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No One Could Believe What Nancy Pelosi Said About Trump

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  1. JoeP. says:

    Well Maxine and Nancy, hopefully you both will be long gone and buried in four years! Impeachment ain’t ever going to happen.

    1. plum82 says:

      A couple of bird brains IF I ever saw any…… offense to birds ~~~~~~~~~

    2. Jim says:

      Both of those $elf $erving scumbag ho’s should be shot..

    3. habalady says:

      Let the term limits begin!

      1. Bob N says:

        Unfortunately Congress will never vote to give themselves term limits.

        1. Jerry Loper says:

          They’ll never vote to be held accountable by the laws they pass. Doesn’t matter what the 14 Amendment says.

      2. Lasher says:

        Let the executions begin!

    4. Mike W says:

      Looking at those two old hags it’s easy to see that the grim reaper has them in his cross-hairs. Probably taking longer than usual because no one else wants them either.

      1. nicholsda says:

        Same reason on Ginsburg.

      2. Bob N says:

        The reason nobody has ever seen the grim reaper’s face is because it’s Nancy Pelosi’s twin

        1. Jerry Loper says:

          That would be enough to scare any one to death.

      3. Jerry Loper says:

        Those two will never die, Heaven nor Hell wants those two.

    5. itasara says:

      Why was she voted in again this year? I just don’t get it.

      1. Bob N says:

        Consider the voters

  2. mary says:

    And Obama didn’t do anything that he should have been impeached for?

    1. Lee says:

      Rewriting immigration law on the “Dreamers” with an executive order! Lying about the deaths of Americans defending this country under his watch! How was that video?

    2. Larry Kelley says:

      Yeah, that worthless prick was just a peach of a guy

    3. J.D. says:

      How about giving Iran, 130 to 150 tons of uranium ore? TREASON

      1. Libs R Loons says:

        Obama wasn’t kidding when he childishly said he’d be using his “pen and phone” after he lost the majority in the House and Senate in 2014.
        Aiding and abetting the enemy like he did is the polar opposite of what President Trump is doing now.

      2. drbhelthi says:

        That is one of the lesser infractions.

    4. itasara says:

      What about Bill Clinton. He was impeached but got a pass.

  3. Raw Kitty says:

    Laurence Tribe is an idiot, saying Trump shredded our constitution monstrously?? really try accusing Obama on that one!

    1. Michael Lloyd says:

      Too bad that Twitter doesn’t give Tribe room to give examples and reasons. Does offering no proof make that a fake tweet?

      1. Raw Kitty says:

        He can always make another post and put Cont’d, if he can’t which I doubt. Actually define fake to someone he/she feels that’s their truth but in all actions with respect to Trumps actions he’s doing what he said he would do and so far his orders have been consistent with the laws of the land so he’s another Reagan in the making. = )

        1. tomsfordcars says:

          Very true,Thank God!

  4. TPS12 says:

    So this is how dems work to keep America safe and on track. Act like spoiled children without a nap.

    1. plum82 says:

      EXACTLY…………spoiled BRATS

    2. drbhelthi says:

      Emotional 3-year olds.
      Although, as older adults, they are better described as narcissists with no insight, which places them on the border of mental illness, some of whom are a bit on the other side of the border.

      1. Mike W says:

        Don’t worry the whole world is laughing at them – they have lost any respect or dignity they may have ever had.

        1. Jerry Loper says:

          I have never gotten mad or aggravated reading news articles as I have since President Trump has taken office. The Libertards and Demobrats have pissed me off with their whining and crying and comments and news articles. Maybe they need a good paddling. All this is because the most corrupt, lying politician in the history of this country lost her election (Hillary Rottin Clinton).

          1. Bonnie Schulte says:

            Jerry Loper, Right your are. I wonder where we would be now, if the witch had been elected. Good grief.. it would be hello Oboomba, but, in a pant suit. Never in my life, 77 years ,have I seen a President that is so disrespected.(Not by me, for sure) What are they all afraid of? Well… we do know the answer, so sad because now the libertards are at a big loss, no more control…of their little world which used to revolve around “just” them.
            Cry and pout…and let the US go down the tubes…

          2. truthseeker says:

            Maybe the rioters should be shot as is done in most parts of the real world.

          3. exbobbie says:

            I agree, however it’s not necessary. Use the high powered water canons to knock them down, then send in the dogs to keep them down (anyone trying to get up gets bit), then send in the officers to cuff and arrest everybody that’s wet, transport to all local police stations and sort them all out there. Severe sentences for all offenders, no exceptions.

      2. Bob N says:

        According to the gun control law that the Democrats are trying to get passed, not one Democrat in Congress could buy a gun. Now that is classical

    3. beacon007 says:

      Lets bring spanking back.

      1. Gretta says:

        NO, lets bring HIGH TREASON back to punish the traitors how they USED to be punished!

        Treason is nothing now, but it used to be even worse than murder and embezzlement. It stayed with the country like a rancid stench, but the democrats have glorified it. You know why? Because if you open their books to audit them, they would all be guilty of high treason.

        1. John says:

          that is a good start to the list

        2. tomsfordcars says:

          If this firing squad became a legal act, I would volunteer my time, fire arm and ammunition!

          1. Drlehew says:

            May I help

      2. nicholsda says:

        Paddling, not spanking. With the ” Board of Higher Education ” ( one with holes in it ).
        That would give the Dem Senators a real reason for not sitting down when voting. ;-D

        1. Bob N says:

          I remember the “Board of Education” from when I went to school. Just to show my age, we also said the Pledge of Alliegence and flag burning was illegal.

          1. nicholsda says:

            Every school day was started with it. Flag burning was only done by outsiders until the mid 60s. As the old joke went after the SCOTUS ruled it was free speech: In the US you can burn the American flag, in Russia we too can burn the American flag.

          2. Jerry Loper says:

            If I had ever burned a flag, my mom and dad would have torn my rear up. If my kids had burned a flag, I would have tore their rears up. Flag burning may be lawful, but it sure isn’t patriotic or American. I love my country and by that, I love our flag. May not like the libertards and Demobrats, and illegal aliens too much, but I love my country.

          3. Bob N says:

            Same here Jerry

          4. tomsfordcars says:

            Same here!

          5. tomsfordcars says:

            I do also remember those days. Prayer and a Bible Reading was also done. No one would even think of burning our Flag. However, down the road come the dumbocraps. No more Prayers, no more Pledge of Allegiance, no more School Christmas Trees, no more public Nativity Scenes, and worst of all, no more majority rules in America. Trophy’s just for getting your butt out of bed, welfare everywhere, open borders to any and all, no respect for Police or anybody that has any authority unless you are a liberal, left winger, accepting sexual perversion as a normal way of life, late term abortion as legal, legalizing pot, allowing a so called President to stay in office after disgracing the Country with a huge sex scandal then lying about it, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on, however, I hope and pray that, with a sincere man who truly loves our Country like President Trump, we will get back on the correct track. Anyone who doesn’t agree with me doesn’t have to waste their time or mine to comment on what I just said!

          6. Bonnie Schulte says:

            tomsfordcars…I could not have said this better, and thank you for saying it. Our kids are being dumbed down in our schools, and “taught” to be sheep that follow the news media, and not to think for themselves. I too, remember the days, at my age 77 years old, and remember prayers and mass before school started, and then in public school, we would have mock elections for president..I guess it was called freedom of religion and freedom of speech. I pray that God will keep President Trump safe and guide him through this “crap” that the Dems and libs are attempting to drag him through…

          7. tomsfordcars says:

            ThankYou Bonnie- I comment a lot here and really welcome the fact that, regardless of what the crooked, bias, left wing, lying media proclaims, President Trump is doing a great job and has accomplished more in less than a Month than was done in the last 8 years. Have a great day!

        2. Drlehew says:

          I’m not sure they may enjoy a spanking and I’d hate to make any of them happy

    4. codebooker says:

      Who are being paid to keep the protests going!

  5. Kaye says:

    Lincoln shredded the Constitution and now is regarded as a saint. FDR shredded the Constitution and is hailed as a great man. Obama used the Constitution for toilet paper, and is idolized. Trump wants to uphold the Constitution and they want to impeach him. That’s a “progressive” for you.

    1. NiteGoat says:

      ^^^^ Hits nail directly and soundly on the head.

    2. battleborn says:

      They aren’t “progressive”. Quit using that word. They are “oppressive”, simple as that.

      1. Gretta says:

        Progressive is another word for communists. They are communist / marxist / Nazi’s. No one has shredded our Constitution like Obama, he even declared his opinion of our Constitution as out of date and obsolete. Obama is a gay communist Muslim, a community organizer who is merely a radical racist who got on the streets inciting hate and division for one purpose, to incite racism and to divide our country for an evil agenda, to tear our country apart for the new world order. This sitting president had a sitting office on the UN security council, which is against our Constitution. It is unconstitutional because a president must not hold two high offices at the same time, which threatens his loyalty as president of our USA. He MUST be loyal to the ONE office of President of the USA. That was proven true, because Obama has worked for the UN for his entire 8 year term. He made it perfectly clear and perfectly obvious that he worked for the UN for his entire 8 years of misery that he put us through.

        We should charge him for treason, not just on this offense, but on hundreds of treasons that he commited against us, against the office of President, and against our Constitution.

        1. codebooker says:

          Obama wants to be the first president of the UN and if Hillary got in he would have been crowned!

        2. ajfkdem says:

          Originally, Progressives were called “Communists, with patience”. Nothing’s changed.

          1. John says:

            yes it has they have lost their patience. see rioting in the streets.

          2. ajfkdem says:

            Good point!

          3. FactsConfuseDumbocrats says:

            They bin dueing dat in Chitown for eons. Least since Bama came to town.

          4. sutherncon says:

            Where is McCarthy when we really need him?

          5. jaboj says:

            I agree and I think Trey Gowdy would make a damn good modern version of McCarthy.

          6. granny_forUSA says:

            Only for muslims that will never understand words of the USA.

        3. Elephant says:

          Why hasn’t the Congress done something about this? He needs to be in JAIL!!!!

          1. Al says:

            Hillary and Obama to be jailed.

        4. Cookie Vranish says:

          You are on target! Obama was involved and knew about Hillary’s illegal server. Obama had a code name for himself. I don’t know what the name was, maybe someone can help out with it!

        5. Evan says:

          Great post! True on all counts!

        6. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

          Yes and OBAMA has brought them out of the cracks and from under their rocks! Most of them think that
          They can get something for nothing, but under communism all they will get is nothing!

          1. Arizona Don says:

            Do you remember after, I think, the second debate between hillary and obama in 2008 a news person asked hillary what she considered herself and her reply was a progressive. That somehow seemed to open the door for the communists to come out of the closet as progressives.

          2. granny_forUSA says:

            Maybe that is why she was so intent on giving the Russians our uranium………

          3. Arizona Don says:

            Maybe! Who knows what it is besides greed and the need for power that drives that women! She and bill deserve each other. Obviously both have no morals, principles or values at all.

          4. jaboj says:

            When Obama hired self-avowed Communist Van Jones as one of his Czars I knew he was trouble. And of course look who hired him after that, CNN.

        7. ArmyMP6975 says:

          Progressive > Socialist > Communist. Remove God from the platform and attack the instituion created by God. Church, Family, Marriage.

          1. Diane says:

            “America is like a healthy body, and its resistance is threefold:

            Its patriotism;

            Its morality;

            And its spiritual life.

            If we can undermine these three areas, America will
            collapse from within.

            Joseph Stalin

        8. Drlehew says:

          Absolutely agree with you barry born a moslem, always will be a radical moslem he burned our flag in college, educated as one. HE IS THEIR TROJAN HORSE he got into office with the help and backing of someone probably soros and ignorant arseholes that have been indoctrinated by commie professors wanting world government. He came from nowhere. He with their backing has pulled off the biggest con in American history. He is not for America he wants to destroy us

          1. jaboj says:

            George Soros and Oprah Winfrey bought the presidency for Obama.

          2. Drlehew says:

            Didn’t think of her thanks for the info

        9. DesertHam says:

          I’m not religious; but, AMEN!!! Well said.

        10. granny_forUSA says:

          Maybe in communist Russia, but not in the USA……Progressive is a positive word…Russians do not use positive words…….

      2. Jennifer Bishop says:

        nah, it’s a soup. And a bland one at that

        1. Infantboy says:

          The congress is gutless and yes obama is a muslim tyrant terrorist loved by the demos who hate america. Obama should be dead for his treasonist actions.

          1. AngB says:

            Obama was put in office so he COULD do the damage he did! Congress was afraid to be called RACIST if they did they job and held him accountable! If he was white they WOULD have acted. But you know as well as I do….everyone would have screamed racist…and THAT is what stopped them. Thing is…we’ve heard nothing but RACIST, SEXIST, BIGOT FOR MONTHS STRAIGHT….and they hold no power over anyone! But don’t worry! Just because he’s out of the White House DOESN’T MEAN he can’t be charged with TREASON! Obama WILL be dealt with…at the right time. He HAS TO BE! He’s vowed to obstruct and continue to destroy our country. He’ll cross that line one too many times and then that will be that.

          2. tomsfordcars says:

            And it can’t happen soon enough!

          3. granny_forUSA says:

            Many Politicians knew that BO was not a legal citizen……..He was not legal when he ran for Senate, and he was not legal when he ran for CIC……..That is when I realized that the entire government is corrupt & egotistical…….They do not care one iota for the citizens that put them there……..

          4. golding4 says:

            It’s not over yet!

      3. isBubba says:

        Oppressive, regressive, aggressive, obsessive, depressive, excessive, possessive, meglomaniacal leftist slime.

      4. Korean_Vet says:

        With a ‘Slight-change’–I Will Agree to That-! (Indeed–They Are “Pro’s” at “Oppression”!)

      5. Al says:

        I will never ever vote democrat. That party is KAPUT.

      6. KJ says:

        … Repressive as well.

      7. William Shuffield says:


      8. Arizona Don says:

        I agree however, they refer to themselves as progressives because communism is not an acceptable name. Consequently, progressivism equals communism.

      9. The_Dadster says:

        They are proglodytes.

      10. Diane says:

        They are all Communist!

      11. panfisher2708 says:


    3. jSnake04 says:

      Don’t forget Wilson and the federal reserve act. He did at least admit his huge mistake at the end though.

      “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”
      ~ Woodrow Wilson

      1. Drlehew says:

        YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH of course lots of our citizens don’t even understand how the federal reserve works , they are so dumbed down

    4. sdecantr says:

      Amen Amen… These people would not know what the Constitution is all about anyway. It is truly a shame that such so called learned individuals disgrace the U.S. Constitution by even mentioning it. Our fore fathers are rolling in their graves over the past decades of Constitutional disgrace and at least can rest a little bit with someone who at least is making an effort to uphold it.

    5. nickRay says:

      uphold the constitution? Are you paying any attention at all? He’s already in flagrant violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution, His immigrant ban has been found presumptively unconstitutional by the Federal courts and will almost certainly be found unconstitutional by the supremes if they’re stupid enough to appeal it to them, and we’re just now beginnign to scratch the surface of his and his cronies’ conflicts of interests. And neithe Lincoln nor FDR are remembered for their constitutional offenses. They’re honored in spite of them. Trump’s no Lincoln or FDR. He just a thin-skinned manbaby rich kid with tiny hands and a bathrobe.

      1. Jerry Romeo says:

        Please READ the Constitution. He is in total compliance with the executive branch, to do what he did, because he sees it as a threat to the security of our country. Clinton did it, Carter did it, but nobody was threatening their impeachment because of it. Your comment only shows your hatred for President Trump, not on the basis of the facts. In addition, it is not a Muslim ban, because it did not include ALL predominantly Muslim countries, only those known for exporting terrorism.

      2. Jerry Loper says:

        nickRay, please do me a favor, explain the “emoluments clause of the Constitution” to us lesser educated people, although I do have a phd. Without researching it first, please….

      3. John says:

        cowards always cover their faces such as lib., rioters, members of isis, etc. if your a man show your face

      4. Bob N says:

        nickRay would you please check your information before you open your stupid mouth. The Federal Judges that are ruling President Trumps Executive Orders unconstitutional need to be removed from the bench due to lack of knowledge of Federal and Constitutional laws. In 1993, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the U.S. Constitution gives the President the right to ban any and all people that he deems a threat to the security of the United States. So yes stupid, it did go before the U.S. Supreme Court already. BTW, where were these stupid Federal Judges when Obama signed this exact temporary ban on these exact countries when he was President? You Democrats and liberals don’t care one way or the other about the EO, you are attacking President Trump because he won the election and you wanted Hillary. Grow-up, Donald Trump is the President of the United States and deserves to be treated as so. The Republicans and Conservatives didn’t like Obama, but respected the Office of the President. Republicans and Conservatives didn’t riot in the streets and vandalize private property or spread lies about Obama’s family. Conservative Federal Judges followed what the Constitution says and the Supreme Court rules on, not on what they want the laws to be, like liberal Federal Judges are doing now.

        1. tomsfordcars says:

          Right on, my friend!

        2. Bonnie Schulte says:

          Well said, but liberal idiots don’t want to or won’t listen to the truth. God, help Trump, save our nation!

        3. ProudSCresident says:

          BLOCK this troll!!! NICKRAY…Buh bye!

        4. golding4 says:

          It will all work out in the end, and God will be the victor, and no liberal democrat that wants God out of everything will like the results, in fact! a whole lot of people is going to take a trip down to the basement…..

          1. Lladygee says:

            It’s not just Democratic that are on the path to destruction it’s everyone and everything that leaves or already left the spirit of God as it is not of any sect of politics, so don’t mistake your political views with the word of God nor man. The Bible is a representation of Gods words. How many times has it gone through hands of man, that have changed even a word. Ask him for guildence and he will give you your answers. He listens it’s just that sometimes he says no, so people think he don’t listen. Wait and he will give you your answers. Before making claims read all the Bible renditions and maybe, maybe you’ll get some insite.

      5. Bonnie Schulte says:

        nickRay, just go away, we don’t want to hear stupid comments. You, who calls others stupid. And your last comment sounds like someone who is a poor kid wannabe a rich kid.No matter the size of a person’s hands, those hands that work hard, will get things done. maybe you need to get a life, and do just that…work hard….

        1. 1947goldenjet says:

          I disagree. The First Amendment allows nickray to display his ignorance whenever he wishes. This forum is an appropriate place for him to do so. Quite frankly, he amuses me.

      6. ted towny says:

        Apparently you have not read the right the President has to protect the country. In this case it’s identical to what Obama did and it wasn’t stopped. He would win in the Supreme Court on these two issues, If not he should file a lawsuit for discrimination as Obama did it and he couldn’t . Wake up and have a nice life.

        1. nickRay says:

          thats ridiculous. You are ridiculous. Obama never once barred nationals of those countries fron entry to the United States. what he did was rescind participation in a program where some nationals of select countries can enter the US without visas. Now tell us Judge teddy, if Drumpf is sure to win his Muslim ban in the supreme court why didn’t he take it there instead of putting his Donald tail between his Donald legs and rewrite the thing to try to make it pass Constitutional muster? go ahead. Explain it. This should be hilarious.

      7. jobird says:

        I looked at your profile picture. You must be afraid of being identified if not why a face mask? I guess you where on the way out to burn and pillage businesses you don’t agree with. I find many who post” anti-Trump” messages are small minded and really offensive .Happy stomach ulcers nick!

        1. raffaelecafagna says:

          nickRay has ben brainwashed so bad his brain is under the left sole of his shoe .

        2. nickRay says:

          give me your address and I’ll start my burning and pillaging there, birdie. The ski mask (they’re sold for the purpose of retaining body heat. Look it up) covers my finely chiseled features because it was cold out there that day. Plus the orange cap reminds me of The Donald’s alleged hair. Let me know if you want a photo of my face. But don’t get your hopes up. Even though its legal I still won’t marry you.

      8. dennodog says:

        Your face mask is covering up your sphincter. Don’t suffocate, moron.

        1. nickRay says:

          at least my head isn’t all the way up mine your yours is up yours, doggie. If I were Lassie I’d sue your mutt ass for defamation of species.

          1. dennodog says:

            Oooogah, you brute, you. Did you think that up all by yourself? I eagerly await your next syllable.

          2. nickRay says:

            actually dogface there are millions of them in the human body. In your case I was referring to the anal sphincter. You know, the one surrounding your neck.

          3. dennodog says:

            It figures that a colon yodeler like yourself would be hung up on “anal sphincters”. While a normal human being would have aprox 5 sphincters, it is easily understandable why you would be the proud possessor of “millions of them”.

      9. Robert says:

        And you are a dumb ass.

        1. nickRay says:

          Thats as close to an argument as you’re capable of making, isn’t it Robert? Sad!

      10. golding4 says:

        Why don’t you liberals try to impeach President Trump then! but first read the words of a wise man named Mike Huckabee;
        Just to throw a bucket of cold reality on the impeachment dreamers: to remove Trump, they’d first have to get the House to pass articles of impeachment. Thanks to years of unrealistic Democratic actions, Republicans control the House. But let’s imagine that actually happened. He’d then have to be impeached by the Senate. True, some Republican Senators don’t like Trump, and unlike Democrats, Republicans have been known to hold Presidents of their own party to some actual standards. Still, it requires a two-thirds vote. But as long as we’re fantasizing like Democrats, let’s imagine that happens, too.
        So Trump is gone! Democrats rejoice! Until they realize they’ve just given us President Mike Pence. Okay, gear up your imaginations and let’s fantasize that they can impeach every Republican in the entire line of succession. That would require removing Pence, House Speaker Ryan, Senate President pro tempore Orrin Hatch, and the Secretaries of State and the Treasury. Finally, we get to an Independent: Welcome to the White House, Defense Secretary-now-President James “Mad Dog” Mattis! Wait, I don’t think that’s what liberals were dreaming of.
        In fact, the Democrats are so far out of power that even if they could impeach Trump, Pence, Ryan, Hatch and a dozen Cabinet officials, it would just result in President Betsy DeVos.
        Far be it from me to give liberals advice, but if they ever want to see another Democratic President, they need to give up these childish fantasies and tantrums, and start winning elections again by proving to the voters that they are capable of creating mature, intelligent policies that work in reality.
        But then, I guess I’m the one dreaming now.
        Mike Huckabee

        1. nickRay says:

          the only person talking about impeachment on this thread is you Goldie. And why you’re talking about it only you know. I suspect its because you actually don’t know anything at all about the topic actually under discussion and you’ve been boring your poor family with this fantasy impeachment thing you’ve cooked up in your head for weeks. Now you’ve decided to bore us with it. Is that about it?

      11. bytheway4 says:

        nickRay, another brainless liberal, When Obama banned the illegals he banned the same countries, you didn’t say a word, and he banned them for 6 months not 3 months. Now because it is Trump, it’s unconstitutional. you liberals are all mental ill. I pray that you all leave the country and go to Mars and create your own country, but you can never come back.

        1. nickRay says:

          which would be a good argument if he had banned refugees from those countries from entering the United States. Except he didn’t and they weren’t. After what Kellyann so stupidly referred to as the (guffaw) “Bowling Green Massacre” in 2011 the administration rechecked all iraqi refugees in the US and applicants waiting for visas against a new database of fingerprints and it slowed things down until the review was done. At no time were Iraqis barred from entry, and no refugee has committed an act of terrorism in the US since the current law was adopted in 1980.

          All of which raises the question: if you are completely ignorant of the basic facts in the matter why are your running off at the fingers? If you don’t know what you’re taking about maybe – just maybe – you should shut up. Waddaya think, Einstein? (Spoiler alert: Einstein was a refugee.)

    6. Dave McFarland says:

      Kaye, I am confused. I am a conservative. That simply means I support The United States Constitution. Can you tell me just how Abraham Lincoln “shredded” the US Constitution? He embodied that document. He not disparage it. Please explain. I know FDR enacted many “temporary” actions that were necessary to protect our country. It wasn’t until progressives and statists like Lyndon Johnson stepped in did we begin seeing a move toward the ultimate control of the people by the federal government. Again, how did Lincoln “shred” The US Constitution? I need explanations and details. Please?

      1. granny_forUSA says:

        Also Lincoln’s Violations of the US Constitution.

        The Presidential oath of office that Lincoln swore to was “to preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution of the US.

        I apologize up front for truthful, accurate, factual posts here that may hurt any Lincoln fan’s feelings…

        Secession of states was not prohibited by the US Constitution at that time. Therefore it was completely legal…

        #1 Lincoln ordered the military blockade of Southern ports.

        This an act of war.

        Only Congress can do that.

        At that time Lincoln certainly violated the US Constitution.

        #2 Lincoln ordered hundreds of Northern newspapers who dared to speak out against him to be shut down. And their owners and editors were arrested for disloyalty.

        This is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution that Lincoln swore to uphold.

        #3 Lincoln ordered the arrest of Ohio Congressman Clement Vallandigham for the crime of speaking out against him.

        Can you imagine that?

        #4 Ex parte Merryman,

        Chief Justice of the US Roger Taney, sitting as a judge of the United States Circuit Court for the District of Maryland, ruled that Lincoln had violated the US Constitution when he illegally suspended the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

        After hearing this Lincoln signed an arrest warrant to have the Chief Justice of the US arrested.

        #5 US Constitution Article lll…

        Section 3. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them.

        Lincoln committed treason.

        Lincoln waged war upon his own country. Unless one considers secession legal and the Confederacy was a sovereign nation.

        #6 Lincoln sent Union troops door to door in areas of Maryland, a Union state, to confiscate weapons.

        This is a clear violation of the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.


        Many Constitutional violations against Maryland

        ‘Maryland my Maryland’ was published calling Lincoln a tyrant and a despot and a vandal.

        Lincoln as already mentioned, trashed the Constitution by suspending the Writ of Habeas Corpus and sending troops door to door confiscating weapons in areas of Maryland.

        Maryland was a Union state.

        Lincoln ordered the arrest of thousands Marylanders for the crime of ‘suspected Southern sympathies’.

        Lincoln ordered the arrest of US Congressman Henry May representing Maryland. #7

        Lincoln also had arrested…

        Most of the Maryland State Legislature #8

        Most of the Baltimore city council #9

        The police commissioner of Baltimore #10

        The mayor of Baltimore #11

        Thousands of prominent Maryland citizens. #12

        These people were arrested and held in Military prisons, without trial, some of them for years.

        This trashing of the Constitution upset many Marylanders. One of them was named Booth.

        Committing so many crimes against Maryland would end up giving Lincoln a big “headache”.


        April 25 1861, When it looks as though Maryland may secede from the Union, Lincoln sends a letter to General Winfield Scott giving him permission to bombard Maryland’s Cities.

        This war criminal Lincoln couldn’t wait to bombard innocent civilians. We call that Terrorism these days.

        #13 Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation.

        This is a direct violation of the US Constitution and the US Supreme Courts decision on the matter.

        #14 The Lincoln administration allowed the taking of private property for public use without just compensation or due process of law.

        This is a clear violation of the 5th Amendment.

        A prime example is the Union army stealing Robert E Lees home, Arlington House, which they used as Headquarters.

        Since dead Union soldiers were stacking up like cordwood, they started burying them in Lee’s yard. There were so many Union soldiers graves here, this was to become Arlington National Cemetery.

        #15 The Lincoln Administration routinely used water torture against the thousands of Union prisoners arrested and jailed without trail.

        This violates the 8th Amendment,

        “Cruel and unusual punishment”.

        #16 Lincoln was Commander-in-Chief of an Army whose invasion of the South resulted in the deaths of 50,000 Southern civilians.

    7. Cookie Vranish says:

      Lincoln was a terrible war criminal and should have been hung, rather get assassinated. When Ron Paul brought that up a few years back, I thought he was a nut case. But I did some looking and all the families and farms slaughtered were ordered by Lincoln himself using the telegraph!

    8. Brad Fisher says:

      And liberal moron.

    9. Eddie says: Maybe we need to put the “wall” second on the to do list and first built lots of “Institutions” for the mentally ill liberals !?!?!?!?

    10. tCotUS says:

      It’s the Democratic way, & about to get worse..

  6. Barbara DuVall says:

    If this is the case (false as usual) then what about Obama! Let’s dig into his last 8 years and see what disgusting things can be brought into the light for all to see.

    1. Jerry Loper says:

      Thing is, things like Benghazi and firearms going to Mexico and a bunch of other stuff has been brought out, and nothing has been done, due to the libertards not giving a damn for human life. With Benghazi, Odummer could have saved the Ambassador and everyone, helicopters and men were ready to deplore off the coast, him and Hillary Rottin were just to sorry and didn’t want them saved. Benghazi is enough for me to hang the treasonous Odummer and Rottin Clinton.

      1. Lasher says:

        Deploy off the coast. . . . . .

        1. Jerry Loper says:

          They were going to, but Odummer told them to stand down. The commander of the ship did stand down, he kept the helicopter and the men at ready and got demoted for it.

  7. Lee Strabel says:

    Libtards=morons. ‘Nuff said

  8. Scott Ezell says:

    Liberals like Nancy Pelosi,Maxine Waters etc, etc. just dont ubderstan and/or approve of it when someone actually obeys the American people. Modern day NAZIS.

    1. JHL says:

      How did Peeloozi get into politics. She is clinically retarded.

      1. Elephant says:

        California. Nuff said!

      2. Lasher says:

        Indeed . . . . you can see insanity in her eyes.

  9. Libs R Loons says:

    Democrats, as usual, have someone new to feebly paint the blame onto for their OWN treason.
    In related news, Obama hired over 100 Hillary-staffers at our WH in the weeks before he left office to obstruct and spy from within, and 3 muslims working for congressional democrats just got caught hacking computers and selling secrets to foreign governments.

    1. Mike W says:

      If that’s true I hope they hang them all for treason.

      1. Lasher says:

        Hang them for anything – but hang them!

  10. Jim says:

    Obola should have been tried, convicted and EXECUTED for treason /sedition. Period.
    ALL the d-RATS and rinos should be shot. And ALL the scumbags in medias complicit in their BS..

  11. JHL says:

    Maxine Waters, Another embarrassment from Calif. She has the small brain but the perfect big mouth to fit a Rubicks cube.

  12. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    You don’t deal with tyrants such as these sorry ass liberal scum like pelosi. What is going to happen one day soon they and people like her will screw up and start the second revolutionary war and they will be completely destroyed. This would in fact start as soon as impeachment was put on the table , they better understand that American Patriots are fed up with their bullshit communist socialist muslim activities and all we need is a good excuse to clean house. These liberals only have a following of idiots and illegals and a conservative independent Patriot is a large population of real Americans who most have already taken a life time oath to defend ourselves from the same trash that is now causing all the trouble in our great nation, these ass holes like pelosi are all living on borrowed time so they better get their minds right and defend all Americans not just the ones that mindlessly vote for a hand out. These people for the past eight years ruled this nation as a democrat one when we all know regardless who is elected president is required by oath and constitution to obey all laws and treat this nation as one not like these sorry bastards did for eight years targeting conservatives,, and yet it still is being done an act of war and anarchy, if any impeachment should begin it would be against all these racist sons a bitches and trouble makers and someone better get a grip on reality because we don’t plan on allowing these clowns to ever rule us again. screw a liberal

    1. Elephant says:

      Got my license and my guns. Ready to fight to the death if necessary!

      1. Mt Native says:

        I’m with you!!!

  13. Kevin Morrison says:

    It troubles me that they call Trump reckless and yet Obama was in fact reckless and note worthy of impeachment and yet the libtards did NOTHING about him! While it is already a known fact that Pelosi is a total idiot we have to wonder where the heads of other democrats that have not demonstrated the same ignorant behavior is?

  14. gerald Hughes says:

    Why do we continue to suffer the liberal dem bloodsucking ersatz life forms?
    We all know by now that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem compost heaps?
    We must physically separate ourselves from them , it is that or civil war.

  15. Timothy Dayton says:

    The big question is why is Waters still in Congress? She had issues not long ago that should have resulted in her own impeachment and in criminal charges.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      In short- as long as Obama was in office, the insane democrats were untouchable.

    2. Mike W says:

      The people in California – in her district anyway must be fools. Gallagher said it years ago –
      “California is like a great big bowl of granola – what ain’t fruits and nuts – is flakes”.

    3. tomsfordcars says:

      Remember the new rule-scumbocraps can do anything they want!

  16. Mike W says:

    I remember Maxine Waters calling for the limousine to take her right across the street – there was a skywalk but she wanted to ride in the limo. I wish Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi would take time out of their busy schedules to actually do something for the people they supposedly represent. California is over $450,000,000,000 in debt – this has happened on “their watch”. I have never heard a plan from either of these two broom jockeys as to what they intend to do about it – except to raise taxes and scream for more federal money. California is over 1/2 a trillion dollars in the hole – that adds up to a debt for every LEGAL citizen of California – every man, woman and child of about $11,500. With the wayY they are spending and ignoring – that debt is rising by the second. Can you imagine the interest alone? The liberals in California want to secede they will still owe that money and there will be no federal aid when they do. They will be one broke assed independent country sitting on a fault line. Who will they call when a disaster hits? FEMA? MEXICO?

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      “Broom Jockeys”…I need to remember that one!
      Good job!

    2. Bill says:

      Mike, who cares, think of the millions of liberals who will have to face RESPONSIBILITY for the first time, that will be utter chaos and worth the price of admission. The liberals are on a death march and don’t even know it!

    3. drbhelthi says:

      It took Schwarzenegger two terms to completely bankrupt California. Since then, the California state debt has consistently increased. The Austrian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with NAZI family history, has been placed in contention with president Trump. Which, suggests that shadow figures behind the curtains are trying to slide him into a national, political position.
      The U.S. has had too many persons in national positions whose claim to fame was a career in Hollywood. The U.S. does not need another entertainer in a national slot. Especially not one who betrayed his marriage vows to Maria Shriver, had a child by his house-keeper, and was subsequently revealed to have had affairs around California and the U.S.
      Such persons require weeding out, not adding to, U.S. Government.

    4. NiteGoat says:

      One of many reasons why I moved from CA, 2 months ago.

    5. Barbara Jablon says:

      Broom jockeys! love that! 🙂

    6. tomsfordcars says:

      Excellent post and totally correct!

  17. John Savell says:

    I love how Trump does what his right and within his authority in the executive branch and liberal nut-jobs are claiming he should be impeached for abuse of power. What has he done that has “shredded the constitution?” Democrats don’t even know what the Constitution says. I guess what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander, since O actually did abuse his power and I hope someone (that means you, Jeff Sessions) calls him out on him, especially if continues to try to derail Trump’s presidency. Hypocrisy, thy name is liberal or progressive.

  18. Gary Asti says:

    Everyone needs to remember that maxine is the biggest racist in this country. She is also the biggest smelliest POS in the USA and alongside pelosi I can’t tell which one has the worst breath. ALCOHOL OLD FOOD BITS IN THEIR TEETH AND HAIR THAT HASNT BEEN WASHED IN YEARS. HHHHMMMMMM sounds like a couple more broom riding bitches just like clinton

  19. aschark says:

    I’m with Maxine: I don’t want to see Trump as POTUS for 4 years – I want him in for 8!

  20. Mark James says:

    Obama did things he needed to be imprisoned for if not executed for and not ONCE did the liberal left open their sheep mouth against their “hero” and Trump has not done ONE THING contrary to the Constitution and all these liberal loons are imploding! Keep it up and there will be marshall law and these nut cases will be locked up!

  21. drbhelthi says:

    The concept of “impeachment” applies more appropriately to both Ms. Waters and Mrs. Pelosi.

  22. Dan says:

    If Obama couldn’t get impeached in the 8 years he fumbled around in the oval office, it’s not going to happen to President Trump.

  23. Maggietish says:

    The Democrats are committing political suicide and that’s just fine. They want to impeach Donald Trump whom the American people overwhelmingly elected as our President. Do they seriously believe that the American people are going to put up with that and allow that to happen. Are they pushing for a Civil War? People like pull Pelosi, Walters, Schumer and the rest of their corrupt Washington elitist gang are still ignoring the will of the people. They not only lost the presidency they lost control of the house, the Senate majority of the gubernatorial positions and state and local positions on the last election. The people clearly gave a referendum against the abysmal failed progressive policies of the Democrats and the Democrats are clearly unwilling to change. The 2018 election is fast approaching and the Democrats have more than 10 seats in the Senate that are up for grabs. Apparently the 2016 election wasn’t enough for the Democrats so it’s a guarantee as they keep on with their corrupt unchanging ways that the 2018 election will be a bloodbath for them and they deserve it. It’s more than time for us to clean the swamp and kick these corrupt political hacks to the curb now. We the people must demand and get term limits and do it now. Wake up America!

  24. Timothy Leggett says:

    Democrats are just a bunch of sore loosers. we don’t need that in the white house anymore. Democrats you lost now get over it.

  25. kenward42 says:

    No president in recent history has shredded and violated the Constitution more than the former neighborhood agitator, and provocateur, the Kenyan born Muslin, Barack Hussein Obama. Congress through legislation gave the president the full authority to block immigration from countries whose immigrants are a danger to the USA. That alleged legal scholar tribe needs mental treatment, as do nutty Nancy, and wasted Waters.

  26. PoorPeter says:

    Democrats should impeach themselves. We are 19 Trillion in debt, 3/4 of which are directly because of Obama’s spending and policies. Yes, Bush did start the spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars but the Iraqi oil fields were supposed to reimburse the U.S.. Ask Mr. Obama why that didn’t happen! Ask him why he was so quick to have BP drill in the GOM while leaving it off limits to our own companies. Ask him why we were not allowed to export our shale LNG and why he set restrictions on exporting LNG plants. We have had ample opportunity to keep our country out of debt but were it not for Mr. Obama. Then you Democrats must ask yourselves why you supported Hillary Clinton, a thief and traitor to our nation. Then understand that it wasn’t the Republican that elected Mr. Trump, it was YOU!

  27. My country says:

    Maxine is not worthy to even be in Washington. I remember her speechs calling for the death of whites ! I guess it would shock the old bag to know that some might feel the same way about her . Maxine you just try to impeach Trump and your life on the hill will be short . You protected a half Blackman while he destroyed with your help the black youths of this country ! Message to Maxine Waters get out of this country ! Wonder how she planned on killing the half white side of Obama !

  28. Tom says:

    Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters? Couple of Wack jobs! The Democrat party is done. Their behavior is unbelieveable. Tell me some stories about rioting, looting and burning when that creep Obama was mistakenly elected. We sucked up his crap for eight long years and now it’s payback time. No one outside of big city liberals and the bottom rung wanted Killary as president.

  29. Zachary.s.smith says:

    The Democrats are wrong. Trump has done nothing for impeachment yet. they cant impeach him because he has the American people behind him and what ever the democrats do will not go unnoticed. and remember who ever impeach’es the president, impeaches America, who ever impeaches America, impeaches the world and who ever impeaches the world., impeaches God. and impeaching is a obstruction of justice. there for never mess with our president, because the actions the democrats do will not go unnoticed.

  30. Normie G says:

    I am so glad we elected Trump. I am so glad the Democrats, Liberals and Radical Democrats are showing the world what they are really all about. It is their way or the highway and they don’t care about their long term existence. So applicable to today’s society. I want it! I want it NOW! Or I will throw a tantrum. It has worked their whole life, why are they having trouble now? Grow up!

  31. Juba says:

    Interesting is that for dems everything is allowed, acceptable, legal, lawful, legitimate, admissible, licit, authorized, sanctioned, tolerated… but only if you’re on their side, of course…

    1. tomsfordcars says:

      So very true. They should all go away!

  32. Zachary.s.smith says:

    I agree with Tom both Ancy Peloues, and Maxinin Waiters should just go home taking Advil so they have more headaches/ seizures as they take there morning OJ. like seriously they really have to take some pills. what’s the matter need to go get your sipicup? Now go to bety bed and wake up chiminy tidings. Oh you lumps of coal.

  33. Michael Lloyd says:

    Waters’ first desire should be that she be able to speak English coherently.

  34. Mt Native says:

    So what President Trump did was different than what presidents before him have done, including the last imposter in chief who did the same ban on the same countries. The demonRats are going to cause their own demise if they don’t shape up and start working for America and the American citizens. They lost because they put forth a criminal as a candidate for president. They would have been better off stacking the deck against her and in favor of Sanders instead of the other way around.

  35. bovestrian says:

    You liberals are totally disgusting. Shut the [email protected] up and get off Trumps back.

  36. Rick says:

    It’s time to impeach Nancy.

  37. Rodger K. Shull says:

    waters an pelosi, are the ones that should be IMPEACHED. ” DERELICTION of DUTY ” because they are DERELICTS, they suffer from many mental problems. I want to see these 2 an warren, RESIGN their ELECTED POSITIONS , for the GOOD OF THE USA.

  38. Ah nutz says:

    hope all that ‘crow’ these butt brains are gonna’ have to eat is full of ‘scoot’ inducing bacteria.

  39. Anne Latella says:

    Maxine Waters is a racist. President Trump has not anything to shred the Constitution and is acting in the very best interests of we American Citizens. Cool it Maxine. You are one of the worst Democrat hate mongers of Republicans. Stop your ridiculous ranting and raging. Even Coretta Scott Kings niece has called you out for this. Act like an American for a change. I am a Democrat but would never vote if I could because you are a very far left wing radical who hates white people in general. We are all one nation and one people under God. Try and act according to your religious upbringing. Years ago I used to like you very much. Not so anymore!
    This nation needs to come together to support our President or The U. S. will be lost forever and that means you with it , along with the rest of us.

  40. battleborn says:

    I am still confused about what in Trump’s executive order is unconstitutional. I have seen the claim many times but I have yet to hear, specifically, what part of the constitution is being violated. Anyone?

  41. Klaus Krauthammer says:

    Waters should be exterminated for impersonating a sub human.

    1. Lasher says:

      They’re liberals.

  42. Jmanjo says:

    Actually these Democrat monsters need to be removed from office! Pelosi has committed as many illegal activities as Hillary and The idiot Waters needs to be locked up before she hurts someone!

  43. justinwachin says:

    Capitol Hill Republicans were reluctant to use the word impeach anywhere near President Obama. The Democrats should use the same good judgement. If not, the voters may turn them into a true minority party in 2018. Most people can understand being unhappy when your side loses. Fewer are tolerant of sore losers. Many of the Democrats are venturing far beyond sore losers to completely crazy. On the day after the 2018 general election many of these people are going to realize that the voters are not happy with them.

  44. CBUJAN says:

    Maxine go back to the cotton fields.

  45. tellitlikeitis says:

    It is difficult as a Christian not to want to kill these fuckers that are so stupid not to see Donald Trump is trying to help this country. We really need to start executing for treason sedition and un-American activities

    1. tellitlikeitis says:

      Those judges in Washington need to go and now! Their ruling was absolutely an illegal ruling and completely contradictory to the constitution of the United States of America. They should be removed from office and tried for treason.

    2. Lasher says:

      How is it helping this country to give Israel anything they demand? Just askin’.

  46. james mcninch says:

    It really hurts when someone is bested,and they can’t find a way to heal the sore, so to defy anything or anyone,to pick one item person or thing to strike back at, a typical defiance cord , so to recover ,attack is the norm ,no matter if it’s right or wrong, mostly it will be wrong in the end, the president just needs to watch all around him just where and how they will attack. so far since November, the democratic’s have done just that. being a reactive man, he’ll need to anticipate what they will do and when,just as the new york times is starting to do,look for anything in any one of his team and him a damaging item ,statement , anything that they the democratic party , and new york times can throw out there to change the public’s emotions ,as they have done all through the country. as i have seen, any defiance from anyone,the court’s all have for the most part have come from the states that are democratic states, east coast mostly, and barely anything from the other’s. As for mr shummer, be wear..!!! i have known him all my life in politics , an what he doesn’t show he can and will be the a-o you have never seen or heard of before. he will do anything needed to change the mind set of the people he is to represent. you thought reid was an a-o. you watch ,you haven’t seen anything yet.!!!!!!!!! mark my words…

  47. Buford says:

    Every fart emitted above her neck is unbelievable. Why should her gutteral ejaculations about Trump be any different?

  48. Ed Mattson says:

    Lawrence tribe is a fool who does not believe in the U.S. Constitution. Shred the Constitution??? The 9th Circuit did that yesterday when they over-reached their authority under the ‘separation of powers’. They have no say-so in national defense and have no authority to override Trump’s Executive order, which by the way, was adjudicated by the Supreme Court back around 1905, and statutorily granted authority by Congress in 1952, reaffirmed in 1965 and amended in 1996, to Interestingly, add an additional clause giving the Attorney General the power to
    shut down entry by immigrants on particular airlines that fail to comply
    with federal regulations . The president HAS SOLE AUTHORITY, to limit or bar any person or group from entering the US when it comes to security matters. It will be set right by the Supreme Court who will overturn the 9th District as it has in 85% of their other declarations

    1. Stikit says:

      Put very well ED. The liberal courts are very dangerous to our constitution, and our security. I hope this action will be swift, by the SC, and put an end to this flagrancy.

      1. nicholsda says:

        Congress should kill the Federal Courts and start over. That way all the liberal judges would be gone. Per Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution:
        “9: To constitute Tribunals inferior to the supreme Court;”
        Many people think that the Courts are co-equal to the Legislative and Executive Branch but that is not true. Only the Supreme Court is equal and all others are inferior to the President and Congress.

    2. tomsfordcars says:

      I can’t wait!

  49. Larry Lawless says:

    Nancy Pelosi has the IQ of a house plant , and she is slowly losing her mental facilities.

    1. nicholsda says:

      I beg to differ. The house plant is smarter.

    2. Lasher says:

      Rancid Nancy would never outclass a house plant. Come to think of it, she must be a House plant.

  50. JST says:

    What do you get when a Brother and Sister Pro-Create?
    You get a Democrap!

  51. adam_s_0625 says:

    I guess Waters is a racist.

  52. Crystal says:

    “If Democrats in Congress yield to their base’s demands of lunacy opposition – and that includes talk of impeachment – it will only continue to alienate those voters who rallied to Trump’s “America First” message and abandoned the Democrat party because of their obsession with culture wars and divisive issues.”
    And it doesn’t help any, that many of the Lunatic Fringe of Liberals have allowed themselves to be wooed by George Soros and have joined forces with him… You pay a heavy price when you make a deal with the Devil, it costs you your sanity… as we, who aren’t blinded by Liberalism, can see!

  53. horrible deplorable raynbene says:

    I don’t know who this tribe twit is, but to him, Trump, in less than 3 weeks, has already ‘shredded the Constitution’ worse than buttcrack WHOsane obomba did in 8 long, miserable, completely lawless years ? Just another liberal idiot, who is demonstrating how clearly lawless and clueless liberals really are, but keep it up ! We need him to support ‘great leaders’ like nanzi pelousy, madmaxine, crazy bernie, and that paragon of Americanism, the muslime rep from the Minnesota caliphate, ellison ! !

  54. davidsunkle says:


  55. miscast says:

    I would like to avoid the comparison between Rep’s and Dem’s but it’s becoming even more clear every single day.

    Rep lose election in 08 and 12 to same guy who proceeds to do everything and anything to hamper the USA. Rep’s don’t run around destroying public property and wasting taxpayer money. Rep’s don’t post threats of killing President on Twitter likes it’s saying “good morning” on your way into the office after the weekend.

    Meanwhile after losing political power in every possible format all over the country Dem’s demand Congress and Senate do things their way. They stomp their feet and hold their breath and have no intention of common sense actions after losing all their political power. They burn schools and churches, blame Reps and we find out it was Dems, they make stupid political statements related to business and vow to never even consider Trump President.

    It’s obvious I know, but Dems these days are the typical 7 year old pitching a temper tantrum. The same can be said when Dems supported slavery, the KKK, Poll taxes to vote, segregated bathrooms, and schools, even water fountains. They want their way and they will justify anything to get their own way. In the 60’s they blew up buildings, took over government offices and stomped their feet even more.

    Isn’t it about time we send the children to their room without supper? Well, they are grounded for the next 4 years, thankfully.

  56. Christine says:

    Really who even cares what these two women think – Pelosli doesn’t even know who the president is – at this press conference She said “While its only been a couple of weeks since the inauguration, we’ve seen nothing that I can work with President Bush on.” Maxine Waters is also 2 fries short of a happy meal too. In this same press conference she had her own “Gary Johnson” Aleppo moment and claimed Putin invaded Korea instead of Crimea . Really people – why are we paying these clueless democrats a 6 figure income. Also somebody needs to run some test on the water in California because it looks like it is causing some serious brain damage.

  57. EE says:

    Democrats just keep proving that dumb can’t be fixed!

    1. nicholsda says:

      But it can be numbed by a 2×4.

    2. Paul Whitley says:

      Correct. “Ignorance can be cured by education, but stupidity will go to the grave with you.” I don’t know who first said it, but it is absolutely true! There are no new countries on Trumps’ list – it is a list compiled by Obama’s group. A list Obama never had the courage to enforce.

  58. Harvey Schneider says:

    Both Pelosi and Waters are mentally ill and false prophets stating that President Trump will perform some act in the future, before his first term ends, that will require his impeachment.

    As false prophets they should be stoned after 4 years when their false prophesies do not come to pass!

  59. Dan says:

    Funny how the democrats don’t remember the lying SOB Obama that shredded the Constitution every chance he got. He is well known for his unconstitutional use of his pen and phone. Pelosi is a lying good for nothing sac of crap. She has more money than 97% of Americans and is only staying where she is to gobble more.

    1. nicholsda says:

      A perfectly good waste of Oxygen.

  60. parthenon1 says:

    Nancy went down the rabbit hole with Alice . . .Alice came out but Nancy must have stayed down there . . . .poor rabbbits

  61. George says:

    They hate Trump so much that even if he could end all suffering on earth, cure all diseases, and give everyone a million dollars, they would still oppose him and riot in the streets.
    They are pathological.

  62. George says:

    What’s wrong with letting in only those people who want to love our country and want to become Americans, and keeping out criminals and terrorists who want to destroy our country?
    Why that is called racism defies logic and reason.
    Beam me up Scotty!

    1. Paul Whitley says:

      That is the purpose of vetting immigrants. We cannot just open the gates and let everyone in. This is just common sense – if a man showed up at your door and wanted to enter your home, I’ll bet you would want to know a little about him. It is the same analogy.

  63. Daniel Mount says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the Evilest Bitch in Washington DC. President Trump is doing a great job and you Democrats are so fucked up and crooked as well as very evil it can make a goat sick. This Muslim loving anti Americans must be kept under control because they are too stupid to be in charge of a toilet let alone the under half of the Congress or the house.

  64. George says:

    Okay let anyone in unvetted, and after the next round of mass shootings pass more gun control.
    That should work, right?

  65. TexasBobA says:

    2 ding a lings.

  66. j0e cave says:


  67. ajfkdem says:

    Pelosi is a total loon and Waters was a welfare cheat. Perfect Democrats.

  68. FirstShirt says:

    What in the World has happened to the Democrat Party since the 70s? Who, or what has infiltrated it so completely that they act so outrageously en masse? Before you start on me, I agree the Republicans have many issues, too.

  69. isBubba says:

    They will regret having not been aborted. The day they try to impeach Trump is the day they will know the wrath of real Americans those majority who love America .

  70. oldk says:

    The socialists are going further crazy left. Get a straight jacket for them.

  71. Old and Infirmed says:

    This G>> D<<< Water should be thrown off the senate. In fact there are quite a few who don't know the Constitution and if they did they would get behind their president and stop fighting. They will have another chance in four years for the new election to pick some dumb idiot that they want to be President. I hope by then Trump will settle all this. I don't like Pelosi but I respect her for knowing the law and you just can't get rid of the President because you don't like him. They are all a bunch of jealous mean spirited people who want the power and don't have it. God Bless MR TRUMP for his love of this country. Many here don't deserve what he is trying to do but I hope that someday they will think with their brains instead of their jealous friends…….

  72. Terry Rushing says:

    Currently the democrats haven’t the votes in the house to bring a bill of impeachment. Trump has committed no “high crimes” or misdemeanors and he has thus far been operating well within the constitutional framework. Spit on one hand and wish in the other you lunatic dems. For once in her miserable life Pelosi spoke the truth.

  73. Rex Stevenson says:

    Who the hell is Laurence Tribe? He must have been sleeping during the last 8 years. The guy is obviously mentally unbalanced and thus a typical left-wing nut-job.

    1. nicholsda says:

      Tribe is a far left legal Beagle ( sorry true Beagles ) who worked for Gore in his election challenge of Bush in 2000. In other words, another loser.

  74. Rex Stevenson says:

    Gretta (below). Be assured that there is no Statute of Limitations on TREASON and Obama will one day be held accountable for his seditious activities and treasonous actions against the government and people of the United States of America.

  75. Jon Bar says:

    Trump has done nothing unconstitutional. I read it and know it! Obama early on decided on his own, “DOMA” (was law passed by congress ) was unconstitutional and told AG Holder to not enforce it. No complaints from anywhere? At the time. Obama made a decision only the SOTUS could make. These Libtard POS are sore losers!

  76. mlb_1902 says:

    Trump beat all odds and was elected to the highest seat in government and all of these democrats and some republicans also just can’t handle the fact he beat out Hillary the most corrupt and crooked thing to ever run for the office. After Obama was found to be a traveling, golfing present taking million dollar vacations and on the golf course all the time not once did any of you stupid elected idiots come close to impeaching him. When it was shown he was born in Africa (even his brother and sister said so) did any of you stupid elected idiots even talk of impeaching him. Hell no you just let him make the debt bigger and embarrass America and turn people against us. He actually was put down by so many other countries it was a embarrassment having his ass in office. He was illegal, went to college on grants only given to foreign born students, I could fill this whole damn thing on why he should have been impeached but old hags like Nancy P or old cronies like Harry R didn’t even try.

  77. dragonfire777 says:

    So if the Trump administration finds out Obama had illegal dealings with Iran, Saudi and I am sure Germany. Then the Dems are ready to condemn Obama. What about the Muslim illegals he had flow to the east coast for months? These are impeachable offenses. Obama should have been impeached numerous times. Didn’t bother conscience then.

  78. Ed says:

    Of course Mr Obama never did anything to warrant impeachment.
    As far as I’m concerned the Prez needs to implement martial law. He needs to destroy all gangs ( mob, russian, hispanic, black and whatever else is out there. )
    He needs to ferret out anything that even smells of Mr Obama and his ilk. He also needs to destroy Sorros anything connected to him. BLM needs to go anything/anyone who is out to destroy this country period.

  79. nickRay says:

    This is bullshit. All Pelosi said was that if Trump committed impeachable offenses he would be impeached. What wrong with that? Should she have said instead that he won’t be impeached if he commits high crimes and misdemeanors?

  80. cathylovesyou says:

    Yes Nancy, me nutty professor, sign it and do it and then you’ll know. It was time she retired in 2000, she is mental. Same as Pocahontas the both of them make me nervous. Shaky and the gang.

  81. Jerry Romeo says:

    Abusing his power and trampling on the Constitution is all that Obama did in his 8 years in the White House. Nobody, especially, the Republicans dared to do anything about it, running the risk of being labeled racist. Rush Limbaugh predicted it before Obama was even elected, that anyone who criticized his POLICIES AND AGENDA, would be labeled a racist. That became the mantra of the lefties during his entire term as president, and still festers in their agenda today.

  82. MysticDrkBear says:

    No they are Obama and Hilary Corruptibles! The only thing these pukes support is them self’s and the Criminals that support them….

  83. soldier for liberty says:

    Liberal , progressive, leftist, Democrat = Communist! Nancy Pelosi is as nutty as a shit house rat the commies behind the scenes don’t pick very good front people !

  84. soldier for liberty says:

    Community organizers are terrorist handlers and recruiters.

  85. Bob N says:

    @Laurence Tribe, you don’t even know the Constitution and what rights it gives the President. The United States Supreme Court ruled in 1993 that according to the U.S. Constitution, the President has the right to ban anyone that he feels poses a threat to the United States from entering into this country. BTW, where were you when President Clinton and President Obama signed this exact same Executive Order when they were President?

    Now for the Democrats. Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi along with the rest of the Democrats don’t care anything about what the Constitution says. If they did, they would have stopped Obama from violating it so many times and they would know that everything that President Trump has done so far is Constitutional. The Democrats want to make America a communist country under Democratic rule. What they don’t realize is the way they are going about it, they are only helping the Muslims with their plans to take over America. If the Democrats and liberals got their way and turned America into a communist country, the Muslims would than take it away from them and make it a Muslim country. The Democrats only think that the Muslim immigrants and refugee are coming here to help them take over America. The Muslims are coming here to prepare to take over America for themselves.

  86. treebird says:

    Too bad they were so unwilling to apply this to Obama!

  87. Jerry Loper says:

    Would someone please explain something to me? How could anyone censor Devos for telling people to buy Ivanka’s clothing line but it’s perfectly okay, with the same people, for Warren to advertise her book coming out on the 18th, while making a public speech against Trump.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      Or even for the First Mooch to laud Target, after they donated thousands to democrat campaigns….

  88. jaymack47 says:

    we need to choose up sides and settle all matters.

  89. Mike says:

    The Democrats are politically behaving badly. Trump is working hard without his whole team being put together. Of course there will be some mistakes. Yet the Dems are against National Security. What will happen if a terrorist sneaks in during the political stupidity and commits a national act of violence? The Liberals will declare it Trumps fault. Assad said in an interview with I believe CBS that he knows that terrorist have successfully infiltrated the refugees. What is wrong with a temporary slowdown to examine vetting procedures. Petty politics should not over shadow national security.

  90. panfisher2708 says:

    Progressives are the original communist party from the 60,s The problem is that their age is consuming them and their drug culture from woodstock to now. They violate a laws of natural order and commen sense

  91. Honorary says:

    “The Constitution is for a moral people. It is unfit for any other.” Did Fauxcahontas and cow Pelosi ever learn how to read the Constitution.?? Or we have to pass it before we can read what is it? as the mad cow said it when she push over the obamacare…

    1. Mike W says:

      If she would have been there at the time – she would have said we have to pass it to see what’s in it – She can’t be bothered read anything

  92. tony says:

    Hey libertards. You are changing the oposition rules for future generations to come. The republicans tried to work with Obama. We lost at almost every event. Now the shoe has moved to the other foot. You can continue to cry wolf and moan and complain as much as you can. But the cold hard fact is that your liberterds are pushing a great divide in this nation. The divide is leed by winey spinless sore loosers. Keep it up and you will destroy your party even more. Progressive=Socialist=Communism. Pelosi, Feinstein, it’s time to grow up and work for the country over your left agendas.

  93. Korean_Vet says:

    The Mirror, Mirror, Mirror On The Wall–“Shows Everything Including the Great & Small” & Sometimes
    Even “Shows the Truth & The Greatest Liars Of Them All”-! (The “Flames of Hell”–will destroy them
    All-! ) “There’s No Three Coins In This Fountain”–And “Three Wrong Wishes–May End Up Making
    You Broke”-! (“We’ll Be Glad To Wait For The Final Ending Of All Hate-Filled Persons”-!)

  94. sutherncon says:

    It is pretty obvious some of these clowns throw around the word “constitution” as if they know what it says. If they are interested, many conservative politicians distribute pocket copies at their meetings.

  95. Thomas says:

    Deliberate lies by all of them. If they knew the law in question and the Constitution they’d have nothing to say. So they lie. Lie to the ignorant and they’ll follow in their ignorance.

  96. barbarakelly says:


  97. Cookie Vranish says:

    I’m sure they would love to impeach Trump. However, there is a couple of things holding them up. First, Trump will figure out the Obama spies in his cabinet and behead them (figuratively) Trump will not do anything wrong, because he is much different than a Democrat. And most of all, the silly Democrats do not have enough votes to do it. After this next election cycle, they will have even less.

  98. Dennis says:

    Is she still alive?

  99. ProudSCresident says:

    When is she going to be impeached? Word of advice to everyone. When a TROLL pops up on here, instead of wasting good keystrokes to tell them off, just go to the right of his/her name and click on that down arrow and choose BLOCK! If we block them, they won’t get their paychecks for harassing us. You know they are being paid to protest! If you block them, you cut their income off, and you’ll never have to see them again on any of these articles!

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      It’s been my experience that if I block one of them, they keep steaming right along, only I can’t read their moronic propaganda anymore, especially on my threads.
      I like to down-thumb and report their posts as “inappropriate”, which appears to get them blocked from disqus if other people will do the same.

  100. T Steven Bell says:

    @ Kaye Thats why there called democRATS and like rats they need to be exterminated!!!!

  101. Diane Jones says:

    I can’t stand the hatred that the Democratic Liberals are projecting to the world. They want globalism. Soros wants Obama as the President of the World UGH. The paid agitators are riling up folks who are SHEEP and cannot think for themselves. They follow blindly. They join in protesting.
    Many have never studied history so they don’t know the Constitution. Illegals are NOT protected in there at any point. Trump is upholding the laws of this land. He is in his Constitutional rights to ban immigrants from certain lands, to deport illegals. He wants the Laws of this land upheld and respect to return to this nation both inside and out. Folks don’t respect each other. They don’t follow the Ten Commandments or the Golden Rule today.

  102. Howard A Milor Jr. says:

    Well at least the ones we can get rid of are stepping up! The ones from California if course are safe because those people out there see the world through pot colored glasses and Mexican illegals point of views!

  103. Hillary for prison says:

    I waited and didn’t want to be the one to bring up that to Impeach simply means to bring charges against and one must break the law (articles of Constitution) in order to be impeached. These people are so brain dead and deluded, they think Impeach means to remove from power. I would’ve hoped they would have learned that when their idol Slick Willy was impeached for lying before Congress. He lied, it was proven but in NOWAY stripped him of his throne. Stupid Lib-rats!

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      That was Obama’s entire purpose of having Harry Reid at the helm of the senate, to block all the bills from the House including the impeachment of Obama, and to keep the media from getting a whiff of them.

  104. Robert Toohey says:

    How come Mr Tribe didn’t ask for Obamas impeachment when he did ignore the constitution and threatened the nations security

  105. C T Vivian says:

    Why do you write this BS. It would take a massive defection of RINOs to start anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Steven Coy says:


  107. cathylovesyou says:

    The face of the Democratic Party Maxine Waters, not a lady to any degree,but rather a fowl mouthed angry Black woman always out of control. You may say it is Keith Ellison, a follower of Farrakan a born Catholic turned Muslim or it could be the acting DNC who gives questions from CNN to Hillary Clinton just to keep her up to date before a debate. All horrible faces but Maxine reflex how Dems feel about America.

  108. ArmyMP6975 says:

    Obama now running communist organization Organizing for Action which has 33,500 people, $40Million and is sending protesters and rioters to disrupt conservative town hall meetings. The FBI should be monitoring Obama/Soros for subversion. See Also the Marxist Democracy Alliance composed of Billionaires like Warren Buffet should be investigated and brought to public attention. here is a J. Edgar Hoover when you need him?

  109. dennodog says:

    Like it or not, we are two countries now. Let’s support California and those other deadbeat, basket cases, let them secede, and end this bullshlt once and for all. Why should we go through this unending turmoil and placating the crybabies whether they win or lose. There is no satisfying these people. Let them have there own socialist “utopia” and grovel among themselves.

    1. Libs R Loons says:

      What’s funny is that there is no way that California can legally secede from the US.
      That’s just liberal desperation talking.
      They can’t afford to get their federal funding cut in the first place, and (theoretically-speaking) even if they COULD, they have no one to turn to for money except China.

  110. promotis2 says:

    These fools have no idea of what the grounds for impeachment are, but that does not surprise because they are not aware of the Constitution of the United States. You are not permitted to impeach because the liberals do not like you. This is not ikindergarten( apologies to those in kindergarten) These people attack not only Trump but also his family and his grandchildren in their schools. And it is they who always talk about bullying. In reality they are just a group on mean spirited chronic malcontents who are victims of their own fringe ideology called liberalism. The problem is that liberals have beliefs and ideas that are far out of the mainstream and of course could not force them on the population of normal people so they must use the force of government to make others follow their agenda,; however, they missed the old saying that the government that can give you everything can take everything away. Now is the time to take away the liberal agenda, that actually thinks the issue of boys using the girls bathroom is more important than one of job loss and a declining Middle Class. But there is no cure for stupid so the liberals must be tolerated or eliminated. The best is just to ignore them

  111. Libs R Loons says:

    Maxine Waters is a “Pelosi” in blackface, and both of them have drank their own Koolaid for so long they’ve both lost touch with reality.

  112. Libs R Loons says:

    In BETTER news…George Soros’ reign as the Left’s financier is about to end!

  113. peter Pirzadeh says:

    Who gives a sh…t what Maxine Waters says. She is another loud mouth stooge who just the rest of the libs, i.e., Pelosi and other losers will say anything to draw attention themselves. Waters is the biggest filthy mouth I’ve seen in anybody in politics with the exception of Warren, another stooge.
    As an African American woman Waters should try to keep her mouth shut, if only for the sake of other African Americans, when it comes to making comments about a president whose accomplishments she is not used to. If she thinks this is bad, she needs to wait to see what else the president has in store to clean up brand of swamp.

  114. 4NMatters says:

    Waters and Pelosi are history. They just don’t know it yet!

  115. Carlos says:

    There’s a good percentage, of Californians, that want to impeach Nancy Balony.

  116. skipfoss says:

    The clown of Demonrats Waters is the one along with Pelosi that should be impeached for mental problems both are suffering form post election lose sendrome ,Pelosi just can’t find a place to work with Bush,and Waters just can’t work it is not in her black DNA

  117. Autoharp1951 says:

    What are the charges? Treason? Nope. Bribery? Nope. High crimes or misdemeanors? Nope. You can’t impeach a sitting government official simply because you don’t like them. This impeachment talk is simply more whiney liberals who are eternally pissed off their racist Nazi Clinton didn’t win.

  118. KJ says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  119. EMIRCITNA says:

    NANCY PELOSI & MAXINE WATERS;……two errors of nature!!!

    1. raffaelecafagna says:

      Two Pukes and senile brainwashed leftist .

      1. EMIRCITNA says:

        ……of the insane kind!

        1. raffaelecafagna says:

          I agree my friend .

    2. raffaelecafagna says:

      *** , confused , brainwashed Schumer , puke Pelosi and Maxine, Pocahontas , Kaine , Hollyweirdos and many others so called Americans , ” They ” want to see the Downfall of the United States ; ” They ” want the Destruction of our Land ; ” They ” Approve the Invasion of America by the Invasive Species …. these types of leftist have to realize that WE the Patriot Americans , Will Not allow this takeover .

      1. EMIRCITNA says:

        ……and we KNOW who the domestic enemies are!!!!

        1. raffaelecafagna says:

          YES WE know who they are and what They are planning on doing .

  120. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


    1. raffaelecafagna says:

      BREAKING NEWS! Amazing! Trump Cuts US Debt by $12 Billion in His First Month… Read the latest now on

      In just One Month Trump Reduces the National Debt by $ 12 Billion .

  121. jac591 says:

    Pelosi and waters need the same treatment that hillary gives to people that stand in her way!! Maxine waters has tried to destroy America for years. She has to go.

  122. Gay Phillips says:

    Actually, Trump is the one who is following the Constitution. One wonders if these people have ever read it.

    1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

      Most of them probably haven’t. I say, just let the Democrat/Liberal/Progressives continue with their illegal antics. They are only undermining their own objectives. Hopefully, more people are paying attention and will never vote for them again. Personally, I hope they never get back into power. They are a threat to the Constitution and freedom and the more they holler the more they expose themselves to be hateful and incapable of running anything, let alone our great Country!

  123. jaboj says:

    Maxine Waters? Now she is one to talk. Go back to Aleppo Maxie.

  124. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

    These people are mental midgets who think they know everything and they are relatively good at passing on their idiocy to the less informed among us. I have tried, for the life of me, to understand their disjointed thinking…, but to no avail!! I give kudos to anyone out there who has figured out this mystery and can explain it in lay language!! Whatever you want to call them, Democrats, Liberals or Progressives, they can leave you picking at your lower lip with your forefinger!! Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi lead the pack in examples of the mental giants among them and they leave you wondering, “What the Hell are they trying to say??!!!!!

  125. Richard Nicoletti says:

    These two loonies really need care. They have invented grounds to impeach a president who hasn’t even served 100 days. I can’t believe that this is happening in America. Like him or not, Trump is the elected president by an overwhelming margin. If it hadn’t been for California and NY, the popular vote would have been landslide. Why doesn’t anybody ever mention that?

  126. Ddenney1 says:

    Just shows that a mind really IS a terrible thing to waste!!!! Nasty Maximess have NO BUSINESS talking about breaking the law! Nasty shuttles BUSINESS to her construction Husbnand and Maximess’ husband has been in legal trouble for years!!!!

  127. Kika68 says:

    only one word to describe Pelosi; MORON

  128. Gidge713 says:

    If anyone should have been impeached it should have been Obama. He did many treasonous acts. From funding groups that are against the US or just having Muslim Brotherhood people in his Administration. Obama says he US is on Isreals side, the US yes, him no, he released funds to the Palestinians to fight Isreal. If that isn’t treason then what is.

  129. ronniecanoli says:

    waters & pelosi… the worst black,& white cookie on the market… Absolutely two of the dumbest POS elected to office..

  130. Lynn S.Pilcher says:

    They are not just attacking President Trump, they are attacking the 63 million people who voted for President Trump. The bottom line, the Liberal Progressive Americans and everyone knows who they are, have no fear from the American people. They can break every law in the land without any consequences to their action. Our political leaders can and do make every negative statement about President Trump and the American people who voted for him, with out any consequences. The majority of the American Press no longer has the ability to understand the difference between a lie and the truth, it is all relative.

    America wake up our house is on fire.

  131. Robert Walters says:

    When the Dems & Libs become so unhinged that they become a threat to the UNITED States of America. WE THE PEOPLE, who support AMERICA FIRST, the working class, the Veterans, the retired and active police, the patiorts, the military will kick your ass. You had better get yourself and your Dem Party under control. Maybe, just maybe your new leadership can see this blind craziness is tearing your party and the UNITED, GET IT ! Tearing the United States of America apart and WE THE PEOPLE, won’t stand for it much longer. A CALL TO ARMS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER, so get your act together, get off the streets, stop your bad behavior or ……..

  132. hoya says:

    Obama was given a permission to make deals with ITAN giving them not only 150 billions but 1,4 billion in ASSORTED currency IN CASH in addition without even notifying the congress and refusing to disclose WHERE the money came from.
    He personally gave 200 million to Palestinian terrorists on the last day of presidency without ANYONE knowing about it ( In addition to countless violation of constitution during the dark 8 years of his Dictatorship !!) and DEMOSLEASE are talking about shredding constitution NOW????

  133. jong says:

    Red hot???? Liberals have as of yet not seen red hot. If they continue they will. With common citizens coming out to shoot them when they riot.

  134. Daze Inde says:

    When will they impeach Nancy Pislousy?

  135. Ucky Muky says:

    The Democrats are completely out of their minds, and to think they have been leading us for the last eight years. We Americans have been led by nuts. I want them to go away, President Trump will make America great again, just need to get the nuts out of the way.

    1. Michael Sanders says:

      Shows how the people still control the government in America.
      Let’s hope the insanity continues with democrats and their allies in the American press and the Marxist movement.

  136. Michael Sanders says:

    Maxine Waters is a complete embarrassment to the institution of the American congress. Her constituents must be the biggest fools known to man.
    Laurence Tribe isn’t a educated lawyer if he believes what he says. Law gives the president a lot of power regarding protecting the borders. Obama ordered his DOJ to disregard the law. So Tribe was okay with that. He should be chasing ambulances with such low character and lack of understanding the law.

  137. dprato says:

    Good try but they forget Republicans control House and Senate and if they couldn’t impeach a criminal like Obama they have no chance of doing it with Trump for actually enforcing the laws of the land. All this Russian stuff is going to go nowhere regardless who investigates it. They already determined that Russians had no effect on the election and there was no proof they did. They will also find there were no violations of the law with any conversations with the Russians before people were elected or appointed. No one in the history of the Country has ever been convicted of violating the Logan Act which requires someone to enter into negotiations with a foreign power. Not exactly possible to formally negotiate when you haven’t been elected or appointed. If they can’t get Hillary for a conflict of interest and pay for play while she was Secretary of State and for her email violations you can whistle Dixie before anything is going to happen to Flynn or Trump or anyone else in his administration

  138. Buddy Ruck Sr. says:

    Trump will never ever be impeached. The liberals are talking out of their butts as usual. They didn’t impeach Obama and he was a total ahole. D Trump is doing great and finally I can sleep at night in peace.

  139. NorthPortNurse says:

    You’ll have to pull the Constitution out from under the dirty sole of Barack Obama’s shoe first. He repeatedly stomped on it for 8 years.

  140. TCMrick says:

    The outrageous and unwarranted harangue coming out of Congress and the violence by anarchists on the streets against the legitimately elected President Trump, has crossed the line of vocal opposition and has become violent rebellion. It’s time to use the word traitors to describe them and the word treason to be used when imprisoning these traitors. Their actions aid our enemies and alienate our allies.

  141. uncle_fweddy says:

    Actually, President Trump is re-assembling our Constitution, after their
    guy, the usurper, Barry Soetoro, Harrison Bounel, Barack obama, or
    whatever name he’s using, currently, did his best, over the eight years
    of his ‘administration’ to damage, misinterpret, or twist it into ideas
    never contemplated by the original framers.

  142. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says:

    Laurence Tribe, who died and left you CHIEF MORON, I guess you believe OBAMA-HO was a perfect GOODY two shoes right !! Crawl in a hole somewhere with those SEWER MOUTHS PELOSI AND WATERS, COMMUNIST PIGS !!!!

  143. David says:

    Waters needs to take her ancient racist ass into RETIREMENT !

  144. Lewis says:

    Fools and idiots will be fools and idiots regardless. You can medicate crazy, educate some ignorance, but there is nothing you can do for a fool or idiots.

  145. William M Durham says:

    xine waters is a racist man hates every white man, and pelosi is an airhead that defends the porno Trump has only followed the letter of the Constitution, breaking no law just the ego of a lot of liberals. Impeachment is for the likes of obama, but the in charge democrats let him piss on the constitution and the law without a blink

  146. golding4 says:

    OK all you liberals….have at it and impeach President Trump….I laugh at you and your kind, you’re so pathetic! You’re against truth but hear it from the words of Mike Huckabee——–
    Just to throw a bucket of cold reality on the impeachment dreamers: to remove Trump, they’d first have to get the House to pass articles of impeachment. Thanks to years of unrealistic Democratic actions, Republicans control the House. But let’s imagine that actually happened. He’d then have to be impeached by the Senate. True, some Republican Senators don’t like Trump, and unlike Democrats, Republicans have been known to hold Presidents of their own party to some actual standards. Still, it requires a two-thirds vote. But as long as we’re fantasizing like Democrats, let’s imagine that happens, too.
    So Trump is gone! Democrats rejoice! Until they realize they’ve just given us President Mike Pence. Okay, gear up your imaginations and let’s fantasize that they can impeach every Republican in the entire line of succession. That would require removing Pence, House Speaker Ryan, Senate President pro tempore Orrin Hatch, and the Secretaries of State and the Treasury. Finally, we get to an Independent: Welcome to the White House, Defense Secretary-now-President James “Mad Dog” Mattis! Wait, I don’t think that’s what liberals were dreaming of.
    In fact, the Democrats are so far out of power that even if they could impeach Trump, Pence, Ryan, Hatch and a dozen Cabinet officials, it would just result in President Betsy DeVos.
    Far be it from me to give liberals advice, but if they ever want to see another Democratic President, they need to give up these childish fantasies and tantrums, and start winning elections again by proving to the voters that they are capable of creating mature, intelligent policies that work in reality.
    But then, I guess I’m the one dreaming now.
    Mike Huckabee

  147. Jed Graham says:

    I thought you are all Americans, I can see clearly you could care less about America and are in politics for your own pay off. You are so corrupt and it stinks to high heaven. Everybody can see through your bull shit. There is saying in America if you Fxxxx with bull long enough sooner or later you will get the horns. The people spoke and voted for an American President that is not on the establishment payroll. You are no better then a Prostitute. You and Hillary’s gang sold America out to foreign interests and you think we can’t see that. You may own fake news, but through the internet and social media the truth has come out. You have been exposed and now you carry on like nothing happened.

  148. JWPerlsen says:

    Maxine Waters should be recalled! She refuses to work with the POTUS and will not speak with him. This is no way to represent your district. The POTUS should withhold all Federal funding to her district and any district that refuses to work at getting this country back on it’s feet again.

  149. It’s a pity Maxine Water’s main goal isn’t for the betterment of her constituents in South Central Los Angeles for in her 5th decade of ‘service’ she hasn’t s*it for them! Of course, she continues to get reelected because she’s …… you know …… the right color.

  150. kbmiller says:

    The Dumb A$$ oc RATS, “Unhinged Part II”

  151. cat says:

    Yawn… Recalling 8 years of “Impeach Bush”, this is beyond tedious. (BTW, didn’t Nancy recently confuse Trump & Bush in another embarrassing publlc statement?)

  152. omen11 says:

    Where were these scumbags when Obama broke every law in the books. Just about tore up the Constitution in front of our faces,denigrated religion,poked fun at the Supreme Court,smeared our nation to all the countries of the world,bowed down to a Muslim cleric and then smeared the American flag and everything it stands for. The Obama administration is nothing more than a political Mafia.Thieves and murderers.

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