productive generational White population of this country to the unproductive non-White groups which have sucking taxpayers dry ever since 1965, when Lyndon Johnson passed his “Great Society Boondoggle!” If Michelle Obama has any sense in her/his head, she should just fade away and shut the hell up!

  96. NancyNurse says:

    I never will forget the Joan Rivers’ comments: Barack is “gay” and
    Michelle/Michael is a “tranny.” It really makes a lot of sense now, but
    I wonder if this is the reason Joan Rivers was murdered when she was
    undergoing a routine endoscopy in a private out-patient facility?
    Remember: Joan was privy to insider info in Hollywood and insider info
    in the Beltway. Joan was known as being an honest, intelligent
    comedian, speaking candidly was a plus, which I always admired.
    Apparently, Joan became a liability, revealing too many hidden secrets
    about the Obamas. Apparently, Joan was considered a direct threat to
    the DNC/Soros/Clintons trio, so she had to be eliminated. How tragic
    and sad for Joan’s life to end without being thoroughly investigated.
    How many were paid off to keep quiet about the real truth behind Joan
    Rivers’ death? I and many others still miss her walking on this

  97. Dave says:

    I could not care less what Michael Robinson says about anything.

  98. Gen.Stewart says:

    Her and OBASTARD should go back to a country that isn’t as racist as the America that put their sorry asses in the white house !

  99. Frank Hartzell says:

    nothing but a foul mouthed bitch nigger.Nothing polictical here.

  100. Habib. says:

    After reading her comments, how else can she excusre the waste and failures of their time in the white house?

  101. Joseph Schlag says:

    She is the racist, she hates white people and has said so in certain circles. She really is a horrible human being. They are the fakest people I have ever encountered.

  102. fordfool says:

    what she don’t know or realize, during those 8 yrs most of us forgot what “success” really is.
    He did any/everything to deteriorate this Nation,but one thing he could note break: OUR SPIRIT!
    Just look now,at the Dem purpose to undermine Pres Trump….do U know this just smidgen (U recall what smidgeon means) well, its jst damn short of Treason itself? Meddling w/ current President?
    Put some of that Columbia Univ to work….it takes absolutely no talent to criticize…

  103. Richard Gieser says:

    His skin color doesn’t hide his gender.

  104. Lorraine E says:

    8 years of working to destroy our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Republic and our country wasn’t enough for the obama team. And if we complain they hide behind the Race Card. That is the standard excuse for everything they have done and for the most part it insulates them from being prosecuted for their crimes against our country. What they did had nothing to do with race but rather a hatred for our country and us.

  105. CHARLES S says:

    “Knowing that after eight years of working really hard for this country”…..what a joke of a comment—
    Working hard? Don’t make me puke, Michael/Michelle. You hate this country and you never worked hard in your pathetic miserable worthless life.

  106. kassa1 says:

    Michelle Obama hates white people so bad she can’t even stand it, and it showed in her husbands illegal eight years in the White House we put mostly all black people on his cabinet that was corrupt if not more than me if that’s possible, like Eric holder, like Susan Rice, like Loretta Lynch, the guy he put in charge of homeland security Nother piece of shit.

  107. El Kabong says:

    With her it’s always about race. As far as I’m concerned the one who cries racist first ius usually the most racist.

  108. Bill says:

    Thank god they are gone!

  109. Michelle and Barrack just need to drop out of the picture and go back to Kenya. They don’t want to be in America nor do they like it here. Further more we really are sick of the crap that has gone on for the past 8 yrs and continues. What are they trying to prove. All they are doing is showing how much their EGO is hurt and they created their own image of what they are all about.

  110. fbair1 says:

    Yea, well you had it real tough Michelle picking out your8 million dollar home, taking all your fancy vacations. Sending your daughters to private schools, Hawaii, Europe, tv shows, parties. Damn I feel sorry for your racist azz.

  111. game50 says:

    Michael sure did like the white people’s money to go on vacation for 8 years I don’t know wasn’t it like 80 million dollars he spent … just tell him to go away … far far away and stay the hell out of political b******* because that’s all it s/he is b*******.

  112. MILES E DRAKE says:

    The fact is that the American people do see this termagant tranny for what she/he/it is. Michael got to be First Consort through a sham marriage to a closeted sodomite cokehead and pothead who is a native of Kenya and citizen of Indonesia, and was The Mongrel’s co-conspirator in a desperate and nearly-successful scheme to transform the North American republic into the Central African Republic as well as a child-starving marxist cadre as angry and grim as Krupskaya and Madame Mao, and a corrupt fixer who routed billions of federal dollars into the pockets of her/his/its Princeton affirmative-action homies. Michael needs to leave the country she/he/it hates and despises and go into exile with her mohammedan spouse in whatever sand dune or rain forest really gave him a birth certificate.

  113. Anything Obama perceives as true, is true! She is breathing my air!

  114. voncile fullwood says:

    Michelle,i don’t give a $%^& about your color,it is what is inside of a person that counts and I don’t see anything inside that counts except in a he/she body and it is a piece of crap,and what hard work have you done ?all I saw was how many vacations you could take and how much money you both could steal.why not take your homo and both go live in the jungle of Africa and swing your tail on a tree limb for all I can you both are from the ghetto of sewage trash,maybe since you hang to Beyonce so much she has become your dip stick lover

  115. James Higginbotham says:


  116. jreg9304 says:

    does the pic below look familiar? It’s mooochells papa!

  117. Low Cover says:

    Michelle has always been and always will be a skank.

  118. mannasage says:

    Michelle is the racist, one of the more disgusting & ignorant women on Earth. Seems like most folks think she’s into transgender & they call her Mike!

  119. Linda Smith says:

    BLACK Ms America, BLACK history month, BLACK caucus, BLACK lives matter, BLACK Mayors OF America, BLACK Essence Festival…on and on and on… and you want to talk about RACISM and PRIVILEGE ? OK… lets talk

    1. Chi Sam says:

      Nobody talks to you and even fewer desire to have sex with you.

      You’re no longer even a woman.

      1. Linda Smith says:

        you obviously are a liberal snowflake. blow away.

        1. Chi Sam says:

          Anyone can be wrong about anything…but only stupid as*****s believe what they don’t know, is obvious.

          Stupid effing hillbilly.

  120. Michael Valgos says:

    Is this bitch nuts or what? It is a very weak person that has to make shit up to cover for for their inabilities, and insecurities. Michelle Obama has got it big. I mean she has a big mouth, and a big ass, and a empty head.

  121. AnAmericanRight says:

    Michelle said, “INSTEAD SHE SAID IT’S A YOUNG COUNTRY THAT WILL LEARN FROM ITS MISTAKES AND SUCCESSES.” She is correct. We learned it was a huge mistake to put her and her Muslim husband in the WH. Our success was getting them out and electing Trump to undo the damage they created to America.

  122. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Maybe it’s not racism at all. The obamas’ were the recipients of Reverse racism as a natter of fact. Maybe it’s that they are insidious human beings, and not racism at all.

  123. Random Citizen says:

    S/he can’t see past his/her own color, precisely what s/he laments in others.

  124. Random Citizen says:

    I predict s/he will run for office — mayor of WashDC, I’m guessing.

  125. jim jones says:

    Baby momma be da term the blackies likes!

  126. wharfrat says:

    Mechelle is a flat out lier,she claims she worked “really hard” for eight years for this country?,she and her worthless husband worked really hard to destroy this country and she forgets about the fact that she had 25 Assistants that costs us Millions so she could pretend to be a Princess,she went to Spain and was in a Hotel Room costing us over $300,000 so she could pretend to be a Princess, she hates the White race, but we built this country by going to work every day, but when she and her husband left office they had an account set up so they could travel the World and the taxpayers would pay for it=FOREVER,but thanks to Trump he put an end to it,the Obamas were thieves and no telling how much money they stole from us just like the Clintons.Race has nothing to do with how we feel about her,she brought it all on herself.

  127. Doris Belanger Frazier says:

    Her color has nothing to do with how people feel about her… She so dam racist. That is all she ever talks about. She was not a good First Lady despite her color. The lunch program was a joke and really what other accomplishments did she have. Busting her butt????? Look at all the expensive vacations she took while at the WH on the taxpayers dollar. I still say paid time off is one thing but for taxpayers having to pay their actual vacations expenses is another… Obama made enough money to pay for them himself. It is disgusting that she cannot keep her dam mouth shut. Her and her snake of a husband lie, cheat and screwed America big time.
    I just hope and pray they are held accountable for their dirty deeds eventually…Obama needs to climb back under his rock and disappear for good.

  128. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    I see you for what you are and what you are still and that is not a darn thing.

  129. arthur M. alex says:




  130. pappy450 says:

    The he/she and her ‘husband”/ “significant other” (or whatever these you call ‘them”) need to go back to their “roots” in Kenya to their mud hut and stay there.

  131. David says:

    She’s the biggest, in many ways, racist we have ever had associated with the White House in any capacity.

  132. FL_Stingray says:

    She has a chip on her shoulder the size of a football

  133. ECwashr says:

    “Staying in public service”! That is just wonderful 8 years of destroying America wasn’t enough!! Of course I’m sure they have millions more of our tax dollars to steal…

  134. 2nd amendment vs evil govt says:

    just quoting from hyper-liberal Joan Rivers two weeks before she died……”He’s a Homo and she is a Tranny”!

  135. KDC says:

    Who cares what “it” says. “She’s” a hater. She’s spread division and hatred. Don’t give “it” the time of day.

  136. suesueb says:

    I always found her to be quite the race baiter….and so very sly.

  137. fbair1 says:

    Michelle guess how many whites died freeing your black asses? It’s blacks like you that keep racism alive Go live in your 8 million dollar house, and tell everyone how bad you’ve been treated because you’re black….

  138. Diane says:

    The Obama’s ruined this Country and made race relations worse than every before. I hope and Pray that we can get this Country back from this liberal, secular ugliness.

  139. dangkids says:

    Ph-UCK that silly black man…….Racist he/she/it…..

  140. BeeCubed says:

    There is nothing that Michelle can say about “white” people that is of any interest to this “white” person!

  141. Irvan says:

    I would like to get hold of her for FIVE 5 minutes. Male or Female-, there would be NOTHING but a grease spot left.

  142. Tom says:

    What a putrid waste of space!

  143. Donald Evans says:

    What kind of idiot would believe any thing this nigger tranny says.

  144. Wynette Atkins says:

    Michelle and Obama were both racists before, during, and after being in the Whitehouse. They are the great dividers. Divisions between the races, religions, sexes, and incomes all became much worse under the Obama Presidency.

  145. John Savell says:

    “She” has been complaining of racism, just like the rest of liberals do when they don’t get their way, since before “her” hubby was “elected” (of course by “elected” I mean stole the election with massive voter fraud). people don’t like “her” because “she” is a bi+ch, not because of the color of “her” skin, and “she” passed policies to give the government control over the smallest parts of our lives, specifically what our kids would be allowed to eat.

  146. uhptony says:

    Michelle Obama is one of the ugliest niggers I have ever seen. She ranks in ugliness with Whoopie Goldberg and that is saying a lot.

  147. Richard Schmidt says:

    Michelle is typical of a set of luminary Dem Pols who can dish it out and then be “deeply wounded” when the result accrues.
    Their tendency to hide behind race instead of stand behind their controversial policies and actions is endemic in our PC obsessed electorate.
    Michelle, We don’t care about your race, it’s your competency we are concerned with.

  148. pete0097 says:

    Who cares what she says. She is the EX FLOTUS (or Is that FLOPUS) If she thinks that most Republicans are racists, maybe she should meet some. Are Reps racists that support sports teams and root for players of different races? I have seen rednecks root for black football players, let their daughters marry black people, and other things that the race baiters say never happens. Black and white people get along, get over it.

  149. Duane says:

    Michael hated America and was ashamed to live here. Well, I think we are even, because I was ashamed of the president and his wife and hated them living here, too.

  150. Paul Omlor says:

    Michaels/Mitchelle Obama is a huge racist, the recorded behind the scenes talk she/he spewed was horrible same as HRC. No secret her/his hatred of white people, she/he is a piece of trash.

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