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Obama Could Get His Revenge On Trump With This Sinister Plot To Wreck The Economy

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  1. Sandy Hensley says:

    There is a movement starting across our country to boycott everything liberals own and operate and have any part in and Republicans around the country are wanting to make liberals feel some pain and the only way to get through liberal brainless heads is to take away their income. Why should we do business with any liberal business in our country and why should we pay liberal Hollywood to watch their movies and why should we watch liberal programs on TV because ratings is what makes a show a success and why should we go to concerts liberals are giving , we don’t need them at all they need us and lets let liberals be their only customers and only audience for a long time and lets see how quick it takes to bring down liberals in our country !Liberals across this country have been screaming pure hatred for us for as long as I can remember and the last few years its gotten to a insane level and we think its time to pull the plug on everything liberals own and operate or involved with because we’re sick of giving our old mean dirty Republican money to a bunch of hate mongers. Liberals across our country are violent and are dangerous and where ever we go we have to worry about being beaten or killed by a freaking liberal loon so its time for our party to play pay back and I think we should celebrate in the streets when Photo Voter ID laws are made law across this whole country , remember Obama never bothered to go through the senate or congress to get what he wanted he just picked up his pen and got what he wanted and that’s just what we’re going to do. The next election should be interesting the first election where liberals can’t use voter fraud to steal a election it should be an election that will go down in history and by some miracle you do well in the next oval office race we’ll remember every dirty trick liberals pulled and use it on them so the actions of liberals now will come back and bite them on the ass that’s a promise but without using liberal voter fraud I doubt liberals will win anything ! Remember how they’ve been saying our country us divided equally by using the votes in the elections, in every election liberals used massive amounts of liberal voter fraud so none of the numbers were real which all say’s this party isn’t equally divided , our numbers are real and liberals added dead people & voted more then a few times plus made up names and voted for their animals and they’ve been using every dirty think they could think of to steal the elections and its time it is ended and liberals and their buddies in the liberal media will have to live with it because unlike other Republicans Trump isn’t afraid of the liberal media or the liberal party and he will get in their faces and call them liars and thieves ! I hope liberals enjoyed their Voter fraud this election because it has all ended now ! And one last thing , there is going to be an investigation all across country to find out just how wide spread liberal voter fraud has gotten in our country and we’re going to make sure all the American people and the world know that the liberal party is liars and cheats and their violent and they steal elections and its time we end it now ! And of course its also time for our party to close our wallets and set back and watch liberals go crazy !

    1. Robert Barnes says:

      Sandy carry a snub nose revolver. When needed, make head shots.

      1. brbg says:

        Violence is a liberal thing.

        1. Fenris81 says:

          Yeah, Sandy doesn’t need to, nor does anyone else on the Republican side. The libs are all out killing each other and trashing everything they claim to have built in all of their riots and police assassinations.

        2. nicholsda says:

          Self defense is a Republican thing though. Best firearm to buy, one you can handle and are comfortable with. Gun control = hitting the target.

    2. Bill says:

      Sandy, your right, but we also need a revamp in social welfare programs. How many billions of $ are these liberals stealing from us? If they are caught in drug use, violent protesting or refuse to work or work under the table then they need to be kicked off these welfare programs. Our country treat illegals better than our veterans! It really is time to drain the swamp, county by county, state by state all the way to Washington DC.

      1. Randy Mason says:

        What part of the US Constitution as “We the People” do you not understand? Placing blanket accusations are the product of the paranoid and judgmental mind. There are more people on welfare in the red states than the blue states. if you refuse to seek American made and thus not invest in America, thus creating homelessness and lack in jobs which is required for your happiness; would you not be more concerned with the happiness you acquire from understanding that you are making people in this country poor, homeless and raising the point of poverty? In accordance with your choice in investments, you yourself are part of this problem by being anti_American, anti-patriotic and buying those outsourced products.
        I would guess you voted for this fascist we have in office today.
        If you voted for this fascist, could you place justified reasons to go against out ways in life and go forward with that of Nazi Israel or Germany?

        1. jtintx2 says:

          Know your history or STFU!! All that you stated makes NO SENSE AT ALL!!

        2. truthseeker says:

          You need mental help now Mason. You like ALL liberals are crazy and think the responsible people owe you just because you exist.

    3. Randy Mason says:

      On the contrary, there is a movement to boycott the conservative means. I know of not one person in favor of boycotting the choice in buying American made and seeking businesses that are concerned with the planet and the future of our children.
      Let me explain some Constitutional facets to you.
      Our US Constitution begins with “We the People”; notice that word people is capitalized? When studying law one discovers that each and everyone of us have specific rights and that we are to be equal in design by and through the US government. There is a problem in this design, for the wealthy, especially the conservatives feel that our laws and code should be in place to favor those of the wealthy and especially of the right by force.
      When Justice Scalia died, our US Constitution provides that the president shall nominate, while the Senate confirms; yet this did not happen, instead the conservatives held this Constitutional instruction at bay till there was a republican president; thus, this was stolen through fascism.
      Those of America that are prone to conspiracy theories, which include the process of paranoia were mentally instilled with the fear and prejudice of Hillary and Benghazi, which she had no connection to, yet those of the weak mind believed it from their hate of women, this country, and their absolute hated for the US Constitution and this country, along with those that occupied the witch hunt against the same for emails. I am fortunate to have a high IQ and the study of law, along with religion to give me a good basis for knowledge; also to mention in honors from the beginning of my education with earning Deans list mentions, and earning Certificate of Excellence for three straight years at a community college instructional assistant. I understand what evidence is and that there were no form of evidence shown whatsoever for any of the false claims against Hillary, yet from those lies and false attributions, America has entered the realm of fascism with this fascist child at the helm today.
      This election was interfered with by an outside country who is in favor of this fascist, Trump. This country has been operated in different administrations as EPA,Department of Education, USDA and we all have had the grace in opportunity to see this country with its beautiful public owned lands, which are now at threat by this same fascist in office. I recall living in Ontario California and the air was dirty from pollution; today it is clean and one can drive up there, say from where i live now, San Diego, and not have the burning and choking that one would do in the past; then we have the Dept. of Ed. which has brought children up to have the availability to go to any university in this country for they created standards in graduation capacity, which too allowed for America to strive in education within the world; then we have the USDA which watches and overseas the practices with regulations to protect the animals from abuse and torture along with healthy foods for human consumption, which is now available to abuse, torture any animal and cases of salmonella or other food born diseases; and last is the public owned lasts that you and I own and there intrinsic beauty and the teachings to our youth in their majesty to be auctioned off to the highest bidder for profits rather than the people of this country. America has always been a great country; only weak minded individuals can state otherwise.
      The people of this country are those of the design in the US Constitution. It places each and every single person as equals, yet as mentioned before, the wealthy, which began with the right side from Justice Powell’s memorandum, which in design through schizophrenia and false claims scared the right corporate to outsource American jobs to break the power of the middle class and have more wealth for themselves, thus having the capacity to be more powerful politically over the citizens of America; while when president Carter was in office, he saw the design and its harm on this country and this society and asked his congress to change the corporate code to balance the inequality, but the wealthy democrats in office understood they they too would loose money and changed the code to favor wealthy and corporate more, thus injuring our economy even further. Thus, today almost everything is outsourced and in education economists and other business related studies teach it protegees from man made terms the need to outsource to mandate wealth. I ask these individuals why is it necessary to create poverty and homelessness to have a successful business and why is it necessary for one’s happiness in business to create others to become or be homeless. Of course none has had that form of thought brought to them for the only thing they understand is: it is all about me!
      Everything in my opinion should be first run through the concepts of the US Constitution.

      You have the right to hate everything about this country and try to blame it as a blanket on the liberals, but let mask you why you have a problem with people that seek information and apply that study liberally? Another question: I consider myself a progressive. I seek that which is harmed and seek for the proximate cause to that injury and thus work toward correcting the real existing problems. On the other hand we have conservatives, which only want to include in this “We the People” only those of the religious (schizophrenic) or those that seek wealth and are wealthy (addicts of greed) and those that are generally paranoid in a fear of an injury without the basis in fact for that injury without any whatsoever in proximate to its causation.
      I don’t care which side your are on or who you voted for, but if you have children, in my opinion, we have a US Constitution that states: “‘We the People’ of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic inequality, provide for the Common Defence, promote the general welfare, and to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”. I may of missed something there but can you notice that end word? Posterity? It means to our future children and their future children. This in general is what the average liberal, progressive and or democrat lives for. This is about you just as much as it is about me. I would vote and fight for your right to equality and justice just as strongly as I do the same for this country and its people with this document in my foreground as my lead.
      Please, can you be a little more definitive on that which the liberals has done wrong and against you. Also, all words in parenthesis are mental illnesses. Have a great day.

      1. Missy12524 . says:

        Ok, the left is everywhere and violently protesting even when they do not know why they are there! The left tries to deny anyone who has a more conservative view his/her right to free speech. We see it every time there is a protest! Who do you believe are the wealthy here? Mostly Dems. I don’t see most of them doing anything now but whine and hate those who want change. They had their chance. They failed. The government bodies (esp. Dems who believe they know what’s good for us – and we don’t) have to realize that we don’t work for them. They work for us! We have spoken. It’s time for them to stop the tantrums and move forward.

  2. Robert Barnes says:

    watch Netflix movie INSIDE JOB next watch youtube.com video FUTURE SHOCK 2016 2020 The question is how soon can we make all these people dead.

  3. Fedup says:

    There’s something wrong with obama. He is taking hillary’s loss personal like it was his loss. He didn’t lose a race against Trump. Obama needs to be under the care of a mental professional before he does something drastic in an effort to ruin Trump or our country.

    1. Bettie Newton Haycraft Engler says:

      During the primary Obama said if the dems did not vote for Hillary he would take it personal. There is the answer why obozo is taking it as a personal loss.

    2. Norma Lewis says:

      He needs to be in prison that’s where he needs to be at,, he has caused treason

      1. catnap says:

        He has not only caused treason by letting Hitlary run wild as Secretary of State, he has COMMITTED treason on numerous occasions. No one will hold him to account, though, because they might be called a (wait for it) RACIST.

    3. Fenris81 says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure that the past 8 years were “Something Drastic” in an effort to ruin our country.i have never seen any previous sitting president do anything more to harm our country that what that whackjob did in his 8 years. Not only that but nobody has still been able to prove that he even actually “Won” reelection for his second term. That is seriously disturbing as well.

    4. Kevin Morrison says:

      It was not just a loss, it means their plan could not reach its conclusion. Keep in mind that neither Obama, nor Clinton or really anyone that is offended by the current administration love America. They are hell bent set on its destruction and that part should be perfectly clear to everyone!

    5. nicholsda says:

      He is taking it personal because of what he said. His comment before the election said he would take it so if Hillary lost. She did so he does.

    6. Randy Mason says:

      What authority do have in understanding mental health? Let me ask you this: do you believe in God? If so, then you are mentally ill and have qualities in delusion.
      Why are you so for a fascist?

  4. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    Maybe some DO think Obama caused the recession. I don’t. It WAS caused by Barney Frank and the liberal Democrats who were WARNED by Bush 43 in his SOTU in 2005. But what Obama IS responsible for, is the snail pace recovery he implemented and oversaw.

    1. Norma Lewis says:


    2. advocacybz says:

      There was no recovery it was an 8 year recession and the reason was Obama continued digging the hole deeper by QE. He used the easing to keep the market pumped up with totally unsustainable valuations for which even the Blue Chips built through stock buy-backs and G&A cuts. No real bottom line growth only growth through contraction. Now, there is some confidence and the Blue Chips will stop buy-backs and other manipulative artificial tactics and use cash to drive bottom line profitability. The companies were forced to sit on cash or use it for stock buy backs. Now, that cash can finally find a growth cycle and go into expansion.

      1. Mikal Gastpipe says:

        I had forgotten about all the QE’s, which gave the illusion of a recovery. You are right, of course. GOD bless.

    3. Missy12524 . says:

      He did enough during eight long years to say that he didn’t help at all.

  5. Francisco Guerra says:

    I totally back up Sandy Hensley…….the truth will conquer

  6. advocacybz says:

    White recently resigned from the SEC chair and thus the SEC will now be cleansed of the anti-business campaign instituted by Obama and his minions. as to the Fed there are certainly moves Trump can institute to quickly soften some of the necessary blows that must come about. Sadly the political sway of the Fed is on both sides of the aisle and the power brokers have little intent of providing any benefits to the American public. The so called banking cabal is the Fed and as such there is not much that any President can truly accomplish. yet there is some leverage and Trump is the very kind of non-attached leader who could in essence grab the Fed power cabal by the throat (nice term) and create the needed leverage to force them into reasonable balance.

  7. Jill says:

    throw obama in jail for being a traitor and hillary for all her crimes and george soros for scheming to collapse americas economy and then you will have a chance to win some people over to the good side.

    1. Larry Lawless says:

      The connected and rich don’t go to jail

    2. nicholsda says:

      Trade Soros for Snowdon. That way both the US and Russian get a chance to use their legal systems.

    3. Randy Mason says:

      What has any of them done? Come on not name calling as a child but actual facts.

      1. Missy12524 . says:

        Too many to list. Besides, if you were paying attention, you would know the facts of what they did to this country!!!

  8. Pete Paradissis says:

    I don’t care what happens I will always back President Trump!!!!!!

  9. AzDi says:

    Ron Paul has been talking like this for YEARS. BUT, maybe this will be the time. Hope not. In response to some of the comments, I truly feel Obama has been behind all of this obstructionism by the democrats. He had said he was staying in DC because of his kid in school. It is really because he wants to protect his legacy (which was nothing and is on it’s way out anyway), and I think to control the democrats. Look at the horrible delays, and stupid crap they have been doing. Yes, they are evil, but I do think Obama is behind all of it. In addition to all the protesting. Being paid by Soros, and others. I agree with Sandy also. Twitter is all over the Hollywood idiots, the big money stores and businesses all against Trump. WE DO HAVE A MOVEMENT… so let’s keep it up.

  10. Pete Paradissis says:

    Obama,Clintons,Soros should be buried under the prison as of yesterday.

  11. Phillip Lake says:

    And when they achieve this great coup who are they going to put in charge? The great dick sucking degenerate Dictator Obama. WE WILL FIGHT BACK PHYSICALLY AND IT WON’T BE A BUNCH OF SNOTTY NOSED LITTLE PUKE KIDS BREAKING WINDOWS.

  12. George says:

    Obama is an AH; he is the one that destroyed our economy while he was in office.

  13. Avraham Cohen says:

    Shalom Aleichem,

    The title of this article is wrong to begin with. In order to bring peace to the world we need to eliminate thoughts and words of revenge. Those who use such words are part of the problem, not the solution.

    1. melissasmom says:

      “Vengeance is mine” , saith the Lord “I will repay” Now to get everyone to follow that, at the same time.

  14. Kevin Morrison says:

    So the double down massive debt that Obama created has nothing to do with it right? GIVE ME A BREAK!

  15. Mike W says:

    I wonder how long it will take liberals to figure out that Obama’s “revenge” on President Trump is the further destruction of the USA. Of course that may be their goal too.

  16. Vicki McCormick says:

    I do not believe that Obama has any “plot” to wreck the economy.

  17. GERALD says:


  18. harpo49 says:

    we need to thank the communist muslim b*****d Onumbnuts for the ten trillion he and his dumbocratic a holes racked up

  19. Missy12524 . says:

    It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but there may be some truth to this threat. Obama is as angry as Hillary is about his legacy not being what he wanted, and is not shy about sounding off even though his time is over. Unfortunately, part of his legacy is the violent behavior from the left every time we turn on the t.v. and either see or hear about a new protest! The only people who seem to have some sense and are not behaving violently are people who did not vote for more of Obama’s failed policies with a Hillary win! It’s a shame that differences that once made our country interesting and diverse are now violently rejected from the left. Ah yes, the tolerant left. The left that is hellbent on destroying our country. It is very disturbing that some of our young people are gearing up to take us down the very slippery slope to socialism in our future. Don’t they realize that they would not be able to protest anything if they succeed in taking us down this path? Their words or wishes would not be heard, and they would be punished if they were to express themselves (esp. in the violent way they do now). The leftist professors who are brainwashing them to behave this way are not teaching them to think for themselves! They are like the female professor who was screeching, and using filthy language to express her twisted views!

  20. JRobb says:

    Show your true love for America our Constitutional Republic display a decal that says it all: “Love America Buy American Hire Americans” CreatorisLiberty/store put the Bible and Creation back in our Schools. Throw Evolution out, there is not one Fossil that shows progression from one Kind to another Kind, there is no Science involved it is all Propaganda they are feeding our precious Children.

    Illinois Supreme Court in 1883 said, “Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the Redeemer of Mankind. It is impossible that it should be otherwise. In this sense and to this extent our Civilizations and Institutions are emphatically Christian.”

    Emphatically Christian comes only from the Bible of our Founders. According to the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Freedom can only be “endowed by our Creator” because we cannot Trust one another if we try to live under Man’s Laws. Man’s Laws are corrupt and ever changing according to whatever Power is making and enforcing them. Our Creator’s Laws are wholesome, clean, honest, pure, equal, just and never change.

    In 1854, House Judiciary Committee said, “In this age there is no substitute for Christianity, that was the Religion of the Founders of the Republic and they expected it to remain the Religion of their Descendants.” CreatorisLiberty.com/store for book “America Come Back”

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