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Mike Pence Silences Democrat Senator With One Brutal Tweet

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  1. Glanda Widger says:

    Good for Pence. Seems the dems may have underestimated this man. Note the dem senator never responded. Time these communists atrted getting back as good or in this case better than they dish out. MAGA Trump/ Pence

    1. Jim says:

      Would like to see his response.If he would.

      1. Force Recon says:

        There will NEVER be any response to Mike Pence’s tweet because ALL Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrats are nothing but Hühnerscheiße
        especially Chris Murphy

  2. Fisherman695 says:

    Has anyone of the dumb-ass government officials ask Doctors and insurance companys how and what would help everyone. We keep having people make decisions about something they know nothing about and the have a different plan than Obamacare anyway, so they don’t care!

    1. Mojo says:

      Hi Fisherman695,
      (ObamaCare & Trump Care are nothing but Insurance.)
      Cure CANCER or even the Common Cold and Health Care cost will come way down for EVERYONE.
      We’re on the wrong path and it’s time to start thinking.

      1. justme444 says:

        I would like to know why the government has to be in charge of Medical insurance, it is not really the governments place to determine who has Med Insurance or who doesn’t….It is the right of every individual to decide if they even want insurance….if that crowds the ERs then let the hospital come up with something that works for them….It may seem that I am hard hearted in saying these words but who needs Big Brother doing all your thinking towards your own life, Let every man be in charge of their own abilities, I do believe in helping the very needy, I donate close to $200.00 per month just for the needs of others mainly because I believe in the bible. I for one have never been on (ObamaCare) because I prepared when I was young enough to take care of my future, If you remained foolish in life, you deserve foolish ends but in truth, no body is responsible to give you a health policy that will cost thousands but yourself. What will make America great again is Free Inter price and smaller government…..but that will never be because I also need to tell you more truth…….President Trump can not fix the problems that the last eight years have done to us…..why worry about Medical insurance when it is nothing but a tick in the wood pile. It is possible to brake even on the national budget (money in, money out) they say that makes a great president in every person’s eyes, bull crap….that only takes care of the present year but nothing on the real national debt that has reached with interest soon up to 21 Trillion, old Clinton smiled and said, look at me, I ended the national debt, so thought all democrats, they would believe anything from a democrat politician. but the debt wasn’t even touched and now……hold your hat!!!! It’s impossible to pay off the national; debt. we are kicking the can down the road and in time, the can will wear out and the piper will have to be paid…..Let me tell you who the national debt is owed too…about 3 Trillion to china and the rest to the Federal Reserve. If I were president, I would make a lot of worldly rich enemies for what I would do…..President Kennedy was going to do the same thing but it got him killed, why do we owe so much to the Fed Res, a private organization owned by the very rich of the world…who controls our money as a way of making them riches beyond a normal man’s thinking, they determine the interest rate, How much money to print into circulation and how to get repaid…..as an example; They print 50 Billion dollars to put into circulation at a cost of 9 cents per dollar (payment for the paper, ink and labor) but they expect to be paid back 50 Billion dollars from your tax money (national debt) which is a full 100 cent dollar, giving them a 91% interest on the deal of robbing the America people….and you never felt the pain or even knew what was happening. When will our government be smart enough to print our own money and fire the Federal Reserve as President Kennedy was going to do…..you do know I am laying my life on the line by putting this in print where all can see and know the truth. but I am pushing 90 and I will be with the Lord soon anyway…so I will say. smarten up your government, get rid of the hanger ons and fight with all your abilities and life for the real freedom and enjoy what time is left before the greatest tribulation of all time hits like a Mack Truck running full speed ahead.

        1. xeriscapelady says:

          You are right about the Federal Reserve, but we may be able to beat it, as some of the political families run it. Get rid of them and the power is gone. Don’t worry lots of people are saying that You would be surprised how many know this. Why do you think people scream Soros and certain families???? They are in on it. Illuminati.. do you know that word?. And according to Alex Jones TRUMP knows the truth which means Pence does also and maybe the en tire TRUMP family . add yahoo to my name and email me.

      2. xeriscapelady says:

        Yes, gov health care would be horrible. We need a FREE MARKET like before, and just help who needs it. Lots of competition between stats which insurance companies do NOT want you to have. We would have to have a bill saying these simple things, that and pre existing because Obama care ruined that, kids standing on parent’s insur until 26 yrs which won’t be need ed soon with a growing ecenomy. Just a simple bill saying FREE MARKET.

        1. xeriscapelady says:

          I did not even carry insurance for almost 30 years, with my daughter and I ( am a widow very young), and we paid for the Dr. care. Turned out MUCH lower than insurance. We do n ot need mandated insurance…that is one more for the simple bill.

  3. June G says:

    That’s great his responded to the Democrats but when are Republicans “we the people” elected going to start acting like they are in charge? For 8 years the Republicans were too busy getting funded by Soros and kissing Obummer’s ass like they adored him. I have lost faith in any of them. Our President could sure use some support from his fellow Republicans. I won’t hold my breath. The Senate and House are both disgraceful.

    1. Wilson says:

      Less talk and more action is what we need. Our current crop of politicians may have big ideas but they fail miserably in performing. All I seem to hear is: “I put forth this proposal” or “I am advocating this action”; all statements pandering to the interest group these professional politicians are courting. Trump offends some people and eschews the PC and I for one like that approach. Let’s rid ourselves of these professional politicians that have not acted in America’s best interest!

        1. Jim says:

          2018 is right around the coroner.

      1. Oren Player says:

        Our dilemma is that the sorry bums we have in Congress are incumbents and most times have no one or no one of quality opposing them in the primaries. That is where we need to kick them to the curb and not the general election where you choice is either the bum or a Democrat. Not much difference. Unfortunately, I’m 71 years old, not in the greatest of health and certainly not independently wealthy. Therefore, I cannot run of office. But there are numerous young folks out there, regardless of color of skin, who are conservative and well versed who could run if they would get over their aversion to getting their hands dirty in politics. We need them desperately if expect to “fix” this country.

        1. Wilson says:

          Term Limits would go a long way in fixing this problem!

          1. maxx says:

            This will only happen if an Article V Convention of States is convened. This is where and how states are authorized to create and demand Amendments to the Constitution that Congress cannot ignore. For far too long the 10th Amendment (states rights) have been totally ignored by the federal government. In fact it has been since Lincoln was in office and totally disregarded states rights. The Article V was created by the Founders for the sole purpose of reining in a rogue government like we have today. Politicians will never voluntarily give up any power they were given or have taken. They must be forced by the people and the Article V was meant to be the solution.

          2. xeriscapelady says:

            I know it sounds good, but I thought it through. The people that go to it are appointed by their own Representatives, all the kiss ups will go that do not care about getting things right. Then they could open the entire Constitution and destroy it completely.. Think about that.

          3. Dulcie A. Covington says:

            term limits, no pensions, and pay your own medical.

          4. Frank B. says:

            You people are so bitter.

          5. justme444 says:

            And you democrats are so satanic in your voting, so just shut up and go away.

          6. Frank B. says:

            I’m not a democrat.. So why are you telling me this shit? But if you think democrats are evil.. Take a look at what republicans are trying to do…

            So you don’t think that kicking 32 million people off of healthcare is cruel and satanic? You don’t think that a president who brags about grabbing women by their pussy, is ignorant? You don’t think that a healthcare bill that kicks senior citizens off of Medicare and –gives them a cheap ass “coupon” and tells them to go get some health insurance… while at the same time passing a law that permits ins. companies to charge them 6 times more, for coverage.. AND not cover them at all for “pre-existing conditions” is satanic… You want to discriminate against an entire religion… because they are not “christian”— and you don’t see a problem with that? — You worship a “president” who takes orders from the Kremlin… and you see that as ok?

            So why don’t you grow up asshole… and stop whining about other people who just have different political views than you… Be an adult. Understand that not everybody is like you… And respect that fact! —GROW THE FUK UP!

          7. Oren Player says:

            Term limits would work if you could get the sitting Congress to pass them, which they won’t. My suggestion is for the people to impose term limits at the ballot box. Unfortunately, we have too many voters who are disengaged and just vote.

          8. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

            You forget Article V, Oren Player. That states can pass an Amendment.

          9. xeriscapelady says:

            But the states have people in power that are more corrupt than the National Congress. I have one in my state that pulled every stunt in the book to get a power group to build a bullet train from NO where to NO where and we pay for it. BILLIONS..It would have bankrupted 5 counties. And he might try it again next and last year of his term. But don;t worry, he has set up his son to take his place.and guess who would go to the convention, his son’s best friend who just got kicked out by votes last year. Be careful what you wish for. as they say. It may not be greener on the other side of the fence after all.

          10. Linda Griffin Miles says:

            If you have term limits you will be paying twice as many pensions ! Got to get rid of the pensions first !

          11. justme444 says:

            The golden parachute has to be rigged not to open when they jump.

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          I believe you hit the very ‘core’ of the issue!! People saying–‘why doesn’t Pres Trump just ‘fire’ all the ‘liberals’, etc. that Obama put in office?’ Don’t over-simplify the issue!! Many of these positions ‘need’ to be occupied to run the country. They cannot remain ’empty’!! So–where does Pres Trump find the ‘qualified’ replacements? As many people as he knows–he doesn’t know the ‘heart’ of them all. He’s a ‘newbie’ in Washington!! WHO can he trust? Who isn’t ‘spouting’ one thing but ‘acting’ another? How many RINO’s did
          he find ‘waiting’ in the ‘wings’? Trust can’t be just invested in ‘anyone’!! Trust is ‘earned’ over time. A very dangerous situation when you’re the president. Several times now, he has found people whom we ‘should’ have been able to trust–to be untrustworthy!! So–the search goes on. The trust of the country was shattered by Obama and, later, by Hillary!! Learning the ‘facts’ of these two–showed us how far corruption has gone in our government!! It has caused deep damage to our citizens. It will be hard work and a long time but, I still believe we have a dedicated man as president and he will persist to find those people we need!!

          1. mericus says:

            President trump can trust people that are not politicians. It is the rest of us that need to stop voting in ANY politician. Politicians have mostly gummed up anything actually getting done the way it is supposed to get done in the first place in our lifetimes.
            Democrats come up with new laws where-by they can benefit from the majority of the tax/fine/regulation fee going to their campaign fund, and if not used directly into their bank accounts one year later tax free. Republicans on the other hand are constrained by being impotent for the last hundred years to the extent that they cannot get anything done at all mired in constant erectile dysfunction, or simply castrated.
            It is time long since past to elect non-politicians to run the country. Fill positions of control and find people not brainwashed into becoming another cog in the machine; of nothing ever changes Washington! Elect businessmen that are successful in the private sector to do whatever job they have no experience in doing. Given roughly a week on the job most will get things done. This is because this is the time period ALL of them are used to, to get the job done in their old line of work! People with no experience in Washington need to be elected into office. Otherwise we will only suffer for the rest of our lives to what could have ended the stonewall of foot dragging constraints of utter stupidity co-joined to graft.

          2. xeriscapelady says:

            yes, just like the original found fathers in our country who left their successes to fight for their country and sometimes lose it all. TRUMP is one of those for sure, willing to have given up a great life for this…absolute HELL, that is because he is literally fighting the devil. That is exactly what these evil people are, little satan, and they never had a decent job in their lives., They are just sucking off us. TRUMP is made to take a salary but he is giving it all the parks for restoration. GOD bless him. TRUMP will go down as the greatest president of all time. GOD bless America.

          3. Wynette Atkins says:

            If he can get the Democrat Senators to pass them out to the entire Senate to vote on. They are slow walking each of his nominees, to stall the Obama carryovers from being replaced by his choice of people, to fill those positions. They like having the Democrats in the Deep State currently working against President Trump, and leaking out to the Press National Intelligence information, to destroy President Trump… even if it endangers

        3. maxx says:

          Take the money out of politics. Mainly stop all MSM from profiting as they use their political biases to make billions during every election cycle. What goes on now is politicians are constantly pandering for money from all over the globe. This needs to stop. For example a candidate from Minnesota should not be allowed to take donations from any person other than a “Gopher”. That would cut the amount of money being spent to buy an election by an enormous amount. Hell, I was getting emails from candidates from all over the country, almost every state. I know nothing about them and gain nothing by donating to them. Very strong restrictions need to be enacted and placed on these moochers. Their bank accounts need to be monitored and all financial activity to them needs to be controlled.

          1. xeriscapelady says:

            Hillary even beats Obama on corrupt and taking money from every horrible society that hates America. TRUMP did not try to raise zippo. He spent his own money until the one out of 17 and made to use it. But most continued to go to other campaigns as TRUMP has the PEOPLE, not the POWERFUL.

          2. justme444 says:

            The President, Congress and the Senate need to be unpaid positions, Many good men and women would volunteer to serve up to two terms and then back home on Soc Sec….All they need is allowances for office, living, clothing, transportation to do the job that they were called to do in Washington…….but…..you are not going to get that…..because…..corruption corrupts even more and you are going to keep what you have because a million people standing up for righteousness is not going to over come the system unless that million is in Washington DC and armed, that might pull some weight.
            If the American people could select one (1) person from every state and give them the power to go to DC and toss out on their ears all that they pick to oust out of the Senate and Congress, I mean that they would have the power to (fire) on the spot, regardless who voted them in., I would love to see that, walk up to McCain, Get out of here, you are fired by the American people, then step up to Shummer, Waters, Palosi, and any Rino and just point your finger and say get, you are out of government, and no pension, wouldn’t that be great!.

        4. xeriscapelady says:

          What do you mean you are 71yrs like you are old. Hillary, Bill Clinton, and RUMP are ALL 71 years of age. Yes there are REP that don’t have the war chest necessary to beat an incumbent, but sometimes people are tired of them and want them out. A dem gets in and its OVER for America. Even though McConnell beat that young man as he had 5 times the money, he became Gov. of Kentucky, so that is good.If you know of some goods, I am sure TRUMP will help them best as he can.

        5. Morena_nic says:

          we need to get more republicans to the Senate to have a bullet proof senate with 52 is not enough….WE MUST HAVE AT MINIMUM 60 BUT MORE THAN 60 WOULD BE EVEN BETTER. Let’s not forget….60 are needed to pass any legislation….they can not use reconciliation every time. They are saving this strategy for the repeal and replace but most bills most have 60 votes. SO LET’S GET MORE REPUBLICANS TO THE SENATE!!

          1. Wynette Atkins says:

            You are so right. That is what we must do in 2018; in order to get the legislation we Americans want passed. Actually I would hope we would vote out more Democrats not only next year, but in 2020, 2022, and 2024; until we have cleaned out the lying, corrupt Democrats.

            Can anyone think of one good thing that Democrats have done for America, in the last 8 years?

          2. justme444 says:

            You mean the last 100 years

          3. Wynette Atkins says:

            True. They just led us into World Wars I & II, Korean War, and Vietnam War. And they did absolutely nothing for minorities either, with their KKK, Segregation, and Jim Crow Laws.

          4. justme444 says:

            and the Rinos (Republicans with a democrat heart)….

    2. Fortuneless says:

      Obama and Soros need to disapper without a trace.

      1. Foxyjosh says:

        obama is trying to disappear because if his stool pigeons start singing one of two things will happen.
        1) the stool pigeons are found dead due to suicide.
        2) obama is brought back to America to face charges of being unconstitutional.

        1. glock 19 fan says:

          And a few “suicides” will be reminiscent of the Dept of Agriculture employee who was ruled to have “committed suicide” by shooting himself fi e times — in the back — with a .22 bolt action rifle. Three of those shots were incapacitating so he could not have fired all five. I have heard that — even at the local level — knowing too much about a politician can get one killed.

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        They have no intention of ‘disappearing’!! They are busy forming the ‘Resistance Party’!! Gathering the ignorant and the traitors to undermine our existing government and establish their own!!

      3. justme444 says:

        Take Billary with them…..

    3. Richard Bagenstose says:

      the problem is they ain’t really republicans , their liers and frauds just like the democrats

      1. Whatever says:

        PROVE it or shut your pie hole. I am so tried of these perverted libturds and their BS. All talk and never, ever have the proof, real proof. Retards

        1. Barkingdeathsquirrel says:

          Richard is talking about the rinos like john mclame, lindsey gramnesty (mclame’s butt boy), lyin’ paul ryan, and mitch “the b!+ch” mcconnel.

          1. xeriscapelady says:

            Yes, and I know a few of these fakes. McCain is one of them. Thought he has a cancer, he is a traitor plain and simple. He disobeyed orders in Viet Nan, was shot down and decided to stay so people won;t remember, but some did. This is how I know. He was NOT tortured as his father was an admiral and they were actually scared of him. People like him want America to be destroyed and be a socialist nation under the U.N. if the REP party did not kick Rudy aside for McCain, and NEWT aside for Romney, we would have a great America for years. They are both trusted friends of TRUMP but neither seems to want to work full time for him at their age. I think if he begged they would however as they see America get hit hard daily and hate it., especially NEWT.

      2. June G says:

        They are just DIRTY POLITICIANS. They don’t care who voted all they care about is filling their pockets $$$

      3. xeriscapelady says:

        Most of the REP are RHINO. What we need is more AMERICANS, not a party. TRUMP is an American, and only ran as that was closest to what he believed. But the party does not believe their platform. I was deep in the REP party for 30 years and know how evil they are. But are a few of them and Trump is finding them. In the meantime PRAY. I wish TRUMP would start a new party…I am ready for that.

    4. Deborah Pratt says:

      Granted, it is true–Both Republicans and Democrats stated they wanted Obamacare repealed. They had those 8years to follow through and failed to do so. For reasons we are just now finding out about–it seems the ‘sands of courage’ were being drained out of the members of our government in those years!! The corruption has run ‘deep and wide’! Noticing a real ‘change’ since Pres. Trump stepped in, though. It seems, slowly, that some of them are finding they have a ‘back-bone’, after all. VP Pence, seems a rather ‘quiet’ guy but, it seems he can ‘hit back’ when it’s called for! It’s way ‘past due’ that these people start supporting the ‘agendas’ of the citizens and stand up to these ‘liberal Socialists’ that have been running things far too long!! What does it take to get the ‘message’ across that we’re fed up with their ‘liberal’, mealy-mouth ways of doing things? THAT is ‘why’ Trump got elected into office!!! It wasn’t a ‘mistake’, it wasn’t by ‘cheating’–it WAS a ‘message’!!

      1. SGirl says:

        We need to stop worrying what the dems are saying…move forward with our agenda in these next 8 years…we are wasting precious time with their lies & fake news stories!!!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          I wish I could agree but, it isn’t ‘just’ what they’re saying, SGirl!! It is also what they’re ‘doing’ and failing to do! They continually obstruct any effort made by Pres Trump without offering any constructive efforts of their own. All they do is find fault and criticize. They actually ‘said’ they would block anything he did based only on the fact that they don’t ‘like’ him and wanted Hillary to be elected!! Is that a constructive, adult reason?? They don’t want Pres Trump to ‘move forward’. They want him to ‘fail’ so they will have a chance to re-establish themselves as the ‘majority’! Even as their ‘plan’ implodes–they still won’t co-operate!!

          1. SGirl says:

            I understand but it is liking a crying child that doesn’t stop until he gets attention…if you ignore him…he eventually finds his toys and settles in.

          2. xeriscapelady says:

            What got him in was pray and what can help him is your daily prayer for…safety, wisdom,honor, health and strength. GOD honors prayers. I think it is working as we are now close to the tables being turned on the corrupt.

          3. justme444 says:

            Actually, they would see America fail before Trump successes, that is the kind of Americans they are, they hate goodness and righteousness and anything not liberal.

      2. Kathy Grace Nolan McCormick says:

        I agree 100% so I wrote to EVERY one of the Senator’s and Congress Members in my state and told them to get on board the Trump Train and get things done and Stand beside OUR President. My state has been BLUE for YEARS but we turned it RED and voted TRUMP/PENCE. So I let them and the RNC & DNC that we are watching where they stand, if they support or Resist President Trump. 2018 will be here soon enough and THEY WILL BE REPLACED ! Surprisingly I got responses back ( not generic) I think these people understand ??

    5. maxx says:

      The present Republican Party are 85% stogy old GOP establishment elitist because they have all been in office far too long. In 2018 “we the people” need to focus on and make special efforts to rid Congress of as many of them as possible. People like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and the other Rino’s causing all the chaos must be removed from office. With them gone the Republican Party can reform itself as necessary into what it originally started out to be; conservative leaders and not followers of the socialist / communist democrat communist party they now are. If they won’t do that then we definitely need to create a new party altogether that stands up conservatism because liberalism is a cancer that has infected America for too long.

      1. xeriscapelady says:

        Collins ought to go….first. But McConnell and Ryan are bad…they were RE elected though, and Mitch now has 4 more years. Lindsey should go, and GOD may take McCain out it seems., not by death, but he can;t do the job now. I pray for a young man not bought and thta somehow the party can support,

      2. justme444 says:

        And the Independent party is just another name for liberal democrat.

    6. Morena_nic says:

      put pressure on them….call them every day and demand they work with our greatest President TRUMP

    7. Morena_nic says:

      and do not forget…..60 senators are needed to pass a bill thru the Senate so we may need to elect 8 more republicans to the senate to have a bullet proof senate. We only have 52 at the moment

  4. Mojo says:

    “If a start up is Fundamentally Flawed from the start, IT CAN NEVER BE FIXED” (Thiel’s Law)
    Think this way;
    If you build a skyscraper on “quicksand”:, IT CAN NEVER BE FIXED.

  5. Chris Murphy is a ‘permanently ensconced’ Lib-progressive moron here in the State of Communisticut ( Connecticut ).. When I get e-mails from Conservative groups stating, ‘Please e-mail your senators and congresspeople about this or that’.. I stopped years ago as these people, Blumenthal, Murphy etc, don’t CARE what people think. They are in ‘lock-step’ with the worst faction in America, i.e. the SOCIALIST/liberal-progressive rabid zombies’ who’s goal is to ruin what America is, was and intended to be. They’re ‘re-writing’ not only our states history, but attempting to re-write NATIONAL history. Those times I have e-mailed Murphy, almost every time I get a ‘form-letter’ short e-mail back stating he’s ‘too bust and gets so much e-mail etc that to basically don’t expect a response’.. Blumenthal, while just as bad.. at least send s a long, albeit pre-prepared reply. I sincerely hope Trump & Pence continue to ‘slap down’ these arrogant nasty fools like Murphy! You hearing this Murph??

    1. Wilson says:

      Term Limits: We now have professional politicians that no longer represent us but vote and regulate our daily lives based on special interests. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and go back to work. Our Constitution placed sovereignty in the people to control a limited government. Our Congressional delegations have forgotten that this country was founded on a belief in personal liberty.

    2. Ann Stow says:

      Feel your pain Steve! I’m from California (ya, I know!!) and Dianne Feinstein is our Senator!

      1. Steve Spatola says:

        We have our own tyrannical Jesuit liar in charge, cherry Boy Brown a leftist from the 60’s. This man is full of hate for those that actually defy his policies through common sense and not wishful emotional thinking. I can’t wait to see Brown Rot gone forever in this state of socialism, US constitution flaunting lying bodies of Assembly and Senate with their Mao-like all left-wing cabinet positions!

        All of the lefties lined up for 2018 to replace Brown Rot are no better. That said, where is there a conservative (not Republican necessarily) that can challenge this insanity of free water for SoCal donated by eviscerating Central Cal water and agriculture and Bullet trains to nowhere?

        No more Neel Kashkari’s and Meg Whitman’s that the GOP allows to fund their own runs so the GOP can save there cash for safe areas. Without the economy of CA, the nation will decline even further. It is the GOP Charles Munger picks (his money) that controls the state and he is CA equivalent of George Soros.

        Feinstein is an old bag that needs to go before she has health issues and never enjoys her final days. I rue the day Dan White shot up the SF Board of Supes. This gave the nation Dianne Feinstein. Harvey Milk and George Moscone were just fine where they were and so was she. Her corrupt practices have funneled billions in EPA work on military bases to her husband’s businesses.

        1. xeriscapelady says:

          Brown was corrupt as Attorney General as I know a case he refused to help the people years ago. EVIL, pure evil…. he helped us lose our life savings, but we had crooked agents in Fl run the time out, so now I am trying to get to TRUMP’s people to go after Fl and FBI which is as corrupt as they come.. I know first hand. I gave them info they needed to put someone away and I located him. What did they say when I gave them the info….Don;t call us again and slammed the phone down. I want to get ot TRUMP so he knows. he will get them.

      2. Geese… D.F. is as bad as Pelosi, Murphy, Blumenthal put together! I’d say Ct & Ca are tied for being run by ‘insane’ lib-progressives…

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      In every ‘liberal’ state there are still ‘decent’ patriots!! We, in Maine, have a RINO representing us!! I couldn’t be ‘paid’ enough to vote for that woman!! Not ‘everyone’ is an idiot and she does NOT ‘represent’ ME!!

      1. This is the 2nd time you’ve commented about a post of mine.. where-in you put words in my mouth.. Show me where I wrote ( anywhere ) the following sentence: “Everyone is an idiot”?? I have come to the conclusion, that you appear to take things ( probably just not mine- but I’m sure other person’s opinions and comments ) wayyyy out of context. Stop being so ‘combative-defensive’ and people might actually come to LIKE you..

  6. dranalog says:

    That wasn’t brutal, it was a fact. It really is a shame that the Administration has to resort to twitter to get a point across. The media is so biased that this is the only way we can get the President Trump’s message.

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      Yes this is how he communicates with us, through TWITTER and being on FOX, FOX BUSINESS and OAN. Anything else is a LIE. You can;t trust anything the others say, so TRUMP does truth out himself.

  7. jackhy says:

    Those in Congress on both sides of the isle who block repeal of the AHC act and want to keep Obama care in spite of it’s utter failure and lies from Obammy about it’s promises, are not only fools but in opposition to what the voters wanted and derelict in their duty

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      They are being paid by Soros I think as much as Hillary,m Obama get paid. They are doing the DIRT for the dem party..

  8. Ron haymaker says:


  9. Steve Flowers says:

    LIES? It was the rule of OBAMA and the deviate Democ.rats. Besides the OBAMA LIES, remember when they passed OBAMA CARE, they had people dressed in frocks worn by doctors on the White House lawn, they were there for ‘photo ops!’ How phony can one get? They were not doctors but, phony stand-in’s.

  10. James Hopkins says:

    Bravo Mr. Vice President

  11. edb says:

    What’s sad is that twice the respondents support the snarky senator as those who support the VP. In this day and age, truth is the usual victim, and a society built on Constitutional Truths is in dire jeopardy. There must be a way to sort out reality from malicious propaganda, but what?

  12. Wendi Dell says:

    I don’t care who won the tweet wars
    I’m sick and tired of our (Adult) elected officials tweeting their arguments across social media like a bunch of entitled teens. We all know that DC is filled with lying, backstabbing, narcissists on both sides. We don’t need to read about it too. GET OFF SOCIAL MEDIA AND GET TO TRULY FIXING THE HEALTH CARE PROBLEM. Make sure Congress has to use the same health care they saddle us with!!!!!

  13. BeeCubed says:

    Thanks to thieving attorneys who recommend people sue every doctor in sight, the malpractice insurance required is now astronomical! Good reason medical expenses are so high! AND, how about taking a good hard look at the insurance companies??!!

  14. US Patriot says:

    Lets make sure after the 2018 mid terms the Democratic party ceases to exist! They are the Communist Party now the way they obstruct, besmirch and demonize anyone who opposes their destroy America agenda!
    Vote these Communists out of office.

    1. SGirl says:

      And demand VOTER ID…democrats and are at their best when it comes to the polls!!!

      1. xeriscapelady says:

        yes that is how they vote dead people, illegal people and vote in 2-3 different places. TRUMP is right, there not just 3 millions bad votes, but close to 5 million.

  15. Patrick Murphy says:

    Pence won but you forgot my best line of all and it goes You must pass the bill to see what’s in it.

  16. gobrien says:

    Obamacare was designed for one thing — to fail. When it failed, they would try and swoop in as heroes to fix the catastrophe they created and force single-payer down the throats of every American — except for them — the elite. They would have private insurance the average American could never afford. Like Obummer said — the elderly and sick people will just have to learn to take a pill to keep them comfortable (i.e. more addiction). Just look across the ‘pond’ at the baby Charlie Gard situation to see single-payer/socialized medicine in action.

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      Exactly. Have you signed the petition for Charlie to be released to come to America? If not check out…Constitution Club of Tampa Bay on.f.b You will find it along with lots of PATRIOT truth. “Like” our page while you are there. Thaks.

  17. notalib says:

    Good for Pence! Now if the remainder of the Republican RINO’s and others in the party will try and find their backbone and start to enact Trumps agenda. Big shock Republican’s—we won. We won it all and you have been telling us for 8 + years how you will repeal Obama Care and clean up the government you would do it. So DO IT! Follow Trumps lead. And Pence’s.

  18. Roy says:

    This man has a real brain! Maybe the left should do more listening and thinking than resisting and obstructing.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      THAT would be a ‘first’!! LOL

  19. William Glass says:

    If there is one thing the the liberturd Demorats know something about it is lying ( treasonous behavior is also included).

  20. MKFlyboy says:

    Murphy is an absolute embarrassment (as are his dem cohorts, Blumenthal, Malloy and Deloro)….that goes without saying, but there’s one iron clad formula you can use regarding any statement made by democrats….they are guilty of everything and anything that they accuse the Republicans of doing….pure “projection,” plain and simple.

  21. richard black says:

    build a big wall around CT….atleast we will know where they’re at !!!

  22. Nana07 says:

    What was so brutal about Peckerhead Pence’s response? It is just another lie coming from the most corrupt administration since Nixon……..

    1. Lee says:

      Joe Biden didn’t write that! The only peckerhead here is you and the Democratic Party that you support. The most corrupt administration Bill Clinton’s and followed closely by Obama! If you like Communist then move to Cuba!

  23. Monica says:

    Thank you Vice President Pence for not being part of a weak cabinet as was the one before you. Another great quote! Maybe Senator Murphy forgot about Nancy Pelosi’s famous one liner to “just pass Obamacare and then we will see what happens!” Thank you for keeping our country safe.

  24. johnh says:

    Barry, and his Democrats had full control of the House and Senate for two years. Did nothing. They could not pass the obama health care in the light of day. They passed it in the dark of night when no one what would vote against it would be there. Nancy even admitted they never read it before they voted on it. Most people don’t like to read big books, 2500 pages nor do they have the time.

    Now the Republicans have control of the House and Senate not a majority but they have control. They allow the Democrats to dictate what they can and will do. Something wrong with this picture. Could it be that We the People have allowed the government to get involved in out health care system. Most every time the government gets involved in something things just naturally go to Hell in a hand basket.

  25. janniefay says:

    Good for you Pence

  26. vetteguy08 says:

    Answering these dishonest comments is great. The problem is that the mainstream media will not discuss the answers. As a result the people that need to see the answers never do.

  27. Fortuneless says:

    These dems are so stupid and vindictive. They need to be put in their place every time they open their lieing mouths.

  28. ECwashr says:

    demoRAT Murphy, “epidemic of Lying that is going on is not normal”. Once again we see a Liberal use the Nazi tactic of “blame others for what you Yourself are guilty of”! This nation has never seen an epidemic of lying like Obama gave us for 8 years!!

  29. Joe Sam says:

    dems are always saying the wrong thing ,there mouth speaks before there brain has a chance to function .that means they never say what they mean because they do not know what they are talking about .they just talk .OLD VET.

    1. Bud William says:

      Come on Joe, you know if you tied 10 democrats together they would not be able to produce 1 brain.

  30. Robert F says:

    Come on Republicans, stay on the attack.

  31. Bayside GolfClub says:

    let’s not forget it’s not a tax, it is a tax. Wouldn’t that make the entire bill null and void in the first place? They went to the supreme court and openly admitted it was not legal as written, that it was a scam.

  32. suesueb says:

    Of course, VP Pence said it best!

  33. Betty says:

    Glad we have a an with Pence’s morals and staNding as our VP AND MAYBE SOMEDAY OUR PRESIDENT



  35. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  36. LLJINTL says:

    The deluded demonrats would not know a lie if it crapped on their heads. You cannot have an honest rational conversation with someone who is blind, deaf and completely inhabited by Satan. They need put out of their misery.

  37. TPS12 says:

    dems are so used to being unchallenged for their bold face lies they forget that’s why we brought in an outsider with a better team. More republican politicians must stand up and fight back or the lies will continue and be sanctioned by the msm.

  38. Richard Bagenstose says:

    you can’t argue the truth, that’s the democrats problem their lies stick out like sore thumbs these days

  39. Wilson says:

    Unless we can rid the GOP of the RINOs, conservatives like me are completely politically irrelevant. In my opinion, the Republican political establishment, for a multitude of irresponsible re-election reasons, has surrendered our principles, culture, our heritage and our traditions without a fight. Liberalism has established permanent economic entitlement slavery in our country with the assistance of these double agent RINOs.

    We proved that we can out-vote the liberal entitlement slaves; but it will take individual acts of defiance and massive displays of civil disobedience to get back our rights, personal liberties, and our economic freedoms that we have allowed liberalism to take away. It will take patriotic zealots, not moderates, and certainly not reach-across-the-aisle RINOs to right this ship of state, reduce the national debt, and restore our beloved Republic to its former status.

  40. quelque chose says:

    Demonrats who live in glass house, shouldn’t throw stones.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Seems they never really ‘caught onto’ that one!! They just keep ‘chucking’ those rocks and then, are ‘shocked’ when the ‘expected’ happens!!

  41. A patriot says:

    demoncrats all stink because they wash with old used dirty water

  42. RLMyles says:

    Senator Murphy is not known as one of the “brightest” dudes in the state anyway. So, this type of flippant, smart mouth remark came back to bite him!

  43. maxx says:

    I like Pence a lot. He is the “strong quiet not silent type”.

  44. Deplorable Lanie says:

    The Democrats think VP Pence is someone they can push around. They are wrong! Oh boy are they wrong!!!!!

  45. granny_forUSA says:


  46. dennis cheever says:

    Washington DC is a disgrace to America. Career politicians have taken over our government. Vote them all out.

    1. bttrap says:

      and put term limits on them so we would still have a chance to get rid of them at the end of their term

  47. jim jones says:

    Do any of these pussies ever look each other in the face. This tweeting bullshit is for pre teens.

  48. downs1 says:

    I applaud Vice-President Pence! Honesty will eventually win out in this planned take-over by the leftists! They will lose everything! God is Throne in spite of the ACLU and other leftist, atheist groups attempts to remove Him from the American culture!

    1. denphi16 says:


  49. CommonSense4America says:

    Pence 2024.

  50. douglas says:

    how about that: mike just grew some balls

  51. C Michaels says:

    You got to continually slap down these lying lunatic left wing libtards. Pence is learning from Lord Protector Trump.

  52. ChiefManIHaddit says:

    Too many a**holes in charge of this state, Murphy is one of them. Connecticut was a powerhouse in industry once, now it is a haven for taxing and spending, driving a once thriving state into a deep hole.

  53. AC1USNRetired says:

    Pence should have given Murphy a FULL broadside by tweeting the WHOLE quote. As far as I’m concerned Pence’s comeback was a potshot with a one pounder.

  54. ter334 says:

    PC DC is part of the human jungle. You either take care of yourself or get eaten alive. The progressives and news people thought they could run over T with O and HRC, et al. This is going to be the biggest political mistake in American history. O led the lemmings right off a cliff. Adios DDs!

  55. polly says:

    Well well well.This man is either an ostrich or he has been on another planet during the last 8 years of Obama

  56. Ken says:

    We need more of this from all Republicans. It may be hard hitting but it is not brutal to point out the truth, especially when responding to a lie.

  57. cheryl55 says:

    Of course it shut him right up! The more Pence stands up for himself and this administration the more respected and effective he will be!! If only the IDIOTS in the Congress could get that message! Can you imagine how much better our country would be! It is sickening that this Congress is creating ALL the PROBLEMS!! Just today it was reported that neither the House or the Congress are in session today? 7/21/17…. I do not remember it as being a holiday? Or do they just take off EVERY FRIDAY??? They ALL need to go! Or at least the American PEOPLE need to STOP paying them!

  58. fordfool says:

    repeal now, produce a plan that is FAIR and up-front from the start……none of this Pelosi-crap., “you have to sign it so we , so we can then . so we can tell U what’s in it (that U signed) oh brother bullshit comes wrapped to hide, or in the open if Ur wise…
    ALLL THIS B.S. was part of the hidden-YoNothng agenda…hog-tie America till we’d not recognize it….covered up w/ ILLEGALS = Participants of basically, “takers,not participants America-First, Leroy…

  59. Elena Bowman says:

    Good for you Vice President Pence. Give them Hell…they deserve it!

  60. Pamela Rich says:

    Pence won, hands down.

  61. Cissy Nobbe says:

    Vice-President Pence is obviously another great hero for us Christian Americans. He can speak the truth in very few words without using the ignorant tongue of satanic accusations, as the pitiful Democratic party and followers exemplify. The trap that the enemies of God,s people set for them seems to be turning into utter embarrassment for this democrat ,Senator Murphy, due to the truth succinctly spoken by our great Vice-President Pence. This 76 year old white, female, Christian, who lost 2 children to illegal immigrants is so thankful that we, in America ,who have suffered brutal, undercover onslaughts from the devil’s people, can hear the bold truth at last, and discover that there are real men out there who will actually speak out so that the foundations of America can be rebuilt at long last! Imagine a man of politics, yet!

  62. JIM WILBOURN says:

    DAMN SURE WASN’T THE IDIOT ON THE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Russell Long says:


  64. Duane says:

    Pence 1
    Murphy 0

  65. Original Anna says:

    Now we know why Trump picked him. So Trump would have another eight years of Trump being President with Pence in the office when Trump’s time is over. Oh, I sure hope so.

  66. Josie says:

    To be clear V.P. Pence quoted the truth – facts and this is considered “BRUTAL”?! We do live in strange times don’t we. I would be surprised if V.P. Pence was truly brutal with anyone and it makes all the sense that he just used facts to shut the liberal up! Good for you V.P. Pence. Truth wins every time.

  67. mpdMD1965 says:

    I am even more delighted to have changed the term democrat to dumbocrap when needind to reference another idiotic move by the brain compromised members of the dumbocrap party. As the real Americans of like mind begin to realize the Dumbocrap party is populated by folks lacking the ability put the needs of the American people above their desire for more bucks their support will dwindle and with the decrease in bucks comes the dropping out of greedy dumbocraps . That event is definitely on the horizon.? God Bless America with less Dumbocraps and more real Americans

  68. eda719 says:

    I Love It!!! Way to go VP!

  69. Elizabeth Davis says:

    Mike pence won

  70. david of tampa says:

    The left is now a failing in the American political horizon. Where did this start? They may say they all 40-60 million of them switched after KKK, Jim Crow, and all the things they accuse Republicans for. We the people know the truth. Even with their propaganda dogs working overtime. It is as if they take pride in their foolishness. Co Ed bath rooms. invite terrorists in to the country, and Oh….If you like your Doctor.

  71. Joseph Carrilho says:

    I love it. Fuuk political correctness and all other forms of limiting free speech. I tell it like it is.
    No pussy footing around. It is quite simple; do your best to be honest and decent and do it loudly.

  72. 1SG Retired says:

    I love it when liberal communists (Democrats) are beaten with their own lies.

  73. xeriscapelady says:

    That was a great article on Pence tweeting to that lousy dem with TRUTH. I knew that Pence was a true patriot but I am glad he also can stand up to the liberal liars. I praise GOD daily for those 2. The day TRUMP announced The Holy Spirit gave me the verse that told me, GOD was taking back America….11Chronicles 7:14. I found out Pence also go it later. This is in answer to millions of us in prayer for our country back free and strong again. GOD answer’s prayer. HE is a man of his word. HE gave us 2 men who will fight for America. TRUMP had everything in his life and he does not need this, but he knows he must do this for GOD. And by every month he is understanding it more, that satan does not want this to happen. But they and we put in our heels even deeper to preserve the America we so LOVE. We are in this together. TRUMP is letting us know its a team effort, by being on twitter and keeping us in the loop of everything and listening to what we have to say. Ryan Zinke is in a cabinet position because of us. TRUMP listens. There has never been a president like him before. And Pence is following the lead and is loyal to him and loves America as much. We are so blessed that GOD looked down and saw our anguish, how America was being stolen and destroyed and without someone like TRUMP would be gone forever, just a memory of a once great nation. GOD said they are praying and asking for forgiveness I will honor that. We are in a battle with satan now, people are nuts as he is controlling them. But the battle will be won. Just pray daily for both these men and that they will be able to lead America out of the evil, vile mess of a swamp it has sunk to. When we get the creatures out of the swamp, then America will truly rise to greatness again. GOD bless America, and GOD bless Trump and Pence.

  74. gerald scott says:

    the answer to a healthcare system is that congress has to be subject to use whatever they pass

  75. June G says:

    Bravo! I guess Dems haven’t been lied to for 8 long years by the Master Liar and Chief. Haha. I only thought Clinton was a pro liar but Obummer took the crown. He made asses of everyone.

  76. Pattie Kelly says:

    Good for our VP it’s about time someone shut those blow hards up. I am sick of the obstruction at every turn. They are to blame if this plan does not go thru not the President and American citizens know this. They are not dumb nor will they blame our President.

  77. Carl Pyzowski says:

    We finally have two people in the presidency and vice presidency who are not afraid tell the truth. Something that the last administration avoided at all costs in order to keep the people of America in the dark until it was too late. That’s what O’goofa care has done. Now the government is in the healthcare business. They shouldn’t be. This country was built on capitalism and competition. Any time that the federal government gets their paws on something it costs triple and works far below expectations.


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