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New Book Reveals These Secrets From Obama’s Hidden Past

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  1. Ron haymaker says:

    Obama has gone from hero to ZERO!!!

    1. StopTheJews says:

      It’s Jews supporting our crooked politicians.
      Chelsea Manning released from prison after 7 years of 35-year sentence – USA Today
      USA Today › news › nation › 2017/05/17

      May 17, 2017 – Pvt. Chelsea Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth military prison Wednesday after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence for leaking thousands of diplomatic cables and other

      1. Joel Goodman says:


      2. MJL says:

        Put that Fruit Cake back in Leavenworth where tha fruit cake belongs

      3. Morena_nic says:

        while demonrats outrage over the hacking of the DNC email with no National Security breaches or implications what so ever!!! There are no National Security secrets in the DNC and Obama pardon Chelsea Manning? Trump should not just pardon Assage but WE SHOULD ALL GIVE ASSAGE AN AWARD AND TROPHY FOR THE TRUTH IN JOURNALISM

        1. noah jonas says:

          I hope Pres. Trump pardons Snowden who exposed Obama’s NSA for spying on Americans. I saw where Manning thanked Obama. It was the American taxpayers who paid for his sex change, not Obama.

      4. Arielle says:

        First of all I DETEST your “NAME”! Second of all What in the World do the Jews have to do with Chelsea Manning being released from prison ? Barack Obama, made that stupid decision. Put the blame squarely on the person that made that decision !

    2. MJL says:

      The Kenyan Coon has always been a ZERO and TRAITOR

    3. Arielle says:

      He was NEVER a hero in anyone’s eyes, except the most poorly educated, and naïve people !

      1. Ron haymaker says:

        It was a play on words. He really went from ZERO to Minus INFINITY! Is that better!

  2. John E Strom Jr. says:

    America has FINALLY discovered that the African Lion is really a LYING African. They are NOT amused!

    1. MJL says:

      Its the Kenyan Coon POS MUSLIM TRAITOR and PORCH MONKEY

    2. pevans1 says:

      There is a Village in Kenya that is missing it’s idiot!

  3. Annie says:

    Obummer was a fraud from day one..& that’s including the time in the Senate! He was backed by evil George Soros to run for the presidency! OBUMMER IS NOT THE FIRST ‘BLACK’ PRESIDENT…DON’T FORGET…HIS MOTHER WAS ‘WHITE’ BUT THAT’S NOT THE SIDE OF THE FAMILY THAT HE WILL ACKNOWLEDGE!
    The loons who voted for him were was the rest of the country! Obummer is the Anti-Christ & hopefully, he’ll get his due soon! Thank God, hag Hillary wasn’t elected! Go Trump!

    1. Ron haymaker says:

      We’ll say he was our first ZEBRA president!

      1. noah jonas says:

        He was also our first NOTHING president.

      2. Beverly Hightower says:

        He was an imposter/impersonator homosexual who fooled more than half of the American Kool Aid drinkers. Everything he signed is illegal. Many people still follow him to kiss his 50/50 ass. Watch as they follow him into the depths of HELL.

        1. Ron haymaker says:

          If only the DIMS & RINOS would do this!

  4. Mark Mattern says:

    lock, em up

  5. StopTheJews says:

    Chelsea Manning released from prison after 7 years of 35-year sentence – USA Today
    USA Today › news › nation › 2017/05/17

    May 17, 2017 – Pvt. Chelsea Manning was released from Fort Leavenworth military prison Wednesday after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence for leaking thousands of diplomatic cables and other

  6. Mike W says:

    Start with his name – lie number 1. His “family” in Kenya – the real Obama’s would like to see a DNA/paternity test as they no longer believe that they are related. It’s a simple test with amazing accuracy- but don’t expect Barry whoever he is to comply. He cannot afford for the truth to come out. His whole world unravels from there. If he is not an Obama who is he? Who is his biological father? Frank Marshall Davis – many believe it’s him and similar moles in similar places on both of their faces give it some credence. Frank Marshall Davis was another of Stanley Ann Dunham’s boyfriends – in fact Davis made some porno movies with her when she was just 17. She was seventeen when she got pregnant. When she married Obama Sr. she was already 2 months pregnant. She married(?) Obama in January of 1960 and little Barry was born on August 4, 1960 – do the math. She could not legally marry Obama Sr. because he was already married with a family in Kenya. She could not marry Davis because he too was already married with a family in Chicago. When you look at what has been accepted by many as Obama’s certified Hawaiian birth certificate – notice his mother signed her name as Stanley Ann Dunham and not Obama.
    Staying with that birth certificate – the Hawaiian official who certified that birth certificate _ Loretta Fuddy – was a member of a small cult called SUBUD. Google it up. You will find that Stanley Ann Dunham was also a member of that cult. That cult originated in Indonesia and it has it’s U.S. headquarters in Chicago. You will also find with a little more digging that Oprah Winfrey teaches SUBUD and George Soros funds it. Man, that’s a lot of coincidences. If you look at age similar photographs of the cults founder – Muhammed Sabuh and the man who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama Jr. they are almost dead ringers. Another coincidence?
    When Stanley Ann Dunham married Lolo Soetoro – Soetoro legally adopted Barry and his name was legally Barry Soetoro. There is no record of that name ever being legally changed again. Also Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro carried an Indonesian passport. That indicates she had become an Indonesian citizen – as Barry was a minor he automatically became an Indonesian citizen too. Again no record of that citizenship ever having been changed.
    When Barry Soetoro enrolled at Occidental College he did so as a “Foreign Student”. One way or another that is a lie.
    There is an interview available online with Barry’s “Brother” Malik Obama. It is interesting that in that interview he talks about the first time Barry came to Kenya – he says that they went to visit his fathers grave. On the grave markers is a photo of Obama Sr. and his born and died dates. Barry went to see the family 2 years after his “father” died. I wondered why his “father” was so important in his life that he wrote two books about him – yet he didn’t go to his “fathers” funeral or go to see him when he was dying. He didn’t even send flowers. That’s very strange.
    Then I remembered when his white grandmother in Hawaii was sick – right after he was elected – he ran back to Hawaii right away to see her – but – when she died – again he did not go to the funeral. I thought at the time he went back when she was sick to cover any traces of who he was that she might have that he did not want the public to know about. After he had done that he really had no reason to return – he had gotten what he wanted or taken care of it.
    Barry said in speeches “the only people who fear the truth are those with something to hide.” I agree but wondered why he spent so much money and time trying to be sure he had all of his records sealed. It sure sounds to me like he has a lot to hide. A lot more than we might even suspect. Hopefully it will all come out soon so the Obama’s in Kenya and the people in the U.S. can move on.

    1. David in MA says:

      Obama is a movie script, and America’s fools fell for it… Obama was elected thru voter fraud.

      1. Mike W says:

        Someone else posted today that Barry has put in plans for a national family tomb – where all the other presidents are buried he wants to put his entire family in the tomb a nice piece of land overlooking the White House with security. What a damned joke he thinks he still controls the treasury. I wonder what name he will put on the tomb – if it is proven he is not Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s son. The Obama’s in Kenya want to see a DNA/Paternity test because they no longer feel that they were ever related. Don’t expect Barry to comply though.

    2. David in MA says:

      As far as a DNA test, maybe someone at his next gathering will pick up a glass or other utensil after the phony uses it and leak it to using a fake name, oh! Wait, he already did this……… but maybe it can be done with the FBI, eeer no. Well, maybe a sample can be DNA’d by the CIA?

      1. Mike W says:

        I’ve thought about that a lot – just pick up one of his cigarette butts. But he may have people assigned to make sure that does not happen. He doesn’t have a very good political mind but he is very adept at criminal behavior. He must have learned only how to skirt the law at Harvard.

    3. Ron haymaker says:

      This story needs to run on CNN. Oh wait the Clinton News Network would never run this story!

      1. Beverly Hightower says:

        Barry was adopted by Mr Soetoro when he was only 10, and he has NEVER changed his name back to his birth name. That, folks means that he is nobody, and everything he did or signed in his life is illegal. Why is so many people blind? Barry Soetoro needs to be hanged for treason……along with Soros, Clintons, and lots of others.

        1. rottenrollin says:

          SHOOT, SHOOT !!!!! THEN run him over 50 times.

    4. Bilgeez says:

      You make good points, one thing, Davis-Soetoro’s step father, Barrack Obama, died in a car accident in Kenya, he got drunk and ran into a tree, so it was sudden Yes it is strange it took 2 yrs to visit his fathers tomb. Also strange when Barry went back to Honolulu to live with the Dunhams why did grandpa Stan take him to see Frank Davis so often??? That is why people dug into Frank Davis and came up with his relationship with Anne Dunham whom he took cheesecake photos of to sell in mail order catalogues at the time. Davis even wrote in his diaries that he had sex with Dunham on several occasions, and he wrote poems about her and to her. Barry even looks like Davis’ other 4 kids he had with his white wife from Chicago.

  7. Clay Williams says:

    “The Rise and Fall of a Nascistic “WOULD BE DICTATOR”…conned the left and Hurt Blacks more than Hitler Hurt Germany. He ser rg=his nation c=back a half century…in eight years and the Liberals srill think he is their GOD!

  8. Margaret Heller says:

    How could people not see through Obama? He was effete, arrogant and shady. Where were his school records and marks? Who paid for all those expensive private schools and ivy league college and law school? What was the big secret? How about Rev. Wright? 20 years in his church? Bernadette Doane? Bill Ayres? That he hired czars to provide white papers to him which he read and formulated policy because he didn’t know enough about the subjects. Obama was a wind-up tin man. It’ll all come out eventually. It always does. But he fooled us all (not me!!).

    1. Beverly Hightower says:

      Here’s why they couldn’t find his records…his name is Barry Soetoro.

      1. rottenrollin says:

        I believe it…….

        Barry Soetoro……Muslim

    2. Junius Graham says:

      Not me either!

  9. Blindhorse says:

    Ya know, there are REAL issues that would be much more interesting than if Obama exaggerated his importance to a basketball team. Like, how did he pay for college at Occidental and Harvard (undergrad and Law School)? Did somebody sponsor him? What were his grads and where are his “brilliant” thesis papers? Why can’t anybody find a student at Harvard that remembers him as a Professor? Did he say he was Indonesian for special treatment for entrance to Harvard? After eight years of listening to him it’s hard to believe he just “charmed” his way in to the Harvard Law Review. Do we smell a Manchurian Candidate?

    1. Rodger K. Shull says:

      he was soros baby boy ! an he was probably hired to be a professor, by the same person that hired warren to teach.

      1. noah jonas says:

        Don’t forget Obama announced his run for president in the home of his friend and homegrown terrorist Bill Ayers, which the Left-wing Media tried to downplay.

    2. pevans1 says:

      See my comment above.

    3. rightsright says:

      A Saudi Prince solicited funds for his Harvard education. He contacted Percy Sutton, Alumnus with great influence and they got him into Harvard. As far as president of the Law Review, that was a real joke, just like all the other BS about the imposter who calls himself Obama. I really have a strong feeling that the real (if there ever was a real) Barack Obama child, WAS REPLACED WITH A MUSLIM STRAIGHT FROMTHE MIDE EAST TO KEEP THE PROMISE OF TAKING OVER THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT BUT FROM WITHIN. That kid in the picture does not look like he was ever the now Barack Obama. Dupe, dupe, dupe, we have been super duped over and over and over again. Someone get yourself an impossible to penetrate bubble and jump inside it and spill your guts!

    4. Bilgeez says:

      Tom Ayers (Bills’s dad) helped him get into Harvard. The CPUSA probably helped him too, since his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a big man in the CPUSA as an “organizer” who did poetry and pornography on the side.

  10. David in MA says:

    “The left is enraged by the fact that Trump is setting out to undo Obama’s political legacy.”
    Saving America from the hell of Islamic Marxism!!!!!!

  11. Rodger K. Shull says:

    short version of the book, 1 page, FRAUD, FAKE, PHONY, CORRUPT, CRIMINAL, THIEF, COMMUNIST, a soros PUPPET, a IRANIAN SPY, an a LEGEND in his own mind,

    1. rightsright says:

      Good job, that almost sums it up, except that he is either a foreigner, not eligible to occupy the White House or had some unknown reason for presenting a fake birth certificate. I believe the first and believe one of the lawsuits should be reinstated or another one started where he cannot pay to have the case dropped and we get to the bottom of the “?” you described so well. Might I add LIAR!

      1. old sarge says:

        The amount of money he spent locking up his records of his past indicates something fishy about and where did he get all the money to do so. Soros the Hungarian Jew that sold out his own people to Hitler’s goons?

        1. J. Ernst says:

          The demorat party PAYED for it to protect itself…BY donations from Soros’s shadow corporations.
          Soros ALSO had a hand in destroying several euro-land banks directly connected to their counties of origin.
          HIS family wants to BE the new Rothchild’s and such.
          IKE warned U.S. of a pending rule and called it the “Military Industrial Complex” probably to divert from the fact that the Federal Reserve was taken over BY euro-trash conglomerates, (communists and socialists), but was leaving the White House anyway.
          AND, in June of ’63, JFK & RFK drafted an executive order for the U.S. Treasury to BEGIN AGAIN Printing Monies to compete against and slow the rise in power OF the Private Federal Reserve, which was lending money to CONGRESS at an unprecedented rate.
          That and several other actions of JFK got him to his Nov 22, ’63 assassination.
          Ever notice that when a POST WW II President, (or in Bobby’s case, a soon to be president elect), ACTS in a nationalist fashion, they get shot at!!???

        2. Vote for Truth says:

          thYou know how the liberals blasted Trump for saying Obama wasn’t eligible to be President, well if you go check the Constitution, it says that the Mother of Obama had to be 19 years old at the time of his birth and she wasn’t. She missed that requirement by a few months, so maybe that’s why Obama really wasn’t eligible to be President and the Democrats kept quiet about this fact.

          1. Tom Wiegand says:

            Never seen the eligibility requirement in the Constitution.

        3. Bilgeez says:

          Either that or, Tom Ayers, Bill Ayers father who helped Davis-Soetoro get into Harvard; or the CPUSA or Frank Marshall Davis, himself, who didnt want it to get out that Barry was his bastard son.

        4. bert shaw says:

          Did you forget the 6 BILLION missing from the Dept. of State

      2. Kenneth Fichtl says:

        The BC has never been proven to be real It had 3 errors two important one explained away. African /American is not a “RACE” The year of his birth His fathers country was not named “KENYA”. The 3rd is his Conn SS# Most Americans get their SS# at birth from the hospital in the State in which they were born Except Hawaii which shopped SS# from other States part of the Reasoning was Hawaii was never a State but an Occupied Nation from WWII. This one is still in International court Keep in Mind Obama also hid all his records and told his Public that he was born in KENYA when he released the book Maybe Just a “DREAM”

        1. maxx says:

          And to think, every member of Congress in 2009 knew all of this and sat by doing nothing. That is the true racism. To be so afraid of being called a “racist” that you allow race to be the cause of the largest political hoax in American history.

          1. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            clint Eastwood. knew chuck Norris knew. many talk show hostS knew.. We do not have an Equal Society Sticks and Stones break my bones and Words surely destroy me. Obama got a pass on a;most everything He recreated the ‘RACECARD’ Just what is his legacy ‘LIBYA’?

          2. thorverine says:

            9 trillion in debt with nothing to show for it.

          3. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            Yes he does he has a sixty million book deal a house in Hawaii one in Rancho Mirage one in DC he got 3 months at Brando island in Fiji Why do you think he smiles all the time and you don’t? He has half a million pension great health care lobbyist fortunes he might even have a mansion in Dubai American got Skunked

          4. thorverine says:

            I smile fine when I’m on my opioids… hehehe

          5. Tom Wiegand says:

            60 million dollars book deal is a bogus way to funnel money through him to someone or something, All part of the international money laundry. Just like foreign aid that gets sent out and redirected. Benghazi exposed some of how they do it.

        2. Tom Wiegand says:

          NWO Deep State stuff

      3. jim jones says:

        Such a lawsuit should have been demanded BEFORE he disgraced our country for 8 years.

          1. rottenrollin says:

            I believe it.

            Where’s the part about him being born Muslim?

          2. Kenneth Fichtl says:

            I can be born in many places . My Carbon imprint is spread thru the Galaxy You deny me my rights just because I was born on Zenon 220 million light years away. We came we voted for Clinton we lost Damn those Russian anyway

        1. rottenrollin says:

          This picture ALWAYS makes me want to go to the shooting range.

        2. Wynette Atkins says:

          I don’t see a wedding ring on Barry’s Mother’s ring finger. Are we really sure they were married? Where are her Marriage Licenses? Where is his Adoption Papers? Where are his Name Change papers? Where is his first passport under the name Barry Saetoro? What do his University Registrations show as his name and if he was a foreign student or not? What happened to Mr. Saetoro, his Step or Adopted Father?
          Guess we have to buy and read the book, to get some of the missing information on
          Barak Hussein Obama.

          1. Einar_Petersen says:

            You forgot the Social Security Number that he uses, which belongs to a dead man in Connecticut.

          2. Wynette Atkins says:

            You’re right. That along with his forged Government Documents – fraudulent Birth Certificate and his Selective Service Registration; show he is a “Manchurian Candidate”. He never enforced or beefed up the E-Verify System; because his own Social Security Number would show he was not a legitimate citizen, as it is too outdated. His Social Security Card/Number is recycled from a man that lived and died in Connecticut in 1905. Just as his Student ID card at Columbia University, was his picture put on some other student’s card. And no one remembers him being in any of their classes at Columbia University. I heard that one of the Saudi Princes gave Harvard $25,000 to allow him to enter Harvard without a degree from Columbia “Pre-Law” school. He has a lot of questionable things in his past, that were paid to keep hidden. I sincerely hope the truth does come out one day, to find out who was behind him being made President. Where did the money come from to help him run for Senate and President. Was it George Soros, Saudi Arabia, Iranians through Valerie Jarret, or the Socialist Party? We need to know to understand who was behind him; to know who was out to destroy America; using him to bankrupt us, weaken our military, take away our guns, separate us from our Allies, and work with or ignore our enemies (think ISIS, North Korea and Iran), and open our borders to let illegals and Muslim refugees into Amerlca, and last but not least to take over or ruin our healthcare systems, so as to eventually become a Government run Single Payer System.

    2. pevans1 says:

      From Kenya to boot!

    3. AnAmericanRight says:

      Let me try to sum up the book with an even shorter version. Page 1, Creep!

    4. StopTheJews says:

      You are right. But guess what ? The CIA are watching my wife and I in Knoxville Tn. We are two good HONEST AMERICANS CITIZENS. Why would they do this ? Because I wanted to expose criminals in our “CROOKED” Government and crooked cops in Florida who are armed and dangerous and so much more. America is under attack and we have a very ANTI AMERICAN GOV. The last seven decades our country has been push back 150 years. We have been weaken. If this does not change you can kiss your children and our country future and safety goodbye. CHECK OUT PICTURES.

      1. thorverine says:

        Who cares if they are Jews? They are pedophiles though.

    5. StopTheJews says:


    6. J. Ernst says:

      ALSO: ILLEGAL ALIEN, bi-sexual, bastard muslim…….

    7. Gary Smith says:

      Is that the truth. No need to read the book that sums it up

    8. bert shaw says:

      You forget closet QUEER

  12. marco a. poshar says:

    Every thing about Obama”s life is a huge fraud and lie , there is no end to this dude”s devious mentality,,,,,,,,

    1. noah jonas says:

      Next to Obama, the biggest fraud in our government is Nancy Pelosi. George Soros and Oprah Winfrey bought the presidency for Obama, and Soros tried to buy it for Hillary Clinton. Is Soros also behind the Liberal media lopsided news?

  13. Alleged Comment says:

    Ohhh, this is nothing new.

    Anyone that has been around Negroes this is common to them. Most haven’t, but now that they had a negro for 8 years, I hope they have been educated about the real Negro and instead of the “reel” one.

    Yeah, they been lying to you and the negro been jiving to you. The sodomite negro was just about USELESS to anything or anyone as much as his handlers – the lying Demoncrap. I could have told you that for a “Snickers” bar.

    But one interesting thing about the word “impact” being used as a verb. I think he was thinking about his SODOMY habits. Very telling….

  14. ter334 says:

    Consider this. The God of the bible, Father, Son and Holy Ghost is not a jihadist. So who sponsored jihad in the world? Likely Satan. The master of deceit. The master of worldly things. Plus islam, which came 700 years after Jesus, appears to me to be a knockoff of Christianity, with Mo as the muslim’s jesus? Making islam Satan’s religion? Exorcising is the driving of evil spirits from those possessed. Is islam possessed by the evil spirit of Satan?

  15. Jerry Romeo says:

    The Manchurian Candidate.

  16. old sarge says:

    Someone needs to uncover his college records and how he got into Occidental collage on a foreign application indicating he was not an American. He spent a bunch of money to hide his records of birth and college records. Just who is this negro person and what is he hiding? I have hit the net trying to find some information but hit a road block. It appears he was nonexistence till hr ran for office. He has no history.

      1. Beverly Hightower says:

        The Soetoro family. Use your magnifying glass to read pertinent stuff on the birth certificate. It is the REAL DEAL.

        1. Mike W says:

          It is interesting that on this birth certificate Barry’s Momma list her name as Stanley Ann Obama – on the Hawaiian birth certificate she list her name as Stanley Ann Dunham. I wonder why that is. From what I have read she was never legally married to Obama Sr. He was already married.

  17. Eli Charlie Noseworthy says:

    The 30% BLACK PIECE OF SHIT should die a torturous death as soon as possible along with Soros & the CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE CLINTONS !!!!!

  18. Nina Ferguson says:

    Wow, do you mean an actual book that doesn’t bow down and kiss Imam Obama’s @$$? This would be different. The liberal/socialists will be whirling like dervishes, and pulling their hair out. Gotta check this book out.

  19. MarcJ says:

    Our Marxist Muslim ex-President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama…do I have to say more?

  20. MarcJ says:

    Establishment of Muslim jihadist regimes under Obama’s
    “Arab Spring” program (done in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt; still to go in Syria,
    Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank, Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan), and with the
    help of the existing jihadist regimes in Turkey, Sudan, and Iran, will proceed
    soon to the destruction of Israel and the associated mass murder of all Jews
    there under a close supervision provided by B. Hussein Obama’s far-left gallery
    of rogues Kerry, Brennan, and Hegel. The Benghazi murder cover-up interrupted
    temporarily the transfer of arms to the Syrian jihadists; but it will continue
    after that interruption; Egyptian jihadists will receive 20 fighter jets and
    200 tanks as Obama’s personal gift – as an award for the Egyptian President’s
    remarks about the Jews being a progeny of “apes and pigs” – as per Quran.
    (Note: that Muslim Brotherhood jihadist President has recently been deposed by
    the military – another setback for Mullah Obama). This work will then
    inevitably earn Obama his second Nobel Peace Prize (his time for a real
    accomplishment – The Second Holocaust – not like the first one given only on
    the basis of Hope & Change). This policy is entirely consistent with
    Obama’s being a Marxist Muslim. A recent setback causing panic in the White
    House: the re-election of Netanyahu.

    Kerry is secondary in this effort – he is just a
    low-IQ bloviating gasbag following instructions; he is charged to promote the
    Global Warming hoax internationally. He is also “negotiating” with Iran so that
    the Ayatollah can proceed with the fabrication of his nuclear bombs without the
    bother of economic sanctions. Also – Iran and its terror organization Hezbollah
    were taken off the list of terror organizations. Obama’s new CIA Director Brennan
    is the inventor of “oversees contingencies operations”, “workplace violence”,
    and “YouTube protests”, in order to hide the nature of Islamist terror
    activities. Obama’s new Secretary of Defense Hagel is a well-known life-long
    Anti-Semite and a strong proponent of Muslim interests in the Middle East; he
    will increase the existing presence of Muslims in the CIA. I am sorry – I often
    confuse the respective duties of those two far-left goons – Brennan and Hagel;
    which one is in charge of what? Or does it matter?

    1. dennodog says:

      I’m sure Bibi has the “doomsday plan”.

  21. wjeretidwell says:

    All one needs to do is read Obama’s books and you’d never even think about voting for him for dog catcher. He reveals all you could possibly stand. Communist in every way. A potential Lenin if he can form a shadow government with 350 offices around the country to mimic the Commissars to take the country all at once upon his central command. The U.S. army is the only force to stop him when he moves. He has the FBI and the other deep government on his side.

  22. KDC says:

    “portrays Obama as the perfect human being.”… Anyone watching him for any length can see right through the theatrics. That’s why I never voted for him. I’ve always been leary of slick talking individuals.

  23. A patriot says:


    1. Ron haymaker says:

      They will all be together someday! I’m sure of that!

    2. Mike W says:

      As no one really knows who his biological father is bastard is really appropriate.

  24. Ken says:

    Even though Obama has spent millions to keep his secrets hidden, most of the info is out there already. For instance how he claimed foreign student from Indonesia status to get a free ride in college. And how he has been using the SSN of a dead man for many years. Both of which would land you or I in jail.

  25. jesse says:

    Unmasking the fraud the leftist media failed to do before we were forced to endure 8 years of the marxist/muslim in chief and his destructive anti-American agenda!

  26. wam bam says:

    It was illegal to start with. Anything after he got elected. Right or Wrong. WAS WRONG.

  27. capa760 says:

    One question- On What Date did this fraud become a U.S. Citizen? The U.K. citizen obtained Birth Certificate Copies of #32018 Coast Provincial General Hospital Birth certificate of the British Protectorate, as seen on the Internet, with the Muslim School

    1. Beverly Hightower says:

      Barry Soetoro is NOT a US Citizen. I have been collecting information about him for years. He is just plain and simple ‘a nobody’ who fooled more than half of America……twice. That makes America a very weak ass Nation, for which I am very sorry. Barry has done everything he can think of to destroy those of us who ARE Citizens of America. He tried for 8 years to destroy ME, because I’m white, old, and widowed, but he couldn’t do it. He is nothing, and I’m not afraid of him anymore. He knows that I know what he is, and what he isn’t. There is so much that the Soetoro people don’t know about him, and for some satanic reason, they don’t wanna know.

  28. Richard Baehr says:

    Liberals want to uphold the myth of obama, its actually a disaster

    1. StopTheJews says:


      G W Bush did a lot of damage to our country as Clinton’s did. Obama used and sold cocaine and is a queer which made him a perfect president for Jews. All are very ANTI AMERICAN.


  29. rottenrollin says:

    rottenrollin’s biography of Obama:

    He was a shtheaded America-hating Muslim-loving POS DISMAL excuse for a president who proved not once but twice that America has become a nation of morons. In ALL 57 states.

    1. StopTheJews says:

      Jewish Control Media are brainwashing our people. Plus the people who have come to America from scumbag countries are NOT AMERICANS and could care less about our country. JEWISH MAFIA LOVE THESE DIRTBAGS.


      1. Bilgeez says:

        Hollyweird has always been run by the yids, it’s a good ole’ boy network like no other!!

  30. rottenrollin says:

    Anyone else getting deleted for vitriolic anti-dimmercrat posts?

    Mine are no worse than many I see retained.

    What gives?

    Dimmercrats…….Killing America.

    Example, while it lasts before again being deleted:

    rottenrollin’s biography of Obama:

    He was a shtheaded America-hating Muslim-loving POS DISMAL excuse for a president who proved not once but twice that America has become a nation of morons.

    1. Beverly Hightower says:

      Read my comment just above yours…… are a friend of mine, and I thank you.

      1. rottenrollin says:

        Like all your posts, Bev, you’re ON IT !!!

  31. monongahela says:

    All you had to do back in 2007 was a little checking of obama and you would find , that obama is nothing more than a lie and a bully using race to get what he felt owed to the blacks. Obama was not even eligible to hold the office, he used foreign student loans for college and when he went to Pakistan in his younger years he said he was an Indonesian passport. Why did he hide all his college information, because obama is walking talking lie even his fake birth certificate. He was born to a muslim father which made him a muslim from birth, that is their law. So why didn`t the muslims tyr to kill obama for denouncing islam and becoming a Christian, because obam was lying to help spread islam. Which is exceptable to the muslims

  32. John Savell says:

    Garrow broke liberal Cardinal Rule # 1: Never, NEVER tell the truth, especially if it is something negative about one of the liberal gods or demigods.

    “This outraged the left who portrays Obama as the perfect human being.”

    This is funny, because Muslims portray Muhammad as the perfect human being and just like the liberals, they try to ignore the horrible things he did in his past and pretend they didn’t happen, or at least the moderate ones do. The fanatics that are blowing up Christian churches and buses are carrying on his legacy pretty much in tact, except he didn’t use explosives and cell phone transmitters as detonators.

    This is why I refer to the left’s agenda, whether you call it liberalism or progressivism, as a theology, because it is very much like a religion. They approach it with the fanaticism of a religion. The faith it takes to believe their fallacious “logic” is far more than it takes to believe Christianity, and they have people they consider their either gods, demigods, or at least prophets. They are willing to take this believe system to extreme measures, as far as violently suppressing dissenting views and even killing people who disagree, as we have seen recently. They have been threatening violence against those who don’t agree for a long time, which is terrorism.

  33. thorverine says:

    The NYT reviewer didn’t like it…. I am shocked… Absolutely shocked…

  34. C. LeSaint says:

    Obama MUST BE given a polygraph test and asked ALL the pertinent questions! Were you born in Kenya? Are you a communist? Did George Soros pay you to run for president? Did Nancy Pelosi say that you met the requirements to run for president? Did you know that you were not eligible to run for president? Was your goal as president to bring down America ?

  35. Bilgeez says:

    Its been out for years, see; “Dreams From My REAL Father” by Joel Gilbert, it puts the truth out there about everything, but I want to read this book to see if his research is the same as Gilbert’s.

  36. Donald Lindsey says:

    Obama the Muslim Terrorist of America, he set up his own army with over 36 muslim Terrorist Training Camps in America, protecting them financing then with tax payers money and arming them with AK47’s and explosives

  37. RONALD WIEDER says:

    By far .he was the WORST president in U.S. history!

  38. Arielle says:

    I don’t need to read this book, to know what a phoney our former President actually is. I did NOT vote for him,(unlike most people that I know). I have NEVER trusted him from the first time that I heard him speak. Do you know that feeling in your “Gut”, when you KNOW that something is not right ? That feeling is what I had from the very beginning. One of my friends, a staunch conservative, told me that she thought he was the
    “Anti-Christ”, from the very beginning.

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