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North Korean Leader’s Insane Move May Have Been The Last Straw

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  1. Al says:

    Kim Jung Un is a fool.

  2. Roy says:

    Power corrupts! Little fatso uses it to torture and murder innocents. God will judge him severely, just as the Bible says.

    1. Extraordinaire says:

      Memo to SEAL Team 6: Please hurry and set up the face-to-face appointment with his eternal fate.

    2. edcedar77 says:

      He needs to be judged more severely here on earth before god get to him.

      1. Roy says:

        ll in God’s timing. There is a beginning and there is an end, and that may be sooner than he thinks

        1. Gadfly81 says:

          Is GOD on our side?

          1. Roy says:

            God is always good and always just. He has offered a free gift of eternal life by His grace and His “family” are those who have accepted His Son as their savior.

          2. xhawkx says:

            With all due respect your god and his son has absolutely nothing to do with war. I know I was in war and I never heard ,seen or touched this invisible entity you speak of. Now if there was an intervention by your invisible entity then I will digress in my opinion. One more thing, if there were a contract with those who accept this savior, both North Korean people will be in a forever battle with the rest of those who populate this eternal spot in which you say they live. So with that being said, IMHO your god and war just don’t and can not logically mix and then whistle dixie……

          3. Roy says:

            When Christ was doing many confirmed miracles (like raising people from the dead, among others), many who saw them didn’t believe Him either. That is where faith comes in, you either believe or not, your choice. Bad choices have bad consequences.

      2. Traveller62 says:

        Send in the Marines!! THEY will introduce “fat boy” to GOD!

    3. toothii says:

      Before or after he kills millions in S.Korea and prob many more in his own country?

      1. Roy says:

        Not to mention our own soldiers. Since we never ended the Korean war, let’s end it now and make it officially over!

    4. nwjohnson says:

      Little Fatso is the figurehead. The real rulers are the military, and theirs is a long term strategy. They want South Korea, and they want it intact. If they are allowed to keep going as they have, it will not be more than a few years before they will be able to blackmail the world into GIVING them the South in order to keep them from destroying Japan or the US or India or some other nation. They will rule the world.
      And they won’t even have to fire a shot.

  3. jim jones says:

    What’s missing from this story? Did homeland security and the police confiscate a package from the N. Korean’s?

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      Yeah, the title of this story is called a bait and switch on a used car lot.

  4. Joe Baricev says:

    He is not only crazy but a real danger..we need to take him out NOW!!!! Send in the Tomahawks/Cruise Missles, strike aircraft to take out his facilities..N. Korea is like a spreading cancer!

    1. Hans Glogauer says:

      Are you suggesting a nuclear confrontation with North Korea? Have you lost your mind?

      1. Gadfly81 says:

        I fear Joe more than Kim!
        North Korea is terribly concerned that it will be attacked by our government, see Joe Baricev’s email, and if this continues they may be right. So No. Korea is attempting to build a desperate attempt to respond if we should attack, hoping that we will not.

        1. Conor Fay says:

          You probably fear your own shadow. Thank God there aren’t many like you and your fellow fraidy-cats buddies in are armed forces. If a nation of almost 400 million is afraid to stand up to a shit-hole country with 24 million, then we are at the end. Go stand in a corner and cry.

          1. Gadfly81 says:

            LETS GO TO WAR!!!!!!!

          2. Conor Fay says:

            Time for your ALS pills. By the way, have you ever served in the Armed Forces or done a single thing for the country? From a U.S. Marine.

          3. edcedar77 says:

            There is a thing called distance. They are just next door. I remember the Pueblo, and intelligence ship operating off the coast of North Korea that was attack and crew held captive. The US did nothing while they received the latest in our cryptography equipment that went straight to Russia. They still have the ship and it is on display as to how they rubbed the US’s nose in it. This ship should be sunk as a warning to get their attention..

        2. Joe Baricev says:

          and you live in a dream world… UTOPIA!

      2. wjeretidwell says:

        There is not a need to go atomic, unless this lunatic launches a rocket toward us that we have determined in advance is atomic and we know using two methods. One is the spy network we maintain in N. Korea and the other is a group of sensors we regularly plant to report movement of radio active material. If a rocket is headed our way, use either lasers or other to destroy it. I would use a neutron pulse that kills all living stuff and then all we need to do.
        Whoever they are really needs destruction. An armada of c130’s all loaded with MOAB Bombs and . Launched from bases in Japan and S.Korea dropped in the air in the areas we have all atomic material identified would burn everything within a square mile of each one. Dropped all at once before they knew what hit them. They would kill us and will if given a chance so we would be in self preservation mode and justified morally and legally.

        1. Gadfly81 says:

          Like I say…….. forget about the thousands of US soldiers on their borders.
          WAR is WAR…………………………

          1. nwjohnson says:

            OK Gadfly/. Share your wisdom. What would YOU have the US do to stop Un in his quest for domination. The NKDR’s idea is to make themselves so feared that the rest of the world will do whatever they say, just so they WON”T use their bombs and missiles
            If he does attack the US, you may rest assured that all those US soldiers will be dead before the first bomb strikes Los Angeles.
            The NKDR will most likely use a high air burst in an attempt to cause an EMP event that would wipe out our ability to even function as a nation.
            In case you aren’t familiar with the acronym EMP, check it out and then tell me I’m wrong.
            I’m not desperate to go to war; been there, done that, survived. But I won’t roll over and play dead rather that defend myself and my brothers.
            Robert Heinlein said – speaking as the Immortal, Lazarus Long – ” It’s better to be a live Jackal than a dead Lion. But it’s even better to be a live Lion. And it’s usually easier.”

          2. Force Recon says:

            All military electronics have been hardened against an EMP attack so their only option is to take out the troops. and since DPRK has thousands of troops poised to invade and artillery pieces aimed to fire upon the South and Seoul is in range there is no need for nuclear weapons or an EMP attack

          3. LucienVaillancourt says:

            Until all electronic devices and power grid in the entire country are hardened against emp then the country will still be crippled. The chaos that would follow would be devastating. Widespread looting, riots, and the deaths of millions wold soon follow.

          4. Force Recon says:

            If I recall we were referencing Korea not the US However a nuclear device is not the only thing capable of producing EMP Over the 4.5 billion years the earth has existed I would bet serious money it has been subjected to numerous EMP’s that if there were electronic devices would destroy all of them. So to say I am concerned about the DCPK over what nature is capable of then I will gladly live like we did in the 18th century I can survive can you?

          5. Conor Fay says:

            Well, Gadfly81, how many murdered Americans are you willing to accept before retaliating against the North Korean Pillsbury Doughboy? 10? 50? 100? 1000? 10,000? 1 million? Now, go hide in a corner.

        2. 1PierreMontagne1 says:

          If he launches one at Japan or Soul we are obliged!

      3. LucienVaillancourt says:

        Who said anything about taking him out using nuclear weapons? The longer we wait to to act the more likely the little guy will have the capability to use nukes. Better to get rid of him now then wait. He has already shown he has no desire to play nice with the rest of the world. He is a classic example of someone with a Napoleon complex and a huge chip on his shoulder.

        1. Gadfly81 says:

          You had better say good by to all our thousands of US soldiers on the front line with No Korea before you attack. I hope none of your relatives are there!
          So, if you’re desperate to go to war……. Go ahead!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Joe Baricev says:

            Lets just wait till he has the ability to nuke the USA right?? duhhhhhh

          2. l penn says:

            Yea, thx to ole barry/Crookilary and the other DEMORATS and RINOS, that day will soon be here!! Now Trump has to deal with the MANY MESSES that the DEMORATS left for him!!!!!!!!!!!!

          3. Roy says:

            There is no war that has a good outcome……..period! I would suggest that the CIA or some other covert take him out. The less blood shed, the better.

          4. Redfox007 says:

            You sure do have very little thought for our military ability. Were you ever in the military? What we need is leaders, and our troops will not fall.

          5. LucienVaillancourt says:

            Then you had better say goodbye to all the thousands of American civilians who will be nuked by the little varmint while we all sit on our hands doing nothing to stop him. So if you want to be safe you had better move to North Korea where no one would dare attack for fear of reprisal.

          6. Conor Fay says:

            I hope you and the liberals and the disgusting left are there when they attack. And take your mothers with you in reprisal for putting you on Earth. That way the U.S. will get rid of all the traitors, complainers, and worthless eaters in one felt swoop. And, please, take Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters, Elizabeth Warren, Senator Schumer and congressman Shiff with you. Just think how wonderful this country would be without all you non-productive trash. The silent majority, the middle America farmers and workers, and the members of the Armed Forces all hate you. Why? ‘Cause you’re you. You are defeatist. You see nothing good in America, just bad. You’re the flies on top of the turds a dog has just left.

          7. David VanBockel says:

            “Better dead than Red”, O Bearded Sage!

      4. Conor Fay says:

        No, you have. People like you started WWII when the timid sheep handed over the Sudetenland to Hitler. Coward.

      5. blip cat says:

        Hans, keep your NAZI remarks to yourself….damn NAZI

      6. Dave says:

        Nothing was said about using nuclear weapons!

      7. Redfox007 says:

        North Korea does not have enough Nukes to make a sizzle in the ocean. If they did, they would have already tried. Another thing, they don’t have a rocket that could reach half way to America. You guys really amaze me, thinking the idiot has things that can threaten America, when he can’t even produce enough electric power to keep his nation in light.

        Like people fearing the Russian tanks, which were supposed to be so great and mighty. Well, those tanks were in Iraq when we attacked and their shells bounced off our M1-A1 front. Ours flattened their with one shot ten miles away.

        1. Janet says:

          I saw a report on North Korea that showed most of the weapons that the troops were marching with were old and possible not operational. There were a number of other things that were pointed out as well. The North Koreans are starving while he and the rest of the hierarchy live a lavish lifestyle.

          1. Redfox007 says:

            True. Also, we at anytime we chose, could lay a barrage of Tomahawks from our subs around Korea, on one of his Showoff Matchings, and destroy most all of the, with him.

      8. George says:

        Better sooner than later. Make South Korea an Island.

      9. David VanBockel says:

        Yes, Hans, many of us have lost them, as perhaps the Warmbier survivors, from grief.
        And are you a fan of the courageous and wise German leader, Angela Merkel? That would explain a lot.

        1. Hans Glogauer says:

          Actually, yes, I am.

    2. Kurt says:

      They may be a spreading cancer, but if we do what you say about 5 minutes after we start most of South Korea will be eliminated, including our US soldiers stationed there.

        1. Bill H says:

          We need to stay out of it. There should have been a travel ban to NK a long time ago. Unfortunately the elites will figure out an excuse to get us into another conflict in their conquest for world control and domination. Ultimately they are a much bigger threat to the world population than the fat madman in NK.

      1. LucienVaillancourt says:

        Don’t think so. When it becomes clear that the world has had enough and ready to take bold decisive action I would not be surprised to see the little guy succumb to a sudden incapacitating illness for which there is no cure.

        1. Kurt says:

          If we attack with Tomahawks/Cruise Missiles there is no way we can shut down all the the border defence. We will loose thousands, if not hundreds of thousands in South Korea.

        2. George says:

          The same illness his half brother died of.

      2. Joe Baricev says:

        Lets’ just wait till he can wipe out the West Coast of the USA???

        1. Kurt says:

          By last count we have almost 24,000 troops in South Korea. I guess you think they are expendable. This is not a simple problem to solve.

          1. George says:

            How much closer to solving that problem will we be in five years?

          2. Kurt says:

            Five years! Who said anything about 5 years? The head of the snake needs to be cut off immediately. Move our US ground troops to safety, and then blow the North Korean bastards to hell. ALL OF THEM! South Korea is not showing the US support with the anti missile system we tried to deploy to protect them. We need to protect our soldiers and our country. Anybody who will not help is on their own.

          3. Conor Fay says:

            No, but you are.

          4. Kurt says:

            Wow what a snappy come back, bet it took you all day to think of that one. Our troops are not expendable, in fact, one of their lives is worth the whole of South Korea to me at least.

    3. Joe Baricev says:

      No, lets just wait until he finally gets it right where he CAN send a missile to the United States..You sound like Neville Chamberlain before WWII ..”There will be peace in our time”..and your response is no problem, we can just shoot his missile down before it gets here YOU HOPE!

    4. Brenda Sinclair says:

      we took out terrorist bin laden we can take out crazy fat kim jong..

    5. l penn says:

      We need to have just the FAT COWARD MURDERING DICTATOR elliminated, NOT all of his SLAVES, they have suffered long enough due to this Mentally Demented SICK Little TWERP!!!!!!

  5. Bayside GolfClub says:

    in the u.s. he would be a democrat’s nominee for potus.. They would be swooning over him..

  6. CaptTurbo says:

    The package was probably cakes and cookies for Kim Dumb Fat.

  7. ONTIME says:

    Warmbier will be added to the list of infamous accomplishments by this insane regime, among the most brutal in this 21st century……they are not making new friends and are jeopardizing those few they now have…..

  8. granny_forUSA says:



  9. myfordtruck says:

    One of these nations is going to take him out no telling who

    1. nwjohnson says:

      Oh? Do we know where he sleeps and if it’s really him and not a body double?

      1. myfordtruck says:

        I am sure that there are enough Satellite’s over NK that they know where he is and his doubles are that a bomb or rocket could be dropped on him any time if one of his on don’t take him out

        1. nwjohnson says:

          There were loads of satellites over Afghanistan too,  they never found bin Laden until they went back to Humintel.Electronic surveillance is not the end-all and be-all it was cracked up to be. It’s a useful tool, but only one of many.
          Don’t Let Them Out Of The Mirrors!Embrace Your Inner OgreNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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          I am sure that there are enough Satellite’s over NK that they know where he is and his doubles are that a bomb or rocket could be dropped on him any time if one of his on don’t take him out 9:06 p.m., Monday June 26 | Other comments by myfordtruck |   |
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          | | Oh? Do we know where he sleeps and if it’s really him and not a body double?Read more |
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  10. C. LeSaint says:

    Should do to the 3 North Koreans as was done to Otto. Hold them in prison and demand that the other Americans be exchanged for the 3 North Koreans. Then bomb the hell out of fat boy.

  11. Pattie Kelly says:

    INSANE is all I can come up with. He needs to go. And we need to retaliate as soon as we get the 3 other Americans safely home. Then blow N Korea off the map. Period.

    1. Gadfly81 says:

      North and South Korea combined…… I hope you don’t have a child defending the border… Gone!

  12. Deert says:

    If they want to attend a UN meeting they can use Skype.

  13. Alan404 says:

    Yes, his tactics or antics leave much to be desired. That said, the following question remains. What is the rest of the world prepared to do toward finally reining in the North Korean regime. Mind, the antics of North Korean leadership are not a U.S. problem, they are a problem for the world.

  14. KDC says:

    Sadly, it’s true about Truman and Clinton. And you might add Bush in the mix as well. Every time something needs a government cover up, or to boost the economy or to hide and distract, this sort of thing goes on. Other than that, N.Korea is an agitator. Those communists scare me, I admit. They’re ruthless and care nothing about human life. I learned, in Girl Scouts many moons ago, you should “Be Prepared”.

    1. Gadfly81 says:

      N Korea is a scared nation worried that they are going to be attacked by the US. Thus they are building a defense, hoping the US will not use it’s superior power to destroy them.

      1. nwjohnson says:

        Keep drinking the Kool Ade. They are NOT scared. If they were, they would have abided by all the promises they have broken over the years.
        They want sanctions removed so they promise to be good. We remove the sanctions, give them what they needed – food, etc – and they go right back to their old tricks .
        Just how many times is the NKDR going to be allowed to feed this nation a $h!t sandwich before our leaders grow balls and say, That’s Enough!
        Time is running out.

        1. patriot2 says:

          we don’t need to give them food,most have all the grass they can eat.

  15. Jeronimo Dan says:

    You bring up the package’s compensated by the USA, but did not tell us what was in the package’s?

  16. Lorraine E says:

    The real North Korean threat to our country are the two satellites which are orbiting over us from south to north and the fact that it is unknown if they are capable of detonating a small nuke to create an EMP. Why these two satellites have not been destroyed by our government is a Big Mystery. If they are armed with nukes and they detonate one of them over the center of country, they could cause and EMP capable of destroying our electric grid and shut down all of our electricity for an unknown length of time. Millions of Americans would die without electricity within a week or two.

    1. nwjohnson says:

      Well, Lorraine, at least we couldn’t be blamed for using nukes first although I am quite certain that there would be some who would say that we deserved it because we didn’t allow NKDR to do as it pleased.
      Remember, when in doubt, blame the US. You’ll have plenty of supporters.
      You know the drill. Just like after 9/11.
      “It was really our fault. They were so frightened that the US would invade and destroy them that they HAD to strike first.
      You DO understand that that is how it was?”

  17. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    I think he had all the barbers poisoned

    1. patriot2 says:

      certainly the good barbers right?

  18. Brad Tipton says:

    The question I MUST pose to all nations and peoples of conscience. How can a country of only 46,528 square miles, smaller than our great state of Mississippi (ranking 31st in land size) at 46,907 square miles, create such fear and angst to the rest of the world?

    1. nwjohnson says:

      Everyone is scared that he will use nukes.

      1. Brad Tipton says:

        I agree with you, Sir. However, that fat little tyrant needs to realize that we have more nukes on more accurate delivery systems, and they are already in place off his shore on our nuclear submarines. He gets one shot, then the BASTARD will pay the price.

        1. nwjohnson says:

          An large EMP burst would wipe out ALL electronics. The Subs might well be armed and ready, but there would very likely be NO ONE to give them the go-ahead. Even contingency orders would be of limited use, since there would be almost no way to verify the attack. If the missile was detected early enough, and the administration did not wait to see if we could destroy it in time, but acted as soon as the target was verified, then, yes, the NKDR would be in a world of hurt. But I don’t believe that it would happen in isolation, but rather as part of a series of events and thus be more difficult to identify as a threat immediately.The NKDR’s leaders are crazy perhaps, but they are not stupid. They have shown repeatedly that they are past masters at playing on the worlds political stage to their advantage. Don’t Let Them Out Of The Mirrors!Embrace Your Inner OgreNever underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups
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          Brad Tipton
          I agree with you, Sir. However, that fat little tyrant needs to realize that we have more nukes on more accurate delivery systems, and they are already in place off his shore on our nuclear submarines. He gets one shot, then the BASTARD will pay the price. 9:28 p.m., Monday June 26 | Other comments by Brad Tipton |   |
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          | | Everyone is scared that he will use nukes.Read more |

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          1. Brad Tipton says:

            How about letting our intelligence agency pinpoint the NKDR leader’s location and eliminate him with a MOAB? No nuclear fallout to deal with environmentally or politically.

  19. Rodger K. Shull says:

    just take HIM OUT, not the entire country an take out his staff, unless they give up an all run for the So Korean border. They just might give up like that IRANIANS did on Desert Storm.

  20. Dave says:

    President Trump. It’s time to free the people of North Korea!

    1. Herb Frazier says:

      Who is going to feed, cloth, and shelter the 25+ million people?

  21. David E Blankinship Sr says:

    What to do with North Korea has given headaches to presidents and military leaders since Truman and MacArthur. We certainly don’t want to set off World War III but if this puny “leader” keeps threatening we have to at least remain vigilant. He is going to piss-off one too many others (hopefully some like the Chinese who could then just allow a strike to assassinate this megalomaniac and cripple his Atomic capability. He is a threat to everyone in the Pacific Theater; China, Japan, the Philippines, Australia, and every peaceable country on the globe. We have to let his own mistakes condemn him and his regime.

    1. nwjohnson says:

      If we have time to wait him out. The “World” tends to be very slow to act; the “leaders” all want to be sure that THEIR butts are covered before they commit.
      All he has to do is knock out our electric grid, and the “world” will do whatever he want.
      The only hope will be the Russians or the Chinese and their distrust of each other will prevent any action by either, for fear of a strike by the other. There’s been a low-grade border conflict going on between them for years along the Amur River.

  22. Moe says:

    Obama did nothing to slow him down, now Trump gets criticized for trying to curb the fat boy monster. Everything Obama fixed turned to disaster and dead for millions across the Globe. Do not worry the media, and best congress money can buy will make sure he is never exposed for his faults or criminal deeds.

  23. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Send in Hollywood, they’ll take this guy out and make a movie at the same time. This clown is like Hitler, Chairman Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Stalin, Mussolini, and the list goes on. Why is it we have to wait until they die, or get backed against the wall with no out. The generals must have a game plan. Do it now before it can’t be reversed before he takes out South Korea, Israel or other allies.

  24. Cheryl Detar says:

    They send us back a half dead American citizen and that’s OK. We take a package and it’s an international incident…..Really?

    1. SGirl says:

      Prettty much…according to NY Times liberal fake news.

  25. Reverend Joe Ruyle says:

    Just like liberals…. living in an alternate reality.

  26. Nun Ya says:

    They sent him home so that he would not die in their country. Great American Daily shows it’s bias and hack journalism by trying to credit Tump with Oto’s release. Never let a good crisis go to waste. Anyone else tired of the other party trying to pretend their results are so much different in instances where they are not. Neither side has an answer for Korea.

  27. Roy says:

    A simple blockade would do the trick, along with a little CIA action. Let the chips fall where they may!

  28. Deborah Pratt says:

    Sounds like Kim is the ‘Liberal’s’ liberal of all time!! He is now using the same ‘garbage’ the liberals here are using against Pres Trump. Sounds like an ‘echo chamber’!! There is a world of difference between returning a hostage home so damaged he dies within days and seizing a diplomatic ‘package’!! Yet, Kim’s actions are OK and seizing a package makes Pres Trump a ‘psychopath’! Sounds like ‘liberal’ gobbly-gook to me!!

  29. ABBAsFernando says:

    If they act like barbarians they should be treated as such.

  30. Mike W says:

    The time for talking with fatboy is over. The next thing we should hear about him is that there is a tag on his toe.

  31. Janet says:

    Not only is he a real danger that we somehow need to contain, but the article makes it perfectly clear the damage that the Liberals are causing America. The nut is not demonstrating any fear of retaliation nor respect for our current President (or past presidents) and the whole world is also aware of the discord. If there is a civil war in America or we need to retaliate against North Korea because of a bombing or other military action, they are the ones that need to be held responsible.

  32. Anna Holt says:

    Kim Jong Un should receive the same medical treatment given to Otto Warmbier.
    Then Kim can join Hitler in eternal HELL !

  33. No name nut case says:

    Let’s let cooler heads prevail. Please. We have enough aircraft and nuclear arms that we shouldn’t worry about him too much. I think he is a blustering little man who thinks he can scare the giant. He is full of!

  34. Alleged Comment says:

    He is likely to be taken out by his own people or a decapitating military strike and other strategic targets. The country will largely be spared.

  35. Jacky says:

    if we put more sanctions on their country and control their border his own people will eat the fat rat–sorry to say the poor people of NK will suffer even more than that Bastard is making them now but we can not wait till he uses nukes –it has to be from within

  36. J. Ernst says:

    The “rights” of N. Korea’s government to exist is the ONLY question posed BY the newsertainment industry. They do it through focusing on the “Madman in charge” of N. Korea.
    The media NEVER states what TRADE North and South Korea, China, Russia, JAPAN engage in…because THAT’S REAL LIFE!!! We just get the posturing and Newsertainers OPINIONS based on their “facts”.
    The BIGGEST THREAT to global peace is C H I N A …. still BUILDING ISLANDS in INTERNATIONAL WATERS to expand their territory (legal borders)!!!
    WHERE are the globalists and environmentalists in all this……………like listening to crickets in an open field…at night……………NOTHING!!!! So much for protesting sensitive environment issues about a several CORAL REEFS TOTAL DESTRUCTION.
    Always create a distraction when something like a SHIP RAMMING one of OUR NAVAL VESSELS occurs….in the ONCE Open Seas.

  37. Bandit61 says:

    Unfortunately, he will now suggest more mistreatment of the 3 Americans in his prisons.

  38. wjeretidwell says:

    What we could do has been done before. We could announce we are re establishing the MONROE DOCTERIN for everything except trade. Anyone who travels must re enter with a U.S. Passport. No foreign Power will be permitted to establish a military base within the bounds of the line Monroe drew. That means Cuba must expel all the foreigners who have established a base there, except us of course. ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE WORLD—We trade with everyone and if a government is caught subsidizing their exports, they will be off limits from us for 20 years. If we find a compelling need to go to war with anyone, it will be a one day war and you loose. JUST LEAVE US OUT OF YOUR PETTY REGIONAL CONFLICTS AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR. ATEP ON US AND YOU HAD BETTER FEAR, BECAUSE IT IS COMING.. There, that should please those who hate war and displease those who armed the world.

  39. redrider says:

    Remember Osama Bin Laden, our troops went to his house, which was beside an Army Base and took him down. We should do the same to Un.

  40. David VanBockel says:

    Perhaps the quick and easy way is not the best way.
    Perhaps we should try the micro-targeted hit that worked so well against Bin-Laden. Depends upon whether a Stealth bomber appropriate, with a strong wind toward the North.

  41. Robert Wilson says:

    How about a low level, non-nuclear saturation bombing run?

  42. wam bam says:

    NyorktimesAnd some other reporters, need to go to North Korea, themselves. And report the truth, back to the GENERAL PUBLIC, and our high level government. The news would be upto the date. Which the U.S.A. needs. Rather, then certain past years? Right or Wrong? What do you people(U.S.A.) think

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