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Nancy Pelosi Dropped This Bombshell About Impeaching Trump

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    for violating national security laws and for lying to the IRS about his tax returns.

    1. Silverfoot says:

      How did he lie to the IRS? Please explain….

      1. The snowflake doesn’t know – it was an anonymous tipfrom somewhere. These are the idiots we hear from everyday – poorly informed and bias.

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          You’d think with the heat were having,it would melt snowflakes.

          1. woodrocket says:

            Hope springs eternal.

      2. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

        The IRS caught him lying about his contributions to the Florida attorney General’s re-election campaign. He paid a fine which proves he’s guilty of an impeachable offense. It doesn’t matter that he didnt have to go to jail like a lot of regular people who did the same thing.
        Its a crime and a misdemeanor in the constitutional sense.

        1. Freedom Rules says:

          Hey A** Hole POTUS Trump Didn’t Lie About The Contribution, He Was Not President, It’s Dirt Bags Like You That Has Nothing Better To Do But Cause Problems, Oh But It Was Ok The Obama Interfered With Foreign Elections. It Was Ok When Obama Spied On More Then 20 Million Americans, This Is Communism, Obama And Many In The Democrat Party Are Communist.. Communist Are Never Honest… You Sheeple POS, Now Get The Hell Out Of Here, The Huffington Post Is Waiting For Your Stupid A** !!!

          1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            It shouldn’t make a difference if he did it before he was elected. Its still a crime and misdemeanour and the Senate has no statute of limitations. The Constitution says nothing about whether he has to be a sitting president when he committed crimes. If he threw somebody under a bus a week before he was elected, I think he’d be impeachable. Especially if he paid a fine after he was charged.

          2. Arch Stanton says:

            Let he who has NO SIN, cast the first stone……..

          3. Glanda Widger says:

            In that case Obama should be arrested for going to college as an exchange student then claiming to be American when he started his fake political career. Works both ways child.

          4. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            The issue now is trump. He’s the president. Its more important to go after him than Obama who’s out of office,

          5. Glanda Widger says:

            The issue is you. One ignorant preteen in a group that will skin you alive. And you well deserve it. the only thing saving you is it is obvious your IQ borders on the incapable of being human spectrum.

          6. Ron haymaker says:

            Very good reply. I would add this inventor needs to back to the drawing board. His inventions seem to be blowing up in his face!!!

        2. stu magoo says:

          you gotta have an IQ south of 70!! my gawd what a nitwit!

        3. Jeannie says:

          get your facts straight!!!!!!! You people breed the hate that is so prevalent today!!

        4. Glanda Widger says:

          Where in the constitution does it say a person who screwed up on tax returns as a civilian can be charged retroactively if he becomes president. Go pi$$ up a rope you dimwit.

    2. Tim Groves says:

      LMBO, You are a COMPLETE FRIGGEN IDIOT. He has Violated NOTHING. But you KEEP EATING THE SH*TBURGERS THE msm Feed YOU, You jut Can’t get enoubh. People like you are SOOOO Stupid ! THE President ( President Trump ) Has Done NOTHING Wrong MORON !!! LMBO

    3. JoePaul says:

      His tax returns are his business. He hasn’t violated any national security laws, we have proof Hillary and her staff did, Comey did, Lynch did and let’s not discuss your Master OBAMA. Stop following the FAKE NEWS MEDIA – Make America Great Again.

      1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

        How do you figure his tax returns are his business if its a matter of public record that the IRS fined him? He’s the President and it IS our business!
        I didnt vote for a king in the Presidential election I voted to elect a President.

        1. Glanda Widger says:

          Please show anywhere in any law including the constitution where he has to show his Tax returns. Are you always this stupid or just like to see yourself in print. I think with you, there is no intelligence just a desire to be noticed. poor thing.

          1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            He doesn’t have to show his tax returns!

            The IRS already issued a press release and there are published court records showing he paid a fine after they caught him lying.


          2. KDC says:

            Never heard of such a thing. Don’t you think your Party would be spewing that all over the place.

        2. JoePaul says:

          I agree no one should be above the law. Again, Hillary Clinton. His tax returns are between him and the government. If he violated laws then he would have been prosecuted not fined. Many in the Senate and Congress have had IRS issues and they are still stealing our money. Let’s face it, Trump can’t take a crap without the left wanting to investigate his bowel movements. The left is throwing crap and hope something sticks. If Obama (thank GOD he’s gone) was still president you would be defending him.

        3. KDC says:

          Why don’t you attack Sharpton? He still owes.

    4. stu magoo says:

      oh oh, and for partaking in golden showers with russian hookers! and for violating the “hands” act. oh oh, and for taking away ALL our rights! and jaywalking. 🙂 MORONS!!!

      1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

        are there pictures of his hooker exploits? I hear the Russian government is blackmailing him.

        1. Glanda Widger says:

          stop reading the national enquirer kid.

        2. stu magoo says:

          i take it back. IQ must be south of 50!!! you tryin to be funny right? nobody can be this stupid!

    5. dranalog says:

      Only a liberal can be that stupid as you are.

    6. KDC says:

      He never lied to the crooked IRS.

    7. Larry Cowden says:

      Violating security laws? Really? Bitch Hillary was proven to have violated National security laws regarding her server and emails! Solid punishable evidence. She sold herself, (in EVERY way) to Middle Eastern officials for payments to her charity! Obamass and the Bitch took chemical weapons from Libya, and gave them to Syria so Assad could kill his own people. Obamass had a secret line installed in the Oval office to conduct clandestine conversations with foreign heads of state that were not discussed with Congress! Obamass used the NSA to spy on Americans illegally! Trump has done nothing wrong! There is no law that requires ANY PRESIDENT to turn over their tax records to anyone! It is within Trump’s rights to keep his tax records private! And by the way, you do know your life is coming to a close don’t you? And you won’t even see it coming. Sucks to be you!

    8. Auburnmanfrom TN says:

      who invented you , you brain dead inventor get your brains out of your ass!!

    9. No name nut case says:

      Bite me! After 8 years of Obumma?! You have a lot of nerve!

  2. James Hutchins says:

    What laws did the President Donald Trump break obama was spying on Americans

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      President Trump broke the Liberals Code of Ethics—Never do anything good for America. And he has broken that law many times. Thank GOD!!!

      1. John T. Koszalka says:

        You are so right with that code—–There code is non-existing. The true code is WE SERVE OURSELVES, and THE DEEP STATE DWELLERS.

        1. No name nut case says:

          The code seems to be “We do as we want and to hell with the “little” people.”

          1. Kissingfan says:

            To learn more about that, get a copy of the book “Drain the Swamp” by Congressman Ken Buck. The subtitle is “How Washington is worse that you think.” You’ll gain a deeper understanding of whty the career politicians are trying to undermine the Trump administration.

          2. Jim says:

            They all will lose their “Gravy Trains” if the Swamp is drained

          3. No name nut case says:

            He has begun to drain it, and I can’t wait to see it completed!

          4. SavvyRead says:

            INDEED, Kissingfam .. recommending the book, “Drain the Swamp,” by Congressman Ken Buck; focus on rampage of “career politicians,” and one from S CA, Brad Sherman (D), a lifelong idiot!

          5. No name nut case says:

            All Californian politicians must be related to Nancy. They all seem either to be high on something all the time or they are all just loony tunes!

          6. RightWriter says:

            No, just mostly very liberal. Their leftist delusions CAN easily be mistaken for narcotics intoxication, though! 🙂

          7. Deborah Pratt says:

            Another ‘good read’ for understanding this ‘mess’ better is: Michael Savage’s ‘Trump’s War’!! I got quite an ‘education’ with this book!!

          8. Kissingfan says:

            Thanks Deborah, I will look up that book too.

          9. COMPU-TRON says:

            Define “the little people” please.

      2. shamu9 says:

        For WHITE Americans The ones who foot the Welfare States’ Bills with their Taxes!

        1. Barbara Lewis says:

          WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ABOUT WHITES. IF YOU ARE BLACK YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH AT FAULT AS WHITES. I don’t have a problem with black I have a problem with STUPID. Learn from the past mistakes.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            You are totally ‘correct’ with your statement!! This is NOT about ‘color and race’!! Obama did an awful lot to promote that concept while in office!! He and Michele sent subtle and ‘not so subtle’ messages to divide this country all during his presidency!! The ‘damage’ done can only be healed if the people, themselves, are willing to heal it!! People need to stop blaming others for their failure to succeed, based on their race!! We have many races in this country and many ‘success’ stories among them. Those willing to do what they must to succeed–will!! An awful lot of this present generation actually ‘expect’ things to be ‘handed’ to them!!

        2. Deborah Pratt says:

          Trust me–when it comes to taxing the ‘working’ public and deductions taken from the paycheck–the government is ‘color blind’!!

          1. shamu9 says:

            B/S They can tell with almost 100% what Race you are, by your Address!

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            They certainly wouldn’t be able to tell from Maxine Water’s address!! She lives in an ‘exclusive’, up-scale ‘white’ community!! Seems that is common when a ‘black’ makes a lot of money. They move right out of the ‘old’ black community. All the IRS cares about is that they get their money. Of course, if you’re wealthy enough–there are lots of ways around that. However, that’s all about ‘Tax Codes’, not ‘color’!!

          3. shamu9 says:

            Yes Yes! I agree the Rich Minorities move out of the Ghetto! BUT I was Not talking about American Royalty! Congress-Critters etc.

          4. RightWriter says:

            That used to be true (that your address revealed your race), and still IS in SOME areas, but in most cities today your address proves … where you live. Period. My apartment building (Arlington, VA, typical middle-class Washington DC suburb) had a “social hour” last night and I couldn’t get over the variety of racial/ethnic groups represented among our residents. Every imaginable race and group … and we all get along remarkably well (although we socialize with friends, not just people who happen to live next door or down the hall). I have friends in big cities including Boston, New York, DC, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas & Houston, Phoenix, Denver, and various parts of Southern California — just about all of them live in similarly diverse communities, whether apartments or single-family homes.

            To be sure, there ARE neighborhoods occupied primarily, even exclusively by one group or another, but the reasons are almost always economic OR the fact that the one race/ethnic group vastly outnumbers anyone else. It’s the CITY’S or TOWN’S ethnic balance that determines the percentages in housing — NOT (as it used to be) the other way around.

          5. Ahmed F. Hosny says:

            What does Sharpton say?

          6. COMPU-TRON says:

            What do you know about it. Taking federal money and sitting on your fat ass eating Taco Bell is doesn’t count as working, deadbeat.

        3. COMPU-TRON says:

          You realize that NY and CA, liberal states, fund the majority of the federal spending in other states, right? We liberals are sick of supporting you deadbeats with our tax dollars. Productive citizens hate Trump.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Don’t know where you got your ‘mis-information’ but, that’s not true. If you really look at the facts, you’d find that those ‘liberal states’ go through funds like water!! They are deep in ‘fed spending debt’!! Lots of money there but they don’t know how to handle it. Many of our mid-Western states have less money to spend but do a much better job with the funds they have. Don’t have the audacity to call our hard-working citizens ‘dead-beats’!! Some of the ‘least’ productive people live in ‘liberal’ states!! Taking a good, hard look at ‘singers and actors’!! When was the last time you actually spoke with ‘productive’ people?? Would you know one if you ‘saw’ one??

          2. COMPU-TRON says:

            absolutely false, Red states are by far the largest recipients of federal funds and the smallest contributors. Stop being such a deadbeat hypocrite. You’re a socialist who lives off my tax dollars.

          3. RightWriter says:

            The lower-income red states are not lower income because they receive too much federal $$$ or don’t pay enough in taxes to Washington. They ARE that way because the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT set up a system where the “rich” help support the “poor.” That federal government, at the time, was headed by Franklin Roosevelt (D) and later by Lyndon Johnson (also D). The red states didn’t set up the system. And it’s not THEIR fault that they didn’t benefit from attracting what became high-income industries/businesses/institutions or people.

          4. COMPU-TRON says:

            It’s absolutely their fault for not adapting to the times and cultivating productive industries. Enjoy your government benefits on my dime, you deadbeat.

          5. kassa1 says:

            Please grow a brain you are showing how stupid you really are!

          6. RightWriter says:

            Actually, it was productive MIDDLE CLASS citizens who ELECTED Trump and STILL support him. None of which has ANYTHING to do with the fact that overpaid high-income workers in NY and CA pay enough in taxes to help support less prosperous states. BUT THOSE PEOPLE DID NEXT TO NOTHING TO MAKE THEIR STATES (or communities) PROSPEROUS. NY and CA have been the high-income states for DECADES — since LONG before the high-tech boom or any other source of “productive” income. NY got rich because NYC was the center of publishing, advertising, the arts, and so forth — ALMOST NO INDUSTRY or other “productive” occupations — since circa 1870. CA had a lock on the entertainment industry, that is, films and later radio and TV. They didn’t EARN that; it happened — ironically — because those industries DID NOT HAVE BARRIERS TO HOUSING OR EMPLOYMENT for JEWISH Americans (at a time when most cities, INCLUDING (surprisingly) NEW YORK) had “gentlemens’ agreements” against hiring or renting/selling apartments or houses to Jews. So they all went to Los Angeles and became film magnates. And now they are high-income, so some of their taxes go to help the folks in Mississippi or somewhere else that their grandfathers never investigated as potential homes. What goes around, comes around, I guess. Anyway, now MOST of those foils VOTE REPUBLICAN and helped elect Donald Trump. So well you MAY hate us.

          7. COMPU-TRON says:

            Yes the tech boom has nothing to do with California or NY. You’re ridiculous and an anti-Semite to boot.

      3. SavvyRead says:

        Ron: Thank you for imparting that intelligent and sophisticated appreciation of perversion of basic concepts of OUR BILL OF RIGHTS UNDER OUR US CONSTITUTION.

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          It seems that it has come down to two groups now days, THE LEFT & THE RIGHT. The LEFT is wrong & The RIGHT is RIGHT!!!

          1. Force Recon says:

            I see things thusly Demopublican Party, Republicrat Party and
            Demorrhoidic Leftopaths!!

      4. Doris Simonis says:

        Hopefully Pres. Trump is using this quarrel as cover up for what he is trying to do without the liberals knowing what is really going on. He is a smart man and hasn’t gotten where he is by being stupid. Any general will work in silence to get the job done. I believe Pres. Trump is a very good general. Pray for this administration to have the strength and knowledge to pull us out of the quagmire of filth. We would have been done, as a country, had hillary won because obama/soros would still be destroying us.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Don’t be ‘fooled’ by the ‘underground’ of silence!! They are still very busy doing just that!!

    2. shamu9 says:

      Exactly!! Trump has done Nothing illegal! It’s part of his job to deal with Russia and iSIS etc.

      1. No name nut case says:

        They are obstructionists and trying to PREVENT Trump from doing what he promised his voters that he would do. He is obviously doing his best to keep his promises to the voters. The Dem trolls are having apoplexy and some of the Reps are, too!

        1. kassa1 says:

          If they try to get them removed and we the people do not stand behind him and stand your ground we are done and our children will never know what we know. If there’s a fight between good and evil going on right now and he will thinks they have the upper hand but evil only exist because good people failed to rise to the OK Asia if they try to get them removed and we the people do not stand behind him and stand your ground we are done and our children will never know what we know. If there’s a fight between good and evil going on right now and he will thinks they have the upper hand but evil only exist because good people fail to rise to the occasion!!!!

          1. Barbara Lewis says:

            What exactly are you trying to say? You are rambling

          2. granny_forUSA says:


          3. kassa1 says:

            I am saying is Trump is a representative of the people and he was elected as a representative of the people that means this is the way we the people feel and if we do not stand behind his lead this country is true, now you get it?

          4. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            Dont shut up.

          5. RightWriter says:

            The problem with your analysis is that Trump received LESS THAN HALF OF THE POPULAR VOTE — which means he represents the way LESS THAN HALF OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE actually feel. And people change their minds all the time, either swinging in Trump’s direction or swinging the other way.

            If polls are any indication (and they’re admittedly a poor one at best), Trump’s popularity is DOWN from where it was right after the election, and even after the inauguration. (How could it NOT, the way the media have been hammering him and special counsels investigating…?

            We have had very good presidents, pretty good ones, some who were pretty bad and ad few who were AWFUL. We DON’T have to stand behind presidents we think are doing a terrible job; in fact, we shouldn’t. With the right to vote comes the right to say, six months later, “Hey, I made a mistake! I don’t LIKE this guy anymore!” OR, “I didn’t vote for (name), but I think he’s doing a really good job!”

          6. kassa1 says:

            He received half of the popular vote only because the election was rigged in Hillary’s favor to start with, as many dead people voted and many illegals voted and Obama encouraged that. I myself can attest that my dead dad was still on the registry after being dead for seven years in a Democrat county.

          7. COMPU-TRON says:

            And Bannon was registered in two states! Did he vote twice? Did your father vote even once? You realize that by calling voter counts into question, you endanger your naif of a president’s legitimacy?

          8. RightWriter says:

            Which is one reason I DON’T cast doubt on the voter counts.
            I’ve heard Donald Trump called a lot of things, many of them unflattering, but “naif”? (Yes, I know what it means!) Naive he is NOT. (For one thing, nobody grows up in Queens, NY, and ends up being naive. Doesn’t HAPPEN. And especially not if the person goes into, or builds, a successful business.

            BTW, are you saying that with the millions of votes HE received from illegal immigrants, or people who flat-out didn’t EXIST, President OBAMA’s victories were legitimate, but with FAR fewer possibly illegal or impossible votes, Trump’s victory was NOT legitimate? How do you arrive at THAT twisted conclusion?

          9. COMPU-TRON says:

            All indications of Trump’s presidency so far indicate he is naive as to how politics work in this country and internationally – I am embarrassed by his behavior in Europe especially, and his past history as a “successful” businessman is not especially impressive to me. He thought he could steamroll the government with his nonsense “policy” which changes daily and has been met with reasonable resistance when, as it often has been, is shortsighted and ill conceived. Yes, I think Obama’s victories were legit, as was Trump’s. Don’t put words in my mouth please.

          10. kassa1 says:

            Talk about lowlifes and don’t know what they’re doing Obama pissed on every room and every constitutional amendment well it was a power with the aid of the communist control media. Obama across this country more than all presidents combined and we didn’t get jack squat for it but your kids will play fort you’ll be enslaved with taxes.

          11. COMPU-TRON says:

            Is English your first language?

          12. RightWriter says:

            Fine, if YOU don’t put words in MY mouth — or contact me again, EVER. I will try to avoid responding to your posts addressed to someone else, but DO NOT ADDRESS ANY TO ME. You misunderstand my circumstances entirely and you have INSULTED me with the LUDICROUS suggestion that I’m anti-Semitic (Jewish on both sides, going back SEVEN generations — at least). NOW GO TO HELL!

          13. COMPU-TRON says:

            You have really flipped your lid buddy. Anti-semitic is as anti-semitic does. Self hating Jew perhaps.

          14. RightWriter says:

            Funny, he got a VERY positive reception in Europe on this latest trip! Even Angela Merkel, who is predisposed to hate his guts, and the new French President, who was falling all over himself to get his picture taken for the Paris papers WITH TRUMP — as though they were best-buddies.
            If I misinterpreted your previous post to think you were saying Trump’s victory wasn’t legitimate, I apologize. Hasty reading, I guess. And probably late at night.

          15. RightWriter says:

            There IS a problem with the names of dead voters not being removed from voting lists. But the question isn’t really, was your father still on the voting list, but “DID SOMEONE CAST A VOTE IN YOUR FATHER’S NAME?” Being slow to remove the names of the deceased is careless (usually it comes from the local government’s lack of funds for list maintenance), but VOTING in the name of a dead person is ILLEGAL.
            Same problem with illegals: Obama (and a lot of states where local officials should know better) DID encourage illegals to register. Some states make it automatic if they get a drivers’ license (good argument for NOT letting them HAVE drivers’ licenses; also, THAT would send them packing and FAST.) Again, it appears that FEW of those illegal voters actually CAST VOTES. Some do, of course, but not many.
            Yes, there’s always some fraud — nothing like in the old days, when JFK won with TWO MILLION VOTES from dead people in Cook County, Illinois, alone. And yes. too many illegals vote (though we have NO solid data on HOW many. But Trump received 62.9 million popular votes while Hillary received 65.8 million, and there’s NO WAY to reach the conclusion that fraud and illegal voting could account for a gap of 3.1 million votes. No, Hillary won the popular vote; that’s just not disputable. But IT DOESN’T MATTER, because what gets COUNTED is the ELECTORAL vote. And Trump won there!

          16. kassa1 says:

            If you cannot physically see the books you don’t know that do you? We do know for a fact in one state alone there were thousands who were illegally voting not counting the dead. That was one stayed only we know California was voting illegally S the flower child governor Told the illegals to vote as he is illegal friend in the White House Barack insane Obama told the illegals to vote again that’s not counting the dead that voted!

          17. COMPU-TRON says:

            You embarrass the real conservatives.

          18. kassa1 says:

            You communist like to hide and act like you’re conservative but you can’t fool anybody.

          19. COMPU-TRON says:

            Have you had a stroke? I’m starting to get concerned.

          20. RightWriter says:

            I don’t think Kassa1 has had a stroke. She’s just dealing with an IQ of about 65. I don’t bother with her anymore.

          21. shamu9 says:

            Block Cal-Q-Lon! I did!

          22. John says:

            He’s probably from another country.

          23. Billy says:

            You libturd demonrats are an embarrassment yourselves!

          24. COMPU-TRON says:

            Wow, those grade-school insults really make your case.

          25. RightWriter says:

            You HAVE heard of computers, haven’t you? The states have all that information digitized nowadays, and if you have the right access you CAN see it. I HAVE seen it. And I certainly never denied that there was a lot of fraud with the voting, especially in California.
            BTW, it would help a LOT if you could write in standard English. “That one was stayed…” “California was voting illegally S…” WHAT? Neither of those phrases has ANY meaning at all: they’re gibberish. You might also learn to use PERIODS where you end a sentence. It would make it much easier for people to understand what you’re trying to say!

          26. kassa1 says:

            Are you an English teacher are you a speech therapist? I only use voice recognition and don’t spellcheck how’s that pal!

          27. RightWriter says:

            Well, even if you can’t spell you should be able to put together a sentence that makes SENSE. But most of yours don’t!

          28. kassa1 says:

            Don’t read it then nobody forced you to read it we’re not living in Russia yet

          29. RightWriter says:

            Well, the obvious point of posting is to get other people’s attention to what YOU think. But that’s impossible if they can’t make heads or tails of your garbled English. I’m obviously NOT the only other poster who finds your posts barely literate. if that. I can assure you I WON’T bother to try to decipher your blathering any further, so don’t bother posting to ME.

          30. Becky Wright says:

            You are a left wing nut job you have only seen what the left media says because they won’t let the right talk. And you people always attack people on there spelling and wording when you start losing your way. We understand them because we have better things to do than spell check.

          31. RightWriter says:

            I’m not only not a left-winger, or a nut job, I’m probably the MOST conservative person here — and I have the longest record of working for the conservative movement. I don’t attack people on spelling and wording “when I lose my way,” I made the point to ONE person (and I was one of several making the point) that it was hard to understand what she was saying because her spelling was atrocious (not due to spell-check) and her grammar even worse. Sorry if you don’t agree, but what I think is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

            And btw, I don’t use spell-check because I don’t NEED it. I
            make an occasional typo, but I learned to SPELL in grade school. Unfortunately, hardly anyone these days did.

            My political reading extends WAY beyond what the “left media” say; in fact, I don’t READ the “left media” at all. And FYI I’ve worked for EVERY national conservative candidate since BARRY GOLDWATER (1964) and NEVER voted for a liberal.

            Now stay the HELL out of my posts if you can’t be civil.

          32. Billy says:

            Let’s not forget the election officials offices that had elected officials filling out numerous ballots for hellery. A office in either lake worth or bicameral raton florida was caught changing republican votes to demonrats. How many more offices did this? How many precincts in Michigan had more dnc ballots than citizens? Over half the counties in Michigan had more ballots than citizens. With all the widespread cheating, President Trump still won. If there wasn’t any cheating at all as the dnc has said, then why are 20 states protesting against the government by not wanting to release the voter records as the government has requested? Ohomo already put the federal government into the place of state elections. Now is the time to prove the president is right. The state officials that decline to give records to the federal government should be jailed and fined!

          33. shamu9 says:

            La Raza etc, tells the WetBacks to Vote! That no one will come after them for doing so!

          34. eddyjames says:

            The reason there isn’t enough money for local Governments to rid the voter list are many. Overpaid public union workers, illegal aliens getting handouts, Sex changes for prisoners….Gee sounds like Democrat voters.

          35. RightWriter says:

            I agree completely. Hopefully the commission now working on the issue will find some way of forcing the states & local govts. to spend what’s necessary to get their voter rolls into proper shape – -and KEEP them that way. That should be one of the primary obligations of state/local governments.

            It’s also worth considering that in many cases cities and counties that have liberal governments just don’t WANT to update their voter lists or eliminate phony or duplicated or dead voters’ names. They LIKE having phony names on the rolls so they can make sure those “voters” VOTE (for the Dems, of course) in close elections. That’s been going on at least since the early 20th century — and it’s how John F. Kennedy got ELECTED in 1960 (“tombstone voters” in Chicago, names collected by the Chicago Mayor, Richard J. Daley, and the cost paid by Kennedy’s father.)

          36. bert shaw says:

            There you go again rambling on and on about something you know nothing about. You must be a STUPID COMMIE DEMO-RAT MAGA SEMPER-FI

          37. Billy says:

            Thank you for your service!

          38. RightWriter says:

            Rambling on about something I know nothing about? I WORK IN THE FIELD. What I was saying was based on FACT, which isn’t always exactly what You (OR i) might want to hear. But facts are facts. Like ’em or not. I am certainly not a “commie” or a Democrat: I have been an active Conservative since the 1960s and voted for a conservative (even when not on the ballot) in every election since 1964. As for stupid, I’ll just write that off to your not having paid much attention to what I’ve SAID, because WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE — YOU are just too thick-headed to REALIZE it.
            I supported and continue to support President Trump, but that doesn’t mean I have to be slavishly devoted to every idea in his head. If my expertise in the field tells me he’s wrong about something, I won’t hesitate to say so — or to pass my advice on thru one of his staff. I’ve only done it twice so far, but my suggestions were gratefully received and one has already been implemented. Bet YOU can’t say as much!
            I greatly admire the Marine Corps and thank you for your service (if, of course, you served; just saying “Semper Fi” doesn’t prove anything). MAGA

          39. Billy says:

            Let’s not forget those that voted numerous times as well as voted in community’s that they didn’t live in but were bussed there. DHS was standing at polling stations to make sure illegal aliens weren’t denied the chance to vote although their thoughts aren’t supposed to count but did thanks to oblowhole.

          40. shamu9 says:

            Hey Compu-Tron! You really Suck!

          41. bert shaw says:

            First off President Trumps favorably ratings are up ( over 50% ) lately second of all I don’t think most people are as hair brained as you. and change their minds every 6 months, But more importantly if you take in consideration that 3 to 5 million illegal aliens voted in the last election, the lying murdering backstabbing BEACH did not win chit Do me a favor and do more reading and less rambling and you might learn something MAGA SEMPER-FI

          42. RightWriter says:

            I don’t change my minds “every six months” or every 10 years, or even every 20 years. I may change my mind when CIRCUMSTANCES change (World War II is OVER, no?) but I watch circumstances carefully before I do.
            I am not denying for a minute that 3-5 million illegals voted in the last election. That’s practically a GIVEN. And I know President Trump’s poll numbers are up — though only one poll shows him over 50%, but he’s getting there. None of that alters my original statements.
            I bet I do TEN times as much reading on politics as YOU do, and it’s reading REAL source material, not some idiot’s tweets. But I suspect THAT kind of reading is beyond your capacity. As for rambling, I ANSWER QUESTIONS; i don’t “ramble.” More than YOU can say. MAGA

          43. shamu9 says:

            A few POTUS have been Elected by the Electoral Vote, and not the Pop. Vote, Historically!

          44. RightWriter says:

            As a political historian, I am well aware of that fact. FIVE, to be exact:
            1) John Quincy Adams, in 1824, was the only election that couldn’t be decided by the Electoral Collage either (neither Adams nor Andrew Jackson got an ELECTORAL majority, so the election went to the House of Representative)
            2) Rutherford Hayes, 1876, won over Samuel Tilden by
            ONE electoral vote
            3) Benjamin Harrison, 1888, defeated Grover Cleveland, who had won a majority of the popular vote
            4) George W. Bush, 2000, won a disputed electoral vote majority when Florida couldn’t count its votes properly; his opponent, Al Gore, had won a narrow popular majority
            5) Donald Trump, 2016, over Hillary Clinton, although there is some question as to whether all Clinton’s popular votes were cast by citizens.

            None of that is at issue. I was merely pointing out in response to a previous poster that President Trump won in the Electoral College, but did NOT receive a majority of the popular vote.
            Under the Constitution that makes his victory NO LESS VALID. That wasn’t the issue. The point raised had been that he is popular with a majority — which the election results don’t show. It is now his task (or one of them) to improve his popular support figures. Hopefully, that will happen as his policies are successfully implemented and the mainstream media get tired of their hostility.

          45. shamu9 says:

            I have a B.A. in Social Science, F.A.U.-’70! I just didn’t bother to search all the Names! I Knew someone would do it for me! lol! Thanks RightWriter! We agree on everything! Thank Heaven that the ‘KlintStones’ Witch Lost!

          46. RightWriter says:

            My pleasure.

          47. shamu9 says:

            I Agree with your Scholarly Assessment of the 5 American General Elections where a POTUS Lost the Pop. Vote, but won the Electoral College Vote!

            The founding fathers made this arrangement so Ignorant Un-Washed Dolts couldn’t vote themselves the Control of the Govt. They, the Dem-O-Dolts are Never going to quit Yammering about this!

          48. RightWriter says:

            Yeah, I know. The Founders were VERY suspicious of pure democracy — they wanted NO part of it. We owe a LOT to those very wide and foresighted men. And you’re right: they can never change it by amendment, because the smaller states that benefit from those extra two electoral votes each are too numerous to permit any such amendment to pass. 🙂

            Of course, we DO have to be watchful of the possibility that California and New York (and a few others) will try to change things by throwing out the Constitution COMPLETELY. I want to be clear: I WOULD OPPOSE THIS with every ounce of my strength and intellect, BUT I suspect the EFFORT will be made eventually, and those of us who appreciate the Constitution will have to make sure IT DOESN’T SUCCEED.

          49. shamu9 says:

            That won’t happen till the Dem-O-Commie “Bag-Man” Georgi Soros and his sons, die off or “disappear”! Soros controls the Mainstream Media! Soros got Glen Beck off TV, and Bill O’Rielly! He’s working on Sean Hannity now

          50. RightWriter says:

            Well, if Soros & his sons control Fox News as well as the mainstream media, we’re in trouble. I think you overestimate their influence, especially now, as it’s declining.
            But my suggestion wasn’t based on anyone being kicked off TV, but on the certainty that at some point the MSM will get BORED with their vendetta against President Trump (and it will dawn on them that it’s just LOSING them viewers, without which they can’t stay in business) and move on to some other crusade. Maybe “tired of their hostility” was the wrong phrase — maybe it’s more like they want to STAY ON THE AIR, and if their “networks” go out of business, they WON’T. Anyway, their anti-Trump vendetta WILL NOT last forever (even if it seems like it!)

          51. myfordtruck says:

            yes worse than me

          52. No name nut case says:

            I think kassa is saying that we need to stand together and fight the destruction that the Dems are trying to pull off.

          53. THE KINGS KID says:

            Shut up Barbara Louis you must be one of those libtards

          54. RightWriter says:

            Kassa1 told me she uses voice recognition software (must have a funny accent, too!) and never uses spellchek. “Rambling” hardly begins to cover it! She’s usually incomprehensible!

        2. SavvyRead says:

          “Nut Cases:” This all traces to a “Media” of benign intellects content to reside in zones of mediocrity among those similarly impaired sharing in “Mutual Celebrity “with the mental retards among them

          1. No name nut case says:

            And to whom is this statement directed?

          2. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            Like Heraldo Rivera’s expose about Willowbrook?

          3. No name nut case says:

            That’s right! But you could have just said, “It is because of mentally retarded actors.” Or, maybe just “Stupid Californian’s who smoked too much dope.” Or, probably the best way is: They elected a mindless dipstick nimrod whose father was a mafia don, and she learned well from him.”

          4. COMPU-TRON says:

            How about, “they elected a semi-literate ethical abyss whose father was a racist slum lord, and who has learned well from him”?

          5. RightWriter says:

            Trump’s father was neither a racist nor a slum-lord. He built & sold or rented homes for MIDDLE-INCOME New Yorkers by the LAWS of New York AT THE TIME. Those homes were as comfortable and well-equipped as it was possible AT THE TIME to make them, and they were leased or sold to the people the LAWS OF NEW YORK allowed them to be leased or sold to. If you want to criticize New York for not having 21st century laws in the 1950s, go right ahead — it’s NO MORE STUPID than the other nonsense you’ve been spouting. (Note: if Trump Sr. had leased or sold according to 21st century laws in the 1950s, HE WOULD HAVE BEEN BREAKING THE LAWS THEN IN EFFECT IN NEW YORK STATE.)

        3. Camille Gilliam says:

          That is because they only care about themselves. They want to see how much they can steal from the government for themselves. they don’t care about this country or any of us.

      2. Doris Simonis says:

        Trump is squeeky clean. That means Mueller/Comey and the new director of the FBI will have to manufacture evidence. Pres. Trump should get out obama’s phone and pen and close this down. Let congress start doing the business of fixing the broken mess obama left this country in.

        1. RightWriter says:

          Unfortunately, it’s too late — Trump CAN’T shut down the Mueller/Comey investigation. The media would report it as a flat-out ADMISSION OF GUILT of everything anyone has ever accused him of. He’d be up to his eyebrows in special counsel investigations that would go on LONGER THAN HE’S LIKELY TO LIVE. There would be NO END.

          1. kassa1 says:

            Who cares what the media says there is a megaphone for the communist a.k.a. Democrat party anyway and no matter what Trump does there still going to come after him so I would do the media just like Obama blues right off on all the things they were called act like Lynch , Holder ,Susan Rice, and the litany goes on down the line he blew everyone of them off in the media didn’t say one word about it and these are all actions that were contrary to the rule of law of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

          2. No name nut case says:

            The media is so totally left wing that they can’t allow Trump to be able to do his business. The left and the right knows he is going to “out” them eventually and they want to stop it any way they can. I am afraid for Trump. I hope he has a LOT of body guards because he needs them! Remember Kennedy? There were other prez’s who were assassinated because they went against the “drain the people dry” murdering politicians. The politicians have too much to lose if someone starts to investigate them. Wait and see. They are already doing everything they can to stop him and interfere with his agenda, so when they can’t impede him from doing his job and keeping his promises, they will get physical. Of course it won’t be the Senators and Representatives themselves who do it, they will hire some mafia criminal and then cover for him/her. See Comey? He is just the beginning and he didn’t do what he did on his own! They will arrest some innocent person and either kill them or stack the evidence to send him/her to prison. THAT is the way they work! It is worse than the old Roman Empire!!

          3. COMPU-TRON says:

            Wait, Kennedy was a Demo-crap!!!!!

          4. RightWriter says:

            Yes, in fact all 3 Kennedy brothers were Democrats. Bobby and Teddy were dyed-in-the-wool liberals, but JACK Kennedy was not. During his just-over-three-years in the White House, Jack Kennedy
            1) implemented a tax cut that brought personal tax rates down a top rate of NINETY PERCENT (that’s right: you got to keep TEN PERCENT of what you earned!) to about 40%, and cut rates for lower income levels accordingly. 2) Kennedy stood “eye to eye” with the Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, who was trying to put missiles in Cuba that would have been aimed right at major U.S. cities. Kennedy’s tough stance forced Khrushchev to back down and remove the missiles — without a war. (It IS true that Kennedy agreed, secretly, that he’d take some U.S. missiles out of Turkey, a NATO ally of t he US, but that wasn’t too much of a sacrifice, at least not compared to the possibility of a NUCLEAR war with Russia — one in which the missiles would be AIMED AT US!
            By today’s measurement, Jack Kennedy would be a moderate — maybe not quite a conservative, but certainly not a Clinton-Sanders-Warren-Pelosi liberal!

          5. Reflect says:

            The left were angry that KFK wouldn’t cater to their agenda, Just as Trump refuses to…..

          6. RightWriter says:

            You mean JFK? (None of the brothers was “KFK”).
            The “left” really wasn’t well enough organized or active enough back in 1963 to have pulled off the Kennedy assassination. It was much more likely JFK’s Vice President, LYNDON JOHNSON, who thought HE should have been the president and HATED the Kennedys. And Johnson’s wife, Lady Bird, who was a regular “Lady MacBeth” and would have done ANYTHING to get her husband into the White House. OR, if you’re not into the conspiracies that COULD have taken place back then, you might prefer to attribute the assassination to the Soviet Union or possibly Cuba’s Fidel Castro, who was furious with Kennedy because Kennedy had stopped the Soviets from putting ballistic missiles into Cuba — where they could have been fired at New York, or maybe Washington. But domestic communism really weren’t strong enough to pull off a plan like the assassination, and there WAS NO NEW WORLD ORDER (there wasn’t even much of an OLD world order in the middle of the COLD WAR!)

          7. RightWriter says:

            Yeah, the left (which was mostly actually COMMUNIST in those days, unlike now, when they’re just left-wing) WAS angry at JFK, but not so much as to want to KILL him. Possibly Lee Harvey Oswald, a Marxist and strong Castro supporter, did want to kill him, or maybe Oswald was set up to take the blame for an assassination pulled off by….oh, take your pick. The Mafia…the Communists…FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, who didn’t trust the Kennedys, Jack or Bobby…or maybe his own Vice President (Lyndon Johnson) who wanted desperately to BE President but knew with Kennedy in the job he’d never make it. Or maybe LADY BIRD Johnson (Lyndon’s wife), who would have made “Claire Underwood” on “House of Cards” (the Netflix version) look like a SAINT…Fifty-four years and FIVE “official” investigations later (all of which came to essentially the same conclusion, which almost nobody believes), who KNOWS?

          8. kassa1 says:

            That’s exactly why the one world order billionaires had him killed

          9. RightWriter says:

            There WAS no “one world order” in 1963, when JFK was killed. We were in the hottest years of the COLD WAR and on the verge of the US and USSR (Soviet Union) BLOWING ONE ANOTHER UP WITH NUCLEAR MISSILES. Nobody had TIME to consider the possibility of their being ONE “world order” and if anyone HAD, they’d not have been able to DO anything about it because the VERY real risk of REAL HOT WAR was too big a threat.
            The “One World Order” (which didn’t EXIST) therefore can be held BLAMELESS for Jack Kennedy’s assassination. There were other, much more serious and dangerous, enemies back then — including the Soviet Union and Cuba (we WERE at war with the Soviet
            Union, it was CALLED a “Cold War” but it was plenty HOT; as for Cuba, Castro was said to hate Kennedy because Kennedy had caused the Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev, to abandon his plan to put Russian missiles in Cuba, and Castro WANTED those missiles.

            But the likeliest culprit was closer to home — VICE PRESIDENT LYNDON JOHNSON, who HATED Kennedy because he
            (Johnson) thought HE should have been the Democrats’ candidate for President — and WANTED to eliminate Kennedy so he COULD be the candidate in 1964 — AND JOHNSON’S WIFE, “Lady Bird,” who was a walking model of “LADY MACBETH.” (If you heard/read about the New York Shakespeare in the Park performance of “Julius Caesar” with a Trump-like Caesar, you can perhaps imagine Shakespeare’s “MACBETH” with a living, breathing Lady MacBeth who wanted to make her husband president — whoops, I meant Queen. Find an old paperback copy of a little play called “MacBird” and you’ll see what I mean!)

          10. kassa1 says:

            To burst your bubble but there is a group of one world order billionaires and I just met you recently in this country and it is a matter fact two senators were invited which I have never heard of in the past however one of them was Tom Cotton and I don’t remember who the other one was. Tom Cotton my opinion is one of the best and most launch fighters for freedom of this country. And as far as the one world order better wake up and smell the roses causes this is what it’s all about one world order communism or 99% useful idiot in a 1% ruling elite and those you don’t abide will be put to death

          11. RightWriter says:

            You couldn’t burst my bubble if your life depended on it!
            The “group of one world order billionaires” — btw, it’s NEW world order, not “one world order” — is almost certainly the Bilderberg, an international group of mostly very wealthy businessmen (and women), not all of them billionaires but it helps. They’re a favorite shibboleth of conspiracy buffs (especially on the political right), but the FACT is that it’s posh but pretty harmless. The Bilderberg was founded in 1954 (and named for a hotel in West Germany where its first meeting was held) to bring the leaders of Western Europe and the United States closer as the Soviet Union cemented its control of the Eastern bloc. THAT WAS A GOOD THING: THE SOVIET UNION WAS OUR ENEMY and the Cold War was edging closer and closer to HOT war. But today the Soviet Union is GONE and the Bilderberg has become nothing more than a DISCUSSION group of wealthy businessmen (not all billionaires, but it helps) who gather once or twice a year at fancy hotels in European capitals or posh European resorts to TALK. Unless you think TALK is DANGEROUS (it’s NOT; the US Constitution’s First Amendment is based on the premise that TALK IS NOT DANGEROUS), it’s pretty tame (AND BORING) stuff.

            I know Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, but without a name I can’t identify the other Senator you mention. Cotton is a bright young (40) man who MAY have a great future — IF he can shed his image as a right-wing kook. He’s NOT, but the media and some of his colleagues think he is (and coming from Arkansas doesn’t help). I’m not sure he’s “one of the best” (“launch” doesn’t fit in that sentence at all: it means to put a boat in the water or a rocket into space), but he’s a good guy. Since you didn’t bother to mention what he SAID, I can’t comment further.

            Anyway, I am about as far as a human being can GET from being a “useful idiot,” but I DO believe in FACTS and LOGIC, not MYTH and CONSPIRACY THEORY. It’s pretty obvious you do NOT, or maybe you just don’t know the difference. In any case, unless you can carry on an intelligible (and maybe even intelligent) exchange, please spare me the necessity of translating your gibberish into English. It’s late and I have more important things to do.
            (BTW: people who CAN SPELL don’t NEED Spellchek. And nobody who took 6th grade English should need a grammar aide.)

          12. kassa1 says:

            You are still living in a Nother world if you don’t think the build a bigger group is fully engaged in a one world order event.

          13. RightWriter says:

            Sometimes speech recognition doesn’t work, dummy: that’s BILDERBERG, not “build a bigger”.
            And no, these days they’re mainly in support of 3-Michelin star cuisine and posh hotels, near ski slopes in winter and good beaches in summer. And talking about foreign policy, to remind themselves of the BYGONE days when they actually HAD INFLUENCE.
            When you want to talk about a subject about which you know NOTHING, it’s best to try to learn a LITTLE first.

            NOW STOP HARASSING ME! I have REAL work to do, not just try to make up for your lack of an education.

          14. kassa1 says:

            Thank you Professor or Alinski!

          15. RightWriter says:

            Your STUPID remarks are rude as well as outrageous. I bear NO resemblance whatever to “Professor” (he WAS NOT a professor) “Alinski”: I’m assuming you know who Saul Alinski WAS, even if you think he was an academic). NOW STOP BOTHERING ME. I mean it: I have INTELLIGENT people to post to and whose posts I WANT to read, and I DO NOT include a semi-literate fool like you among them.

          16. kassa1 says:

            Excuse my professor Alinski I believe your minions are calling you?

          17. RightWriter says:

            Tom Cotton IS a fine Senator, potentially a GREAT one, but he wasn’t even ALIVE when Kennedy was assassinated — NOT by the “new world order’ or even the OLD world order, and DEFINITELY not by the Bilderbergs (NOT “build a bigger” anything — stop using nothing but spell-check — try using your BRAIN).
            I will take Tom Cotton’s word on most of the issues with which he deals in the Senate, but on things that happened before he was BORN but DURING MY ADULT LIFETIME (and memory), sorry, but I will trust MY OWN memory first.
            I said NOTHING about the existence or non-existence of a “new world order” TODAY, although I think an American’s chances of getting “put to death” by ISIS is much greater than their chances of being killed by the NWO. But if YOU want to be scared of hobgoblins, go right ahead — your brainoower isn’t worth measuring.

          18. RightWriter says:

            Just a little history lesson; Four presidents have been assassinated.
            * Lincoln was the first; John Wilkes Boothe was a Southern partisan who deeply resented Lincoln’s conduct of the Civil War. Nothing to do with “going against the “drain the people dry” murdering politicians.”
            * James Garfield was assassinated in 1881 by Charles Guiteau, who most history books say was a “disappointed job seeker.” Actually, he HAD been turned down for a job, but more recent scholars say he was probably mentally ill. Nothing to do with “going against the “drain the people dry” murdering politicians.”
            * William McKinley was shot in 1901 while attending an exhibition (very public place). The assassin, Leon Czolgosz, was a self-proclaimed anarchist. Again, nothing to do with “going against the “drain the people dry” murdering politicians.”
            * John F. Kennedy was, at least officially (there is still a lot of doubt) shot in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963, ostensibly by Lee Harvey Oswald , a self-described Marxist who had gone to live in the Soviet Union and returned to the US with the hope of going to Cuba to help Castro. Yet again, nothing to do with “going against the “drain the people dry” murdering politicians.”
            IN OTHER WORDS, NO PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION IN AMERICAN HISTORY HAD ANYTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH “going against the “drain the people dry” murdering politicians”. NOT ONE.
            If, by “drain the people dry,” you mean high taxes, I’m in complete agreement — although US personal tax rates are actually LOWER than in most other industrial nations. I think they should be lower still! But if you have some OTHER meaning for “drain the people dry,” all I can say is that despite all our economic difficulties (many of which have hit ME), MOST Americans live more comfortable lives and have greater economic security than just about anywhere else on Earth. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it — living and paying taxes somewhere else, that is!
            And by the way, WHO are the “murdering politicians”? WHAT politician (excepting Aaron Burr, who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel) has MURDERED ANYBODY?

            Think about this: Every time you cast untrue and absurd aspersions on life in the United States, you don’t make President Trump look BETTER — you make him look more and more like he doesn’t know how to make it better. Two years from now, maybe, it will make sense to talk in such terms, because Trump’s program will have had a CHANCE to PROVE successful. But it’s too soon now to GIVE THE IMPRESSION that you have NO CONFIDENCE in our president, whether that’s what you meant OR NOT
            (and I assume NOT).

          19. Reflect says:

            Forget the Senate or congress…..Its Hellery, or Obuma we need to watch….especially The Clinton Mafia…..just count all the bodies of those who got in the Clintons way…..

          20. RightWriter says:

            Your point is good but of the four presidents who were assassinated, NONE was killed because “they went against the …’murdering politicians.'” In fact, they WERE politicians, though not necessarily “murdering” ones.
            Lincoln, for instance? Well, he did preside over the Union army in the Civil War, but MOST Americans acknowledge that as a GOOD thing. His assassin, John Wilkes Booth, was a southern sympathizer.
            James A. Garfield? Well, HE was shot by a guy named Charles Guiteau, who wanted a job with the Federal govt. but didn’t get it (there was no civil service back then). Purely a personal vendetta.
            William McKinley? Shot by Leon Czolgosz, a self-described anarchist (believer in NO government at all). He was badly wounded by police and his trial lasted only 2 days, not really giving him enough time to explain his motive (if any), but for anarchists, their principles ARE their motive.
            And John F. Kennedy? Take your pick of motives (pro-Castro, pro-Mafia, set up by Vice Pres. Lyndon Johnson because Johnson wanted to be President and didn’t want to wait until Kennedy’s term (or terms) were over) — and in fact of assassins, since a lot of people aren’t agreed that Lee Harvey Oswald actually DID it. But Kennedy was a relatively conservative Democrat (today he’d most likely be a Republican) and most people don’t consider him a “MURDERING politician.”
            Then, if you’d like to add in John Hinkley, the guy who ALMOST killed Ronald Reagan, HE was just plain NUTS. He had a massive CRUSH on, and wanted to win the attention of, a movie actress! (Jodie Foster), and could only think of killing the President as a way to get his name in the papers on earn her attention.
            You may like the presidents in question or not, as you choose, but it’s really hard to describe them as “murdering politicians” — and their assassins all seem to have had other reasons for their crimes.

          21. RightWriter says:

            Your sentence construction is so…undisciplined… that I’m not sure I’ve got the drift of what you’re trying to say. I DON’T care what the media say, EXCEPT that we live in a media-centric WORLD and THEY CAN DRIVE A PRESIDENT FROM OFFICE faster than you can say “who cares?” I agree entirely that the media failed miserably to go after Lynch, Holder, Susan Rice, or Obama himself. No question.
            But you are missing the key point: THEY could “blow off” what the media said , mainly because the media DIDN’T SAY MUCH against Lynch, Holder, Rice, or Obama (or any of the others). THEY WILL DEFINITELY NOT GIVE PRESIDENT TRUMP THE SAME COURTESY. — THEY ARE ALREADY GOING AFTER PRESIDENT TRUMP.

            Worse, they COULD get President Trump IMPEACHED. Or just cause him to LOSE the 2020 election. So, if you care about President Trump’s SUCCESS, you’d BETTER “care what the media says.” Or you will find yourself on election night shedding bitter tears as we (all) contemplate the HORROR of Elizabeth Warren or some other leftist lunatic replacing Donald Trump in the White House on Jan. 20, 2021. (That is, assuming he survives impeachment and can still RUN for re-election.)

          22. kassa1 says:

            You must remember one thing they the media or the corrupt in Congress only get by with what we the people allow.

          23. COMPU-TRON says:

            My God, how naive are you?

          24. RightWriter says:

            Well, unless you have a way we can force every publisher (print, online, whatever) to publish only the Gods-honest TRUTH, with NO exaggeration and NO favoritism, so that conservatives are treated JUST as well as liberals in his/her publication, I don’t know HOW you expect to correct the problem of biased media. I have long been involved with conservative media “truth” campaigns, and while they have done a lot to highlight the problem, they almost NEVER produce a solution. As for the “corrupt in Congress,” I just got through telling you THEY ARE NO LONGER THERE. The Ethics Committees make it virtually impossible for ANY legislator to do ANYTHING that would violate, or even test the limits of the law — and the laws have gotten MUCH STRICTER. Back in 1994, Congressman Danny Rostenkowski, a long-time Chicago Democrat leader, was caught implementing a clever (and lucrative) little plan. The House and Senate office buildings have their own branch post offices (they’re open to the public, and no different from the USPS station nearest you) — the USPS put branches in the office buildings.
            No discounts or special attention, it was just done because there’ wee no other POs nearby that members or staff members could get to when they needed stamps, or to mail a package, or whatever (this was before computers made mailing packages so much easier). Anyway, Rosty, as he was known, would have his staff buy quantities of stamps at regular price FOR HIS OFFICE ACCOUNT, and then a week later HE would RETURN the stamps to the SAME PO — but HE PERSONALLY WOULD POCKET THE REFUND. Figure it out: say 1,000 stamps a week refunded IN CASH: a nice haul! But he got caught, AND WENT TO JAIL. He was the first of several members who wound in the clink for that kind of deal, but there have been others since. They really cracked down on fun and games that padded members’ pockets while taking advantage of their positions. Today it’s really IMPOSSIBLE.

          25. Reflect says:

            Nothings impossible….If there are rules or laws, there are those who will figure how to circumvent the them……Congress is always exempting themselves from the laws they create for the rest of us……

          26. RightWriter says:

            People and organizations can (and DO) ignore or circumvent the Constitution, until they’re sued and lose — at which point they have to give in. Congress CANNOT exempt itself from the CONSTITUTION. Period.
            And by the way, when Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House in 1995, Congress passed legislation to REQUIRE that ALL LAWS should henceforth apply to Congress as well as everyone else. So since 1995, Congress has NOT been “exempting themselves from the laws they create for the rest of us.” (A lot of liberals in Congress had fits back in 2010, when they realized that THEY would be subject to the Affordable Care Act — they actually MODIFIED it to make it less painful for themselves!) THAT GAME IS OVER.

          27. kassa1 says:

            I’ll tell you how will you deal with the biased media you’re right laws against them just like you did for the second amendment which is the only amendment that says that shall not be infringed but they did it anyway. So you’re right laws against her lies and deceit and the misinformation this information and CNN would be in prison right now if that was the case.

          28. RightWriter says:

            PLEASE get yourself a copy of the U.S. Constitution and READ it. (It’s obvious you never HAVE). The First Amendment says explicitly that “CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW…abridging the freedom of speech or of the press…” (“Abridging” means “limiting.”

            That means CONGRESS CANNOT PASS A LAW “against biased media.” Because it is NOT the RIGHT of the government to SAY what’s biased and what isn’t. ANYONE in this country can say pretty much ANYTHING THEY WANT, with very few limitations, and THE GOVERNMENT CANNOT TOUCH THEM. The Courts have extended that freedom to include non-verbal expression, like flag-burning.

            I recognize that freedom can be annoying when you would like to STOP someone from saying something you think is just terrible (it’s been 20 years since the Supreme Court ruled that flag burning was covered by the First Amendment, and I’m STILL mad), but the flip side of THAT coin is that nobody can prevent YOU from saying what YOU want, even if someone else thinks it’s politically incorrect, rude, or just plain stupid.

            But your “I’ll tell you how to deal with biased media…” WON’T WORK because we CANNOT have a law that shuts them up. Period. EVERY adult American should KNOW at least that much about our Constitution.

          29. RightWriter says:

            You may not care what the media say but MANY Americans DO pay attention — AND WE NEED SOME OF THEM, at least, TO SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP.
            Otherwise the President won’t be able to get his policies passed and, come 2018, WE WILL LOSE CONTROL OF CONGRESS and in 2020 we will lose the White House. You’ll have … oh, I dunno, Elizabeth Warren or Tom Perez (the FOUL-MOUTHED new DNC Chairman) or someone like that as President and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House (and Chuck Schumer running the Senate). THAT what you want?

        2. frankspeak says:

          Mueller needs to remove himself..too chummy with Comey!

          1. kassa1 says:

            There’s a section in the constitution section 18 point something that prevents this from being as one friend cannot investigate another friend on these guys are charms and loyal your buds at that!

          2. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            Please explain kassa 1

          3. RightWriter says:

            You must mean a section of the US Code, or a state code — I’m not sure. I AM sure, though that there’s NOTHING in the Constitution that even touches the issue of friends investigating other friends. Not a WORD.

          4. kassa1 says:

            All I can tell you were such an 18 point something of whatever anyway it’s against the law. But lawyers don’t pay attention to the law anyway now do they?

          5. COMPU-TRON says:

            If lawyers aren’t paying attention to the law, who is? You?

          6. kassa1 says:

            Lawyers are nothing but wahale dung and they reside at the bottom of the sea that’s a low they are !

          7. COMPU-TRON says:

            What’s a wahale?

          8. kassa1 says:

            Hey DS I thought you promised me you were going to send anything back to me anymore. You must be one of those scumbag parasite lawyers. Lawyers and judges are one in the same they all blank of the same club and they are still whale shit at the bottom of the sea! Crawl brain lib tarde

          9. COMPU-TRON says:

            Whoa. This makes a lot of sense!

          10. RightWriter says:

            When you get in trouble, whether deserved or not, WHOM DO YOU CALL? A LAWYER, you idiot! Because withOUT ONE you’d spend some time in PRISON.

          11. RightWriter says:

            I think you’re talking about the Codes of Conduct to which lawyers have to subscribe to be allowed to practice law in various states (most states have one). THOSE require lawyers to avoid situations in which close personal relationships could interfere with their representation of clients who might have different interests. (Each state’s Code is different, so the numbers would vary from one state to another.) Also, the Codes DO NOT make anything iLLEGAL; they merely govern CONDUCT within the legal profession.
            Your crack about lawyers not paying attention to the law was, I’m sure, intended to be humorous, because if’s NOT true. They wouldn’t be allowed to continue practicing law at all if they were caught doing something that was a violation of the law (OR of the state’s legal code). I’m not a lawyer, but I married one, and I’m mildly offended by baseless anti-lawyer cracks.

          12. kassa1 says:

            Might be right about that I’m you’re probably right about that

          13. RightWriter says:

            You’re wrong about THAT, too. It’s against the CODE OF CONDUCT to which all lawyers are supposed to subscribe. THE CODE IS NOT A LAW, dummy, and if you had a CLUE what you’re talking about you’d KNOW that. Why don’t you go STUDY UP before you try to pretend you know more than people who have actually STUDIED the Constitution, or the US Code, or BOTH? All you do is make yourself LOOK AND SOUND STUPID.

          14. COMPU-TRON says:

            Stop making things up.

          15. kassa1 says:

            Who’s Making things up you’re just not educated.

          16. COMPU-TRON says:

            You are making things up. There is no such clause as you refer to. Shut your ignorant mouth.

          17. Billy says:

            None of the demonrats are educated!

          18. RightWriter says:

            No, YOU are the one who isn’t educated. The Constitution has SEVEN ARTICLES (numbered with Roman numerals) and 27 AMENDMENTS (correctly also numbered with Roman numerals but sometimes with regular numbers because so many morons like YOU don’t know what Roman numerals MEAN). THERE IS NO “SECTION 18 POINT SOMETHING,” or anything even CLOSE to it. You MAY be thinking of the U.S. Code, the full body of federal law, or some State code, but you SURE AS HELL are NOT thinking of the Constitution. Maybe you owe the rest of us an APOLOGY for calling US stupid when it’s YOU who need to go back to, oh, 7th GRADE or so.

          19. kassa1 says:

            I am not making things up I am not a Democrat, you mistake me for one of those communist a.k.a. Democrats who do nothing but lie and deceive or one of their minions in the media.

          20. COMPU-TRON says:

            Listen, you philistine, you made up a clause in the Constitution which does not exist. Shut your mouth.

        3. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

          I don’t expect Mueller to manufacture a thing. Who accused him of being corrupt when he was FBI Director a few years ago? Can you name somebody? I bet you cant.

          Before Trump, no President accused the media of making up fake news. WHEN THE HELL WILL YOU WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND TRUMP IS ANOTHER ANIMAL AND WE HAVE GET RID OF HIS CROWD?

          1. COMPU-TRON says:

            Sadly, he is the dumbest animal of them all. The poor guy, he’s so far out of his league.

          2. RightWriter says:

            As a matter of fact, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush ALL accused the media of inventing news, although I admit none of them called it “fake news.” Same thing, different title. And going further back, I can remember (it helps, sometimes, to be over 70) several OTHER cases in which earlier presidents said the media was making up stories about them. The Kennedys had a BIG problem along those lines — the stories usually had to do with JFK’s GIRLFRIENDS, who were staying with him in the White House while Jackie and her sister went gallivanting around Paris and, as we discovered later, took turns with Aristotle Onassis.

          3. Reflect says:

            If you read history, there are a lot of instances where the media lied to stir up and direct the masses to do their bidding. The media also got wars started with false information. AKA the Spanish American War…..

          4. RightWriter says:

            You’re right about Mueller’s pre-Trump reputation (it was excellent), but you’re DEAD WRONG about “no president accused the media of making up fake news.” OK, they didn’t CALL it “fake news”; but as far back as the 1960s I KNOW of NUMEROUS instances when presidents claimed the media were inventing stories. (Large parts of “Watergate” were
            INVENTED by the Washington Post, for example!) And I wouldn’t be surprised if it went back much further than THAT!
            There’s ALWAYS been a tension between the media (we used to call it “the press”) and the White House, or between the media and Congress, even occasionally between the media and the Supreme Court (or lower courts). They have different goals or objectives, and sometimes that creates conflict. Also, Trump is NOT the first president that most of the media hated — though perhaps their hatred in this case is a bit more visceral. They ALSO hated Reagan, George W. Bush, and — maybe most of all — RICHARD NIXON. (You may notice what those presidents, and Trump, all had in common: they were all REPUBLICANS. Also, they all won the nominations by defeating Republicans who were more RINO than they were!)
            Trump is no more an animal than any other human being. The (obvious) fact that you’re a Trump-hater doesn’t make him a BAD person, any more than my contempt for someone as stupid as YOU appear to be makes YOU a bad person: just stupid. The reason we HAVE politics, and political parties, is because DIFFERENT PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS and in a republic ALL of us are ENTITLED to have, and to express our own points of view. Maybe YOU SHOULD WAKE UP AND UNDERSTAND THAT BASIC LAW OF LIBERTY.

      3. Paul Dragotto says:

        speaking of russia. has any of you seen oliver stones interviews with putin?? there a 4 part series. i have watch all 4. putin is not that bad of a guy. he was very open about how all countries spy on each other he did many times , said he did not collued in the elections. he said its the democrats that are puling america down. he did say he had a good relationship with obama, but did not trust him. he said he thinks trump will bring our countries together. the ukraine and cremeia, he was very honest and it made a lot of sence, why he went into the ukraine?. 90% are russian .

        1. RightWriter says:

          If Vladimir Putin told Oliver Stone the Earth is a globe, I’d go out and join the Flat Earth Society. Putin has NEVER made a 100% truthful statement in public in his LIFE. He’s a old-line SOVIET SECRET POLICE AGENT, which isn’t exactly a school of truth-telling. If you actually BELIEVE anything he says, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…real cheap.
          BTW, just as an example of the truths Putin WON’T tell: the population of Ukraine is NOT 90% Russian. It’s TEN PERCENT RUSSIAN, 5% Moldovan (bet Putin didn’t say a WORD about THEM) and most of the rest are UKRAINIAN.
          Also, CRIMEA (not Cremeia) is PART of UKRAINE. Russia has coveted it for almost 1,000 years, and briefly annexed it several times, but its PEOPLE are UKRAINIAN, NOT Russian.
          Really, Putin is INCAPABLE of telling the truth about ANYTHING, and it’s NO surprise he got a big special on American TV only through OLIVER STONE. Think about it!

          1. frankspeak says:

            Stone is waaay over to the left!….

          2. RightWriter says:

            My point exactly. So why are good conservatives here saying they BELIEVE what Putin says about President Trump, or for that matter, about ANYTHING? HOW STUPID IS STUPID?

          3. COMPU-TRON says:

            Agreed, Putin cannot be trusted under any circumstances. Including with our sometimes extremely naive President.

          4. No name nut case says:

            There comes a time when people have to try to get along. You may not believe everything he says, but I’d wager than Putin is more truthful than any Democrat, and the Clintons in particular!!!

          5. RightWriter says:

            I’d take that bet, because I KNOW Putin is NOT any more truthful than the Clintons, or Obama, or Nancy Pelosi, or any of the other liars the Democrats have been foisting on us these last few decades.
            PUTIN IS A SECRET POLICE AGENT by training, He has been TAUGHT how to LIE and make it convincing ever since he was 14 years old. He wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it walked up to him and introduced itself.
            If YOU believe Putin, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you, real cheap. He is one of the biggest LIARS on the face of the Earth, and ANYONE who believes ANYTHING he says is a first-class FOOL. Sorry ’bout that!

        2. frankspeak says:

          …and he has people killed….this guy reminds me of nothing so much as a mafia boss

          1. RightWriter says:

            Good analogy. The Soviet Union and now Russia ARE a lot like the Mafia, and Putin would make a terrific Godfather!

        3. No name nut case says:

          What Putin said is most likely 100% true! But the Dems can’t let anyone know that we can get along with them. Every thing the Dems do is to build their own personal wealth and they couldn’t care less about us, or our safety. You can bet if the bombs start dropping the left will make money on it and they don’t give a fig if it kills every American and every Russian! They have their safe places to go for when the bombs begin to drop. They are pure scum! All of them!

          1. RightWriter says:

            Putin has never told the truth in his LIFE. He was TRAINED by the Soviet Secret Police (KGB) to be a PROFESSIONAL LIAR, and he’s good at it. ‘

            What I really need to say to you though is that your view of ALL politicians is just totally off base. It might apply to one in ten, more likely fewer than that. They are no more interested than any ordinary citizen in “building their own personal wealth,” in fact, MOST of them TOOK BIG PAY CUTS from what they earned in the private sector to come to Washington for “public service” AND EARN MUCH LESS.

            As for caring about your safety, they DO — probably a LOT more than YOU care for THEIRS (or anyone else’s, from the sound of you). A very few members of the leadership have secure places they can go in an emergency, but most of the members DO NOT (how could they have someplace in Washington AND someplace at home, in virtually every county in the COUNTRY? How workable would THAT be?

            BTW, BUSINESSMEN do more STEALING from customers, clients, AND the government than public officials EVER get a chance to do. I’m not saying Trump is dishonest (I hope to hell he’s NOT), but businessmen have MUCH more opportunity to steal. Politicians and public officials are reviewed practically WEEKLY by ETHICS COMMITTEES, which will send them to JAIL if they’re caught doing something they shouldn’t (and sometimes even if they’re doing EXACTLY what the law requires. This was NOT true 20-25 years ago, when there were all SORTS of games afoot, but under rules put in place since then, EVERY MOVE CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN & SENATORS MAKE is carefully reviewed. They can’t even have a SANDWICH for lunch with a FRIEND who they’ve known all their lives without answering questions about whether the friend wanted something or the official wanted to sell something. EVERYTHING they do is closely scrutinized, and every DIME goes on a financial report. All this crap is available if you want to look at it — it’s WAY too complicated for mere mortals, though.
            Meanwhile, BUSINESSMEN usually have to report only that they took a client to lunch and spend $100 (business lunches don’t come cheap!). Unless they’re working on a sensitive project FOR THE GOVERNMENT, they don’t even have to file detailed financial reports. THEY can take their girlfriends, their boyfriends, or the babysitter they don’t want to have to pay from their own pockets…out to lunch at the most expensive restaurant in town and probably nobody says a WORD. A Congressman would go to PRISON for something like that.

        4. COMPU-TRON says:

          Putin is lying to you, he lies to everyone. HE WAS IN THE KGB FOR 30 YEARS!!!! God, do a basic Google search before you trust a “professional” like Putin.

    3. Kenneth Fichtl says:

      He has a “NEW YORK STATE OF MIND”

      1. No name nut case says:

        I have always wondered what is a “New York state of mind”? I hope it isn’t anything like a San Fransisco state of mind! That would be what Nancy has. Lord forbid!

        1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

          Worse. I still have some family back there and wish I didn’t. Since 2008 I would have been better off If NYC was underwater God tried Destroyed alot But in all Floods you know what comes out first thing “THE RATS” The Big Apple No longer is functioning

          1. bytheway4 says:

            Kenneth, NYC, is a state by itself, We from upstate have nothing to do with NYC and their communist mayor, Warren, opss I mean his fake name of Bill ..

          2. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            I the still love upstate you are still years away from rats nyc has collapsed. My family estate has been raped in SI i have pleaded with almost every agency in the city and no one cares, Like my ex brother in law, a child molester, elder abuser he worked illegally for the DSNY, lived in NJ worked 7 am to 11 am most days had 2 other jobs while was on sick leave and got full disability for 15 years of which was fake . in nyc they protect the predators who don’t pay their bills and live off others . While victims shell out thousands in lawyer fees.. You have to have a lawyer to report a crime. i am so fed up i wish ISIS was in my family home.

          3. Jim says:

            The “Big Apple” is rotten to the core

    4. Ed Shick says:

      Remember when DONALD TRUMP WAS partners with Russia and he got 53 Million ,, Oh wait that was John Podesta , then how about the 500 Thousand for a Speech in Moscow , Oh wait that was Bill Clinton, then was it Donald Trump that sold 20% of our Uranium to Russia , Oh that was John Podesta and Hillary Clinton ! AND IT WAS NOT Donald THAT GOT 145 Million dollars into the Clinton Foundation , was that sent through Canada !

      1. Crystal says:

        And don’t forget the 450 Billion that Trump gave back to Iran… Oh wait, that was Obama…

        1. M. D'Souza says:

          It was $150 billion, if I’m not mistaken.

          1. Crystal says:

            Was it? Sorry, I corrected that.

      2. Darlene says:


    5. Moe says:

      Trump has been trying to help us and find ways to reduce spending and bring back jobs sent over seas by the Clinton Global economy Free trade agreements. Free for foreign made goods, and we still pay tariffs, we made China, North Korea’s buddies rich and a threat to our nation. Trump is a businessman, he thinks like one, maybe the nation should be run like a business if we are to survive. Trump loves America, Obama and his Wife, publicaly shit on this great nation as often as possible. We will soon be forced to worship two Sneaky bags of poop, by order of the best congress money can buy.

      1. Barbara Lewis says:


    6. JMICHAEL270 says:

      Both Obama and Hillary were colluding with the Russians

      1. Susan Lindauer says:

        Pray tell what gave Hillary & John Podesta the right to receive $145 MILLION and $35 MILLION respectively from the RUSSIAN Rostatom Corporation (Russia’s Nuclear Agency) in exchange for 20 percent of U.S uranium off Federal Lands??? And why doesn’t Robert Mueller care about such obvious corruption???

        1. Jim says:

          Robert Mueller is more than likely part of the corruption and has a lot to lose too

          1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            Mueller was appointed to the job of investigating corruption in the Trump administration. He’s doing his job.

          2. SavvyRead says:

            “Inventor;” And who “appointed Mueller?” Curious, what did you invent, given you appear to have no sophistication whatever as to the “topic?” Mueller is a dolt, a political contrivance!

          3. RightWriter says:

            No, he was appointed to look into possible relationships between President Trump or his family and companies AND RUSSIA. NOT to make a general search for “corruption.” Like most Special Counsels and Special Prosecutors, he acted WITHOUT AUTHORITY to broaden his own mandate. That’s why prosecutions should be left to the Justice Department and NOT turned over to some kind of “Grand Inquisitor” (the Grand Inquisitor was RUSSIAN — see Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” == incidentally, NOT American — and not really a coincidence, either.) WE don’t run our justice system that way!

          4. frankspeak says:

            bad choice!…have to wonder why this wasn’t caught earlier…or the guy was chosen in the first place..his friendship with Comey will invalidate anything he turns up critical of trump….

          5. SavvyRead says:

            Jim: There is nothing other than the corrupt influence of “the democratic party,” their chosen “leadership,” a loon! Mueller and Comey came close to a warm embrace as he entered “the corrupt domain.”

        2. SavvyRead says:

          Susan: A rhetorical question? They are all covered in slime and now the US Justice Dept is disclosed as a “sham,” given the clear corruption of those “players:” those cloaked in chicanery, tracing back to Oduma and his corrupt squads inclusive of former (Oduma) Atty Gen Eric Holder; now emerging former fellows, Comey and his “Buddy,” now Atty Gen Mueller, and enter Former Obama Appointee, Atty Gen Loretta Lynch, who had a tarmac conference with former President Clinton while Hillary Clinton was “supposedly” under investigation of the US Justice Dept for flagrant misconduct related to serious SECURITY ISSUES .. and NOTE as to the US MEDIA, Benghazi was dropped like a “a hot potato” by the “nerds” of their “media” having totally absented responsibility

        3. Moe says:

          foundation donations sent to charity in Canada since they their government does not track donors. After it went to the laundry it was secretly sent to the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton’s donated money to their own charity fir a tax write off, their took foundation monies to create big paying jobs for friends and their daughter. They stopped the Foundation, Obama gave them enough time to destroy all the evidence like he did in all the scandals he was indirectly tied too. Trump would have to be Oresident 153 years to get even close to a smiggin of corruption as bad as that under obama. If we watch impeachment hearing on Trump with no evidence, it means it is time to expose Obama’s Deep State.

      2. Darlene says:


      3. Barbara Lewis says:

        Why isn’t that being investigated as well as with collusion with the iranians and other towel heads?

        1. SavvyRead says:

          Yo Barbara: Yup!! Right on!!

      4. Deborah Pratt says:

        Ask any ‘liberal’!! I actually ‘heard’ this said—‘That was OK because it was Obama and Hillary’!! Unbelievable!!

    7. Bayside GolfClub says:

      TRUMP broke the primary directive of the democrat party.. “Thou must create indigence and steal every penny of federal funding thoust can off said indigence”
      They cannot stand him for it. He is their ultimate traitor.. Trump openly and loudly proclaimed he would end the corruption of the DEMOCRTA PARTY… Even if he has to leave the democrat parrty and tun as a Republican.. BAM… ! BAM BAM! !

      So…. America elected him in a landslide 44 districts to 1 epic drubbing..
      THAT is what Trump is guilty of.. And America will reward him handsomely with an equally effective drubbing in the near future..
      By the time this is all over… Americans from shore to shore will be thrilled to let Trump put a 100 foot “TRUMP” Sign on his border wall..

      1. RightWriter says:

        “a landslide 44 districts to 1 epic drubbing”??? I thought you were talking about President Trump, but your numbers don’t make sense. Trump carried 30 states; the only “epic drubbing” I can think of was his loss, quite normal for ANY Republican, of the District of Columbia by margins in excess of 90 percent. But that’s not “epic” because it happens in every election (DC is populated mostly by lower-level government employees and has an unusually high African American population, though not as high as it used to be). As for “44” — well,, BHO was the 44th president . Otherwise that makes NO sense at all. Can you explain?

        1. COMPU-TRON says:

          It wasn’t a drubbing, but I was very surprised he lost Virginia. Thoughts? I’m a PA resident, have watched VA for many years now, they almost always go for Reagan-style prez. candidates, but in this elections cycle where everyone is just flailing at the wind trying to predict, I guess it almost makes sense.

    8. jls says:

      They just want him out because he beat Hillary and they lost the power they had. They won’t cooperate and they don’t care what The American People want..THEY want what they want….period.

      1. Barbara Lewis says:


    9. Susan Lindauer says:

      Democrats are lunatics! They’re out of control, rampaging against voters! They’re suffering from self-entitlement & the belief that it’s unacceptable for voters to reject them! Trump’s got a great vision for jobs, trade, infrastructure, major tax reform, veterans, strong defense without foreign interventions. What have Democrats got??? No ideas, no capacity to contribute. They’re a Zero. A Dud. This flaky Russian story is all they’ve got.

      1. SavvyRead says:

        Thank you for dropping by, Susan. This nation is in trauma; it is as if the lunatics have taken over the asylum!! It is as if no one has any sense of how serious it is. Here in California, we have “Democratic Governor Jerry Brown (AKA “Moonbeam;)” he just raised a load of taxes just for the heck of it; he has his mindless “Bullet Train” sitting on rail tracks and parked somewhere [last heard issues of transit are behind capacity for “locomotion” and “parts” are scarce?

        Years ago JB emerged from an apartment in Sacramento where he had fashioned a “crib;”
        he traveled to S CA to introduce himself as the son of his father, former State Governor (D) Pat Brown, who built up much of the state of CA, inclusive of CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITIES, but “Moonbeam” and his union “masters” have just about destroyed them.
        Long time “affiliate,” Janet Napolitano (D) was named by JB as President of CU while lacking a graduate degree as she allowed Nepotism to be a driving force, and was recently removed after having presided over what was the prestigious CU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Davis and another in San Diego.

        JB also drove a junk Plymouth and boasted of having been a “Jesuit Seminarian????” So “down to earth?” His contribution was primarily to the growth and development of ORGANIZATIONS OF PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS TO DELIVER THEIR UNION DUES TO SUSTAIN HIS STYLE OF LIVING WHILE CREATING PAUPERS OF TAXPAYERS BILLED. The “quid pro quo” was protection from expectations of accountability or competence to earn “salaries!”

        Democratic Senators Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and now Kamala Harris have joined JB, as has Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi; they should be on television as the “plot they are!”

        KUDOS to kassa (below) for bringing up the $200 Million Pelosi managed to scoop up as a “civil servant” who exempted herself and hubby from tax liability. Great!!


        1. RightWriter says:

          Pelosi didn’t “scrape up” that $200 million as a civil servant (she’s NOT a civil servant, anyway; Members of Congress are NOT part of the civil service). But she came by her fortune the old fashioned way: SHE MARRIED IT. Hubby has a big
          (perhaps ironically) real estate business in San Francisco, where real estate is just about as costly as it is in New York City. She and hubby DID play some games with their tax returns, and I think the IRS is still examining all that. But the money was his, not hers (except on their joint tax returns).

    10. kassa1 says:

      Remember Nancy Polosi is a civil servant , what’s over $200 million, that exempted herself from insider trading where she has made over $200 million and she wants to go and think she’s above the law, also she aided a better Barack Obama and all the crimes committed against America like fast and furious and been Ghazi , Which she couldn’t be found one he says he always has his BlackBerry with him. We all know that he’s an illegal brown clown that should’ve never been in the White House because he’s not a naturalized citizen. it’s time to start putting the pressure on all the Republican congressman to go I have to put Losey and Maxine Waters it’s time to turn the tables America before we wind up with blood sugar in the streets because of these two, lying and deceiving bitches there after promoting their own agenda that is power and money.

      1. RightWriter says:

        Pelosi is not and never was a “civil servant.” That term applies to CAREER GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, NOT to Members of Congress. That doesn’t mean she’s honest, or that her wealthy hubby (actually, THAT’s where the $200 million came from — hubby’s real estate business in San Francisco (how’s THAT for irony?) — hasn’t been playing games with his (THEIR) tax returns. But don’t blame the Civil Service for Pelosi. She’d have been WAY too proud to take THAT kind of job!

    11. marlio says:

      none and they have nothing to investigate so are trying to fabricate something. its so stupid!!!!

    12. granny_forUSA says:


    13. kassa1 says:

      Don’t worry they will create some kind a fictitious law using Mueller to conjure up some kind of lie or deceit, to get rid of Trump that they cannot control, as that’s why Mueller was hired for, don’t forget he’s a lowlife scumbag lawyer to start with, so they lie and deceive anyway.

    14. Marty says:

      Trump has done absolutely nothing illegal. But these monster did. Mueller, Comey & Lynch Conflict of Interests violation. A blatant cause for recusal especially since Mueller’s team all contributed to the 2016 Clinton campaign. And, Comey’s affiliation & friendship with Mueller.
      Comey & Mueller are friends of 15 years and are known by their peers as battle buddies ( Instant reason why Mueller should recuse from any inquiry ) especially when no indication connecting Trump to Russia exists & Comey stated that under oath. Remember the Uranium One Hillary scandal (while she was secretary of state received 145 million from Russia to her Clinton Foundation in return for 20% of the uranium on the Bundy & Hammonds ranches. Those ranchers were in their rights to protest yet the past administration control over the media depicted them as domestic terrorists of which they were not ( See Democratic control media connection at bottom ) Documentary on what Ranchers & Farmers are experiencing ) WHAT OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WAS DOING TO OUR Ranchers & Farmers. Obstruction & harrassment

      Copied from a friend…”NOW, we are really talking Deep State: Mueller is the grandnephew of Richard Bissell, the fired CIA director of plans — fired by President Kennedy before his assassination. Mueller’s wife’s maiden name is Cabell: another CIA deputy director fired by President Kennedy was Gen. Cabell, whose brother Earl Cabell was mayor of Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963! And Mueller’s family wealth comes from his mother’s side, the Truesdale side of the family: something to do with helping out blowing up competitors’ refineries for the Rockefeller family and being awarded with a railroad? And Mueller was appointed chief of the criminal division of the DOJ under President Geo. H.W. Bush when the BCCI investigation began getting closer to the presidency – – covered on the the chief enforcement officer side at Treasury by having John Walker, cousin to the Bush-Walker family, of course, in that position. And it was Judge John Walker who would later have clerking for him James Comey, future director of the FBI! It’s a small world after all . . . it’s a small world after all . . . sing it with me now . . . it’s a small. . . small. . . world!”
      Comey followed direction from Lynch to depict Hillary’s Email investigation as a MATTER to the press giving her a pass in the public’s view point. He also usurped the position of AG in making the final decision after she violated 18 USC 793A,E &F Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information. 44 USC 3101 Records management by agency heads. 18USC 1924 Unauthorized removal or retention of classified documents or material. 18USC 2071 Concealment, removal or mutilation generally. 18USC 1001 statements or entries destroyed generally. CFR 45.2 code of federal regulation. BOTH COMEY & LYNCH WITH ALL THE CONNECTIONS TO THE CLINTON FOUNDATION & THE CLINTONS & OBAMA CREATED A BLATANT CONFLICT OF INTERESTS & SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN HILLARY’S INVESTIGATION. ANY HONORABLE JUDGE OR LAWYER WOULD HAVE ABIDED BY THE CODE OF ETHICS OF OUR LEGAL SYSTEM AND RECUSED.…/comey-lynch-pressured…

      It was the Obama administration, not Trump,… Blatant collusion that Comey admitted

      The Lisbon Reporter
      WELCOME TO THE LISBON REPORTER. In an effort to keep our community informed of what is going on at the…
      Subject: Judge/Lawyers code of ethics
      When people enter public life, they bring their backgrounds and experiences with them. Sometimes these present ethical dilemmas in the form of conflicts of interest. In the public sector, conflicts typically arise when a legislator or employee has the potential to receive a personal benefit based on his or her public position. States are aware that conflicts of interest must be addressed and most have done so either directly or indirectly. Many states define the term in their state constitutions or statutes.
      Under the banner of “conflict of interest,” the Ethics Center tracks the following issues: contracting with government, definitions of conflict of interest, dual employment, dual office holding, honoraria, nepotism, representing clients before government, revolving door provisions (from lawmaker or staffer to lobbyist) and voting recusal.
      Mueller, Comey & Lynch Conflict of Interests violation…/code-conduct-united-states……/ethics/conflict-of-interest.aspx
      Code of Conduct for United States Judges
      The Code of Conduct for United States Judges includes the ethical canons that apply to federal judges and provides guidance on their performance of official duties and engagement in a variety of outside activities.
      IF YOUR WONDERING HOW IT”S KEPT OUT OR PUT INTO THE MEDIA READ THIS IF YOU HAD A HUNCH THE NEWS SYSTEM WAS SOMEWHAT RIGGED AND YOU COULDN’T PUT YOUR FINGER ON IT, THIS MIGHT HELP YOU SOLVE THE PUZZLE. ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, National Security Adviser. CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications. ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s Deputy Press Secretary ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides. And now you know why it is no surprise the media usually goes very easy on Hillary’s & Obama’s many errors. Update 2 left Ya think there might be a little bias in the news?
      And Hillary’s son in Law’s uncle George Soros is funding these violent protests. The root of all the protests George Soros


  3. Scott Hedglin says:

    Have they read the Constitution?

    1. Junius Graham says:

      Destruction of America is their goal. The Constitutions destruction is their first goal, to accomplish
      their final goal.

    2. No name nut case says:

      Highly doubtful.

    3. RightWriter says:

      Can they READ? Above the 5th grade level, that is?

  4. blip cat says:

    The Republican Controlled Congress is the only power that can impeach….. Not a bunch of bitchy little girls we call democrats.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      The only trouble is that there are a lot of RINOS.

      1. Denny Allen says:

        True,True and when the Don get’s to talken about term limits ……………civil war?

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          McCain is the worst one. He needs to go away.

          1. Tony Lee says:

            mccain needs to die just like hanoi jane fonda

          2. Ron haymaker says:

            I just saw again from John (I’ve lost my mind) McCain—-“I miss Obama” The first thing that comes to my mind—KEEP SHOOTING!!!

          3. matt ridgeway says:

            He needs to take linsday graham with him i allready emailed him told him we going to vote his sorry ass out now he wont reply to my mail lol

          4. Ron haymaker says:

            Good for you! McCain has become a disgrace to the GOP! I guess that’s what happens when your mind snaps. A shame, at one time he was a great man.

          5. SavvyRead says:

            Uh. Mark: The spoken word is master of thee; you are master of the unspoken word; get on it!!

      2. RightWriter says:

        No, there aren’t enough “RINOS” in Congress to get a majority vote for impeachment. Most of those Republicans, even the most liberal ones, were ELECTED by people who also voted for Donald Trump. They’re not going to risk their own seats in Congress by backing impeachment and losing most of the Republican votes in their own districts.

        The RISK is that if we start demanding PURE conservative, or pure pro-Trump candidates to run for Congress in 2018, we could LOSE a lot of districts where the Republicans aren’t all THAT conservative (or pro-Trump), and THEN in a Democrat-controlled House in 2019, we WOULD see a vote to impeach — and we’d LOSE. So don’t go looking for purist candidates in 2018. Stick with REPUBLICANS who can WIN and keep control of the House. Remember, a so-so-Republican who’s with us maybe 70% of the time is STILL BETTER than a DEMOCRAT who’ll be with us less than TEN percent of the time — AND will vote to IMPEACH President Trump!

      3. Susan Lindauer says:

        We need to send a message to all GOP House & Senate leaders: If you mess with Trump, you mess with us! And we’re ready to rumble! Don’t touch our votes! Or you’ll see our guns!

        1. Shelby Olsen says:

          Yes, I think that it may produce a civil war if they would try to impeach him. They are not too swift.

          1. SavvyRead says:

            Y’all: I have lived in S CA for many years and to just glance at The Los(t) Angeles Times in the early morning hours is to wonder if it would be cruel to wrap a fish in the thing? They should have replaced editors long in the tooth and toss the “work products” of those typically plastered on the front pages!

        2. SavvyRead says:

          Susan: It is important to remain “cool” and yet sophisticated; “guns” NOT!

        3. Susan Lindauer says:

          Very well said SaavyRead, especially in light of this week’s horrific & appalling violence! Prayers to Rep. Scaliese & his family! HOWEVER, Democrats pushing for violence will get a Civil War, and we will fight.

        4. RightWriter says:

          Oh, come ON! You sound like a DEMOCRAT. Republicans don’t settle arguments by SHOOTING each other. WE are the “civilized party.”
          And nobody’s messing much with Trump, anyway. In fact, the Congressional leadership has been solidly in his corner through all this nonsense with charges of collusion ********

    2. ahmwichu4usa says:

      Not all of them are bitchy little girls, the rest of them are just pantywaists. God Bless America.

    3. Jim says:

      They all need to get their “Burn Notices”

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        Most of them will “FEEL THE BURN” someday,if you know what I mean.

    4. Ron haymaker says:

      You spelled that wrong—should be DIMORATS!!!

    5. Deborah Pratt says:

      Take notice—the Dems are working on joining with the ‘traitor’ Republicans to do just that!! THIS is the ‘threat’ that not only does Pres Trump face, but that we ALL face!!

    6. RightWriter says:

      It’s got to be a joint effort between House and Senate, or it won’t do any good. The House has the authority to hold hearings, and draft a “Bill of Impeachment,” usually (not always) consisting of several accusations of Assuming they get that far (usually, they don’t) the House must PASS the bill of impeachment by a majority vote (that is, 218 members — less any vacant seats). THEN the bill of impeachment, IF approved by the House, goes to the Senate, which conducts a TRIAL with the Chief Justice presiding. Witnesses for and against the president are heard. The issue is debated at length (the Senate is GOOD at that!).
      Eventually they vote, separately, on EACH “article of impeachment.” EACH must be approved by a 2/3 vote (67 Senators voting “Aye”) — which is REALLY hard (read: impossible) to get, because there are almost NEVER that many senators on one side or the other. If ANY ONE ARTICLE is approved, the President is automatically removed from office. He MUST be acquitted on ALL articles, or charges, to remain in the White House.

  5. Larry Cowden says:

    There will be civil war if those DumbAssoCrats go ahead and do so with impeachment. Every democratic polecat and liberal will have bulls eye on them! There won’t be a place any of them from CA can hide!

    1. Donaldo says:

      Can anyone get it through their dumbass brains that they didn’t win the election ? We chose the other party to lead us.

      1. No name nut case says:

        The Libs don’t care!


      There’s nothing illegal about voting to try a president in the house and senate. There’s something wrong with you and the violence you advocate. Get used to living in a democracy with a rule of law.

      1. Glanda Widger says:

        yep dumb as a box of rocks. We do not live in a democracy.

        1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

          Its a democratic republic to be exact.

          1. No name nut case says:

            The pledge of allegiance doesn’t say a thing about “democratic” anything. Where in the Constitution does it say that we are a democratic republic?

          2. RightWriter says:

            The Pledge of Allegiance HAS NO OFFICIAL STANDING WHATSOEVER. It was written for school kids to try to teach them a little about patriotism, nothing more. But it’s true that the USA is a REPUBLIC, although the phrase “democratic republic” really has no meaning at all.
            A “democracy” would be, technically, a country that voted on every major legislative decision, sort of like California’s numerous initiatives or referenda. Some of our states (like California) do that (though not on EVERY issue), but WE DO NOT HAVE NATIONAL INITIATIVES OR REFERENDA. Period. So we are NOT a DEMOCRACY. Rather, the U.S.A. IS a REPUBLIC, in which we the people ELECT members of a congress (both House and Senate) — and let THEM vote on the legislative issues as they come up.

            The confusion arises because Winston Churchill referred repeatedly in his many books to BRITAIN AND AMERICA both as “the great democracies.” He differentiated between us and the Brits by making the obvious point that WE are a REPUBLIC, with an ELECTED HEAD OF STATE, while the British head of state is the monarch (Queen Elizabeth now, mostly King George VI back in Churchill’s day). Churchill was drawing a line between countries that didn’t elect their governments AT ALL and those (us and the Brits, and a few others) who DID. That division isn’t as relevant today as it was in Churchill’s day.

            Anyway, the correct term for us is “Republic” — NOT “democracy” — and the term “democratic republic” is either meaningless or a euphemism coined by countries that are NEITHER Republics nor Democracies to make them APPEAR to be members of the “free nations” club. CUBA calls itself a “democratic republic” — it’s neither; it’s a DICTATORSHIP.

          3. COMPU-TRON says:

            You’re right – we are not a direct democracy, and are a republic. However you can’t discount that democracy (rule by citizen’s votes) plays a part, especially at local levels. As for “republic” yes of course the USA is a republic, but republic does not by definition mean democratic. China is a republic as was the USSR, and neither have any instances of democracy.

          4. RightWriter says:

            Yeah, at the local level some of our states tolerate, even participate in, direct democracy (I mentioned initiative and referendum).
            You’re right that the WORD “REPUBLIC” is USED to describe nations that AREN’T republics, OR democracies either. Mostly those countries (including those you mention) are DICTATORSHIPS, pure and simple. They CALL themselves “Republics” or, often “Democratic Republics” to CONFUSE their own citizens into thinking they are actually electing their own governments, when they’re choosing a slate of communists or fascists or whatever who were PRE-SELECTED by the people in power. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics NEVER had an election with more than one candidate (the Communist) running for each office, and while I don’t have the data, I believe that’s also true of the “People’s Republic of China.” Also Cuba, Venezuela in recent years, Argentina on and off thru its complex history, Vietnam (formerly NORTH Vietnam) , etc., etc. In other words, nobody can keep a country from CALLING itself a Republic (or a Democracy, for that matter) — whether the term FITS or not. And very often, it doesn’t fit at ALL.

          5. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

            I agree with you the USA is democratic republic with a large voice for the people as well as protections of individual rights. I feel its still the greatest country in the world.

          6. Glanda Widger says:

            As defined by some bloggers and by the way a democratic republic and a democracy are not in any way the same thing but thanks for looking that up.

          7. RightWriter says:

            No, actually the US is NOT a “democratic republic,” because there really IS no such thing. The USA is a REPUBLIC, period. The use of “democratic” is added by people who should know better either because they’d LIKE to live in a real democracy, where ALL decisions are made by direct public vote (like California’s initiatives and referenda), whereas FEDERAL laws in the US are actually made by CONGRESS, not by direct votre. Some states do have initiative and referendum, but the Federal government DOES NOT.
            The other source of confusion was Winston Churchill, who referred to the FREE nations of Europe and North America as “the great democracies.” He used that formulation to include Britain, which is NOT a republic (it has a monarch), along with the US, France, and even members of the British Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, New Zealand) which function as republics even though they’re technically “ruled” by the British monarch. CHURCHILL (as usual) knew EXACTLY what he meant by “the great democracies” — but it CONFUSED a lot of other people . Anyway, the only NATIONAL democracy in the world today is SWITZERLAND.

          8. RightWriter says:

            No, the USA is NOT a “democratic republic.” It’s a REPUBLIC, pure and simple. Democracies (there ARE no pure democracies at the national level; the model is an old fashioned New England Town Meeting, where EVERYONE in town gathered to vote directly on EVERYTHING from taxes to what to do about trash or whether old Mrs. Smith, who taught third grade forever, should be foreced to retire. Hard to run a CITY that way! The COUNTRY that comes closest to the “democracy” model is Switzerland, but nowadays even THEY have canton (state) legislatures.
            In Republics, the residents elect a government, or usually several levels of government (town/city, state, national) and then let the ELECTED officials make the decisions. THAT is what WE have had since 1787, when they wrote the Constitution.
            Some of the confusion came about because Winston Churchill wrote about “The Great Democracies,” among which he included the USA. He was using an OLDER definition of “democracies,” including in the term ANY country with an ELECTED government, whether directly elected or not. But his use (he actually pointed out in one of his books) was RHETORICAL.
            So, apart from the 2 dozen states where they use initiative and referenda for SOME local/state law-making (or unmaking), we ELECT OFFICIALS who actually write the laws and set the taxes. That makes us a REPUBLIC.

      2. KDC says:

        We aren’t a democracy we’re a republic. There’s a great deal wrong when there isn’t just cause. Not to say it wastes lots of our tax dollars.

        1. INVENTOR INVENTED says:

          A republic is supposed to have a president not a King.

          1. Jeannie McCall says:

            We voted for a President, and his name is President Trump. We did not vote for a King. However, we do need someone to explain to your former buddy, Obammy, that he is NOT our “King” and stop embarrassing our country with his antics.

          2. M. D'Souza says:

            BHO thought he was a Caliph, & wanted the US to be Caliphate. That’s the reason he let in Muslim refugees without proper vetting. Where was Pelosi to demand impeachment then.

          3. RightWriter says:

            And don’t WE have a president and not a king? Precisely the point!

        2. No name nut case says:

          AMEN! I don’t know when or why people began calling the U.S. a democracy! It has always been a REPUBLIC! Can anyone say the Pledge of Allegiance? “…and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands…”!!! I guess the Democrats brainwashed people by calling us a democracy! There is a big difference between the two!

          1. RightWriter says:

            You’re right about the wording of the Pledge of Allegiance, but wrong to use is as proof that we’re a republic and not a democracy. The Pledge has no official status; it was written & adopted just as a device for teaching (somewhat ironically) the children of IMMIGRANTS about their adopted country. In point of fact, NEITHER the words “republic” nor “democracy” appear in the Constitution, which is the only truly official document describing the United States of America.

            The accepted difference is that in a pure democracy (there IS no such place in today’s world; Switzerland comes closest, but even the Swiss have local legislatures) all legislative and executive decisions are made by plebiscite, or popular vote. The “initiative and referenda” so popular in California and some other states come close to this system, but even in California NOT ALL decisions are made that way: the legislature stays very busy making most such decisions. We do NOT have NATIONAL INITIATIVES or REFERENDA.
            In a REPUBLIC, on the other hand, there is an ELECTED GOVERNMENT — in the USA composed of the President and the Senate and House — that makes most of those decisions. That’s what WE do, so we’re a REPUBLIC.

            The term “democratic republic” has no real meaning (it’s redundant), but it’s used by a lot of nations that are NEITHER REPUBLICS NOR DEMOCRACIES — usually places like Cuba or the old Soviet Union! — but like to portray themselves as freer than they really are. When you run across that phrase it’s usually a good signal the country using it to self-describe IS NOT FREE.

          2. woodrocket says:

            FINALLY someone who has studied civics! Very well said!!!

          3. RightWriter says:

            Thanks! :0-)
            And I must have just found someone who understands civics well enough to recognize facts! (You)

        3. No name nut case says:

          That is one of the things wrong with Democrats, they think this is a democracy, but it isn’t and never has been. Goes to show how much they actually studied government.

      3. No name nut case says:

        I didn’t see any violence advocated! What have you been smoking? You are seeing things. Typical for a loony Dem.

        1. RightWriter says:

          Well, I was supposed to have gone to that Republican baseball game practice on Wednesday (to cheer on a friend; I’m totally incompetent at baseball) and didn’t go only because I overslept. So maybe I’m especially conscious of people I KNOW (and potentially ME) being SHOT AT for no reason at all except they/we were Republicans. But that was DEMOCRAT-on-REPUBLICAN violence, not the other way around.
          Same DAY: a Republican Congresswoman from upper New York State, in her first term, received an email SENT TO HER HOME shortly after the baseball practice incident. It said “ONE DOWN, TWO HUNDRED SIXTEEN TO GO!” (If Steve Scalise had died, there would have been 216 Republicans remaining (alive) in the House. The email also contained a warning that SHE might be next. How many OTHER Republican members got similar (or identical) messages? (And if you’re thinking, “well, nobody tried to kill her!” may I remind you that THE SHOOTER AT THE BASEBALL PRACTICE WAS DEAD. Maybe he had buddies, maybe not: HOW WOULD ANYONE KNOW until someone else died or was gravely injured?
          Then there was that woman who calls herself a comedian (I never heard of her before this incident and can’t remember her name OR testify to her ability to entertain) with the fake decapitated HEAD of DONALD TRUMP. OK, no REAL violence, but a HORRIBLE image Trump’s 11-year-old son (plus his wife and daughters) will carry in their heads forever. And Madonna threatening to blow up the White House — again, not actual violence, but COME ON — because HER candidate LOST? I’ve had THAT experience MANY times, and somehow it NEVER occurred to me that I should blow up the presidential mansion. Not once!
          Sounds like PLENTY of violence to ME!

      4. Linda says:

        The people promoting violence are the democrats. Look at what happened yesterday with this Bernie loon shooting at republicans. Look at all the liberal loons starting fires on the street, killing police officers, liberal protesters throwing things through business windows and the list goes on and on.

      5. bytheway4 says:

        inventor, we had an illegal muslim living in our WH for 8 years and he acted like a king. He gave al of our money to muslim countries. He by passed congress all the time if he didn’t have his way., much more.

      6. RightWriter says:

        To be impeached, the CONSTITUTION (remember that?) says a president must be accused of “HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS” — the exact meaning of which is not precisely defined. It IS, however, presumed to include CRIMINAL behavior, not just representing the party someone doesn’t like.. But an impeachment resolution has to pass the House of Representatives (which will be getting TONS of tweets, emails, and so forth from angry voters back home) AND THEN BE APPROVED BY TWO THIRDS OF THE SENATE. THAT is a hill that NOBODY has ever managed to climb, so don’t hold your breath in the hope that Pelosi and her merry band of left-wingers will succeed. Won’t happen.

        1. No name nut case says:

          We did manage to get Bill Clinton impeached, but it doesn’t mean a thing. He kept on keeping on. An impeachment doesn’t mean that they will or can be removed from office. He finished out his second term in office after being impeached.

          1. RightWriter says:

            You’re right that the impeachment alone doesn’t mean an official will be convicted or removed from office. That’s the SENATE’S job.
            Bill Clinton WAS, however, IMPEACHED, which requires only a majority vote in the House of Representatives. We did NOT have the votes to CONVICT him in the Senate (which sits as a court in an impeachment case; it takes 2/3 of the members, or 67, to convict and remove a president or anyone else who has been impeached by the House).
            That’s why Clinton got to finish out his second term. He WAS impeached; he was NOT convicted and removed from office.

      7. Suze says:

        We are not a democracy, we are a Republic.

  6. davesnrakleberger says:

    she is evil and most likely totally out of touch with responsibility and the will of the people.

    1. KDC says:

      She doesn’t care about any will of the people. None of them do. This goes for the RINOS, and NeverTrumpers too. Same difference!

      1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

        She loves little ninos and ninas she has many working at her Vineyard for Beans

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          She owns a Vineyard? Well that explains a lot. She must be sucking on some bad wine.

          1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            They also got a good deal on all the closed Post offices . Which now are crammed with ammo food and Body bags waiting for Americans to get out of control. She has been in Government forever

          2. M. D'Souza says:


          3. Shelby Olsen says:


          4. Jim says:

            I don’t think she’s sucking on wine

          5. Ron haymaker says:


        2. No name nut case says:

          I’d bet that there is more going on with the ninos, and especially the ninas, than working in Nancy’s vineyard! Those people are so scummy that they give me the shutters!

          1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            She listens to “WHITE RABBIT ” over and over She doesn’t remember which pill she took or how to get out of the “HOLE”

    2. Junius Graham says:

      She is the modern day Jezebel. It would be justice for her to meet the same fate.

      1. KDC says:

        Perfect description.

      2. No name nut case says:

        Jezebel was an evil Idol worshiper who killed the prophets of God. Hillary has ordered the killing of several people by the hand of other people, and possibly even by her own hand, and she worships idols (anything one worships other than God is an idol), so yes. Hillary does resemble Jezebel.

    3. Annie says:

      Dopey Pelosi keeps referring to President Trump as President Bush! The woman is a total loon & needs to be in a nursing home now!

      1. Ed Shick says:

        Dementia and booze has got to her Brain !

        1. M. D'Souza says:

          Don’t forget the Botox she’s been using.

      2. No name nut case says:

        She needs to sober up, and quit shooting up: Nancy, leave the needles in the medicine cabinet for a change!

    4. No name nut case says:

      Nancy is not only evil she is brain dead! She must be totally drunk or high all the time. She can’t connect two sentences correctly and when she speaks she makes no sense at all.

  7. RichFromShowMe says:

    So far, after 10 months of investigation by the alphabet agencies (FBI, NSC, etc.) the only thing is the absolute proof that President Trump likes “two scoops of ice cream” and the damning fact that he also like Russian Dressing on his salad.

    Will Sherman, from Californicate, rely entirely on the second fact . . . a sure connection to the Russian oligarchy? 🙂

    1. KDC says:

      Yeah, they hacked into Hitlary’s unsecure servers!

    2. RightWriter says:

      Good analysis! The “alphabet agencies” do, of course, have more proof than they’ll share: that’s why we usually call them “intelligence” or “intel agencies.” And it WOULD be a bad idea for them to TELL us all they know — that’s no better than leaking it to Putin. We all have to keep in mind that the Internet is GLOBAL; there’s no way to prevent stuff leaked, or even honestly posted on a website, HERE from finding its way to Russia or China or God knows where, probably in a matter of seconds.
      As for the (Dis)honorable Congressman Brad Sherman, he’s not QUITE as stupid as Maxine Waters, but he’s a certified idiot. His motion to impeach will go nowhere — UNLESS Republicans lose control of the House of Representatives in 2018, in which case the Democrats WILL be able to (and almost certainly WILL) pass an impeachment resolution. BUT…there is NO WAY in HELL that any impeachment resolution can get the necessary 67 votes to convict and remove from office. We’re not gonna lose THAT many seats!
      My guess is Brad Sherman, in his ten terms in the House (he’s now in #11), one thing he HAS learned is that being one of 53 Congressmen & women from California does NOT get a guy very much attention, or face-time on the news media. He wants to “up” his profile, and he figures being in there early with a motion to impeach is one way to do it.

  8. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    These divots don’t care about any laws broken by President Trump. They merely want to try to keep him off his agenda of MAKING AMERCA GREAT AGAIN! Also, has any read what Senile Nancy Pelosi said about the Republicans being “sanctimonious” regarding the shooting yesterday? Wow-she stated that the Republicans started this back in the 90’s by going after Clinton and Killary. Sounds to me that I was right all along…they are all a bunch of children…”you started it.”. Of course, the fact that we currently have a Congressman fighting for his life means nothing to her…as long as he’s a Republican. How damn pathetic.

    1. Tony says:

      They don’t want a Republican making America great because it will expose the Democrat Party as failing to do that for decades, if not an entire century since Woodrow Wilson. Voters will turn away from the Democrats in droves in 2018. Pelosi and her mob are scared spitless of Trump succeeding.

    2. No name nut case says:

      Don’t kid yourself. Both parties are in it together! Both are wanting to turn our country over to the Antichrist! You don’t see any Republicans jumping to defend him, do you?

      1. RightWriter says:

        Yeah,l LOTS of them! A significant majority. ALL the time. You must not be paying close attention.

  9. Oh, God All Mighty, quit with the complaining already. Look you damn demodCRAPs how’s about this remedy. Trump resigns when ole “obamalamadingdong” produces his birth certificate—hee–hee-hee. Now shut the hell up!

    1. No name nut case says:

      Good one! :0)

    2. RightWriter says:

      My first thought on reading your comment was, “Good idea!” but then I thought: WHAT GOOD would it do? Obama has already served his eight years as President. He’s not eligible for more (thank God!) , but nothing we can DO NOW will UNDO the damage he did as president, or the anger we may feel at his having LIED his way into the White House and gotten away with it. There is NO provision for ERASING a president’s actions. Some can be wiped out by a new executive action by a new president; others will take new LEGISLATION to reverse. The two dames Obama put on the Supreme Court can’t be removed, except for THEIR OWN “HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS”: Not for Obama’s.

  10. CaptTurbo says:

    Pelosi Galore just wants the fake witch hunt to do the job instead of jumping in there now.

    1. No name nut case says:

      It’s called obstructionist! Block Trump from being able to take care of OUR business and then blame the lack of progress on Trump. We need to watch for this kind of rhetoric from the left.

  11. Elena Bowman says:

    The Democrats better be extremely careful in their attempt to Impeach our President. They have no idea what the consequences will be to every single one of those brain-dead traitors what will happen. They better be careful of what they wish for. It won’t be what they want in any manner shape or form.

    1. RightWriter says:

      Just what sort of retribution are you planning? Murder? Blowing up the Capitol as in the TV show, “Designated Survivor”?
      MOST of the Democrats represent districts or states (the Senators) that lean heavily toward their party — if they didn’t, they’d have LOST in the recent Republican victory years (2010, 2014, 2016). So you cannot, much as you might wish to, count on THEIR CONSTITUENTS to give them the boot. Sure, a few may lose; and in fact the 2018 elections will force 23 Democrat Senators who were elected the last time the Dems won big to seek re-election — we SHOULD beat at least a FEW of those. But NOT ALL of them.
      So, assuming that the people you want to beat “wish for” re-election, it’s hard to see just HOW you’re planning to deny them that goal or deliver any other serious “consequences.”
      It’s always satisfying to think, “Just WAIT until the next election! We’ll GET YOU!” but making it HAPPEN is quite another matter. Good luck, but you’ll NEED it.

      1. Elena Bowman says:

        There is a higher Power that has a hand in this and that Higher Power is the one who will make the final decision. It won’t be the Dimms or even the Reps. That Higher Power had this nation in His Hands and He will not let anyone destroy it not now, not ever. Why do you think Trump is President? Think about the campaign and the unexpected outcome of it. If you think it was an accident…think again.

  12. Jeannie says:

    The laws that were actually broken by liberals. clinton, holder, lynch, b HUSSEIN o…comey!!!! this can be attributed to poor losers!!!!

  13. PLANET says:

    Look to a revolution by the American people who voted for Donald Trump if they try to impeach Donald Trump.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Impeachment doesn’t remove a president from office nor prevent him from doing his job as President. Take a look at Bill Clinton’s record. He was impeached and he brushed it off as if it was a piece of lint. Didn’t slow him down a bit.

      1. woodrocket says:

        Impeachment AND CONVICTION, remove him from office. The senate never even sat for the trial.

        1. RightWriter says:

          No, that’s not so. The Senate DID hold a trial of Bill Clinton, but it would have required 67 votes to convict him and remove him from office, and there were only 55 Republicans. Not one Democrat Senator voted for conviction/removal (they DO have that “marching in lockstep” thing down to a science!).
          From Wikipedia:
          “The trial in the United States Senate began right after the seating of the 106th Congress, in which the Republican Party began with 55 senators. A two-thirds vote (67 senators) was required to remove Clinton from office. Fifty senators voted to remove Clinton on the obstruction of justice charge and 45 voted to remove him on the perjury charge; no member of his own Democratic Party voted guilty on either charge. Clinton, like Johnson a century earlier, was acquitted on all charges.”

      2. RightWriter says:

        It’s true that impeachment alone doesn’t mean an official will be convicted or removed from office. That’s the SENATE’S job.
        Bill Clinton WAS, however, IMPEACHED, which requires only a majority vote in the House of Representatives. We did NOT have the votes to CONVICT him in the Senate (which sits as a court in an impeachment case; it takes 2/3 of the members, or 67, to convict and remove a president or anyone else who has been impeached by the House).
        That’s why Clinton got to finish out his second term. He WAS impeached; he was NOT convicted and removed from office. It’s worth noting, though, that the impeachment and trial (and Clinton’s need to defend himself) DID slow him down. NOT stop him, but he lost about a YEAR of his first term, during which he COULD have been getting more of his agenda approved.
        By the time he got into his second term (which he would NEVER have WON if the Republicans had nominated a half-way decent — obviously ALIVE — candidate in 1992) Republicans had built up enough support in Congress to prevent Clinton from doing much of anything. Then the Republicans won majorities in both House & Senate in 1994 and that was IT for the Clinton agenda.

  14. Debbie Kaser says:

    Lets get rid of Nancy! How about that? I live in Ca and would sign to get her out of goverment

    1. No name nut case says:

      Walk up and down the neighborhoods and take a poll of how many of them voted for that loony tune.
      We might find that there is voter fraud going on. Nancy’s dad “good ole Tommy Boy” was a criminal in the 1920’s. The branch didn’t fall far from the tree!

      1. woodrocket says:

        You can through in Feinstein to boot. (grew up in the people’s republic of California myself)

        1. RightWriter says:

          Among liberal Democrats, Dianne Feinstein is probably the most rational of the lot. SHE was the FIRST member of the Senate Intelligence Committee — of EITHER party — to point out that there was ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that Trump or anyone representing him had colluded with Russia about ANYTHING. If I could list the Democrats in the order in which I’d like to get rid of them, Dianne Feinstein would probably be at the very bottom. If more Democrats were like HER…. 🙂

    2. RightWriter says:

      IF you’re a resident and registered voter in HER district (remember, there are 53 Congressional districts in California; SHE only represents ONE of them), and IF you can find a half a million other residents of the SAME district, you can get a petition to RECALL her going. But I warn you, it’s NOT likely to happen in her district. Much more likely: her FRIENDS (who are numerous in her home district) will organize protests at your home (and the homes of anyone who signs your recall petition); you may meet up with friends of the guy who almost killed the House Republican Whip (Steve Scalise of Louisiana) the other day, and maybe his friends will be better shots than HE was…and your friends who DIDN’T sign your recall petition will stop talking to you.

      And then the government office in your district — the one that processes the recall petition IF you get one signed by half a million people — will strike half the signatures on the grounds that they’re illegible, or phony (even if you bring in the people to swear they DID sign your petition), or otherwise ineligible. So your recall petition won’t go through, anyway.

      If you’re game to try, good luck! The alternative is to wait for the cow to RETIRE, which she’s BOUND to do before long — in fact, her district will probably CEASE TO EXIST because of population loss, or be combined with someone else’s district, in the 2022 election.

    1. No name nut case says:

      I wish California could be convinced that Pelosi needs to go!! But, take a look at who elected her! They are as batty as she is!

    2. Susan Lindauer says:

      Impeach Pelosi!

  15. Spgfld Tom says:

    When reached for a comment on this article Ms. Pelosi was quoted as saying “what time does the bar open?”.

  16. Philip Allen says:

    Donald Trump broke no laws but the Liberal Media and the liberal Democrats cannot accept the fact that Donald Trump won the Presidency. They will lie, fabricate untrue stories or whatever it takes to destroy Donald Trump including trying to impeach him. Wakeup America the liberals and the Democrats are trying to destroy America. They not only want to Destroy Donald Trump they want to destroy our US Constitution. If they can do this then only the Federal Government will have control. The American People will no longer have any rights. You will be controlled by a dictator, the Federal Government.

    1. KDC says:

      No, it’s more than just winning the presidency. He’s undoing everything they’ve done in the last 20 years.

      1. No name nut case says:

        Try 150 years.

        1. RightWriter says:

          Lovely idea, but not likely to work. When Ronald Reagan became president (1981) his staff figured it would take AT LEAST SIXTEEN YEARS (in other words, his two terms and then someone else’s two) to clear out all the detritus amassed by the federal government since FDR — never MIND going back to the original “progressives,” Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson.
          Unfortunately, Reagan had to cope with a Democrat-controlled House for his entire 8 years and a Democrat-controlled Senate for the final two years, and THEN he was succeeded not by another Reagan, but by George H.W. Bush. Bush didn’t exactly UNDO everything Reagan had done, but he did the Reagan record a lot of damage. And of course we never got anyone else to rebuild the Reagan record after that — just Clinton and George W. Bush and Obama.
          So if President Trump is to succeed, he will have to UNDO about ONE HUNDRED YEARS worth of progressives and liberals damage. That’s a big load to put on ANY president’s shoulders!

    2. No name nut case says:

      This is, in my opinion, absolutely correct! The Dems want to take over, ignore the Constitution, and change the rules of government to fit their whims!

      1. woodrocket says:

        Been happening since Wilson (at least).

        1. RightWriter says:

          To be fair, since Teddy Roosevelt. 🙁

  17. Roger Domnie says:

    old pelosi, if anybody needs impeaching it’s you and your bunch of goofs. meaning every lefty in both house and senate. combined all of you don’t have an IQ of 20 and that’s stretching it………. do you think killary or warren can do a better job????????? i got news for you…. or how about bamy the queer???? he never did a damn thing……… just go home and do your knitting you haven’t done a damn thing in years either. you old goat………..

    1. No name nut case says:

      No, Pelosi needs to go to a mental institution, or a nursing home with bars! Not the kind of bars that are her problem to begin with, but the metal kind on the doors and windows!

  18. Mike W says:

    The left wing loons are about to open a box they will never be able to close.

  19. KDC says:

    “make their party look unhinged and drive-up turnout for Republicans”… OH, yes….keep it going you looney tunes! How can they impeach Pres.Trump when there hasn’t been any collusion? If there isn’t any evidence of collusion, you can’t accuse anyone of it. It makes sense after all. Of course, this is the mentally challenged Left we’re talking about. God bless you J.Sekulow.

    1. No name nut case says:

      We don’t have to “make their party look unhinged” they ARE unhinged!

    2. RightWriter says:

      You’re right about no collusion, but once a special counsel gets going he can shift gears and start looking at ANY other issue he may wish to examine (this is the problem with special counsels and special prosecutors.
      So now Mueller is “examining” President Trump and his family/staff/associates for their alleged “OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE,” supposedly found in the President’s FIRING COMEY, the then-director of the FBI. Never mind that the president is allowed, UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, to fire anyone in that position at any time and without any excuse at all. Mueller is now preparing to make an issue of it. So “COLLUSION” with Russia is off the table; “OBSTRUCTION” of justice is ON the table. And if THAT gets shot down, it’ll be SOMETHING ELSE — once one of these special counsels gets started, there’s NO STOPPING HIM.

  20. Dennis K. Kramer says:

    Look like dems are “unhinged” if they attempt impeachment, joking, right?
    Holder, Lynch, Rottenham & Obummer could all be indicted for their corrupt shenanigans to usurp the rules of the US Constitution.

    1. No name nut case says:

      They control people who can and will interfere with justice. Why do you think they haven’t been thrown under the jail after all of this time and all of their crimes? And don’t think that the Reps are any better! Trump is going against both parties. I don’t trust the Reps any more than I trust the Dems.

  21. Rick D. says:

    The DumbocRATS are obsessed with riding the horse called Obstruction over the cliff and into destruction. Despite numerous claims that Trump has dome nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical, the left-leaning Libs cannot accept the reality that their party is out of touch with the views, opinions, & beliefs of most Americans.

    1. No name nut case says:

      It might just backfire on them. There might be people on the left who can see through this and they just may get tired of this crap and vote them out of office. Wouldn’t that be terrible…NOT! Lol!

  22. byalexis says:

    And do they think that if Trump is impeached they can take over the Presidents place? Wrong . . .they have forgotten the VP and on down the line that will take his place.

    1. KDC says:

      Oh, but the VP is a politician. Get rid of him and who’s next? Ryan….ding, ding, ding!

      1. woodrocket says:

        The WHOLE reason that I was against impeaching Obummer. Can you imagine president Biden?

      2. RightWriter says:

        But assume the Dems delay any vote on impeachment until after the 2018 elections, and they they take control of the House (which they’d need in order to get enough votes to force a bill of impeachment thru the Judiciary Committee, anyway). Then assume the Dems also have control of the Senate, preferably by 60+ votes, because they’ll need SIXTY-SEVEN votes to convict and remove President Trump.
        THEN you have a scenario in which the Speaker would NOT be Paul Ryan, but maybe Nancy Pelosi, or (if she dies of shock at finding herself elevated again to the Speakership), another Democrat — AND in the Senate (based on current members’ service) the president pro tempore (most senior member of the majority party) would be Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont (second in service to Leahy is Sen. Ed Markey of Mass.).

        So the line of presidential succession would be:
        President Trump, to be removed by impeachment;
        Vice President Pence; to be removed by impeachment, if only because he was picked for the job by Trump;
        Speaker Nancy Pelosi, or if she croaks, any of a dozen of equally obnoxious Democrats, all ultra-liberal;
        President Pro-Tem Patrick Leahy of Vermont, or, if HE croaks, Ed Markey of Massachusetts.

        THAT is what might be called a CLEAN SWEEP for the Democrats. The Lord protect us!

    2. No name nut case says:

      Impeachment and removal from office is two different things! Clinton was impeached but not removed from office. It didn’t slow him down at all! Congress has to vote to have him removed from office and that would be difficult if not impossible to pull off.

      1. woodrocket says:

        I didn’t think that I’d have to explain this to you. After being impeached by the house the articles of impeachment are sent to the Senate for trial, presided over by the Chief justice of the supreme court. If convicted the accused is removed from office. (Never successfully done}.

        1. RightWriter says:

          You left out the reason it’s so hard to do: it takes a 2/3 vote — 67 Senators voting to convict and remove from office. Given we have 52 Republicans now, and that even a 60-40 party split in the Senate is (a) RARE and (b) about as good as it EVER gets, assuming you’re on the 60-member side, getting to 67 votes is… well, unlikely. It would probably require something like a President who’d raped and murdered his chief opponent IN FRONT OF WITNESSES, or maybe sold the White House and Cabinet records for the last 20 years to the North Koreans (or Iranians). In other words, it ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

      2. RightWriter says:

        Impossible, not difficult. It takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate — 67 members — to “convict and remove” a president who has already been impeached by the House. At present, Republicans have 52 Senate seats. We’re a LONG way from having a 67-vote majority, and if our purist conservative friends keep insisting on PERFECT conservatives instead of admittedly IMPERFECT Republicans like, say, John McCain,, we won’t have even THE 52 we have now. In fact, if people don’t wake up to the FACT that it’s better to have an IMPERFECT majority than a perfect MINORITY, we won’t have 52 after the 2018 elections (though it’ll be hard to lose ground in ’18: Republicans have only 8 seats at risk, while Dems have 23 up for re-elections). Still, the more perfection we demand, the more likely we are to become a PERFECT (and permanent) MINORITY.

    3. RightWriter says:

      IF they succeeded in impeaching AND REMOVING President Trump, they’d be back after Vice President Pence in about five minutes, on the grounds that he held HIS job only because Trump had chosen him as a running mate. He wouldn’t be guilty of ANYTHING, of course, but you really think THAT would matter?
      Moreover, they can’t win on an impeachment vote in the House unless they take control in 2018 — which is possible, especially if they continue making President Trump look like a villain — and once they have a majority in the House AND the Senate, the presidential succession would bypass Pence (they’ll just impeach him, too) — AND the new Speaker (Nancy Pelosi? Steny Hoyer, the current Dem Whip. who would move up to Majority Leader if they won control of the House again)? Maybe someone new to the rotation, like Cory Booker of NJ, who wants to run for President. Point is: they’d have a NEW line of succession, ALL DEMOCRATS.

  23. Brad Tipton says:

    Nancy Pelosi needs to crawl into her groundhog hole and hibernate — PERMANENTLY !!

  24. JL Brown Jr says:

    If these damn democraps don’t drop it, there will be a full on blown civil w a r, they did nothing when obama was trying to destroy our countty, but now that we have a fighter, I’ll side with the president, I’ll have his back and defend our country with any possible weapon. These damn people just said last night that the will lower the host speech. If they keep up this we will give them a full on fight they won’t like, we can hit our targets

    1. No name nut case says:

      And this time, if it happens, one won’t be able to tell which side a person is on. No uniforms. It will be a different kind of war.

  25. Dudley Hill says:

    She is a big chested gold digging nut case!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. cpwill63 says:

    Nancy Pelosi should watch out because their are people going after her and she might be impeached because the American people want her out of office. So watch your self you may beat Donald Trump and be impeach for not doing your Job. To busy crying about everything you are a real piece of Shit.

    1. No name nut case says:

      How about San Fransisco voting her out? Oh, I forgot, San Franciscans are so far to the left they are about to fall off of the planet.

      1. woodrocket says:

        If they go any farther left they’ll drown……

  27. Taz says:

    We need to establish a Conservative Coalition for Congressional
    Inquiry and Investigation for the express purpose of producing intelligence to be used to impeach all lying liberal democrats (lying liberal democrats is a bit redundant). Pelosi and her ilk are crooked and criminal; they need to be impeached and then prosecuted for any and all illegal activity they have engaged in.

    1. No name nut case says:

      This is a good idea except for one thing. There is no intelligence in the Liberal party. That said, there is a lot of criminal activity.

      1. RightWriter says:

        There’s also no Liberal Party in this country, at least not a national one. There IS, or used to be, a Liberal Party in Great Britain, back in the 19th century a great party and actually more conservative — in our sense of the term — than the “Conservative Party” of the same era. But the UK Liberal Party got in bed with the Socialists (Labour, or Labor, Party in the UK) and began to collapse (warning to Americans who want to stay a Democrat but move LEFTWARD: you may want some small leftward adjustments, but the people who WIN that battle will be the OUTRIGHT, UNABASHED SOCIALISTS. So be careful!)
        Anyway, since WE worry mostly about AMERICAN political parties, you can probably relax about the “Liberals.” They don’t actually EXIST.

    2. No name nut case says:

      I would vote for that!

      1. RightWriter says:

        Having different opinions on public policy is NOT a crime. Political differences are crimes ONLY in places like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and China. Do you REALLY want to put the United States on THAT list of countries that don’t allow their people — or their elected officials — to make up their own minds? That’s EXACTLY what you’d be doing if you used impeachment for “lying Democrats” because YOU think their opinions are lies. (I think so TOO, but I understand the difference between a FREE SOCIETY and a DICTATORSHIP. Do YOU?)

    3. RightWriter says:

      Voting wrong is not “crooked and criminal”; it’s NOT “illegal activity.” It’s being a Democrat. And sadly, there’s NO LAW against THAT. Members of the House and Senate can NOT be impeached for LYING, because the House and Senate consider THAT a problem for the VOTERS to solve it they want to (with the sort of term limits known as ELECTIONS). Senators or Congresspersons can only be impeached for CRIMINAL ACTIVITY like rape, murder, or STEALING from their office accounts (even then, the Ethics Committee usually just urges the member to RESIGN and face the music in the judicial/legal system).

      What’s worse, if they WERE impeached, they COULD NOT BE CONVICTED and REMOVED because THAT takes 67 VOTES in the Senate, and thanks to our purist bloc (the folks who will only vote for the PERFECT conservative, who doesn’t even EXIST), Republicans have only 52. See the problem?

      Political differences are crimes ONLY in places like Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and China. Do you REALLY want to put the United States on THAT list of countries that don’t allow their people — or their elected officials — to make up their own minds? That’s EXACTLY what you’d be doing if you used impeachment for “lying Democrats” because YOU think their opinions are lies. (I think so TOO, but I understand the difference between a FREE SOCIETY and a DICTATORSHIP. Do YOU?)

  28. Reverend1 says:

    Piss on Pelosi

  29. Joel Goodman says:


  30. No name nut case says:

    These jerks are trying to circumvent the wishes of the citizens of the United States!! It angers me more than I can express that our own legislators have become communist strong arming jerks who don’t care what the voters want!!!! I wonder if they realize that there will an election coming up in which THEY can be voted out?! I wonder if they will ignore the wishes of the voters if THAT happens! I’m sure they don’t think that can be possible, but they have to realize that it took more than just the Republicans to get as many votes as Trump got!! Some of the Democrats had to vote for him, too! Do they realize how this is going to make their own feel who voted for Trump? They just may become less in relevance than they are now!!

  31. Bob says:

    Where was this asshole when obama, Holder, Lois Lerner and HRC were shredding the constitution? How about when obama used executive privilege with Eric Holder to keep him from getting into trouble over his crimes against America. I didn’t hear any impeachment noise when obama lied about the health care bill to the public or the giveaway to Iran. These people need to get therapy. Trump won the election and they are doing their best to keep him from governing. The only thing worse than the dems obstruction is the lying done by the media. They need to have their journalistic privileges suspended until they show they are worthy of them. They have become a group of one world order enablers. They care only about the agenda of people like Soros and the group that is pushing his agenda like McCain and Graham among others.

    1. No name nut case says:

      I agree with you but they don’t need therapy. They know exactly what they are doing. They are trying their best to get rid of Trump. I believe that they are afraid of him. And, yes, what they are doing IS the formation of the One World Government.

      1. woodrocket says:

        They DO need therapy,{being true believers}, they really think that anyone who opposes them is evil.

        1. No name nut case says:


    2. RightWriter says:

      Let me set straight a couple of points.
      One, there WAS talk about impeachment when Obama lied about the health care bill or the giveaway in Iran. The Republicans DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH VOTES to carry an impeachment resolution in the House, never mind conviction and removal in the Senate. We learned the HARD way (in ’98) that there’s NO POINT in pursuing impeachment if you can’t SUCCEED — it just makes the other side angrier and causes “undecideds” to take the side of the president, because if he wasn’t removed he can’t be so bad (goes the thinking).
      Two: who’s going to suspend media privileges? The reporters work for various publications or TV/radio/internet services, most of them run by people who are ON THEIR SIDE, nOT OURS. If they were going to suspend ANYONE’S privileges it would be those of the few journalists who are on OUR side, or neutral. The House and Senate media galleries give press privileges to anyone who has a letter saying his/her boss saying “this person works for us.”
      Three: STOP RAGGING ON McCAIN AND GRAHAM. WE DON’T HAVE TO LIKE THEM, BUT WE NEED THEM, because the alternative would be DEMOCRATS who would NEVER vote our way (Graham and McCain do at least SOME of the time). When we control the Senate by TWO VOTES and the House by 23, we CAN’T AFFORD to demand that all our members think EXACTLY the way WE want. The Republican Party is a BIG TENT, and we have room for a LOT of people who don’t always agree on everything — in fact, WITHOUT them we WOULD NOT HAVE A MAJORITY AT ALL. In that case, we’d NEVER win. As it is, we CAN win because we control the committees and the leadership, and McCain and Graham vote with the GOP AT LEAST 60% of the time — including most important votes. So, while it would be NICE to think we could get along without them, WE CAN’T, unless we want to LOSE CONTROL OF THE SENATE. (McCain and Graham ARE our two vote margin — without them, CHUCK SCHUMER would be Senate leader. Is THAT what you want? Are you THAT STUPID?

      1. Bob says:

        Look wingnut: I voted for McCain just for the reasons you have stated. I had to hold my nose and close my eyes, but I did vote for him. My point is that this is a never ending show. They will go from one issue to the next and if there is no issue, they will make one up. Trump should be able to get his agenda through the process, but I fear that McCain, Graham and others don’t want to see any change to the status Quo as it will lessen their influence on legislation. We need to replace them with people who will back Trump on the issues and stop bringing up these distractions.

        1. RightWriter says:

          Why am I a “wingnut” when we’re pretty much in AGREEMENT?
          Look, John McCain is 80 AND in poor health: how much longer do you think he’ll be around (and in the Senate)? I’d guess he will come WAY short of completing his current term. So quit worrying about HIM — he isn’t likely to do Trump or anyone else much more harm.
          Lindsey Graham is only 61, which means he COULD be around longer, but the fact is, he’s always been either John McCain’s junior sidekick or a cipher. There are two kinds of “mavericks” in politics: genuine nonconformists who go their own way (McCain pretty much fits this model) and those who just TALK a big game but don’t DO much. I’d put Graham firmly in THAT category. And if McCain dies or retires, Graham
          will literally disappear into the woodwork.
          Besides, complaining about them accomplishes NOTHING. They’re fixtures in their states, and NOBODY is going to beat EITHER of them for the Republican nomination. That means that, until they retire (or die) THEY’RE HERE — and if you REPLACE them it WILL BE WITH A DEMOCRAT. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THEIR SEATS IN THE SENATE, PERIOD, NO MATTER HOW INSUFFERABLE McCAIN or GRAHAM MAY BE. Believe me, not only would a DEMOCRAT be AT LEAST as hard to stomach, but losing EITHER seat would COST US CONTROL OF THE SENATE and we’d NEVER GET ANYTHING DONE TO IMPLEMENT THE TRUMP AGENDA. So take a deep breath and tell yourself “This guy too shall pass, eventually! We NEED his SEAT, so we can PUT UP WITH HIM!”

  32. John Trenter says:

    Well we already know that Ms. Pelosi is either/and mentally ill and racked with bitterness and hate. We the people need to find a rest home for her.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Better yet, let her find and pay for her own rest home! She has been mentally disabled for a LONG time!

  33. twspears6007 says:

    Lets see impeaching President Trump without proof is like giving a drunk driver a a ticket before he takes a drink. Sorry Pelosi no evidence no impeachment more of your pass it and then read it mentality. Time to leave for your retirement.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Pelosi needs a straight jacket and keepers.

  34. Ted says:

    What has Trump done to deserve impeachment? He is doing remarkably well considering the democrats actions. They should go about their business of helping Trump rut the country instead of trying to put roadblocks in front of him on everything he tries to do. This will be remembered when election day rolls around again.

    1. No name nut case says:

      He has done nothing to deserve impeachment. The party trying to impeach him needs to lose their supporters. They have to consider that to get as many votes as he did, some of the Dems had to vote for him. Do they REALLY want to make them angry and possibly lose them forever? It would be justice, though.

  35. polly says:

    Really they do not only look unhinged they are unhinged.People just pray because truth and righteousness b will always overcome

    1. No name nut case says:

      Righteousness doesn’t always overcome. Think about all of those graves with people who were Christians and killed for their faith and all of those people who have been beheaded for their faith in the last 50 years. But the bible says that there is a reward for those who are beheaded for their faith.
      Don’t get me wrong, I DO believe that God and those with him will win out in the end.

  36. Phyllis Schultz says:

    They don’t need to do anything else to make them look unhinged. It’s been obvious to many of us that the liberals are completely deranged. Their behavior has been irrational since the day Pres. Trump said he was running. They have made it very clear, they would rather see America destroyed, than work for the good of the American people, by working with the Pres. Everything they have done and are doing is subversive. These are the people who need to be kicked out of government, not the Pres.

    1. No name nut case says:

      I guess their constituents need to vote their sorry butts out of office. Otherwise they won’t get anything done other than badmouthing and trying to subvert Trump and everything he tries to do!

  37. kathy says:


  38. Lee says:

    Nancy, if you don’t get control of your flock you will have problems in 2018. Think that 2014 and 2016 were bad for the Democratic Party. That will be nothing to what happens in 2018. We the right have seen you as you are and we don’t want you. If you learned anything from the last election, we are the silent majority!

    1. RightWriter says:

      I was (and am) a Trump supporter, but I think you need a little clearer look at what happened in 2016. Yes, President Trump won — or anyway, he won the ELECTORAL vote, which is what matters. He LOST the popular vote by about 3 million. AND…Republicans lost six seats in the House and two seats in the Senate (retaining a majority in both houses, but a slimmer one). So claims that we are “the silent majority” may be a LITTLE premature. We have a president NOT elected with the popular vote and very narrow margins of control in the Senate and House — in BOTH cases ONLY with the help of those Republicans you probably classify as RINOs.

      The good news is that because of the Obama victory in 2012 and the number of Senate seats it brought with it, Republicans have only 8 seats up for re-election, while the Democrats have 23. That makes it VERY hard for the Dems to pick up much ground in the Senate. (In the House, of course, ALL 435 seats are “up” in every even-numbered year.) So, assuming we don’t start killing our own in divisive primaries between perfect and not-quite-perfect Republicans (and then LOSING the general elections because “perfect” to US may NOT be “perfect” to ALL voters!), we should pick up some ground in the Senate and at least hold our own in the House.

  39. Suze says:

    So much for Pelosi’s prayer that Trump’s presidency will succeed! What an old crooked hypocrite that woman is.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Do you really think that she and God have anything in common?!

  40. Crystal says:

    All those who are trying to impeach Trump need to be gotten rid off, they’re completely useless to the American people, and they’re so busy being Anarchists, that they’re not honestly earning their paychecks!

    1. RightWriter says:

      What have you in mind? Slaughtering them in the streets?
      And incidentally, the LAST thing they are is “anarchists” — an anarchist is someone who believes in having NO GOVERNMENT AT ALL, sort of an extreme libertarian. The people on the left, trying to impeach Trump or not, believe in BIGGER government, not NONE of it.
      Unfortunately, too, they may not DESERVE their paychecks, but many are earning VERY BIG ones anyway.

      1. COMPU-TRON says:

        I thank you for your level-headedness.

        1. RightWriter says:

          Thank YOU. I get really upset by so many of the folks one meets on boards like this, who seem to have snoozed ALL THE WAY through school from middle school civics to college level without learning ANYTHING about how our government WORKS. Especially at a time like this, we NEED to know, and all we do is give the liberals ammunition (sometimes literally — the shooting on Wednesday at the baseball practice hit me VERY hard because I consider Steve Scalise a friend!) The DUMBER WE look, the easier the liberals will find it to beat us in future elections, assuming we’re lucky enough to HAVE some. But then I meet nice folks like YOU and I feel a little better! 🙂

          1. COMPU-TRON says:

            I was saddened to hear about the shooting – sorry for your friend. I consider myself a liberal – though I am registered independent and would not have voted Democratic in this election were it not for Trump. But I am also heartened to see a nice guy on these boards who is willing to discuss our gov’t rationally, even with opposing points of view. One thing I’d like to mention is that, though the shooter worked for Bernie, most people liberal and conservative alike, are horrified by this – it was a crazy person, just as there have been many over the years who affiliated with all political points of view. I look forward to VOTING my conscience (without violence but instead obeying the rules of good citizenship) and knowing there are those on the right who have the same principled point of view. Cheers.

      2. Crystal says:

        I don’t know why you would assume “Getting rid of them” meant killing them. If they’re not doing their job of serving the American People, then who are they serving? Themselves… So they don’t deserve to be paid, agreed?

  41. Robert Cowger says:

    I stand firmly by Donald Trump as President. The democrats are fools and will lose in the next 20 years of elections from idiots such as this.

    1. No name nut case says:

      You have to realize that people actually VOTE for these morons! These voters have to be missing a few brain cells.

  42. help_us_survive_this says:

    Personally I feel Nancy Pelosi obstructs justice on a daily basis so she does not have any room to talk. Further her pal Barack has obstructed justic on 7 occasions presently verified by government investigators – time to drop the hammer on him. Other liberals and the press have done crimes that are yet unanswered. Time to drop the hammer on them. Seems like the ones with their pants down point tat others first and squeel the loudest. If the shoe fits wear it.

    1. No name nut case says:

      I can’t figure it out either, unless they are collecting about three tons of evidence to produce at the trials.

  43. Kissingfan says:

    Pelosi is one nut job. She needs to resign or retire. Either way, it is time for her to fade back into the California San Andreas Fault.

    1. No name nut case says:

      It would be better if she fell INTO it!

      1. woodrocket says:

        Been there, it’s kind of pretty. Why would you want to ugly it up?

        1. No name nut case says:

          I’d just let the people who vote for her worry about it. Lol!

          1. woodrocket says:

            Some fool tremor might puke her back up………imagine…OH THE HORROR!

  44. MILES E DRAKE says:

    It is clear that the terrorist organization formerly known as the Democrat Party intends to spawn one preposterous canard after another and hatch one grossly unethical and obviously rigged and partial investigation after another until the legitimately-elected president can be driven from office or until a violent revolution followed by a bloody political, cultural and racial civil war, which has already been planned by The Mongrel and The Drunken Lesbian Witch and paid for by Nazi kapo Soros, can be launched. It is clear after yesterday that the party of Marx, Mohammed and Murder will stop at nothing to seize power and complete the installation of a one-party peoples republic that was only stopped at the last possible moment by the great victory of November 8, 2016. We may well have to find a Franco or a Pinochet to put these satanists, socialists and sodomites where they can no longer hurt our republic. We should begin by comprehensively defeating each and every member of this violent communist front, beginning with the Tinseltown talmudist being parachuted into Georgia by Malibu and Manhattan decadents and degenerates.

    1. No name nut case says:

      Afterward, we need to remove obstructionist laws which prevent people from having “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

  45. Jozef Oravecz says:

    Let the Nut Job Nancy cause Huge Damage to the Democrats. I hope this causes folks to wake up and toss her and her Liberal Friends out of office in 2018.

  46. big KAhuna says:

    We should not allow anymore investigations
    Into finding collusion with our president and the Russians. All previous investigations yielded nothing and have only served the Democratic parties efforts to slow down and disrupt/obstruct the efforts of our president ( this must not be rewarded). The president alone without the support of his cabinet and his voting public will be helpless. To prevent the runaway left from continuing their damage. I say that Sessions and the Republican Party must stand up against these actions. The Republican Congress must get some balls and shut down this rediculous investigation Now( they have the power)! Mueller is bringing in a lot of Clinton loyalist to be part of his team- unacceptable ( stacked deck), and Session better show some Indictment capabilities soon or he is on my shit list. The Dems are conducting Impeachment proceedings in Congress ( Sedition/ Treason).Our Republican Congress must sign a document with all Republicans supporting killing any attempt by the misguided Dems to disrupt and or impeach our president ( won’t happen we have already voted). Schumers and Pulosi should be indicted for initiating these actions ( Sedition/ treason) They should also mandate Taking the fight to them which is where we must go — Again Sorros, OBama, Clinton’s, Rice, Comey, Jerry Brown, Immanuel, etc etc are all part of the corruption/ collusion. Oversight committee for media must be put in place – listening to lies and their promotions of treason over our airways must stop now ( goes far beyond freedom of speech). Inaction is our enemy- remember evil never sleeps.

  47. Jeffrey Revers says:

    I think that the Democrats have lost their ever loving minds, what little they had to start with. All this is about is that Trump is getting things done when they all have their hands in the pockets of some pretty bad people. They are going to go down in history as the most TREASONOUS MORANS IN HISTORY.

    1. woodrocket says:

      As Mr. Reagan once said,”I was once one myself,” and “I didn’t leave the democratic party, it left me”

  48. Linda says:

    These Republicans better start backing our President and his policies or maybe the people of this country can find some new conservatives to replace them. We need conservatives to tell the Democrats they are in the majority, and either get on board, which they won’t, or step aside.

    1. RightWriter says:

      The Republicans — with rare and isolated exceptions on specific votes — ARE backing trhe President and his policies. But the Republican Party is NOT a POLICE STATE like the Democrats — WE ARE INDIVIDUALS and individualists, and not every Republican agrees on every issue. Nearly all Republicans in both Senate AND House vote with the party 70% or more or the time, which — considering each member MUST represent his/her district/state and the voters back home — is VERY good.
      We can tell the Democrats “we’re in the majority, so get on board or step aside” every 5 minutes of every day. THEY REPRESENT THE PEOPLE IN THEIR STATES OR DISTRICTS, who are mostly NOT REPUBLICANS, and the Dems VOTE WITH THEIR CONSTITUENTS. That’s called representative government — BOTH parties do it.
      What we need to do is ELECT MORE REPUBLICANS, INCLUDING — and this is VERY important — Republicans YOU or I might not think are pure enough, or pro-Trump enough. We NEED those moderate Republicans because THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH STATES OR DISTRICTS for ONLY CONSERVATIVES to win. If we elected ONLY the PURE, we wouldn’t have enough votes to block ANYTHING the Democrats wanted to do. (I worked on staff in a Congress like that — 305 Democrats and 140 Republicans — it was a NIGHTMARE. We couldn’t win even a resolution celebrating the 4th of July. WE DO NOT NEED THAT AGAIN, EVER.) So we HAVE to elect Republicans who aren’t perfect, or even very good — because the ALTERNATIVE is a DEMOCRAT who will be even worse!

  49. John says:

    President Trump doesn’t belong to the democrat/socialist party. He is being made an example of for any future individual that thinks he can help set the American economy and government straight. The lousy bastards will harass anyone of good intentions and try to drive him nuts. I hope they met their match with Trump. Tell any Trump hater that they are the one’s that are nuts!

  50. bearone7777 says:

    This guy of course is supposedly a BLACK DEMOCRAT—–Oh how stupid they have become over the yrs. and more fitting of the now more familiar name that I created for them, THE PARTY OF NAME FREEBIE–[DEMONS]–PARTY!!!

  51. Phyllis Handkins says:

    To the demobrats (spelling intended) that think voting on an impeachment will make you look unhinged – you haven’t been looking in the mirror enough. Nancy, go home! You look like a Cro-Magnon cave dweller with all of the face lifts and botox. it didn’t help!

    1. No name nut case says:

      Love it! LOL!

  52. Chuck says:

    If NIt Wit Nancy and the Democrats pursue Impeachment of our President; The Democratic Party is doomed in 2018 & 2020. Go ahead Nancy; destroy your party! Get some mental help!

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      We can’t wait until the elections if they try to impeach him. Do you understand that his impeachment is an overthrow of our government? Don’t you understand that the threat of impeachment is the threat or promise of our doom? Doesn’t everyone who talks about voting the Dems out in 2018 is just turning our country over to them? The time for playing nice is gone. The time of obeying their demands is gone.


  53. Lindy says:

    While President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared
    Kushner has been taking heat from liberals and the media for allegedly
    suggesting “back channel” communications with Russia during the
    presidential transition, reports have surfaced that Trump’s predecessor
    also thought a back channel was necessary.

    Except for President Barack Obama’s administration, it wasn’t just a
    suggestion, as the group actually had a secret communication line with
    Moscow that it used to discuss Russian operatives attempts to infiltrate
    U.S. election software, according to Bloomberg.

    In its efforts to deescalate the cyber threat, the Obama White House
    used what has been called a cyber “red phone,” which wasn’t actually a
    phone at all, but instead was a secure messaging channel designed to
    send urgent messages and documents between the two governments.

    Three sources close to situation told Bloomberg that in October,
    after a series of attacks on several state election systems, the White
    House reached out to Moscow on the back channel to offer evidence of the
    hacking and to warn Russian President Vladamir Putin that the attacks
    could cause conflict between the two countries.

  54. Maria castro says:

    And may I ask what our courageous republicans doing? Praying to be able to keep their investments in “green” technologies and going lunch/dinner courtesy of a lobbyist. They make sick!

    1. woodrocket says:

      Maria, you have a point, at least the democrats get paid up front.

  55. Karma says:

    Trying to impeach trump wont make the dems look unhinged..they do a very fine job of showing themselves just as they are, completely unhinged, without bothering trying at impeachment of our president..

  56. KDS says:

    There are so many Democrats from Obama on down that should have obstruction of Justice charges leveled against them it’s insane. Yet not a word about their lousy performance in the affairs of government. There candidates even manipulated the system like mob bosses laundering money, suspects of murdering people, you name they’ve done it.

  57. Kevin Leclerc says:

    ALL Demoncrats have to Leave America NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Demoncrats to be IMPEACHED !!! BY ‘ WE THE PEOPLE ‘ !!!!

    1. RightWriter says:

      Pardon me for saying so, but that’s ABSURD.
      1) WHAT LAW or Constitutional provision gives you (or me, or Donald Trump, or Barack Obama or ANYONE else) the right to tell AMERICAN CITIZENS that they have to leave the country — because of the political party they belong to?
      2) And IF we did somehow manage such a thing, HOW WOULD WE PREVENT THE DEMOCRATS FROM COMING BACK after the next election and BANISHING ALL REPUBLICANS? You think they’ll never win another election? Don’t COUNT on it!
      3) There is NO mechanism at all for “impeaching” people who do not hold public office. In fact, only CERTAIN people who DO hold public office are subject to impeachment. AND I HATE TO TELL YOU, BUT “WE THE PEOPLE” HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IMPEACHMENT. Period. Ever.

      The process for impeachment (and more importantly, conviction and removal from office) for the President (and by extension for lesser officers) is outlined in the Constitution — take a look at Article I, Sections 2 and 3, for the process as followed by Congress, and Article II, Section 4, for the President’s side of it. There’s a lot more, too, in the U.S. Code.

      The Constitutional standard is that officers of the federal government may be impeached for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” (though it doesn’t define the last). Essentially, the HOUSE may bring a “bill of impeachment” against a president or other official who has committed just about any “crime” the House deems an “impeachable offense.” And it only needs 51 votes to pass.

      BUT…AFTER a president (or other official) is impeached, the bill of impeachment goes to the Senate, where a TRIAL is conducted with the Chief Justice presiding. AND IT TAKES A VOTE OF 2/3 OF THE SENATE — 67 MEMBERS — TO CONVICT AND REMOVE THE OFFICIAL FROM OFFICE. There has NEVER a vote of 2/3 of the Senate to convict or remove ANY President (a few lower officials who were plainly guilty of actual crimes have been removed, but the two times when a President faced the trial, he was acquitted. And, as I said, “WE THE PEOPLE” ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS.

      Learning a LITTLE about our Constitution is, or should be, the duty and obligation of EVERY American. We can hardly hope to play a role as informed and intelligent citizens, especially at times like these, if we don’t know how the hell the system works. YOU appear to have ZERO understanding, and some truly ridiculous ideas as well. My suggestion is take a course, or read a book, or just give up on the idea that you will ever be an intelligent voter.

      1. COMPU-TRON says:

        Thank you. Do people not realize politics is a series of cycles????

  58. Richard M Myers says:

    Nancy Pelosi and her gang should have charges brought against them for treason. trying to over through an elected government. It’s their relentless onslaught of hate and bashing, along with the media, that caused the shootings at the ball park this week.

  59. Kevin Leclerc says:

    ALL Demoncrats have to Leave America NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All Demoncrats to be IMPEACHED !!! BY ‘ WE THE PEOPLE ‘ !!!!!!!

    1. RightWriter says:

      There is NO WAY to “impeach” all Democrats — or to force them to leave America if they don’t want to go. And it’s a good thing, too, because if it WERE possible, the next time THEY win an election (and it WILL happen, maybe even soon) THEY would force US to leave, instead.
      That’s WHY we have a Constitution and the rule of law — so that idiots can’t pervert our system to turn it into a weapon to use against one group of people. I’m just sorry to find that so many of the idiots are on OUR side — I had hoped WE were SMARTER than that!

  60. Gay Phillips says:

    Go right ahead. You are swaying decent people to the right in droves. We don’t talk much, we just vote. And now nearly everybody is tuned into the fraud squad, so half the electorate will be watching.

  61. David McAllister says:

    What a useless, un-American asshole.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      I assume you’re talking about Pelosi.

      1. David McAllister says:

        Absolutely .

  62. Moe says:

    Impeach Trump is only a way to prevent him from helping the Anerican people and being re-elected. These morons still do not get it, we are pissed at lying sneaky Obama. We want Trump to fixed what Obama broke. I order to harm the nation. We could not impeach Obama since we feared the minorities might rise up? Do they honestly expect us to accept the word of people who protected a pathological liar and I each someone who wanted to help us? The secret deep state, the fifth column, the media conspiracy to destroy Trump and worship Obama might create a situation they never dreamed possible. We tired of their bullshit, Obama was a criminal and there is loads of evidence to prove it. We accept you gave him a free pass, but if you destroy trump without real evidence there will be an explosion, Obama created this powder keg, thinking he got one over on the people.

    1. No name nut case says:

      No, he doesn’t want to be back in office. He just hates Americans, and especially WHITE Americans!!

      1. Elaine Blackman says:

        I’m not sure that he doesn’t want to be back in office, but what he wants is a stepping stone to ruling the world through the NWO / OWG globalism.

        1. RightWriter says:

          Well, you needn’t worry about Obama wanting to be back in office. Even if he DOES (and I suspect he’d be much more interested in running the NWO or maybe a US-Europe union of some sort), it’s not possible.
          After Franklin Roosevelt was elected to a FOURTH term and then promptly DIED (he’d been ill for years, but never admitted it was serious), Congress passed and the states ratified the 22nd AMENDMENT to the Constitution, which says very clearly: “No person shall be elected to the office of president of the United States more than TWICE” (emphasis added), and then goes on, a lot LESS clearly, to deal with partial terms: “(N)o person who has held the office of president for more than two years of a term to which another person was elected President shall be elected more than once. (In other words, if a VP takes over on the death or resignation of a president, he or she can serve a full two terms ONLY if they succeeded to the presidency in the SECOND HALF of their predecessor’s term. This puts a maximum of ten years on the length of time ANYONE can serve as president, regardless of circumstances.)
          So even if Obama WANTED to run for president again, he could not do it. Thank God!

          1. COMPU-TRON says:

            He could run for the Senate!

  63. Da Mama says:

    The Dems don’t want their wrong doings to see the light of day with the pedophilia, etc. They know Trump is determined to make them all accountable, including Hillary. They will do whatever is necessary to stop him.

  64. philla12 says:

    Shut up, Nancy, and start doing something to build this country up instead of tearing it down.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      That goes against her agenda. She and the other globalists were so close to destroying our country, they can’t let President Trump succeed at correcting anything they’ve undone to our constitution.

  65. tim says:

    democrats are cowards because a republican is doing good they got to try to get him out of office well what do you know democrats at their best saving a destroyed country to be the same instead of fixing the problem that is normal for them all the crap that the democrats do we leave them alone and say nothing but no more

  66. Jim Mills says:

    So all of you are so blinded, if the people allow the few democrats get their way then America is done, rest are followers doing the dirty work. Hell do you think the shooting yesterday was plan, bet it was to caused chaos within the ranks and that is just a theory. Gunman could have easy kill many congressional leaders, but why didn’t he seem he knew the location, who was there and pick a target. Just seems odd with high power rifle and not hitting a target unless he was just a bad shot, besides he had a death wish thinking he was going out alive. Hats off to the Capital Police. This is do that Trump put a damper in their plan because he was elected, and they want him out, so they do not want him going after Hillary, maybe Obama and Lynch plus many more. All because Trump is not one of the them, they are the swamp and ARE very bad for America. Sit back, listen to the Reddick that is going on, sad that our children have to see this and what do they have look forward to? Democrats like ones listed above and Schummer are very treasonous and making up these false claims as well some Republicans and few others Independents all run by Fake Pelosi and Schummer. Pelosi such a kiss ass do you remember seeing her on Trump first day in the Oval Office. She is Medusa in modern times. America it is time to wake up and stop re-electing these bamboos. Time for a Reset. Time to they get to business at hand and get to work all this is stalling so they do not pass any bills. Russia right such a joke and they are toying with us. Remember one thing and Obama was good at this, causing Chaos so you the voter takes YOUR mind off what really needs to be done. Happens all the time. Impeach Pelosi and others who are wasting our time and not focus on America. Pelosi wants to be Kevin Spacey, lol.

    1. No name nut case says:

      The Left have been doing this kind of thing for a long time but they are getting more and more bold about it. Everyone knows why they do it. They are obstructionists and they are as crooked as snakes. They want to prevent Trump from being able to get anything done so that they can badmouth Republicans. The left is great at creating a crisis where none exists! I think they are now running off their own voters. Who wants to be connected to anything so corrupt and crooked? Who wants to be named with a party which does nothing other than whine and bellyache and commit crimes or near crimes? They accuse Trump of collusion with Russia without an ounce of proof! They are wanting to impeach Trump, but they have NO proof that he has done anything illegal or immoral. This is getting old! It is pure obstructionism! The only cause for it is that the Dems want to stop Trump from having a successful presidency and they want to prevent him from revealing them for what they are!

      1. Elaine Blackman says:

        It didn’t take a big percentage of this type to become the Nazis of Germany, though.

        1. woodrocket says:

          One just might note that the NATZIS were the National Sosocialist party. And in addition, it did take a plurality,(and a few backroom deals,) to bring them to power. This is what we fight against!

          1. Elaine Blackman says:

            You’re right. There was a plurality. There were lots of backroom deals. There was a lot of brainwashing with drawings of the “evil Jews” and then the attacks on the Jews. The attacks are now on Christians and anyone conservative.

  67. peacefulwhitesupremist says:

    This is a probing action, The Dem’s have no chance right now, but they think they can take the House in 2018.
    Choose yur side

    1. No name nut case says:

      Giving a bible verse a little twist: As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and vote Trump.

    2. Elaine Blackman says:

      This is NOT a probing action. It never has been for them. They think that we will continue obeying the law and letting them run over us, after all, George Soros has hired all of those agitators / commies and they’ve suffered no consequences to speak of. Those actions were the probing to see what they could get away with as if they’re little children having tantrums.

  68. FallingRoc says:

    I must’ve been taught different years ago in school…
    I was taught that Americans were INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY!!!
    This also includes the President!!!!
    After all this time there is STILL NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING!!!!
    This is WHY the statue of Justice has a blindfold on!!!!
    STOP THIS INSANITY!!! The Democrats ARE acting as being TOTALLY INSANE!!!
    We now KNOW what it was like in America BEFORE the Civil War began!!!!
    This is NOT going to end well…
    I urge everyone to PREPARE for the HARD TIMES ahead…
    Preserve and Defend the Constitution…
    Semper Fi

    1. peacefulwhitesupremist says:

      Why are brand new AR15s less than $400.00?
      You need to get you one.

      1. FallingRoc says:

        Somehow you seem to think that I am not prepared… I am…
        What I am urging is for everyone else to get themselves prepared!!!
        Good luck to you and your family!!!

  69. Southerngirl says:

    Let the STUPID Democrats keep on investigating Trump. Let Mueller lead this special investigation. Mueller and Comey are BEST FRIENDS and have been for a long time. It’s ONLY making the Democratic Party look more UN-Hinged. And Mueller and his LYING-LEAKING friend Comey; have made a LAUGHING STOCK of our Federal Bureau of Investigation.


    Comey said there was NO collusion between Trump and Russia. But the DEEP RED STATE can’t handle the TRUTH.

    NOW; Mueller and a few handpicked Democrats that were Clinton supporters are NOW investigating Trump for “Obstruction of Justice”. If they CAN’T find ONE thing; then they just move on to something else. If I were a Democrat; I DEFINITELY wouldn’t be one any longer. They are doing NOTHING but just trying to keep LEAKING all these LIES now. By doing this; they are doing nothing but wasting more and more of taxpayer’s money while they just sit back and trying to “BLOCK EVERYTHING” President Trump is doing to MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. But so far OUR President has been busy doing the things he promised. And he continues to make the Democratic Party look “WEAK AND STUPID”. They don’t have a clue as to what they are doing or what OUR President is doing to HELP our country. They are ALL wrapped up in trying to find ANYTHING they can to try and IMPEACH President Trump.


    1. No name nut case says:

      It is total obstructionism! But you know what the worst part is? Where are the REPUBLICANS???? Why don’t the Republicans bring charges against the left???? Are they going to just sit around and let the left run Trump ragged? I think we need the Reps to get their butts and into gear or take them out of office the next election! Get someone in there who will do what they were elected to do!!!
      I am really getting tired of the bull—-!

      1. RightWriter says:

        What charges would you like the Republicans to bring — and against WHOM, since “the left” is just a trifle amorphous? Someone has to have DONE something ILLEGAL, or appear to have done something illegal, to be charged with ANYTHING. Right now the Justice Dept. was concerned about the reports (which have proved to be baseless) of collusion between someone in the Trump campaign or Trump White House, so they appointed a special counsel. Since the “collusion” is going nowhere, special counsel Mueller is now looking at possible — NOT proven, just alleged — “obstruction of justice” in Trump’s firing of FBI Director Comey. The Constitution ALLOWS a president to DO that, so THAT charge isn’t going very far, either. But Mueller has a staff of ONE HUNDRED high-paid attorneys looking for a “crime” they can prosecute, so….

        Meanwhile, any move the Justice Dept (which would do the “bringing charges” for the Administration) to start a case against any notable Democrat would be assumed to be RETRIBUTION, so it would end up hurting the Republicans more than any Democrat charged. (That’s one of the worst effects of the special counsel process.) And ONLY THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT can bring charges for federal crimes, so state-level attorneys general or US Attorneys who are champing at the bit CAN’T DO ANYTHING.

        1. Elaine Blackman says:

          Saying he “hopes” that an investigation won’t go any further is even remotely suggesting obstruction of justice is absurd!!

          What crimes have been committed? Take your pick!! Benghazi, Fast and Furious, trading a deserter for 5 Gitmo terrorist leaders without congressional or senatorial approval and conducting warfare on a country for the same reason!! How about putting someone on a presidential ballot without ever vetting them with their records sealed, a SS # belonging to someone who was from CT and died about the time he obviously got his SS # or who had gone by multiple names and then lied about it?

          You portray yourself as the voice of reason and knowledge, but you say just enough to obfuscate the truth, IMO.

          1. RightWriter says:

            I agree completely that NO crimes have been committed by President Trump or, possibly excepting Gen. Flynn, anyone else in the Trump administration. But you’re mixing in the crimes committed by the PREVIOUS administration — which ARE numerous — aren’t going to be pursued by the Special Counsel, whose mandate is to INVESTIGATE the TRUMP team. I’d LOVE to see, and hope eventually I WILL see, those Obama-team crimes investigated and prosecuted, but this ain’t the time. It IS frustrating, for sure.

          2. Elaine Blackman says:

            You’re right. I got carried away thinking of all the crimes committed by the last “administration” and the AUDACITY for them to say that there was anything done by President Trump.

  70. CALVIN says:


  71. Simon says:

    Pelosi made this speech in congress disparaging Republicans, about something they said after the shooting of the baseball practice. This big mouth woman has got the nerve!! Her the lier, corrupt and backstabber, dares to call ANYone down. This ignorant person should shut the fuck up.

  72. donaldbreaux says:

    When this is finished Pelosi and the whole damn Buch will all pose in their Orange prison jump suits!

  73. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Anyone ever hear of the democrat party organizing a job fair? A ghetto revitalization initiative?.. A jobs skill training partnership? Anything resembling anything positive?

    1. RightWriter says:

      Good point, but in fairness I don’t remember many instances of Republicans doing that kind of thing — AS the Republican Party — either. Political parties are organized to do POLITICS, not charity. Actually, the annual Congressional Baseball Game between Republicans and Democrats — which this year got a LOT more attention than usual, as you will have heard — is the RARE exception, one event that both parties take part in to raise funds for several DC charities (National Children’s Hospital among them). There are probably similar events at the local level here and there, but mostly political parties stick to doing political things.
      There ARE, however, surveys that indicate that Republicans DO more work for charity, and contribute more money to worthy causes.

      1. Elaine Blackman says:

        What he’s talking about is programs through the government, like with HUD now that Dr. Ben Carson is over it. The job fair isn’t charity, either, from what I can tell. It’s about getting jobs and people needing work together.

        1. RightWriter says:

          With all the stuff going on this week (including a good friend of mine, Republican House Whip Steve Scalise, almost getting killed, I haven’t been paying attention to Dr. Carson’s efforts at HUD. In the PAST, job fairs there or at other agencies were, in fact, “cooperative” efforts to bring together employers and job-seekers, as you suggest. They ARE charity in that they’re not being run for profit, and usually the people helping run them are either genuine volunteers or were…shall we say, “drafted” (the Secretary’s office of the department where you work asks you to kick in four hours, or whatever, on Saturday, to help with the job fair, you’d better have a GOOD reason for saying “Sorry, can’t do it!”)
          I do recall Reagan’s HUD Secretary, Sam Pierce, getting his staff to organize one or two similar efforts, plus a “housing help” day where staff helped local citizens find appropriate (read: affordable) housing. I have NOT been paying close attention since,, but I don’t RECALL anyone else running similar programs — BUT THEY MAY HAVE DONE IT. There are also similar initiatives occasionally at the Departments of Education and also Health and Human Services; again, I haven’t been keeping track. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  74. quelque chose says:

    So much for bipartisanship. Shortest truce in American politics. We knew it wasn’t going to last long.

    1. woodrocket says:

      What truce?

      1. quelque chose says:

        The thirty seconds of good will that was displayed on the House floor last Wednesday. You had to look quick. We knew they wouldn’t make nice for the good of all Americans. Nacillia von Pelousy won’t allow it. Keeping a civil tongue in their unprepossing heads is never an option.

  75. M. D'Souza says:

    Has Nancy Pelosi gone power-crazy? She wants to snatch back the Speaker’s gavel by hook or by crook.
    It’s time for Nancy to retire. She talks incoherently whenever she speaks about impeaching Pres. Trump. Where was she during the past 8 years to talk about impeachment, when BHO was ruling the place like a 3rd world dictator???

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      The agenda of the globalist NWO showing its ugly head.

      As Pogo said, “I’ve seen the enemy and it is us.”. (The radical DNC)

  76. Alleged Comment says:

    Yet they never EVER showed any interest in removing the NEGRO SODOMITE who neither qualified nor legal to be “president” and in fact, was a Moslem communist racist radical usurper.

    Something Trump never was or will be. Yet, they cry out night and day for this highly qualified man and American patriot to be removed from office.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I rest my case. That Demoncraps need to be IMPEACHED or EXPELLED as COMMUNIST committing a treasonous act on this country.

    Then the capitalist police must arrest them and their negro sodomite Moslem SOB son.

  77. Admiral says:

    I believe that Pelosi and those just like her (most of the libtards) need to be escorted out of the senate and house (where ever they are) and sent somewhere, anywhere and out of the USA’s hair. She is about a worthless, ignorant POS. And those that hang with her are no better. That whole party should be eliminated and members sent home. For what they want to do to the country, for what we have put up with between idiots like her, Killery and more. Can you guess what would have happened if we had gone after that dam stupid Obuttjoke as they have gone after Trump? There heads would have exploded!.
    I am so sick of their stupid s***! They obviously want the country to cease to exist. Something must then be done to stop this kind of insanity!. They do not think anything Obuttjoke did was bad, which shows how ignorant and anti-american they are. Think about how much could be accomplished if they all worked together !? We might actually be able to defeat ISIS and Killery!, once and for all!!
    This is such a sad state of affairs for our country to have to deal with. But, remember, WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH BAD, SAD, DESPERATE TIMES BEFORE! AND WE HAVE ALWAYS PERSEVERED! THE QUESTION IS HOW MANY YOUNG LIVES MUST BE ELIMINATED TO DEFEAT THESE PEOPLE? ALL OF THEM?? I hate seeing, hearing, knowing about more young lives being killed in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan. It isn’t fair to the young men and women we have lost, not fair to their families-their parents, husbands, wives, children. Someone has got to pull their head out of their ass and THINK about what is happening. I refuse to lose any young lives in my family-my daughters-a marine, and air force veteran, my grandchildren for these selfish, ignorant ass holes-like Pelosi and her band of ignorant followers. I support Mr. Trump for sure, but having to battle these idiots at home do not help him defeat our other enemies. Pelosi and her “buddies” ARE OUR ENEMIES. They should be eliminated, and btw, WHO IN THE HELL KEEPS VOTING THESE LOSERS INTO OFFICE?? OTHER ANTI-AMERICAN LOSERS.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      Including the illegal invaders they keep protecting because they know that’s their main voting block.

  78. 1josephg1 says:

    This just goes to show the depth of corruption in dc. The swamp rats all know if they don’t get DT out. “THEY” are in a world of crap. Go DT.

  79. jong says:

    So nasty nancy is going to impeach Trump on a charge that has no evidence at the start since no one has ever proven the Russians have done anything and that Trump obstructed justice by interfering with this investigation that has no merit in the first place. Wrap them up and put them in Gitmo to be forgotten about until the can at least make some sense.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      She is being a terrorist, isn’t she?

      1. jong says:

        In this case like many the whole of the DNC is a terrorist organization

  80. Duane says:

    Pelosi and the Democrats must start respecting the office of the president. Trump won the election fair and square. The rhetoric about impeaching President Trump and burning down the White House must stop. Pelosi must respect the president and demand it of her party. She cannot play innocent of this Republican killing.

  81. Gene A Daniel says:

    hell voters why wasnt illigitamit ibama impeached instead of trump. The dems have this all backwards. All the dems are crocked as hell. All the demo members of congress and senate knew obama was a fake and should have not been in office as president,but no they looked the other way. just plain crocked as hell

    1. RightWriter says:

      The reason Obama wasn’t impeached instead of Trump is simple. WE DIDN’T HAVE THE VOTES. If your party doesn’t control the House of Representatives, there is NO WAY of getting a Bill of Impeachment passed, which means there is NO WAY to proceed to conviction and removal from office by the Senate. And if you don’t have pretty close to a 2/3 majority (67 votes) in the Senate, you can kiss the hope of conviction and removal goodbye. THAT is why NO PRESIDENT has ever been convicted & removed from office, and only two have ever even been impeached.
      We didn’t have the votes to even impeach Obama, and the Democrats won’t have the votes to convict and remove — and probably not even impeach — President Trump.
      I don’t think the Democrats were looking the other way: they saw Obama as a Democrat who could WIN and that was all they CARED about. So they backed him, and got their money’s worth — except Republicans took over Congress after just 2 years and after that almost everything Obama DID had to be by executive order, and thus easily undone.

      1. Elaine Blackman says:

        When did President Trump get impeached? “The reason Obama wasn’t impeached instead of Trump”? I also thought that the RNC had control of both houses now, so how is it that there’s even talk of impeaching President Trump since this is obviously known among politicians? Does that mean there are some RINOs in the HR who are going to jump ship? I know about the RINOs in the HS. And then the 2/3 majority in the HS? Why is the RNC even allowing this VERBAL TERRORISM to continue?!!!

        I think you told me about the Freedom Caucus last year, didn’t you? So you’re probably on it. I was called yesterday for donations for the RNC. Until and unless, the RNC starts standing WITH our president and our country, I won’t contribute ANYTHING!! I told the fundraiser that the last time they called and the RNC doesn’t seem to care about the country any more than the DNC!!!!!!

  82. mary murphy says:

    I am so sick and tired of everyone obstructing President Trump in his quest to give the people of this country back their country! I was NOT a big Trump supporter, but I give him credit in trying to do what he said he would do! Thank God, he has proven that “politician” is NOT a profession, and I do believe that the founding fathers who formed this government that has allowed this country to be the “shining country on the hill” (slight change in the quote) expected men and women who wanted a better life, to be pre-eminent in the governing of this “for the people, by the people” country, be they farmers, business owners, teachers, lawyers, or whatever, to govern this great country!

  83. usn says:

    They already look unhinged.

  84. Luke says:

    I hope the liberals continue their quest it’s a sure way to defeat these unhinged rabid nuts especially like this California fruit congressman in 2018 and 2020….

  85. jepressman says:

    The Democrats believe that pressure from a Mueller fishing expedition will anger the President and he will take action against Mueller for said action. Mueller and Comey are well acquainted and maybe plotted out this scenario in advance,afterall this is the Washington swamp we are talking about. It also keeps a lot of lawyers employed.

  86. Tins17 says:

    They’re losing their minds because
    President Donald is draining the
    deep state swamp. vast corruption.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      Exactly. They’re like cornered animals cowering in the corners. They can pounce, but they can’t win!

  87. Jack Montalto says:


    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      Right. After the shooting in Alexandria, VA; Pelosi said it was time for our country to come together. She never tells the truth. The only way she meant for it to come together is her way as well as the rest of the tyrannical, commie DNC members. Her party’s rhetoric is probably the most responsible for the shootings there, but she’s too blind and / or ignorant to see it and accept responsibility.


      We conservatives are tired of capitulating to the tyrannical ways of the unlawful and illegal. God will give us the victory or He would not have given us the miracle of President Trump’s win instead of the demonic HRC and radical communists who wanted her in.

      Don’t Tread on Me!! Remember Benghazi!!

      It saddens me so much that our country is in this situation, but my ancestors fought for this country and it seems that another revolutionary war is what they’re aiming for. It won’t be a civil war because it will be our country fighting for our freedom and our rights to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  88. marlio says:

    This will never happen and we need to focus on all the crimes hillary and obama have committed. They tried to destroy this country but we are too strong. Nancy needs to take her wine and go home and Congress needs to do the job of serving the people instead of playing games and holding dog and poney meetings for something which never happened!!!!

  89. John says:

    fuck these ignorant Dems they are fucking nuts all of them

  90. thomas says:

    because the DNC Progressives lost huge in the Election of 2016 running Hillary Clinton ( 2 time loser) Democrats are fringe NAZI-COMMIES in behavior wanting to prove anything against the Republican President Donald Trump. DEMOCRAT’S now appear to the Citizens as Rabies infected wolves ? NO one can support the DNC mind set any more gone completely insane.

  91. thomas says:


    1. RightWriter says:

      First, she’s NOT in the SENATE. She’s a member of the House of Representatives. Combining “Senate Congress” as if they were one body is just plain IGNORANT.
      Second, unless Nancy Pelosi commits murder in front of witnesses or is caught selling classified documents to, say, Iran, THERE IS NO WAY YOU OR I CAN GET HER REMOVED FROM THE HOUSE. She would have to be RECALLED by her own constituents and — see if you can get your tiny mind around this concept — THEY LIKE HER. They’ve been RE-ELECTING HER FOR THIRTY YEARS (since 1987), and they’ve had several elections in which they COULD have replaced he withv someone equally liberal and a lot more attractive. THEY KEEP ELECTING NANCY, suggesting that they DON’T WANT to kick her out.
      But she’s 77, and as you can see looks even older; it IS likely that she won’t hang around TOO much longer. (Actually, reapportionment after the 2020 census may eliminate her district, or incorporate enough of OTHER districts that she’d have to start again with brand-new constituents. That’s VERY hard for an older member to do, and often a sign that it’s time to RETIRE.)
      That said, THERE IS NO WAY UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION TO REMOVE HER IMMEDIATELY, and the California Constitution and laws won’t help, either. Try READING the Constitution, for heaven’s sake — it’s like a USER’S MANUAL for your new cellphone.

      1. Elaine Blackman says:

        Yeah. You’d have thought that about Strom Thurmond, too. 🙂 His last election, he was running for the “longest record” for a senator. 🙂 This was after having gotten in by write-in ballots for “term limits”. 🙂 Funny, huh?

  92. badbob85037 says:

    It just shows democRats don’t know squat about the Constitution they swore an oath to defend. And as far as pelosi goes she has shown to know nothing about anything and everything. One of the most stupid Representatives in Congress goes a long way when you consider she is one of their leaders. If you want to end this blinded stupidity without a bloody revolution change the requirement to vote from age to IQ. By tomorrow the democrat party would be done. The day after that the repugs would be next.

  93. wharfrat says:

    Pelosi is so mellow dramatic,studdering and stammering and shaking her hands like she is having a stroke,she has to prove Trump broke the laws and should be Impeached, she can’t, but she is getting points at being a corrupt Democrat by running her mouth and making a fool of herself.

  94. johnnywoods says:

    These Democraps need to grow up and deal with the fact that they lost. They are being so childish and should be ashamed of themselves. Deal with it and move on as we conservatives had to do when the Community Organizer was twice elected with the Affirmative Action Program

  95. David in MA says:

    Democrats are the lowest of the low. With all the chit Obama pulled their going after Trump over nothing.
    IF Mueller is fair in his invest, the democrats will have more to fear than Trump ever could.

  96. Roger says:

    Impeachment is a fucking joke! Good God what could President Trump have done, he has only been President for 4 months! This is nothing but the democrats licking their wounds because Donald Trump made them look like about a bunch of stupid looking monkeys!

    President Trump is so right so often about so much, that it is unbelievable! He is an unstoppable genius!
    Sixteen Republican challengers couldn’t stop him, the lying, fake news mainstream media couldn’t stop him, adversaries in his own party couldn’t stop him, the Democrats and Hillary Clinton with her underhanded cheating and doing everything she could to rig the election including being fed the questions likely to be asked before the debates, couldn’t stop him and no one is going to stop him!
    President Trump did more in his first eight days than Obama did in eight years!

    You stupid fucking democrats it is time to stop this stupid asinine crap, you were elected to support the President and serve the people, now do your damned job or resign!

  97. Rodger K. Shull says:

    pelosi an this sherman , needs to be investigated an IMPEACHED, along with warren an waters, on corruption an the list gets very from there.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      You can’t impeach Waters. don’t you remember her saying “YOU CAN’T IMPEACH ME,I’M A WOMEN OF COLOR” ?

  98. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    Our President hasn’t broke any laws but these haters of the democrats are the ones who are guilty of many things.AMERICA WILL FALL IF THE DEMOCRATS EVERY RULE US AGAIN.

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!

  99. Barbara Lewis says:

    I just wish pelosi and her cronies would just GO AWAY. You are stirring up more poop and stink than is necessary. You know the old saying THE MORE YOU STIR POOP THE MORE IT STINKS, well you are headed in that direction. President Trump has tried to help this nation but you want none of it. SHAME ON YOU ALL.

  100. Steve Terrill says:

    Kelly, you need to go back to grammar school and learn the real meaning of “bombshell.” Pelosi has been saying this for almost a month now. Nothing new, quit trying so hard to manufacture news, you are starting to sound like the MSM.

  101. oldk says:

    They do not have the votes. this is politics at its worst as it tires to negate the will of the people and the Constitutional process of the election.

  102. graybuffalo says:

    …And the reason for impeaching Trump is???? Because you don’t like him and you lost power??? Barack Obama DID commit 25 impeachable offenses. Trump NONE.

    Obama’s impeachable offenses

    1. Obama’s Iran nuke deal

    2. Obama knew about Hillary’s private email server

    3. Obama IRS targets conservatives

    4. Obama’s DOJ spies on AP reporters

    5. Obamacare & Obama’s false promises

    6. Illegal-alien amnesty by executive order

    7. Benghazi-gate

    8. Operation Fast & Furious

    9. 5 Taliban leaders for Bergdahl

    10. Extortion 17

    11. ‘Recess ‘ appointments – when Senate was in

    12. Appointment of ‘czars’ without Senate approval

    13. Suing Arizona for enforcing federal law

    14. Refusal to defend Defense of Marriage Act

    15. Illegally conducting war against Libya

    16. NSA: Spying on Americans

    17. Muslim Brotherhood ties

    18. Miriam Carey

    19. Birth certificate

    20. Executive orders

    21. Solyndra and the lost $535 million

    22. Egypt

    23. Cap & Trade: When in doubt, bypass Congress

    24. Refusal to prosecute New Black Panthers

    25. Obama’s U.S. citizen ‘hit list’

  103. David Ormsby says:

    If the Democratic party thinks it has problems now, just wait until they try to bring up a vote on impeachment. Mr. Trump probably should close his twitter account, but he’s been basically correct on most of the things he has said (his phones tapped, voter fraud, etc). His description of the Russia probe is most likely correct also. Oh…I forgot that i got a Hallmark card from Vlad asking me to vote for Donald.

  104. Deanna Sharp says:

    nancy pelosi is the worst person to be in office or have a say but impeaching trump is the Democrats worst nightmare as he is the first president to have any guts to put down the greedy fools and their office of terror for America. They are greedy to distructing to Americans. May God Put them down one by one to their disgrace

  105. Donna Cassidy says:

    why can’t we as conservatives work to get this idiot Nancy kicked out, and the rep. that are trying to kiss the demos butts taken down. IF the flakes are going to continue to try and Continue to Destroy OUR country, lets put up a united fight and shut them down? I don’t know the laws so i am asking the question to see if there is any way for us to shut up the flakes once and for all so we can get back to running America again.
    Trump has done nothing wrong, only thing he has done is try to do what he said he would..and every step of the way you have these snot nose babies interfering…WE need to shut them down. IF your not for us it seems to me you would be against us. And i am using “us” as the American people.

    1. RightWriter says:

      OK, let’s have a little civics lesson. Some of this applies mainly to Nancy Pelosi, since she seems to be the burr under your saddle, but the SAME RULES in general apply to EVERY Senator or Member of Congress.

      The only people who can retire Nancy Pelosi are:
      1) Nancy Pelosi herself; it’s called “retirement” and it COULD happen, she’s 77 and obviously NOT in the best of health;
      2) the voters of Pelosi’s district, who are free to end her career in any election they wish (but probably won’t: they’re just as liberal as she is and they really LIKE her being their representative (and anyone they elect in that district is likely to be JUST as liberal as Nancy P.);
      3) (* this applies to California members, but not necessarily all others; depends on their states).: the Congressional map-makers, who after the 2020 Census will be faced with having to re-draw the California* map with FEWER districts. This is ALWAYS a tough task (really!), and it gets TOUGHER all the time because the Courts are constantly adding requirements for new districts — which sometimes contradict one another. That makes it FUN!
      Because of a loss of population in Northern California, it’s possible Nancy’s district may be ERASED completely, or combined with another nearby district, perhaps a LITTLE less liberal than hers. NONE of this will be clear until early 2022.

      These rules apply to all states. Senators, of course, are elected statewide, so they don’t have to worry about redistricting (those Congressional maps); all states with more than one member of the House face “redistricting,” but it creates problems only in larger states with numerous districts and likely losing (or gaining) more than one. California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and one or two others may lose seats; Texas, Florida, and a whole bunch of middle-sized states will likely gain 1 each. Usually the changes in district lines are modest and don’t make much difference, but the Supreme Court has put its oar in the water again this year and is demanding super-human exactitude in making districts equal in population and drawn so as to “discriminate” against NOBODY.. VERY hard to design such precisely egalitarian districts — and risky if ONE FAMILY moves, it could mess up the WHOLE map!

      But what you have to keep in mind is that YOU and I may think Nancy Pelosi is a raving maniac, and radical liberal to boot, and we might want her (and all those like her) GONE. But the people who live in those districts — who ELECTED the representatives and senators like Nancy — LIKE THEM. If THEY had the opportunity, THEY would boot out all the members of the Freedom Caucus or whatever conservative group YOU like. So you’ll NEVER get a Congress that fits YOUR idea of perfection (and I won’t get one that fits MINE). Fortunately, the liberals won’t, either. THEY will have to put up with far more conservatives than they want.

      Also keep in mind: Members of the House or Senate who “match” their districts or states well in terms of being liberal or conservative DO NOT USUALLY LOSE THEIR BIDS FOR RE-ELECTION. They may retire; they may die (they’re all human, just like the rest of us), and sometimes they get screwed out of their districts in reapportionment. But they seldom just LOSE, because they wouldn’t have gotten elected in the first place if their districts didn’t reflect their views — or THEY reflect their districts.

      Hope some of this helps.

  106. cyh045 says:


    1. RightWriter says:

      The only people who can retire Nancy Pelosi are:
      1) Nancy Pelosi herself; it’s called “retirement” and it COULD happen, she’s 77 and obviously NOT in the best of health;
      2) the voters of Pelosi’s district, who are free to end her career in any election they wish (but probably won’t: they’re just as liberal as she is and they really LIKE her being their representative (and anyone they elect in that district is likely to be JUST as liberal as Nancy P.);
      3) the Congressional map-makers, who after the 2020 Census will be faced with having to re-draw the California map with one, and possibly two, FEWER districts. This is ALWAYS a tough task (really!), and it gets TOUGHER all the time because the Courts are constantly adding requirements for new districts — which sometimes contradict one another. That makes it FUN!
      But it’s likely Nancy’s district may be ERASED completely, or combined with another nearby district, perhaps a LITTLE less liberal than hers. NONE of this will be clear until early 2022.
      Anyway, nobody else can “retire” Nancy, so YOU should get out of the make-believe world of Washington (if there’s one thing it’s NOT, it’s “make-believe.” It’s ALL TOO REAL.) and face facts: Members of the House or Senate who “match” their districts or states well in terms of being liberal or conservative DO NOT USUALLY LOSE THEIR BIDS FOR RE-ELECTION. They may retire; they may die (they’re all human, just like the rest of us), and sometimes they get screwed out of their districts in reapportionment. But they SELDOM lose. Thinking otherwise is visiting — a make-believe world.

  107. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    They are active sedition planners and someone should explain to them the punishment is death for those who are charged with sedition. These people are pure outlaws who will receive the full weight of the 2nd amendment upon their heads should they attempt to remove a lawful elected President, these bastards are the enemies of the USA and nothing more and every last sane American should understand what they are dealing with and democraps like pelosi and the rest of those scum bags, all I can say is bring it on you bastards if you want to finally get put in the proper place in history. There are millions and millions of American war veterans who are fed up with you bunch of low lives who are no more than pure gutter rats trying to steal a nation, I don’t think we will allow you to do that today or any other day.

  108. jimmy9522 says:

    I had learned to ignore the stupidity of the liberals until they started shooting.

  109. cathylovesyou says:

    Brad Sherman? Who is he? Why is he living in America. He should move to San Francisco which is out of the country next door to Nancy the kook. Communist never seem happy always with that stern look.

  110. Deborah Pratt says:

    So, what we’re hearing now is—-no matter what American citizens wanted by voting Pres Trump into office, these people in the Democratic and Republican parties can over-ride and have him impeached??!! Do I have that correct?? I was under the ‘delusion’ that they were supposed to be representing the ‘will’ of the people, not advancing their own agendas!! As far as I’m concerned, this just ‘screams’ that–once again, Pres Trump is totally correct when he says all this is just a ‘witch hunt’!! I, for one, will not tolerate it!

  111. Jeronimo Dan says:

    If self impeachment was a source of getting rid of Trump, Pelosi would have been gone years ago. Not going to happen, but we can keep praying the democrats keep up their nonsense.

  112. US Patriot says:

    Arrest all these Anti_Trumpers and charge them with Sedition! This is the most outrageous, illegal coup against a US President I have ever seen in my lifetime! Obama should have been impeached his first year in office and he should have been arrested for all of his illegal and unconstitutional acts committed against America and the people! This is the Global Elite and the most corrupt group of politicians who are trying to pull this off! Arrest all of them!

  113. Amanda Clement Barber says:

    Impeach him for what? Winning?. Do you honestly think the Republicans are going to sit on their butts and do nothing?

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      Maybe they don’t and that’s what they’re counting on. The DNC has no chance of winning, though.

      1. RightWriter says:

        Let’s HOPE. IF the Dems hold off until after the 2018 election, and the Democrats win big, they WILL have enough votes to impeach — and maybe to convict and remove as well. The questions are: will they hold off until 2019?; and will they GAIN seats or LOSE some? Given that they can read a calendar just like we can, I don’t expect them to go ahead NOW, when achieving impeachment is virtually impossible.

        1. Elaine Blackman says:

          I was talking about a “civil war”, which is what I assumed Amanda Barber was saying. If the DNC tries to usurp our legal government, there will be no choice but all out civil war since it would mean the end of any hope of a constitutional government ever again.

        2. RightWriter says:

          The DNC would only be fighting a POLITICAL war. They’d never be involved in a civil war, because they’re such a bunch of snowflakes none of them could FIGHT.

    2. RightWriter says:

      Now THAT’s an idea! Impeach all WINNERS. (NOT!) 🙂
      Seriously, how far an impeachment effort can go depends on WHEN the Democrats try to do it. In the current Congress (2017-18) or the next (2019-20)?
      * In the current Congress, they’d never get a majority in the House to vote for impeachment, so it’d be dead at the starting line. BUT…
      * IF Republicans screw up and lose control of the House in the 2018 election (which COULD happen, most likely if we insist on having “pure” conservatives running even in districts where pure conservatives CAN’T WIN) , the Democrats in 2019 WILL be able to pass an impeachment resolution. THEN…
      * A new Senate, also elected in 2018, will have to deliberate, hear the evidence, and eventually vote on whether to convict or acquit the President. We have a built-in break here: while Republicans have only a 2-vote majority in the Senate NOW, only 8 Republicans and 23 Democrats are “up” for re-election in 2018. With those odds, we will almost CERTAINLY pick up at least a FEW seats in the Senate that convenes in 2019. Enough? Will they be real Republicans, or “pro-impeachment ringers”? THAT’s a question we can’t answer now.
      * The Senate would have to vote by a 2/3 majority — 67 Senators — to convict the President, voting separately on EACH article (assuming there’s more than one) of the impeachment. IF the President is convicted on EVEN ONE article, he is immediately REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Only if he is acquitted on ALL charges can he remain in office.

      No president has ever been impeached, CONVICTED and REMOVED from office. We’ve had two presidential impeachments (Andrew Johnson in the post-Civil War era; all HE did was appoint a Cabinet which included some Southern sympathizers) and, of course, Bill Clinton in 1998 (I really don’t feel like rehashing THAT, but if Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr had gotten his head out of Clinton’s admittedly…er, interesting…private life and focused on his POLITICAL misbehavior, we might have brought him down. But Monica couldn’t do it.

  114. BamaFan says:

    I’m wondering HOW in the world the Democrats could appear MORE unhinged.. than they already appear??

  115. Euclid22 says:

    The following is Federal Law
    455. Disqualification of justice, judge, or magistrate judge 28 U.S.C. § 455 – U.S. Code – Unannotated Title 28. Judiciary and Judicial Procedure

    (Any justice, judge, or magistrate judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.)

    (He shall also disqualify himself in the following circumstances:) 
    Where he has a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party, or personal knowledge of disputed evidentiary facts concerning the proceeding; 
    (Where in private practice he served as lawyer in the matter in controversy, or a lawyer with whom he previously practiced law served during such association as a lawyer concerning the matter, or the judge or such lawyer has been a material witness concerning it;) 
    Where he has served in governmental employment and in such capacity participated as counsel, adviser or material witness concerning the proceeding or expressed an opinion concerning the merits of the particular case in controversy; 

    He knows that he, individually or as a fiduciary, or his spouse or minor child residing in his household, has a financial interest in the subject matter in controversy or in a party to the proceeding, or any other interest that could be substantially affected by the outcome of the proceeding; 
    Robert Mueller is being asked by President Trump’s lawyers to disqualify himself because of his previous ties to the key witness against the President of the United States

    1. RightWriter says:

      But Mueller is not a “justice, judge, or magistrate judge,” and to the best of my knowledge is not covered by the citation you included in your post. Am I wrong on that (I’d love to be wrong, as I think the whole “special counsel” and “special prosecutor” business is extra-constitutional, if not blatantly UNconstitutional).
      Is “his previous ties” sufficient to force him to disqualify himself? Doesn’t that depend too much on the judge(s) who hear the case? Damn, I wish I’d paid more attention in Constitutional Law! (But then, it was nearly 60 years ago, and how much would I remember?)

  116. J. Ernst says:

    Barry Soetoro-Ohbama used the IRS to:
    1. PAY HIS VOTERS OFF by allowing the IRS to be DEFRAUDED (meaning OUR Tax Returns) by handing out tax returns to either NONEXISTENT “people” or through Identity Theft…WITHOUT RECOURSE!!!
    2. Intimidate/AUDIT those of U.S. who organized to dismantle his fraudulent, anti-constitutional actions via PACS and newsletters,
    3. AUDIT Individuals who, as private citizens, supported these “conservative organizations of hate-mongering” (nice touch when the IRS had the audacity to state that in memo’s),
    ALL without ANY OVERSIGHT of the IRS via the DOJ!!!
    It was a free-for-all for EIGHT YEARS!!!
    And it’s NOT OVER until these IRS Officials are brought in for investigations.
    And the laws created during our first CESAR’S REIGN continue today…without recourse. The free-for-all handouts continue.
    The RESISTANCE to President Trumps ATTEMPTS to stop the FREE-FOR-ALL INVASION of illegal’s will continue BECAUSE THE federal Judges are complicit in the monies garnered and distributed to ILLEGAL ALIENS so as “to not rock the economic boat” in Sanctuary Cities and their STIPENDS FROM the federal government. Their economies would be in dire straights without federal handouts to said cities!!!
    The REAL MEASURE of an administrations actions ARE TO DE-FUND “programs” that do U.S. HARM!!!
    It is ALL SIMPLE economics with complicit rulings from the COURTS!!!
    Get rid of the FUNDING and get RID of the JUDGES that don’t CARE about U.S.!!!

  117. Danny F. says:

    These ass holes are still after 7 mouths wanting to do away with our presdent when its them who need to go is there away that you can inpeach a conguess person there are a few who need to go all democrats.

    1. RightWriter says:

      A Congress person can be impeached (as can a president) for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and it’s pretty clear that was intended to mean actual criminal activity like a member killing his/her wife/husband/kid or maybe selling classified govt. documents to the North Koreans. The rules are the same as for impeaching & REMOVING a president: impeachment requires only a majority vote in the House, but then the bill of impeachment goes to the Senate for a trial, with the Chief Justice presiding. SIXTY SEVEN VOTES (2/3 of the Senate) are needed to convict; IF the Senate convicts, the individual is removed automatically. Getting that 2/3 vote in the Senate is next to impossible, though, unless there are eyewitnesses to a member murdering his/her spouse or he/she is caught with the classified documents and instructions on where to leave them for the foreign spy to pick up. In other words, NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN.
      Usually, when a Senator or Congressperson is caught doing something likely to get him’/her impeached, he or she will resign and “return to private life.” Beats having one’s name splashed all over the media, DAILY, for a year or more!

  118. ARVIN says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD NOT BE IMPEACHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE MUSLIM PRESIDENT SHOULD HAVE BEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. These IDIOTS are asking for another Civil War!!!

  120. granny_forUSA says:


  121. Scarlett Ronwood says:

    who is going to remove the crazy trlic from the congress?? she is out of her mind and makes no sense when she talks..time for her to go away!!

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      Neither do Schumer or Waters.

    2. RightWriter says:

      You’re right about Nancy Pelosi not making sense, but it’s not likely ANYONE will remove her until she dies or removes herself by retirement (one other possibility: see below). Her district is one of the 3-4 most liberal (radical) in the country, and the voters who ELECT her LOVE her. So she can probably get re-elected as long as she runs — we’ll see how long THAT is.
      One bit of hopeful news, though: Nancy’s district MAY be erased, or combined with another district that’s maybe a little less liberal than hers, in 2022 (after the 2020 census). THAT might propel her into retirement, or possibly allow some other Democrat, maybe even one a little less liberal, to beat her. But NOBODY elected in that area in the foreseeable future is going to be MUCH less liberal, because the VOTERS aren’t.

  122. Gary Smith says:

    Pelosi is a senile old nut job

  123. cp123 says:

    Time to take this country back for the people. Marshall law.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      Marshall law isn’t what we need. That’s what the DNC wants. Is that who you represent because you don’t say who will take it back for which people? We aren’t a “united states” at all right now.

  124. Joe Daniels says:

    guess they want a war for sure cause thats what will take place


    Clinton balanced the Federal budget. Something Reagan and Bush couldn’t do.

    1. Elaine Blackman says:

      And the budget was never even voted on under Obama. He just took whatever he wanted, tyrant that he is.

  126. Buster says:

    I think all of the Democrats should be fired from office

  127. granny says:

    There is nothing new ( to me) about the political scene today) The left is composed of those who care only about themselves and have nothing to offer for this country or others. Speaking sincerely, not sarcastically, Hillary is insane and those who promote her are using her to get what they want for themselves. Pelosi is flat when she speaks and looks as if no one is inside. It is well known that she is a heavy drinker and only out for herself. Chuckie is not a statesman. He will be on the side of anyone who pays well. The Clinton cartel has always gotten rid of anyone who they fear can expose them. It’s time for Mc Cane to retire and stop thinking he has earned the right to think for 30million people. I’d like to see Paul Ryan voted out as Speaker. The so called, Elites are cowards who act as if they are in control, but fear loosing their hold on the money and power they think they have. We now have a president who cares about this country and wants to help everyone succeed. If the haters win we will go back to the dark ages. I believe there are more sensible, good people who will come out on top. I don’t hate the haters. I feel sorry for them as they are destroying themselves. I’m not a Republican or Democrat. I am an American and believe in those who are REAL AMERICANS. I’m only one person and have one vote, but it is as powerful as anyone’s…except those in the graveyards who vote for democrats.

  128. Jerubbesheth xx says:

    Commissar Sherman is a f-in moron. The corrupt commie Democrats are going to trigger a 2nd American revolution.

  129. myfordtruck says:

    Trumps not going anywhere maybe a bunch of democrats will be

  130. Richard Hennessy says:

    Pelosi is simply looney-tunes. She lives in a dream world of her own making.

  131. Denise Garceau says:

    The Pelosi segment is what made the Democrat party defunct….this article tends to prove that they have become totally unhinged.

  132. thomas says:

    RightWriter Paul Dragotto • ; First You think your smart butt it’s your ASS kicking you back each time. Nancy Pelosi is a State Senator elected in the State of California is a Progressive DNC Nazi-Commie Screw off. She can be removed from being a State Senator ( this has happened many times over our past with such peoples like herself) She is a State Senator in the Senate .She is NOT in the House of Representatives these elected positions are separate to the HOUSE. Second read your Government Hand Book explaining Separation of Powers. Obviously YOU are not up to speed on how Washington really works ? Ousters of members of the Senate do occur and are with or without citizen / constituents input. Sorry you feel as if you knew anything at all however you too come off as a DNC Progressive Nut Case. Kiss Hillary Clinton’s big huge Ass play dead for her.

  133. frankspeak says:

    they’re pinning their hopes on impeachment..and barring that 2018..but attempts to force one may undo the other..of course the health care issue may alter that equation..

  134. GRAMPA says:

    What laws are broken by ether party. none. the efforts of the Democrats have slowed down the recovery of our nation. this in itelf isnt a crime but it does give the citizen that is close to loosing everything because they cannot find work that will support a family. how many family’s are now split and lost homes and carriers because the places where they had god jobs folded because of draconian regulations and advantages given to forign nations. we can point the finger at no other but government. I will include both parties for a president isnt a king and he cannot pass laws or legislation. he has been allowed to expand regulations that have harmed our economy. You can call me raciest if you wish but as our second president of mixed race he has ruined this nation. what is evident the republicans were as responsible as he because they wrote the legislation that provided him path to expand his powers. Again I call for a change in the presidency to remove their ability to expand their own powers. we must remove the power from both houses the power to remove a sitting president. this power must stand with the people and the people alone. government gets its power directly from the citizen and because it does can never have more power than we.

  135. chuckie2u says:

    Maybe someone should investigate her and see where she got all her money.

  136. Arizona Don says:

    There are no grounds for impeaching President Trump. None whatsoever! Furthermore, the republicans control both houses of congress how can Pelosi think they can get a two thirds vote? First of all what crime has been proven against President Trump? Just name one that is not untrue innuendo and fake news. Many are hoped for but none exist in the real world.

    Compared with president Obama, President Donald J Trump looks like a deacon of the church. Obama is not just corrupt to the core the core was/is corrupt as well.

    Barack Obama had several offenses he possibly could have been impeached over and was never touched because of his so called democratic support. Just to name a few Fast & Furious (people died and charge could have been obstruction of justice), Benghazi (people died same obstruction of justice) and the IRS scandal (republicans were harassed for years could also have been obstruction of justice). There are others. However, the democrats see the republicans as a party without the will to stick together and to a degree they are correct. It seems the republican party has been infiltrated by communists just as the democratic party has been just not to the same degree. McCain and Graham are two very good examples.

    Two presidents have been impeached Andrew Johnson who took over when Lincoln was assassinated and Bill Clinton. Neither was removed form office. Both democrats but then that is not amazing is it? Anyone who studies such things should know if Andrew Johnson was not removed form office no president ever will be.

  137. Melvin Echelberger says:

    The Liberal Democrats/career Politicians that alway say things that doesn’t offend people so they get votes just can’t stand not have one of their own career Politicians in as President that speaks his mind and can’t be bought, owes nothing to big money contributors. It has never been that way.

  138. tCotUS says:

    Lets take a vote on wiping out Mexifornia…………..Permanently

  139. Donald Lindsey says:

    Democrats are increasingly demanding Congress impeach Donald Trump. But the real truth is that the Radical Liberal Socialistic Democratic Party are the ones that congress should be investigating on grounds of TREASON/TERRORISM.

    For they along with Barack Obama did set, still are financing them with tax money, still protecting and covering up, and most of all Arming the over 36 Muslim TERRORIST TRAINING CAMPS they have set in across the USA.

    And the Radical Liberal Socialistic Democratic Party should be punished with Obama to the fullest and harshest degree of the law for TREASON including HANGING.

    And still every one of these TRAITORS are still free in the Government, where is the Justice for WE THE PEOPLE and Veterans and those that are proudly serving today?

  140. jcb says:

    Concerning polls…dont assume that polls are correct. They are manipulated. I had a call…but caller hung up when I didn’t answer questions that were on the liberal side.

  141. Jan says:

    the democrats are trying to pull a coup on our president, I think they are going to find that will be a terrible mistake, we will not stand for it. they will all have to leave the country if they keep this up the American people is not going to stand for this other countries might but we will not and they had better get this understood.

  142. Boomer 11 says:

    Soon now, I expect the democrats to call for a special prosecutor to investigate the special prosecutor. I wonder why we even vote. We have a house full of do nothing but call out each other and waste tax payer money. Nothing of any substance is getting done to move our country forward, improve our economy, lower taxes, or drain the proverbial swamp. Why? If the losing party (democrats) want to obstruct the Trump administration, they are doing so at the cost to the American people. We are slipping into a third world environment we may not recover from. I can’t imagine any prudent and/or rational individual advocating violence or treasonous acts to further a political agenda. What have we become, and where the heck are we going??

  143. Kirk Kahler says:

    no laws have been broken and the left knows this but they keep pushing ! they lost and now they are trying every thing to keep there power and money and there jobs ! team trump will win in the end and every day that the left keeps pushing this crap more and more of there followers are jumping ship ! there party is a mess and they just don’t see the damage that they are doing to them self’s ! getting behind the corrupt Obama/Clinton/msm cartel is killing there party even though the MSM is not reporting on all the crimes the left has done and is doing will not help save there party ! there is just so much hate and corruption in there party and the people are slowly seeing for them self’s the miss deeds, lies, fake news and corruption and don’t want any thing to do with it ! the left wants every one to answer to them they want to be god on every thing tell you how and what to think how rise your kids what church you should go to pay for all the illegals with your money that to live with terror is the norm and the list goes on and on and the people are sick of living like this and the last eight years have proved that and that is why trump won !

  144. barbarakelly says:

    Guess what pelosi —your going to hell for all your actions. YOu have been going against everything of GOD. Your a mean and despecable human being. Your negativity oozes out of your mouth and body when you speak. Go get lost.

  145. jwalters51 says:

    no it is time to impeach the democrats starting with Obama, Clintons, Peloski, Schumer and anyone else in that line. I would suggest they get on with brnging this country back to the American people because the majority of us are getting pretty tired of this petty stuff. We voted him in , the American people not Russia so don’t try to remove him.

  146. Hildegarde says:

    Comey and Mueller need to be arrested. If Mueller gave Comey a free out of Jail card that is wrong, as Comey broke the law by giving Government information to his freind.

  147. Marty says:

    Pelosi had better watch her step on that one cause this will go viral. PELOSI INSIDER TRADING?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ThePoliticalInsider+%28The+Political+Insider%29 Because, you won’t see this reported on MSNBC, or ANY Liberal mis-INFORMATION Station.

    Backup Proof Below: press-room/press-releases/ judicial-watch-uncovers-new- documents-detailing-pelosis- use-air-force-aircraft/ < < press-room/press-releases/ judicial-watch-

  148. wam bam says:

    She needs to get out of office herself. Impeached. She might have a severe case of Alheizmers Disease? She might not seem to remember anymore? All the problems that have not gotten looked into, prior to President Trump?

  149. William Kern says:

    If the Democrats want to see Civil Strife flare its ugly head pursue the Impeachment of President Trump and they will be carrying their heads back to their homes under their arms. They work hard at making us Conservative Republicans as the violent ones and any attempt by them to Impeach President Trump will bring the absolute ugliest civil violence they could ever imagine. Suck it up you cry babies, you were elected to do a job and that job isn’t or wasn’t to run your mouths about the what you think the President should be doing it was to participate in moving our Country forward and making it again the place people want to live in.

  150. Camille Gilliam says:

    President Trump, Keep cleaning the swamp! Once we can get that accomplished, the rest of this will get better.

  151. John says:

    If you have proof of an impeachable offense, then bring it. Don’t just talk about it. Do it.

  152. Elena Bowman says:

    Pelosi needs to get her head examined. President Trump is not going to be impeached not by her and her cronies and not by him. Jeff Sessions needs to fire Mueller and the Deputy Attorney General who put that traitor in the position of attempting to bring down the President. And if the Dimms don’t like it, too damn bad. They want that traitor Mueller to find something, anything will do, that’s why he hired all those Democrat Liberal Lawyers who are against Trump to destroy him. Well, I’ve got news for these bastards, they are not only barking up the wrong tree that are up against a force they have no idea of who or what it is that will destroy them if they attempt to destroy our President.

  153. Joecolt says:

    Trump Broke No Laws, It’s all to keep their Base in the Insanity Mode, Nothing More, But Little By Little Democrats know they are Finished at the 2018 elections 10 of the Seats up for Elections are in States Trump Won by double Digits For Democrats to even get one or two of those seats they would need to put in Millions and that did not work in the Last Special Election just Held after a Million went into it. So all they have to keep their Base Energized is Impeachment Talk, that will go No where.

  154. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Miss dumb is actually wishful thinking. duh…..Using her brain ????? Where’s dumber Waters in on this????? POTUS drain the swamp of insanity… Make America great again…

  155. Joe Sam says:

    its all hot air and they know it that is why she don’t want to try to impeach him .she knows it will blow up in there face .they are losing there money tree. thats what its all about .OLD VET.

  156. Bill Harney says:

    You liberals didn’t do a thing when Obambam was tearing up America. Now we have a President that is working his a** off to make America Great again and your fabricating stories and lying about his great job that he is doing. All of the story fabrications and lies have yet any proof to back any of them up. Now your really reaching out there trying to impeach him. You again have nothing to substantiate the call for that action. You liberals had many chances to impeach Obambam but choose to ignore them.

  157. Rodger K. Shull says:

    pelosi needs to be IMPEACHED or forced to resign, she is not doing her job, she is obstructing the 45th PRESIDENT of the USA, an mueller needs to be dis-banded along with his group of clinton/soetoro minions, she is the one that needs a bombshell. maybe a bundle resignation , ( schumer,pelosi,warren,waters,franken)

  158. Hal Slusher says:

    Go for it that should ruin 2018 elections for stupid Democrats

  159. Hal Slusher says:

    Actually it is funny that only people coming up the ranks of democrat party are more insane than the leadership

  160. Gary Johnson says:

    just makes the whole dam o rat party look stupid, if their looking for corruption I would start looking into killery, bill, pelosi, podesta, mills, schumer, warren, waters, obummer, rice, lynch and so many more. do you see the pattern here. these are the people that should not be working for the american citizens, they do not love america their the ones that have to go

  161. Billy says:

    All that this boils down to is the next great civil war. It will be American patriots against ignorant liberals,antifa,muslims,muslim brotherhood,cair,black lives that don’t matter, and the self hating whites embarrassed by their own skin color! The demonrats and rinos wouldn’t impeach nor investigate an illegal alien who usurped the seat as potus. They continue to act as if that same usurper were sitting in the seat of potus as he roams around from county to county talking to world leaders as if he were one which he never was to begin with! DEMONRATS KEEP STIRRING YOUR CRAP! ITS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME UNTIL YOU START THE NEXT CIVIL WAR! WE KNOW THAT YOU’RE GODLESS. YOU THOUGHT OBLOWHOLE WAS A GOD WHILE HE USURPED OFFICE OF POTUS. WE AMERICANS HAVE GOD. WE HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE AGAINST THE GODLESS. YOU BRING YOUR BIKE LOCKS, YOUR CLUBS,ETC… WE WILL BRING OUR GUNS AND FLAGS!!!!!!! LEAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP ALONE AND LET HIM DO HIS JOB AS WE THE PEOPLE HIRED HIM TO DO!!!!!!!

  162. Kika68 says:

    Pelosi is a MORON. With all your stupid hate speech against the president, the people are watching you and throwing up. Just wait till you try to get re-elected, you idiot. You are gone. Its way past time to get you evicted from your thrown.

  163. harpo49 says:

    sure nancy you ugly ass we’ll get right on that and while we work on that please tell us why

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