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North Korea Just Received A Warning That Stopped Them Cold In Their Tracks

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  1. deborah says:

    Almost everything we have is made on china. We really really need to be a country that makes our own products at reasonable prices. I am sorry but kids need work at minimum wage as entry level work. We are no longer self sufficient and it would take years to get there. Also if we go to war how will we get our guidance systems from China. They make half of our military stuff.

    1. Ginger Aldrich says:

      Sanctions doesn’t mean that we will not trade ANY goods …..just some or at higher prices. It’s really our only leverage with the crazy leader of N K.

      1. Daniel Spickard says:

        It’s not our only leverage! We could just go in and take out the crazy SOB! I bet everyone of the people in North Korea would be standing in a line to shake President Trump’s hand! Also it would make us the most powerful country in the world as we could strike at any country that went rogue, or sponsored terrorist in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks! We could also stop Iran in their tracks if we took out Kim Jong-un! We could intimidate China with a position in North Korea! Russia would be trembling in there shorts knowing that we were on both sides of their border!

    2. edcedar77 says:

      What about shoes, an uniforms for our military? Don’t they come from China or a good part of them?

      1. John E Strom Jr. says:

        If they do, they shouldn’t. About time WE ran our own country and keep China OUT.

      2. Roland Kelly says:

        Nope, the Uniforms are made by good ol’ fashion American prison labor and the boots are made by Altama here in America.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          As it should be!! After all, prison isn’t a ‘Summer Camp’ for Boy Scouts, is it!! Training these guys to do something productive for a change is pointing them in the ‘right direction’!!

          1. Roland Kelly says:

            I agree with it’s not “Summer Camp”, but some of them don’t belong there. Prison should be for crimes against other people. You know rape, robbery, the like. Drug use shouldn’t be a Felony crime. But, industrialized prison for profit is bullshit, that undermines the purpose of prison and leads to aggressive “hiring” of workers.

          2. Deborah Pratt says:

            I believe you’re right that ‘drug use’ shouldn’t be a ‘felony’ but I believe the sale of recreational drugs is, indeed, a crime ‘against people’!! It is especially a crime against our youngsters who make foolish choices. Our legal and prison systems are hardly ‘fool proof’–granted but, until we come up with a better one, it’s what we have as a means of protecting the public from ‘intentional’ harm. We definitely need stronger personal ‘morals’ and more self respect. Other than a means for providing funding for the prison–no, production of items should only be used to provide training and skills for inmates. As in all arenas, there are those who abuse our systems. We need to be made more ‘accountable’ in our systems on all levels.

        2. william surratt says:


    3. John E Strom Jr. says:

      And send those Mexicans who steal OUR jobs BACK to Mexico.

  2. douglas says:

    its about time china feels the pressure of tariffs and back sanctions to help stop the little fat boy… get the us back to doing our own manufacturing..

    1. John E Strom Jr. says:

      There is nothing I need from China. If they stop Apple from production I’ll be happy to save money and get another year out of my iPhone 6. The rest they can keep if the government can’t put a lid on that nutjob from NoKo

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      I’d be happy to see some ‘quality’ return in the things I buy. Chinese products are ‘junk’!! (excuse the ‘pun’)! LOL

  3. Siegfried says:

    Forget about China you well know where this is heading. Get it over ASAP and blow them of the map.

  4. BigAl says:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..Trump invited China in, embraced what the Chinese Premier said, then called the Chinese out on the face of the facts their trade numbers went up 40%! So Trump calls the Chinese on the subject, after the NK launches yet another missle…now who looks bad?

  5. jim jones says:

    Hey Trump, it’s time to stop beating your gums and stop the N. Korean threat!

    1. John Enea says:

      jim jones>>>That’s PRESIDENT DONALD JOHN TRUMP to you >>Didn’t you commit suicide a lond time ago!!!!!!!!

  6. Daniel Spickard says:

    Now this is why the people picked Donald Trump over Hilary Clinton! We the people don’t want someone who would jump in bed with the enemy instead of standing up to them! If Hilary Clinton would have won, your dollar would have been worthless, and our freedoms would be gone! Democrats only seek power to fill their own pockets! They don’t give one rats ass about you until it suits their needs! I can’t wait to sit in the front row seat when the Democratic Party implodes in on itself, and takes the Lame Stream Media with it! Then this country will be a better place to live!

    1. Richard Wittauer says:

      Well said.

    2. gene smiith says:

      OMG>>>>What a horrible visual…..someone, anyone, anyTHING….allowing Hillary Clinton to jump in be with it>>>>Give me the Nuke !!!

      1. pevans1 says:

        She’s a Lesbian! Think of her with Lena Dunham… (RALPH!) Then try to figure out who is Butchy and who is the fem! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

        1. Diana Drum says:

          Not helpful.

          1. pevans1 says:

            I wasn’t trying to FIX IT!

        2. Thinkingman2025 says:

          Any wonder Bill was chasing interns? Is it just coincidence that Chelsea doesn’t look even remotely like her parents? She is as butt ugly as they come.

        3. Jeronimo Dan says:

          Hillary, would have her penned in no more than two seconds!

    3. tmradius says:

      And Al Sharpton would be on the Supreme Court.

      1. Albert Witte says:

        Are you really serious, you idiot?

        1. tmradius says:

          No, I am not serious. Sorry, my tongue was in hidden in my cheek. But would you believe Jessie Jackson would be appointed to SCOTUS by her?

        2. John E Strom Jr. says:

          Albert Witte – or Albert Half-Witte? Methinks the latter.

          1. william surratt says:


        3. David Martin says:

          Yes he is !

        4. william surratt says:


      2. chief1937 says:

        I hope you jest.

        1. tmradius says:

          Only hope? Methinks I had better simply shut up. Nobody wants to chuckle any more. I guess I’ll just have to sit here and wait til Saint Donald gives me a ring. Look, you guys, I am 99 years old. And I am tickled pink that during my final days on earth I got a good president. I’ll die knowing that my country has been rescued from a disaster. I am glad that my 4 years in the WW2 Pacific theater was not wasted.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Don’t ‘give up’, tmradius!! ‘I’ thought it was ‘funny’!! Actually–since it was so close to the truth, it did take some of the ‘fun’ out–you know? Scary, actually!! LOL Hey–first of all, wishing you many more years and, also thanking you for your service in WW2!! You guys did an ‘awesome’ job protecting this country. I’m just hoping it wasn’t just so these ‘liberal’ whiners get to hand it over to illegal immigrants and terrorists groups. The ‘fight’ for freedom goes on. We just have a generation of ‘spoiled brats’ that have no clue what life without freedom even ‘means’!! Seriously hoping they don’t find out–the ‘hard’ way!!

          2. tmradius says:

            Many thanks! Based my experience over the past 80 years, the election of BO TWICE makes me worry the we don’t have a very bright electorate. If the Republicans screw up between now and next year, we may again lose the house and possibly the Senate. Then just watch us plunge irrevocably into Socialism. Am I the only one that sees this? I’ll laugh all the way to my own grave.

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            I guess what people don’t know is the fact that in both elections–Obama may not have actually ‘won’!! I would concede the possibility that he won the first one based on being voted in because he was considered ‘black’! People generally wanted to give our first ‘black’ candidate a chance to hold office. In retrospect–not a ‘good’ reason to vote in a person as president, but–what did we know? The ‘second’ election was much more questionable in that it was much ‘closer’!! When recounts were asked for–most states didn’t comply. Primarily, Florida was asked for a recount since it was ‘squeaky’ close there. They refused. Being a ‘swing’ state–this was a ‘blow’ to the Republican Party. What we’re not told is that, starting with Obama’s first election–Soros’ ‘vote counting’ machines were installed for the first time. We were happy thinking–oh, good, less time counting votes–earlier returns. Also, seen as less chance of ‘voter fraud’!! WRONG!! Little did we know these machines could be ‘programmed’ to actually ‘change’ votes to one party or the other. This was observed during the Clinton/Trump campaign!! Voters actually observed their Rep. vote being counted as Dem.!! When they went to protest–they were told–‘oh, a machine malfunction’!! We’ll ‘fix’ it’!! Yeah, right!! It was ‘fixed’ alright–just as Donald Trump warned us!! Seems that until now, we’ve been a very naive nation on the whole! We have been taken advantage of and betrayed by those we most trusted!! We still have an unhealthy number who believe and trust those who do not deserve it. Pres Trump is doing his best to win that trust again but it’s an ‘uphill’ battle. Seems deceit still is being accepted over ‘truth’. Most can’t or won’t know the difference. History, people–read up on history!! It’s all there!!

          4. sassy frasse says:


          5. tmradius says:

            That’s a very erudite account. There is only one reason why there is so much opposition to voter ID: to nullify the legitimacy of the vote count. Can any sane person really believe that the recent election had no errors? Thanks again Deborah.

          6. william surratt says:

            Thank you for your service during one of the worst wars our country has ever been in.
            I spent 21 Yrs serving my country and I would do it again if called upon to do so.
            God bless you!!!!

      3. zappo777 says:

        Al Sharpen= Bozo the Clown!!! LOL!!!

        1. Norm Heller says:

          You shouldn’t insult Bozo that much.

      4. Donna M Rogers says:

        Al Sharpton should be in jail. You or I would already be there for not paying our taxes. Look and the Congress who have not paid their taxes. How and why has this been overlooked?

    4. Jacob Bagnell says:

      Daniel, Your statement about Hilary being in bed with the enemy made me sick. I can not conceive anyone in bed with her!

      1. william surratt says:

        AMEN !!!!

    5. Joseph Schlag says:

      They have already taken more money from you and me then you realize. Clintons and Obamas Have off shore accounts with hundreds of millions of dollars they took from tax payers. They still want more, and will do what ever it takes to get more. They have dirt on all the right people. They used the intelligence community to get dirt on the people they needed for them to be able to do the things they wanted to do.

      1. bttrap says:

        they can’t take it with them to hell

        1. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

          I’m beginning to wonder about that!!?? They seem to get away with murder, extortion, treason, and God only knows what else. So why not buy their way into Hell!!??

          1. william surratt says:


          2. Forrest K. Wright says:

            it is a trip to avoid at all cost , cry out to JESUS for MERCY . you don’t want to go there .

          3. bttrap says:

            I don’t think that would do. What would the devil do with the money anyway?

        2. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


          1. Forrest K. Wright says:

            only if they don’t repent of what they have done .

        3. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

          Finance more democraptic campaigns!

          1. bttrap says:

            if the democraps are still around they are dying with their lies and false reports they just cant get it in their empty heads they lost the battle

          2. COL Joseph A. Masterson says:

            The Demoncraps “empty heads” allow them to totally ignore the fact they lost and they just rally round the Chuckie and Nancy sideshow and do what they are told. The NEVER admit defeat. The party above all else. What is REALLY sad is the Repubics have never learned how to act like winners. Even when we win, they make statements like “We will be the loyal opposition (Paul Ryan)” Hey DipStick, you’r not the “opposition. They say the Damns think of the people (yeah, on how best they can fool them and get them to continue to support them; the Repubics establishment is JUST AS SWAMP-STAINED and they couldn’t care less about the country, the people or anything other than their OWN positions and they are just as fearful of their gravy train being derailed! Time to get rid of the whole damned bunch and start over! Couldn’t be any worse than the scam we have now! JMHO
            PS I wonder what McCain has on FOX that caused them to hire his daughter?

      2. Deborah Pratt says:

        They way they ‘spend’—on royal ‘luxuries’ of travel, yachts, hotels, $30,000 a plate meals, etc. etc., they ‘need’ that money!! Funny–after all their posturing about ‘doing good for the common man’–all I see is them ‘doing good’ for themselves in a very BIG way!! Exactly ‘where’ did they do anything ‘good’ for people here? Is the ‘black’ community any better off? NO!! Are our schools, veterans, medical facilities any better? NO!! How about our economy in general? NO!! OK–let’s talk about our international relations!! Or maybe not!! Hmm.

      3. sassy frasse says:


      4. Lucia Gibson says:

        Get the Government to recoup the ‘borrowed’ money that rightly belongs to the country there to help the homeless and the poor. Owed money has to be pay back, by law, false documentation, injury any broken rule it is investigated in 99.99% of the general public is brought to justice.but not the Hillary Clintons of this world? Why is that?

    6. AL ELLIS says:

      If Hillary would have won our tax dollars would have been given to North Korea just like they have been in the past to appease that short, fat punk. It didn’t do any good, they just want more and more.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Highly intelligent move!! Let’s fund our own destruction!! Way to go, Obama!! Actually, I believe that was his plan all along. He was an ‘illegal’ Muslim, after all, and they aren’t exactly our ‘friends’, are they!!

      2. Mike W says:

        ” On Oct. 18, 1994, Clinton approved a plan to arrange more than $4 billion in energy aid to North Korea over the course of a decade, in return for a commitment from the country’s Communist leadership to freeze and gradually dismantle its nuclear weapons development program, according to The New York Times.”
        If Hillary had been elected she would have doubled down on what Bill had done. Also notice Bill Clinton claimed that the money would be used for energy – the exact same exact bullshit Barry -whoever the hell he really is – gave us when he armed Iran with nuclear weapons. They should both be arrested for treason.

    7. william surratt says:


    8. Dennis Penning says:

      BOY; You got that right. I’m with that 100%. He steps out of line again then nuke his fat ass.

  7. Raymond Miller says:

    Kim Flung Dung is in way over his head.

  8. Mike W says:

    His missiles are not capable of reentering the atmosphere with nuclear warheads. Ours are and they are ready right now.Not in some distant future. Not that it should come to that- but it’s a fact – a fact that Kim Jung Un might well keep in mind.

    1. william surratt says:


  9. attli says:

    It will play out as it will. At least we have a Commander-in-Chief who will use the military without interfereing. And he won’t equivocate or dither should the time come for action. President Trump knows how to delegate control of a mission to his military people. Nobody wants war, but I trust this president to do what is necessary.

    1. sassy frasse says:


  10. Definitely worth a try and certainly beats jumping into yet another war, as so many so called “previous leaders” have chosen to do…whether for good reason or because of their less than true “manufactured reasons.”

  11. ONTIME says:

    Mentally Il Jung is to dangerous to be a leader of any country under any conditions…..There are no rules of war, there is no choice……

  12. Frank says:

    North Korea needs to get their people back to farming so that they can feed the people back to good health and not making bombs, the people are starving to death…

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      N. Korea does ‘farm’—that’s all the peasants have, after all. What happens is that government officials come in and take about 80% or better of their harvest!! The people have to survive on the rest. Their winters are long and bitterly cold. The people still live in ‘huts’ and, frankly, I don’t know how they survive. Other than Kim—see any ‘fat’ people in the photos? NO? There’s a ‘reason’ for that and it’s not ‘healthy eating’!! For the past two or three generations these people have had no contact with the ‘out-side’ world. All they hear is what Kim ‘blasts’ at them from megaphones in the city square. He tells them ‘Americans’ are the aggressor and we want to conquer their country and kill them all. They believe it–what else do they hear? So, they’re terrified of Americans and believe Kim is their ‘savior’!!

  13. wolveyjanet says:

    This Is America! America Has Had It’s Own Currency, American Money, For As Long As I Can Remember! America Should Keep It’s Own American Currency, Just Like Other Countries Have Their Own Currency! China’s Money Should Stay In China And American Money Should Stay In America!

  14. danintampa says:

    What’s this crap that advertising pictures can cover the words down the right 1/3rd of the story?????

  15. wharfrat says:

    The Fat Kid is pushing his luck and if he tries to shoot a Nuke at us Trump will turn N.Korea into a smoking hole in the ground.

  16. Brad Tipton says:

    I still think our military should hack the N. Korean missile system and direct the next launch to land in China. That will get China’s attention and cooperation. They will then realize that N. Korea is not capable of reliably targeting anywhere with their missiles.

  17. OSNOFLA AIDNEM says:

    China is enemy of America and American Citizens, ?Why we continue to buy products from our enemy:China? we must to be good citizen and patriots, stop to buy products from china!

  18. 10grandchildren says:

    My ex brother in law worked on this Missle Defensive sytem and explained it to me how effective it would be. This was at least 15 – 20 years ago so I am happy to see it still works and is there tokeep the USA safe.

    1. william surratt says:

      BRING THEM ON!!!!!

  19. 4USA2 says:

    Trump should have taken out one of their missile launch pads! Hope if we are forced to fire again that we demolish the launch Pads….with an ‘S’.

  20. chuck708 says:

    It is a great feeling to have a President who will Protect the United States of America.

    Thank You President Trump and my God Bless you and your family against the attacks of Democrat Socialist I.D.I.O.T.S.

    1. bttrap says:

      also known as the dying party

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Hillary and Obama are forming the ‘Resistance Party’ probably hoping to take over the vacated Dems. position in government!! I’m concerned there may be enough ‘idiots’ in this country–aka: Liberals, to allow that to happen!! At least the Dems are just ‘bumbling fools’—the ‘RP’ is downright dangerous!!

  21. Agostino says:

    I read a suggestion today that to apply pressure we deport all Chinese students studying at American universities.

  22. Pete says:

    I been watching Nort korewa for years after the Truce a d the zdictators thet run that country.. No matter what you try it always turns out the same as the last time Clinton made a deal and thast was supposed to be the end of trouble ,and N Korea went right back to doing the same.Then after few days they say China will be the ones to stop Little Fat Guy again, Yup same story N Korea get nuclear bomb,and now they have a delivery system. Then B1 Bombers drop couple loads of Dummy Bombs ans csay was a show of strength, . . So here we are playing cat and mouse again . this should have been dealt with long time ago ,instead of waiting and cat& Mouse went on .The briliant ding-a -lings callllled Polaticians ,can’t getthe job done. It is Trump that will get it done or between N Korea and the ISIS and all the other terorrist will be blowing up building here same as in Syria Iraq and who knows for sure which next. In case you missed it Islamaberg a Muslim owned training camp was raided last week. Yup both men and women training to come after you at any time they get there marching orders.

    1. william surratt says:


  23. itsfun says:

    President Trump doesn’t make idle threats. He will make America great again.

  24. Autoharp1951 says:

    Porky is insane.

  25. myfordtruck says:

    Need to have one close enough to take one of theirs out right it launches

  26. Maria castro says:

    They are not playing with Bush nor Obama

  27. barnjoer says:

    Just wish we could catch the missile turn it around and let it go back to where it came from.

  28. AL ELLIS says:

    I would tell North Korea in no uncertain terms, if they ever send a missile that lands on or in the
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we will make a parking lot out of North Korea that will send it to the bottom of the sea.

  29. Janet says:

    I pray it works! He is out of control and China can make things more difficult. The people of North Korea are starving and many are eating tree bark even because they have nothing. So many of our products come from China that it will hurt China if we impose any type of sanctions on them.

  30. Stephen Kirtland says:

    Kim Jung Un is a huge movie fan. Maybe we could offer to make him the next James Bond with a four picture option. Or maybe we could offer him the lead in the sequel to Lala Land. Or a buddy movie with the Rock. Or how about a role in a Ron Howard movie, playing himself as the sensitive but tough hero. Just thinking out loud.

  31. wildak8246 says:

    For N Korea to even consider something as stupid as this is unthinkable. Exactly what is his feud with us anyway? He doesn’t like the idea of freedom and the fact that he starves his people so he can control them. Get smart little fat man. You obviously have Little Man Syndrome. 🙂

  32. Lawrence says:

    Clinton gave him millions…Bush gave him millions…Obumma gave him millions…but Trump, is giving the rogue munchkin the American BIRD! Love our American president!! FO Commie!!

  33. charles becker says:

    YES! Go Donald, put fatboy in his place.

  34. cheryl55 says:

    Absolutely… that is exactly what should be done. But how will this effect the amount of money WE owe China? Will they call in the loans? It seems that the fact that obama leverged debt with China is why they have had the upper hand for YEARS?

  35. Jeronimo Dan says:

    The guy (Trump) does no wrong.
    Now his Jr. is not the shapes knife in the drawer, might be best to send Jr. on an African Safari, for about eight years?

  36. Deborah Pratt says:

    I believe Pres Trump is doing what is necessary to bring N. Korea ‘to heel’!! He’s a ‘seasoned’ chess player and Kim is just a ‘novice’! Pres Trump isn’t ‘dumb’ enough to cross the line as an ‘aggressor’ in the eyes of the International community. We can ‘play’ the part of ‘defense’ but, if Kim launches nuclear weapons, that leaves us vulnerable. So–yes, involve China, ‘major’ player. If she won’t ‘play’–tighten the ‘screws’!! China is very ‘economically’ focused. She won’t sacrifice her ‘pocketbook’ for someone like Kim and N. Korea!! When ‘money’ rules—play economics!! We no longer ‘reward’ Kim with American dollars and neither should China!

  37. Terry Grant says:

    If the liberal press and the Democrats (who still think Hillary won) would stop sniping and undermining every word PRESIDENT TRUMP utters his messages just might get through to N. Korea & China.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      I agree 1000%! People are fed up with the dangerous ‘games’ the media plays just to keep things ‘stirred up’ for their sensationalist style ‘news’! Guess they’re afraid they won’t have anything to print if we become a ‘peaceful’ nation!! Thing is, if they succeed in chaos–they won’t be ‘able’ to print!! Free press won’t exist and they’ll be ‘executed’ by the new ‘land owners’!! Short sighted and totally ‘stupid’ behavior!! People are making their influence felt, though. I hear that outfits like the NYT, Washington Post and, especially CNN are feeling the ‘wrath’ of American patriots!! Need to ‘tighten the screws’ on them, as well!! We, the ‘people’, can do that!! Even if we need to wade through the ‘liberal’ hypocrisy and stupidity to do it.

  38. rick meek says:

    Sorry Folks – but the guy is just going to lay low and build his hypersonic version of missiles…..They have the tech – they have the partners – they will share the developments with their friends…..

    1. bttrap says:

      then we won’t have any worry

  39. davegrille says:

    North Korea’s closest ally is their two thousand year traditional enemy China.

  40. The duck says:

    During the cold war with Russia we had a motto, ‘Better Dead than Red’. Americans had also volunteered to fight the Red Army of China under Changshi Check. Met one of those men a few months ago who flew with the Flying Tigers in Northern China. We should have defeated that Red Army back then but we never got involved. So if N.K. thinks we will not fight they had better rethink it. Americans will fight with or without our governments backing. Well most likely with Trump as POTUS he will be tough on our enemies.

  41. Pattie Kelly says:

    President Trump to me seems like a person and a President that does not like to lose. I am sure that’s how he became so successful in his real estate dealings and his company as a whole. He knows and only wants to succeed and do what is right for Americans. Now if you remember anything from my comment remember this “MAD DOG MATTIS”. Now as a country leader and I understood I had to deal with him in battle that would be enough for me to want to negotiate.

  42. I’m beginning to suspect that China is (secretly) supporting this nut case!!!

  43. Beverly Hightower says:

    You know what? I think Kim is a woman. With the dark hair, there would be a dark beard, and there isn’t. I have never seen a picture of Kim with any kind of beard at all……not even a 5 o’clock shadow beard. Take a look at Don Junior’s beard…….I worked with the mentally ill for 17 years, and there is nothing worse than a crazy woman. Kim acts like a crazy woman. Think about it.

  44. ChristiaanScott TheManInBlack says:

    What scares me is Chesea Clinton in the tumultuous 2020’s!

  45. JOHN STEEL says:

    good for DT and the USA.

  46. survivor33 says:

    It’s a very good thing that we the smart citizens of the USA elected Donald Trump as President. If we had waited any longer or was under the liberal administration we would all more than likely be nuked if we didn’t bow down to Ovomit and his “friends” in North Korea.

  47. sdecantr says:

    President Trump just gave Un a slap on the hand. If he does not behave you can bet he will get a kick in the ass.

    1. bttrap says:

      no way the un has it’s head up their a$$’s and can’t see anything

  48. crockett says:

    If China doesn’t do their job and another ICBM is launched the U.S has the option to do what needs to be done . No more threats to the world , the time will be to take North Korea off the map . No more little fat butter bean left .

  49. Janice Brown says:

    Thank God we have a President Trump in the Office. He knows how to handle these foreign Countries and I’m sure will not hesitate to do anything it takes to keep us safe. Remember to keep all of our new officials and their families in your prayers.

  50. rick meek says:

    Okay – but “Cyber Brekut” just released the org and contact chart of operatives working for the DNC and others…..They show that that hacked E-mials were done locally – DNC denied access to computers to cover up the lies – DNC colluded with the MSM and others to hammer trump…..

  51. David VanBockel says:

    Good constraints upon the warmongering Koreans, but perhaps we shall have to punctuate them with a nuclear ICBM or two, into the heart of Pyongyang.

  52. loner says:

    bomb north korea and stop playing around. kill that short fat little baby face shit head leader.

  53. old hard rock says:


  54. Kika68 says:

    If the bitch Hitlery would have been elected president, it would have been the end of the American republic

  55. Patrick Driscoll says:

    Let’s pound these short fat dudes with slit eyes. Take them out in any way possible and one american life for thousands of these rice eating animals is too many! They do not know any other way!

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