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North Korea Tested This Disturbing Weapon

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  1. geneww1938 says:

    Would losing Seattle or LA be a big loss. It would shed many liberals and get the patriots up in arms.

    1. Bayside GolfClub says:

      It would in a way.. Because democrats would then cry for money to rebuild the tragedy in an even worse image, while stealing all of this funding. Do nit be so sure that this wouldn’t be a dream come true for them. It fits their M.O. so perfectly..

      1. granny_forUSA says:


      2. polmutant says:

        1might of long knives would end the curse and pestilence associated with liberals. USA is now only America in name only, it is not the America I was raised in. ” I am a man, a proud American man ! Can some one give a good stamp to feed me? Pay my rent? Murder my unborn child? Pay for my AIDS treatment?” the sheoples cried out day and night ” take my wool, eat my children, only leave me grass to eat. Barry the homo commie pink Kenyan and it’s kind delivered. Too poor to pay attention th the sheoples financed their own destruction.

      3. rick meek says:

        Look at Chernobyl……rebuilding wouldn’t be an option for a while….

    2. kassa1 says:

      You hit the nail on the head bud.

    3. Laurence X. Odhner says:

      Add San Francisco to the list.

      1. Traveller62 says:

        San Fran “Nan” wouldn’t believe her precious city was leveled even if she saw it! San Fran “Nan” being Nancy Pelosi, for those who don’t know who that is. Most people do.

    4. KCKitsune says:

      Loosing Seattle or LA or San Fran would be bad, but Monkey Boy Jr wouldn’t be so stupid just to hit a single city. No he has the ability to EMP the whole country. His ICBMs can put a nuke a just the right hight that he can EMP our entire country and the “nice” thing about it… he would only need one or two weapons to get through to wipe out the power to 90+% of the country.

      No food, water, or power to that portion of the country will kill 10 of millions more than wiping out a single city.

      1. laulau says:

        One report said that the missles burned up upon entry to earth. Remember the space program. It is very hot coming back to earth.

        1. KCKitsune says:

          The “nice” thing about EMP weapons is that they DON’T have to reenter the atmosphere. In fact, the higher up it is, the more of the US it can hit.

      2. rick meek says:

        Like that series “Naked and Afraid”……back to working for a living… by smarts

        1. KCKitsune says:

          Except some people will be prepared. I’m right now getting supplies just in case. Ammo, protected electronics (5 layers of heavy aluminum foil plus a cardboard lined steel trash can can protect electronics), and food.

    5. picaro8 says:

      What if you were a conservative in Seattle?

      1. sowotsup says:

        Obviously they don’t have any

    6. sowotsup says:

      Not at all. Wait for this before you level NK

    7. guest says:

      wow joking right?

    8. rick meek says:

      No – it’ll be a game changer – it would allow for the animal and plant life to return – AZ would become the new west coast – a lotta freebie fiends would be gone – Dems money would dry up – etc…..

  2. parthenon1 says:

    Seems to me if they want to test any missles we have the right to test our missle defence system and shoot their missles down ! Its time we quit messing with this little fat slob and slam all of his defense, neuclear facilities, air bases, naval facilities and missle launching sites all at one itme we have the capability to do this right off their shore !

  3. Steve Flowers says:

    A precision air strike on this A-HOLE will end it in seconds!

    1. rick meek says:

      Yeah – and the world will launch on you…..

  4. Brad Tipton says:

    North Korea threatening the U.S. is like a male field mouse crawling up a female elephant’s leg with RAPE on his mind ! !

  5. Bayside GolfClub says:

    The solution is as simple as sinking them.. In deep water.. And if we had any kind of real U.N. THIS would already be a resolution. A bounty would be put on NK subs, dead or alive. BUT… We do NOT have a real U.N. what we have is and organization that likes U.S. funding and chaos.. For obviously evil purposes..

    1. Rose Ribitzki says:

      You couldn’t be more correct! … agree

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      As Pres Trump ‘labeled’ them, a ‘Boy’s Club’!! There only objective is power and money, not to keep peace!

  6. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    This is one of those damned if I don’t and damned if I do scenarios. I think the fat boy will dig his own grave soon and only the liberals here will be crying one of their own is now dead. At least that’s how I list liberals in the USA one in the same as this ass clown in NK, only difference is they are brain washing the morons here in the US and using our money while doing it. It is very hard to find a rational thinking liberal any more, if only people could read what some of these people write daily, it’s like a sci fi book so far out there, nothing American about what they write just hatred for conservative Americans, the people that built America and these little young scum bags want to take it for themselves. You do realize they hate you, reading some of their remarks they even hate their own family members if they happened to be conservatives, just unbelievable how ignorant these people are.

  7. Simon Ghanime says:

    Let’s ask Bill Clinton opinion who handed N.Korea in 1998 over 4 billion$ in aids …

  8. kassa1 says:

    Well then I guess if he strikes Seattle or LA you’ll be hitting his communist friends and they’ll be getting everything they deserve anyway. Those two places were dragging America down the drain anyway.

  9. JIM WILBOURN says:


    1. Conan the Republican says:

      Like a rented donkey?

      1. JIM WILBOURN says:


    2. Traveller62 says:

      I’ll drink to that.

  10. I say capture Kim Junh Un ( if possible ) and parade him around as the ‘new Pillsbury Dough Boy’.. Seriously… he is no ‘genius’ but is being taught/groomed/manipulated (much like upper echelon progressive lib’s) so the entire hierarchy ( or most there-of)
    needs to be taken out… and SOON.

  11. Timmy Edwards says:


  12. Fortuneless says:

    Kill that bastard while we have a chance..Kim Jon Ung and his family must perish from this earth

  13. Ron haymaker says:

    One person compared fat boy & Mad Dog as a Chihuahua barking at a Great Dane. Things like that normally don’t end well for the smaller one!

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      Thankfully, Great Danes are very patient but, even they have a ‘breaking point’!! LOL

  14. Conan the Republican says:

    We’ve got ASW that is second to none. Hunt the sub, and sink it. We’ve really got to stop caring what ‘the world’ thinks. They do NOT have our best interests at heart. What they think is irrelevant.

  15. disgustedvet says:

    The blame for all of this can be squarely placed upon the shoulders of Bill Clinton who allowed the North Koreans to continue their nuclear program. The very same mistake was repeated by Barack Obama with Iran.

    1. Mike W says:

      I was just going to say the same thing.
      “Sub-based rockets would have the capability of striking Los Angeles and Seattle.”
      But these snowflakes will blame President Trump who is actually trying to do something about it rather than put the blame where it lies.

      1. Deborah Pratt says:

        Unfortunately, we also have a lot of ‘decent’ folks mixed in with those ‘snowflakes’!! Not to worry–not many will survive long enough to ‘blame’ anyone!! Besides, it’s been my observation that ‘blame’ never ‘fixed’ a problem!

        1. Mike W says:

          I agree with you – there are a whole lot of good people out there – but – as always it is the squeaky wheels that get the grease though. I don’t think Kim Jong Un is going to hit the west coast at all – he will no even get close but the fear mongering media will play it for all it is worth. It is ridiculous for the U.S. to fear a country that is not as big as Alabama.

      2. disgustedvet says:

        Of course they will blame President Trump.

    2. Deborah Pratt says:

      It was a mistake when Clinton did it!! It was deliberate when Obama did it! Make no ‘mistake’ about that!!

      1. disgustedvet says:

        I give Clinton no slack. He is just as bad as Obama .

  16. Deborah Pratt says:

    Look–this ‘fat, toxic toad’ has been testing missiles and announcing his intentions for months now!! Still, national ‘leaders’ are saying they were ‘taken by surprise’? The ‘experts’ are ‘shocked’ by his ‘progress’??? How ‘obtuse’ are these people? Then, they have the ‘stupidity’ of criticizing Pres Trump because he’s ‘preparing’ for Kim to ‘make a move’!! Now that the ‘world’ is aware of Kim’s sub capacities–they are in a ‘panic’? If ‘we’ made the ‘first move’–they’d all be the first to cry ‘foul’ and that WE are the ‘aggressors’!

  17. Mike W says:

    California has a total area of roughly 164,000 square miles. California has a population of 35.11 million people. North Korea has a total area of 47,000 square miles and a population of 25.1 million people. Most of the North Koreans are ,malnourished and most Californians are very well fed. But it is California that lives in fear? There are 32 military bases in California not to mention what is on the water around the coast, what is under water and in the air. We also have bases all over the Pacific theatre that can respond very quickly. Kim Jong Un tested his missile – they have the lift and the distance but not the capability – yet – to re-enter the atmosphere with an armed nuclear warhead. All of ours are launch ready and have the capability to not only reenter the atmosphere but hit their targets fully armed. We have stealth air and sea craft. The media is constantly comparing apples to oranges. Instilling fear in the snowflakes. I am sure operations are underway to maintain the security of South Korea in the event that numb nuts tries anything foolish. Once we start reigning hell down upon him Kim Jong Un will be needing more diapers – quickly. He is foolishly poking at a snake that is getting ready to strike and he has no idea of what he is in for.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      What you say is true, Mike. However, I’ve lost confidence in the ‘estimations’ by our ‘experts’ concerning Kim’s capabilities! That’s twice I’ve heard that he’s ‘surprised’ them!! Well, they’ve better up-date their information–fast! They still ‘say’ Kim hasn’t the ability to arm his missiles with ‘nuclear warheads’—well, we’d better not be ‘surprised’ again, huh?!!

      1. Mike W says:

        We have the ability to knock them out of the air when launched as was shown to him. I do believe we also have the capabilities to jam his electronics. The main problem we face is saving the North Korean people and more so in South Korea. The NK’s have been brainwashed and starved into submission for decades. They believe that Kim Jong Un is the great leader and things would be so much worse without him. They will have to be heavily re-indoctrinated into the world as free people – they have never understood what that is and have never even seen what it is like. All of their news and programming is strictly monitored so they are kept in the dark about how most of the rest of the world lives.

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          I know that. 85% of what their people produce goes to feed Kim and his armies, the population has to try to survive on what’s left. I’ve seen photos smuggled out of NK. Kim’s father took over all the sources of information and the people hear nothing but his propaganda all their lives. They are convinced Americans are out to wipe them off the face of the Earth. They see Kim as their ‘savior’! I also heard that a young man born in N. Korea but educated in the USA, has returned there. He has set up an ‘underground’ news center where he prints ‘flyers’ and distributes them to the people. He is trying to counter-act Kim’s strangle hold on the masses there. I don’t know how successful he has been and I pray he is never found!! I haven’t heard anything about him for well over a month now. His goal, to educate the people into knowing they’ve been lied to and, possibly, rebel!

          1. Mike W says:

            I think when we do go in there we need to bring a lot of food – have the ships lined up off shore with hospitals and hot food for a lot of people ready. Once they see we are there not to kill them but to help them it may go a lot easier. Maybe we should start by dropping our own leaflets – like they did in WWII . Drop in some food items too. I’m sure Kim will tell them not to eat it – it’s poisoned- but when they see us eating it they will too. We have to win the minds of the NK’s.

          2. Traveller62 says:

            We dropped leaflets in ‘Nam as well.

  18. KJ says:

    We’re ready. Go ahead and test us fat boy. You and your nation will suffer the ultimate indignity. America no longer has a “leader” who leads like a behind.

  19. Traveller62 says:

    We have anti-ballistic missiles, they don’t. We have the THAAD. They don’t. If one is shot from a sub, we will shoot it down. We do have the capability of shooting down whatever rockets are thrown our way.

  20. fordfool says:

    as a kid, Dad showed me the only way to stop a dog from killing chickens was to tie that chicken around it, make it lidve with it..”
    Sounds gross, true……but we had no more dead chickens…Sometimes micro-technology just don’t alwys work….when a hammer just might…

  21. Ron Bedell says:

    Even if North Korea could shoot missiles from a submarine, they are still not a threat to the U.S. or any other country. Their missiles will be shot down. In any case this is all propaganda to escalate a possible war with North Korea because North Korea’s central banking system is not hooked up the the evil and wicked Rothschild central banking system.

  22. Ron Bedell says:

    Even if North Korea could shoot missiles from a submarine, they are still not a threat to the U.S. or any other country. Their missiles will be shot down. In any case this is all propaganda to escalate a possible war with North Korea because North Korea’s central banking system is not hooked up to the evil and wicked Rothschild central banking system. The evil and wicked Rothschild’s do not own and control North Korea’s central banking system.

    1. Traveller62 says:

      NK’s subs are diesel. All of them. We can hear them plodding along before they exit harbor.

  23. Alleged Comment says:

    WE never attack countries that have Nuclear weapons and why Kim Jong Fat Un wants one.

    Thought you might wanna know dat.

  24. Michael Davis says:

    Trump needs to send a few SERIOUS air strikes to North Korea. They can’t afford to feed their people but they can build weapons of mass destruction? Kim Jong Un is a MORON.

  25. Floyd Sloan says:

    If Gen. MacArthur had been allowed by Pres. Truman to win the Korean War, we would not be in this mess today!

    1. Traveller62 says:

      Agree. Truman “arm-chaired that one. Same with LBJ and Vietnam. Truman: Bomb HALF the bridge across the Yalloo River. LBJ: Those boys can’t even take a p___ without me knowing about it. Both got the “big head”.

  26. William Glass says:

    NK SLBMs able to strike LA and Seattle? What could be the effect? LA strike kicks off the “Big” one , Seattle strike ignites all those active volcanoes in the Pacific NW. Result: The whole bunch slides into the Pacific. Beach side property in Arizona. Trump wins “popular” vote in 2020.

  27. myfordtruck says:

    it could be time for his subs to start having launch problems when they try these missiles out or get within certain distance from the US

  28. Glenda Trull Kee says:


  29. generalJed says:

    Kim Jung-Un must be getting help from China. No country of 25 million has the resources to do what he is doing.General Curtis Le May wanted to nuke North Korea with nine atomic bombs in 1953, but was prevented. He predicted that these barbarians would be a major problem if they were not stopped back then. Now, we will have to use nukes to pulverize North Korea, probably in the near future. No other weapons will bring him to heel quickly enough to prevent major damage to our country.

  30. Robert Walters says:

    Time for this crazy, dangerous little man to Die. His death will bring peace to the world and maybe the people of North Korea.

  31. jim jones says:

    “World LEADERS” don’t panic, they don’t tweet, they meet and act!

  32. Tiger says:

    Dirt Nap on the way. Weeble boy six feet under.

  33. el leoncito says:

    The USA has allowed NK come too far developing weapons they say will use to pulverize the continental USA. China, which has been enriched by traitorous American corporations, and NK’s other neighbor Russia are doing nothing, but will support NK when war breaks out. But here is no other way than war to solve this problem.

  34. CurlyJ555 says:

    Mr. President. It is time to think outside of the box. Simple solution: take our huge transport aircraft, load them with sand from the Sahara desert, coordinate with the prevailing winds, attain about 30,000 feet altitude and start dumping it on North Korea. Continue the mission 24X7 until the North Koreans plead with us to stop dropping sand on them. Then we have a place to begin negotiations. Vietnam Vet. We NEVER forget.

  35. CaptainofthGuard says:

    Submarine design and operation is difficult and deploying sub launched missiles is not easy either. We have the experience and technical know how and they dont. I am sure our Navy and track and destroy them with ease. I am am not all that worried at this point but it is worth keeping an eye on them.

  36. rick meek says:

    Dear Kim – Hi and CA are that way <<<<<<<<<<<

  37. Ken Mcclelland says:

    they buzz cut his hair? gee thats a new one not!.

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