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A Mystery Surrounding Chelsea Clinton Has Everyone Asking Questions

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  1. Maria castro says:

    Poor thing, she is being pushed. She lacks charm, charisma and beauty, even though they try hard to get her the best cosmeticians.

    1. Athanasios1 says:

      She is a greedy and entitled bitch…just like the dike that gave birth to her.

    2. way2confused says:

      She should get her money back from the cosmeticians. She is ugly WITH make-up troweled on her face, If you scraped it all off, she would frighten hard core criminals

      1. glenn398 says:

        That is after all the cosmetic work she has had done.

    3. John McPherson says:

      Proves you can’t make a silk purse out of a hogs ear!!

      Beauty is skin deep but ugly goes all the way to the bone!!

      1. Maria castro says:

        It is your soul. Even some beautiful woman portray their ugly soul. I comes out of their pores. Yet some ugly women are attractive. Same thing goes for men.

    4. glenn398 says:

      Maria if you remember her in her teens you can see she had a lot of work done on her face and jaw to look as good as she does

  2. Ron says:

    If it wasn’t for her crooked parents this horse face hag would be driving a cab. THE CLINTONS ARE PIGS LIKE BUSH AND OBAMA ALL OWN BY FILTHY ROTTEN ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST PIG JEWS! Jews are robbing and destroying our country. OREO COOKIES MADE IN MEXICO ??? WTF ?

    1. crustyone says:

      She could advertise Uber.

      1. way2confused says:

        Bet she never even drove

  3. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    WARNING: Fruit Cake will mildew and draw flies very quickly

  4. Knowitall says:

    She, as her parents, should be NOWHERE near the WH at any time present or future. She is a weasel just like her mother and father.

  5. Brooklyn Girl says:

    WHAT is she qualified to do besides cheating, lying and killing babies. Qualities no one wants. STAY HOME AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR KID. SOMETHING WHICH YOUR MOTHER SHOULD HAVE DONE, AND MAYBE YOUR FATHER WOULD NOT HAVE STRAYED OR MAYBE NOT.

    1. astrojohn says:

      Grandma is watching the kid…and reading something about trains??

      1. John McPherson says:

        I get the joke but Sheeeeeit!

  6. gene smiith says:

    Who really cares what this silly twit, child of the Devil, is doing.?

    1. crustyone says:

      She’s especially silly as she looks like a chipmunk in a red dress.

      1. Joan Davenport says:

        except for the fact that chipmunks are at least cute and Chelsea is NOT…….

    2. glenn398 says:

      Gene mostly because in the future she will run for office and she will do what Hillary did to win a seat on the senate, go where she was sure to win.

      1. gene smiith says:

        Yes, of course you are correct, absolutely correct, but dammit I had to say iwhat I thought anyway.
        The entire Clinton schtick is just monotonous and very boring in it’s endless stream.

        1. glenn398 says:

          Yes as long as any part of them is still around we are in danger of their evil dealings. What I really wonder is what Bill is doing as am sure he is dealing with a world origination that may affect us all.

          1. gene smiith says:

            Well GOD IS GOOD and they pretty much had the CLINTON FOUNDATION jerked out from under them and shit canned…..so his finances are weak,,,,,I’m guessing he is just hoping he is left alone by the Public and especially by HILLARY….the PEST in Chief.

          2. glenn398 says:

            Really wonder how much of that foundation is gone or just set up under a different name. Seems evil is almost impossible to get rid of once it arrives but guess we can be thankful they only had one child.

          3. gene smiith says:

            Maybe not gone gone….but certainly not an attractive place to donate to in exchange for what? They have nothing to offer.
            As for being thankful they only had one child….let me ask you, would you imagine any man doing Hillary twice? A marriage of convenience with a dog thrown in for effect.
            They had to breed once……the Obama group HAD TO ADOPT because so far there has been no successful breeding between two men, so adoption was necessary.

          4. glenn398 says:

            On her side no but Bill is another story and even with his past history if he could run for president again, no doubt he would win. That amount of money didn’t just get returned and is sitting somewhere hidden. Am still cracking up on your assessment of Hillary and Obama.

          5. gene smiith says:

            I try to be FACTUALLY ENTERTAINING Glenn, but the facts are startling in so far as being so obvious and still there are millions of folks who just calmly accept being lied to by their “Leaders.”
            There is little that I can do to make their program funny or acceptable to NORMAL folks.I just really don’t understand any of the Clinton program, it just eludes me.

          6. glenn398 says:

            What really got me is doing some work in Sun City that is a retirement community the people out there were thrilled by Bill and accepted the fact that blow jobs really wasn’t sex. Now these are people back then from 65 to 90 years old that didn’t think it was sex. I couldn’t believe it as those people came from the 20s and 30s and sex to them at that time was very private and really never talked about in public. To me if it really isn’t sex should be able to do it in public without a problem.

          7. John McPherson says:

            I agree!! They must be smart enough to hide their stash.

          8. glenn398 says:

            Agree and don’t think they immediately sat down and wrote checks to return all that money.

          9. John McPherson says:

            Bill is probably hoping he will wake up from this bad dream!!

          10. gene smiith says:

            Or just pray he won’t wake up at all would be O.K. too….facing her would really require strength.

          11. glenn398 says:

            You know how he got gray overnight and had a heart attack don’t you, he woke up one morning before Hillary put on her makeup.

          12. glenn398 says:

            It must have killed him to take time out of his affairs to campaign with Hillary and after holding her hand probably spent a half hour washing it. Hillary probably told him his kiss was not near as soft as her girl friends.

          13. Gen11American says:

            He and Hillary are aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood. Try looking up The Muslim Brotherhood Project, and print out a copy. It’s only 2 pages long, but it describes the steps being followed by Muslims as they infiltrate the West. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn the Syrian Civil War was specifically cooked up to create millions of suffering refugees.

          14. glenn398 says:

            You’re got a good point and can’t debate that one at all. To me it is just a matter of time before they take over most of Europe and even here in this country have taken over some parts of states like Michigan and Minnesota.

      2. lindacarlson says:

        Exactly stated! Seems like Chelsea was married to a fellow whose parent is part of a mafia or something on that order!

        1. glenn398 says:

          You’re right and it goes a lot deeper then just his parents but he fits in nicely with the Clinton family.

        2. John McPherson says:

          She is married to a Jew whose father is in prison for running a huge ponsi scheme.

          1. glenn398 says:

            The crime goes past even his parents.

  7. ONTIME says:

    The left is operating in thin air and it’s making them expose their delusions, the Clinton’s are poison but the msm will not regard them as so…the DNCommunist is losing ground in supporters and monies, the membership is suffering and they are a coastal party not a national party……this pyrrhic victory in Ga. is another demented joke that cost them a lot of wasted loot and now the state is laughing it’s Ossof…..

    1. BigR says:

      Ossof….. “Ain’t” won the position yet! He’s got a long way to go!! I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  8. alpha444 says:

    Simple question: What has she accomplished?

    1. crustyone says:

      Notathing (new word to save use of spacebar).

      1. oncemorearound says:

        I like it. Noah Webster eat your heart out.

      2. maxx says:

        Except fill her pockets with the ill gotten gains of her disgusting mother and alleged father.

    2. Mikal Gastpipe says:

      Being the step daughter of a rapist, perhaps?

    3. astrojohn says:

      …being conceived by two pathological liars

      1. Bruce Walters says:

        Actually Chelsea is the illegitimate product from an affair between Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell So Chelsea was born out of lies, deceit, and ugliness

        1. Karma says:

          Exactly, with an extra order of ugly..only reason she is involved in anything is because the clinton fountain of cash is drying up quickly and shes too ugly/unpersonable to be a greeter at walmart.

          1. way2confused says:

            and unqualified

        2. way2confused says:

          emphasis on the Ugliness.

        3. Ibulena says:

          Who in their right mind would ever have sex with Hillary Clinton???? Ugh!

          1. Glenn Colton says:

            Even after her numerous plastic surgeries. Gag !

          2. dondh says:

            Oh there are plenty out there who would because of the political stance she’s had! They can say that they made it with Hillary Clinton! You see, here is a perfect example of how a Libtard can get away with anything! If that had been Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Mrs. Reagan and even now Melania Trump, you can be sure the Media would be all over it and no doubt the Libtards would take them to court and have them, along with their husbands, removed from the White House and the presidency! But you see, the Clinton’s and Obama’s can get away with anything and get charged with nothing. Here’s a good one for you, go to the Internet and type in your browser, “Clinton’s Body Bags” and then tell me they seeingly can get away with anything! Anything like that and their lies, the Media will not cover or will change it so that it looks and sounds like it was somebody else’s fault or not true! They, along with Barack Hussein Obama, are the worst elected people to ever occupy any public or political U S position of our country!!

          3. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            Try searching on ARKANCIDE also. They killed a LOT of people including JFK Jr!

          4. J. Ernst says:

            As an aviator, I can opine that JFK JR. was not only an abysmal “pilot”, due to his many failed attempts to PASS the WRITTEN EXAMS for Instrument Flight, but also showed LESS THAN adequate knowledge AND skill as an NON-instrument pilot.
            1) Failed attempts to prove his skill levels in training.
            2) Failed attempts at proving his skills for the written tests.
            3) Failed RETESTS.
            4) Failed attempts at actually taking Flight Prep for FAA FLIGHT EXAMS with a designated examiner.
            Also, JFK’s aircraft had in its compliments of equipment a FLIGHT DIRECTOR! WHICH was the state of the art for such a “small” aircraft. Wherein, all he had to do to “get to his destination” was punch FOUR buttons in sequence, monitor the throttle and descend to within 200 FEET or less to the airports RUNWAY!!
            Sadly, THE REAL truth is that he showed initial AND continued BAD JUDGEMENT from BEFORE he even got into his plane all the way to his untimely demise INCLUDING his innocent PASSENGERS!!!
            An old Viet Nam vet/pilot once told me that in his Army training, his instructor said, “Nature’s WARNING to an aviator/pilot is…..DEATH!!!”
            JUDGEMENT is critical to every flight. Ya can’t touch, smell, see, or hear JUDGEMENT! It IS a critical component that FAA examiner’s witness from EVERY student, instrument, multi-engine, jet, APPLICANT as said applicant “shows” to said examiner and is CRITICAL to whether the applicant PASSES or FAILS to acquire his/her certificate a/or extended rating.
            Sadly, JFK Jr’s MONEY and poor judgement did him in.
            BTW, the radar profile of his flight from screw-up to impact is very clear that he was attempting to fly “by the seat of his pants” which, is a TOTAL fallacy! In fact those attempting such flight parameter’s are ACTUALLY flying by what their inner ear is correcting for lack of a horizon, ground, trees, etc…when a pilot has NO VISUAL REFERENCE!
            The inner ear LIES!!!
            Flight Instruments do NOT!!! That’s why we have instruments in cockpits.
            No offense to your opinion re JFK’S demise. Just facts and truth.

          5. Ron says:

            There were a lot of false reports about JFK MURDERED and JFK JR plane crash. A reporter who was investigating JFK JR plane crash was shot and killed . I understand the reporter had some evidence that would prove it was murder.

            Folks our crooked has been lying for decades to the American people. HEY CRACK HEAD GW BUSH WHERE ARE THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION . We have been killing humans for JEWS 15 years because of this huge lie.


          6. J. Ernst says:

            True that ANY radar “summary” of an aircraft accident can be altered…especially NOW when “editing” is digital…unlike the JFK assassination film …. which took MONTHS to alter.
            But, re Jr’s accident, ALL of the parameters for an incompetent pilot mixed with a NO MOON, over the water, night flight was the “perfect storm” of conditions for HIS screw-up.
            HOWEVER, as an aviator who WAS NOT THERE, all I can offer is an educated opinion AND experiences when I WAS a low timer WITHOUT an Instrument Rating. The typical dip, recovery, turn while pulling up from a DIVE, stall, then repeat and roll over are TYPICAL actions in poor weather or NO HORIZON, NIGHT flying if you are NOT A COMPETENT INSTRUMENT PILOT!!!
            Again, I wasn’t there NOR have I flown to or around HIS destination nor am I familiar with the route he took. Over water, night flying IS just as hazardous as flying over a desert at night. Without a horizon or visual separation of ground or sky…INSTRUMENT COMPETENCY IS CRITICAL TO SURVIVAL!!!
            JUDGEMENT starts BEFORE every flight! GOOD judgement keeps you ALIVE!!!
            THE INNER EAR LIES to make the person “FEEL” he/she is right side up.

          7. Ron says:

            Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were United States citizens who were executed for conspiracy to commit espionage for the Soviet Union. They were instrumental in the transmission of information about top-secret military technology and prototypes of mechanisms related to the atomic bomb, which were of value to the Soviet nuclear weapons program and also provided top-secret radar, sonar, and jet propulsion engines to the Soviet Union.[1][2][3]

            Other co-conspirators were imprisoned, including Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass, who supplied documents from Los Alamos to Julius and who served 10 years of his 15-year sentence; Harry Gold, who identified Greenglass and served 15 years in Federal prison as the courier for Greenglass. Klaus Fuchs, a German scientist working in Los Alamos and handled by Gold, provided vastly more important information. He served nine years and four months, convicted in Great Britain.[4][5]

          8. J. Ernst says:

            The Rosenberg’s were the sacrificial lambs who actually did carry out the espionage they were charged with. BUT, a good show IS the best way to divert attention to their handlers, buyers AND the provocateur’s involved with ALL of the thefts and handling of the info.
            ALL communists, ALL involved with the newly formed “nuke industry”, AND, if you consider that England ALL but announced ITS new governmental ideal AS communist, the post WW II world was NOT a safe environment. Germany was rife with communists vying for industrial powers and properties…hence the construction of “the wall”. Britain deliberately sold their RR Nene engines to the Soviet’s under the guise that the engines were for transport/airliner airplanes to be built.
            McCarthy WAS correct in how many communists were inundating the Democrat party AND congress.
            Anyway…were the isreali “workers” at Bell Helicopters in the 80’s ever tried for their acquiring and selling of Bell Helicopter technologies to___________you fill in the blank. NAAAH…they were deported cause it was JUST CORPORATE ESPIONAGE not treasonous.
            Was it REALLY necessary to try and jail MARTHA STEWART for “insider trading”!!!??? When the entire congress AND wall street were “doing it” enmasse as a standard business practice?
            Sacrificial lambs will ALWAYS BE an excellent show and distraction from the BIG picture.

          9. Ron says:

            This is part of the brainwashing and deversion going on in America. Our enemy is our Gov. The future for our children will be bad news. It’s fun and games today but I feel the worst is yet to come. Billy Graham was 100% right about the Jewish Control Media.


            I have seen to much go wrong in America. I only care about America piss on the rest of the World. I would close the borders to everybody and concentrate on America and become independent again. We do not own the World and have been drug into useless wars and lost good American people and tons of money . This is insane .

          10. J. Ernst says:

            Absolutely true. We can thank the PUBIC SKOOL’s for 45+ years of socialist/communist indoctrination…and the Dept of “Education” which should read “Dept. of Indoctrination”.

          11. Ron says:

            Do you think Fake News Trump will drain the swamp and just his bladder? Like all politicians when they run for office they tell the truth and once elected they join the political Mafia

          12. Ron says:

            We need to execute the traitors in our country today. We should have E excused all killers and Bernard Madoff

          13. J. Ernst says:

            Frankly, you are off by a few more decades…
            1947; first nuke stolen from USAF arsenal by………….
            1950; SECOND nuke stolen from USAF arsenal by……………..those components were SOLD to the U.S.S.R.
            BOTH nukes were taken by cia/mossad to isreal.
            NUFF SAID!!!

          14. arthur M. alex says:

            Your iterations of pilot “readiness” of JFK Jr. is incredibly on point.

            I am a recreational pilot, and it takes a great deal of preparation to remain competent, up-to-date with the FAR regs, a myriad of other documents, and practice as the”pilot in command”!

            Most important he allowed himself to succumb to the “Peter Principle” where one is only capable of “rising to their Own level of incompetence”.

            In other words, he never realized how dangerous an aircraft operator he was, and paid the consequences which included his innocent wife!

          15. J. Ernst says:

            Otherwise the ARKANCIDE is also quite actual, factual and easily proved.

          16. TV says:

            We know one person who wouldn’t stoop that low…Bill Clinton!

            Btw, Chelsea is a spitten image of web hubble

          17. arthur M. alex says:

            Laura, + Barbara Bush were never demonized! The were given a pass in the Marxist Media because they were ALL part of the One World Government scheme in collusion with the Clinton Crime Cartel, and the Soros/Mao-Bama cabal!!

          18. Ron says:

            If we don’t make changes our children will live in danger

          19. lindacarlson says:

            It would have to be an enemy of America – an ISIS or ISIL at least they have our money to spend on her!

          20. Ron says:


            The Bush Family: A Continuing Criminal Enterprise? – Critical …
            critcrim.org › Corporate Crime
            Mar 15, 2009 – In some cases Bush family members helped skim Savings and Loan funds which were delivered to …

            Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for …
            The Free Thought Project › small-town-c…
            Dec 31, 2015 – Bal Harbour, Florida, money laundering, government corruption, money laundering, … Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels. By.

          21. dfinch says:

            Have you ever seen Webb Hubbell? That kind of speaks for itself.

          22. MeanGene155 says:


          23. dennis w says:

            HELLO MONICA…………..

          24. bub says:

            That’s the one thing you can’t really blame Bill for … his philandering.
            I even feel a tiny bit sorry for the poor guy … he must have really had a stroke (no pun intended) when he woke up married to that hag.

        4. Gen11American says:

          A DNA test could clear up any questions regarding her paternal connection to Bill Clinton. If there isn’t one, she (and he) should fade away like the last snows of winter.

          1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            They are not normal!

          2. Tim says:

            the “two faced” politician Hitlery said she was like ( Abe Lincoln) in the second to last debate, was also a bastard child. Got no history on his father, little on his mom.

        5. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Quite similar to Obama, just different names and different countries! Common knowledge of horrible sins make strong bonds.

        6. arthur M. alex says:

          I respectfully disagree.

          Vince Foster was her bilogical father.he lost his life for that reason!….Suicide-RIGHT!!!!!!!!

        7. dennis w says:


        8. Tim says:

          Thanks for posting, sooo true.

        9. alpha444 says:

          I detest the Clintons, but you should stop spouting off so authoritatively about something that you have no proof of.

      2. dondh says:

        With one being a sex offender and you know which one it was and is!! The other one stood by and did nothing about it. So to me that make that one just as guilty! Perhaps that other one had some fun as well!

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          She did NOT stand by and do nothing! She commanded a massive and well funded attack on any of the women to smear and discredit them as soon as possible and as viciously as possible. She was a twisted enabler!

          1. dondh says:

            Okay, you are right on that one! But I guess I was equating that with her do nothing about the Benghasi fiasco as well as other things worthwhile things she should have done while Sec. of State! That was a piece of nothing but wasting taxpayer’s money!

      3. Dawn Doran says:

        Bill Clinton is not her biological father….

      4. Tim says:

        her father is Web Hubble. But yes, he is a liar. All Clinton friends are liars…..

      5. Jim McClain says:

        webb humble is the kid’s daddy. That said he was a lyin maggot too.

      6. Tim says:

        Ah that damned truth again.

      7. Vic Blaylock says:

        Webb Hubbel is a pathological liar?

    4. way2confused says:

      nothing. Her only job was “working” at the Clinton Foundation earning over 600k PLUS a lavish expense account essentially for doing nothing. And her homes were not bought by her, but the money was taken out of the foundation. How can she have afforded a multi-million dollar NYC apartment and she has not job skills?

      BTW, is pathological lying genetic? If so, she is worse than both her parents combined.

      1. John McPherson says:

        I think it is genetic also being a thief, con man swindler, etc.

    5. Ibulena says:

      Being Hillary Clinton’s daughter. Hillary’s accomplishment was being Bill Clinton’s wife. That’s how it works!

    6. Gen11American says:

      Her claims of innocence have possibly helped keep her mother out of prison. Other than that, I can’t think of anything worthy of note. If she isn’t smart enough to avoid running for office when she’ll be dragging boxcars of political baggage left in the wake of her corrupt parents, she’s the last thing this country needs. 48% of American voters are so incredibly stupid, they shouldn’t be voting at all!

      1. John McPherson says:


    7. m1a0n3u0e1l2 says:

      Same thing you accomplished so far….Has she have time and opportunity to do anything notable? Don’t jump to conclusions, wait, wait, wait…..

    8. littlesmoke says:

      She’s the “funnel” for the Clinton Foundation Money Laundering! You don’t even need a SS# for this job!

    9. Lizz Peters-James says:


    10. Crystal says:

      Everything her mother’s taught her… #1. Learning to be a liar. #2 Living in denial. #3 Successfully deceiving herself but thinking she’s deceiving everyone else. #4 Supported by Soros and the liberals. #5 And last but not least… A vile, dishonest heart that cares nothing for America.

    11. jeff chasalow says:

      what has hillary?

  9. uhptony says:

    She is still one ugly bitch!

  10. notalib says:

    Who cares a twit about this pathetic woman? She is being used by her parents and others. Hillary, couldn’t win a gig as a dog catcher let alone the Presidency. Bill, corrupt as is Hillary. Chelsea, get out of the limelight and go do something creative on your own. Your parents are not doing you any favors.

    1. lindacarlson says:

      Is she really pathetic for being a part of her parent and husbands establishment who has millions of $?!

  11. Mike W says:

    We all know how corrupt and deviant her parents are. Her husband “operated” a hedge fund until he lost 90% of investors’ money and “had” to shut it down. Her husbands father went to prison for bank fraud after stealing $10,000,000. Her uncle – Bill’s brother Roger went to prison for dealing cocaine – yet Chelsea feels obligated to lecture us on family values?

    1. glenn398 says:

      Well Mike since she has seen all the examples of the bad side she probably knows what not to do.

  12. disqus_Zk4qRxhdFs says:


  13. Radman414 says:

    Just as the MSM erected an “iron dome” journalistic shield to protect Hillary from viral revelations of her serial lying and corruption, social media is providing the same service for Chelsea…to protect the Clinton name from any further embarrassment. Of course, Chelsea has done nothing to merit such protection…except to “put quarters in the Family Foundation machine” to launder all that Saudi oil money…so she could be paid $600K per year. Again, “Despicable!”

  14. Radman414 says:

    Does anyone else notice that even after some face work, Chelsea STILL has Webster Hubbell’s lips?

    1. oncemorearound says:

      The donkey from Shrek….

      1. Radman414 says:

        You’re close. I have a side-by-side photo of them for your viewing pleasure and amusement: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f52ec6d1a95e9f536421224d3b9466d23d0a88f088b502ee6a9980ab4739c12.jpg

        1. Joan Davenport says:


        2. BigR says:

          Damn!!! That’s a close fit.

        3. John McPherson says:

          Love it!!

    2. BigR says:

      That’s a fact, Jack! I mean Radman414….

  15. xingqin says:

    By-product crooked set of parents, liars,cheaters, thiefs, and perversions by boih of them. They taught chelsea well on being a world class liar and cheat, showed her how to steal from those needing help from a for profit charitable organization they created, and she waqnts a bigger role in the political world now. She has zero qualifications, has accomplished nothing, and she has a piss poor image to follow but seems to think being crooked and dishonesty are qualifications.

  16. oncemorearound says:

    The progeny of evil. A crooked lawyer sperm doner, a used diaper mother, and a syphillitic child molesting step father.

  17. Kenneth Hyde says:

    First thing Chelsea lets get you a DNA test.. I think Webb Hubell is yo daddy.

    1. Bruce Walters says:

      Webb Hubell is her daddy, it’s been proven, and there are numerous articles about it.

  18. gobrien says:

    Waiting for the media to ask Chelsea what she thinks about her father molesting and raping women. Does she ever leave her children alone with Bill? If she does, is she worried about them? What does she think about her mother attacking and destroying all of her father’s accusers?

    1. ter334 says:

      Lol waiting for an answer by CC?

      1. John McPherson says:

        Is it icing up yet??

  19. way2confused says:

    But I guarantee, if she ran for either the US senate or house, she’d win in NY/ then she’d have both her parents moving in with her so they can direct her political career.

  20. granny_forUSA says:

    Another do-nothing Clinton that received $600,000 a year from mommy & daddy…..What she did was to make sure that Donations were delivered to their destination………One country is still waiting for help that was promised over 5 years ago…………from the Clinton Foundation……..

    1. Ron says:

      Horse Face Chelsea worked for Jewish NBC with G W Bush dumb daughter. Both were making over 600.000 a year. This was paybacks for Clinton and Bush selling out America to Jews like Penny Pritzker. Obama’ are getting ready to sign a 30 million dollar book deal with the Jewish Mafia Empire who are robbing and destroying America. WAKE UP FOLKS YOUR KIDS FUTURE IN DANGER!

  21. Gen11American says:

    I wonder why the disgusting parody account of Jared Kushner hasn’t been taken down. Actually, I take that back. I know exactly why it hasn’t been taken down. It’s because he’s the son-in-law of Donald Trump. If Jared Kushner were the son-in-law of a Democratic president, his phony website would have disappeared in a flash, and whoever posted disgusting remarks and pictures of Jared Kushner would have been toast!

    1. John McPherson says:

      Jared Kushner is a Jew and Trumpt’s daugher converted to Judaism so her off spring can be considered jews

  22. Eugene Pariah says:

    Memo regarding Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO:

    Slow is smooth … Smooth is fast.

  23. wam bam says:

    alpha444. If anything is accomplished. It most likely be corruption. Like any family, it can run in the family?

  24. Ron says:



    The Bush family and the S&L (Savings and Loan) Scandal
    rationalrevolution0.tripod.com › war › b…
    The Bush family and the S&L Scandal. Neil, George Jr., George Sr., and Jeb Bush. The Savings and Loan industry had …

    1. John McPherson says:

      George Soros is a Jew. He says he is not a practicing Jew, but being a Jew is like ugly, it goes to the bone and is in their DNA.

  25. 1josephg1 says:

    The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  26. NorthPortNurse says:

    Looks like the “Mantel of Liberal Media Pretection” has been passed from Mother to daughter and so the cover-up begins. Same old.

  27. jim jones says:

    Ignore it and it may go away!

  28. glenda lafont says:

    she looks a lot like Hubbell

  29. Benjamin Michel says:

    You got that wright ugliness

  30. Ron says:

    I heard Hillary and Anthony Weiners wife were lovers. I believe Hillary Clinton and Anthony Weiners wife adopted Horse Face Hag Chelsea Clinton. BJ Bill does not know because he was to busy getting his pipe cleaned by his girlfriends. REMEMBER WHAT BILL SAID. “EATING IS NOT CHEATING”!




    The Bush Family: A Continuing Criminal Enterprise? – Critical …
    critcrim.org › Corporate Crime
    Mar 15, 2009 – In some cases Bush family members helped skim Savings and Loan funds which were delivered to …

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    Dec 31, 2015 – Bal Harbour, Florida, money laundering, government corruption, money laundering, … Entire Florida Police Dept Busted Laundering Tens of Millions for International Drug Cartels. By.

  31. Phil Auten says:

    Even simpler question: Who cares. Chelsea Clinton is irrelevant.

    Phil in TX

  32. bub says:

    Twitter is run by snowflake twits, but they decided on “twitter” instead of “flaker.”

  33. Ron says:


    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were United States citizens who were executed for conspiracy to commit espionage for the Soviet Union. They were instrumental in the transmission of information about top-secret military technology and prototypes of mechanisms related to the atomic bomb, which were of value to the Soviet nuclear weapons program and also provided top-secret radar, sonar, and jet propulsion engines to the Soviet Union.[1][2][3]

    Other co-conspirators were imprisoned, including Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass, who supplied documents from Los Alamos to Julius and who served 10 years of his 15-year sentence; Harry Gold, who identified Greenglass and served 15 years in Federal prison as the courier for Greenglass. Klaus Fuchs, a German scientist working in Los Alamos and handled by Gold, provided vastly more important information. He served nine years and four months, convicted in Great Britain.[4][5]

  34. rowleya says:

    Who was her real father?

  35. Phillip Lake says:

    I could care less about parodies, or face book crap or anything else in this article with the exception of one MAJOR problem; another damned Clinton rearing her ugly ass face in hopes of keeping the family tradition going. I personally would like to see all three of them drown in their own lies and excrement.

  36. sgtshel says:

    Is there a ‘condo type prison’ for the 3 of them??

  37. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    Chelsea may be the Chief cook and bottle washer at the Gitmo Kitchen. It will keep the family together, except for her real father. He will be allowed to visit her once a month.

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