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Nancy Pelosi Never Thought She Would Be Forced To Make This Admission

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  1. Jim Norris says:


  2. Palmer says:

    Please Pelosi, Don’t let Hillerys defeat stop you. You are worthless as a politician. Say Good Bye, Please?

    1. Linda says:

      BUT she’s a good lackey!

      1. hoya says:

        she even had her head permanently lodged in Hillary’s rectum.

    2. ToniStimmel says:

      Hear !! Hear !!

    3. Allen Craig says:

      She is worthless as a human being.

  3. CompletelyOutsane says:

    Nasty PaLOUSY you are quite welcome to go away!

  4. granny_forUSA says:

    You voted for Obamacare and also told the rest….”Lets vote it in, and then we can discover whats in it”……….

    Peloser is a Mexifornia lover of illegals & muslims………..

  5. 1947goldenjet says:

    How apropos that her signal achievement is a 4,000 page monstrosity that had to be passed before it could be read. If that doesn’t tell EVERYONE all that they need to know about her, mere words are consigned to failure.

    1. J. Ernst says:

      AND…it’s 18 INCHES THICK!!!
      I call it the NEW TALMUD for ameriKan’s (deliberate misspelling); the NEW LIFE, LAW, TAX BOOK created and APPROVED BY…..c’mon…it’s OK to say it… know who they are……

  6. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    A good dose of liver cancer to you , about a gallon of embalming fluid will fix ya right up!

  7. wboehmer says:

    Almost would’ve been worth electing Hillary for.
    I did say, “almost.”

  8. gene smiith says:

    Fu—-ng crazy witch……she is badly in need of a reality check. What a bunch of stupid drivel and all of it is
    absolutely untrue and worse….unbelievable. Who does she think she is and who does the nit-wit think she is preaching to? We The People are not stupid….yes, we do stupid things, but all in all rely on our LEADERS to be honest and therein we see the problem….Pelosi and her fellows are so dishonest it is exasperating and disgusting.
    She should do us all, in the Nation and certainly in CA,.a very big favor and get the Hell out of our office and office building and let a sincere person in.

    1. Peter says:

      Why do they keep raising California’s debt? “Because they can” is not a good response! What are they thinking is going to happen to eliminate the debt? The worker bees are having hard times here in California. Seriously! Someone here please explain how this ideology from demoncraps is going to save us? I’m listening!

      1. gene smiith says:

        Even when supplied with the failures of other Democrat run States, like Ill., they are too stupid from take advantage of that benefit and change their ways.
        So infrastructure suffers as well as the various underfunded Pensions etc….all being sucked dry by the Democrats spending habits.Their adoring voters think they are generous without realizing where the money is coming from.
        I have been truing WITH NO SUCCESS to find out the financial situation of THE CALIFORNIA EARTHQUAKE AUTHORITY….wondering if that :” Lock-Box” has also been opened and stolen by the Politicians….big mystery, no one knows>>>>>Hmmm ??

      2. George says:

        “What are they thinking is going to happen to eliminate the debt?” They simply don’t care.

        1. Barbara Lewis says:

          But, you know, that is true of all americans. They just don’t care and don’t want to elect politicians that WILL BALANCE THE BUDGET. Then when there is cuts they complain all over again.

      3. samw says:

        Walk away from California while you can!

  9. Richard says:

    I thought she was going to be the centerfold for the new mag coming out PLAYMEN.
    This old lady has played many in political games. Time to put her out to pasture!

    1. Peter says:

      I don’t want to waste the feed, put her down!

    2. 1josephg1 says:

      Not a bad idea. What do you think of think of this one? How about the hot seat.

    3. George says:

      Time to send her to the dog food factory.

  10. cathylovesyou says:

    A crooked woman, who has gamed the system but if Ryan could hold Congressman together like she can the previous bill would have been passed. First of all as a Monday Morning Quarterback I was never for SS, Government Healthcare, Medicare which Johnson had to rob the money from SS to pay for it. That’s why the pries have rocketed the Government ran it all with the help of the worse of all Congress. An open invitation for dishonest people.

  11. kassa1 says:

    The communist a.k.a. Democrat party already has plans for when Trump lets it fail. They will use their arm called the media to Strong on the Republican Party to giving it more money and they will use the old theme if they don’t give them the money this will make children and old people die and people who don’t have insurance , as this is the same old play the years time and again to steal more taxpayer money that we do not have and our children could never pay back even if they paid 95% to the federal government which is nothing but a government of a gang of thugs. This is exactly the way the mob operates. Why is it going on because were allowing it the only thing these people fear , Is not words but they do fear massive repercussion and that’s what needs to be done to cleanse or system of social call just the top was by the people or design for the people.

    1. Doris Will says:

      Nancy started out with telling your Democrat House that they had to pass the Obama Care Bill without reading it that they would own it. Well, I guess she still owns.

  12. Mike W says:

    Her state California is over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt – that works out to about $11,500 of debt owed by every legal man, woman and child that is a resident of California. That does not count all the other taxes they owe just their share of the debt. I have never heard this broom jockey nor any of her colleagues _ Boxer- Waters or Feinstein mention anything about fixing this. They just keep passing foolish taxes and regulations that have high paying jobs leaving the state everyday. Her legacy will be one of complete failure she will leave the Democrat party and her state in a shambles – nice work Pelosi.

    1. jrj90620 says:

      Not really.As long as she can give to 10 people,for every 1 who has to pay,the Dems can keep the game going,until the Dollar collapses.

  13. jimahrens says:

    A Drunkin Sot who thinks she is a Princess

  14. Ironmike4610 says:

    It would have been more convincing if this was a ‘deathbed confession’!!!

  15. ONTIME says:

    As far as we on the right are concerned, we would suggest that Nancy Pee not let the door hit her in the as* on the way out….

  16. Linda says:

    Take your Botox and place it where the “sun don’t shine!” That’s also the place your brain’s located??

  17. ronniecanoli says:

    She is the DEVIL’S ADVOCATE.. her & her old muzzie POS Boss.. where two self serving liberal progressive SCUMBAGS.ANTI-MILITARY, ANTI- LAW ENFORCEMENT, ANTI-AMERICAN. NUTTY nanacy recently said , ” That it was good that business’s are cutting HOUR’s on EMPLOYEE’S , so this way can have more HOUR’S to LOOK for WORK “…..COULD ANYONE in their WILDEST DREAM come up with that kind of ILL-LOGIC /LOGIC ??? ,it’s sort of the ILL-LEGALS/ LEGAL defense these douche-bags think about & endorse. It’s mind boggling what CRAP these RETARD’s SPEW , & MORE IMPORTANTLY..GET AWAY WITH SAYING.

  18. Eve Wiegert says:

    Who cares?

  19. Bolt says:

    Oh, no. I do not want Pelosi to retire. She is evidence of the irrationality of Democrats every time she opens her mouth.

  20. sgtshel says:

    Trump should make it a law..each year all members of Congress and all Department heads must reveal their yearly Federal Income Tax forms to the American public!! I bet you would see up to 50% of Congress suddenly retire!!

  21. Richard Bagenstose says:

    i still want to know how pelosi’s wealth went from 15 to 34 million from 2013 to 2015 sitting in congress , i’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with the billion dollar government contract she pushed threw congress that went to the company her husband works for

  22. Sam Skagnoliack says:

    She is still welcome to go home… PLEASE go home!!!

  23. cheryl55 says:

    How ONE Republican can look themselves in the mirror KNOWING that the NUT CASE Pelosi was able to do what they could NOT! That would be enough for me to resign and ADMIT that I was just not up to the job!! They ALL seem to believe that THEY are all mighty and powerful and by stopping this Bill they might be FOR NOW! But as hard as it is for them to admit it.. THEY WORK FOR US! And THEY have NOT worked for us for 8 long years!! How many of us would still have a job if that were US? NOT a dam one! They ALL need to go! EVERY single one of them, especially Ryan! He was his JOB to keep the President HONESTLY informed at every step… and he LIED to the President and LIED to the American PEOPLE! He stated in a press conference that the Bill would be presented for “mark up” and “REVIEW” by everyone, to give them the chance to make changes? Now, we are hearing that it was done in secret and most did NOT KNOW what was in it! Everyone of them needs to be replaced with Republican candidates that WILL honestly DO THEIR JOBS! The President can only put up and tolerate them.. THE VOTERS NEED TO VOTE THEM OUT or call them out by name incessantly until they are publicly SHAMED for their lack of doing anything they are HIGHLY PAID to do!

  24. Carl C says:

    So, If we repeal Obama care she will retire? If she’s just staying to protect it, there would be no need to stay when we repeal it!

  25. Jerry Dixon says:

    I thought for a short time that she may have a heart and cared about the American people, But then that cold and heartless personality came to the surface. She was only staying for Obama Care. She really is heartless.

  26. Jean Wojcik says:

    Who says we want her ass around, the traitorous bitch

  27. 1josephg1 says:

    If we would have only known. Maybe it would have been worth it to have killary as president. NOT! Oh well. One down and many more to go. We will Drain the swamp pelosi you swamp rat.

  28. EE says:

    News flash from CNN — Hillery is the POTUS so now U can resign! I’m sure U know CNN never deals in fake news!

  29. Terry Stinnett says:

    Nancy time to leave [ with your intolerant bitchy daughter ] and let her take care of you !

  30. George says:

    “And Donald Trump’s pledge to repeal and replace Barack Obama’s crown
    jewel of socialism was key to closing the deal and allowing Republicans
    to come home in the final weeks of the campaign”
    Now we are re-writing history. Donald Trump promised to repeal Obamacare. Nothing ab out replacing it.

  31. CommonSense4America says:

    Unless the GOP gets their 5 hit together, I’m not sure that they will hold the Senate in 2018. If they keep up with their trying to force RINO care on us, I’m sure they won’t. Trump should have known better. I hope he does now.

  32. Barbara Lewis says:

    If everyone is so dissatisfied with obamacare how come President Trump’s new proposal got defeated. I say americans are not as upset as they claim. BIG JOKE.

    1. FL_Stingray says:

      The ones with highly subsidized plans love it.
      Not so much for the rest of us who saw big increases in premiums and or increases in co-pay

  33. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    She can resign any day for it sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings.

  34. J. Ernst says:

    Barry Oh-phk-wits “healthcare bill” is nothing more than the…..wait for it…….The NEW ameriKan T A L M U D
    The new LIFE, LAW, TAX Book…written by and for ……. the chosen ones who have inundated U.S. since Wilson put the first one into the Supreme Court. And NOW we have their GOYIM katholicks, (Catholic meaning UNITY/UNIVERSAL), promoting and assigning said New ameriKan (deliberate misspelling), TALMUD into law …. with PENALTIES!!!
    Wake UP AMERICA!!!
    The ameriKan’s have surrounded U.S. and are squeezing inward.
    They have inundated our shores with their ILLEGAL ALIEN MINIONS,
    Destroyed OUR tax codes with INTERNATIONAL Banking Laws,
    Sold out our resources to the likes of the Soros’s of the world,
    AND ARE GIVING AWAY OUR Sovereignty to their International, Black Market Clearing House the UNITED NATIONS with “our” INFUSED DEBT to the “world”…..

  35. S0me0ne_Different says:

    Pelosi is a plastic faced, Duracell powered, marionette. Ugly inside and out.

  36. samw says:

    Go home! Get Paul Ryan to go home too! Or better both of you move to the E.U.

  37. Brian Egan says:

    Thank you for helping Trump win the election Nancy, the thought of you and Hillary was extremely sobering to our country

  38. Melody Reed says:

    Nancy Pelosi…..feel free to retire. John McCain… also should retire. We need new, young people in government that love our country. It’s time!

  39. Gerald Tobey says:

    You ARE the weakest link. Goodbye! Get outta there! NOW!

  40. jrj90620 says:

    Actually,the majority approve of Obamacare.That’s because it gave welfare(100% welfare though Medicaid or massive subsidies) to millions more people.Most Americans want low or no taxes and lots of goodies from govt.They don’t really care about who pays for it,as long as it’s not them.That’s why deficits will continue,until the Dollar crashes.

  41. Oldmonkey says:

    ET can still call home. The clean young men in the clean white shirts will come to take her away!

  42. harpo49 says:

    Well Nancy please don’t let Trump stop ya go the F**k home

  43. Dan Menard says:

    Thank you Nancy P. for considering our feeling in the matters of when you would retire. Don’t fear that you will make any offense (or difference for that matter) with your departure. Being “too long at the ball” has been you hallmark as of late. Plan on using your predeparture time wisely. Why don’t you take one or two more of your compatriots with you when you departure. Your party is in a death spin and your power and supporters are waning. Start to think, “One Way Ticket Please” will make the time and task past quickly. Really!!!!

  44. Ron Kanna says:

    I AGREE PALMER and all! She is pathetic!! GO HOME!! What a terrible excuse for an elected government official! JUST PLAIN STUPID!! I’d say more but everyone here is on the same page and has said it well! SHE IS DISGUSTING!!

  45. Chingpei says:

    Pelosi knew she could not work with that Old Lesbian, Hillary Clinton

  46. bobs33hotrod says:

    Another Old Lying Ugly Bitch That Needs To Retire A.SA.P.
    BOBBY ~!~

  47. William M Durham says:

    old bitch go home to your animal porno side job

  48. Ron says:


    There is so much crime committed in America by pieces of shit at the top that the American people are getting use to it.Many crimes are very serious including murder. Crooked politicians,crooked cops on all level , crooked judges,crooked layers, crooked prosecutors and so on are destroying America. And all this is fueled by dangerous Jews and other capitalist pigs who are ANTI AMERICAN and ANTI CHRIST.

    This is why the FBI protected criminals (DISNEY-COPS AND OTHERS) to help them frame me for a felony and so many other crimes in Orange Co Fl. Folks the CIA-FBI-SS and other crooked agencies in our crooked government are the real terrorist to fear along with the dangerous Jews who own them. You have no idea what kind of danger your children will face in the near future. Today your country is under attack from with-in and in serious trouble and danger and it will continue to get worse. History does not lie about ANTI AMERICA ANTI CHRIST Jews who we should put on trial and then execute.


    Folks today I have a felony and the criminals are listed above.There were several times my wife and I feared for our lives. I just hope they don’t kill us like they did JFK-MLK AND BOBBY KENNEDY plus other good Americans. I strongly believe that President Trumps life is in danger.

    How is it Israel can kill and wound 208 American Sailors and destroy the USS LIBERTY and our government does not retaliate like they did when Japan attack Pearl Harbor? Go to link below:

    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty —
    Paul Craig Roberts –

    Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 ›


    Jul 26, 2016 · The Israeli Attack on the

    USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts

    Introduction: For a number of years

    Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of

    Naval Operations an

    Sent from m

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