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North Korea Issued This Chilling Threat To Donald Trump

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  1. Peter Fedorenko says:

    This little nitwit is living is some kind of alternate universe. A shameful end? Is he serious? It’s like a flea irritating an elephant.

    1. Maybe the damn elephant should stop dropping bombs on people that have done nothing to it and are no threat. The US has forced DPRK to defend itself. There are plenty of other countries that wished they would have been able to do so. Some day this unbridled aggression and robbery of resources has to end.


      1. Frank Hartzell says:

        where is your head, up your ass.this nut job is a you know what that even is?

        1. Yeah I know what a dictator is. Somebody the US puts in place to do their bidding like porkershenko the fat genocidal fascist pig who kills his own people.

      2. granny_forUSA says:


        1. Mark Plenn says:

          Lisa you need not stay in the Us; Mainland China, North Korea, Iran and a multitude of other nations would embrace your gulibility. This is for lost in a dream Lisa!

          1. Roland Kelly says:

            Lisa is a Russian. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. They caused the problem and want to shift blame to the US.

          2. Russia caused nothing. It’s the US who interfered in Korean independence and dropped bombs on them, more than the entire Pacific theater in WW2. You fucking destroyed the place, laid it desolate and broke it up, killing over 2 million Koreans when they wanted to be one unified country.

            But noooooooooooo, you had to have a foot in Asia to assert your rancid domination so you created a divided state where no peace treaty was ever signed and you continue to threaten the North. You continue to threaten them with your military maneuvers.

            So go to hell.

          3. Roland Kelly says:

            The problem with your logic is the US had made One united Korea and then the Soviet Union supported the terrorist Kims causing the split in the country. And, the side your people supported is the side that refused to sign a peace treaty. The US supported South was built in to a economic miracle where people live with prosperity and freedom, and have a higher standard of living and more rights that Russian citizens.

            But NOOOOOOO, the USSR couldn’t allow capitalism to grow in Asia and prove that communism is a failed system. And, has allowed millions of North Koreans to suffer, starve, and be tortured rather than admit they where wrong. All, while the US has been the ones feeding the North Koreans with food aid and Russia talks shit.

            The shit you write makes no sense…

          4. What makes your idiocy think I live in the US? Typical brain dead ameriKKKan.

        2. I guess granny from united snakes of nazishitland wants one of Uncle Kim’s missiles up her backside. It’s that ignorant attitude, your absolutely zombie ignorance of other people and history that’s going to be the end of you.

      3. Kenneth Jones says:

        Maybe Stalin…….remember Uncle Joe?,,,,,,should have stayed out of Korea instead of turning North Korea into a Russian satellite state and Communist dictatorship!

      4. Roland Kelly says:

        Says the person who has a link to Pravda on their profile. That says everything that anyone needs to know about you. You Russians should pay back all the foreign aid you received from the US before you run your mouths about how much better you are. Russia such a jealous shit whole, that Russian girls are will to marry any Westerner that will exchange an e-mail with them to get out.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Thanks for posting that!! Never would have thought to check ‘Lisa’s’ profile. Looking at the dumb ‘propaganda’ coming from that ‘corner’–I was beginning to ‘suspect’ something like that!! Good Grief!
          Is this what they’re telling people in Russia? No wonder the two countries can’t get along! What a load of ‘BULL’!!!

      5. AC1USNRetired says:

        And just who are we robbing or have robbed? Last I read we pay/paid for EVERYTHING we acquire(d). We’ve even returned that which was not rightfully someone else’s to begin with when those in the wrong pick fights with the U.S..

      6. rad77red says:

        that’s stupidness is what is wrong with you snowflakes

      7. Robert Walters says:

        WTF are you talking about, you must be a Dem/Liberal Snowflake ? Yes or No ?

        1. David Becnel says:

          no robert shes a russian, not all russians believe like Lisa. its sad

      8. David Becnel says:

        please move to north korea lisa if you love them that much. Quit blaming America, the only beacon of freedom in the world! You dpn’t like it here MOVE!

        1. shamu9 says:

          She’s probably IN the USSR. as we speak!

      9. Peter Fedorenko says:


      10. shamu9 says:

        Russki Commie Bastardette!

    2. The duck says:

      No it is much worse than that. Its more in line with what Yamamoto said when his airplanes took off from his carrier task force. He said, “I am afraid we may only have waken up a sleeping lion.” and that is what the nut case in NK has not considered. There is that possibility he could inflict some damage on American soil, but NK would be no more.

  2. LANI says:

    President Trump needs to tell our military to make CHOP SUEY out of that Emp??

  3. Anne Latella says:

    This young North Korea “leader” is stupid to believe the U. S does not have its bases covered. We can intercept and explode any nuke being delivered by North Korea over the Pacific Ocean before it even reaches our shores and at the same time send a U. S Nuke to wipe out North Korea. Surely he is not or could not be so stupid as to attempt attacking the U. S.

    1. Richard Wittauer says:

      I’ll bet that he is that stupid to try it. His people should stand up against his thoughts, and methods on running North Korea,be before there is no North Korea. He doesn’t even feed his own people, he rather buys weapons. The people there seem to be brain washed being afraid what else he would do to them.

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        Only because of his military, which keeps his people under control.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          That’s not the ‘control’ he has over his citizens. First of all, they’ve been totally cut off from the ‘outside’ world and, even during his father’s reign–they have ‘loud-speakers’ in all the town squares. From their and their printing presses, they continue to tell the people that America is the ‘aggressor’ and wants to wipe them all out!! Since they have no other source of intelligence–what else can they believe? He confiscates 85% of all the produce they grow and ‘goods’ they produce. He tells them it is to support ‘their army’ and that ‘he’ the ‘Hero’ will save them from ‘Big Bad America’ who ‘hates’ them!! Their ignorance and fear are enough to keep them ‘under control’!!

    2. Mark Plenn says:

      He’s Got nothing to lose, if he backs down his own Generals will destroy him.

      1. andrew says:

        That is bound to happen regardless…

  4. Kenneth Jones says:

    If that fat pig wants to change anything, he should stop lying and saying how great his country is, and feed his people something besides Communist bullshit……like maybe some real food! And close those exclusive stores that he reserves for himself and anyone with a fistfull of US dollars!

    1. Maybe the US should not have destroyed the place way back when and made the place totally desolate. Perhaps the US should keep its long tentacles at home, fat pig ameriKKKans must have their toys and their mcshitburgers as the hugest fattest people on Earth.

      1. karlj6492 says:

        Miss Lisa maybe you should go live with them for a while, you may love what this country does for you then

        1. granny_forUSA says:


      2. Frank Hartzell says:

        do us americans a favor,die.

      3. Melvin Bennett says:

        Are you supposed to be a Russian troll. lol

      4. Mark Plenn says:

        Lisa take a long walk off a short pier in shark infested waters!

      5. RockinOn says:

        Is that you AK? you are talkin just like her if you are not, she proves herself STUPID just like YOU! On a regular basis!

        Stupid is as Stupid Does Lisa you have many facts all askew !

        We have a solution for critters like you !

      6. shamu9 says:

        Typical Kommie! Eating Shit and Barking at the Moon! Go blow Papa Fidel!

  5. Autoharp1951 says:

    Start it, Porky…we’ll end it.

    1. You don’t know how to end anything. You’re still dragged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, in Libya. You thought you were so cute bombing the shit out of them to steal their resources and gold. You thought you were so smart arming and funding terrorists. FFS you’re pathetic behinds never stopped occupying Germany and Japson and the USSR left peacefully ages ago. So drop dead with your macho hubris.

      1. granny_forUSA says:


      2. andrew says:

        Lisa… all of our current problems with the countries you outline, were precipitated by the bunglings, of a few well known people… Oddly enough, all or most of those people were under the direction of the “Bungler in Chief ” Barak OBungler…

        Arguments will echo through the ages, but insofar as resources go… there are countries in this world that still OWE the United States all outdoors for services as their allies in other wars… Kuwait OWES us oil or gold, for throwing saddam hussein out of their country… and owe us untold billions for the fact that American oilworkers extinguished all of the oilfield fires that saddam torched on his way out of Kuwait… or all foreign aid to other countries for help with various and sundry natural disasters, and a mile long list of other times we have bailed them out…

        I suppose next we will be dunned, to bail France, Britain, Germany and how many others out of their invasions of muslims… all the while engaged in a death struggle to throw the islamic vermin out of our own continent.
        Get a life, Lisa

      3. Deborah Pratt says:

        Who has filled your ’empty’ head with this ridiculous ‘slop’??? We are ‘far’ from ‘dragged down’ anywhere! What ‘resources and gold’ are you talking about?? As for the ‘arming and funding’ terrorists, that was Obama’s ‘baggage’ and done ‘under-handed’! We hardly think that was a ‘smart’ move and realize what a mistake electing him was. As for ‘occupying Germany and Japan’, we are there with their government’s permission–dumb arse! You really need to ‘re-adjust’ your ‘mind-set’!!

        1. RockinOn says:

          Sorry Deb there is no mindset in this Libs head, not sure there is anything between the ears either, just Crap oozing from her Mouth !

      4. obamasucks says:

        What is her name in POSKorean? I do believe it is: C U N T

      5. David Becnel says:

        Lisa look at your country. Russia used to be a superpower, now your not. you economy is in shambles. Please tell us what good communism has done for you?

  6. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    This parasite has got to be stopped. Shaking his sabre around just like Saddam Hussein and his “mother of all wars.”

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      3Curmudgeon3, you kind of “stole my thunder” about Saddam and his “mother of all wars”. I am OK with our common thought, you got on the site first, so congratulations. I will add that Saddam “got his due” and so will that fat little North Korean slime-ball. I have a hangman’s noose with his name on it.

      1. Town Crier says:

        Bullets are cheap but rope is reusable. On the other fist, a “Bunker-buster” can penetrate the underground hide-aways, and a nuke leaves a big, radioactive hole where he WAS.

    2. The parasite in the world is the US, thinking it can go wherever it wants and take whatever it wants because its economy is not sustainable.

      1. karlj6492 says:

        Really Miss Lisa, who the hell does the rest of the world ask for help from when they need help,Good old USA, who has to foot most of the bill for NATO Good old USA..
        Lady if the USA did not stop this crap you would be wearing a parka and watch daughters get raped ect… for the record they did not find gold and other minerals in Iraq till we shook up the sand over there for them they did not even have a clew it was there..
        Take a breath and be calm and really dig into what is going on before you want to give everything of yours away ….

      2. Frank Hartzell says:

        fuck you asshole.if you don’t like us ,get the fuck out of our land,and stop enjoying the benifets of our service men& women.

        1. granny_forUSA says:



          1. RockinOn says:

            You are probably right Grans, she talks the same trash as the AKwench, that stirs the pot every time she posts !

      3. Jacky says:

        you can leave at any time

      4. Orvis Pigg says:

        It would be nice if people like you went to anywhere other than the US since you think we are so bad.

      5. Randy Nielson says:

        You should leave this great country if you hate it so much. Go live in France. Give me your address I’ll by the ticket.

      6. RockinOn says:

        Get out of the USA idiot!, and take all of your friends that think like you do with you, idiocy is rampant in your crowd, because you really don’t know what you are talking about ! The US has helped so many countries in this world for so long, so that their world would be much better than it was before the help ! Get a life somewhere else, and see what the other half is living like, due to the out of control Dictators/Leaders stress imposed on their own people ! Leave, now would not be soon Enough!

    3. Melvin Bennett says:

      Our real enemies are within. This is all just a sideshow and a trigger point for another stupid war.

      1. Patrick Dougherty says:

        the biggest threat to America, is its own Government. They are bought and sold and represent their Owners Agendas. It is not about the reps. vs. the Dems. Its about THEM, Vs. US the We, the People Government over reach of jurisdiction is incredible, A balanced budget for the Fed. Gov. or even State ny State, is like making a joke. It can be fixed with The Convention of States, as in Article V of the Constitution, will also instill Term limits for all lawmakers, and appointed Judges. This, We, the People can fix the Fed and State Governments by getting 34 states on board. Our Foreign Policy is as 2 sided as any coin. This we must fix. Congress will never fix themselves. we can do it for them. And bare in mind, we have not been in any war, where we didn’t do business with both sides. We need to bring our men home, and have them watch over and babysit congress, and the Governors. When a Marine sees His dedicated House Member starts to do something under the table, His marine stands his ass up, marches him to the Brigade. or Military prison. And we, the People need to demand that if you are a government servant under investigation, your pay is ceased, and you are under House arrest until their is a verdict. No Public hearings, where you can lie through your teeth. Just sit your ass in jail, until all evidence has been recovered, NOTE. If there is NO evidence after a fraction of time it would take to make some up, drop the investigation, and get your ass back to work. NO matter who you are, how much money you have, how many people you have had murdered, when there is proof positive proof of any wrongdoing, you get your sentence, and serve your time. AS a public servant, you give up your right to a trial, because you have no peers to form a jury. you are an elitist, and you stick together. if you have committed treason, your sentence is death. Like tomorrow. Not in 10 years, but at sun up the next day. There are few countries that actually need us there. Not 104. we need that Foreign and DOMESTIC problems, be looking at the Domestic part.

  7. Susan says:

    Every one says we can take him down but
    don’t forget he has China, Russia and Iran backing him. China was caught sending weapons to NK only weeks after his meeting with Trump.

    1. William Glass says:

      China WILL come to NK’s aid just like they did in 1950 ( except THEN they didn’t have nukes and didn’t OWN our debt. ) This can (and will) expand out of control really fast. Kim Jung Un is counting on that. That is why he is strutting like a bantam rooster. One on one (no contest), but if China and Russia enter the picture it’s stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        That’s China’s weak point, if they go to war with us they don’t have a chance of being paid back. The Ace in the Whole.

      2. granny_forUSA says:



    2. granny_forUSA says:


    3. Roland Kelly says:

      And, the US sold 1.4 Billion weapons to Taiwan in return. Russia and China combined are no match for the US. Together they have 2 carriers the US has 18, they have a small number of 5 gen fighters for example the SU-35 the Russians have 58 and China 4 and the US has 184 F-22s and 168+ F-35s. When you look at the Numbers it’s no comparison.

      1. William Glass says:

        If you are talking about “conventional” war you are absolutely correct, but if the “nukes” are in the equation then it doesn’t matter how many carriers, F-22’s, F-35’s, Apache Attack copters, Marines, Seal Teams, Airborne Rangers, Abrams M1 Battle Tanks. et al that you have at your disposal, because it will only take 10 to 15 One Megaton Thermonuclear warheads ( average size for warheads ) to totally destroy this country’s socioeconomic system. During the “Cold” War the U.S. had something like 15,000 nukes and the USSR had something like 20,000 nukes. Both sides realized to use only one would result in the “World” being “literally” destroyed. When the “Cold” war ended ( we won it? ) the “nuclear” threat did not. Now we have “unstable” loony tunes having or close to having “Nukes” ( Aka: N. Korea, Iran , et al ). And if ISAS of any of the other terrorist groups get their hands on one , THEY WILL USE IT! One nuke set off in this country would cause panic on an unparalleled level possibly resulting in a “Police State” being imposed. It’s “Damned” if we do and “Damned” if we don’t. Mankind “Damned” itself when “Nuclear” weapons were introduced. We have indeed evolved ( from rocks and clubs to ICBM with 1 megaton warheads ). To bad our “Human Nature” didn’t “evolve” also ( still in the rocks and club stage ), People are so asleep to the to the “real” threat. It is just a matter of time . The clock keeps on ticking. Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick—–

        1. Roland Kelly says:

          You have solid point, but mutual destruction has made Nuclear devices obsolete for Nation on Nation conflict. Putin himself has said time and time again his problem with the US missile defense program is that it tips the scale of power to the US and give the US the ability to use Nuclear weapons without the repercussions or retaliation. China and Russia both understand they are out classed by the US in every aspect of military might. The US already has the ability to conduct retaliatory strikes even if the entire Continental US is destroyed and the Government annihilated. The nature of conflict between to 3 nations would to be to push as far as possible without crossing that line. But, currently the US has the capability to initiate a strike and minimize the blow-back, for the other 2 a strike on the US is insured self-destruction.

          1. William Glass says:

            That argument was only correct when “nation states” with “stable, responsible” leaders were the only ones with “nukes”. We now have a situation with “unstable” and “irresponsible Nation States and LEADERS” and “Islamic Fanatical Terrorists” ( who are seriously trying to obtain a nuke) to whom “Nuclear Retaliation” MEANS NOTHING. In the case of Iran, they want to “bring it on” to set up the “return” of their “12th Imam”. President Trump is faced with choices which (in this case)are ALL BAD (some worse than others). May God grant him the wisdom and courage to make the right decision and may God grant the rest of us the courage and strength to face it.

          2. Roland Kelly says:

            This reply has nothing to do with this tread or my argument because we are talking about Nation States. My point is China and Russia are not willing or able to protect North Korea from the U.S.

          3. William Glass says:

            To speak of exchanges of nuclear weapon is madness. If only less than 90 One Megaton Thermonuclear Weapons are air burst within 2 hr , the entire earth’s atmosphere is irradiated by radioactive debris. Like I said before, “Man’s nature is still in the “Stone Age”. Talk of “using” nukes proves my point. We will NEVER go to the stars unless we (the human race)

  8. Steve Flowers says:


  9. Bob says:

    turn North Korea into a giant lake use the Mother Of All Bombs and eliminate that little fat BASTARD

  10. oncemorearound says:

    The USA defense contractors need these little loud mouthed twits. It’s good for business….

  11. Melvin Bennett says:

    Something happened of course a month or two ago. Those 2 US Carrier Groups(Nimitz & Reagan) got recalled from joining the USS Stennis Carrier Group. The Stennis is now back in its home port. China must have nixed the whole thing. Probably threatened to invade Taiwan.

  12. granny_forUSA says:


    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      We don’t need another war, with more refugees, that would come to America.

      Actually a lot of our leaders (mccain, graham, piglosi, waters, etc) need straight jackets as well.

      1. Mark Plenn says:

        Bill Clinton created the monster in the late 90s. Hillary nursed the monster in the Obama administration.

  13. GreyHairandGreyMatter says:

    Johns Hopkins and Fairfield Universities

    I personally got my first taste of the North Korean’s/North Korea’s hatred [Plus their twisted demented minds] for us during the Panmunjom Conferences with Major General Yarborough during the middle 60s. Why/how? I mean taking the time to train the pigeons at Panmunjom only to alight [defecate] on our colored buildings and not their colored buildings clearly demonstrates just how twisted and demented their minds are. No, this isn’t a misprint! Unfortunately, seemingly little has changed throughout the years except they’ve now also got “beaucoup” artillery fortifications and an atomic bomb too!

    Fred Harden III AKA “GreyHairandGreyMatter”

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      A big 10/4 to you Sir!

      1. GreyHairandGreyMatter says:

        Thanks…Another junior artillery officer and I at the time formulated/synthesized the Top Secret Artillery battle plan at the time [First Cavalry Division and subsequently 2nd Infantry Division artillery battle plan] on the Kaesong, Munsan and Seoul Axis. Those of us north of the Imjim River [Cavalry battalion] knew we were expendable if/when “Joe” jumped because realistically we would only be a delaying force! Fortunately while we were there “Joe” didn’t jump!

        Now the South Korean Army is located at the tip of the proverbial spear, and I don’t envy anyone who currently has to be in that very tenable position!

        All the very best…

        Fred III

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      Thank you for your post and your service!! I always appreciate the input from people who have had actual experience in these matters. We need the knowledge and the ‘facts’, since we certainly can’t depend on our ‘media’ to supply them!

      1. GreyHairandGreyMatter says:

        Thanks…P.S. I can also assure you that at least with me flattery will also get you everywhere!

        All the very best,

        Fred III

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          ROFL!!! Thank YOU!!! Honestly, I wasn’t just offering ‘flattery’—but, genuine appreciation!!

          1. GreyHairandGreyMatter says:

            Hello Deborah,

            Please excuse my Pavlovian reflexive response. As an antediluvian leader of men and follower of women it’s obviously facetiously naturally instinctive.
            All the very best,
            Fred III

  14. Jacky says:

    I believe we can take him out without hurting another soul–I also wonder why we have not

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      He’s a trigger point for a war, anytime they want to start, possibly World War 3. So they’re not going to take that ‘chess piece’ off the board. As of now.

    2. Mark Plenn says:

      That could, but there’s no way of being sure, Surgical means is always an option.

  15. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Those 2000 pounders have a way of getting ones mind right !

    1. Mark Plenn says:

      Mothers of all bombs could teach the little troll a lesson.

  16. Melvin Bennett says:

    Seoul is within artillery range of North Korea’s 1000’s of artillery and spg’s. It would be devastated, along with SK’s economy, which is the 11th largest economy in the world.
    The economy of South Korea is the global leader of consumer electronics,[34] mobile broadband[35][36] and smartphones.[37)

    We would also get stuck, with another rebuild of a country. More Trillion$. Yes the Banksters and the M/I would love it.

  17. Rodger K. Shull says:

    the UGLY FAT BOY, will push for a war, so he can look impressive, an then run an hide, to a netural country, an hide, while is people die, in the fight.

  18. I think that our REAL enemy is already here!! Waiting for the right move. China & Russia will never side with the US. That’s the reason for all the threats from Fat @$$!!

  19. Town Crier says:

    It’s a POWER trip, just like Obama. All the little dip$#!T has to do is SIT DOWN, SHUT THE F**K UP, and RELAX & everything will be fine, but he’s doing his damnedest to start WWIII. HOPEFULLY Trumps military will perfect our defenses against whatever Fat Boy tosses at us before he starts throwing.

  20. Town Crier says:

    Maybe if SOUTH Korea dropped a nuke on his HQ, THAT would shut him up! I’m sure that S.K. has the power!

  21. Bill Mulholland says:

    LOL LOL LOL at this pretentious fat little fool “running” North Korea. Quick solution,
    Carpet Bomb that infected pimple on a hemorrhoid, North Korea, and then move on to real business!!!!

  22. David Fisher says:

    Just shoot a missile up Tweddle De Dipshit’s ass and get this thing over with.

  23. Jan says:

    It appears; that N. Korea has a “fake-news-network also!

  24. rad77red says:

    this little puissant thinks he’s jocky giant killer. the stupidest boy on the planet , thinks he,s going to rule the world . his imagination has taken the place of what little peabrain delusion [ ??? ] he has !!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Pandabear says:

    Lisa Karpova is colluding with the N. Koreans and the Russians..haha!!! Maybe should be investigated by the FBI…or a psychiatrist to put her somewhere she can’t hurt herself or others. What a sick ignorant lying idiot! Only in America do we tolerate this scum and don’t execute them for their traitorous rants and stupid comments. I will buy a ticket also for he/she to travel to N. Korea one way so he/she can get what he/she deserves! Hard to tell what gender it is because of it’s diseased mind. Most Women are pretty smart and it would be unfair to call it a she!

  26. Paul Kalmanek says:

    Heh Fatboy,

    Do you remember a person that tried to push people around, He was successful for a time until he tread on us’ He took poison so get your supply ready. Don’t trend on us. Oh, by the way. we can no longer bail out NC. We wasted our money and have none for you. SO, BYE BYE, the poison works fast. Nit wit.

    1. Traveller62 says:

      Uh, I did not realize that we were talking about North Carolina. I thought it was North Korea. (HeHe)

  27. Paul Kalmanek says:

    Not NC but NK

  28. Fred Farnan says:

    served in korea 11 months. became familiar with the culture enough to know that the north lives by a brutal code. they understand and respect the iron fist,(weapons that can and will be used as needed). mutual survival with south korea is not on the agenda. negotiating any pact is considered weak and ineffectual. diplomacy is not in their interest, sheer force and intimidation is their primary tactic.

  29. Fred Farnan says:

    served in korea 11 months. became familiar with the culture enough to know that the north lives by a brutal code. they understand and respect the iron fist,(weapons that can and will be used as needed). mutual survival with south korea is not on the agenda. negotiating any pact is considered weak and ineffectual. diplomacy is not in their interest, sheer force and intimidation is their primary tactic.

  30. Donna Cassidy says:

    what needs to happen is in the middle of the night we go over and wipe this scum bags ass off the face of the earth. All the military areas, all missles, and most important is to make sure that NK understands that if you rattle this ole dogs cage YOU WILL PAY FOR IT..And Trump needs to move now and kick this little doughboy to the curb and let him know he is no body..I really think wiping the whole NK off the face of the map is our best bet, but there will be alot of people saying “what about the innocent”. Funny isn’t it the outcry of innocent people dying but they don’t seem to give a rats butt that if we don’t do something now it will be OUR innocent that die..NOT HAPPENING…

  31. richard black says:

    keep poking the dog fat boy…it WILL bite !!!

  32. geneww1938 says:

    President Trump and his administration should discuss this threat and pray together for wisdom and direction. God never lost, loses and will always triumph.
    . I earnestly pray that President Trump’s negotiators will be able to start a dialog that has started via S. Korea, China, Japan and their allies and each side will eventually agree it is mutually beneficial in increase trade and the economy over that of a war which would only profit those who finance them through their Industrial-Military complexes.
    . Define the strategic mission of our leaders before any war in the past 100 years and than verify if that strategic goal was achieved for the improvement of “We the Taxpaying, Patriotic People. I suspect we will find that our country lost [and maimed] patriotic lives, became deeper in debt, had increased taxes and became more dependent upon the government rulers and their socialistic handout than upon our individual ingenuity, neighbors, family and God.
    . It about time we evict these criminal war lobbyist and their indebted crony legislators, yet we must have the strongest defense, leading technology and an inhalation capability against any aggressor.
    . Our elected officials should be drafting the laws, not criminal cartel lobbyists who are only loyal to the International and Big Bankers and those they control.

  33. monongahela says:

    Fry north korea

  34. Robert Walters says:

    The U.S. Can destroy North Korea in a very short time but South Korea will pay the price and maybe China & Russia with the fallout. Someone needs to kill this crazy little bastard and his close followers. TO PREVENT WWIII. THIS MAD MAN IS THAT DANGEROUS TI THE ENTIRE WORLD.

  35. Alleged Comment says:

    Yes, we will lose some, but YOU will LOSE EVERYTHING. Think about it fat boy. No more rape rooms, no more gulags, no more binge eating, no more being boss man for you. Life is good at the top for a PHONY bureaucrat tyrant.

    Can you run? You look too fat and out of shape to run. So, you’d better think about what you are doing little fat boy.

  36. jim jones says:

    He’s nuts, therefore dangerous, he needs to be eradicated!

  37. Paul Kalmanek says:

    I couldn’t fix the typo but NK not the great state of NC

  38. Rose Weleski says:

    Where’s our CIA when we need them? It may be Mission Impossible, but hey, we are being threatened with military action against our country…directed by this misguided sick dictator….do we not have the right to protect our citizens, or will they get the first strike in and decimate many of us?

  39. 2117fbs says:

    If N. Korea and their little egomaniac leader ever attack even 1″ of US soil they will be annihilated before they knew what hit them. Thank goodness Obama is out or he would keep drawing the line further and further back.

  40. Houmid says:

    You can’t negotiate with idiots. And only a fool would try to negotiate with an idiot with a dark ages mentality and world view.

  41. Gerald A. Reason says:

    After years of “namby-pamby” behavior by US administrations, (note both Republican and Democrat) with their threats and BIG talk but little action, NK and its tyrannic leadership, have gotten the idea that no one will stop them in their quest for WMDs. We have followed the “Chamberlain Doctrine” and, like Europe in the 1930s, we have allowed a psychotic ruler to gain a status where they think they are invincible. When will we ever learn from history?

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