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Obama Stabbed Trump In The Back In The Most Disgusting Way Possible

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  1. Askjrsk says:

    Obama proves you cannot make a silk purse out of a sows ear. In Obamas case it’s a pigs rear. How can one expect any more after eight years of a failed illegitimate fraudulent presidency. Obama will be charges on several counts. GITMO will not satisfy we the people and in eight years be fried in a band New fry baby chair. No more malfunctioning Texas style old fashioned chairs.. MAGA

  2. Palmer says:

    Obama is a lying piece of Shit. He hasn’t told the truth in 8 years. Why is he still here? Go Away. He’s sick and needs Therapy.

    1. awaitingtherapture says:

      He did tell us the truth one time, and we were to stupid to understand what he meant.
      He said that he was going to fundamentally change America. We just did not understand that he meant into a third world hell hole .

      1. Annie says:

        Not only did he say he wanted to “Change” America..but after all his stinking policies, we were only left with “Change” in our pockets! He’s a dirty pig!

        1. WilliamHarrington says:

          Annie – At least you had change and a pocket to put it in.

          1. noah jonas says:

            And along came William Harrington to prove Annie is right.

          2. granny_forUSA says:

            you sound like a liberal sheep with a low IQ, and hate the USA as much as bozo……..

          3. Cecilia Robarge says:

            Soooo leave the USA of you don’t like it. You won’t be missed. duh….

        2. Richard Bagenstose says:

          your right his moto should be hopeless and broke

      2. Gen11American says:

        Some of us understood it from the moment we heard it! We also tried to wake up Americans to what that Marxist Muslim Homosexual Globalist Puppet of George Soros intended to do to our country if he was elected. But the stupid Blacks and the Anti-American Whites voted for him, along with millions of non-citizens and illegals which the Democrats flooded in for decades. My hope is that the Voter Fraud Commission will prove conclusively that Obama was fraudulently elected so even the dumbest Blacks and most treasonous Socialist Demos will discredit him!

        1. tinker1 says:

          truth is real!

        2. Moe says:

          Problem is we got the best Congress money can buy. The democrats ability to control health care, and the media means they are shoe ins to return to power.

          1. noah jonas says:

            Moe… Here’s hoping it does just the opposite. The recent elections show that people are finally waking up to the dangers of the Left-wing Democrats. In the passt I have voted both GOP and DNC, but after seeing what the Dems have done to our country in the past 8 plus years, being so partisan, I could never risk voting for another Democrat.

          2. Moe says:

            The Democrats do have a few normal politicians, but they like most minorities are fearful of openly showing their common sense views and values. Only good thing about lying barrack is he might of made it easier for the Amerucans to elect another black man who deserves to be Presudent based upon accomplishments and not bullpoop. I know many conservative blacks in my community whom as well support trump. Home ownership is the key to liberation from government dependency said Dr. Carson whom I worship as a leader ,my first choice prior trump. They fear openly showing their support. I would never again vote democratic unless they started to represent all the people not just the voters they bought or rich liberals whom live behind 15 foot high was guard by electric shock, armed guards and nasty guard dogs. Those liberals want open borders since they do not fear undocumented slides here illegally. In reality one guy made the mess this country cuts in now and that was sneaky lying President obama.

          3. Gen11American says:

            After the damage and racism Obama demonstrated, and all his transference of white wealth into the hands of blacks, muslims, immigrants, and illegals, I very much doubt ANY BLACK will ever be elected again in these United States! It just isn’t worth the risk! Nor should the legitimate majority ever give up power to a dangerous minority group which regularly threatens us with White Genocide!

          4. Janelle says:

            We certainly aren’t getting our money’s worth, Moe……..talk about a howlingly bad return on investment.

        3. MsC says:

          Don’t forgot all those votes of the deceased! Some of them voted MULTIPLE times!

        4. noah jonas says:

          Is there a person in this country who believes Obama is not still trying to destroy our country and way of life?

          1. Gen11American says:

            I’m sure the 84% of Blacks who voted for Obama in 2012 still think he’s the greatest president we’ve ever had, and likely won’t be dissuaded from believing that even if he is indicted and convicted of treason against the US! Why? Because 50% of Blacks are so anti-White, they don’t care if this nation is brought down as long as Whites suffer!

          2. Mkay19 says:

            What they don’t realize is that when the muslims take over that will be the end of blacks

          3. Gen11American says:

            No, actually, since Muslims strongly believe in slavery, the Blacks will again become beasts of burden just as they were until April of 1865. But Blacks just don’t listen so they’ll have to learn things the hard way. I presume they’re thinking that if they participate in Obama Muslim coup against Trump that they’ll have a seat at the table. Instead, they’ll be serving those seated at that Islamic Republic Caliphate Table, begging for scraps just as they had to do while the Ottoman Empire existed!

          4. Robert Zraick says:

            Plenty. Obama Zombies forever.

          5. granny_forUSA says:

            Yes the liberals, muslims, & illegals.

      3. John Martin says:

        “too stupid”, not “to stupid”, stupid

        1. awaitingtherapture says:

          What a pathetic, unimportant life you must have. Is correcting someone’s grammar the high light of your day ? Is it the only time the facts and the truth are on your side. ENJOY !

      4. Janelle says:

        Not all of us bought the hopey changey baloney. 20 minutes on the internet gave me plenty of reasons not to vote for him.

      5. Gen11American says:

        Some of us realized how dangerous he was from the first moment he opened his mouth, and from the first time we heard Reverend Wright’s racist anti-White rants! But there are just as many stupid Whites are there are stupid Blacks, and the Establishment refused to believe claims of massive voter fraud in 2008, so there was no way to undo the damage that Obama wrought for 8 damn years!

    2. Gen11American says:

      He’s been pandered to and elevated by Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, and Globalists from the time he was a cocaine-snorting Black Muslim NOTHING. That tends to create narcissist, power-hungry despots, and that’s what Americans experienced during his 8 year reign! The only way Obama will shut up is if he’s forced to do so. Being investigated and indicted by Congress for UnAmerican activities should do the trick. They allowed him to run rampant over our country for 8 years. They now have a responsibility to end his Deep State activities before he initiates a violent Black Muslim coup against our Constitutional Republic! There has to be reason Obama snuck in Syrian Muslim refugees and placed them in affluent White Christian communities all across this country. Since Muslims don’t assimilate, and Obama knows it, it’s doubtful he did that to hasten their cultural transformation into Americans. Being a Muslim himself, I’m sure he’s determined to force Americans to transform or die!

      1. noah jonas says:

        Gen11… Unfortunately you are right.

      2. Wayne_63 says:

        “COME AND TAKE IT”

    3. Rodger K. Shull says:

      he will never tell the truth, NEVER

    4. Gen11American says:

      No, actually he’s your everyday variety of Muslim who lie to infidels because it’s sanctioned in the Koran as long as it furthers the goals of Islam, including world conquest. Obama certainly performed that task well, including allowing ISIS to conquer 1/3 of Syria and 2/3 of Iraq after our soldiers spent years ousting al Queda terrorists!

  3. LANI says:

    The liar in chief is no President. He was a wanna b dictator. He cant b an adult and shut the hell up because he wants to b relevant. He misses being in the WH and is jealous of President Trump. He misses hearing his name daily on the news or whatever. Hes also a America hater, & hes evil. He has no class & will never grow up & b a REAL MAN! Im frankly sick of him and wish he would fall off the planet!

    1. polly says:

      Just a jealous sour grapes person Let him continue you may find he will fall in the hole he is trying to dig.

      1. Lynn says:

        Oh he is going to fall that much I truly believe! ALL of them our going to fall. God is not going to let them get away with all they have done. I don’t know about you but everything that I have ever done wrong always came back on me in some way by three folds!

        1. Gen11American says:

          You’re right! Same thing has happened to me. A Biblical scholar with a PhD in Theology informed me just last evening that Karma doesn’t exist, but however that force is dubbed, I’ve been slammed with it nearly every time I’ve ever erred! Each time I took up risky sports, they busted me up until I finally got the message! Quit or die!

    2. John says:

      He misses Sasha and Malia rubbin it with Snoop, Beyonce and JZ

  4. Darlene F. Donston says:

    Since the Illegal Muslim Obama cannot keep his mouth shut, then he should be arrested and put behind bars down at Gitmo for committing TREASON to America every time he got a chance, plus giving away OUR taxpayer money to Muslim Countries!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, for CREATING ISIS and then doing NOTHING about them!

    1. polly says:

      Now we know why Gitmo is still.opened

      1. KDC says:

        Then they need to used it!

      2. Annie says:

        He should have been in there by now!

        1. noah jonas says:

          Obama’s mouth and illegal actions are paving the way for him to Gitmo. When that day comes we should all let out a huge CHEER.

      3. MJL says:

        Gitmos to good for that Bastard

      4. Darlene F. Donston says:


      5. Gen11American says:

        It’s still open because Congress refused to close it while Obama was still in office, and now that Trump is president, he has no intention of closing it. Another big disappointment for Obama, but none was greater than his inability to disarm the American people while he was in office. Now CA Governor Brown is trying to initiate gun control in that Leftist-run state. That would prevent the citizens of California from protecting themselves from millions of angry illegals!

    2. MJL says:

      He needs a Double tap Nine to that hard head of his, that Muslim POS

    3. Robert Walters says:

      Give him some options: Gitmo, Syria or tar & feathers. Run him out of Washington on a rail, like the old days. He needs to shut his fucking mouth.

  5. Pauline Kasper says:

    The Obumanation needs to shut his over sized, lying mouth. I don’t recall any previous Presidents trying to undermine their successors’ efforts. I suppose that he got used to being in the spotlight for 8 years, and cannot relinquish it to Trump. I suppose he was hoping for KilLAIRy to win the election so she could continue his failed policies. Too bad, Barry! Please get lost!

    1. Lynn says:

      Oh If you would watch Fox News at 10:00 when Sean Hannity is on you will see that a lot of stuff is now coming back on Obama! People are starting to talk! And proof of what he has tried to put on Donald Trump is coming back on him! Believe me he truly did believe that Hillary Clinton would win! And when he seen that she was not going to win he tuned all the Russian crap on Donald Trump! It is coming out with 100% proof that he new that Russia was trying to hack the election in August or October and he did nothing about it! Because he thought that she was going to win . When he seen that was not going to happen he then made up the lie about Russia trying to help Donald Trump. There is proof that Obama and Hillary Clinton are the one’s who where colluding with Russia. It is all coming back to bite them on there ass. They are going to be calling him in to answer some questions under oath. Hillary Clinton’s access to the government is being stopped. They don’t do that unless they have a very good reason. The swamp is being drained. But keep praying for our president and our country! This country so needs a Revival.

      1. Gail Wasden says:

        Hannity isn’t the only one [ushing back at the Lying Liberals. Facebook had a post a few days ago (which one assumes is real since it was identified as happening as it was filmed) where people who were Trump supporters were denied entrance into a meeting in LA being held by Maxine Waters to lay out her latest nastiness against President Trump. They had to wear a yellow bracelet and stay outside. One black woman let our a loud rant about how Ms Waters, who is very black, has done nothing to help the blacks anywhere but especially in the LA area she represents (but doesn’t actually live in!) Pelosi is beginning to get push back from Democrats who are finally waking up to the fact that she isn’t dealing with a full deck anymore. Some indictments and big jail time would maybe finally convince the snowflakes that liberals aren’t the party of the people and are only interested in gaining power over others.

      2. MsC says:

        Obama under oath? Do you really think that means ANYTHING to him? roflol

      3. Gen11American says:

        Any investigation of Russian influence on election would likely lead to disclosure of all the voting fraud schemes the Democrats routinely utilize. Without them, I doubt Obama would have been elected president in 2008, nor re-elected in 2012. The Democrats made a serious mistake by flailing President Trump with months of lies about his collusion on the election! The truth about voter fraud is now coming out, and imagine our satisfaction if it’s proven Obama was a totally illegitimate president who only won because of illegal votes by non-citizens? Even the dumbest blacks who still worship Obama will likely be disillusioned!

    2. erleebird says:

      I’ve always believed Obama to be a hip-hopping showman! Since Hollywood loves him so much, perhaps a part can be offered him as a traitor to America! He’d win an Academy Award! Can you imagine him being given the “Profiles in Courage” award? John F. Kennedy is probably rolling over in his grave!

      1. Gen11American says:

        I seriously believe Obama thinks he’ll be appointed King of the One World Government if George Soros and the other Globalists succeed in disarming the American people and destroying our sovereignty. They can’t do either while Donald Trump is president, which is why they’re attacking him constantly!

        1. erleebird says:

          How true! I am awed at the strength President Trump shows with all this “garbage” thrown at him! Fortunately, he appears to become stronger as each barrage is thrown his way! I think we picked the right person to save our country – a true patriot who believes in America and Americans. Obama (the silver-tongued devil) is a pariah whose anti-American deeds may soon catch up with him (and Hillary; and Soros; and Pelosi and Waters and Shummer!) Justice may be just around the corner!

  6. Joe Overlease says:

    This entire bill must be simply over turned, there is no need to replace something that was not needed in the first place. I grow weary of the pussy Legislators we have in office on both sides of the aisle. Each of us are responsible of our own bodies and for our own health care. The insurance companies have been raping the country, the people and the treasury for years. Want to reduce the cost of Health care re work the insurance industry, let companies compete across state lines. Kill the federal health care act. and do it now, not in 10 or fifteen years. all at once chop chop. Just like they imposed it on us.

  7. Annie says:

    Time to put duct tape on his eyes, mouth & ears! He’s a waste anyway!!! Here’s my description:

    O bnoxious
    B affoon
    A rrogant
    M aniac
    A nti-Christ

    1. Nutmeg Man says:

      Mighty clever and oh so true.

      1. Annie says:

        Thanks! And here’s his first name:

        B i-racial
        A ngry
        R acist
        A sinine
        K inky (he married Manchelle)

  8. KDC says:

    Poor BO. You can bet he’s seathing inside with what Pres.Trump is doing. His anger is showing by his big, lying mouth. He needs to go away. Sane people don’t want to see him, hear him or know he’s still around. The usurper needs to be in prison for his illegal crimes. That’s what I want to see; retribution for his hate for America as a country, hate for the Constitution, and hate for the American citizen. Go away, BO, while you still can.

    1. Annie says:

      And he has the right initials….B.O. = HE STINKS!

      1. KDC says:

        Yup, that’s why I call him that!

    2. tinker1 says:


      1. noah jonas says:

        That would be a fitting end to Barack Insane Obama.

  9. Reverend1 says:

    Obama and his whole family are nothing but muslim pieces of shit that should be tried and hung by the neck till dead….

    1. Nutmeg Man says:

      That’s much too extreme. Just ship the world’s biggest liar and worst president in history to Iraq so he can live with his Muslim buddies in ISIS and not damage this country any more.

    2. Lynn says:

      Him and his so called wife. But until his kids do anything wrong I’m not going to wish them any harm. They did not ask for this!

      1. noah jonas says:

        I predict Sasha will be the only Obama to come out of this unscathed. The other girl has already taken up Barack’s drug habit.

  10. icemancold says:

    Any one who believes that the Lying Muslim Hussein Obama will sit on the sidelines and keep his pie hole shut is sadly mistaken. HUSSEIN OBAMA will do anything and everything he can to continue the Destruction of The United States because in his half BLACK MUSLIM heart he HATES THE USA and everything it stands for namely FREEDOM of the PEOPLE.!!

  11. Joel Goodman says:


    1. pittpaul says:

      Don’t hold back, you racist cracker. We’re going to take away your baloney, white bread, and ketchup for that statement. You’ll starve!

  12. C.T. Dixon says:

    I wonder why if Obama is supposed to sit on the sidelines and stay quiet, why isn’t everyone else here following the exact same standard, since everyone appears to believe that no one can speak out about things they perceive as wrong. The comments here are symptomatic of the problems of American politics today, no one on the right or left can seem to have a civil discourse and agree to disagree without resorting to ad hominem attacks and personal insults.

    1. nicholsda says:

      Because ex-Presidents don’t harass the current President. That is the tradition of the office. But then 0bama never stands on tradition. Can you imagine the howls that would have come from the left if Bush had done this to 0bozo?

      1. C.T. Dixon says:

        Please tell me where in the quote from Obama is any harassment of the current President? I don’t see Trump’s name anywhere, but I do see references to Congress and the Republican Party. This article is just an attack piece on Obama with no grounding in what Obama apparently said per the provided quotes.

          1. C.T. Dixon says:


  13. Nutmeg Man says:

    First this guy becomes the biggest liar in history. Then he becomes the worst president in history. Now he has become the biggest scumbag in history. The guy becomes more of a disgrace and embarrassment to the country by the day. I just wish he and that unpatriotic Michelle would take their two children and head for Iraq to live with ISIS so he doesn’t destroy the country any more. He’s already push it far enough into the abyss.

    1. Annie says:

      You mean, “Manchelle” & the daughters were on loan from a couple they are friends with!

  14. oncemorearound says:

    Slime before entering office. Slime in office. Slime out of office.

  15. Why does this man still exist? Someone will put him in his place, which will be in a hole about 6ft deep! He is a disgusting person and an asshole to boot! He should butt out of Americas business and do it soon! His presence is not required, needed, or wanted! Hopefully he is on the run as mentioned in a previous article I read, and has become a problem of the people in Bali! Or, come back here and face certain arrest for crimes against We the People, sedition, and treason!

  16. Glanda Widger says:

    Has anyone of any age noticed that the more evil and destructive a democrat is, the less likely there is ever an attempt on his life? Kennedy refused to follow the dictate and he was dead. As well as many republicans have been shot at. Kind of makes you wonder just how far reaching this democratic process to control the US goes and how many countries own democrats in high places..

  17. Sid Real says:

    Obama is one that needs to be thoroughly investigated!

    1. Annie says:

      Unfortunately, not as long as evil George Soros is in the picture!

      1. nicholsda says:

        Soros need a midnight rendition to Russia.

  18. Sid Real says:

    And I might add be brought to justice!

  19. RONALD WIEDER says:

    What do you expect – from the very worst president – in U.S. history !

    1. Annie says:

      Should have never happened! Evil forces were & are behind him!

  20. Alan404 says:

    To blazes with Obama, he is an “ex” president.

  21. Bayside GolfClub says:

    when obams says “that’s who we are”….. America has figured out he means alisnky radicals, communists and islam-radicals.. And the democrats are all but extinct…

  22. Gary Smith says:

    The SOB needs to be sent to Gitmo and lose the key

    1. nicholsda says:

      Nope. Put him in the hold of a leaky ship headed to Kenya. If we got lucky, the ship would get hit by a Cape Roller before it got there.

  23. myfordtruck says:

    there should be a way to put a gag order on him from talking about politics and Trump best thing is ship him where they like him Kenia and put him on no fly list afterward

  24. Mary says:


    1. Carol Hyndman says:

      Of course, he believes he is still president as well as relevant. He figured that he had been elected for life. He can’t understand why he does not have immediate and unquestioned access to The White House.

  25. Melody Reed says:

    So why is the program imploding? Why are people losing their healthcare? I thought former Presidents of the United States were expected to respect the new administration, and stay out of their business. It’s time for you, Mr. Obama, to be quiet. You had your 8 years…..that was enough!

  26. Fortuneless says:

    I hope Obama goes to jail and is executed for sedition. One thing for sure there will never be another Nigger President,,

    1. Lynn says:

      We have not ever had a black American president! Obama is a Muslim he is not a black African American . He was not born in our country! I would not ever vote for a black democrat. And if I ever did vote for a black president he would have to be one I truly know a lot about. I like Dr Ben Carson but I don’t believe I would vote for him because I don’t believe that he could handle all of the hate that people would put on him! I don’t even trust anyone in our government to run right now but our vice president! I don’t trust Ted Cruz anymore! And I believe that Paul Ryan is not to be trusted and I believe that president Donald Trump should let him go! I don’t trust anyone that Obama gave a job to.

      1. pittpaul says:

        Barrack’s dad was Kenyan, that makes him LITERALLY, an African-American.

    2. Robert Zraick says:

      I can’t agree with your racist remark. But we do agree that Obama has set blacks back about 50 years. What a shame. He has a chance to bring the country together and chose to divide it. What a scumbag. His skin color doesn’t matter. It is his character which is non existent.

  27. srpatterso says:

    “We didn’t fight for the Affordable Care Act for more than a year in
    the public square for any personal or political gain—we fought for it
    because we knew it would save lives, prevent financial misery, and
    ultimately set this country we love on a better, healthier course.”

    Every single statement in that paragraph is a pathological lie. In fact, the OPP0SITE of every single statement in that paragraph is what is true.

    1. pittpaul says:

      20 million more Americans got health care coverage after Obama Care than before it. Where’s the lie? 24 million Americans will lose their health care under Trump Care. Dems’ da facts.

      1. Stever says:

        You have to live in a closet to mime that crap, Play in the dark much?

        1. pittpaul says:

          That is what you got Steve? More insult messages? Why effing bother? Can we talk about health care for a change, or don’t you want to think too hard? The CBO has analyzed the R’s plan and indicated that 20 million Americans will lose health coverage in the next 10 years. Are you

          1. Stever says:

            If you are counting on CBO to give you a honest number, think again, they are not relevant in a single case item. The count you get for those loosing their insurance is not backed up by those that are new entering and those re-applying to get back into the system. What fraudulent obama did not say, was that he wanted his healthkare to fail, because he ultimately, in his small mind he was pushing for single payer. Now as far as I can figure, the government should let the obama plan just burn and crash, showing the progressives that the Messiah of yours, had ulterior motives in his plan. The first mistake, is to allow the government to get their hands on ANY healthcare plan to provide for the country..government run is the ruination of anything it touches. You can cite a good example that years of having it. it still the most ill run healthplan and its called the Veterans Administration, where people die daily because of the professional government has its hand in the pie. There is nothing better than a competitive enterprise to handle the health system, cheaper, a major cut in graft and corruption and the the ability for the people to choose. Not onhealth plan that is rammed down the throats of the people and nowhere else to go.
            So you can take those bogus numbers that come from a government unreliable source and mime them all day long and will still have a crippled healthcare plan that will crash and burn down the road. The progressives were good at defrauding the country of the truth, obama will be a dark spot in our history of perpetrating a fraud on this country.

            In a message dated 6/28/2017 1:32:38 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

            “That is what you got Steve? More insult messages? Why effing bother? Can we talk about health care for a change, or don’t you want to think too hard? The CBO has analyzed the R’s plan and indicated that 20 million Americans will lose health coverage in the next 10 years. Are you” (https://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo)
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  28. John P Luciani says:

    I wish B Hussien? will depart from the public square and go off into the wilderness and stay away PLEASE!

  29. feduptohere says:

    Then stop posting every gosh darn thing he has to say. Ignore it. He thrives on publicity, and you press people jusr rub your greedy hands together every time he opens his mouth. WE DON’T WANT TO READ IT ~ I am sick to death of looking at that person, and will start to delete any and all posts that continue to follow and aid him, by posting his blather.

  30. chuck stanford says:

    He’s back to smoking that crack or camal sh*t.

  31. Rick D. says:

    The only ones who benefited from anything Obozo did were those folks who, at the 1st of each month, would say: “Where’s my free S***?”

  32. Richard Frick says:

    8 years? The lying POS has NEVEr told the truth. The Congress should sit back on its haunches and let the Dems sink to oblivion when OBcares less dies and they have bodily shit. Then tell the Dems to fix their own mess and stonewall all of their activity.

  33. Ohio Lady says:

    I would like him to just SHUT UP ! He had his 8 years to do whatever , much of it with the disapproval of many folks in USA and did a poor timid job with problems /wars/conflicts/relationships overseas .
    Now he is breaking presidential tradition and spewing at our elected President Donald Trump.

    Obama cannot really rest on any laurels.

  34. jackhy says:

    O’bunghole has firmly ensconced himself as the very worst POTUS in our nation’s long history with his back stabbing and lying treatment of Pres. Trump. He has not only an 8 year history of failure and disastrous handling of the Presidency, but he has violated all of the sacred traditions of an outgoing President with his present behavior. I can only hope the Congress and the DOJ will bring this traitor to justice along with his criminal cohorts in his admin.

  35. pittpaul says:

    Yes the ACHA (i.e., TRUMPCARE) it is a massive wealth transfer of health care for the middle and lower classes in exchange for tax cuts for the rich. Ain’t no denying that. I am so glad all you middle class folks have the needs of the wealthiest Americans first and foremost.

    And yes the cost of insurance market has bounced around in the 3 years that Obamacare has been in force. But that is expected in any new product, the cost will adjust within the market as insurers cover their expenses and profit. It will level out on the outlying years as the market matures.

    1. SGirl says:

      How can it level out when all the healthcare providers are dropping out faster than you can say BS?!!!
      When you push something that was built on lies, it NEVER works out for you! He lied and he had everyone around him lie!!!

      1. pittpaul says:

        You can still get ObamaCare: https://www.healthcare.gov/
        Did people who never had health care get covered by ACA? Yes.
        Did it go up in price? Yes.
        Did many insurers drop out? Yes.
        Is it political that they dropped out? Maybe.
        Will the market change again in 2018? Yes.

        What is the lie?

        The whole conversation about health care began in the 1990s when employers were complaining about rising costs. Clinton tried to do something about it to no avail. I don’t remember what W tried to do. And Obama and the Congress created the ACA. And here we are. What will the R’s do to control cost and assure everyone had health care?

        1. SGirl says:

          If you like your doctor…you can keep your doctor!! I could go on & on but you know the lies, you just choose to overlook the lies.

  36. Steve Flowers says:

    OBAMA…When this guy first ran for office, the out cry from him was Change! I told everyone that I knew that the Change that we were going to get was the CHANGE IN OUR POCKETS……DIMES, NICKELS & PENNIES, THAT HAT OBAMA GAVE US.

  37. JS says:

    Obama tried to interfere in Brexit Voting. He got totally whacked. Now he is supporting the his Muslim brother, Mayor of London. Obama should follow the tradition of the previous Presidents – be dignified and just shut up – no one wants to hear from you. Obama lost in a big way when the snowflake Hillary lost despite Obama’s active pleading to the Blacks and loyalist Liberals / Democrats.

  38. tinker1 says:

    delusional that’s what satan does and will continue as long as he worships the devil. payback will be worse for bho!

  39. Robert Walters says:

    Obama is a lier, a traitor to the American people, and should be tried for treason. He is a leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood. He is guilty of coulison with the Russians, wiretapping of Trump Tower during the election. He is corrupt up to his eyes with the Clintons. When these charges come to light, proven facts, his legency must be destroyed. Just as the Romans did, remove any history, pictures, etc. as if this traitor never existed. Put him in prison, cut off all communication and throw away the key. Nice dream, won’t happen. God save our great nation.

  40. RLMyles says:

    As a senior, a Christian, a veteran and a 42+ year registered Democrat, I could not believe the terrible job that Obama, the “community organizer,” did while serving as the POTUS. I thought that he was the most arrogant, narcissistic and incompetent fool that has ever served our country while I have been alive. In my opinion it appeared to me that he was trying to destroy America rather than leading us into a new era. Frankly, I am absolutely delighted that he is no longer in that office.

    1. SGirl says:

      You are correct but he did exactly what he promised to do during his campaign…”I will fully transform America” and dumb ass people fell for it.

    2. Stever says:

      Just wondering, the messiah did not work for you, did you vote for the TwiLight Zone menace, screeching Clinton? Another study in Treason, who should be enjoying a prison term. In your 42+ years of serving the left, can you name one thing that a democrat did for this country? Just asking…

  41. ROB says:

    You pushed that health care crap to gain better control of the American people barry. We know.

    1. SGirl says:

      You take us right back to good ole Alinsky:
      Control the healthcare and you control the people!

  42. Robbie Jacobs says:

    Prior to this POS became president I predicted that he had an agenda and would destroy our beautiful country and the rest of the world, and I was right.

    1. pittpaul says:

      We’re still here…you still got your guns.

  43. Deb says:

    I begged people not to vote for obama, he does not love America or it’s people, he is a devotee of lewinsky, just like clinton. He needs to be arrested for treason

    0bama does not like America or it’s people, he is a lying leach and needs to go away. I begged people for 8 years mot to listen to this “snake oil salesman” now we cant get rid of his mouth or offensive lies! Arrest him for treason, put him away or stop printing, recording or televising anything he says, freeze him out, We are done with his kind. Yeah President Trump, a real American.


  44. Moe says:

    Look, there is another tradition Obama, Lynch, Holder, Johnson, Rice, Leaner, and other close associates expect respected. That is the new administration does not investigate criminal deeds of the former administration. Look prior Obama was able to obstruct justice in scandals he was tied too on purpose with the help of a corrupt DOJ chief and army of liberal witch hunt lawyers and ambulance chasers. He is sneaky as the devil himself, but expects Trump to honor this tradition and do his goons. It would not take much if an independent inspector/investigator were appointed to probe the Clinton email and foundation cover up. No immunities for lawyer associates and only sworn testaments taken. A handful of honest federal law enforcement agents, not the FBI their full of shit, but an honest agency could expose the fifth column and Obama. Maybe a state agency like the state Troopers, someone we can trust for their intregity and honesty. The FBI leadership lost all credit ability, they work for Obama not the people they swore to protect. The people do not trust the FBI they are Obama goons.

  45. Richard Bagenstose says:

    he is still looking for his 3rd and 4th term in the white house so he can finish turning the u.s. into a communist sh*t hole like the rest of the world

  46. Timmy Edwards says:


  47. Dan Thurston says:

    The Senate version of Trumpcare makes severe cuts to the Medicaid program for low-income Americans. Many Republican supporters of the bill are responding to this issue by simply denying the cuts exist.

    A more intellectually honest argument is advanced by Avik Roy, a conservative health care expert, in the Washington Post. In an editorial published Monday, Roy acknowledges Medicaid is cut, but argues that having Medicaid coverage is no better than being uninsured:
    “The Senate bill repeals Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion — an expansion that has trapped more than 12 million people in a program that researchers have shown has health outcomes no better than being uninsured. In its stead, the Senate bill offers low-income Americans robust tax credits to buy affordable private health insurance, just as those formerly enrolled in Obamacare’s exchanges will be able to.”

    Roy’s argument is based on a single study in Oregon. That study, which tracked about 10,000 Oregonians, found no statistically significant mortality impact between people with Medicaid coverage and people without it.

    But there are a number of problems with the Oregon study that call into question Roy’s conclusion that Medicaid coverage is no better than not having any insurance coverage at all.

    First, the study only followed up with subjects after two years. This is a problem because it “may take years for important effects of insurance coverage — such as increased use of primary and preventive care, or treatment for lifethreatening conditions such as cancer, HIV–AIDS, or liver or kidney disease — to manifest in reduced mortality, given that mortality changes in the other studies increased over time,” according to several researchers writing in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) who reviewed multiple studies on Medicaid conducted over the past decade.

    Second, as Mother Jones’ Kevin Drum notes, research into mortality is further complicated by the fact that the average age of a Medicaid recipient is only 38. That means, even in a study of 10,000 people, you’d only expect 20 or so per year to die — a very small sample size.

    Monday morning on MSNBC, Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) countered Roy’s argument. He noted that the tax cuts that Trumpcare would deliver to the richest 400 taxpayers would pay for 750,000 people to be on Medicaid. Franken didn’t rely on a single study but cited the more comprehensive analysis of recent research on Medicaid published in NEJM. These researchers found that for every 750,000 people who lose Medicaid coverage, 1,000 to 2,000 people would die.

    Franken actually understates the case. The NEJM cited a recent study estimating that Medicaid expansion has saved one life for every 239 to 319 people covered. That means enrolling 750,000 people in Medicaid could actually save 2,300 to 3,100 lives.

    This also makes intuitive sense. When people have life-threatening illnesses, they need treatment and Medicaid gives them access to treatment. Without insurance, underlying health issues go untreated and can eventually be fatal.

    There are also other benefits to health coverage besides avoiding death. It can, and does, improve quality of life. In fact, the same Oregon study that Roy uses to prove Medicaid is worthless did report improvements in a variety of health outcomes that impact people’s quality of life.

    The Oregon study found significantly improved outcomes on a variety of issues — “depression, self-reported health, decrease in pain” — that “are themselves predictive of reduced mortality over a 5- to 10-year period.”

    Roy’s argument also assumes that those who are kicked off of Medicaid would be able to afford coverage under the Trumpcare exchanges. This population, however, is near the poverty line. Although some may be able to pay a small premium, Trumpcare only requires insurance coverage to pay for 58 percent of costs. That means very low-income Americans, who currently are covered under Medicaid, would be expected to pay thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs — money they do not have.

    1. ter334 says:

      So? What are you for or against? Your comments illustrate the fallacy that a govt program can solve all problems and give everyone low cost, excellent HC. All govt programs create dependency and expectations that the govt is there to serve. This is just not true. The govt is there to govern. And all laws discriminate against someone so the idea the govt can and will stamp out discrimination, stealing, murder, taxation, etc. is pure fantasy. Our form of govt is not perfect but is the best form of govt in the world. And not because of Obamacare, etc. but because our govt is defined by the Constitution and is not a DIY type govt that recent elected officials seem to think it is up to them to mold it into what they want it to be to get reelected. In reality our govt is made in the image of govt, the first ever? It is three branches instead of Three Person of the Blessed Trinity. All people elected to offices and appointed swear,make a commitment to be public servants and uphold and defend the Constitution. Not to engage in activities to enhance their careers or for the good of the “party”!

      1. SGirl says:

        Except now these low life politicians will swear to anything to get elected/reelected!!!
        Social medicine is a huge burden on any & all governments…it is impossible to make it work forever…all we have to do is look across the pond and see the bankrupt countries!

      2. Stever says:

        Our government started going to hell, with the first socialist minded president, Franklin D Roosevelt with his New Deal..He was the first active obama think alike. The Left has maintained a steady assault on the Constitution, since then. With this despicable 44th left wing tyrant, he was able to step on what we held true and destroy what made this country what it was, Great. obama altered that course when he ran rough shod over that great paper our fore fathers wrote for this country, In his wake of terror obama, found that the Republicans had NO spine to stop his attack on what we held dear. Not one Republican raised their voice to have impeachment proceedings against him for fear of being called race mongers and not saviors of what he was destroying…we are seeing now what he created and finding that his hidden government is now creating the havoc Alinsky, a mentor of obama, offered and obama created. We now have the Left wings answer to Brown Shirts and all we can do is hope that those we elected on the right, can steer us back on course. Do not place trust in the old SENATE GUARD, led by McCONNELL, remember he had eight years to get rid of ObamaKare and he flubbed, Now he is pontificating on the same crappola and he is running the clock, to save the abominable obamakare, to save his future re-election.

        1. Robert Zraick says:

          It goes back to Woodrow Wilson who sold us all out.

          1. Stever says:

            You are right Robert, I momentarily forgot Wilson was the fore runner of the UN,,,his League of Nations ended with the Roosevelt.. and now we are in the same pit with the UN, which is nothing but a waste of American tax payer dollars, but the dems could give a rip… I am for getting out of the UN, and kicking them off US SOIL…obama is the bottom of the barrel POC and should be brought to trial for his dealings..but its early now with the revelations being discovered, there is a chance that he will be disrobed and if not jailed, be identified for the fool he was. Good catch on my error. thanks.

            In a message dated 6/27/2017 6:30:02 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

            “It goes back to Woodrow Wilson who sold us all out.” (https://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo)
            _Settings _ (https://disqus.com/home/settings/email/?utm_medium=email) (https://disqus.com/home/account/?utm_medium=email)

            A new comment was posted on _Trump Address_ (http://disq.us/url?impression=43af7106-5ba1-11e7-9c73-002590852c3c&thread=5943888737&f orum=4702660&url=http://greatamericandaily.com/obama-stabbed-trump-in-the-back-in-the-most-disg usting-way-possible/#comment-3389014176:-hrgsth0vpHwChRRHzrklYAD1EU&variant= active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=3389014176&type=notification.p ost.registered&event=email)

          2. Robert Zraick says:

            It is refreshing to hear from you, as one who actually values the lessons of history. The average snowflake thinks that history began on the day they were born!
            Wilson also took campaign support from the banking cartel in exchange for giving us the Federal Reserve (Private Banking Cartel) and betrayed us all by putting these thieves in control of money.
            He also gave us the mechanism to run up the national debt and created the IRS and the personal progressive income tax.
            The Income tax was supposed to be a temporary tax on only the wealthy and was not to exceed 5%. Look what it has become. 100 years later we are 20 trillion in debt. We all work for the government for an increasing number of months which is a form of slavery.
            You and I did not agree to any of this. I say, end the FED. Make THEM pay off the national debt which they created. End the Income tax (we did not need it for the first 150 years of our country) and let us pursue our individual happiness which is our natural right.
            The current tax code has more words than the Bible!
            Wilson himself said “I am the most unhappy man, because I have betrayed my country, and put it in the hands of a few powerful men.”
            He died in regret, but the country has suffered for a century. It is time to end it, and with it the Big Government which serves only itself.

  48. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Why can’t they just repeal the whole thing, go back to the way it was before, & then come up with a new health care plan? Or is that too sensible? I know a couple of people that are on Obamacare, & they’re getting decent coverage, but I know others that it’s hurt more than helped. When premiums for some people go up to $1000 a month, & deductibles are $10,00, people are NOT happy with it. So far, Tennessee has lost almost all insurance companies, since none of them are participating in the Obamacare scheme. If they don’t repeal it, it’s going to collapse, & then a lot more people will be uninsured. It’s ridiculous that our Congress can’t get rid of it. They need to repeal, then worry about replacing.

  49. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    I don’t believe there iare words to describe how much I hate this foreign POS from kenyan. This bastard is not an American never has been and never will be in his wildest dreams. He is a kenyan born in kenya and schooled to hate America in Indonesia. He has no say so in our affairs ever again, he will eventually be found guilty of one of the biggest felonies committed in modern times not evening mentioning the spying done on political opponents that will also get him charged and hopefully imprisoned. It was one of the most evil crimes committed by an elected official….or was he really elected ? looking at recent findings the 5 million illegal votes was what most likely got this POS elected not once but twice and if that is ever proven to be true then he should be hung along with all those illegals. Ether this nation starts to get some balls again or it will be ran over by the likes of this ass hole from kenya. Nothing he does or says is a surprise, he is an enemy of the state pure and simple. Hopefully disease will take him out and spare us all the money we are going to have to pay this POS for life.

    1. Lynn says:

      I so agree with you!

  50. Wes says:

    Mr . Obama, you are no longer our president, so please just shut up!

  51. travis690 says:

    This is the continuing saga of the most un-American President in United States history proving how much he despises the traditions of this country and the office he was allowed to hold for eight years.

    During those eight years, the Zero butted his head against America all the time, with no interest in understanding what makes America great. To him, greatness comes down from government, instead of from the people who make the nation.

    He was completely bass-ackward on that, and his repeated pattern of criticizing President Trump is beyond disgusting. It shows him as a reprehensible reprobate.

    1. Lynn says:

      He should have never been our president in the frist place. He was not born in the USA. His birth certificate is a fake. I blame the democratic party and the Republican Party for not having it fully investigated. His real birth certificate has been out for them to see put nothing is even being done about it. And all because they don’t want to up set the black people. That is uncalled for!

  52. Pat says:

    wonder if Ob has any loyality in him……he is not loyal to the U.S……he should leave the country and go back to what he is….a trouble maker that just wants to make himself look good…..at other peoples expense//

    1. Lynn says:

      No he needs to be locked up once and for all! He needs to be locked up for life!

  53. Janice Brown says:

    Too bad there is no honor for this man. Doesn’t he know we not only have a written history of his Obama Bill but video’s, newspapers etc. He must be very disturbed that he can’t realize that the whole history of his Presidency is recorded and he cannot wipe it clean.
    We can only realize how blessed we are to have a Decent, honorable President, President Trump! And leave the last President to the past.

  54. Linda Smith says:

    obama is dog ship… and that is an insult to dog’s

  55. ter334 says:

    Was OC the reason for the town meetings with the labor union thugs as enforcers?

  56. Bill Mulholland says:

    Twice I did not vote for the inept Obama, suspecting his promises and agenda were a sham and lies sold to the Kool-Aid drinkers in a smirking and grinning campaign designed simply to get elected and then tell these same hopeful voters to go to Hell after his Hope and Change dogma. His ongoing whining against Trump is expected, and quite typical of his lack of class. He continues to cement his legacy as the worst President of all time and surely must be a huge disappointment of massive proportions to those who voted for him, especially African-Americans who deserved much much more from the first Black President. Current analysts still are mostly mesmerized by this despot. Future historians, looking back from a distance of decades, will be the best judges of his dismal and disappointing reign.

    1. Lynn says:

      He is not the first black president he has not got black in him he is a Muslim.

      1. pittpaul says:

        His dad was from Kenya. Kenya is in Africa. That makes Barrack and African-American. LITERALLY.

  57. John Redman says:

    The lying SOC did not put that stinking “bill” into the public square, now did “he”? How does “he” back “his” claim to “love this country” while trying to transform it into a soviet Cuba/Venezuela/Russia? Why does not every partly reasonable person fail to call “him” on these and other lies? Why is “he” not in prison by now?

  58. Stever says:

    Waiting for the day, when someone with enough stones, to have him under oath for his treachery, back stabbing this country.

    1. Lynn says:

      Watch Sean Hannity at 10 on Fox News because he’s been talking about that. I believe that it is going to happen! Sean Hannity is the only one I watch anymore. He is so good at his job that the democratic party has tryed to get him fired from Fox News and if that ever happens I will never turn my TV to Fox News ever again.

      1. Stever says:

        You are right about Hannity, one of my fav persons..I also take in Mark Levin and Limbaugh… they are all a world of information and have suffered the same thing from the left and survived..Hannity is a fighter and will remain on the air…
        I want the anchor baby program to come to a screaching halt…I know it won’t, but certainly worth doing. by gov;t stats, there is one illegal baby born on US soil every j91 seconds…I did the math for a week and its frightening what is happening to this country. The left knows that they votes for them and we know that they are most likely live off the taxpayer from birth through adulthood. After all, according to the left we owe it to them, since we stole all our money from them through their labor…sickness the left has and its criminal.
        good post Lynn,,,will look for more of yours….

        In a message dated 6/27/2017 3:26:35 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

        “Watch Sean Hannity at 10 on Fox News because he’s been talking about that. I believe that it is going to happen! Sean Hannity is the only one I watch anymore. He is so good at his job that the democratic party has tryed to get him fired from Fox News and if that ever happens I will never turn my TV to Fox News ever again.” (https://disqus.com/home/?utm_medium=email&utm_content=logo)
        _Settings _ (https://disqus.com/home/settings/email/?utm_medium=email) (https://disqus.com/home/account/?utm_medium=email)

        A new comment was posted on _Trump Address_ (http://disq.us/url?impression=acc99bc2-5b87-11e7-b49d-002590852ea4&thread=5943888737&forum=4702660&url=ht tp://greatamericandaily.com/obama-stabbed-trump-in-the-back-in-the-most-disg usting-way-possible/#comment-3388802184:D6FgZ3sUNq0XWSATQPcJzR57vsI&variant= active&experiment=digests&behavior=click&post=3388802184&type=notification.p ost.registered&event=email)

      2. Debra(bogene) says:

        You got that right !!!!

  59. stadalberts says:

    Obummer has screwed over and over and over, now he has his worthless POS miserable filthy hands in it again. This bastard should be in jail along with his worthless wife. Damn him for what he has done to this country!

  60. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

    I just wish he would SHUT UP & let the Trump administration do their job to get America out of this horrible mess obummer has put us thru. He is lying about everything which is his norm!!!!!

  61. barnjoer says:

    Some people were stupid enough to believe his BS!!

  62. MsC says:

    Just my opinion, but Obama has and always will try to destroy America. I don’t believe we have seen anything yet. Just wait for all the truth to come out. It will be more than jaw dropping………..just wait!

  63. messup says:

    Three of Obama’s Democrats are under investigation: 1) Bernie Sanders (wife and 10 million dollar fraudulent loan); 2) Loretta Lynch, AG under Obama will testify under oath what she and Obama knew and did to get HRC elected plus 5.7 million illegal alien voters (voter fraud); and lastly 3) Hillary Clinton and her perjured testimony before hearings. From these three could come indictments of “election tampering by Obama’s moles.” Let’s see what unfolds. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.

  64. kas5221957 says:

    Please note that Obama has run to a country that does not extridate criminals back to US with his entire family including drug using daughter. Daughter if caught using there can be sentenced to death by their laws. He ran as soon as investigation of Lynch started, wonder why?

  65. noah jonas says:

    Just as Hillary, Obama learned to lie from Saul Alynski, his favored Black Panthers and his commie roomie, and mentor, Frank Marshall Davis. Obama’s Communist connections were much closer than his followers will admit, even closer than the Clinton’s were. Why did Obama hire a known communist like Van Jones as one of his Czars? And, why did CNN hire this card carrying commie. May do Liberals choose to ignore these proven facts, and instead to condemn someone like Trump who actually cares about Americans and is trying to help us?.

    1. dfinch says:

      Obama’s grandparents in Hawaii were communists.

      1. Robert Zraick says:

        Modern Democrats are Communists.

  66. Salgal says:

    He will first be known as our very first 1/2 black-1/2 white president. Then he’ll be known as a conspiring, lying president.

  67. Pattie Kelly says:

    Please somehow get this bill passed. RHINO Republicans support your president and not fight him tooth and nail. The CBO is a joke and Newt Gingrich explained that. So we know no democrat will vote for the bill let’s get to 50 Republicans and call VP Pence in to vote 1 and pass it nuclear just like Reed did. Hell he made up the law and got it passed.

  68. noah jonas says:

    How can Leftwing Liberals look their neighbors in the eyes, knowing the damage they caused by supporting Obama and Hillary? Or even worse how they can look at their children and not feel guilty about putting Obama and Hillary above their own flesh and blood?

  69. Stever says:

    It is said that he seeks becoming the head of that Liberal bulwark, Harvard, no fear of harming that nest of Liberalism, maybe the EPA can deem it harmful, toxic to educational health.

  70. Russell Long says:

    if he was in jail for all the illegal shit he did he wouldn’t be out spreading trash

  71. mary ann says:

    Hussein o stupid is so JEALOUS of President Trump. He has no legacy,Nothing, he’s a loser. Look what President Trump has accomplished in 5 months. Im so thankful for this President.

  72. Average Joe says:

    More people are going small to lose health ins. than signed up for obamaca care? doubt it big time! My small company’s insurance rate jumped 326% under obamacare. I had great rates before and I don’t see Ryoncare or trumpcare or any other dickhead congressman’s care will never replace the FREE MARKET rates I had before. The feds need to DROP OUT of health insurance. THEY ARE KILLING US WITH SMALL BUSINESS’S TRYING TO HELP OUR EMPLOYEES LIVE WELL!

  73. Peter Osborne says:

    Obama is a malignant narcissist this behavior is to be expected.

  74. Alleged Comment says:

    He was a dumb negro for 8 years. Might as well continue the tradition of REMAINING DUMB!

  75. Carl Holt says:

    Obama is just a low life nigger

  76. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Well PRESIDENT TRUMP. needs to stab him in the back, in return. dig into his past an find his corruption with the clintons an iran an soros, an the erase everything he E.O. an went behind USA CITIZENS back, to do illegally, an wipe them off the law books. an were it says the 44th potus, just put up a picture frame with a ? mark in place of a face

  77. Robert Zraick says:

    The biggest mistake in modern politics was the election of BO to the office of President. This guy is a liar and a destroyer. He is an enemy of the State.

  78. Michael Davis says:

    I hope Trump wakes up and realises that Obastard deserves to be “…hung by the neck until dead.”

  79. bdsteed says:

    SHUT UP is more like it. Why doesn’t leave the US and leave us alone….

  80. monongahela says:

    obama is acting like the spoiled privileged black that he is. Everything out of his mouth and about him is a lie. Being born a muslim it strikes me odd that the muslims didn`t get upset with obama for saying he turned to being a Christian. That just proves to me obama is a muslim on his own jihad, you see muslims believe it is okay to lie to further islam, [satans army] and obama is a great liar. Now all Christians and Jews knows a lie can`t stand before GOD!

  81. BEVERLY RYAN says:

    I still do not for the life of me understand why Obama is still not locked away in a dungeon somewhere away from the USA , He is still causing problems and getting away with it . WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ? If any other person did what he has done against the President and the USA they would have locked up and the key thrown away. LETS GET OBAMA OFF THE STREETS AND IN JAIL NOW.

  82. Thinkingman2025 says:

    B.O. was the worst President ever. He should have never entered the White House, and 8 yrs of his rule nearly ruined the country. All those Demon-rats should be stripped of their citizenship and sent to Venezuela.

  83. Arnold Young says:

    I can think of only 1 place this idiot should be, Bimini Island in the Pacific just before the atomic test.

  84. mary says:

    Why is the government in the health care business. This is a personal subject not a government one. If they truly want to help they should repeal Obama care and allow people to shop the country for insurance if they want it. The government need to get out of our lives now.

  85. Eturman says:

    Showing his true colors, a sorry excuse of a man and without a doubt the worst president in our history. Jimmy Carter is a happy man. Obummer needs to just shut up and go away.

  86. disqus_tm3Srzuxt7 says:

    BHO – I would like to say to you personally, “SHUT UP’.

  87. buffalobob826 says:

    The word bullshit comes to mind. This was just a way to enslave the American people. No Republican voted for it.

  88. granny_forUSA says:

    Obama, the kenyan born muslim that was an illegal CIC…….the DEM & some of the GOP Politicians knew he was not a legal citizen and never said a word…………..he is nothing more than a back stabbing muslim and the idiot hates the USA…….tried destroying it for 8 years…………

  89. Duane says:

    Another Obuma lie. Obumacare was not debated in the public square. It was passed in secret by Dumbocrats who did not gain one single Republican vote. It was an illegal bill drafted by Harry Reed without consent of the House of Representative. Don’t make it out to be something now it was not then. It was famously passed before Pelosi and others even bothered to read it.

  90. JC Hoot says:

    Little man with even a smaller penis needs to find something else to do

      1. JC Hoot says:

        well you two bro’s can compare sizes then.

  91. Cecilia Robarge says:

    Hey. you negro, fraud, homo, sob. stop trying to be el presidente. You failed at it;soooo shut the hell up. Go hide somewhere in Africa your homeland. Bastard…

  92. Jerry Schwartz says:

    Even you lame brain Democrats have to agree, Obama is the worse President ever. He has gone over the top in trying to damage ARE country. He should be deported back to Africa, where he was born.

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