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Obama Made A Startling Admission About His Hidden Past

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  1. rightsright says:

    Who cares? Aren’t you all getting really, really tired of the gotcha moves and hatred for a man who is proving each day that, unlike Obama, he really loves America and has always been a kind loving man? Just once do a little lol back into Obama’s affiliations and vet just exactly who he is working for. Check out deaths associated with Obama, then tell me why the phony attacks on a true American?

    1. bunky doodle says:

      obama has yet to tell the truth and hides most his past, except for these few excerpts.

  2. shamu9 says:

    May Obama Be Taken to Hell SOON! ‘Goodnight Sweet Gay Prince, May flights of Demons sing thee to thy Rest!’ [ Sorry Shakespeare!]

    1. shamu9 says:

      Should-a-Been!! Sing thee to thy Torment!

  3. johnright61 says:

    It amazed me that Obama did not have to have any kind of background check, at all, to run for President. All Govt. employees and all law enforcement people have to have complete background checks. Obama running for the Presidency did not need anything.?? No check of his fake social security number, no check of his fake selective service registration, no check of his birth certificate before he was allowed to run..??? What law enforcement applicants could “seal” all their past records and still get a job???

    1. Donald J. says:

      johnright61, It kind of gives you and idea of the mindset of the people who are really running this Country from behind the curtain and how really upset that their hand picked Commies didn’t get elected. Worse yet a businessman is now POTUS and they are in a total panic because he really wants to drain the swamp of all (both sides) the self serving politicians.

      1. johnright61 says:

        Right on. I agree.

    2. Robrage says:

      It shows the depth of corruption in our Fed Govt. Barry the Commie, Koran kissing Fairy wouldn’t pass the background check to be a mall cop if he would have been vetted.

      1. johnright61 says:

        It’s sickening to me.

    3. drbhelthi says:

      The alias, Barack Hussein Obama filled the POTUS slot for two terms. Yet, neither verifiable certificate of birth nor evidence of US citizenship has been published.

  4. Marilyn says:

    The media knew all about Obama, but the left media covers for any evil doings of Dems.

    1. StopTheJews says:

      The media’s are control by dangerous evil Jewish Mafia Empire that are brainwashing our people and destroying America. Billy Graham was right about the JEWISH STRANGLEHOLD ON OUR COUNTRY.



      1. Judie says:

        You are a hater! Go away!!

        1. preachers_kid3 says:

          No no. We must never hate the Jews. Billy Graham is Not a hater of the Jewish nation! The Bible states in Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee. God said this to Abraham and God meant the land of Israel! We as Christians will always love and pray for the peace of Israel. If you look at each time America has done something negative towards Israel something bad has happened to us! I can name 12 things.between 1991-2005

          1. Jean Gray says:

            You’re right. I’m a preacher’s kid too.

          2. preachers_kid3 says:

            Is your Dad George McBurney Gray?

        2. Jean Gray says:

          This dumb woman never understood that from Billy Graham. I’ve heard him say many times that the Bible tells us whoever stands against the Jew will not prosper. The Jews are our best ally, and they have God’s protection and promises.

      2. Jim says:

        Sure adolf. Or is that ali ?? You are 100% full of pig shit. Period..

        1. StopTheJews says:


          The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts …
          The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations

          1. Jim says:

            Better make that 1000%. Go eat around from a .45, scumbag.

          2. StopTheJews says:

            Hey Jim drop dead ! I am a American you are a phony

          3. Jim says:

            Hey you! yeah you shit for brains.. I still have “souvineers” in my sorry ass from serving USA military. Your time in “Campfire girls” does not count. And I know how to “take care” of scumbags. 1 shot = 1 kill…Come on to Chicago. I’ll take you out for some coffee…

          4. thekidde says:

            WTF are “souvineers”. Spell check much?

          5. Jim says:

            Spelling is not strength” of mine. You are intelligent you should easily figure out. I know a lot of people do easily.. I am NOT a”rocket scientist”
            So keep looking down your nose (you know just like obola in his speeches

          6. Chi Sam says:

            Hahaha… I knew it! You feel a certain camaraderie with men that are told they are stupid.

            Odd, that you don’t seem to care who thinks you act like a girl.

          7. Jim says:

            Maybe 1 day you and me come face to face. You’d best pack a lunch, asshole. And please bring lot’s of “useful, toys” I know I will need to replenish…Toodle doo, butter cup..

          8. Chi Sam says:

            You are so typical of your ilk. Stupid men are easily frustrated to the point of murder.

            Fortunately, most white people have a better grip on their emotions.

            Maybe your promiscuous, unwed mother had a penchant for black cock.

            Based on your most recent reply it would seem you do not know who your father is. If he is a black man, that would explain your inability to better master a language you have practiced since the age of two, as well as your sociopathic rage and murderous thoughts.

          9. Jim says:

            Damn girls.. Lot’s off assholes here in the “peanut gallery”.
            Hugs and kisses to you. You are REALLY smart.
            I think I would enjoy seeing /knowing of human excretment (?) no make that pig or snake such as you and your “possee” exterminated. Period..

          10. drbhelthi says:

            You jewish Obama lovers put up a good show. Chicago? Is here a Chicago in the UN land-grant of 1948, fraudulently called “Israel”?

          11. Jim says:

            you are not a “dr” I would trust at all. I get a sense of a “troll” WEAK.. Funny you “enlightened”types of (obviously) superior intellect (right) really need to try hunting up a different tree… MORON…

          12. drbhelthi says:

            – you might use some of your otherwise wasted effort to learn what the title, “Doctor” means.
            “Doctor” is a title that reflects ones level of academic achievement. The title, “Doctor” does not reflect ones profession. Calling physicians “Doctor” is an abuse of the title, which was initiated by John D. Rockefeller in the 1930s.

          13. Jim says:

            I would say your proper title should be Dr. BS

          14. ghetonda mosley shertzer says:


          15. Southerngirl says:

            That’s a sick thing to say. You would fit right in with ISIS.

          16. Jim says:

            No. I would like it if ALL the assholes trying to harm /destroy MY country were gone, as in dead. How they ISIS etc including left wing scum and ALL enemies (foreign AND domestic) die .I just KNOW there is a LOT of “deep cleaning” needed in USA. If your house is full of “vermin” what do YOU do..??
            PS I do NOT believe in “rules of engagement” unless I KNOW that ALL parties DO abide by them. I only have 1 life to TRY to give to MY country. Need to get as much return on it for the FUTURE of USA.
            Isis (among many other leftwing types) = brutality so that is what they get…

          17. Barbara Lewis says:

            I have to really feel sorry for you, to think the Jewish people are the problem. They have done so much good for the world and yet you spit out anti-Jewish venom like a rattlesnake. I will be sure to sincerely pray for you as you seem to think the Jewish people are a problem. Are sure you are not a Nazi?

          18. drbhelthi says:

            Praying to Netanjahu will accomplish nothing.

          19. thekidde says:

            When did you escape the mental institute?? You are a pox on the world. One can only hope the fleas that infest your brain make it to your nether regions.

          20. drbhelthi says:

            More Khazarian hate for Goyim.

        2. StopTheJews says:

          Kiss my white American ass you uneducated turd

          1. Crystal says:

            That reply to Jim just proved my point!

          2. StopTheJews says:

            HAHA I gave you a excuse. JEWS ARE KILLING OUR COUNTRY

          3. Southerngirl says:

            No. Muslims and Illegal Refugees are KILLING our country. BOTTOM LINE!!!

          4. Jim says:

            You are an embarrassment to whatever race you belong to. Hope you keep up with your supply of “depends”. Toodle doo you cupcake flavored left wing scumbag “snowflake”.
            Bet you think H. Zimm ‘s version of history is correct. If you know who Zimm is…

          5. drbhelthi says:

            – and you believe the fairy tales about the Holohoax?

          6. Jim says:

            I KNOW what I have seen, Abdul. /Adolph or whomever you are a “concubine” bitch BOY for..

          7. drbhelthi says:

            Well, Dr. Mengele type, your hate for Goyim is showing.

          8. Jim says:

            I only am (barely) literate in my native language. This is ENGLISH.
            Kindly use my language..

          9. Chi Sam says:

            You present yourself as rather unmanly.

            Were you raised without a father?

          10. Jim says:

            What is a father…?

          11. thekidde says:

            You are an ignorant savage puke. Intellectually wanting and oblivious of reality. Hope you don’t have children to infect with your poisonous stupidity.

          12. drbhelthi says:

            Your verbal farts stink.

          13. thekidde says:

            You don’t. It’s ZINN, asshole. Get another brain cell, the one you have is lonely.

          14. Jim says:

            The gist of what /who I was referring to is correct.
            Yup, yup, maybe 1 day if I study real hard I too could have 2 brain cells. You know , like you..

        3. drbhelthi says:

          Your 18 up-points indicates 18 members of the Khazarian progeny that are following this thread.
          Your Jewish “Psychotic Conundrum” is destroying mankind.

          1. Jim says:

            WTF are you babbling /spewing. Not real sure what /who / when you are referring too…

          2. Chi Sam says:

            It’s simply ‘to’. No wonder you take it so personally when a stupid man is called out for his mistakes.

            I figured you must see yourself in that scenario. Who used to call you stupid? Was it your father?

            Your emotional flaws run deep.

          3. Jim says:

            Ha ha ha ha ha… What the f are you and this dr. referring to?
            Hey I am only a low wattage bulb. Not 1 of you “smart” ..’know it alls”.You and the rest of your buds here can ALWAYS eat shit and then(please) a .45 round…
            USA forever…

          4. Jim says:

            Ha ha ha ha ha. “peanut gallery” psycho /pseudo/ whatever the correct spelling and grammar. Take a deep breath and then finish eating a…

      3. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

        You are one SICK … HATER…GO LIVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, WHERE YOU BELONG !!!!! Freak!!!!!

        1. StopTheJews says:

          The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts …
          The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations

      4. ROB says:

        What color is yo turbin? How old is yo wife, 10?

        1. StopTheJews says:

          Why are you a coward and a phony. I am telling you who is destroying your country and who attack the USS LIBERTY that killed and wounded 208 Americans.

      5. Crystal says:

        I don’t know where you got your info, but it was Muslims that attacked the USS Liberty. Israel is the ONLY true ally we have. Either you’re being brainwashed by the Alt-Left… or more likely you are the Alt-Left, so you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the butt!

        1. doc says:

          Have you tried referring to a history book ?
          Such as the USNavy archives
          Amazing source of factual information
          Though it may not agree with you

          1. StopTheJews says:

            I did better I talk to people who are in the Navy. Go online and look at the USS LIBERTY TOMB STONE. GET REAL , ISRAEL MURDERED OUR PEOPLE . Plus I have the front page of the lyin NY TIMES the day after the attack and the article in Life Magazine . Both lied about how many died and were wounded.

        2. William M Durham says:

          It was Israel who attacked the Liberty, they said they thought it was an Egyptian ship.

          1. Barbara Lewis says:


        3. StopTheJews says:

          What a stupid thing to say. But it is true Israel flew the Egyptian Flag while killing Americans

        4. shavager says:

          Israel bombed the USS Liberty, not the muslims. Jonathan Pollard is a jewish TRAITOR and former intelligence analyst who was secretly selling classified/top secret documents to Israel who then SOLD THEM TO RUSSIA! He was granted Israeli citizenship in ’95,the Israelis have tried to convince administrations to ship Pollard to Israel, but he was finally released from prison in 2015 under Obama despite a LIFE sentence upon his guilty plea in 1985.

      6. gene smiith says:

        MARILYN…..You are just plain STUPID….STUPID>>>Got it?

      7. Robrage says:

        It’s the Ashkenazi fake Jews who are the Evil Pedophile, inbred, Psycho Luciferians..not the true Jews . The New World Order Banksters.. aka.. the Fed., Media heads and those in Politics and business.

        1. StopTheJews says:

          Israel probably took the gas to Syria. These Jewish pigs start wars. When the attack the USS LIBERTY THEY FLEW THE FLAG OF EGYPT.

        2. thekidde says:

          Lay off the kool-aid dude.

          1. drbhelthi says:

            Talking to yourself. Again.

      8. marco a. poshar says:

        Stupid prick,,,,,,,,,,,,

        1. StopTheJews says:

          Stupid swine

          1. thekidde says:

            I prefer asshole, dick works but unfair to Richards.

      9. parthenon1 says:

        Hey idiot go back to Soros and tell him it didnt work and it wont because too many of us remember [email protected] and the death camps and even those nut cases (like you) cant get any traction

      10. James Lewis says:

        Bull, JEWS? You’re a moron! Obama divided this country.

        1. StopTheJews says:

          Obama works for Jews stupid

          1. Barbara Lewis says:

            I beg to differ with you, the Jewish people wouldn’t work with Obummer because Obummer wanted to destroy them. I applaud the way they handle themselves. They will be around a lot longer than you will because they are blessed by GOD. God will protect them in their homeland and anyone that thinks otherwise is going to be sadly mistaken. WAKE UP BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

      11. Behind every blade of grass! says:

        StopTheJews … I had no idea, I could have sworn it was ObOOma trying to destroy our country with his every move, and he still is! Are you now saying ObOOma is jewish? No way ….

        1. StopTheJews says:

          It takes more then one black turd to destroy America. But his Jew buddies are a different story . ITS JEWS WHO OWN THE LADT THREE PREZ BEFORE TRUMP . JEWS JEWS JEWS

          1. Jim says:

            You are now to be addressed by your given nickname…
            “Depend(s)able Dandy” “it” which is of ?able “orientation” and shits thru mouth”…

          2. drbhelthi says:

            You do a good job of projecting your self-description onto others.

          3. Jim says:

            So what are you and “STJ” in cahoots ?
            Or do you just see eye to eye? “birds of a feather”…
            Any way I definitely like to know which way the smell of rats comes from.

      12. Kenneth Fichtl says:

        Many Scholars believe the Nazt War Machine was running America . That is 180 from your belief. The Jewish Culture has been tight for centuries They are successful in the money World which does put them on Top in America

      13. ONTIME says:

        Well if they don’t then the cult islam will…take your pick….

        1. StopTheJews says:

          Sorry fool. This is America . We can defend our own country but first we must some the homo drug porn violence pig scum diablos Jews.

          1. Miguel Stroe says:

            You are either a caricature or a total nut case. Certainly you should be blocked because of your repetitive dribble.

      14. Army Vet 92Bravo says:

        The USS Liberty incident was an attack on a United States Navy technical research ship, USS Liberty, by Israeli Air Force jet fighter aircraft and Israeli Navy motor torpedo boats, on 8 June 1967, during the Six-Day War.[3] The combined air and sea attack killed 34 crew members (naval officers, seamen, two marines, and one civilian), wounded 171 crew members, and severely damaged the ship.[4] At the time, the ship was in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula, about 25.5 nmi (29.3 mi; 47.2 km) northwest from the Egyptian city of Arish.[1][5]

        Israel apologized for the attack, saying that the USS Liberty had been attacked in error after being mistaken for an Egyptian ship.[6] Both the Israeli and U.S. governments conducted inquiries and issued reports that concluded the attack was a mistake due to Israeli confusion about the ship’s identity,[2] though others, including survivors of the attack, have rejected these conclusions and maintain that the attack was deliberate.[7]

        In May 1968, the Israeli government paid US$3.32 million (equivalent to US$22.9 million in 2016) to the U.S. government in compensation to the families of the 34 men killed in the attack. In March 1969, Israel paid a further $3.57 million ($23.3 million in 2016) to the men who had been wounded. In December 1980, it agreed to pay $6 million ($17.4 million in 2016) as the final settlement for material damage to Liberty itself plus 13 years’ interest.[8]

        1. Jim says:

          Thank you for your insight and service. Best, always..

        2. drbhelthi says:

          When will the Bush family and the MOSSAD begin reimbursement for the destruction of the WTC and the 3,000 workers that were murdered, in the process of demolishing the asbestos-condemned buildings that acquired a $4.2 billion payoff to the Silverstein Group?

          1. Army Vet 92Bravo says:

            Probably right after you admit you are a lying POS and an anti-American racist!

          2. Army Vet 92Bravo says:

            Probably right after you prove the MOSSAD and the Bush family are responsible for the deaths and demolition. I am guessing that will NEVER happen, because you can not prove a lie to be true!

      15. Shelby Olsen says:

        Billy Graham supports Israel. I find it hard to believe that he said what you stated. War stinks. But, there are times that it is necessary, as in the case of a leader killing children with chemicals. Israel is our ally.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          The “Israel” he supports is not the UN land-grant of 1948, fraudulently named “Israel”.

      16. Jim says:

        Adolph I think your muslim puppetmaster is pulling on your strings..

      17. thekidde says:

        Ass. I see you use a picture of Jack Kennedy instead of yourself. JFK would kick your ass and slap you silly.

    2. David says:

      Yes, the Media is Left & would hide anything that favors the Left.

    3. StopTheJews says:

      They cover up for Bush and many other scumbag politicians on both sides. SAVINGS AND LOAN WERE ROBBED BY BUSH FAMILY AND OTHER POLITUCIANS AFTER REAGAN DEREGULATD THEM. REMEMBER THE BAILOUT BY SCUMBAG BUSH . After Bush pass out the money Wall Street past out huge bonuses.


      1. R7Berry says:

        I’ve been in banking for for over 30 years and it was Clinton that deregulated the banking system and backed the subprime real estate debacle.

        1. Robrage says:

          The Community reinvestment act was passed by the Dems. It forced banks to give those no doc loans. That was the genesis of the mortgage crisis in 08.

        2. StopTheJews says:

          CROOKED JEWS OWN REAGAN BUSH AND CLINTON . Bush was prez before crooked Clinton.

          Amazon.com: The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street (9781568584348): Robert Scheer: Books
          Amazon.com › Great-American-Stickup-…
          Amazon.com: The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched … of the Reagan years and, most damagingly, to the bipartisan

          1. Doris Will says:


          2. Patriot says:

            You sound like a hateful, racist Liberal, that screams at conservatives and calls them the very same thing you are.

          3. Jean Gray says:

            That’s my opinion, too.

          4. drbhelthi says:

            The concept of conservatives varies a great deal.

          5. thekidde says:

            Really??? The best you can come up with is “I know you are, but what am I? It is ingrates such as you who sully the whole of humanity.

          6. StopTheJews says:


          7. Chi Sam says:

            If you’re an American, why is your grasp of our shared language so poor?

            Are you not a smart man?

          8. StopTheJews says:

            I am smart enough to know that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GOVERNMENT IS CROOKED AND DAMGEROUS. I am also smart enough to know my country is deliberately being destroyed. Where are you from Chi?

          9. Chi Sam says:

            Well, you must be very smart…or you would not have mentioned it twice in such a brief response.

            It does, however, make me wonder why such a smart man would believe that ‘damgerous’ is a word, and why he would shout his inept mistake as though he is actually boasting of his incompetence.

            “Our shared language” ought not be a puzzle to a smart man. ‘Chi’ can suggest either Chicago, or China. Has it been your experience, stupid, that Chinese people have a better handle on English than you do?

            What an emotions-driven clown.

          10. StopTheJews says:

            Oh I’m sorry I thought Chi stood for Child or Chink. HAHA on the spelling . That was corrected. I am blind and do make mistakes once in awhile. And you are a ignorant turd . Now go blow your wife!

          11. Chi Sam says:

            I gather you are also purposeless, and that myself and the other taxpayers are paying for your existence while you collect SSDI and run your mouth incessantly in order to pretend that you contribute something to society.

            Still…as long as you don’t rape a child, or murder your neighbor, or set fire to a grocery store, you will always be just above feral blacks as far as societal misfits go.

            You aim low.

          12. StopTheJews says:

            I was kidding about being blind retard. Hollywood Jews are the rapist and drug pushers. Cowards like you with big mouths is why America is in trouble today. The last part of your posting sounds like niggers at Watts Ferguson and Baltimore! BOMB ISRAEL FOR ATTACKING THE USS LIBERTY. KILL SOME JEWS LIKE WE DID THE JAPANESE FOR BOMBING PEARL HARBOR.

          13. Chi Sam says:

            Well, It seems you ‘win’. You said you are blind, and I believed that to be true, if a bit exaggerated for dramatic effect.

          14. drbhelthi says:

            Look up “the October Surprise of 1980” and learn who controlled the Reagan administation. You may need to refer to “Profits of War – – ” by Ari Ben-Menashe, pp 70-75.

          15. StopTheJews says:

            I watch the video and it is a disgrace to America. I am cinvinced still today we should bomb Israel. We are bombing countries whi did nothing like what Israel did to the USS LIBERTY.

          16. drbhelthi says:

            Jewish spies within the Pentagon and congress are responsible for most of the bombing that is done by the USAF. ISIS is the proxy army of the CIA and Judaism´s spy and assassination agency, MOSSAD.

          17. StopTheJews says:

            The CIA knew about the terrorist in America training for 9/11. CIA never told the FBI? JEWS JEWS JEWS

          18. Chi Sam says:

            There was more than one ‘terrorist’, stupid. Many more. Don’t you follow the news? An unschooled farmer in Guatemala could tell you there were 19 known terrorists involved in the 9-11 event.

            (Unenlightened third-world farmers cannot be expected to know about Zacarias Moussaoui.)

          19. drbhelthi says:

            The 19 stooges sent to Jeb Bush in Florida, arranged by the Carlyle Group(George H.W.Bush), returned safely to their homelands. Numerous reports by veteranstoday.com document that Judaism´s MOSSAD organized and conducted 9-11. Several analyses are provided at this link_ http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/esp_sociopol_911_107.htm

            You might consider following the genuine news, instead of israeli-MSM propaganda.

          20. thekidde says:

            You are truly a venomous ass of the first water. One can only hope you choke to death in your sleep on you mindless hate. You are pitiful.

          21. StopTheJews says:

            And I hope you choke to death on your boyfriends penis. JEWISH DEVILS ARE KILLING USA. BOMB ISRAEL FOR USS LIBERTY !

          22. Chi Sam says:

            The concept of ‘your’ is not a particularly difficult one.

        3. StopTheJews says:

          After the GW Bush bailout how many bankers sucked up huge bonuses ? Go read the Bush Family Savings and Loan Scandal. Even Jeb Bush and his brother Neal pulled off a lot of crap.

          1. Doris Will says:

            I remember the bailout, I am amazed that no one remembers these words from George W, I will sign the bailout if the new president wants me to. Also, George W. tried to place guidelines on Fanny May and Freddie Mac, but the Democrat House and Senate blocked every time

          2. Jean Gray says:

            It seems all you do is bash Jews. Well I’m not Jewish, but I have worked for many Jews in my life, and they paid me well and treated me fairly. Stop bashing Jews, PLEASE. It shows that you have a lot of hatred in your heart, so PLEASE don’t tell me you’re a Christian I am a Christian, and I will pray for you.

          3. drbhelthi says:

            It is sad that so many “Christians” are equally or even worse informed about Jews and Judaism than you. Your comment is similar to that of persons who have been bribed to tell a lie or to present a false witness.
            You might read up on what Jesus of Nazareth and His desciples said about Jews. The Apartheid, racism and terrorism of Judaism created the strife in the Middle East, and is basic to most of the strife around the world.
            A link follows that lists acts of Jewish terrorism:

          4. Jim says:

            STFU muslim scumbag

          5. COMPU-TRON says:

            It’s so easy to tell when someone’s projecting….

          6. Jim says:

            compu-pajama “it”-pussy..STFU you (used)enema eater.

          7. COMPU-TRON says:

            Come on, Jim. You can do better than that.

          8. drbhelthi says:

            – typical, israeli-terrorist response.

          9. Jim says:

            dr. BS aka dr. dikstained

      2. Birds of Fire says:

        Anyone with that posting name never lived in the BRD, never saw an actual National Socialist Party (“Nat Si” became “Nazi” because in German it is pronounced that way) Concentration Camp, never actually sat across the table from a former Nazi soldier and had him explain why Hitler was elected TWICE, never had a clue about the honest German Jewish citizens who were tending their farms and shops.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          “Jewish citizens who were tending their farms”? That´s a good one.

        2. StopTheJews says:

          I know very well about the Jews who are robbing and killing America.

      3. ROB says:

        Is the earth flat? Do you believe in the big bang or the biblical account of creation? Do you believe in a woman’s “right” to murder he unborn child? Just trying to figure out where in the heck you are coming from.

        1. StopTheJews says:

          HAHA ! You talk about unborn babies but did not mention about all the kids we killed in the MIDDLE EAST the last 17 years. Plus all the women and children our people raped and murdered. AMERICA ALONG WITH ISRAEL CREATED TERRORISM IN THE WORLD. You head is flat. GET THE PICTURE?

      4. thekidde says:

        Careful Marilyn, your bigotry, ignorance and single digit IQ are showing. Sad. Bushes are not Jews – you really aren’t very bright, are you?

      5. rightsmite says:

        Our problems are because of Carter and Clinton. You must really be out there in Left field. Get a grip!. At least Bush didn’t run up the national debt to 20 TRILLION DOLLARS FROM 9 TRILLION like Obama did. Obam’as main objective while he was in office was to BANKRUPT AMERICA and infiltrate it with millions of anti American Mexicans and Muslims to create Chaos… He came DAMNED close to fulfilling his agenda

    4. harpo49 says:

      the media are as bad as it gets

    5. StopTheJews says:

      The JEWISH Cancer is spreading !

      1. Army Vet 92Bravo says:

        Your anti-Semitism is disgusting!!!!! YOU are the cancer!!!

      2. Jim says:

        Rabid dogs such as you need to be “put down”. I will do it to you as (in) humanely as possible to you and ALL like you if chance(s) arise. You are a left wing scum bag and do not warrant a “soldiers” death.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          Your hate is no less strong.

          1. Jim says:

            I am a “fire with fire” type. The left and ALL the scumbags in that “camp” think rules etc. ONLY apply to their(you are Islamic “apologist”, at the least. I am Christian and have read your template(Koran, x2) and some of hadith. and I am firm believer in Judeo-Christian beliefs. Period.
            islam does NOT and DOES believe in the door 1(convert) door2 (jizga) and door 3 (beheading). I am 100% in FAVOR of utterly DESTROYING ALL who threaten my Country, family and friends. Period.
            I only play by “rules of engagement” if I KNOW ALL abide by same.
            The left has a LOT in common with Islam and communism and Naziism….To me ALL of you scumbags are MY enemy.
            So take your fucking whining /”rationilazation BS and shove it up your asses..

          2. drbhelthi says:

            Your hate short-circuits your thought processes.

            I am not a supporter of Islam nor the fraudulent Judaism.

            You are not the only American veteran who is still alive.

            It is a bit more complicated than classifying everyone whom you think does not agree with your narrow thoughts, as “scumbags”.

          3. Jim says:

            So far as I can see THIS medium is a TOOL that ANYBODY with a modicum of expertise can do Walter Mitty routine with. I am not too “slick” with computers and will ALWAYS stand up for my blood and MY country. If you are what say you were when did you “turn off” your induction OATH ?

          4. drbhelthi says:

            However, you are slick with your Tel Aviv propaganda, based on the fairy tales you have “seen” in your fantasy.

          5. Jim says:

            You sound like a “parrot”. Not too hard to train them. Repition etc. You KNOW just a good and faithfull servant of “religion of peace” has to kneel 5 times a day to mecca…
            Hold it you KNOW Koran MUCH better than me. So lets see how well you “taqya”..I ain’t to bright but I am at least as smart as a “parrot”…

      3. Jean Gray says:

        YOUR cancer of HATRED is spreading ONLY INTO YOUR OWN BODY!

        1. drbhelthi says:

          The info at this link will clarify some of your confusion_ http //www eutimes net/2017/03/it-is-our-right-to-influence-and-control-america-with-the-media-dershowitz/

      4. Barbara Lewis says:

        The Jews are not your problem, they are GOD’S chosen people. Your hatred is your problem.God said he would bless them and he has, so get over it. God does not uphold everything they do but they are his. So let God take care of them.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          Look closer, ynd you will find a bit more detail.

          1. Southerngirl says:

            I know the JEWS are GOD’S chosen people. No ifs, ands or buts.

          2. drbhelthi says:

            You know what you have been taught. But you failed to learn the supportive facts of the matter.

        2. StopTheJews says:


  5. 4lifeandfreedom says:

    Well, O did not escape my vetting–all I had to do was listen to the news clips and his guttural “you know’s, uh, uh, umm’s,” and it was clear that he was anything but clear in his speaking ability! Charisma? NO! Christian? NO! His pro-abortion stance was very clear from his presence in the Illinois Senate, then his first year in the United States Senate, yet Christians voted for him because of his “hope and change” rhetoric and “charisma!” Enough to “gag a maggot” then, and even more so now!

    1. Murphmeister says:

      It loved his guttural ” to ” where he’d linger on it and say ” taaaa”.

    2. Jim says:

      A huge part of islam is “taquya(spelling ?). Basically whatever it takes to advance islam is permitted. And it is (gist) part of Alinsky’s template for anything to undermine overthrow anything..

    3. grnjllybn says:

      I am one Christian who was screaming all over the internet in
      early 2008 to avoid obuma like the plague, because he was
      NOT a Christian, but a mooslim who hated America and
      Americans. He was an enemy sympathizer and he would
      surely be a traitor. And I was right! but not enough folks
      heard me or they didn’t believe me. What a shame. Now he
      also has become filthy rich due to his backroom deals.

  6. Linda says:

    Everybody knew he was a scumball, but there were enough idiots in this country that just wanted a colored person in the White House for show.

    1. Chris Soria says:

      I have to agree with you all the way, Linda! I can’t just seem to understand how this Corrupted Commie got away with it up to now! WOW!

  7. Andrew Foss says:

    2 issues that never came up in the 2008 election by the media that would have had a great impact on his electablilty: 1) That he was a smoker – the media simply never showed this until about 4 months after he was elected. 2) That his middle name was Hussain – Bush had just waged an 8 year war against Saddam Hussain. Not a popular name.

    And these are the easy ones.

  8. dennodog says:

    It wouldn’t matter anyway. They’re still covering up for him today.

  9. Murphmeister says:

    Obama was given a pass because he was likeable and more particularly because he was black. Has he been white, nobody would have ever heard of him. It’s unlikely he would have even gotten into Harvard Law School.

  10. Lorraine E says:

    BHO’s first executive order was to seal all of his historical records. Why? Probably to hide the fact that he is an illegal alien and wasn’t qualified to be president. By now he has most likely used his f.b.i. and c.i.a. to rewrite and forge LIES in his historical records so that it will never be revealed that we had an ineligible president for eight years.

    1. Woody Baker says:

      Lorraine, the American people have no one to blame but themselves. Question? How in the f##k do these far left liberal loons get voted on? It is astounding to me. Am sincerely hoping that Pocahontas Warren runs against a true blue American loving President Trump. She’ll get her non-indian ass whipped!

      1. AmericanFirst says:

        I believe the mainstream media (MSM) colluded to put Obama in the WH. They are more toxic that anything else in America. The MSM can hide under the color of freedom of the press while they spread lies, propaganda and fake news. They can even commit slander with impunity. Claim yourself to be a journalist and you can write all toxic news you want and no law can touch you. Your defense: freedom of the press. Absolute freedom corrupts the Press absolutely. They champion Obama b/cos he is black and share the same agenda. So, news reporting now becomes the spin zone. Wikileak leaked emails support this evidence.

    2. john parak says:

      It is to late to worry about it any more. Just get this MUSLIM out of the USA…..

    3. grnjllybn says:

      But anybody with a brain knows they hoodwinked by obuma!

  11. Douglas Miraldi says:

    now we hear the truth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trIed to tell everyone.

    1. ter334 says:

      But not the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

  12. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


    1. scrubbie says:

      It’s not what Obama had (although he had the backing of ultra-wealthy Soros and the rest of the Globalist community)…it’s the lack of intelligence in those who voted for him. If you’re going to bother to vote, you should always do diligent research. Don’t be swayed by charisma or everyone else telling you it’s about time a black man was president. That childish thinking is for losers who apparently don’t (and didn’t) care about this country, only about what they could get for free.

    2. shamu9 says:

      The Little Quadroon Bastard, “Bath-House Barry” [1/4 Black] is Dying of AIDS! All Shit-cago has known that since Day one!

      1. grnjllybn says:

        correction; not 1/4 — HALF BLACK!!

        1. shamu9 says:

          That’d Be A Mulatto!, Or Moolie as the Italians say!

          1. COMPU-TRON says:

            Wrong again, idiot. Mulignan refers to all blacks, not mulattos. Time for you to shut the hell up.

  13. kbmiller says:

    If Americans knew what this A$$hole has done after his 8 years of destruction, he would never had been elected either.

    1. StopTheJews says:


      Jewish Mafia Media cover up Obama drug use and his queer fling with Larry Sinclair . OBAMA OWN BY CROOKED JEWS LIKE PENNY


  14. David in MA says:

    “The media worshipped Obama and ignored his problematic ties.”
    The question now might be: Has the communists taken over the media so they can do such a thing to support “their guy”?

    1. mrpoohead says:

      What “problematic ties”?

  15. ter334 says:

    It is hard to think of him as “president”. I can’t think of a single thing he did for the country. It was, IMO, always for Obama. For the party, for muslims, for immigrants. Never America, never American citizens. Plus 10 trillion more in debt he burdened my children, grandchildren, etc. with. I hesitate to say this but he is a typical democrat IMO. Not one time did he ever mention our freedoms. His 8 years in office were America’s dark age. Nothing but negative talk about America like we are the scourge of the world. We of course are not, never have been, The same can’t be said about islam however!

  16. Elly says:

    When is he going to admit that he is a Kenyan? When will he release his college transcripts? We know absolutely nothing about this Muslim traitor. And why was he never vetted?

  17. ter334 says:

    The rejection of HRC, O’s proxy, was the rejection of O and what he stands for.

  18. I’m still waiting for his college transcripts to see if he applied as a Foreign Exchange Student.

  19. george briar says:

    he forgot to tell us about his real name or show his real birth certificate. the mans a fraud and a liar and will never tell us his real intentions for wanting to be President. He needs to be put behind bars without a prayer rug.

  20. StopTheJews says:


    Enclosed is a picture of a book about Obama and Larring Siclair you can buy on Amazon .
    JEWS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccfdb64dc60df40ba57ffb293981066a84dc8ab856556f36e9cdb8e45fe427dc.png

  21. JOHN PHELPS says:

    I’ve always thought that Obama became”black” to get the votes. He’s really just another arab.

  22. ROB says:

    Hey obammer, you are in the past ,please stay there.

    1. StopTheJews says:

      That was a good retarded posting ! LOL

  23. chuck708 says:

    Anyone that Voted for Obama, not knowing who he was has to be brainless. When someone spends $$$$ Millions of dollars to hide his past, to me should have
    Bells ringing all over the place. Then to violate Federal Laws and put up a altered Birth Certificate on the internet and stating that it was his, should have been impeached. If anyone else would have posted a altered / Fraudulent birth certificate, would have been arrested. Once again the Elite of this Country get away with crimes, normal law abiding citizens would have charged and gone to jail over.

    1. StopTheJews says:

      A dangerous Jew Penny Pritzker who hates America worked to get Homo Cocaine Obama elected . All the other Hollywood Queer Jews join in . THESE JEWS CONTROL OUR BRAINWASHING MEDIAS

  24. John Savell says:

    He should have never made when he did, and he may not have if the DNC and ACORN weren’t guilty of massive voter fraud, and if the Republicans had decent candidates running. John McCain and Mitt Romney were less than useless and are just democrats hiding in Red.

    1. StopTheJews says:


      The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts …
      The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations

      1. grnjllybn says:

        Please stop carrying on about Jews;
        It is NOT a Jewish conspiracy and never was.
        They have been unjustly persecuted and
        vilified in this world for far too long. Please stop it!!!

  25. jake mccollum says:

    I don’t think he is really referring to H.S. acts. Questionable birth place, college attendance, parentage……etc. Narcissistic POS that he is, his ego is itching to tell what he got away with.

  26. Bishop351 says:

    Once a liar and fraud, always the same. Should be in jail with the Clintons.

  27. Ltl Paa says:

    Let’s see the REAL (paper) birth certificate, not the digitally altered one!

    1. John says:

      The phony piece of garbage that was displayed all over the internet as his birth certificate was nothing but junk. I can’t accept that no one could strike up a big protest of that fraudulent piece of paper. Why wasn’t it questioned to the point that even his supporters didn’t accept that phony, and say that the internet radicals were trying to make 0bama look bad?

      1. grnjllybn says:

        Because foolish dems were so exited about showing how
        not biased they were by electing the first black prez.

    2. Shelby Olsen says:

      Some of his family have stated that he is from Kenya. But, people blow it off.

      1. grnjllybn says:

        His own brother said obuma was born in Kenya, Africa.

        1. Shelby Olsen says:

          Yes, I know. I just don’t get it. People just don’t seem to care that he was not a citizen.

  28. Pastor Gary says:

    Don’t tell me that the mainstream media did not know about Obama. They did, but they chose not to disclose it like they would have done if a conservative had the same sort of sordid past. I remember seeing a post (whether it was true or not) that there was a “men’s club” that Obama visited regularly in Chicago. That was taken down and no one says a thing about it any more.

  29. gene smiith says:

    His Pot Smoking was the very lease of his gross and disgusting deceptions. Still a lying pig and a complete
    embarrassment to himself and this entire Country…..

  30. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    He said nothing that we all didn’t already know, there are a ton of photos of him sitting there with his cuban hat on toking a joint. He was and still is a pure turd not an American, this guy is no more than a silly ass wipe that was here illegally and he is still here illegally. Find them damned school records and deport or arrest the imposter. He was no president just a man with a title that could care less about the constitution or the laws of America SCREW OBAMA he can take that pen and cell phone and stick it up his ///

  31. Mike W says:

    Nobody knows anything about Obama. A lot of people think they do but look what his “brother” had to say.


  32. Mike W says:

    Everyone should see this too. Make up your own mind about it, but you should see it.


  33. sassyj says:

    I believe he has a whole lot more of his past that if the media had did their job he would have never been President, what ever his race or religion was or is or what ever his grades were.I do not think he was truthful then or is he truthful now. I believe he is an prime example of a conman and he would never ever give up fooling people. He will never ever reveal the whole truth about himself…He is also very thin skinned and he went after and I sure he still goes after anyone who does not agree with him or crosses him.

    1. Mike W says:

      Obama gave a speech once where he said “The only people who fear the truth are those with something to hide.” All of his supporters cheered like hell. Not one of them payed any attention when he spent all that time and money trying to be sure all of his records were sealed. Sounds to me like he has a lot to hide.

      1. scrubbie says:

        I always wondered why the Dems never insisted he have all his records opened for scrutiny. They’re very adamant about Trump showing his taxes.

        1. Mike W says:

          It’s a one way street – they want everyone else to be held accountable – but not them. I also think that liberals believe everyone should become wealthy in so called government service not in the private sector.

    2. grnjllybn says:

      whatever his race or religion is?? A BLACK KENYAN MOOSLIM!!

  34. takeitbacknow42012 says:

    I’m so confused because if the left evil Jewish Mafia Empire is doing this then why aren’t they more in line with Israel? They always seem to be against them so I’m wondering why this is. Also, why do the liberals want us to succumb to a New World Order which would bring radical Muslims into our country as well as thugs? Our entire way of life would be done and we WOULD be either killed or totally run by an Evil government at best. Why would they want that for their children and grandchildren? I’ve never understood this way of thinking rather than keeping America safe!

  35. grouchyroan says:

    wow, i always read some of the comments before i put my two cents in, either most of you are completely blind and/or stupid or you are all liars. we all knew what herr obama was all along , there were close “friends” of his that told all about his communist affiliations and interests, his communist friends and dishonest actual convicted felons he associated himself with, the piece of shit he bought his house from, his wife bought one too, at some ridiculous price for future favors. it was all there right in front of everyone, just like hitlers followers you all lined up and kissed his black ass and elected him president of the greatest country on earth, then helped his as he systematically day by day tried to turn it into a muslim state. eveyone got what they deserved, the rest of the country because we allowed it, and you pissbags that helped him. it may take century’s to clean up the mess, and now that someone is president that is making the effort the same bunch of idiots are throwing roadblocks at him and stopping his attempts to clean up the mess. think about it, no one wanted his health care, it was voted down over and over , millions lost their coverage they had for years, including my family, but all of a sudden we hear screams about how great it is and no one wants to lose it, what a bunch of shit. and the wall, you would think he was trying to keep out honest hard working citizens instead of illegal criminals and drug dealers and human traffickers. i agree we shouldn’t need the wall, but over the years it got out of control and it seems to be a necessity now, hopefully it will get built and then maybe, just maybe, it can be taken down sometimes in the future. stop bitching about the cost, doesn’t anyone realize how much it costs to hunt these people , arrest them and house them, the cost will be less for sure. look at the type of people fighting Trump, what intelligent human would block traffic to keep taxpayers from going to work, especially the ones that take handouts daily. why would you burn your neighbors businesses, homes, cars, because you are criminals, you are breaking the law and claiming to be patriots.

  36. Hammer the Bar'stewards says:

    Such a shame that he was not wiped out in some gang war back when he was a little crook, he would have never become the biggest lying POS ever to walk into the WH.
    The disastrous situations that he left behind will take many, many years to put right!
    Lets hope that something turns up that allows for his prosecution and or execution for treason!

  37. maxx says:

    It was hardly his use of drugs, and not just pot, that should have kept him out of the W.H. There were so many red flags waving when I started researching him in 2003 that I did not expect since he was a virtual political unknown at the time. The media, mentored and driven by the democrat communist party was responsible for all of the cover up of this cretin.

  38. A patriot says:

    Obama was educated in hell that’s why he acts like the Devil

  39. bobs33hotrod says:

    i believe that when the Truth comes out against Obama not being a Natural Born Citizen Of America, all HELL will break Loose, The Dems will also be in trouble for covering all the Lies that this So Called Black President will come to rest. He is not even Black. He is a Half Breed, Mo-lotto. A big name Sheriff and some of other Congress people have the evidence. Even his Grand Mother said he was born in Africa. Time is coming and their will be a price to pay .
    BOBBY ~!~

  40. bobs33hotrod says:

    Also this Person Stop The Jews is saying all this to cover up for OBAMA, All he is saying is False I would not want to even reply.Don’t get fooled or taken in to these lies.
    BOBBY ~!~

  41. Dondh says:

    Don’t forget those two birth certificates presented by his grandma and by his brother. Both show an authentic Kenyan birth of Barack Hussein Obama, a Kenyan Muslim and a socialist funded by that Hungarian, George Soros also a well known promoter of socialism! You see, along with what this story tells about his past, this should have been made available long before his candidacy for President, Senator and Community Organizer! This guy was a disastrous in each of those mentioned here as well as a total disastrous president of the United States! Thank God we now have a real American for President and one who will straighten out the mess Obama put America in! President Trump has already more good for America in his first 100 days in office that Obama did during his 8 years and most all other presidents did as well! AMERICA CAN THANK THE MIDDLE AREAS OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE DEFEAT OF HILLARY CLINTON! THIS WOMAN WOULD HAVE TURNED OUT TO BE AS BAD OR WORSE THAN OBAMA!

  42. Gay Phillips says:

    Now why doesn’t he present a legal birth certificate, college loan applications, explain his social security number, his college records, etc.

  43. Arnold Young says:

    Won’t we ever hear the last of this piece of excrement? Flushing sound???

  44. Mikal Gastpipe says:

    AND, if the media had reported HOW Obama ‘won’ his first political job in the Illinois Senate, by BREAKING THE LAW, maybe THAT would have derailed his campaign also. But the bigger point is, the left absolutely, positively DOES NOT CARE, about what means are employed to achieve the ends! It is ALWAYS justified, as long as it’s a liberal Democrat!

  45. xtasea says:

    I blame the feckless repubicans for not using his information against him cause theyre so afraid of not being politically correct. Weenies. The anti semite on this thread lives in an alternate universe–ignore him. He ‘ll crawl back under the rock he came out from under…

  46. pepie says:

    theres two type of jew (jewits) are one kind (bad money grubbers) will do any thing for it .rothschilds, sorros ,cuban,gates. remember gold or the lust for it can change the world.

  47. Bruce Walters says:

    Obama was unfit to be POTUS from day one.

  48. Paul Omlor says:

    When Obamas grandmother told the whole world on national tv that her grandson, Hussein was born in Kenya, liberals and the media went quite and swept that under the rug.

  49. BruceW says:

    obama is an unqualified POS. Never should have been allowed to be the POTUS.

  50. ReaperHD says:

    He left out he was a Faggot and married to a TRansvestite and who knows where these kids came from.

  51. Jim says:

    The words “Obama” and “honest” just do not mesh. His lips are moving. He is lying!

  52. Behind every blade of grass! says:

    I seriously HOPE that “We The People” don’t let this PIECE OF TRASH get by with what he’s done and is still trying to do, behind the scenes to this country!! He’s a filthy, dangerous, demonic muslim traitor who even “HE KNOWS” conned us so he could pretend to “PLAY PRESIDENT”! He needs to be brought up on RICO charges, along with each and every one of his followers who went along with this sociopathic, psychopath, doing nothing to stop him .. and, that includes everyone in the media!! ObOOma takes pride in WORKING for SATIN, full time! … Let’s GET THE JOB DONE before we’re sorry we didn’t do anything while we had the chance and he brings his horrors upon America!!

  53. Behind every blade of grass! says:

    I KNOW God is waiting to SEE what we’re going to do with this PROBLEM! Don’t be mislead into believing that we are to “stand back and do nothing” while this illegal, evil, demon-filled man continues to work his evilness against OUR COUNTRY!!

  54. ONTIME says:

    Had this Fraud been vetted properly and his credentials opened as most normal candidates would do, he would never had been elected or selected as a candidate……The US owes this guy a retirement at GITMO and we ought to collect…..

  55. StopTheJews says:


    Today, Israel lives up to her name as an international hub of prostitution and white slavery in the Mideast.

    Amnesty International, in its 2005 Report on Discrimination Against Women in Israel says:

    Trafficking of women for forced prostitution has occurred over a number of years but appears to have been compounded in the past 15 years by several factors, including increased links between traffickers in Israel and former Soviet republics, in the wake of the large wave of immigration of citizens of these countries to Israel…

    …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

    According to a report by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the Trafficking in Women (Summary Report) issued in early 2005, some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and forced to work as sex workers and some 10,000 were estimated to be currently in the country…

    Most of the women known to have been trafficked into Israel are from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Russia, and are brought into Israel through the Egyptian-Israeli border. In the course of their journey, many are reportedly raped before traffickers sell them for $8,000-$10,000… 1

    Jewish Michael Specter, in his article, “Slave Traders Lure Slavic Women,” confirms Amnesty’s report:

    [In Israel] police officials estimate that there are 25,000 paid sexual transactions everyday. Brothels are ubiquitous…Once they [the women] cross the border [into Israel] their passports will be confiscated [by pimps], their freedoms curtailed, and what little money they have taken from them…The Tropicana in Tel Aviv’s bustling business district, is one of the busiest bordellos. The women who work there, like nearly all prostitutes in Israel today, are Russian. Their bosses, however, are not. ‘Israelis love Russian girls,’ said Jacob Golan, who owns this and two other clubs, ‘….They are blond and good-looking and different than us…And they are desperate. They are ready to do anything for money.’ 2

  56. harpo49 says:

    if democrats had a half a brain onumbnuts would never had become president

  57. johnright61 says:

    Just for our information I wish Trump would tell the head of the CIA to get all of Obama’s past records, including birthplace, etc.and to keep it quiet. Then, at some point and under a guise of some sort, let it all go public. Why not???

  58. downs1 says:

    So . . . what’s new? Obama’s association with Bill Ayers and other domestic terrorists, his financial backing by Saudi Arabia, his foreign birth attested to by his paternal grandmother in what is now Kenya , etc., etc.! His blatant lying from the beginning throughout his presidency is well known . . . But, Obama will get what he deserves when he stands in judgment before the Lord Who he denies because of his Muslim background! The MSM that covered for Obama will get theirs also!

  59. Floyd Sloan says:

    Why was the media not at all interested as to the reasons that Obama never released his college records? Accepting he was born in Hawaii, I’m betting he applied for college and financial aid as a foreign student. That’s fraud !

  60. sandy2249 says:

    The liberal media works for & with the liberal party just like a Communist own their media so does the liberal party and that’s why they want to destroy Fox News or take it over and they want all Conservative media gone so the only thing the American people & the world hear is liberal BS ! Waters says have two view points on things just confuses the American people that’s why she wants Fox News and Conservative media gone ! Every Republican that has ran for office including the presidency has made all their records including school records public from day one and if they miss a test from 1st grade the liberal media and the liberal party accuse them of covering up or hiding something but look at how they treated King Obama he has NEVER released any of his records including his school records EVER to this day none of his records have ever been seen but yet the liberal media called him a scholar , we watched him take and act ignorant for 8 long years and its totally clear he’s no scholar and if he was really a scholar why would he hide his school records he would be proud to show them off but yet the liberal media never called it a cover up and every time A Republican mentioned his records the liberal media cried racism and went after them for even mentioning it ! I did some looking back and found out all liberals lock up their records and school records so no one can see them and the liberal media covers it up and protects them if anyone ask about their records. The birth certificate thing was real it was fake I don’t doubt it anymore after watching King Obama the crook for over 8 years I think everyone with a brain knows now he gave a fake birth certificate and the liberal media knew it and so did his liberal party and they attacked anyone that even mentioned it and made them sound like nuts ! I wish there was a way to get all his records something tells me there’s a lot in them about the arrogant idiot that would piss off the American people ! I think the liberal media has been working with and for Obama & his liberal party from day one and remember that meeting Obama called after his week long vacation he took before he went to work in the Oval Office his first day ? If any Republican president took a vacation before starting work the liberal media and the liberal party would have destroyed them but since he’s a liberal the liberal media said he deserved a vacation after his election and when he took the election the second time he took a vacation then also ! But he called a meeting with all the liberal media including liberal newspapers and liberal magazines and all his liberal party and they all weren’t allowed to bring in cell phones or anything else AND REPUBLICANS AND ALL THE CONSERVATIVE MEDIA AND FOX NEWS WASN’T INVITED THEY HAD A CLOSED DOOR MEETING THAT LASTED 4 HOURS AND NO ONE EVEN TALKED ABOUT THAT MEETING IN THE MEDIA ITS AS THOUGH IT NEVER HAPPENED BUT LIKE A GOOD COMMUNIST HE NEEDED TO MAKE SURE HIS LIBERAL MEDIA DID JUST WHAT HE WANTED THEM TO DO ! Sean Hannity talked about it but got no where because there was no way to find out what happened in that meeting but I think after watching the liberal media protect Obama and all the liberal party and all liberals across our country and work for & with the liberal party and Obama for over 8 years I think its not hard to figure out what happened at that meeting ! I can’t understand why Sean Hannity and the Conservative media isn’t looking back at how Obama treated Republicans when he first took office I mean Republicans were cut out of EVERYTHING and King Obama WOULDN’T EVEN TALK TO THEM AT ALL I think most people forgot about it and Obama had behind door meetings with his liberal party all the time and I think its time to talk about how dirty the liberal party and King Obama & the liberal media treated Republicans right up until Republicans took back the house and then he refused to speak to them and this crap needs to come out so the American people can see what really happened while Obama was president and the liberal voter fraud is another issue that needs investigated NOW NOT LATER and they need to go across this country and look at some states and see just how massive liberal voter was in this election and I think both of Obama’s elections because the liberal media and Obama & Clinton and all the liberal party were positive Clinton and the liberal party won before the polls even opened and that should have sent up red flags !

  61. chuckie2u says:

    I dare say the Republicans knew all along all the dirt but did not have the guts to expose him. Now he is not sitting on the throne and no one has the guts to expose him. Maybe the insiders used him to advance their socialist agenda for the globalist.

  62. DIANNA GOULD says:

    Did he say he was raised by a transgender, and he personally was gay, and that Michele is a transee, No he only candy coted his past

  63. Buck says:

    To bad he ever was president. Buck ??⚔?? 100% disabled Vietnam veteran Christian Right wing republican . Life time member NRA and friend to Israel

  64. RuFus92 says:

    He never should have been elected the first time and he should have been exposed for what he really is an agent of foreign states bent on the destruction of this country and its Constitution.

  65. david goodman says:

    all Americans need to shut down demon-crats.vote for someone that believes in America.get all demonic-rats out of govt.Constitution s law,they broke it

  66. jimmy9522 says:

    Our first Affirmative Action president, and he was only half black. But he could read a teleprompter like Johnny B Goode.

  67. Rodger K. Shull says:

    We are governed by the greed of the few, they are all thieves,criminals, an corrupt politicians, but I would like to see that rug pull back to revel ,what past of barry soretoro , was swept on this rug, PLEASE let the truth be reveled, once an for all.

  68. gobrien says:

    Don’t forget BO paid millions to seal his records. What’s he hiding? The left didn’t care and still doesn’t. But wow — they’ll spend hours demanding and protesting for Trump to release his tax records.

  69. Miguel Stroe says:

    The pot smoking was the least of his issues. He used to do coke and hit the gay saunas in Chicago… . His parents divorce and his birth records are still sealed as well as his passport and college records. No-one remembers him from Columbia or from Harvard Law School , Why?? Why did he have multiple Social Security Numbers from Connecticut when he never lived there, etc…

  70. silver fox says:

    that’s Kenyan barry lies

  71. TAM44 says:

    Those idiots in congress that didn’t vet this lying corrupt treasonous traitor sissified BOY barack hussein obama should all be in prison.

  72. ToniStimmel says:

    We need to severely curtail the ‘Freedom of the Press’ to lie, ignore, obscure, and propagandize, and advocate in the reporting of news. We need to also protect the rights of ‘public figures’ in libel suits and have very severe punitive damages for the mass media if and when it loses such suits.

    As it stands now, ordinary citizens dare not get involved in politics because as ‘public figures’ they are the hunted in an open season with no protection from the opposition media.

  73. Arbie Viau says:

    I already saw Obama’s and Michelle/Michael hidden past, but the elections were fixed and was illegally voted in office. I hope with what you’ve done to America and Americans, Obama, that you will gracefully bow out and leave America/Americans alone. Seeing your ugly faces every time I get into the internet makes me gag and want to puke. You two are the most hated people in America – deal with it you son of a bitch and just quit bothering us with you and yours faces and comments. We don’t care and never did!

  74. Timothy Dayton says:

    Didn’t matter what Obama did in High School since he was unqualified by any historical or equitable measure to be President. He had no experience at much of anything, certainly not Presidential quality or amount, and I still wonder who paid his “community organizer” salary.

  75. 4USA2 says:

    Pictures were all over the internet of Obama in highschool STONED on “maui wowie”. And then, when he allegedly was in college, pictures again showed he was STONED on pot. Democrats tried to pretend those pictures didn’t exist but anybody who still wants to find them on the internet, can find them. Obama should never have been president but not because he was stoned for many years… but because he was not born in the USA and has NEVER produced a real birth certificate. The only one he finally produced and said was the “real one” actually turned out to be a generated fake of 13 layers. Now even his grandmother in Kenya is saying he was born IN KENYA. Wish grandma had the real birth certificate and could post it everywhere for everybody to see!

  76. StopTheJews says:

    There were many interviews from people who knew Obama and some went to school with him. He was a drug user and pusher. The Jewish Mafia cover up a lot about Obama because they wanted him to get elected to help them move their ANTI AMERICAN ANTI CHRIST agenda forward. Bush paved the way by invading Iraq and the Wall Street Bailout. Penny PRITZKER a very powerful Jew who hates America and help rip our borders open including the Cuba deal and rail system from Texas to Mexico. Obama made her Commerce Secretary and she screw America real good. Penny stole the Navy Base in Orlando Fl with the help from BJ Bill Clintin.



  77. mrbillga says:

    The little gay muslim dope smoking America Hating lying TREASONOUS Liberal POS should have been in prison years ago.

  78. Camille Gilliam says:

    I knew about him and never voted for him. I knew he was a pathological liar, his teen mentor was a Communist ,like his grandparents, when he was young he was raised as a Muslim, that he hates us, he was involved with Alinsky, who was a horrible person. he hung out with older gay men in Hawaii. Saudi Arabia paid for part of his college to Harvard or Yale, who knows what his grades were.

  79. Richard Schmidt says:

    Foreign Student status at Occidental and at Columbia?
    Transcripts at both? Diplomas?

  80. Barbara Lewis says:

    YES, HIS PAST WAS HIDDEN AS WELL AS OTHER STUFF THAT HE WAS INVOLVED IN, as well as all he did while president. It was well hidden by the left that wanted to hide all scandal where he was involved. Just like the deficit that he has added to so much. I have no respect for the man if that is what he is.

  81. wildman21 says:

    We always knew he was a piece of shit

  82. StopTheJews says:

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/747b9c4ecf7f6d86ba0f0a7b01bd11bfd6d329a70216c36d513c6d1bf06913de.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a219aded80e285cc13b032a3dfc860f19092d7c05b26f48ac8630f3e48beae25.jpg To all you ignorant people who continue to cry the blues about my Jew Postings grow a brain . I am talking about the JEWISH MAFIA EMPIRE ROBBING AND KILLING AMERICA. NOT ALL JEWS. When people talked about the Italian Mafia all Italians did not cry the blues because we were smart enough to know it was not all Italians. And guess what Jews? YOU ARE NOT THE CHOSEN ONES. That is bullshit.


  83. william g munson says:

    mu thoughts are that you all did not mention he was illegal and that his so call father was never a american citizen either and that he was a indonisian citizen to after being adopted and was not vetted and signed to run by Nancy and was suppose to be sign by two people and was forged and all his records seal and Obama was on the team that vetted John McCain and did not ask them to vett him why and was sworn in with the Quran instead of the Bible and also no usa flag displayed behind him until people mention it too

  84. Oldmonkey says:

    Obama also flirted with hosexuality

  85. Salgal says:

    Living in the Chicago area near Mr. Obama, I knew a lot about him and did not vote for him when he ran for President. His connections were more than questionable and his behavior, past and present, unacceptable.
    I thought he did not have the credentials to be a president of our country. If he had been a republican, there’s no way he would have been president. Obama did not have an outstanding reputation as a Senator, but the democrats did not care. For them, his good looks, skin color and speaking ability was enough. No vetting necessary! Another thing: Newspapers which are supposed to be unbiased, have become weapons for the left. They stream out all positive information regarding Liberals and present negative info on Republicans. This is a bad thing for our country. President Trump is our last chance to level the political field.

    1. StopTheJews says:

      His campaign manager who coach him to run was Penny PRITZKER a powerful Jew in Chicago and politics. Penny handled all campaigned donations. She knew many Hollywood Jews like Jessica Parker who was one of many Jews who hosted parties for homo druggie Obama. Later on Obama appointed PRITZKER as Commerce Secretary where she really screwed the American people . Penny PRITZKER along with Disney robbed and destroyed Florida. BJ Bill Clinton help along with other politicians and a Federal Judge.


      1. grnjllybn says:

        STOP IT!! It’s not only Jews who were taken in by obuma.
        They had a great deal of company. Most Americans were
        fooled by the mooslim who lied about EVERYTHING!!

  86. NOUNBELIEVER says:

    lynch ? holder ? clinton ? jones ? Lerner ? koskinin of IRS Obama the Muslim Warrior Weaponoif Corruption / Destruction / Deception ….all of these are ready for jail in so far as my opinion is allowed ….

    1. StopTheJews says:


      Barack Obama, George Clooney and the $15 Million Fundraiser | TIME.com – Newsfeed
      Time Magazine › newsfeed › 2012/05/11
      May 11, 2012 – Rightfully so, it’s been deemed “Starmageddon.” On the heels of the President’s historic backing of gay

  87. StopTheJews says:

    Jewish Walt Disney Oscar Host on ABC Chris Rock said BLACK PEOPLE HATE WHITE PEOPLE BUT BLACKS LIKE JEWS. Can you imagine a white person saying this? Disney queer Jews who hang the white person in the Jewish Media like they did Paula Deen .

    Is anti-Semitism more common among African Americans than other minorities in the US? – Quora
    Quora › Is-anti-Semitism-more-common-…
    In my entire life I’ve never heard any black people who hate Jews in any way shape or form. As Chris Rock said : Black people don’t hate Jews, black people hate white people. We don’t got time to dice white

  88. StopTheJews says:


    The Jews claim that they are “only” a religion. The truth is that the Jews are a RACE. Less than 30% are members of any Synagogue. Whether they are Orthodox religious, atheists, capitalists or communists – they still claim to be Jews – members of the Jewish race! Every race has inherited traits. In the case of the Jews they include trading, money-changing, usury, and a loathing for “productive labor” which is scorned as beneath the dignity of the Jews in their “bible” called “THE TALMUD.”

    The Jews have not changed since the days when Jesus Christ took up a whip and drove “the money changers out of the Temple.” Jews have always united to form monopolies. Today they control all the department store chains and speciality shops along with the lucrative jewelry and animal fur trade. Jews dominate the fields of all precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, tin, lead, etc. They will always ban together to drive Gentile competitors out of business.

    Today America is being flooded with Jewish immigrants from Russia and even 20,000 per year leave Israel for the U. S. – all with dollar signs in their eyes. Jews have used their vaunted money-power to seize control of the Democratic Party and constitute over 50% of all its financial contributions. Today they are buying up more and more major U. S. companies. While only 3% of the population, the Jews control over 25% of the nation’s wealth and this percentage rises every year. They are the only racial group totally organized to work for political domination over America.

    Opposition to the Jews did not begin in Germany but dates back before the birth of Christ over 2,000 years ago! Study the statements made by “The world’s greatest men.” They reveal why the “wandering Jews” have made enemies out of every host country that ever accepted them.

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