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North Korea Got A Disturbing Messaged That Shocked The Entire World

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  1. MIKE MAIDA says:


    1. myfordtruck says:

      once was enough ad is your caps lock button stuck

      1. Hoodoo H says:

        Hey DOUCHBAG… Some like to type in all caps. Get over it girly man.

        1. myfordtruck says:

          hey name caller do you do that because it makes you feel big well all caps show you are trying to act big but not so sure Me I know who and what I am and its all Man One that knows how to take care of want a be like you

      2. MIKE MAIDA says:


  2. MIKE MAIDA says:

    MIKE MAIDA 16 minutes ago

    1. George E. LeFebvre says:


      1. pappy450 says:

        Are “recalls” allowed in that State? Some do…And it HAS happened before.If allowed the people should start “proceedings” Immediately.

        1. Millard Huff says:

          I believe recalls are allowed in all states.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            That sounds like something that needs ‘looking into’!! I like it!

          2. xeriscapelady says:

            Especially for McCain, Graham, McConnell, Ryan, Collins, Mc Carsatky(?)etc. There are a lot of TRAITORS to America, even some I know personally.

      2. johnh says:

        We could start a rumor around Hillary that he is going to squeal on her.

        1. eddie47 says:

          Don’t the Alex Jones supporters do enough of that already? Try facts and stick to them.

      3. Brent Bach says:

        Or McCain’s di(k.

      4. Donaldo says:

        Maybe we could just get him to say he wants to testify against the Clintons.

    2. Millard Huff says:

      LINDSEY GRAHAM is a girly man and girly men will say and do anything too make you think that they are brave. Girly men like to talk the talk but can’t walk the walk.

      1. KDC says:

        Yeah, well girly man or not, he needs to shut his stupid mouth!

    3. xeriscapelady says:

      I so agree. GOD bless you. THink you must be getting truth from Hannity, Dobbs, Carlson, and OAN news…Graham and Liz.

  3. Whaledriver says:

    Perhaps North Korea will rethink their nuclear ambitions, but their little dictator has to keep control of the military hardliners.

    He’ll use the nukes that have been developed.

    1. eaglevision says:

      If he does, he might as well put a loaded gun to his head and pull the trigger. I do not believe Pres. Trump will take any threats from the idiot.

      1. xeriscapelady says:

        The ONLY problem is they will know its coming and there are over 1 million in Seoul that will die, including OUR military stationed there. I say a CIA coup on him if far better.

    2. Millard Huff says:

      War with North Korea will mean war with China and if war happens we need too wipe North Korea and China off the face of the earth.

      1. eddie47 says:

        Yes and no . China will give in for they know the consequences of a nuclear war where as North Korea is self destructive. It wouldn’t be hard to immobilize North Korea for they are not a large country.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          I agree in that China is very ‘protective’ of her economic status!! The Chinese can be ‘bought’–don’t threaten their economy!

          1. johnh says:

            As of this date President Trump should not allow any ship coming here from China to pull into port and unload. China will take care of NK.

          2. xeriscapelady says:

            Sounds good, but not sure if that will work. I say a coup with Navy Seal team 6 or CIA is the best way to handle it.

          3. justme444 says:

            that might work!

      2. bttrap says:

        and we need to quite buying crap from china

        1. Donaldo says:

          I already have. Just bought a nice pair of winter boots. Made in the USA. Chippewa’s. More expensive, but will probably outlast the cheaper Chinese crap that lasts a year or two.

      3. xeriscapelady says:

        China does not want war, believe me.

        1. Carol Stott says:

          China and So. Korea torture, kill and eat millions of dogs and cats. These are not countries that care about our values.

      4. czech2 says:

        war with China ? They have other favorite toys then the fat boy ,War with Mr. Xi – about 10 % possibility now ,1 % five years ago and 50% in 2023 – but then again we may ourselves become a fascist state – watch it if you want to live , freedom of speech includes everything our opponent says or writes without treats against him !!

      5. Brent Bach says:

        It’s going to really suck to live in South Korea or stationed at the DMZ if someone lights the fuse.

      6. justme444 says:

        Chine will not protect North Korea, Chine knows their only hope for the future is trading with the USA.

  4. survivor33 says:

    If the citizens want America back then come election they must get rid of all the liberal/Dem’s and the RINos that are holding our country hostage. Vote them all out and lets get new blood that is not greedy, corrupt and power-hungry in office. Especially McCain who is the most dangerous lying RINo in the party.

    1. davesnrakleberger says:

      I sure do like the news that a retired lawyer by the name of Heghmann is suing the GOP for fraud in raising over $700 million over the last 7 years on the promises (yeah, you too, McCain, you treasonous prick) they would repeal OBAMA care. Also included the word “racketeering”.

      You Go, Heghmann

      1. chief1937 says:

        What makes it so bad is they all ran on the promise to repeal the ACA then when the opportunity came forward those same ones voted against it two faced regardless of political party.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Goes to prove—their ‘agendas’ of vindication are more important to them than the good of the country!! What’s new? Well, this time—we’re ‘watching’ them and taking ‘notes’!!

        2. Charles Wetterman says:

          Well like President said they all voted for it when NoBama was in office because they all knew he would not sign the bill, but this made the swamp shit look good….

        3. Brent Bach says:

          They only voted to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obammy would veto, then the congress-critters could go home and tell their constituents they voted against misnamed ACA. Now they are rightfully afraid to do townhall meetings lest they be heckled or worse.

      2. Sheri Gray says:

        And don’t forget McCain has the McCain Foundation, and exact copy of Clinton Foundation, and operating on the same “pay for play” way of doing business. And all the money that foundation has collected for ‘charity'(?) you guessed it!

        1. WOA says:

          Well… Charity DOES begin at home *_^

          1. Sheri Gray says:

            HA! great one! LOL!

    2. Al says:

      I used to support McCain. THEN I got to know him better. He’s a POS and a favorite Hanois Squeeler. that surely made other prisoners lives very hard.

      1. Stephen Kenney says:

        The NVA code word for McCain was ‘Songbird’ (not squealer)

        1. Al says:

          Thank you. I forgot. “The Songbird”.

      2. figmo says:

        Google McCain and the USS Forrestal. It was sitting off Viet Nam in 1967 when fire and explosions on board killed over 130 sailors. There are some serious questions over whether McCain caused it all by “wet starting” his engine as a prank. His daddy was an admiral at the time and probably had the power to hush the whole thing up.

        1. Sheri Gray says:

          I remember watching the news….and the navy’s spin how McCain, faced with burning to death jumped off the wing of his aircraft and ran, while the firefighers provided water coverage for him…..they should have blown his sorry a_ _ off the ship!

          1. Sheri Gray says:

            and in the early films (long gone for obvious reasons) you can see his plane start the fire!!! I remember that!!

          2. Joseph Carrilho says:

            I’m betting those fire fighters have a different idea now…..

      3. Sheri Gray says:

        poser, crook, killed many Americans onboard his ship by being an asshole and starting a fire that killed over a hundred sailors, a terrible pilot, and all these incidents were covered up and forgotten because he had 2 four star generals in his family whitewashing his career. He has been a ‘rebel with out a cause’ in congress, basically a loose canon! In his entire lifetime he has gotten away with murder, lying, selling out his fellow pows, and a turncoat to the people of his state. What more can be said of this absolute ass!

        1. Charles Wetterman says:

          I have read this also and have no reason to believe it wasn’t true. I lost respect for him a long time ago, maybe President Trump knew info when he said he likes people that don’t get caught….

          1. eddie47 says:

            Trump would never know since he was never placed in McCain’s position. The worse coward is in the White House.

          2. mytrbilbo says:

            the worst coward is one who writes cra_ like you.
            respect your president or go bend over in cuba or north korea.
            A*hole post.
            Stop embarrassing yourself

          3. eddie47 says:

            Go ahead and support 5 deferment draft dodger Donald Trump he needs to stop embarrassing himself and take a hike in North Korea.

          4. Eastmo says:

            We know you’re not really this stupid. You are just a sad little troll looking for any type of attention. BOO!

          5. eddie47 says:

            Typical hypocrite Republican endorsing 5 deferment Trump and 5 deferment Cheney and then slamming someone who has served. You are the worse of the worst!

          6. grnjllybn says:

            STFU asshole

          7. Redfox007 says:

            You would not know what a coward is, until you look in the mirror. Trump has done a lot to bring America back up to standards. B|

          8. eddie47 says:

            I served 13 months in Vietnam and what did Trump do?

          9. Joseph Carrilho says:

            I doubt it. I did.

          10. eddie47 says:

            So we both served so why say I didn’t? Why lie so badly?

          11. justme444 says:

            To bad my bomb release didn’t land directly on you, you are more of an enemy to this nation now then the kong were…by your evil ways of trying to turn the tables of truth , you are so sick or so brain washed by the lawyer party that you are worthless as a human being, so you are proving with all your posts, I will not post anything more to such an a$$ as you, As the bible says, in those last times, people like you will say evil is good and good is evil….You don’t know anything about President Trump, you don’t know how He ordered his own A/C over seas to pick up military personal that just needed a lift home, You don’t know that Pat Bucannan lead Donald Trump to the Lord,….You don’t know how the press (backed by people like YOU) are trying to destroy him, and you are and will find out that you are going against God Himself, because God put Trump in the WH. I shake my head in wonderment that a person like you reversing every though of goodness and righteousness into lies about President Trump (just) because you believe all the democrat lies and excepted all the brain washing and you will not except that Hillary lost…..I will also tell you something you can’t understand, so think about it……All democrats that claim to be Christian are fake Christians, fake meaning not truly in Christ, they may think they are because they go to their social club churches but then again 80% of all Americans claim to be Christian when only 1 in 20 households go to church on a weekly basis…..If one had truly received a new spirit from the Lord….they would understand that they could not vote for evil anymore as the democrats do. Now shut up! and go ask God for fogiveness

          12. eddie47 says:

            You’re to busy slandering a Christian to even be a Christian. Now it’s true fewer folks go to church anymore. I attend weekly and do work at my church every week.
            God is keeping tabs on Trump and it takes more than being an occasional dogooder and buying your way into Heaven. You have to give without expecting anything back. When Trump does something he gloats and grandstands and always makes sure he gives himself credit. That is not what the Bible says so he is fully mocking the Lord’s words by stroking his own ego for publicity.

          13. Dulcie A. Covington says:

            you never served anywhere but your liberal mind

          14. eddie47 says:

            When a Trump supporter lies it says alot about them…. Dishonest to the core.

          15. Deborah Pratt says:

            Another victim of ‘Agent Orange’??

          16. eddie47 says:

            Not I but at first I thought you were speaking of the Agent Orange in the White House. LOL! You really do need to be more explicit although I did end up in the hospital for two weeks in Vietnam.

          17. figmo says:

            As a monumentally successful business man Trump provided tens of thousands of jobs for people like you who were discharged form the military. What died Obama and Clinton do besides sponge off the taxpayers? Clinton was a classic example of a draft dodger who pardoned his fellow draft dodgers who fled to Canada. The libtards actually tried to get people to see them as heros.

          18. eddie47 says:

            I’m too old for any of those Presidents “finding me a job” so that didn’t make much sense from you. Obama was too young to serve and Bill received 1 deferment versas Trump’s 5. At least Bill joined the University of Arkansas ROTC while Trump made excuses and didn’t participate in defending the USA in any manor. Sorry to have to straighten you out but it was Carter who pardoned draft dodgers including Trump and Cheney.

          19. figmo says:

            People question why can’t we have leaders more like our founding fathers instead of these pig politicians. Well you finally have it in Trump. He is a non politician from a highly successful private business empire who did not need this thankless job but took it to make America a better place for all Americans. If fixating on Trump’s draft deferments floats your boat, so be it. Just don’t fondle yourself in public while you’re thinking about it. I wonder how he got FIVE deferments! (if it’s true) He must have been working in an industry considered critical to the war effort. I had a student deferment until I graduated college. I know people who avoided the draft by teaching in bad neighborhoods. I joined the Air Force and served as a Lt. for 4 years.

          20. eddie47 says:

            Trump is no Founding Father and I doubt if he would have sacrificed like Washington did. Washington suffered severe winters and no supplies while Trump has never known hardships and has had everything handed to him. Trump was not WORKING for anyone; he was in college when he got his deferments. He could play baseball but then claimed he had bone spurs. His words don’t match his actions and no he did not work in any “bad neighborhood”. I’m not against opposing a war/draft but when you support a war but refuse to go then that makes you a hypocrite. He’s been looking for excuses for decades and always blaming someone else for his troubles.
            I also served 3 years and fully agree that all citizens should do some action for their country from changing bed pans in a hospital,serving in the military,helping under privileged children or even building homes for Habitat for Humanity,etc.

          21. Clyde Gary Williams says:

            I served also. stop your crying. the real heroes never came back. stuff it!

          22. eddie47 says:

            Amen and God Bless to those who perished so you are correct on that. Maybe you need to pay attention to all the “crybabies” who support Trump’s lies and daily gaffs.

          23. Intelligal says:

            I feel sorry for you-LIAR!

          24. eddie47 says:

            Where’s the lie? You were busted for lying so feel sorry for yourself for you won’t get any sympathy form me. When you can talk straight and be decent then we can talk.

          25. justme444 says:

            You don’t have a right to put God on your lips…..because you voted for Obama and Hillary who is for abortion and same sex marriage plus many other evils, you will be held accountable for who you voted for, and I will never believe you are a (real) Christian just because you claim to be…….Bible studies in the White House now for the first time in 1 hundred years, sense you are a liberal democrat, that should burn the hell in your mind.

          26. eddie47 says:

            If God doesn’t approve of same sex marriage or abortion then those folks will be properly taken care of on judgement day. The Rapture will then leave them behind. That is not your decision or mine but of God himself. While we are on earth I will respect everyone regardless of color,creed,or sexual orientation,etc. I will not as you do prosecute or punish them for being different. Just as Jesus did with the issue of prostitution and stopped those who wanted to inflict harm. Those without sin should bode well before they throw the first stone. NO ONE is without sin and punishment is of the Lord’s.

          27. Redfox007 says:

            Well, I served in Viet Nam in 1966 – 1957. So? Trump has built businesses, put thousands of people back to work, which Obama had laid off, and got our pipelines and coal systems back up and running.

            So, what have you done for America?

          28. eddie47 says:

            What have YOU done for America? If you want an answer then explain yourself in your question. If I have to “kiss and tell” then you have the same obligation. If not then you are just trying to make wheat out of grass seed.

          29. Al says:

            You lie eddie and are to be ignored starting now.

          30. eddie47 says:

            So black is white in your world and the truth is a lie. I find no need to lie but you are now damaged goods and can’t be trusted to be honest.

          31. Intelligal says:

            Oh-that’s the problem-go get your BH meds now and go to bed!!!!!!!

          32. Tim Gard says:

            Thank you for your service. But just cause you served does not make you intelligent. Now, go back to sleep edd.

          33. Sheri Gray says:

            poor eddie… are such a FOOL, not to mention a complete jerk

          34. eddie47 says:

            Just because you lie and lie often doesn’t mean other have too!

          35. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Get back in the corner. Your mom’s pissed since you soiled your diaper, AGAIN.

          36. Sheri Gray says:

            Joseph!!! Thank you for going after that moron eddie47 what a jerk, and you were hilarious!!

          37. eddie47 says:

            Where did you serve Granny Gray? Go ahead and insult since that is what you seem to be good at. So who’s jerking who?

          38. eddie47 says:

            Are you another Trump supporter trying to be clever? Fail!

          39. Ken Craig says:

            Eddie you keep using the name of God in your weak minded defense. You don’t seem to even know the bible or you would know what the bible really says. God put everyone in power even the ungodly in every country, Stop commenting because your condemning yourself with every statement you make. You don;t know the hearts of men only God does. I will pray for you. That your eyes will be opened. The bible also says that many will say they know me but I will say sorry I never knew you. I am now done with talking to you, I don’t want to travel the road your on it leads to nowhere.

          40. Tim Gard says:

            So you completely ignore the testimonials and attack Trump. What a jerk. Hope your socialist arse gets toasted and pasted eddie.

          41. eddie47 says:

            The “testimonials” are against Trump and they are quite common. Very few dare to express their opinion on one sided sites like this because of all the stupid posts by the majority who get whipped into a frenzy. You don’t believe in free speech either unless it’s concurs with the majority opinion. I wouldn’t wish anything to happen to you but don’t worry for what you said is mild compared to many hateful replies.

          42. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Being a POW does NOT make him a war hero – he’s a fuukin’ snitch.

        2. Danny says:

          I agree 100%, McCain is a liberal in Republican clothes.

          1. Sheri Gray says:

            Thanks Danny!

        3. Joseph Carrilho says:

          Time to pay his bad karma with a disease in his head.
          He needs surgery to remove……….. his malfunctioning brain.

        4. Deborah Pratt says:

          A ‘perfect fit’ with the ‘Clinton, Bush and Obama’ group!!! Just ‘one of the ‘elites’!!

          1. eddie47 says:

            Now you are going into more denial or being naive. Donald Trump is a Global Elite. No different that all the other big boys who live in their own Trump Towers and multi-million dollar estates.

        5. figmo says:

          Once again Trump was right when he said he didn’t consider McCain a “war hero”. Now it’s time for the Arizona voters to become informed and vote for a real conservative who will have to run against this fraud in the primary.

    3. John Koempel says:

      John boy has a first name and it is SONGBIRD. That is all he did during V.N., that’s how he managed to come out alive. Ask any veteran that was there when he was there. He had another nick name but I CAN’T REMEMBER IT NOW. It has been 50 years ago and nI don’t remember everything that happened back thenbut I do remember that very well.

    4. KDC says:

      We need citizen blood.

      1. xeriscapelady says:

        I hate to see good people die though. But my ancestors fought for right and many died . I pray daily for our president as GOD put him in as answer to our prayers to SAVE America. GOD bless Pres. TRUMP.

        1. Al says:

          President Trump now and in 2020.

    5. Larry says:

      Graham needs to go also.He is nothing but a back stabbing SOB!

      1. eddie47 says:

        He more patriotic and level head than Trump. Trump shouldn’t be anywhere near the launch codes. Although I would love to see Kim Jong Un gone.

        1. chief1937 says:

          I can not believe you statement after what we have had at the codes for the last 8 years but then why fear him he would not have had the gonads to push the button on his buddies.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            LOL!! ‘Translation’–(hope it’s OK with you Chief!) If you weren’t worried with Obama having those codes these past 8 years, he can’t understand why you’re worried now. Of course, Obama wouldn’t have ‘pushed that button’ because of his Muslim ‘brothers’ being the ‘target’!! You know—‘chief1937’ is right about that!!

          2. SGirl says:

            And can you even imagine Hitlery with her hands on the codes?!!!

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            Not and still sleep nights!! LOL!

          4. eddie47 says:

            Hillary was more level headed than Trump has even been . He’s all over the map in what to do.

          5. Sheri Gray says:

            huh???? The bitch was total mental! “POWER! I WANT MORE POWER! AND MORE AND MORE MONEY!!”

          6. eddie47 says:

            Another foul mouthed Trump supporter. . Again…I expect nothing less. I believe Trump is beyond mental and needs serious help. He is caustic and quite toxic in how he treats people. He has even less shame than Hillary.

          7. justme444 says:

            Eddie47……….Hey Craphead…..we the American people got tired of the demorat party and you may never see them in power again. A fact is; 99.999% of all democrats make the rest look real bad.

          8. eddie47 says:

            Trump makes 100% of Republicans look bad. Americans are getting tired of Trump in only 6 months.

          9. Al says:

            eddie; you’re NOT AN American.

          10. eddie47 says:

            Okay then you are Chinese!

          11. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Eddie eats pig shit at every meal. He loves free shit and really scarfs it up.

          12. eddie47 says:

            No one can be as dirty as a Trump supporter commenting. Filthy as they come.

          13. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Are you from Uranus?

          14. eddie47 says:

            From Colorado . How about you?

          15. justme444 says:

            You say you served in Viet Nam……so did a lot of us, I gave you a lot of air cover from an F4 platform…..USN Ret.

          16. Al says:

            Thank you for serving. “Nam Era Vet ” here . U.S.S. J.K. Taussig DE 1030 1961 -1965.

          17. Al says:

            LOL You are dim of wit eddie.

          18. eddie47 says:

            Okay then you “aren’t an American” either. If that the childish games you want to swing with .

          19. Redfox007 says:

            I have a friend who is Chinese. Blood that is. He has a dad who came from China, but he was born in America, so HE says he is American. He would not eve learn Chinese as a language. What are you?

          20. eddie47 says:

            American/Swedish/German/Danish. How about you?

          21. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Snivel elsewhere, you POS troll.

          22. eddie47 says:

            You’re the one cracking up with lame comments and saying nothing. Did you even attend school or are you still 9 years old?

          23. justme444 says:

            Again, take your shoes off and you might be able to count the years ahead that the GOP will be in power, you’re so dumb, you can’t figure out why the people put Trump in the WH, He was never the real choice, but we the people knew that Billary was not going back to the WH, only crapheads with veils over their heads and can not understand what the people did and you keep hoping Billary will still win…., keep on moaning over this for the next 16 or more years……you were only a part of the base voting block for the craphead democrat politicians…’re not needed anymore! Go back and figure it all out but while you are doing that, the Supreme Court will have more conservatives judges added, you know, the kind that judge by the constitution, not just make up laws that benefit stupid democrats ….and remember craphead….this is not a democracy where the majority rule over the minority…It is a Republic for which it stands, A nation of laws governed under God for the sake of all…….

          24. Deborah Pratt says:

            Don’t ‘speak’ for all Americans!! Only a small, but vocal, factor of liberals are expressing dissatisfaction. They were, and remain, against ‘anything’ Pres Trump says or does. They ‘protest’ him even getting up in the morning!! It was the ‘silent majority’ who voted Pres Trump in and it is the ‘silent majority’ who now speak and support their choice!

          25. eddie47 says:

            Maybe you should train Trump to be “silent” and stop embarrassing himself and the nation.

          26. Beenthere43 says:

            Your asylum is looking for you!

          27. eddie47 says:

            Oh boo hoo with your cheap chatter!

          28. eddie47 says:

            I state facts and then only answer “cheap chatter” towards those who start their own CHEAP CHATTER towards me. . Check out each comment and see who starts what.

          29. eddie47 says:

            Trump is the asylum and all the rabid loonies are like lemmings.

          30. Sheri Gray says:

            foul mouthed….go to the record of all your comments…….nuff said you self righteous little puke. What happened…..oh! I know Trump yanked your welfare!!! Since this is very likely the only life you have Eddie……………I will leave you to it……….no loss

          31. eddie47 says:

            Worked 44 years so you lose again. So you are now an expert on welfare or just blowing more hot air to make yourself look smart? You Trump supporters are busted with facts each and every time yet you still have the audacity to make things up.

          32. Redfox007 says:

            You only worked 44 years? Why did you quit? I worked 45 years doing Auto Body and Paint Work, which mostly I taught myself. I could match paint when no one else could. I also worked on Ranches, feeding cattle, getting our to work in subzero weather, getting up at 5 AM, riding a horse 7 miles to bring 20 other horses in.

            I also worked the hay fields from the sunrise till it set. We did not have 8 hour days to work, nor 5 days per week. We also did not have Unions which told us when to quite work, so they could get pay raises.

            I have also worked 4 years in a small engine repair, besides running my own small engine serve to rancher for placing Generators for their cattle for several years. Are we trying to get attention for back patting here? I still work and welfare has not been an issue for me.

            So, are you an Obama butt kisser? Name something he ever did for America? Like put us $20 trillion in debt, by giving our tax moneys to the Terrorists? Giving Iran the permission, along with $1.5 Billion for Nukes? Paying Mexico $1.5 Billion each year, so they could transport drugs to the States?

            Or, maybe when he allowed the terrorists to send their killers to America, gave them houses, cars, and cash in hand so they could set up 22 ISIS camps in the states? Or, maybe Obamacare, which caused the insurance rates to go so high people could not afford it, and have to pay7 Thousands of $$ for deductibles? Or, maybe so we had to pay for the Prostitutes program for Abortions?

            Oh yes, we can’t profile the terrorists, because that would offend them. You are a total idiot.

          33. Intelligal says:

            Yes-an old dumb opinionated hater!

          34. eddie47 says:

            Still looking in the mirror . Your venom and hate is growing by leaps and bounds.

          35. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Typical troll. Complain about FUUKIN’ expletives-
            while you spew bull shit.

          36. eddie47 says:

            Do you know any facts you could share? Didn’t think so since none have left that knob on top of your shoulders.

          37. Brent Bach says:

            eddie47 you must be double jointed, you can talk $hit and eat at the same time.

          38. Deborah Pratt says:

            Pres Trump has ‘earned’ less shame than Hillary!! If Hillary were being ‘truthful’ to herself and everyone else–she’d be drowning in ‘shame’! That being an unbearable situation–she clings to her lies.

          39. eddie47 says:

            LOL! Then why do you support Trump who lies everyday and gets busted on them everyday? That is today’s issue with trump and his supporters ‘clinging to his lies”,deflections and blaming others. It’s getting old FAST.

          40. Intelligal says:

            You are a LIAR buddy! Lay-off Trump he is our POTUS!!

          41. eddie47 says:

            Then stop defending his lies . Are far right lies better than left wing lies? You only see what you want to see and can’t look beyond.

          42. nrahat says:

            eddie47 go back to Iran will ya!!!!!!!

          43. eddie47 says:

            That’s boring! Got anything better snappy!

          44. Joseph Carrilho says:

            Yes. Bozo eddie needs to take a m L O N G hike.

          45. eddie47 says:

            You all need to stop making things up. Your intelligence level keeps dropping towards zero.

          46. justme444 says:

            did the bitch make it to the WH or did Trump….answer the question craphead, it will be for eight years before President Pence takes eight years, take your shoes off and you might make it to 16 in your count

          47. eddie47 says:

            Donald Trump is President. So why ask immature and stupid questions?

          48. Joseph Carrilho says:

            I can just see [ IT ] having another spastic fit.

          49. xeriscapelady says:

            The last person I would be worried about is Pres. TRUMP. Whatever he does is through prayer with the experts and GOD’s leading.

          50. Diane Eagan says:

            I hope so!

          51. eddie47 says:

            So now you are also buying into the party line. We aren’t even discussing Muslims or Obama yet you just followed like the rest of the sheep. Are you on automatic pilot because there is nothing to nuke in the Middle East vs Korea. Unless you are wanting a sand dust up.

          52. Sheri Gray says:

            Ahh, another poor brainwashed libtard!

          53. eddie47 says:

            Another granny who needs her mouth washed out. Maybe you should grow a pair for it just might suit you better. Since Trump is always in the gutter with his talk maybe you both can go into rehab.

          54. Donaldo says:

            Their hasn’t been a politician in the history of this country with a fouler mouth than Hillary Clinton. Just ask any of her previous bodyguards if you can find any still alive.

          55. eddie47 says:

            Immaterial since that is considered private conversation. Trump is overtly nasty in public.

          56. Deborah Pratt says:

            Pres Trump is extremely ‘direct’ in his speech!! He says what he believes at the time!! He does not use ‘objectionable’ language. I know little ‘snowflakes’ just melt when someone isn’t ‘Politically Correct’ when expressing themselves–well, ‘toughen’ up!! Personally, I’m tired of ‘mealy mouth’ people who never ‘mean what they say or say what they mean’!! Pres Trump only turns ‘nasty’ when he has been ‘attacked’ first–generally by the ‘media’ who think that is ‘allowed’!!

          57. eddie47 says:

            Wrong! Trump indeed ATTACKS first. Why do you think so many have turned against him and his foul mouth and wicked diatribes. He creates false words like hoax and fake and you all scramble on his bandwagon. He’s different alright and an absolute disgrace to the US.
            If you take a media story that is wrong and you hate it then why do you have so much trouble condemning Trump for his constant lying? That’s a double standard. At least the media has to apologize while Trump just spins another fabrication to cover up the first lie.

          58. Donaldo says:

            So that justifies her rotten treatment of people that are protecting her? Why don’t you grow up. I notice you don’t have anyone agreeing with you on this site.

          59. eddie47 says:

            Trump treats the whole nation badly and we don’t deserve his Rotten Treatment.
            When it comes to me posting this is not a liberal sites so none of you are going to give me an agreement. Don’t worry I’m just here to expose all the insanity and flippant comments from the far right. Most of the comments are disgusting without an ounce of intelligent thought. Most don’t even pertain to the subject and they make comments like “basement dweller” or some other stupid soundbite.

          60. justme444 says:

            How true, how true, I received a phone call and was warned that a bomb could be put under my car last year because I was putting all Hillary’s foul mouth words all over the net. I kept putting the foul mouth all of the net but kept looking under my car too!

          61. Deborah Pratt says:

            LOL!! I heard that her language would make a ‘longshoreman’ blush!
            The things she said to her ‘extremely talented’ chef, in public, were inexcusable!! I have never, personally, heard Pres Trump use that kind of language–ever!!

          62. nrahat says:

            Deborah eddie47 is a Muslim!!!!!!

          63. eddie47 says:

            Nope! A Fundamental Christian. Born Again in 1976 so no need for you to lie again.

          64. nrahat says:

            Yeah right from an Muslim Obama follower. Very believable..

          65. eddie47 says:

            Obama is not a Muslim but enjoy that myth if it pleases you. I would say he is a Christian but more on the agnostic side.

          66. Ray Maxberry says:

            do not put yourself in born again status!!!!! you are of your father the devil! you say hitlery better then Trump! hitlery and obumer is both followers of saul alinsky who att

          67. eddie47 says:

            My Father is Jesus Christ and he is not the devil .

          68. justme444 says:

            Now we are getting somewhere…..You call yourself a Christian, but yet you vote for evil, like abortion, same sex marriage, and yes anything not in good faith towards God is sin, we are all sinners even when we don’t know it because of our imperfections but to willingly vote for evil, and you do so by voting for people that seek to make evil laws, then you are just as guilty as the person you voted for…..It must upset you that bible study lessons are being conducted in the WH now. for the first time in a hundred years. and VP Pence is the one that started the study. I am a Southern Baptist and I am in church ever time the doors are open, in fact, I have my own key. and we don’t have even (1) one liberal democrat in our church, and most Fundamental churches are not liberal, as you are Eddie, so either you are a liar about what church you are attending or something else is wrong, because a true Christian would never vote for Hillary and her evil ways….now if you told us you were a part of the UM church, I could understand.

          69. eddie47 says:

            We have a church that accepts all political persuasions . We don’t persecute and stop others from entering our doors. We even have Trump supporters and Obama supporters and Hillary supporters,etc. . We are also well aware that some Southern Baptists still discriminate. I also have a key to the church …whatever that means. and I’ve covered every function including assistant minister. I am the complete landscaper for the church and maintenance man and I do all the work myself and have done so for the last 12 years.

          70. Ray Maxberry says:

            Cannot be said any better! When Eddie looks up from hell he will realize his father the devil has decieved him!

          71. eddie47 says:

            That makes you the Devil for lying . Stop bearing false witness!

          72. Redfox007 says:

            I was Saved in 1968. Been a complete Born by the Blood Christian ever since. Have a KJV Bible, as the others are false. If you were Christian, you would never had liked Obama, nor Hillary, nor Billy boy, nor Carter.

            Trump may not be a Christian, but he is American, and the DemonicRATs are definitely neither Christian nor American!!

          73. eddie47 says:

            All politicians have faults and are sinners including Trump. He is one of the worst and having buckets of money will never make a person a Christian or an American.

          74. Deborah Pratt says:

            ‘Way back’ when I first posted a reply to ‘eddie47’, I had him ‘figured’ as a ‘liberal’, at the very least!! Comments like ‘Trump supporters are busted with facts each and every time,’ convinced me of his lack of perception of what has ‘truly’ happened these past months. Every time Pres Trump states something they don’t like–it has just been a matter of time before his statements are proven to be based in ‘facts’!! Now I’m reading his post about being a ‘Born Again Christian’! In at least ‘one’ of his ‘births’, he came into the world ‘backward’!! LOL

          75. eddie47 says:

            So if Trump lies you accept it as a liberal plot against him? LOL! My perception is rather clear and apparently you need a new pair of bi-focals. You make excuses just like the Donald does. He can’t accept his own mistakes or lies and you think he is Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

          76. eddie47 says:

            You are simply another far right liar but believe me they are a dime a dozen.

          77. eddie47 says:

            Obama had more common sense than to push any nuke buttons and not as reckless as Trump. Why did so many of you constantly complain about Obama using drones on Muslims if he was afraid to “hurt his Muslim brothers”. Another one of those namby pamby made up crap about what Obama would or wouldn’t do. Trump already has said he will use them and even wants the Saudi’s to have nukes. Why would anyone want the Saudi’s to have nukes when they are also big trouble in the Middle East.

          78. Intelligal says:

            OBAMA IS Evil dumb eddie! His own brother says that!! DS!

          79. Al says:

            Aww.. You’re confused.

          80. eddie47 says:

            You said nothing so man up with facts or zip it.

          81. Al says:

            Confused eddie?

          82. eddie47 says:

            Why are you so mixed up? Were you the runt of the litter?

          83. Hoodoo H says:

            Obama attempted to detonate within US. If it weren’t for heroic brass and others, he would have succeeded. Launch codes need be nowhere near Lib hands.

          84. xeriscapelady says:

            Yes Chief, Obama is a muslim and hates America and just took us for everything he could get. He is still trying to destroy America and ruin Pres. TRUMP. GOD is on TRUMP’;s side and we must stand by him and pray for him daily, for safety, wisdom, honor, strength and health. GOD bless America.

          85. eddie47 says:

            So naive! Trump is not a practicing Christian. He is a fake or phony of the highest order. God would throw him out on his keister in a heartbeat along with all the other wicked money changers who rip people off. He is Bernie Maddoff lite ! A charity fraud and a huge liar.

          86. Intelligal says:

            Liar-you are nothing but a Hater-Period! Get a life!

          87. eddie47 says:

            That’s you looking in the mirror. Facts disturb you!

        2. granny_forUSA says:


          1. eddie47 says:

            Looks like you are the one following the sheeple when Trump seldom has a coherent thought. The rookie needs everything explained to him. Then he gets mad as if it’s someone elses fault. Then you whine that everyone is picking on him. No! It’s the man in charge who keeps stumbling.

          2. Intelligal says:

            Eddie-LIAR as this is so untrue! Trump is workign hard for America and you need to STFU-Period!

          3. eddie47 says:

            That’s so precious little sheeple or is it unintelligal.

          4. Intelligal says:

            Truth hurts haters-right eddie!

          5. eddie47 says:

            I live in a decent patio home so why do you like to lie so much? A Trump supporter? Certainly not a person of Faith.

          6. justme444 says:

            Seriously, how does one of Faith such as you claim, vote for evil?

          7. eddie47 says:

            Why did you vote for evil?

          8. Redfox007 says:

            So, what has the idea of you living in a “Decent Patio Home” got to do with Faith? Whom would you prefer for president? Obama the terrorist supporter? Hillary the hooker person killer? Perhaps Billy boy, the border jumper who avoided the draft? You are really sick. This is NOT a Faith issue topic.

          9. eddie47 says:

            The comment was “basement dweller” and I corrected the liar. You would do the same. Liars like that are not a person of faith.

        3. johnh says:

          eddie what do you think hillery would be doing?

          1. xeriscapelady says:

            I would hate to even think what that witch would be doing. I do want her in prison, GITMOP would be my choice so her evil would not touch American soil. Oh that family..all should be there….is EVIL.

          2. eddie47 says:

            I guess we will never know and the topic is not Hillary. I believe she is spending most of her time with the grandchildren. I don’t think the North Korean situation would be much different between either of them . Although Trump would certainly be more trigger happy.

          3. johnh says:


          4. eddie47 says:

            Right !!!!!!!!!

          5. Sheri Gray says:

            drinking her butt off and emailing on her new 32 phones!!

          6. Deborah Pratt says:

            Didn’t you hear? She’s writing a book–I believe it has been published by this time. It’s called: ‘What Happened’!! Now, I’m not sure if that is a ‘question’ or, maybe, a ‘statement’!! LOL!! She is still wondering ‘what happened’!! Convinced she should have won–after all, it was ‘rigged’ so thoroughly!! So, she has written the explanations she has convinced herself are true—it was all ‘someone’ elses fault!! In fact, ‘everyone’ elses fault!! Frankly, at this time–I doubt few people care!
            The ‘majority’ of the population just seem grateful that she ‘did’ fail!!

        4. bttrap says:

          make up your damb mind as to what you want graham is not the right one

          1. eddie47 says:

            That made less sense that ‘chiefs’ comment above.

          2. bttrap says:

            that’s because you have no sense

          3. eddie47 says:

            If that is true then my mind is richer than yours and by far.

          4. bttrap says:

            like I said before you have no sense and you act like it and you just proved it

          5. eddie47 says:

            Yet still you haven’t proven a thing. You love to bark but can’t seem to get a good bite.

          6. bttrap says:

            you are too dumb to talk with byby

          7. eddie47 says:

            You still have offered nothing but ignorance. Grow up!

        5. Ken Craig says:

          Eddie you need to quit writing and go look for your marbles, you seem to have lost them.

          1. SGirl says:

            He has them…they are rolling around in his head!

          2. eddie47 says:

            That was a typical and very childish Trump supporter remark. You know..that education level.

          3. Ken Craig says:

            You haven,t a clue of who your talking too. especially on education and also I don’t think God would like you expressing opinions for him. So I stand with your so called childish statement since you make that pretty easy to see.

          4. eddie47 says:

            …and you are clueless in whom you are talking too. God would appreciate anyone condemning the evil man in the White House and almost as much as he doesn’t like the evil man in North Korea.

          5. justme444 says:

            Being a democrat, you don’t even know what evil is, murdering the unborn and selling their body parts and same sex marriage is evil and you vote for all that . Go figure! just like all democrats, they try to reverse all rolls and claim the good side, they even say that the Republicans created the KKK when in truth, it was the Southern democrats, they always believe the Lawyer Party and we know what Lawyers are like, they will snow you every time. the democrat party, I truely believe is lead by Satan in these last times. and that’s another story.

        6. SGirl says:

          Oh but you trusted the lying Muslim with the codes?!!!

          1. eddie47 says:

            Obama is not a Muslim so you lose. Besides Obama didn’t talk out of both ends as badly as Trump does.

          2. johnh says:

            He ring on his finger has Muslim writing on it. Yes he is a Muslim. He even said that in the end he would stand by the Muslims.
            I’m sure you have read his book.

          3. justme444 says:

            He removed his ring and his watch when he went to the Muslim country’s because a Muslim could not wear jewelry during that time period. Yea, sure Eddie, he’s not a Muslim! the cost of the bridge, for you will be only two hundred dollars!

          4. Al says:

            He admitted he is a muslim azzhole.

          5. eddie47 says:

            Another Trump liar ! I’m shocked!! He never said that, he said he likes the sound of the prayer calls in the morning from his childhood.

          6. Eastmo says:

            Read his book dummy.

          7. eddie47 says:

            Been there done that…… dummy!

          8. Intelligal says:


          9. eddie47 says:

            You just told a whopper so why would I have respect for you? You must sleep on “satan” sheets for you are not normal with so much pent up hatred.

          10. justme444 says:

            Obama’s words, “When the political winds change, I will go with the Muslims”…….Obama’s words, “I visited all 57 states” he was talking about America but the Muslims have 57 states…..Obama shuts down the Christian Prayer at the WH for eight years but holds and prays with the Muslims at the WH……sure Eddie, he’s not a Muslim! You believe that and I could sell you that big bridge in NY.

          11. eddie47 says:

            Does everything have to be interpreted for you? He would stand with the Muslims who are being exploited by outsiders. He would defend Muslim Americans who are being attacked by the likes of YOU.

        7. xeriscapelady says:

          ‘ddie, what planet did you come from. If you don;t see TRUMP as GOD’s answer to save America, you, like the CORRUPT dems and elitist Rep should leave America. I suggest you all go to Venezuela where you can love that socialism that will starve you.

          Anyone who does not like TRUMP hates America, as TRUMP stands American values and working hard to bring it back o greatness again . GOD bless Pres. TRUMP

          1. eddie47 says:

            I see Trump as equally corrupt if not more so . GOD would never approve of his gutter talk and phony religious chest pounding. You have been had.

          2. justme444 says:

            You don’t know that God ordains all governments, some for evil and some for righteousness, don’t you know your bible Eddie? Yes! God ordained Obama also but the reason was different, Obama was to supply the WOE to this nation that has turned it’s back on God due to the democrat party, Obama was one of the evil selections but as a democrat, you don’t know that, but as a claiming Christian, you should!

          3. eddie47 says:

            God wants good done period; whether done by a Republican or Democrat. What does God think of a Monarchy? There are lots of kings in the BIBLE. Lots of kings owned slave and lots of Southern Conservatives owned slaves and they will be shamed in due time by God. God knew neither Trump or Obama before they were born but he sure does now.
            I would think he’d reject Trump and his bombast first before he condemns Obama.

        8. Sheri Gray says:

          You are as bad as Nutsy Pelosi, Fauxcahontas, and Maxed out Waters!!

          1. eddie47 says:

            Read your own despicable comments and see how shameful you are.

        9. Charles Wetterman says:

          If you are scared, just say so…..

          1. eddie47 says:

            Why were you so scared of Obama ? Why did you make up lies about Obama? Why did you believe all the phony conspiracies leveled at Obama? You were all scared as hell and bought into that fear.
            I simply don’t like Trump’s lies,bullying and phony behavior.

        10. Joseph Carrilho says:

          Jealous of Obummer’s little fat boy friend?

          1. eddie47 says:

            it was Trump who said Kim Jong was a strong leader and that he could work with him NOT Obama. If all you have is making things up then please exit the building and let the adults speak.

      2. justme444 says:

        Graham is a secret democrat.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Not easy finding ‘quality’ and qualified people anymore!! Still, we have to keep trying!!

        1. granny_forUSA says:


          1. eddie47 says:

            Allowing Trump in the White House was certainly not a brilliant or moral and decent move by Conservatives. At least many are now having buyers remorse.

          2. justme444 says:

            Don’t kid yourself, all that voted for him are still with him.

          3. eddie47 says:

            I’ll take that bet and I never ever bet so I’m quite sure of myself.

          4. Donaldo says:

            Your opinion, not fact.

        2. justme444 says:

          Take the money out of the game and term limits and then back on Soc Sec and the same meds we are on….Good Great people would volunteer to serve to be elected with just housing, clothing and Office allotments and then back to retirement on the old job and no Golden Parachute and make it retroactive back 50 years and get the rest of the trash back where they belong.

    6. David Rowe says:


      1. xeriscapelady says:

        I did not for or against. I agree in , but there are a few that need to be spared…..get them out first, then turn on the gas.,

    7. hearmetalking says:

      I second that proposal, Get rid of McCain,Flake, McConnell and Paul Ryan to start with then Pelosi, Maxine Waters and 40 more democrats.

    8. vetteguy08 says:

      I wonder if McCain might be suffering from Dementia.

      1. Al says:

        Dementia? No, democratcia. You pronounced it wrong.

    9. ED Ballantine says:

      Trump knew McCain was a pile of crap when he called him during the campaign. What the hell is wrong with the voters in Arizona?

    10. Rich77 says:

      You are singing my song. All who voted for Trumpo need to become politically active in their respective voting districts and name the rats by name and list what and how they are traitors to America and our Constitution. It isn’t just Trump they are betraying, it is your great grand kids, and their great grand kids that will suffer if the “One World Globalist Regressionists” are successful in destroying America.

      GOD Bless,


  5. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    I sure hope we don’t have to go to war. We are in too many now in the middle east. I hope that little guy in N K understands that Pres Trump is patient just so long. I wish we could send Bob Lee or Ranger Walker in under cover and get rid of the bad guys. Well, it is a thought!

    1. pappy450 says:

      Send in a sniper with a 50 BMG Barrett rifle and get the little sawed-off runt from 1-1/2 miles away, when he is out there on his little “stage” thumping his chest. Pop his head like a pumpkin. He would never see it coming.

      1. SGirl says:

        That is what I have always said…why do we have snipers on the payroll if we don’t use them?!!! Snipers were made for fat little pimples like him!!

        1. pappy450 says:

          YES …We need to pop that fat pimple right off his shoulders.

      2. xeriscapelady says:

        Good plan IF it could be done. Too many people around him I am afraid, but maybe they could ALL be taken down.

        1. pappy450 says:

          I have seen his fat face on the news and he is standing out there for all his “admirers” to see. Wouldn’t be hard for a trained sniper to pick him out and take him out.

  6. WilliamHarrington says:

    Better late than never. North Korea should have been taken out by Truman but the present leaders father and grandfather were a little more responsive to neutrality. The present leader is a pampered child who was not old enough when his father died to learn moderation.

  7. marco a. poshar says:

    what are you waiting for – NUKE the IDIOT Nation

  8. Ben says:

    Rex’s comments are being made to disarm and confuse the enemy. Between him, Lindsey and Donald they don’t know what to believe. Now is the time to hit them. Yes, it will be a massive event in history. The choice is between twenty-five million of his people dead, or ours. The idea that killing Kim and his lovely wife alone will curb the DPRK’s ambitions is foolish. The pudgeball is considered a god. Just eliminating him will cause his people to fire off everything they’ve got. They have no concern for human life, not even their own.

  9. kenrmer says:

    The easiest defense is to hack into their satellite guidance system. The ICBM can only do what the signals from the satellite instructs the ICBM to do. The missile guidance is useless without the gps to guide it. Hacking the instructions could easily turn the missile back to it’s source.
    The nice thing about hacking, you normally don’t know it until info is leaked. Now if our national defense departments can learn to stop bragging about their successes and just keep working quietly, we’d all be better off.

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      You think like I do, kenmer. I would enhance your thought that we could direct the ICBM to land back in NK, right in little fat guy’s lap.

  10. jackhy says:

    You can’t dialogue or reason with a mad dog w/rabies—it’s incurable and must be put down. However, in this case a military junta would take the “doughboy’s” place and the response would be the death of millions on both sides! A solution might be a covert strike unit would take Kim out without the world’s awareness and a message left with his gov’t. that this is the only warning shot, so a regime change must be a change for the sake of their people and the world community!

  11. Millard Huff says:

    Communist North Korea they are just like the communist democrats and Rino’s here in the U.S.A both are just as stupid and full of crap and should be put out of there misery.

  12. Bill says:

    If the unstable North Korean pudgy crop-headed Kim Jung Un continues to threaten, he must be taken out. Plain and simple. Take him at his words and mitigate any risk to Americans. This boy-child is unstable and not one American pet; a dog to a goldfish, is worth the risk this Korean maggot poses. He just might launch a missile to “look big & important”, and we cannot take the chance. Take him out now, F&$k expecting Chinese help.

  13. Jeff says:

    I hope we can talk with Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, he shouldn’t want war with the USA, I mean for god sake we would inhilate that piece of land, and for what, a high strung tyrant leader? The people need a break there, they need the truth about the world, the truth about their leader and the truth about the world around them. Let the people be free, stop opressing them. The time is now to stop this bullshit for good.

  14. Pintobob says:

    I think we might have better results kissing a Rattle Snake, but if nuclear war is deemed avoidable by diplomacy it has to be attempted. On the other hand if the No. Koreans are playing a bluffing game or if they actually think they can pull it off with acceptable losses, then China and also Russia better for the future of man kind get serious about assisting the Trump administration in curtailing this North Korean idiots ambitions as no one comes out unscathed… finally, the aggravating psychopath needs a permanent attitude adjustment.

  15. Jeff W says:

    I doubt Kim will act rationally. He believes he holds the better hand, showing his lack of concern of the people of North Korea.
    It might be prudent to take out the nuclear facilities and leave him nothing to show for force.
    Without the nuclear deterrent he has nothing for anyone to fear.
    After the nuclear deterrent is removed, it would be great for the world to see what the fat boy could do.
    I would like to see a contingent of SEALs enter NK and leave a message on the front steps of his palace, something he could not hide, just to show he is not impervious to being eliminated!

    1. KDC says:

      Your first sentence, though absolutely correct, isn’t much different here in the U.S. with the turn coat politicians we have in Congress and Senate. They don’t care about the people either. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Brent Bach says:

      Like his head on a fence post?

  16. Murphmeister says:

    Believe me, the Pentagon has dozens of scenarios on how to deal with North Korea from total thermonuclear obliteration in the span of 15 minutes all the way to pin prick, surgical strikes. These were developed over the decades and are tweaked occasionally as circumstances require.

    1. eddie47 says:

      Well said although there are new developments but I’m sure we have their launch sites covered.

    2. jacksonbrown says:

      I hope we have several actions planned that will neutralize all this gun/rocket positions aimed at Seoul , just across the border SIMULTANEOUSLY with operations to take out their air fields and other things. Otherwise, Seoul will be gone IMHO.

      1. xeriscapelady says:

        Yes we can’t let that happen. There must be a way to take him or their arsenal out without Seoul getting hit.

    3. xeriscapelady says:

      But IF they know we are doing anything SEOUL So Korea will be blasted within minutes and over 1 million , INCLUDING ALL at our air base there are DEAD. We can;t let that happen. It is OUR people and OUR friends.

  17. KDC says:

    “Trump – who campaigned on a more restrained foreign policy”…good for Pres.Trump. These war mongers like McCain, Graham, McMasters, etc”. Need to back off. Better yet, retire! No one should want to go to war with such deadly capabilities as there are in this day and age. Do I think being diplomatic with the nut case Kim? No, but it’s always worth a try. Peace is ALWAYS worth the try.

  18. Patriotic American says:

    The only solution to this is to take out their southern defensive positions of the North to keep SK safe. They will need several MOAB’s to take out all their fortified positions,and then take out the palace of the Little Fat guy. And insure that their nuclear manufacturing area it buried so they can never be used again. A suprize is in order, to shut Fat Boy up permanently, other wise he will come back and let loose ALL his weapons appon the WORLD.

    1. eddie47 says:

      It will have to be done swiftly with all nuke sites taken out in minutes or South Korea ( Seoul) will suffer the consequences. Also before the North launches it’s army which is larger and has fierce fighters. One of the largest armies in the world. Once they would cross the 38th Parallel they will be much harder to contain. Yes the North would be willing to sacrifice million so we must be precise in our actions.

      1. johnh says:

        eddie, you do have some wisdom.

  19. fedup19 says:

    I think we should just drop 4 or 5 of those MOAB bombs in a sneak attack on Pyongyang.

  20. KDC says:

    Id be watching out for an EMP too, from N.Korea.

    1. chief1937 says:

      If he has them you are correct in my opinion.

  21. chuck708 says:

    President Trump was RIGHT once again when he said MaCain is no Hero. All McCain is, is a Damn Squealer and traitor to his men that were POW’s with him.

    1. xeriscapelady says:

      Yes and he was hurt because he disobeyed orders. He NEVER was beaten as they were told his Dad was a real admiral. He chose to stay there hoping others would never tell the truth. Pres. TRUMP knows it, I know it and now you know it. He is a TRAITOR. Not one prayer goes to him. In fact I tweeted that he should go home and NEVER come back as he is a TRAITOR. I also wrote Mueller he is a traitor, so if I am dead you will know why.

  22. Deborah Pratt says:

    East meets West!! Understanding the ‘Eastern’ mind-set—after all his posturing, telling his people that America is intent on wiping out N. Koreans, putting his people through years of poverty and starvation, How does Kim ‘back down’ from all this without ‘losing Face’?? We’re also dealing with the fact that Kim is, mentally, an ‘adolescent’!! He plays video games and watches cartoons! What is his ‘grip’ on the ‘real world’? In my own opinion, not a very ‘good’ one. Kim, too, was ‘brain-washed’ by his father and grandfather into believing in ‘military glory’!! With all his ‘new toys’, Kim really does believe he can take America down and ‘win’!! He thinks that will gain the fear and respect of all other ‘nations’ and he’ll become the ‘Emperor of the World’!! We really can’t expect ‘diplomatic’ agreements to be made by that ‘mentality’ and have them respected!! Caught between ‘fear’ (loss of Face) and delusions of becoming the Emperor of the World—diplomacy hasn’t a chance!!

    1. eddie47 says:

      Agreed! Kim is merely a puppet to higher authorities. The Old Guard has him in a trance. It would be nice if a North Korean would be willing to sacrifice his life FOR HIS COUNTRY and be willing to take little Kim out then the Dynasty will be gone.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Well, eddie47, I read a very interesting article–sorry, can’t remember source right off. I generally think about ‘content’ first. They say there is a young N. Korean who was educated here in the States. He has gone back to N. Korea with the intent of starting an ‘underground press’. His idea is to expose the citizens to ‘outside’ information since all they hear now is what ‘Kim’ allows. Even the N. Korean press only prints what Kim tells them to. He is printing ‘flyers’ and dispensing them amid the peasants. He believes that, eventually, the people will see through the ‘lies’ and it may create a revolution against the government. I’m praying for his success and hoping he is never caught!! It takes courage and caring to take on such a venture.

        1. eddie47 says:

          A very brave man indeed.

    2. ter334 says:

      Deb. That is a brilliant analysis! He is their problem and we need to continue to talk softly but carry a big stick. No need for us to spin out of control like him and how our congress, courts, media, celebrities are acting. Plus several that are clinging to their past trying to stay relevant.

  23. trnje says:

    Yes, Trump plan will work.

    1. chief1937 says:

      I sure hope so but I also have my doubts with this nut job he is dealing with.

  24. chief1937 says:

    Probably the only way to stop this little fat man is to take him out. He does not seem to comprehend the situation he is putting other nations in. Don’t understand his thinking or lack thereof as there is no way he can win.

  25. MoonPeople says:

    I like Senator McCain and highly respect him for his service to our country, But I strongly disagree with him of some issues that could make our country more tax friendly to We The People.

  26. G D Bryan says:

    The democrats have become everything but pro labor and some of the republicans are more interested in
    feeding our enemies than they are in taking care of our own. Those who are getting screwed by Democrat
    care should remember who really passed a bill without anyone reading it. It was not republicans, hint hint.
    Remember the Pelosi words; “if you want to find out what is in the bill then pass it and then you can
    find out. Thanks San Fransicko.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Words I’ll never forget!! I couldn’t believe ‘anyone’ could say something like that!! She hasn’t got any more intelligent over the years, has she?!! In fact, I swear the lady has the first stages of ‘dementia!!! Maxine has gone totally ‘around the bend’!! She mixed up our Vice President and Putin in a speech recently!!! Good Grief!! LOL

    2. ter334 says:

      She likely has done this many times but has failed to mention it. And it is probably what these robotic people that are supposed to represent the citizens in the process called govt always do. The party boss does not allow the party minions to speak freely and to be free. They are govt representatives, agents, modern day carpet baggers isolated from the citizens that elected them. They go back to where home used to be just to tell everyone what great things they are doing for the party, for re-election but never anything about what is good for the nation. Probably because they do nothing for the nation, only for the party disguised as patronage to get voters for the party. A classic example is obamacare by the demon-crats. Presumably it was to help the uninsured, when is reality it had nothing to do with helping anybody but themselves to create a new voting bloc for the party being depleted by large numbers of woman and blacks getting off the demon plantation.To get on the govt plantation with obama and others as your overseers just answer the following poll question, not a poll tax, yes. Will you vote demon-crat to save your patronage from those evil minded republicans?

  27. gene smiith says:

    Lindsey Graham won’t like this at all.
    He wants to show his “Maleness” by having a war, preferably against No. Korea….I suppose he will do his usual roadblocking and general nauseating reluctance to anything Our President proposes and supports.

  28. Steve Flowers says:


  29. North Korea requires regime change- So let Kim send the first volley and then we wipe out everything associated with him including him. Kim requires to be whacked!

  30. Larry Cowden says:

    Despite the constant BS lies and threats to intimidate Americans against voting for Trump because he would immediately start WWIII, it has not happened. Trump has shown remarkable restraint, patience and a will to back up what he says regarding our enemies. It has been the democrats and liberals starting with that monkey’s lies and deceit that has pushed us closer to WWIII! He set the stage to antagonize Russia, build Iran’s nuclear ICBMs, promote Fat Baby’s accelerated development of nuclear bombs and ICBMs, and China’s aggression in the South China Sea! He orchestrated it, pushed it in secret dealings and illegal treaties. His goal was to destroy this country for islamic takeover and let Trump be the fall guy! The first casualty in the next war should be the Monkey where ever he is hiding!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      From the ‘whispers’ I’m hearing from Washington, there is movement taking place!! We have new people in the DOJ and, with them, new agendas. One that is gearing up is the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and Obama!! It may take awhile but–it’s the next ‘train’ coming down the ‘track’!! (All Aboard)!!! Not only has Pres Trump run out of patience with Kim but, also with the ‘traitors’ within!!

      1. Brent Bach says:

        Hillary, Lindsey Graham, McCain, Obama, Pelosi, Boxer et. al. should all be given cells in Guantanamo for their “service” to the country. They all seem to love muzzies so they could all hold hands and sing kumbayah with the ones that are still there. May they all get their just deserts in Hell.

  31. B. Pearson says:

    Looks like North Korea isn’t listening to a simple compromise so , what choice do we now have now? Truman was also faced with a difficult decision re Japan, and finally gave the word to attack! In the long run Truman was correct to do so even though crying liberals objected as usual. The whole matter ended at once….done! North Korea dictator is a runaway cannon and must be stopped.

  32. Donna Cassidy says:

    If we the American people want to put that disgusting POS in the ground (figuratively) then Trump should listen so should Tillerson to what we want. It is a shame to have some nothing two bit punk telling us what HE is going to do ..yeah…right..If the bombers can fly low over the air base then drop the dang bombs and wipe it out..IF he doens’t back down don’t say a word and just get everyone in order and lined up and go blow NK off the face of the map..There done with that annoying little pimple on the donkeys ass..

  33. thecelt1 says:

    I agree with survivor33. Sweep up the trash in Washington, put them the garbage can. In other words, Impeach the voted in trash. Vote out the remaining RINOs.
    I believe that John McCain is a stooge of North Vietnam. He is known for selling out his fellow prisoners
    while confined in the Hanoi Hilton. Even though he has been back in the USA for a pile of years, he is
    playing a criminal politician. He is following BubbleBrain Obama destruction plan of America.
    Clean house and drain the swamp immediately. McCain for sure. Then include Schumer, Feinstein, K.
    Harris, Biden and all the corrupt RINO trash.

  34. Leo Torres says:

    North Koreans are like a bunch of monkeys trying to make love to a football. For that reason, they must be stopped by whatever means necessary. D-sooner, D-better.

  35. Wild Bill says:

    Nuclear war with NK is NOT, I repeat, NOT the answer. The little Fat Guy with the bad Haircut would just retaliate with a nuclear strike of his own on Seoul, the SK Capital with a population on nearly 10,000,000 people and the Metro Area is about 25,000,000!! Can you imagine the death tolls of a nuclear strike on that city alone, let alone that he may try to hit Japan?? Tokyo with a population of over 6,000,000 and that metro area is populated at nearly 39,000,000 people!!
    The death tolls in those two cities alone would just be too terrible to even contemplate!!
    Surgical strikes with conventional weapons should UN start something is the only way to go.
    We have enough armaments and MOAB’s to devastate his ability to wage war and I do not believe that China would step in as they have too much to lose than to start a war with the U.S.
    Just my humble opinions!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I believe our Defense Dept has taken all this into consideration. A very ‘simplified’ plan would be, at this point, any ‘serious’ missiles launched would be ‘knocked out’. In this article, they say a strategic base has been located in the N.Korean mountains which, if hit, would pretty much incapacitate any retaliatory action on their part. You’re correct about China. She has spent many years building her economy to endanger it by engaging in military action against us. They have this ‘aversion’ to poverty–who can blame them?! Her worst fear is that N.Korea might turn their missiles on them!! I doubt our forces would allow any N. Korean attack against ‘any’ nation but they may not trust that fact. I doubt we hear ‘all’ that the military has planned–it really wouldn’t be ‘smart’ to publicly reveal that!

      1. Wild Bill says:

        I agree, Deb. I am sure that there are weapons in our arsenals that have yet to be revealed. and I am sure that Trump and his military advisers are well aware of what they can and must do to neutralize this little man in NK.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Thanks, Bill. We need to start building a bit of ‘faith’ in our leaders again. That has really taken a beating these past years! I don’t blame people for their concern but–we are in the process of rebuilding this country and making it ‘strong’!!

          1. Wild Bill says:

            Amen, Deb! Amen. I am a Korean War vet myself and it wasn’t pretty. If we must do it again make it surgical, quick and easy. Enuf said!!

  36. Patrika says:

    I just wonder if all world leaders/politicians had to live as the majority of citizens do, regardless of their country of origin, if they would act and vote the way they currently do? Most of us just want to live their lives in peace and security. I realize that I over simplify things, but sometimes, isn’t that the best way to go?

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I’m sure they realize that and want the same goals for their countries. However, there are the ‘few’ that hope to gain by causing conflict!! This has been going on since the beginning of ‘human cultures’!! The dissatisfied who want to possess what the ‘other guy’ has instead of making it on his own!! Not much has changed since then, except ‘how’ they plan on ‘taking’ it!!

      1. Patrika says:

        You are correct. I am a pessimist on the outside, but very much of an optimist on the inside. I don’t like politics and politicians. I pray for our President. I support President Trump. I just don’t understand it. We had to put up with Obama for 8 years despite who he was/is. I don’t recall us carrying on for this long when it was his turn in office. At lease President Trump is not willing to play the politically correct game. He is a breath of fresh air and I applaud him. I pray for him as well. I believe that God had His hand on President Trump and the American people were and are tired of the way things were. Those in office, need to stop their pettiness and start doing their job. Thank you for commenting on my post. Have a blessed day.

  37. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Oh, & we just are putting this out to the public, so North Korea & the rest of the world will know what might be happening?? Disgusting! That’s how Saddam managed to hide his WMDS before we finally attacked. I am disgusted with ALL of our media. Things like this should NEVER be publicly shared. I hope the leaker in this case is tried, then shot by a firing squad.

  38. ineedtruth says:

    If I were commander in chief, I would tell the Chinese government that if they don’t stop North Korea’s nuclear program, we will. When we start bombing, China will be flooded with North Koreans trying to escape and they will have to deal with that on their own. If China decides to use deadly force to keep them out, I would tell them I would see to it that no company or bank in the world would deal with them. That would stop all of the nonsense from the fat boy with a stupid haircut that thinks he can rule the world. If I decided to bomb North Korea, I would level the capitol and remove every military installation they have in one single blow. It would make for good farmland then. That is, after you clear all of the rocks and steel left from the bombing. China would make a lot of money from recycling the metal debri.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      China has been ‘informed’ of all this!! All they did was post troops along their borders to stop immigrants and tighten a few sanctions on N.Korea!! Not really ‘impressive’ reactions!! We really don’t have the authority to prevent companies and banks from dealing with other countries. I believe our leaders have good plans for dealing with this situation. ‘Easiest’ isn’t always the ‘best’!!

  39. Jeffery Koller says:

    At least our response is not the “Obama line in the sand” that continue in a retreat!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      You are SO ‘right’ about that, Jeffery!!! Thing is, it seems, it’s taking some time to get that message across to ‘certain’ nations!! LOL There is Kim, hoping we’ll continue to pay for hostages!! Must have been a huge disappointment when Pres Trump said–No more!! Their sending one of our boys home to die was ‘painful’–yes, but they aren’t taking any more hostages that I’ve heard of!! No profit–no point!! We may not have noticed it but it is possible Pres Trump actually saved the lives of ‘future’ hostages by that act!! Thing is that now, Kim’s ‘temper tantrums’ have reached a dangerous point!! He seriously needs a ‘trip to the woodshed’!!

  40. Jeffery Koller says:

    I too “used” to admire McCain, until in his grandiose / attentioning getting style gave the “thumbs” down to the bill on repeal of Obamacare.
    Also, thank you Debra for your comments to my prior posting, but instead of Kim being taken to the “woodshed”, may I suggest he be taken to the “windshield” and then wippered off!!!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      LOL! Actually Jeff, I just think this ‘child’ needs a very ‘firm’ hand (across his bottom’) and have all his ‘toys’ taken away but, I didn’t want to keep ‘going on’ about it!!! My Mom used to say—“You can learn from ‘me’ or from ‘experience’!! Experience doesn’t ‘love’ you and doesn’t ‘care’!” Obviously, little ‘Kimmy’ didn’t have ‘firm’ adult guidance and this is what unlimited ‘spoiled’ brats do!! No limits’!! Well, nothing like ‘experience’ from the ‘other adults’ on this globe to ‘give it’ to him–in spades!! He wants to ‘play soldier’—looks like he’ll get his chance! Frankly, I don’t think it’s what he expects it to be!

  41. ter334 says:

    So far NK has done nothing. We have a defense dept, not an attack dept. Until Iran, Kosovo and Libya. By unilaterally attacking someone else we become mercenaries., For a foreign state or even for defense or other political/economic forces within America?

  42. xeriscapelady says:

    GOD bless all of you below except 1. You love America and love our president. I know he has plans like a coup on Un. We have a REAL president now who loves America first and will do what needs to be done to protect it. GOD bless America and GOD bless Pres. TRUMP. See my comments below.

  43. Jeffery Koller says:

    We’ve all seen, from our space stations, the amount of light coming from the North at night. NADA And as Deborah mentioned, the ONLY skills he received from his father was TOTAL DICTATORSHIP. However, you play with fire, you’re going to get burnt and finally we have a Commander in Chief that doesn’t object to showing who’s holding the match.

  44. Ed says:

    I believe we should conduct a immediate first strike on North Korea. We should obliterate their nuclear, missile, and command sites. Hopefully taking out Kim Jung Un in the process. Prior to hitting these sites we should harden our line at the 38th parallel with demolition munitions with the purpose of destroying the entire line when North Korea over runs it in response to the first strike. Just prior to the first strike we should withdraw to just North of Seoul into hardened positions. Lets get the job done!

  45. Vince says:

    Take the little fat boy out.

  46. James Hutchins says:

    Turn NK into a heap of ashes.

  47. James Kirksey says:

    It appears that kim has obligated himself to the North koreans , before the world, to act aggressively toward USA and its allies. To use only deplomacy will take strong skills. Looking at his choice; he will loose face if he backs down. A back down would also weaken his bluff that has worked before for Papa and Grandpa to exploit funds from world countries. inversely, when his bully bellowing and firing weapons closer and closer to American interest, reaches a certain point, his world will suddenly collapse, from surgical strikes or an all out destructive blow. He can do damage to South Korea, especially Seoul. If he tries a ground, attack, with his very large army, he may have loyalty deficiencies from this half starved force. I believe NK soldiers would hold strong feelings for their cousins in the south. They would likely surrender to receive better physical necessities; food, clothing, and warm housing. We have misseles, carriers, aircraft, and likely submarines that are ready to take out major military facilities in this little area. However, we must remember Enchon and the Red Chinese, who suddenly joined the fight half a century ago. China is NK’s Communist comrades. Likewise, Russia may want to sponser a proxy war, as well.

  48. Thomas Contos says:

    McCain is either a RINO and back stabber or he actually has trouble remembering his job and promises due to his brain tumor and other health issues… Pick one, the the results are the same. He has been in politics way to long.

  49. Pat Wells says:

    McCain was no war hero, he got shot down, that doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you unlucky. Every member of the Armed forces that has ever served in combat risked the chance of POW status..Obama’s little puppet, Sgt. Bergdahl was supposedly a POW and he is damn sure no hero. It’s the character and nature of ones actions that leads to heroism. McCain did nothing heroic, did nothing that the other men that flew those combat missions on a daily basis didn’t do. The only difference between McCain and the other men on the mission that day was they DIDN’T get shot down. Getting your arms broke because you panicked and didn’t follow procedure upon ejection doesn’t make you a hero either, it just shows your lack of competence as an aviator, (which leads one to wonder why he was shot down in the first place). War Hero my ass, try privileged son of an Admiral riding on the backs of brave men and women in the armed services to further his political career. He is a traitor to them, a traitor to his party and a traitor to the voters that elected him. All i can say for McCain is ” What a way to go, die of cancer with your nose up Chuck Schumer’s ass and it’s planted so deep it’s a challenge to tell where Schumer’s ass stops and McCain’s nose begins”.

  50. MsC says:

    Personally, I don’t think the baby-faced Pillsbury Dough-boy has the guts to start anything. He is just the bully on the playground and playground bullies end up getting what’s coming to them. All it takes is one of out bet snipers to take him out with one bullet before he hurts himself or others. By the way anyone seen
    Dough-boy’s wifey around lately? One of those things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

  51. Helen Fox says:

    YES; Trump’s plan will work. I LOVE him being in charge of anything that is even close to being in any kind of war, or making treaties, etc. Everything. The Lord leads him and gives him wisdom. The man is brilliant. We could not have ever asked for a better President than President Trump. I trust him totally, in everything. He loves America, he loves us, the American people, and he wants to make us safe. What’s not to trust? He will not put any of us in harm’s way. And he loves the Military, so that should say a lot right there. He is 100% trust worthy. I trust him more than anybody. And, even though he’s only been our President for a little over 6 months, he’s already proven himself. Period.

  52. nrahat says:

    I hope Trumps plan works. I was in the USAF during the Korean and Vietnam Wars and even though I was not in combat as I was in communications, I do not wish to see any more wars. If North Korea does not come around I hope we hit them and hit them hard so they cannot respond and take them out. But I especially wish this is prevented because there are families in South Korea that have relatives stuck in North Korea that
    cannot get out. Occasionally some do escape to the south but not many. I know their feelings because at the present I am living in South Korea with my wife. My wife does not have any relatives over there but we do watch the Korean NEWS.

  53. Frank says:

    Our Great military will come up wit the best method and way to resolve this critical situation that is their job and they are the best in our services.

  54. ED Ballantine says:

    OK, its time to kill the little bastard in North Korea before he decimates America’s power grid with a nuke. It only takes one or two folks. One more thing, Trump need to fire Mule-face before he can do anymore damage. I don’t give a shit what the press thinks, do you?

    1. ADRoberts says:

      The press is still pretending that everyone cares what they say. Until you get their attention by boycotting their sponsors and telling them why you are boycotting them,nothing will change. The think they have control.

  55. Somebody In Texas says:

    The Citizens of The Untied States of America need to FINISH what they Started with Donald Trump in 2016.

    In the 2020 Elections it is NECESSARY to FINISH OFF the Socialist DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS by REPLACING Each and Every One of them with TRUE CONSERVATIVE Republicans that have NO History with and NO Plans to Create the New World Order of One World Government. And this Includes the North American Union, NAU.

    ( NO New World Order !!! )
    ( NO North American Union !!! )

    GOD Bless President Trump and GOD Bless the NATION of The United States of America !!!!!!!

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Great idea. Only not likely.
      II Chronicles 7:14. The one and only hope.

  56. monongahela says:

    Something has to happen sooner or later. I don`t want war but if we have to protect ourselves, I would rather destroy their country then watch our country be destroy.

  57. GeneZ says:

    Trump should send special forces to get behind the lines to smear mayonnaise all over Kin Jong Un, and then cover him with lettuce and tomato…. and then force him between two giant slices of bread. Once then starving North Koreans get the scent.. they will gobble him up, and we will not have to fire a shot!

    (tastes just like BLT!)

  58. jreg9304 says:

    North Korea, has been a minor thorn in the worlds backside for a few generations now. It has only been recently, that this thorn is starting to become a geographic festering, that needs to be dealt with in conventional, but swift ways. America and the rest of the world cannot afford to let this little power mongerer to succeed in procuring any further nuclear capability. This is not the era of the early 1950s When America was at war with North Korea, when actually America got their backsides handed to them by the Koreans. With the conventional weapons technology that we here in America have today, North Korea, could be defeated today in a very short time and at very little cost in both monetary and lives lost on both sides of the fence.. President Trump the time for talking with the mouse that is trying too roar is over. Rip North Korea a new deep furrow in their posterior before they have the chance to finish their objective..

  59. icemancold says:

    The only thing that will stop Lil Kim Jong In is complete obliteration of him and the leadership of the North Korean Army

  60. Johnny B Goode says:

    This North Korea crisis reminds me a lot of Viet Nam; I was in high school as the Vietnam situation began to really escalate and shortly after graduation the boys I graduated with were shipping out…destination–the Jungles of Viet Nam. Looking back now I realize how young they were. All of sudden they went from Friday Night Football and Senior Prom to Hell On Earth.
    If there is anyway to avoid War with North Korea I pray we avoid it. If you have never see the Vietnam Wall please Google it and look at tho names of those who went and never came home again. THERE ARE ***58,282 NAMES ENGRAVED ON THE WALL, OF WHICH, 11,465 WERE UNDER 20 YEARS OLD***

    1. ADRoberts says:

      Nam was a war designed to be lost and to make LBJ a lot of money. When a war comes to you and you have no way to avoid it, then go and fight. Fight without restraints of any kind. Fight to win. Otherwise, don’t go.

    2. Whaledriver says:

      Trying to negotiate with tyrants and bullies is fruitless, and only emboldens them to be more reckless. If we had a Navy SEAL in 1938, would Hitler have been able to cost so many tens of millions of lives?

  61. The duck says:

    There has been about 67 years of negotiations with North Korea and no progress in sight. So what can one think about more dialog? As long as the communists are in control of a nation, the brain dead government will never rise to the occasion of reasonableness.

  62. James Higginbotham says:

    there comes a time when all VERBAL TALK HAS TO END, AND SPEAK IN THE LANGUAGE BEST.

  63. Johnnyboy says:

    the only way to permanently rid ourselves of these Dems and Rino’s is to have an article 5 convention of states. we are getting closer and may soon have enough states to begin the process. at which time we can set term limits, balanced budget, ect., this will allow us to drain the swamp and rid ourselves of political elitists. finally end the corruption and take several giant steps forward as a nation.

    1. ADRoberts says:

      As long as the elite ONE WORLD ORDER exists, they will seek control. And no amount of rotating the puppets in Congress will change that.
      II Chronicles 7:14. The only real hope.

  64. ADRoberts says:

    Is Tillerson more like Chamberlain or Churchill. So far he is more like Hillary. Just too close to our enemies.

  65. Jörn Boost says:

    All of this is a dangerous game – and, I’m afraid, it was not Kim who started it. He only got into it when US nuclear weapons’ technology was handed out freely to such a wonderfully reliable and trustworthy place as Pakistan – from whence it was passed on further to North Korea. It’s been the hallmark of idiocy shown by a series of US Presidents, and their (likewise “ingenious) advisors, to pick the wrong allies – and create powder-kegs where there had been hope for sensible peace before – see (I won’t mention Israel): Iran putsch against democracy and bringing in the Shah; Chile and Pinochet; Reagan and Taliban; successive US administrations and Saudia; Egypt and Sisi; etc, etc. and the consequences go on an on.
    Vietnam was a united country just coming out of a war of liberation against colonial master France – and US intervention, in fear of anything even the slightest “left”, pushed it back into the deepest left.
    Korea should have been encouraged, after its murderous civil (and proxy foreign intervention) war to re-consider its national past, culture and identity – but decades of a US bolstered military dictatorship in the South was the main driver of a likewise militarized North. We forget to easily, and to often (helped by a sycophant press and media) what created the sh.. situation we see before us – and blame others, of course (assisted by the same press and media).
    What has driven us, in recent times, more into dangers of World War III than any time before (including the heavily overrated “Cuba crisis”) are things like the Clinton-Obama careless play with incendiary politicks.
    I mean not just Hillary C., but her husband’s Yugoslavia kill, as well as his “Iraq Liberation Act” (complete with the famous “WMDs”), and his siege of Iraq (at the cost of 1 million lives).
    This, followed by the Hillary-Obama team’s unbelievably reckless and genocidal aggressions against Libya and Syria, gave way to open religious/dynastic power wars like in Yemen, and armed terrorist jihad armies throughout Northern Africa.
    In short, it created a world of insecurity as never seen before – and absolute distrust into any word, or even treaty, that comes out of Washington.
    How often have we heard the famous words now, from Kerry as from Tillerson: “We are not out for regime change.” We all know: There is a reason why that has to be said so emphatically – and often. I even believe that this President means it.
    But everyone else in the world had heard such or similar things before – and then, it happened, nevertheless. And they remember the other famous wordsof an otherwise infamous man, Josef Goebbels, that “a lie told often enough becomes commonly accepted truth.” And that’s what no one fears more than that young dictator Kim.
    The mistakes have been made: He’s got the inferno match – thanks to careless earlier politicks. And threats and more insecurity won’t get rid of that. A period without sabre-rattling – and more: without ever using them, open (as in Libya etc) or covert (as in Ukraine) – creating confidence and trust – I know, there’ll be yells of “Chamberlain!” etc. but that war was going to be, with or without that man.
    At least, it was an honest trying to save what had been mismanaged earlier!

    -And, o God! – plump censorship, like in Goebbels’ times, now on the internet, won’t get us any more security either.- It says hereunder: “Check your Internet connection” – and yes: those little Goebbels censor of today are busy again.

    1. Jörn Boost says:

      I did not mean to insult anyone – but there are such stupid incompetent minds raging on the internet (as in press and media) these days: Anything that’s too high for them, or not exactly “politically correct” gets shot down. That’s a danger I even fear will do more damage, as it cripples us all – in brain, mind, and political knowledge.

    2. Whaledriver says:

      The problem is that our universities are whores that have laid on their backs for anyone. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of the Pakistani bomb who was a physics student in the U.S., acknowledged that during the past two decades he had secretly provided North Korea, Libya, Iran and radical Islamic terrorist groups with crucial technological and intellectual building blocks for making nuclear weapons.

      1. Jörn Boost says:

        You are right: Unsafe friends” have done a lot more harm than most so-called enemies (who are, mostly, self-created through ignorance and insensitivity).
        The difference is: North Korea is the only lot who have always felt threatened – due to experience, or what?
        The Iranians were just furious that their democracy had been sacrificed for marketing their (quite special) oil on the cheap – and keep Israel without any competitor in the region.
        And Libya? Ghaddafi had reason to feel threatened, mostly because he knew that his exemplary fair social economic system was a threat should it become model to the ‘Arab Spring’. That’s why he had to be killed, not any weaponry.

  66. crockett says:

    I would like to think so …….But lets give the fat butter bean another chance . If that don’t work the President will do something but we won’t know until it has happened …….

  67. jim jones says:

    There is no THEM in N. Korea, it is a one man show, the block headed fuck doesn’t allow any other thinking.

  68. Eastmo says:

    Here is eddie47’s profile. It looks like he sits around all day/every day trolling hot topics and trying to anger people with his stupid and uneducated comments. I know it’s hard not to, but arguing just fuels his need for attention

    1. Whaledriver says:

      The very best thing we can do is marginalize him by not responding to him.

  69. Gary Hull says:

    He really looks the part of an extremely spoiled little kid. If you ask him to stop at eating one cupcake, he replies by eating two more. Maybe we should just make sure he gets all the cupcakes to eat that he deserves. Gary

    1. Whaledriver says:

      The danger of this stupid, spoiled kid is that with possessing nuclear weapons and ICBM technology, he has something that makes him very dangerous to this nation AND North Korea. The greater danger is the hundreds of hardliners in North Korea who will murder him in a coup if he doesn’t use his very costly nukes. The Iranian hegemony that has shared nuclear and missile technology with North Korea will grow impatient and demand action. Kim’s generals love the money that Iran is pouring into their pockets, and they can be pushed into taking down Kim when their Muslim masters tire of the little boy.

  70. Rich77 says:

    There is only one problem with voting everyone of the bums out- the replacements become targets for those who were pulling the strings of the puppets they replaced. George Soros money is pouring in attempting to drive the final nail into America’s coffin. Guys like McCain and Smuck Humor, Fancy PIglosie, and the rest of the Obstructionists are there for the money, and what every else they can get. at your expense. It’s your great grand kids and their great grand kids that will pay the price of your sitting on you hands and looking to somebody else to do what you can do. All Trump supporters need to get politically active. Put your body in action. Join the local Republican Central Committee. Learn who’s real and who is false. Your support, will be welcomed. We need new, younger blood, fighting the fight.


    GOD Bless,

    Rich 77

  71. Deanna Sharp says:

    too many people are hailing McCain as a hero yet as said find out how come he came out clean and the othes died a painful death he was a cack stabbing squeeler???????

  72. Deanna Sharp says:

    Look how Mc Cain is cutting America down

  73. granny says:

    Mc Cain has no respect from me. He is equal to the Dems who can’t get over loosing the election. He lost his election and acts like he is someone important in the administration. I don’t need to go into the past. I look at the present and hope the Arizona folks turn him out to pasture. If he lives he will live in shame. I respect our President Donald Trump. He has a good heart and wants to help Americans succeed. Those who tear him down have that right, under our constitution, but they have nothing to offer but hate and criticism. Trump is creating so much good. He isn’t a politician (thank God) but he is proving that he is smarter than the politicians on the Hill and most of the pundits who try to second guess him.

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