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North Korea Can Strike The U.S. Because Of One Thing Obama Did

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  1. Ron haymaker says:

    I guess Obama would rather spend 100 billion dollars on a hoax like Paris Accord, than defense. We need to strap Obama to a missile & point it towards NK!!!

    1. Benji's Buddy says:

      If we did, I wonder how the FAKE News would report it? Surely it is too late to blame Bush. SO, it must HAVE been President Trumps FAULT!

      1. myfordtruck says:

        according to these so called news media Trump is the fault for everything they all need to be charged for lying

      2. nwjohnson says:

        It is never too late to blame Bush.
        Obama does not make mistakes, so it MUST be the fault of someone else.

        1. wvhillbilly says:

          Yeah, right. Everything he did was planned that way, so it wouldn’t be a mistake.

          1. Red Steiner says:

            I fear you’re right.

    2. Mike W says:

      That’s what I call “progressive thinking”.

    3. Shawn Sapp says:

      He would scream like a little bitch the whole time

    4. 5live5 says:

      NK? Point that dam thing towards outer space!!!

    5. Moe says:

      He would rather sneak in millions and millions of illegals to fix future elections then charge federal,mutate and local welfare to help support them. He hates America and wants globalization the new world order. Hopefully one day he will be arrested for treason.

    6. Annie says:

      Strap the Clintons & George Soros on it, too!

  2. crustyone says:

    Scaling down our defense program should be justification to bring Obama up on charges. He should be shaking in his pontoon footwear.

    1. Gary Belich says:


      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Along with the ‘medal’ he gave himself??? LOL!!!!

    2. RockinOn says:

      Load pontoons with concrete!

      1. crustyone says:

        I second that motion.

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      Keeping in mind—our Congress ‘allowed’ him to do that!! Our government officials are equally guilty of aiding and abetting the ‘enemy’!!

  3. don says:

    They need to hang obama .The lousy bastard tried everything he could to destroy this country.

    1. Benji's Buddy says:

      Now, Now. Be careful. Obama was VOTED into office, TWICE! Very FEW, like the Current Pres?

      1. Al says:

        Yeah.. The dems are sooo dumb.

        1. Mike W says:

          The DNC came right out and said – that they have no obligation to produce any candidate other than one of their choosing (chosen ones). Basically telling the Democrats you are too stupid to pick a candidate so we will do it for you.

      2. Gary Belich says:


        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          You didn’t have to. The machines are rigged so that even a vote for the opposition showed up as a vote for ‘O’!! Citizens even ‘saw’ their Republican votes being registered as a Democratic vote during this past election!! When they challenged it–they got all kinds of ‘feeble’ excuses for the ‘malfunction’!! Hillary thought this election would be a ‘shoo-in’ but, instead, it blew the lid off the corrupt scheme!! She predicted a ‘land-slide’ victory for herself–now you know why!! Trump announced the corruption and it all proved true!!

      3. Robert Walters says:

        Voted in twice by the media lies and voter fraud. The DemLibs had the system fixed until. MIDDLE AMERICA WOKE UP. God Bless the working class for saving America.

        1. RockinOn says:

          You are correct!

        2. Rodger K. Shull says:

          if it was not for voter fraud, he was not have been elected , an if he had been vetted.

          1. 5live5 says:

            If he had been PROPERLY vetted, he wouldn’t have been elected ONCE!! Pelousy lied and people died!

          2. Rodger K. Shull says:

            you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, an PISSLOUSY needs to be IMPEACHED or FORCED to RESIGN.

          3. noah jonas says:

            But the elections were bought by George Soros and Oprah Winfrey. With all those Billions, how could he lose? Soros also gave Billions to Arrianna Huffington and her Huffington Post. Ever wonder why you never see a bad word about Soros in her publication? They won’t even allow comments that criticize that turd.

        3. wvhillbilly says:

          Yeah, by massive voter fraud. Rigged voting machines, same people voting multiple times, dead voting, pets voting, illegal aliens voting, well over 100 precincts reporting unanimous votes for Obama… Why do you think Obama was letting so many illegal aliens into the US and giving them free health care, free tax refunds when they had not even paid any taxes, and even more freebies? Was it not so he could get them to vote for Democrats in coming elections, thus assuring them of an easy win? You know it was!

        4. noah jonas says:

          And God Bless President Trump for trying to save our sorry butts for letting Obama get by with breaking so many rules.

      4. Shawn Sapp says:

        More people like trump than not. Whete have you been. Cant pay attention to the polls that lie.

      5. ironbiker says:

        Voter FRAUD!!!!

        How it was done,2008 & 2012
        There is no denying that the 2012 election was plagued with voter fraud and I truly believe that Obama was elected due to voter fraud and that Mitt Romney should have been our President for the past 4 years.

        There were numerous cases of voter fraud. In Cincinnati, one poll worker was convicted of voting for numerous members of her own family, some of whom were dead. In Cleveland, 146 precincts reported 100% of the vote going to Obama, which according to many experts is a statistical impossibility. Also in Ohio, judges ruled that voters did not even have to have a permanent address in order to register to vote which meant that anyone could have registered in different locations and cast votes in each location. There were reports of dead people, illegal aliens, convicted felons and even pets voting. Some Democrats were caught teaching others how to register to vote in more than one state and to vote more than once. There were also a number of reports of voting machines changing Romney votes to votes for Obama.

        A new report just released shows just how easy it is for anyone to hack into a voting machine and control the votes it records. Andrew Appel, a Princeton professor with the help of some graduate students, took only 7 seconds to pick the voting machine’s lock and only 7 minutes to install his own firmware to control the voting machine.

        Makes you wonder just how accurate Donald Trump’s claim that the election will be rigged. It was rigged in 2008 and even more so in 2012 and I strongly suspect that the incidence of voter fraud and rigged election results this November will be the most ever.

        Consider the fact that Obama won the general vote 62,615,406 votes to Romney’s 59,142,004 votes. The electoral votes were 332 for Obama and 206 for Romney. But take a look at how close the race was in some of the states that Obama won.

        In Ohio, Obama won the popular vote 2,697,260 to Romney’s 2,593,779, a difference of only 103,481. Then think about all of the polls in Cleveland that mysteriously reported 100% of the vote going to Obama and the Cincinnati poll worker who voted for other family members and then the ruling of the liberal judge and reports of voting machines changing Romney votes to Obama votes. What if voter fraud had not been so rampant in Ohio and Romney actually won 52,000 more votes than he was credited. That would have given Romney the victory in Ohio along with the state’s 18 electoral votes. That would have made the total 314 Obama to 224 Romney.

        Now consider that the same close call occurred in Florida where Obama won by only 74,189 votes helping him capture the state’s 29 electoral votes. How many illegals and dead people voted in Florida? It would only have taken 37,100 to have made a difference and narrowing the difference in electoral votes to 285 Obama to 253 Romney.

        The same could be said for Colorado, controlled lately by liberal Democrats who have joined many of Obama’s anti-Second Amendment and green policies. Obama won by only 113,099 votes. How many illegals and dead people voted in Colorado? How many Democrats voted more than once in different locations? A difference of only 56,550 votes would have secured Colorado’s 9 electoral votes, bringing the total to only 276 to 262.

        The differences in Delaware and Iowa were also less than 100,000 votes. Had voter fraud been as rampant in those states (consider that Biden is from Delaware), that would have been enough to turn the electoral votes to 271 Romney to 267 Obama and the past four years would have been much different.

        Most likely, we would not be having nearly as much racial issues with black activists like Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers and Al Sharpton. The rest of the world have taken the US more seriously and we would have entered into such a lop-sided and anti-American deal with Iran and we would not be in bed with a number of Islamic terrorist organizations. We would not have paid Iran $400 million ransom nor would we have traded 5 top Taliban terrorists for one US Army deserter and we wouldn’t have a person in the White House telling everyone that climate change is our greatest problem and enemy instead of the threat of Islamic terrorism here in the US, possibly due to the tens of thousands of Muslims Obama has let into the country.

      6. gene smiith says:

        Hey Buddy >>>>>Wake up….have you read anything at all about the Voting Fraud that has been at epidemic proportions lately? That is how that jackass got elected twice. I will give him the first one just because he was the first black President and all of that hogwash…..but after that first four years there is just NO WAY IN THIS WORLD that he could even win a legitimate election, and it was not at all legitimate. Notice how strongly the Democrats are fight AGAINST any changes to the voting process.??…WAKE UP

    2. Al says:

      He’s a muslim jihadist.

      1. Simon Ghanime says:

        but wearing a suit with a shaved beard

      2. glock 19 fan says:

        More like a Trojan Horse.

      3. crockett says:

        The Anti-Christ is 666 on his head ……………

    3. noah jonas says:

      How was Obama able to fool so many Democrats into electing him to two terms? It was like they didn’t want to know anything about his life when he was campaigning,, and they still don’t want to know the truth. Obama has lied more than anybody to have ever sat in the Oval office. even more than Bill Clinton and LBJ.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Like little ‘children’ on the playground—our government officials are scared to death of ‘name-calling’!! Until Trump came along and ‘broke the rules’, they were all striving to be politically correct to the ‘man’!! Call them ‘racist’ or ‘sexist’ or anything you can think of–and they run home crying!! Trump doesn’t really care what you ‘call’ him! They only ones he gets mad at are the ‘media’!! Since they ‘influence’ the mind-set of so many and are so disruptive and irresponsible about that–yeah, he gets angry when they abuse their position!! I don’t always agree with his ‘tweets’ but I do believe that in order to get directly to the American people–he needs to speak for himself! I don’t want to listen to some ‘liberal minded’ media reporter ‘interpreting’ Trumps words for me!! I’ll listen to ‘him’ and do that for myself!!

  4. gene smiith says:

    Anyone who believes that was a mistake by Obama…..believes in Fairy Tales and Mermaids.
    He was a subversive traitor and should never ever have been elected to anything anywhere. The very idea that his entire back story was sealed from Public view should have elicited enough curiosity to easily have
    eliminated his possibility for holding elected office…..WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

    1. don allen says:

      Food stamps, welfare, checks in the mail for non work etc etc. White society
      let it happen by not voting…

      1. ARJAY says:

        Or voting for him to “PROVE” they were not RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Also, do NOT forget the FRAUD “votes”!!

        1. Mike W says:

          Funny thing about that – If you DID NOT vote for Obama only because he is black – you are a racist. BUT if you DID vote for Obama only because he is black you are somehow “enlightened”. What a crock of s**t!!!

          1. ARJAY says:

            OH so true!!

      2. 5live5 says:

        Thank you! You just proved what I have been saying for years. The people that contribute the most to society are the same ones that get punished the most. THE TAXPAYERS!!!

    2. RockinOn says:

      That was the problem the ones that were Hoodwinked weren’t thinking! He deceived many but not all, many of us saw through his BS, with fake birth certificate, sealed documents of his past, no history, nothing positive about his past, he was a smooth talker, which are the ones you really need to watch! Obummer was/is Muslim plant to accomplish the the what he has done! Send butt and his buddies to Gitmo, for Daily waterboarding, cold shoers, and a concrete bed at least!

    3. Deborah Pratt says:

      Whatever the ‘media’ and Obama TOLD us to ‘think’!!! We had no other ‘facts’ to refer to, did we? Until now! Thanks Trump!

  5. LANI says:

    Of course the spineless Repukes continuosly let the Traitor In Chief get away with every Anti America Crime he did. I blame them ALSO if we r attacked ?

    1. Al says:

      He wanted/still wants the U.S. citizens to be disarmed. I got my trusty AR with 30 rd mags.

    2. Gary Belich says:


    3. RockinOn says:

      Yep the Republican’ts, like Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Ryan, Graham and many more need to be blamed for obummers success!

    4. Francisco Machado says:

      All the Democrats are Progressives. Their power is in voting the ideology as a block. Tragically for America, most of the Republicans are Progressives, also. They approve of the Democrat programs, they just would rather avoid getting blamed for them. Which the voters made more difficult by giving them the House, the Senate, the states and the Presidency. It’s worth noting that the Republican Congressional leaders are negotiating with the Democrats to pass a renamed Obamacare and defeat the Conservative faction of the Republican party. Among them are many who would like to unseat Trump, to them a political inconvenience.

  6. myfordtruck says:

    been saying that he should have been charged for 8 years for not being a American that has been proven enough to charge him

  7. vinny says:

    That wasn’t a mistake. That NIGGER knew what he was doing.

    1. Cheryl Brinson says:

      You nailed it vinny !

    2. Gary Belich says:


    3. RockinOn says:

      Damn Right , it was intentional, that’s why that scumbag is stayin out of the country, cuz his actions are being revealed

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        He sneaked into Alaska recently for a ‘photo’ shoot!! That little girl he was holding was looking pretty ‘scared’!! I can’t believe a mother would hand her child over to him!! I’d have been ‘scared’, too!!

    4. Rodger K. Shull says:

      when his ass was up against the wall for one of his BULLS$** deals, he played dumb as a box of rocks, a pointed a finger at someone else, but he had a plan, he just played ghetto thug punk gangster,

  8. Mike W says:

    Obama or whatever his real name is spent about as much time trying to disarm us as he did arming our enemies and sealing/hiding his records.

    1. RockinOn says:

      Yes the Obummer did!

  9. Richard Bagenstose says:

    n.korea is small, u.s. is big if they hit with one missle no big deal we hit with one and the end of n.korea as you know it, come on people it’s not as big as they make it and if china don’t like it tough shit, they were given their chance to deal with it and did nothing and china collapses with out the u.s. to sell their junk

    1. don allen says:

      Well said……… US needs to just flatly tell china either get onboard with
      NK or kiss your trade business goodbye. Watch how quick things turn around.

    2. Mike W says:

      They “say” they can hit Alaska or California. It is “certain” we can hit Pyong·yang.

    3. Joseph F. Riggi says:

      Richard the problem with using Nuclear weapons on North Korea it that it will endanger South Korea, China and Japan with Nuclear Radiation, so it’s not an easy choice. China this past week has stopped delivering all petroleum to North Korea in an effort to get their attention. The major problem is that we have a little boy with no military experience who is playing with big boy toys and that’s dangerous. He is unable to see the consequences for his actions.

      China on the other hand is working on world domination with claiming land that isn’t theirs, building islands in territorial waters that isn’t theirs but claiming it anyway. They are the new bullies of the world.

    4. 5live5 says:

      It’s not that big? Then how about the first one hits where YOU LIVE??? Big deal THEN???? I have friends in Alaska and I care for their safety!

    5. Chi Sam says:

      Without is simply one word. Odd…people usually master English at better than a third-grade level before taking on such actual challenges as nuclear weaponry and geo-politics.

  10. Linda says:

    This is horrible. He should be arrested immediately and charged with high crimes and treason. Don’t worry about the stupid Democrats and media and all their belly aching, just do what’s right. It’s time for us as Americans to stand up for truth and justice.

  11. awaitingtherapture says:

    China is behind the NK provocations. They want to use NK as a bargaining chip to gain total control of shipping in the China Sea area. If President Trump backs down, then we the people MUST boycott all goods and services made in or coming from China. 90 day max is all it would take to bring China to its knees and back to the bargaining table, but only AFTER they have changed the regime in NK.

  12. RDB says:

    Obama’s cutting back our missile defense was not a mistake; it was done on purpose, to make the U.S. weak, hoping to , in the future, aid in making a one world government.

  13. Doug says:

    The only, if you can call it good, is they hit calif. The bad news is they can hit AK.

    1. KDC says:

      But, what’s up in AK? Not much. What’s in CA.? A whole lot!

      1. Mike W says:

        Liberalism and left wing loons have destroyed California. What was once a great state and a nice place to visit has become a minor third world country. California was over 1/2 a trillion dollars in debt. They have since voted for and approved a state run health care system that they estimate will cost $400,000,000,000. They have absolutely no idea how they will pay for it. That will push them over the trillion dollar debt mark. 34% of all the people in the United States that receive food-stamps live in California. They might like to think of themselves as Mexifornia but they are more comparable to Venezuela.

  14. Wynette Atkins says:

    Arrest Obama for multiple reasons. He belongs in jail, where he can no longer work against President Trump with his seditious efforts; besides his fraudulently created birth certificate and selective service records. Have all of his records unsealed. He is also guilty of using our intelligence to spy on Americans for political or blackmail purposes. Have all of his emails and records sent to his Library (or storage) returned for the FBI to open and investigate. He should not be able to shield that information by putting it in his Library if he really intended to do that. My guess most of it would destroyed or burned in a fire at the storage center, before it can be investigated. He did his best to destroy America. He shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. Also would uncover the parts that John Brennan, Susan Rice, James Clapper, Roger Moore, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Asst. FBI Dir. McCabe, and others in his Whitehouse played in spying on Americans, or targeting them by the IRS. Maybe see who was behind Fast & Furious & Benghazi Gun Running, Also his sending money from our State Dept. to George Soros and groups to affect elections in Israel, Macedonia and Albania, and any other Countries. Also need to follow the money trail for the millions of dollar he sent to Kenya to see if it was used for what it was intended for, or if it ended up in his personal (or shell corporations) bank accounts in Kenya, Indonesia, or Caribbean Islands.

  15. jong says:

    Yes and no. First of all the NRO has advanced generational sats that can tell us anytime that fat boy wheels one of his missiles out and it does take time to set up, fuel and launch. Secondly unless China gives him like the rest of his toys a much small nuke he is still several years away from putting even one upon his rockets. Thirdly IF he does launch that means China is in the same way as North Korea since they have not now nor ever had the tech to construct such missiles or rockets. That ole jug ears canceled these projects is just another charge of treason upon him defined by the Constitution. To me the worse of his “cuts” was to NASA in that he refused to fund even testing many of our new scram jets that would make fat boy quiver when he even thought about launching one of the toys that China has provided him with.

  16. ARVIN says:


  17. Robert Walters says:

    It is being proven over and over again that Obama was and is a TRAITOR TO AMERICA. His actions with Iran, Korea, the Muslim invasion, cutting or stopping the defenses of America. If we are attacked by Korea, we need to drag him out of his Washington mansion and put him in front of a firing squad. His continued TREASONOUS behavior is growing thin. Time to round up the traitors, drain the swamp and make AMERICA A GREAT & POWERFUL NATION AGAIN.

  18. marlene says:

    What about the East Coast?

  19. Richard Hennessy says:

    Democrats can’t spend adequately to defend our Country. They need to spend all they can on buying votes with our tax money. That money that might have been used for national defense was needed for insurance company bailouts to maintain the failed Obamacare until Clinton’s election, and they couldn’t even pull that off with billions of our tax money.

  20. Jeronimo Dan says:

    Obama was a lot of things, a liar, a fraud, a Muslim, a homosexual, married to a Tranny, not a native of this country, a sympathizer to ISIS, but the one thing he never was and that was: A President.

  21. Simon Ghanime says:

    I know hundreds of bad things that YOmama did to this country. Please if you know about one good thing (just one) that YOmama did to this country, post it and let me know, and I’l be more glad to read it …

    1. Mike W says:

      Well there were all the times he left the country and took his transvestite with him.

      1. KDC says:

        Yeah, except it was exorbitant on our tax dollars!

  22. Richard Schmidt says:

    Barak Obama made no mistakes in executing his well laid out plan to “fundamentally transform America”.
    This plan, basically global redistribution of wealth And complete egalitarianism among nations such that a central gov makes us conform to uniform standards of conduct and thinking.
    This deliberate degrading of the US and borderlessmixing of population to to achieve “equality under the law” was completely laid out in his books and speeches, particularly those delivered to other nations.
    The sad truth is that these sophomoric ideas were sctually found desirable by a significant segment of younger Americans and others seeking what looked to them as upward mobility enforced by big brother government. Both fed off phoney “class warfare” incited by a wannabe dictator with shadowy history including pseudo-nyms and incredible narcissism.

  23. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    Obummer responsible??? No way! According to the libtards he’s the best president ever! Even though he wasn’t born in this country, he loves fanatical Islam, tried to turn our country into the biggest socialist country in the world, was responsible for terrorist attacks, arming Iran with nuclear weapons from OUR taxes, polarizing our country, taking race relations back to the 19th century and making police officers sitting targets…just to name a few!
    Oh, did I tell you that I CAN’T STAND the POS??? Just in case you couldn’t figure that out! LOL

  24. Alleged Comment says:

    Yes, IBD had an article about Demoncraps weakening America, specifically will Bill “sh it” Clinton and the Nerogro sodomite B’lack Obama.

    They have committed outright TREASON if you ask me. Both are communist and HATE this country yet you gave them the presidency.

    One of them illegally. You Americans must have a DEATH WISH. Those two are absolute RUBBISH.

  25. toothii says:

    Many of Obama’s decisions have ultimately weakened our ability to protect our homeland and thisevof our allies! I sadly have concluded that his plans were to intentionally lessen our capabilities. TG we now have a POTUS who respects the need for a strong military! Hopefully and with zero help from the Dems we can get the US back on firm ground militarily. Why the left views BHO as an excellent POTUS is beyond me! His apology tours and appeasements have led to a lessening of respect for our country and have made us more susceptible to both organized attacks as well as those of lone wolves!

  26. fordfool says:

    …..too bad he couldn’t draw a red line in the upper Pacific….that’d done ’em in, betcha…………

  27. Holy Joe says:

    It is more than ever obvious that Obama was never on our side from 2008 to 2016.

  28. srw says:

    During the Clinton ADM, the Chinese missile program could not hit anything. THey did not have the capability. The Clinton ADM was willing to sell them OUR missile secrets. The Defense Dept refused. But the Clinton ADM sent the Commerce Secretary to China to sell them some goods thru the Commerce Dept. The Missile system was what the Commerce Dept sold them. Ron Brown was the Commerce Sec. Later Brown Died in a mysterious plane crash. Everything has always been for sale with these Dems. China got a working missile system…. and helped their good neighbor the N Koreans. Our program is being used by the N Koreans and could some day possible blow us out of water.

  29. KDC says:

    “When Obama was in office, he scaled back America’s missile defense commitment”… I can tell you, it was NO mistake.

  30. Donna Cassidy says:

    If we were smart and Trump steps up and gets it going….This stupid little arrogant toad could send a missile anywhere if we go in and destroy him. Take out every military place there, hit his hiding areas for ammo, and really better yet…Just obliterate N K and give it all to South Korea.. Take him and his hunch men out all together..WE are tired of this POS no body warning us and telling us what we can and can’t do. Do one last thing…Get rid of him…

  31. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Am I the only one scratching his head when it comes to defense of this country? We “supposedly” have weapons that would do the job in the middle east and thwart ISIS. Yet our soldiers get killed or maimed by road bombs, ambushes and hand held missiles. We have agencies that do not interface with each other on spy missions that might make a difference. We had a Sec. of State, that had lied and lied about secretive emails, and an aide who is Muslim with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as her spokesperson. Hillary and Obama blamed a youtube video for Benghazi. Most of Congress cannot spell Benghazi. We have weapons that can be used from the United States to expose the Muslims that pose a threat. What happens here? We have the means, we have the technology, we have the spy network, whos running things? Nancy Pelosi and Congress? Oh, we need another committee to investigate things. Dipshit Senators like Schumer, McCain and others, who thinks our biggest problem is if the Russians hacked the election. Trump is our wakeup call and I hope has plans for the bucktooth leader of North Korea with the stupid haircut and suits. This should have never got this far. Now we have some clown that is expressing we need more diplomacy. Are you kidding me?

  32. danstewart says:

    Mistake hell, it was intentional.

  33. monongahela says:

    obama sold this country down the river, it is his jihad against America

  34. wvhillbilly says:

    Obama should be hanged for treason.

  35. CommonSense4America says:

    Obama, also knows as the ‘HMFNWIC’, is laughing his a– off right about now. What a disgusting POS.

  36. Nun Ya says:

    This is fake news. Why put the defense capability in place before they have the capability. Shame on you Great American Daily for using every opportunity to attempt to further the divide for your own gain.

  37. newland65 says:

    If this clown is that stupid, then let the war start. Alaska will be gone, but then again so will this punk. While all this was going on Russia started the thing so they could have the land in NK, glow’s in the dark, but that ok

  38. terry lmoore says:

    why isnt obama changed with 2 logan acts now.that he had done in plan site.
    and how many he do under table.

  39. ter334 says:

    What are the consequences to NK attacking u with a missile? I have no idea but I would imagine they are severe! And with T trying to do what he said he has, I imagine, a plan for whatever they throw at us? Plus there is better than a 50-50 chance some one in NK will take him out.

  40. wvhillbilly says:

    Obama should be tried for treason and dealt with accordingly when convicted.

  41. crockett says:

    Stick a cherrybomb up obozo’s ass and watch him run …….

  42. Mary Clouse says:

    Obama did exactly what he was bought,and put into office to do.
    Obama was to make America as vulnerable as possible,to all and
    any enemies that wanted to take us out of power. Obama was
    to bankrupt America,and take us to our knees,with the Clinton’s
    following suit{HILLARY}.This is why the Democratic Party was so
    blindsided by the Trump victory,the powers to be were not ready
    for a Trump Presidency,so now left with nothing,they must
    put out as many lies as they can,with the hope that someone
    kills Trump,or he gives up,not going to happen, get over it,DEMS!!

  43. Bill Mulholland says:

    We had eight years under the reign (black thumb) of Odumbo, due to his smirking, toothy grin and his mesmerization of the Kool-Aid drinkers who believed his lies and blindly like lemmings voted for him. Twice I did not vote for him, suspecting his nefarious motives, agenda and experience. Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct and he has proven himself to be incredibly inept. Yet, we all need to be aware, that all along, he had and still has a suspicious agenda. I will always opine that he is extremely intelligent, and that he was and still is a sneaky, dirty politician who learned his craft in the crooked politics of Illinois and Chicago. He may be receiving dirty money and crooked favors via the Dems/liberals and their “Machine”. Anyone who may think otherwise is disconnected from Reality. His activities need to be closely monitored for a long time as he certainly did not have America’s and The People’s best interests at heart. This article seemingly provides just another piece of evidence that Obama used his position and influence to quietly proceed to ruin the United States. Muslims have a long term agenda to take over the world. Obama’s eight year, seeming failure, may just have been a stepping stone of a similar nature. The key words are “long term”. Without serious interventions today, future generations will experience disastrous lifestyle changes. I sincerely hope I am wrong about all of this. But…the ongoing and seriously increasing social discord we see in Society, provides no reasons to be optimistic. This article is simply one more example of social discord on a World level, tch tch

  44. Red Steiner says:

    I wonder if Obama considered it a “Mistake”?

  45. jesse says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty sad when your supposed president is your worst enemy! That treasonous little big eared ba$tard should be strung up by the short hairs!

  46. Deborah Pratt says:

    Rule #1—NEVER underestimate the enemy. Rule #2—Know your enemy!! We failed both. Until very recently, we continue to fail #1!!
    After the last ‘failed’ launch by N. K. one of our ‘experts’ was quoted as claiming we had ‘nothing to worry about’ and the N. Korea was ‘years’ away from being able to create a missile that could reach our shores!! So much for ‘expert’ opinions!! We can’t afford to be so over-confident and uninformed!! As for ‘knowing’ the enemy–look within!!

  47. Palmer says:

    He was elected for one reason,he was the first “Black” to run for President. Like O J, Didn’t matter , he would win at any cost. Once I can see, But a second time ? why? What did that Ass do that was positive for the country? Chronic lyer, Sneakey and corrupt. Thank you America. Dumb Asses.

  48. LuvleeWA says:

    We wouldn’t have this problem if it wasn’t for Bill Clinton giving nukes and billions to the N. KOREANS and our missle technology to China.

  49. william g munson says:

    Obama did it so he could help other countries to destroy America and give money to other countries that want to destroy the USA period

  50. Patrick Driscoll says:

    Obuma should have been executed at GITMO years ago. When all these corrupt things see the light of day he will be executed for crimes against all Americans.

  51. Joseph Techiera says:

    What a fucking asshole I guess he figured that if he can’t change the laws we live under he’ll just let the our enemies kill us with nukes.

  52. Denise Stathatos says:

    We must all start going back to church! Millions of souls are in danger of damnation! Go back and pray for the world and that God will protect the US and the World. North Korean missile crisis is God’s chastisement on the US folks.

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