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Nancy Pelosi Made This Major Mistake

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  1. Cole Johnson says:

    piglosi still thinks bush is president! Fire piglosi or better yet imprison the treasonous bitch for life!

    1. Don Keith says:

      Dear, Cole Johnson. you hit the nail on the head. She is just a Nut Basket. she should been gone 8 years ago. Sean Spicer is the greatest. he, is doing a Hell of a job. God Bless, Sean.

      1. Belinda Maxwell says:

        I agree. I love him. What he said was taken out of context and of course the idiods jump on any little thing they can because they just don’t have much else to use against the Trump Administration. Just makes them look like…oh, how did I say it…IDIODS!!! LOL

    2. Belinda Maxwell says:

      Oh yes, thank you! Can’t stand her and wish she would shut her piehole!

  2. ONTIME says:

    Nancy a major mistake…..

    1. Brad Fisher says:

      It seems like her whole life is a mistake. She is an embarrassment to the United States of America and should be recalled. Go home Pelosi and let’s hope we don’t hear another word from your foolish brain.

      1. Bird says:

        Where was abortion when we REALLY needed it….. about 77 years ago!?

        1. Steve Cagle says:

          Same for the fools who keep voting her into office

          1. Bob says:

            You have to consider the kind of idiots from San Francisco that she represents and keep electing her. They are like birds of a feather.

          2. granny_forUSA says:

            Mexifornia is full of liberal fools, along with the illegals/mooslums………

        2. Mike Pochowski says:

          Christ, is she ONLY 77, she has to to 177.

          1. KJ says:

            Are we sure that the 77 doesn’t signify the bottles of gin Pelosi’s consumed year to date?

          2. John McPherson says:

            I hear peelossy got hillary clinton started drinking. Now it appears they are both drunks, excerpt peelossy holds her liquor better.

          3. granny_forUSA says:

            One step ought to do it……..I will donate the banana peels……….

      2. Jim says:

        Brad, the best part of Nancy ran down her baby mamma leg. What a wasted night of sex for her mamma and papa Talk about someone who should have been aborted, it is her..

      3. hoya says:

        Did you say BRAIN?

      4. Belinda Maxwell says:

        Thank you!

      5. John McPherson says:

        Pelossy galore is the White version of that nigga maxine waters.

    2. Mike W says:

      I was thinking the same thing – that should have been the headline.

  3. What a loon! That she still holds office in the face of ALL the stupid crap that comes out of her mouth, will forever be one of the major political unsolved mysteries in our history!

    1. Ann says:

      JUST FOR HERSELF~!!!!!

      1. John McPherson says:

        Ann I have to disagree with you Pelosigalore can’t hold a candle to Maxine Waters.

        1. Belinda Maxwell says:

          They are in the same boat. I have written both of them and told them to SHUT THEIR PIEHOLES!

      2. Belinda Maxwell says:

        Yes, yes, yes!

    2. Jim Norris says:


    3. Brad Fisher says:

      And an attestation to those in Californcate that voted her in. Aren’t they embarrassed??

      1. Mario Deligi says:

        No, they are so stupid to be embarrassed!

        1. 357 magnum says:

          Hey! Hey! Hey! Now!!
          There are 3 or 4 of us left in Califunky that have our heads on straight.
          Well maybe just 3?!

          1. Jim says:

            357, I am one of them, you seem too be also.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            I never forget that fact!!! You people are getting a ‘bad reputation’, thanks to the delusional Liberals that swarm all over your state, It’s not fair!!! What bothers me is that many of the ‘good folk’ are threatening to move out of there. What bothers me more is California threatens to succeed from America! Where does that leave ‘decent’ people??

          3. Belinda Maxwell says:

            I’m the 4th. I am embarrassed that there are so many blind and stupid people in the state I was born and raised in, and I am proud to say that my whole family are conservatives. None of us voted for any of these numnuts. I guess that brings the number up to about 10, well more than that because almost all my friends are conservatives too. In fact a few of my friends who were Democrats switched parties for this last election. There might be hope for CA yet.

        2. Birds of Fire says:

          The woman who graduated as the Valedictorian of my High School Class went to Cal State Berkley. She was so stupid she actually believed:

          – Leland Stanford was a Democrat which is why California was a “free” State during the Civil War (?),
          – The racial segregation laws were written-passed-signed by Republicans (?),
          – Abraham Lincoln was the Democrat President who freed the slaves (?),
          – The Republicans founded the Kuklos Klan after the Civil War (?),
          – the Vietnam War would last forever (?),

          She was from an eternal slave-owning Democrat family. As they say in the Redneck Comedy Tour, “You can’t fix stupid.” How did that woman graduate as the Valedictorian of my High School class?

          Just to clarify:

          – Leland Stanford was a Republican, which is why California was a “free” State,
          – The Jim Crow laws were written-passed-signed by Democrats,
          – Abraham Lincoln was the 3rd Party candidate who united the Whigs and anti-slave evangelical Christians under the new Republican Party,
          – The leadership of the Tennessee Democratic Party founded the Kuklos Klan in 1865,
          – Republican President Richard M. Nixon ended the Vietnam War in December 1972.

      2. Jim says:

        I live here across from SF,did not vote for her or any Demc.Can,t wait until I see this scumbag layed out on a stiff board.

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          We could send a couple of Calif…..crocs to get rid of the body………(laughing in silence)

      3. granny_forUSA says:

        Illegals, mooslums, liberals……just don’t give a rat’s a$$………

        1. dondh says:

          Add to your list those libtard media broadcasters and the CEO’s of those stations!

    4. Steve Cagle says:

      That’s because idiots’ votes count the same as anyone else’s, and there and a majority of Californians are idiots and/or moochers, aka libdems

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        …its the idiot liberals, mooslums, and the liberals that are the moochers…..Get rid of those living off the State, and the problem would be solved…….

  4. Donna M Rogers says:

    She needs to be out of Congress. Nothing she says makes any sense.

    1. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

      Won’t happen unless they gerrymander San Francisco! Idiots vote for idiots!! Make them feel justified with themselves!

      1. Elizabeth Davis says:

        What is going to happen to her if California breaks away from the US. That seems what they want to do. I say let them and let them pay their own way

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          The illegals have already solved that problem……..They have brought too many viral diseases into our USA……Just send them all to those Mexifornia sanctuary cities, and the jihadish camps………..They will finalize the problem…….

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        If those Mexifornia lame brain illegals, mooslums, liberals were to be shipped to the moon, it would save us a lot of problems…………..

      3. dondh says:

        Its idiots voting for this idiot!!

      4. Belinda Maxwell says:

        Yeah, and if only we could recall mandering Jerry. Jerry Brown; flush him down!

    2. Beverly Howey says:


      1. Birds of Fire says:

        Just got a snail-mail from the COS people. I had no idea that President Trump, Governor Abbott, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator “Ted” Cruz, and so many other are pushing for the COS, because they feel it is the only way to get term limits into the Constitution.

        1. Beverly Howey says:

          Thanks for your information maybe just maybe we can get Term Limits in. Thank you for all the history you gave me, I love history so found that very informative.
          Nancy has to go.

      2. dondh says:

        She should have never been a place to receive limits! There is no limit to the dumbness of this Librard!

  5. Richard Schmidt says:

    Like so many scheming democrats, late to the dogpile.

  6. TPS12 says:

    n p off her drugs again.

  7. Jo Scott says:

    This senile bag of hot air and lies is the one that needs to go. She’s an idiot like many others in the DNC and the GOP.

  8. John Savell says:

    She needs to undergo a psychological evaluation. I think all of the Botox went to her brain and paralyzed it.

  9. RichFromShowMe says:

    Nancy “Wackosi” is a mistake!

    1. Mario Deligi says:

      I’d call her Nancy Sclerosis.

  10. SouthernPatriot says:

    Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the West, said the same thing just a few years ago. Because she said Hitler did not use lethal gas does that mean she should be fired and retired. Of course, it does. But, the perverts and demented Democrats in San Francisco will keep voting for Pelosi even when her brain is frozen (which would not be much different than it is now!)

  11. Jim Wagenmann says:

    Three and one half years ago Chris Mathews of CNBC said the same thing. Where was Peloser calling for his firing then.
    Or what about Bob ? The liberal commentator on fox’s “the five” who said that Hitler did not gas his own people. I have always thought that the German Jews were his own people even if Hitler’s wanted to get rid of the “German Jews” and all other Jews.

  12. Dmdjaj says:

    Tell me something, anyone, who pays attention to this nitwit?

    1. Jim Norris says:


      1. Dave Nettles says:

        Actually if they did she’d be gone like last years snow storm.

  13. David McAllister says:

    C’mon, in a news conference the (woman?), declared, “While its only been a couple of weeks since the inauguration, we’ve seen nothing that I can work with President Bush on”. This beotch is ready for her Dimentia meds.

    1. Brad Fisher says:

      I continue to say “GO HOME, PELOS!”

  14. Stephen says:

    When Spicer made the comment, I knew what he meant doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize he meant on the battle field, although yes Hitler used many chemicals in the camps. I also pretty much knew where it would go and what sort of attention it would get.

    Kind of like a turd in a punch bowl.

    1. Doris Will says:

      Why do people carry on when a terrible person is compared to Hitler? The Muslims took Hitler’s side in the persecution of the Jews. Hitler killed many people with poison gas in the GAS chambers, and not only Jews went to those chambers. I can’t think of a more despicable person.

  15. kodster says:

    For a Roman Catholic who condones abortion, which is also murder… hypocrisy runs rampant in Nancy Pelosi. The woman is possessed, demonically!

    1. Brad Fisher says:

      Agree! She is the Devil’s mouthpiece. Perverted to the core.

  16. Low Cover says:

    Someone give Pelosi an enema to the brain

    1. Warren Taylor says:

      If you gave her an enema, there would be nothing left at the end!

      1. Jim says:

        Warren, I would not get anywhere near either of her holes, just the thought makes me sick.

  17. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Send her bottled water from Flint Michigan and that should take care of it

  18. Clark Olson says:

    Term limits!!

  19. sarge says:

    we should send her back to california and stamp rejected on her head as she has always been a moron just like finstine and the other bitch from california

    1. Freedom says:

      LOL…… There is a lot of rejects coming out of California…..California should be barred of electing anyone to Congress…..:-)

    2. Warren Taylor says:

      You mean Fineswine don’t you? And her buddy Pelousy of course!

  20. rchguns says:

    The wicked witch of the West Nancy Pelosi has proven over and over again that she’s either a total nut case or that she’s going senile. When Prince Harry Reid left Pelosi became the classic poster girl for Democratic stupidity. She and her husband ball should be prosecuted for embezzling money from the US government and she should be kicked out of Congress for giving her husband’s company government contracts that supposedly required been to be taken.
    Democrats fear not because you have a new Pelosi/Reid disciple and trainee. This trainee could even be more stupid and dangerous than Pelosi or read.
    I speak of none other than one of the top racists and bigots in Congress Maxine Waters. She is beyond all shadow of a doubt the most blatant and vocal racial bigot in Washington DC and she is easily as stupid as either Pelosi or read.
    She shouldn’t even be in Congress, she refuses to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, she refuses to recite the pledge herself and I doubt very seriously if she was ever sworn in properly with the Bible. If she placed her hand on the Bible she would probably break into flames

    1. Jim says:

      RCHGUNS the devil is waiting on her to crock.He has a place for her and all the others who resend God.

      1. rchguns says:

        What is a someone just pour a bucket of water on her. It worked on the other wicked witch.

  21. WuDanFu says:

    Who the hell keeps electing this stupid wench? Maybe they should start the voter fraud investigation in her district

    1. Freedom says:

      They would but that takes brains…..:-)

    2. Jim says:

      Wu, the whole City is her district.Can,t go over there without seeing dudes holding hands or kissing.

  22. Freedom says:


    Now that is interesting. (Now that is a name I haven’t heard in a long, long time). (words taken from star wars #1 1977)…:-)

  23. ReaperHD says:

    Pelosi is a disgrace to the COMMIE LIBTURD PARTY and is a prime example of when dementia sets in and your life is destroyed.

  24. Jeannie says:

    she is really one to talk…the pot calling the kettle black. What a joke she is…She needs to go.

  25. Radman414 says:

    She really needs to be in a padded room with a “drool towel.” Without question, she has dementia!

  26. Diane says:

    Opportunism is the only thing the commie Democrats have left in their corruption bag to try to stop Trump lol

  27. Bigmanuger says:

    Pelosi should fire herself. She is a senile,corrupt , useless, liar, subversive female dog.

  28. Mike W says:

    Isn’t ironic how they supported a muslim president for 8 years – but call the current administration anti-Semitic?

  29. Steve Flowers says:


  30. gobrien says:

    Hope the Dems keep this up. It will help the Republicans in 2018. I’d love to win all 25 of those Dem seats (2 are Independents) come Nov.

  31. sox83cubs84 says:

    Senile old people do not belong in Congress. Take a hike, Nancy!

  32. Bishop351 says:

    Just when you think she couldn’t get dumber… she exceeds herself! What an idiot!

  33. ter334 says:

    cheap political opportunism— this i all the dims know.. They never discuss issues, probably because they know nothing about issues, but instead always point out anybody’s mistakes or how they disagree with the dim position. They are truly America’s issueless wonders! Their campaigns are always personal about the other guy, never about how they are going to address the nation’s issues. And cover-ups galore. Obamacaregate, Behghazigate, servergate, and the 8 year Obamaadmingate!

  34. Robert Cuillerier says:

    Democrats are such poor losers, when is she going to be kicked out of the Congress, for stealing 15 million dollars, when Obama was bailing and giving taxpayer money to the generous bailout? The 15 M. went to her husband Manila’s concern of tuna harvesting, in order that he be able to buy more shares. If anything she should be censored.

  35. George Hilliard says:

    Her mouth is under tremendous pressure to stay shut, due to the stretched skin pulling it open. Something has got to give!

  36. Mario Deligi says:

    Nancy Pelosi or Sclerosis?

  37. David in MA says:

    Only people like pelosy listen to Pelosi, like chucky schumer and hag Hillary types.

  38. William M Durham says:

    Big mouthed dumb bitch

  39. Scott Ezell says:

    Nancy Pelosi makes a major mistake just by getting out of bed in the morning. She ought to do us a favor and stay in hybernation.

  40. Bob Bascochea says:

    She needs to be fired.

  41. Gen11American says:

    It isn’t just Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who makes mistakes nearly every time she spouts off her ultra-partisan mouth. The voters in California who keep re-electing Nancy Pelosi to Congress despite her deplorable voting record on immigration issues must be about the dumbest liberal voters in this nation! To prove my point, here’s the skinny on Pelosi’s utterly pathetic immigration voting record and grades on immigration issues compiled by Numbers USA for the period 2016 to 2017. Her career record is only slightly better, but still disastrous for America because she’s been aiding and abetting the illegal alien invasion of the US for decades!

    1) Reduce Chain Migration – 1 action – 0% – F- (Her failure to act is doubling & tripling # of immigrants!)
    2) Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas – 3 actions – 6% – F (Reminder: 94 million Americans out of workforce!)
    3) Reduce Refugee and Asylum Fraud – 1 action – 0% – F- (Reminder: Islamic terrorists are coming into US!)
    4) Reduce Amnesty Enticements – 7 actions – 0% – F- (Pelosi & Dems trying to replace Americans with poor foreign-born immigrants they can entice to always vote for Democrats with benefits US cannot afford!)

  42. Bird says:

    Any sane and sensible person KNEW what Sean Spicer was trying to say,…. “Hitler didn’t poison (by gas) HIS OWN ‘Arian’, approved Germans”; which is exactly what Assad DID do!

  43. Jerry Dixon says:

    I think you got it wrong most of those that suffered through the Holocaust have passed away. Those that are still living are begging for food for Passover in Israel, A Christian Organization is collecting money to give them food. Most are very old and some are still very proud they should be respected by there fellow Jewish people as well as the Christians . What happened to the battle cry after the Holocaust, Never Again seems to me those Jewish People Living around the world use that two word phrase when they are trying to ruin a persons life like those in Israel that have nothing. Also like Sean Spicer that made a mistake by using the name Hitler, That is the only time you get a reaction from the Jewish is when you use his name Sean Spicer apologized for the comment he made. But if you listen to what he said it was nothing like what the Jewish Community is saying. Spicer said that Assad is worst than Hitler, He also said he didn’t use chemical weapons. From what I have read and from what I saw in the concentration camp I visited in Germany. They used showers and canisters of gas the canisters were dropped through the floors. The only weapons that were there were carried and they fired bullets not gas. Hitler was a sadist and many of his followers were also, they found new ways to kill people. Spicer miss poke nothing more. My reason for this comment is I am German, all Germans are not evil. I am a Catholic and this bothers me that there is so much hate in this world I did enough of that in Vietnam..

    I have a daughter in Germany and three beautiful Grand Children. This is why I feel the Jewish community is wrong. Why should they suffer for what a bunch of evil people did over seventy years ago. I also have a son that lives in Florida, He is married to a very attractive Jewish lady, they have five children all being raised Jewish, My son went as far as to convert I know he isn’t considered a real Jewish person but he want the family to worship one religion. My Grandchildren attend school at the Jewish Community Center where they were taught as small children there is no Santa and there is no Easter Bunny that bothered me because I was hoping my wife and I could share some of our important holidays with them, I didn’t think it would be to much to ask that they come to my home for Christmas and Easter. We never forced our Catholic religion on them, My wife and my oldest daughter along with me celebrated many Jewish Holidays and a few Funerals also. This may not be nice to say, but none of my Grand Children should be subjected to the faults of our past. It king of reminds me of black people and there constant reminders of slavery, They have gone as far as to say we white people should start savings accounts in there names for retribution for being slaves. There are a lot of problems in this world I would hope and pray this can be put in the past not forgotten, But we need peace in the world. I hope I have not offended anyone it was not my intention. I hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive Sean Spicer. and I hope my comment touches your hearts and souls. Gerald Dixon

  44. grmetalman says:

    Her tits probably hang down to her knees and that causes massive brain farts for her. Her brain has been sapped of any common sense and dementia is setting in. Plus she was part of Obummers treasonous acts and should be doing time at gitmo with all the rest of the crooks in congress

  45. Annie says:

    Nancy Pelosi is not playing with a full deck. . .some of the comments she has made lately leads me to believe she needs to have a psychological evaluation and THEN she need to retire. Her comments are making her “THE LAUGHING STOCK” on the internet. . . I don’t much care for her; however, someone who cares about her needs to keep her out of the “public eye”. . .she’s not looking good ! ! !

  46. dfinch says:

    Chris Matthews said the same thing on MSNBC 2-3 years ago that Hitler didn’t use gas. They have very short memories.

  47. daniel williams says:

    Nancy retire and go home,

  48. Rosa Lopes says:

    I think Pelosi needs to get one more shot of whatever she drinks as
    she does not do too well without the booze in her pewee brain.



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  49. pete0097 says:

    When Baltimore M they named a street after her for becoming Speaker of the House, they used her maiden name as they didn’t want to admit that she really was from there.

  50. 1josephg1 says:

    Just imagine the brain power of the fools that actually vote for this idiot.

  51. dennodog says:

    Spicer’s comment was in reference to the german army’s non use of chemicals in combat. It was dopey and indefensible but not malicious. Don’t you just love how the left plays on every single word that is spoken? Remember FIFTY SEVEN STATES?

  52. Barbara Lewis says:

    Well what does anyone expect from a bigot herself. And yes, Hitler did that and so much more. Such as doing medical experiments on people, peeling the skin off of them, starving people and so much more. If these IDIOTS would do a study on the holocaust they would see what went on and visit one of the nazi concentration camps they MAY have their eyes opened. And in my opinion Assad does compare to Hitler. Please pray that all people wake up before it’s too late to do anything against it.

  53. cp123 says:

    Why would anyone expect any comment from this woman logic? She a fruitcake.

  54. Deborah Pratt says:

    What a pity!!! Just ignore her—she’s suffering from the early stages of dementia and needs to retire. She’ll need people to care for her before very long. The last place she should be is in government!! Someone gently walk her home!!

  55. mike gunter says:

    Wish this old bag would retire. You know if they would help instead of fighting everything President Trump does we might just be able to save this country. From the MUSLIM takeover.

  56. Frank629 says:

    PIGLOSI is brain dead from all the facelifts she’s …tap the back of her head and her face will fall off.

  57. granny_forUSA says:

    Pelosi is the figure of Mexifornia……..the corrupted State that loves terrorism, killing, raping, jihadist camps, & Sanctuary Cities……….She undoubtedly joined the sisterhood of muslims and reads the Quran…..Have to believe that she is drinking JD along with HC……They both have $hitty attitudes and must be related to Kim Dong lo un…….

  58. Teddy says:

    Cheap political opportunist is the theme for the Democratic party.

  59. rowdy matt says:

    The demorats really know how to pick’em, they got some line up, the Kalifornia bunch…polousy, boxier , finewine, Not counting their Screwball Governor… All dumb as Rock’s, and yet these ass clowns keep getting back in….All those kick backs. lining their pockets with that Kalifornia Gold….Not Smart Enough to Wake Up Out There….Too Bad, was a Great State at one time…

  60. JoeP. says:

    Pelosi is the a$$hole, not Spicer!

  61. Joe Ferrari says:

    Are Pelosi, Warren and Hillary triplets ? I remember Nancy when Obama’s affordable health care was being introduced telling those who wanted to read the contents before signing “Just sign the darn thing and you can read it later” yet now she and Lizzie lead the pack in scrutinizing every dot and dash for anything to complain about. Trump should just use executive action and pass the plan ASAP because those loonies can never be satisfied. Better still he should force all those who object to have only the Obama health care plan and deny them to have any private plans since they believe it to be so darn good.

  62. Mitch Darby says:

    It’s a sensitive issue with the Jewish faith. It’s also a stretch to find fault with Spicer’s statement. The Jews were systematically killed in a gas chamber. The Syrian people at large were killed by illegal weapons of mass destruction.

  63. princess says:

    Maybe the brain is thinking while Nancy is trying to speak. Ah there is the problem

  64. Roy Fredrichsen says:

    Anybody that says they had to pass a law to see what was in it (Pelosi) had better hope it didn’t say to execute those over 55 to keep them off Government payrolls. That woman is losing all her marbles as we write these words. See for youself when she is on the tv.

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