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You Won’t Believe How Obama Just Attacked Trump

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  1. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    he’s gone best day of my life!!

    1. mcgyver35 says:

      Second best day would be when he and Hillery are locked up for treason against the AMERICAN Citizens. (legal ones).

      1. aschark says:

        In Gitmo! As cellmates!

        1. Claire Berke says:

          Hope so . There is no reason why Hillary should get away with the emails and Benghazi scandals.

          1. Judy Selich says:

            Let us not forget the “pay-for-play” schemes of the Clinton Foundation! Could someone point to the law which permits a government official to “supplement” their income by selling bits and pieces of America? There is a video online where Clinton is “negotiating” the sale of American equipment to a foreign buyer and she clearly and unequivocally states, the sale would be much quicker if the foreign buyer FIRST donates to the Clinton Foundation. The buyer is clearly surprised, but I was shocked. This went on for years.

      2. Evan says:

        Right you are!
        Maybe President Trump will make that happen and soon!

  2. mcgyver35 says:

    If only everything he screwed up went with him

    1. carolhock says:

      Yes, too bad…

    2. RuFus92 says:

      Ah if only it were so what a grand day it would be.

  3. Jim Johnson says:

    The eight year nightmare is finally over.

    1. Judy Selich says:

      True! For the past three months, I was certain Obama had one more “surprise” for America that would scare us all. I am glad I was wrong.

    2. Judy Selich says:

      The past three years seemed like a lifetime! I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. Instinctively, I felt he wanted to do “one-more-thing” as a surprise. It would have been something designed to scare us to death. After Clinton lost the election, Obama pulled out all the stops; his rage was a living thing! Never mind that he was willing to destroy America as payback for the loss of Agenda 21; any weapon would have sufficed.

      1. reverand on the west coast. says:


    3. Evan says:

      And we can all be THANKFUL for that! I am glad the
      lowlife is finally gone for good! Hope obama is never seen
      or heard from EVER again!

  4. George says:

    Obama you were to raciest and too much a gay lover to change Washington. You were the normal Democrat, give everything away to the lazy. Obama you and you alone destroyed the moral fabric of a once great America. There is a special place in hell for you.

    1. carolhock says:

      He was the worst and made everything he touched worse…..You tried to destroy us all….

      1. MARYANN33 says:

        He certainly added to the mess of the LGBT and desicrated the military…totally…Trump will restore that proud part of America and soon.

        1. Judy Selich says:

          Not everyone is concerned about all of Obama’s edicts, but I his “bathroom edict” is over-the-top! How is that a “presidential duty”?

      2. Judy Selich says:

        We ended up with eight long, very long, years of Obama because the bandwagon refused to adhere to the Constitutional parameters of “Natural Born Citizen”.

  5. William Meekins says:

    The news media should not cover him anymore. He was the worst person ever in the White House. So, why should anyone listen to him!

    1. RAY FRYER says:

      The only ones that will be covering him is CNN.

      1. Bob* says:

        Every time he complains about something Trump does, ABC, CBS, and NBC will report it.

        1. Judy Selich says:

          Apparently, the former president is unwilling to recognize that he is now redundant. His sly, behind-the-scenes meddling is designed to undermine and disparage President Trump. Obama will keep stirring the pot to subvert Trump’s presidency.

    2. Judy Selich says:

      It is difficult to understand, but millions of people “loved” Obama, and even Clinton! That is impossible for me to comprehend.

      1. 3CatLady says:

        Me also, I can’t fathom where the media says his approval rating is so high. Maybe they asked whether America was glad to see him out of the WH and thought the American people approved of him. It boggles the mind.

      2. MARYANN33 says:

        The younger generation was so brainwashed in schools to make them into socialists that they lost the ability to recognize truth when it hit them in the head…Socialized forever…..imbiceies.

      3. Cimmie Depriest says:

        Because he said wonderful things, they wanted to hear and then went around congress and did all the crap that nobody listened to or heard about. Because it was on the qt. They are still fooled and don’t believe it.

  6. RAY FRYER says:

    Yes,your side lost because you and her were LOSER`S.Shut up and get the F out !!!

  7. James says:

    Seems BO is worried more about President Trump undoing all the ruination BO created! He acts like he is speaking for the American people; yet he was the one going around the world telling other world rulers that America was the problem. Good riddance to him and all who supported him!

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      Just wait until all the truth about who he really is comes out…The crazies will have it right in their face that he was totally illegal president and yet will never believe truth..But We the People will be vindicated as we knew who he was from the very beginning and it has been very painful until now. We will so rejoice in the absolute ridiculous truth about him…..

      1. Judy Selich says:

        MaryAnn33, there is a saying that is particularly appropriate: “there are none so blind as those who will not see.” Too many did not want to see; they preferred jumping on the bandwagon. Obama’s meddling and stirring the pot needs to stop! He failed to achieve his goals (U.N. Agenda 21) but that is his problem, not ours, and certainly not President Trump’s. There is no question in my mind that the reason Trump was elected is due in large part to Obama’s failure to adhere to his oath of office; his secret plans, and his insistence on erasing our borders.

  8. Bernie Lounds says:

    Obama caused more strife between the blacks and whites than anyone in history.He did more to destroy this country than anyone in history.He is a ghetto Black that resents anyone with authority and never listened to congress just skirted around them with his executive orders,he demolished our military because that was a sign of power and told the blacks to kill the police all because he can’t stand authority.Just typical black.

    1. doranp says:

      racism has nothing to do with black or white skin color-it has to do with the color of one’s heart-fool. There are alot of mind-controlled, idiot, self serving, stupid people out there of all colors and religious persuasions who would shoot themselves in the foot or kill their own for a debit card-COLOR OF THE SKIN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. That being said, the bi-racial Obama, is a pathetic probably lab creating victim of the alligators in the back room-i feel sad for him and all who do evil–but that does not mean that he and his controllers get a free pass-take their power to do harm away from them and THEN forgive them for they know not what they do–that when they harm others, they also harm themselves in the long run–just LOOK at Hillary and Bill NOW–sad pathetic legacy of evil–and no, not because they are dems–look at their leader Poppy and Bar NOW-if they really are in the hospital, which i doubt-any recent picture of any of the lot betray the wages of sin.

      1. Bernie Lounds says:

        Maybe you should go to Washington and preach to those rioters,That would probably stop them ,Right.Especially with Obama egging them on.

    2. Judy Selich says:

      Obama’s “stock-in-trade” was the blame-game: “we” are divisive; “we” are selfish; “we” are racist. What he failed to understand, is his entire presidency was geared to what HE wanted. It had nothing to do with what was best for America. Last night, my husband and I watched a three-hour interview of Louis Farrakhan on the Alex Jones online program. It was educational, profound, and almost life-altering. The difference between Obama’s daily dose of rhetoric and Farrakhan’s first-hand experience with racial divides and his historical knowledge was the difference between night and day. Farrakhan is obviously a brilliant, educated person. My husband and I could not stop watching this interview. If you have an opportunity to see this, I highly recommend it.

    3. MARYANN33 says:

      And he was just such a tiny part black…Now Herman Cain would have made the blacks proud and happy.

  9. Sidney Rohrbach says:

    You poor deluded fools. Trump is a monster and you will soon rue the day you supported the jerk.

    1. hearmetalking says:

      Sidney you must quit eating crap, your breath stinks.

      1. Sidney Rohrbach says:

        You are the coprophagic one, you poor deluded moron.

      1. Sidney Rohrbach says:

        Don’t have to – your fuehrer is doing it for me, asshole!

    2. Jean Rutz Dunn says:

      Sidney go have some more kool aid

  10. Chris Brown says:

    It’s over. He’s gone. Move along now…
    God Bless America!

    1. Howard says:

      Yeah like the Democrats did.NOT

    2. Judy Selich says:

      Chris Brown, he is not gone. Obama purchased a mansion very close to the White House. Of course, he bought it when he thought Clinton would be elected, but he wanted to be available to micro-manage a Clinton presidency, particularly UN Agenda 21. Thankfully, we dodged that bullet.

  11. tompinva says:

    We’ll see if that “somebody” gets to Trump…….Illuminati? or something always seems to get to these folks. Will be interesting to see what happens.

    1. Volarekathy99 says:

      He’s probably already a part of it. It’s obvious he likes their global agenda.

      1. tompinva says:

        Hope you’re wrong.

  12. Libs R Loons says:

    Even on the way out, Obama’s still full of chit.

  13. clem says:

    I never want to see or hear him again.

    1. Lee Strabel says:

      Amen to that

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      I did not watch or listen to him in my home either…He will be in the very bowels of hell with the devil himself…Just what he deserves…He will never complain of cold throughout eternity…Extremely hot down there.

  14. Lee Strabel says:

    Oblowhole, and his never ending lines in the sand. He a comedian. A very bad one. Hahahaha

  15. doranp says:

    Obama is a pathetic stooge of the cia, the bushes, and the boys/reptiles in the back room-and a legend in his own pathetic mind. Trump is very definitely a wild card,-probably controlled by the Jesuit faction of the cia-and probably bought and paid for by the multinational corporations-and maybe by China-who one meme says owns 80% of Trump’s debt. That being said, he could also be a Mahatma–a great soul come to usher in the golden age–all bets are off with Trump–if anyone wants to really make the world a better place for all, strongly suggest holding for the highest good of ALL in all Trump and crew do going forward instead of acting like coke head alligators in a feeding frenzy controlled by a computer run amok.

  16. Hotnike says:

    Obama, you were and still are the threat to the republic! Gitmo needs to get a space ready for you!! Ride into the sunset like a good little boy!

  17. patrick says:

    the american people will now see just how lazy obummer really was. he spent a fortune on vacations and hiding his college records but did very little to help the middle class americans. lost jobs and welfare is his legacy

  18. isBubba says:

    Obama knows all about presidential “norms.” He was the King of norms … shattered ones. He didn’t abide by ANY norms set throughout our history by past presidents. Just look at all his criminal activities in just his last week in office!

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      He must go to Gitmo for trial and hanging….

  19. joe moore says:

    hooray the wicked witch is gone. i hope this country never ever sees the likes of him again. go trump.yeah.

  20. sobelle says:

    Nobody cares what Obama says or thinks. He’s in Palm Springs and has to pay their way back so he’ll probably just stay there for the next 20 years and play golf.

    1. Volarekathy99 says:

      I wish. He’s got a house rented in Washington DC and probably wants the press to keep coming to interview him as if he were still president. He wants to cause all the trouble he can for Trump. Other presidents go on and lead quiet lives and let the new president lead. Obama has no plans to do that. He could do something good and go back to Chicago and help stop the constant murders and black-on-black crime.

      1. MARYANN33 says:

        Let us now talk about the popularity that CNN and others report. Did any conservative you know or anyone at all you know ever take part in that poll…NO we did not get to vote and our vote would have been about 2% approval if it were a real poll.

        1. Volarekathy99 says:

          No, no one ever asked me or my husband who we were going to vote for! I don’t know anybody that they asked, either! Makes me wonder about all these polls and who they are calling to ask their opinions!

          1. MARYANN33 says:

            Fake polls of only dems.

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      It actually is a pretty good place for him…Swarming with gays…all over the place.

  21. Kevin Morrison says:

    Yea we saw how standing up to Obama when he was eroding our country in front of our eyes and how that worked out. He has a lot of balls telling us to stand up to Trump if he starts eroding the norms. What a worthless piece of shit Obama is and I know I am not alone in saying good riddance to that worthless piece of shit! It is going to take Trump two or more years just to get our country back to the way it was prior to this pricks erosion! Drain the swamp will have to wait until we get erosion control in check!

    1. Volarekathy99 says:

      RE: Obama. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    2. MARYANN33 says:

      Term limits alone will drain most of the swamp….

  22. jong says:

    Well ole jug ears is about to learn what CONSEQUENCES really mean. Him and the rest of the DNC

  23. Lori says:

    I would like to see Obamarat Hanged for Treason !

    1. MARYANN33 says:

      I do think that his hanging will become reality. We have law and order now under Trump. He must pay for all his lies and crimes and treason…..What a thing he pulled on all the dummies here in this country. How he hates all that is good and clean and white and Godly.

  24. Rob Waddell says:

    Obama is afraid because he knows Trump, will be a better POTUS!

    1. carolhock says:

      Yes, he does know that….

  25. carolhock says:

    So glad Obama day’s are behind us..Am so delighted we now have Trump……

  26. Bill says:

    Welcome Donald Trump as our 45th President! Now our country can get healed from the past 8 years of upside down government. We got your back President Trump!
    Congratulations on your well deserved victory!

  27. Susan says:

    We the people need to warn Obama to keep his nose out of Trumps decisions. The only reason he is staying in Washington is to continue stirring up trouble. He and all his followers need to pack up and go to Kenya. Maybe he could become President over there.

  28. Reverend1 says:

    Obama, I hope you read this. Go back to Kenya you ni99er. You did enough harm to our country. I hope Trump undoes everything you signed into your law. You should be arrested and shoved into prison along with Hellery.

  29. charlie says:

    finally the mus-slime is gonen now PROVE he was ineligible and we can ERASE ALL he as done

  30. Fenris81 says:

    I don’t quite see anything as an attack against Trump in reality. Donald will be sworn in as president and I think that he like every president before him will take his positions with reflection on what came before him as the president of our country, and like every president before him, he will bring his own processes and goals as well as his own personal way of doing things to the office. I can’t imagine that any previous president did not reflect on the history of our country, and not find that retrospection to be an invaluable tool in their own term. Whether people like it or not, the past does and will continue to shape the choices before you as you move forward. I just hope that we as a people can stop bickering between ourselves because we have different values and priorities and try to move forward in life and that we could try to stop viewing things as being me against you because I am a Republican and you are a Democrat! This ideal basis is divisional and causes so much strife and unkind feelings between us as a nation with rights to freedom. If a good idea comes about, it should not matter if it came about because it was proposed by one side or the other and contested because of party affiliation, it should be looked at for it’s merrits, not whether a Dem or Republican came up with it! I do not see any attacks here other than the articles author trying to stir up I’ll will and confrontations. Name one president who has NOT tried to offer the incoming successor some advice? Solicited or not I have a feeling you can’t actually name one!

  31. Lilly Putney says:

    He is a jerk and has been from day one when he was elected. He looked at McCain and said. I won you lost so get over it.

  32. RuFus92 says:

    Why is it that when I view Obama I see an arrogant asshole and when I see Trump I see someone who is irritable at times but never any arrogance.

  33. Hal Downing says:

    President Obama was never a mystery he hated America and now
    he is history.

  34. James1vc says:

    Stand by for “Part Two” of the 0bama Agenda…Although he appears to be out of the White House many of his minions are still on the scene.. Watch for continued 0bama mischief……

  35. Linda Weir says:

    I OBJECT to journalese rubbish, that was no attack , just a skillfully presented linking of his work to the now new president.! very restrained

  36. john says:

    Trump said it was time to drain the swamp and the biggest stink just left. I wonder how many people saw through his BS and he was trying to destroy America. Thank God he is gone now we have to see if the morons that are demonstrating because Hillary didn’t win will ever come to their senses…..if they ever had any!

  37. twchilds says:

    In response – weak, devoid of the important content requiring specific reference in his statement and thoroughly Obama.

  38. Tom Bayer says:

    CAROLLHOCK I hate to say it but ( barry seotoro aka hussein ( barry obama ) i hope you get the picture that these two names are one in the same! please look it up and while you look that up type in how many tallainban training camps are in the united states of AMERICA AND IF THAT DOESN’T SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU THEN YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! THE ONLY WAY THE COUNTRY WILL BE SAFE FROM OBAMA IT TO HANG HIM OR PUT HIM IN A CELL FOR ONE AND NO PHONES OR LETTERS OR DAYLIGHT! HE IS WORSE THEN A SNAKE AT LEAST WITH A SNAKE WHEN YOU CUT IT’S HEAD OFF YOU HAVE A CHANCE AFTER THE SUN GOES DOWN! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND THIS COUNTRY!

  39. Jim says:

    obola and his minions should be DEAD. Period.

  40. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    Obammy and Congressional Democrats want the Norm kept which would mean they would be in control which is the reason we have the massive debt and job killing regs we got from Obammy. Trump needs to do exactly the opposite of what Obammy says and that would be best for this Nation.

  41. Bayside GolfClub says:

    obama lies. he says ‘he thinks’. He does not think. He is a rabid ideologue of bs that was pumped into his skull since an early age. If he actually thought, he would have tossed all that garbage pout long ago..

  42. gotcha1 says:

    The establishment politicians, democrats and republicans, should take notice. The president is not one of them and is working to restore the integrity and ownership of the US government back to the people of this country. Too long have these politicians made their move to Washington and ended up padding their own pockets at the expense of the taxpayers. Every American citizen should be happy that we now have a chance to take back out country with leadership for the people. The last administration has to be the worst since we started electing presidents. Hopefully, all the campaign promises will be enacted and we be a strong nation again.

  43. Marcia Fridland says:

    Obama has refused to acknowledge the will of the people. Trump has tapped into that will with tremendous success.

  44. RST54 says:

    Talk about eroding norms – that’s just what Obummer did himself.

  45. ReaperHD says:

    If the PEOPLE would just ignore the POS NIGGROER maybe it will go away.

  46. Dirty_Old_Madman says:

    Obama care made those who were working but couldn’t afford insurance because they made to much to get the poverty benefit, and to add insult to injury this year the same middle class workers are being forced to pay $695 to pay for the poor. Please President Trump end this madness that was brought upon us by EX-President Obama.

  47. reverand on the west coast. says:


  48. Houmid says:

    I think we’re well rid of Barack Hussein Obama. I suppose there are a couple of things he did in office that were of benefit to the United States; but very few. It’s still going to be years to undo the damage he did.

  49. Original Anna says:

    What a joke he is, norms, he did nothing but erode U.S. norms. He literally gave LGBT the right to rule the nation, the courts and the presidency. He is the one who put homosexuals in our embassies overseas and raised the homosexual flag in place of the American flag at the embassies. He even put the White House in the colors of the homosexual flag. What kind of president of the U.S. puts a flag relating to sexual activity in place of the American flag on our embassies to represent the U.S. He never stopped Soros from paying rioters to burn businesses and homes of people living in the areas they were rioting in. He made criminals of the police and heroes of the criminals. He wanted to give more and more taxpayer money to the very people who rip babies apart and suck their brains out to kill the baby because some selfish, stupid woman refuses to give life to the baby and give the baby to someone who would love the baby. He helped ISIS kill Christians and Muslims alike and than brought them into this country to kill us. He with his no-borders encouraged people to illegally come into the U.S. and take jobs of American citizens and the criminals and drugs came with them. He made no attempt to save American citizens from these rapists, killers and drug runners, even allowed them to get a free education for their kids in our schools from the taxpaper and welfare, access to our social security that workers put their own money into, etc., etc. Norms, he has balls telling Trump to not shatter norms when he means for Trump to not shatter Obama’s norms while Trump wants to bring back our U.S. norms, meaning our Constitution by which we have been living by and the blacks were freed under.

  50. Hugher says:

    Guess what he did before walking out the door..? True,,google it.

    “Obama Gives Palestine $221M hours before leaving office before Trump inauguration.”

  51. Norma Davis says:

    obama is evil , will have his day either behind bars or 6 feet under God willing !!

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