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North Korea Made A Move That Could Have Frightening Consequences

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  1. If there is a war, 5 will get you 10 that the Democrats will blame it on Trump! Any takers?

    1. Janelle says:

      That bet will get zero takers, Jeffrey!

      1. oat21 says:

        The Democrats are probably egging Kim Jong Hung Low on so they have something to lay some more fake news on Trump !!! An ex blue dog Democrat.

        1. Janelle says:

          He has enough to hang? Who knew……..

  2. Steve Flowers says:

    There will be ‘NO WAR!’ If this idiot continues his threats, A PRECISE HIT BY US AND IT WILL ALL OVER! KIM JUNG UN will be GONE LIKE IN WENT!

  3. John T. Koszalka says:

    That’s the only game they play, “THE BLAME GAME.” The other game they play if you disagree with them is—-“YOUR A RACIST.”
    The DEMO-RATS are all played out. They are in self destruct mode. Thank God I’m One Of The Deplorable Underbelly Ones, that is sitting back watching them make fools of themselves.

  4. geneww1938 says:

    The one world leaders (controlled by International and big bankers) want war to make huge profits. They have no down-side to war. Non of their loved ones are ever lost or hurt by any war but the profits are made at the expense of our taxes and blood shed of our patriots.
    What is the down side to war with N. Korea for Russia, China, Iran, Africa … the BRIC countries? They will build up while we are torn down.
    No, USA must MAGA and engage into the trade profitability of the BRIC countries and their allies and let the World bankers suck eggs.

  5. Brad Tipton says:

    Secretly hack into N Korea’s missile system. Then, redirect their next missile launch to land in China. That, I assure you, will FIX THE PROBLEM.

    1. Nastyoldone says:

      Not a bad idea BUT I’m sure that they (meaning everyone) would blame the USA.

    2. Charles thompson says:

      You have a gruesome imagination… I like it.

  6. wharfrat says:

    There is a Documentary on the National Geographic Channel about N.Korea and that place is a living Hell,Trump wants to install Nukes in Japan, the Chinese are frightened of the Japs because they will NUKE China and N.Korea,I hope something is done to stop the fat kid before it’s too late.

  7. RayH says:

    I think it’s about time for the US to use our technologies, and the next missle that’s fired will be take out before it leaves N Korean air space.

  8. Richard Bagenstose says:

    so it was in the air for 40 minutes and went hundreds of miles , what was it going , 10 miles an hour, not very fast if you ask me, don’t these things travel at a hundred miles a minute

    1. Bob Bardo says:

      Richard, you obviously don’t read much about this topic. You have to look at the entire trajectory, not just the distance covered on the ground.

      1. bttrap says:

        it won’t make 5 inches if we shoot it down on lift off

  9. Daniel Tokarz says:

    pay enough and someone will assinate him

  10. moi2u says:

    Every single US President since Reagan has just sat back and watched while N. Korea began and continued development of it’s nuclear arms and delivery capability. They’ve all done nothing but cow-tow to big oil interests in the Middle East resulting in the current situation over there while the elephant in the room grows to the point of stomping out everyone who may be living in Pacific Ocean nations. At best our former presidents are guilty of gross negligence and incompetence–at worst they’re guilty of setting N. Korea up to crush it’s neighbors. Whether they’ve been Dems or Pubs doesn’t matter, they are, each one of them, guilty if lives are lost to N. Korea’s maniacal madman.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Sure am glad that Obama and Kerry put a stop to Iran’s nuclear dreams.

  11. loner says:

    wonder why his own people don’t take him out. thought for sure he would be dead by now. i guess the north korea whats war. a lot of people will die.but that little fat faggot will be dead and a lot of his military people will die right be side that fat ass faggot. that guy is a faggot.

    1. Bill Bruck says:

      So, you failed to make it clear. Do you think the guy is a faggot or not?

      1. loner says:

        he likes little boy’s really

      2. irene says:

        Lol! He reminds me of a fat PIG that the only thing missing is an APPLE in his mouth!

    2. Denise Stathatos says:

      he is a dictator! They are all afraid of him!

  12. Junkki says:

    Why not just send in the Navy Seal Team to have a little chat with this child.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      And give him a ‘wedgy’ and a ‘cherry belly’.

      1. Brad Tipton says:

        Then stuff his head up his asshole and watch him struggle for air!

  13. oncemorearound says:

    I guess we should have finished North Korea the first time. Seems as though all these unfinished “police” actions have a bite later.

    1. CommonSense4America says:

      Macarthur wan’t to keep going but the President stopped him.

  14. oncemorearound says:

    One Hung Low is the only obese person in North Korea.

    1. bttrap says:

      59 yds. to the outhouse by will he make it and tracks in the sand by onehunglo that fat pig needs his missiles shot down before they get air born

  15. Mr Lee Edwards says:

    President Trump has the courage to take out NK but I doubt if our Congress does. There are too many Democrats, Communist sympathizers and One World Order advocates in the House and the Senate, not to mention those who hate Trump so much they will oppose ANYTHING he does or says.

    1. Brad Tipton says:

      One big problem >>>>>> CHINA.

  16. Rodger says:

    That missile would have been shot down if it was headed for the USA. Our missile defense is amazing.

    1. Denise Stathatos says:

      Just blow up This guy and take over North Korea as our Territory

  17. monongahela says:

    As the old warrior looked up to the sky he said Looks like a good day to die!

  18. keith mc williams says:

    Thank God we dont have obama and we have an awesome President

  19. keith mc williams says:

    OK here it is ONE THOUSAND dollars for kims head — any takers ?

  20. The Capatin says:

    Ol’ “kimchee breath” need to be put on ice. The time for talk is over.

  21. Alleged Comment says:

    Doesn’t he look like a MORON?? Why are we being ruled by little boys? From Trudeau to the sodomite Nerogro?

    Why is Europe being led by women? From Merkel to May.

    Women and children is what you get when you sin.

  22. Silver Eagle says:

    Don’t worry, there is no war in our future. The world knows Kim is crazy (like a Fox) and even Trump is afraid of world opinion. We’ll be fed the same “bullsh-t” the others have fed us. If Trump was going to do something, there would be a complete blackout of North Korean news from the white house. He’s over there trying to get backing, just like Obama tried. The other countries will not lift a finger to help us, What a disappointment (taking “care of N.Korea: moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem—all empty promises.

  23. Charles thompson says:

    North Korea launches an ICBM into the ocean; South Korea and the US respond by firing more weapons into the ocean. Mr. Trump tweets that South Korea and Japan might be getting tired of this. This is our answer to aggression? I think nothing will happen until a real blow is struck somewhere other than in the ocean and then all hell will break loose.

  24. rick meek says:

    Fks – Ya er plan on one thing —– The US getting mauled

  25. The one who knows says:

    Drop a low yeald NUKE on the FAT ASSED LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT and wipe out the North Korean threat once and for all in a surgical strike that will not cause significant damage to the other countries in the area. NK is a thorn in the side of all the Asian countries including China. Our biggest adversaries, Russia and China, are sitting back watching NK hoping they will embarrass the US or nuke us first. If we incinerate NK, we will remove the thorn from the the sides of our allies, Russia and China, and the rest of the world and demonstrate that we will not be fucked with. The only way for us to have piece and security is have an abundance of the best weapons and not to be afraid to use them if we are attacked. That’s why we never had to salute the Hammer and Sickle.

  26. Palmer says:

    we need to set a mileage from N Korea and an altitude. Crossing those boundaries ,we shoot the rocket down.

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