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Nancy Pelosi Just Got Devastating News

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  1. Jerry Dixon says:

    Pelosi, Warren, and Waters. Are the three women that stand out as the village idiots of all times. The unreported facts are that these women in the United States Senate and Congress, Pelosi being the ranking Dumb-O-Crate has not got a clue where our Military is engaged in conflict. The same as the queen of the black caucus Waters if it doesn’t have to do or help blacks she doesn’t care. These are American men and women engaged in combat, people they had a voice in sending to the middle east, I can understand if you would rather fight the president and his policies. If you would rather waste time trying to discredit President Trump, its easy to forget that Americans have been dying and getting wounded in conflict for over 15 years in the middle east, That is a long way from North Korea in case they didn’t know.

    Then there is that great constitutional genuine s, Chuck Schumer , He goes on television and once again makes a fool of himself, Schumer starts out saying there has to be an investigation into DOJ Sessions contact with the Russian Ambassador. What there conversation was and why they meet. Schumer called for a high investigation lead by Congress or the Senate they always say the American people want to know. I really don’t want to know there have been enough distractions with the Senate since the election. Besides unless it is a death bed confession I am not sure we will ever know. I wonder if in Schumer’s eyes or the eyes of all the democrats If for some reason as a Police Officer I was standing on a corner in Washington DC. and was approached by a man asking directions. I would be doing my job in helping him. Then if I was approached by my supervisor and ask why I was talking to that muslim. And if I had been radicalized and was going to strap on a bomb and kill a lot of people. {Silly Right}.

    The first question that was ask of Schumer was not auto able but Schumer’s replied, reiterating that a special council needed to be formed to investigate the matter of DOJ Session’s involvement with the Russian. Then Schumer following the guide lines of the Constitution stated DOJ Sessions should be removed he should resign his office.That seem to be a long way away from his right’s to at least have a fair investigation conduct before you destroy persons reputation.

    Then there is the part about the questioning by Franklin of DOJ Sessions. Franklin started out strong with his questioning then as it went on Franklin seemed reluctant to continue reading. He appeared to be apologizing to DOJ Session for asking. Then Franklin said oh well , he danced around the question until he said to DOJ Sessions, What would you do? Franklin didn’t ask if the DOJ Sessions was in contact with the Russian Ambassador. DOJ Sessions stated he could not respond to that question he had no knowledge of that event.

    It is time the democrats stop causing all these distractions and contributing to the delay of the process of getting our government operational. They need to stop there fishing expedition almost 2 years is long enough if you have no caught anything yet chances you are using the wrong bait. You need to get our Nation back on track, and get back to making America Great Again

  2. James R. Currier says:

    I’m guessing you couldn’t print numbers low enough to include Shumer, Fienstien, Warren and Waters.

    1. kenmarx49 says:

      Chuckie the Clown Schumer was on the list. He has a -9 rating.

      1. tCotUS says:

        I heard the numbers were lower than whale s*** ..:)

      2. Daniel Spickard says:

        Can’t fix stupid!

    2. supergun says:

      They are the living dead. Can’t put numbers on the Dead.

        1. Dave Nettles says:

          That’s a time honored Chicogo tradition, the cematary vote carries the election. For a view of just how bad vote fraud really is read my “Vote Fraud Articles @

        2. Brenda Sinclair says:

          OMG and i bet there were alot of dead people who voted for hillary, anyone who voted for hillary lacked a brain

          1. danowop says:

            Dead, illegal, and brainwashed. The first 2 groups voted multiple times in multiple areas.

        3. supergun says:

          What you say is true. Here are some interesting NUMBERS: The liberals are saying hillary lost because she was a WOMAN. They did some research and mock election and found out that if hillary had said what TRUMP said, she would have gotten elected. AND if TRUMP had said what hillary said, he would have lost.

    3. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      Like those pop ups that ask to rate OBAMA ! WTF how low is that rating ! 50 inches below the lowest layer of wail shit is still like a sky scraper above what he deserves. Now that’s low !

      1. reggie says:

        Then you notice that a negative vote is not counted.

  3. arthur M. alex says:



    1. l penn says:

      Look who they are led by!! former LIAR n CHIEF barry/LYIN BENGHAZI CROOKILARY !! Lizzie Pochahantas ,Shroomer and over painted near cadaver nanc,the OLD LIB HAG who is constantly showing her Ugly prune face by cleaning her teeth with her tongue..GROSS!! LOL!!

      1. Daniel Spickard says:

        Cut off the head of the snake and the body dies!

    2. Alberto says:


      These people are Bolsheviks. They expose themselves with their constant attacks on the Bill of Rights. The absolute genius of the framers and founders is on display once again.


    3. ProudSCresident says:

      I’d never heard Harry’s smart A$$ remark, but I love it!! Thanks for sharing!!

      1. Doris Will says:

        I have voted GOP for 54 years, but I wasn’t old enough to vote for Truman, but he seemed very honest, loyal and a straight arrow. He was an angel compared to the Dems of today. And his wife was a real character. Oh, and he referred to the item in question as a “turd.” He also drove his own car back to Independence, MO. His only pension was from the Army.

    4. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      U can try to polish a turd with the finest of cloth , but in the end it’s still a turd !
      And you can’t pick up a piece of shit by its clean end ! Love it !!!!!!!!! Thanks for reminding me of these ardently true facts !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says:

    Unless it’s lock-jaw ,it’s not devastating news.

    1. Daniel Spickard says:

      We need to throw Pelosi under the bus to see how much sh*t splatters!

      1. Kenneth Brown says:

        She’s all BOTOX and silicone. Nothing to splatter!

        1. NoBamaNoMo says:

          It will be good for the tires though, instand re-tread.

      2. Brenda Sinclair says:

        nancy is scared to death the public will find out she likes little girls she is a pedophile there are 30 in democrates and republicians, this is what president trump meant when he called it drain the swamp OF PEDOPHILES hello pelosi, charles schumer, mccain,biden,kerry,hillary,obama, podesta,warren ,graham,michael lavone robinson aka mechelle obama,alefantis,cummings list goes on and all and when swamp is cleaned out there will be many job openings!!!

      3. kbmiller says:

        There’d be nothing left of her.

    2. Connie Eggen says:

      This would be funny except that she is that stupid to make a statement like this. The woman has no brains left (if she ever did have any). Why has she not been recalled like a defective auto!

      1. Dennis says:

        She couldn’t care less if Americans like her. She, like Hilliary, thinks only of herself.

        1. Nancy C says:

          That is the biggest problem I see with Libtards in general. They have this great line about special rights for all these groups, blah blah. Then when shit hits the fan it’s all about me, me, me. They are the most selfish bunch of people I have ever seen. I’m pretty sure this is the new Party line as well: Hear no Truth, Speak no Truth!
          Unbelievable Morons
          I have an 18 year old son who would have made a better President than Obama and he pretty much plays video games 24/7! ROFLMAO At least he has a sense of understanding when he plays Call of Duty or any War game, that those are based on actual real life events happening this very moment. He also bows his head at night to give thanks for the Men and Women responsible for his Freedoms. I’m sorry but I don’t believe the Family living in the White House for the last 8 years has been bowing their heads to anything resembling Christ Our Lord. That’s why this Country was on an express train towards Hell.

          1. Dennis says:

            You nailed it! Maybe when the losers get over losing like adults, things will get better.

      2. NoBamaNoMo says:

        Unfortunately there is no law against stupidity. The 2 dumbest people in our government has got to be this bird and Maxine Waters. Thank God, both are confined in this mental institution called California.

        1. Dave Nettles says:

          It’s also unfortunate that stupid can’t be fixed, it’s forever.

  5. Steve Slamalot says:

    Not accurate. Add and subtract 20 net points as applicable due to rampant media propaganda.. Maybe 40..

  6. Bill Diebold says:

    …get rid of soros and his money and the dims will die like flushing cat turds in the toilet. barry the muslim bath house floozy will run to iran for an extended vacation…that is, until the mullahs figure out he’s as queer as a three dollar bill…then he’ll about 12″ shorter and he’ll never have to shampoo anymore.

    1. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      Naaa he plays with little boys, he fits right in with them ! The reason they will kill him is he married a man. Or something like a man…

    2. danowop says:

      I think Trump should take Soros down for treason! Confiscate all his assets and repay America for all the treason he has harmed her with, and then exile hIm.

      1. Bill Diebold says:

        ..what a candidate for Gitmo, and he’d be with all his home boys, as long as they have a stake with a chain and a collar out back for piglosi and schrewmur the dimoron vermin twins.

      2. Patriot says:

        An send his old butt to Russia a let them deal with him an who ever does that will get 1 million dollars from Russia

      3. Biglittleman says:

        Exile him to where? There is no place to far for him except in hell. That is about the only place I can think of. Any one else got a suggestion?

  7. barbarakelly says:

    Pelosi and Schumer are losers. along with Feinstien , waters and the rest in their outside activities DC is Sin city to the Dems and a Few Rep. I want to nail them out of the water with the underground activity and closed room that is soundproof so that no one hears the screams of little people. YOU dems know what I”m talking about don’t you you slimballs. I hope they rot.

  8. kbmiller says:

    Al Franken is a LYING IDIOT

    1. Matthew V. Brown says:

      Al Franken has ALWAYS been a lying idiot. It is just that at one time he thought he was a comedian. He is still somewhat funny, in a very sad way.

    2. Karen Redd says:

      Al Frankenstein is still just a POS pathetic unfunny comedian with only one difference since he’s {unfortunately} become a wanna be politician- now he’s an ENRAGING POS pathetic unfunny comedian. How in the hell was that scumbag elected?

      1. kbmiller says:

        I looked into his win over Norm Coleman. There was a recount. Coleman was ahead and there happened to be a suspiciously number of illegal votes, just what he needed to win.

        1. Karen Redd says:

          It figures, otherwise it is absolutely impossible to understand how that pesty little turd could win. I would move if he represented my state lol!

          1. kbmiller says:

            Keith Ellison a muslim black and Dumb Al Franken representing the state in DC. No wonder why there’s a huge muslim community in that state drawing welfare.

          2. Karen Redd says:

            How in the hell was a muslim elected, and the mexican in Illinois that runs his big fat mouth nonstop? Democraps don’t want to make the best of this country, their goal is solely to destroy it. We have to pray and never stop praying that a democrap never wins again because it’s very obvious that if one does this country will be a thing of the past, and never will I understand why they would want that. How can democraps think illegals are more important than a safe, peaceful America? There are too many questions without any answers.

          3. Donito says:

            Too many dimos and rinos have their affluent lifestyles and all their earthly wealth invested in liberal / leftist politics. If they don’t tow the line with globalist (satanic) agenda their lobbyists will dump them and blackball them and their families as well as someone could get hurt (remember harry reid and the black eyes that he got ~”lifting dumbells”~ LOL) or worse. All they live for is to maintain and increase their wealth and power and miserable ‘comfort’. They have never learned that you can’t take it with you.

          4. kbmiller says:

            Yep, you got it !!! The Dumb A$$ oc RAT party has dossiers on all of it’s members and their investigators don’t just target their own. Any prominent politician is thoroughly examined and researched. That’s why the gay music pastor and 2 gay teenage boys were murdered at Trinity United in Chicago. They had to “Scrub” ex pres. Barack Hussein OHOMO’s shady and perverted lifestyle. They’ll not only blackball them, they will be blackmailed using the dirt they dug up. The Lame stream media is in it with them. Search the executives at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc., for the close ties, even family relatives, in the OHOMO administration. This “Access” to the White House is extremely valuable in gathering info to “Scoop” networks without it. President Trump threatens all of these LYING , CROOKED Basturds ill gotten gain.

          5. reggie says:

            They’re all useful idiots, at a different level, for soros and that group. Too stupid to realize it.

          6. Karen Redd says:

            Well one day they will and maybe then they’ll realize what a horrible mistake they made- too late.

          7. reggie says:

            It’s called brainwashing or indoctrination if you prefer. Facts don’t count. History doesn’t count. The Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 gave Russia to the totalitarian government. It took how many years to get rid of it? They were convinced it was a good idea, these brain dead people think it’s a good idea. They have no clue. Soros is throwing money at it, he wants a 1 world government with him, or his son, ruling it for the rothchilds, rockefellers, etc. Everyone else is a useful idiot.

          8. Nancy C says:

            I was hoping I might ask you all a question about this discussion, without being thought of as ignorant? I have been Conservative/Constitutionalist all my life. I do not have a full University Education like my Ex-husband did, but I am not uneducated. I have always thought it important to vote in Every Election no matter it be local, state or Presidental. Always doing my research on the candidates and whatever policy changes that are being brought up in my district. I believe you cannot complain or protest the results of an Election if you didn’t even show up to try and make a difference in said Election by using your right as a U.S. Citizen.
            Anyway, Sorry, I was beginning to rant. My question is, I know most of these liberals are just ignorant sheep following the Media or some Hollywood Libtard idiot where being dysfunctional means completely despicable instead of just crazy like us, but why don’t they seem to understand that their beliefs and policies, if allowed to be put in place, would actually do the opposite of what they are supposeddly trying to accomplish? They want special rights for women (well, femanazis), transgenders, Muslims, gays, blah blah the list goes on, but if they continue with their communist agenda, raping the Constituion the way Obama was, it will be All U.S. Citizens who suffer, not just Conservatives. This will become a Third World Hell Hole! Probably worse. Is it because they really are just brainwashed? Or just stupid? I have homeschooled my son for the past 9 years and he has never set foot in public school. I know the government has screwed up the schools and textbooks. Not even gonna mention those Liberal Idiot College Professors. I have seen the posts about what they are teaching, Unethical Crap! When my son was older I asked him if he wanted to try a private school for the social stuff, he said, “No, let’s just join this Co-op my friend is in, then I can make lots of friends go on field trips and stuff”. He was like 10 when he said that, so I don’t think he was suffering without the state or Fed govt. up in our Business! Lol I am just glad, he will be receiving the best education possible since they now have online classes as he has now “passed bye” me in Mathematics and Science. I am happy to be learning new things with him in History and English, also Languages and Geography! Who says you can’t teach an old dog? Shame we can’t do it with Old Libtards! 🙂 My dad thinks there is going to be serious violence before we see the end of this. I think he’s right because he never says much and when he does, it’s usually something important or funny. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. I am praying for us all to have safety and peace for ourselves, our families and loved ones. Blessings today.

        2. Mikal Gastpipe says:

          Yep. And reportedly, the ‘found’ votes came from the trunk of a car!

          1. kbmiller says:

            Isn’t that where corrupt MOBS hide their problems?

          2. Mikal Gastpipe says:


      2. reggie says:

        See the post above: hiLIARy scouting the cemetery for voter names.

      3. danowop says:

        Voter fraud, and a gutless John Thune and GOP, to challenge the obvious crime. Thune was up and considered the winner, but then The demo wanted a recount and it turned a 180, but now there was way more votes than registered voters.

        1. danowop says:

          It wasn’t Thune, it was Coleman. But the other is true.

        2. Karen Redd says:

          Well you’d think there was enough intelligence to stop this unbelievable BS, and I’d sure hate to think that because of how often they get away with it that they have more of it.

    3. Daniel Spickard says:

      The whole Demoncratic Party is going to implode in on itself! We just need to pop the bubble! Once they self implode then we get to relax and enjoy the rest of our lives!

      1. kbmiller says:

        I think you’re right, I hope you’re right.

      2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        How can we help the pop occur? It needs to be a real good one too.

        1. reggie says:

          Use their tactics, take the gloves off. Investigate, accuse, threaten. Block all msm from press conferences. VP Pence needs to sue the hell out of AP. Bring McFlynn back in a bigger capacity. Make him a Czar. Get rid of anyone who was a bozo flunky. Can’t get rid of them? Put them in a room with a tv with 1 garbage channel, playing the same thing over and over. Take away cell phones, be escorted to the toilet. Yes, they’re getting paid, that’s their job. To sit. New job description. They hit once, Trump needs to hit 3 times harder.

      3. Karen Redd says:

        It couldn’t happen soon enough, but it’s scary how much more our country will have to suffer until then. Trump has his hands full having to correct the horrendous BS damage that the dipshit- I mean obozo did plus moving forward to get our country back to being as great as it used to be and even better.

    4. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

      Al Frankenstein is a scum sucking pig….

  9. NO faith in government says:

    REVOKE SOROS’ CITIZENSHIP and DEPORT HIM for SEDITION & SUBVERSION. Both he and his son are a danger to our republic. This P.O.S. turned in his fellow Jews in WWII to save his sorry a$$….need I say more?

    1. Daniel Spickard says:

      I say we don’t revoke his citizenship, but revoke his life! See how well he does when he goes stand before God!

      1. golding4 says:

        And that will be sooner then most think!

      2. reggie says:

        Gitmo would work too. Longer and slower.

    2. Dave Nettles says:

      WWII? How old is this guy?

    3. Brenda Sinclair says:

      no faith true, russia has a warrant out for soros dead or alive.when he dies his sons will just take over where he left off

      1. Dennis says:

        Is there a remuneration attached to that warrant?

    4. Dennis says:

      Back to Hungary? They kicked him out!!

    5. Dennis says:

      Sorry-ass soros. Kinda rings true…

  10. supergun says:

    We Americans are watching and taking notice of all the bull chit that the democrats are doing right now. Let them keep doing this bull chit. The up and coming mid term elections will prove more devastrating to these heathens.

  11. Granny Filec says:

    Pelosi is a sicko………..a total witch……..with a Capital B……..

  12. NovelDog says:

    Piglosi and Chucky were probably shocked at how low we hold them. If the Democrats win any seats during the midterm I will be surprised. They could easily lose big time. Trump needs to remove Democrats in all important jobs if there is any doubt as top their integrity. He also needs to have the White House and Trump Tower swept for bugs…..those with big ears!

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Don’t be surprised, they really don’t care what we think. To them we don’t matter.

    2. reggie says:

      IF there’s any doubt??? He needs to get rid of all of them. Period.

  13. barnjoer says:

    And she is as ugly as A Bitch Wolf!!

    1. Cole Johnson says:

      That’s not nice! I think my bitch wolf is quite beautiful! try warthog! Or as mark dice calls her, skeletor!

  14. ProudSCresident says:

    I thought this article was going to be about a Botox shortage!

  15. Ironmike4610 says:

    I was hoping the devastating news would have been, she just found she is actually the afterbirth of a botched abortion.

  16. Guy Felix Vuillemin says:

    who is the beard behind? BF or muzz guard? International socialists and muzzies work as a couple,a binome
    to destroy our countries and take over!

  17. Robert F says:

    Most people do not like dipshits.

  18. Cole Johnson says:

    Damn! I thought Skeletor had a incurable disease and she was going to be forced to retire or have herself preserved!

  19. Mike Dodge says:

    Tell Nutsy Pelosi her days are numbered and she along with the rest of the immature democratic party. I know I’m calling the kettle black with the name calling with Nutsy, but she is so ridiculous that she should lose her job yesterday.

    1. Nancy C says:

      Please, she doesn’t deserve to bear the name. There are 4 Nancy’s in my Family. I am the youngest and I’m not that young! 🙂 Definitley younger than this hag Nutsy Pelosi! All names carry meanings, I know what my name means for me.
      I’m not sure what it means for her though. I think it can’t be good. Lol

  20. VET says:

    These are the enemies of our country that i been saying for years always Threatening someone when they lose,maybe she is looking for that COUP that Obama and that AJ LYNCH was talking about when they had that meeting in the W.H. Obama did say at one time that he was building his own ARMY and the only Army i can think about would be the Terrorist he invited into our country along with his Illegal Immigrants.Why do you think he left our Borders open like the FBI said back in 2012 that they can be has many as 4 or 5 thousands Terrorist already spread out through our country and that was 4 years ago can you just imagine that it could will be over 15 thousands more that got into our country with our Borders wide open like Obama once said EVERYONE WAS WELCOME INTO ‘HIS’ COUNTRY and he knew just what he was doing by leaving our Borders open get the picture now.Maybe that could be the ARMY he was talking about because it sure isn’t our ARMY he is talking about they couldn’t stand that man So if they want a COUP our ARMED FORCES will sure give them what they want and it doesn’t matter what ARMY that they were talking about at that meeting.It’s called TREASON against the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA what these Democrats have been trying for 8 years to take this country apart piece by piece and would have been worst if that other B—H would have won then Obama would have been back in power to destroy the rest of this country that he started since 2009.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Remember for years they called all of “Conspiracy Theorists”. Everyday it becomes more and more clear that we were right all along about the “Commie Conspiracy”.

  21. Daniel Spickard says:

    Now what’s needed is to keep getting the good word out to the rest of the people! What is needed is to prove to the people that the Democratic Party is no longer for the people and for themselves! After all this time that the Democratic Party has been in control of the cities, they have done nothing but lie to the people they are suppose to help! Every city in this country is under attack from the Democratic Party, and what is needed is to push those people to go Republican in order to fix their cities!

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      “No Longer”? How about “Never Were”.

    2. golding4 says:

      It never was for the people! It is the lawyer’s party and they have always known how to lie to the people that belonged to the old democrat party that they were for the people and that the GOP was for the rich, they build a base of people that knew nothing about truth of politics…Two things are true…..1. As in religion, you can never entrap a person into a cult if they knew the bible…..2. you can never entrap a person into the democrat party if they know what was going on in DC…Conservatives want a God faring country and Liberals want a Godless nation where they can have abortion on demand, same sex marriage, homosexuality in all areas of their free thoughts, anything but God and His laws that get in their way……maybe, just maybe….for sure….Satan is in control of the democrat party………..and just maybe…..what differences will it make if we, the world is speeding like a Mack Truck to the Greatest Tribulation this world has ever know……want more information on that: Open the bible! The fig tree spouted almost 70 years ago…..again, read your bible, if you don’t have one, get one! the prophecies that you can even recognize on out time line….Russia has moved down right next to Israel and Iran wants to push Israel into the sea….they are also named Gog and Magog and they will attack Israel and a third of all Israelite’s will be killed, in your life time…..and the other one is: the New World Order, Why do you think Obama was a puppet on strings to kill this nation to bring about the New World Order…..The Revived Roman Empire on the last times where the antichrist will rule and bring about the world’s greatest tribulation……Forks, I and all my fellow (real) Christians won’t be here, you may fine our homes, cars, etc empty and you won’t find us and you will be one left behind, You don’t know what I am writing about, Do You? some of you do!…….Why most hate the bible…….because it says; Wide is the road to hell, and narrow is the path to life…..and….few….there be, that find it……

    3. reggie says:

      You can lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink.

  22. oncemorearound says:

    Pelosi is the the stuff stuck to the fur on a sewer rats rear.

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      That would be dookie wouldn’t it?

  23. BigAl says:

    Talk about the walking dead…they should have their own reality tv show and walk around bumping into walls

  24. Donald Trump won, the newsmedia should get off his case. He said in general that the media was his enemy, sure looks like it. Even Fidel Castro did not get bashed this much.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      We need a new news media. If we boycott, they go bankrupt, then this will change.

        1. reggie says:

          Boycott amazon. Take the money away from wa po

      1. reggie says:

        Help boycott amazon. that’s where wa po gets it’s money. bozos said he bought the rag to ‘influence”. No capital letters on purpose.

      2. Dennis says:

        How do you boycott a TV or radio broadcast?

    2. Brenda Sinclair says:

      had anyone bashed said one word about castro THEIR CHOPPED OFF HEADS WOULD ROLL OFF CHOPPING BLOCK

    3. Dennis says:

      It’s unbelievable how much the media uses opinion words. Just listen to any radio or TV news cast on the three Demo-owned stations. They just don’t know how to give straight facts anymore without their opinions snuck in there. It’s amazing!

  25. Connie Eggen says:

    I would be so ashamed to be from the state that elected Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters. Two people who bring shame to women and the Dem party as well as other categories. Two of the least qualified people for any job that I know of.

    1. Mike W says:

      The state of California gave us Nancy Pelosi , Maxine Waters and Barbara Boxer! This state is also over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt. That equates to a debt for every LEGAL – man, woman and child that calls California home – of $11,500 above all their other taxes – state & federal income tax and property taxes. Not one of the above broom jockeys has ever even mentioned a plan to try to repair this problem – let alone try to come up with one – Their plan as always will be raise taxes and try to get more federal money. That is why businesses are leaving California on a daily basis. Good jobs are going east and Californian’s will be left holding the bag for the people they have repeatedly elected – not to worry though those elected people have all become very wealthy.

      1. Connie Eggen says:

        And the voters there keep perpetuating their problems by sending these defective people back to Wash DC.

        1. Mike W says:

          If I was them I would not be expecting them liberal loons in Hollywierd to pony up either. They will be on their own.

  26. Rap Scallion says:

    Pelosi wears PUSSY HATS!

    1. NoCoincidences says:

      So does chump shyster, oops, chuck schyster…

  27. Jeannie says:

    I hope this witch gets taken down a notch or two. Or maybe taken out for good, along with her bff chuckie baby. Despicable, dishonest, people.

  28. kchamb says:

    I just got devastating news. I thought you were going to say Pelosi just found out she less than two weeks to live.

  29. Nanci at her best. Could she merit a medal? an Oscar? Somebody? Anybody?

  30. Robert Walters says:

    Well said Mr. John MacDonald, finally Vets United ! Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, a couple of crazy narrow minded BITCHES, sorry I forget about the Little Crying Bitch Chuck Schumer. A total embarrassment to the Dem Party which in itself is a total embarrassment. We must remember “America First” starting with the Veterans, American homeless, the coal miners and the thousands of American poor & hungry and of course our Seniors. AMERICA CITIZENS FIRST, GET IT !

  31. Dan says:

    Nancy Pelosi has signs of dementia or just might be under the influence of medications. She doesn’t look normal and certainly doesn’t act normal. She has outlived her usefulness to the Democrat party. It’s time for her to go…..

    1. Karen Redd says:

      Oh please yes please- GO AWAY NANCY! Go far far away and NEVER come back!

  32. Richard Bagenstose says:

    every thing they are protesting and throwing out there ,are nothing but lies to smear trump, for years they have gotten away with smearing their enemies, if any one needs to be investigated it’s democrats

  33. Michael Lloyd says:

    Pelosi received more bad news than that. Her doctor told her she was dead from the neck up and called her Meathead.

  34. Johnnyboy says:

    The Democrats numbers will continue to fall until there is nothing left. ( no pun intended) They will lose many if not all seats coming up for re-electon in 2018. At that time the Republicans and Conservatives have a golden opportunity to change the course of history. If they ( the Repubicans) screw that up there done and all RINOS will be replace as their renewal dates ( elections) come up. That would actually be a good thing. Watch them carefully and make noise if they veer left even a little bit. We must keep the pressure on them to keep them in line with OUR agenda ( to make America great again)

  35. tCotUS says:

    The Polls for Pisslosi is bad news ?? I thought maybe she was told by her doctor she had only 2 days to live…CRAP !!

  36. Daniel Mount says:

    Pelosi, Warren, Hillary Clinton, Fienstien and Schumer are all shit Birds.

  37. 1josephg1 says:

    Keep praying for Mr. Trump. He needs the guidance of our God. Remember “they” hated Jesus long before DT.

  38. Brenda Sinclair says:

    i sure am not surprised about nancy pelosi ratings, she has stirred up a lot of drama that were a ll lies i have to give her THE ENEMY OF AMERICA AWARD”

  39. Random Citizen says:

    Bring back ostracism. Anyone who reaches -25 should be outcast from society.

  40. jim jones says:

    They are ALL a pack of whores, one doesn’t pollute our water and the other doesn’t support illegal aliens; however they are flexible and will sell us out to the highest bidder!

  41. Libs R Loons says:

    Not surprised at all to read this news about Pelosi, not that she even cares what we “little people” think of her.
    But one can still hope that she drinks herself into a coma.

  42. Anthony Pollastro says:


  43. cathylovesyou says:

    I am surprised the Dragon Lady got such a hgh mark. Yes last but in my observation of her last – 100% What a nut job

  44. Marilyn says:

    The entire bunch of libs are disgusting. I hope Republicans vote the entire bunch out in 2018!

  45. Maggietish says:

    Pelosi is a total mental case and she proves that every time she opens her mouth. The Democrats reelected her as their house minority leader. It’s their choice to continue on the destructive course they’re on right now. They refuse to even recognize the referendum that happened in the last election and continue to refuse to listen to the will of the people. They have for too long betrayed the United States and the American people and it has to stop now. Pelosi is the poster child for term limits. That applies for Schumer, Warren, Wasserman- Schultz, Ellison, Feinstein, Walters and the rest of the Democratic Party. They are continuing to commit political suicide and they’re too arrogant, narcissistic and just plain stupid to recognize it. Term limits are a must and we the people need to demand and get them now. We need to clean the swamp and kick these political corrupt hacks to the curb now

  46. Rich Olmsted says:

    What business are career politicians in – both Demorats and Repubs? That’s right, the business of government! Do people who work in a business or industry generally want to shrink it? Of course not, they want to grow and expand it! That’s why the government will probably never be made smaller, but if anyone has a chance to do it, it’s Pres Trump.

  47. dkuch says:

    That could not have happened to a more deserving person that Pelosi! Every time I see her picture or hear her talk on TV, I get sick, what a low life!!!

  48. martin Gries says:

    This whole line of bullshit reminds me of the Bolsheviks and Russia. The Jews worked their way into politics and the military. Then disarmed the people and killed millions of Russians turning Russia into a communist country called the Soviet Union. I don’t mean to sound like a anti-Semite. I know lots of nice Jewish people who are great citizens of the USA and Israel. I’ts the rich ones and the ones in politics that you have to look out for. Schumer, Fienstein, Bloomberg, Boxer,Kohl, Rothman, Lantos, Nadler, leiberman, Frankin…Most of the above have presented bills for strict gun control and the dissolving of our 2nd amendment rights.


  49. capa760 says:

    Wow-Is McConnell following Boehner’s footsteps of holding hundreds or thousands of bills “FROM THE

    SENATE FLOOR until the $$$$$$$’s are slipped into his hands? Where were the SENATE and HOUSE
    MEMBERS, when OBAMA was stomping all over the U.S. CONSTITUTION, allowing Sharia Law to be

    practiced in AMERICA,(illegally) but condoned by Supreme Court Ginsberg and Sotomayor, to be higher
    prominence than The U.S. Constitution. There is NO place in Our America for TREASON and INCOMPE-

  50. Nameless the Deplorable says:

    It’s President Trump, not Mr. Trump.

  51. mike sherrer says:

    why is Obama, and Clinton still running their mouths. They both need a good punch to their mouths most disrespectful am mean people ever. They loose an still want to take power those of us that voted for trump are just about ready to show up at these rallies an whip some ass.

  52. Morena_nic says:

    Nancy…why are taxpayers subsidizing the health care of rich old Americans like you or your friend Warren Buffet??? It is ridiculous for taxpayers to be paying for the medical care/bill of rich old men/women that can afford to pay themselves. Let’s get the wealthy off medicare. They can afford to pay for their own medical care, agree?

  53. Daniel Mount says:

    Eat shit all of you Democrat Obama loyalists and you as well Nancy Pelosi and choke on it.

  54. Rodger K. Shull says:

    she just found out she ,has terminal STUPID an UGLY disease

  55. Bigmanuger says:

    drunken Pelosi, S.H. Shumer, Finestink,Waco Warren, & the women straight out of twilight zone Waters are all fearful of one simple thing. The Truth ! Once the truth starts leaking out about their corrupt , subversive criminal activities they will be exposed for exactly what they are. Evil, corrupt, racist , thieves and worse. They will do everything they can to prevent any truth coming out about their slimey activities, watch for it, should be fun to watch as the merry water of the D.C. Swap is drained and they have no where to run ,no where to hide.

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