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Obama Just Repeated This Insane Lie

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  1. Countrysunrise says:

    I’m just counting down the days. Every day is a new lie. For 8 years, I’ve heard his name broadcast, and I’m sick of hearing it already!! I’m not preudiced, I’m just sick of hearing about his failed policies that he continually puts his spin on, to make it sound sweet as sugar!! At least with President-Elect Trump, we aren’t going to have to deal with the Establishment, and he has hit the ground running, working on the job he has promised to do, getting more jobs in this Country, and bringing Millions of dollars into this Country as well. I’m excited to see what else he’s going to do in his 4 years, possibly 8. He’s off to a rip-roaring start!!

    1. Joel says:

      If his mouth is moving or brain thinking, its a lie.

  2. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Right.. Put the muslim brotherhood back on the Global terrorist list and obama goes down in flames.. AUTOMATICALLY.

    1. drbhelthi says:

      Plz add the vice president that put them back on USGov salary in 1984. Former DOJ attorney, John Loftus, revealed the info in his semi-autobiography, “America´s NAZI Secret,” p. 26.

  3. Allan Scott says:

    Let’s face it folks, our illustrious failed president suffers from a disease called narcissistic personality disorder. It’s not just that he’s a pathological liar, but he believes in them too! All of then! Mentally he’s unfit and really needs to be put away.

    1. sjc0116 says:

      he’s classic definition of sociopath

    2. margie says:

      And he gives himself a medal. . . how narcissistic is that

      1. Dave Nettles says:

        But he had to give one to Joe also, he just couldn’t stand the way Joe was pouting. What really did it was when Joe said “Mommy Always liked you best”.

    3. Camille Gilliam says:

      I like the way you stated that! He was a pathological liar even in high school, a lady who new him said that a long time ago. Now you don’t ever hear or see anything about her. Hope she is OK.

    4. drbhelthi says:

      The alias, B.H.Obama has not acted alone. He and entourage have been supported by the western world media system since his arrival in Chicago in the 1980s. The owners of the “western world media system” continue to support the reversal of Americans´ choice for president and the subterfuge of the alias, Obama, actively interfering with the presidential transition. Searching the internet on the words, tapnewswire, 96% , calls up the identification of the secretive organization that sponsors the subterfuge against Americans that alias Obama has led for over eight years.

    5. Don Keith says:

      ”Hey, Allan you hit the nail on the head.”

  4. janjomi says:

    Had bozoo run for President again he may have mobilized the dumbest of our society but NOT every one remember the old saying ” you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

    1. zappo777 says:

      He is building a wall around his DC residence—probably knows people will put him down given the chance!!

      1. rottenrollin says:

        Pray for it.

  5. John Gasper says:

    For sure…….There has NEVER been a greater Jackoff in the oval office than Sotorea or whatever his name is!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Chuck says:

    I guess my question would be the following: What kinds of scandals didn’t he have?

    1. Les Landers says:

      You can’t say’s not having any affairs! Two words Reggie Love!! Need I say more?

  7. John Centonze says:

    What a sack of “you know what” he is!

    1. mpdMD1965 says:

      Don’t forget his partner in crime Hillary Braindead Clinton

  8. Velma Saccone says:

    Jarrett is his muslim boss and she would defend him. Thank God she will be gone along with the Obummer family in another 13 days. There have been numberous scandals and probably more we don’t know about yet. One of the biggest scandals is the 100 million dollars of the money they sucked from the taxpayers for their pleasure. I didn’t have a vacation last year but they used our money and had many vacations.

  9. MarcJ says:

    As a former refugee from a communist hell I recognize the principal features of the incipient communist regime here in the United States:
    1) Secretary General of the Communist Party USA is our President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama – a Marxist Muslim half-breed;
    2) The party’s Executive Committee are the White House advisers of whom 16 are members of the Muslim Brotherhood; these are in full charge of all government departments whose nominal bosses are just figureheads;
    3) The Agitation and Propaganda organization of the Party consisting of our Main Stream Media: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Herald, and literally hundreds of local newspapers, television and radio stations; then we have Google, Facebook, and Twitter; on the other side, there is only Fox (sometimes) and American Spectator, National Review (also sometimes).

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      A new one is AON which the dems were trying to get rid of .

  10. RightStuff44 says:

    Absolutely jaw-dropping what this ill-bred boor will say! “Enthusiastic” drug abuse and its harmful effects on the youthful brain is on full display. Folks, arrested maturity is incurable. Thank your lucky stars that we’ve made it this far with this wacko teenager at the wheel.

  11. David Stewart says:

    This bum needs a UA; he’s gotta be on something strong!

  12. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    “Valerie Jarrett” is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who tells Obummer when to take a crap. She has run entirely almost eight years. He is a pawn to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    The entire group in the White House should be prosecuted.

    1. sjc0116 says:

      proof is we suffered with him for 8 years and the Egyptians got rid of the muslim brotherhood in 1

    2. Barbara says:

      He has appointed a lot of Muslims to run this country and when Trump appoints someone they cause a hoopla over it. makes me sick . I will be so glad when this varmit in the WH is gone.!!

    3. Merle Dickey says:

      Loretta Lynch is also a muslim sisterhood . He has an almost all brotherhood cabinet now !! Thank heavens they are going to be gone !! I hope we learned a lesson to never elect someone like that again , He isn’t even the first black president he is a half white and half mongrel arab and 7% black . !!!

  13. Dick says:

    Obama lie? What did you expect? The last time Obama told the truth was in 2007 when he said that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president.

    1. sjc0116 says:

      and then lied in 2016 about the same thing. 🙂

    2. mpdMD1965 says:

      The only truth he ever spoke. Imagine her competency now, 8 years later. She would spend her time a corner blabbering to herself.

  14. Joel says:

    “…scandal free administration.” Whatever. I have the same chance of being a Navy retired 3 star General, as him having had a scandal free administration.

  15. ScoutBird says:

    If Obama or his minions mouths are moving they are lying. Democrats couldn’t tell the truth if their own life depended on it. They care not a whit about anyone else’s life.

  16. Libya21 says:

    Right…and he’s a Christian and he never goes to church. That was just a line to dupe poor blacks he “hoped” would elect him! And he has an American birth certificate that;s not real. And a SSN that belongs to a Frenchman born decades before him. Impeach and jail the traitor and LIAR!

    1. sjc0116 says:

      don’t forget the interview with george Stephanopoulos where obama says clearly ‘my muslim faith’. to which georgie says, ‘your christian faith’. obama dutifully replies, ‘my christian faith’. You don’t forget what your faith is. he slipped up and georgie covered for him. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=george+stanphanopolus+faith+obama+interview&&view=detail&mid=67F4704523DD01D1A99567F4704523DD01D1A995&rvsmid=2E4086798D423A94F2BE2E4086798D423A94F2BE&fsscr=0&FORM=VDQVAP

      1. Barbara says:

        I recall in his earlier days at the WH , he made a statement of being a Muslim and something like if the danger comes along he would stand with the Muslim. I am sure other people remember this also. He is a Muslim.. I think he had his Grandmother killed off when he was running for President as they wanted to get rid of traces that could hurt him..

    2. rottenrollin says:

      He’s a Christian, ha ha ha, but he goes to Mosque if not to church.

  17. ReaperHD says:

    This POS NIGGRO is gone in a few more days.

    1. rottenrollin says:

      We hopes and prays.

  18. robmanwiller says:

    This ass-clown lies to himself in his sleep, and lately he’s been troubled and lying about sleep-walking!

  19. willr3 says:

    a real nut job to the end. Only 14 days til he’s back in Kenya or GITMO !

  20. Joseph Schlag says:

    The biggest scandal of all is Obama care. The numbers never add up. They have inflated the numbers so they can steal billions from the tax payers of this great country. These people need to have their passport taken and they need to be under house arrest.

  21. BooBooBaby says:

    Wow! The Looney Lying Lefty Racist Race Baiting Whiny Loser Nutjob LIBERALS just keep on believing this President and his administrations BS!

  22. BooBooBaby says:

    Tell me Lies….tell me Sweet little Lies…..tell me Lies…..

  23. Nikita63 says:

    If he actually believes this BS, he should change his middle name from Hussein to INSANE. That would accomplish two things : accuracy and at least it would be AMERICAN! Does this guy and his party even live on the same planet as we do? I DON’T THINK SO! He and his party all belong in rubber rooms for the safety and welfare of us ALL!

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      This why so many dems are indoctrinated because” he” believes “he” is the greatest !! I wish for the protection of all of us he has a early demise .

  24. drbhelthi says:

    The alias, Barak H. Obama, has functioned as an operative of the western world media system, since his transfer from Pakistan-Afghanistan to Chicago. His supporters who “vetted” him eligible for the POTUS slot, he and his supporters have constituted one continuous scandal the entire time. The failure to vote against the UN resolution to require the leadership of Judaism to adhere to the original boundaries of the 1948 land-grant, fraudulently named “Israel”, was an appropriate fluke. Many more should have occurred.
    The western world media “system” has supported Obama, the Bundy travesty, the DNC, the Hitlary Clinton entourage, the continuous fraud of the FBI and the lie that Russia hacked DNC and Clinton computers. The Clinton insider who leaked the damaging information was murdered on the streets of DC by two assassins who set up the murder as a robbery. However, nothing was stolen, revealing an assassination. The owners of the “western world media system” continue to support the reversal of Americans´ choice for president and the subterfuge of the alias, Obama, actively interfering with the presidential transition. The source of the continuous subterfuge is identified by tapnewswire. Searching the internet on the words, tapnewswire, 96% , calls up the answer to the secretive organization that sponsors all the subterfuge.

  25. JST says:

    Only 13 days left and America Cannot get RID of this SCUMBAG Fast Enough!

    Get out of the White House and take your FREELOADING Family with you.

    8 years of OBOZO is the true definition of WELFARE FRAUD!

  26. ProudSCresident says:

    I wonder what he and all of those libs who believe this crap are smoking.

    1. Merle Dickey says:

      They all seem to be brainwashed by this administration .He was trained and supported by someone , I would imagine it being Soros. I wonder just how much damage Soros really has done to this country . We need to kick him out of the country for sure !!!!

  27. mike says:

    Oh its much worse. He and Hillary are “DEMONICALLY CHALLENGED” along with the entire satanic establishment. The light warriors need to pray more and energize the vibration of the earth to the point that demon beings vaporize and earth becomes a DEMON FREE ZONE. Let me hear you say amen.

  28. toothii says:

    No scandals you say? Let’s start with Fast and Furious. We’ll follow that with the ACA in it’s entirety, no need to spout specifics…the entire law was based upon lies: “If you like your Dr you can keep your Dr and if you like your ins, plan you can keep your ins plan…it will save the ave family over $2400/yr. Then let’s consider the US support of the Muslim Brotherhood that led to anarchy in Egypt, Libya, and others. This, of course, helped to create the environment that led to BenGhazi(probably the biggest lie packed scandal). Does anyone remember the “Red Line in the sand re: Syria? How many innocents died because Obama did virtually nothing? More recently, under Obama’s watch, is the accusations of Russia meddling on our elections. That’s not a scandal, but Obama stating that he knew about the hacking over a year and a half ago and did nothing about it because, to use his own words, “…we thought Hillary would win…”. In other words, no need to get one’s undies in a bunch, because we will prevail in the election. That’s the scandal, folks! Ignoring the Russian hacking based upon the assumption your party would win. I won’t even touch on the Race wars, class wars, gender wars, religious wars, all initiated under Obama’s rule . Finally, one of the biggest scandalous statements of all, made just yesterday, during one of his “Farewell Speeches” was Obama’s statement that he thinks race relations have improved under his watch. I say, farewell BHO. Don’t let OUR WH door hit you in the A$$ on the way out! You have left DJT a mess and I believe you have created this all on purpose( see Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals”). I have read both of your books and how anyone could think that you and your wife truly love America is beyond me!

  29. John Williams says:

    Obama claims to be born in America,, Then how did he get a free education paid for as foreign exchange student ? So if he was born in the USA, he committed a crime by getting aid for his education as a foreign student, and his fake or stolen SSN takes a lot of explaining. It would be interesting to hear the truth, but we never will, as it would be too embarrassing for the country to admit we voted this fake into office without truly checking his background. Obama came into office with no experience other than being a community organizer, and he has the nerve to say Trump is not fit to be the President.

  30. Jerry Y. says:

    Wow! Talk about living in a fantasy land. Nothing but scandal since running in ’08. Hope a full investigation reveals the truth about the worst family. We could survive the world laughter if it would remove this stain on our nation. Born in Kenya or, lied about being foreign born to get student aid thereby committing felony fraud. Either way not eligible to be president.

  31. Ron says:

    Please get his records unsealed. Then bust his ass.

  32. skelnav88 says:

    He really is a legend in his own mind! He is the worse leader in the history of leaders. OK. That may be going some, however he is the worse leader in the history of this country.

  33. Anvil6 says:

    “Shovel-Ready” Jobs (where’s the MONEY NOW?); Operation Fast & Furious (he heard about it from the media); Obamacare (keep your doctor and plan while SAVING money); IRS Targeting Conservative Groups (not a [bit] of evidence); Benghazi (not a terrorist attack just a spontaneous demonstration caused by an internet video); Secretary of State using a private unsecured email server for both classified official business and personal use; Pigford scandal; NSA spying scandal (AG Holder THANKING E. Snowden for exposing our surveillance programs); 5 GITMO Taliban commanders traded for one traitorous Army deserter, Bowe Bergdahl; Iran Nuke deal AND hostage RANSOM PAYMENT; EPA “cleanup” turns Colorado River ORANGE (not even an “oopsie”); GSA Annual “bash” wasting taxpayer money; VA Healthcare Waiting List (death list) scandalS; Solyndra (textbook example of crony capitalism); Secret Service (“Gone Wild” like college students on spring break when doing pre-visit presidential security work in South America); “Government Shutdown” Theatrics; US Attorney General Eric Holder becomes THE FIRST Cabinet Member of a sitting President to be held in Contempt of Congress EVER and is NOT FIRED. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch meets privately with the husband of a woman under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION by the FBI (an agency under her command), refuses to indict despite undisputable evidence, AND IS NOT FIRED.

    Obama’s right – he doesn’t have a SINGLE scandal, he has so many that he used all his fingers, thumbs and NEARLY all his toes just to COUNT them.

  34. rottenrollin says:

    Totally deluded, is he?

    But then he’s a Progressive.

    An ideological POS.

  35. rottenrollin says:

    You almost have to admire the way these progressive aholes lie……..

    Except for the damage they do to our country.

  36. David Stewart says:

    Yes, the Kenyan is certifiably insane; he awarded Joe Biden some sort of “Freedom medal” yesterday; only thing I can figure is it is a Freedom from Thought Medal, since Biden has proven his inability for independent thought many times!

  37. Merle Dickey says:

    Ha! He needs to be tried as a traitor to this country and hung . I have no sympathy for the dems that have backed such a thing as Obama !!!

  38. Nikita63 says:

    He is a deluded,unfit and lacking in adequate credentials super colossal FAILURE of a president by ANY CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARD and he should have been removed long ago for malfeasance and dereliction of duty as well as the utter violation of his oath of office, if he took the same one as all the others. I have a degree in Government and have had it and a combat tour in Vietnam for nearly fifty years and EARNED the right to righteous dissent. BUT, this cretin and his leftist lunatic minions would mandate every aspect of your life and eliminate private property, all freedoms and individual liberties if they thought they could and, look at the constant attacks on AMERICAN traditional Values, its Christian history and, the Bill of Rights and the assault permitted across our borders and actually ENCOURAGED by this Emperor wannabe with delusions of Godhood. Good riddance to him and that non-elected creature which thinks it is the epitome of a resurrected Marie Antoinette. Thank God there is SOME sanity remaining in this country, and as of this Friday, it will no longer be politically incorrect to so state and fear RETRIBUTION!

  39. rowdy matt says:

    He’s a bigger bird brain than I thought he was….If he thinks Real American Voters believe a word that comes out of his mouth….He’s done NOTHING but Lie from his first term to his last Day…Thank God that Nit-Wit is GONE….Him & his Wife had Nothing Good to say about America….But They sure did Love “Their Vacations” all on the American Tax Payer….WORST president in American History…That’s Your Legacy, Mr. Obama

  40. Texas Belle says:

    Total delusion; he doesn’t recognize a scandal when it hits him in the face. Of course the MSM didn’t expound on any of them so he thinks they didn’t exist. The people know better.

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